My Co-Worker Drives Me Crazy

I don’t usually use poetry to express an idea on Work Coach, but couldn’t resist trying it just this once. The message is one that reflects an approach that’s most consistently worked for me. I hope you enjoy the lighter side of an often maddening situation!


My Co-Worker Drives Me Crazy!

I see his face

In every meeting.

I hear his voice

On every voice mail.

Whiny-voiced villain

I cannot stand seeing you

Any more.

Why won’t you go away?


Are you that obstacle

I must learn to climb over

So that I can grow as a person

And learn to let things go?

Or are you just an annoying

Part of the scenery

Whose very presence

Eats at me

Eats at me

Eats at me?

But you won’t change

Will you?


And so I must

Find an answer.

There’s only one…

To learn to live with you

As one would a wart

We’ve warmed to despite the ugliness.

Yes…I will look for some part of you

No matter how small

No matter how obscure

That I can understand.

Some part of you

I can learn to smile at

Even if just a little.

So you no longer have

That power over me.

So you no longer

Make me cringe.

(Or at least not as much.)

Only I can bring back

My sanity.

Only I can bring back

My sense

…of perspective

…and humor.

A human wart –

To be sure.

But he’s mine to live with.

Kind of like family. (-;


What about you? Do you have co-workers who drive you up the cubicle wall? Please tell us how you handle them!


About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    keep your day job,
    your poetry sucks.

  2. Maybe it does at that. But sure made me feel better. 😉 And I bet I’m not the only one who can relate!

    I wish you only good things.

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