Smart Bosses Know Desk-Sitting is NOT Working

Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) focuses on what you produce, not how much time you spend sitting in front of your computer at work. In a way, it’s kind of like working at home while at the office – you decide when and how to get the work done and as long as it gets done well, you’re cool.

In my previous article about the benefits of downtime at work, I briefly mentioned ROWE. But I think it touches on some really important aspects of how people work and how an employer can get the best out of their employees, so here’s a bit more about what happened when Best Buy implemented ROWE and what the results were.’s article Smashing the Clock tells us:

“The hope was that ROWE, by freeing employees to make their own work-life decisions, could boost morale and productivity and keep the service initiative on track.

It seems to be working. Since the program’s implementation, average voluntary turnover has fallen drastically, CultureRx says. Meanwhile, Best Buy notes that productivity is up an average 35% in departments that have switched to ROWE. Employee engagement, which measures employee satisfaction and is often a barometer for retention, is way up too, according to the Gallup Organization, which audits corporate cultures.”

Increased morale, lower turnover, and significant productivity gains? Sweet. Now if only your boss will read this and think about how to implement something like this where you work. An anonymous copy of the article left on his or her desk wouldn’t be a bad place to start. (-;

Disclaimer: If you are a waitperson or have some other job where you actually need to be present, this may not exactly work for you. Going to movies while serving people could seriously cut into tips – and get you fired. But that doesn’t mean bosses shouldn’t be extra attentive to needs for breaks as well as other ways of increasing job satisfaction, since in the end it winds up benefiting everyone.


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