I Can See Your Job Really Bugs You!

I’m looking at my Work Coach stats graph for the last 30 days and I have to laugh. The graph seems to replicate your moods.

On the weekends my stats plummet as you enjoy life and try to forget about work. In fact, they actually start to taper off a bit on Friday as your minds contemplate the weekend away from the office.

But by Monday the climb begins again, although most weeks you still seem to be feeling some residual high on your first day back. And then…on Tuesday the stats really start to climb and climb and climb – I can almost feel the desperation. And they peak over the next few days. And then the plunge…and it begins all over again.

I just want you to know I am truly sorry to all of you who feel the weight of your work week. Not sure it helps…but I really do care. If only we could have a 5-day weekend. Sure it would be rotten for my stats, but I wouldn’t mind at all! (-;


  1. Not only are our jobs bugging us, but we seem to be using our office computers (and time) to read our favorite career blogs ! 🙂

    I’ve noticed the same trend. Why Tuesdays and not Mondays, do you think? Are we catatonic with grief (or still hung over) on Mondays? Are Tuesdays marked by a general increase in seratonin levels which inspire us to cast out for new and better things?

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