What Does It Mean If a Job You Interviewed for Is Checking Your References?

Does it mean you got the job? Not necessarily.

Does it mean you are the only one they are considering? No. Although you might be.

Does it mean they are close to making an offer? Maybe.

So what exactly does it mean?

First let me explain where I got the idea for this post. I was checking my stats (don’t we all) and saw that someone got to my blog using a search engine and the words “What does it mean if a job is checking your references”. Basically, all you can know for sure is that it means they are interested in you.

Usually, when a company starts checking your references, if the references are good, you will get an offer. But there are times when they have more than one candidate and are using the references to decide…and you might not be their final choice. Or they may not like what they hear from the references. Or they may not get enough information to resolve any doubts they have and decide to continue advertising and/or interviewing without turning you down yet. Or they may even get glowing reviews and still wind up going with someone else for any of countless reasons.

But in general…if they are checking your references and your references are good, it probably means you will be getting an offer soon.

If you are in this situation whoever you are out there my fine Googler friend, I hope this answers your question. And I hope you get the job.

Good luck!

~ Ronnie Ann


About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. I’m actually asking about checking references from the perspective of a potential employer. I hear that laws vary from state to state, but in general I’d like to know what are appropriate questions to ask when checking with a previous employer or personal reference.

    I know this entry is geared toward applicants, but I think they would also like to know what sort of information is discussed when some check their references.

    I’ve wondered about this for years, but strangely enough, I never knew who I should ask. Thanks, Ronnie Ann!

  2. Hi jimsmuse!

    I wrote you a long answer and then the WordPress genie whooshed it away. I will try to do something about this when I get a chance, but in the meantime, here’s something I found online about references that might be useful. Page two gives an actual format to use:

    Reference Checking

    Thanks for a question that I agree is of interest to both interviewers and interviewees!

  3. aggiezoe says:

    I hope your “in general” statement is correct. All of my references were contacted today by an employer I’d really like to work with!

    Thanks for the reality check.

  4. Hi aggiezoe!

    It’s a good sign for sure. Let’s hope they all gave you glowing reviews.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hard to type that way, but I’m sure you’re worth it. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck! Would love to hear if you get it.

    Ronnie Ann

  5. Rochdi Mebarki says:

    hi ,
    i would like to find summer job ! what should i do?
    but the prbleme is am living in algeria.!
    thanq you !

  6. Rochdi Mebarki says:

    and how to write a good application letter!
    i remain yours

  7. Hi Rochdi!

    I wish I could help, but I have no experience with the job market in Algeria.

    If it helps at all…here we contact schools we’ve been to for assistance. Also networking – asking everyone we know or have ever known who might be able to help. And also finding the names of local companies and either writing them letters or going directly to the place and filling out an application. Local politicians, government offices, and non-profit organizations are also a source sometimes. And of course, there are online sites that help.

    The main thing – and I think this is true no matter where you live – is to decide you are going to find one and not stop until you do. The search is a challenge – and a job in and of itself.

    I’m not sure how useful any of this is to you. Sorry. The specifics as it relates to Algeria is an area I am totally unfamiliar with.

    As for a good cover letter to go along with a good resume, basically it’s an introduction, a paragraph about what you offer that would be especially useful to the company you are writing, and then something about how to contact you, thanking them for their consideration. You might also add that, for their convenience, you’ll contact them again (within two weeks, for example) to follow up if you don’t hear from them. (That last part is only if you feel like being aggressive. Might turn off some employers, but others might like your ambition and follow-through. Again, depends on what’s appropriate for the local culture.)

    You might also find some useful information on Susan Ireland’s resume website. Each country has its own standards, so I’m not sure how useful any of this will be for you, but maybe it’s a start. Hopefully by doing some investigation, you can find a more local source that will give you information better tailored to your needs! πŸ™‚

    I wish you much luck finding a good summer job!

    Ronnie Ann

  8. Hello Ronnie Ann and staff-

    Thanks for coming up with this site! Reading the comments/blogs really help a lot in understanding how prospective employers think as far as hiring people.

    I have a situation. I applied for a prestigious hospital in my area two weeks ago and was immediately called in for an interview after going over the details of the job over the phone 2 days after I submitted my application online. I came in that same day 8/24 since it was my day off from my current job. The first interview went well. I felt it. I had a good feeling about it when I stepped out and to think that it last for about 2.5 hrs and got introduced to few people there. Few days later, I got a call for a second interview and was offered 2 time slots. I took the early AM interview as I am very interested in the position and think that I have what they are looking for. SO I went in and met with the doctor that I was going to work with closely ( Principal Investigator in Research ). It went well and again, I felt the connection. Basically, after that, the hiring manager was pleased and introduced me to EVERY ONE in the office and gave a very nice description of why I was there, what I’m applying for, and what my previous experiences are. She showed me “the desk”, cabinets, where to look for things, etc etc.. She ended it with “right now, you’re one of the top two candidates! I think the doctor enjoyed meeting you and you have a really good chance! (while shaking my hand firmly and looking me with welcoming eyes!). She even mentioned that the other candidate might be over qualified and that they’ve had problems before with over qualified applicants. With me, they see potential and room for growth! She basically gave me a lot of hints that I felt at that time, all that’s missing is a paper to sign!

    Anyway, a day later, she emails and sends me a link from HR to answer personality questionnaire (actually this happened before the day of second interview). She did mention that I did very WELL on the test.. After the second interview, she gave me a timeframe of 2 days to get the result of the interview… so I waited. By the way, I did send thank you notes to both that interviewed me.

    After the given timeframe, I emailed to follow up and see how the decision process is progressing. I waited. Finally an answer! She said that she thnks I am a really good fit and that the doctor really liked me but decided to interview more . She added “However, you are not out of the candidate pool just yet!” and that she will give me update this week. Long story short, my question is do I still have the right to check again with her by the end of this week ( which is tomorrow?) or does that a HINT for me already that I am not getting it??

    It was just weird because I thought it went really well, both the interviews and that we had some connection. Now I dont know. Can you please help me give clarity to her words? The hiring manager seemed to really like me. I felt it.

    ANy advice/help will be appreciated!

    Thank you,


  9. Hi Ria,

    As I wrote you privately, I’ve had to cut back on my answers on this blog. Sometimes one answer, trying to think of all the possibilities that might help, would take me an hour. (Today for instance I had 12 comments to answer. You can just imagine how long that might take – especially daunting considering I work during the week. πŸ˜‰ )

    That said, I can’t stand thinking of you suffering in the job interview waiting game. πŸ™‚ So without going into all the possibilities I could think of, I’ll just say that the doctor may have indeed liked you but thought the fit wasn’t exactly right…so they just want to look a bit more. It happens.

    Sounds like you still could get the offer (and I hope you do), but it also tells me you should redouble your efforts to get more interviews, just in case. You found this one, you will find another! But in the meantime…it would be ok to send a very polite note to the doctor and the hiring manager saying you understand they want to find the very best fit for the job and hope you are still in consideration. Then you can add something like “if there is anything else I can do to help assure you I’m the right match for the job, please let me know.” And then wish them well.

    OK. Hope that helps. Best of luck. And if this isn’t the right job, I wish you much luck finding the one that is!

    Ronnie Ann

  10. laine Zaine says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,
    I’m in this position. I had an interview and thought it went well. Interviewer wanted my references and said he would get back to me in a week. One of my references did get a call. I alerted other people. I hope I do get the job as I feel it is the right match for me but interesting what you said that it may not be a done deal.

  11. Hi Laine Zaine!

    Thanks for adding to the conversation. If they like you and you have great references, then odds are there will be an offer. But sometimes the person doesn’t have good references or there is another strong candidate also being checked (not usual but it does happen) or any number of small things that may get in the way. So of course, there is no absolute for sure offer until there’s an offer!

    That said…I wish you MUCH luck getting your offer. Would love to hear the good news. πŸ˜‰

    Ronnie Ann

  12. laine Zaine says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,
    Well, I got the good news! I start my new job on Monday. One of my former managers told the person calling for references: “You should hire her” and I guess they listened because none of my other references were called! I have referred your site to a job networking group I belonged to. Best wishes,

  13. Hi Laine!

    Wuhoo!! Thanks for letting us know. I do so love to hear news like this. πŸ˜‰

    Also a good reminder for anyone that sometimes employers stop at one reference even if you’re getting the offer.

    All the best in your new job, Laine Zaine! And of course, thanks for the recommendation.

    Ronnie Ann

  14. laine Zaine says:

    Dear Ronnie Ann,

    Thank you for the good wishes! I have been on my new job 2 weeks. I am trying to be the best worker as I know you could lose a job in a heart beat these days. So I show up on time and I do my work. I have had other offers since I took this job so it does make me feel “wanted”. I still read all of the columns on this site. I guess you can never feel totally secure these days in any job.
    I love this job site and again, thank you!


  15. Oh Laine! I’m so happy for you. Sounds like you’re taking a smart approach to the job – in any market. Love that you’re still getting offers. A nice reminder that there are jobs to be had even in a tough market.

    As for your kind words…thanks! πŸ˜‰ Makes me feel good to know you still stop by to visit. I wish you all the best.

    Ronnie Ann

  16. I’m in the same boat – have been unemployed for over 10 months due to a layoff, and have been diligently seeking work. In the past 10 months I’ve only gotten 6-7 calls for interviews – for which I was overqualified for most (thus no job offers).

    However, two weeks ago I had a very promising interview and after writing a follow-up email to them a couple days later with some ideas I had for the position, I was called for a second interview. The second interview also went well.

    It’s now a week later and today I got the call that they are calling my references! I’m taking that as a VERY good sign! The job market is terrible where I live, so having them call my references is very exciting – I know all my references are good ones.

    I don’t know how many people I’m up against, but I truly felt a connection with the six people I met during my interviews, and would really enjoy the job.

    Here’s hoping I get an early Christmas present!!!

  17. Hi Jaynee!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m excited for you. 10 months + is a long wait. Oh how I hope you get a happy Halloween present!

    Please let us know. Fingers and everything else crossed for you. Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  18. Hi-Nice blog. I am stuck in a dead end job and had an awesome interview with a head hunter for a job that I applied for on line. My references were called the same day that I had the interview-and now-three days later-nothing. I called the head-hunter and she stated that she had just submitted my packet * one day after the refs. were called* Friends have said not to worry about it- What to do? I read your note about sending a thank you letter-is email acceptable? I certainly would love to take on this job-and find it odd that when I called the head-hunter back -she really did not have much to say.

  19. Hi Whispers!

    Whoaaa! πŸ˜‰ It takes time after a packet is submitted. The company waits to have enough packets to review and then decide which ones to call in. This could take a week or two or even more in some cases. And it’s at that point the real process begins. So patience is golden here.

    Your friends are right. You had a great interview and did all you could do – other than sending a nice thank you note. And yes…e-mail is fine, especially with a head hunter. But now it’s all up to the company.

    Good luck, Whispers. Please keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  20. Hi Ronnie,

    I’m in the waiting game situation, i have a 2 phone interview and after 1 month they fly me in to Sydney from NZ for a in person interview. I have to stay there for 2 nights and is all provided by the company. I done the interview for 2 hours with all the technical question and i’m happy i done pretty well and the next day they ask me to fill in the application form and sent me all the company details eg; benefits and the job position details. My interview is a peer interview with the hiring manager and my future colleague. They told me they will get back to me in 1-2 weeks and is been 10 days now and i just notice the advertise position is been taken off and none of my referee been contact yet. I’m totally lost and confuse as what will happen? Are they offering someone else the job? has someone accepted the job? or they still in the process? Please advise and thank you for the help.

  21. Hi Richard!

    Oh how I wish I had the answer. It’s why I put the Magic 8 Ball in my right sidebar. Its guess is as good as mine. πŸ˜‰

    All I can tell you is these things often take longer than we can ever imagine. From what you tell me, sounds like they may have a candidate in mind. Could be someone else (who may or may not accept), but also still could be you and they just haven’t checked references yet. Sometimes they do background checks and get other bureaucratic approvals first.

    I hope you’re still in the running. Please let us know what happens. Best of luck!!

    – Ronnie Ann

  22. Hi. I interviewed for a retail sales position last weeks. They called 2 days later and asked for my information to complete a background check. Yesterday I called the department supervisor to follow up and she asked for my references and said she would give me a call in the next couple of days. As soon as our conversation ended I received a call from one of my references that they had spoken to the department manager. Does this mean I will likely get the job?

  23. Hey there! Someone visited my site from my comment here, and I thought I’d post an update to my original October 2009 comment!

    Sure enough, I got the job for which I interviewed. I’ve now been there almost 18 months and I love it. The salary was a significant drop, but I don’t mind because the atmosphere and people are amazing. Not only that, but I was promoted after a year of service, which was awesome and unexpected.

    So for everyone out there still looking, keep up the work! It took me 11 months to be hired again, but I DID finally get hired! You will, too!

  24. Hi Jaynee!

    Nice to see you again. Great news! Thank you so much for sharing this with me and my readers. What a great story and reminder for all of us.

    So often the best job is not the one with the most salary – at least to begin with. Great co-workers and quality of work are priceless. And of course, just as in your case, promotions can be the cherry on top!

    Continued success, Jaynee. What a wonderful comment to find waiting. πŸ˜‰

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  25. Hi Ronnie,I’m in South Africa,I came in on this site because I was under the dilemma that I did an interview with the South African government,and after 3 weeks they called my reference,he assures me that he gave them all the information they needed,so its been two weeks now and I’m still waiting,hoping all will be well,will definately update and let you guys know,cross fingers for me….LOL

  26. I have an interview and the company it is with has asked on of my references to come to it. This person does work with the company. Is this unheard of and a good thing and why would they do this?

  27. Themba: Not sure if your government is anything like ours, but I once waited MONTHS for a city government hiring process to get me on board. Two weeks sounds rather brief to me. πŸ˜‰ Keeping fingers, legs, and eyes crossed for you. Best of luck!!

    Eric: Well…I have to say I haven’t heard of exactly this. When I worked in IT, I seem to recall a consultant who knew the candidate, and so he was invited to one of the interviews. But he wasn’t a reference.

    Assuming your reference truly thinks highly of you, I can’t see how this would be anything but good. PLEASE keep us informed. Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  28. Hi!

    So good to hear others in the same “waiting game” boat too. I recently interviewed for a position and the HR lady called me back and said it was between me and someone who already worked at the company and she got it. I said, I’m glad you promote from within and thanked her for the personal call.

    She wanted to know if I’d be interested in filling a different newly opened position. I said yes, but she thought I might be over qualified and too ambitious to take the position she was offering. I said it would be a lateral move for me and I’d enjoy growing within the company…eventually. She told me she’d call me back for another interview with her this time and one other person. (last time is was only with other mgrs.) Now I haven’t heard anything…BUT, they have called my references for the new position…so now I don’t know what to think. It’s been almost two weeks now, and the job posting has been removed from their site. I’m still hoping it’s me they’ll hire, but I don’t want to call and bug her….so I WAIT, UGH!

    Do I call and touch base again?

  29. Well,as of today guys,I’m still waiting,but I have an internal source whom I checked with now and again,just to see if someone has been given the job,none yet,so ya…I’m crossing everything that can be crossed,actually this is a break that I need,and it will definately be a life changer for me,will update and thanks for responding……..

  30. UPDATE: Against everyone’s sage advice, I called the company today, to find out if I was still in the running. She said, yes, she was going to start interviewing Monday. She went ahead and set me up for an appt on Monday morning.

    Now I’m worried being the first interviewed, instead of the last may be my downfall. Will I be forgotten? Will I have to set the bar? (that’s me being confident, ha)

    Wish me luck on the 2nd interview.

    • Hi Dian!

      Glad you went ahead and called. Two weeks is a fine amount of time to wait. You didn’t overwhelm them – just politely checked. A fine thing.

      As for being first or last or anywhere in between…when I interview people, i don’t care what order they come in, if they’re good, they stand out and I remember them. Just wait a few days before sending a nice handwritten thank you note to refresh their memory. πŸ˜‰

      Would love to know how things turn out. Best of luck!

      ~ Ronnie Ann

  31. I got a rejection email. πŸ™

    Moving on….

    • Oh…I’m so sorry, Dian. Glad you let us know so we can wish you well. Hope the right job comes along soon. Great attitude, btw. And of course…rejection is just a chance to find better. πŸ˜‰

  32. Jennifer says:

    I interviewed for a job 6 days ago. The employer called me and wanted to interview me the same day. I had the interview a couple of hours later, and at the interview, I politely asked him when he was planning on filling the position and he told me that honestly, I had the experience, had already been to the area, and he said he like how I was very flexible. He said the next step would be to check my references, then go through human resources. He didn’t tell me when he’d get back with me. Three days after the interview, I left a message on his voicemail telling him how much I’d love to work for him, and thanked him for the interview. That same day, a couple hours after that, I checked the website, and the position was no longer posted! Does this mean they chose someone else or are they still checking on my references and wanting to hire me!!! I’ve been looking for full time employment for the past 3 years, and I want this job really bad!! He sounded highly invested in me, but now I’m second guessing myself! Any advice?

  33. Hi Jennifer!

    References take a while to complete – and then there are people to talk it over with , get sign-offs from, etc. No guarantees, but it sounds really good.

    You’ve done great so far. Just hang in a little longer and let us know what happens. I have my fingers crossed for you. BEST of luck!, Jennifer!

  34. Hi Ronnie,

    I had an interview 2 weeks back and got a response from them saying they liked me and would like to contact my references. I sent them the references early this week but did mention that I am little uncomfortable giving my current employer’s references before I inform about this opportunity(I gave 3 references from past employment). I got a response saying “Thanks will contact the references. Do not need your current reference”. Now it’s almost a week and my references are not contacted yet. Is it advisable to send a follow up email at this stage or just wait for a couple of days or should I expect that they are no more interested in me?

    Appreciate your time and advice.

    • Hi dsr!

      Unfortunately there is no absolute one right way to handle this situation. Personally, I’d wait. If they asked for your references, it’s a good sign and means you are probably one of the top candidates. But these things take a while. Possibly they made an offer to someone else and are waiting to hear back or they simply aren’t ready yet. I’d give them a little more time – at least another week -before checking in. Good luck!

  35. The Work Coach Cafe Team

  36. Two weeks ago I went for an interview, and I thought it went quite well. They contacted my references two days later. I then didnt hear anything for a while. I called yesterday and was told by the HR woman that I had been recommended by the boss as the first choice candidate however the final decision has to be made by the board of directors of the company. She said they usually go with the guys recommendation, but im still nervous.

    Was the HR person right to give this kind of information (and hope) can i infer that its a pretty much done deal or should i still be cautious.

    She didnt indicate when a decision might be made. Is it too pushy to call again tomorrow and find out when the board might be meeting to make a decision.

    I am a nervous wreck and have been for two weeks, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    • Edward,

      While we can’t be specific with our comments to your situation, assume this is moving along the internal process with the company. Many company board of directors meet on scheduled basis, but not always often, maybe once a week or even once a month. You may want to check with HR if you have not heard from them after a short while.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  37. Hi Ronnie Ann and the Team,I came here a couple of months ago confused as to whether the company I interviewed for will be hiring me or not due to the fact that they called my reference andI was a waiting wreck,well thank you guys for crossing all the legs and fingers and the works,they finally called me today,wanted me to come and sign my appointment letter,I just came from there and I’m typing my resignantion letter as soon as I finish updating this,remember this job is with the South African Govt and its a management position,thank you all Team,remember if they call you for references,that definately means they are considering you or shotlisting you ….Bye Guys…Mncwaaah!

  38. Christopher says:

    I had an interview last Monday and was told by HR on Wednesday that the hiring manager has asked that HR to touch base with my reference. I emailed her back and asked the question how many candidate are left to be interviewed? She did not reply to my email. It is now one week since I received the email. I’m pretty sure my references has not been contacted. What do you think is happening?

    • Christopher says:

      Oh the hiring manager then left the office and did not come back until Monday. I assume he did not interview other candidate while he was gone. It is all so strange to me that the hiring manager will order the HR to contact my reference while he still have other candidate to see. I’m beginning to think that maybe I was the only person they interview although the hiring manager did tell me that they are looking at several candidates. I was told by the HR that they will have a decision this week. Just how many candidate can they see in two days time? It was an 1 on 1 interview. I interviewed with a director, a service manage, a product manager (hiring manager) and an application team leader.

      • Christopher – Every company and hiring manager has different requirements when selecting and screening candidates. It would be common to check references on multiple candidates, not just one after a selection is made to make the best possible choice. Try not to over think what is happening behind the scenes!

        – The Work Coach Team

  39. I got an interview two weeks ago and I was invited to come back again to observe cases in the Department (Hospital). I went there today. Spent two hours. Then, the manager asked me if she can go ahead and check my references. I said yes. She told me by the end of next week, she will make a decision. I hope it is me. Detail: when I had an interview I provided three references letters but not updated and I also provided three professional references names. What do you think? Thank you!

  40. Thank you! Now, just waiting.

  41. Green eyes says:

    At the beginning of July I went on a job interview. I was informed that there will be second interviews and will be contacted. I was contatced two weeks later for second interviews and during that interview I was told a decision will be made the following week; and HR will contact selected candidate. The next day after the interview I was contacted and informed the Director wanted t me with me the following week. I met with the Director and she stated that she wanted to meet some of the finalists and a decision will be made on Friday and HR will contact the selected candidate. Well HR contacted me Friday requesting three professional references with two being current or passed supervisors and they needed my most recent pay stub. I submitted the requested documents but references have not been contacted as of yet. I followed up today on the process and was told that Hiring Manager and HR have to contact references and if everything pans out then an offer or decision will be made. She did indicate that my application is still being reviewed by Hiring Manager. I inquired about background checks and she stated that is done after an offer is made. Then she told me my salary and asked me for my salary requirements. I asked her if the starting salary (which is $3k more than current salary) has changed and she said no. What does all of this mean? How long does it take to contact references? Why did they ask for current paystub? How long can this process take or are they dragging me along?

    • Green Eyes and Si,

      It’s always a good sign to be asked for references and to have the employer contact them. It does not mean you are the chosen candidate or that the hiring decision has been made. The hiring process can take a long time at some companies. Hang in there, hope you both are close to hearing real soon.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  42. Hey Green, it happened to me. I went to two interviews and after that the manager asked me if she could contact my references. She told me she will make a decision by the end of this week Aug 5th. It is driving me crazy because none of my references where called. I did provided three references letters- outdated. What do you think? Why she mentioned she will call them? Sorry but I am so nervous. Details: there are 15 candidates. Thank you!

  43. Nothing yet. They are very professional and they would send a thank you if I was not selected but after today, I sow online and the position was filled. I did not receive any call, nothing and they just posted another position online. What do you think? Do I call then Mon or Tues to ask them if I am still being considered? The manager told me that by the end of this week she will make a decision and let me know. Now, I am a little sad. Well, I have to keep my chin up and not give up. Thank you!

  44. Hello Everybody! I am very happy. Just received and accepted an offer. I got the job!! They really have another position posted but that one I just sow filled/closed is mine! Good luck in your job searching!

    • Green eyes says:

      Congrats Si! I also got the job! Hr called me Thursday and offered me the job with a higher salary than the starting. I am so excited. I start at the end of month! I am so excited.

      • Congrats Green! We’re worrying for nothing eheh. I also received a great offer! I will start in three weeks. Good Luck!

  45. Its good to read good and happy stories like this. Happy for u guys!

  46. I hope I’m as successful as you two πŸ™‚

    I went in for an interview this Monday and was asked to fill out a reference sheet to bring in with me (a Casual nursing position)

    By Tuesday, the next day, 2 of my references had been contacted and today, Wednesday, my 3rd had been contacted.

    I heard back from all 3 references saying they gave glowing recommendations.

    Do you think my chances are good?

  47. Hi Tash!

    No way to know for sure of course, but that’s about as good as you can hope for…other than the actual offer, of course. Hope you hear some good news soon.

    Best of luck!

    • Thank you Ronnie

      Wow, how uplifting to come across a page where strangers are encouraging each other instead of picking fights! hah

      It’s amazing how our patience levels go from average to that of a two year-old after an interview.

      Fingers and toes crossed.
      Will keep you updated

  48. Tash! Be positive and confident. I am almost sure you got it! Let us know! I was like a two year old waiting for a candy hehe. Keep the faith. I think you got it! Good luck!

  49. I GOT THE JOB!

    thank you all for the support and positive vibes πŸ™‚

    I get to design my own hours (read: never have to work a weekend or holiday if I don’t want to) and get nearly 13% more salary in lieu of benefits (which is fine because I’m covered 100% by my husband)

    Ahh, it feels good!

  50. Congratulations!

  51. Congrats to you all!! I’m in the same situation…waiting..refs were called today. This is a pain, but your stories are very uplifting. Thanks!!

  52. Hi,
    Lot of comments saying they are patient and impatient about the outcome. What I’d like to know is, What are the chances that anyone ends up rejected after positive references are done? Provided everything else being positive. ..
    Ofcourse common sense is that reference check being positive job offer is in line. But then what are the chances otherwise?

    • Jason,

      This is a “it depends” answer. Different employers and HR departments have different methods. Some companies will extend a job offer contingent on a successful background and reference check. Other companies may only check references on the top candidate to extend the offer. Many companies check references on the top few candidates prior to making the final decision as the references can help in the decision process. Having an employer check your references is a clear sign they are interested but may not necessarily mean you will receive a job offer.

      Good luck! – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  53. Hi,

    I had a good interview a couple weeks ago and that same week I received a call asking for my references. They were contacted last Wednesday and Thursday. All of them said the calls went very well and that they gave great recommendations. It is now Tuesday and I still have not heard anything from the company. It’s getting more difficult to be patient as my family is in a dire situation…I really need a job soon to keep us afloat financially (I lost mine three months ago and my husband just lost his this week). Is it acceptable for me to send a follow-up email to the hiring manager requesting a status update or should I continue to wait it out? I feel very good about the job being offered to me, but I really thought I would have received an offer by now.


    • Katie,

      While it’s tough to be in such a need for a job, the employer has their own timetable that may not match yours. There are many factors that can delay a decision by the employer. Yes, it is proper to follow up with an e-mail or telephone call to check on the status after a few days. Best of luck, we hope you get the new job!
      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  54. My husband had a phone interview with hiring managers two weeks ago. In the following week, he was informed by the recruiter to give reference and background check. The reference check was a 15-item survey with a likert scale. The reference required two from previous managers. He believed everyone gave him glowing recommendations. But one previous manager who has a good relationship with my husband honestly said to him that some of items he (the manager) could not do he could not say that my husband can do.

    My husband is very nervous about the chance of getting the second interview. How do you think?

    • Sharon,
      How an employer will interpret the comments from the references is unknown. While your husband may not appreciate the potential negative reaction, honesty is best for all parties in the hiring process. Depending on the type of job your husband is applying for and the content of the response from the reference, it may have no effect on the hiring manager’s decision anyway. Most likely, if the employer wants to move forward with a candidate, they would call to get clarification from the applicant to clear up any questions.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • It has been two weeks. He did not hear anything. We think this is not a good sign.

        A challenge my husband faces is he was terminated from the previous job without a cause. It was possible because the employer changed a new management team. What is the best way to explain this situation in the interview.

        Thank you for the help!

        – Sharon

      • Sharon,

        In the the current economy many people are let go from their jobs for no fault of their own. Our suggestion would be to remain positive on why he left the company and not to place blame on the new management team or be negative against the the company. To make reference to the changes in management and the changes to the business in general would be appropriate but best to leave it simple without too many details.

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Dear Work Coach Cafe,

        My husband took your advice for an interview couple weeks ago. He also had good references from the previous company. He got offer yesterday!

        I really appreciate your professional help, especially, during this difficult time, Hope everyone who are looking for advice in this place can get a fresh start — a job.

        Again, thank you…

        — Sharon

      • Sharon,

        Thanks for the update, congratulations!

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  55. David Lee says:

    I had two phone interviews followed by a face-to-face interview in mid September. The company checked my references in the third week of September. Last Thursday, they sent me an email telling me that they remain very interested after checking my references but they have been moving a few other candidates in parallel with me and they have not moved quickly due to scheduling issue. They would keep me in the loop as they would like to make a decision very soon. Thanks for my patience. First of all, I thought a company narrow down to one or maximum trwo candidates for a position before they check references. It does not make senses that they check my references before they completed interviewing other candidates. I thought about things went wrong at reference checking. But they say they remain very interested. Secondly, what does “keeping you in the loop” mean? They have to as they need to inform me their decision at some point. This is also nothing related to they have to make a decision soon. Not sure what does this sentence mean. Can you enligthen me? Thanks.

  56. I got a job offer today contingent on a good reference from my current employer. I am a teacher leaving the field for human services and my principal doesnt know I’m looking for a new job. I think she will be very upset. I plan to meet with her tomorrow morning and tell her about my job offer and hope and pray she says nice things when the new company calls. If not, do you think they won’t hire me? OHHHHHHHHHH I am sick to my stomach!

    • Meg,

      We hope your current manager is professional and handles the reference properly. No matter how surprise or upset that you may be leaving, there is a responsibility for a manager to be honest and forthcoming.

      Best of luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Thanks work coach! When I spoke to my boss yesterday morning she was so wonderful that I was in tears. She is genuinely happy for me and congratulated me and gave me a hug. That was so not what I was expecting, but made me feel better about my decision.

  57. Hi everyone. I was reading all the great news that everyone has posted. I also went to an interview Sept 21st and to a 2nd interview on the 30th. They called one of my references this Monday and now the waiting game begins. I did send thank you cards to everyone in both interviews. I hope I get this job the benefits are great. But, I don’t want to get my hopes up yet.

  58. Thanks Meg. I still have not heard anything and tomorrow will be two weeks since my second interview. But I am staying optimistic. πŸ™‚

  59. I’m waiting to hear back after three of my four references have been contacted– all very positive glowing recommendations. My interview was this past Tuesday and the hiring manager said “by the end of the week,” so of course I am freaking out that I haven’t heard anything back from them as of Saturday afternoon.

    I have no real reason to be pessimistic but I am looking for a reason to worry. Picking apart every little thing. Why do we do this to ourselves?

    • Phil,

      Love your question! Why do we put so much pressure and spend so much time dissecting every word we say or the employer said? The whole psychology of the hinring process would make for a interesting post.

      In your situation, hopefully the hiring manager s simply delayed or needs to get more paperwork completed and will get back you in a few days. in the meantime, it’s easy to say but hard to do, try to relax and not over think.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  60. Well after waiting so long I decided to write them an email asking if the position had been filled and indeed it has. So, it just wasn’t meant to be and we move on. i will wait until January and start fresh. At least I have a job and I can be thankful for that.

    Good luck to everyone on this site.

  61. I’m happy to report I just got off the phone with the hiring manager and have a job offer! I should mention that they called me while I was reading something on this website, trying to feel better about my situation.

    I’m meeting with them later today to go over the whole package. It’s alittle less $ and fewer hours, but I am thankful it’s a job in a field I love.

    The unemployment lifestyle has also taught me how to be frugal, so I think I’ll weather the “pay cut” fairly well. This is how it is in 2011. There are better days ahead.

  62. I just found out that my references are being called, and this got my hopes up! so I did what any normal person would do in this situation, and Googled to find out what it means πŸ˜› thanks for the post! I’ll keep you updated.

    • Hoping for the best, please let us know!

    • Same with me… I found out my references were called yesterday and today for the job I want. Keeping my fingers crossed for that offer!!

    • Ms-Fancy-Pants says:

      **LOL.I just did the same thing…got on here immediately to see what it means. πŸ™‚
      I’ve had 4 interviews with this huge corporation & wonderful brand. And, I was told by one of my references that the company called him. So, I hope by Monday I will know 4 sure! To every1 out there, keep pressing ahead..things will change for you & they will get better…don’t give up..keep pushing. My car freaked out the day I was headed to my interview–I parked that sucker and jumped on a bus. Got to my appt ‘ 18 minutes early. There was a homeless guy that got on the bus that smelled so badly I almost threw-up…and the smell lingered the entire ride..BUT, I did what I had to do to get to my interview..We’re all going to be ok in a little while. God Bless everyone~

      • Fancy-Pants,

        Keep up the spirit, good advice for all! Best of luck.

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Glad you didn’t throw up! How embarrassing that would have been (for the homeless guy. He would have had to of endured the stench of you. I wonder if he would have mentioned the smelly woman to anyone?)

  63. Guilty. I went through 2 interviews and a group assessment for a job a couple of weeks back. I got called back last week to proceed through to getting a medical examination. Earlier in the week I got an email from an old supervisor/colleague that she’d been contacted by the recruiting agency for the position I applied for. The recruiting agency also gave me a call yesterday afternoon as unfortunately they couldn’t get ahold of my second referee. Luckily I had a back referee just in case. Their being thorough with references was something I took as a good sign and like everyone else I immediately googled this query. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll know the results so fingers crossed.

  64. Hello everyone. I had previously posted, that I had gone to my first and second interview and that they had also checked one of my references, which was a friend that works at this Company. Three weeks had gone by and I had not heard anything. I decided to send them an email letting them know that I was still interested in the position, but was wondering if a decision had already been made.

    They answered with and email saying that even though my qualifications were great they had chosen another candidate. (It looked like those standard letters that are sent out) My friend who also works here, said that she spoke to the hiring manager and the position has not been filled and it was still open.

    I was wondering if by me sending them the email, they may of felt rushed and decided to let me move on to something else. Since they were not ready to make a final decision yet.

    What do you guys think?

    • Nancy,

      It does not seem you put any pressure on the employer to make a decision after three weeks. Unless a candidate forces an issue by saying things like they have another offer and need a decision immediately, the employer typically would not feel pressure to give a quick response. If they had not made a decision when you asked, we’re sure they would have simply told you that.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  65. Hello thank you for your wonderful tips. I suffer from OCD blues 
    I went on an interview on Monday in the morning; I felt that there was a definite β€œclick” with the co owner and the CFO who interviewed me. Within five hours I was asked to come back in and meet with the owner of the company which I happily did. Another good feeling when I left. I did write a thank you email two days later and let them know I was very interested in the position; the response was our β€œemployee attorney” will be calling you shortly. Being in the HR world I realized these potential employers were smart, they wanted to make sure I was the real deal and that I knew my stuff. Today on the fourth day this attorney contacted me by phone and we spent about 20 minutes with me answering questions regarding labor law, family leave, exempt status etc…I was a little taken a back by this only because she never explained what the purpose of the call was in the beginning of the conversation or how she fit in to the hiring process. At the end of the conversation I asked her if she did a lot of work for this company and she said yes I am on retainer with them. I felt that the β€œphone interview” went well, when I didn’t know something I said I am sorry I am unfamiliar with that term….at any rate I guess my question is what now? Wait? Write another email (I know your going to say β€œNO”)
    Wait…right? Thank you again!!!!

    • Maddi,

      We would assume the attorney is considered a trusted advisor and will provide advice to the hiring managers at the company. You may have a better understanding of the environment, yes you should follow up in a reasonable amount of time if you have not heard back from the employer. Typically this might be a week or two. Good Luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  66. I had a phone interview after which I was invited to an in person interview. I felt like the person I would be working for and I really clicked. I sent an email later that day to the person in charge of the hiring process saying: “I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am still very interested in the position, since you stated that if I was selected from the interview process you would request my references, please let me know if you will need them to move forward.” I was then sent an email saying that the person I would be working for was impressed with my professionalism and they would like a list of my references.
    I take this as a good sign….but I am unsure.
    The interview was last Thursday so wish me luck!
    ( I am still interviewing in the meantime…really don’t want to put my eggs in one basket.)

  67. 300 resumes, 8 phone interviews selected, 4 selected for face 2 face, I make face 2 face, I get a call a week after my interview saying that the president is out of the country and they will let me know the decision by 11/14. What does this point to? Do I have a shot. I guess they could have said “see yah” already. Hmmmm

  68. So the interviewer called me to say its all fine, we want to take you on board but have to go through employment reference check. Do I resign from the other employer as I only have 4 weeks left till I start of the reference check goes well or do i wait for the referencing but not enough time to resign!!

    Its a credit expert company what does it involve it employment reference check? I have listed all the places I worked at..do they confirm in those places whether I have worked there or do they ask for refernce to get full details about me life in that work place?

    Very curious in this strange situation.

    Many Thanks in advance

    • Moij,

      It would be best to wait until you have a firm offer with not contingencies attached before quitting you current job. If you want more time before between the time you resign and start the new job you can ask the employer for a later start date if they are open to one.

      Typically reference checks will include some form of a background check (credit, social, past workplaces, etc) plus calling references you provided. Not all companies have the same processes.

      – The Work coach Cafe Team

  69. Over analyzing… I had screening interview last Monday. The next day I had a phone interview with the director. On Wednesday, I meet with one of the managers (they wanted a face to face). All went very well, they are wanting to fill this position asap. Thursday and Friday they checked my references. Now it is just over a week since my initial interview (3 days from rc). I am very interested in this position and it is #1 on my list, I am also in the running for 2 other positions. When is it appropriate for me to follow up with my #1 and how should I approach it?

    • Jack,

      It’s best to ask during the interview when the best time to follow up would be. Since it does not seem that you have what the employer is thinking, you may want to follow up with a call or an e-mail after a week or two.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  70. Hi, I was shortlisted for an internal Specialist:Java Developer post, and interviewed telephonically, shortly after the interview I sent a thank you note, and two weeks after I recieved the following mail from the Hiring manager

    “Congratulations, we have selected you as the candidate that we would like to appoint.
    For me to continue with this, I need the following information from you:
    Certified copy of
    * your driver’ license & ID
    * your qualifications, including matric certificate

    Please also complete the attached forms and return them to me.”

    I sent the required documents and the refference Check forms, now I have been waiting to hear from them for two weeks now. what does this mean?

    • Bee,

      Sound to us like this might be a scam to get personal information from you. In this employment market when there are many out of work, there are people who take advantage. All readers should be aware that the Internet can be a dangerous place. Just as you expect employers check your background, make sure you understand who the employer is and that they are legitimate. Please do your best to try ad contact the employer and verify they are real before sending any personal information.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • lol, I am Certain that it is not a scam, It’s a Company I’m currently working for, I was interviewed for a senior position in another state.

        What I want to know is what I should expect after this kind of response?.

      • Tell them to get the details from HR. They should already have it right?

      • AC, They treat promotions and tranfers as new appointments, i dnt know why but that’s their policy, it’s a huge organization which employs more than 30 000 employees. But let us not worry to much about the Document part of it. just respond to the question i posed above.

      • Bee,

        Since it’s been a couple weeks you may want to check with the hiring manager and see how the process is progressing.

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Thank you very much, recieved a job offer i’m so delighted

      • Yay!!

  71. I interviewed at a medical company a month ago. On a Friday I was told that I didn’t get the job because they hired internally, yet I could apply for any other job that was open within that same company. That next Monday, I found out that they called two of my references. I spoke to someone at my local unemployment office, come to find out he used to work for that same company as a recruiter. He said that if they’re calling references, it’s a good thing and to expect a job offer soon. One other place I interviewed for checked references but I didn’t get hired, so I’m not getting my hopes up. I wonder what I should think about all of this…

    • Chantel,

      When an employer checks references it means they are interested in hiring you and have narrowed their choices. Since checking references takes time and resources most employers only check the top candidates. This does not mean you will get a job offer, however. Good luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Thank you very much, recieved a job offer today i’m so delighted πŸ™‚

      • My confusion is that they started calling references AFTER I was told I didn’t get the job I interviewed for. None of the other pharmacies within that company that I applied to called me in for interviews, so why would they call references after telling me I didn’t get the job?

      • Chantel,

        We are confused too. Could be good news, maybe…

        They decided not to hire the other candidate
        The other candidate decided not to take the job
        They want to try your for another opening
        HR is confused??

        In any case, Good luck!

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  72. My husband applied for a job on a friday, got the call monday for the interview which was the next day, and then was told at the end of the interview to email his references, He did that the next day and an HR after he emailed over his references to the hiring manager. We got a text from one of his references saying she called him and she was excited to hear good things. It’s now 2 business days later and we have not heard back yet. My husband even left a vm for the hiring manager jest thanking her for the interview and if she needed any more info from him, and shes not called or emailed back yet!! I am going CRAZY!! hes been job searching for 2 months now.!!

    • Tiffany,

      Your husband has been out of work but now is not the time to push too hard on the potential employer. The employer is doing their diligence by calling references and running the background check, a great sign, though it does not mean he has the job. Since your husband already left a message with the hiring manager, it is best to assume the manager does not have the answer yet on the hiring. As tough as it is to wait, our opinion is to wait a least a few days for a call back. Hopefully you will hear real soon!!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • i just think its very rude. No response?? WHO do these HR people think they are?? I understand people are busy, but when a person takes their time and interest to come in and interview, the decent thing to do when someone inquires about the status, the LEAST they can do is respond with an email. It’s getting to the point that I don’t even care anymore. I feel like its never gonna happen, the phones never gonna ring and hes never gonna get an offer. We dont know what else to do but quit. When someone is highly qualified as he is, and he doesn’t get offers, it really starts to affect your self esteem.

      • Tiffany,

        Hang in there, remain positive. Let’s assume they are busy and it’s a tough time with the holidays and year end. Yes, it would be nice if everyone was responsive but sometimes it does not work the way want. Think positive πŸ™‚

        – The Work Coach Cafe team

  73. any feed back would help!! πŸ™‚

  74. I had 2 interviews with an employer for a state job in October. They contacted me in the second week of November for references. They contacted at least one of my references and they seemed impressed by my qualifications. As part of the interview process, they sent me an email asking for writing samples which I sent to them. Now it’s been a month and I haven’t heard anything. I followed up with a friendly email two weeks ago and a phone call earlier last week and no response. Though it’s frustrating, what else can I do? I know I was in the running for this position.


    • Don,

      Sounds like you have done the correct things for this situation. Because this is a state job, stay in touch with them via email or phone once every week or two to stay on top of the process,. Hopefully you hear soon that a decision has been made and you have the job!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  75. Hello
    I had applied online to a great company in October. I had a phone interview, followed by two in-person interviews, which all went very well. On the evening of the second interview (Thursday at 11pm), I received an automated email informing me the position was filled. After my second interview, one of the interviewers said HR will notify me either way. Should I wait for HR, call HR and explain I did not understand the email, or continue on my pursuit of happiness? So confused.

    • Ruth,

      We are confused too! Maybe some form of computer glitch or other hiccup in the system. Call HR and find out what is happening and what the next steps are for you. Hopefully there’s a simple explanation!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  76. Hi,
    In my last job I did something stupid, a mistake was made and I tried to cover it up, got caught, went through the disciplinary procedure, and was fired for gross misconduct. Stupid mistake. Never again. πŸ™

    6 months on and I’m still unemployed. Did an interview recently for a brilliant company for a really good job, clicked with the interviewer, and on Wednesday I got a call to say they wish to take me to the next stage of the interview process, i.e reference check. I gave two references of people who I worked with in the last company who I trust, and they are happy to give me references, regardless of the fact that I had been sacked.
    The company have hired an external, background check screening company to check references, college degrees etc. The woman from the company phoned me up yesterday with a query on the dates that I had filled in on the form. Needless to say I was very nervous, but still gave her all the details she needed, and told her if she needed anything else to call me. Checked with my references and they haven’t called them yet.
    I’m so nervous that if they decide to do some snooping around, and ring my past employer directly then they will find out I was fired.
    Can they do this? Or are they supposed to just check with the references provided??

    Sorry for such a long post, and look forward to hearing your reply. πŸ™‚

    • MM,

      Hopefully you do not have a worry. With good references and a good background check we hope you will do fine. Can an employer check other sources than what you provide on the application, yes. Your entire history up to the time of hire is a potential input in the hiring process. Many job seekers don’t think about this but even things like social media (FaceBook) may be checked during a background check. Now, what is relevant to the hire is another question. While you may have quit your last job may or may not be important to the employer for this position. If you hear back from the employer with questions, be sure to answer honestly.

      You may want to check out this post:
      Job Interview: How to Answer Why You Left Your Last Job When You Actually Quit

      – the Work Coach cafe Team

      • Hi there,
        Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
        I hope you’re right, and the offer will come in the next few days, would be a great christmas present!
        Hopefully they won’t find anything too bad on facebook, maybe a few pictures of me looking the worse for wear (I’m Irish!) but other than that I should be ok.

        I am really sorry about the mistake I made which resulted in my getting fired, I have done a lot of soul-searching over the last 6 months, and have learned a lot about myself. This job is much better than the last one and is about €5,000 more.
        It would be an exciting fresh start for me.

        Anyway, thanks for your advice, I will report back once I hear, either way.

        Happy christmas,

      • Margaret O'Brien says:

        Found out today I’ve been offered the position!! I’m really thrilled.

        It’ll be a good christmas!

        Thanks so much for the advice. xx

  77. So I went on a job interview on Thursday 12/15/2011. Interview seemed to have went well. About 20 minutes after the interview as I’m driving home I get a phone call from one of my references telling me she had just gotten off the phone with the lady who interviewed me giving her a reference for me. So needless to say the lady that interviewed me called both of my references in the same day within minutes of each other. However I gave three references but she only called two. Two of the references were from the same company. Is it normal for companies to check everyone’s reference or just candidates that they are interested in? They interviewed nine candidates total. I’ve never had someone to check my references so fast. I’m praying that I will get a job offer soon.

    • I gave a total of three references, Two were from my former job and one was from my current job. Could this be a reason why she only called two of my references?

      • kjohnson,

        There is no normal in the hiring process! We know some companies that do no reference checking at all while others do more than what is provided by the applicant. Calling one or two of three provided references would not be uncommon. There are many reasons not to call all of the references provided; after one or two checks they may be comfortable they have the information required to reach a decision on your application for the job. Hope you hear good news soon!

  78. Hey Guys,

    I’m in the same place as a lot of you. I got called for a phone interview and it went well. A week later I was called to set up in interview in Kansas City (I’m currently working in Florida.) They flew me up, gave me a hotel and a rental car. The interview went very well, it was a two hour panel interview with four people, then they invited me to go eat lunch with them afterward. One of the people off the panel even pulled me aside after and told me he was very impressed because I had great specific and very relevant examples for all of their behavior questions. As I left, the hiring manager said he wanted to send me a writing assignment (it’s for an advertising copywriter position). I did the assignment and sent it to him on Monday (I later found a minor typo… DOH!), on Wednesday HR emailed me asking for references. They called my references on Thursday and Friday. I emailed to follow up on Monday asking for his general timeline and if they had made a decision yet. He responded quickly from his iphone and he said they would be making a decision this week. “Thank you for your continued interest in the copywriter position.” Maybe I’m over analyzing, but I thought that was a little formal after a very good interview and I felt we were all “clicking.” Anyway, that was Monday (a week ago tomorrow). He said they would be making a decision by this past Friday, but I didn’t hear anything all week. It’s with [LARGE COMPANY] corporate, so it’s a pretty big company. I imagine it could take time to put together an offer even if they did choose me, but I’m going crazy waiting! It’s all I can think about. I even realize that compared to some of the other posters this has moved relatively quickly, but it’s still maddening waiting for a decision that will drastically change my life. Anyway, that’s what’s on my mind. Sorry for rambling. Any encouragement would be appreciated! πŸ™‚

  79. Thanks guys! Just got the offer! I’m so excited I’m shaking!

  80. I had 2 interviews with this company, after my first interview they called me right away to schedule the second interview. After the second interview, I didn’t hear from them for 2 weeks, so I thought that I didn’t get the Job and I moved on, but I was a bit disappointed because I thought the interviews were great. But in the third week after the interviews, they called me to provide them with references, they had called on a Tuesday and left a message on my home phone which i didn’t check, they called again on Thursday, I was home with a friend so I didn’t want to pick up the phone thinking they were going to say no to me because its been 3 weeks already, they left a message so wen I was alone the next day I called them back only to find out that they were asking for references. So I emailed the references right away, they had asked for 3 references, and 1 had to be a supervisor and the other 2 could be co- workers. I called one of my supervisor to ask her for a reference but she was on vacation. so I had no supervisor for a reference. I decided to ask one of the girls who was my supervisor in a call center about 4 yr ago. I explained everything to her and she told me to provide the company with her cell phone number. but she didn’t sound so interested. In a day my co-workers called me back and told me that they had called they already. but the supervisor has not called me back to let me know if they called her or not, and now am regretting giving her name as a reference because I think she might have given me a bad reference. As for the company they haven’t called me back yet, its now been 4 days after the reference check. Am so anxious to hear from them, but I don’t want to call them. In case the supervisor gave me a bad reference, what should I expect?

    • Julie,

      Thanks for the note. This points out to everyone the need to plan ahead with references and to stay close to the hiring process when you have applied for a position.

      Things you can control, who you give as a reference. Things you can’t control, what the reference will say or how they will answer questions. So, you did the right thing by contacting your reference and letting them know what to expect from the employer’s call. In most cases, if the person providing the reference felt uncomfortable or would not provide a good reference they would have told you. Since this employer has been slow to respond in the past, let’s assume this why you have not heard yet.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • I have contacted all my references and they have all told me that were called already, with the last reference being contacted last week. But I still haven’t had from the employer yet, what does this mean, because I did my interviews in November, and they called me for references in mid December but still up to now, there is no answer from employer,

  81. following up: I called HR and informed them I was confused and bummed about the email. I was told the email was a mistake and I was being considered for the job, they just had to check my references. They called my references on Monday… I will keep you posted.

    • Ruth, Good news πŸ™‚

      • Well, I am still waiting. After steadily following up with phone calls and emails, I am unsure of what to do. When I spoke with HR I asked if I could have a time frame of when they will have more info for me; it’s been two weeks after HR said they would get back to me within two days. I am reassured that I am still a strong candidate for the job, but they are working on the budget and figuring out a start date for the position. I don’t mind waiting for the job, but is this waiting time normal for large companies (more than two months since the second interview)?

      • Hi Ruth,

        Big companies can have big bureaucracies and a lot of formal “procedures” to go through before making an offer. I think that two months is longer than usual, but not exceptionally long.

        I hope that you are continuing with your job search, just in case.

        Good luck!

  82. Thank you for advice.

  83. Ok, so I googled too to find out. My son just graduated college and sent out 100’s of resumes. He had a phone interview a few weeks. A week or so after the interview, they had him do a written test online.
    Yesterday, he found out that the company called his references. So what did the mom do, googled and found this site.
    Today, he gets an email from the person that phone interviewed him.
    She stated in her email that his references checked out ‘GREAT’. She is just waiting from some paperwork from corporate and she will be in touch. I guess she needs approval in order to make an offer. I am hoping this is the case.
    Any thoughts on what the outcome might be? Do you think he is getting the job?
    Thanks for your help.

    • It sounds very promising, Laura! I hope it comes through both of you.

      If at all possible, encourage him to continue looking for a job, just in case…

      Keep us posted!

      Fingers crossed!

      • Thanks so much for the reply. Well, he received a phone call yesterday and they made him an offer.
        He has until Tuesday to give an answer. He loves the opportunity and really wants the position. The only thing is they would need him there in 2 weeks. This is a big cross country move. He needs to find someone to take over his present lease. He needs to find a place to live…He needs to move his belongings.. This wills be way stressful. Do you think he should go back to them and reexplain this, ask for a possible extension or will it jeopardize his employment.

        Thanks again,


      • Excellent Laura! Now he has some decisions to make and some work to do, fast!

        So much depends on how badly they want him, what happened during the interview process, and how unyielding their schedule is. If they have training that starts in two weeks, he’s probably out of luck in his efforts to get more time. If they don’t, he may be lucky.

        Are they expecting that he will be able to start in two weeks? Was that discussed during the interview? If he agreed then, he’s definitely stuck.

        If they didn’t make the start date clear during the interview process, he probably has some room to negotiate – probably! Most organizations understand that they don’t always get what they want, when it comes to starting dates, and they expect that there will be some “start-up” details to figure out, particularly with a cross-country move. Assuming that they want him badly enough to be flexible. He’ll find out how badly they want him now.

        My recommendation is that he takes the time between now and Tuesday to develop a plan for making this move happen as quickly as possible. How much can he get done in two weeks? Who else can help?

        Not necessarily a show-stopper for either side of this equation, but it will be educational!

        Good luck!

  84. Well, I have been told that they would like to offer me a position!
    This is fantastic news, because I thought I was being a bit ambitious going for this job in the first place.
    I just need to wait for an ‘integrity screening’ to come back. They said it takes about a week, and here we are pushing two weeks and I haven’t heard anything. I need to try and not read too much into it, as their has been a public holiday and a weekend in those two weeks, and it is early in the new year so a few offices may not be running at full strength yet – and would they have offfered me the job if there was a significant chance that I would not pass the integrity screening! They have asked when I would like to start (pending on the integrity screening not uncovering any issues that would preclude me from doing the job) so that they can get payroll up and running, so there are a lot of things indicating that their is no expectation that their will be a problem. I just wish I knew 100% what the integrity screening parameters are. I’ve passed police checks, WWC checks (that’s ‘working with children’ checks, not ‘world wrestling championship’ checks!) and have my ochre card. I’ve been working as a minister of religion for the past 10 years, so I can’t reasonably conceive of any screening that would be harsher or more subjective than ones that I have already passed.
    Maybe I’ll hear something today.
    … if not today, maybe Monday.
    … if not Monday, maybe Tuesday! πŸ™‚
    The hardest thing is not disengaging too early from the current position. I think it would be very hard to re-engage if for whatever reason I fail the integrity screening! That would be a hard thing to deal with indeed.

    • So very smart, Neil, to postpone the “disengaging” until you have a written offer (that you like) in your hand!

      I remember my last job in the corporate world, when layoffs were happening all around me, and very stupid decisions were being made. Then, against all the recommendations from people “in the field” with the customers, one day senior management decided to raise prices on our top customers. Eh? Business is tanking, so let’s scare away our biggest revenue sources! AARGH! Something went “click” in my head that day – and I disengaged without noticing it had happened. In the 18 months until I finally left, I went from being a “1 performer” (top) to being a 3 (middle). Good thing I left before I hit 5 (bottom) because I think I was probably headed there…

      Hope you hear good news soon!

      Good luck!

  85. “You are a very strong candidate and I request permission to contact your 1st Referee.”

    I got this message on thursday. I know that one of my referees got a form through, so now I am just playing the waiting game πŸ™ It is quite frustrating lol.

    The awkward thing is that I would have to move. If I find out by Tuesday then I can give a month’s notice on my house, if I find out afterwards then I would have to commit to another month after that!

  86. Hi, I was offered by a big company and the HR pushed me to say yes. I said that I had to think about it and will give them the answer next week. Meanwhile, another big company (my preferred working place) is currently checking my references. They claim that I am one of their final candidates. Do you think the latter one will offer me soon? I don’t want to turn the first one down if the second one is not promising.

    • Hi Isabel,

      It’s hard to know what the 2nd company will do. Being one of the “final candidates” and having your references checked are positive signs, but big companies usually have a longer process than smaller companies.

      I would ask company #2 what are the next steps in their hiring process. You could share with them that you have an offer pending and must decide this week, so you are interested in knowing how long they think it will take before they are ready to make an offer. They might want to call the final candidates in for another round of interviews, or they might be ready to make an offer by the end of the week. You won’t know if you will be receiving the offer from company #2, but at least you would know how much time you have to wait to find out.

      Big companies usually have a long hiring process, so it’s hard to tell if the timing will be good. But, you can ask and find out.

      Good luck!

  87. This is a Wonderful discussion. I googled this same question today and found these posts. I too, am waiting to hear back from a Very large company that I interviewed for on 1/3012. I interviewed with a total of 4 people 2 at a time and was there for almost two hours so I felt that the interview went very well. When I sent a thank you email, the hiring manger actually responded and told me that I should be hearing from someone within a week or so…. All positive signs right??? Then last Tuesday one of my references called me and gave me great news that they had been called. I was asked to give 3 references and they only checked one. So I am confused… Maybe some companies only call one reference if they feel they have gotten the information that the needed? I emailed the HR recruiter and she apologized for the process taking so long and that the hiring manager has yet to make a decision. It has been 2 weeks today since I interviewed for this position that I REALLY want…. Should I be worried???

    • Hi Toy,

      The waiting can be a real killer, can’t it? You probably can’t help but be worried. At this point, you just don’t know where you stand. Maybe the company doesn’t know where you stand either.

      Because the recruiter didn’t tell you outright that you were out of the running and, if it’s been more than a week or so since you spoke with her, why not call (or email) her again and ask about the progress.

      Meantime, try not to fret too much over this. Any number of things could be happening internally — none of which may have anything to do with you.

      If you haven’t already read it, take a look at this Work Coach Cafe post to get an idea of what may be going on, What the Heck Goes On Behind the Scenes After a Job Interview? —

      I hope this gives you a little comfort.

      And, whatever you do, don’t quit your current job until this one is a sure thing . . . in writing.

      We’re hoping you get the job!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member of the WorkCoachCafe Team

      • I had an interview last week with a government organization and think I did fairly well. It was a panel interview with 3 people and right after the interview I was told to go see the HR Manager. When I arrived to her office I walked in and she said surprisingly, “Oh they told you to come see me?” I said “yes” and she said, “O.k. well I need you to fill out this background check information and call me when you’re done”. I filled out the background when I got home and called her the next day. The HR manager asked if I could bring it to her along w/ my transcripts from college, brith cert., social security card, and license. After doing all this she said could she call me if she had any questions and before I left the office started to process my BG check. I find out today from a few of my references received letters in the mail asking about me etc. Now, I’m wondering if they are looking to hire me or not.?…? I assume they wouldn’t be doing all this work checking on me etc. unless I was in the running atleast. it’s just difficult not knowing if you are the final candidate they are looking at or amongst many??? What do you think?

      • Hi Tia,

        It’s unlikely that they would go through this whole process if you weren’t under consideration. It’s hard to know how many others are under the same consideration, but you’ve made it over the first hurdle.

        So, congratulations on getting this far! Hope it works out for you.

        Good luck!

  88. Normally for jobs how many references do they check? If one reference gives positive response do they check all the other references?

  89. I just had a great interview on Wednesday and they said they expect to let everyone know by today (Friday). They called 3 of my 4 references yesterday and I heard back from all 3 of them and they all said they gave me glowing reviews. I still didn’t get a job offer today nor did I get a “thanks, but no thanks” call either. I don’t get it. Would they call all 3 references if I wasn’t the one, but yet not call me today when they expected to have an answer? I’m really hoping it is all internal approval hold-ups going on right now before the offer is made, but yes, to answer your question, all of my references were extremely positive and they still called 3 different ones. I’m sure there are hiring managers out there that would be satisfied with one good reference and not bother calling the rest, but in my case they talked to 3.

    • Hi Lou,

      Time to “chill” a bit. I think you are right to think that the cause of the delay is an internal hold up.

      Employers often under-estimate how much time it will take to get the interviewing, reference checking, drug testing, etc. done. Perhaps someone’s references were not available when contacted. And, employees necessary to the hiring process can be out of the office because they are sick or can be occupied with a crisis of some sort that takes priority over hiring someone. Hard to tell what has happened.

      So, if you contact them on Monday, be polite and business-like. Don’t blow your chances with a hostile attitude. If you can, wait until later in the week to contact them.

      Good luck!

  90. I just had an interview on wednesday for a new home decor store opening and it went by really great. The interviewer was laughing with and I just wasn’t trying to be funny at all. She told me they would give callbacks on wednesday the 14th to selected applicants. So they called my references a day after the interview which was the Thursday morning and all provided a good reference. Do you think that it’s a good sign that I might be getting an offer or a callback on Wednesday? Mind you there are other applicants being interviewed. What is your opinion on my scenario.


    • Hector Cruz-Rosa says:

      Kelvin, in my experience when an employer calls your references you have a pretty good chance of being hired unless they were to find out something they considered undesirable during those conversations. Despite the fact that many employers may have the urgency to hire vacant posts, the process is part of the regular ongoing business priorities so what seems like a “long time” for you may be a “race” for your prospective employer. There is no exact way to tell how much longer they will take to call you. Again, in my own case, both as an employer and an interviewee, calling references is often about validating what they already found out about you throughout the interviewing process. It is rare that an employer will have to make a final hiring decision solely based on who gets the best references out of the final candidates…best of success, keep focused and don’t loose any sleep over the things you can’t control. Don’t settle and don’t stop looking for a job until you have a written offer!

    • Hi Kelvin,

      Things are looking good, but no home run, yet. Asking for and calling your references is a sign that you’re a finalist. Now comes the comparison of qualifications, “fit” with the job requirements, and the all-important “chemistry” (how well you’d fit into the organization). Then, someone will make the decision.

      Great comment from Hector! He absolutely nailed it regarding the process, the timing, and the importance of continuing your job search until you have a written offer in your hand.

      Good luck!

  91. Thanks for your opinions guys. Really gave me big insight on sight. I shall keep you posted

  92. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I do have a question for you. I appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Late on Friday (6:00), I received a verbal offer for a job – which I am thrilled about. I di accept the offer. A formal contract is being sent FedEx to me. Due to the late hour on Friday, the HR manager was not sure if the contract would arrive today (Monday) or Tuesday.

    Hiring is based on successful completion of a background test and drug. I am not concerned about either one of these.

    I have a very intense interview schedule on both Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Both are promising jobs with aggressive hiring deadlines. Do I complete the interviews or do I call the recruiters and tell them that I have verbally accepted a job and drop out of the process?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Terry,

      Well, I’m old school, and you did verbally accept an offer Friday. So, I would not feel like I could accept an offer from a different employer, although it is done all the time.

      HOWEVER, you do not yet have a written job offer from this employer, so, technically, you don’t have a job offer right now. You are expecting to receive one, but you don’t have it yet. So, the employer hasn’t given you an offer. Yet.

      Unless you receive that offer today – and it is exactly what you accepted Friday (or better!) – I would go ahead with the Tuesday interview schedule, just in case… And, I wouldn’t be half-hearted in my efforts on Tuesday. Forget about this pending offer, and do your best to wow them on Tuesday.

      And if the offer you receive is not what you accepted Friday, I would consider myself still in the job market, and go ahead with the Thursday interviews, too.

      Good luck!

  93. So I went for that interviews last wednesday and they said they would be doing callbacks on the 14th. It is now Monday the 12th. They called my phone around 11:12 am but was asleep so I left a voicemail at around 11:50. Called back 10 mins later and they offered me a position as a store associate for the home decor store. Will be meeting with them tomorrow to bring my SIN, direct deposit and emergency contact info. Same feeling as before when they asked me to come in for an interview except now this feeling is for sure

  94. Agostinho says:

    Dear Sir,

    An organization sent me an e-mail asking me for a telephone interview. I attended the telephone interview and then they told me that if I am successful they would call me for a second interview. They actually called me for a second interview and I went for it. At the end of the interview they asked me to give them my references and so I did. they promised me to come back to me after a week, we almost at the end of that week and they have not even called my references. Do you think I can still count with that job? The surprising thing is that the interview went so well and they shared with me information that they usually do not share in an interview, about salary scale, benefits that they offer for that position etc.

    Please help analyse.

    • Hi Agostinho,

      This sounds opportunity sounds promising for you, so I would not give up on it right now. They may well call your references next week or next month – when they can move forward on making this hire. Stay in touch with the people who are your references, and stay in touch with the employer. Check in with the employer every couple of weeks to see what is going on with this job.

      ALWAYS remind them of who you are – the job your interviewed for, who interviewed you, and when those interviews happened. Then ask for the current status of the job, and what the next steps are.

      The process can take SO long because, on the employer side, many other things have a higher priority than spending the time it takes to hire someone – interviews, reference checking, etc. All take time, usually extra time in addition to the regular job, and if the wrong person is hired, it can negatively impact a career or the daily job becomes more difficult or both. So, not fun and can be high risk!

      Other things happen. Employers reorganize and kill all the open jobs, key employees leave, die, or get sick. Many other kinds of business crises happen, the vast majority of them having absolutely nothing to do with people under consideration for a job.

      So, ALWAYS keep looking for anther opportunity. NEVER “count” on a job offer coming through for you until you hold the signed offer in your hand.

      Good luck!


    • Hi Mary,

      It’s hard to tell if he has a chance since you don’t know how he did on the test or how much competition he has.

      I would encourage your son to call next Thursday (that would be a week, right?) to ask the manager about the job.

      Good luck!

  96. My husband had a telephone interview about a month ago, after just two days he was called and arrangements were made for a second interview in person which he attended and all went well. He was asked for his references which gave, the references called to say they received calls from the company and that they gave very good references. But it’s going to be three weeks and we have not heard anything we are getting very worried because the company is a place he will really love to work. We don’t know what to expect!! I forgot to add that he called HR last week to ask if a decision has been made and they said they have not made a decision yet, but it’s another week now and no response what could be wrong?

    • Hi Angel,

      It’s hard to tell what’s going on or IF anything is wrong. It could just be how the process works for this employer, or the job could be filled or cancelled. The fact that HR said, last week, that a decision hadn’t been made yet could indicate that the process is not a fast one for this job at this employer, right now.

      On the employer side, the hiring process is a distraction for most of the people involved, except the recruiters and HR. The usual work needs to be completed plus everything associated with the hiring process – scheduling interviews, having interviews, discussing candidates, sometimes even writing reports on who was interviewed, etc. And, people get sick, go on vacation, travel on business, need to handle other more urgent (to the employer) crises, etc.

      I would wait until next week to reach out to the employer again. Meanwhile, I hope your husband is continuing his job search in case this opportunity does not happen for him.

      Good luck!

      • Just an update on my previous post, my DH just got a letter yesterday from the company saying there was no suitable candidate for the role , after all the process they took him thru. Two interview, reference checks, and the referees all said they gave him good references. My DH is devastated, this interview process took 3 months and now this. But I guess we have to be positive, his next job might just be around the corner!!

      • Hi Angel,

        If nothing else, he has more experience in interviewing and going through the hiring process. That is good! Hopefully, some useful “learnings” resulted from the experience, so he will be more polished and confident next time. It all helps.

        Yes, the next job is just “around the corner.”

        Good luck!

  97. I had my second interview for a government position last week, went very well I thought, and they requested references and I willingly provided three. They then requested one from my current manager which I then gave them, making four referees, but felt awkward given that it was not certain I was going to get the job. I’ve now found out Ive not got it and am awaiting the opportunity to receive feedback. Is it normal practice to request a reference from your current manager and then not to give the job to that person? This is going to make resuming my current job even less pleasant, and asking for future reference checks from my referees awkward. How does one come out of this situation positively? And if they were not going to give me the job, why did they contact four referees?

  98. Hi,

    I like to read your blog and it gave me a lot of infomation and encourgement.

    Recently, I applied for a job and went to 2nd interivew last week. I did sent back the Thank You Notes to all the interviewers and a Follow up email to HR yesteraday (still haven’t receive any update yet).

    The interviewer told me they will let me know this week but I still haven’t receive any call yet, should I still hold hope on this job?

    Today, I saw they posted the job ad again, is that mean I failed on the interview? Please kindly advise and give some comments.

    Thanks alot!

    • Hi hlee,

      Hmmm… The job being posted could be a bad sign or it could mean nothing at all. It depends on the size of the employer and the job.

      It could mean nothing in a large organization with many employees doing this job. Large organizations, if that is what this employer is, frequently have many people doing the same kind of thing, in different departments, divisions, or locations, and even different times of the day and days of the week. It all depends on how this employer is organized. Some large organizations keep postings for the same jobs up all the time because they always need new people doing those jobs.

      Or, it could be a bad sign if this is a very small organization with only one person doing this specific job.

      Next week, I’d get back in touch with them. Tell them your name, the job you interviewed for, and who and when you interviewed. Then, ask for the status of the job and the next steps.

      Good luck!

  99. I had an interview with an HR Director on March 7. The interview seemed to go well and it apparently did because a second interview was scheduled for March 16 with the person who seemed to have hiring authority. This is a non-profit organization. The words “When you…” were used many times. Though a tough interviewer, I thought that went well and I surprisingly received a response to my thank you e mail. When asked a time frame everyone’s answer was “yesterday”. I called the HR Director about 10 days later and she indicated that the person authorized to make decisions had been “out sick”. She indicated she would get back to me by the end of the week. That was two weeks ago. Additionally, they both said, I would hear back one way or another. Do I follow up? Do I assume they have hired someone else? They have not contacted official references though they did contact”unofficial” references.I was working when I interviewed. I am not now. I was “vaguely honest” about why I was leaving my present position which didn’t seem to bother them. I know people are quite careful when speaking about employees past or present and my former employer was not a reference. My qualifications were a match. I am a bit baffled. Any advice as to what to do next? Do I just put it aside? Write an e mail? It was pretty frustrating.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Yes, you definitely follow up! Sometimes, believe it or not, they are waiting to see if you will contact them to determine how interested you are in the job.

      You aren’t bugging them on a daily – or even a weekly – basis, so reach out again. Perhaps they have filled the job, but it is just as likely that something else is going on that has nothing to do with you.

      I would call the HR director to receive an update on what is going on. After you tell her your name, give her the job title and the details on the interviews (dates and names). Then, ask her the current status of the job, and what the next steps are.

      Try not to let your (justifiable) frustration show, and don’t be too humble, either.

      Good luck!

  100. Just to add-I just found this site and it has been exceedingly helpful. Thank you!

  101. I been in this interview process for almost a month now. I am not too sure if I come close to being “the one” for the job. A recruiter contacted me about a month ago that they are assisting a company with hiring. I love the company and said yes that I am interested. So I did a basic phone interview with the recruiter and she said she will contact that company’s manager to conduct a phone interview. So a week later, I was able to do a phone interview with the manager. I asked him if he would like me to send my reference to the recruiter, he said yes. I did and I didn’t hear anything from them for almost a week and a half. I decided to email the recruiter for a follow up, she said that she will talk to the manager and see where they are at. Then I got a reply from the recruiter saying that company’s HR will be in contact with me some point this week. I waited and the week passed by with no call. The early of the week after the recruiter called and said the manager will be in town and would like to see me. So we met up today. Two days ago they called my references. The recruited asked me a few more info on my references that I provided and commented my references were very good, but did not asked for more references from me. Today my met with the manager was great, but very confusing. He was like who do you want to work in your store, your vac to Asia should be alright, we didn’t have much other candidates that is interviewing for this position and you fit our requirements, etc. He said I need to do an interview with their HR director. So what is my chances? What should I do? How long will this continue?

    • Hi Ac,

      This sounds very promising. They’ve called your references and were satisfied with the results. It sounds like they may be already treating you like you have the job – “who do you want to work in your store,” etc.

      So, I recommend being patient with them, and staying in touch with the recruiter. The recruiter should know what is going on or should be able to find out for you.

      Good luck!

      • I had attended an interview with NSW Health 2 weeks ago. The convenor contacted one of my referee couple of hours after the interview for reference check. So, I was really excited. But after 10 days of interview, I didn’t hear from HR. So, I sent an email to HR Manager asking about update on my application. She said I am short-listed for the position and they are finalising the paperwork. She also said all short-listed candidates will be notified the outcome after paperwork is completed. Now I’m bit worried about my chance. Shall I be still hopeful about getting this job?

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Pra,

        If you are short-listed for the job, that’s a good sign. It’s out of your control. Nothing you can do but wait until you hear back and keep applying for jobs in the interim — you want to make sure you have as many options as possible, don’t you?

        Good luck,

      • Chandlee, Thanks for suggestion. Just wondering generally how many people are short-listed after interview for one position.

      • chandlee says:

        Usually the number of people short-listed is less than five. Good luck to you and keep us posted.

        All the Best,

  102. Stephanie says:

    Really love this blog and it has totally kept me sane over the last month.

    I am currently interviewing for a “dream job” at a large media company. They called yesterday to tell me that they were down to the final two candidates, I am one of them, and now they are checking references.

    I know that they spoke to two of my references yesterday and one of the calls was half hour – not sure if that is a good sign though as concerned maybe they were digging in on things they might not like? One of my friend that does reference checks says that it might be that they didn’t get the answers they wanted which made the call much longer. She thinks this is probably a bad thing it lasted so long. It’s also tough as I don’t job jump much and can’t give them my current supervisor for my current job (she’s still here) and they did have some concerns that my references were all from my last job which was 5 years ago.

    But nothing today and I guess I’m wondering if the likelihood is that they are going with the other candidate and advanced with them today on the next steps (i.e. background check, offer) but are keeping me on the side in case something falls through with that person. Is that typical that they would do that? This whole process is the worst because you really have no idea what anyone is thinking and while I am proud of myself, I also really want more than that but also don’t want to end up feeling truly disappointed if this doesn’t come through.

    It is good to come here and know there are some many of us that are stressed out over this and in the same gloomy boat.

  103. Jarrison says:

    I was interviewed for a job on thursday last week. Today, monday, I received a call from one of my referees telling me that he has been contacted by my prospective employers. I told him to tell them what he knows about me and I will be fine.

    However, I had three referees, it appears the others have not been contacted despite one of them being the first on my list. The one contacted works for the same company but at a different branch. What’s the meaning of this? Does it mean they trust their fellow employee more hence his episode will be trusted more.

    I am dying for the job

    • chandlee says:


      Almost always a good sign if your references are contacted. Employers have their own approach on how many references to contact and typically work to contact references in the midst of all their references. So I have no way of knowing their strategy or how they use references in the process — but I can tell you it’s a good thing.

      I don’t recommend “dying” for any job — just like dating, until there’s a committed relationship — it can be nice to have a couple of options so you don’t have your heart broken!

      Good luck,

  104. I am so glad I found this blog- I did a phone interview.. and they have checked my references and I’m waiting. Everything went by fast- Monday: phone interview, Tuesday: called my references.. and now its Thursday and have not heard anything. When is it too early to reach out for an update? Just really excited! πŸ™‚

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jessica,

      I recommend you follow up on Monday to see if they need any additional information.

      Good luck to you!


      • Jessica says:

        Update… after 1.5 weeks.. did not hear anything so I emailed and phone everyone I could that I had contact with there and finally someone called to set up another interview. While waiting to set up the second interview… didn’t hear anything for about another 1.5 weeks…. so I continued with following up relentlessly. FINALLY, received a call back and was told that both of the recruiters that was working with me are no longer with the company…. explains weeks of no response. Now I have an interview again this week. This is no doubt one of the most frustrating things I have ever been through! I don’t know what to think of it anymore?

        Also had a different interview with another company… its been 1 week now and haven’t heard anything and she never requested references… should I attribute that to them not being interested? Or should I continue to follow up? Thank you to this blog for keeping me somewhat sane during this process! For a moment- really felt like I was the only going through this and just wanted to give up!

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Jessica,

        Good luck with the interview at company #1. Remember that interviewing is always a mutually selective process so you may want to ask about length of tenure of other people who worked there in the past! But be gentle about it/

        As for company #2, suggest you follow-up and let them know you can provide references should they have need of them — and let them know of your continued interest in the process.

        Good luck and all the best,

      • Thanks for the advice! I was scheduled for a phone interview today… and they never called. We have been going back and forth for about 3-4 weeks and it keeps getting rescheduled or I never hear from them. It’s a big corporation and I would love to get the position- but this process is really turning me off. Do I just give up? I do not know how much longer I can stand this :/

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Jessica,

        I recommend you contact them today — let them know you did not receive a call yesterday as pre-arranged and ask if they are still interested and would like to reschedule.

        If you are only working with HR, the HR process may be entirely different from the team you would be working with — so hang in there!

        All the Best,

      • I got an offer from company #1.. contingent on checks… so now I’m still waiting as I’ve heard many horror stories of offers being retracted for various reasons. Is this common? I thought I would be excited and celebrating, but I’m still anxious as ever. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

      • Reason for being anxious is that I disclosed a minor conviction after the offer that occurred 8 years ago.. and their checks only go back 7 years. I misread their application and wanted to be honest now. Ahhhhh

      • chandlee says:


        That may be a challenge for you, but you were honest — and honesty is good. If it is a minor conviction it may not matter — and many background checks go beyond 7 years. Keep us posted on what happens. If you don’t get this job, you can always look for others – and there are many career resources available to others who have the same challenges.

        Good luck and all the best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        I’ve been with Company #1 for 2 weeks now! Like you said, HR is entirely different from the team I’m working with- everyone has been amazing, supportive and friendly (compared to my previous job). I have loved every single minute of it so far!

        Just wanted to let everyone out there who might see this during a stressful interview process that everything does happen for a reason! For this job, I had to relocate from east to west coast and it was a great decision for me. I think to myself.. where would I be if I had gotten offers from those previous interviews (now I am SO HAPPY I did not get offers from previous interviews)? I have to be honest that those past 2 months of interviewing and waiting was the hardest ever but if you can help yourself, definitely just trust in the universe that things will fall into place and all you need to do is give it time!

        Thanks Chandlee- you have definitely made this process easier (and I hope to provide others the same support)!

      • Thanks Jessica! I am so happy that you’ve landed and that the job is feeling good. Please keep us posted and let us know how we can be of help to you. Best, Chandlee

  105. Honey E. says:

    I interviewed for my dream job 2 months ago. I heard nothing from the potential employer until last week when they called me to ask if I was still available and interested in the position. They then asked for my references contact information which was checked the next day. All 3 of my references called me to let me know they had been contacted and they had said wonderful things about me.

    I assumed they were ready to hire and thought I would have heard from them within the week. A week after being contacted again, I sent a follow up email to inquire about the status of my application. The response I got was that they had been in touch with all my references and were still reviewing, they would be in touch when a decision was made.

    At first I was excited because I thought that if they called me back 2 months later and checked my references so quickly, they were going to offer me the position, but now I’m not so sure.

    • chandlee says:

      Honey E.,

      The interviewing process is un-fun for job seekers, and can also be frustrating inside companies — especially in the summer when so many people take vacations. Often, there are multiple decision makers who need to be consulted before a final approval gets made — and it’s hard to get everyone to the table for a meeting. This is likely what’s going on. (I once got a job offer three weeks after they had expected to have a decision made.)

      Hang in there, and good luck!

      All the Best,

    • Marissa says:

      This is literally exactly what happened to me! It almost sounds like the same company that I’m waiting to hear back from. I hope we hear good news soon! Good luck!


  106. I had a interview for my dream job at Froedtert Medical Hopsital on Wednesday,the interview went great. I ended up getting a second interview right away by the unit manager who would be over me.At the end of the interview the unit manager commented that she would love to hire me but that it’s not her decision, it’s HR decision. The next day I got a follow-up email regarding a survey for my references. I was responsible for sending out the emails to my references and the HR recuriter would get the feedback once they respond. After that I received another call from one of my references stating that they had called, and about an hour or two later I got a call from the same person who had contacted my reference, and stated she does the background checks and she had a couple of more questions for me. It’s only been about a week but I’m dying to know if I’ve landed this job. Any help someone. Please!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Lucy,

      Recommend you follow up with HR, let them know you are still interested and ask if they need additional information from you.

      Good luck and all the best,

  107. I had a second and final interview on Tuesday afternoon with the Pres and VP of the Board at a small non profit and felt very confident about how it went. There were 3 candidates and we were all interviewed on Tues. On Thursday afternoon the HR Director emailed me and told me that she was going to check the references that I had listed on my application and wanted to make sure that they would be available.

    It is now Friday afternoon and none of my references were contacted. Is this a good or bad sign? Am I overthinking this? Can I assume that I am the front runner?

    • chandlee says:


      HR Directors typically have more on their desk for any given day than just reference checking. I don’t think it’s a bad sign. I wouldn’t assume that you are the front runner — you never know that until you get an offer — but I’d give it another week or so before you hit the “I am out of the race” button.

      Especially since so many people are on vacation this time of year.


      • 2 of my references were checked this afternoon and called me 15 minutes apart, the 3rd was never checked. Both said that things went really well, and the HR director all but told them that an offer was coming. I did not receive an offer today. Maybe tomorrow?

      • chandlee says:


        Offers can take a while to come through — due to the approval process. I hope you will get the offer you wish to receive soon.


  108. I had an interview last week and the interview was OK ,but at the end of the interview the interview panel members only asked about my salary expectations and the notice period for the starting the new job if I become successful.But they didn’t ask about the reference and what does it mean .I mean is it correct to think that they are not interested to recruit me .

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jerin,

      There is no standard list of questions asked at the end of the interview. These questions indicate to me — that they may remain very interested in your candidacy.

      Good luck!

      All the Best,

  109. Phillip says:

    Hi, I went to an interview and health check, police check then they contacted my referee but my referee asked them to call back because he was busy at that time. I did not know what should I do next because they hadn’t called back to my referee. Should I send them an email to tell them calling back my referee for checking?
    Thank you.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Phillip,

      You may want to follow-up and offer to provide them with additional information on references. Simply state what you understand that happened and provide them with contact information for that reference again — as well as contact information for another potential point of contact.

      Good luck and all the best,

  110. Hi! I had my 1st and 2nd interview today and i think it went well. I asked the interviewer if i’m hired already and he said they will check my references and send my application to the branch that i want to work with. What does it mean ? How long will it take? i don’t want to wait and just get frustrated and disappointed.



    • chandlee says:

      Hi Allan,

      The hiring process certainly takes longer than three hours. Be patient, the time between interviews and offers can vary depending on how the company works — and when they need new hires to start. In general, I don’t recommend asking “if you are hired already” but that you asked the question should not knock you out of contention.

      As you wait to hear back, send a thank you note that states that you continue to be interested in the job — and keep up your job search as you wait for a final response. It’s always good to have as many opportunities as possible.

      All the Best,

      • Hi! Thank you for the reply. Now i know what to do the next time i have an interview but i hope there will be no more next time lol

  111. Hi,

    I’ve had two interviews for a job I’m very interested in. The company called my current employer and verified employment, which alerted everyone that I am “looking.” Would they do that if they weren’t ready to make an offer? I haven’t heard anything and am getting a little worried. They haven’t contacted my references and I’m worried some past financial problems will show up on my credit report, even though the job has nothing to do with finances. But it seems they should check all that before exposing me to my current employer. What do you think?



    • chandlee says:


      Unfortunately, there’s no telling what the process is for the prospective employer. I suggest you call them — ask where they are in the process, and if they have all the information they need from you. Let them know that you are aware that they have called your potential employer.

      All the Best,

  112. Hi

    I applied a job within Local Council and had an interview. Two days after the interview they’ve contacted my referee to seek references.

    As far as I am aware, council will only seek reference after interview if the candidate is successful at interview but then again how can they ask for the reference so quick when they had more candidates waiting to be interviewed?

    I had a really good interview and up till now I was very confident that I’ve got this job but now I am confused.


    • chandlee says:


      Hold tight. Usually when references are contacted it is a good sign — but there’s no telling how many people they have decided to check references on.

      Good luck and all the best,

  113. Hi Everyone!

    I’m in a similar situation to many of you waiting to hear the final decision. I’ve recently applied for a therapist position at a large hospital/ health care facility.

    On Thursday I had a phone interview with the hiring manager

    The following Monday, I had an in-person interview with the hiring manager. I was told that they should be making their decision by Friday the same week

    The next day (Tuesday) HR contacted me to provide references – 4 contacts whom they could email questionnaires about my work habits. On Wednesday, 3 of my references completed the questionnaire. My 4th reference submitted hers on Thursday. I am pretty confident that my references would not have provided negative comments about me.

    Friday: Anticipated decision day – I did not hear anything back

    I realize that this is a very short time between submitting my references and expecting a decision to be made, however, the hiring manager had told me to expect a decision by Friday and invited me to contact her if I had any further questions or concerns. Seeing as how I haven’t heard anything regarding their decision, can I assume I did not get the position? Should I follow up and if so, how long should I wait before doing so? Also, should I contact the HR person or the hiring manager to follow up?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    • chandlee says:


      I’d give it three more business days before you follow-up. The hiring process often takes longer than we anticipate — especially in the summer! If you haven’t sent a thank you note to the hiring manager yet, you can do this. If you haven’t sent a note to contact the HR manager, you could follow up with them instead.

      All the Best,

      • Thanks for the great advice Chandlee! You were spot on about HR being behind on their workload. I’m thankful to say I received the job offer today which I plan to happily accept! πŸ™‚

      • chandlee says:

        Excellent! Congratulations, Hayley and good luck in your new job…

  114. Hello everyone,

    I am curious and would like to know what other people think about my situation.

    I got a interview for a position which they originally did not proceed forward with my application which was three months ago. At the time I though odd but I figured maybe things didn’t work out and they were re-listing the position. When I got there they told me that the position I had applied for was filled internally but that was not the reason they wanted to talk with me. They admitted they found my resume and that application and they said they saw the most unique skill set that made me a promising candidate for a position they are reinventing. As they were talking to me about what they had in mind for that position I got all kinds of ideas and examples of the things I have done and I could see why they were interested in me. When I asked how soon I could hear from them about the position they told me two weeks.
    that they were still interviewing and they would like to check my references and wanted me to provide those. I understand that they may want time to go over what we had talked about and see if I would be a good fit. I am curious about what my chances are of getting an offer but my real question is:

    What does it mean to be interviewed for a position that doesn’t quite exist yet?

  115. Hi All!

    I had interviewed for a position 6 months ago. At the time, I had a full time position. I lost my job in January. I had proceeded to follow up with the Company. At that time, they had said they were still interested but, they were holding off on the position for the time being. They asked that I follow up with them in a month. Basically, my conversations with the Company had gone on for the next 2 months (March) where they had said to follow up, etc. I finally gave up. They contacted me in June to say the position had changed and they were still interested, etc. but, would like me to come on as a Temp for 3 mos. to see if it would work out. They had asked for a reference which I had given to them. I know they contacted my reference on the same day. That was one month ago. I’m still waiting to hear. Should I give up?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Nina,

      Contact them directly by phone and follow up. Do not leave a message, you need to speak to someone directly. They may say they’ve filled the position but at least you will know. No sense in having you sit around any longer and wait. Good luck!

      All the Best,

  116. Alyssa K. says:

    I interviewed with a company that I would LOVE to be apart of! I got a called last week Thursday that they were going to call my references, and would be sending me links to complete the criminal background check and a survey about my personality. I completed both the criminal background check (which I know would come back clear because I work with kids), and the survey on the same day, however as at today, they have not called my references.

    The hiring manager said that she would make a decision this week and on the last visit, she said to me that she likes me a lot and that she hopes I like the company. Well, I am a little concerned that they have not called my references, I don’t know if they got the background check back as yet, but I went on the website and saw that the same position is posted again on the website. Needless to say I was upset. I know that she is hiring three people in the position that I applied for, she already offered one of the positions, and she is looking to have the other 2 people start within the next week or two.

    Should I still be hopeful, or should I let it go and keep applying for other positions? It is a bad sign that they posted the position again?

    • chandlee says:


      You should continue to apply for other jobs in the interim, but do not interpret these other indicators as a sure sign that you have been knocked out of contention. There are many reasons why the process can be delayed — and these can result in an extended process for hiring managers and HR processes as they consider candidates. This may very well have nothing to do with you — often the right hand knows not what the left hand is doing.

      Good luck and all the very best,

      • Alyssa K. says:

        Thank you for the reply. They actually called my boss today for a reference (even though I was told that they would not be calling my current boss). I asked my boss how it went and my boss said she spoke well of me. However, when the interviewer asked what my weaknesses were, my boss said she declined to answer! I was floored! I just had my performance review and she said she had nothing negative to say about me. I am the top in my department. Not sure how the interviewer would see her response. I think my boss declined because she was taught that you can not say anything negative about an employee to a reference, but her response does leave room for imagination.

      • chandlee says:


        Take a deep breath. It all sounds positive. Good luck!

        All the Best,

  117. Hi,

    I was interviewed for a position i really like, i did two interviews and one week later they checked my references, this was the recruitment consultant who indicated that he needed to do a report to the company board. The second interview was with the company and the consultant.
    it has been 9 days since all my references responded. I would like to know what this means, is it possible that references can be checked for several candidates and a report done to the board for these candidates or does it mean it is only one person being forwarded to the board?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi James,

      Companies hire in many different ways — and have multiple approaches. For your situation, I have no way to tell how they approach reference checking — and for how many candidates they check references.

      Hang in there, and keep your search open in the interim. It’s always nice to have as many potential options as possible.

      All the Best,

  118. Hi All,

    Personal experience, as I mentioned above was interviewed and references was checked also and no response. Normal delaying tactics, I chased it up and in the end i did not get the job.

    So references after interview does not guarantee the Job.



    • chandlee says:


      Sorry to hear you did not get this particular job but your willingness to follow up in general is a sign of what would make you attractive to an employer…

      Keep up your search and let us know how we can help.


  119. Hi there. Amazing this website. It helps me to get through this – as always tormenting – period.

    I flew from Switzerland and was asked to fly over to the UK for an interview with a well known company. The job would be a huge step forward for me and I have had trouble sleeping ever since. I was asked to do an assessment at first. A numerical one and another one, like an IQ Test with shapes and stuff like that. The one with the shapes went ok but I did not manage to finnish. The numerical one went pear-shaped. I couldnt figure out here and there what they actually meant as it was displayed in a format I am not used to. I did not complete more than 60% and some of the answers are surely not correct.

    However, I did not let that affect the rest of this interview (3.5 hours). I had a feedback session on two of the psychological online tests I did previously and that went well. Small interview with a HR Manager, good answers I believe and the personality profile is a match for this Management position.

    Afterwards a panel interview with what I believe is the hiring Manager, the Managing director for UK and another HR Manager. I prepared well, invested almost 8 hours on researching the company, thinking of the best answers possible. I hope I blew them away but then again, some questions were not asked (some that I would have loved) but I think they figured quickly that I knew what I was talking about. Especially the hiring Manager seemed quite happy.

    I did not feel too positive after the interview and I thought that I may have spent a lot of money (planes, hotel, food) for nothing. However, 2 days later a call, asking for 2 references. They were both contacted and asked questions for around 20-25 minutes. Both of them gave very good feedback (one of them I know gave outstanding feedback, the other one I think too).

    Now I am waiting for them to contact me either tomorrow or on Tuesday. Not getting it would be a huge disappointment and I think even though I am looking for some positive feedback from you on this website, al I can do is sit and wait, just sit and wait…..but anyhow, I appreciate your work on this site, I’d appreciate an answer and no matter what, we always get up and keep going πŸ™‚

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Andy,

      Wow, that all sounds exhausting. Pat yourself on the back for fully investing your time — and putting all that you have in you towards preparing for the interview. That’s terrific.

      Let us know the outcome, apply for other opportunities in the interim so you can have as many options as possible — and let us know how things turn out.

      All the Best,

  120. Hi Chandlee

    How are you today? Thought I give you an update on my amazing race πŸ™‚ Obviously, I did not sleep well (again) but I can live with that. I was hoping to get a call today. And I did. The number wasn’t the one from the HR Consultant so I was quite positive as normally the hiring Manager would call to make the offer. It was in the end the European HR Manager, lovely lady she is. She wondered what my current salary is and how much I would expect. Well, a bit surprised cause I indicated my current salary already when applying on their website online and I have once more communicated during the interview / assessment. She then asked how much I’d actually expect and I said the current level with a small increase would be just fine πŸ™‚ Of course, the current level is a bit more than I actually earn however, this is how I play the game and so far it worked out just fine (I am on USD 138k right now). I believed that for that job, quite a lot more in responsibility, such a salary would be more than ok, also looking at the Company and how much money they make. Not sure if I was wrong though.

    She said they actually looked at around USD 85’000 plus USD 8’000 car allowance (well, I didnt drive a car in 14 years, I am a public transport person). She asked me how I feel about that. My answer said that all the feeling is kinda gone (just kidding) – I told her that this for me is a no go as I do have responsibilities as well (4 kids from my first marriage, the ex wife costs some money too) etc. She asked me then how far I would go (down). I answered and made a USD 10k decrease (which means that I am pretty much at the same level as now, tiny bit more). They offer me that, and we’re in. Seeing though that the gap is huge I wonder (and here I’d appreciate your feedback) if they are just messing around, trying to squeeze a bit or if there is no hope. She promised me to get back to me shortly and obviously that they will look at it.

    It was not an offer as such and apparantely they are going through the candidates. Trust me, I am worth the money and I could give them 20 reasons why I’d be worth even double. Will they go for 2nd best (which is not me) who is willing to work for such a salary? Will they close the gap cause they feel I can make a significant contribution and difference? Is it just a game on their end to bring it down a nodge? You know, I am sure they had the information as mentioned before. Somehow feel very relaxed now cause if at the end I dont end up there because of a low salary, that is fine by me, better than losing out to another candidate πŸ™‚ Same salary I’d be happy to go as I can see that this will further my career (living for the 2nd time abroad, international exposure and so on). I wonder though what this would mean to the relocation package – if they are really tight they may just expect me to hop on the next plane and sort the move out myself.

    Sorry, I talk too much. Take care and hopefully talk soon.

  121. Kgaugelo says:

    I was working for this company where I worked for commission as u know some days might be bad and u don’t get customers.to top it all I spend two months without getting paid because of my managers delays.so it meant that I did not go to work on some days. Finally he fired me because I did not Always go to work.I put my manager as a references do you think that he will have an effect as a work reference cause I went to this interview that I passed but they are still waiting to call references

    • chandlee says:


      I would not recommend putting anyone down as a reference if you do not know that they will vouch for you. If you did not show up at work on time when expected, that is likely not to impress potential employers. If you have other colleagues or past co-workers who feel that they can confidently recommend you, I would encourage you to do that.

      I’d also recommend that you pay attention to your spelling and grammar when you write. Using abbreviations like “u” for “you” is considered improper in many workplaces.

      Good luck with your search.


  122. what does it mean if a job say they will cll me with in the earlist of next week if you have already did a phone interview but they havent call yet should i call them

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Keyshia,

      You can call them or send them an e-mail and let them know you remain interested in the job. In the meantime, I recommend you keep applying for new opportunities as well — it’s always good to have as many opportunities as possible.

      All the Best,

  123. I had an interview about one and a half weeks ago. At the interview they told me they wanted to check my references which I provided them and they would give me a call within two weeks. So far none of my references have received calls from them. I am starting to wonder if they will even check them. If they say they will but they don’t does that mean I’m not a potential candidate anymore?

    • chandlee says:


      Call, state your continued interest in the job, and let them know you are happy to help if they have further questions.

      Good luck and all the best,

  124. I had posted back on 7/16 about an interview that I had back in December 2011 then, the company had contacted me again in June. Well, I had emailed them asking basically had they made a decision, etc. Now, they have decided to make the position a part time temporary position with the possibility of it going full time down the road. Should I give up? At this point, I feel like I’ve gotten the complete run around.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Nina,

      So sorry, has the company offered you the part-time temporary position — if not, perhaps best to cut your losses and move on? If nothing else, I recommend you keep applying to other organizations as you wait to hear back. Life’s too short.

      All the Best,

  125. Good Morning~
    I applied to a job for a University, and got a call 2 days later asking if I was interested in the position, and would I like to come in for an interview. During that phone call she was very adamant that I send her my references prior to the interview. I did so. ( I really need/want this job) Anyway, I went to the interview Monday morning, and the interview went great. She said she was interviewing other cadidates, and would call me back if I was chosen. How long should I wait to contact her? She’s spoken to my references, and received positive feedback. I get REALLY nervous during this waiting process.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Send a thank you note — now if not already. And give it at least two weeks to wait for a second follow-up. That’s really all you can do. In the interim, I recommend you continue to apply for other jobs if you can.


      • Thank you for responding. I sent a thank you email following my interview (no response).
        I’ll keep applying for other jobs in the meantime. I hate the ‘waiting game’. Wish me luck and thanks again!

      • Hi Lisa,

        Next time I recommend a live phone call instead of an email. It’s harder to blow off a human voice than it is a message in the in-box.

        Hang in there, good luck and keep us posted.

        All the Best,

      • Chandlee~

        I GOT THE JOB!! I just got offered the position! Thanks so much for your advice. This site is great! You guys keep up the good work!


  126. I have a potential employer wanting to start me in september however she says she still needs to check my references and that the reference she is most wanting is that of a previous manager which left 3 months ago. I’ve already asked around to all my coworkers but no one remembers where that manager moved to so I have been unable to provide her with that reference. If she is still expecting me to start in september I need to give my two weeks notice by the end of this week. I do not want to give my two weeks notice without knowing for sure I’ve got this job. I called my potential employer 6 days ago to let her know I was unable to get the contact information for the previous manager. To be honest I only worked with that manager for four months so I also provided her with the contact information of the other managers I’ve worked with over the last two years however I haven’t heard from her. I gave her another call today asking how soon she still wants to start me. Is it possible she may be rethinking hiring me because I can’t give her the reference she’s wanting? What else should I do?

    • Hi Ann,

      See if you can have a past manager reach out to her directly and offer to provide her with information regarding a reference.

      All the Best,

  127. I went for an interview on July 13th and emailed them on July 25th to follow up on the status. They said they are still interviewing applicants for the rest of the week and will then make a decision about who they would like to follow up with references. On Aug 13th I got an email asking if it was okay if they checked references, of course I said yes! My current employer said she got an email/phone call and has been trying to contact her all week. It is going on 2 weeks without my current manager getting in contact with her. So i called her and her voicemail said she will be away until Sept 5th. I’m getting a lot of pressure from my current employer as to whether or not im going to be leaving. I havent received a job offer as i’m still waiting for the HR rep to return. Do my chances sound good of getting the job?

  128. I have been interviewed on the 6th of august and have been foolwing up a week after another, so the agency i am under said the feedback is very positive ..i went two times for the interview,last week i got a call from the agency sayingthat i got an offer and this morning the agency called me asking my ID copy…this is so confusing, looks like we going back were we started.Does this mean they will still be intrested in me?

  129. I went for an interview for a Government post in August the 24th my references were checked i.e my immediate Boss but up to now I havent received any form of communication from that Department. I ha mailed a thank you note but up to now nothing, this is frustrating cause you don’t know if you were unsuccessful.

    Thank you

    • Hermina,

      I recommend you call — not email — and ask for an update. It is possible the job has been filled, it has been possible the job is still open. A phone call will likely help you get the clarity you need.

      Good luck, and remember if the job is not offered to you — the decision made likely has little to do with you or your qualifications…There are so many different factors which often go into hiring decisions.


  130. I can confirm what had been mentioned in one of the previous postings. If your references are getting called, that does not mean you will get the job! I did apply for a job about 5 weeks ago, attended the interview with the hiring manager ( I did really well !) , my references got call from the hiring manager (two of my references gave me glowing references) and still I ended up not getting the job. I got an email today from the hiring manager who said that I was one of four very qualified candidates and she had to go with another candidate whose experience was more suitable for the job. I don’t get it though why she would call my references if I was only “one of four very qualified candidates”.Really really disappointing…as I thought I would get the job, at least I was their top candidate. To rub salt in the wound, I have been asked to give my approval for them to keep my resume on file should another opportunity arise. You comments would be much appreciated…

    • Gene,

      Try not to take this personally — often the person hired does have more experience or some extraordinary experience related directly to the job — than the runner-up.

      True story: Early in my career I got turned down for a job I really wanted. They asked me to stay in touch. I did. And a year later I got hired. I loved the job — and working with the team for the three years I worked with them.

      Don’t give up on the company now. Just take a deep breath, keep looking and do stay in touch…

      Good luck,

  131. RAJNI BALA says:

    I interviwed on dec10, they did references check after 20 and yet i did get any response from hospital ,
    they told me they will be in touch after the references , its 28 dec now, how long i have to wait,

  132. I applied for a job as an IT support specialist about three days ago. I was 15 minutes early for the interview (which was a panel interview), and I feel that I did very well. Throughout the interview the interviewers gave me very positive feedback, and all three of my references were called in less than 24 hours of my interview, each of which gave positive feedback. Is this a filtering process? Or may they be about to give an offer? During the interview, they mentioned a possible second interview, that’s why I’m curious.

    • Andy,

      It’s typically a good sign when references are called this early in the process. This likely means if the second interview goes equally well…it’s quite likely you will receive an offer afterwards.

      Good luck with your search and keep us posted,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        The HR manager called me the following Monday and left me a message that she needed to speak with me. I was at work, but I finally had a chance to return her call during my lunch break. I assumed it was for setting up the second interview, but instead they offered me the job! There was a bit of salary negotiations to deal with, but I start next Monday.

        Thanks so much for your help! It definitely helped calm some of my nerves in that awkward waiting stage.

      • Thanks Andy, delighted to hear your good news. Congratulations and good luck!

        All the Best,

  133. Hi Chandlee,

    This post and the responses have helped put things in perspective. Based on prior experiences, when my references were called (and even when they weren’t), I was offered the job. To now, the success rate as far as call references equating to an offer were 100%. Then again, there are not a lot of examples, so I wanted to see how it panned out for others. Right now, I am in the midst of that scary waiting game. It’s vexing when it *feels* right, but you don’t know. I nailed the interview and my education and experience match/surpass the criteria and word from my references is that they were called and gave glowing recommendations. Last one was contacted on Wednesday, so right now I am in that state of limbo where anxiety builds until I either receive an offer or a “thank you for applying, but…” (Hopefully, the response will be the former over the latter.)

    • Ben,

      Thanks for your kind words. The wait is terrible and anxiety provoking for most people; I hope you get the answer you seek and thank you for sharing your experiences with the group.

      All the Best,

  134. Hi Chandlee,

    I’m in a government job competition where the hiring process seems to be a sort of scored competition. From some inside information I have, I discovered that 4 candidates were interviewed. I did the interview, and wasn’t sure if I did that well but they contacted me only a few hours later via email and said that I “was successful in the interview and would move on to the third stage of the assessment, which involves reference checking”. Based on the structure and format up until this point, should I assume that I still have other competition who will be “scored” along with me? How would they “score” a reference?

    • Marie,

      As we’re not in the hiring organization and are not in the government sector we are not at liberty to know.

      All you can do is stay the course. The silver lining — is that reference checking is rarely a bad place to be in a search.


  135. To make a long story short. I’ve been through a phone interview, first interview and second round interview. The interviews went well. I was introduced to the CEO. My references have been called. Everyone gave great reviews! I was told during my second interview that a decision would be made on Friday. I didn’t hear anything Friday so I waited and called today. I was told a decision would be made by the end of the day today. Later, I get a call but it is not from HR but from the CEO. He asked me a few general questions and said he would get back with HR as the lady I interviewed with wants to make a decision this week. Now, what is the hold up and why am I getting the run around? They wouldn’t be calling ALL five of my references if they were not interested, right? It is between myself and one other person. I feel very confident. I’m not overconfident because it could very well go either way, however, I do feel as if I have the job already because I’m not nervous or anxious. But this anticipation is bringing my confidence level down! What do you think?

    • Maybe HR wanted you to speak with the CEO and have him get to know you better because you really might be the one they want to hire! OR they are so torn between you and the other candidate that they had to bring the CEO in to filter you both. If you feel that confident, all I can tell you is to stay confident and GOOD LUCK! Keep us all posted!

  136. Thanks Mo! I actually got an offer from the job yesterday! She emailed me and I signed the paperwork and have already sent it back! I just had a good feeling about it.

  137. I got invited for an open day.I went to the interview and the hr guy told me I got the job and they need to get 3 references from me.later I got a call telling me to go for another interview with the director of the position I had applied for.the interview went well.Now my references have been called.what are my chances of getting this job?

    • David,

      Typically when employers have called your references, it means they are seriously considering your candidacy. Often employers check references for three or four of the final candidates. That said, don’t give up any current employment — or withdraw other applications until you have been extended a written job offer.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  138. I went for an interview 3days ago and the interview went extremely well. It was a panel interview and all three interviewers seemed happy with the responses i gave. As i was leaving for home, i got a call from the HR lady asking me to come back for a second interview with the head of the department and after that brief meeting, HR called again, inquiring about my references, however, all my seniors had all resigned from the company i had worked for, will that hinder my chances of getting the job? To help remedy the situation i did give them the HR number of my previous employer, hope that helped a bit

    • Can you look up the individuals who have left the company through LinkedIn or online research? If you find them, I recommend that you get in touch — and ask if they can help you out here. Even better, see if it may be possible for you to get current contact information — and ask permission to list them as a reference in the future as well.

      Good luck and all the best,

  139. Krista S. says:

    I stumbled upon this site because I was searching for the words “reference checks during interviews.” πŸ™‚ My dilemma is that a company interviewed me a few days ago, and just recently, I learned that they were checking my references. However, another company I applied for is inviting me to their office within the week for a possible job offer . While this is a good thing, my heart lies with the first one. I was wondering if it’s okay to follow up with them (the first company) regarding the status of my application? Is it also good to let them know that they’re my priority, but I have to know if I passed the application because another company is waiting for my reply before the week ends? Hoping you could enlighten me on this. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Krista,

      Sorry we missed your deadline! Hope that you have had good news from one or the other of these employers, preferably both.

      It’s unlikely that your preferred employer will be able to move quickly enough to make you an offer in time, since you just started the process with them, although checking your references is a good sign. Particularly if it is a large organization, time is needed to go through the administrative process and negotiations to issue an offer letter, and they probably won’t circumvent their whole process to hire you in time.

      If you received an offer from the not-preferred employer, I hope you requested some time to think about it. Once you have an offer, you can certainly reach out to the preferred employer to ask about the status of your application.

      Hope this turns out the way you want it to!

      Good luck!

      • Krista S. says:

        Thanks for your response!

        I decided to turn down the job offer after thinking it over.

        I e-mailed the company that I prefer regarding updates on my application, even asking them if they needed additional requirements from me.

        Their reply was this: They just finished gathering my references, and I was a strong contender for the position. They asked me to wait a little while longer. Then they said perhaps I could gather the usual requirements needed for job employment such as clearances from my previous company, transcript of records (TOR), etc.

        I took this as a good sign. When I asked them about additional requirements, I was actually pertaining to more sample works which they asked me to submit before. I was thinking, perhaps they needed more to aid in their decision process.

        But usually in our country, when a company asks the job seeker to ready documents such as TOR and clearances, a job offer is waiting. However, 2 weeks have passed and I still have not heard from them!

        I was thinking that, even if they suddenly decided they didn’t want me, they would’ve at least informed me, right? After all, they asked me to wait for their response.

        So I really don’t know where to go from here. πŸ™

      • Hi Krista,

        It’s probably time to reach out to them again and ask them if they have any more questions or need any more documentation. Then, ask what the next steps and the timeline are.

        Since I’m not familiar with the requirements in your country, I could be over-estimating the complications, but it is possible that they are just methodically working step-by-step through their hiring process. Or, not. Hard to say.

        But, I don’t think you have anything to lose by contacting them after 2 weeks of waiting.

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

        Good luck with your job search!

      • Updates:

        – I did send a follow up e-mail and apparently, they had a reorganization and there’s a new head under the department I was applying for. They told me that the new head needs to review once again the candidates. That was last April. Unfortunately, I never heard from them again.

        – However, just today, I noticed that they re-posted the same job ad, 3 months after the reorganization, and 3 months after I last spoke with them.

        – Would it be okay to send them an email again, and ask them to reconsider my application? It’s not too late, right??? Or would it just seem a bit off; after all, wouldn’t they reach out to me if they really wanted me for the job ? Before the reorganization, they did say I was a strong contender for the position.

        Hope you could help.



      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi Krista,

        Get back in touch with them. They may assume that you are no longer available.

        Good luck with your job search!

      • Guess what? I got in!!! Thanks so much for patiently replying to all my queries. It was such a big help. πŸ™‚

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        That’s great news! Thank you for letting us know – VERY happy to be helpful!

        Wow – from April to October. That’s SIX months, but you got the job! Hope that all goes well, and you stay happily employed there for many years.


  140. I applied for a position @ a hospital on March 3rd 2013. I got a MISSED call from the HR on March 13th with a voicemail from her stating for me to call back at my earliest convience. I called multiple times and started getting really upset (sad) that she wasn’t answering my calls. I finally called her back on Friday the 14th and got to speak with her. She and I spoke on the phone for about ten minutes. She asked me if I could come in to fill out the PAPER application (the first one I completed was on the hospital’s website). I told her yes. She also told me to make sure to bring a copy of my Resume and references. I did. I was asked to take the “assessment” on the computer which took about 30 min., then I was given the paper appication to fill out. I was asked after about 1.5hrs. later to come in on Tuesday the 18th for an interview. I arrived early for the interview. On Friday the 22nd one of my references let me know she called her and she (the reference) said she “Aced it”. I listed three references total. I have not heard anything from either of the other two references I listed NOR HR. OH – I did send an Thank you email on Wednesday or Thursday the 20th or 21st of March 2013. I REALLY want the position for the hospital but I am not sure why they have not contacted my other references yet or why they have not called me yet. What do you think? UGH *sigh*

    • Hi Tanesha,

      Don’t give up yet! It sounds like you did everything right. Employers take time to go through the while hiring process, so be patient with them. Read “After the Interview, What Is Taking SO Long?” for an idea about what is happening.

      Good luck with your job search!

    • Tanesha,

      Sometimes employers can take a long time to make up their mind, sometimes the organizations can take a long time to make up their mind. Either way, I recommend that you don’t give up on this particular job but that you also keep looking.

      Good luck and all the Best,

  141. I am being flown across country, put up at the Hilton, given a rental car for 2 days for a clinical healthcare job in a field where it is absolutely unheard of for this to happen. Also $5k relocation and $7.5k sign on bonus. Are my chances for real, I believe things that are too good to be true usually are?

    • To me, that does sound too good to be true. I really do not know what to say other then that, but it really does sound too good to be true. If it IS true, congratulations. Be safe and be careful. That is my best advice. Hopefully you will get more sound advice.

    • Hi KJ,

      I agree. Sometimes things that seem too good to be true are not real. So, on the better-to-be-safe-than-sorry theory, I would do some checking before I headed out on this trip.

      But, if this is a scam, it’s a new one to me, and, although I do try, I do not know everything!

      First, let’s check out the employer:
      * Have you Googled the employer and know them to be a legitimate organization with a good reputation?
      * To make sure the employer is real and not fake, look for the employer’s name and address in the Superpages.com listings for the city where they claim to be located.

      Then, let’s be sure the trip is real:
      * Do you have the round-trip plane tickets?
      * Do you have a confirmed reservation with both the Hilton and the rental car company? If you don’t, that’s a bad sign. Call them to find out, if you don’t have any email receipts.

      If there are no problems with their reputation and you can find them in the Superpages listing, call the public number listed, and ask to speak to the person who has been your contact there. If the person answers, tell them your name and that you are calling to confirm that you will be there on [whatever date]. If the person is not an employee, then ask to speak with HR to see if they are aware of your trip.

      If the employer isn’t in Superpages.com, that would be a red flag to me. If the employer is real, I would make sure that the person who has been your contact is an employee or the employer is expecting your visit. If everything checks out, fine. If something doesn’t check out, I think you might want to consider not going.

      I think your concerns are legitimate and agree with Tanesha. But, this sounds great, and we hope it is real!

      Let us know how this turns out.

      Good luck!

    • UPDATE from KJ –

      Received an email from KJ. He has confirmed that the opportunity is real.

      Excellent for him, and inspiring for the rest of us!


  142. Hi There,

    I was looking for some advice. I was called in for an interview at an agency a few weeks ago. I interviewed with one of the senior members and the interview went really well- it lasted almost an hour. A week later, they called me in again to interview with the head of the company. It also went well but I mainly repeated all the questions from the first interview.

    Anyway, they said they were looking to fill the position as soon as possible, so hopefully I’ll hear their decision by the end of the week. They emailed me later that day and asked for two references and my salary expectation. I was very fair in my salary requirement and even offered to take less money than their previous employee since they were now offering benefits, which they didn’t previously.

    Then, a week goes by. I follow up and they say they are “still doing some legwork but I should hear back next week”. Another week goes by and I hear nothing. Today, they finally touch base saying that they are still waiting to hear from references. I replied and they ensured me that I checked out fine, so it was not my references that were not replying… Does this mean that I’m a second choice and most likely won’t get the position unless something happens with this other possible candidate? I’ve still been applying and interviewing elsewhere, I just wish they would tell me or let me off the hook. I do really want the job and they know my eagerness for it, I just feel like im being lead on as a possible back up plan for them. Any advice on this scenario would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Jeff,

      It is possible that you are candidate # 2 and they are waiting to see how things work out with # 1.

      Or, you could be candidate # 1, but something or someone is slowing down the process – vacation, illness, or some crisis. Hard to tell, and you may never know.

      Stay in touch, but keep your options open by continuing to look for a job elsewhere.

      Good luck with your job search!

  143. I am in precisely this situation. They asked for references, and for me to authorize background and credit check. They received my paperwork a week ago. The anticipation is KILLING me. I want resolution either way. I don’t do “uncertainty” very well.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Jon,

      Stay in touch with your references to learn what happened and when. And keep job hunting until you have accepted an offer – the distraction will help you beat the uncertainty and you may end up with a better job somewhere else.

      Hope this works out for you!

  144. What does it mean if you have a phone interview and the same day you are asked to complete a background check and send it back? Is that a good sign?

  145. Tanya S. says:


    I interviewed for a position and was asked to come in for a second interview. I received a called stating they want to offer the position to me but need to check my references. After checking my references, they called me and officially offered the position. I received an email from HR confirming my acceptance of the offer. I would like to know why is the position still posted on their website after offering me the position. Thanks in advance.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Perhaps they have more than one position like the one you accepted open? It would probably be a good idea to call and find out what is going on. Don’t be angry. Just be interested.


      • Thank you. I will call tomorrow. The position I applied to requistion number is different from the position that’s posted on the website.

      • Update: I called and spoke to HR. I mentioned I have a start date but not a start time. She transferred me to my future manager (who my first interview was with) and he stated for me to come in at 8:30 and I can change the start time later if I want. I didn’t mention anything about the similar job post on the site. Thanks for replying.

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Excellent! Hope you have a long and happy career with this company!


      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Then, most likely a different opening. Good that you noticed the requisition number change!

        Good luck!

  146. Hi, I went in for a 2nd round interview 2 weeks ago for a job that I’m super excited about. I was placed there via a recruiter. Last Friday – a week after the interview – I heard from my recruiter. Turns out I’m a “close 2nd option”.. the company is uncertain whether their first offer will be accepted and have asked that the recruiter “keep me warm” as the job would “be mine” if the first offer doesn’t go through.

    How should I take this? Obviously I’m a bit turned off but I don’t want to let my pride get in my way. I was very excited about the potential of being part of their organization. But frankly, I’m a bit put off. I’ve slept on it a few nights now and what I’ve concluded is that I could perhaps use this for some leverage? I communicated a “minimum” salary requirement to my recruiter along with what I’d consider to be an “ideal” offer. Now that I know I’m their “2nd choice”, could I insist on that “ideal” offer in order to accept?

    • That’s an interesting but unfortunate situation that companies practice. I’ve worked in search and I most like to disagree with the recruiter for even mentioning that to you – being the second option. Although at least she was honest but telling a candidate that will do what it did to you – feel put off and a little insulted. Depending on how badly you want this job, I would consider if you want to work for a company that keeps employees on hold in case something they deemed as better comes around.

  147. i have a question I had an amazing interview with a company 8/1 and got asked for references the following day . i followed up 8/5 with a thank you email for the interview and got a reply from the hiring manger saying she hasn’t been able to verify due to being swamped, its a week later and my references still haven’t been called i have been offered another position for a different company . I’ve been trying to hold out for a offer from them should i give her a call to touch base ?

  148. California Guy says:


    I just have a question. I had an interview with a companies HR manager and the interview went exceptionally well. She told me that I aced the interview and would be a good fit for the current position if I chose to pick their company. I was introduced to the members of the company and was shown a tour of the facility and greeted everyone. She asked me for my credentials, photo ID, SS card and birth certificate to do a background check. Is it ok to believe that I may get hired? Thank you for your responses in advance.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:


      You’ve heard that old saying about “it’s not over until the fat lady sings” (talking about opera, I think).

      Anyway, this sounds promising, but don’t assume that you will be hired. Several more steps are usually necessary, and you don’t have a real job offer until you are holding a written offer in your hand for the right job title, the right salary, and the right starting date.

      Hope it turns out well for you.

      Good luck with your job search!

  149. I interviewed for a position about 2 weeks ago and just last week was given an offer contingent upon a background check. I called the company doing the background check and was told it was complete & that I passed it. I’m a bit concerned now because I haven’t heard back from the employer just yet. Granted it’s only been a couple days since the results were finalized by the company. Maybe I’m overreaching or does this sound like a cause for concern? What do you guys think?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Suzyq,

      This does not sound like a cause for concernt. Be patient with the process. Simply because the background check was completed doesn’t mean that the employer is aware or ready to immediately issue a job offer. It sounds like the offer is coming, so give them time to “dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s” before they issue you an official job offer.

      BTW, do NOT stop job hunting waiting for this offer to come through. They could decide to reorganize because someone left or business could have tanked and they can’t afford to fill the job, etc. MANY things can derail a job offer, having NOTHING to do with you at all.

      So, be patient, but keep looking (advice I give to everyone)!

      Good luck with your job search!

  150. Hi, what about my current job? I started working for a temp job may or may not end up as direct hire. I think my boss just called my previous boss today. Is that a good or bad thing? Is it cus i did something wrong and he want to make sure i have enough skill to do whats ahead of me? Or might it be hes thinking about direct hiring? Thanks

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi ttt,

      It’s usually a good sign when your current boss contacts a former boss, checking your reference, essentially.

      Hope that has turned out well for you!

  151. Hello,

    I interviewed for a job this past Tuesday. A day after, I received an email asking that I provide a list of three references, one being a former supervisor. The person said that they were going to be contacting them within the next couple of days. What does that mean? Is that a good sign?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Donna,

      Yes, this is a good sign. Not a guarantee of a job offer, but a good sign.

      Contact your references to let them know they might be contacted by this employer, remind them of some of your accomplishments or some points you’d like to have them make, and then ask them to let you know when they’ve been contacted.

      Good luck with your job search!

  152. I had applied for a position and was asked to come in for an interview. I walked into the door and the person said to me without interviewing me that “I was not what he was looking for” and it was over that fast. I had to driven 75+ miles to this business for an interview and was so disappointed that I was not able to go through the interview process. Very unprofessional and demeaning. Is this a common practice among businesses to treat people in this manner? Do I have any recourse? Could this be a type of discrimination?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Steve,

      It’s hard to tell what happened.

      I am NOT a lawyer, but I doubt you have ground for a lawsuit. My experience has been that if someone doesn’t want to hire you – if they turn you away for the color of your skin, your age, your hairstyle, or whatever – you are better off NOT working there. They don’t deserve you, and you wouldn’t be able to succeed in such an unfriendly environment.

      Write this experience off, and be glad you escaped a job there. You’ll have better luck soon.

      Good luck with your job search!

  153. In September, I did a phone interview for a state job in my home town (I currently live ~300 miles away now, but planning to move back home). I thought the interview was so-so and thought I didn’t get the job. About a month later, I received a call from the hiring manager asking if I was still interested in the job. I said I was, and was asked to provide 3 or more references. I gave them 4, and my references notified me that they spoke with the hiring manager and it went very well. Its been about 3 weeks since this occurred, and I have not heard anything from the hiring manager. I don’t know what to make of this, since their time frame is obviously moving slowly than what I anticipated. I don’t want to pester the hiring manager, but how long does this process generally take? Its been a month and a half since my phone interview and 3 weeks since they received and spoke to my references and still no word. Is this a good/bad sign? Do I possibly have the job or not? Thanks in advance!

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi LB,

      You probably have a good chance of getting this job, but it’s hard to tell.

      It looks like the process takes quite a while in this organization, so it’s hard to tell when you will hear from them. The fact that they contacted all of your references should be a good sign – not a guarantee of a job offer, but certainly a sign of a fair amount of interest.

      Contacting them 3 weeks after they spoke with your references does not seem like “pestering” to me. Rather, it seems very reasonable.

      So, get back in touch and ask them what the next steps are and the expected timeframe those steps.

      Good luck with your job search!

      • I didn’t get the job. This is very disheartening because I had to wait a few months to get this news. The hiring manager said all my references were stellar, yet still no position resulted from it. I’ve just given up hope that I, or anyone for that matter can find a great job in this economy. I find it extremely frustration having gone through years of schooling and obtaining advance degrees in the hard core sciences and working menial jobs not related to anything I studied in college. I just can get ahead or get my foot in the door.

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi LB,

        I can certainly understand why you are discouraged, but don’t give up hope!

        I know you’ve heard it a million times – because it is true – networking is how most people land their new jobs. Chances are good that you lost that job opportunity to someone who was referred by another employee. They may not have been as qualified, but someone ON THE INSIDE could vouch for them, and that made them a less-risky hire that you were. Not fair, perhaps, but human nature.

        Go back to your school and get help from the career center. Get the names of other alums who work at your target employers, in your target field, and see if you can get information interviews. UCLA has an excellent section on how to do informational interviews:

        Someone with advanced degrees in the hard sciences should also be able to find several professional organizations where they can make good network connections that will lead to appropriate employment.

        Try to chalk this up to experience and move on. Yes, a job search is tough, but you are a smart person and you will get a new job soon!

        Good luck with your job search!

  154. A relation of mine has had her CRB check – the company
    say she will get her letter with her start date as soon as
    they have received the reference from her previous
    employer – meanwhile previous employer received
    request for reference over 2 weeks ago and are
    dragging their feet – they are very busy .
    Is there something she can do

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Pauline,

      This is a delicate situation, and it’s very insensitive of the previous employer to be so slow in responding. If your relation still has a friend at the old employer, she could ask that friend to see if she could get things rolling. Or she could tactifully ask the people at the previous employer if they would take just a few minutes to help her out.

      Meanwhile, I hope your relative is continuing her job search, just in case that offer letter doesn’t happen.

      Hope this turns out well for your relation!

  155. I had an interview two weeks ago for a job i have one year experience, I felt the interview went well. but till now they haven’t choosed anyone,,, this week they call me for another job i have four year experince,, after I talked about my experice, the first person asked me what do i know about the job !! he asked me if I already graduated!! he asked me where I can find my self more experience in the job we are doing interview or the other job, I felt he was trying to make me choose one and he may cancel my name in the first interview if I choosed the second , and in the end I wont be selceted for it !!

    so I said as you can see from my C.V that I have for this job four years experince and I have one year experice…..

    then he asked about the salary expectation!!

    then the other person asked me, when I’ll be available If Im selected for this job !! I said directly as I don’t have a job now >>> and I know they need someone ASAP..

    then he asked his friend if has any question, he said no,,,, he asked me if I have a question! I asked him when I can hear from them ?

    he replied to me, then he said thank you, and good luck with your job search!!!!

    what does he mean by this!!!!!!!!!!!!! am I rejected!!!! or he said that becuase I don’t have a job now … what doest it mean !!!!!!?

  156. I did a job interview,, I felt every thing went so fine,,, but in the end the interviewer told me thanks and wish u a good luck for ur job search,,,

    Does he mean that am I rejected!!!!!

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Sam,

      It could be what the interviewer says to everyone, or it could be a hint that you were rejected.

      Follow up! Send a thank you, and ask the interviewer what the next steps in the process are.

      Good luck with your job search!

  157. Note: there were three guys doing the interview with me, a recruitment assist, department manager, and supervisor, and after I finish talking about my experience history,,the manager dep asked when I can start working if I’ll be selected!! As they need to hire some ASAP, and they asked about my salary expectation…
    I’m sure the rejection can’t be taken by the recruitment assist only, do u!!!

    So do u still believe it could be a hint that you were rejected!!!

    Other question:
    Two weeks ago I had an interview for another position, but till now they haven’t selected anyone,,I do believe I’m strong Candidate… If he mean that I’m rejected in the interview for the job I asked u first,, he will reject me on the other job interview…


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Sam,

      At this point, it’s hard to tell if you have been rejected or not. They may have several other people to interview, and, even if they need to hire someone ASAP, they want to hire the best person available. So, they are taking time to finish all the interviews. Your best strategy is to keep job hunting.

      Based on one of your earlier comments – when one employer asked you if you had any questions, you asked only when you would hear from them – it could be that they think you are not very interested in the job. Employers want you to know enough about them to have good questions to ask about the work, the company, the competition, the organization, etc. A lack of good questions can be interpreted as a lack of interest.

      So, you might want to prepare some questions before you go into the interview and bring the questions with you on a notepad. And, don’t ask about the salary or benefits until later in the process when you are negotiating the job offer.

      Good luck with your job search!

  158. Hi,

    I have passed the two interviews two weeks ago, one was the initial from the HR department, and the other one a week after is from the hiring manager based in Malaysia, and the interview took place via skype. They told me that they are going to call me after week weather i qualified for the position or not. The day the after the final interview, the HR team contacted and ask me if i have already a passport? I told her yes, because she told me that the manager wants me to be in Malaysia by the 24th of this month or the first week of March, then she asked me again to give her another reference from my team, on the that same day, afternoon she had contacted my references and it all went well according to my references. Can you tell me your stand about this, as im about over-thinking if i would get the job or not?



  159. Hi,

    I did a job interview and couple days later, I got phone asked for reference. I gave my previous manager’s number and she told me she had a phone call for my reference.
    2 days later(Friday afternoon)I received a call from interviewer who apologized me for not contacting me earlier and said HR is working on this position. He said he would contact me next Tuesday. Is that mean I might be getting this job?



    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Miho,

      It means you are under serious consideration, but you are probably one of several people under consideration. So, keep job hunting.

      Hope this works out for you!

  160. Amber Amanda says:

    I have a question for you. I had 2 great interviews as a W2 contractor at a public health agency. During the 2nd interview, I met with the division director, other staff, and they said my emploment references had nothing but wonder things to say about me. My interviewer told me that the job was mine if I decided to take it and said I was the top candidate for the position. The next morning, I sent a nice thank you email and reiterated my interests in the position. Later that day, I received a reply back stating they need to work on a few logistics before any offer can be made, and I would hear back soon. Do you possibly have any clue what this means? I didn’t want to presume the job was mine, even though they outright said it, but what logistics could they be referring to?

  161. Hi Susan

    I had an interview for a job 2 weeks ago with two partners and the HR Manager. It was for a position I heard about by word of mouth, and had not been publically advertised. The partners both really liked me, and said they would let me know their decision by early/mid following week. They also called my references a couple of hours after my interview. I followed up with thank you emails to everyone, and was warmly replied to by everyone I had emailed (one partner even said he would follow up with HR and that it would be great to have me at the firm).

    I then received an email from HR mid week saying the partners had not made a decision on my application this week, and they would let me know next week. Shortly after sending this, they publically advertised the job for the first time. Am I out of the running, or do I still have a shot? I initially thought I’m out but could it be that they just want to see what else is out there as they haven’t publically advertised?


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Gen,

      This doesn’t feel like it’s going in the right direction, particularly advertising the job. But it’s very hard to tell.

      It does feel like PERHAPS something happened – one of the references shared something that made one of them nervous or one of them is a little uncomfortable about something (human “chemistry” is tricky but important). Hard to tell.

      Or everything could be fine, and they feel like they are crazy not to advertise the opportunity to see if the 150% perfect candidate is out there waiting to be found.

      Get back in touch with them AFTER next week if you haven’t heard from them.

      And keep job hunting!

      Good luck with your job search!

  162. Hi Susan,

    I had an interview with a company for a summer internship about 3 weeks ago. A week after the interview, they changed my applicant status from “interviewing” to “we like your work and can see you fitting in well. we are reviewing your details”

    It’s been almost 2 weeks since they made that update but I haven’t heard anything. What do you think that means? Should I follow up with them?


  163. hello,

    I had an interview with gov, at the end of the interview one of the managers followed me as I was leaving the building and indicated I did extremely amazing. There was another manager in the interview/evaluation with whom I worked with in previous contract, he is been trying to get me on their team. He also thinks I did amazing job while working there. After the interview they called 2 of my 3 references and both references gave glowing reviews. Does this mean I will get the job? I hate waiting lol


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hello ido,

      Everyone hates the waiting game, but that’s how things work, anyway.

      Hard to tell whether or not you will get the job. It depends on how much influence your allies have with the decision-maker in this process and how well the references were received.

      Hope it works out for you, but keep looking anyway. Until you have accepted a written job offer, you haven’t been hired, yet.

      Good luck with your job search!

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