After the Job Interview: Why Haven’t They Called Me Yet?

Dear Work Coach,

I just found your blog and absolutely love it! You have a lot of great information and advice on your site. I have a question for you I am sure you get all of the time but I’m at a loss on what to do at this point.

I had an interview last Tuesday (18th) that I thought went really well. It lasted an hour and a half (someone had to knock on the hiring manager’s door to stop the interview for her next appointment). I really like the hiring manager and she seemed to like me. She said she was down to 5 candidates that she wanted to have interviewed by the end of last week. She said she has been doing this a long time and I am definitely on the top of her list. The only concern she had was that I might be overqualified for the position but she wasn’t sure. She mentioned that could be to her advantage as I would be able to help her execute some strategic programs she wants to implement. She said she wanted to have me come back next week (which is this week) for 30 – 45 minutes to get a feel for the position, kind of a “day in the life of” this management position. She also said that the next step after that would to bring the top 2 candidates back for an interview with her team.

I followed up with an email thank you letter the next day, reiterating my enthusiasm for the position and why I think it would be challenging given the region and the change in industry.

I never heard back from her, no response to my emails. Late Monday afternoon I left her a message on her voice mail. I wasn’t pushy, just said that I wanted to follow-up with her to discuss setting up a time to come back (like we discussed). That was 2 days ago and I still haven’t heard anything. It seems really odd to me. Do you have any thoughts or advice?



Hi Anne!

Thanks for the kind words. And even though I get lots of question about interviews, each one has its own interesting twist. Like yours.

It really does sound like you have done everything well. Great interview. Good follow up. Able to field the “too qualified” comment with a good comeback. Although I wish I had a way of figuring out what they are thinking, truth is…it could be lots of things. Maybe she or someone else critical to the process is sick. Maybe an emergency came up. Maybe they haven’t been able to finish the five interviews yet. Maybe they found someone they made an offer to despite what was said – if a perfect fit walked in the door after she met with you, it just could have changed their plans. Maybe they just can’t get past all your experience despite how well you handled your answer – niggling doubts sometimes grow when fed by the input of others. But maybe it is as simple as they just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

It’s only been a week and time feels very different on the employer end. (It’s like dog years!)Β  I like that you are an action person looking to help yourself, but at this point you really have done all you can and now it’s time to just wait. I know it’s hard – and I’m sorry about that. Do what you can to keep busy with other things. If it’s the right job, you will get it. If not, then you might very well have lucked out for reasons you will never know!

I wish you much luck, Anne. Please let us know what happens.

Ronnie Ann

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  1. I agree you’ve done everything well regarding this particular interview. A note of caution though for future reference: employers believe an over-qualified candidate will demand more money than they are ready to pay.
    It is therefore crucial that you tailor your resume/cv to the job you are applying, matching your skills, education and experience essentially to what the employer stated in the job description.

  2. Great advice, Mac. You’re so right. We have to help them feel comfortable with who we are – and resumes and cover letters targeted to what they are actually looking for are our best friends when it comes to this.


  3. Thanks Ronnie & Mac. We did talk about salary and I explained that at this point in my life, the job is way more important than the salary. I told her I expected the salary would be lower since I would be working for a non-profit. She seemed very satisfied with that answer but who knows. She knew what I was making before and said they would be very competitive.

    I created a work portfolio for her and left it with her. It included samples of my writing. I also took the job description and created a table of their requirements and matched them with my experience/qualifications. I even created a sample marketing plan so she could assess my approach to marketing. She seemed impressed at the time.

    I am so disappointed, this would have been a great job. While I know I shouldn’t get too excited about any opportunity, this one is a tough one to lose.

    What I don’t understand is not calling back just to say that they’ve either been delayed or they’re pursuing other candidates. While everyone is busy, that would take 2 minutes and would provide closure. Oh well!

  4. Wait Anne…I’m missing something. Have you gotten a turn-down yet? If not, why have you given up? It may mean you didn’t get it, but this is way too early to think it’s over. Can’t you enjoy the possibility just a little longer? Why go right to the disappointment?

    And please know I have never ever responded to people so quickly after I’ve interviewed them. It takes time. There are also legal reasons. Please excuse me for sounding so blunt, but it just doesn’t work that way. Of course you are totally right that it should, but for so many reasons a non-profit may move slower than you are used to. And even if it is a negative, they wait until it’s a done deal before notifying those who didn’t get it…just in case.

    Perhaps they did make an offer to someone and they are negotiating with him or her now. And perhaps that will fall through. I’ve gotten jobs that way. And I’ve also gotten second interviews months after the first. Especially in non-profits so many things can take priority.

    No response is sometimes a way of not ending a possibility as much as a way of letting someone down. Really…in non-profits as well as in other types of business it is not standard to keep you informed. I know it would be nice and it happens on occasion, of course, but is very rare. Even for those we are interested in.

    A dear friend of mine has a saying I love “No news is no news.” You did your best. I hope you get it. But please don’t assume anything yet. You gave such a terrific interview, there is a still a chance. And if not…it sounds like they might not be the right place for you after all. So either way, you win. Even though I know it doesn’t feel that way to you right now. πŸ™‚

    I still have my fingers crossed for you, Anne.

    Ronnie Ann

  5. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Well, you were right. I just got a call from the Director – she was out of town last week and my emails never got through to her. She was relieved that I left a message on her voicemail so she knew that I was still interested.

    I have a meeting with her tomorrow to get a detailed overview of the job and a panel interview scheduled for next week. Thanks so much for your kind words and advice. I’ll let you know what happens!


  6. Oh Anne!

    If you could only see the big smile on my face! I’m so happy to read that you are still very much in the running. It’s funny how, even from the distance of a blog like this, I start to care about the people who write to me.

    I wish you all the best. Go git ’em grrrl! Hope to hear some more good news soon.

    Ronnie Ann

  7. Hi there,

    I’m in a similar situation. I had a “pre-interview” (their words, not mine) with a company and it went fairly well. I got an email first thing the next morning asking me to come in for a second interview – I was going to send them an email that morning to thank them for the interview and they had already beat me to it! I went to the second interview on Thursday, April 3rd it went well and they seemed very interested and upbeat. They asked me when I would be available to start and said they would contact me for my references. They said they wanted to fill the position in the next couple of days. I had also sent another brief thank-you letter for that interview the following day.

    When I hadn’t heard back by the following Thursday, April 10th I decided to take matters into my own hands and send them a follow-up email. They called me the next morning on Friday, April 11th to ask for my references and see if I would be available to start on April 21st. I emailed them my references and said that out of respect to my current employer I would need to give them two weeks notice. I know they called one of my references as I’m still close with her and she said she gave me a glowing review. It’s now a week later and I haven’t heard back from the employer. This whole process has been proven to be very frustrating. I’m wondering if I should send them another quick email to inquire about the status, etc. but I don’t want to appear pushy. I just wonder what is taking them so long! Sorry for the long email and thank you in advance for your response.

  8. Hi Ronnie Ann/Nicole,

    I got the job! The offer is contingent upon completion of the background check and drug test. I’m very excited about the job. While I was initially shocked by the pay (going to a non-profit from the commercial world), I know this is the right job for me and there are endless opportunities.

    Ronnie Ann – thank you so much for your kind words and advice. I forgot how much I hate interviewing! Unfortunately, it has been so long since my last interview that I’m now sweating out the background check. No, I don’t have anything ominous in my past, it’s just the fear of the unknown. I’m worried I might have the wrong dates listed (the exact date I left my last position after maternity leave and I honestly can’t remember if I left in August or November). I don’t know what they are looking to find but that leaves me a little worried. I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments on what employers are looking to find (other than the obvious criminal convictions) in these investigations.

    Many, many thanks to you and all the best to everyone else!!


  9. Nicole…I’ll do my best to get to you later today. Didn’t want you to think I forgot. πŸ™‚

    Anne…I am thrilled! Wuhoooo! More soon also.

    Ronnie Ann

  10. Hi Nicole!

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I needed a day off. I’m sure you can relate. πŸ™‚

    I can see why you’re frustrated and a bit confused! Everything looked like a go and then…silence. But it hasn’t been too many days and people do get sick or emergencies arise. Maybe one of your other references couldn’t be contacted or took a while to get back to them. So many possibilities that in no way signal a change of heart on their part. The only concern I can see at this point (other than a surprise organizational change) is if one of the other references was problematic. I’m assuming you know that NOt to be the case.

    But since you are confused, and because of these particular circumstances, I think it would be fine to send a short polite e-mail (maybe wait until Monday afternoon to give her a chance to contact you first; Mondays often are “clean up outstanding issues” day) and say that you hate to bother the her, but since she mentioned April 21st and you still need to give your boss 2 weeks notice, you just want to check and make sure that there is nothing else they need from you to help move this along. That’s not too pushy and will serve to remind them as well as hopefully get you some clarification. Odds are everything is on track, but this will help you make sure.

    I expect to hear some good news from you this week. Please let us know what happens.

    Good luck, Nicole!

    Ronnie Ann

  11. Hi Anne!

    Don’t sweat the background check. It’s just policy to go through this. Usually they contract with a company that does it and it can take a while. Relax. If your background is clean of any convictions or nefarious deeds, you’ll be fine. Basically they look to see if you’ve been in prison or committed a crime and weren’t up front about it, or if you have heavy debt to the point of being in serious trouble, or anything else that might make you a risk as an employee. Small differences in dates (as long as we’re not talking about bogus jobs and degrees) are NOT deal breakers.

    You can relax now, Anne. Please take more of those deep breaths (in AND out). And let me know when you get the final official non-contingent offer. πŸ™‚

    All the best to you in your new job!

    Ronnie Ann

  12. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Thank you for your reply – an don’t worry about taking a few days to answer, it’s still much faster than waiting for a reply from this company, that’s for sure! My sister works for another company that is connected to the one that I interviewed with and said they are in the middle of a big proposal right now, and that I shouldn’t bother them as they’re really swamped. So, as much as it pains me to wait even longer…I’ve decided to hold out until Wednesday to email them.

    I also decided to do some of my own detective work and emailed the person who replaced me in one of my last jobs to see if the company had contacted them for a reference. She said that they had called when he wasn’t available and that she was sure he had returned their call last week. So, this information is very reassuring that they’ve contacted and gotten hold of two out of three (and possibly all three) references.

    I’ll keep you and the other posters notified of anything that happens. I’m trying to stay upbeat and positive here and hoping that they really are just busy. Thanks again for your advice, it really helps and it’s very much appreciated!

    One last question – do employers normally check more than one candidates references? I’m wondering if I’m the only one in the running or if it’s possible that there are others? I know it’s difficult to know, but any light you could shed on this question would be helpful.


  13. Hi Nicole!

    I love all your detective work. Nice going!

    Normally employers I’ve known just check references for the person they want to make an offer to, but I’m sure some places might check the top two in case they are unable to decide which they prefer. I’d like to tell you that the latter possibility is absolutely not the case here, but of course it’s possible and I wouldn’t want to mislead you. What you do know for sure is that they are very interested and you have a very good chance of getting an offer.

    Meanwhile, good luck finding things to keep your mind otherwise engaged. πŸ™‚ I really do know how tough this must be for you.

    Fingers still crossed. Adding eyes and legs. Hope to hear some good news soon.

    Ronnie Ann

  14. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I just got word today that everything checked out so I’m officially hired. Thanks so much for all of your support. What an emotional roller coaster interviewing is! I’m used to being on the hiring side and, while I never really enjoyed interviewing candidates, I think this whole process will help me be a better manager in the future.

    Thanks for everything.


  15. Oh Anne! This is great news. I expected as much, but good to read the words. Thank you so much for letting us know. And I smile knowing that this whole process will make you a better manager AND hirer! πŸ˜‰

    All the best, Anne.

    Ronnie Ann

  16. Hi Ronnie Ann/others,

    I wanted to send an update and let you know that unfortunately I did not get the position. I received a phone call a few days ago from HR and she basically said that they could not offer me the job due to my references. I was completely shocked as I have always thought of myself to be an upstanding employee that works hard and is always dedicated to my employer. She was very polite and honest with me and said that it wasn’t necessarily a “bad reference” so to speak but that a few issues were raised and that they were looking for a “certain kind of employee with certain skills”. When I told her I was quite shocked upon hearing this she said that the panel was as well. I was extremely hurt and embarrased but thanked her for her honesty and their time as well as letting me know the outcome.

    As this was the opportunity of a lifetime for me I decided to give it my all and email her the next morning asking if she would like to speak to my current employer (I’m currently temping) to get a more accurate reference. I also offered to work for them for a month or so on a trial basis saying that I was confident in my skills and abilities. She replied and said that they had already moved on with the search and that I could certainly apply to other positions within the company.

    As hurt and upset as I was when this initially happened I’ve come to realize now that everything happens for a reason. What seems to have been the perfect position for me obviously wasn’t meant to be so I’ve moved on and am trying to keep a positive outlook. As they say, when one door closes another one opens and that is exactly what happened for me. I went to go for testing about two weeks ago for a company and they have emailed me requesting to conduct an interview. I’m going to meet with them on May 5th and am really excited about the opportunity.

    I’m going to take the reference off my list that I suspect to have given me a less than favorable review and replace it with my current manager. That brings me to a question that I’ve been wondering about for a while now. How many references should we be providing? Is two enough or is three preferable? Also, I’m wondering if I should contact that reference to see if I can get any insight into what was said. I don’t want to be vengeful or get upset, I’d just like to ensure that they were the culprit and remove them from my list.

    While this has been a very stressful and hurtful experience, I would say that I’ve learned a few things and if anything I’m better prepared for my next interview and will take that hurtful reference off my list. Thank you for all of your support and I’ll definitely keep everyone posted!


  17. Hi Nicole!

    I’m so sorry to read that you got turned down because of references. I know how disappointing that must have been. But I LOVE your attitude and the way you gave it your all. You did everything you could have. But at least they told you about the reference problem. Some companies DON’T share this information and people keep getting burned by something they’re totally unaware of.

    Even though I wish you would have gotten the job, you really lucked out by finding out the reason. And so smart to learn from this and use it to strengthen your game.

    Now to answer your questions. It’s best to have three good references, since that’s sort of a standard. If you only have two or look hesitant about offering the third, it’s a red flag and can hurt you. So be prepared to offer the best you have.

    As for calling the reference you think may have been the one that was less than glowing, this is a decision only you can make of course. It depends on the person, your relationship, and how you approach it. From what you’ve said, I assume you’d handle it well, especially if you are coming from a place of just wanting to know so you can learn from it – and so you can be prepared.

    But…and I say this to all who are reading, not just Nicole…sometimes we can be surprised by which reference was really the one that did us in. People can say things when giving references that they think are very supportive and for some reason turns out not to be so good in the eyes of the prospective employer. And that same person could be a fine reference for another job. It’s all so subjective.

    That said, it does pay to be as certain as possible of the person’s opinion of you AND their ability to just answer what was asked and not go on and on with stories that may trip you up. So selecting references is a critical part of the job hunt. And I want to thank you, Nicole, for sharing this with us because I think it will help others.

    Good luck with the new interview. I’m totally rooting for you, Nicole. Who knows? The job you do get may very well be a lot better than the one that got away. If they reacted as they did, they may not have been the right match for YOU!

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  18. Hello,

    I applied for a great job about a month ago and had a phone interview soon after asking for my availability. I responded and then did not hear anything back so I called. HR said that the hiring managers know my availability and are trying to set an interview date but that they wanted someone in the next two weeks.

    It is a week until that deadline is to pass and I have left one more message but heard nothing, this is very hard especially since I would need to give my two weeks. So I sent a very short e-mail to the hiring manager reitertating my interest and availability. That was this past Friday and still no repsonse or communication.

    I have applied to other places and have interview coming up but just wonder if there was anything else for me to do regarding this one.


  19. Hi Mary!

    I know how hard this must be for you. You really have done all the right things so far and I wish there was some way I knew what was actually going on. believe me…I’d tell you in a second. πŸ™‚

    At this point all you can do is wait. To give you some hope about squishy deadlines such as “they wanted someone in the next two weeks”…just because they want it, doesn’t mean they’ve been able to get everything lined up for the necessary interview process yet. While it’s true that they may have found someone already, it’s just as likely that they simply missed their preferred deadline and are still going to call. I understand about the 2-weeks notice and so do they, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

    If I were you, I’d hold off on any more contact and wait for them to get back to you. You’ve done well, but you don’t want to start to annoy them. Believe me…if the position is still open, they remember you!

    Meanwhile, good luck with your other interview. You never know when fate steps in to provide you with an even better opportunity!

    Good luck. Please keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  20. Darren says:


    I’m currently stuck in the same waiting game and all of your advice about patience is exactly what I needed this afternoon – thanks so much!

    I unexpectedly had the opportunity to apply for my ideal job about six weeks ago – everything I like about my current job without most of what I don’t, ability to work from home, as much as 3 times the money, etc….Needless to say I want this job very badly.

    In the last six weeks I have been through the initial HR interview, an interview with my prospective boss, and at the beginning of this week was called out of town to the company headquarters for a third interview with the Vice President. I have felt enthusiastic and confident after every interview but the waiting times between have been nerve-racking!

    After the interview with the VP on Monday, I wisened up and specifically asked if I could follow up on a certain day. That day was today, I called and she was away sick – AAAARGH! The anticipation is still killing me, but at least I know nobody is ignoring me.

    If I can offer anyone advice, it would be that if you feel the interview went well, don’t be afraid to create your own next step and get your interviewer to commit to a mutually agreed-upon date that you can follow up, then reiterate in your thank-you letter that you will be calling on that date. Having that date fixed seems to really help take the edge off of the nervousness.

    Thanks again for the advice – sometimes it’s good to know there are others in the same boat.

  21. Hi Darren!

    Thanks for the GREAT advice. So nice of you to write and to share this with others. I love the idea of you helping to create the process. When I get a sec, I’d like to put this into a post all on its own. Please let me know if you want more credit than just “Darren”.

    Fingers, eyes and legs crossed for you. πŸ˜‰ This sounds so hopeful and you’ve handled it sooo well. PLEASE let us know what happens!

    Ronnie Ann

  22. Hi again!

    Well, I finally made contact on my follow-up call, and received a refreshingly concise and honest response…..It is down to myself and 2 other candidates, those other two candidates are due in for interviews today, and everyone that I have met with so far needs to sit down next week and make a decision. It still seemed very positive and pleasant, and we did agree to a followup date of next Friday, but I have NO idea how on earth I’m going to hold out for another week – I’m driving my poor family crazy as it is!

    On the positive side, I’m very pleased that she was comfortable enough to be straightforward about the curcumstances, and the fact they wanted me in for an interview first thing on Monday while they’re bringing the other two in on Friday seems to indicate to me that I could be the frontrunner.

    This has got to be the most arduous lesson in patience I have ever had to learn. I guess all I can do it tough it out…..Now where’s that Magic 8-Ball? :o)

  23. Hi Darren!

    I also love that she was so upfront with you. Things look good. Oh man…now I’m sounding like a Magic 8 Ball!

    While there’s no guarantee of course, it does sound like you are someone they like a lot. Meanwhile, maybe see if you can do something to keep yourself occupied. Write a Pultizer-Prize-winning short story, start a 1000-piece jig saw puzzle, create a new blog, learn to bake your favorite dessert or cook your favorite meal, sign up for a one-day class, organize a softball/football/basketball/frisbie mini-tournament, rent 10 of your favorite movies – anything you can think of to divert your mind!!!

    I just want to tell you again how well I think you’ve handled all this. They will be lucky to get you. And of course, we want to know if they’re smart enough to make that offer. πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  24. Suzanne says:


    I appreciate you writing in, because it’s 3 weeks and counting for me, and this is also a dream job situation for me as well! Patience truly is a virtue.

    So then, it’s a good sign when you are scheduled first before the other candidates? In my initial phone interview, I was scheduled first out of 8 people, and in my second/face to face interview, I was scheduled first out of 2 people. Yep, it’s down to me and one other person, and I’m surprised I have any nerves left. I thought I killed them all with my anxiety!

    Good luck to you,

  25. Hahahaha! Hi Suzanne. Just imagine how much money we could make if we could bottle all that energy!

    Although I have to tell you that first or second doesn’t always mean something, at times it might be a hint that you were first on their mind. But if anyone reading this isn’t first….believe me, I’ve hired plenty of people who were anywhere in the mix – even last.

    Just you and one other person? Yes! Go git ’em! Just be yourself and, in your mind’s eye, see them making the offer.

    I wish you much luck!!

    Ronnie Ann

  26. phoenix says:

    I am feeling irritated, frustrated..blah blah hear me out…I am on the verge of quitting my current job (trouble with the salary) and am looking out for better opportunities. I went for an interview on the 3rd of this month. The interview was great, and the manager was pretty pleased with me. I was asked to come back again on 6th for a written test and was told that they will get in touch with me on friday. The HR gal called me on friday to ask for some additional information. I emailed the information to her friday morning and called her monday morning to confirm the reciept of the same. She was very happy and sweet and said she will call back by day end or next day morning. When I didnt hear from her till Tuesday evening i sent her a mail asking if a desciion has been reached. She replied with a we will get back to you by the weekened.. now what does that mean? i never had such a situation before so am confused..what should I do next? This a perfect job for me and i know i fit in perfectly..

  27. Hi Phoenix!

    First let me say how sorry I am that your current job isn’t giving you what you deserve. Glad you were able to find another job you really want and that so far you seem to be doing well in the interview process – except of course for the frustration, which I totally understand.

    So glad you wrote to share this with us. Let’s see if I can help a little. πŸ™‚

    The fact that they’ve been good about the communication up to now (compared to many stories I hear) and are asking you to wait without telling you anything specific, means you are most likely still very much in the running. There could be one candidate ahead of you who they’ve made an offer to and are waiting to hear back from; but it could also be as simple as they have another person or two they are still interviewing or waiting for test results from, or even that someone essential to the process is out of town or unavailable, These things are not uncommon, although it doesn’t make it any less annoying.

    At this point, all you can do is reply politely to her last e-mail thanking her for her response and letting her know you are still very interested, look forward to hearing from her, etc. (I assume you did that already.) And then you just wait. They will most likely get back to you within the next week or so. These things take time for reasons we never get to know!

    Good luck, Phoenix. I hope this comes through for you. Please let us know what happens!

    Ronnie Ann

  28. phoenix says:

    Hi and thanks..

    well i didnt get the job.. feeling pretty darned upset about it…but the HR was good and informed me about it in good time…. well can tell u how insecure i am feeling :(..this is the first time i have been rejcted in a job interview..guess i needed it.. sigh!!!

  29. Hi Phoenix!

    Awww! I’m so sorry you didn’t get it. At least, unlike many companies, they let you know. Not much consolation, I know – but you aren’t in limbo any more. πŸ™‚

    As for your first interview rejection…it’s actually a good thing to have that under your belt. From day one, I was good at interviewing and have gotten many exciting jobs in my lifetime. But I also got rejected. So what? A talented person like your who is good at follow-through and clearly interviews well, will get plenty of job offers. And seriously…if they didn’t think you were right for them, then they are NOT right for you. So it probably saved you a painful experience. (Other than the rejection, of course.)

    Right out of grad school I interviewed with the Senior Vice President of a major New York bank. He asked me if I’d ever failed at anything. Cocky young thing that I was, I smiled and said “Not that I can think of.” And he told me “Too bad. It’s how we learn and grow. People who never experience failure have never risked enough.”

    So congratulations on going for what you wanted and let this be the thing that spurs you on to get what you really want. That’s the real key to success. It’s not about any one job…it’s about how you handle each step of the journey.

    I wish you much luck, Phoenix. I mean…look at what you call yourself. No stinkin’ rejection can keep you down! πŸ™‚

    Ronnie Ann

  30. Hi Ronnie Ann,
    I have a similar problem, with its own interesting twist. Like many of the previous posters, I have had multiple interviews (3!) with an employer that I would love to work for. After the 3rd interview, which was on a Tuesday, they told me that the hiring committee would be getting together to make a decision that Thursday. I felt like everything went very well. Well, on that Thursday morning, the head manager of the company passed away suddenly! Understandably, the committee decided not to meet that day, but let me know, through my recruiter, that they would meet the following Thursday. Well that was 3 weeks ago and they haven’t met yet. My recruiter doesn’t want to be too pushy under the circumstances, and doesn’t want to make me seem to desperate (which I feel I am!), but I need to know! I am considering writing a note directly to the hiring manager myself just reiterating my interest in the position. Do you think that is too pushy under the circumstances? I know they are probably in turmoil since the head manager is gone and they have to pick up the pieces. Also, since I have been dealing with them through a recruiter, is it wrong for me to now contact them directly? After the interviews I did send each person a thank you note directly, but this seems different somehow. Any thoughts? Thanks so much.

  31. Hi Ann!

    First let me say how sorry I am for these sad circumstances – and for the uncomfortable situation this puts you in.

    I’m glad you wrote. Because you don’t know all the details and because the recruiter has a relationship with the company, in this case I don’t think you should try to go around it. The thank you notes were one thing, but this is stepping into areas that might actually hurt you if for any reason you offend someone – including your recruiter.

    It would be perfectly fine to contact your recruiter and ask if a short note would be ok. Something very simple expressing that you’re sorry for what they’re going through and that you just want them to know you remain interested whenever they are ready to continue. But again…not without your recruiter’s knowledge and OK. S/he wants you hired almost as much as you do.

    Please try to be patient if your recruiter asks you to just hold off and let her/him handle it. I can think of many reasons why your attempt to push yourself along might not sit well. With the death of someone in that position, many things are being looked at right now. Your candidacy , while so critical to you, is just one thing.

    If you are in a tough situation, I wish you luck getting through it. And I do hope you’ll hear from the company as soon as they can get back to business under these sad circumstances that may even be causing shifts in the organization.

    Although I wish I had more to offer, patience and positive thinking are your best allies right now. I wish you much luck, Ann!

    Ronnie Ann

  32. I had an interview with a company regarding their inside sales position. Interview went very well. The President of the company was ready to make me an offer right after the interview but the Dir of Ops said they had to discuss the package. This is a new position for them. I sent the follow up, thank you letter to the three people that was in the interview. The Dir of Ops responded back and said they wanted some time to put together their offer and will get back to me by early week. Its mid week. Do I sit back with them or do I put in a call to follow up? Also, if they ask me again what type of salary I am looking for, how do I know not to price myself out of their range? Thank you for your response.

  33. Hi Ray!

    If the interview went as well as it seems to have gone, they haven’t forgotten you. πŸ™‚

    Wait until next week before calling. These background process things take time. You’ve done all you can at the moment.

    As for salary…it sounds like they’re coming up with a package that will include a salary offer. But if you go to, you can see in general what you’re worth in this market. It will help you negotiate. Remember of course, that other elements of a package can balance out a lower offer, or vice versa.

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens!

    Ronnie Ann

  34. First off, all your advice to others has really helped Here’s my story…

    So I had 2 phone interviews with a really great out of town company…the 1st one was with the HR manager the 2nd was with the guy who would actually be my boss…one day later the HR manager contacted me and said they would like me to come in for an in-person interview. Prior to the interview I filled out papers allowing them to conduct a background check that I turned in the day of my interview. I traveled there last Thursday and met with 4 different people. They went over benefits, salary, (one even started looking up apartments for me to live in!). The 3rd guy I met said “I usually don’t send people I interview to the 4th guy I met unless I really like them”. It went so well with all 4 of the staff members I talked to. The guy who would be my boss showed me around the whole company and even where I would be sitting to work if I got the job!They also told me they never consider out of state applicants but that they were really impressed with my skills and experience. The day after I sent thank you emails to all of the people I interviewd with.
    Needless to say, I have yet to hear from them since Thursday the 7th. The HR Manager does’t work on fridays or wednesdays…but I thought she would at least contact me Mon or Tues considering she is out of office Wed. Do you think I should have heard something by now or am I being too impatient? How long does a typical background check take?
    Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  35. Oh Marissa! This sounds like it went REALLY well. I’m excited for you. Of course, there are no guarantees until you have the offer in hand. πŸ™‚

    I can totally understand your impatience, but these things take a while – even when they like you. Background checks can sometimes take a week or more, and then there are internal processes to go through and various people who have to sign off on things like title, salary, etc.

    So please let yourself breathe (in and out) and just wait it out. You should probably hear by the end of next week, but if not a polite call or e-mail is perfectly fine. In the meantime, find ways to keep your mind busy – a great book, rent a bunch of movies, do a hard jig-saw puzzle, take up knitting, solve the energy crisis, etc. πŸ˜‰

    Hope to hear some good news soon from you. Please let us know what happens! Good luck!!

    Ronnie Ann

  36. Hi Ronne Ann!

    I am so grateful for your website. It is so helpful. I have a question about an interview process I am going through. I interviewed for a position 2 weeks ago today. It went really well and lasted a little over 3 hours. I emailed everyone I spoke to and thanked them for their time. Everyone of them emailed me back and said they would contact me shortly.

    Well one week went by and I still hadnt heard anything. I emailed the third party recruiter who found me and asked what the status was. She contacted them and they wondered if I would consider perm instead of contract. And if so submit my salary requests. I did all of that with the recruiter and still have not heard back. I then emailed the actual employer on friday to ‘check in’ and see if they had any questions for me. The person I emailed (who would be my direct boss) never email me back.

    I am on pins and needles. I really want to know if I should email him again? What do you think? I emailed the recruiter today and she said they still hadnt heard anything!


    Thank you for your time =)

  37. The hiring process is fraught with Murphy’s Law. The outside recruiter never knows the whole story, the candidate will know even less. Things most always take much longer than they should, especially for the anxious job-seeker. You should email the outside recruiter the most, he/she would love it if their client wants to hire you, that’s the only way they make money. That is their job, making placements, not getting people jobs, but filling job openings. They are working on many other openings and situations similar to the one with you. Don’t email your potential boss too often. Maybe once every two or 3 weeks after the initial thank you note. These follow-ups should be affirmations about how you are still very interested and would be happy to come back and meet more people if they would like you too. Don’t ask them what is taking so long or when will they make a decision. In the meantime, do what the recruiters are doing: looking for other job openings and continuing to build and develop your network. And trying to get more interviews. Keep planting seeds. Never stop actively looking for a job until you have accepted one. At least once a week send the Headhunter an email reminding them yo are still very interested. That will often get them focused on getting the latest update from the company, it will at least remind them that you are still very interested. Getting a job is a job! The harder you work the luckier you will get. You WILL get another job, you will. Keep believing it!

  38. Nice advice, USpace. Thanks for sharing your encouraging words with all readers.

    Sarah: USPace is right. There is a time for action and a time to wait. You’ve done all you can right now and it could actually hurt your chances to keep bugging them. These things take time for many reasons.

    The good sign was that they were interested in you for a permanent position rather than contract. That shows you really impressed them. Now they may need time to get sign-offs internally and also negotiate with the recruiting agency. That can take weeks. Hopefully less, of course.

    Meanwhile, look for other things to focus on. Find a fun project that will take your mind off this. And no harm in continuing to look for jobs. You never know! You’ve done your best. Now your best would be to learn to be patient with things you can’t do anything more about. πŸ™‚

    I have my fingers crossed for you, Sarah. Please let us know how it goes. Hoping for good news soon!

    Ronnie Ann

  39. Thank you USpace and Ronnie Anne! I will definitely let you know!

  40. Thanks, Sarah. We’re all rooting for you!

    Ronnie Ann

  41. You are most welcome Ronnie Ann & Sarah. Thank you for saying so.

    Just keep working at it Sarah, you will either get that job or you’ll get another one. Just keep searching and trying to get interviews until you have a job. Just keep lining them up. Some will not pan out, but some will. It’s really sort of a numbers game.

    The worst thing you may have to do after getting a job is calling back all the other people who have you in their interview plans or process and say: Thank you for your help , but I started my new job the other day. Thank you again.

    If it’s a recruiter you may add: I will keep your number and update you when I get settled so you can update your files with my new skills and industry, you may have interesting jobs in my field that you may want to tell me about because I might know someone or be interested in another opportunity in the future.
    the harder you work –
    the luckier you will get
    – keep working at it

    Go for it Sarah!


  42. Excellent advice, USpace. Nicely put.

    Thanks for stopping by again. Peace to you.

    Ronnie Ann

  43. Thank you too Ronnie Ann, great job on your blog, I’m glad I found it, cya around! πŸ™‚
    I WILL get a job –
    getting a job is a job
    – I MUST work at it


  44. Chceked out your blog and enjoy your haikus, USpace. An art form I’m a big fan of. You’re welcome to leave haiku work wisdom any time!

    Ronnie Ann

  45. Thank you very much for stopping by Ronnie Ann, I’m glad you like haiku/senryu.


  46. I do, USpace! It’s an art form I’ve often played with. I’ll be stopping by again soon.

    Ronnie Ann

  47. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I am glad to have found your website! I too am in quite the predicament with a company that I interviewed with on Tuesday (today is Friday). I think the interview went exceptionally well, met with four people, including a women who was below the CMO of this very large company and seemed to go well. I followed up with the right thank you notes, and actually got a response back from my “future direct boss” that said I look forward to speaking again! So, today, three days later, I am on edge–I cannot think of anything else–this job would be a perfect fit and would be an awesome company to work for! Any advice? When should I follow up? My initial interview was with an internal recruiter, then an HR person called to set up the four interviews. I emailed the HR person after the interview explaining the interviews went well and that I needed two of the four interviews email as I didn’t get their cards. She emailed me back and gave me the emails and said I have a new point of contact and if I have any questions, to follow-up with him! I am just confused and really need some sound advice! Please! πŸ˜‰ Happy Weekend!

  48. Hi Ryan!

    Congratulations so far. Sounds good.

    Not sure why you’re confused. Having a new point of contact probably means you’re progressing in the process. Especially since you got such a positive note from one of the people you interviewed with. This is all good!

    It might be a nice idea to send your new contact a little note and just say that you understand s/he is your new contact and want to let her/him know how much you’ve enjoyed the people you’ve met with so far and that you’re very interested in the company and look forward to the possibility of working there. As I always say, keep it short and keep it sweet.

    I know it’s tough, but try your best to relax Ryan. This stuff takes however long it takes! Really sounds like it’s going fine. Not too much more you can do other than breathe (in AND out) and stay positive. πŸ™‚

    Best of luck, Ryan. Would love to hear how it turns out.

    Ronnie Ann

  49. Hello Ronnie Ann,

    As seems to be the case with the rest of the job-seeking world, I am currently involved with an interview process going on entirely too long for my liking – and judging by the excellent advice you’ve given already, I’m hoping you will be able to help me out!

    The initial screener was a project manager in my (potential) division, with whom I developed great rapport – she invited me to contact her with any questions, immediately responded to my weekly follow-up emails, and on the second week, pushed my application through HR immediately for the second interview. She clearly went above and beyond the call of duty, as my HR contact has never responded to my contacts except to schedule an interview.

    The second interview also went reasonably well, and the interviewer told me in his own words that he was “pretty confident” they would be passing my application onto the final interviews with the company VP and CEO. I followed up with a thank you note immediately of course, and also sent an email to my first interviewer thanking her for being immensely helpful in my candidacy so far.

    Another two weeks have gone by, and I have just sent another follow-up via snail-mail to the second interviewer (thanking him, briefly citing qualifications and enthusiasm, etc.)

    My question then is this – do I also continue to follow-up with the first interviewer? She already passed my application along to the next link in the chain, and all I can think to write would basically be a reiteration of my previous follow-ups (Thanks again for your help – I still haven’t heard anything, but remain enthusiastic). I don’t want to appear desperate or become a bother and tarnish what has been a positive relationship.

    Any ideas on whether to continue to write follow-ups to this person? And if so, is there anything else I can say other than merely restating my gratitude yet again?

  50. Hi Adam!

    Great question. I like the way you’ve handled things so far. You could write this blog – although I hope you’d still let me help. πŸ˜‰

    As for staying in touch with the initial recruiter…having played that role many times myself, I have a soft spot for your question. Of course, I can only speak for myself, but when I’ve gone out of my way to help a candidate I like (and FYI, I continue to do that whenever I can even as they progress), I enjoy hearing from them – just not too often.

    So maybe it’s best to wait until some next step happens. You can let her know by way of a short e-mail, adding another quick “thank you again”. I think that’s appropriate, smart, and also not overwhelming.

    Sounds really good so far, Adam. I have my fingers crossed for you. Good luck! Please keep us posted. Oh..and if you ever want to write some interview tips, I welcome guest posters! We learn from each other. πŸ™‚

    Ronnie Ann

  51. What would be the causes of delay of sending a Job offer?? I’ve got the response “we’re interested in you and we will send you the job offer today or tomorrow morning”. However 3 days have passed, and the job offer isn’t at my inbox yet.
    Thank you

  52. Hi George!

    First…congratulations on the presumed offer! Not sure what the custom is with your particular employer, but most employers I know send out a snail mail offer. That would involve getting it prepared, signed, and then put into the mail. With the holiday season, mail can be slow. So give it a few extra days.

    Hopefully by the time you read this, you already have the offer in your hands. πŸ˜‰ Of course, if you haven’t seen it by tomorrow (Thursday), it would be perfectly ok to give them a call to see if it got “lost”.

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  53. Hello!

    I have been reading the advice you have given and it all seems really helpful.

    I have found myself in the same waiting game as most people above. I went for an interview December 11th which was on a Thursday and the interviewer told me I would hear something either Tuesday or Wednesday to setup a second interview. Well I heard from them on Monday which was a day earlier than expected and went the next day for my second interview. I feel that both interviews went very well and we even discussed salary. They know what I was making at my other employer and their offer was half of that and I told them it wasn’t a problem for me. They said everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up and I said I would be fine with doing that because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. They asked for 6 references and had SEVERAL questions about who they were and how I knew them, when the best contact times were, etc. They definitely sounded like they were going to check them. I have talked to 4 of them and the potential employer has not called any of them. It has been almost a week and with Christmas coming next week I thought I would have heard something by now. Is it uncommon for employers to wait a long time before they check refernces or to act like they are going to check them and then not check them at all? I am very confused because I thought I said and did everything right. During the interview the person who had conducted the first one kept prompting me to talk about highlights of myself. I felt almost as if he really wanted me to have the job. Any input will be much appreciated.



  54. P.S. on my last post. I forgot that in my second interview one of the women had been there 44 years. I am not sure of her position but she actually is very good friends with one of my references who is one of the references I have not spoken with yet. It really sounded like they would check them out.

  55. New Policy: I finally had to stop answering individual questions because, as traffic continued to increase, I was getting way too many to keep up with and stay sane. πŸ™‚ Believe me, it was a tough decision to make, but my only other choice was to close down the blog completely – which I did for a while. But thoughts and advice from my readers are most welcome. I always wanted it to be a place where we help each other. So please feel free to add your comments or share your own stories!

    With apologies to my readers…

  56. Hi Ronnie, I had a job interview back on June 15th and it went well… I even sent a thank you letter to the director and she had replied back to me saying “speak with you soon :)” now many people said thats great news and some said that means nothing but from my understanding employers never reply to a candidate’s thank you note.

    Anyway, during the interview they informed me that they will get back to me during end of June or first week of July. Today is the 7th of July and I’m so anxious to find out because I havent heard back yet. I been applying to other places but since economy has been so bad no one called me for any other interviews yet. I hold a bachelors degree, and I really really want this job especially because I did great on the interview they even told me that. I DONT want to send a follow up email because 2 weeks ago i sent a thank you note and she said speak with you soon and that was 10 days after the interview itself! what do you guys think I should do???

    Thanks for all your help πŸ™‚

  57. Hi Sally!

    First, congratulations on what sounds like a really good interview. And, while many employers don’t reply, some do. You can’t interpret anything from either choice.

    Around holidays, things slow down a bit because of vacations and general holiday mindset. πŸ˜‰ So again, it doesn’t mean anything that you haven’t heard back from them yet.

    Still, since it’s been a couple of weeks since your thank you note, it would be fine to drop a polite note saying something like “Just wanted you to know I’m still very interested. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.” I mean, use your own words, but a short note like that is totally cool and won’t hurt as long as you don’t do this too often.

    But I’m sure they haven’t forgotten you. πŸ™‚ So please just take some deep breaths and do your best to think about other things. I’m glad you’ve been applying elsewhere. Keep it up, since you never know what might pop up in the meantime.

    Good luck, Sally! Please let us know how it goes.

    Ronnie Ann

  58. Hi Ronnie –

    I applied for a “Project Manager” position 3 weeks back(software firm). I heard from the director of CS after 4-5 days asking me for my salary requirements and I answered her. Very next morning I got another email from her asking me if its possible for me to go for an interview the very next day or day after. I responded by saying “I can come tomorrow”.

    Interview 1: I was interviewed by 2 sr. project managers first. It was more like open ended discussion and we were laughing and showing great enthusiasm in each other. After about 45 mins. they asked me if I have any questions for them. I asked them 2-3 and one of them was “what kind of person are you looking for this position” or “what kind of person do you think would fit the best” and they pretty much responded with my answers and finally said “we are looking for someone who has the qualities you mentioned”. After that the director of PM came in to talk to me (2 pm’s left then) we talked for about 20-30 mins and it was again more like discussion. I asked her the same question and pretty much got the same answer (We are looking for someone like you) Then she walked me to the main lobby.

    I send out an email to the same director of CS (she was out the day I went for an interview) who started the email convo. with me stating I met with so n so and it went well, left the employment forms with receptionist and let me know if anything else is needed. She responded next day stating that the interviewers conveyed interview went “very well” but the Director thought I might a good choice for another position that they have open (higher then what I had gone for) “an architect” position. She send me the description and said if your indeed interested I would like you to come back for another interview with that dept’s director and VP. I responded by saying “yes”.
    (I am little under qualified for an Architect position, that is why I did not apply for that to start with)

    So, I went for an interview just last Tuesday. Met with the director first for 40 mins or so, we pretty much talked about the technical things and discussed about the what I currently do and what I might be doing (If I get the job) I again asked him few questions at the end of an interview and one of them was again “who do you think would be best fit for this position” and he said pretty much same as the other interviewers said in the first interview but he added one more thing, stating “I personally want someone like you who handled technical side and pm’s side both because you have shown great abilities in both”. After that the VP came in to talk, we talked for about 20-25 mins and for initial 10 mins he was quite tough, asked me why I want to leave such a good job, why am I moving out of a good company, etc. and he also said “lets put aside the salary part” what else brings you out in the market (I obviously never said anything about salary but I guess he knew salary is always the reason why people look for another job) I said well its not salary but career/personal growth includes both skills development and salary and etc. He also tried to ask me some questions about my company (my current company being a rival one), I tried not to give him any confidential answer but gave him the answers which are already out in the market.

    After 10 mins. he settled (not tough anymore) and talked about the position, environment, how/what he handles things, etc. then I asked him couple of questions one of them was “what are your plans to grow this department in this market” and this time I did not ask him “what kind of guy hes looking for”

    So, he walked me out to the main lobby and I again left (new) employment forms with the recep. and left. Sent out an email to the same CS Director (she was again out when I went for second interview) thanking her for the second opportunity and how did it go.

    Now, its been 10 business days and couple of weekends, I haven’t heard anything yet, I am not sure but is it good or bad ? did I get it ? or should I expect a positive answer ?

    (left two emails but unanswered)

    Notes: On my employment forms I accidentally said “yes” to can we contact your current reference. (is that a bad thing)

    Director asked me to fwd him some sample work I did at the current place, I did send him the sample work very same day but just bits n pieces (just to give him idea) to keep my current employers work in dark. (is it good) Also, he went out of country for 3 days right after my interview (he told me when I got done with the interview)

    So, I am not sure what to expect and getting a little restless.

    Thanks –

  59. Oh Jay! I know how hard this must be for you.

    As you may have seen at the end of my article, I’ve had to stop answering questions in depth the way I used to. And you asked a lot! πŸ˜‰ Basically it sounds like you did well and have done all you can at this point; but there is no absolute time frame in the interview game. As we say in baseball, it isn’t over until it’s over. There is still a chance.

    I wish you luck. Please let us know how it goes.

    Ronnie Ann

  60. Thanks for the response Ronnie, yes it surely isnt over till its over and keeping the hopes high..

    Got an email from them saying their director is out of country and the decision is pending, they will get back to me in couple of week’s time..

    Thanks again.

  61. Hi again Jay,

    Glad there’s still hope. Fingers remain crossed. Crossing both eyes and legs now. Thanks for keeping us posted.


  62. Erin Danielle says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I have a similar situation but let me explain & get your opinion. I have been in talks since May with a company out of state from where I currently work about a position very similar to the one I currently hold. My current company has had a lot of big changes happen and loss of clientele which has made me look for another position elsewhere. I had three phone interviews over the course of the past two and half months and have been very diligent following up with email’s and staying on top of things. Last week, I flew half way across the country to interview face -to-face and felt like it went really well. We talked a little bit about salary at the end of the interview and I asked what she thought and if she had any questions for me or when I would know something. She replied that she thought that I was bold and organized and qualified and that she was looking for someone who could be hired and hit the ground running and so it seemed like I was a good fit because of my prior experience. She told me I was the last of ten face to face interviews they had conducted out of 300 applicants. And I was the last one because I was from out-of-town that they were waiting to meet before making their decision. Interview was last Thursday, I was told they would be getting together to make a decision on Friday and they would let people know on Monday. I didn’t hear back on Monday, and I had already sent a thank you email on Friday, expressing that I looked forward to hearing their decision on Monday. I decided to call when it was 5:30 pacific time, (the interviewer’s time) and leave a quick message saying that I’d appreciate a phone call to know their decision with a definite yes or no. It is now Wednesday, and I’ve not heard back at all. Tomorrow will be a week since I’ve interviewed and I’d like to follow up again with an email. I really need to know because I have to move out & into a new place because my lease is up in two weeks and I need to make a decision and make plans. I really want the job but am confused and frustrated by this silence.

    • Sounds like they have no problem playing “this game” where they have put you right where they want: at there mercy. Please dont wait for them to decide what happens with your future.

  63. Hi Erin Danielle!

    The one thing about interviews is you can’t really know for sure what’s going on behind the scenes. Clearly they like you a lot and you are probably one of the top candidates (or they wouldn’t have flown you out after all the other interviews).

    At this point you’ve done all you can. Why haven’t you heard even after they gave you a clear time line? Could be they made the offer to someone else and are waiting to hear back from them If so, you still have a chance if they say no. Could simply be someone important to the hiring had an unexpected problem or even something happened in the company that required a slight delay. Maybe by now you know, but if not…all you can do is be patient and wait some more. (They’ll most likely help you deal with your apartment issues, etc. bets to let those concerns go for now. Only adding to your own anxiety. πŸ˜‰ )

    Meanwhile…keep the momentum going by applying elsewhere. You never know what might come up and why put all the power in their hands!

    Good luck, Erin Danielle.

    Ronnie Ann

  64. Hello Ronnie Ann,

    I am currently working as a temp in one of the University department. Being a temporary staff I tried to apply in other department and was luckily called for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd interview. This new dept called all my references including my current boss. When my current boss recieved the email she was panicking and threatened that she’s going to lose me. She emailed the dean saying that Liza is going to the third interview and I’m afraid that we’re going to lose her, can I tell her that a full time position is coming sometime next month, and the dean replied “YES”.

    About my last interview with the other department, the director said that the other directors who conducted the 2nd interview were impressed about me. A little orientation of the position was conducted on the third interview and on the last part she said that they will contact me anytime soon.

    After the interview, my boss talked to me and she said not to leave her because a fulltime position is coming for me. I said that they are not offering me the job yet but I’m hopeful that they will. It such a blessing in diguise because my current dept made a last move to offer me a fulltime jon when they learned that I am applying for the other job.

    I will meeting with the dean tomorrow to talk about their proposal. Until now, I haven’t heard any offer yet from the other dept. What if i did not get the job from the other dept, does it mean that my current dept will also back out with ther offer?

    Is it ok to call the other department to follow up, its been a week and never heard anything from them yet.

    As far as my desicion, I am 75% decided to stay with my current dept but I’m kinda scared that they will get back their offer if they learned that the new dept is not offering me the job yet.

    Please help me, I’m really confused and restless.

    thanks so much.


  65. Hi Liza!

    I hope by now you’ve heard some good news. But sometimes things slow down around Labor Day (assuming you’re in the U.S.)

    If you haven’t heard back from the other job by next week, feel free to give them a call. But if you’d really rather stay where you are, first ask your boss if you can speak with her and be honest. If she understands you’d rather work for her, but you’ll have to keep looking even if the other job falls through , she’ll do all she can to make it happen for you.

    Don’t give up. You’re in an enviable position – even if it doesn’t feel like it while you’re stuck in the waiting game! Meanwhile…keep pursuing everything.

    Best of luck! Please let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  66. Hello Ronne Ann,

    Thank you so much for your response. I received the offer this morning from the other department, they offered me a better rate, immediate benefits, and the position is a full time regular. I had a meeting with the dean (my current dept) last week and she basically offered me a new job but it will be sometime in october or november, its a 12 month position depends on the turnout of the enrollees, she’s being optimistic about it. So now, I only have til tomorrow morning to decide. Wish me luck, I am praying that Lord will guide me on the right decision, at first, I thought its easy but its not. I’ll keep you posted and thank you so much for your response. Really appreciate it.

  67. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I’m so glad I found your site as I am in a similar predicament as some of the other posters and would love it if you could give me some advice.

    I am recently graduated with a masters degree and am now looking for work. I live in a rather economically depressed area currently (small university town) and am looking to find work in a much bigger city on the opposite side of the country. I have been applying to jobs in this larger city and recently received an interview at a great non-profit that I would love to work for. So I flew out there (at my own expense) and had a great interview. I was interviewed by my two potential bosses and the office manager (one of the bosses was on the phone because he was on vacation). They told me that they would be on vacation for two weeks and wouldn’t start the decision making process until they returned. I assured them that I am ready and willing to move should they give me an offer. Meaning, I will be there within two weeks of the offer.

    Well, today it has been 4 weeks since the interview. I emailed them last week and the office manager told me that they would be checking references and making a decision either last week or this week. It is Friday and I have not heard anything. I emailed them politely again this Monday to let them know that I remain interested but never heard back.

    Do you think that I should assume that I am out of the running? Would you think that this is because I don’t live in the city of the job? They seemed impressed that I flew out there for the interview, but its so hard to tell how people really feel. This is very frustrating and I just want an answer!! I think my anxiety about this is further compounded with the fact that this will be my first real job interviewing experience since being out of college and they are the only ones who have called me for an interview so far. I really want this job!

    Thank you,


  68. Oh, I also want to mention that one of my references told me tonight that she has not yet been contacted.

  69. Hi Liza!

    I’m so happy for you. I wished you luck as soon as I read this. Unfortunately I work during the week and sometimes have to wait before I can actually answer on this blog. πŸ˜‰

    Hope you made a decision you feel good about. I know what I would have done, but each person has to do what feels right for them. And even if you took the offer and have some remnant feelings about the area you are currently working, it’s good to stay in touch and keep your networking contacts “warm”.

    Best of luck, Liza! (And I do hope you let us know what you chose.)

    Ronnie Ann

  70. Hi Waiting!

    How awful it is to be stuck waiting that long – not that it doesn’t happen a lot of the time. There’s no real way to know what they’re thinking, but I’ve hired out of town folks above local folks If they are right for the job. So it really is about the fit. Reference checking can get delayed for many reasons. And sometimes, not every reference is called.

    So I’m sorry to say…you are still in the position of waiting until you know for sure. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. But meanwhile, keep applying with all the determination and positive energy you can muster.

    Oh…and the fact that you got this close – just in case it doesn’t work out – shows more will come. Keep your search going and don’t forget to network!!! Especially important in this economy.

    Finally…again just in case…remember to thank the people you connected with best and let them know you are still interested in future openings.

    Good luck!
    Ronnie Ann

  71. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Thanks, I still haven’t heard back from them and they stopped answering my weekly follow up calls and emails so I just assume they don’t want me. I think that’s rude not to respond to me, but oh well. I will continue applying for more things!


  72. Hi Waiting!

    So sorry to read this. Good luck finding the RIGHT job for you.

    Important note to all my readers: PLEASE don’t send weekly follow-up calls and e-mails after an interview. This only irritates folks, many of whom have inboxes full of e-mails all demanding immediate attention. An occasional e-mail or phone call is ok…but after that, believe me…if they are interested, they remember you!

    After an Interview: Can Weekly Follow-up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job?

    Best of luck! Your job is out there. πŸ˜‰

    • Why shouldn’t we be able to send follow up weekly e-mails or calls to hiring people or HR people? Isn’t this thier job to deal with us job seekers? If they don’t want to deal with us then why are they in these positions? Please respond. thank you.

  73. Jay Lambert says:

    I am in this situation right now. I had interviews with this company over a month ago. After a few rounds, the HR person called and told me they’d like to move forward and check my references. I found out from her that I was the only candidate they were interested in.
    So I gave her 4 names for references, 2 former bosses and 2 former coworkers, and know that they will say great things about me. Two of them were contacted and they let me know right away. Last thursday (today is tuesday), the HR person called me and said due to the holidays and budget reasons they will put this position on hold, but they are still very interested in me. I said how about still give me the offer, with effective date in January, and that way I know I don’t have to keep looking. She said she would check with the hiring manager and let me know the next day (friday). On friday close to 5pm I emailed her and asked if there is any decision yet. No word from her, and still no news until today.
    Oh, the funny thing was, she actually still called my third reference on that day after I spoke with her, and my reference emailed me to let me know.

    I don’t know what to make of this. Should I just let this one go?

    Thank you for reading and would appreciate comment/feedback.

  74. Hi Jay!

    Sorry I also made you wait. I do know how hard waiting is, but even work coaches have holidays. πŸ˜‰

    First. let me congratulate on how well you’ve handled all of this – even and including your suggestion to set the date for January. Hope they do, but if their finance guys nix that – sometimes a hold is a hold until it’s off and no hiring commitment can be made until then – you are still someone they want to hire when the freeze is up. A good thing.

    But should you keep looking? YES! Always. Not only does it increase your chances and help keep you sane because you’re taking action for yourself – but it also keeps your energy up in a way that makes you more attractive as a candidate even when you communicate with your preferred job. So dig in with a vengeance to making a new offer happen. But don’t let this go…just let it know you’ll welcome it if and when it comes. No need for it to be one or the other, ok?

    One other possibility if you really want this job and they still say they can’t commit to a hire yet……offer to come on as a consultant until their ability to hire again unfreezes. Assuming you are willing and able to risk this, it’s sometimes the way in under these circumstances.

    Best of luck, Jay. PLEASE let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  75. Jay Lambert says:

    Thank you so much for responding, Ronny Ann! I know you’ve been really busy lately, so i really appreciate your response.

    They finally emailed me yesterday, told me that the CEO, who I was going to be working directly with, has decided to move back east and will therefore not need my help. I hope that was a bullet dodged, but I’m still not happy with the fact that they already called my references. Those people are busy people, and I hate to bother them for nothing.

    On a side note, I just had a second/final interview earlier today, which went great. But it’s a funny market right now, so I wouldn’t know whether I get the job or not until they call me, hopefully by the end of the week. Will definitely keep you posted on that as well.

    Thanks again, Ronny Ann. I really got a lot out of your blog and it has calmed me down during ‘those moment’.


  76. Hello work coach,

    I found your website via google and I am a little desperate concerning my application.

    Three weeks ago I had a telephone interview for an internship with a company in the UK. BTW: I am from Germany. A few hours after the interview I sent a “thank you note” and received a kind reply of the person I was interviewing with. She wrote that she would get back to me ASAP. One week passed and I did not hear anything. Then I contacted her again via email to enquire about the status of my application. She answered again immediately and advised me that they are still reviewing applications and will contact me in due course. But nothing happened yet. Moreover she knows that I have applied for another job, because she aked me this question in the interview and I answered it honestly. Now I am not sure if I should call today or tommorow and tell her that the other application has been successful but that I would prefer working for them and need a decision in the next days. But I neither want to seem impatient nor do I want to pressurize the interviewer…

    Maybe you can help me and tell me your opinion. Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards,

  77. Hi again Jay!

    Glad my blog has helped. I don’t think there’s a reader out there who can’t relate to those moments.

    Agree about the references. It always bugs me when references are called unless the company is ready to make an offer. Feels a bit selfish to me. But then again (assuming they aren’t really all that bad)…don’t forget to follow up with them. You never know if there’s another opening – maybe even with the new CEO. Keep your contacts warm if you are at all still interested in the company!

    Good luck Jay with the other interview. And keep the good energy going until you hear “we’d like to make you an offer” from a company you want!!

    Best to you!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  78. Hi Mia!

    Good question. And congratulations on having a definite offer.

    Under the circumstances, I would politely call and explain – making sure you say you feel awkward about this. If you say it nicely and they are a company really worth working for, they’ll be fine with this. Either they can or can’t accommodate you – but at least you will have done your best.

    I hope whichever job you wind up taking, it turns out to be one you love. I had that happen once and wound up having to take the one I wanted least – and it turned out to be wonderful in ways I hadn’t imagined. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  79. Dear Work Coach:

    I am so glad I came across your site. My dilemma is just like all others in this post. I saw an opening on a job board and applied. Then reached out to the recruiter as I didn’t hear from him for days. I explained to him how I was an excellent fit and why I was interested in the position. The recruiter then actually thanked me that I called to get his attention on my resume coz he sure thought I was a great fit. All of the processes afterwards were super-super fast. He set up a phone interview for me the HR. The HR was very nice and pleased. Then called me in for a face-to-face meeting right next day with the Hiring manager. Who seemed to have liked me as well. Then next day I got a call from the recruiter asking for my availability for a second in person meeting with Hiring Manger’s two other bosses. This was a conference call with me on site with the hiring manager, and the two other bosses on phone as they worked off site. As I saw the interview went very well, I popped the question “where I fitted in their search..” they responded with saying “good question..” they said I stood out for several reasons and provided me with those reasons. They also said they would make a decision within 2 days. This was on a wednesday. I was supposed to hear from them on Friday. Oh, before I left they also had me meet briefly with the CEO.

    Friday passed I didn’t get an offer though the recruiter called said the company had requested my salary history. Salary history along with a salary requirement was already given to the company in the very early process of applying for the position. But this time they wanted the history more in detail with bonus, medical coverage, vacation, hour of work week etc. Recruiter also took three references and said once he gets an ok from the company he would check my references. Couple of days passed I heard nothing so I called the recruiter. He didn’t have any updates for me. I must say he emails me almost every other day to just let me know he has no updates for me. Finally he emails with an exact date when the company was hoping to make their decision by. It’s that day today and I have not yet heard from them. You can see I am being very impatient.
    What should I do if I don’t hear from them today? Would it be okay to call the company directly this time? I was told they had interviewed a lot of candidates but no one made it to the second interview. I am curious if they are still interviewing. Would it be okay to speak with the hiring manager or the HR? The HR was very nice too. She would actually come to me at the beginning of every interview and wish me luck. She seemed like she really wanted me to be liked by the hiring manager. She had given me tips to emphasize more on what to get more consideration from the hiring manager.

    Please point me in the right direction.
    Thank you for your time.

  80. Oh Dia…I understand how hard this is, but these things really do take their own time. And since you’ve been working through a recruiter, I suggest you let them handle things. Because of the relationships involved, what seems like a simple phone call to relieve your momentary pain could do more harm than good.

    All this has moved so quickly. Sometimes there are internal processes that even at the end game slow things down. I just heard back on another post from someone who finally got the “yes” answer – although he had to wait 2 extra weeks to get relief. πŸ˜‰

    My best advice is do whatever you can to take your mind off all this and…I’m sorry to say it…wait.

    You’ve done your very best and things look good. I hope it’s a yes…soon.

    Good luck! Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    And for anyone still waiting:

    What the Heck Goes On Behind the Scenes After a Job Interview?

    I Got the Post-Interview Temporary OCD Blues

    12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

  81. Ronnie Ann, I highly appreciate your quick response!!

    Great to hear someone’s wait is over after all.

    Although no final decision has been made yet I just heard from them. This time it was the HR just emailed me requesting for my references again and she also informed me that they were highly considering me. I hope I get an offer ASAP – will inform when and if it happens.


  82. Nice feedback. I look forward to hearing the hopefully good news soon, Dia! Thanks for letting us know.

    Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  83. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I posted here last month as I was in the waiting game after some real great interviews with a company. Sorry I took long but I meant to infor you that I have gotten the offer and have joined from Jan 4th, 2010.

    I have another dilema now. I am not sure if you answer just questions but thought I would shoot it out to you anyways to see if you have any feedback.

    I was 21 weeks pregnant when I joined the company. Right now I am almost 24 and I still haven’t told them. When do you think would be the right time to do so? I’ve heard some weird stories that company actually dismiss your employement with them once they find out about your pregnancy. I am hoping that the same does not happen to me. I wanted to prove to them that I am hard working before I give them the news. So far I have been doing everything as per their expectations. I have not had a review and will not have any within the next two moths. Therefore, I cannot say how they has judged my work. It is basically training that I am in. This company watches you for 6 months before giving you a real title.

    My baby is due in May. So the maternity leave will start in the end of April. This is my first pregnancy and luckily I am able to hide it with loose maternity cloths. When would you suggest I tell them, it’s been three weeks with the company?

    Thank you,

  84. Hi Dia!

    First and foremost…double congratulations, both on the job and baby. Since this isn’t my area of expertise, I snooped around and found this article – with comments that give varying opinions. You’ll find some good information here. Hope comment number 5 is true for you!

    Pregnant Job Seeker

    Not exactly sure how your company will view all this, considering you are in training and maybe even probationary for the first six months – and you will need to be on leave before the end of that period. I doubt you’d be on any firmer ground waiting to tell them closer to the birth (since it’s still your training period) and I’m sure you know they may very well not be all that thrilled no matter when you tell them…even if legally you might be protected.

    But as the article says, maybe by being up front with them now and offering to work with them to make sure their needs are taken care of both before and after the birth (good to assure them how much this job means to you), you might find that things work out. As I said, my gut tells me if they are upset now, they will most likely be much more upset if you wait – so telling them now is probably your better move. And hopefully they will be like comment #5!

    But again I am no expert – so you have to trust your own gut – which now has two voices, I guess. πŸ˜‰

    I wish you all the best, Dia. Fingers crossed for you that it all works out nicely. Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  85. Lane Zane says:

    I’d like to know if anyone has had this happen to them. I interviewed for a job in April. I thought the interview went well but did not hear back. I did not call as interviewer told me it would be a couple of months before he would be filling the position. I just got an email from the same person today inviting me for an interview as he saw my resume online. I’ve had this happen twice where the employer will send me an email inviting me to interview but I’ve already interviewed for the job! I guess employers are getting bombarded with resumes and they forget who they have interviewed. Any suggestions on what to do?

  86. Hey Lane! Good to hear from you…although sorry it’s about something like this. Must be so annoying. Hard enough putting ourselves out there – but not to be recontacted as if you’d never been interviewed…grrr. πŸ˜‰

    Then again…it shows you certainly have skills on your resume they want. I’m not sure if you feel comfortable calling the interviewer and chatting her/him up, but I’d at least try to find out if this is NOT an accident but they are really ready to proceed. You can start off (innocently) saying how happy you are to hear from them again and would love to come in for a second interview. And then you just stop and see what the other person says. πŸ˜‰ Worst that can happen is s/he backs off. But then again…might be worth a shot.

    If you wonder whether this has happened to other people…yes. You are not alone. I know that doesn’t really help, but I’ve heard this from others. Please let us know what you decide. After all this time, at the very least a follow up call is worth trying!

    Best of luck. I know your job is out there somewhere, Lane. And they’ll be lucky to get you.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  87. One day a job recruiter called me. Asked if I would be interested in interviewing with their client. I went throught the first and second interview process. Sent out all my thank you letters. As per the recruiter they’re going to offer me a position, and she was advised that she’ll get the offer on Sept 7th. I didn’t hear from the recruiter on the 7th, I called and left 2 messages and she has not call back. I know this recruiter will get some kind of commission if I’m hired. But I feel like I should email the HR representative of the company directly. Do suggest I send an email and can you help me with the verbage. I really don’t want to step on the recruiter’s toes, I can’t figure out why she hasn’t called me back.

  88. I have been applying a company for five years. In May I was called to begin with the interview process which began with testing. They stated at that time persons who had passed would go on to a second interview, they were not sure of how many people would be hiring but felt they may hire by September. In August I took a last minute trip out of the country to see my ailing Grandmother. The day i was to leave i received a call for my second interview, I explained the situation and was told there would be a second round scheduled and I would be called. When I returned I phoned and again expressed my interest and was told that they would keep my scores on file and do not foresee hiring again within the next 6 months. What should I do?

  89. Hi Baby Doll! Short and sweet…please have some more patience. You posted this comment only 2 days after the “you’ll hear by date”. Believe me…those are not hard and fast. Best to let the recruiter handle things – as you say, she wants her money. πŸ˜‰

    There are unexpected things that come up and internal processes that take time – and sometimes holidays, people are sick, etc. By this coming Tuesday if you haven’t heard anything from the recruiter after calling and e-mailing, then you might want to call the company. πŸ˜‰

    Best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  90. Hi Tdean! I’m so sorry the way this turned out. I once had to give up a really great interview because of something like that. I hope your grandmother is feeling better. She’s lucky to have you.

    At this point…whether for budget reasons or changes in organizational needs or whatever, apparently there’s no position available for you. This is not uncommon especially in this economy. Thing is…positions can open up unexpectedly. So I would try to stay in touch.

    For now, maybe an e-mail where you express your disappointment as well as continued interest in working for them. Tell them you will stay in touch – and do that every few months. Also…if this fits for your skills…let them know you would love to take on some consulting work and give them a chance to see what a great fit you could be when a position does open up. Couldn’t hurt! πŸ˜‰

    I wish you much luck Tdean!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  91. K H Chaitanya says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I am impressed by your patience in answering to varies queries and helping out.

    I am Chaitanya and this post is regarding my recent interview in USA.

    I got a call from the HR manager of the company asking me if i was available for an interview on 9th Sep 2010. This was an onsite interview at the facility very near to the place i am living right now.

    I went to the interview and talked to the mangers there and it went on well. Soon after the interview they made me do a plant visit and then i left the place.

    The very next day i sent all of them the “Thank you Letters” (Individually).

    The next week on 15th Sep 2010, the HR manager called me up and asked me if i was available the next day for an advanced discussion and tour.

    I attended the interview the next day and had discussions with the team and had the plant tour again. The HR manager told me that they were making sure that I like the work that i am going to do and they like me. It was a formal type interview. Before leaving the place, HR manager asked me a copy of my work authorization and 3 references. While leaving HR manager told me that he would let me know about the decision early next week.

    The next day i mailed the HR manager with scanned copy of my authorization to work card and 3 references.

    Then I called up the HR manager on Tuesday and he said “Yes we are very interested in you, I am just working through some things on my end making sure we all have our stuff together here and then i can be in touch with you about an I will get a hold of you either Wednesday or Thursday”.

    But I did not hear from him till now and today is Monday and it is almost 3 O clock.

    What should i do?

    Wait for his response or give him a call?

  92. Hi Ronnie,

    What should I do? Don’t do anything yet? Just wait?
    Had interview last Sat. I think it went well. Interview was about 2 hours. The interviewer was a director, and she also had me meet with her boss. She asked me to fill out their application and told me that she will have meeting for next week. The following week, she will fly to NYC and hand my application to HR. HR will contact me and ask for W2. I asked for time frame and told her I have 2 more interviews. She told me 2 weeks and asked me to wait. She said I must let her know if I have another offer because she will convince me to wait for their response.

    I email thank-you email to her two days after interview, but got no response from her.

    In your opinion, what will my chance be? What else can I do?

  93. Hi K H Chaitanya!

    Appreciate your kind words. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Patience and life don’t always coincide. πŸ˜‰

    I hope by now you have heard from them. Companies can’t always get things done on their intended deadlines so patience is also a great asset for job seekers. If not, by all means, a polite call is in order. They seem very interested and hopefully will work out the details. Please let us know what happens. Good luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  94. Hi Hope!

    Sounds like you did your best, which is all you can do in an interview. The feedback you got is hopeful. Sometimes they don’t get back to you until they know more even if you are being considered for the job. Since it isn’t even two weeks yet (the time she told you to wait), I would hang in until next week (give her a few extra days) before trying another contact. A polite e-mail letting her know you are still very interested is perfectly ok at that point.

    Best of luck! Hope you get some good news soon.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  95. K H Chaitanya says:

    Dear Ms. Ronnie,

    Thank you very much for the reply. I appreciate for your time.

    I mailed them last week on Thursday, 30th sep and received a reply in the next 3 hrs saying
    “We are still finishing up some interviews and will make a final decision early next week. Sorry for the delay.”

    Does this mean that they are now keeping me aside?

    Earlier he was talking about an offer and now he mails me on my followup saying that there are still interviews going on?

    I am unable to figure out his intentions?

    Do you have any idea on whats going to happen?

    Today is Wednesday, 01:00 pm and I did not hear anything from them.

    Thank you very much!

    K H Chaitanya

  96. At this point I’d still assume you’re in the running but there’s no way to know for sure K H. I wish there were. πŸ˜‰ Things do happen but you’ve done all you can so all you can do is wait now. I wish you the best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  97. Jeri Job Hunter says:

    I Am a 51 Year Old Job Hunter…Have Been Looking for Three Years

    Everyday I pick myself up and dust myself off. Everyday I give myself a little pep talk before turning on my computer, and resuming my “job-hunting job.” Theree years ago I resigned a good-paying job at a respected company. Despite any of their bells and whistles, the stress of the job was killing me. Unfortunately, within months of resigning, the recession hit full force, and significantly reduced job postings. Even today, if you look in the jobs section of the local paper, it is mainly ads for higher education and foreclosure notices. To this day I get relatively few job interviews. I have a degree in journalism and many professional training courses under my belt. I have years of financial services experience (my declining credit rating is not helping me now). I have applied for everything from housekeeping at hotels to bank managers, but can’t seem to get anywhere. Also, because I was a caregiver for a sick family member for many years, I don’t even have any personal references. As I continue my job search…okay, I’m tenacious, stubborn and more than a little pissed off (right now, all good things), I continue to approach my computer to find that perfect job. As part of everyday, I also try gleening some self-improvement…teaching myself additional computer skills, reading business books, etc. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope it will work eventually. My creditors would really appreciate anyone who will offer me a job!


    I’m on a blogging break so I won’t be answering comments. But couldn’t leave without letting you know how much I appreciate your visits. See you in November!

    Please feel free to help each other in the meantime. Oh…and if you’re wondering why the break:

    Blogging Overload: Do You Give Yourself a Break?

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  99. Dear Ronnie Ann,

    I am very glad to have stumbled upon your blog as it has helped me a lot. But I really do need some advice.

    So 2 weeks ago on Wednesday, I had my 1st interview with this company. It lasted about 45 minutes and we really had a rapport going. And she really liked my portfolio and I answered everything well. I don’t think there was a question where it threw me off guard and I kept my cool. At the end of the interview, I asked a couple questions regarding the position and the company as well as what the next step was in the interview. She stated that they would be conducting 2nd interviews and then there would be a job offer. She said that she would call me on Monday or Tuesday of that following week. I sent her a follow up email the next day.

    I got a call the following Tuesday to come in for the 2nd interview to meet with her and 2 other members of the team. The interview was 1 hr and 30 mins. The interview went smoothly and the other 2 members also enjoyed my portfolio and my website.

    At the end of the interview, I asked her when she would be making a decision by and she told me that I was 1 of 2 candidates that was called back for a 2nd interview and that it would be a really difficult decision for her. She said that she would be making the decision very soon and would contact me on Monday or Tuesday of that following week, which is this week. I sent her a follow up email thanking her for the interview that night.

    I haven’t heard from her yet and it’s already Wednesday. What should I make of this?

    I’m getting rather frustrated and very tired about interviewing in general. To be honest, this was my 15th interview and half of them don’t even respond. What should I do?

  100. I’ve attended a final round of interview early this week and waiting for the results…
    It’s been 2-3 days I haven’t heard anything so just sent an e-mail to the interviewer checking the status and received the reply listed below. Does this mean they are keeping me aside?

    “I am still awaiting the feedback from the client. Will keep you updated once i get the feedback from client. “

  101. Hi Alfa!

    I understand you are eager to know how you did, but 2 to 3 days is a very short time. The response says what it means and no more. The client may still be interviewing people, folks necessary to the process may be sick or on vacation or caught up in urgent work demands, etc.

    You’ve done all you can. Now all you can do is wait. But meanwhile…keep applying and keep busy. If it helps, I have some posts about how to stay sane while waiting πŸ˜‰ so feel free to browse.

    Best of luck. Please let us know how it goes.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  102. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I’m starting to feel very disappointed and anxious about a recent job interview situation, and was wondering if I could get your take on it. I see that you are incredibly positive on here and help a lot of people out, so I was just hoping to get your honest opinion on this, good or bad. Sorry if this goes on forever:

    I graduated from college in May, and have only had a couple of interviews from hundreds of resumes I have sent out since then. I recently have just started to simply phone different companies that I see as potential employers asking to speak to an HR rep to see if I can come in to discuss my qualifications and see if I could be matched up with any position.

    After I called one a couple of weeks ago and left a message, I was very happy to be called back a few hours later and asked to come in the next day for an interview. When I got there, the HR rep told me that he had a few different departments in mind for me within the company that he saw as a good fit regarding my resume. I interviewed with both department managers, and one told me that he would set up an interview with other members from his department in a couple of days.

    I was called back the next day, and went on a second interview at the end of that week. I thought that the interview went great. I was interviewed by 2 people (also managers within that particular dept.) and they seemed very impressed by my resume and my qualifications. They basically said that my current job responsibilities and my degree match up very well with the functions of that department. The conversation flowed very smoothly, and I was even asked questions about myself (hobbies, interests, etc.), and when one of the interviewers shared one of my noted interests, we even talked about it for a minute. I asked them questions as well and showed genuine interest which I gave reasons for. They seemed to be describing a lot of scenarios that would occur should I work there.

    Numbers weren’t discussed at all. This is a tough situation because as far as I know, I wasn’t interviewing for any specific position, but rather seeing if I could be matched up anywhere. Again, like I said, I was told that I had relevant experience. One of the last questions they asked was “when would you be able to start?.”

    I was put off by the fact that they told me that they “didn’t know exactly what the next step would be,” and didn’t know if I would have to come in for another interview or what have you. Again, I don’t know if that was done to brush me off, or if they really didn’t know because it wasn’t for an actual position at that point. I don’t know if these two people would be the ones “creating a position” for me or not.

    They told me that I would hear from them within a week to a week and a half, and it has been 6 working days already without hearing anything. One of the interviewers walked me out (did not show me around or anything like that) and said “you’ll be hearing from me soon.” This morning I called the HR rep who was incredibly helpful (and seemingly interested) originally and left a message. I have not heard back today.

    I just don’t know what to think. I thought it went so well, and I feel I am able to make fairly accurate interpretations of situations like this. It’s just a combination of things that seem good and bad at the same time. Like I said I thought it went great, but not being shown around and “you’ll hear from me soon” don’t sound incredibly promising. Also, they have not contacted any of my references. The fact that the HR rep who was so quick to respond before hasn’t called back also makes me uneasy.

    I would really like to know how this looks to you. Do you think I’ll be getting a call back at all? Do you think I should call again or is it too much? I’m hoping I can get your honest assessment. I was on such a high after making this all happen for myself and thinking it went so great. Now, I’m just starting to feel awful and even thinking about going back to hunting down employers for hours and hours everyday is making me feel sick to my stomach.

    My family and friends all have mixed opinions. Some think I will get a call, some think it’s not looking so great. Given your experience with these situations, I was just hoping to get some advice along with your opinion. I’m sorry to ramble, but if you get to reading this, please know how much I appreciate it. I hope to hear from you soon.



  103. Hi Andy!

    You’re right…I do try to show people the positive side, but I’m also not afraid to tell it as I see it. So fear not…I’ll be real with you.

    First…congratulations on taking the ball into your own hands by calling them. Being pro-active is a huge part of being successful in your career. “I was on such a high after making this all happen for myself” Remember how that felt – whether you get this or not it’s the key to getting to where you want to go – and to bringing that positive energy with you when you interview and network. At the very least…a great story to show who you are.

    While I’d like to say I’m sure you will hear from them, I seem to have misplaced my crystal ball. But everything you tell me sounds very positive. If there is no actual job yet and they are piecing together things, this takes time. Key players have regular business as well as emergencies to take care of. Another essential business skill is knowing when to be patient. You’ve done all you can. Make something else cool happen in the meantime. There is a good chance they will call when they have the answer – but of course no guarantee.

    If you still need an answer right away, there’s a Magic 8 Ball in this post! Not saying it’s right, but something to do while you wait. πŸ˜‰

    Job Interview Limbo: Did I Get the Job?

    Oh…and of course, when you’ve had such good response to the possibility of you being a match for them, if for any reason it is a no right now…stay in touch. These things can turn warm when you least expect it.

    Best of luck Andy. Please let us know what happens!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  104. Thanks for the reply Ronnie Ann. Doing all this assuming is driving me crazy!

    I ended up calling one of the people I interviewed with the second time, and she said there was really no update she could give me, as other interviews needed to be conducted within the department.

    Also disheartening is the fact that the incredibly helpful HR rep that I spoke to at the beginning of all this hasn’t returned my voicemail or the email that I sent him. As you mentioned, I have been looking at the situation positively by thinking that no matter what happens, I have made a contact that can possibly place me somewhere in the future. Unfortunately, the fact that I’m being ignored by that person (who was SO quick to respond to my original inquiry) is seemingly putting a damper on that.

    Anyway, thanks again for taking the time. I will surely update my status here, and this blog has been incredibly helpful to me in the short time after discovering it. Thanks for what you do here. Take care,


  105. Hi again Andy…

    Please don’t think of it as being ignored. I’ve worked in places where there are actual policies about how and when to respond to candidates – especially for HR staff. And there can be so many other reasons. You’ve made your presence known, so it would be good to just let the whole thing move on its own a bit. If I were you, I’d wait a couple of weeks before calling again if you still haven’t heard anything. Show you know enough about business to know things take time. They won’t forget! πŸ˜‰

    I once waited about 4 months for the second interview even though I was the top candidate – but I don’t want you to think that will happen to you. I just want you to know you aren’t alone. Hope your answer comes soon.

    Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • Hi again Ronnie Ann,

      I just wanted to update my status here for anyone who is reading and might be in a similar situation, and admittedly to possibly get your opinion once again.

      I never did hear back from my initial HR contact, but was contacted about a week after my last post by another HR recruiter who said that I was recommended to her for a position and she set up another interview with the hiring manager. The interview went great, and the HM and I parted with him saying that he would like to hire me and would contact me the next day after reviewing some information with HR. I never did hear back from him, but about a week and a half later I was asked via email to submit to a background check which I did. Almost two weeks went by without hearing back (the release stated that the check took a maximum of three days), so I decided to give the HM a call directly. He knew who I was right away, and seemed happy that I was checking in. He said he hadn’t heard back from HR, but should be giving me a call in a couple of days. Almost a week has gone by since that phone call. I don’t know if I should call back again or just try to wait it out. Something is clearly holding up the process, and I have no idea what it could be. I have nothing to hide and there should be absolutely no issue concerning my background check.

      Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


      • Hmmm….I really have no clue as to what’s holding things up. Sometimes there are internal processes, including getting sign-offs before an official offer can be made. If it were me, I’d wait until next week before calling, just to give them a little extra time for folks who might be out sick or caught up in rush projects. By that point, a polite call touching base is totally appropriate. In the meantime, if you haven’t already done this, check your credit reports just in case something is on it that isn’t true. A small thing like that could much things up through no fault of yours. This is the FREE one we are all entitled to once a year, despite the way other services market themselves:

        Annual Credit Report

        Good luck, Andy! Please keep us posted.

        ~ Ronnie Ann

      • Hi everyone,

        I just wanted to check in once again and update my status here. After a couple more weeks of no phone calls, I called the HR department about a week and a half ago, identified myself, and was told that there hadn’t been a decision made yet in regards to the position, but I was still being considered. They told me a decision would be made in the next 1-2 weeks.

        Ok. After another week and a half went by, I called the hiring manager yesterday to ask about the status as I had not heard anything. He said that someone was supposed to call me to let me know that the position had been “delayed” and that they were going to re-visit it. I told him that no one called me to explain that to me, and he said he would contact HR and either they or he would call me to explain. I never got a call, neither yesterday or today.

        This whole thing has been so weird! I would simply move on if it weren’t for the fact that they haven’t really directly told me to forget about it. They are just seemingly avoiding me. They NEVER call me back when they say that they will.

        Does “delayed” mean that it WILL eventually be put into place and I should get a call then? Is it more likely that they don’t want to fill the position at all? Like I said, he said he would like to hire me so I would think that they’d at least like to keep me in the loop, but I have had to make all the contact happen myself. I plan to send the HM an email at the end of next week asking for a firm answer (politely of course…I have been polite on every call). For such a well-known company, I can’t get over how poor their communication and HR has been. Any thoughts are much appreciated, and thanks so much for reading.

        Anxious Andy

      • Hi again Andy!

        So sorry. Delayed can mean anything. And please know that companies often don’t inform people until they are sure what they’re doing. These things are complex sometimes. It’s NOT just you. πŸ˜‰

        As for asking for a “firm” answer, polite or not, I would try to phrase that differently. They might be eliminating the position, or reworking it to include different duties, there could be some restructure, it could be delayed for a few months…any of that and more is possible.

        While I know that sucks for the job seeker, this is when you show what you’d be like to work with. Remember…the interview isn’t over until an offer has been made. And not even then sometimes!

        Of course, you need to do what feels right for you. But often the larger the company, the more process hurdles they need to handle. So do your best to tell Anxious Andy to cool it while Cool & Collected Andy looks for other jobs, writes a book, or or starts a new company in the meanwhile. πŸ˜‰

        Good luck. And again…I do know how awful this must feel. But sometimes if you push when other maybe more experienced job seekers know waiting is totally normal (and it is…this is short compared to most), you wind up pushing away. OK?

        Read this if you haven’t already:

        12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

        I wish you all the best!

        ~ Ronnie Ann

  106. Tony Trinh says:

    Dear Work Coach,

    After reading the story above, I must say that I have a similiar story to tell as well. It sounds like if we put all of our hopes in one basket, we might be running out of luck. I would like to share a similar situation like the one with Anne’s. I am in the market looking for new opportunities and I came across this one potential company that I thought it might be well worth trying. After submitting my application online, I reached out to the HR manager on LinkedIn and introduced myself. I got her connection’s through LinkedIn and was setup for initially a phone screen. I think because of her role she is a pretty busy person. I was scheduled for a call with her but got cancelled the last minute due to her tightening travelling schedule. I was rescheduled for Jan 25 at 3PM PST/5PM EST. The company is located in Indiana so we’re talking about a three hour difference. The day of the phone screen, I did not think I was a good fit because most of my past experiences were doing work inside the corporate environment. The position I applied for is Account Manager. After a long conversation with her, she said that I may be a good fit for what she is looking for. The next step would be a discussion with the Regional Sales Manager in Fort Worth, Texas. She had to coordinate the day and time for me. It was set for Feb 2nd at 10AM PST/12PM MST. As I was preparing for my next step, I did my homework, wrote my questions, and ready to speak with the manager. After speaking with the Regional Sales Manager, I got a phone call from her on Thursday which was Feb 3rd. She said that I passed the 2nd interview. The 3rd interview is to have a phone conversation with the Sr Field Rep at Fort Worth. The date was scheduled for Feb 7th at 10AM PST/12PM MST. At this point I was progressing all along doing what everyone is supposed to do; preparing for the next big step. Over the weekend I reheared my questions over and over again but, I thought to myself, this was only a normal conversation. It should not be that difficult. On the morning of Feb 7th right before my cell phone rang, I was a little nervous to say the least. However, I was prepared to have a great conversation with this person. Much of what I had anticipated, I asked the questions thoughtfully because this is the role that I will be doing if I had the job. The phone call lasted a good 45 minutes and I knew that at that point, things were shaping up pretty good. I remember one of the questions he asked was to find out if I had any experience doing outside sales. I gave a thorough explanation about my work related to outside sales. We ended on a great call. I email HR manager to let her know how well it went, or at least I thought I did really well. She replied back and said, “Good deal, it would take a few days before she hears back.” Well, it’s been 3 days already and I send an email yesterday to get a quick update, but I did not hear back from her. I’m concerned at this stage whether or not I am selected for the a final interview which is an in person visit. I google around on the internet and so far I think the best answer to this question is to wait it out to hear back from her. Do you have any suggestions what I should do? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  107. Please let me know what you think.

  108. May have to get to this tomorrow, Tony. FYI: I don’t answer all comments (would be overwhelming), but will add a thought or two. So far sounds like you’re doing just what you need to do and it’s working. πŸ˜‰ More when I can. ~ Ronnie Ann

  109. Tony Trinh says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    No problem. Take your time. I really appreciate you taking the time to read through my situation. I’m in California so, it’s still early. I just want to let you know that I got a surprise phone this morning around 8:49AM. It’s not the end of the world I told myself if I did not receive a call from them. It makes a better part knowing the weekend is here and I’ve been waiting anxiously all week. However, I finally got the call. The human resource manager said that I have been selected to meet with the Regional Sales Manager on Feb 22nd at 1PM. I spoke with him on the phone early last week during my 2nd interview. I’m almost there. This makes it even more nerve-racking for me as I come to prepare to meet the most important person within the hiring process. I am planning to write a business proposal and prepared to present to him on that day. Any time you’ve been chosen to participate through a rigorous process of interviews, it’s best that you’re extremely flexible with their schedule. Though I am happy that I have been selected, I guess it is too early at this stage to celebrate. This meeting is critically important to me that I have to be prepared to put my game face on. It’s like in a crucial game 7 of the World Series, bottom of the 9th inning with the game on the line, the score is tied 4-3 with 2 men out, the count is 3 balls and 2 strikes, the batter is down to his last out. As the old saying goes if he strikes out, the game is all over. I have to do extremely well for this meeting. That being said I have to treat it like a normal ordinary meeting. I have to relax, take a deep breath, and be ready to take control of the meeting. As I mentioned before, I am going to work on putting a draft business proposal together. It will be about 4 to 5 pages including an action and execution. I realize this is a final stretch and I need your professional input. I know I will not be the only one there for the meeting so what else would you consider that I should do? I mean this is it. After this meeting there might be one last phone call to the VP.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some advice as to how to handle this particular meeting. I look forward to your prompt response.
    In Kind Regards,

  110. Tony Trinh says:

    Sorry Ronnie,
    Just want to tell you there are a few typos. My apology.

  111. I had the similiar situation with Tony. On Feb 2nd I went in for an interview and met with two people (manager and director). The entire interview lasted about 1.5 hrs but i assumed it went well becuase while I was interviewing with director, the manager set up a interview for me to meet the department chair and the HR rep.

    I had my interview with the chair and HR 4 days ago and everything seemed very promising. I was told by the chair that they will probably offer the position. Also following my interview I wrote a thank you letter and the chair got back to me very quick and said that he will ask the hiring mangers to move forward with my application.

    Now i havent heard anything from the company I have interviewed or the HR rep. I know its only been 4 days and I should probably be patient.

    When can I follow-up and most importantly what is taking so long?


  112. Hi Tony!

    As promised, here are some thoughts…

    First…congratulations on reaching out the way you did using LinkedIn – and on getting a positive response! And more congratulations on making it as far as you have.

    I can’t help smiling since you’ve clearly made all the right moves, and what you are saying seems to be what they want to hear. You’ve done great to get to this point. All you need to do is continue being yourself and showing them how much you bring to the table that meets their needs – and what a good addition you’ll be to their company. But you know all this already.

    So my question for you is…why are you asking me for advice? Looks like I could come to you.

    Of course I do know how scary all this is. But patience (I emphasize that) and determination – while showing them your best you – is all you or anyone can add to the mix at this point. So I’ll simply say I see so far and wish you the best of luck! Oh…and a strong positive handshake while looking them in the eyes when you meet will also help. πŸ˜‰

    Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  113. Hi James!

    Everything you tell me sounds great. If you read around this blog, people wait for weeks – once I waited for 4 months!! even though I was the top candidate. So 4 days is really not much at all.

    A lot goes on behind the scenes. People have to be consulted and sign off. A package has to be put together and approved before they can even make a real offer. And in the meantime, many of the people involved have their own work to do. If they had lots of spare time for things like this, they wouldn’t need a new employee. πŸ˜‰

    Relax. Your only job – as you yourself point out – is to be patient now. You’ve done all you can…and seems like you’ve done it really well.

    Meanwhile, here are some more posts to help you get through the days:


    Good luck, James! Would love to hear how it turns out.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  114. Ronnie,

    I came across your blog and you seem to be quite knowledgeful in the hiring seen. I had an interview with a company on 1/7 and I felt it was a solid interview (based on the interaction between myself and the hiring manager). I was told by the hiring manager that: 1) it was his decision on who to pick; and 2) that I was one of five people they brought in for the position. He said that they wanted to fill the position very quickly. I did the customary “thank you ” e-mail to the hiring manager the next day. Oddly enough, I ran into the hiring manager a week later at an industry event and asked how thing were progress and he said that he was busy all week and did not have time to review the applicants again. Four weeks after my interview, I just saw this position re-listed on a job board and now I am getting quite dismayed at: 1) what this may mean to the opportunity; and 2) that the company has not even responded back to me with a “thanks but no thanks” response. Is this common in today’s business climate?

  115. Welcome Ted!

    I appreciate your kind words. While I do know some things about the hiring process, I also know what I don’t know – and am not afraid to admit it. A much more important skill. πŸ˜‰

    First, let me assure you that this is not out of the ordinary. Sometimes companies wait until the final decision to let candidates know…and sometimes they never contact anyone again, other than the person getting the offer. We all know that sucks…but it is common.

    Although you didn’t ask…I have a few reactions to the HM’s reaction or lack of it. Most likely, either (1) they have a policy of not giving out any indication at all of where a candidate stands while the process is still open; or (2) you may not be the exact match they’re looking for (although this is so hard to tell from interviews alone), but they may also see something in you that makes them want to keep you in the running just in case. BTW…repostings can happen even if they have some good candidates; sometimes they need to show they interviewed enough people to meet internal requirements.

    It would be totally appropriate to send a short handwritten letter saying how nice it was to see him again, reaffirming your strong interest in the company, maybe mentioning one interesting thing about the event, and then closing with something like “if you have any more questions for me, I can be reached at ______. I look forward to hearing from you.” Using your own words, of course.

    At this point, I think you have nothing to lose by sending something like that via snail mail. But of course, only you know what feels right.

    Meanwhile, I hope you are continuing to apply for jobs. So often while people wait for a good one, an even better one shows up!

    Best of luck, Ted. Please let us hear from you again.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  116. Hi Ronnie,
    I recently submitted an entry to explain to you about a job interview that took nearly a month. To say the least I didn’t get the job afterall. It’s like I didn’t well. In fact, I did extremely well. They drag my feet on forever over a month I must say. This was my 4th and final meeting before they selected a candidate for the position. My biggest disappointment was this, during my meeting with the regional manager, we had spoken before on my 2nd phone interview. I had prepared for this meeting for weeks. I knew I could ace this interview because they had me talking with them for several meetings. Two weeks prior to meeting the manager who I will be reporting if I get the job, the HR manager said that he would be meeting with me at the hotel in Los Angeles airport. On the day of the interview, I totally took control of the conversation. It was a well put balanced conversation between us. It last over an hour long. I even asked one important question if the company is looking for an industry experienced person and, he said “no”.
    After the interview I felt really please of the outcome. I mean you could felt it. You know what I mean. He stood up afterwards and said, “the HR manager should be in contact with me in a few days. ”
    The interview took place on Feb 22 and by Feb 24, I received an email from the HR manager said that after careful considerations, they had selected another candidate with industry background.
    I was in disbelief, shocked, and overwhelmed.
    The company didn’t have the courtesy to give me a call or anything. My question is this and I hope you can help me for those people reading this. I realize I should not put high hope in one com

    • Sorry, accidentally submitted without finishing up my question. So, help me understand this. Why would a company went through a selection process this long and narrow down to say 4 candidates for the position, but to tell me at the end, they made a smart choice by choosing the one with the most industry experience? I wasn’t too serious about following up with them in the first place but because after speaking with HR manager, she made feel that I have a good chance. Personally,I thought the process was lamed. I even told the guy why the heck would you interest in me to begin with. After 3 successful interviews, the 4th one should be getting to know this person and prepared them or get them excited about being on board. I’ve had experienced in the past interviewing with companies this size but never in my life going through like hell with this one. Had I known earlier when I had a chance to ask the HR manager in the early stages, I would never follow through with them. With all due respect, I’m a human being trying to look for work just like everyone else. If you are not interested, then I must say, don’t waste my time and yours. I could have put more efforts to other companies that interested in me.
      Your input is greatly appreciate it.
      Thank you.

      • My apology for the typo Ronnie. I’m using my iPhone to write my story.
        Please let me know what you think because this might be helpful for those people who are going through similar situation.
        Thank you for your support.

  117. Hi Tony!

    First let me say how very sorry I am that you didn’t get the job. Clearly you have a lot to offer – and they saw that.

    I don’t have all the answers, of course. I can tell you that sometimes when companies give a reason for choosing someone else, they boil it down to the simplest explanation. There may of course be more details to the picture that are hard to put into words. Often it’s just about finding a better fit, even if it’s slightly better…not that each finalist couldn’t be a good addition to the organization.

    And experience isn’t always the final decider. I often hired candidates with less experience whom I thought would be the better fit in the long run. But when I have two candidates and I think BOTH are great, if one has more experience, that might have to be the reason to go with one over the other.

    I have one more thought/suggestion if I may…

    Now this may not apply at all, but just in case…when I read this in your first comment “On the day of the interview, I totally took control of the conversation.” a big red flag went up for me. Even if you don’t think they noticed, interviewers sense more than they show…and sometimes as they think back they remember a feeling they got. It may be nothing, but for the future…always think of THEM in control with you showing yourself as a strong addition to their team/company. Even CEOs have to show slight deference to the hiring committee. πŸ˜‰ The interview is not the time to take charge, since it might give the impression that you will do this in the workplace too – and bosses don’t like that.

    I once hired a very strong candidate who gave those signals, but we gave her a chance anyway. Soon after she started, she alienated everyone with her attitude – which sadly she couldn’t see; she kept saying she was just “leading” but she missed the nuances of what she was conveying to others.. We had to fire her – although in another type of firm (she had come from high-level consulting) that could be just fine. Now I’m sure that’s NOT what you did or conveyed…but just in case food for thought: interviewers look for those clues.

    Again sorry this didn’t work out. I hope you at least make an effort to stay in touch with them and let them know how much you’d like to work with them if a future opening comes up. And show them how much you respect them and feel you could contribute…but also learn. πŸ˜‰

    Best of luck finding the right match!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  118. Hi Ronnie Anne!

    I’m new to your site and I am really impressed. Its a great way to get good info and even share info while you are job hunting.

    Eventhough I have only been unemployed a little more than a month I have been job hunting since 2008. I wanted out of a position that was costing me more than I was earning (money wise, professionally, and physically). I left and went to a job that paid a bit less but it was less stress and it allowed me to build my portfolio so it was worth it (especially when I considered the wear and tear to my vehicle I was actually making more $$). Well after only a few months they went out of business. I was fine b/c I had a made great contacts, got some ink for my portfolio and had good lead at a larger company. It was contract through a recruiter but they allowed me to negotiate and promised me a perm spot if all worked out. Well I took it and after several succesful projects, a great evaluation (that I asked for) I thought that it was a done deal. Well it was a done deal. The VP that had negotiated with me was sent to another office (in Europe) and the new VP, despite not working directly with me, decided that since I had a union background and very little corporate exp, I didn’t “fit” into what she wanted the department to be. So to everybody’s shock (esp mine) they ended my contract and brought in her team. So now I am back out here job hunting. Fighting the lure of gong back to the crappy dead end job I started at.
    I had two great interviews and I am waiting to hear back. One is a dream job. I did all the thank you letters (hand written card and email b/c thats what the recruiter suggested). Then when I did not hear back in the time that they said I would I followed up. They told me that they still had not made a decision but asked that I not be discouraged b/c I am the top external candidate.
    So here I wait. I had a phone inerview Tuesday w/ another national group that went well. I was told that they will call in a week to schedule a face to face.
    The waiting is killing me. The anxiety is setting in b/c I am running low on $$$. I pray a lot and I am grateful that I have been able to make it even before I got my UI benefits last week.
    I think its best to assume that maybe the dream job is not going to call and focus on the phone interview I had Tuesday.

  119. Hi Ronnie,

    Had an interview this past Monday, and thought it went well. I was told to bring in 3 business references and that the interview would be with 3 people. Of course it was a bahavioral interview, however it didn’t really seem that way. I noticed that had questions prepared on paper (standard) questions…however, the interview seemed more relaxed than I expected and not many questions were asked. I was asked if I had questions at the end of my interview, and my question was to all 3 interviewers “How long have you been with the company, and what keeps you here”? One of the interviewers proceeded to tell me his history, along with the medical benefits (which start from day one)..glad to know that info..cause I was curious, but certainly didn’t want to ask. I thought that was a good sign. The other interviewers went on to tell me why and how long they were with the company…and then I was asked 2 more questions (Oh, I have one more question to ask)…thought that was a good sign also. :o) Sent my thank-you note for followup the sameday…lastly, the HR that was part of the interview had forgotten to ask for my references, but I managed to remind her I had them, and she of course said “Oh, thank you for bringing them…not sure how she could have forgotten something so important. I guess when we are looking for work..and landing interviews we all read into things and interrupt different things…Interviews are mind boogling enough, but when there is no followup Good or Bad from the company it makes things worse…I would rather have a company reject me, rather than not call me at all…it should be common decency to respond to those rejected for the position.

  120. Following up…Nikki wrote to tell us:

    “Well after I sent the email follow up I got a call from the recruiter saying I should expect a call from the hiring manager this week. I am going to be positive and say this is a good sign. I figure that the recruiter could have told me himself that I didn’t make the ‘final cut.’ ”

    (Click here for original comment)

    Great news. Sometimes it just takes time. I wish you much luck Nikki! Fingers crossed for you. Hope you get to hear some more good news soon.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  121. Hi Jack!

    Don’t count them out yet. Sounds like a good interview all around. πŸ˜‰

    As for not asking for your references, often employers wait until they are ready to make an offer or have narrowed it down to the top two. I certainly don’t bother calling references until I have the one candidate we are hoping to go with.

    Agree…one way or another, let the candidate know. Too many employers forget there are real people with real rent to pay and a real desire to show what they can bring to the table.

    But since I myself have waited months for an offer, even as the top candidate, I know alll too well, sometimes our strongest job skill is just getting through the waiting. I wish you MUCH luck, Jack. Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  122. Well well, sure glad they called…because I got the job…so happy!!!! Im leaving a company that doesn’t negotiate to keep a good worker, now leaving is much easier…Im doin the happy dance

  123. Jack!

    Wuhooo! This is wonderful news. Happy dancin’ with ya. πŸ˜‰ Really appreciate you sharing this with us. Hope the good luck rubs off on other readers.

    Best of luck in YOUR NEW JOB! ~ Ronnie Ann

  124. Camille says:

    Hi Ronnie…

    I’ve been reading some of the posts and honestly they made me calm down.

    But I still would like you to help me by giving me your honest opinion about my situation.

    I had like 3 interviews and 1 test, with the manager and director of the economics department of a bank. They all went great. After the final round was finished, the director told me, i was the one they’ve chosen for the job and then he started telling me about the benefits of this job and when they needed me to start. Then he also told me i had to meet with the HR department to make things formal so that i could sign the contract. So HR called me 2 weeks later and interviewed me yesterday, i also took some psychometric and numerical and verbal reasoning tests. After I finished, the guy who interviewed me told me that he would be calling me soon to ask me to bring some official documentation so that my contract could be made. So I asked him when am I gonna know and he said “I guess I will be checking your results in the afternoon, so i’ll be calling you in the evening” but as you can guess he didn’t call and today he hasn’t called either, i’m really worried my results were bad and that’s why he isn’t calling so i don’t know what to do now.

    Honestly what do you think i should do? keep waiting or writing him an email asking?

  125. Hi Camille!

    I hope by now you have your answer.

    Of course, no way to know what really happened, but don’t forget that in a workplace emergencies can happen, people can get sick, and new projects can get dumped on a person’s desk that pull them away from other things.

    Since you’ve done all you can (and it sounds like you’ve done really well), you are indeed stuck in the waiting game. But I hope your wait is a short one and that a job offer is your reward.

    Please let us know what happens. Good luck, Camille!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  126. Hi Ronnie,

    First of all, thanks for putting up this site. I’ve found it supportive and helpful.

    I have been talking to a boutique company for 2 and a half month. I went in there 3 times and one phone conversation. I initiated the past phone conversation as a follow up to the 3rd meeting. The interviewer asked for my references and said “hopefully it wont’ take too long to get back to me” as he still needs to discuss with his colleague(s). It has been more than 2 weeks since we talked last time, and my references have not been contacted. This waiting game has caused so much angst on me. My question is : how should I play this waiting game now? Should I send another follow-up email or just be patient and not to contact the interviewer at all? Getting no response really drives me nut. Thanks.


  127. Hi Alan!

    Thank you so much for your kind words about the site. I can well understand why you feel frustrated. You’ve done all the right things, and yet there you are in limbo…waiting and then waiting some more.

    Unfortanately, there’s no way to know if they are making the offer to someone else first…but don’t want to lose you just in case…or are really still undecided. In my experience it can be either – or none of the above. That’s why it’s so maddening!!

    While I am sure they have not forgotten you, I think at this point it’s worth expressing your continued interest (in an e-mail) and asking if there is anything else you can provide to help them with their decision. Not sure there is much else you can do – unless you want to send your message in a special delivery package, to show you mean business. πŸ˜‰

    I really hope you get the offer, Alan. But if not, i just wrote something that might help:

    Why NO Isn’t Always the End of a Job Search Story

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  128. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    During the last week of February I heard back from a dream job I had applied for. They wanted me to fill out a series of in-depth questions used as a screening process. I was contacted back within an hour and told they were very impressed and want to meet with me. I was invited to attend a recruiting event two hours away at their office which occurred during the second week of March. Here, they were able to narrow us down based upon how they connected with us.

    When I got there, the General Manager of the entire company singled me out and said he wanted to interview me and speak with me directly afterward.

    He went on and on about how he wanted to meet with me as I had impressed him so much with my cover letter and the fact that I had contacted him directly when I applied. For my cover letter, I took a creative writing approach as they stressed in the job ad that they are looking for great writing skills, not to mention it was full of wit.

    In short, the interview was incredible – he raved about what a talented writer I am and how much of an impact the letter and my approach made. I was able to effectively answer any question he gave me as I am very knowledgeable in the field and he seemed genuinely impressed. The conversation flowed easily and we even laughed and joked and talked about my hometown at the end. I was beaming when I left!

    When I got home, I immediately emailed him thanking him, attached letters of reference just for an added touch, and mailed a thank you card the next day. He got back to me and noted how proactive it was and a sure sign of how interested I was in the position. He then said I would hear something in a week or two.

    I waited…and waited…nothing. I did a follow up email to him and the VP of Operations who had first contacted me, and finally called at week 3. The Executive Assistant who answered knew who I was immediately which is a good sign because we barely interacted. She informed me that the process had been delayed due to their VP of Operations who was “no longer with them.” Because of this and their upcoming conferences, things have been a bit hectic. She assured me that there was a final round of cuts and I had indeed made the cut but that’s all she was at liberty to tell me. She expressed that she knows what it’s like to wait on a job and assured me I would hear in the next week.

    A week passed, so I called again last Thursday only to get the same response – sit tight, you’re still on the radar, they’re just swamped! She even put me on hold to go speak with the GM I interviewed with and he expressed that they are beyond extremely interested, they’re just waiting on the CEO. Initially I was told that he approves all hires – he likes to speak with each one first though, even if it’s via phone call. He wasn’t able to meet me the night of the interview because his daughter was sick. .

    Before the phone call ended, the Exec. Asst. told me she would light a fire under the CEO and get the ball rolling for me but that I shouldn’t worry because they wouldn’t have me hang on this long if they weren’t going to offer the position. It is now Wednesday, it has been over a month since the initial interview and I am losing…my…mind!! I don’t want to follow up anymore because I’ve been persistent thus far which they have appreciated but I don’t want to cross the line.

    In your opinion, should I hold out and just keep waiting? I am employed now but the problem is I am relocating so waiting on this job is holding up me signing a lease, me putting in my two weeks, pretty much everything! How long should I wait?

    Thank you so much, and I apologize for the length!

  129. Hi Erin!

    First…I’m sorry how grueling this must feel for you. But a month is most definitely NOT a long time in the world of hiring…even if it feels that way.

    I’m confused. If you’re moving anyway, what does that have to do with getting a definite response from this job? And if the move is because of this job, then the other pieces will just have to wait; you can negotiate that, especially if they like you as much as the interview process seemed to show.

    I hope by now you’ve heard something. But if not, wait another week and try the Exec Assistant again, apologizing for bothering her. Ask where things stand and explain about your need to arrange for an apartment, etc. BUT, if your instincts tell you that you may have pushed far enough, then unfortunately all you can do is wait – and maybe send a nice card saying you are looking forward to hearing good news soon. πŸ˜‰

    If I misunderstood why you must have an answer immediately, please feel free to explain more. Best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    P.S. You were right. I really do ask folks to keep their comments short if possible. Makes it easier for me to keep up with answering them. Thanks!

  130. Hi Ronnie,

    This is Alan again. I posted to you a few weeks ago. Thanks for your suggestions and article.
    I did what you suggested and sent my interviewer a follow-up email to express my continued interest. It has been a week and half since sending out the latest follow-up email. Of course, I haven’t got any reply. Is it a common tactic that employers use to reject you by not replying? This is a small boutique firm with no HR. I am losing enthusiasm with this firm as I find it uncourteous of not responding. Should I just forget about it and move on? or is it appropriate to send another email to push for yes/no answer?

    • Hello again Alan!

      You write “This is a small boutique firm with no HR.” That tells a lot of the story. Unfortunately, most small companies just don’t have resources or formal processes when it comes to the hiring process. So even for candidates they may be interested in, they don’t stay in touch.

      No way to know what’s really going on, but I would most definitely (1) call them; and (2) keep looking elsewhere. Action brings more action…and also keeps us sane. πŸ˜‰

      Please let us know what you find out. Good luck, Alan!

  131. Hi Ronnie!

    This year is my first year in the job market, and I’m a little unsure of what to do and what to expect. My parents have been in the same jobs since before I was born, so their insight is slightly outdated. Your blogs have been incredibly helpful in terms of how to navigate the process, so thank you!

    I am a law school graduate and licensed attorney in Wisconsin. I am currently living in NY, but am looking to relocate closer to my family in FL. I recently applied for a paralegal position in FL. Now, I know that I’m overqualified for paralegal positions, but I am sincerely pursuing a career in that field. I haven’t taken a bar exam since I graduated, and I really just don’t want to practice. I realized this about halfway through law school, but since I’d survived the hardest part already and the skills are transferable, I decided to finish.

    I had an interview with a small firm a week and a day ago. I drove 4 hours from my parents’ house to the office, and the interviewer was aware of the length of the drive. I was hoping that my willingness to drive that far was an indicator of my enthusiasm.

    The interviewer expressed concern over my commitment, and whether or not I would stay with the firm, but I reassured her, as best as I could, that I would not leave (mentioned that I hadn’t taken a bar exam, had no interest in taking a bar exam, if I wanted to practice law, I’d be living in the state where I was licensed to practice law, etc.). Nevertheless, I had my second round interview that day, and things seemed to go well there also. At the end of the interview, I was asked for my references, which I provided in an email later that evening (I also included a thank you note in that email, and sent one to the attorney I met with).

    I heard nothing last week (not a big surprise), and I called yesterday (a week from the interview). By the time I called, the interviewer had left for the day, so I sent an email saying that I was sorry I had missed her, wanted to follow-up, still interested in the position, etc. I also said that I would call again tomorrow.

    I called her this morning, but she was on the phone, so I asked the receptionist to let her know that I had called (I’m not sure if they have voicemail). She has not called me back from yesterday or today, and hasn’t responded to my emails.

    About how long should I wait before contacting her again? Or should I simply move on from this position? I thought she would not have asked for my references if I weren’t a serious candidate (plus, she called me the day after I submitted my application to schedule an interview). I think I might be expecting things to happen a little too fast, but I’m not sure. What are your thoughts?

  132. Hi Marie!

    First, as someone who after one year of law school knew I never wanted to be a lawyer, I congratulate you on knowing what you don’t want to do and acting on it. I hear from many practicing lawyers who wish they’d never started.

    Just an fyi…there are many careers out there besides paralegal work where your legal training can be a real asset. To name a few: banking (various positions); contract officer in government, non-profit or private industry (even in the field of entertainment); compliance officer also in any of those sectors; legal writer; etc. And don’t forget HR has a huge need for your skills. πŸ˜‰

    But to answer your real question…if you haven’t heard back yet, I’d try calling again this coming week. No harm, no foul. If she’s busy, ask when it might be a better time for you to call back. It could be that they are going with someone else and it’s not a done deal yet so she’s stalling (you could be second choice), but then again these things really do take time – no way to know all the people who have to sign off or be consulted during the process.

    I see no reason to go beyond one more call at this point. You still might hear good news in a few weeks – or longer! But in the meantime, go see what else you can get going for yourself. It might even be fate helping you find something better.

    Your story is only beginning, Marie, and whatever position you take next, new paths will open up you never imagined. Your most important allies will be to give every job – no matter what level – your all, keep your eyes open for new opportunities even within a low-level job (growth can happen horizontally as well as vertically) or within that company, and start nurturing good 2-way business relationships that can last a lifetime.

    I wish you MUCH luck. Please stay in touch!

  133. Lyndsey says:

    Hi Ronnie Anne,
    I was searching the web for some piece of mind after my first real world job interview. I am graduating from college this Friday and had an interview for a marketing position at an apartment complex last week. The interview went wonderfully and I found out yesterday I “passed” my personality test and was moving forward to the second and final interview. That interview was supposed to be today but early this morning I received a phone call saying that something had come up and my interview had been rescheduled for Monday morning instead. This is a job I really want and I think I would be good at it, not too mention there is a lot of advancement potential. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the situation. I’m trying to convince myself that it was just bad timing and doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t get the job. Thoughts?

    Thanks so much!

  134. Hi Lyndsey!

    Here are your thoughts and my thoughts “it was just bad timing and doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t get the job.”

    These things happen all the time. There’s no way to know what, if anything, they mean. It could be as simple as someone got sick or had to be elsewhere.

    Congratulations on your degree and, I really really hope, a new job. Please let us know what happens. Good luck!

  135. Hi Ronnie
    Firstly the comments you have given are a big help to people like me, graduates who are tryng to find their way.
    I had an interview last Friday and felt it went well. Certainly they were very talkative, made lots of notes and seemed very keen. I am not a confident person but seem to do well in interviews, indeed my problem seems to be the application forms before the interview. Once the interview was over I was told that as it was a bank holiday on Monday, I would hear by Tuesday. Obviously it is now Thursday and I am worried and anxious. I fear they have offered the position to somebody else and forgotten about me. I was thinking of calling them tomorrow as then it will have been a full week since the interview. What would you advise as the best course of action?


    • Hi Paul! Even when you’re told they will call you by a certain date, sometimes things get in the way that have nothing to do with your chances. Normally I’d tell you to wait until next week. But since they gave a specific date, you can mention that when you politely call Friday expressing your strong interest and asking if there is anything else they need from you. Please let us know how it goes. Good luck!

  136. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    will try to make this short. I’ve been applying with a large University near by over a period of several years and have had a handful of interviews but no offers. Recently, a position opened up that basically had my name on it. I not only surpassed the ‘required’ qualifications, but was almost an exact match for the ‘desired’ qualifications. The only thing I didn’t have was a particular certification but the other certification I do already have is rare and not easily attained.

    Anyway, I decided to see what I could do to get the missing cert to be beyond a doubt the exact match to meet the ‘desired’ qualifications. I found that there wasn’t much I could do without working for a company that had access to the material, but I’m crafty and resourceful and found a (legal) way to get access to the materials and tests. Before I applied for the job, I emailed the lead tech and said I had access to the testing material and asked which certs he would like in a candidate since they are mainly very product specific and they did not specify in the posting. Along with this I sent him my resume. I didn’t hear back but I wasn’t surprised, so I took the proactive approach and completed 2 certifications I thought were the most comprehensive and covered the most models over the weekend. I then emailed him the following Monday and let him know that I now had these two certifications and let him know the details were on my newly revised resume with cover letter which I sent also.

    I also sent an email to the department manager who coincidentally I had interviewed with a few years previously for a similar position, but was not picked. When I emailed her, I informed her we had met during our previous interview and basically stated although I was disappointed I was not picked back then, I’ve taken the time to better myself even more in case another opportunity came up, which it did. This is very true since I finally completed my Bachelors degree since then. She also received a copy of my resume with cover.

    I earned the certifications and applied before the deadline. I should mention the job posting did ask for a cover letter to which I carefully drafted a well thought out cover letter letting them know how I was a nearly the exact fit for matching the ‘desired’ qualifications and even expanded on some of those things to really show them I am experienced. I even pointed out that I already do plenty of business with other departments within the University.

    Its been almost a week since the posting ended, but i have yet to even be contacted for an interview. I’m fairly used to being rejected or not even contacted by the University, even for jobs for which I’m qualified. But this particular one I find it hard to believe they have several people with the same qualifications as I do or better, much less be a perfect fit for the ‘desired’ qualifications. I suppose I will just be patient for another week. any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi djacks!

      Sounds like you did everything you possibly could. Way to go. The rest is out of your hands, as you well know. Having been in charge of the initial hiring stages for a university’s IT area, the only insight I can think of is that: (1) employees are often instructed not to respond for various HR reasons; (2) a week is not a long time especially for a university (I sometimes had to wait weeks for enough resumes to come in – and interviewer schedules to open up); (3) there may be factors no one on the outside will ever know; and (4) you still could be getting that interview. But i would hold off on more contact right now since in some places – especially universities – too much behind-the-scenes contacts, unless you actually know folks, can be viewed negatively. I know that’s a Catch 22, but it’s the way some places are. And there’s no way to know for sure what for some companies is viewed as resourcefulness, for others is seen as intrusive.

      Personally, I think you did a great job of giving yourself every chance possible. If it doesn’t work, this simply may not be the right match for reasons out of your control. I certainly hope you get the interview. But for now…I think you’ve done enough. Believe me…they know you’re there. πŸ˜‰ If you haven’t heard back I a couple of weeks, feel free to send an e-mail making sure to say something like “I hope it’s ok to contact you…”. But meanwhile…keep looking and applying. Who knows…this new cert may open up a door you never expected. Worth searching on it as a requirement.

      Good luck!

      • Hi Ronnie Ann,

        Thanks so much for the reply and good insight! I have held off on trying to contact them again. Interestingly enough, just today I did hear from another department in the University for another position that the posting expired the same day as the job I really want. I’m going to the interview for this position even though my heart and qualifications totally match the other position. Also the position I’m interviewing for is only part-time. But maybe they will have an option to go full-time eventually?

        It’s just frustrating how I can totally surpass the ‘required’ qualifications and be a perfect match for the ‘desired’ qualifications and not even hear anything yet, or maybe never? I assumed as soon as they seen my cover and resume they would instantly call me first. But you are right, it really has only been a week and I’m just anxious. Also, after all of these years and letdowns applying with the University I’m starting to realize there is no figuring out their internal operations when it comes to candidate selection.

        Once again, thanks for the great input and I’ll keep you updated.

      • You’re so right about “no figuring out their internal operations”. heck…I worked places and watch recruiting/hiring rules change all the time. As for part-time positions…always worth trying since they can at times turn into something more. Not always, of course, but i’ve had it happen a few times personally. Good luck, djacks!! Please keep us posted.

  137. Tina Lee says:

    I got a interview with 5 different managers at very big company. After interview a day, I got email from HR, she said she would touch base with me next week on the next step. It has been 2 weeks, she didn’t contact me. I called and emailed her but no response. I don’t know if I should call her again or email to one of a person who I interviewed with.

    • Hi Tina Lee!

      I know how frustrating that must be – especially when you’ve tried calling and e-mailing. My first thought is that she knows you’re there and either hasn’t completed the process or has moved on. But at this point, if you want to send a short polite e-mail to the person you interviewed with expressing your continued interest and asking of there’s anything else you can provide, it might be worth a shot. Good luck!

  138. david p says:

    Here is my experience with the interviews I had.
    Company 1:
    The first interview was a success, except the position was put on hold. The HR person actually email me initially saying that I was still in the running and then a second email stating the job was on hold.

    Company 2: A month later, another interview at Toyota Headquarters. I liked the job, but the commute was too long, but I went anyways and I thought I did well. Anyways, tomorrow will be a week of waiting – I’m not going to hold my breath.

    Company 3: I have another interview in a couple days at Union Bank, hopefully this goes well. I had enough practice with the first two companies. Will keep you guys posted.

    BTW, I only believe in thank you letters. If they want you they will hire you without additional correspondence.

    • Thanks for sharing that with all of us. I wish you much luck finding something good soon, david p. Some employers like follow-up; others don’t. But I’ve never let a good candidate go just because s/he didn’t call me! πŸ˜‰

  139. The Work Coach Cafe Team

  140. SJ Pool says:

    This is a great site. I found it through a google search on “what to do after an interview.”

    I do send a thank you letter after an interview, but have serious doubts as to whether those letters have any effect. When I have been on the other side, as the interviewer, and received thank you letters, I read them in 2 seconds and then sent them inter-office to HR. No letter had any effect on my impression of any candidate, and no failure to send a follow-up letter mattered to me. The interview mattered. That’s it.

    I understand accepted protocol, so I adhere to it. I always send a post-interview thank you letter and, if the situation warrants, further detail about an issue that was discussed during the interview, especially if I know that I had frozen a bit and not recalled all of my experience. But, I don’t understand the need for that letter if a candidate has thanked each person, in-person, at the end of the interview, and expressed enthusiasm and interest in the position. Of course, if you know that you left out valuable information during the interview, it’s good to find a way to provide that information, and that’s a good reason for a letter. However, in my mind, that is also risky, because you may end up reaffirming that you do not have enough experience in an area that they care about, which is why you didn’t stress it in the interview and now, back home, you realize that you failed one of the tests and are trying to convince them of something, through a letter, that you were incapable of doing when meeting face to face. Yes, of course, you stress your strengths, as well as try to fill in any gaps from the interview, but, still, I think it can be overkill.

    I am job hunting and the only in-person interviews I have obtained have been (1) when I followed up an electronic application by sending a letter and my resume to the most senior person which, in my case, would be the General Counsel of a company or (2) when an out-of-state recruiting firm needs to find a candidate in my state, where they do not have contacts or know candidates.

    Other than a couple of recruiting firms, I I have never received an interview solely through the electronic application process.

    Other than a couple of recruiting firms, I have never received an answer when I tried to find out my status after interviewing.

    Unless they have told me when a decision will be made, I do not call or e-mail after that thank you letter for at least 2 weeks and, usually, not until 3 weeks; although, by that time, I know that I am not getting an offer.

    After interviewing in-person, I have been told many things, such as “I will get back to you soon,” “I will get back to you tomorrow” and “You will hear from me soon” and “We will make a decision within one week” and “I promise to keep you informed about your status.”

    Reality: Even after interviewing on-site with everyone in the decision-making process, sending a perfectly appropriate follow-up letter and, in a few cases, calling after another 2-3 weeks to try to ascertain my status, any attempt on my part to determine my status has been ignored no matter what they had told me to expect.

    The first two times that this happened, I was furious, and, feeling disrespected, continued to call until they gave me an answer…..but, only after more than 4 weeks. Now, even though I am not happy with waiting for an answer, I know that there is a 99.9% chance that I will never get an answer, and I try to put the whole interview out of my mind as soon as I send that follow-up letter. Easier said than done, but I try.

    I watch a lot of movies I remind my family to not ask me every day if I have heard anything about the job. I take all of the material that I gathered to prepare for the interview and put it out of sight. And, I keep looking for open positions and apply to the ones that seem feasible.

    I still believe that it is rude and disrespectful to ignore a candidate after hours of interviewing. But, I keep my frustration to myself.

    I am interested in hearing from any of you about your thoughts on the effectiveness of the post-interview follow up letter.

    Thanks for reading my post.

    • Hi SJ,

      Your comment was thoughtful. In brief, a follow up letter or note is a good thing; it shows you are interested in the job, you are thoughtful and respectful of the interviewer and also gets your name in front of the hiring folks one more time to reinforce you.

      Readers, chime in!

      – The Work Coach Team

    • @SJ Pool: I know exactly what you are feeling when companies refuse to be professional and get back to you after an interview.

      I have been a recruiter for over ten years and have been appalled at the lack of professionalism from companies which expect you to adhere to standards they don’t live by themselves.

      Two weeks ago I had a 40 minute phone interview with a manager who told me he would get back to me on Monday (we spoke on Friday). He even gave me his cell number to call him over the weekend in the event I had any questions. Monday comes and goes, no call. By midweek I phoned him and left a voicemail. I even contacted the recruiter who called me to begin with. Well to make a long story short, neither one has returned my calls or emails in spite of my best efforts to get hold of them. Of all the months I have been out of work, each and every interview has ended this way save one. I sit down with management two to three times and then never hear back again.

      You are correct to be upset and demand some kind of answer after they took the time to interview you more than once. Sad thing is that they do not have to be accountable for their actions, while the job seeker has to be “polite” when trying to get some kind of feedback. Years ago this was not the case as you got a rejection letter in the mail, which is the professional thing to do. Now in the age of increased “connectivity” with email, etc. no one has the time. Incredible.

      The best we can do is keep moving. The more options you create for yourself, the less frustrating “no call back” will be. No need to double-check your process as if you did something wrong, you didn’t. Blaming the job seeker (I see a lot of that on many websites) is irresponsible, disrespectful and downright lazy. At the end of the day, do you really want to work for a company who doesn’t respect your time?

      • SJ Pool says:

        Thanks for your posting.

        This one is mystifying me. After a phone interview, on-site interviews , then sending an appropriate thank you letter, and then being asked to provide writing samples, and providing them, and then today…..need to remember that….today…..asking for a timeline as to when they would be making a decision about which candidate would be selected….today, I repeat today, I got an e-mail right back, today, saying 2-3 weeks. A few hours later I checked the company website and the job posting was GONE. It was there yesterday, and had been there for months. I called HR…..I had never interviewed with HR….they were not involved in the process…. and asked if they were at liberty to tell me why the job had been removed from the website. She asked my name. I told her. And, I had to tell her why I wanted to know, so I told her that I was interested because I had interviewed for that job. She told me that job had NOT been filled. She told me that the job posting had been removed because it was being replaced with a posting for a more junior position, which would be posted in a few days. She said wait for the posting to see the details.
        I never asked about salary. They never asked me what salary I wanted. They told me, voluntarily, the salary, and I didn’t say a word; I just looked calm and fine with it. So, this was not about money. I was fine with what they would have offered. It was market rate for the advertised position.
        So, on the same day, the decision-maker, who had interviewed me twice (phone and in person) (management, not HR) told me that a decision will be made in 2-3 weeks, but the job no longer actually exists?
        Can anyone make sense of that?

        I already had a lot more experience than they had posted for in the requirements for the job. But, they called me, and they were concerned that I would be “bored” with the job. Told me that other candidates with the required years’ of experience had lost interest when they learned of the “junior” level of the position, i.e., not much opportunity for advancement or to be the leader. I convinced them that I wouldn’t be bored and all I cared about was the type and variety of work, which they were clearly offering. They had me in for interviews. They asked for writing samples. And then they downgrade the job? They want someone less…..not more.

        Once again, can anyone make sense of that?

        Age discrimination? I am over 50. Realized that they were advertising for more than they really needed?

  141. Agencies are the worst…they call you cause you have applied to a position they have..they rush you over to their office, and then weeks go by and nothing. I understand they wait on the company to move on the candidates..however, there is no excuse for agencies not to followup on their Rush rush attitude..its overwhelming for people not to at least hear back on something..I am more than frustrated by this..and find it irresponsible on their part. Looking for a job is a job in itself..and frustrating, disappointing..the people who have called back or see my resume on an employment website are what I like to refer as survival, do I really want a survival job..then have to look for a job that can actually pay the bills!!!!! I guess I basically have no choice..cause I need the money…but, what do you say to these jobs when they ask “So why do you want to work here for minimum wage”…I don’t really, cause I know in a couple of months Im out looking again…So upset…

    • Wow. They actually ask you “Why do you want to work here for minimum wage?”

      I can only assume that you were paid much more at your prior job or jobs and they do not believe that you will stay with them. And, they’re right, because you intend to keep looking for a higher paying job and leave them.

      Minimum wage jobs have very high attrition rates, and they know that, but they don’t want to hire anyone who is desperate to make enough money for one or two months’ rent or a car payment and then will quit. That happens a lot.

      The only response I can come up with for you is “I am a responsible person who has always worked, want to work and I am interested in working for you. I assume that the pay you are offering is fair and reasonable for the position, and I accept that.” I guess you may need to practice saying that with a straight face, but that’s okay.

      The typical agency cares only about its clients. They have no use for someone who is not immediately chosen by a client for an open position. They will lie to you and string you along. They have no loyalty to you. Don’t let it get to you. The goal is to use them, not to let them use you.

      • Thanks for all the great advice..sure to use you made me laugh…and yes I will have to try to put on a straight face while in the interview for when they ask that question again..

  142. Well, I have sent out well over 500 applications and resumes. I landed a grand total of 6 interviews and here are the results:

    1- very famous nonprofit. Interview went well, I was asked to solve a certain hypothetical problem. Nailed it. Got a letter about a week later rejecting me; saw the new person on TV using my idea and taking credit for it.

    Lesson learned: there is plenty of time to write a thanks but no thanks…and never give up your intellectual property.

    #2 was with a large company and once again I hit it out of the park; was told I would know in 2 weeks. Sent the TY note and got an email a couple of weeks later that they are evaluating things.

    Then radio silence. Not a peep. Two months later I send another email and the HR person said they added responsibilities that are out of my scope and are not considering me anymore.

    Lesson learned: sometimes you need to press for an answer.

    #3 was a F500 energy company. Once again the interview went well, they flew me in, put me up, and took care of me. Was told the industry standard…2 weeks.

    They actually proved true to their word; though I did not get the job, the HM called to say it boiled down to me an one candidate…she was local. About 5 weeks later I got the rejection email boilerplate from HR.

    Lesson learned: some companies do it right.

    #4 was a minimum wage job at a store in the mall, because I was running out of money and options. I got hired, but then a natural disaster hit, and I never heard from them again. Power was out for 2 weeks, so they probably did not need help now.

    Lesson learned: a hurricane can blow a job away as fast as you receive it.

    #5- another F500 company. This was my best chance of a job. Interview went well, TY notes went in the mail. Heard from one of my interviewers by email regarding TY notes…wished me luck. Was also told industry standard…2 weeks.

    I got the job offer exactly 2 weeks after the interview.

    No lessons here, though the gentle teasing I got about TY notes shows how rare they are received by interviewers.

    #6 is another F500 company since my company is in an M&A situation I am exploring options. Got a phone interview, was told (sing it) 2 weeks. Got a call 5 weeks later (they ahd updated their HR site where I applied about 3.5 weeks later.) Flew me out, put me up, great interview. Was told (hit it, Pearl) 2 weeks…and there would be another round of interviews so this was not the final round.

    That was almost 6 weeks ago.

    Sent a follow-up email to the HM inquiring where they are at in the process.

    Got crickets.

    Sent my reimbursement claim to HR, and the check was in my mailbox less than 2 weeks after I mailed it to them. At least the money side is fast, but HR had to process that so they are quick in that respect.

    No lesson yet, though it would appear that I did not get to the next round…and how hard is it to send a canned email letting people know that.

  143. In an afternote I got word from Indeed and an outside recruiter I had forgotten about. Same job title. Same description almost verbatim. “Company confidential”.

    Seriously? They have not even sent out rejection letters and they are back to looking again? Or perhaps had a contract with said company to repost…though not really buying it.

    • SJ Pool says:

      Is your new post about job #6 from your prior post?

      I have seen this happen at the company where I formerly worked. It was for a treasury position. We interviewed 8 people in person. The ultimate decision was up to the Treasurer. He chose a candidate that none of us had picked as the best choice. Offered him the job. The candidate knew the compensation package, but tried to negotiate for a bigger compensation and relocation package that was way beyond what the Treasurer wanted to pay. Treasurer said no. Candidate: gone. Position: vacant. Treasurer did not go back to the other candidates who had interviewed. Nobody had notified those candidates that an offer had been made to someone else. A few months’ later, when some new senior managers joined a subsidiary that worked closely with treasury every day and did not particularly respect the Treasurer, those senior managers had power within the company and managed to get someone hired into treasury who they knew. Ironically, she had interviewed the first time around but had not been selected. Within a year, the Treasurer was demoted, sent to another department, and that new hire was promoted to Treasurer. She was absolutely qualified and she had an “in.”

      So, if you are still interested in the position and have any contacts there, and you are fully qualified, call them. Apply again.

  144. Yes, this is for the #6 job. No updates on their application site. No phone calls or emails either offering or rejecting. Reposted on a recruiting site with a couple of other jobs which make it obvious the position is with the same company.

    I applied for it on the recruiter site, though I have never had any recruiter ever respond.

    • Hey Josie,
      I feel your pain, its so utterly ridiculous that these recruiters have not taken responsibility to respond..yes they have a they don’t have the urgency. I have decided to stop looking on any recruiter sites as for me my experiences with them have been a dead end. As in my last post, I had rushed to a second recruiter to be given the run around about a job I was qualified was a temp position no less..ah, I am unemployed..funds are limited..therefore, rushing around for jobs to agencies to then be told followups..Nothing…ya, they are busy..blah blah..aren’t we all..anyways, my point is either agencies and or companies have the ability to return calls..or send rejection letter, or even status update..but, most of don’t..its rather disconserting and frustrating

  145. I have overthought the interview so much.
    I think that is why a recent interview did not go too great. I kept worrying about what I was saying and how that I forgot what I was saying.
    Do you get me? It is hard to relax and be yourself when you desparately want/need a job. The thought that it is a big competition (especially in today’s economy) is way too depressing.

    • Hi Julie,
      I sympathize with you about over thinking. Sometimes, in the middle of an interview, a voice in my head tells me that I am talking too much, or being too excited, and then I get even more nervous. I have left interviews thinking that I totally blew it many times.
      I find that “just relax and be yourself” causes me trouble because I am a social person, comfortable with everyone I meet, and end up being too talkative and come across as not serious enough.

      If I force myself to give short answers, never try to fill in the silent spots and actually smile less, I do better.

      In other words, I have to suppress my personality and put on on an act.

      • I will definitely remember to put on an act next time. I am a substitute teacher and I can definitely do that. I did not get the job that I was obsessing about. I did receive feedback from the interviewer. Basically, I was overqualified for the position. That is hard to take when you seriously need/want a job. They went with a less qualified person that had subbed as an aide for the district before. I am hopeful that next fall may bring the full time teaching position that I have always wanted. I need to concentrate a doing the best that I can subbing and work on getting some top notch letters of reference this year. Thank you for your support.

  146. Well, in another layer of weird…I got a call from the company. However the VM cut off as though it was disconnected. I called HM who did not return my call. I called HR, and the person is no longer working there. I got a new person who left a message for the recruiter handling this group. Nothing yet.

    I figure this one won’t pan out at all, but I do have a job for the time being. And even if it does come through, is the extra 35K a year really worth working with people like this.

    • Josie – Hang in there, the hiring process can be fluid! Hopefully you will get a call back from them soon.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • I got in touch with another HR person who is sitting at the desk of my former HR person. She is no longer there. She said “they never called you?” She passed a message on to my recruiter who did the phone interview.

        I heard nothing and last night got the automated HR email boilerplate “thank you for applying, we have chosen better suited candidates for this position.”

        Applying??? I interviewed. Twice. Thanks for nothing.

  147. I completely agree with you. Here we are needing a job, and these interviewers treat us like we are at thier mercy and they are doing us a favor. I feel that 100% of companies and thier appointed interviewers have no manners what so ever. They need us, all we want is the advertised job. They waste our time when they give us timelines for when they will contact us whether we get the job or don’t, and don’t contact us at all. They do not have any courtesy, so why should we give it to them by sending them a “thank you” note. Like you said, we already said thank you for thier time and the interview. How many times have they said “thank you” to us for the time we have taken to see them? NEVER. So no, I do not feel they need another thank you from us. They already got one in person from us. They should be thanking us for making the time to see them. The thank you note rule that is taught to us is a lousy rule. I will thank them a second time ONLY after I am officially hired.

    • Gina,
      I agree with you. The next time that I have interviews on-site, I will do as I always do, which is smile, shake hands and say thank you at the end of each interview. And, no more thank you notes. I have struggled over thank you notes too many times, only to be disappointed when I receive no acknowledgement and then have to follow the second rule; wait another 2 weeks before calling to ask about my status. And then, if they tell me about my status and give me a timeline, which is rare, wait for that additional period of time to follow up again. Meanwhile, they are contacting the person they want to hire and give an offer.

  148. I’m a bit confused, I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have. Maybe someone from an HR background can help me decipher this.

    7 weeks ago I was called for an interview, I was to be one among many candidates. After that I had 5 interviews including a panel interviews and I met 15 people at directorial level. The HR was very prompt in setting up the interviews and getting back to me on everything that was needed. During the last interview I was told that the decision needs to be made in two days at the latest. So I followed up after the two days only to hear from HR that she HOPES to have something the following day. It’s been two weeks now and I emailed and left a message to the HR to get back. All I would like to know if it is a simple yes or no.

    Do I understand that I need to move on or is there HOPE? Can anyone help me understand?

    Thanks a ton!

    • I am not an HR person.
      I do not want to tell you to give up hope. Although, I will say that “hope” is not really a helpful emotion in today’s job market. Better is: telling yourself that you WILL get a job, the right job, eventually, even though it will be hell along the way, and continue to look for and apply to jobs.
      I do have one question, however.
      If you met with people who would be your colleagues, and, I assume, the person to whom you would report, why not try to contact that person? HR can’t do anything without information from the decision maker. HR is not making the decision about you.
      You are in good company. although I realize knowing that will not make you feel better.
      None of us understand why we are treated with “silence” or given useless status information after we have expended so much effort during the application, interview and follow-up process. The only answer is that it is a buyer’s market and we are all at a severe disadvantage.

    • @Cheerful: There is HOPE in moving on!

      I understand where you are coming from as I have been in the same situation more than once. But the job search in the 21st century is akin to teenage dating. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket hoping the person you treated oh so well will call you back based on the merits of your personality alone.

      I have been a corporate recruiter in HR departments as well working on the agency level. What goes on behind the scenes in some cases is nothing short of a comedy of errors at best. It doesn’t matter if you turned water into wine before the staff or have a free cure for cancer. At the end of the day, the person who may get hired is the one who “clicks” the most with everyone while being interviewed. The skill set is icing on the cake. Seen it more than a dozen times.

      So keep looking…try to be so busy you barely noticed Lame Inc hasn’t given prompt feedback as promised.

      And for those drawing unemployment I know “moving on” can be difficult because each week we are tasked with honestly reporting to the state what we have been doing in order to justify a weekly benefit. Take good notes and make sure unemployment has all the facts when you file. From there, for the sake of your own sanity, just keep moving toward other opportunities out there.

      As trite and well worn as this may sound, what we do with adversity in our lives says more about us than just giving into being hard-done-by. : )

  149. I can see there is alot of frustrated people here, and understandable too. I am in the same position with hearing back (or should I say not hearing back). Im tired of the excuses..HR is busy, the person you interviewed with is busy..Oh, we aren’t Im sure!!!! Its there job to be more professional, and do they not remember how it felt for them. Do any of these people remember what that was like. Whats the silly saying “think outside the box”..stop and more than your job..its ridiculous that it takes shouldn’t..just followup!!!!! at least in a 1 week question at an interview is, “so how soon do you want the position filled”, their stock answer is immediately..right!!!! their immediate is several weeks, and possibly months..or no answer at all..grrrrr…yes we are at a severe disadvantage..we are at their mercy

  150. I think that we deserve at least a maybe after the interview. It should not be a human torture exercise to find out either way. I think that there is such a big pool of qualified applicants that it is
    an employers market right now. Kind of like a buyers market in real estate. Hopefully, the economy will turn around soon. Heads up everybody. Take what you can if you can and keep looking. Did you ever think of saying something like this, “I have another job offer on the table and I really need an answer one way or the other today.” Maybe that would make them stand up and take notice. I realize that is like presenting your self like a commodity. However, dwelling on one possible opportunity puts you in a predicament of maybe missing the best job ever. Hope this helps some of you.

  151. I think that there is such a big pool of qualified applicants that it is an employers market right now. Kind of like a buyers market in real estate. Hopefully, the economy will turn around soon. Heads up everybody. Take what you can if you can and keep looking. Did you ever think of saying something like this, “I have another job offer on the table and I really need an answer one way or the other today.” Maybe that would make them stand up and take notice. I realize that is like presenting your self like a commodity. However, dwelling on one possible opportunity puts you in a predicament of maybe missing the best job ever. Hope this helps some of you.

  152. I think that there is such a big pool of qualified applicants that it is an employers market right now. Kind of like a buyers market in real estate. Heads up everybody. Take what you can if you can and keep looking. Did you ever think of saying something like this, “I have another job offer on the table and I really need an answer one way or the other today.” Maybe that would make them stand up and take notice. I realize that is like presenting your self like a commodity. However, dwelling on one possible opportunity puts you in a predicament of maybe missing the best job ever.

    • In this job market, most of us are a commodity, no matter how experienced or educated.
      But, unless you really do have another offer, that you would be willing to give details about and willing to take, using that tactic will only sound arrogant and won’t work. Think about it. If that other offer is so great, why are you still interviewing? Are you prepared to tell this company why you would decline that other offer to work for them?

      I had that situation, for real, once. A great job offer, with 2 weeks to make a decision; hard and fast, 2 weeks.. I kept interviewing. One place told me that they liked me but had no appetite for being forced to make a decision within 2 weeks. Another place gave me an offer but wanted my decision within 2 days; l let that one go because it wasn’t better in any way than the offer with the 2 week deadline. Another place interviewed me, twice, made a decision and gave me an offer within the 2 weeks, but it was a lower salary (much lower). I took the job with the lower salary because the opportunity was better for me all around. Having that 2 week deadline was great leverage for me only for that one company. It turned other companies off.


  153. No sorrys needed. I guess that is right. It does come off sounding arrogant. Yes, if you truly had another offer you would probably go with that.

  154. Hello everyone. It looks as if most of us who have posted here over the past few weeks are in the same predicament. We think we are doing all the right things before, during and after the interview(s) yet are still coming up empty handed through no fault of our own. Yet there are some out there in mainstream media who would have the public believe if there is a negative outcome from an interview, the candidate is at fault which could not be further from the truth.

    Speaking of the mainstream media, most of the “self-help” articles out there for job searchers tend to be pro-management. Why is that? There is rarely anything written from the point of view of the employee or job applicant. No essays calling managers on the carpet for unprofessional behavior. Sure it goes both ways, but you wouldn’t know it by anything you read online or elsewhere.

    • Fred: Thought this post might be interest!
      A plea for mercy to human resource professionals and anyone else interviewing people for jobs

      – The work Coach Cafe Team

      • Thank you Work Coach Cafe Team for the “plea of mercy”. I appreciate it. Consider yourselves in the minority for posting a different point of view. As a recruiter who has worked closely with HR for over ten years, I can tell you first hand there is more to “the process” than meets the eye. I have told several managers if they aren’t ready to hire, don’t interview. Just my opinion of course.

        With that said, a bit of levity every now and then here and elsewhere is more than welcome. Yeah it can get pretty heavy. So if I had to ASK a crazy out of the box interview question I would hope it would follow one of my favorite scenes from the film ‘Crimson Tide”. Not really a question here, but how an off the wall argument was settled during a crisis:

        Hunter: Rivetti, what’s up?
        Rivetti: I’m sorry, Sir. It’s just a difference of opinion that got out of hand.
        Hunter: What about?
        Rivetti: It’s really too silly to talk about, Sir. I’d really just forget about—.
        Hunter: I don’t give a damn about what you’d rather forget about. Why were you two fighting?
        Rivetti: I said, the Kirby Silver Surfer was the only real Silver Surfer. And that the Moebius Silver Surfer was shit. And Bennefield’s a big Moebius fan. And it got of hand. I pushed him. He pushed me. I lost my head, Sir. I’m Sorry.
        Hunter: Rivetti, you’re a supervisor. You can get a commission like that. (Snaps finger)
        Rivetti: I know, Sir. You’re 100 percent right. It will never happen again.
        Hunter: It better not happen again. If I see this kind of nonsense again, I’m going to write you up. You understand?
        Rivetti: (No answer)
        Hunter: Do you understand?
        Rivetti: Yes, Sir.
        Hunter: You have to set an example even in the face of stupidity. Everybody who reads comic books knows that Kirby Silver Surfer is the only true Silver Surfer. Now am I right or wrong?
        Rivetti: You’re right, Sir.
        Hunter: Now get out of here.
        Rivetti: Yes, Sir.

        Count me in on Jack Kirby’s Silver Surfer being the only TRUE Surfer! ; )

  155. Forget the rules. The waiting periods, thank you notes, keeping your phone with you at all times (even when using the bathroom) waiting for them to contact you when they “say” they will contact you, waiting for them to contact you after telling you they have 20 other candidates to interview first, going through 5 different interviewers, then a final interview, and all of the rest of the crap they tell us. If Human Resources did not have all of these hoops for us to jump through, they would be without a job. So my feeling is all of this frustration that us job seekers go through is for thier benefit, not our’s, or the best reason of all, to find the best candidate for one lousy job. Without us bombarding them for a job, they would be without a job. Plain and simple. By the way, it is not that difficult to hire a worker as Human Resources portrays it to be. I have hired people looking for work without spending three months and giving them lies and hopeless hopes. I have never let anyone hanging and wondering when I will contact them. That is just ridiculous. They should be thanking us that we are filling up thier schedule and thier voice mails so that they can keep working.
    Good luck to us all and hang in thier. I hope we all get jobs with decent employers, not the ones that want to play games. All they do is waste our time.

  156. One last thought, it is pretty obvious when you think about it, that if it takes a company or thier H/R representative weeks to months to hire one person for one position, they are incompetent and do not know how to hire. Isn’t that thier profession, to hire? They don’t know how to even do that. And lets not even get into most of them and thier inept communication skills.

    • Yes, but the hiring managers are far worse. If you cannot communicate bad news and you work in corporate communications…hunny, you are in the wrong field.

      • Josie I feel all your pain..cause I am going through all of this also, and its really frustrating, ennoying and such a long process to find a good job. It sure doesn’t help that most people interviewing can’t recall what it was like to look for work.

      • Readers – We want to give a bit of moderation and thought to this thread. The hiring process is always tough. It’s tougher when you are not currently working, in need of a new job or just out of school. Companies have many different priorities and rarely to these match our needs for getting hired. While it is a hard and arduous, staying positive for yourself and all interactions with potential employers will ease the process for you and makes you most attractive to the employer.

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Okay. Message received. I tried. Thought some levity would help. I was wrong, apparently. Good Luck to Everyone.

  157. Wow. This is getting even more depressing, and I’m contributing to that.

    Can we lighten it up, for one day? Give each other a few laughs and relieve the stress?

    What are the most bizarre questions you have been asked during an in-person interview?

    I’ll start:

    “So, I see that you were a freshman at Tulane University. You’re cute. Why didn’t you marry a football player?”

    “You know, this is a male dominated industry. What are you going to do if someone chases you around your desk?”

    “Who was your biggest fan at your last job?”

    “There are some people here who are not happy about someone being hired for this new position who they will have to report to. I don’t envy you if you take this job. How well do you handle conflict?”

    Interviewer: President of the Company
    Question: “How would you handle having to fire someone?”
    Reply: “Well, since I will be reporting to the General Counsel, I would assume that I would not have that authority and the decision to fire someone would be up to the General Counsel.”
    Response: “Would you be willing to take on that responsibility?”
    Reply: “I’m not sure what you mean. I am here to interview for Senior Counsel. Are you considering replacing your General Counsel?”
    Response: “Yes.”
    Ten Minutes Later: “There has been a change in schedule. You were not scheduled to meet with the General Counsel but now you are, and your next meeting is with the General Counsel. I trust that you will not tell her what we just talked about.”

    • No way, that actually happened!!!! Wow, some of the most ridiculous questions are: so if you had a choice, what animal would you be? I kinda understand why they ask that..but, come on..some peoples answers may mess up the I want to be an ardvark..or a, I answered with Eagle..(because I believe they are analytical, smart and get the job done) but who knows its up to interpetation I guess. Some other illegal questions were: are you married, how many kids do you have and if so, will it affect your job..this one interviewer ask every illegal question possible..

    • Thought I was trying to lighten it up?

  158. Bruce Wayne says:

    I like the way you tried to lighten things up SJ and Kim! It was getting a little heavy. Interview questions can be so bizarre and there’s no way to know what they are getting at. But since these are the folks I could one day be working with, I try to just go with the flow. Hard though not to want to give a funny answer when their questions are so off the wall.

  159. I have been out of work for 7 months now. I am an experienced legal assistant. I’ve sent hundreds of resumes and registered with about 6 agencies. I have gone on about 15 interviews. I follow up again and again with e-mails and phone calls. No one calls you back. When that happens, you can bet you didn’t get the job. It seems like they are afraid to call you to give you the bad news. That is part of their job and they should at least give you the courtesy of letting you know. I spend every day looking for a job. After 7 months and not one job offer it gets to the point where you just want to give up. Any suggestions for coping with this terrible situation we are facing?

    • Barbara,

      No matter how long you are without a job it is a bad situation. Yes, it would be nice if employers would let you know if you did not get offered the job and with some feedback as to why another candidate was chosen over you. After seven months you may want to try to get some frank, honest feedback from either employers or friends on your approach. Maybe there’s some simple changes or additions you can make to help improve your chances for landing a new job in your field.

      As far as coping it’s easy to say but you need to remain positive. Recently Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren said of finding a job for the unemployed, “The one thing you control every single day when you wake up in the morning is your attitude. That’s the one thing you have full control of and so I always say on a one to ten scale, where are you?”

      Hang in there, we wish you the best of luck,
      – The Work Caoch Cafe Team

  160. Hi, I applied at a company, had a job interview, did a drug test and got a job offer. That was about 3 months ago. I desperately need to work and they won’t call me. I have called them and the manager keeps telling me she will call me later that week for training but she never does. I went in and an employee told me that I probaly wouldn’t be called in for work any time soon because they didn’t even have enough hours for the current employees.

    Then about a week ago, the manager finally called me but only to tell me that my application had expired and was not in their system anymore and that I had to re-apply and retake the drug test. I was more than willing and when i went to pick up my paperwork, one of the employees told me that the manager was training a new employee. I got my paperwork and went to take the drug test. A few days ago i recieved a letter saying that I was late in taking my drug test, that it had to be done withing 24 hours of me recieving the papers. I had actually taken my drug test the same day i recieved the papers.

    I am tired of waiting to be called and am about to start looking for a job elsewhere. I find it unfair and unproffesional of them to keep me waiting for so long without considering that I have expenses to pay off.

    I guess my question is: Is it legal for them to keep me waiting so long? And what should I do?

    • Julie,

      Your story is heartbreaking. We are not lawyers so can’t comment on the legality of such actions. Seems like the company does not have enough work to employ you even though they must have hope to interviewed you. You should look around for another job. We know how hard it is when you thought you found a job already! Good luck.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  161. I’ll tell you what I struggle with. The “Not the right fit” comment. Can they actually defend a statement like that? And what does ‘fit’, actually mean? Can they define it?

    • Eve,

      One of the age old comments…”Not the right fit”. Could mean so many things yet at the same time maybe nothing. If you were a rock star interviewing to be a violin player in a classical symphony then maybe it would make sense πŸ™‚ !! Our suggestion to interviewers and interviewees is to be open, honest and clear and not use meaningless comments. If you hear this from a potential employer you can ask them for a clear explanation of what is meant.

      Reminds us of a post by Dan Pallotta that talks about how we have an epidemic of using meaningless terms and acronyms I Don’t Understand What Anyone Is Saying Anymore

      For all readers:
      If we apply for a position that we think is a perfect ‘fit’ for us and don’t get the job, it is perfectly appropriate to ask for feedback from the employer as to why we were not selected. When doing do this, however, be prepared for the feedback, positive or negative, accept it in and don’t try to argue or take this as a time to try to push to get the job. Be respectful of the person who is providing the feedback; take the feedback in a constructive way and use the feedback to assist in how you handle opportunities in the future.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  162. Antoinette says:


    First of all, I want to thank you having this site available. Reading the other comments really made me realize that I am not alone. But, in short I had an interview late december. I Emailed HR about three weeks later to follow up on my status etc… HR did actually call me and told me the interviewing was complete..she then proceeded to ask for an updated application, which I did
    send.That was two weeks ago. Still no word or update on where I actually stand… do u think HR would have phoned m if I weren’t a strong candidate? Thank you

    • Hi Antoinette,

      Finding comfort in know you’re not alone is one of the best benefits of reading this blog. If you’re feeling something, chances are most other job seekers are feeling the very same thing.

      I think you’re right. I don’t believe HR would have contacted you again, and asked for an updated application, if they weren’t interested. So, unless something has changed (that’s always possible, sorry to say), you’re probably still in the running. All kinds of things could have caused the delay.

      But why not find out what’s going on? It’s been two weeks. It would certainly be acceptable for you to check in and ask where they are in the process, if you’re still being considered, and if they need anything else from you. This will also help keep you top of mind with them, as they’re deciding.

      Meantime, of course, don’t stop looking for other opportunities.

      We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member of the WorkCoachCafe Team

  163. Hi! Thank you so much for your advices abiut interviews.. I have a funny situation.. I hav a dear fruend who is trying to get me a job the the HR tokd me that i was refrered by my friend who is really popular in this company.. I have to say i have the connection inside but the thing is i failed the rn exam for that facility i have to get 80% and above average but i only get 78% then she ask me “if i have a job right now” i told her that “im applying to another facility fo per diem position and im only waiting for my medical” then she said ” dont accept that job yet, i might call u sooner if i need an RN soon or at the last week of march” that is the thinv that confused me why would she say that if shes not interested in me? Pls help i really dont know what to think or do.. Should i wait for them to call me or proceed to the other facility?

    • Hi Erika,

      I’d be very reluctant to wait for this job to come through. Having a dear friend on the inside is a really big help, but it is not a guarantee.

      Proceeding to the other facility and the per diem job is probably your best option right now. I assume that a “per diem” job doesn’t require you to commit to an extended period of employment, so you can probably quit that job whenever you need to quit, with the appropriate amount of notice (2 weeks or whatever). Be sure to read the per diem job contract carefully before you sign, and ask them to show you where it tells about days or weeks of notice they need before you leave, if you don’t find that when you read the contract.

      Good luck!

  164. Sorry for mistype spelling.. Im using iphone.

  165. Hi Work Coach,

    I had a FIRST interview 2 weeks ago (6th Feb.) and in my opinion it went really well. The interview lasted 2 hours. One of the questions I asked at the interview was β€œwhen will the decision be made about the position?” I was told by the end of the month. Obliviously I send a Thank you note and had NO reply or acknowledgement. I have noticed from the company’s website that the position is still advertised. I am very very keen to get the job because I know I could do it. What do I need to do to insure that I am the chosen one?

    • Hi Saad,

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything you can do to absolutely insure you’re chosen. Many factors can impact the company’s decision on who they ultimately hire. Even if you’re the perfect person for the job, there’s no guarantee that you’ll land it.

      Sorry to be a downer, but that’s the reality.

      However, it sounds like you’re doing the right things. You aced the interview. You asked the right questions. You sent a thank you note. Try not to take it personally that they didn’t respond to the thank you, or get back to you yet. That doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Their lack of response could have nothing at all to do with you.

      Since they told you they weren’t making a decision until the end of the month, I’d wait until late in the first week of March before following up with them, if you don’t hear anything. Reiterate your interest in the position and reinforce your good-fit. By following up, you’ll keep yourself top of mind with them, as long as you don’t overdo it.

      As much as you really want this job, please don’t count on it too heavily. Continue with your job search efforts. While they’re taking their time making a decision, you may uncover a new and possibly even better oppportunity.

      But my fingers are crossed for you with this one! Good luck!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member of the WorkCoachCafe Team

  166. I had an interview on Friday, and it seemed to go really well. She and I had really great conversation, and it seemed as though I even already had the job. She told me I should hear from her by Monday afternoon, after they had a couple more interviews and made a decision. I didn’t get a call yesterday, so I resolved to calling this afternoon and left her a short voicemail just wanting to check up on my status and see if a decision had been made. I know it’s only been a few days, but I’m definitely feeling very anxious since I haven’t heard back. This is a position where there are many spots to fill, and the website was even updated today with the position still available. I’ve also been wondering if a company will actually not call you to let you know you didn’t get the job, even if you have left a message. I was feeling extremely confident, but now I’m losing it. Thanks for your help! πŸ™‚

    • Hang in there Chaice!

      I’m sure they probably hoped to fill the job on Monday, but probably something happened to move things back a day or two or more. It is common for weeks to pass as schedules are juggled, etc. So, it pays to be very patient!

      I hope you sent a thank you after your Friday interview, and I would not reach out again to them this week.

      If they have a lot of jobs to fill, I bet you hear from them. Unfortunately, job seekers often don’t know how things turn out. The employer just never contacts them again.

      That’s why it’s a very good idea to keep working at your job search. Don’t wait for this job to “happen” for you because it might not, and you will have lost a lot of time while you waited.

      Good luck!

  167. shirley says:

    i just had an interview at Dairy Queen last Saturday March 3, 2012 and the owner who interview and the job was doing good and he said I am hired and congratulation ..and they give me a paper for some instructions include what proper dress to wear and etc…but i have to wait there email or call for my schedule but i already send thank you email and willing to wait them to send my schedule work..but until now i dont recieve there email or call what should i do

    • Hi Shirley,

      Why don’t you stop by the Dairy Queen and see if you can talk with the manager to find out what the next steps are? Face-to-face is the best way to connect with someone. Just don’t pick a busy time – or if they are busy when you go there, ask them when a good time to come back would be.

      Good luck!

      • shirley says:

        Hi Susan,
        Thanks for the advice…i really appreciate this is gonna be my first just excited to have a work..

      • Hi Shirley – hope everything goes well with your first job!

        Good luck!

  168. Hi,
    i had an interview with IMF in Nigeria via Skype from Washington D.C on the 16th of December 2011. I think the interview went well. They said i will be contacted immediately they are done with the rest applicant. Three weeks later, i did a follow up letter. I have not heard from them since i did interview. My job page with IMF still shows Departmental Review Initiated. Please what do you advise me to do.

    • Hi Chris,

      I would try to re-connect with them, perhaps using Skype as well as email.

      It doesn’t feel very promising, but an international recruiting effort is a complex one, so it could just be the process needing time to unfold.

      Good luck!

  169. hi i had an interview a week ago, i thought it went ok. not perfect but i seemed to have answered the questions ok. we were constantly interupted cause an issue arose in her department. anyhow as the interview ended we talked more personal about kids and stuff which was nice. when i shook her hand and she said the hr lady who i had been dealing with would call me soon to let me know and said “good luck with everything”…..what does that mean? also i sent a thank you note to her the following day to her and the HR lady. its been a week today and no response from either one and the job postiing is down. i dont know what to think of this.

    • Hi Lucky,

      Excellent that you sent the thank you notes! And it does sound like the interview went fine. All good.

      Also probably good that the job posting is down. Hopefully that means they have good candidates, and they will make an offer to someone in this group.

      It’s hard to know what else is going on, but these processes always take longer than job seeker want them to take. “Soon” can be anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, typically, so be prepared to be very patient with them.

      I would wait until early next week, and then reach out to the HR person. Very nicely remind her who you are, the job you interviewed for, when you interviewed, and who interviewed you. Then, ask for the current status of this job. Do they need anything more from you? Will there be another round of interviews? Will you be included in the 2nd round?

      If they have filled the job with someone else, thank them for their time and consideration. Then, if you think you’d like to work here some day, send them a thank you for letting you know what happened (even if you had to drag the information out of them), and also thank them for the opportunity to speak with them and learn more about the company. Then, tell them that you would be interested in other opportunities that might open in the future (if that’s true). So, you will be possibly (!) opening a door for other opportunities.

      Good luck!

  170. Dear Susan,

    I Know it is painful to wait after an interview. Since you are an expert about this. I would like to ask why I did not get respond.

    The interview is about a position of model risk specialist and I was interviewed by 4 persons, including the Director and the vice president. I felt that I did well. after the interview, I sent them a thank note. Two persons replied to me the email. The director said “Thanks for your time and interest, it was pleasant to talk to you”. what does this means, good or bad? My thinking is when I hear back from a company saying “thanks for your interest”, I automatically assume that I had no hope. Am I right about this?

    yesterday, I send an email to follow up (right after one week), but no one replied to me. It seems to be weird as they replied to my thank you note quickly.

    Let me know how you think, please

    • Hi Victor,

      It’s hard to say what is going on. Maybe they always reply to thank you notes with non-committal responses but don’t reply to anything else.

      Or, they may not have anything to tell you after your second note, and they are waiting until they do have something to say before they respond. Hard to know.

      I would stay in touch periodically (every week and a half or two weeks) for a month or so, to be sure that they understand you are still interested and available. After a month, I would quit, and let them get in touch if they are interested.

      Good luck!

  171. Renee F. says:

    Hello! I had an interview last week, Thursday March 8th with Michaels Arts&Crafts. My interview was at 3pm, but I arrived 15 minutes earlier and they took me in right away. Me and my interviewer had an instant connection. She asked me about my work experience. I have 3+ years in customer service/retail. I applied for cashier, but she said with my experience, I could possibly be a supervisor. We talked for a while about work and our experiences. In between our talking, she asked me usual interview questions for example, “what would you do if a customer was dissatisfied with a product” ect. She told me that if it was up to her I would be hired, but she had to talk it over with her boss. She put me in her “really want” pile, which wasn’t that thick. She loved that I spoke Spanish since they only have 2 Spanish speaking associates. She also said that I have more experience coming in than the people they have working there. The interview lasted a little over half an hour. She told me she would go over the apps with her boss over the weekend and she would call me to hire me or to set up a second interview this week. Its been a week today since my interview and I’m dying!!! I’ve never wanted a job so much before!! (I LOVE Michaels!! lol) I’ve been thinking about calling her and asking what the status of my app is, but I’m not sure!?!? Is it too soon?? Please Help!!



    • Hi Renee,

      Sounds like you got off to a great start, but probably other things (at the store) got in the way of contacting you to move forward.

      Since a full week has passed, it should be OK for you to call. But, I would avoid calling during a busy time (I’m guessing weekends?). Call when things are not as busy but when the manager is apt to be there.

      When you call, be sure to give her the details of when you spoke with her, your 3+ years of experience and your ability to speak Spanish. Then, ask her the status of the job and what the next steps are.

      Or, if it’s convenient, stop by to see if you can get an in-person update. Again, avoid going there during a busy time for the store. You don’t want to get in the way of a sale.

      Good luck!

      • Renee F. says:

        Thank you for your advice! Other wise I would have gone crazy! I got a call today from the woman I interviewed with and she offered me a position! My orientation is Sunday! πŸ™‚

        Thank You!!!!!!

      • CONGRATULATIONS, Renee, excellent news! Thank you for letting us know!

        Best of luck with your new job!


  172. Hi,

    I have been MISERABLE at my current job for about two years now. I thought this new year would be better but it has only been worst. Recently I decided that i was going to go back to school for Speech Therapy and that I needed to find a new job because I couldn’t imagine going to school and being depressed (because of my job) at the same time. I have been very proactive in my job search, I have been making calls and delivering my resume personally to potential employers. Last Friday, March 16 I had my very first interview. Let me tell you, it felt so good to actually get an interview. My hard work was finally starting to show.

    I was interviewed by two people, the accountant and the CEO’s daughter. I noticed that they were very inexperienced interviewers. I later learned that the accountant, who was asking most of the questions had only been in the position for seven months. The CEO’s daughter has been there for a while. The accountant asked me about my ability to use Access. I told her that I have used the program before but not extensively, the CEO’s daughter replied “oh don’t worry you’ll learn with me, I’m just learning how to use it to”. Later in the interview, the accountant expressed how she felt that I was a little overqualified for the position, and how they were looking for someone long term. I told her that I was ready for a change and that I knew this is where I had to start. The CEO’s daughter later said, “I totally understand what you mean, thats how I felt when I was in my old job, and now I am happier than ever in my office job!”

    The interview finished and I was told that I was the first person they interviewed and that they were going to interview more people, and that they would contact me in two weeks, which would be March 30th. I have had sooo much anxiety, that I called the accountant last Wednesday, with the excuse of asking for the CEO’s daughter’s email address. I did send a thank you e-mail but only to the accountant because it was the only email I had, and I was so nervous on the day of the interview that I forgot to ask the CEO’s daughter for her email address. She gave it to me and I took the opportunity to ask how they were going with the interview process. They told me that they were still interviewing. I asked them how I stacked up with the other candidates and she told me that I was pretty high up there and that I was being highly considered. They told me they would contact me late last week or early this week.

    Well Monday came and went and I didn’t hear anything from them. I am really having a hard time controlling my anxiety. Do you think I should call back this Wednesday if I haven’t heard anything from them?

    • Hi Becky,

      They originally told you that they wouldn’t have a decision until March 30 (this coming Friday), so I would honor that date. Leave them alone until NEXT WEEK!

      Then, Monday afternoon or Tuesday, you could contact them again. Remind them of who you are and when you interviewed with them. Then ask the status of the job and the next steps in their process.

      Meanwhile, keep looking! I know this is difficult to do, but if you stop job hunting waiting for this job to come through – and it doesn’t – you’ll be further behind in your process of finding a new job. And, focusing on looking for another job will keep you too busy to get anxious about this one.

      Please, put it out of your mind until NEXT week! Paint your bathroom, take up knitting, learn chess – anything else you can think of so that you stay busy and don’t obsess about this job.

      One final thought: I was once in this situation – very anxious to leave a job and a boss I didn’t like any more. And, I wasn’t paying attention to that next job. I just wanted to leave, and I didn’t care where I was going next. It was a mistake I hope you don’t make. So, if this job doesn’t work out, rest assured that a better one is waiting for you.

      Good luck!

  173. Hi,

    This is my first time of reading things up in this blog. I had an interview on the 16th of March where I was told that the successful candidate will be interviewed again by the director. I contacted the iterviewer two weeks later and I was told that they are still interviewing and have not reached decision.

    Now, I have seen another position in the same company, do you think I should apply as the new posted position’s deadline is pretty very close?

    I will be very glad to get your feedback.

    Thank you so much for this blog, it’s really very educative.

  174. Hello,

    I just found your site… It’s been comforting to read the advise you’ve given during my job hunt journey!

    Here’s my situation that I would love some advise on:

    I had a interview with a company a couple of weeks ago and it went really well. I sent thank you emails to everyone I met with – and I actually received a response back from the Doctor that I would be directly working with saying that he “hopes that I will be able to join their team and to express my enthusiasm and thoughts to HR so we can move the process forward”. HR called me the next week saying that I am in top 2 and they will be calling my references, which is great! However, I emailed my references to give them a heads up and haven’t heard anything back. They are doctors so I know they are busy, but it’s now getting me worried.

    I’m going to wait another week to send a follow-up email to HR, but do you think it’s appropriate to also send a follow-up email to the Doctor I interviewed with? It just seemed like he really wanted me to join their team. Should I email my references again?

    • Hi Jamie,

      This process always seems to take more time than anyone – on either side of the transaction – expect or want. “Work happens” and gets in the way of moving things ahead as quickly as anticipated, and so do things like people being sick, traveling, going on vacaction, etc. So, always build extra weeks into your anticipatged schedule of job finding.

      I’m not sure how you left the issue with your references, but I think getting back in touch with them is an excellent idea. Perhaps they’ve been contacted, and just been too busy or distracted to let you know. It would be great if they have already been contacted.

      I would follow up with HR next week, perhaps by phone (which is more reliable and sometimes more difficult to ignore) rather than email. Don’t expect HR to remember you or any of the details (although it’s usually a good sign if they do). After you tell them your name, tell them the job your interviewed for as well as when and with whom you interviewed. Then, ask them the current status of the job, and the next steps and timeframes.

      Meanwhile, keep job hunting!

      Good luck!

  175. I’m a little confused about a recent interview. The interview went well, and the interviewer kept saying how happy she was to have interviewed me. I sent a thank you letter. One week later I received a phone call (voicemail) thanking me for the letter, telling me I did “very well” in the interview, but that they didn’t “have things in order to make a decision right now” but that she”looked durward to speaking with me soon.”
    It has been another week and I haven’t heard anything further…should I call?

    • Hi Amber,

      It sounds like they have some internal things going on, perhaps around budgets and headcounts and other similar administrative (but very important) things. So, I wouldn’t take it personally.

      I would reach out in a week or so (roughly two weeks after you last spoke with them). Tell them who you are, the job you interviewed for, and who interviewed you. Then, ask about the status of the job, what the next steps are, and the timeline they see.

      Hope this works out for you, but, meanwhile, keep job hunting!

      Good luck!

  176. Hello, I had an interview a bit over 2 weeks ago. In the interview the interviewer said they would send me a letter the next week on their decision. Well it has been 2 weeks and a few days and I still have not heard anything. What should I do? Should I call and let them know how interested I am in the position?

    • Hi Gman,

      Employers are very bad at keeping to their own deadlines (but you can’t miss one of their deadlines!). Hiring someone is usually an “additional duty” for the people involved, so it gets pushed behind in favor of doing their jobs, going on vacation, being home sick, travel, etc.

      I would call the HR person. After you’ve given your name, remind the person of the job you interviewed for and when and who interviewed you. Then ask the status of the job and what the next steps are. This will let them know you are interested.

      Good luck!

  177. I’m going mad- I had an interview for a reporter position at a newspaper a few hours away from where I live currently. The initial interview (with HR) took place last Monday (April 2) and it went very well. She seemed impressed by my answers and the interview lasted over the phone for well over 45 minutes. I asked questions about what a successful reporter did at the publication and I also asked for a timeline of the decision. The HR rep said that the hiring editor would make a decision by the end of the week and would want either a second phone interview or one in person.
    The HR rep asked when I could start and I told her that I would have no problem relocating to the area to begin working at the beginning of June. She said they were looking to fill the position as soon as possible. She also told me that they were looking at two other candidates for the position- one “internal” and one “external” and that I was also an “external” candidate for the job.
    I followed up with a thank you e-mail a few days after the interview restating my passion for the industry, experience at a small newspaper like their’s as well as my ability to adapt easily. I also included in the thank you e-mail that I had communicated the situation with my editor and that I would be able to relocate as soon as they needed to fill the position. I never received a response from the thank you e-mail and now it is well past “the end of the week” time for their decision. How long should I hold out on this? Does it sound like I am still a contender for the position or do you think that when there is an “internal” candidate available- my chances for filling the position would be less? what does this mean?

    • Hi Paige,

      Newspaper reporter jobs are hard to find, as I’m sure you know, so congratulations on doing so well in your job search so far! And your follow-up has been excellent.

      I hope that you have reached out to them again on the status of this job. If you haven’t done that already, do it now. Call the HR rep. After you’ve given your name, remind her of the job you interviewed for and when and who interviewed you (her?). Then, ask the status of the job and what the next steps in their process are. Hopefully they’ll want you to come in for a face-to-face interview with members of their team.

      My guess is that they probably hired the internal candidate for two reasons: first, internal candidates usually win because they are considered “lower risk” than a stranger from outside, and second, because of your start date in June. Not unreasonable for you, considering that you’ll need to give notice and then move (or start moving). However, if they really need someone NOW, they will grab the closest candidate.

      If you are interested in working for this paper, I would still stay in touch with them. If they hired someone else, send the HR person a thank you for the consideration and reiterate your interest in working for them (assuming you ARE still interested). That’s a relatively rare thing to do, and it will make you stand out.

      Good luck!

  178. I am so glad I came across this website! So much excellent info and advice. But I do want to ask my problem. Like everyone else, I had an interview last week, 4/3 and I was told I should hear back end of this week by phone or e-mail. Since the hiring manger mention I was the 2nd person to interview and there are 4/5 more candidates. So far, I had not heard anything yet and tomorrow will be the end of “next week” Should I send a follow-up email tomorrow or wait till Monday? Also, what happen if I dont hear back from her after I follow-up? I am going crazy, the pain of waiting. I know to keep job searching but I just thought I did well in the interview and perhaps I could be the one for the job… Thanks for reading and your time!

    • Hi Mandy,

      I hope you didn’t call yesterday. This process always takes more time than anyone thinks or hopes. So, contacting them on Monday is better than Friday, and Tuesday is probably better than Monday.

      I would call to check in. After you say your name, remind them of the job you interviewed for and who and when you were interviewed. Then, ask for the status of the job and the next steps. Mention that you were told it was to be filled “last week..”

      Good luck!

  179. Katarina says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am so glad I came across this website and THANK YOU for being so helpful to everyone. I think I need some urgent help. I had a job interview for an admin position at a University near my house last week. The interview went really well (I thought); I was interviewed by five different people, one of them being the Head of the School. The interview was last Wed 11Apr and they told me they would make a decision the same day and let me know by Thursday 12Apr. I asked how the reference process works (I wanted to know if they would call my current employer for a reference before the offer me the job, which is a common practice here in Australia). They said they would but my manager was on annual leave until Monday and I told them that. They replied that they could wait until Monday but they are looking to fill the position ASAP. I told them I could start pretty much immediately as I am still in my trial period with my current employer and I only need to give a day’s notice. Well, that was last Wed and I haven’t heard anything since. I thought the interview went extremely well, it was tough but I thought I answered all the questions well! Yesterday morning (Tue) I emailed the girl that sent me the details for the job interview (she wasn’t at the actual interview) just asking if they made a decision and if they have and the answer is no I would be very grateful for some feedback. I haven;t heard anything back. I looked on their website and I found contact details for one of the ladies that interviewed me. Do you think I could contact her directly? I have phone number and email. And how much longer should I wait? The problem is, my trial period with my current employer officially ends this Saturday so I would need to give my notice on Friday; after that I would need to give 4 weeks notice. I don’t know if you will have a chance to reply to me before Friday as I’m sure you are very busy but I would appreciate your opinion on this. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am sorry about such a long post. Kind regards, Katarina

    • Hi Katrina,

      Hmmm… Interesting situation. I’m not sure exactly how things work in Australia, but if it’s at all like the USA (and I think it is, at least to some extent), there should be someone in “Human Resources” or “Personnel” who is responsible for advertising opportunities, reviewing resumes or CV’s, scheduling interviews, etc.

      If “the girl” who set up the interviews is part of that office or department, I would call her to ask what the situation is. Email can go astray so easily!

      After you give her your name, tell her the job you interviewed for, when you interviewed, and who you spoke with. Then, ask her for the status of the job, and the next steps. If the job is still open, explain to her about your Friday deadline, and ask if there is anything they can do to close things by Friday – IF they want to hire you.

      If they hired someone else, thank her for the opportunity to learn more about the school, and ask her to keep you in mind for other opportunities in the future. Then, you might drop a note to the woman whose contact information you found, and thank her as well. Thank them for not hiring you? Yes – it should be unusual enough to make you stand out the next time they have an opportunity.

      Good luck!

  180. Hi! I interviewed for a nursing position in a local hospital last Tuesday, April 10. They said they were planning on making a decision by the end of the week. I sent a thank you email on Wednesday and never heard anything the rest of the week. I called Monday and left a message for the nurse recruiter who scheduled the interview and initially interviewed me. I stated that i was inquiring about my status and if a decision had been made. She returned my call early Tuesday and said the nurse managers from the hiring floor were anticipating making a decision by that afternoon and she would call me either way. It’s now Thursday and I have received no such call. My nerves are getting the best of me! Where should I go from here? Thanks for your input!



    • Hi Anslee,

      I know how tough it is to wait for THE CALL! But, since so many things can impact a hiring decision – postponing it for days, even weeks – I would do my best to chill out.

      The job could be cancelled, someone else could be hired, someone important to the decision making process is out sick or on vacation, etc.

      [See 10 Reasons You Weren’t Hired that You Don’t Control for some ideas about what can happen.]

      Keep looking for a job! Don’t stop just because you’ve had an interview that went well.

      Good luck!

  181. I recently had a job interview, first with a automated machine, then a staffing associate, and finally a one on one with the Store Manager interview. He seemed to like me, but the position they brought me in for he wanted a higher position on the floor for me. He said he liked me and all that I had spoken t him about my knowledge in Sales and Customer Service. He said he would call me in one to two weeks it has been 1 wek and 4 days, this Monday it will be 2 weeks. Can I call to follow-up or should I just wait for his call?

    Thank You Kindly

    • Hi Anna,

      Why don’t you contact him on Monday since the 2 weeks will be over? Tell him your name, the job you interviewed for, when you interviewed, and who interviewed you. Then, say that he told you that he’d call in one or two weeks to let you know about the job, so you are calling to find out the status and the next steps.

      Don’t be surprised if he’s not ready to offer you a job yet. It almost always takes more time than anyone expects to make a decision about hiring someone and then to do it. And, most of the time, the reason it takes so long has nothing to do with the applicants – some other thing has slowed down the process.

      Good luck!

  182. Dear Work Coach

    I recently had an interview. i thought it went horrible they were rude, makeing jokes at my expense, and we spent the entire interview going over my job history. Which is related to the job, but i was unempolyed alot from ’06 to ’08. Which they pointed out I should not have, since the econmy was not in a down turn during that time. I was unable to defend my self at all, because when i started to talk they would cut me off and stated, answer yes or no. I recored the whole thing on my tablet,. so i could play it later. My girlfriend listen to it and sayed ” in all her years of professional interview taking, she had never heard of any interviewer act like that”. Now the job i would be doing, would be to help people who are about to lose there home, and i was thinking maybe there were acting like that to see if i could handle my self in a pressure cooker situation. I’m in the waiting game now, and i was just asking for your opinon on the interview? Should i be looking for a call back, or don’t hold my breath?

    • chandlee says:


      If you felt that the company was rude to you the bigger question at stake here is this: Is this a company that you would want to work for? It sounds to me like you did not walk away with an impression that you would want your interviewers to be your colleagues in the future. If that is the case, this may not be the right job for you whether or not they offer you the position. You may want to keep looking for the right job.

      Good luck,

      As an aside: Most people do not enjoy being recorded — and you should never record an interview without someone else’s permission to do so. I recommend not recording future interviews on tablets.

  183. Hi, I was recently invertviewed for a manager’s position. My first two interviews were with Marketing Managers and the third was with a Senior VP. After a week I emailed the recruiter to follow up on the status of my interview and she replied that they will continue interviews for another week and will make a decision after the interviews are over. Does this mean I was not selected? Why are they continuing with the interviews? Also I am not sure I answered a question correctly but I was honest. In the interview I was asked what was my biggest challenge in my present role. I answered: My biggest challenge is coaching but I enjoy it. It is a big satisfaction for me to know that even though coaching is a challenge I can be able to help my team members reach their goals. Was that the incorrect answer?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Maria,

      Most companies have a process they must follow in order to hire. This process doesn’t stop because they interview a candidate they like: if they have a short list of three candidates for a final position, they will interview all three candidates and not make their decision until the end.

      The company you are interviewing with likely has a similar process.

      As for your answer, it sounds like you were honest — and that’s a good thing. But make sure that you are honest in a way that also promotes your ability to work well with others. If you are relatively new to supervision, here’s a way to answer the question: “While I have supervised employees in the past and enjoy helping my team achieve goals, I have had little formal training in coaching employees. If hired for this position, I would love to have a mentor inside the company who can help me strengthen my coaching skills…I’d also be happy to participate in any training that may be available.”

      You may want to use this approach in the future, but again — it sounds like you didn’t complete miss the boat in your interview, either.

      Good luck,

  184. Hi there,
    I went on an interview on Wednesday, May 9th; was called back later that day and asked if I could come in the following day (Thursday) to meet with my prospective boss as well as do a peer interview. All interviews went very well. I really clicked with the VP (that I would be working for); as well as the other girls. During the interview I asked when they would be making a decision and she told me that they would be making one soon and they were looking to make a decision by the end of next week. Well, here it is the end of the next week and I still haven’t heard. I sent a thank you email a day after the interview thanking her for her time. When should I call? Does this mean I didn’t get it? I am going crazy not knowing because I really want this job.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Meri,

      I recommend you call Wednesday to follow-up on the status of the search and express your continued interest in joining their team. Making an offer often takes longer inside companies. The VP and team may decide who to hire and make an offer to — i.e. “the decision,” then HR needs to do the paperwork. Often that takes a couple of weeks.

      Hang tight and in the interim — do something fun for yourself and keep on with your job search. (I tell this to all candidates, it’s always good to have fun and multiple options, right?

  185. Dear Ronnie Ann,

    I have been working as a full time contractor for a media firm over the last two years. In fact, I interned for this company more than 20 years ago and quite a few of the old faces are still there. I’ve had a storied career working for their competitors over the years and was excited to be asked to come on board in 2010. In March, the company posted a supervisory position which I knew I was qualified for. I expressed my interest and sat down and interviewed with the two top managers. The interview went very well, I believe. Phrases such as ” perfect fit” and “your resume will be at the top of the pile” we’re used. Keep in mind, these people know me well. They also mentioned, due to union rules at this company, they had to interview a number of outside candidates. This is totally understandable. I followed up the interview with thank you emails to both editors and inquired what the next steps would be. That was 4 weeks ago and I have not heard back.

    It gets stranger. Since my interview, I discovered that I won a prestigious national award from a project I produced for this company last year. The weird part is the company knew I won the award since it was mailed to them and not my home address, but made no mention of it. What’s weirder is that I paid the $75 entry fee and this award is sitting in the boss’ office like it’s HIS award. That said, I emailed the boss and pointed out that it has been one month since my interview and quite frankly asked if I would be offered the job? He sent me a message stating: “Back off. We are still interviewing candidates. We will let you know when we are ready to make an offer”. Needless to say, through one simple inquisitive email, I probably shot 20+ years of experience down the tube. My questions are #1: am I wrong to ask if I would be offered the job 4 weeks after my interview? And #2, How do I make a comeback from such a faux pas? I really believe I was the front runner, with my track record and usually patient and understanding demeanor. It’s a great company to work for and I still like the manager a lot, despite what happened today. Any advise great welcome.

    Thank you,

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Mark,

      I am writing on behalf of the Work Coach Cafe team.

      Sounds like you’ve had a very uncomfortable exchange there. Yuck. I can see how it would feel not good. The challenge here is also one of ownership — clearly the company may feel that the award is in recognition of them and not your individual efforts. Is it possible that the boss does not know how the award was applied for — and how the process worked? Ironically, they might be annoyed if you applied for the award and did not tell them. (If this is what happened, I would not mention it until a job offer has been extended. If you applied for the award with their knowledge, I would say — hey, I just learned that the “__________” project won this _______ award. As you may remember, I filled out the nomination form for that…

      You are not wrong to ask about your status after a month. It is awkward when you are almost a permanent employee anyway. What is tricky is how to phrase it. I wouldn’t ever recommend asking flat out, “Am I going to be offered the job?” Instead, likely better to say, “I am writing to follow-up on your search for __________ job. As I have not heard from you, I imagine that you are still interviewing other candidates. Please let me know if otherwise.

      From my perspective, the best way to handle this situation is to meet with Mark in person.

      The problem with email is you can never hear tone of voice…and so that can be tricky. Mark could have been having a bad day, there could have been a misunderstanding over email, etc. And working through a hiring process with unions is often very tricky for employers.

      I recommend you speak to Mark — say that you chose the wrong words to follow up last week — it was never your intention to be pushy or flippant, and let him know how much you enjoy working at the company and that you hope to stay on. You might then mention, I was proud to be on the team for _____________ and mention the award casually (if, again, they knew you were applying).

      Keep me posted, and good luck.

      All the Best,

  186. Kevin spacey says:

    Hello there, i am a fresh graduate and i went for an interview on Thursday for the position of an airline assistant receptionist. My skill and knowledge were a good match with the job. The interview really went on well. I arrived there earlier like 2 hours to time . The interviewer was impressed. We were 5 candidates. They asked me if i could stay within to wait for the decision and asked me that if they gave me the job where was i to stay. They asked me about my computer knowledge and i told them that i only knew basic and given chance i will do my best to learn computer skills for my efficiency. I wrote a thank you note on Saturday and thanked them for their time. When should i make a follow up? Do i stand a chance of securing the job.?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Kevin,

      As we weren’t in the interview process for this job, we can’t speak on behalf of your potential employer — or know where you are in the process. What I do know is this, you have at least a 20% chance of getting the job if you were one of five candidates. And you have done everything you can if you have sent a thank you note and expressed your continued interest.

      I recommend following up at the end of next week if you haven’t heard back by then. In the interim, on the computer skills piece — I highly recommend training videos on YouTube. Instead of saying you only know basic computer skills in the future, you may want to share the most complex task you have ever done with a computer — and share how you taught yourself anything you didn’t know as well as what you’d do to learn it in the future. (That said, your answer was also appropriate — I just think you shouldn’t be afraid to present your skills with confidence since training would likely be provided on the job.)

      Good luck,

  187. Hi,

    First I would like to thank your amazing job.
    So… as everyone over here I’m waiting to hear from HR department.
    I’m a professional Chef from Europe, 2 weeks ago I applied for a position in an Hotel in Asia. After one week I had the interview by phone with the Executive Head Chef and HR manager, they seemed happy with the interview, actually after the interview the Chef emailed me asking for a photo and asking for 2 Reference contacts.
    The interview was last week (thursday 17th) and since then I didn’t heard anything else from them, yesterday I sent an email to the Chef asking if they had a feedback from the reference contacts I gave him, but he didn’t answered me yet.

    Do you think is normal?
    I’m getting crazy cheking my email all the time πŸ˜›

    Thanks a lot,

    • chandlee says:


      Yes, unfortunately, this is normal. The hiring process behind closed doors is complicated and often what happens — and whether or not your references get checked or an offer gets extended has nothing to do with you.

      In the interim, you’ll likely be happier if you discipline yourself to only check ONCE per day — and spend the rest of your time pursuing other job leads and your interests. That way, you’ll have spent time working on things you enjoy and had some time off when you go back to work — or, alternatively perhaps have other options if this one doesn’t work out.

      If you are applying for a job overseas, another thing you can do to make the process move smoothly is make sure you have all necessary information required to apply for work visas and permits — and to educate yourself about the process. Work authorization can also be another wrinkle in the hiring process.

      All the Best,

      • Thanks a lot Chandlee. Actually they just sent me an email asking for a few more information. (fingers crossed). Regards, Cate

      • chandlee says:

        Wonderful! Good luck and keep us posted.


  188. Kevin spacey says:

    Indeed after an interview there is anxiety of waiting. I am sending my follow up email at the end of next week since it will be a maximum of 2 weeks. If they will not reply , i will make a call the following week to know if the position is still open. If it has been filled , i will sound positive and be optimistic searching for another job. Hope my advice was helpful. E-mail me at kevinomb2010@ .

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for weighing in. Recommend you not follow up twice in rapid succession — ideally, follow up once and monitor the website to see if the position is still listed — if not, it has likely been filled.

      In the future, recommend you not share your email on sites for your privacy. A safe way to list addresses when you do wish to share it is to include address followed by

      Good luck with your own job search process.


  189. Hi,
    I had an interview on Monday May 21st that I do believe went really well. The nurse manager told me she really liked me and my attitude. She gave her cell number and told me to call her if she hasnt called me. She told me she did have a few other canidates and it would only be fair to give them an interview too but she shook my hand and said make sure you buy purple scrubs the color of the nursing uniform. Should I call her cell phone at the end of the week and should I run out and buy purple scrubs or pump the breaks.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Dani,

      Hiring always takes longer than you would think. I recommend sending her a thank you note first, then calling her if you haven’t heard anything in ten days. If the interview was Monday, 48 hours isn’t enough time for most healthcare systems to get through the hiring authorization process. Remember: The offer schedule isn’t determined by how an interview went, but by the hiring protocol in general.

      Good luck,

  190. Elizabeth says:

    I had an interview with one of the global brands that I’d love to work for almost 2 years ago. At that time I was working and while not looking for a job, they called me and in less than 24 hours I was sitting in front of a thorough interview process. I did my best and knew that I got some points on the personality and confidence side – but was not prepared for over 2 hours of interviewing and 3 people. I sent thank you emails and weeks later got an email from the HR saying that they wanted me to thank you for meeting with them but they chose another person but “this in no way reflects negatively on your qualifications. It is simply a comparative judgment.” I felt sad but sent a reply wishing them well and looking forward to connect in the near future. Unfortunately, I am now in the “job hunt” after a reorg with my team and me for over 8 months. I have had interviews almost every month with the exception of May but no jobs yet. I had enroled in Execunet, paid top dollars for my remake of resume and connected like crazy in LinkedIn. I even have hired a career coach to help me improve my strategy. Her first task is for me to call this Hiring Leader and invite her for coffee to say “if I can play a role in the organization”. I have never called or talked after the interview and while we are connected via LI I am quite uncomfortable for the “cold call” approach. The worst scenario is that she does not want to meet with me and the best case is that she says “yes”. The problem is that there are a few good postings just published last week, and one of them similar to the role I was interviewed for but with another hiring leader. The compnay has not reached out to me. Could you please advise me if this is the right approach? Yes, no one wants rejection but more importantly I don’t want to sound “desperate” and make my name to be on the “do not call list” Would you recommend this assertive approach or would it be better to have another networking approach? The coach says that email does not work and pick up the phone and call is the only way to get a face-to-face meeting wth a career influencer. Please advise asap as would need a positive outcome to reach out to this career influencer. Many thanks for your advise.

    • chandlee says:


      It’s always hard to face the fear of rejection, but I agree with your coach, “the potential reward can be worth the risk.” I actually got hired for a great job — a year after being turned down for the same exact position. When I interviewed a second time. I shared what I learned. Even if it doesn’t work out with the company you can ask for feedback — how could I make myself a stronger candidate?

      Reaching out once won’t put you on the “do not call list” and your chances do go up if you get in touch: A recruiter recently told me that you have a 1 in 33 chance of getting hired if you simply apply for a job, and a 1 in 4 if you get a referral. If they liked you enough to invite you to interview once, that says something…

      To counter-balance the fear of rejection and any potential loss of confidence, spend a couple hours of time doing something that plays to your strengths and that you enjoy.

      Good luck and keep us posted,

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks Chandlee for your prompt career advice. It is scary that despite the fact that I am a strong person and with a strong will, there is definetely a signal of lack of confidence and fear in me as I search for my next career challenge.

        I will definetely take a deep breath and make the phone call and will try my hardest to sound as positive and self-confident to land a face-to-face conversation and take it from there. I joined the site almost 4 months ago and I can tell you that there are very few sites that provide the support, guidance and coaching that most of your subscribers do need in one way or the other. I will keep you posted on this outcome and shared this experience with other jobs seekers that might be helpful for their own job search.
        Kind regards,

      • chandlee says:


        You are welcome. And, yes, it’s natural to feel the fear…to build confidence — again, I also encourage you to do something in your spare time that makes you feel good.

        All the Best,

  191. Hi,

    I had a final interview with a company 2 weeks ago. It consisted of 4 interviews of various length. I also drove in from out of town and was told I was to be reimbursed for the mileage. After the interviews (which I thought went very well), the HR person informed me they would like to make a decision by the end of that week or early the following week. I sent my thank you note a day after the interview and didn’t hear anything, then emailed her yesterday letting her know I was still interested (without being pushy). I would like to know anyway because I did travel 6 hours to the interview, but I would also like the money they promised me. When do I re-contact them?

    • chandlee says:

      Call the HR representative, reiterate your interest in the position and ask for information on their reimbursement process. They may need you to fill out a tax form for the records — I think you can contact them on the expenses report at any time (better is sooner than later as some companies have a fiscal year that runs through June 30 only.

      Good luck,

  192. Hello Coach,

    I had a third round interview last week and I felt I did very well, Its been a quite long recruitment process.

    I met with the international sales manager who after the interview gave me a brochure with all their product range.

    Can this be a positive indication that I may have the job since this was the last and final round of the recruitment process.

    • chandlee says:


      That you made it to the final stage of interviews is a better indication than a brochure with all of their product range — unless it is proprietary information.

      Make sure you send a thank you note, and good luck!

      • Hello Chandlee,

        I did that within 48 hours after the interview, I have sent emails to all those involved in setting up the interview.

        Thanks friend,

        I am not keeping my hopes high, the job search continues unabated.

      • chandlee says:


        Keep your chin up and persevere. We’re working on a post of Work Coach Cafe users who have waited a long time for a call — and then got hired… Stay tuned.

        All the Best,

  193. Dear Work Coach,

    I had a phone interview for a job, which I thought went really well. Afterwards, the interviewer emailed me some take-home exercises that are similar to the work I’d be doing for the company. He said the exercise would take several hours to complete, which it did. I returned the exercise via email, along with a note thanking him for the pleasant and informative interview. His response said he’d be in touch shortly.

    Two weeks passed with no word from him. Finally I emailed him, reiterating my thanks for the interview and touching base on the status of my application. That was a week ago, and he still hasn’t responded.

    It only takes a few seconds to write an email telling someone the status of her application (either type “you’re still under consideration” or “sorry, we went with someone else”!) So I’m confused as to why he hasn’t replied. Should I call him, or should I continue waiting?

    • Hello Sara,

      Just continue your job search, Do not waste your time waiting, two weeks is long enough for him to drop you a quick mail telling you to hold on or atleast keeping you updated on progress.

      You can give him a call but I think the best thing is to continue looking elsewhere. If he gets in touch fine if he doesn’t better job awaits you somewhere–it is out there waiting for you, look it up.

    • chandlee says:


      I think it’s fine to give him a call and follow-up. The problem you are experiencing is not uncommon — when employers are hiring it’s also almost always because they are short on labor as well…and have more work to do than they can reasonably handle to boot. I recommend you follow-up — it shows you still want the job, after all. And keep up the rest of your search as well.

      All the Best,

  194. Hi,

    First, thanks for the great site and I have found some great tips here. I find myself in a similar situation as some other people here. I was wondering if I can have your opinion. I went to an interview about 4 weeks ago and did great. I met with HR and 5 others in a two day time frame. I felt the process was overwhelmingly positive and had great feedback from all interviewers. The agency said everything looks great as he sent two others candidates and they said no right away, while they the them that they “loved me.” At least three said they “liked me” right to me at the interviews and that I was exactly the type of employee they are looking for with my skills and experience. Not only that, they did ask me personal questions regarding my personal life (if I were married and had kids, which I am and have two young ones), but I felt comfortable answering them as they said they are all family oriented and I would fit right in.

    So now, the part that has me scratching my head. It been about 4 weeks now and I haven’t heard any conclusive answer from them. The agency has been in contact at least once a week and they said they had to meet with the home office in another to get the staff in order, then they said the person who went to the home office isn’t back yet so they will know more next week. The following week, they said they need to wait until everyone is back from vacation. After that week, she said she doesn’t know anything yet and the last was they she will check on my status and get back to the agency. That was last week. So, now I don’t know what to think about all this. I am thinking positive about it, but now I’m starting to have my doubts. I am still looking and have another interview somewhere else set up already. I know the whole decision process can take a while, but why not any kind of solid answer for me? They just leave me hanging and I really don’t think that’s right. My agency said he’s worked with the HR woman before and said she is not BS’ing him but still doesn’t know what to think either. I just want to know what is your opinion about this whole ordeal. Thanks!!

    • chandlee says:


      Oh, it’s a sorry state of life — but it really happens all the time. Employers sometimes hire a recruiting company to help them and the recruiting companies work hard to find potential great fit — then the company goes cold or puts the plans to hire on ice for a bit. Sometimes they hire for the position and sometime they do not.

      One of the things you should do is to check the company’s website to make sure the job listing is still posted (if it ever was posted). Then, if you can’t wait any longer — and you haven’t heard anything in a week — don’t be afraid to call the company directly and express your continued interest in the position (should it still be available). It rarely hurts to inquire directly and — even if your answer is a no — at least you’ll be able to move forward.

      I’m glad you have another interview set up already and hope you’ll continue to look while you wait. Good luck and keep us posted!

      All the Best,

  195. Dear Work Coach,

    Thank you so much for such an insightful forum! I like many others, am going through the same sort of lingo right now. Here is my story: Last year, as a recent grad, I applied for a teaching program after meeting the HR in person on a last-man basis (literally the last candidate to stop by in the room) in a recruitment conference. She like me and immediately invited me to the school for a second interview and tour. The school even paid my way over, arranging a hotel, transportation, etc. Ofcourse I had a really good feeling goin in, and coming out. I absolutely loved the place and was confident I had made it. Two months later, after the intervieiwing process was over, I recieved a very nice, but very disappointing email stating that they were very impressed with my qualifications and raport but unfortunately could not offer me the position at that time. They encouraged me to re-apply in the future.

    Since then, I checked in twice about possible positions (after securing another job, ofcourse) and the first time they could not offer me any, but the second, invited me back for another interview. This “re-acquaintance’ interview occurred the last week in May. It went splendidly- I was at the school for a half day and met many more members of the hiring team. I had, again, an overall great impression and felt they they all liked me as well. I shook hands with the school principal who addressed me personally and was told on my way out that I would be contacted later that week by the HR. She sent me out with a friendly hug and kiss, almost as if we were already good friends (needless to say I have loved her and her work from day one). She also told me to get ready to send her the final documents needed before a hire. Sounds good right? Now the tough part- it has been two weeks and I have not heard anything. I am going crazy just waiting and (hopefully did not) made the mistake of calling and emailing (both) once at the end of the first week, and once at the end of the second week to ask if there was anything else they might need from me and to inquire on the status of my candidacy. I was worried mainly because she said she would contact me at the end of that first week, and then did not. I also included in my email -cc’ed to her administrative assistant- a question as to what I should do with my travel receipts- something they had told me to give them for travel expense reimbursement. I think is is especially fishy for them not to respond to that question, since they have always been very conscious of such matters. Now it’s pushing three weeks and I have heard not a word. I mailed out hand-written thank-you letters to everyone I met a few days ago, but made sure to not anticipate further communication or to expect anything- I simply thanked everyone for their time. But I am going crazy just waiting and my husband says I better assume I don’t have the job- yet again. Still, I assume they would atleast write to confirm ‘no’ if that is the case- like they did last time. I do know that they still had other candidates to get through and that one of the other major figures of authority had to leave the country for an emergency that week I was being interviewed. However, that was a full two weeks ago….

    What do you have to say about all this? Did I make a mistake of expecting I had it this time? How much more likely do you think it is of them actually hiring me after a second acquaintance? Do you think that because it didn’t work the first time, it won’t now? And now, what is the protocol? Should I shut my mouth indefinitely, because I sure hope I haven’t overdone it (I think they are sure of how eager I am). This is just my dream job and I have absolutely no plan ‘B’. It would definitely crush me to know I’ve lost it again, but I would much rather hear an answer from them then having to wait, hoping every moment that they will offer some response!

    Please help!

    Thanks so much,

    • chandlee says:


      I recommend sitting tight. I know it’s frustrating and hard — but we’ve also gotten multiple responses from Work Coach Cafe members who have been hired — after finding themselves in the same situation you find yourself in right now! You’ve followed up enough — let it go for the next couple of weeks…then follow up if you haven’t heard anything.

      When I worked as a recruiter and hiring manager, it always took longer than I wanted to be able to make a job offer!

      If you do not wish to be disappointed in life, you should always Explore Plan B — in addition to hoping something else will go through, it helps to be moving forward. Start exploring your options today.

      Good luck and keep me posted.

      All the Best,

  196. Thank you so much for the advice, Chandalee!

    Funny thing is, shortly after I posted this, I finally DID hear back, with an offer! Karma or just plain coincidence?

    Thank you for your time, nevertheless.


    • chandlee says:

      Wonderful news, Emilie! Congratulations…

      We are actually writing a blog post on Work Coach Cafe about our users who found a job — with their advice. Would you be willing to participate? If yes, I can send you a few questions…

      Thanks for your consideration.


  197. Hi chandlee, today i went to one of the most leading company in telecommunications service provider for interview.

    In their interview, I break down it into 3 part of assessments for screening session.

    The first one, they test you with grammar, vocab,listening and logic thinking paper (like an exam) for an hour. I passed this level

    Second part, they test your communication skills. where we do group discussion follows by individual discussion. I passed this level too.

    And the last part is, I have been interviewed by my interviewer face to face,am not even sure what is actually about, but the guy who interview me said “tell me briefly about my background, previous job (if any) and why you would like to be part of their team.”

    I did tell him as many as I can, but not sure whether I did it correct or not. because right after i finish my conversation, he said “ok, you can go now”

    I quickly stand up, grab my belonging, and out from the room.
    The thing cloud my mind here is, i forgot to ask him how my interview goes through, not even thanks him for giving me opportunity to get call interview. hehe

    So my question is:
    Do i need to wait like couple of days before they call me back or are they normally pick the candidate at the same day.

    The position i apply for: Customer Care Consultant.
    PS: am sorry if my English not very good, as English is not my main language.

    looking forward for your reply as soon as possible

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Izy,

      At least 95% of the time, companies don’t hire on the spot. I recommend you follow up to say thank you — don’t read too much into your brief interview. That’s — unfortunately — not unusual.

      If English is not your main language and the job involves speaking English, you may want to get more practice with English. A great way to do this is to spend time with people who do speak English as their first language — and to take classes. (I actually took a class to get rid of a regional accent!)

      Good luck and all the best,

  198. Hi,

    I love this site! I wish I knew this before so I had tips to ace an interview. Anyway, I would just like to know your insight on my situation. I am a recent college grad and I had an interview with a local bank for a teller position. I was referred by the branch manager of the bank in our area. I was interviewed immediately after my resume was sent to the head office. I took the examination but I don’t know if I pass. I saw them checking it. After the interview, the HR staff told me that I would be the first one they’ll call once there’s a vacant position in our area. So does that mean I passed the exam and the interview? It’s been a month since the interview and I heard there’s a vacancy already. I called the HR to follow-up on the status of my application – they said they will evaluate my application first if I fit the vacant position and will call after a week. 3 days left on the week and I’m getting a bit anxious. I wanted to start a banking career and this could be the start of it.


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Chel,

      It sounds to me like you did well on the interview. Since we don’t know and are not in touch with the company, I can’t tell you if you passed or not — but it seems like it went well. If you can find out what branch the opening is for, perhaps you should stop by and introduce yourself to the manager. In the interim, recommend you apply for jobs with many different banks — and look at temp positions as well.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        Just after I posted this, I received a call from another bank inviting me for an interview with the area manager. So I went and after the interview the manager told me that he will endorse me for a teller position. I was overwhelmed by this, I forgot to ask how will be the process. Does this mean I’ll be hired if the big boss endorsed me? Because a friend told me that yes I’ll get the job. Could you enlighten me on my situation? Thanks a lot in advance for your reply!


      • chandlee says:


        If you are going to be endorsed, it means that you will likely be recommended for a position when one opens up. That’s not the same as a job offer, but it does mean that you are very much in the running for one and may be offered one when it becomes available.

        Good luck and keep us posted.


  199. Of all the interviews I have been on, and its been many, only twice has an HR person had the courtesy to repond to my email, to inform me that I was not selected for the next round or that I didn’t get the job.

    I know how busy everyone is, but if you invite a candidate for an interview, then I believe the HR person should have the courtesy and professionalism to respond to a candidiate who sends an email inquiring about their status. I know it’s not just me because my friends are experiencing the same thing.

    I agree with the advice stated in one of the posts above that if they do not respond to your follow-up email (and they most likely won’t respond unless they intend on inviting you back for another round of interviews), then you need to move on. It’s just unfortunate that the days of HR following up with candidates who didn’t make the cut are over.

    Just my two cents worth.

    • chandlee says:


      I agree with you. It is a brutal process and one which isn’t always fair to applicants. You’ll be heartened to know that — especially in the age of social media where job seekers are customers and consumers (in addition to being applicants) — many companies are working hard to examine and see how they can treat candidates better.

      All the Best,

  200. I had an interview about two weeks ago for a new store that is opening in my town. They were basically like walk-in interviews where we filled out the application and then talked with the people. I had two interviews back to back on the spot, and they both went well.The second interviewer I think really liked me because he said twice that they would love to have someone like me working in their store because of my friendliness and bubbly personality. He told me they were planning to start stocking the store on July 9th and he also said if I was chosen I would get a call. That’s all the info I have on a callback. Although, this is my first official job outside of babysitting, the man said it was OK that I didn’t have that much experience because I have to start somewhere. It’s been 2 weeks since the interview and I haven’t got a call, and I would have thought if I was chosen I would have gotten one by now because July 9th is coming up! Do you think I still have a chance, or is it hopeless by now?

    • Can I get a reply?

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Anne,

        Sometimes you will get a reply when you follow-up. Sometimes not. That’s the ugly reality of the situation and why you need to apply for multiple opportunities so that you have as many options as possible.

        Good luck and all the best,

  201. Chandlee,

    Just want to say I love your site and the work you do here.

    Here is my situation. I applied for a call center customer service positionwith a student loan company. I was invited in for an interview on June 14. There was 8 of us in a group information session, after which we each had 1 on 1 interviews with a team leader. My interviewer really seemed to like me. After the interview, there were only 3 of us left and we then had to take an analytical test and I know one of us only got to question 13 before time ran out, but I finished all 29 questions and felt as though I did exceptionally well. My interviewer told me I would be called on Monday for a phone interview that would be “not as intense” as the in person one. At this point I felt very good about my chances.

    I was never given a time to expect the call, and when it came I was in the midst of changing a flat tire. I attempted to call back, but got voicemail and left a message. The next day, Tuesday, I waited until about 2pm for a call but when it did not come, I called myself. The conversation was brief, she asked for my customer service experience and why I wanted to work for the company. I feel like I answered these well, and she told me they had a few more people to interview, and they would be in contact in a few days.

    Friday has come and gone and now I am worried that I havent heard anything. When would be the best time to follow up with a phone call? Since we spoke on the phone, I had no email address to send a thank you letter to. Did I blow my chances by missing her initial call?

    Also, training classes begin on July 9, am I wrong in thinking this means more than one person will be hired? I think a class would consist of numerous new hires? After not receiving a call today, I have been over analyzing this all in my head and driving myself crazy.

    I know you cant speak for this specific employer, but do you have any guesses as to my prospects? When to follow up? Does this all seem normal? I just think that with training starting July 9th, that things should maybe move a lot quicker, especially going by how fast the first few steps of the process went.i have been out of work for a month and badly want this specific job as well as income, but do not wanna appear desperate.

    any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Steve,

      What a pain! So sorry you missed the initial call and that they did not follow up appropriately. Follow up again with a thank you note and reiterate your interest in the position.

      It does sound like they are likely hiring multiple people so that is good news, I wouldn’t assume you are out of the running.

      In the interim, I recommend you continue to apply also for other positions as well. The challenge is that often when a hiring manager finds a couple of people who could do the job, they stop considering the other candidates as seriously. Not fun, not fair. But maybe what happened here.
      Keep me posted and good luck!

      • Thanks! My issue with a follow up email is that I have no email address to send a thank you letter to. Should I follow up with a call on Tuesday? That will be officially a week since I spoke with her?

      • chandlee says:


        Sounds fine, but you may even want to give it 10 days — it can take a long time inside an organization.

        All the Best,

  202. Hi Chandlee,

    Recently I have received an email asking what my salary requirement is for a position I have applied but not interview for. I answered with a high number for that type of position and I received a response asking what my lowest number is. I gave him a number that is the average salary for that type of position. I haven’t heard anything back from him but it has only been a little more than a week. So I have a few questions:

    1. Did I shoot myself in the foot by giving him a low number that is a little more than $10,000 different from my high number?

    2. How should I approach this question the next time?

    3. How long should I wait before contacting him to see if I am still in the running? If he said I am not, what can I say to get some feedback as to why.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Po,

      I typically avoid providing salary information over email. Ideally, you don’t want to provide a range that will screen you out for the position. But, if asked and you don’t provide information — you are also seen as being evasive which is not desirable, either.

      My recommendation for you would be to follow-up next week and ask to have a conversation with him. Lead with your continued interest in the position — not the salary discussion. If it turns to salary expectations, let him know the rationale for your average.

      I am less concerned with the $10,000 difference in salary as it lets them know you could be flexible. This should not rule you out for the position. Keep us posted.

      Good luck,

  203. hi, its me again.
    i have posted a comment before regarding about my application for customer care consultant position.
    From the date i posted until now i haven’t received any calls from this communication company.

    But I’m still happy, last week I got a call from local bank (National Saving Bank) for teller position. And today was actually my first day working πŸ™‚

    Actually I did apply for teller position, even before i give a try for CCC position, am afraid, if i didn’t get any call from the bank, then maybe i should give a try for other position.
    And I didn’t expect i got the job too, because it took like a month before they call me for sign offer letter.

    And you were right chandlee, maybe I have to wait for some quite time, before the company give a call.

    Anyway, many thanks from me for guidelines and tips you prepare here.
    Its help me a lot.

    Warmest regard from Malaysia,

    • chandlee says:


      Thanks for checking in with us and congratulations on your new job. I hope that you enjoy your new role and that it goes great for you. Please keep us posted and let us know how we can help in the future.

      All the Best,

  204. I have enjoyed reading you articles and discussions on this job searching adventure. It is really encouraging to know there people who share in my struggle. I would like your opinon on my situation. I had interviewed almost two Thursdays ago for an HR Assistant position. As far as I could tell the interview went very well. I interviewed with three people and one of them said I had an impressive background believes I would be a delightful person to work with. The fact that I received a compliment like that during an interview (which is rare in my case) made me feel like the job was mine. Also all the people I interviewed with were very upbeat with me and seemed to enjoy the answers I gave them. Unfortunately, I left or lost their business cards and was freaking out because I wanted to send β€˜thank you’ notes. Thankfully my recruiter gave me the email address to the firm administrator and I was able to submit a thank-you email. I thanked her for inviting to interview, stated that I was excited about the possibility of joining their firm, briefly reiterated my skills in relation to some essential points she made during the interview, and stated I was looking forward to hearing back from them soon.

    The next day my recruiter emailed me and said this β€œI hope to have fabulous news for you soon!”. I assumed that meant a job offer was in the works. I did not hear back from her that Friday. I contacted her on the following Tuesday for an update and she stated that they are interviewing recent graduates. Also the firm administrator requested that she stay in contact with me and keep her posted on my status. My recruiter hoped they would have decision by Friday. Now it’s Tuesday and I haven’t heard a thing from my recruiter or the firm administrator. Yesterday I sent a brief email to the firm administrator requesting an update. I had offered to give her additional information in order to assist with their decision if needed. No response. Today I emailed my recruiter about searching for other prospects. She is usually prompt with her responses, however, I received none from her either.

    Yesterday I started to feel like I was no longer under consideration. This is my 6th interview so far. I believe that if they truly wanted to me I would have been called with an offer immediately. I am very discouraged because I thought I was in line for this position. Also it seems like I was falsely led to believe I had good chance. Maybe I did, but after being rejected so many times it has caused me to question my skills. What do you think about this situation? Should I hold my breath or move on?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Alice,

      Hiring always takes longer than we think it may — especially in the summer and when people are on holiday.

      I recommend you “stand by” for another seven days before writing off the position, and apply for other jobs in the interim.

      Don’t give up, something good will come your way.


  205. I finished my 2nd round on site interview 5 weeks ago. The first time follow up with HR and HM was two weeks after the interview. The HR manager told me I am still an active candidate and they would update me 3 weeks later. After 3 weeks, I followed up again, they told me I am INDEED an ACTIVE candidate and want me to be patient.
    I am currently working now, but really like this job I interviewed. Should I just wait or followup again sometime soon? Looks like I am not selected or as a Backup for other candidate…
    Comments or suggestions please…Thanks!

  206. Howdy–

    Well, I find these stories encouraging and therapeutic. This is like the AA for job seekers! Thank you.

    This is my story:

    I’ll be graduating soon, so since April I have been posting my rΓ©sumΓ© around and applying for jobs here and there. In early May I got an email from an employee at a consultant firm that I hadn’t heard about. He said he got ahold of my rΓ©sumΓ©, showed it to his boss, and decided to invite me to apply for an entry-level position. I was thrilled. I went online and applied. Days later they called me in for an interview.

    The interview went well. I met with six people separately and I though I hit it off with them. They told me I was qualified, and they said things like “when you work here, you’ll see.” I really really liked the company and the work I would be doing. They said they’d let me know within two weeks. I felt really good about the interview and was positive they’d call me back soon. The next day I emailed the six people I met with and thanked them for the opportunity to interview with them.

    A week went by and I didn’t hear anything back. I experienced the OCD you mention in your website. I emailed the HR representative and politely followed up. They responded that day and told me that they were looking at their current work load and “determining their staffing needs” and that they’d let me know in “a couple of weeks.”

    Another week went by and I started to assume I did not get the job. I followed with the manager this time, and he responded the same thing HR had said the previous week: “we are determining staffing needs; we’ll let you know in a couple of weeks.”

    Yesterday was four weeks since I interviewed, so I–for the third time in 4 weeks–followed up with once of the individuals that had interviewed me. He said he’d check with HR and let me know.

    My question is: Did I blow it by having followed pretty much weekly for the last four weeks? ALSO: what does “determining staffing needs mean”? I see their website and it features open entry-level positions like the one I applied to. Any thoughts?


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Dave,

      I don’t think you’ve blown it by frequent follow-up. I would let it go at this point.

      Companies regularly revisit their hiring needs as they are in the process of hiring. If you think about this, it makes sense — employers can only hire when they have the business to support that hire. Sometimes companies have an up or down month as they hire, and this leads them to discuss it while they are hiring. Often they do this so they won’t hire in haste and lay off shortly thereafter. It’s challenging when employers take so long, but it’s better in the long run when they can hire with intention.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

      • Thanks for the advice.
        I have a contact in the company and since I have pretty much given up on getting the job, I emailed him today (July 10) to see if he had heard anything.
        He hasn’t responded.
        I’ll keep you posted.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Dave,

        Please do keep us posted and good luck — recommend you keep applying in the interim.

        All the Best,

  207. I enjoy this site and reading people’s stories about their experiences on job interviews. I recently had a job interview in two parts. I met first with the HR manager, in which she discussed salary, benefits and a brief overview of the position I was applying for. After that, I had a meeting with the hiring manager, who gave me a tour of the workplace and described what I would be doing. I thought the interview went well. She told me that there was two positions open, and that she would let me know the following friday (about 9 days after my interview). I sent both interviewers thank you letters expressing my interest, and now just playing the waiting game. It is very nerve-racking. Jobs that I have qualifications for are very slim where I live. I need this job!!

    • chandlee says:


      Good luck and keep us posted. I hope it goes well. If jobs are slim in your area, another tactic you may try as you wait is getting to know people affiliated with your local Chamber of Commerce (you can find out by attending meetings). They often hear of new openings first! Keep applying for opportunities until you have an accepted offer in hand — it’s always good to have as many options as possible.

      All the Best,

  208. Hello,
    I have to say that i love your site you are helping out people like us. I have a scenario kind of similar to the others. About three weeks ago i interviewed for a position and i got a call from the companies recruiter asking me question about my skills. I thought i blow it because i was some where i couldn’t talk. A few days later i received a call from another person wanting to schedule a phone interview with me. When he called the interview went really well and ended up already trying to schedule a date for an in person interview with the Director of the department. As the phone interview went on, the person/hiring manager was telling me all about the department and what they do. He said we need you immediately and when would I be able to start. He went on and said we should schedule this interview as soon as possible. I got the sense that it went well which it did. Two days later he calls back to schedule that interview for last week Tuesday. The first thing when i was introduced to the director she said David i have heard a lot of good things about you. The interview was not a normal interview but they were just telling me what i will be doing and what systems i will be working on. They also went on to elaborate the issues that they are having and we would be working close together and things like that. I believed that at the end of the conversation i would get an offer. But than she said we will let you know on a week or two. I asked if there were any other candidates and she honestly said that i was the last one and i have impressed them very much compared to the rest. After the interview i sent her a thank yo letter for the interview.
    Some few days went by and i called the hiring manager to see what has been going on and if there has been any word he said that they have been so busy and that the director is always busy with meetings. I understood and I was like its fine no pressure. He said that he had a meeting with her that day and would speak to her about it and will call me back before the day ends but he never did. He said that after i left the day of the interview they spoke highly about me for a bit about my resume and how impressed they were and that i would be a good fit. Now a week and a couple of days have passed and i called the director and spoke to her but it, it was like a 46 second conversation (Didn’t like it at all) She said that they are now reviewing the applications and that was all. It was a different tone than when i went to see her. I guess she was in a rush or something else i don’t know. After a few hours i went on the site and saw that the job posting was taken down. Starting to feel more pressure now. even though they told me at the interview that they have to take down the job posting. It just went off yesterday. Now i am here hoping and praying to hear something from them today.
    My question is what is going on? and also is it a bad sign how the director picked up the phone and didn’t sound to nice on the phone mean anything? And also what can i do at this moment now? Please share your knowledge and advice with me.
    Thank you,

    • chandlee says:


      First and foremost, I want you to go out and do something to take your mind off this particular job. There are things we can control and things we can’t — and this is one of the things we can’t!
      So keep applying for other opportunities as you wait to hear back from the company.

      When you are an employer and when you are between looking at resumes and making final decisions on an offer, you can’t say much to candidates. Many companies advise employees to say nothing at all until a decision is rendered. This can take weeks because there is almost always an approval process that takes place inside the company — HR has to sign off, chief executives have to sign off, a letter has to be written. It is complicated — and often has nothing to do with the applicant.

      This is likely why you got the communication you did.

      Don’t be discouraged. Keep going. One step in front of the other — and each one is pushing you further to a yes from somewhere.

      Keep us posted and all the best,

      • Well i heard back from the Director she just invited me for another interview this week. She says its with the management team of the department, i really don’t know what to expect now and why i need to go for another interview process. Can you help me put why is this case

      • chandlee says:


        A hiring decision is a big and expensive one — over $15,000 at minimum for most companies. So I would argue it’s good to have multiple interviews — because you can further evaluate the employer the they can evaluate you. From my experience, it’s all to easy to jump at a job offer even if it’s not the right job — I see people do this all the time. Many people who do this end up unhappy, you taking a fresh look at what you want to do may help you.

        Good luck, Chandlee

      • I took the first job that was offered to me and it was a big mistake! I agree with you that it is best to have multiple interviews. Of course, in this job market it’s hard to get multiple interviews. But, I’ve learned now to ask a lot of questions and from now on I’m going to be more selective.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Lane,

        Looks like we’re on the same page. One of the best things you can do to make sure you land in an optimal position is to assess how you work — how do you approach problems? Want to interact with people on the job? What’s your preferred pace of work: Do you like to know what to expect or enjoy something different everyday? What’s your ideal supervisor?

        Outline these factors, and you may find it easier to articulate how you work — and clarify how to spot the right employer. Good luck!

        All the Best,

  209. Theresa says:


    I stumbled across this website and found a lot of your information really helpful so far! I, too, have a little bit of a situation and would appreciate an outside opinion. I had an interview for a job about 10 hours away from my home (a location I would ultimately like to end up in) last Friday (the 20th). When I inquired about the time frame for the rest of the process I was told that I would receive a follow-up call “soon” to schedule another interview the next week. It’s Wednesday of this “next week” and I still have not heard. I had to travel back home (long drive!) because a relative is in the hospital but am still very much interested in this position (meaning I would be willing to make the 10 hour drive again). My question is: is it okay to follow-up now? I need some time to get back out there to make the second interview….meanwhile – I received a different phone call today from a possible employer and opportunity I thought was long gone. I submitted the application back in February, was told I could not follow-up because of the high volume of applications received, never heard back, and assumed that it was out of the picture. Today, though, one of the HR managers called me and left a message asking if I am still interested in opportunities. I don’t want to turn him down at this point, but it is a less ideal location and I still really want to hear about how my first interview went. Is it okay to wait a day or two to call him back? Thanks so much for any help you can give!

    • Theresa says:

      Just a little something I forgot to mention – I sent all of my interviewers a thank you note immediately after our meeting so I did follow-up in that respect!

    • chandlee says:


      While it may sound like overkill, I recommend you go ahead and speak with the HR Manager and learn more about the other position. When we apply for a job, all we have to go on is our personal experience as a candidate — we don’t see all of the other candidates who have applied: It is a bit like a black hole in that respect, because all we can see is us. There are many additional factors at play behind the curtains.

      So I recommend that you follow-up and look closely at the other position as well. Listen to them, see what they have to say. If you end up with two offers you will be in a much better bargaining position. And if company #1 delays and asks you to show up the following day, you may want to ask about a plane ticket and/or travel reimbursement in general — unless the position is entry-level or one that they would not have trouble finding local applicants for.

      Good luck,

  210. Hello Guys,

    What do you do when you realise that after a perfect final interview you were not offered the job?

    I am so sad.

    • chandlee says:


      I recommend following up and thanking the employer for their consideration. Let them know you’d be interested in future opportunities even though you were turned down now. True story — I once got hired a year after I came in second for a job. You never know.

      Good luck,

  211. Hello all,

    this is such a great forum, especially for discussing this really frustrating aspect – interviews and the waiting process.

    here is my situation and i need your advice;

    After the prelim screening phone interview with the HR rep, I had a first interview with this company (the hiring manager) at the end of may – it went really well ( i sent a thank you email afterwards, got no response – which is OK, i guess).

    I was then called for 2nd & 3rd (final) interviews which happened same day, 1st week of June ( I sent a thank you note to the 3rd interviewer, i didn’t have details for the 2nd) and then it went quiet…

    On June 19, i contact the HR rep, to find out the status of things, she replied saying that I was still being considered and that, she will get back to me at the end of the following week..

    It’s been silence ever since from their end…. 2 weeks after, I emailed the HR rep again and got no response. A week after that, i emailed the hiring manager and got no response and just last week, i emailed the HR rep again – i just wanted some closure.

    SO basically, since June 19th 2012, i haven’t heard from this company, as its the end of July today, I am assuming it’s time to close my mind to that job… A friend who works there says i should call the HR but i feel after 2 emails, i can’t be asked…. I just wish she’d gotten back to me as she’d said she would- not knowing what to think is so frustrating.

    What do you think?

    • chandlee says:


      Move on, start looking at other opportunities, and if you get an offer from the company – it will be a pleasant surprise. It may be frustrating for you, but it happens to people all the time.

      Good luck and all the best,

  212. Thank you, Chandlee. Moving on swiftly, I shall indeed….

    All the very best to you too.


  213. Hi, I have come across this site and love it!
    I attended an interview on Friday for an administration role. I felt the interview went well and i was told i would hear by Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Its now Thursday and i have heard nothing. How long should i leave it until contacting the company?

    • Hi Jen,

      I recommend waiting until Monday and following up then. Hiring always takes longer than anticipated — there are typically a number of checks and balances inside companies to get an offer letter out.

      Good luck and all the best,

  214. Catherine says:

    Hi guys,

    I was recently let go from a job several weeks ago and I heard through friends that a firm was looking for a new assistant. They had not actively searched and had interviewed people they had heard about through word of mouth. They had looked several months ago and they were not impressed with anyone they had interviewed. I emailed the firm my resume three weeks ago and mailed a letter as well. They informed two people who recommended me for the position that they were going to call me for an interview. Theyve said this twice over two weeks. I followed up with an email earlier this week but I feel like I’m out of options and have to wait. Anything else I can do? Should I stop by in person? I don’t want to nag. They are a small firm and I know they are busy but I would really like this job because of the field of law and it’s a small two attorney firm.

    • Hi Catherine,

      I’d give them some space on this. Lawyers can get very involved in projects and just not have time right now.

      If you stop by to see them, it could feel like pressure or stalking and be received very negatively. Or, it could demonstrate your interest and be viewed positively. Without knowing the personalities it’s very hard to tell.

      See if your friends can give you a reading on how this might be received by them.

      The whole hiring process usually takes longer than any job seeker (without an income) wants. On the “other side of the desk” the pressure to keep performing well in their job or business is the highest priority.

      Good luck!

  215. Hi, my problem is that yesterday I had an interview and it was pretty informal and I could tell there were not many candidates, near the end of the interview he asked me “I really like your anwers, if I give you a chance will u let me down?” and I said no I will try my hardest to meet your expectations. So then he said I do not usually hire on the spot, give me a couple hours to think about it and I will give you a call. My interview ended at 5 and the office closed at the same time. I have been waiting all day but I did not get a call today. Could this mean he changed his mind ?

    • chandlee says:


      It sounds like your interviewer is very interested in hiring you. The challenge that sometimes happens is that paperwork doesn’t move — and internal hiring processes to approve an offer — don’t move as fast as hiring managers want them too. I’d give it at least five business days before I start to assume they aren’t interested.

      In the interim, write a thank you note if you have not done so already.

      Good luck and all the best,

  216. This website has been very helpful. Thanks!! πŸ™‚

    I have a question. I had a phone interview last week with a talent agency for a new account/client.They just recently lost the old account that I was on last year. I already knew the interviewers, as I’ve done work for them already, and they already know my personality and work ethic. In fact, they already sent me the schedule in advance of the interview.

    I’m not really sure how to judge the interview on their end, but I thought it went ok. I was told I’d get a reponse last Friday or this past Monday. Haven’t heard anything back and I’m pretty worried. Help!

    • chandlee says:


      The hiring process almost always takes longer on the inside of a company due to approval processes. I’d give it a couple more days — and if you haven’t sent a thank you note already, do it now and reiterate your interest in the position.

      All the Best and good luck,

  217. Hi Chandlee,

    This site has been very helpful and Love it. Thanks much!!!

    I have a questiion. I had an interview on July 23rd with a person who I used to work with and she was very excited to see that after 10 years I have accomplished a lot of things. Almost all the job requirements and criteria they are looking for are all covered. Interview went really well with other 2 directors of the company, too. I sent a thank you email afterwards, got no response – which is OK, I guess. There were 8 more applicants and they told me that they will make a decision after 2 weeks.

    On August 6, I contact one of them via email to find out the status of things, she replied saying “The interview process has taken longer than anticipated. We probably will not make any decisions until next week.” It’s been silence ever since from their end…. 2 weeks after by tomorrow. I just wanted some closure and not knowing what to think is so frustrating.

    For the meantime, I have been applying but no luck as of yet. Thanks for the advise in advance.

    What do you think?

    • Hi Michaela,

      I recommend calling your former colleague at the end of next week to touch base…Don’t leave a voice or email message. Try to reach her directly.

      If you don’t get the job, don’t take it personally. It’s almost always a decision made for factors beyond your control.

      All the very best,

  218. Hi Chandlee,
    I’m a recent High School Graduate looking for a part time job as a VPK Teaching Assistant. I am currently pursuing a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in English lit, and although I do not have direct experience with teaching, I’ve had a lot of volunteer experiences and was a tutor for disability students at my University.
    I applied to an early childcare facility that has a after school program online, they called and asked me to do an assessment form and send in my resume via email – after that was done, they called in for an informal interview with a staff member (not the director) and they had me fill out my reference contacts and personal information.
    Throughout the interview, the staff member spoke to me about the kind of training I’d be doing and asked me about the age group I’d like to be teaching. I thought the interview went well, and they had liked me. Afterwards, the staff member said that she would check with my references and then have the director call me for a more formal interview.
    Almost two weeks went by and no one had called. I called them my self to ask about the status of my application and they said they were “still reviewing my references”, and that they’d call me back by the end of the week. No one called, and a week has passed since that call. I called again today and got a hold of the director herself. She said she remembered the staff member speaking to her about the position and that she would speak to her again and call back by the afternoon. She even took down my name and phone number herself. I still have not gotten a call back from the school.

    I was wondering if there are any words of advice regarding situations like these. Although this back and forth has been very frustrating for me, I am trying to keep my options open and am applying other schools as well. Is there anything I can do to ensure that I will be more successful next time?

    Thank you so much for the help in advance,

    • CeCe,

      Often the simple act of following up cannot influence the outcome of our applications — even if we wish that it would! I wish you all the best of luck with your job search overall, it’s possible that they haven’t filled the job yet.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • I am extremely happy to say that within hours of posting my comment, I heard from the Director of the school herself, and was asked to come in for training.

        Thank you for the kind words, nevertheless πŸ™‚

      • Cece,

        Congratulations and best wishes in your new position.


  219. I just have a question. I went to an interview with two managers. The first interview with was with one Manager and it went very well so they told me to wait and landed me a second interview. The second manager came in and asked few questions and then stated that they will make a decision by the end of the week. I went to the interview on Wednesday and today is Friday. Also, the hr recruiter called me the day after and stated that they will give me an assessment test in which I took. How long should I wait to give them a call back.

    • Hi Naushad,

      Send a thank you note to let them know of your continued interest in the position instead of calling them. Make sure your thank you note uses good language and has no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

      All the Best,

  220. I had a first round interview with a company two weeks back, the interview went well, said I would hear back the following week on the next round schedule. Sent a thank you email and and the HR responded saying she will let me know soon. I didnt hear back and so I sent the HR an email the second week to ask about my status and she had mentioned that she would get back to me by the end of the week. Now its week three and no response yet, should I follow up again to see if I am still in the running, or should I wait a couple more days before I send her a followup or should I call the HR and find out drectly.

    • Hi Jason,

      At this point, I don’t recommend following up again. I do recommend looking at the company website to see if the job is still listed.

      While there are often delays, it may be that the company has passed on you…I’d encourage you to continue to apply to other jobs as you wait to hear back. Don’t be too discouraged, the job search is very often an extended process — just as there are multiple candidates for any one position, it often takes several applications to get to the offer.

      Good luck with your search,

  221. A thank you letter was sent the day after the interview. Its just a waiting game beyond this point should I follow up in a few days since it will be a week after the interview occurred?

    • Naushad,

      If you’ve already followed up once, it is doubtful that a follow-up note will influence the hiring decision one way or another. What it can do is to help you get clarity on the situation — and to where you still are in the process.

      If you need it for your peace of mind, I recommend a phone call on Friday to follow-up. Don’t leave a voicemail or an email — always harder to get closure you seek if they can get back to you at leisure (or not at all!)

  222. Well I have a question…I did the “follow up email” and the response was ” just need to look at some numbers and should be getting back to you shortly”/ “looking forward to speaking soon” it’s been 4 weekdays since that email that the employer sent back! What’s my next step I feel stuck?

    • Erin,

      I know it seems like an eternity, but keep in mind that internally — inside a company — it can take more than one person and one department to look at the numbers.

      Recommend you give it till the end of this week or the beginning of next until you begin to question it. In the interim, recommend you continue to look at other potential options — and apply for an additional jobs as you wait to hear back. Never hurts to have more than one option.

      All the Best,

  223. Hello,

    I recently had a phone interview on Friday the 24th. I followed up that afternoon with a thank you email and received a short reply “Thank you for the follow up. It was a pleasure to speak with you as well.” I was informed that I was one of 12 candidates at that stage and they would be winding down to 5 for in person interviews and we would hear back the following week. I still have had no communication. I know labor day weekend occurred but would it be bad form to write a short email inquiring my status? It has been just over 2 weeks from the initial call scheduling the phone interview and tomorrow it will be two weeks since the interview itself: 9 business days as of tomorrow. Thoughts?

    • Jessica,

      I recommend you call or email on Monday, reiterate your interest in the position — and let them know you are still available to interview — and interested in doing so. Apply for other jobs in the interim, always good to have multiple options open.

      Good luck and all the best,

  224. Hello Chandlee,

    I am in the midst of an interview process for a job at a small college. I applied for the job the day it posted, it was removed the next day, and I was called to schedule my first phone interview the day after that. Last week I had a phone interview with the direct supervisor of the position and the office’s director that went really well. I got asked 2 days later to schedule another phone interview for the following week with people who work in other offices on campus.

    I had that interview on Wednesday. The director of the office whom I interviewed with last week briefly said he would follow up with me ‘by the end of the week’ before leaving the room to allow the interview to take place.

    Well, it’s Friday evening and I haven’t heard anything. I sent a brief thank you email to the director at the end of the work day and asked if there were any updates, but he didn’t respond and probably won’t until Monday at the soonest. If he said he would contact me at ‘the end of the week’ in passing, but hasn’t, should I write this job off? I’m so stressed!

    Thanks for your help. Erin

    • Erin,

      I would not read too much into it. I’ve worked at colleges in the past and find that hiring processes are often delayed. As you sit tight I recommend you continue to apply for other opportunities as well — it may put your mind at rest to know you have more opportunities should this one not work out. It sounds like you’ve done all you can. Keep us posted and good luck with the overall process.

      All the Best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        They actually got back to me today and offered the job! Thanks for your help and advice!


      • Erin,

        How wonderful! Good luck with the new job and please let others know about Work Coach Cafe!

        All the Best,

      • Congratulations! I am in the same boat. It has been a week. Since my last interview with an employer. I really want this job. I had three interviews and have heard not a word. I am getting extremely agitated. Again congrats!!!!!!

      • Hi Melissa,

        My recipe for a perspective check a week after the interview is this:

        1. Keep your eye out on other opportunities and apply for at least one.
        2. Remember that employers have to finish the interviewing process with other candidates before they can move forward. How would you feel if you had an interview scheduled for Monday — and the employer called and said, “oh we liked the candidate we met with yesterday so much that we have no need to interview more?”

        Good luck!

        All the Best,

      • I just wanted to thank you! I got the job and I start in two weeks!!!!!!

      • How wonderful! Congratulations, good luck and keep us posted!

        All the very best,

  225. Hello, I had a interview on Tuesday and I received a positive vibe all through the interview. The interviewer was all smiles during the interview and asked did I have any questions about certain things she was saying during the interview. She also described the way the staff is setup and the function of each department. She also mentioned that she would like to bring me back in since the interview was only 30 minutes due to a meeting she had to attend. Before she attended the meeting she asked if I could write a sample of my work and then gave me her business card with a smile. She told me to leave the writing sample with the receptionist on my way out the door. So the interview was on Tuesday and tomorrow is Thursday and I wanted to ask is it a bad sign if I don’t hear anything by close of business on Friday? Also if I don’t hear anything by the end of the week does that mean my writing sample was not impressive? Part of me feels if I don’t hear anything by Friday I think it may have to do with the writing sample.



    • Solomon,

      It doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t hear anything until next Wednesday. Typically employers are scheduling multiple candidates at the same time and they don’t make a decision until they have interviewed all candidates who are on the schedule.

      I would not read into it until the process is over; you could follow up next week if you haven’t heard anything by then. Good luck!

      All the Best,

      • Thanks for getting back Chandlee,

        It just doesn’t look good right now since I emailed a thank you letter on Tuesday after the interview and never got a reply back. I was expecting a reply back because of her mentioning bringing me back in but no response at all to the thank you letter. And since I got such a positive vibe from her on Tuesday I’m thinking maybe the writing sample made her go in another direction. So after today I have no choice but to move on if I don’t hear from her because i strongly believe that if someone is interested in bringing you on board it wouldn’t take 3 business days for me to hear something. So I have 3 and a half hours to go before I look forward to October and move on with my life.

      • Solomon,

        Having worked as a recruiter, I will tell you frankly that it does often take more than 3 business days to hear something. Because you are almost always often seeking to fill multiple positions at one time. And hiring managers generally always have a job to do in addition to scheduling interviews and meeting candidates. Finding time to hire can be a balancing act.

        The above comment has a run-on sentence and an uncapitalized I. I am assuming that you spend more time — and proof all of your thank you letters. If you made similar mistakes in the writing sample this may be the problem. If writing isn’t an area of strength for you, you may want to have a friend proof future job search materials and writing samples.

        Good luck and keep us posted.


      • Well that particular interview I went to on Tuesday was a job I applied for on August 1st. So maybe they move slow because I forgot about the job since I applied 6 weeks ago. So next week will probably confirm whether or not I was selected to return for a 2nd Interview.

  226. First of all – I would like to compliment the admins of this forum on their much appreciated efforts.

    During the first week of September 2012 I applied for a job at a company very similar to my previous employer (through as external recruiter). The hiring person was then still on vacation, however, when they returned that Friday, the recruiter told me they called immediately asking to have an AV (audio-visual) interview and presentation by me the next working day.

    Although the subject of the test-presentation they gave me seemed superficial – I take everything seriously and gave the best presentation I could, while timed by a stop-watch. The 3 interviewers complimented me on the presentation and said they were especially pleased with my scientific knowledge. To the best of my information, they called the recruiter back the same day and asked to meet me in person asap – which was 3 working days later, in a different country (it is a relocation job for me).

    I drove almost 1000 km in-and-out in one day for this second interview, met and discussed with several people and given a long facility tour.

    The next working day the recruiter said they really liked me and I was a very strong candidate. They planned to have a decision between 3 by the end of that week.

    2 weeks have passed since then and I have not heard anything…. At least I would expect them to have the decency to inform me of a negative, rather than just let me wait indefinitely.

    A couple of times in the recent past I got the impression that companies simply don’t bother unless they “need you today”, which I find below any human standards.

    Is there a formal time-limit on how long to wait before you write it off, no matter how well it went ? A short email to the recruiter was also left unanswered.

    What do you think ?

    • Hi 37,

      We know it’s happening. That is why we are here.

      I recommend giving the hiring manager you talked to — not the recruiter — a call to find out what’s happening…Don’t leave a message, see if you can catch them in person.

      Good luck, don’t give up hope on this — or other opportunities — and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

      • Thanks Chandlee πŸ™‚

        It is an external recruiter without exclusivity on this position, so is it still ok for me to go over the recruiter’s head and call the hiring manager ? We all exchanged business card at the start of the interview, so I have their direct contact info, I’m only in doubt whether it is ok for me to contact them directly…. ?

      • Hi 37,

        Yes, I think it’s fine to contact them directly. Be careful how you do it — but there’s nothing wrong with simply following up and expressing your continued interest in the opportunity. You never know when the external recruiter has simply lost interest in helping to fill the job — and is busy following up with other assignments!


      • I never understood the purpose of calling after a interview since they have your contact information. The interviewer called initially to set up the interview so why would be the point of calling after you restated your interest in the thank you email? I would think if someone was really interested they have your number to call you, am I right?

      • Hi Solomon,

        The purpose of a follow-up call is often to simply let the employer know that you remain interested in the job — and offer a willingness to connect them with references.

        If you haven’t heard back in six weeks, it could — unfortunately — be that the employer has not finished the search (or that they’ve decided not to hire you.) It’s always a good idea to apply for more than one job so that you can expand access to opportunities.

        Good luck,

  227. Hello,

    Just looking for someone to confirm what I’m already feeling. Long story short, I interviewed for a manager position at a smaller company (50-200 employees) on Wednesday Sept 19th and was called in for a second interview the following monday Sept 24. The director (who I interviewed with) said that she was hoping to make a decision by the end of the week. I sent a thank you email on Monday of this week and called and left a voicemail yesterday. Still no word… hopeless? I felt like it had gone so well and it irks me that she can’t just reply that the position has been filled by another candidate. I’ve usually heard so promptly one way or another after a second interview. What gives?

    • Well Mary it sounds like they may have went in another direction since you called and left a message and you have not heard anything. I recently experienced the same thing so it’s no point in worrying about it, just move on and focus on the next opportunity. And remember even if the interview went well the employer can only hire one person so it’s no need to take it personal. What may happen now is since you left a message you have reminded her to send you a rejection letter in the mail. So don’t be surprised if you receive one of those letters soon. But again, move on and remain positive and you will be fine.

    • Mary,

      It’s quite possible the job is still open.

      There are a hundred reasons why jobs take a while to fill inside the company. Here’s a big one: You are not the ONLY candidate. If an interview was scheduled after yours — they still need to evaluate, and review everything before they make an offer. Then the offer needs to be approved. All of this can take days.

      Be patient, but continue your job search other places as well. The simple act of follow-up is unlikely to affect an employer’s decision of whether to hire you or not…

      Good luck and all the very best,

      • Mary, Chandlee is right. I’m in a similar spit as you. They told me a week so on Friday I thought that maybe it had gone on another way. Long story short, no decision has been made because the hiring manager is trying to negotiate hiring both of her top candidates. So don’t lose faith. Its not over until you’re told its been filled.

        Best of luck and if it’s ok I’ll put in a prayer for you as I’m talking to the Big Guy about my job…hey we have to claim it!

  228. This blog has both put my mind at ease and raised more doubt. I went for an interview on the 2nd for an entry level position. I feel the interview went well i even filled out a background check. As soon as i got home i sent a Thank you email. The interviewer said she would contact candidates on Thursday. That day my phone was acting up and when I finally got it working I called the company to see if they had tried to call, she said she would contact me later that afternoon…nothing. Bad sign or just still deliberating?
    Now for my problem with Monday being a holiday do I call and leave a message or wait till Tuesday. I actually am interested in the position anymore tips you could offer prior to calling would be great.
    Thank you

    • Doesn’t sound too good but I will say if you don’t hear anything by close of business on Tuesday then they probably chose someone else. If so you just have to remain positive and move on to the next opportunity.

    • Terence,

      I would not assume that you did not get the job yet — in my experience hiring almost always takes longer than you think it should. It’s a process and most people are doing more than one job at a time. I don’t think you need to follow up again on Tuesday — they know you are interested and too much commentary on that would be overkill…so I recommend you hold tight and apply for other jobs in the interim.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Thank you for your replies.
        I will keep my chin up and keep the search going.
        The only reason I want to follow up is to confirm if the position is filled or open. Oh well I will wait and see. It just sucks not knowing.

      • Thanks again for all the help and advice. They called this morning and offered me the position.

      • Wonderful! Congratulations, sometimes it just takes time!

      • Congrats on the job! I just got my nursing license and interviewed for a position on a Friday and she said the next step would be to run my background check. She said they hire new nurses all the time. I explained to her that something happened almost ten years ago with no conviction and the case being dropped (still shows up on my record though and being in Alabama cannot be expunged). She didn’t seem concerned and mentioned that the state board of nursing wouldnt of given me my license if there was an issue (they run background checks too). She then continued to discuss when orientation was and what the job paid. I asked when I should hear back from her and she said “probably Monday”. I called Monday evening and left a voicemail and also on Tuesday. It is now Wednesday and she has yet to return my call. If my background check was an issue I feel like she would of told me and not discussed orientation with me or given me her business card but I don’t know. Orientation is Monday. What do you think?

      • Worries,

        If you are not in Alabama anymore, you may want to consider running a background check on yourself — and see if it still comes up. If nothing does, you may not want to provide information on this at the outset of discussions. Instead, let them come to you and ask about it…

        I don’t recommend following up on the job again — sit tight and continue to apply for other jobs as you wait to hear back.

        Good luck and all the best,

      • They called yesterday and I got the job!! Thanks for everything!!!

      • Worries,

        Congratulations and how wonderful — keep us posted and good luck!


  229. should I assume the position has been taken? I interviewed a week ago, they told me I would here from them no later then 2 days ago. When I go to the site the postion is no longer listed.

    It was my second interview, form waht I was told only 3 people would get a second interview and they would make their decison from those 3…Wouldn’t mind as much if I knew eaither way…frustration!

    • Sean,

      I recommend you call the interviewer and ask for a follow-up. If you just want to know, don’t leave a voice mail or e-mail. Wait to talk to a human.

      I wish you good luck, keep us posted, and let us know how this turns out — delays are not uncommon, but unfortunately neither are employers who don’t follow-up enough.

      Good luck and all the best,

  230. Hello I hope everyone is well.

    I interviewed had a phone interview for a job on September 20. I had a physical interview with the COO on September 25, I sent my thank you letter the next morning. On October 5 I had my second interview with the director the position reports to. She said they plan on making a decision by the end of the following week which would be October 12.

    I had computer issues so could not send a thank you email until Monday the 8th which for some people was a columbus day. She did respond from her cellphone however saying It was wonderful to meet me and they will be in touch soon.
    I also gave them two printed reference letters and was wondering if I should have someone from my current job email the director with another reference for me? And when should I follow up again?

    One of them is going out of the country on Monday the 15th and the other will be going a few days later.

    • Hi Reina,

      I recommend you follow-up in a week. You’ve already done a great job of following up and providing them with information. It is up to the committee to make a decision — and it often takes longer than it should.

      In the interim, apply to one or two more positions you could live with. This may help ease the anxiety in the interim.

      Good luck and all the best,

  231. hi,
    im just lookin for some advise. i went for an interview on Thursday 11th, and i felt that the interview went really well, it was very relaxed and it was all smiles.
    she told me that she would give me a call on Friday 12th becuase the is 4 more people to interview, but i still havnt heard anything.
    It is an apprenticeship, the college contacted me on Friday 12th asking for my persisson to pass on my contact number to the company.
    should i just asume the job isnt mine and move on or?



    • Dear Jay,

      Don’t assume anything. If the college has contacted you it is possible that they are still interested. I recommend you call the employer and see if they need any additional contact information or references. Let them know you remain interested.

      Good luck and keep us posted.


  232. Hi,
    I had an interview Thursday and the hr person said I was the last of three. I talked a bit much during the interview with the hiring manager but I definitely expressed my interest and the knowledge the hr manager told me to discuss with the hiring manager.

    The hiring manager told me second interviews would be next week (this week) so when should I expect to hear? He took lots of notes during the interview and I know I am qualified but I was nervous in the interview.
    Thanks !!!

  233. Frank Johnson says:

    Hi everyone, it looks like may be in the same boat as many of you, but I’m lookng for a fresh angle. I recently interviewed for a sales positon in my chosen field of emergency services. The company is quite reputable and the President/owner is giant in the field. I was invited in for an interview and it appeared to me that it went quite well. The president thanked me for my candid answers and the HR director (my prospectve immediate supervisor) told me that things would be “moving quickly” and that they would be in touch with me. I followed up with a thank you note and then waited. 2 weeks went by and I heard nothing. I sent an inquiry e-mail politely asking to be kept in the loop.Still nothing. 1 week later, I sent a last e-mail aking if I was still in contention and whether a hiring decision had been reached. At all times, I was polite, professional and I was never pushy or rude. I still have heard nothing and all told it has now been 26 days with no contact. Am I reading too much into this lack of contact or am I, for lack of a better word.sunk? Anyone who may have a perspective on this is more than welcome to comment. Thanks!

    • Frank,

      Chances are good that either something is going on inside the company, the job has been filled, or the position is still in play. Either way, your next move should be the same: keep looking at other opportunities and don’t take this personally. It happens way more than it should. Hang in there.


  234. Hi All

    I had an interview on the 9th October. I had a telephone interview 10 days before and then attended a face to face interview on the 9th.
    Since then I have been awaiting the outcome of the interview and it feels like its taking forever.
    I need to know what I shall do, I dont want to appear too keen but I know I really want the job, shall I phone or E mail them for a response? or are candidates now days to accept that if you dont hear anything youi have not go the job.

    Look forward tom hearing from anyone who can help

    • Hi Sienna,

      You can either email (proofread to make sure it is perfect) or call. Express your continued interest in the job and ask if they need more information.

      Either way, I recommend you keep applying for other jobs in the interim.

      Good luck and all the best,

  235. Hello Everybody

    reading these posts is definitely helping me in waiting.
    However I would like to know your opinion on my situation.
    I interviewed on Sept 13 for a job position that would start on JANUARY 2013.
    They company is currently reorganizing their structure.
    I interviewed with the Ceo of the company and a manager,after I left I had the feeling it all went very well.
    The interview lasted 1 hour, the Ceo asked me if I would be availble to start immediately, asked me my salary expectations, gave me his visiting card, and since I would have to leave the city were I live now if I get the job (NY)… when the interview was about to end the Ceo said: you will miss NY…
    The following days I sent my thank you notes both to the Ceo and to the manger, only the manager replied in CC to the Ceo and said they really appreciated my enthusiasm and that they were “evaluating several solutions” (I imagine others candidates) and that “they would for sure keep me informed”.
    Now is OCTOBER 25…. I haven’t heard anything from them…. and I am really at the end of my patience….I am afraid they will not call me and that they chose another candidate.
    When do you think I can follow up? and writing to the Ceo or to the Manager?

    I thank you in advance for your suggestions and help

    mc > a very stressed candidate …. in the meantime I am also applaying to other job and to head hunters…

    • Call the Manager. Other solutions often have nothing to do with candidates, but rather with the overall direction that the organization is heading. Do not leave a message or send an email. If you want closure, seek out the voice connection.

      Good luck, keep your chin up, and keep up the search regardless.

      Good luck and all the best,

  236. Hello to All,

    I recently had a 1st and 2nd job interview that went extremely well and was even given a Salary figure…in other words they wanted to hire me. The higher of the 2 if you will asked how soon i could start but, then reciprocating somewhat quickly and said not to give my 2 weeks just as of yet due to HR background check and Physical have to come back first. Shouldn’t have i been asked then to furnish my I.D and Social Security card to use for said background check? I was told that it could take up to 2-3 weeks for Background check and physical appointment. I’m just kind of on edge and puzzled as to why those forms of ID wouldn’t be requested or can checks be done just based on name alone? Any info would very much be appreciated. Thanks in Advance

    • Atticus,

      Follow up again and offer to supply the information they need to do a background check.

      Hiring takes times, companies have processes. Be patient. They need to dot all their “i’s” and cross all their “t’s”!

      Good luck,

  237. I had a phone interview on Sep 24 and then went to an onsite interview on Oct 5th. Two weeks later, I heard from a director who I haven’t interviewed during the onsite interview and said wanted to do another phone interview with me. That phone interview went very well on Oct 22 and he said at the end that we would be in touch soon. Then I sent him a thank you not but with no reply. So far I haven’t heard anything back and I sent another follow-up letter still with no reply. I am so into this position and I don’t know what this means…probably I should move on but they are supposed to say something……

    • Bill,

      Unfortunately, in the wide scheme of things — a week or more isn’t that long to wait. Most companies won’t make a decision until after a hiring committee meets and they finish with all of the interviews in their applicant pool. You likely aren’t the only person in the queue.

      All the Best,

  238. I had a face-to-face interview with a prospective employer on 25th October, It’s been a more than a week and I haven’t heard at all. I have sent a thank-you note and one follow-up e-mail but got no reply.

    Interview went great and I felt a good connection but still no communication from their side after interview. What should I do? Should I move one..?

    • Vinisha,

      It often takes more than a week. Be patient. If you haven’t heard back yet within a few more business days, feel free to follow-up — but realize that the simple fact of following up isn’t likely to speed up the decision making process.

      Good luck and all the best,

  239. I would like to add here —

    HR manager told me after interview that the process will take one week to move forward. Before interview, HR manager was in constant contact and responded immediately to my queries. But after interview, my queries are left unanswered. Although, only a week has passed but still I am getting worried as I got no response.

    I was among the final five shortlisted people who got interviewed by the company. I am so into this job, Should I move on…..?

    • Vinisha,

      In my experience as a recruiter, it always takes longer than you think it will on the inside. Keep searching for other jobs as you wait to hear back — it may help ease the wait.


      • Thanks Chandlee,

        I think I will wait for one more week before follow-up. I hope it’s just a time-taking process and I wish I am still into consideration.

  240. Hey, I’m just searching for some advice.
    I had an interview on the Oct 4th, the manager called me back in 5 days and put me on paid training in store for Oct 10 which was followed by another training session on Oct 19th. It seems that everything went well and he was very kind. After the training shift he said he would contact me the next week on a Thursday or Friday. He mentioned that he had 5 other people on training and that I had a 1/3 chance of getting the job but that he would call me for sure. At the interview he mentioned that he had huge numbers of applications. It’s been almost 2-3 weeks and he hasn’t contacted me at all. I emailed him showing my concern about what’s happened after training and its been two days, he has not replied. I have a friend who works there and she says that he is forgetful, as I asked her for advice. Should I just move on?

    • Jane,

      I don’t know that I’d give up altogether but I would certainly keep applying as well. If it’s only a 1/3 chance you will get the job, definitely keep looking at other places as well. Keep up your search, hang in, and good luck!


  241. Hello,
    Well I didnt get that last job, but I did continue to apply. So I had an interview yesterday, at 11. I got there early and they met me at 10:45, by the time we were done it was 12. They wanted me to meet with two other people but they had meetings. Pay was discussed and I mentioned that Im currently making x amount. The Director said hmm I dunno I think they only wanted to pay b amount. – Which mind you is way less than what I do make. Now in the amount I said I made I did bump it up a little. The director then said he would need to meet with the head and see if they would be able to meet me at where my “current” rate is. I told him I would accept if it was a thousand more than what I told him I make. so with that being said. They called me back for a second interview. I was actually in the process of typing my thank you letter, but didnt send it. Since they already scheduled me. On top of that they also scheduled the interview taking into consideration that I am doing an event at work, and based it me being free after that. My question is would they be wasting my time if they are not prepared to give me the pay I asked? And my 2nd interview is actually with the Director who would be my boss that I met yesterday and two other people.

    • Reina,

      In general, I would advise you — and anyone else — to NEVER ever go into detail on a salary request or offer while you are in the interviewing process. Also, do not misrepresent what you are currently making: many companies do verify current salaries and misrepresentation on that can cost you a job offer. If employers feel like you are playing games with them, they will stop considering you.

      Send the thank you letter anyway. They wouldn’t invite you in for a second interview if they weren’t considering making a formal offer to you. Any hiring decision is based in part on a feeling of how well you would work with a team — show that you can be a team player during the process and you’ll have more room to negotiate when an offer is made.

      Good luck and all the best,

  242. Howdy would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with? I’m looking to start my own blog soon
    but I’m having a difficult time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique.

    P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

  243. Dear Work Coach

    I went for an interview on the 03September 12 on the 08 October got a call to go for medical fitness which i did, a week after i was asked to send my latest salary advice and dependent on my medical, i have done that. It is six weeks now waiting should i call or wait longer. If i should call what should i say without sounding desperate.


    • Hi Peter,

      I think you can certainly follow-up with an e-mail or phone call at this juncture and ask for an update. Let them know you remain interested in the position. If you can, call — and don’t leave a message — find a live person who is familiar with the search to update you.

      Good luck and all the best,

  244. Hey Chandlee,

    Few months back, I shared my interview experience with you and the advise I got from you was really really helpful. My performance in some of the interviews have been very good and very much self-satisfying. Last week, I was interviewed by a project manager of a technology based company and I performed very well in the interview, answering almost 80% of the questions correctly, and arriving closer to the right answers of those which found tricky.

    My 1st round interview consiting of Aptitude and coding skills was conducted online. I took the test at home as the HR executive is a friend of mine and the HR executive stood right next to me throughout, and I had to follow some of the procedures such as not opening other browers etc. strictly. I also have earned good scores on the GRE, so aptitude section was a piece of cake. In all other sections, my performance was above average, say, 70th percentile. Hence, I was called for a face to face interview at the company’s campus. As previously mentioned, I performed exceedingly well in the f2f interview but at the end of the interview, the interviewer asked me whether I took the test at home or office campus. I informed him that I took the test from home but the HR executive was sitting next to me and there were no such malpractices whatsoever from my side. I don’t know whether he is convinced with my reply, though. Also, I politely mentioned that had I cheated, it would have been impossible to answer some of the questions asked during the f2f interview. He smiled and told me that they would contact me in about a week. My HR friend says he hasn’t received any feedback from interviewer yet. I’m concerned.

  245. Hey Chandlee,

    Few months back, I shared my interview experience with you and the advise I got from you was really really helpful. My performance in some of the interviews have been very good and very much self-satisfying. Last week, I was interviewed by a project manager of a technology based company and I performed very well in the interview, answering almost 80% of the questions correctly, and arriving closer to the right answers of those which I found tricky.

    My 1st round interview consisting of Aptitude and coding skills was conducted online. I took the test at home as the HR executive is a friend of mine and the HR executive stood right next to me throughout, and I had to follow some of the procedures such as not opening other browers etc. strictly. I also have earned good scores on the GRE, so aptitude section was a piece of cake. In all other sections, my performance was above average, say, 70th percentile. Hence, I was called for a face to face interview at the company’s campus. As previously mentioned, I performed exceedingly well in the f2f interview but at the end of the interview, the interviewer asked me whether I took the test at home or office campus. I informed him that I took the test from home but the HR executive was sitting next to me and there were no such malpractices whatsoever from my side. I don’t know whether he is convinced with my reply, though. Also, I politely mentioned that had I cheated, it would have been impossible to answer some of the questions asked during the f2f interview. He smiled and told me that they would contact me in about a week. My HR friend says he hasn’t received any feedback from interviewer yet. I’m concerned.

    • That’s a tough one. If you haven’t heard back from them by mid-week, follow up with the last fellow who interviewed you and offer to provide any additional information — or to take another assessment if they would like.

      Let them know you remain interested in the position.

      Good luck and all the best,

  246. I have a complicated issue, I think. I have NEVER been ignored by a prospective employer but I will explain.

    I work in the legal field and an old high school friend I found on Facebook, who is a law partner in a different city close to where I live, contacted me after a post of mine saying I wasn’t happy where I live. Well, he private messages me and asked me if I would like a job in his town. I responded by giving him my cell number and he called me about an hour later. We talked about a possible position he was creating so he could take on more work. He asked me to meet with him while he was in town to discuss it further which we did about a week later. He told me during the meeting or interview or whatever it was that I must move to his town or else he wasn’t interested because commuting usually doesn’t work out. That kind of struck me weird but I went along with it because I would love to move to his town because it’s a better community than the one I live in now. After that meeting I left with a positive attitude and it felt good to be in demand. After the meeting I sent him a private message through FB to thank him for meeting me & thinking of me for the job. After that I didn’t hear from him so I placed a follow up phone call and he called me back and reassured me he was still interested but had a trial coming up & had to talk it over with the head partner. After another few weeks passed I placed another phone call and he called me back only to tell me he was still interested but needed to talk to the head partner and he was out of the country and promised to call the following week. He also asked me to send him my resume’ and then he told me not to send it to the receptinist but directly to him because he didn’t want the other office staff to know he was considering hiring someone and creating another job. i emailed him my resume’ like he asked within minutes. I didn’t hear from him that week and became really busy with community projects so a few more weeks passed and he called out of the blue and asked me if he could meet with me so I drove to his town and he interviewed me again. It was the most brutal interview because I felt like I was on the witness stand. LOL I thought the interview went well though because I nailed the answers to his questions about law and he even gave me a facial expression as if he was impressed. He then offered me xx amount to come work for him which wasn’t much more than I make but better benefits but not enough to convince me to go through the trouble of moving especially since I am about to get a raise at my current job ( plus I have been at my current job for 10 years so I’ve been treated well). After that question I didn’t really respond other than saying well… He then told me he would call me Monday or Tuesday the following week with a “good offer”. I sent him a thank you email when I got home. He didn’t introduce me to anyone else in the office, in fact, didn’t want them to know why I was there to see him, which struck me weird but perhaps he didn’t break the news of the possibility of a new hire from another town yet.

    It has been 5 WEEKS and i have called him and left him a voice mail message to let him know I was still interested with no reply. Two weeks later I sent him a private message just to kind of remind him I am still on planet earth saying something I forgot to tell him during the interview. I know he read the message but never replied. I sent him an email today because I have a new cell number just to remind him once again I waiting and still interested. He has even called a former attorney at the firm i work for to check up on me and that attorney told him he would be crazy not to hire me. Am I not being pushy enough or should I be more pushy or just give up completely since he seems to be ignoring me? The job is perfect for me. It is in the legal field I prefer and the job requirements suit me perfectly. Did I really mess up an opportunity or is it a sign that the job is not mine like I had hoped? Sorry for this being so long but you have to know the whole story to understand what of predicament I am in. If he has changed his mind then why the heck did he seek me out for the job? Whew, if anything I feel better getting it off my chest.

    • Hi Tami,

      Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employers to not call back when they say they will.

      That said, it sounds like you are feeling disrespected and/or not followed up with properly by this old friend/potential employer. Pay attention to these feelings…If the position is offered, make sure it is with the knowledge of other partners and firm employees. If I were you, I would not quit my current position or move to another town — until you are comfortable that the move is the right one for you.

      Good luck and all the best,

  247. Hi,

    I have been reading your blog and have gotten a lot of great tips so I am hoping you can give me some advice about my situation.

    I interviewed for a position about two weeks ago. It went really well and I could tell that they liked me. They were hiring one position because of a shuffle in the office and said they had a few more interviews that day and then they would let me know. I heard back from them later that day and the hiring manager informed me that I was one of their top two candidates and they wanted me to come back in for a second interview the following week.

    When I came in for an interview the manager stated that another position had opened up due to a staff member leaving. He said that they really liked me and I would likely be hired. He asked if I was still available to start December 1st, which I am. He asked me to describe my previous experience to a supervisor who was there as well. I may have rambled a bit because my first interview was so informal I wanted to make sure I pointed out some of my strengths. Regardless, he stated that he had some logistics to figure out between the two positions and that he hoped to have everything finalized by the 28th. He again said they thought I was a good fit and would confirm the position Friday.

    However, I did not hear from him Friday or as of yet. I am unsure as to whether or not I should call since he stated he would call Friday but gave his deadline as this Wednesday. Should I wait until that date passes to see whether I am still being considered or should I enquire now since I did not hear anything last Friday?

  248. Hi,

    I just stumbled on your blog, and it’s been a great read! I had an initial phone interview with a manager about 3 weeks ago, and then was moved into the next round of interviews – which were two Skype interviews, which were setup by the HR staffing manager. The two Skype interviews in my opinion went well, but they took place over two weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything back to date. Since most of my communication with the HR staffing manager has been via email, I decided to email her to see if I was still in consideration for the position a few days ago, and I still haven’t heard anything back from her. Is it too forward of me to also give her a call tomorrow? Or should I just leave my email as my last communication? I noticed the job is still posted online, and this is with a very large corporation (as an FYI).

    Thanks for your response!

    • Sharon,

      I don’t recommend following up with HR so quickly after you just did. The outreach is not likely to result in a job offer. If you want to follow up again, follow up via email directly with the individuals who you would be working with.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  249. Vince Truong says:

    I had an interview on Tuesday. It went well and the hiring manager said he will get back to me on Thursday. I sent thank you letter and today is Friday but i still haven’t heard from him. I check the company’s website.They removed the that job from the career page.

    I believe he already hired someone and may not get back to me or they don’t want to post the job anymore because they have enough candidates.

    Please advice. Thank you.

    • Hi Vince,

      I would not rule out the position yet — often jobs are removed from websites after interviewing is finished.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  250. Chandlee,

    Thank you for your blog, it helps to see that there are others having the same problems.

    I had multiple interviews for a position over a month ago. The position was to start January 1 of this year. After every interview, I confirmed when they expected to make a decision and confirmed if all candidates would be notified, either way. Last interview was with HR and I was assured that I would either receive a call or e-mail from the recruiter. Well, January 1 has come and gone. I did e-mail the recruiter to see if they had extended an offer for the position. You guessed it, no response. I would think a simple yes or no would be appropriate at this point.

    It helps to vent.


    • Hi Louise,

      As much as it helps to vent, I wouldn’t assume they were able to close the deal before the holidays. Delays in making decisions when people are out of the office are common. That said, so are employers who don’t get back with candidates in a timely manner.

      Hang in there, know you are not alone and keep your job search up.

      Wishing you success in 2013,

  251. Giancarlo says:

    Hi Chandlee,

    Your blog is very interesting to me and I hope you can give me an opinion on this.
    I had an interview on december 20 to work as a sales assistant in a very important brand flagship store. Think I did well and they said they would call me on Monday 24. Since I did not get any call I went to the store in person and asked whether the manager was there. She was in a meeting and I got referred by an employee that some of the managers are on holiday and they will call me in the beginning of January. Have not heard anything yet, should I give up? Or it could be normal an holidays delay in the hiring process?

  252. Giancarlo says:

    Hi Chandlee,

    Your blog is very interesting to me and I hope you can give me an opinion on this.
    I had an interview on december 20 to work as a sales assistant in a very important brand flagship store. Think I did well and they said they would call me on Monday 24. Since I did not get any call I went to the store in person and asked whether the manager was there. She was in a meeting and I got referred by an employee that some of the managers are on holiday and they will call me in the beginning of January. Have not heard anything yet, should I give up? Or it could be normal an holidays delay in the hiring process?

    Thank you

    • Giancarlo,

      Delays in hiring processes are common. While it’s possible that you did not get the offer, I don’t think there would be any harm in dressing your best, visiting again, and letting them know of your continued interest.

      All the Best,

  253. Hi Work Coach Cafe,

    I had an interview some weeks back. The interview went really well, and I feel like everyone liked me a lot. After a week or so I received an update saying that some interviews were rescheduled and that I would be contacted at the end of the hiring process. Recently, I was in contact with them and they stated that the position requires some HR updates and that once ready, I will be directly contacted. What do you think about my situation?



    • Marcia,

      Often, what happens behind closed doors in an interview process has nothing to do with you – and everything to do with what’s going on inside the company. It sounds like this may be what you are experiencing now. I recommend you sit tight and keep your eye out for other opportunities as well as you wait to hear back from them.

      All the best,

  254. Hi Chandlee,

    I had a 2nd round interview scheduled for this week but my interviewer who is overseas did not call me. I called HR the next day to inform them and they said due to bad weather conditions my interviewer’s phone line was down. Anyways, they said they would call me within a few hours to reschedule but they never did. It’s been a day, should I call or email them to find out when I might hear about the rescheduled interview?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hi Maria,

      If you haven’t heard back by Monday, give them a follow-up — perhaps by reaching out directly to your interviewer.

      Good luck and all the best,

  255. Hi Coach. I love this site. So here’s my situation. On Friday the 11th I had a first interview. It went pretty well, I think it was a 7 out of 10. The interviewer was not the best as he was also new at his job, this was his 4th week with the company. So at the end of the interview be handed me his card and said ” use this and prove to me you really want the job”. Weird comment. So an hour after the interview I emailed a thank you email. He responded immediately with a ” thank you Dale ” response email. So taking bid advise, that Monday I sent him another email and a text. As he did encourage me to use his contact info. On Thursday I emailed him again and on Friday I called and got his voice mail. A person who answered the phone commented that the hiring manager has been out of the office with business related issues all week. The hireing manager did say he had other interviews but I was one of the top 3 candidates. My question is did I contact him to much?. He has only responded to my first thank you email. I just really want this job as its perfect for me. Thanks for any I sight you can offer.

    • Hi Dale,

      I recommend that you sit tight and wait to hear from them. If you feel the need to follow up again, do so by applying for another job. It’s always good to have as many potential career options as possible.

      Sounds like you know where you stand now — and you’ve followed up enough to let them know. So you’re in a good place to wait to hear back, see what comes next — and explore all of your options.

      Good luck,

  256. Chandlee,

    Hello Chandlee, I hope you are doing well in the New Year. I had contacted you at the beginning of January as I anxiously awaited word on a position. Around the middle of January, I did contact the recruiter, expressed my continued interest, and asked if the position had been filled. She replied it had not, but did not elaborate beyond that point.

    You told me to keep up my job search and I am glad I did. It turns out the company went through a bit of a reorganization. How I found that information out was by seeing a lower grade job posting up on the company’s website, which disappeared rather quickly. I saw a similar listing in the same city, posted by a temporary agency. I applied for the temporary job and the agency contacted me. I asked if this was the β€œcompany” and the agency confirmed that it was. It seems that they had reorganized some positions and spread duties to positions throughout the organization. Therefore, the position I applied for disappeared, but I would have never known.

  257. Hi Chandlee,

    I recently applied for the perfect job and was shortlisted for a interview. Unfortunately, I was out of the country and had to be interviewed on the phone. Although I could answer their questions, I couldn’t get an idea of how well it went as I could not see their body language or reactions to what I was saying. The interview was last Friday morning and I have sent them a thank you letter. Although it is only a few days, especially if we exclude the weekend where no selection process could have happened, they said they would get back to me early this week. My questions are:
    – how long should I wait to follow-up ?
    – isn’t the wait about them actually waiting for the successful candidate to accept the offer before they contact the other unsuccessful candidates? I know it is common practice in some companies to not contact the other candidates until the successful one has accepted the offer, in case this candidate reject the offer. They would then have other options available to them without having to re-advertise the job…
    Thank you

    • Hi Jerome,

      SO MANY things are going on that could have absolutely NOTHING to do with you that I wouldn’t take any of this personally, OR assume that someone else has gotten the job offer.

      You’ve done the appropriate things (the thank you’s), now you need to practice patience. Since the interview was last Friday, wait until next week to get back in touch with them (Monday is OK, Tuesday is better since Monday is usually a crazy day in most offices). Waiting “too long” doesn’t usually hurt a job seeker. Being “too aggressive” by contacting them too soon or too often can hurt a job seeker. So don’t contact them this week, unless being aggressive with other employees is a requirement of the job.

      I don’t know where you were in the interviewing scheduling – first interviewed, last interviewed, or somewhere in between – but I doubt that they have made an offer to someone else and are waiting for an acceptance. Things very rarely move that quickly (from interview to offer).

      Don’t give up on this opportunity, but keep looking for others while this one is in limbo.

      Good luck!

  258. I was e mailed by an employer to ask me if I was interested in interviewing for a position at their company. I had sent my resume to them on Hcareers months before and forgotton all about it. I assume they had me “On File”

    Anyways, I had 3 telephone interviews and then was invited to come visit them for a formal interview. i paid my own airline ticket ($625) and went for the interview. I was pleased with the interview and returned home.

    I had submitted my airline receipt for reimbursement and the manager said it would take a couple of days to process. No problem.

    The interview was on January 2nd and today is February 7th and I have still not recieved the check! I sent 3 e mails and a voicemail message and there was no response for 10 days. Finally I get an e mail ion February 3rd apologizing that I had not recieved her e mails and she would have accounting look into it the next day???? It’s now the 7th and no further e mails to say it’s on the way and no check to date.

    i also politely asked if they had made a decision on the position but this was not addressed either. This is a very prestigeous organization and I am dumbfounded at their lack of action to both the reimbursement and not giving me the courtesy of a reply to the job status. I feel like e mailing their President and screw the job but to let him know(politely) the circumstances. Should i, or just forget about it and put it down to a bad experience?

    Are they morally bound to advise me if the position has been filled after an out of town interview. I felt that the interview went very well and am beginning to second guess myself!!!

    • Large organizations – even prestigious ones – do sometimes have long, convoluted administrative procedures to process payments, particularly ones that aren’t invoices, and making a “vendor” wait 30 days for payment isn’t unusual, sometimes even 60 or 90 days isn’t unusual, unfortunately. And that may be what is happening here. But, they aren’t making a good impression, and it is troubling that they don’t seem to be worried about that.

      I wouldn’t chalk it up to a bad experience yet. Perhaps it will work out well, once they get through their procedures. At least you should get the cost of your plane ticket refunded, eventually.

      Yes, I would think that they are morally bound to advise you about the position, but if it takes them this long to process a reimbursement, it probably takes MUCH longer to fill a job! There might be another round of interviews, and other steps (all taking days or week, potentially) to go through before making an offer to anyone.

      Don’t second guess yourself about the interview at this point, but do consider whether or not this would be a place you would be happy to work.

      Hope you get that check soon!

      Good luck!

  259. Hi Work Coach

    I manger to have a second interview with the director, but it has been two week. I still didn’t receives any call from the HR department. Do you think i should send a email to the director, to check on the status?


    Best Regard

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Vincent,

      If you haven’t sent a thank you to the director and to HR, I would do that now. In your message to HR, ask them for the status of the job and what the next steps are.

      If you have already sent your thank you’s, then it is appropriate for you to contact HR to see what is going on.

      Be polite, and remind them of the job title, the date of the interview with the director, and the director’s name (in case they have more than one).

      Good luck with your job search!

  260. I had a great first interview for a preschool teaching position.I Wrote a nice thank you letter for the first interview and e-mailed it. Received a call for the second part of the hiring process to observe the preschool and infant class. Wrote a second thank you letter for the observation procor ess and emailed it. I was told it was going to be about two weeks and they will make a decission. I waited 16 days and called asking what the next step was for the teaching position and asking if a decission was made for that position. I was transfered to Assistant Director VM. I left a message. Its been about 3 days and no response. I e-mailed the Assistant Director about two days ago and no response. I looked at the website and the position is still open. Should I call back or just let it go?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Lidia,

      It’s too soon to give up on this job. The process often takes MUCH longer than the employers expect it will take, so it’s not surprising that you haven’t heard from them.

      Get back in touch with the Assistant Director in another week via telephone, not email. Hopefully you will get a chance to talk with someone. If not, leave a professional voicemail message telling them the job you interviewed for, when you interviewed, who you interviewed with, plus your name and contact information. Reiterate your interest in the position and ask for the next steps in the process.

      Meanwhile, keep looking for other jobs as aggressively as you can. Don’t wait for “the decision” on this one. You may never know what happens, only that they didn’t make you an offer.

      Good luck with your job search!

  261. Lindsey says:

    Hello. Went on an interview last Wednesday. A day & a week ago. Right after the interview, I sent her my last professional reference via email & thank you note. She seemed genuinely interested in me & the interview lasted a good amount of time. We sat together in the office for quite some time. It was a nice interview I felt good about all week. She also told me in person she would be in touch with me within the week, and again via email. That was last said last Thursday. It’s Thursday now it’s been a week still no call/response. I feel a little upset about it I was confident she would have contacted by now. So, with that said- I was thinking about giving a follow up call either Friday or Monday just to see if the position was filled. It’s a nurse position btw a job I really want. When do you think I should follow up?

  262. Hi,

    I have a similar situation where i need some advice. I had a phone interview 3 weeks back where the interview lasted for around half hour and the interviewer spoke very eagerly about my being fit for more opportunities than one maybe. At the same time, he informed me that their selection process is tedious and takes time, but he did not mention the time period it would take them exactly because he wasnt himself sure. He told me that he will send in his feedback to the relevant department after he has completed the screening process, after which that department will take it forward. The next day i followed up with a thank you email, reiterating my interest in the position.

    However, there was no reply to that email nor have i received any responses from another department of that Company. Also i am currently out of country and need to bring that to their notice. Do you think it would be wise to email that directly or should i first follow up on the Company’s progress on the hiring? Also, what can be a good way to follow up?


  263. i attended an interview last week on thursday which i feel went well,the hiring manager promised to get back to me on monday (yesterday via email)which she has not done ,should i make a follow up as the postion needs to be filled bt fisrt of the month

  264. If just been for a fourth interview for a sales management position, it went ok, when all the ours went really well.
    What’s the chances I get it? I really feel a four is a cert, no? In 2014? 4 interviews??
    Any feedbacks good, cheers

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Bob,

      It does sound promising, but not a guarantee. Sometimes too many interviews mean a yellow light rather than a green one – someone isn’t sure you’re a good fit or they want someone else to evaluate you, too.

      Hope it turns out well!


  265. Hi,

    I had a telephone interview on Thursday, 20th March, and it went very well. A salary offer was proposed to me with the lady promising to get back in a week.

    I have sent thank you mail to her and i’m yet to hear from them. I am really interested in this job.

    What do you think is happening?

  266. Susan,

    I went for an interview last week tuesday. I was told that I would hear back on friday.
    I then sent a thank you email and was called for a second interview on thursday (before the friday).
    Afterwards, I was told that I would know friday or monday ( a few days ago). I called monday afternoon and was told that others were being called for second interviews. I thanked the director and informed him that I would be happy to take a position were it offered to me.

    I have not called back and will not for a week or two.

    What do you think is going on?

  267. supriya says:

    I had an interview 2 weeks ago and I send a follow up letter ,but she didn’t reply.Then again I send a letter then she replied that HR will contact to me .Now again 1 week left no reply .Total been 2 weeks when I gave interview what should I do in this case.

  268. I had an interview almost two weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything thus far, the anxiety is starting to sink in I guess πŸ™‚ What are your thoughts? On my first interview with the hiring manager there was a phone screening interview in which I did very well. We had a great conversation or feel out process to such the hiring manager felt comfortable enough to tell me about her personal life… I was ask to come back for a follow-up interview to meet face to face with the hiring manager and senior staff recruiter. The hiring manager provided me her personal cell phone number to contact her and advice on what to expect on the up coming interview; upon contact to confirm the time and date of the second interview she referenced, “if they like me and I like them then an offer maybe extended”… I thought that was pretty unusual to say that before my face to face interview because in my line of profession that gives out false expectations. I went along with the interview and did very well, now because I was told by the hiring manager about if they like you ordeal, I was expecting an offer, but that didn’t happen. I was then asked after my meeting to come on a third interview to meet with a few more staff recruiters with whom I will be working with and the VP of Talent acquisition… I did the very best that I could on that interview and went above and beyond to sell myself. After the meeting I sent a thank you email and express how excited I was about the opportunity. A week later I sent an email and the comment from the hiring manager was we are still interviewing for the position because the holiday has set us back a bit, why do you have anything else pending???? that through me for a curve ball… I answered back No, just kindly asking for a status update, Thank you again for the opportunity. I am Puzzled!!! I don’t know what to think of this… why say such things to give off false expectations. Three interviews and staff introduction… I really don’t know what to think of this and their hiring process… Any thoughts… The company is a Large fortune 500 company… Thank you guys

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      The larger the company, the longer and more complex the hiring process usually is because of the layers of bureaucracy they have. Someone who is part of the process could be missing (vacation, ill, business trip, etc.).

      In a large company, the hiring manager is only one of the decision-makers involved. Someone “higher up” could decide that adding new staff is not a good idea right now — for a million reasons from budget issue to company internal politics — reasons totally unrelated to anything about you!

      I’m not sure which interview was “two weeks ago” — the first or the last — but a two-week wait is not unusual. The next time you talk with them ask them the 5 questions in the 5 Questions You MUST Ask in Your Next Job Interview post:
      1. What’s the next step in the process?
      2. When will they be back in touch with you?
      3. Who should be your contact?
      4. What is the best way to reach that contact?
      5. When should you expect the next contact from them?

      Meanwhile, do NOT stop your job search waiting for this offer! I’m not saying that it won’t come (it might but it might not). Wouldn’t it be nice to have another offer pending when/if they do make you an offer?

      If you stay busy pursuing other opportunities, you won’t have the time to get anxious about this one, and you may find a much better opportunity is waiting for you with another employer.

      Good luck with your job search!


      • Hello,

        I have been following this blog and it has been very helpful for my own mental peace!
        I have been in situation where I was interviewed by a recruiter to submit my resume to implementation partner working with semi gov. bank. It moved really quick and in 2 days they set up interview.This Implementation partner hiring manager and team really liked me. I have also sent out thank you note next day. And they gave great feedback to the recruiter and said that they are moving forward with me. Recruiter said that we will have offer in 1 or 2 days and may be it will start in 2-3 weeks time. All this happened really fast in 5 days time. And then suddenly for a week recruiter didn’t respond and when i followed up about this, he said he just got answer from hiring manager that things are slowing down and position is on hold for next 6 weeks! I suspect may be because of end client(Bank) they are waiting on confirmation since it is contract job. Then why they set up interview quickly?

        I can not believe that initially they moved really fast with interview/feedback and talking about offer/start date and suddenly hold? This was my dream job so I was hoping too much about it. It made me feel really upset. Although I was looking for other options but I was very positive about this. Not sure should I still expect positively that it is really on hold and can be available or should not hope at all.

        I would appreciate your expert guidance on that..This will keep me going for sure.


      • Susan P. Joyce says:


        I suspect that you are right and they are waiting for the situation with the client to be determined. They were probably moving so fast because the opportunity developed quickly, and they wanted to be ready when they got the contract. If they get the contract, you may have a job, but it doesn’t look like they are sure when — or if — they will get the contract.

        It’s hard to say what the final result will be, but I wouldn’t take this personally. And, it is very smart of you to continue to keep looking.

        Good luck with your job search!


  269. Thanks you so much Susan.

    This site is great it makes you feel great!

    Like you said, it’s very uncertain but still hope doesn’t go anywhere! Although, I am keep looking but it keeps running back of my mind that I had a great interview and team took so much time to schedule it and going further making a offer so they may resume the hold in sometime if end client approves! Although they said it could be on hold until end of October. Crossing the fingers!

    Again, thank you so much for your guidance. It feels great.

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