Stuck in the Waiting Game After 2nd Interview

Dear Work Coach,

I am from Taiwan and found your website by google. My background is engineering, and I focus my job hunting on those positions in the high-tech industry. Currently I stuck in the waiting game after my 2nd interview. My situation is like this.

I went to the 2nd interview of a large high-tech company on April 17, and I wrote thank you note and follow-up letters after the interview to all the interviewer, but I did not hear anything from them over the past month. Therefore, I called HR last Monday for their decision.

She responded my job application is getting approval, but she does not know which candidate would be selected (It sounds weird). She assumed the approval process would be done by the end of last week and would give me call.

Until now, I still have not received her call. Is there still hope to get this job? I am very desperate for this job, cuz it is what I really want. Could you give me some opinions?

Thank many for your help.

Taipei, Taiwan


Dear VL,

So glad you found my blog. Welcome. I love having guests from other parts of the world. I’ll try my best to help you.

There’s no way for me to know for sure what they are thinking, but as of this moment, there is still hope. Sometimes, after a second interview,  companies need to run your application through a variety of processes before they can even consider an offer, and those processes can take a long time. It sounds like you are one of several candidates, but she gave you no clue as to whether you’re the number one choice as of this moment.

All you can do right now is wait and think positively. (It never hurts.) Even if you aren’t number one, the person who they offer it to may already have another job or may say no. So many possibilities. But without a crystal ball, I can only tell you…there is still a chance – even though it’s past the deadline she gave you.

I wish you much luck, VL, and hope you do get this job. But just in case you don’t, take that positive energy and don’t give up until you get the job you want!

Good luck! Please let us know what happens.

Ronnie Ann

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Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I’m sort of in the same boat. I had a 2nd interview that I feel really good about. I met with 5 people in the company for nearly 2 hours, and felt personal connections to each. My follow-up thank you emails were responded to by 3/5 of my interviewers.

    Right now I’m just trying to follow your advice of being patient but, my god, it’s difficult. I REALLY want this job!!!

    I guess my issue is that I keep second-guessing myself. I’m really beating myself up about it. I’m afraid that because I had so many in-company references (I have 1/2 dozen friends and acquaintances that work there) that I may have put too much pressure on the hiring director.

    Do you think having friends on the inside could negatively impact my chances of getting an offer?

    Great blog, thanks!

  2. Hi Sarah!

    First…if I may…is beating yourself up helping? If not…why do it? 😉

    We are our own best allies in a job hunt (and in life), and no matter how the rest of the world treats us…the one thing we can learn is to treat ourselves like precious gold.

    Having friends who support you is a thing to be proud of! How lucky you are. Many people out there can’t get their foot in the door. Having people inside who know and respect you is a very good thing. You must be a special person. I hope you know that. 🙂

    And now to your question…I’m sure they aren’t holding the hiring person down and forcing you on them. Internal contacts can only have so much influence. But it’s to your benefit that they know you and can vouch for you.

    And yes…I know waiting is hard. Sigh. Please think of some things to do that you enjoy so you aren’t focusing on just this. It’s out of your hands now. You did the best you could and you have allies. Now the company is thinking about whether you are right for them and only they can decide this. Nothing you did has hurt your chances – only helped.

    I wish you much luck. It sounds like you have a good chance. Please let us know what happens. And if for some reason you don’t get it, please remember you did everything well!

    Ronnie Ann

  3. Thanks, Ronnie. You’re very, very kind 🙂

    I think there must be some sort of karmic association with commenting on your blog, because I heard back from the recruiter about an hour after posting. I’m on to round 3 of 4, but my friends on the inside are telling me that there have been a lot of candidates for this position.

    I’ll try to keep my head up as the wait continues…eternally, it seems!

  4. Hi Sarah!

    I have a big smile on my face! Thanks for letting us know.

    For a while, almost everyone who commented here got to the next step – and I was beginning to think there really might be something magical going on! 🙂 Unfortunately, there are also lovely people who read this blog regularly and haven’t gotten that special job yet. But I’m hoping you will be the start of a new spate of magic.

    It sounds like your friends are giving you a realistic assessment of your chances by letting you know that so many people have applied. But the fact that you’re heading into round 3 says that the company thinks a lot of you. At this point, even if you don’t get it, I hope you realize how much you must have impressed them to get this far from the large candidate pool.

    But now…I’m shaking that Magic 8 Ball until I see a YES for you. Just know in your heart when you go into the next interview that you would be an amazing asset for them – one they would always be glad they decided to hire.

    Good luck! And of course, please let us know.

    Ronnie Ann

  5. I’d like to post here and maybe I can catch that new wave of magic pixie dust 🙂

    As I always like to say, just keep applying and applying. Your last interview is not in your hands anymore, move on and don’t beat yourself about what you should or should’ve said/done. Things sort of happen for a reason….good luck!

  6. Oh Mr. X…I am rapidly becoming one of your fans. Right on! I wish everyone would follow your very wise philosophy. Not that I think it’s easy at times…lord knows! But the alternative doesn’t do a gall durn thing for us except drive us crazy.

    Thanks! Keep ’em coming. Throwing a little pixie dust your way…just in case. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  7. An update: This week I went through the final round (round 4) of executive interviews at this company. I should know something by Tuesday on Wednesday. My friends on the inside tell me that people who don’t have an offer forthcoming don’t typically make it to round 4, but I’m remaining cautiously optimistic.

    In other news, I had a phone screening with another company today just to keep the momentum going. This has actually helped me diffuse some of the anxious energy I’ve had about the other job.

    At this point, I’ve been in the interview process with Company #1 for nearly a month. I’d just like some closure!

  8. Hi again Sarah!

    Oh…this sounds so good. Of course, nothing guaranteed…but you sure seem close. I can almost taste it. 😉

    Smart to keep the momentum going. And just for perspective…a month is NOTHING in the world of job interviews. You’re right on track – even if it feels like they’re spinning their wheels. 🙂

    I wish you the best of luck. Oh how I hope you’ll be sending us good news soon!

    Ronnie Ann

  9. Update: Oh my. I’ve been invited back to meet with the VP of Mktg on Thursday. He would be my top-level supervisor. At this point I’ve passed 1 recruiter, 5 people in the Mktg Dept and 3 Executives. What I thought was my 4th and final interview has now turned into a 5th interview.

    What does it all mean? Does it sound like perhaps they have another person on the hook and they need him to make the final decision?

    My dream is that my offer will be sitting on the table when I arrive, but I’ve learned to keep my expectations in check with this one. 🙂

  10. Update of update: There’s definitely another person in the running – a “known quantity” -which I presume to be an internal person.

    Apparently, I have the experience advantage, but the other person is “known in terms of performance.”

    It may not have worked for Hillary, but I’m REALLY going to sell my experience.

  11. Hahahaha! Love your attitude, Sarah! You have nothing to lose. And I agree, that’s your best shot. Just hope the other person isn’t Barack Obama. 😉

    Please let us know how it goes. The fact that they’re bringing you back despite there being a good internal candidate tells me you have good chance. No guarantee…but sure worth giving it your all! And if you can think of anything that you did in your other job(s) that might be a skill they don’t have and/or can’t easily recreate internally, find a way to bring that up too.

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  12. Ronnie Ann,

    Thanks so much for your support…my offer is on its way 🙂

  13. OH! This is GREAT NEWS!!! Ooops. I’m shouting. Sorry. Just gotso excited. 🙂

    So happy for you Sarah. Congratulations on a job well done. Now…good luck on that new job you got yourself!

    Ronnie Ann

  14. Ronnie,

    I had a question during a phone interview that in hindsight could have answered better. All the other replies I gave felt good. Should I be concerned over one of my responses that looking back could have been better?


  15. Hi Chuck!

    If the interview in general went well – you showed good energy, had the skills they’re looking for, and presented yourself well – then an answer or two usually doesn’t make or break you. If the interviewer felt there was potentially a good match, you’ll get called into an in-person interview where they can grill you…er…check you out more fully.

    Good luck! I hope you get the call to come in for that interview. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  16. hello there, i was reading through this blog as i have just had an interview 2 days (WED) ago for a position i really want with a prestigious bistro.

    I talked to the intrviewer for a good 45 mins and it seemed to go really well. After the interview she stated that she had really enjoyed our chat, and although i felt this was genuine, i am now starting to worry a little as to whether or not i read to much into her parting comment and she was just saying this for courtsey’s sake….

    The interviewer stated that there were 2 more candidates to be interviewed and the briefed me on the normal follow up procedures for the company (2nd interview).

    When i got home i did send a quick email FAO the interviewer, thanking her for our ‘meeting’ and that i hoped to hear from her soon.

    What is the standard ammount of time for her to get back in touch?
    should I call and follow up myslef come monday, or at a quiet time later today…. or just wait…?


  17. Hi Fin!

    Waiting time depends on the type of job, the number of people being interviewed, required internal processes, and a bunch of other factors.

    In this case, since it’s a bistro, I’d imagine they’d want to get to that second interview fairly quickly. But 2 days is awfully quick, since they still have 2 people to interview.

    On the positive side, a 45-minute interview is a good sign. If I’m not interested, I end the interview politely but quickly, so that’s hopeful! And odds are she did enjoy meeting you – although that still doesn’t guarantee a job. 🙂

    Good that you sent the thank you e-mail. Now, your only job is to wait until they contact you. That could take another week. Maybe even two, depending on how busy they are and how quickly they want to fill the job.

    My suggestion is if you haven’t heard by the end of next week, you might want to contact her again. Believe me…she hasn’t forgotten you. (Note to readers: I normally suggest waiting at least 2 weeks before contacting them – apart from the thank you – but for this type of job I think one week is just about right.)

    Good luck Fin! I hope they beat you to the punch and contact you early next week. 😉 Please let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  18. Ronnie Anne,

    I’m glad I found this website. So here’s my situation. I was called in for an initial panel interview that went fairly well. It wasn’t my best performance; but nonetheless, I was invited for a second interview. I took the second interview and prepared beyond probably of what would be expected of me. I rehearsed my answers in front of a mirror and even sat down with a friend for a mock interview (which i nailed!). The actual interview, on the other hand, wasn’t as stellar as I had hoped. While my answers were relatively good, I didn’t feel as though I sold myself well enough. The interviewers seemed responsive and interested in what I had to say, but I was so nervous that I seemed almost distracted and unfocused. At one point, I took a deep breath, making it obvious to everyone in the room that I was way nervous. Keep in mind that this job requires that I speak publicly on a regular basis. What do you think would be the next step for me in order to make some ground again. As it stands, my performance was below par, and I really want this job. Thank you so much for your help. I’ll take the pixie dust too, please!

  19. Hi Tara!

    Well, the good news is you felt you didn’t give a great first interview and were called back anyway. So there is definitely hope. It’s almost never how you answer any one particular question or a little nerves; it’s the whole package. And my guess is you offer a lot to any employer. 🙂

    I tell people all the time to practice, but the funny thing about over-rehearsing is you can sometimes lose some of that oh-so-important spontaneity. And being totally natural and in the moment (and not sounding like you’re giving a canned answer) goes far in any interview (and in public speaking).

    But it’s totally natural to be nervous in an interview and interviewers make room for that. So for the future, just please know it’s ok to take that breath, smile, have a sip of water (always bring some with you) and then just add something like “I can speak in front of hundreds of people and feel calm, and yet there’s something about interviews.” Then just smile before going on. It helps bring you back to the moment, makes it ok to feel what you’re feeling (as opposed to the pressure to not be nervous) and also makes a point of your speaking ability in general.

    BUT…since we are past that point – and I honestly think you did better than you think you did – your basic question is “What can I do now to regain ground if any was lost?”

    Well…short of sending them a video showing how calm and effective you are as a public speaker (although that couldn’t hurt), I’m not sure there’s much more you should do right now. Since you don’t know for sure how you really came off (we are not the best judges of our own performance), if you send a note talking about your nervousness, then you just highlight it. And nervousness is natural, as I said earlier. Also, jobs that require public speaking know that as you get more comfortable, these things go away.

    All that assumes you already have public speaking experience. You do, yes? (If not, I suggest joining Toastmasters or some such public speaking club immediately.) If so, they will take that into account when evaluating you for the job.

    There are so many factors that go into the decision to hire. If they like you and are even a little concerned about a slight show of nerves, they may simply call you back and see how you do the next time. Or they may simply take a leap of faith, chalking anything they noticed up to interview nerves. It happens all the time.

    My best advice is to wait a week or so (assuming you’ve already sent each one a thank-you note; if not send this one NOW), and then send a lovely note to the lead interviewer, letting the person know that you’ve been thinking about the job and more than ever are sure this is the job for you – and that you are committed to making them glad they had the faith to offer you the job (should they do so.) Or something like that.

    And then, all you can do is wait. If it’s the right match, they’ll see past interview nerves. If not, you’ll go into the next interview even more ready to just let them see who you really are.

    And now…you asked for it…here’s a little PIXIE DUST ~*~*~*~*

    Good luck, Tara. Please let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  20. Drew Tyler says:

    I applied for a position and was called the next day. I interview last week for the position. This week I was called back and meet with one new person and two people from the first interview. It was an over lunch interview this time. I do have an offer from another company, but this one is my first choice. I talked to the VP of HR to get a timeline, as I have to let the other company know this week. She said she will try to get the group together and try to let me know on Monday, since I have an offer on the table. The were wanting to decide later in the week. She did tell me I was the only one called back for a second interview. I just am not sure how to read into any of this??

  21. Hi Drew!

    I’ve been in a similar spot and it’s tough waiting this out. Congratulations on the other offer and for apparently being the top candidate here. It sounds very hopeful!

    I’d wait until early Tuesday afternoon, and if you haven’t heard back from the job you really want, call them and see where things stand. As long as you’re polite and make it clear you’re sorry to be putting them in this position but you really would love to work there, you should be fine.

    I have my fingers crossed that you get the call saying “yes” on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Please let us know. This all sounds very exciting.

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  22. My waiting game.

    I interviewed with this 5500 employee company on 6/19 for engineering and scripting position and I did not hear back from them. So after a week I sent an e-mail requesting for feedback so I can constructively use it going forward.
    The hiring manager setup a teleconference and gave me great input and told me that he was looking forward to the second interview.

    So my second interview was on 7/11
    and the hiring manager was supposed to get back to me early next week. I have not got a call from him. So I sent him an e-mail on Thursday. I got a vacation e-mail response from the hiring manager telling me that he will be back on 7/23.

    Interesting thing is for both the Interviews the H.R did not even bother to meet me in person. Both my interviews were technical.

    Should I contact the H.R person who set up the interview. ? or should I patiently wait for the hiring managers response who will be returning back in about 2 days from now ?

  23. Hi Mr. XYZ!

    Interesting story. I love how you contacted them just to get feedback – also a polite way of jogging their memory if needed, which it was. 🙂

    Because of the way this has gone, I’d wait until the hiring manager returns – plus give him a few days to get reoriented and find your e-mail among the possibly hundreds in his inbox.

    It sounds like it’s in his hands at this point, so wait it out if you can. He’ll have your e-mail reminding him. If you haven’t heard by next Tuesday, definitely give him a call. (Monday if you can’t stand the suspense any more!)

    This still sounds hopeful…but not a sure thing yet. Hope it turns into one – soon! But for the rest of this week, just be patient and think positive thoughts. I’ll join you in those.

    Good luck. And please keep us posted. You’ve made me very curious.

    Ronnie Ann

  24. Hi Ronnie Anne,

    Thank you for such wonderful advice. Upon reading your post, I sent each of the interviewers a personal thank-you e-mail; and not too long after, I received a phone call on Sunday (Sunday? I know!) from one of Directors requesting a few writing samples. He said that the hiring committee is still in the process of making a decision. And now, here I am… still waiting in limbo. Deliberations are much better than a flat out rejection. So, I will gladly sit still and just wait. Either way, I’ll let you know how things turn out. I’m crossing my fingers that the pixie dust will be kickin’ in soon!! Thanks again for your help, and good luck to everyone still in the waiting game…


  25. Thanks Tara for letting us know what happened. Nice news! And I so agree “Deliberations are much better than a flat out rejection.”

    Hope those writing samples wow them. And I’ll help a little by sprinkling some more of that magic pixie dust. 😉 Hope to hear good news soon!!! ~*~*~*

    Ronnie Ann

  26. Hi Ronnie Anne,

    I got an offer this evening! It was totally worth the wait! Thank you so much for your help and support.


  27. Great news Tara! Wuhoo!!!! If only we could bottle that pixie dust! 😉

    I wish you all the best in your new job. And this is a wonderful reminder to other readers that you don’t have to give a “perfect” interview, and it’s totally ok to be nervous as long as you use that energy to give the best interview you can – and as long as you let them see who you really are. Which clearly you did.

    Good luck! And here’s a little extra pixie dust to take with you ~*~*~* 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  28. I just graduated from college and I went on a interview for my absolute dream job. The people I met were very nice and seemed to really hit it off with me. I got a call later that day for a second interview.

    I met with the supervisor of my last interviewer’s and he asked me some basic questions and explained the salary and medical benefits. However, I’m afraid I may have made a bad impression on him because I accidently showed up 15 minutes late and I looked all flushed from my jog to his office. I thought the interview went well but I haven’t heard from them in 3 days. I sent a thank you note to each of my interviewers but it ws essentially the same note with different addresses. I really need this position and I just don’t know what I should do now. Another concern is that I was connected to the company through a recruiter and I’m worried that they are haggaling to make their own profit and that might interfere with my chances to get this job. I’ve had 2 interviews and I’m nervous, any help would be greatly appeciated.

  29. Hi Eva!

    Sorry I made you wait too. 🙂 Just getting to my Work Coach Cafe e-mail.

    I hesitate to answer your question about being 15 minutes late and flushed. I don’t want to make you feel bad, but showing up late is one of the biggest no-nos in the interview world. If there was a good reason and you explained it well, then maybe it won’t knock you out of the running. But if the person was kept waiting all that time (especially if they showed some annoyance), then it could have added a sour note. Good news is you made such a great impression at the first interview and the rest of the second interview seems to have gone well, so that leaves me with hope.

    As for your worries about the recruiter…rest assured the recruiter will fight as hard as possible to get you the job. The terms of their arrangement (usually a percentage of the salary or a fixed fee) was either decided ahead of time or is part of a standard policy. Believe me…this is not something to be concerned about in your situation.

    Oh…and three days is nothing in the waiting game. You’ve done all you can, and now it’s time to just wait until they let you know. (I know how hard that is, especially when you need the job!)

    If you want, you can always call the recruiter and ask how it went and whether they mentioned that you were a little late. This will give you some idea where you stand. Who knows…you may even hear some good news!

    I wish you all the luck getting this job, Eva. PLEASE let us know what happens. And if by any chance you don’t get it, remember that you interviewed well and learned (the hard way) never to be late again. If that’s the case, then even if this doesn’t turn into an offer (and I hope it does!), good chance you’ll get one soon. 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  30. Hi Ronnie,
    I am happy for the Tara who got the job.
    As for me.
    Still no feedback on my second interview. So I followed up with a phone call to the HR. and also a voice mail with the hiring manager.
    (This was on the end of the day Friday 7/25 ). and Monday Morning I followed up with an e-mail.

    No reply yet.

    Considering the current job market and a No reply for 2 weeks plus is a lost opportunity ( at least i n the engineering and technology field)

    so I sent a thank you note and a feedback so I can use it constructively going forward.

    – Mr.XYZ

  31. Ronnie,
    Should I call up the H.R and request for an update or move on with my life ?

  32. So sorry you’re not writing to tell me you got it. Don’t they know how good you are???!! 🙂

    There is really no right or wrong answer in these situations, but personally, Mr. XYZ, at this point I’d let it go. You’ve done all you can and, on the slim chance something got held up and you are still in the running, they remember who you are and how to reach you.

    Best advice I have is to commit to finding one new exciting opportunity this week and sink your teeth all the way into that one! If a surprise comes along from the one that seems to have gotten away…great. If not, you are well on your way to the next one.

    I like to think the one that gets away is not as good as the one you’ll get. 😉

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  33. So, I called the company for a follow up and they were really nice. They really liked me and they want to give me a follow up test. Do you think that’s good or bad? I guess they want to make sure I’m the right candidate. I know I really must do well on this test. I’ll let you know if I get the offer. Thank you for your help.

  34. Hi Eva!

    I’m hoping you do very well on the test because it definitely sounds like they like you. 🙂

    Good luck. Fingers crossed for you! Please let us know.

    Ronnie Ann

  35. Hi Ronnie, I found your website through a frantic google search in an attempt to find any clues as to how the interview “actually” went. I have been through 3 interviews in the past few months that have ultimately ended in- “We really liked you and wish you the best, however we feel that with your qualifications you may become bored and move on early” One interview even went so far as to tell me I had the job and only needed clearance from her supervisor. Once the supervisor met me he told me that he thinks I am more qualified for a higher position in the company but (of course) they didn’t have any openings.

    Last Wednesday I had an interview that seemed to go well, there was no mention of overqualifications etc. They gave me great details about the position, the director said that I was on a short list of the most qualified applicants that they called. I left there thinking it went well. I am now starting to second guess myself though. I sent a thank you letter but never received a response. At the end of the interview I was told to “give them two weeks and if I didn’t hear from them then to call them”and they would let me know “either way.” Now that I have overanalyzed this I am starting to think that was his way of saying I wasn’t going to be selected. What do you think?

    It has only been 1 week and the timeframe was 2 so I am just going to sit and wait but was wondering what your take on the situation was?

  36. Hi Anndea!

    Interesting question. First, let me assure you that people often don’t answer the “thank you” e-mails. Many feel it’s best not to give a hint one way or the other or show favoritism, and that includes e-mails. Not the case for all interviewers. ( I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you to learn I answer 🙂 )

    As for trying to read anything into what they said…don’t. You’ll just drive yourself crazy. All that means is that at that moment, they probably didn’t know for sure. So hard as it may be…wait it out until the end of the second week.

    And if you don’t hear from them (of course I hope you do!), call as suggested. Sometimes you get a nice surprise and sometimes it ends the misery, but as of now, that’s the best game plan. 🙂

    Bummer about the overqualified thing by the way. Hopefully, you’ll get this job and not have to deal with THAT again. But if not, your best bet is rewriting your resume to create a version that under-emphasizes your qualifications for lower level positions.

    Good luck, Anndea! PLEASE let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  37. Hi Ronnie!

    I’ve been reading through your website for the past few weeks, and I like the way you think! So, onto my waiting game…

    On July 3rd, a well-respected collegue in my industry told me she was leaving her position on 7/11 b/c she was given an offer she could not refuse. She told me she wanted me to be her replacement. She gave me all the information I needed to know about the position–the good, the bad, and the ugly. She works for a very well-known company with an excellent reputation. After much thought, I sent her my resume on July 7th. She contacted me the next day (Tuesday, July 8th) about my availability for an interview. I received confirmation and interviewed with her direct supervisor on the evening of July 9th. I think the interview went very well–the supervisor and I have many mutual contacts, and he is aware of my work. He also told me there were 2 other people in contention for the position, and he would contact me for a second interview soon.

    One minor complication: I was laid off from my job on Friday, June 11th, due to my company having financial difficulty/economic conditions.

    ‘Soon’ ended up being the following Tuesday, July 15th. I went in early in the morning to meet with him and the managing partner of the office to discuss the position. As soon as the door closed, they said to me, ‘What is it going to take to get you in the door?’–and the initial interviewer (I’ll call him ‘FR’ for now) asked me to send my salary requirements to him via email after our meeting. I knew what my friend was making in the position, but the responsibilities were almost double–managing 2 new offices, and starting up a new one in a new market, in another state. They said they wanted/needed me to start right away, and would try to get the offer letter to me by later in the day or early the next morning. I went home, researched my research, and sent them a salary range in a well-worded email, expressing my excitement at starting at the firm and thanks for their time, etc.

    So… it’s been 2 weeks and 1 day, and nothing. I called FR on Thursday, July 17, to ensure FR had received my email, and he told me they had been out of the office for a few days, and their office manager, who handles putting together job offers, was out of the office until the following Wednesday. I called FR again on July 28, and he had been out of the office for a week. He told me he would talk to his partner to find out what was going on and get back to me as soon as he found out.

    What should I do now? Help!

  38. I forgot to add something: during the 2nd interview, they gave me their business plan for the Fiscal Year 2009, as well as the revised business and marketing plan for the remainder of 2008; their proposal log for the next 3 months, and a copy of their marketing processes.

  39. Hi KDinAZ!

    Hmmm…hard to know what to tell you. You’ve already contacted them a few times. And quite honestly, this is not all that long a time to wait – especially during summer vacation time.

    But the position is vacant at the moment and they probably want to fill it quickly, so I see why you’re concerned. Plus, your unfortunate lay off. I’m so sorry!

    From what you wrote, it’s hard to tell if they are reconsidering you or if it’s really just a matter of people in the loop being away for vacation. Do you worry that your salary range was too high and that might have turned them off? Or did you word it to express the level that would make you comfortable, but also let them know you’re open to negotiate the final offer?

    Basically, short of stalking them, you’ve pretty much done all you can and should probably wait until at least next week before trying again with a polite, friendly e-mail asking if there’s been any progress and, of course, repeating your strong interest in the job and the firm.

    They seem to be giving you all the right signs, but as we all know, until you get the actual offer, nothing is for sure. I really hope you hear something soon. In the meantime, you can always try the Magic 8 Ball in the right-hand column on my blog. 🙂

    Good luck, KDinAZ! I have my fingers crossed for you. Please keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  40. I wanted to thank you for all your advice. I guess I must have gotten some magical pixie dust from this site because I got the offer. Its a wonderful feeling because I’ve been so anxious and hoping to get this job months before I knew it was even possibe. So, thank you immensley for calmig me down when I might have made a mistake that could have ruined my chances. I wish you all the best.


  41. Wuhoo! Great news. Love hearing that!!

    All the best in the new job Eva. You earned it. Although it’s always best to be on time for an interview, good to reaffirm that you can recover from being late with a really good interview and maybe some of your own pixie dust. 🙂 To me, it’s also a good sign about the new place, meaning they don’t seem to be unbendingly uptight.

    Thanks for letting us know. I like to think good news spreads to the other readers. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  42. Ronnie Ann,

    Thank you for your feedback! I just got off the phone with a recruiter, who told me he has a candidate who is going in for a second interview with the same company… which means bad news for me. Should I try to contact them to tell them I am flexible on my salary requirements? I had expressed that in my thank you/follow up letter, but should I find some way to reinterate?


  43. Hi again KDinAZ!

    I wish I could tell you I was absolutely certain about what you should do, but each situation is different. Not sure how you know the recruiter since your friend got you in the door. But I will assume he has nothing to gain by lying. (Although there could always be a misunderstanding.)

    So let’s assume they have not decided on you yet after all. I can’t tell you for sure that you should contact them, but personally I sure wouldn’t want to let this slip through my fingers without at least trying.

    One possible approach is you might call FR and be up front. Just tell him you heard they were still interviewing and that you are wondering if salary is the issue. If so, let him know that you want the job and won’t let salary stand in your way. If that’s not it. ask if there’s anything else you can do to show them you’re their man…er…woman. It’s risky, but you might have nothing to lose.

    Another less direct approach is to send a note reminding them of what they said to you in your first interview “What is it going to take to get you in the door?” And then say something like “So now my question to you is “What’s it going to take to get me in the door?” Short and sweet and a little ballsy.

    Not sure if either approach works for you, but if not, at least I’m sure it got your own thoughts spinning. From what you tell me, I think some intervention on your part might be a smart thing after all. Lucky you got that little bit of info – assuming it’s correct, of course.

    Good luck! Please let us know what you decide to do.

    Ronnie Ann

  44. Wow. . .the things you can stumble upon on the web!! I just happened upon your site today after a Google search, and have been wading around in it all day!

    Like many posters before me, I am in the waiting game after the 2nd interview, and I’m pretty sure I’m giving up hope. I applied for a very attractive position at a small company (40 employees) on 6/4 and had my first interview right away (6/6) with the company’s recruiter. My second interview (with the hiring managers) was 6/17, and was an extremely positive experience. The interview lasted 90 minutes (running well past normal work hours), and I got all the right cues that they really considered me a front runner. . .like talking to me as if I already had the job and stepping me through what my first few weeks would entail, etc. They impressed how deperate they were to fill this position ASAP, and that they were hoping to finish the hiring process within two weeks. I set up an acceptable date to contact them to follow up, and left.

    I knew they had a couple more interviews to do, but felt I would still be in the running based on my gut feeling. I contacted them on the pre-arranged date (6/21) and got silence in return. Knowing this is vacation season, I was patient and it paid off—got an email a week later (6/28) that they wanted to meet with me for a second interview with the hiring managers again. At this point I am corresponding with one of the hiring managers directly. He stated he was on vacation the following week but would call over the weekend to set something up as they were still interested in me.

    I didn’t hear anything over the weekend, so I decided to send through a few available dates to speed up the process. . .hoping make it easier for him. I heard nothing. Not wanting to seem pushy (during the stress of returning from a nice vacation), I waited. All of my suggested meeting times passed. I began to lose hope, and started the process of mentally forgetting about this opportunity. Then on July 18 I got another email in the same vain of “Thanks for being patient, I was unexpectedly away, but we’re still interested.” He next stated he needed to speak to the company president before moving forward. He closed with “Are you still interested, or have I lost my window?”

    At this point, I am getting a hinky gut feeling. . .to my knowledge, all we’re trying to do is set up a third interview, why the need to talk to the president? But ever the patient one, I reply that I can understand how this process is lengthy, reiterated my interest in the company and the opportunity available, and offered some general timeframes for a third interview. Silence again. I haven’t heard anything since 7/18.

    I am beginning to feel like the mistress whose beau keeps promising he’ll leave his wife!! I’ve been trying to set up a meeting time for over a month, and keep getting line after line. . .vacation, unexpectedly away, need to talk to someone else first. I am now beginning to doubt if I would want to work for someone who seems unable to stick to a deadline, and unable to speak honestly about the situation at hand.

    All while this is going on I have been applying & interviewing for other positions, but nothing has jazzed me as much as what this one promised to be. I’m half expecting after I submit this that I’ll get another email with the same “Thanks for your patience, let’s try to meet up.” I don’t know if I can keep riding this roller coaster! Should I just move on?

  45. Hi Christy!

    I can well understand how frustrating and quite honestly annoying this has been for you.

    Truth is there’s no way for us to know for sure if they’ll make the offer or not. But, as much as you’d like to have an answer, there is nothing lost by keeping yourself open to the possibility still. Things really do happen and there’s no reason to assume anyone is lying. The fact that you had such positive interviews tells me you may be a very good fit, even if it takes a while to find that out!

    I once had an initial phone interview in March or April with a major university in another city and it went really well. I hadn’t heard from them by May and sent a polite little e-mail, only to find they were still very interested. But things were happening internally (I later found out) and they had to delay the next interview. In June, I sent another e-mail and was again assured I was still in the running. I decided to just go ahead and continue with my consulting work, figuring if they really want me they’ll get back to me. In SEPTEMBER, I finally got the call to arrange for the interview to fly me in for an all-day interview process. Unfortunately by then, things had changed in my life and I had to turn them down. At that point, the person who would have been my boss told me I was they’re top candidate and he was very disappointed, but understood. Go know!

    As much as we’d like to have a better sense of control over these things, sometimes we just have to let go and trust that the other side is doing the best they can.

    As for the president being involved, in a small company that’s not strange at all. Could it be that the company has organizational problems or a controlling boss? Sure. Always possible. But nothing you’ve told me leads me to conclude that for sure. These things can take time. It can even be a sign that they value this position and the person they hire enough to take the time to make sure it’s a good fit all around.

    So if I were you, I’d certainly get on with other interviews. Keeps your momentum going and you never know. But if they call you, give them a chance to show you who they really are. You might as well have more evidence before deciding. And I’ll bet meeting the president will tell you a lot.

    So, if you can, stop watching the pot not boiling and go make something else in the meantime. 😉 Either it’s right for you or not. But at this point, the next step is with them!.

    And by the way, don’t forget to read Amber’s comment on August 2 in the post How to Tell If a Job Interview Went Well. A hopeful reminder for everyone!

    Good luck, Christy! Please let us know how it turns out.

    Ronnie Ann

  46. Thank you for the sanity check. I am trying to figure out how to best word (yet another) follow-up email to let them know I am still interested, and eager to carry the process forward. I figure I’ll ship that off and forget about it until they contact me again.

    In the meantime I have been on a handful of other interviews and nothing seems to be the right fit. I am beginning to get that feeling of despair…maybe I should just be thankful for the job I have in today’s economy and not mess with it! I am an IT Project Manager which is one of the more in-demand jobs but has apparently become a saturated market just as I decided to take a look at the field a little….!

    Ah well. I’m hoping some of that magic pixie dust I see floating around here lands on me and things work out. Thanks again for providing a haven for those of us who are going mad in “The Waiting Game”!

  47. Hi Christy!

    Having been an IT Project Manager myself, I all too well understand. I agree that sometimes we forget to honor the good stuff and it never hurts to dig in where we are and try to revive the job for ourselves (if at all possible).

    But…if you do feel the urge to move on, no reason not to continue to look. It takes patience, but eventually, you might find a perfect fit. Then again, if you do decide to let it go for a while, try focusing that energy on creating at least one new interesting situation for yourself where you are. (You might find some helpful tips in the Working Smart category on my blog.)

    I wish you much luck. Please keep us posted. ~*~*~*

    Ronnie Ann

  48. McLOVIN from Missouri says:

    Hello Ronnie Ann

    I am in a very strange situation right now. I went for an interview for a company (be exactly two weeks tomorrow) that I currently work for, but only part time.

    My first interview was with HR and another person from the department I would be working for. I thought it went okay, but I always second guess myself. After the interview I was told that it would be two weeks until I hear anything about a second interview. The next day I had work with the same company and I ran into my current boss, she said that she heard the interview went well and that I got the second interview and it would be with her as well as the original panel.

    Like I said earlier it will be two weeks exactly tomorrow, should I give the HR women a follow up email or call if I haven’t heard anything by Wednesday? I thought I would of received a call by now since I was told I have the second interview. As each day passes without a call I get more and more nervous.

    What do you think should be my next action?…wait…email…call?


    McLOVIN from Missouri

  49. Hi McLOVIN!

    Sounds like things are on track. If you don’t hear anything today, it would be fine to call HR tomorrow and just politely ask how it’s going. Internal processes take a while. But this sounds VERY hopeful.

    Good luck! Please let us know how it goes. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  50. Hi Ronnie!

    I came across your blog and think it is wonderful! (It really puts people at ease when we are all worrying what is going on on the other side of the interviewing process)

    I have been very unhappy at my current job. I graduated from college in 07 and have been at my current job for a little over a year now. I began interviewing and found a company that I would love to work at. I work in media and its hard to get your foot into the door there.

    I applied for the job at this company and got a call the day after requesting an interview. I said yes and met with HR. I later found out that a person I knew from college worked there and worked with the person who would be my manager. He put my resume through as well and put in a good word for me. The woman in HR told me that the process takes about 3-4 weeks for everything to go through (this was late june/early july). After waiting 2 weeks I got a call back for a second interview. Both interviews went extremely well, the manager informed me that many people have applied for the job and he is almost finished interviewing, and up until then no one had really thrilled him. The manager stressed to me that he would get back to me within two weeks. After the two weeks went through I asked HR about the position status and she said that she would hopefully have an answer by the end of last week to early this week. I am getting very antsy to call again as she told me to notify her around then.

    Does this sound good in my favor? I feel that if I was not being considered then they would not have told me to touch base with them. I also don’t want to look too pushy by contacting her again. However, since the interview process began it has been over a month.

    What is your opinion on my situation?Thanks!

  51. Hi Ronnie,
    posting from a few days back
    Strange thing happened today.
    I got a call from one of the recruiters from the company that hosted my second interview almost a month ago and informed me that the hiring manager had been sick till now and I am still one of the contestants for the Job.

    They told me they will be deciding in a week.
    – XYZ

  52. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I am playing the waiting game too, but now I’m not so sure that I should even be waiting. I applied to a job at a company in another state on 7/2. In addition to applying via the website, I always try to find someone within a company to whom I can send an email and express my interest in the open position. So, I found an exec. at the company and shot her an email.

    The next day I got an email from the hiring manger for the position (not hr but the person who would be my boss) that he’d like to set up a phone interview for the following week. I had the phone interview on 7/10, and felt that it went very well. The hiring manager told me that I might even be overqualified for the position. I sent a thank you email afterward, and I got a response not long after sayingt that I would be contacted by hr to set up an in person interview.

    So, I traveled 5 hours and stayed in a hotel to have the interview on 7/22. I felt that it went extremely well. I had great answers to all the questions, and the woman in hr with whom i met first told me that my resume was impressive and that most of the applicants didn’t have as much experience. The hiring manager told me that they were only seeing about 4 people and had a couple more interviews left including some the next week but that then they would discuss who to bring back for second interviews with the head of the creative department and that I should hear something in about a week and a half.

    After the hiring manager I met with one other person with whom I felt that I really clicked. As he walked me outside, he told me that they would be in touch, soon.

    I sent thank you emails as soon as I got back home the next day. I got an automated responsed from the hr manager saying that she would be out of the office for the remainder of the week. Then two days later I found out that a reference I had given had changed her contact information, so I sent a brief email to HR with the new info. and got “thanks” back.

    After the week and a half passed, I sent emails (7/31) to the hr person and the hiring manager just saying that I was touching base. This time I got an automated response from the hr person saying that she would be out of town until today 8/5. I got no response from the hiring manager. By today I had given up, but dying for some kind of closure I sent a final email to the hr person just telling her that I knew she had been out of town but I just wanted to check in and see if I was still even in the running.

    About two hours later she wrote back and said that they were hoping to make a decision by this Friday. The email seemed rather enthusiastic with a “Hi Chloe!” as the opener. She also thanked me very much for following up and said that they would be in touch. I wrote back and told her that I would be in town this week if they needed to speak with me again.

    Sorry for the long letter here, but I’m just so confused! I had pretty much written the job off, but this email gave me some hope. The thing is, I never had a second interview, and I have no idea if other people did or not, so I don’t know what to think. Could they have decided not to have second interviews? Could they have kept me in the running without bringing me back for a second interview since I live so far away? Or, should I still just assume I didn’t get this one?

  53. Hi everyone! Please forgive me for keeping you waiting. I just started a new free-lance job and I’m having a little trouble keeping up with this blog. Will try to respond to you tomorrow!

    Meanwhile…things look good; great news (fingers crossed); sounds like you are still in the running. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  54. Ronnie Ann,
    Hello. I have seen you have been giving some pretty good advice on here. I would like to ask your opinion on my issue. I have went through three interview with this company. First was telephone, where they screened about 15 candidates and narrowed it down to 6 to come in for a “first” interview. Then they screened the 6, and chose 2 to come in for a “second” interview. Myself being 1 of the 2. I went to this interview on Monday, it is now Wednesday. They told me they would let me know by the end of the week. I am very qualified for the position, and it seemed as if they felt the same way. They did inform me that the “second interview” is the last step in the hiring process. While at my interview, one of the employees gave me a little testing on MS applications. I did perfect in Word, however with Excel I was not aware of the sort function. Yesterday at my present position I compiled some information into an Excel worksheet. So I was wondering if I should send the girl an email letting her know my accomplishment and that I would be capable of working with excel or should I leave that out? Should I send her an email asking what the status of the hiring decision is? Or should I wait it out? Please some advice. I have already sent thank you emails to the interviewers. Now I am in waiting game. Please advise. Thank you.

  55. Hi Ronnie,
    First of all I am glad that i found this website. Like other people, I am also in a waiting game after my second interview. I had an interview session with a company on july 11th. The interview lasted for three hours that included four sessions (HR person (45 mins.), 3 members of the group (45 mins) + manager of the group (45 mins) + 3 other related department people (45 mins). The good thing is that interview went pretty good. I sent a thank-you email to all of them after a day. On july 21st, i sent a follow-up email to HR person and the manager of that group. The manager replied like this – “Hello ….: Thank you for your follow up,…… We will be completing our interview process this week. While we understand you may be seeking employment through additional sources aside from ………, we’d like to hear from you if you receive another offer as we continue to wrap up our process. We are requesting this courtesy, because you are one of the top candidates we’ve interviewed to date”
    and i was very happy when i found this email in my inbox. After 10 days, when i did not get any updates I sent another email on July 31st and i received an automated reply that she is out of town till Aug. 6. Even today when i did not get any reply, I called her and finally I caught her on the phone. When i asked for any updates, she said that the HR recruiter (who i interviewed with) will be calling you soon.
    Now whats that suppose to me ? Do you think its a positive sign ?
    fyi: when she talked to me on the phone, she was very nice and calm (no excitation n all).
    Please give me your feedback.
    Thanks 🙂

  56. Hi Ronnie Ann.

    I applied for a job with this company about 3 months ago. It took forever for them to get back to me but they invited me for a “screening interview”.

    They took a week to get back to invite me to a second round interview. They had a sheet of standard questions etc. and I really don’t know how I did in the interview cause each question was phrased to get a negative response and although I tried to avoid it whenever I gave one they would run with it and ask for explanations etc. They told me they would get back to me in 1 week. It has been 2 weeks.

    I phoned the HR manager and he said they would make their mind up “in a week or so”. I’m going crazy cause this is the job I really want and don’t have too many other options at the moment. I also heard they had a huge amount of applications. They were on time with the result of the first interview, why is this second one taking so long?

    From what I’ve told you, what do you think?

  57. Andie: Thanks for the kind words. Glad you found this blog. 🙂

    Congratulations on using your networking contact and on what appears to have been a good interview process. I assure you…these things take weeks…many many weeks sometimes. And even though we are at home counting every day, when they say 2 weeks …well, it could be two weeks and a couple of days or three weeks and not mean anything. Things happen (totally unrelated to you) that delay the process.

    So relax, keep your mind busy with other things, and if you haven’t heard from then by next week, send a polite e-mail or give them a call asking for a status check. Things look good, but of course nothing is definite until you have the offer. Good luck! Please keep us posted.

    Hi Mr. XYZ! I love hearing about surprises like this. A good reminder for other people reading this that unexpected things happen to delay the process – but until you hear otherwise, you are in the running. Hope to hear very good news soon. 🙂

    Hi Chloe! Very smart to try to find the name of a real person and go that route. I’m sure that bought you points. It sounds like you’ve done well so far, but maybe something is going on there (sickness, unexpected emergency, etc.) that they aren’t going to reveal but has nothing to do with you. No need to write this one off since you’ve made all the right moves so far.

    I know closure would feel great about now, but let it happen on its own time. (Good advice to everyone. ) They may have a second round of interviews, but that’s up to them. All you can do is wait. And feel free to look for another job in the meantime. I always find good things happen when I keep my own momentum going.

    Good luck! Please let us know how it turns out.

    Ronnie Ann

    (more answers coming soon)

  58. Nicole: Congratulations on making it to the final two. It would be a fine idea to send them a note plus the MS Excel spreadsheet and explain that as soon as you could you taught yourself how to do the one thing you didn’t know how to do. Emphasize that you learn quickly and will do whatever is necessary to excel in this job! (Pardon the pun.)

    Good luck. Please let us know how it goes.

    Hi Sunny! This is all totally normal. People go away in the summer. The hiring process gets delayed. And when they get back, they have many MANY things on their desk clamoring for attention. So just do your best to relax (I know it’s hard 🙂 ), take deep breaths in and out, and just WAIT. You’ve done all you can and at this point, it’s up to them. You’ve definitely done well and now it’s a matter of best fit. Hope they choose you! Good luck.

    Hi Al! Wow…that sounds like a really uncomfortable interview process. I applaud you for not falling into the negativity trap (which I’m sure many candidates did). From what you tell me, it sounds like you’re still in the running, but they aren’t showing their hand yet. So although I’d like to tell you I see many hopeful signs, truth is I have no idea what they’re thinking.

    And to answer why the second one is taking so long…that’s often when other people need to be involved and it takes time to get approvals and wrangle everyone into a room to go over all the finalists. Also people could be on vacation, sick, suddenly called to focus on an urgent project. You’d think they could get together for one hiring decision, but it just doesn’t always work that way, even in good companies.

    So your only choice at this point is to wait. But please give them the benefit of the doubt. There really are good reasons in a lot of cases when these things take so long – although sometimes the reasons are as infuriating to those inside as outside!

    Good luck. Please tell us what happens. I’m crossing my fingers for you.

    Ronnie Ann

  59. Grrr still no word back from them – 16 days since my second interview! This is mental torture! I’m starting to think it’s a no and I wish they would just tell me instead of this extended silence…

  60. Oh man, Al! that’s torture. And having been on the other side, I know how easy it is for these things to drag on – and often the policy is to NOT keep the candidates informed as to where they stand. How this became the standard policy I’ll never know. it really does suck.

    Is there anyone you interviewed with that you think you connected with especially? If so, you could drop them a short note saying something like you’re still very interested and to please let you know if there’s anything else you can do to help them decide in your favor.

    Other than that, more waiting. I agree that there’s a good chance you didn’t get the initial offer (someone could be deciding at this very minute). On the other hand, the way this has proceeded, an offer could still be coming.

    Try your best to hang in there. And don’t stop applying. I’ve had e-mails and comments from people who were waiting on their ‘dream job” and then another job they never expected came along and it was really a good one. So keep up the momentum!

    Good luck, Al. Please keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  61. Ronnie Ann,

    Well I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that I was awarded the position, and they made me a great offer, about 12,000 more a year than I am making now. Full benefit package, the whole nine yards. Great position, I am so proud of myself for accomplishing that. The bad news is, they told me the offer is contingent upon acceptable background check. Well I had made a horrible mistake 4 years ago, when I was only 20. I had a DUI, which is a misdemeanor, but definitely frowned upon. Well I have given her the OK to do the check, thinking that only felonies would come up, but I heard that EVERYTHING comes up. So now I am very nervous about it. Do I wait it out to see what does show up? Or do I contact her and let her know about my past, and what a turnaround I have made? I am so distraught about this. I mean I was a kid, who made a mistake. I have learned from it.
    My fiancee tells me I shouldn’t say anything, because it might not show up, but from what I have read every little thing comes up. So should I give her a explanation before it shows, or do I wait it out? Do you think this job is done now??

  62. Hi Nicole!

    First let me congratulate you on two fronts: doing so well on the offer, and learning from a mistake and then moving on with your life. I’m proud of you for both these things!

    This is a tough call. Your fiance is right that it might not show up, but on the other hand it might. I do think your whole record shows up nowadays, even misdemeanors, but I’m not certain.

    The question is, should it show up, will it help you to fess up now, letting them know this was an adolescent mistake you regret which helped you turn your life around; or is that too much information and best to let them decide themselves whether this merits withdrawing the offer?

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what to do since different jobs might react differently. And even if you call the person who made you the offer and she is fine with it, maybe company policy isn’t. I sure hope not. Although DUIs are not light matters, it would be a real shame for this company to hold that against you with an otherwise clean record.

    Oh Nicole…I wish I could give you the answer, but I think it’s up to you. The only thought I have is to call the person who made you the offer and tell her there is one misdemeanor on your record from 4 years ago (no more information needed unless she asks) and ask her whether it would help for you to submit a statement now or just wait. But this is up to you as to whether it feels right.

    Otherwise, you’ll just need to wait (trying to stay sane 😉 ) and then deal with anything at that point should the issue be raised. Hopefully, if this really is a good place to work and if they do ask for an explanation, the one you offer will more than answer their concerns.

    Good luck, Nicole! Please let us know how this goes. I am so hoping this turns out to be a non-issue.

    And PLEASE…if anyone out there has advice to offer, let Nicole know.

    Ronnie Ann

  63. HI Ronnie Ann,

    I wanted to give you an update and ask for just a little more advice. I’ve been working there for a week and I like everything so far, in terms of my responsibiltites. I can sense a negative energy from one of my coworkers. She’s not really been as nice to me as everyone else has been and I don’t think she wants me there.

    Luckily, she’s not my supervisor or anything. She works in my office but for a different department. However, she’s dating my supervisor and I don’t know the extent of their relationship is and I don’t want to ask because it’s really not my business. I’m a non-confrontational person and I don’t like office drama. I have a feeling that she dislikes me because she is afraid that I’ll steal her boyfriend, my supervisor. I really have no intention of starting a relationship with a coworker because I’ve been through it before and it will only affect my work. So, I try to keep to myself and focus on my work.

    At lunch time, everyone in my office goes to eat together. The other day, my supervisor left to run some personal errands. I went to lunch with a girl in my department but we ran into the girl who isn’t fond of me. She asked us where’s the supervisor and I made a comment like, “He didn’t say where he was going but we’re hungry and can’t wait.” Now, I realize that I really shouldn’t make any comments to her because when we returned from lunch…my supervisor seemed a bit angry with me. He even made it a point to go buy lunch and eat it while I was asking him a question about my system. He was being subtle about it but I know something is wrong because he promised he would send me some information to help me and he still hasn’t sent anything. Plus, he left the office without even saying bye (which is uncommon).

    I know I may be reading a little to far into it but I really like my job and I don’t want to lose it over some high school drama. I think she twisted my words to make me seem like I was angry about the situation. I don’t know for sure but I can feel it. I don’t want to bring it up. I’m just going to try not to say anything even mildly insulting and stick to talking about the office. Whats your take on the situation and do you have any advice about how I should deal with office drama in the future? Thank you


  64. Hello Ronnie Ann…

    Just wanted to provide you with a non-update! I know you’re busy, but you were so great with your advice, and I really appreciate that.

    In regard to the recruiter–he is not seeking to fill the position, but has a candidate that says she is waiting for a 2nd interview with the same company.

    I called FR on Friday, 8/1, and left a message, expressing my enthusiasm for the position/company, etc. Did not hear back. Called and left a message on 8/7 for the company’s managing principal (who was a part of my 2nd interview) to touch base, express enthusiasm for the position, etc. I’ve heard nothing back. I have decided to do my own thing and start a consulting gig… if they call me, fine, but I’m done stressing/holding my breath about it.

    Thanks for your great advice, Ronnie Ann!

  65. Hi Eva!

    What a shame you have to be dealing with high school stuff like this. I agree your best bet is to stay as far away form the drama as possible. Also, whenever you see the woman in question, be friendly but keep the words to a minimum. Not that you said anything wrong, but a smile and “I’m not sure” would have been plenty. At least now you know. In a way she did you a favor by showing you who she is so quickly.

    As for your boss…just in case anything was said that could fester, find a moment to have a friendly chat with him. Let him know you really love the job. Mention something that you learned or a task you particularly enjoy. Then ask if there’s anything he’d like to tell you to help make sure you’re meeting his requirements. Whether he takes you up on it or not, it lets him know you want to make this work for both of you.

    Other than that, try your best to not think about her or any of this stuff. Focus on the job and on the people you like and trust. Do your best to be helpful to your co-workers and your boss, and let this stuff happen behind the scenes. You can’t control it and you can’t, at this point, do anything about it.

    You never know how long these office romances last or how they turn out. You’re better off letting it go. Oh…and whatever you do…don’t get caught up in gossip about them even with someone you trust. You’d be surprised how those things can backfire! If someone brings her up, smile and change the subject as soon as you can. Otherwise this will become the topic de jour – and that won’t help you push this to the back burner.

    I certainly hope her attitude is something that eventually fades away as you show yourself to be harmless. But please don’t pull back from doing the best you can, even if you hear this makes her jealous. Just stay humble and build your support base. (And by the way…watch out for anyone who feeds you information about her. They may not be your best ally as far as building your career.)

    Good luck, Eva. Please let us know how it turns out.

    Ronnie Ann

  66. Hey kd!

    You are a wise person. Sounds like they may have a few people on hold while figuring out what to do.

    Taking the consulting gig is smart. The job in question is out of your control, so let it sit there and do whatever it’s going to do. I agree…why get yourself all stressed about things you can’t do anything about?

    Good luck with the consulting job. And keep us posted…just in case. Even if they do come back to you, make sure this isn’t how they are to work with on a daily basis! 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  67. Hi,

    I went on a interview on July 30 with a company for a supervisors position and I was very nervous due to the fact that I’ve never been a supervisor. I have the job experience that they are asking for but no management experience. They called me back for a second interview on Aug 7th. Now I’m just waiting for a response. Also one thing that counts agaist me is that I’m very young considering all of the other supervisors in the department (15yrs younger than the youngest supervisor).I don’t know, ppl say that we are our Toughest critics. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  68. Hi Justin!

    The fact that they called you back tells me that they think highly of you despite your age or lack of supervisory experience. You must have something that they’re looking for. 🙂

    No sense worrying about what you don’t have. At this point, they’re looking at the whole picture. They may even be interested for the very reasons you’re concerned about!

    By the way, the URL you used made it look like you’re just spamming, so I deleted it. If you have a personal URL I’d be happy to add it.

    Good luck! We’d love to hear how it turned out.

    Ronnie Ann

  69. Ronnie Ann,
    Thank you for your advice. I haven’t done anything yet. I am still debating in my head. I am sure my check would have came back by now. Now I am thinking, if it came back and something was on there, wouldn’t they have to send me a letter rescinding the offer? I have not heard from the HR Director. I did send an email on Friday asking about the drug test, because I have to take one of them also. She never answered my email. So part of me thinks, she seen the DUI and is just blowing me off, but then the other part thinks she would be professional and send me some sort of notice. So now I think I am just going to go take the drug test, and see if she contacts me then.
    Please let me know thoughts. I am really lost here now. I am due to start there on 8/25/08, which is less than 2 weeks away. I have yet to give my present employer a resignation, because I am scared that the offer will be rescinded, and then I will have NO job! This is a nightmare!

  70. Ronnie Ann,

    Thanks for the advice! Now I must TRY to be patient and wait for that phone call. And about the url I wasnt totaly sure what to put in there so that is why I added it. Srry! But I will keep everyone posted on what happens. Thanks!


  71. Hi, Ronnie Ann,

    I’d like to hear what you think about my situation.

    I had the interview close to 2 months back. Five days after the interview, the person in charge, chair of the department, called me and told me they’d like to offer me the position. He told me about the salary range and other benefits. Since he would be away for two weeks, so basically nothing could be done when he was away. While he was away, I turned down a couple of offers that were no way close to what he offered (also a job for my wife), but I still have one offer as backup, which is not as good as.

    I called him on the first day he was back and told him I’d like to move forward fast. He said yes, they will start the paperwork, which need go through several persons, eventually, HR. My backup offer asked me to give them an answer two days after I called the chair of Dept, so I had to contact him again, explaining my situation to get confirmation. He seemed not happy but told me they started the paperwork. One week later, I met him again in a conference in US and we went together to see some instrument vendors on the conference because setting up something with a new instrument is on my duty list.

    Now, almost two weeks later, still no offer in paper. But I have to give my backup offer a clear answer at the end of this week. Is it safe for me to turn down it? I am a new graduate looking for job from a very very small field in Canada, probably no job posting in several months from now. My backup offer was nice enough to agree to wait for me twice after I asked, can’t ask again.



  72. Hi Nicole!

    I can understand why you’re feeling SOOOO uncomfortable. At this point, there is no way I would give notice without making sure all is on track. You might try calling and, if she isn’t there, leave a friendly positive message saying you are about to give your current employer notice and just want to make sure everything is on track before you do. Then say again you’re looking forward to working there. And leave it at that. I assume at that point, you’ll get some response. If not, call someone else you interviewed with. Just to make sure.

    Good luck! My fingers are crossed for you. Keep us posted, please!

    Ronnie Ann

  73. Thanks for clearing that up, Justin. Hope to hear good news from you SOON!

    Ronnie Ann

  74. Hi CK!

    Ugh. I hate that you’re being made to wait so long AFTER being told they want you. I have to say that the company that made the other offer sounds like good people to understand your situation. Make sure you evaluate that job carefully just in case it might be a better job in other ways. 🙂

    Honestly…although you were told you have the job, I would try to get something in writing (even an intent to make an offer) before turning down the other one. I’ve worked in a major university and can tell you that sometimes these internal processes take a long time, so waiting that long is not uncommon.

    I’d probably call and/or write the chair explaining your dilemma again and ask if he could at least put something in writing or give you his assurance that the job will happen so that you can turn down the other job. Let him know you apologize for having to ask this, but that you’re sure he understands that you are trying to make sure you have at least one job after all this!

    Good luck getting the job you really want! I hope you let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  75. CK…one other thought: If this guy doesn’t understand or acts all put out, think again about what he’d be like to work with and how he’d be when you ask for other things, like a raise for instance. But if he does understand and works with you, that’s a good sign.

    Ronnie Ann

  76. Hi Ronnie,

    I wanted to give you a couple of updates. First, the interview from 3 weeks ago that we spoke about emailed me friday and said they are moving forward with references, just as I lost hope 🙂

    I also had an interview yesterday that seemed to go very well, we had a great conversation and at the end of the interview they asked for my references as well. They said they hope to make an offer on Friday. So hopefully with this one I won’t have to wait nearly as long.

  77. Hi Ronnie
    I am searching just for the right response I guess any little response means a lot to me right now. I interviewed with a company on 7/25. My background check was completed and it came back only showing that I had a civil judgment against me in 2006 which was paid. I contacted HR a few days later on 7/31. I got no response. However someone else from another department called me and indicated that I was being considered for the initial position but HR thought that I’d fit well in another department and location. I went on an interview for that position 8/5. It went really well. I met with several people and sent all that I met with a thank you email. I received a response from the GM and in it he says “Lisa, it was nice meeting you too, we will have you meet with PH very soon”. My only concern is it’s been a week today so how soon is soon?

  78. Hi Anndea!

    Your update made my day. Wow! Sounds like you might have a very enviable decision to make soon. Big smile on my face. Please let us know what you decide. Hope your luck rubs off a little on all of us! 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  79. Hi Lisa!

    You said you’re searching for the “right response”. I hope that mine does the trick. 😉

    “Very soon” could be a day, a week, or even two or more weeks. I know that sounds vague, but time inside a company works differently than in the outside world where we’re waiting.

    These are all good signs – especially since you had the interview for the second possibility AFTER the background check, telling me that they have no problem with what they found. (I hope that applies to Nicole’s case up above also.) My guess is you’ll hear from them before the end of next week – hopefully even earlier.

    You’ve done all the right things, Lisa. Now it’s time to be patient and just wait. Luckily you have us to help. Fingers crossed that very soon comes really really soon. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  80. Hi, Ronnie Ann

    Thank you for your kind help.

    I emailed the Chair of Dept and his secretary. First, I told him I am very nervous since I have been waiting for quite long but understand it is summer (people may be on vacation) and he has no control of process out of his department. Second, I explained that I want to have sth in writing to protect myself. Before that, I contacted HR and asked for status of my application. HR told me the person who deals with my case is covering someone on vacation and hasn’t received anything from that Dept.

    Very quick, I got an email from his secretary, saying that she had been on vacation and just came back. She will follow it up closely and keep me up updated. Then I got email from HR, saying that she had communication with Chair’s office, especially his secretary, and apologize for the delay. She also said they would prepare the official letter and send it by email right away after everything is confirmed. She hoped to give me some news tomorrow morning.

    It is promising. It must be the Chair who is pushing this. I will keep you updated.

    Thank you again.


  81. This is really nice news, CK. Phew!!! Very happy to see the quick response. Sounds like they’re very serious.

    Nice e-mail to the Chair by the way. Just the right balance! And smart to include his secretary…where a lot of the power probably resides. 🙂

    Fingers, eyes, and legs crossed. Please let us know when you get the letter. And don’t forget to be extra gracious if/when you turn the other place down. You never know. (But my sense is you would do that anyway.)

    Ronnie Ann

  82. Hi Ronnie Ann

    I am currently also in a waiting game. Im from Singapore and googled and foun your site. Thing is, I met the other candidates for the job on that say of the second interview and since then has been psyching myself up. I got notice of the second interview on the same day I went for the first! So I had the impression that they are urgently looking for someone. And I’be been wondering, when should I actually write in to them to ask about my status…


  83. Hi SR!

    Yes…it does sound like they’re eager and that you impressed them a lot. Usually, you want to give them at least a couple of weeks before asking your status. As long as you sent your thank you e-mail/letter they know you are interested.

    Since you think this will be a fast decision, you can always send a polite e-mail about a week after your thank you e-mail just to let them know you’re still interested and ask how it’s going. Short and sweet is always best.

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens!

    Ronnie Ann

  84. Chin Angeline says:


    I went for my second interview on Monday. It was a goverment body and one of my fren who is working with the company told me that if they want you they will call you within 2 days. But today is the 3rd day and I havent hear anything yet. I think I should do okay in the 2nd interview, however it only lasted for 30 mins. Not sure if it is a good sign.

    The interviewers mentioned that they may do a reference check as I am currently working in a goverment body also. I told them I am okay with it. I check with my boss but they have not called yet.

    I am having cold feets now and starts to wonder if I did say anyting wrong. I am also thinking should I send a thank you note to the directors who interview me. And can the thank you note be of the same wordings?

    The HR laday mentioned they will get back to me within 1 week tot. I really need some luck now : )


  85. Hi,

    i went for my second interview on thursday last week and it only took 20min i don’t know if thats a bad sign. they promise they will get back to me before the end of the end of this week, but now its the third day of the week and i can’t wait for long, i really want to know if i did get the job or what but hopefully i did.

    so now i want to call them and find out if they did make a recruitment decision yet. i don’t know if thats a good way to do things.

    please help



  86. Hi Angeline!

    Ok. Let’s try to get some luck headed your way. 🙂

    First…don’t worry about what you did or didn’t say. It’s the whole picture of who you are that counts, and I’m sure you did your best…no one can do better!

    As a rule, a 30-minute interview isn’t a great sign, but on the other hand, if that’s enough time for a person to make their decision, it can be fine. And even though your friend says that they let a person know in two days, sometimes things can happen that delay the call. Until you hear something, you’re still in the running.

    And if for any reason you don’t get the job, use this to inspire you to do even better next time! And YES…thank you letters are good to send as soon as possible. So definitely send one – and try to change the wording a little for each person.

    Good luck, Angeline. I hope you get the job. Please let us know how it goes.

    Ronnie Ann

  87. Hi Eunice Q!

    Hmmm…although i want to give you only good news, 20 minutes is not usually a good sign…but anything is possible. If they told you they will get back to you the end of this week, then it’s too early to call them. Give them a chance.

    I know waiting is hard…but calling them now won’t help. If you haven’t sent your thank you letters/e-mails, better get that to them – well written and with no typos (as I learned the hard way if you read my August 11 post). 😉

    Good luck. But please don’t let a “no” stop you from giving your best to your job search. When you find the right job, you’ll get the “yes” you want!

    Ronnie Ann

  88. Hi Ronnie,
    Thank you for your response. I am just anxious to leave my current job and this seemed to be great for me. However I am a little impatient when it comes to the waiting game because I got really close before and I was not offered the position. So as you know this can be a little discouraging. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next as I plan to send a follow up letter this evening or is that too soon?

  89. Hi Ronnie,

    I got a letter with signature of the Chair by email sent from his secretary. Basically, it is to confirm they are in the process of an official offer. It is confirmative, but he didn’t say it is an official offer, with no mention of any detail of the offer, such as salary and other benefits. In the letter, it was stated that they need to check with another agent to make sure the salary meets its requirement. I believe the salary they offered me on phone is in the right range (maybe on the high end), and whatever that agent says, we have to stay in that range for same type of employees. The letter also says because one person in charge at HR is away, it may take several weeks until Sep for me to receive the official letter from HR. It says the info from HR, which sounded like I would get official offer very soon, was wrong. Then, I got the same letter signed by the Dept Chair from HR and the person sent out the email said she would contact me tomorrow.

    I am thinking about contacting another offer tomorrow to tell them I choose not to go there. It just has been too long. I know they are very kind people. Some people around me actually suggested me to choose them because there is slightly better career development chance for me. I chose another employer mainly because of the opportunity of my wife. It is a very small field and I may want to join them later, who knows.

    What are your suggestions to handle this?



  90. Hi Lisa!

    Yes…I do know how hard waiting is and I understand why in your case it’s even a little harder. 🙂

    Still…remember this is vacation time for many people, so they may still be working on setting up the meeting. If you already sent the e-mail, that’s fine. But if you can, just wait until next week. it really does take a while. Believe me…they haven’t forgotten you!

    Good luck. Hope to hear good news from you soon.

    Ronnie Ann

  91. Hi CK!

    I think they did the best they could under the circumstances. It’s all you could have hoped for considering they probably haven’t gotten all the sign-offs yet for the actual offer letter. While this is not a guarantee, I think it’s a safe bet to go for it since it’s the job you really want for various reasons.

    And I agree it’s only fair to let the other people know. Tell them the truth and let them know how hard it was turning them down. If you handle it just right, you may very well leave an open door…for the future.

    But in your circumstances I too would take the chance. The Chair has done all he can at this point. It shows good faith. In the world of careers, sometimes we just have to shut our eyes and jump. I am hoping with all my heart to hear from you in the next month or so with the good news.

    Meanwhile…all my best!

    Ronnie Ann

  92. Chin Angeline says:


    I got the offer, think you really have the magic touch : )

    Thanks for the luck and guidances.

    Ppl , it is really important to send out thank you note.

    Good luck to all.


  93. Hi Angeline!

    Wonderful news! Thank you for letting us know. And thank you for the kind words…although clearly YOU have the magic touch. 🙂

    Good luck in your new job!

    Ronnie Ann

  94. Just an update on my # 48

    I called the HR women on a Friday and left a message saying thank you and how am I still interested. She called me back first thing Monday morning and I went on my second interview the next day due to one of the interviewers leaving town for a few days.

    So now I am officially in the waiting game


  95. Hah! Welcome to the waiting game McLOVIN. You join an illustrious group of people. May the magic rub off on you.

    Good luck! And thank you so much for letting us know. I love hearing good news. We wait with baited breath for more. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  96. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I am also in the waiting game… and it’s killing me! I currently live in Midwest, but I must relocate to a different state, California where my family resides. I originally had a phone interview at this company’s LA office back in May. The interview went well. But, a few days later I got a call from the HR saying that they do not sponsor my visa (I requires the visa sponsorship from employer to legally work in the US) so, I was denied. But the director of the company and I kept in touch. Time passed, in July, the company in Midwest called me and asked to come in for an interview on 7/14. During the interview, I explained my visa status and my request of relocation. The interview went well also and they even talked to the LA members about me and it seemed that they like me too. I sent the thank you emails and got a feedback from one of the interviewers. However, during the interview, they mentioned that it might take long to proceed. Last week, my friend who has business with them said that they had to cancel a business trip due to the budget. I checked their annual report and it was not so profitable this year. 3 weeks later – last week, I emailed the interviewer and he said that they were working with the HR group to move things along.

    With this economy and being in the Automotive industry where has been got hit by the economy downside, I started to wonder they might eliminate the position eventually. I know there is no way knowing what’s really happening there but I am dying to know…! If this is not working (then I will be very disappointed since this job was like my dream job..), I have to move on.

    Since I emailed them last week, for now I will wait… but if I don’t hear anything in three weeks or so, I want to ask them again about the status and timeline when they will be more likely to provide the result. Or is it too pushy?

    Another thing – my sister told me that many company with budget issues cannot move forward with significant money decision like this care, increasing the number of employees, until this quarter is over, which is at the end of September (Their fiscal year is March). (The company is a large corporation with more than 10,000 employees worldwide) So her guess is that there’d be no change until then. So….. should I keep waiting for another 2 months….!? That is a long time… I don’t want them to think I am less interested if I keep quiet while waiting but at the same time, I don’t want them to think I am so desperate. (oh, it’s like relationship…)
    Ronnie Ann, I really have no clue what I am supposed to do.
    Also, I don’t know why the company is hiring people if they are financially struggling. I see their website and still the positions is listed.
    I am not sure if there is any other candidate.

    Sorry for my rambling but if any advise is a big help for me. Thank you very much!!! : )


  97. Hello Ronnie Ann

    I read another users post about the company doing a background check and I’m in a similar predicament.

    About 7 years ago I was part of a shameful hooligan incident and I was charged for assault, public disorder, resisting arrest and a string of smaller offences all on the same weekend. Its the only incident that will show up on my record but this is the first time an employer has asked if they can check.

    Its been a while since they asked for permission to do the check and I haven’t heard back. I told them I didn’t have any priors because it took place 7 years ago in a different country & on a different continent and I’m pretty sure the authorities in the country I’m living in now don’t know anything about it.

    Would they go through the effort of doing a background check in another country? If they had found out would they let me know or just never get back to me?

    My record has given me problems before and not only have I paid for it but I learnt my lesson, I hope it doesn’t affect my life further.

  98. Ronnie Ann,

    Just giving you an update, I took your advice and gave the lady a phone call. I still had no response. So I telephoned the CFO of the company, he also interviewed me. He called me back, and here the girl had quit. That is why she wasn’t answering my emails and calls. He informed me that all they are waiting for are my drug test results. So that means the background check came back, so I guess that DUI never showed up. So I am glad I did not inform them about it. So I definitely have the position, and here is my new dilemma. Since I had put off informing my present employer of my new offer, and I am due to start at this new company a week from Monday, I am feeling really uncomfortable about breaking the news to my boss. The company I work for is family owned, and I have grown very close with the owners, who are husband and wife. I am afraid they will not take the news very well. Any suggestions on how I can accomplish this daunting task?

  99. Hi Devlin!

    First…BIG congratulations on turning your life around. Most of us make mistakes…the secret is what to do with our lives from that point on. People who’ve NEVER made mistakes are a little scary to me! 🙂

    Unfortunately, not all companies see things as I do. There’s no way for me to know if they do an international check – may depend on the countries involved. Years ago the answer would probably have been no, but now with improved technology and world affairs, maybe the check did turn up your previous record.

    The bigger problem for some employers might be the fact that you weren’t honest with them. But I can definitely see why you wouldn’t want to bring this up if you don’t have to. And a company that shows no understanding may not be a place you’d want to work for anyway. Fear not…there are companies out there for whom this won’t matter especially with all these good years behind you.

    But all that said…there’s a good chance they never saw your prior record at all, and that you are just part of the standard waiting game. Welcome to this honorable group of fellow waiters! 😉

    Wish there were some way to know for sure so you wouldn’t have to feel this hanging over your head. But having worked with people with priors AND having done lots of dumb things myself, I can assure you that the better path is one of giving and staying true to the good person you are, as you’ve been doing. It pays back in spades later on.

    So here’s hoping you get some good news soon – either from this job or the next one or the next one. Don’t stop looking. If this doesn’t turn out to be a “yes” then redouble your efforts and keep going until you find a place that’s right for YOU! Sounds like they’d be lucky to get you. 🙂

    Good luck, Devlin.

    Ronnie Ann

  100. Hi Nicole!

    Glad you filled us in on what’s happening. Wow!

    Interesting that the woman had quit and no one followed up with the things she was working on, including your hire. Hope that doesn’t reflect on the company itself. And also hope he didn’t really call her the “girl”!

    Personally, I would never give less than two weeks notice unless I was being treated badly. I hope you don’t mind my saying this, but you owe it to your boss and his wife – people you like – to discuss this with them immediately.

    And you have every right to call the CFO of the new job and tell him you apologize for this, but because you hadn’t heard back from them, you’ll need to start a week later so you can give your boss the proper two weeks notice. If the new boss-to-be gives you a hard time and doesn’t see how this reflects well on the way you would also treat him in the future, then I’d think carefully about what you’re getting into. If he understands, that will be a good sign.

    This is totally appropriate under the circumstances. THEY screwed up by not keeping on top of this. Not that we can’t forgive them since the woman quit. But it isn’t your fault in any way. And it definitely isn’t the fault of your current boss, so they deserve the appropriate respect for how well they’ve treated you over the years and for the relationship you have with them.

    Just tell them the truth about the situation., let them know how hard this is for you to leave them, and help them understand why you want to move on. You never know what might come of that…but at the very least you’re showing them the courtesy they deserve.

    Good luck Nicole. I know this seems a little complicated, but I’m sure you’ll make it work. Please tell us how it turns out!

    Ronnie Ann

  101. Another update….posts #48 and 94

    I got the job and I start next Monday. What I learned from this is to never count yourself out until you know for sure what the situation is. Always give your interviewers a follow up thank you letter/email and just try to stay in touch. Keep yourself fresh in their minds, but don’t be too persistent.

    Thanks for the help!


  102. Hi Ronnie

    yes i did send them a thank you letter and they did get back to me but they told me that one of the line managers decided to extend the process, so they will get back to me by the end of this month.

    i got the feeling that i didn’t get that job, they just cant find words to tell me that.

    i will update you if i here any news

  103. Hi McLOVIN!

    Great news. WUHOO!!! So glad you shared it with us. I love happy stories. And thanks for the first-hand advice. You’re so right about finding the balance between being passive and being a pest.

    Good luck in the new job!

    Ronnie Ann

  104. Hi Eunice Q!

    It does sound like it might be a “no” (especially with the very short interview you had), but they also may have liked you enough to want to keep your application active just in case they don’t find a better match. It’s a common practice.

    So, while I wouldn’t count on this one, you aren’t out of the running until they tell you that you are. In the meantime, ramp up your determination and throw yourself into looking for an even better job…and if they should contact you again, be open. You never know!

    Good luck, Eunice. Please let us know what happens. If it’s a “yes”, we want to celebrate with you. And if it’s a “no”, time to plan those next steps to get you to the right job for you. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  105. Hey Ronnie! I went on two interviews in a different city last week and I thought I did great on both of them. For the one position I really wanted, they all seemed excited and the only thing that seemed to bother a few of the people interviewing me was that I’d be living about 45 minutes away from where the job was, but would definitely be able to get there (public transportation goes right there!) This was a job posting from nearly two months on Craigslist that expired, and now today, the day after I sent the thank you letters, I see it’s been reposted. I don’t think they got much response the first time, but should I be nervous? I thought I nailed the interview!

  106. Hi Ronnie.

    The company have called. They told me I am not accepted for the job but they offered a more challenging role for me. I am up to the challenge. However, I am unsure of how to go about to negotiate for a higher salary to counter the higher expectations and results.

  107. Hi again Ronnie Ann, I know you probably haven’t read my first message yet, but as an update I heard from HR from the second company (the one that I wasn’t as interested in, but still would’ve liked to work for) and apparently my background/interests are not an “ideal fit.” I don’t understand because one of the account directors that I met with told me that she was very impressed with me and would recommend me to the next level. Unless the other account director that I met with didn’t like me, I don’t understand, unless it was the HR person, but how much say would she have? I’m sorry, but I am just so bitter about this whole job thing. I’ve been applying and applying and I KNOW that I am qualified and a good worker, but they always want to “pursue other candidates.” I just don’t get it. The tough thing is, I really, really want to relocate to this city but there are few jobs in the field I’m interested in. I really don’t want to stay where I am now, but I can’t afford to keep going on interviews in this other city. This past trip alone cost about $300. I don’t have the money/energy for more interviews but I can’t imagine staying where I am. Sorry to whine and moan and carry on, but I feel like I’m at a standstill and there’s absolutely nothing I can do. 🙁

  108. Hi! This site must be good luck-I got the second job I interviewed for which is a much better opportunity for me. Interviewed on Monday and was offered on Thursday! Thanks your your help!

  109. Hi Confused!

    I’m so sorry you are going through such a difficult interview process. It’s especially hard to look for work in another city.

    When that one job expressed a concern with the distance, as much as you might have wowed them, that concern could be enough for them to reopen recruitment – while still not saying “no” to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out, but it’s an indication they aren’t convinced. Maybe you could send an amazing e-mail or letter telling them again how much you enjoyed meeting all them and letting them know that you will do whatever it takes to make it work – even relocating! Couldn’t hurt. 🙂

    As for the other one…you never know why a company decides not to go with you. It just takes one person to say “no”. But there is no reason to lump these all together as negative experiences. Make sure you have confidence in yourself deep inside and how much of an asset you’d be to them and that will show when you interview. You’ve done well…better than most people. Now you just need the one “yes”.

    You’ve given yourself a very narrow margin to operate in – a city with few jobs in your desired field and yet a desire to move there. This is the time to expand your creativity and open up to all possibilities rather than feeling constrained by your seemingly slow progress.

    Are there other fields or types of jobs you never thought about? Have you networked as much as you can in the new city? (I have posts on this.) Are you willing to take a risk and just move, using temp jobs or consulting work to get you through until you get the real job? Is there any other way you can think of to get to your dream? Let your ideas run wild; you can always edit them later. You can even take a job not quite in your field to get you there and later move from a position of strength. There’s ALWAYS a way.

    Also, don’t be afraid to call some of the people you interviewed with for feedback to help you with your next interviews. You might be surprised what you learn and it really can help. Also they might be good people to ask for suggestions about other possibilities, letting them know how much you want to live there.

    If this is your dream, write it on paper, plot your course, and don’t stop until you get there!

    Good luck, No Longer Confused. 😉 Please let us know how it goes.

    Ronnie Ann

  110. Hi SR!

    Congratulations!!! I have some posts on negotiating salaries. Go to the left-had side of my blog and look for the Categories section called Job Interviews/ Negotiating Salary. If you read a few of them you’ll get the idea. Don’t forget to go to or a similar site to see what a comparable job in your city pays.

    Good luck! I’m SOOOO happy for you, SR.

    Ronnie Ann

  111. Hi Anndea!

    Wuhoo! This is GREAT news. Love that you wound up getting an even better job. Hope your luck rubs off on others. I like to think that’s how it works. 🙂

    All the best in your new job!

    Ronnie Ann

  112. Thank you so much for your advice, Ronnie Ann! I really appreciate your taking the time to respond and I apologize for the constant pestering on my part! I was just a bit “confused” and just needed some sage words of wisdom that I have noticed you impart on everyone else on this blog! 🙂 I am feeling a bit less “confused” and will definitely let you know how it goes! 🙂

  113. Hey…a bit less confused it GREAT! Step by step. 🙂

    I’m so happy that I was able to help even a little. Thanks for the kind words, although I wouldn’t go as far as owning up to the “sage” part. To quote the title of a 1971 album by a comedy group called Firesign Theater: I think we’re all bozos on this bus!

    Best of luck, Less Confused. Just be patient and have faith in yourself. A job right for you is coming!

    Ronnie Ann

  114. Hello, I found this blog after doing some google research. I am currently stuck in a terrible position and I have begun a search for a new job where I am treated with respect and seen for what I can offer. Having said that I have been on a few interviews, but nothing really that was the “dream job” until Monday. I went on a interview for a position that is PERFECT. Exactly what I want to be doing, I fit right in the the requirements and the experience, everything seemed right. I went on the interview (arrived 15 minutes early) the interview went really well, we had great conversation, I asked questions, when I answered questions the interviewer nodded with a smile, everything really was going well. She told me she was impressed by the amount of work I do and how much experience I have gained.

    As the interview wrapped up she gave me the application and her business card. She asked me to fill out the application and send it back to her as quickly as I could ( I sent it back to her the next morning via email) I asked when they hoped to make a hiring decision and the interview told me extremely soon as the person in the role is leaving a week from Friday and they do not want to have the position vacant. I responded great, and I thanked her for taking the time to meet with me and went on to say how interested in the opportunity. Then we shook hands and she said “you probably will be hearing from us very soon” and I thought GREAT- then I thought wait, probably?? I don’t know what that means. This was Monday, it is now Thursday and I haven’t heard anything and I know 3 days is not a long time to wait for a job, but what did the last statement mean?

    Thank you for any wisdom you can offer.

  115. Hi Karen!

    First of all…congratulations on wowing them at the interview. Sounds like you did really well.

    “Very soon” in interview speak means as soon as everyone who has to look at it and sign off on the decision has done so. Even with a tight deadline, that can mean a week or two – especially around holiday times when a person necessary to the process may be out of the office.

    Now that they have your application, they may also be doing some background checks and/or checking references – who may also not be available right now.

    So hang in there. You’ll probably hear something within a few days after Labor Day (if you haven’t heard already). I know it’s hard, but I also have to smile at 3 days seeming long…many people who heard the word “soon” have waited 3-4 weeks or more. Still, I’m betting you’ll hear something before that.

    Best of luck! Hope to hear some good news VERY SOON! 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  116. PatienceISaVIRTUE says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    Just wanted to say that finding and reading this page has helped to ease my mind a bit, and provoke me to go ahead and MAYBE move on to other opportunities rather than sit around waiting for a call that might never come…

    My story:
    After leaving college without my degree, I had worked for a small company for 3 years, moving up as far as I could but getting severely underpaid. I gave my two weeks notice after it was clear that a raise was never going to come, and started a much better paying job right away. Unfortunately the better paying job only lasted 3 weeks, I was let go without reason (I was performing excellently, and am baffled as to what happened.) Because this was through a temp agency, apparently they don’t even have to give a reason! I found out later from my friend who works there that they wanted to put someone from the inside into my position, rather than hire an extra person. Sure!

    SO, the day after being let go, karma/fate kicked in and I found the PERFECT job for me, posted that day! I prepared my resume and applied the day after it was posted, and was called for my first phone interview a few days later. The interview went well, I am honestly a nearly perfect candidate for the job. He told me that he was pushing me to the next level and I will be called for my 2nd interview “sometime next week…” Well it has been a week, and the whole time I have been studying the subject matter so that I can perform well during the next interview. But I can’t stand the wait! I NEED this job as I am now out of work for the first time in years, and not only that I WANT the job, it is a perfect fit.

    They did make one exception for me already. I never finished my bachelors degree in physics, quit in my 4th year due to lack of funding, and the job requires at least an associates. They waived this requirement after seeing my qualifications. I am guessing this is a good sign, but my paranoid side thinks this will end up being used against me!

    There is no way to contact the first interviewer, or even the HR department. It is a huge corporation and their emails are no-reply and the phone call was listed as UNKNOWN. Hence I am just stuck waiting! Yes, one week isn’t long to wait, but I literally have to just stay home with my phone next to me, it has put a hold on any other activities!

    I have gone through so many emotions, at this point I just want to move on. But I DON’T want to move on, no other job would be as perfect as this one. ARGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

    Please send that magic pixie dust my way! Perhaps I’ll get that phone call tomorrow?

    I’ll post again when/if I do hear from them again.

  117. Hi PatienceISaVIRTUE!

    Sorry I made you wait to get your answer. Trying my best to balance my own work life and still keep the answers flowing. 🙂

    Ok. First to grant you your wish:


    (I gave you an extra dose. Sure hope it helps!!!)

    Your cyber-name tells me you really do know that patience is your best ally now. You’ve done all you can and, since you can’t reach them, waiting is your only option.

    I do hope you’ll start looking for other jobs right away. It diverts your mind and also puts out a very positive energy into the universe. Don’t ask me why that helps, but it seems to. It will also stop you from examining every little thing that might have gone wrong. You know as well as I do that doesn’t help get you the job and it will just drive you bonkers!

    As for not having the degree, the fact that they told you they can waive it (many places have the option to waive requirements) shows me that they are very interested. Maybe even taking a little extra time just to ensure that officially. No reason to think they can’t make that work if they really like you.

    Of course, when the pixie dust settles, whether you go at night or use an online school, finishing the degree one day will help protect you from this obstacle. You might eventually find some other major you prefer, making your decision to drop out when you did turn into the right choice after all in ways you never imagined.

    Meanwhile, I’m sorry to say, you have entered the dreaded waiting zone. I think I can safely say we’re all rooting for you! I can only imagine how scary things must seem right now. If it helps at all, I’ve had scary times in my life and somehow the answer comes. And by the way…this may seem like absolutely positively THE perfect job and the one you MUST have, but I’ve had people write me that same thing and then the NEXT job was even better. So while I am hoping you do egt good news soon, keep that search going strong!

    I wish you all the best. And here’s a little extra something for you: ~*~*~*

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  118. Hi,

    First time posting here but I read all the ones before me and I’m not going to hoping for some good luck 🙂 I have a 2nd interview tomorrow for a job I would be excited to get and have done my research, am going to look into your tips for salary negotiations, and hope that my personality is as sparkling 🙂 as the first time… So now my question is if I get a job offer from this company, before giving them an answer, can I contact another hiring manager with whom I interviewed with 1 week and 6 days ago and ask them if I am still in the running for the position because I have another job offer?

    I really like the job I am going on the 2nd interview for tomorrow BUT the company I interviewed with 1 week and 6 days ago was a little more prestegious and I would not want to receive a call back from them at the end of the week and have regrets about accepting the other position. Also, if I do contact them how do I go about asking them if I am still in the running?

    Please advise 🙂

  119. Hi Meg!

    First I must tell you that pixie dust comes without a guarantee. But if you really want some, here goes…~*~*


    It’s fine to contact the first company should you receive an offer from the second. Just tell them you got an offer and was wondering what your status is since you would really like to work for them. They’ll take it from there.

    But, if they tell you you’re still in the running but they can’t be rushed, just thank them and say something polite like you look forward to hopefully hearing good news soon. Then decide whether you’d rather wait and risk having no jobs or take the offer you got. You can always ask the second job if you could have a few days to decide, but to be fair you can’t keep them hanging too long. 🙂

    Just one more thought…prestigious doesn’t always make it a better job. Think about the people you met and how they’ve treated you. And then look inside and ask yourself which place you’d really rather work. I noticed you used “excited” and “really like” for the first job and simply described the other as “a little more prestigious” without any glowing adjectives. Only you know of course which job (forget the prestige factor) would be the most enjoyable for you. Those are the jobs where you can shine best.

    Good luck, Meg! Please let us know how it turns out.

    Ronnie Ann

  120. Hello,

    I am too looking for some pixie dust… or any luck. I have been searching for a job for over 1 year, I have been on countless interviews and nothing has come through.

    I recently went on my second interveiw that I know I fit the position. The firm is everything and more that I have prayed for. This 2nd interview was last Thursday and today is Wednesday, still waiting to see if I get called back or will I get that dreadful reject letter in the mail. The interview went very well, I rehearsed and was confident. I always feel that my interviews go well but I am always in compeitition with a few other people. This job had 3 other candidates. In the meantime, still searching ,still applying. Tough job market that’s for sure!!! Trying to keep my head up but its just gets frustrating, especially when I get my mail everyday and the world of reality sets in, bills, bills, bills!


  121. Hi!

    I am happy to have found this forum…I am stuck in the waiting game too. After applying for a job a week later an HR rep called me for a phone interview. During that phone call we set up an appointment to meet for a face-to-face interview a week later. During the interview I met not only with the HR rep but two of the department managers that I would be reporting to. The interview went really well, they seemed to be impressed with my experience and enthusiasm for the job and the company. I even brought in a sample of my work that is relevant to the position. I sent a thank you letter after the interview and a week later I called the HR rep to thank her and to check in about the status of the job. She told me that they still had a couple of interviews to do but it was looking really good for me! She said she would contact me when she had more information about the next steps. That was two weeks ago and I haven’t heard from anyone. I sent an email to the HR rep last Friday and its been almost a week and I am still waiting. Should I call again? Send another email? Would I be annoying them if I call or email so often? Any advice you can offer would be appreciated!


  122. Please excuse my own delay. Hectic week. Will answer soon. Keep the faith! 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  123. Hi inyc2008!

    I am soooo sending you some pixie dust:

    *~*~*~*~*~*~ !!!!

    You’re smart to keep looking and not focus on this, but of course, no matter what the frustration of waiting and not knowing is there.

    In the meantime, if you haven’t already done this, make sure your resume and cover letters are as strong as they can be. (I have a Resume Help tab that offers some useful thoughts). Also find ways to practice the fine art of networking* as best you can. And scour for jobs where others may not easily find them, including the individual websites of companies, government, non-profit and academia. They don’t always advertise widely.

    In a tough job market, you have to do whatever you can to stand out from the crowd.

    Good luck with this one! My fingers, legs and eyes are crossed for you! 😉

    Ronnie Ann

    *Networking and related job-search posts:

    Job Search: The Simplest Job Networking Tip of All

    12 Ways to Jump Start that Impossible Job Search

    Stuck in the Slow Lane By a Fast Food Job!

  124. Hi Linzey!

    First, congratulations on doing so well. Clearly you give good interview. 😉

    I think you’ve done about all you can. It’s hard for people waiting to hear to believe this, but good candidates stay on the minds of people looking to hire. We don’t forget you.

    But as I’ve said before, time inside a company works like dog years – seven days to us may feel like one day to them! Give it at least another week before sending a polite e-mail or calling. These things just take time and, as hard as it is for you to be stuck in suspended time, you don’t want to bug them too much.

    Take up oil painting. Learn to dance the flamenco. Write a novel. Fill your days with positive fun stuff. And also, keep looking for and applying to jobs. And then, hopefully before you know it, you’ll get an answer – and whatever it may be, you won’t have thrown away perfectly good days. 🙂

    Good luck, Linzey! Hope you will be writing us soon with some great news.

    Ronnie Ann

  125. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Thank you so much for all the advice and insight. I have been trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of the wait. I’ve also been applying at other places just in case, so hopefully something good will happen either way. I’ll definitely keep you updated as soon as I hear anything!


  126. Cool, Linzey. You seem to have a great attitude. A company will be lucky to get you. 🙂

    All the best.

    Ronnie Ann

  127. Hello! I just wanted to post a (non) update to my previous posts, #44 & #46.

    I gave this company the benefit of the doubt and finally emailed on 8/12 with a “seriously, what’s up?”-themed message, worded all polite and nice-like.

    I waited another week for a reply, which turned out to be surprising. I got the requisite “thanks for waiting and being patient”, but FINALLY got a real answer (of sorts) from them. The hiring manager said he was still interested, but my salary requirements were causing concern. Since I recall giving *very* broad range, I thought this was a bit surprising. I typically hate to talk about salary in an interview since I am really quite flexible, and the whole package (benefits, time off, advancement opportunities, etc.) mean a lot to me. In fact, any time I am forced to give a salary range, I reiterate all of that.

    Well, this time his reply came during a time when *I* was busy and on vacation, so I took my time answering. When I did, I re-stated that benefits & time off and such were all worth a lot to me, and encouraged him to make a starting offer for consideration. His reply was (you guessed it) “I’m really busy but will get back to you next tuesday.” Well…”next tuesday” has come and gone with no word. At this point I am well beyond entertaining the notion of working for someone who can’t stick to a deadline or communicate effectively. I’m sad it turned out this way, but it did force me to take stock of my situation and I have decided to stick it out at my current job while casually (as opposed to frantic desperation) play the field for another opportunity. While in the “waiting game” for the other job I did receive other interest & offers, but nothing was quite right. I’m sure it has all worked out for the best.

    Thanks again for your help, and for providing an excellent online resource for job seekers!

  128. Hi,

    My boyfriend interviewed for a high level finance position a week ago. Someone that I know ran into the VP he interviewed with over the weekend.

    My boyfriends interview was brought up. The VP said he really liked my boyfriend but that he was nervous about his lack of experience managing others. He said the decision is down to 2 people. Is there something we could do to combat this negative comment before a decision is made? My boyfriend manages 2 people but would be managing 20 if he got this job.


  129. Hi Christy!

    Thanks for the “non” update. I’m sos orry you’ve had to wait this long and feel it’s probably not worth it at this point. I can certainly understand.

    Just so you know, he may well be trying to get you an answer but has to wait for approval from other areas. Once the higher salary specter gets raised, people worry that you may be saying the right things, but in the end won’t stay long. (I mention this because it’s happening right now where I am helping a company hire someone.)

    I agree it’s best to look elsewhere and let this one go. But if it comes back to you, at least give him a chance to explain. Maybe his way of handling all this is indeed reflective of how it would be, but then again…I’ve seen good companies with not-so-great hiring processes and people. But yes…this would give me pause for concern. And I also agree that things like this sometimes happen for a reason.

    Good luck finding the right job for you! Please let us know how things turn out.

    Ronnie Ann

  130. Hi Jill!

    If your boyfriend has already had his interview(s) and written his than you notes, an impression has been made and it’s a little hard for him to do too much more at this point.

    But there are some possibilities.

    Ina go-for-broke approach, he might consider calling the VP and, with a smile in his voice and down-to-earth confidence, let him know that he heard they have some concerns (pause for a sec or two) and that, since he’s very interested in the job, he’d like a chance to help them feel comfortable that he IS the right person.

    Now, that might get him a gold star and it might also get him eliminated. Only he knows if it’s worth the risk.

    It’s hard to convince anyone that you can manage a large group unless you’ve already done. it. And there may have been something else in your boyfriend’s interview that led them to feel unsure. They need to know he is confident he can do this and excited by the challenge. And this will only come through as true if he is. 😉

    At this point, these are his possible approaches: (1) wait and hope; (2) try calling the VP as I mentioned; (3) contact someone he knows well in the company and see if s/he can help him make his case; or (4) write a note expressing his strong interest and mentioning that he is most excited by the chance to manage the team.

    Only he knows what feels right for him.

    I wish him much luck! Hope they see his potential and give him the chance after all.

    Ronnie Ann

  131. PatienceIsaVirtue says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    Just wanted to give an update. I decided not to wait for the 2nd interview to come, even though one was promised to me. It has been 3 weeks since that promise and if they are going to be this slow, they might lose me. Also, I did some research and found a forum page where several people explained that this same company had promised them 2nd interviews, only to never call back. So perhaps it is standard practice to make the person think they are in the running, even though they have no intention to call again? Seems fishy to me, so I am no longer keeping my hopes up for that job to come through.

    Since then I have applied to several other positions that are fitting. The one I wanted least, I got a call back on, and am having my first phone screening with them tomorrow. I am going to go into it like it is the job I want, because any job is better than none (the pay isn’t as nice and the location is not as cool as the job I was trying to get before.) It is not that I really don’t want it, but I would just feel bad if I get it, only work it for a few weeks, and then the company I REALLY want to work for finally calls me in… Anyhow, doesn’t matter, I’ll go with the flow and ace this interview tomorrow (I hope.)

  132. Hi PatienceIsaVirtue!

    Hope the phone interview went really well.

    Definitely agree this one is worth pursuing. Sometimes what sounds only ok on paper turns out to be a nice surprise…and vice versa.

    As for the other one, normally I’d tell you three weeks is NOT too long to wait, but since you were smart and did your research (please everyone…check companies out as much as you can), and since you found some negative comments (not conclusive, by the way, but certainly helpful for added perspective), there’s no reason to sit and wait for them.

    But if they do call, maybe you still want to continue – with eyes wide open of course – and see what your instincts tell you. Who knows about the people who posted and what their stories are? The company might be fishy, but they also might be ok.

    Good luck. Don’t worry about the choices you might have to make. Things sometimes happen that we can’t control or imagine, but I find it best to just walk forward as positively and confidently as you can and see what comes your way. And sometimes Patience really is a virtue. 🙂

    Best of luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  133. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I’ve written before and am stuck again and in need of your help. I recently applied for an out of town, entry-level position as I have been in the process of changing fields. The company’s large, and a recruiter emailed to set up a phone interview with me. She missed our scheduled interview, and I sent an email asking if she wanted to reschedule.

    She wrote back and we finally had the phone interview several days later. It went well, and she told me that she would give my info. to the hiring manager and be in touch soon to let me know about the next step. I sent a thank you email reiterating my interest in the job and letting her know that relocation was not an issue for me as I have close family in the city where the job is.

    On the following business day the same recruiter sent me an email asking if I would be in that city at any time in the near future visiting my family, and if so she said that they would like to bring me in for an interview. Now, I’ve been flown to cities before for interviews, but since this is an entry-level job I understand that they may not be willing to fly in out of town candidates.

    I wrote back to her within the hour letting her know that although I did not have plans to be in that city any time soon, that I would be happy to fly there for an interview for this position. I even told her that I had managed to find a flight using my frequent flyer miles that would allow me to be there this week if that worked for her and anyone else with whom I may need to meet.

    This all happened yesterday morning, and I haven’t gotten any response from her. What is your take on this? Should I not have offered to come so soon? Should I be concerned that she hasn’t responded at all? Should I email again letting her know that obviously if this week doesn’t work I can come at a better time?

    I just really want this job and want to do everything possible to get it. I know hr people are busy, but she has never taken longer than 24 hours to respond. What do you think I should do? Thanks. I tend to worry.

  134. Hi Sophie!

    Sounds like you’ve done all the right things. Not all companies offer to fly you in for an out-of-town interview, especially for entry-level jobs.

    Please don’t worry…the fact that you are an action person willing to make this happen reflects nicely on you. Rather than being stuck, sounds like things are flowing nicely. Even 72 hours (and maybe many more) is not long to wait in this case! 😉

    Have a little more patience. She may at this very minute be trying to check schedules of all the people who would want to meet with you. (Before she only had to check her OWN schedule.)

    When someone comes in from out-of-town, they try to line it all up so they can interview you the same day. And THAT takes time to coordinate. There may be holidays, vacation, important meetings, work deadlines, etc.

    This still sounds very hopeful for you…and for them. 🙂 Just settle back, keep yourself busy, breathe, and let it all happen. If you haven’t heard from her by next Monday, a call or e-mail would be a nice idea.

    Meanwhile…let it go for now. You’ve done all you can.

    Good luck, Sophie! Hope you make this dream come true. Please keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  135. Thanks so much for responding so soon, Ronnie Ann! Could I havea little pixie dust?

  136. Hahahahahaha! My pleasure, Sophie. 😉


    Best of luck! Fingers, legs, and eyes crossed.

    Ronnie Ann

  137. Just wanted to comment that I’ve enjoyed reading this blog. It’s calmed me down a bit about my current job search, but I’d still like your input if you’re up to it.

    Some background: I’ve applied for 4 different jobs with Company A (my DREAM company). I received phone interviews for three of these jobs, but didn’t move any further in the process. For the current position I’ve applied for, I had a phone interview on August 28, during which I was told that they would be completing second round interview in two weeks, and hoped to have someone start by late September, early October. I, of course, sent thank you letters immediately.

    After not hearing from them for two weeks, I sent an email reiterating my interest in the position. Three days later, I rec’d a call asking me to come in for a second interview.

    This second interview was last Monday (an in person panel interview w/ 5 interviewers), and I felt it went reasonably well (good answers to questions, lots of nodding in agreement, felt like I connected with interviewers, etc.). I was told that they would have a decision within a week, and would like someone to start ASAP. Again, I sent thank you letters to each interviewer independently (by email, because of their short search term).

    Last Friday, I was speaking with the admin asst for my top reference, and she informed me that my reference had been having some issues with his voicemail, so to send all calls to her to ensure that they were promptly returned.

    On Monday morning, I sent an email to my main contact at Company A, letting her know of the new reference number, and reiterated my interest in the position. No response.

    So….Is there anything else I can / should do at this stage? Would calling to check up on the status of the hiring decision be to stalker-esque?

    Thanks in advance for you thoughts.

  138. Hi Heather!

    Yes…I think you may be approaching stalkerville. 😉

    I like your determination in finding a way to get to your dream company. You’ve done a great job of keeping this going. Your main contact may be out of the office or unavailable to work on this right now for any number of reasons. Or, they may simply be mulling over their choices.

    Hard as it is, you have to trust they remember you. If you’re the one they want, they’ll do whatever they need to do to make this happen – at their own pace, of course. And FYI…when I can’t contact a key reference for someone I’m very interested in, I call the candidate and ask if s/he knows a better way to contact the person. I don’t just give up on the candidate!

    So…let them do their thing. If you want, maybe…only maybe… something like a snail mail card to your contact with a short note saying how much you’ve appreciated her help and that you’re still very interested in working for this company, especially in this job, and hope to hear some good news soon. ONLY if that feels right for you and the position.

    Other than that, I can’t think of anything you can or should do right now that wouldn’t get your resume tossed into the potential stalker bin. (A call next week would be fine though.)

    My fingers are crossed for you, Heather. Good luck! Please let us know what happens. Oh…and thanks for the nice words about my blog. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  139. Thanks, Ronnie Ann, for the advice. I guess I’ll just wait this one out.

    FWIW on the reference thing – I almost didn’t get a position because of a reference snafu. An organization I applied with to sponsor me for a fellowship almost DIDN’T go with me because they couldn’t get ahold of two of the three references on my list. One was out of the country, and the other was just having “getting back in touch with people” issues. The organization didn’t let me know about the problem until they’d been waiting for almost three weeks to hear back from them (and they were pretty annoyed about it)! Once I was able to intervene things went smoothly, and they decided to sponsor me for the fellowship, but it was a bit nerve-wracking waiting. I guess that experience is what has me all nervous about references.

    I don’t want to drop any of them, because they all give absolutely glowing reviews of me (to the point that I’ve had interviewers comment on their responses), it’s just making sure that interviewers are actually able to reach them! 😉

    Thanks again. 🙂

  140. Oh…of course you’re right to be careful about your references, Heather…especially after that horrible experience! I shouldn’t have minimized it the way I did. Not everyone will pursue it the way I do. 🙂

    Personally – and I suggest this for everyone – when I’m up for a job, I make a point of calling my references BEFORE listing them to make sure it’s ok and just in case there are any changes in phone numbers or potential out-of-town type glitches. (Of course, in your case, you couldn’t have known ahead of time about malfunctioning voice mail.)

    I think waiting is a great choice. Best of luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  141. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Well, the recruiter finally wrote back in response to the email I had sent her saying that I would be happy to fly myself for an in person interview. I have to say, I was quite surprised by what she wrote…

    She told me that she would check with the rest of the team to see if they wanted me to fly in because they were in final rounds with another candidate and she wouldn’t want me to make all those arrangements if they were close to making an offer.

    Why would she ask me in the first place then? Do you think she simply though that I wouldn’t offer to get myself there? I really wanted this job. I haven’t heard back from her since she was going to check with her team, but at this point I think it’s fair to say that I probably won’t even get the opportunity to interview for the job.

  142. Hi Sophie!

    I can only speak from my own experience when I’m part of the hiring process, but up until we make an offer, if we see a good candidate we actively pursue that possibility as well as the ones already in progress. This is not only important in case the new candidate is an even better match, but if the other one drops out for any reason, no smart recruiter leaves the company without a good alternative.

    I know it doesn’t help you if you don’t even get a chance to fly in for the interview, but the fact that they were so interested in you says a lot about you. You can’t change the timing here, but, if you don’t get this job, keep your contacts warm and friendly from this point on! And if they do still want to meet with you…get your interview suit ready and shoes polished, they are still actively looking.

    Rather than seeing this as a bad thing if it doesn’t work out, see it as a first step in a LONG interview process. 🙂 You made a really good impression and, if you handle it right, you may very well be the person they think about when the next opening comes up.

    Good luck, Sophie. Please let us know how it turns out.

    Ronnie Ann

  143. Hi Ronnie Ann!

    Six months ago, due to a reduction in force, I was seperated from the company I worked for since college. Since that time, I have applied for a million jobs, but have landed only two interviews. The first interview led to a job offer for a position that I am immensly over-qualified for. The interviewer went so far as to tell me that he knew I was offering him more than he was offering me, but since I was currently unemployed what did I have to lose?

    The second interview was polar opposite. I WANT THIS JOB!!! I interviewed on a Wednesday and the interview went extremely well, with the hiring manager going so far as to tell me that she felt I was the perfect candidate for the position. She did, however, inform me that she had more interviews scheduled and would probably have a decision by the end of the next week since it was imperative that they hire someone right away. I sent a thank you email the next morning and received a reply within an hour that I was the best candidate so far and that she only had one interview left to go. She thanked me for my professionalism and assured me that I would hear something either way.

    Well, today is the end of the next week and I haven’t heard anything. I would like to send a follow-up email to basically ask “Did I get the job?” but have no clue where to begin. PLEASE HELP????

  144. Hi Irricca!

    I’m excited for you. This does sound hopeful and you’re right to try to put a nice finishing touch to what appears to be an excellent interview process for you so far.

    Believe me, they’ll call you if you get the job, so no need to ask this in an e-mail. They didn’t forget. 😉 But it would be fine to let them know that you have another offer and since by far this is the job you really want, you’re wondering if they could let you know what your status is. Be very polite in your tone and keep it short. Hopefully this will bring you the answer you’re looking for.

    In the meantime, make sure you keep the other job offer alive, just in case! If the last interview candidate turns out to be a better match (and I hope not), then you can see this other job as a chance to start again – you never know where jobs like these can lead.

    Good luck, Irricca. PLEASE let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  145. Hi Ronnie Ann,
    I just stumble upon this gem of a website! Thank you everyone for all their stories and insights. Really put things into prespective for me. Well, here is my situation. I applied for two jobs. Job B, for which I am sure I have recieved an offer with a deadline of Oct 20, is not my first choice. I e-mailed Job A (which I interviewed Oct 1) and got a response saying that I am their best candidate thus far but they still have more interview to conduct (last one on Oct 27th). I am wondering if the recuiter is being genuine about my possibility or whether she is just being nice and polite to keep me on file. I REALLY would love to get Job A. How do I response? they know my deadline to reply to Job B but still cannot give me any firm answers (which I understand). My gut feeling is to stick with Job A and hopes it pans out but I wanted to make sure that HR is not just being polite and there is a real possibility for me. Any advice or suggestions?


  146. Hi Penguin!

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad the blog has been helpful. I do try. 😉

    This is a really tough one. You have a sure thing with a deadline next Monday, and one that’s a maybe you really like (as far as you know) with no deadline and no for sure job. In this economy, it’s tough to let a sure thing get away.

    I have a couple of questions for you:

    (1) How good is the job you were offered? Does it have good opportunity to advance? Is it a job you could like, even if not as much as the other one?
    (2) If you turn down Job B and don’t get Job A, would you be ok with your decision?
    (3) If you take Job B, will you always regret what you didn’t get or just do your best to shine in the new job without regrets?
    (4) Have you tried calling (not just e-mailing) Job A to more fully explain your situation and see if they can give you any more hope? (Remember…if the last interview is Oct. 27, they may still take a while to make a decision. And the fact that they won’t stop now shows that, even though you are the top choice as of the time you called, they have not decided it is you for sure. But of course…it might be.)

    Honestly, without knowing every detail of your life, there’s no way I can offer you sound advice. Different people would choose differently under the same circumstances. I will tell you I once had this happen to me and I took the sure thing. It was NOT my dream job and never turned out to be. But the people I met and things I did wound up changing my life for the better – and I never for one moment looked back at what I could have had. Life is too short. 🙂

    Fate is like that. The path taken and the path not taken. Just know there are good things possible from either path if we give our whole heart to whatever choice we make.

    This one is for you to decide, Penguin. Please let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  147. Hi Ronnie,

    I, like others who have posted on this webpage am in the waiting game. Its so frustrating!!!

    About a 2.5 months ago, I sent my resume in response to this job posting for a large company via the internet. They emailed me 3 weeks later to arrange for a phone interview (this is an overseas job posting and i really what to relocate to this place due to family commitments) with one of the senior managers. The interview went well enough with him saying to hear from them again to arrange for a second interview with one of the bosses. True enough, a few days later, the secretary emails to follow up for a second interview.

    The second interview went ok (an hour long) but could be better, although she did mention that my answers to her interview questions were generally good and she said that they would take about 2 weeks to get back to me as they have other candidates. After the interview, I sent a thank you email to which she replied promptly saying thanks for my interest and that she would be in touch asap.

    After 2 weeks, still no response, no emails or calls. I emailed her (the boss) briefly asking her on the results of the interview to which i realised (auto reply) that she was on leave currently. She however replied to my email 2 days later (on sunday) that they had a lot of interest in the position and that they are still reviewing all candidates and that i’m still in the running and that will get back to me within the next week.

    Its now almost friday (i know she only gets back to office from leave next week though), all still no response!!!! its so frustrating and i really want this job!

    Do you think its a lost case? I mean if they really wanted me wouldnt they have notified me already??

    So sorry for the long comment but i’m just so frustrated and depressed over this!

  148. Hi Christina!

    I understand how frustrating this feels to you, but as I’ve written before, time flows differently on the other side. What feels really long to you or anyone waiting, flies by in the hectic world of business. I know it doesn’t feel fair, but this is totally normal. 😉

    If someone key to the decision is away from the office (and remember this could be a medical emergency or something else that has taken her away) and she takes the time to e-mail you back, it means you really are still in the running. Her estimate of a week is based on her best guess. But since she was away from the office, anything could have happened. These are estimates. Never take them as absolutes either in interviews or day-to-day business!

    Please relax. This is the time to be patient and just let the process happen. Even if it takes two more weeks! Companies have lots of things going on at the same time they’re hiring, and often the hiring decisions get pushed to the side while putting out immediate fires.

    You’ve done the best you could, Christina. Either you’ll get it or you won’t. Focusing on it this strongly isn’t going to help on bit, and it’s only making you more unhappy. Your job now is to think positively and wait. And to keep looking for other jobs! This is NOT the time to lose momentum. Sometimes a surprisingly better job (or the job you’ve been waiting for) comes along when you stop fretting and focus yourself on positive action!

    Best of luck! Please let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  149. Christina says:

    Hi Ronnie!

    Thanks for your very encouraging reply. Just what i needed to make me feel better. Hopefully everything would turn out ok and my worries won’t be in vain. Right now i need all the luck i can get.


  150. Hi Christina!

    Glad my words helped even if only a little. Not saying this really does anything, but here’s a little good luck fairy dust just in case…


    My best wishes. May you find a terrific job just meant for you!

    Ronnie Ann

  151. Christina says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,
    ARGH! I’m so frustrated… I sent another follow up email to the boss (i know she gets back to work today) and her assistant admin person who does the arranging of interviews etc and no reply so i couldn’t stand it anymore and called this assistant admin person as i didn’t wanna bother the boss (being her first day back).

    The assistant basically said that she honestly doesnt know abt any updates as they haven’t put their heads together to gather all the applicants CV/resumes etc and would email me again later this week. The boss usually doesn’t take that long to email me back by she hasn’t yet 🙁

    Do you think its a lost case and i should look at other possible jobs (very hard though as im looking to relocate)? by end of this week it would be week 5 and i’m beginning to lose hope… i hate it when they said u are in the running but may be just stringing u along….

    Sorry for the rabbling… just so upset and know that i can find a little bit of peace here…

    thanks for listening!

  152. Hi Christina,

    There are two very important qualities that will help you now and throughout your career: patience and the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

    I understand how frustrating this can be, but through your own efforts you already found out that the boss was returning today. I don’t think you hurt yourself and I realize you’ve probably never been in her situation, but you jumped the gun a little by calling so soon. You could have gotten more out of the effort if you had just waited a couple of days.

    When an executive has been away, e-mails build up…sometimes there are one or two HUNDRED waiting the day you return. Seriously! Even if your try to answer some of the key ones while away (and remember she took the time to answer you), you still save the majority to deal with more fully when you get back. Add to that all the backed up meetings her staff and colleagues need her to attend and problems they need her to deal with, and the day she gets back is a madhouse where she hardly has a second to herself. Not a day when most executives think about an ongoing hiring process.

    So when a person has been away, think about what things are like for them. Also think about when you might actually be able to get some of their focused attention. Probably smartest to give them a day or two before bugging them or their assistant (who is trying to help her boss balance the madhouse). Especially when you already had communication from the boss. (Which I hope you answered politely as soon as you got it, thanking her for taking the time to answer while on vacation. That shows you are thinking about her as well as you. A good trait in a potential employee.)

    Also, I wonder why you are so frustrated by their lack of communication when you know she was away and even took the time to let you know you are still in the running. That’s a good sign. This isn’t subterfuge or some attempt to lead you on. They just haven’t made their decision yet. That’s all. It’s quite normal. I once waited 3 or 4 MONTHS – patiently, with a few polite e-mail exchanges where I wasn’t answered immediately – and I wound up being their top candidate!

    I know it feels unfair and I know time passes waaay slow when you’re waiting to hear back. But you’ll only hurt yourself now or down the road if you can’t learn to be patient and trust in the process – and yourself. You really have done your best. Now please back off or you’ll scare them away. OK?

    Either it’s the right match or it isn’t. But there is nothing more you should do right now except relax and wait. This really is the time to rent your favorite movies or take up knitting or ballroom dancing or something like that 🙂 to help you get through!

    I apologize if this answer sounds a little strong, but for the rest of your life in the world of business (and even elsewhere) you will go much further if you just remember patience and the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

    Oh…and just in case you don’t get this…send the best handwritten note you ever wrote letting the boss know how much you enjoyed meeting her and, although you didn’t get this job, you wish her all the best and hope she’ll consider you for the next opening. But hopefully that won’t be necessary and you’ll get the offer!

    Best of luck, Christina. Please let us know what happens. And please…just wait now…please. 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  153. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    It’s has been a week since they started doing a background check and while they called 3 out of 4 of my references, still no news……

    I could use some of that little PIXIE DUST 🙂

  154. Hi Steve!

    Fear not. Although I don’t have a crystal ball to know for sure what’s happening, background checks can sometimes take a while. Also, if they do want to make an offer (hope hope hope), some companies have to go through approval channels, which takes time. So in this case, as a good friend of mine always says, no news is no news.

    I wish you much luck, Steve. Please let us know how things turn out. And here’s some extra special pixie dust just for you. 😉


    Ronnie Ann

  155. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I just wanted to let you know what happened with the position I was hoping to interview for at the beginning of the month. Instead to telling me that they did or didn’t want me to fly in for the interview, they emailed to let me know that the position was now on hold. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given the economy right now. They said they would be in touch with me when it re-opens.

    In other news, I’m interviewing in-person and out of town for another job today after an initial phone interview and waiting to find out today about another position. I’d love some more pixie dust!


  156. Hi Ronnie…

    I sure could use some advice…

    Beginning in early August I began the interview process for a job that I really want. The process seemed to be going along very smoothly, I spent an entire day at the Corporate Offices during the first round of interviews and enjoyed a 2+ hour lunch with the CFO.
    The HR person called me several days after the first round and asked if I would be available to go through another round the following week which would include dinner with the core mgmt. team, and although I was on vacation and several hours away I made the necessary adjustments and was able to make the time available. This round of interviews and the dinner went well and I was told that there would “only” be one more round.
    Several days after the dinner round, I was asked to once again come to the corporate offices and spent 5+ hours meeting with the same folks, at the end of that time I asked the HR rep “how are things going, do you think you are close to making a decision” and was told that yes in several days they would make a decsion..

    Since then, not a word….I have sent personal notes to everyone I met with in an attempt to reconnect and have not heard anything…

    Just wondering, should I just give up on this opportunity?…I mean after 25+ hours spent in interviews, should I at least expect that someone would let me know even if I wasn’t the choice?

    I am very confused and would welcome your perspective.


  157. Oh, and sorry I failed to mention it, but my last direct communication with anyone from the hiring company was 6 + weeks ago…

  158. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Got an offer yesterday but it is the same salary and bonus as my current position, so i’ve asked if there is something they could do and i’m now back to square one….

    I hope i didn’t messed up anything….

    I could use a bit more of the special pixie dust 🙂

  159. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Final update: I’ve accepted their original offer since they said they couldn’t do anything else.

    Many thanks for your great advices and terrific support Ronnie Ann!

  160. Congratulations Steve! Sorry I’m late in getting back to you, but looks like things worked out from the OLD pixie dust. 🙂

    Jobs have so many factors that are not quantifiable the way money is. Hope this one brings you much happiness and positive growth in ways you never imagined!

    Best of luck. Oh…and here’s a little something for the new job…


    Ronnie Ann

  161. Hi tyler!

    Wow. I can well understand why you’re feeling the way you are. You were given green lights all the way along and seemed to be one of the top candidates, and now no one has even contacted you or answered an e-mail all this time? You have the patience of a saint. 😉

    Although on the surface it looks like they may have gone with someone else and not had the courtesy of informing you (this is shameful if true), there are also other possibilities such as emergency situations that delayed the decision or the economy leading to the position being put on hold. (Still, they should have let you know.) But before giving up, I would at least call the person I had the best rapport with, and, if they don’t take your call, try until you get someone. Better to find out now than to be left wondering.

    Hope you get a good surprise. As unlikely as it may seem, you could still be in the running. But if you aren’t, hope you recognize how close you came and use that energy to set your mind on nailing the next one.

    And don’t forget…a NO now could be the beginning of a YES next time. So if you didn’t get the job and still want to work there, then make sure you let them know you are still interested and will redouble your efforts to let them know you would be a great addition to their company! (Assuming you still want to work for folks who left you hanging, of course. Once you get the details, you can better weigh these factors. Who knows? You may even have lucked out!)

    Please let us hear what happens, tyler. GOOD LUCK!

    Ronnie Ann

  162. Hi Sophie!

    Sorry to be so late in getting back. Hard balancing my new consulting job with the blog. But although you are the last for me to get back to, you are definitely not the least!

    I’m hoping that, for reasons we’ll never know (although it could be the pixie dust 😉 ), all this turns out to bring you to exactly the right job!

    So, without further ado:


    Best of luck. I have a feeling something good is coming soon! Please let us know when it does.

    Ronnie Ann

  163. Good Morning Ronnie Ann…

    thanks for your reccomendation and kind words….as a quick follow up to my original message: I followed your reccomendation and attempted to give both the HR director and the CEO phone calls, and like I anticipated the calls went directly to voicemail and have not heard anything back…..interesting enough the job is still posted on their web site, so I am thinking it is a safe assumption that I was not selected….
    I just am finding it hard to believe that after 20+ of interviews that I simply wouldn’t hear anything back at all….maybe I should look at it as a good omen in some way, would I really want to work for a company that had values like that?….thank goodness I am currently employed with a company that I have been with for 10+ years I guess…
    Any final thoughts/reccomendations on next steps, or have you witnessed situations like this where the canidate just simply never hears anything back?

  164. Hello Ronnie Ann,

    I am waiting patiently after a good telephone interview with an internal recruiter. At the end of the interview, I was told that I would get a call from the hiring manager. That was a week ago.

    My question is if it would be okay to call the hiring manager directly? Or should I only followup with the recruiter?

  165. Hi tyler!

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. My own work issues got in the way. 🙂

    I never cease to be astounded when I hear stories like yours. And, while it isn’t standard, it does happen. Of course, I can’t tell whether you really got eliminated or they are just doing that corporate secrecy thing where they say nothing until they all agree on the answer. Either way…I’m not thrilled with this kind of behavior from a hiring company. And unless there’s a really good explanation, I’d think twice about working for them.

    Still…while I wouldn’t count on this job by any stretch, I would stay open to hearing their explanation if there is one. Just in case. But in the meantime, you did all you could and you might as well let it go and move on.

    Thankfully you have a job. Any chance you can take this new-job energy and try to create a new job opportunity for yourself there? Sometimes what doesn’t seem obvious at first shows up when you have a new perspective. Just a thought.

    I wish you MUCH luck. Sure wish I had some magic potion to get employers to do the right thing! 😉 Please stay in touch.

    Ronnie Ann

  166. Hi Lowell!

    First, congratulations on a good phone interview. Hope it turns into a good job! 😉

    I’ve given your question some thought. Part of me said “Why not go ahead and call him or her?” But then I remembered some places where that would have left a bad impression, despite the initiative it shows.

    A week isn’t that long. Sometimes the phone interview phase takes a few weeks all on its own. And then they have to decide whom to call back, which can involve more time getting everyone to clear their schedules to do that. So the fact that you haven’t heard back yet is no indication of anything.

    I think I’d wait until next week, and, if you haven’t heard anything by then, call the internal recruiter. It’s better office politics. Now if you can’t reach/ don’t hear back from the recruiter, then you could very politely and “naively” contact the hiring manager. You could say you haven’t heard back yet from the phone interview and aren’t sure if you were supposed to contact her/him but if so, want to let her/him know how interested you are in the company and to please let you know if there’s anything more you need to do right now. Might help and couldn’t hurt.

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens, ok?

    Ronnie Ann

  167. Ronnie Ann,

    Thanks for the advice. I have since had another telephone interview and now have a face to face scheduled for this Friday. It’s looking good – thanks for helping me to learn patience!

  168. Hi Lowell!

    Congrats on the face-to-face! Patience gets easier the more you practice it. But your instinct to take responsibility for your own fate and ACT is also a very good one. Finding the balance is an art! 😉

    Good luck. Please let us know how it turns out.

    Ronnie Ann

  169. I had an interview on 10/28 for a data management consultant position. I met with the director of the department. We had a great interview and I gave several samples of my work. She seemed to be impressed by my skills set. But it has been 3 weeks and no word on a decision. I did send a thank you and follow up email, but no response. I did find out from a HR assistant who worked for me in the past that she put in a good word for me with the director. She also said that they completed the reference and background check. Can anyone help me get a read on this? I am not putting all my eggs in this job. I am still out there interviewing other positions.

  170. Hi Paul!

    Sounds like you’ve done all the right things so far – including continuing to interview. Smart! Having worked for an IT area in a large organization for many years, I can tell you these things often take more time than either the applicant or hiring department would like.

    Although I can’t speak for the company in question, where I work, even after all the reference/background checks have been done, there are still areas that need to sign off on the decision. But if someone is out sick or on vacation, an offer can be delayed. Or, if this is part of a project and they are trying to get a few other hires lined up, that can also enter into the picture.

    The fact that they actually did the reference/background checks certainly looks good for you. We usually only do that for the finalist, although some places may do it for more people. Of course, there may have been something in the background check or they may have made an offer to someone else and are waiting to hear back, but my guess is you are still very much in the running.

    You’ve been wonderfully patient, and, at this point, it would be fine for you to simply call the person and ask your status as politely as possible. This is totally acceptable.

    Good luck Paul! Hope you get the job. Please let us know.

    Ronnie Ann

  171. Hello –

    So, this seems to be the place for anxious souls such a myself, awaiting news of an offer, so here goes:

    I apparently sent out a resume in the spring (of which I have no recollection) for an attorney position at a small satellite office of a national firm. I was contacted by the HR guy at the end of September for an interview at the main office. Seems that the sattellite office had recently opened 2 weeks before my resume landed on their desk. The interview about a week later at the main office I thought I bombed; I was terribly nervous because this firm is awesome and I can foresee big things in working there (I met with the HR guy, an associate and the managing partner, who I believe does the hiring). Lo and behold, I get an email 2 days later from the HR guy, inviting me to a second interview at the satellite office (I was also asked for a writing sample). This time, about a week later, I met with 2 other associates and the HR guy again, and I thought the interview went very well. The HR guy even walked me through the office to show me the view of the river from the office windows. Also, during my second interview, the HR guy tells the associates the managing partner made it a point to hold my resume for months until they were ready to hire for the satellite office. I’m thinking this is all good, right? This occurred about mid-Octoberish.

    I heard not a peep from the firm. It is not uncommon for law firms to not send rejection letters or otherwise contact a candidate (which I think is terribly rude), so I had written them off emotionally, until a friend advised me to call the HR guy to re-express my interest and check in (I, being a chicken and not wanting to piss off the guy, opted for an email). It’s Halloween by this point.

    Nothing. Until, last Thursday, I get an email from the HR guys, saying he is sorry it has taken so long and he is waiting for to others to get back to him, and he wil contact me when he learns more…..who the others may be I have no clue, I thought I met all the decision-makers.

    So now I feel a bit better, but still freaking a bit. This firm is exactly what I need to get my career out of a rut, not to mention it’s very prestigious and 10 minutes from my home. In other words, I’m sweating them really hard. 🙂

    Any thoughts? I understand that 1) they seem to take they’re time with things and 2) the economy the way it is lately may give them extra pause to hiring right now. Any light you can shed would be appreciated.


    Great site, by the way.


  172. Update: I received an email today asking me to come into meet with several members of the team. I guess I am confused. The hiring manager said that she is currently conducting 2nd interviews, but the HR assistant told me that the position is between me and another candidate. Can someone give me some feedback?

  173. Hi Dee!

    Thanks for the kind words about my site. Much appreciated. Also glad it gives you a place to get out your understandable frustration!

    Honestly, it sounds like you’re doing really well considering how process-challenged the firm seems to be. The fact that they saved your resume and all the good feedback tells me they are very serious about you. Yes…the economy is a potential landmine, but since you got good feedback as recently as last week, things still look hopeful.

    Think of waiting time as something like dog years – each week for you feels like a day to them! Since you know how slow they are, my best advice is to mark 2 weeks from today on your calendar and, if you haven’t heard anything by then, CALL him. It’s totally ok. In fact, it often gets the wheels rolling.

    And, if it feels right to you, you might want to send a simple card right away with a handwritten note to the same HR person thanking him for getting back to you and saying you look forward to hearing from him again, hopefully with positive news.

    Other than that, you join the noble others in the waiting room. Hopefully, not for much longer. You’ve certainly paid your waiting dues!

    Best of luck, Dee. I have my fingers crossed for you.

    Ronnie Ann

  174. Hi Paul!

    Nice news. This is all good. Sometimes a company narrows it down to two people and then brings each one in again to see which one is the best fit. Since you’re meeting with team members, this makes total sense.

    They’ll probably be looking at your technical skills as well as how you would be to work with. You want to be gracious and show you are a good listener as well as someone who can be trusted to handle assignments well. Think about the kinds of qualities and personality traits you’d want to see if you were hiring the person!

    I wish you much luck. Please let us know how it goes.

    Ronnie Ann

  175. …wonderful advice; thank you so much. I will keep you posted!

  176. What a wonderful blog! I am a successful professional that is very amibitious. I recently applied for a senior position in a national company and am waiting to hear back after going through 2 interviews and a corporate assessment. The hiring manager assured me he would contact me, but as previous people on this blog have said…I am starting to second guess myself and the questioning process that is taking place.

    Is there anything I should do rather than just wait?


  177. Dee,

    Thanks. I look forward to it. Best of luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  178. Hi Ray!

    Tanks for the lovely words about my blog. And welcome to the waiting game. 😉

    In most cases like yours, you really don’t have to do anything more. For top positions (OK…most positions), they don’t forget. Especially after a candidate has reached the point where you are.

    But…if you’re an action person (and it sounds like you are), it might be a good idea to give the hiring manager a call after you’ve waited a couple of weeks since the last contact. There could be some internal hang-ups – or things could be moving along nicely according to their normal processes.

    But often a call can help get things moving even more nicely! At the very least, you can get a feel from what he tells you as to how serious they are about you.

    Good luck! Hope you nail this job. Please let us know. We love to celebrate.

    Ronnie Ann

  179. Update: I had my 2nd interview on 11/20 with staff members. The interview lasted about 1 hr and interviewers asked me alot of question about my past expreiences. I gave them sample of my work. I even gave them the top 5 reasons why they should hire me. They love that alot. After the interview, the hiring manager asked me if I was still interested in the position. I told her that I wanted the position more than ever. We discussed my salary range. She asked if I looked at the benefits plan. She also told me that they checked my references and also received one internal refrerence on me. She said a decision would be made the following week because she has to finish up the remaining 2nd interviews. Her team really seemed like tthat they were impressed with my reporting/data skills. I am excited, but after reading some of the comments on your blog, I learn that I better bring myself back to earth because I still may not get the job.

  180. Hi Paul!

    Thank you SO much for the update. Sounds like you did GREAT!

    I also don’t want to get your hopes up unreasonably, but I will say it sounds very hopeful. I love that you gave them the five reasons to hire you. That was a cool way to grab their attention and be remembered. The fact that they are impressed with your technical skills is a big plus.

    It’s true…anything can still happen. You never know who the other interview(s) are with or who they know 🙂 , but I can assure you you’ve done the best you can and no one can do better than that.

    Now you just have to figure out how to keep yourself sane until you hear their decision. 😉 I have my fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you.


    Ronnie Ann

  181. Hi Ronnie,

    Reading through your site, it seems you give great feedback and I was wondering if you had a take on my situation.

    The first round interview lasted 40 minutes (during a 30 minute on campus time slot). I guess it went really well. I had a 2nd round interview Tuesday (2 days before Thanksgiving) and it began at 1 PM (I was notified on a Sunday e-mail about two weeks after the first round).

    This is a small CPA firm and I spoke with two partners and an employee. I even took a quick test (basic math and English). At the end of the day, the members seemed to really like me and the main partner even said that they were “looking for a December graduate” (which I was). A lot of smiles and they shared a lot of personal history and were interested in my aspirations. The partners constantly made things clear as to what they can offer me and what they cannot.

    It has been exactly a week and I was considering e-mailing or calling to show further enthusiasm for the job (I had very little knowledge about smaller firms and might have sounded more biased towards working at a larger company). Also, I wasn’t given a formal time frame. However, the firm was closed for Thanksgiving.

    I guess my questions are, should I e-mail to offer perhaps recommendations or further documents “if necessary”? Also, should I ask for a time line? Finally, do smaller firms (roughly 20 people) take longer to make offers? In my mind, it should be faster, but I don’t know.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated and would make me last another day. Being a college graduate in this economy is stressful =/

  182. Hi Chris!

    I understand the stress!! With apologies, hope you can wait a day or two for my real response. A bit hectic at work and I want to give you a full response…but in the meantime I will say your instincts are excellent. 🙂

    Back to you as soon as I can…

    Ronnie Ann

  183. Thanks for the quick response to let me know; in fact that’s the kind of feedback I’d like to get from certain firms. I recently sent out 2 e-mails to show interest and tried to contact HR, but she was out of the desk and I hit the machine. I also found out that a fellow colleague had an interview with the firm in December, but will be canceling because he has a job opportunity he will be accepting. I guess my odds just went up and, considering the firm is still interviewing, I can assume they are also exploring options. Your input is still highly welcome and I look forward to it. Thanks a lot.

  184. Hi again Chris!

    Ah yes…the stress of looking for a job in a recession. I graduated into one of those myself – but I survived. 😉 As I tell people…you only need one job, no matter what the economy is like.

    From what you tell me, considering the duration of the interview and the feedback you’ve gotten, you did really well. To paraphrase Sally Fields at the Oscars…they like you! They really like you. 🙂

    Although, of course, nothing is for sure until there’s an offer in your hands. Still nice to know the competition is thinning out. There is no standard waiting time no matter what the size of the firm; both small firms and large firms have their own processes and hoops to jump through. While it’s true a smaller firm should have less hoops, they still hire to the beat of their own drummer.

    Since you’ve already e-mailed notice of your continued interest, the only thing left right now might be to try to get through to a live person (I wouldn’t leave a VM in your case). I hope somewhere in one of your communications you mentioned that you’ve thought about their firm since the interview, and realized how much you’d like working for a smaller firm (have a few reasons if asked) and hope very much that you get the chance to work with them.

    Other than that…not much else you can do. In fact, too much contact that quickly can be a turn-off. So other than a live phone contact and maaaaybe one more short polite note, you are relegated to join the many noble others in the waiting game. But I hope not for long!

    Good luck. PLEASE let us know.

    Ronnie Ann

  185. Hi Ronnie,

    My question is this. I applied for a part time to start full time soon in a medical/denist office a couple of weeks ago. I have 10 plus years in the legal secretary field and about 4 months ago was let go because they found someone younger and cheaper. I got a first interview at the dentist office which went “really” well. She knows my brother and sister in law and the kids who are patients of hers. She showed me the computer programs and we talked for a good hour when we discussed that even though I didn’t have a lot of experience in a medical office she said thats what training is for. She wanted me back the next day for the temp she had for a maturnity leave position which I will be helping with to show me the ins and outs of the office. It went super well and she said to me I don’t know what you got in your other positions but we can start you off at “/” which I said ok. She also made the temp show me the different programs that I would be working on and made me do a couple entries and was very pleased. My question is this. I am going to be helping with a lady who is coming back from maturnity leave and the dr. said she has to hold the position until she comes back (in a week or so). The DR. Said at the end of the 4 hour day after showing me the offices and the computers that she “would be in touch with me”. She seemed very excited and willing to have me. I would like to hear your thoughts. This was the Thursday before Thanksgiving and im sure nothing happened the week of Thanksgiving. What are your thoughts. Thank you. Mary

  186. Hey Ronnie Ann,

    Thank you for the encouraging words. No sooner did I read them that I got an e-mail from a partner telling me that he wanted to extend an offer. mid 50k’s, not bad for a college grad. My heart has stopped pounding and it’s just calming. I really feel at ease. I’m going to work my butt of so that my first job will either be my last or a door opener with amazing relations and recommendations. I can’t wait. I really wanted to start a career in auditing and was worried that I’d have to tough it out for a few more years or that I wouldn’t get a job I’d love and get stuck. This seems perfect for me. Also, I can stop worrying my mom’s financial and help her out ^^ (she’s a single working mom, so I’m happy to pitch in finally). Thanks again and I hope my story was at least a good read. Take care and best wishes to everyone who reads.

    – Chris

  187. Great new Chris! Wuhoo!!! Stories like yours make my day – and I assume bring a smile to your fellow job seekers. It really does sound perfect for you.

    Your mom must be so proud of you. How great you can help. I know how good that feels.

    Thanks for letting us know. And best of luck in your terrific new job!

    Ronnie Ann

  188. Hi Mary!

    This is an interesting variation of the waiting game.

    Since salary was discussed an agreed upon and some actual initial training took place plus you said you got very good feedback, it seems as if the dentist is serious about having you there. Someone should be calling you soon to arrange the actual start date. But I understand your hesitancy.

    You’re right that Thanksgiving (and sometimes the week after) can be a time when these kind of discussions wind up getting delayed. At this point, though, it would be totally appropriate for you to call her and ask if there is anything else you need to do to prepare for the job AND whether this is a firm offer so you can stop looking elsewhere. (Say that with a smile in your voice.) It’s also ok to ask if she has a better idea of when your first day will be.

    You need clarity and the best way to get this is to actually talk to her. E-mail communication can leave things up on the air. You need to have your questions answered by the one person who knows the answers! (But a follow-up e-mail after that discussion, restating your understanding and asking if this accurately represents what she told you, would be a great way to get some of this in writing.)

    Congratulations on finding a way back into the world of work. I hope this leads to an exciting new career. PLEASE let us know how things turn out. 😉

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  189. Thanks for the great responses. Best of luck to ya. I also spoke to my boss. He said he forwarded my thank you letter to other partners because it was very professional and well put that it brought a smile to the members of the firm. He advised me to enjoy and not think of work until I start and we’ll get rolling. It’s been great. Thanks so much.

  190. It’s been an absolute pleasure, Chris. Love the way they responded to your note. Says so much about who they are as people. And your boss sounds great!

    Best of luck, Chris.

    Ronnie Ann

  191. Hi there,

    I applied on a position for a Legal Assistant with a very large Litigation/Corporate Law Firm back in early November and was called back almost immediately for an interview. I went in for my first and it went very well. I did follow up with a “thank you” email and was contacted about a week later for a second interview.

    The second interview went even better than the first (I really connected with the office manager) and again sent a follow up thank you email.

    After not hearing anything for a week 1/2 I called back and was informed that the 2nd recruiter/interviewer was on vacation and that she was waiting her return to make final decisions. She went as far as to mention offer letters, when I could start, and the salary they were prepared to offer me.

    After not hearing anything yet another week later, I followed up once again and was told they would be doing reference checks. I then gave my ref’s a head’s up and from what I understand was only able to actually speak with just one of them. The other’s had been playing telephone tag etc. On Wednesday of last week, I was emailed that they should be finishing up ref checks by Thursday and that they would be in touch very soon. I know that that at least 1 of 2 of my remaining ref’s has not been called back as of yet – although she did leave a message stating ” that she would be very happy to provide a reference for me as it was a pleasure to work with me and I have grown tremedously in my skill set etc etc”.

    It is now Monday, and I have heard nothing. Any ideas what is holding up the process??

    Thanks in advance!!!!

  192. Hi Jenny V!

    Not sure, but just sounds like you are caught up in very mundane but oh-so-frustrating process stuff. No matter what they might want to do, they have to cross every t and dot every i. Even after they get all the references, sometimes the company then has to then send the complete package containing all the feedback, etc. to various offices for THEIR sign-offs. More time. More waiting game.

    But so far you’ve been given very positive signs and, unless there is something we don’t know, sounds like all you have to do now is focus on anything else and wait for them to contact you. It’s out of your hands but seems very hopeful.

    Please let us know when you hear. Of course there’s no guarantee at this point, but I do love good news. 😉

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  193. Thank very much for advice!!

    My primary concern is that although at least 2 of my references have left messages, none have been returned yet (to my knowledge) when these were supposed to be complete by Thursday of last week. Also, with reference to the VM that one of them left as above noted, they thought this may have been all they needed to hear. Is that a possibility? I would assume they would actually have to speak with them directly and ask a series of set questions.

    Also, my primary correspondence with them (and there has been quite a bit) has been via email. If I DO NOT have the position, do you think they would simply put a letter in the mail and not directly call me or email when they know I have been quite anxious for a decision? This to me would seem quite unprofessional. The lack and delays in communication on their part is also beginnning to make me question the company itself.

    I also did not mention that I am presently working as an Executive Legal Asst. in Crim. Law, but am looking to advance – this seemed to be the perfect opportunity (and the only one I applied on). It is a 10k difference with profit sharing so I am really, REALLY hoping for this. How about some of that pixie dust???!

  194. Hi Jenny V!

    I can well understand your concern. It all feels so nebulous and totally uninterpretable. 😉 My best advice is not to read anything into anything at this point. Especially when things slow down soooo much at this time of year.

    Since you say most of your contact has been via e-mail, this might be a very good time to make a call and see how things stand. You have nothing to lose and at least will find out what’s happening. If there is a glitch or there are budget cuts and the position was delayed (hopefully none of that is the case), they will probably tell you. But more likely, it’s just the SOSO ( same old same old) process stuff that gets us all!

    It sounds like a great opportunity, Jenny V. I wish you much luck. Oh…and here’s a little something to help:


    Ronnie Ann

  195. OK, that pixie stuff must work.

    This morning (when I was least expecting it) I received an email stating “Just a bit of an update for you – my apologies for the length of time this seems to be taking. Not sure if it’s the season or some other reason, but it has extended itself.
    I’m am still trying to connect with a couple of your references. Left a message again this morning for X – she is out of the office until tomorrow. Did get in touch with X but she was on her way into an interview and will call me back this afternoon.

    Wanted to make sure you were aware that I was still working on this. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. ”

    I then emailed her back thanking her for the update and was very happy to hear that things were in process. – she then responded with “Yes, we haven’t forgotten about you and I will be in touch again as soon as I have something to pass along.”

    So, although I don’t have the position yet, the fact that she contacted me seems very positive and favourable!! thanks for that little bit of magic!!!


  196. Hi Jenn!

    What wonderful news. This is very positive and tells me they are actively pursuing your candidacy with the hopeful intent of making an offer. Seems to me you made the magic! 😉

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Helps everyone remember that, even amid all the very real economic woes, business still goes on and jobs happen. Hopefully yours will happen SOON!

    Oh…and here’s a little extra pixie dust for good measure: ~*~*~*

    PLEASE keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  197. My references were all contacted as of today ..and apparently it went fabulously.

    With respect to the economic woes..I am actually writing from Canada which is just beginning to feel the wrath of the current state of recession. I am in Alberta, and although it has primarily effected the Oil Workers, it is my hope that it does not effect my industry too hard. That being said, my question is this – Regardless of the great salary increase, profit sharing etc – do you think it would be safe to accept a position like this which involves probationary period etc. when I know I that I have job security where I am? I would like to know your views on this.

    Also, because of that question lingering in my mind I am considering going to my Managing Partner if I receive an offer, with the offer, and seeing if we can negotiate something that can keep me in my current position (which I know and love) yet increase my ever so needed cash flow. (unfortunately my main motivation for change of employment at this moment) Your imput on exactly how to present this to him would be great. We do have a fantastic working relationship and I have time and time again shown loyalty to the firm, so I am hoping that this would not color his view of me. Help!!

  198. Hi Ronnie,

    First, I do have good news to tell you. I got an offer from a learning institute! However, I’m not extremely excited! This learning institute isn’t my first choice.

    I had a phone interview with the HR on Dec 3 with a global well-known language school regarding to a sales position. I received a call from the HR asking me to go for a face to face 2nd interview on Dec 10 with the center director. The interview went pretty well I think. The job ad mentioned about second language is a plus. I do have an advantage on this. I can speak two other Chinese dialects aside from English. When the center director mentioned about the company was very customer oriented, I told him about my related past experience. I used to work at a global marketing research company for over five years as a part time hotline operator when I was in college. I explained to him that therefore I had very solid customer service skills. I felt that we did agree a lot on the importance of providing good customer service. Also, he said the staff was very diverse there. Most staff aren’t Americans. Well, I’m a Chinese, so I’m not sure if this is an advantage.

    The center director was very nice the whole time. He explained a lot about the position and we talked for almost an hour. He said he’d let me know by the following week which is this week. He said this position should start from Jan. I didn’t hear from him til this Tue, so I decided to email him and ask him some questions about the position in the morning. To be honest, I don’t really concern about the answers. All I was trying to do is to see if he will respond and if he will mention what statues I am at. I got a reply from the center director the same day afternoon. He answered my questions and said ‘We are still in the process of interviewing other candidates we will get in touch with you if we make a decision.’ I replied him telling him that I really like the diversity of the programs and staff of this company and I was very interested in this position.

    The start date of my offer with the learning institute is Jan 2, so I still have quite a bit of time to wait for the reply from the language school. However, the language school is my first choice, I want it very badly!!! I really wonder when are they gonna get back to me. ?_?

    Oh my! Just received an email from the boss of the learning institute asking me to do some self study about the products over the holidays! Really don’t want this offer!T_T

    Sorry for writing such a long story! I look forward to hearing your advise.

  199. Hi again Jenny V!

    I would never try to coach from a distance when it comes to the decision you face. Accepting a new job is always a risk, probationary period or not – but how else do we get to move on? Only you know the answer for you. If possible, do your research to see how financially stable the new firm is.

    I can however assure you it is absolutely ok to go to your current manager and just be honest about the fact that you really do love your job and would like to stay if you could, but you need more money, etc. You’ll know soon enough if there is any hope for them to counter.

    Just make sure you treat both sides with respect, and if you do decide to stay, let the other firm know how sorry you are and that you never dreamed your firm would counter.

    Remember to really compare what you have now versus what the other place offers both now and for the future. This is a hard but enviable choice. Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  200. New Policy: I finally had to stop answering individual questions because, as traffic continued to increase, I was getting way too many to keep up with and stay sane. 🙂 Believe me, it was a tough decision to make, but my only other choice was to close down the blog completely – which I did for a while. But thoughts and advice from my readers are most welcome. I always wanted it to be a place where we help each other. So please feel free to add your comments or share your own stories!

    With apologies to my readers…

  201. Hi,
    I’m so happy I found your site. I’ve been reading through it and a lot of the posts are really helpful!
    So I’m hoping you can help me out with my dilemma. I went for an interview over a week ago, and they told me I would hear back the following week since they still had one more interview. I still haven’t heard back and this Friday will be the two week mark post interview. I sent a thank you letter, but how should I go about asking if they’ve chosen the person to fill the position I interviewed for??



  202. Please read the comment above your comment to explain my change in policy. 🙂 But also, see comment 205 by Ms. Tere who offers her own thoughts.

    Good luck, Lauren!

    Ronnie Ann

  203. Greetings Ronnie Ann,

    I had a 2nd interview with a brokerage firm last week. The interview went well. The exec asked my when I was available to start, what were my salary expectations, etc…

    I was informed that a decision will be made by the end of this week. My question is how?

    See, I only filled out the online application. They don’t have my references nor do they have a sign off on any background check. So how can they make an offer without this info?

  204. Ha! Great question, Chris. Although I guess an offer can be made contingent on the other stuff. Please let us know if you find out! Good luck.

    Ronnie Ann

  205. Ms. Tere says:

    Lauren – Way late here, sorry about that, but I would suggest calling a contact you have at the company (or their HR dept) to find out if the position is still open. If it is, ask if you are still being considered for it. If you are, ask if there is any additional information you can provide. If they can’t think of anything, give them a number and e-mail where they can reach you if they do think of something, and ask when they expect to make their decision. Good Luck!

  206. Great advice, Ms. Tere. Thanks for filling in. 🙂 Although I had to make the hard choice to stop answering individual questions as the numbers grew, I sooo appreciate the wisdom from my readers. I always wanted this to be a place where we can help each other. Very glad you stopped by, Ms. Tere! Feel free to stop by any time. And of course I add my best wishes for you, Lauren.

    Ronnie Ann

  207. Hi Ronnie Ann

    wow, reading this site is addictive…please may i request some pixie dust??? 🙂

    here is my pickle: Long story short, I’m in London, UK, and as you know the economy is awful here at the moment. I am 25 years old and have been working in the fashion industry since graduating from university. i’ve had lots of experience, and the last job I was in was a fashion pr agency. they started making redundancies in november last year, and my manager left, so my position no longer existed, so i was made redundant.

    i wasn’t too upset by it, as I was naiive enough to believe the job situation in the capital wasn;t as bad as it was…it was worse!

    i have been working freelance, assisting stylists on little or no pay, and i am now desperate for a full time job.

    the only 2 interviews i’ve had since my redundancy were last Friday. they seemed to go quite well. one more so than the other. in one, I met with the hr woman and the head of the department, whom i’d met with a month earlier to discuss an internship placement. i was with them for half an hour and it seemed to go well. i then had to complete a writing test, which again seemed to go well, and then they walked me out, all smiles and very friendly, saying they’ll make a decision by this week. I sent the follow up e-mail to thank them, and I heard back from one saying it was lovely to meet me and thanks for coming in, but not giving anything away. i am now waiting by the phone all day begging it to ring!! i don;t know whether to e-mail again asking for an update, or will this make me seem too pushy?

    things are so bad at the moment, and there are no other leads to any other jobs, so i am just resting on these two.

    sorry for the loooong message, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    thanks Ronnie Ann

  208. Hi Belle!

    As you’ll read at the end of this post, I had to stop answering individual questions to maintain my sanity. 😉 But it does sound like you’re doing a great job on your own. Just keep the energy going. It only takes one YES. And here’s some pixie dust…I have an endless supply of that!


    Best of luck!!!

    Ronnie Ann

  209. What a riot, reading this site preserved my sanity through a morning of the waiting game. And it is a frustrating place to be in. I am applying for an academic job which makes it all the more frustrating as academics are not the most timely in responding to anything.

    Three weeks ago I handed in a stellar resume and cover letter. After this I received a call back the next day (they told me two weeks) then they scheduled an interview the next day with the dean of the college and head of hr.

    I left with confidence; negotiating a salary at the end was less than stellar but it could have been much worse. We were within 5k of each other. That ended with my saying their numbers were fine but if you could give me more that is great. I am hoping this is not a great faux pas I suppose I will find out later. They said that they would let me know either way and I should hear from them in a couple of weeks.

    Other than that the interview took 2.5 hours and showed signs of almost everything I read on the ‘was it a good interview section of this blog.’ Three days later I sent a note, and 1 week after that I followed up with a call. On the phone the dean told me that corporate and hr were processing and that he did remember me and thanked me for following up. That could have been good or bad.

    I was the top of the stack and the first interview. Now it is three weeks from the interview date. 1.5 weeks since I called. I’m not calling them again since they said I would hear from them; or maybe I will because waiting is no fun.

    Lets hear it for the karma and pixie dust.
    Thanks for providing a blog for this.

  210. Hi Chelsea!

    My pleasure. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story. It helps others to know they aren’t alone. I once waited 3 or 4 months for a second interview for an academic job – and I was the top candidate! Sounds like you’ve done a great job. The rest is in the hands of the pixies I guess. 😉

    Good luck! Please let us know what happens. And here’s a little something extra for you:


    Ronnie Ann

  211. It has been a relief reading these conversations. I recently applied for a mid level position via an internal referral from a friend who was “fast tracked” into the company because there was a need for him. My interviews were just as fast, and they went very well, but I am yet to hear back from them, and I am of course all nervous because my friend heard back immediately. I guess the only difference I see is that my training wouldn’t starting until the end of march, where they needed him right then and there… so they’re taking their time making a decision. But still, the waiting game is agonizing! Send some pixie dust my way please! 🙂

  212. Hi toopher!

    How well we all know what you’re feeling. 😉

    I wish you much luck. And here’s a little something I hope helps:


    Ronnie Ann

  213. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann.

    Like everyone else, I’m so glad to have found your blog. Here’s my story. I’ve pretty much lost hope at this point.

    Submitted my resume for a job and got a call from their HR about a week later to schedule a telephone interview with HR manager. Scheduled the call and the HR manager never called. I contacted scheduling person who was mortified and set new appointment. HR manager did call and the call went very well. Got a call from scheduler to then set up call with hiring manager. That call went well and about an hour later, got a call from scheduling person to set up all day in person interview. All day interview went fantastically, with the last person (VP) saying that I would likely be getting an offer. When asked about the time frame, the response was “as soon as possible”. Got home, wrote thank you notes to all parties involved and then……..nothing. Emailed HR manager about a week later to say thanks again and to ask about time frame. Nothing. Left voicemail for VP, to inquire about time frame. Nothing. That was about 3 weeks ago. They were great with their follow up during the first interviews – now, nothing. I’m a big girl and won’t freak out if I didn’t get the job, but I would at least like to know. Any suggestions, fairy dust or words of wisdom you can share?

  214. Oh Elizabeth! I’m so sorry. As I say at the end of this post, I’ve had to stop offering individual advice, but seriously…you’ve done all you can. The rest is up to the gods of interviews. They may have another candidate they offered the job to and may be holding off saying anything because you’re their next choice, or you may be their number one and stuff just is getting in the way for final approval. No way to know.

    In the meantime, you might get some solace or at least a smile from my latest post:

    I Got the Post-Interview Temporary OCD Blues!

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens. Oh…and for extra luck: 😉


    Ronnie Ann

  215. Hi Ronnie Ann –

    I have a question for you: is it ever a good idea to ask a HR person what went wrong/why they decided not to hire you?

    My story – I interviewed with a law firm in October, 2 rounds, all seemed to go well. This firm was actually in the process of opening a new office – I sent my resume a week after this new office opened- and they told me during the first interview that they held onto it for 5 months when the office was up and running to call me in to interview. As for the interviews, I thought all went well, and thought maybe there was a hiring freeze in place, due to the economic times. I emailed the HR guy in November as you told me to do (I wrote to you back in November after the second interview after waiting for a while and hearing nothing) and was told by the HR guy that he would contact me when he heard something. Well, that was months ago, and I haven’t heard a peep from this guy. I also took a look at their website earlier this year and saw that they have indeed hired an additional attorney. Further, I hear through the grapevine that they are recruiting through agencies.

    So, being pretty clear that I have been rejected as an applicant (and I must say that the lack of rejection letters being sent by companies is terrible), want to know if it’s ok to send the HR guy for feedback. It may very well have simply not been a good fit, but if I am doing something wrong I want to know! Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much! This site is awesome!


    P.S. – I just realized that you are no longer giving advice any more, awww. I guess I will just send a quick email to this guy, I guess it can’t hurt.

  216. Hi Dee!

    Yes…I did have to stop giving individual advice to each and every person who wrote, but agree there’s no harm in trying to contact the guy. Because it’s a law firm, though, they might have rules making such communication minimal. Don’t be afraid to call, either – and be charming as hell. 😉 At this point…what can you lose?

    Good luck finding answers, but more importantly, good luck finding the right job for YOU!

    Ronnie Ann

  217. This site is a great tool for helping to get through those tough, seemingly-endless waiting periods. I am in the middle of one right now.

    I wrote to HR, received no response, then wrote (and mailed via snail mail!) to the president of the organization, who passed my cover letter and resume along to HR, who then forwarded it to the relevant department. I have had one phone interview, which went on for awhile, and was told that decisions about who to interview would be made by last Friday – “hopefully”. I haven’t heard anything, and sent a polite email inquiring about the status of my application, and haven’t heard back. I also sent a thank-you note after the interview.
    The job is a great fit, and I am very enthusiastic about it. Hoping for good karma from this great website 🙂
    Congrats to all of you out there who successfully got through the waiting to a job offer !

  218. Hi Arm!

    Oh how I hope you hear good news. Here’s a little something to help: 😉


    Thanks for sharing your story. Please keep us posted. Good luck!!!!

    Ronnie Ann

  219. Hello All;
    I’ve been reading through the posts and scouring the internet but have not found my situation.
    Firstly, until this past year, I have never had a job interview and not been offered the position. I’ve always had wonderful reference and relations with employers. A year ago I accepted a position that I am calling career suicide. I have been harassed to the point of taking action against my boss. Six months ago, before getting to the point of taking action, I started looking for a new job. Since then I have been on interview after interview always thinking they went really well. I have the limitation of not being able to put my current reference on my resume, but have several glowing references for the same type of position. Sometimes the interviewer asks if I have my current reference, and me saying no seems to be a downfall.
    Anyways, I went on two interviews two weeks ago. One position I want really really badly as it combines every experience I’ve ever had, from retail to working with children, to medical research. I was feeling pretty confident about both interviews and they both said I’d know by the end of this week. I emailed the HR person the day after my interview thanking the interviewers and also added some work experience that I hadn’t thought relevant at the time but during the interview process found out it really was relevant. The interview was a four person panel interview, and lasted two hours. The main person I’d be working with (sometimes spending six hours in a car with) is a lot like me, but seemed stand-offish. One Thursday, the HR person called me (she was in the interview as well) to ask if I was still interested, and said they still have me in mind but there have been some delays due to Easter Holidays, and they would let me know early next(this week). I joked around with the HR person because it turns out the work experience I sent, was the same place she had worked at before.
    What does this mean??I felt so optimistic because they had said it would take until the end of this week but then she said she’d let me know early this week. Now I haven’t heard anything and am on pins and needles because my current contract is up soon. Is this a good sign? The HR person seems amazing at her job, so I’m not sure if that was just a standard call to all (12) candidates!

  220. Hi Lu!

    Thanks for sharing your story. As you’ll see at the end of this post, I had to stop answering all the questions I was getting. But a quick answer is that she is very unlikely to have called all candidates and – while no sure thing – it is a good sign. So sorry for what you went through in your last job. Wish you all the best in this case. Sounds ideal. Hope you get a happy call soon!

    Please let us know how it goes. Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  221. Had my 2nd interview last week at a company. The interview went very well, had real personal conversation with the interviewer and laughed quiet often. Anywho he said I was the first person the VP had him meet and they he would get back to me next week with a decision. Next week has now pasted by no call. I sent a follow up email last night and still no response.

    Should I be worried?? My interviews where excellent and they seem to like me. What should be my next steps next if I get no response early next week?


  222. Hi Josh!

    There’s no way to know for sure, but why worry at this point? You might as well wait and see what the real story is. Often companies mean to get back sooner than they are able to because unexpected things come up like vacation or absences. They’ll probably contact you when they have something concrete to tell you. For all you know, the person you wrote to is on vacation.

    There are other possibilities, of course, but seriously…don’t drive yourself crazy about stuff you can’t control. You gave a great job interview and have done your best. So for now, just let it go the best you can. Maybe give it another week and then, if you still haven’t heard, you could try calling the person who is your contact there. Or another e-mail. There’s nothing else you could or should do. Meanwhile…keep looking for a job every day. You never know. 😉

    Good luck, Josh. Please let us know how it goes!

    Ronnie Ann

  223. Hi Ronnie Ann!

    I am so thankful to have found this site. Here is my situation if you would be so generous as to consider it:

    I am waiting to hear back from a company with whom I’ve had two successful interviews. The day after my second interview, I received a call from the HR manager asking for my references, which I gave. After a week passed without hearing from the company, I called and left a voicemail re-iterating my interest and asking if they had any trouble contacting my references. I received a call back today from HR saying that they will have a decision by the end of the week. The HR manager asked if I had any competing offers from other companies in the meantime. I replied that I am waiting to hear back from a few places. She told me to keep them updated about any other offers.

    I do not expect to hear from the other places until the following weeks. My question is: Will it hurt my chances of receiving an offer from this company if I do not contact them with any competing offers by the end of the week? What should I do to best position myself to securing an offer at this point? Thank you.

  224. Hi Susan!

    Relax. You’ve done all you can at this point. Good job. All you have to do now is wait and think positively!

    Sounds like they are very interested. No need to come to them with a competing offer. Of course, if one really comes through, then they’ll have to decide if they want to compete. But for now, just leave things in their hands.

    Good luck, Susan! I hope to hear some good news soon. 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  225. hi Ronnie,

    I had a perfect interview almost a month ago , i even filled out a job questionaire form asking for my refernces , salary range etc . I heard nothing after 1o days,then i sent a mail and i was told that the HR head is on vacation.It has been two weeks since then , i dont know what to do should i follow up or give them more time , please advice me,also if they really need me cant someone deputize for the HR manager

  226. Hi Linda!

    Hah! If only deputy HR people were appointed. Unfortunately, not the way it usually works . 😉

    It would be fine to try again – maybe a phone call if you have the nerve. It can’t hurt since it’s been two weeks. But in the meantime, PLEASE keep applying for jobs. the best job hunts are those with lots of momentum. Don’t stop until you get the offer you want!

    Good luck!!

    Ronnie Ann

  227. Hi Ronnie,

    I did a little Googling and came across your blog. Great to know, there’s so many people
    out there with similar situations. I recently just completed a long and tedious recruitment
    process. Going through 5 rounds of interview in the time span of six months, with a big MNC.

    The first interview was on April and I completed the final assessment with the hiring manager and
    hr director in September. Everything went great with the final assessment, which lasted 2 hours. I felt that I was able to answer all the questions quite well. And I also asked some really good and revelant questions with regards to the position and organization

    However, I can’t help coming out of the interview feeling down. Due to the recession, it had become a real employer’s market. Competition is stiff. During the final interview, I probbed the hiring manager of the number of open positions. It seemed there’s only one and he’s currently shortlisted 4 candidates
    for the final assessment.

    Hence after six months of waiting, 5 rounds of interview and endless waiting, I am back to a 25 percent success rate. I am still waiting for their responses and I intend to drop them an enquiry at the end of the month.

    I went into the final interview with high hopes. As I did asked around with people familiar with the company and seemed like meeting the HR represents a very high success rate with the company. But it seemed like the HR Procedure is different for each position, which really puts me off. What even sets me off, was that my headhunter who arranged for the final interview, told me to prepare for salary negotiation as well. That’s also one of the reason for mmy high hopes.

    In the end, everything turned out differently. Even though I handled everything quite well. I couldn’t help feeling really disappointed.

  228. Hi Job Hunter!

    Thanks for sharing your story. Wow! What a long arduous process. After all that, understandably you’re disappointed…but I like that you are still keeping a positive attitude. Tells me a lot about you.

    I wish you the best. And who knows? There is still a chance. Also remember…even though there’s only one job now, even in a recession, there can be a new one around the corner. They seem to like you a lot, so just in case it doesn’t turn into a “yes”, keep your contacts warm.

    Extra good luck getting this one!!

    Ronnie Ann

  229. Hi Ronnie,

    Thanks for the reply. Basically, I did ask for the timeline to a decision during the final assessment and was told the hiring manager and HR were to be out of office last week. So I expect something this week.

    They did mentioned month end. And I asked if it was fine if I drop them an email then. They were fine with that.

    Hence, I intend to drop them an email on the 30th Sept Evening, after I get back from work.

    I come to realised that in the hardest part of the job search process is the waiting part.

    Hope your pixie dust works.

  230. Ah! Of course. A little pixie dust:


    Hope that helps. 😉

    Sounds like you’ve handled the whole process really well, JH. I like how you politely set up the follow-up e-mail. Very nice. Oh how I hope you get a happy surprise soon!

    Best of luck!!!

  231. Hi ronnie,

    Just a quick update. I dropped them an email requesting for any updates. There was no reply at all. They were normally pretty quick with their email correspondences [within the day]. So I will just treat this as a rejection and move on.


  232. Hi again JH!

    Aw! Sorry to read this, although no reply is not always a final answer since it can mean so many things – or absolutely nothing. Still hoping for you (if I may), but also get why you need to move on.

    Good luck finding a great job. And…if a surprise does show up, cool. Please stay in touch!

  233. I had an interview with very big org. two weeks back.After my interview the tech team said..u r done through your interview and asked me to contact HR for further process. I came back and dropped an thanks email to HR very next day.The reply of HR came within an hour stating”you are selected.We will get back to you soon”. hen 2 weeks back.I again email my HR thanking for selecting me and asking about my probable date of joining. My HR replied through mail within 15 mins saying..”We will get in touch with you in a day or two surely”. Now its 3 contact as of yet..what to do?

  234. Hi aks!

    It’s a little strange that they didn’t send you a letter yet confirming the offer, but sometimes these things take more time than they would want it to – especially with all the different departments a big organization needs approval from. Give them a little more time. I’d suggest you wait until next week and if you haven’t heard by Tuesday (sometimes Mondays are hectic) it’s ok to call. But hopefully by then you will have your offer!

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens!

    Ronnie Ann

  235. Hey Ronnie..

    Thanks 4 ur +ve reply. even I think so I should wait for few more days as regular followups may mess up things.

    Thanks 4 ur wishes…I’ll will surley let you know about any further progress…


  236. Fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you, aks! 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  237. Guinea Pig says:

    Wonderful site! I have an interesting circumstance that hasn’t been discussed on this site and am interested in hearing some common feedback.

    I’ve been trying to get into a brand new role with a brand new PE company (established March 2009). I was able to get an interview which I had last Wednesday. The interview went very well and the role is my ideal position, however, I was the first person interviewed for this brand new role with the interviewer fairly new at conducting interviews!

    Because the firm is so small (less than 10 people), there is no formal HR manager and I am directly communicating with the man I would be reporting to. The interview went extremely well, I was there for about 2.5 hours and held wonderful conversations with each of the 2 men I interviewed with. I had even received an email from the hiring manager wishing me a “Happy Birthday and how wonderful it was to meet me” as my birthday was just a few days after my interview (I think this is a great indicator that there was good chemistry between the hiring manager and myself)

    My concern is that I’m somewhat of the “Guinea Pig” since I was the first person interviewed for this brand new position. While I’m confident that the interview went well, there were some parts on their end that could have been organized a little better. My other concern is that I would be the forgotten candidate as they continue to interview the other 3-4 candidates they had mentioned they the following week.

    I’m still interviewing for other positions in the meantime and waiting another week before I follow-up. This is my dream role, so I’m trying to make all of the right moves. I’m curious to see if anyone else had experienced a simular experience and could shed some light.

  238. Hi Guinea Pig!

    Thanks for the nice words about my blog. Sounds like you did really well in the interview and are doing all the right things now – including continuing to interview.

    Don’t worry…most of us interviewers can remember back as far as the first interview. 😉 While a less memorable candidate might be disadvantaged in that position as far as memorability, s/he probably wouldn’t get the job anyway. Whereas a really good first candidate sets the bar for the others and is therefore remembered each time. Sometimes memory even enhances the first interview as others have to compete against it. I’ve experienced this and a variety of other types of interviews.

    And as far as the interviewers not being “formal HR” folks…for many reasons that’s probably a plus!

    Seriously, s’all cool. Just do your follow-up as planned and let us know what happens. I wish you much luck!

    – Ronnie Ann

  239. Still looking says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    Great website! I was hoping that you could help me out with my situation here.

    I interviewed in person for a position in a small but stable firm 10 days ago. It was more of a casual conversation with 4 people in the firm including the recruiter and the VP. I thought it went pretty great. Everyone was very nice to me and we all seemed to share a great rapport. I sent a “Thank you” email after the interview and the recruiter responded to let me know that the decision is going to be a while as they are moving into a new office. This was last Wednesday. He mentioned that they are gonna be busy last week and the whole of this week. Also, I sent across a list of my references with contact info and he responded positively to that. Am I reading too much into this, should I be worried? What should my next step be?

    Please help. I have been looking for a job for a while now and this is a perfect opportunity. The wait is killing me 🙁

  240. Hi Still looking!

    I know the wait feels excruciating – each minute is like a week I think. I wish I could give you a big hug. Good news is you did all the right things and these are all good signs. Nothing more for you to do but wait. Really.

    When a company moves it takes time and lots of things they need to do get backed up – not just hiring. You’ve done the best you can. Now just think positive thoughts, keep looking for jobs (it helps), and also do things to help keep the crazies away. 😉

    I Got the Post-Interview Temporary OCD Blues

    Good luck! Please keep us posted.

    – Ronnie Ann

  241. I recently had a phone interview with a company I’d definitely like to work for. It lasted about 30 minutes and the employer asked for my references at the end. Since it was a phone interview, I didn’t know how aggressive I needed to be yet I didn’t want to seem desperate (even though I am!). I perceived it as an opportunity to get to know my personality and cultural fit. I still haven’t heard from him and the morning after the job was reposted on the internet.

  242. Hi Kaity!

    Like in baseball (and opera), it ain’t over until it’s over. Sometimes a reposting means they haven’t found any candidates they want. But it can also mean they need more than one or two to interview. So you are still in the running until you hear otherwise.

    I wish you much luck, Kaity. Please let us know what happens. And meanwhile…keep looking but this time with even extra determination! And please let us know how you’re doing. 🙂

    Ronnie Ann

  243. Help!!! I interviewed for a position and the intial interview with HR went well so I was passed to the technical screen and I passed that. Then I met with the CEO and CFO and that went so well that I was invited back for a second round with the CEO and CFO as well as the General Manager. I was told “good job” no one has made it this far. They checked my references last week and I was supposed to hear back this week. I started this process on October 9 and am going a little stir crazy…I don’t know how many more spin classes I can attend to keep myself busy 🙂

  244. Hi Ebony!

    The answer to the spin classes question is “As many as you need to stay sane.” 😉

    I know how excruciating the waiting is. All I can say is that there are many things that can delay responses – even when the employer gives you a date when they’ll get back to you. Rather than going into every possibility (you’ll see a ton if you check out previous comments all the way back), I am forced to give you the one answer I know you’d prefer not to hear…ya gotta just wait. Spin. Sing. Meditate. Apply for other jobs. Start a blog. Do whatever you can until the answer comes.

    Best of luck! And here’s a little something extra from me: ~*~*~* Hope it helps, Ebony.

    Ronnie Ann

  245. Waiting waiting waiting says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann — I appreciate all the help this site has offered me. I’ve been in the waiting game for almost three weeks, and I’m about to give up.

    Had a phone interview with a large communications company the first week in November. The next Wednesday, I met with the woman who would be my boss. She said she would narrow it down to three from there. The following Wednesday, I met with members of the team I would be working with, who all seemed to like me. They called my references two weeks ago today, and since then, I’ve heard nothing.

    I know my references are good, the interviews went well, and the manager said she wanted this process to move quickly. Because the company is so large, I would think I would receive a phone call, email or letter of rejection, so since I haven’t heard anything I’m still hopeful. But it seems kind of silly to hope after almost three weeks since the last interview.

    I did contact someone last week and asked where they were in the process. She told me they were close to a decision and would know more in a few days. If it was a flat no, wouldn’t that be the perfect window for them to tell me so?

    I’m losing my mind waiting.

  246. Oh Waiting Waiting Waiting! I’m sooo sorry you and others have to go through this. It really is one of the hardest things in any job search – other than those who never even get an interview of course. But as a friend of mine says “These are my choices?”

    Holidays slow everything down – even by a few weeks or more. In the meantime, maybe this will help a little:

    12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

    Please let us know what happens. I’m wishing you all the best luck. Hope to hear some good news soon!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  247. Hi Ronnie Ann, I feel much better after reading through your blogs and your advice is fantastic.

    My situation like those before me is of post-Interview anxiety. I went in for an interview today for a dream position within the federal government. I believe the interview went well as the boss interviewing me even used the words “I had a feeling you had that political background that we’re looking for” after I told her a work-related story/example. My big worry was of course the bilingual requirement for the position; because I am not completely bilingual; however I believe that I conveyed to her that my language skills would only get better as I was taking outside courses through agencies she was familiar with. While on the way out with the second lady of the interview, I said to her “Well I believe that went well”. She said that “Yes it did”. They told me that they are still interviewing for the position and would get back to me one way or the other (I know this was accurate as I had peaked at the interview schedule, so she wasn’t just blowing me off). I made them both laugh and they both seemed to really like me and were very pleased of what I could bring to the job, i.e. the boss lady told me “Wow you really know your stuff” at one point.

    Maybe I’m freaking out but any vibes you’re getting from what I’ve told you? I would really appreciate any advice.

  248. Hi,

    I am bit confused… Hope this site helps me out of this. I had received a job rejection letter a couple of days ago. Also I replied for it thanking them. However, I feel that I should have asked for feedback from them. At this point my confusion is, can I send out a mail again to the HR requesting for feedback? I feel if I would disturb them but I am curisous to know areas of improvement expected. Kindly suggest.

  249. Hello.. I am stressing out and all I want for Christmas is this job!! I had the initial phone screening interview, then a phone interview with the manager, then they had me come up to the job to interview and even paid for me to come out there. I met with 6 different people at different times and even sent out 6 different thank yous. One guy responded saying it was great meeting me and he felt I was a good fit. HR lady responded to me saying initial feed back was very, very positive and they would have a final decision “next week”. My interview was the Monday of Thanksgiving week. I sent another follow up email for further info and not a peep back. This company does not seem like the type to blow people off, I am thinking either the rejection letter is in the mail or they just forgot to tell me no? I am very surprised because of the feedback and them paying for me to come up to interview. Is it possible that my background check went bad ? What do I do at this point?? Is no news still good news over a week??

  250. I do have one more question… If they are going to make you an offer and they want to hire you, but it is pending background, or anything for that matter.. why don’t they just tell you that???? Also do they call references and background before an offer? Could they want to hire you, not be saying anything about it and just be doing background check?? I signed off on something saying that they could do the check

  251. Hi Ronnie Ann! I thank you so much for creating this blog and most of the advice has been helpful thus far. This is Rodney, so I got an Interview and it went well. I came back for the second interview just yesterday December 2nd and it also went well but now I’m stuck in this waiting game and it is annoying my head so much. How long do I have to wait for a job? Do I call them around next week to see if the job offer is still available?

  252. Rodney, make sure you send a thank you note to your interviewer or interviewers. Did they tell you when they would let you know? I would give it at least a week before a second follow up and its up to you whether you want to send an email or actually call them. I had a third interview and its been almost 2 weeks and they never let me know anything. I sent a follow up email today and they didnt respond. Not very professional and I am surprised because previously they had been good about letting me know whats going on. So anyway, just make sure you send a thank you note and maybe in that ask what the next step is or when you would hear back?

  253. Hi Donald!

    Clearly you are an astute judge of blogs. 😉 Thanks so much for the very kind words.

    Congrats on doing well in the interview and using your stories wisely! (Please everyone – note how important a good well-timed story can be in an interview.)

    Unfortunately, my vibe meter is in the shop. Everything you tell me sounds great. No way to guess how big a priority the language thing is, but usually an employer looks at the whole package – and while language skills can be improved, your other skills are not easily acquired.

    Sounds like you have a really good shot at this – but I have to also say…there’s just no way to know for sure. From what you tell me, I would guess you are rin the top 2 or 3 – or even at the very top.

    You did great, Donald. Please let us know what happens. Best of luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  254. Hi Swati! Sorry about the rejection. Hope the next one is the job for you!

    It’s ok to send another polite note asking if you may call to get feedback to help you with your next interview. But please don’t feel bad if they say no. Some companies have no-feedback policies.

    Good luck Swati! It only takes one “yes!” I hope the next time is yours.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  255. Hi Erika!

    First let me say how much I appreciate your advice to Rodney. What I love most about this blog is when folks reach out to help each other. I have a big smile on my face!

    Now for your questions…

    Almost every company will do background and reference checking before they make an offer. It’s standard and usually if you ask about the process in the interview they’ll explain. Nothing you tell me seems off the mark since these do take time – especially around the holidays. Could take a week or even two. An offer is still very possible.

    On the other hand, if by any slim chance they make an offer to someone else – there is no guarantee that person will accept. Hard as that is to believe, these things happen. 😉

    But sometimes these things just take more time than even the employer expects. From what you told me, you still have an excellent chance. But I think you’ve probably contacted them enough now, so hard as it is…just wait. And please let us know how it goes.

    Best of luck, Erika!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  256. Hi Rodney!

    Very glad you got an interview (yay!) and it went well. If you’ve sent your thank you note already, then waiting is the name of the game. I’d actually give it 2 weeks before contacting. Sometimes it takes that long just to interview all the candidates. They haven’t forgotten you. Really! 😉

    Meanwhile, you might enjoy this:

    12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

    Best of luck! Please let us know what happens, Rodney.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  257. Thanks Ronnie! I am VERY excited.. I received an email this morning saying this will have a final decision today and asked if they could call my references!! So nervous!

  258. I wonder if it just comes down to my references saying better things than the other candidates??

  259. Oh Erika! I’m excited for you too.

    Yes…sometimes it’s about the references and what they say. Sometimes it’s just a gut feel, especially if all candidates’ references say good things.

    Fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you! PLEASE let us know. Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  260. I got the job!!! WOO HOOOO SO EXCITED

  261. Oh Erika! Yay!!! From what you said, I was kinda assuming it would be good news, but always a relief to know for sure. Giant WUHOOOO!!

    Best of luck. We’re all rooting for you. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  262. I did get the job! I am very excited.. Thanks!!

  263. Hi Ronnie Ann, after reading all the great advice you are giving people on your blog, decided to ask you just for a quick opinion.

    Had second round interviews on 5 Nov, the feedback was great (“everybody loved you”), I was told that within 2 weeks I should know more. Followed up in two weeks and was told that “it’s very much a work in progress” and will be updated. A week after that, I sent a polite email asking for a timeline before year end, but got no reply whatsoever, which has never happened before, as these guys were quick in firing back answers. It has been a week now since the “no reply” and I have no idea if to treat this as a rejection, send another email or keep waiting as you sometimes advise.

    Basically, it’s been a month since the interview and I find it hard to keep spirits up, a month is a long time if the employer really wants you.

    Any thoughts for me?

    Thank you!!

  264. Thanks a lot Ronnie Ann! I actually mailed to the HR last Saturday but I did not get any response so far.
    It is a kind of my dream company and I would be happy to get at least feedback from them. I would like to share the experience I had during the interview with that company. First time when I attended the interview I did not make up my mind to take a mixed job. However, I just gave it a try. Two of their employees interviewed me and there was a difference of opinion about my selection. So I was asked to try after 6 months. I had no hard feelings as I knew that I did not do it well.
    Two of my close friends working there were really shocked to know about my rejection. Anyhow should I say that luck was by my side or the company really sees the talent of individuals? I would vote for latter. I was given a second chance to have a face to face interview with their two other employees. This time I did it better, but I knew I could have done it even better. At the end of the day I was made to wait for 45mins and was informed at the HR would contact me. Had treble night, if he had told me the result I would have been happy even if it was no. I was waiting for the HR to inform me if it is ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Almost a week gone, none contacted me. Finally I called up the HR to ask for a feedback. He said he would call me back, but again 3 days gone since then. Later I called up my friend who referred me to that company. He updated me that they are confused and could not make a decision as the interviewers are having difference of opinion. They don’t want to say yes or no at this moment. So they are holding on the result.

    I hope a better job waits for me elsewhere 🙂

    Finally one more question: should I keep posting the HR asking for a feedback?Personally I feel that its bugging up people when they are not ready to do so.

  265. Hi Adriana!

    From what you tell me, you’ve done everything you can. At this point – yes, I’m going to use the dreaded “w” word – you just need to wait. Maybe a follow-up in another week or two, but since it’s holiday time things may have cranked to a slow crawl. You are still very much in the running until you hear otherwise. Even if they made an offer to someone else, there are a few ways you can still get the job.

    So for now, keep your mind diverted best you can – and just wait!

    12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

    Good luck, Adriana. Please let us know what happens!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  266. Hi again Swati!

    Oh! I’m so sorry you’ve been stuck in limbo. Honestly…I think you’ve contacted them enough.

    I wish there were something you could do or say at this point to convince them you are the right one, but maybe as you say the right job will still come to you – whether it’s this one or another. Never hurts to keep looking in the meantime.

    I wish only the best for you. Please keep us posted!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  267. Thanks for all the posts they really helped. I’m going the the excruciating process of waiting after my interview process – it’s been 3 weeks since my initial interviews.

    The Process started on Thursday, December 10th when I had my 1st face-to-face interviews with 4 people at this major communications company. After that interview that following week I was asked back to meet the executive I would report to – that interview was the best, I knew I had the job, I even asked for the job.
    On Dec 18th, I got a call from the company recruiter saying it was between me and another candidate and I should know something by next week. Of course next week was Christmas and I didn’t hear anything. So I sent an email and called the Recruiter for any updates today, she has yet to respond, actually her message says she was on vacation all last week (so maybe that’s way I didn’t receive an email/call). I know they completed the background checks since I got the inquiry in the mail. Not sure if the contacted my references though.

    Anyways it’s hard not to get frustrated especially since this job will finally get me away from 13 years of being road warrior with almost 100% travel to a local job where I can come to my family everyday. I damn near have my resignation letter memorized for my current employer. I’m at the point now I just want know something so I can move on with a piece of mind.

  268. Hi Mike!

    Sorry for also making you wait for my reply. 😉

    Laughing about the resignation letter. Yes…I’m sure it will feel great writing it. Fingers crossed. For you and your family’s sake I hope that by now you’ve heard – or will soon hear – some good news.

    Please let us know. GOOD LUCK!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  269. I really feel better reading comments by folks in the same boat that I’m in!

    I went on my job interview on December 21st. All things pointed to good: interview went very long, I was introduced to everyone and shown the facilities, got along great with the interviewer. When I left I was told that they had to interview a few other applicants but didn’t tell me when I’d hear back. The waiting was HORRIBLE but I have been trying to fill my time constructively.

    So, New Year’s Eve I get a message (at 4:45 pm, mind you) from a company that does pre-employment background checking. They wanted a pay stub or W2 from a job I had 15 years ago! Geez, I only keep my tax info for the past seven to eight years. I can’t get a call back from the company and I don’t even know if they still have data on me!

    I have only had two jobs in the last 14 years and both of those contacted the person checking me out. My husband said that it was a very good sign because the company wouldn’t want to waste money doing background checks unless they wanted to hire me. I can’t think of anything in my background that would red flag, so I’m gonna keep waiting and be hopeful!

    Ronnie – love your posts and even the comments are great.

  270. Hi Belle!

    Appreciate your kind words. And I think my commenters are FABulous! 😉

    I have to say you caught me off guard (as I’m sure you also felt) with the request for a 15-year-old W-2. Who would ever think to ask for that! I never stop learning from my readers.

    Of course, I assume the powers that be know how remote the chance is of anyone saving a stub from 15 years ago , so references and other good background stuff (this is fairly standard) will fill in the dots. And I assume Social Security keeps those records if absolutely needed, since we get yearly statements from them with “time served”.

    Anyway…glad this helps. I wish you the best of luck! Fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you, Belle. It sounds very hopeful. Please let us know!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  271. I applied to a perfect job that matches my expertise. I had a phone interview on First week of Nov and the same day they sent me e.mail to come for on-site interview. Had on-site on 1st Dec and didn’t hear a thing back from them yet. Of course, I thanked everybody who interviewed me thro’ e.mail and sent thank you notes before Christmas. In addition, two days after my interview, they re-posted the job in internet. There is someone I know who work for the same company and he told that I might be a grade B candidate in their opinion (a gossip source, which means I’m a spare tire). Anyway, I’m waiting and started looking for some other openings. It is just awful as it is more than a month since the interview. There are 3 possibilities

    1. They send me a rejection letter
    2. They don’t notify me at all (However, I’ll know if someone else is hired thro’ the gossip source)
    3. They want to contact my references.

  272. My situation is very similar to Kaity’s comment from November. I interviewed twice in the same week with a nonprofit organization in early December. I felt that both interviews went great and the interviewer said that I would hear back from her in a week. I did all the necessary follow up activities. That first week went by and I heard nothing. Then their entire office closed down from Xmas eve until the January 4th for the holidays.

    I followed up again in early January to check on the status of my application and she said that they were still going through the selection process. Fine. A few days later I saw that they reposted the job announcement. So, I called back the next week and reiterated my interest in the job asked if I was still being considered for the job. She said that they were expanding their search to see if they can find a candidate with more experience in a particular area. I asked if was still in the running for the job. She basically said that if no other suitable candidates were found in the current round of applications then I would possibly still be considered.

    After the phone call, I wasn’t quite sure what my next move should be. It feels a little like they’re playing games with me. I mean, if you don’t think I’m the right candidate, just say so and cut me loose! Well, I decided that until I get something in writing saying that they don’t want me, I’m going to continue to follow up. Today, I sent her some additional relevant information that did not about my experience that didn’t come up in my initial interviews. I’ll keep following up with an e-mail or phone call no more than once a week to show that my interest is serious.

    Any thoughts on my situation? Do their actions seem appropriate? Am I looking at this the right way? Any insights are appreciated.


  273. Hi Rithi!

    I’m hoping by now you heard some good news. But you laid out the options very well. It’s true that sometimes if a company isn’t absolutely sure (and it’s so hard to be), they sometimes re-post the ad seeing who else shows up. It doesn’t mean you are not still in the running.

    As for “Grade B candidate”, this post should help cheer you up a little:

    How Do You Interview If Your Interviewer Doesn’t Know as Much as You Do?

    Best of luck! Please let us know what happens. I’m rooting for you Rithi!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  274. Hi George!

    Actually I think you handled it really well. I suggest you read my comment to Rithi, right before this one. Hopefully the post I mention will make you smile a bit. Mainly, I want you to see the part about how hard it is for a company to know when it has the right candidate. The hiring process is flawed at best, and so even good candidates aren’t always seen for all they can offer a company. But the company is most likely trying it’s best – and not playing games.

    Trying to show that you have strengths where they have concerns was a good move. Although you don’t want to annoy them by writing weekly, if you don’t hear anything in about 2 weeks since you last wrote them, a very short pleasant hand-written note saying that you’re still interested and very committed to doing whatever it takes to be the best for them might be a nice touch. Other than that…just keep interviewing elsewhere and keep your fingers crossed. Mine are!

    Best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  275. By the way…as a follow up to my point about follow ups in my comment to George:

    After an Interview: Can Weekly Follow-up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job?

  276. Dear Work Coach

    I had my second interview at 3 Dec 2009, during the interview, the interviewer said the HR would contact me at the folloing week and also mentioned that they would closed the business for 3 weeks during X’mas time.

    After that interview, I received nothing in the following week. I thought that I should give them time to make their decision. However, at 15 January 2010, I found the job has been put on SEEK again. I called the HR then, but not the HR who arranged my interviews as he was still in holiday, The HR who answer my call said she would contact the interviewer and would come back to me that day. But neither she nor the interviewer came back to me.

    I do like that job so much that I am not sure if I should call again.

    Thanks very much for your help.

    Best regards

  277. This is a very great blog…My husband just interviewed with a company. He had HR call up as soon as he applied.HR scheduled meeting with hiring manager next day and they scheduled onsite interview next week. They paid for his trip. His onsite interview was with 10 people including general manager and went really well he says. They also asked for references that evening and next day as reply to thank you mail. However the references havent been checked and he hasn’t hear since (after 5 business days)…Are we anxious too soon?
    I assume usually positive reply should be the same day or next.
    Is no news bad news?
    Suspense is killing us……

  278. Hi CL!

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, especially since you’ve been waiting so long to since your original interview.

    While I know how much people need to hear back and often calling makes you feel better, the truth is when I have a candidate I am interested in…I don’t forget. This doesn’t mean you still might not be considered, but contacting them again and again probably does little good in this circumstance.

    That said…if it would make you feel any better, I guess there’s no harm in e-mailing (or sending a nice handwritten note) to the person who interviewed you – especially since you haven’t been bugging them every week the way some folks do. Remember to mention that you really enjoyed meeting him and even if this job is no longer available, you’d love to be considered for another one at the company. You never know! 😉

    Meanwhile…please keep looking with all the determination you can muster – on a daily basis if possible. Even a little positive action every day helps. And remember to network!!. In this market, that’s your best chance of getting a job.

    I wish you much luck, CL!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  279. Hello Amdeep!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. 😉

    As a good friend of mine says “No news is no news.” Nothing more you can infer from the lack of contact. But I can tell you…waiting a week or two or even three in some cases, is not too long. If he has sent his thank you notes and hears nothing back in about 2 weeks, a polite call or e-mail inquiry at that point is totally appropriate.

    I wish him – and you – much luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  280. Thanks a lot for your kindly reply.

    First of all, I’d like to let you know that your blog here is soooo very helpful, thanks God for guiding me to here.

    After sending my question to you, I have read through almost all your comments on the other cases on your blog. Encouraged by them, I have sent a nice email to them to say that I am still interested in the position and ask if it is possible that they can kindly advise me the status of their selection on 25 Jan. But no reply so far.

    And good news I’d like to share with you is I had an interview for another job yesterday, and they asked me some question like: what time I can start, and what salary I expected on this role in. I thought those questions are a good sign according what I have read on your blog. This morning I sent the interviewer lady a thanks email and she replied me promptly and said she will back to me with the result at the end of next week.

    Many, many thanks again.


  281. Hi again CL!

    Glad this blog helps and glad you gave it another chance. Next time, probably best not to include a firm date as if you’re giving them a deadline 😉 but I’m still proud you very politely let them know you are interested. You never know.

    More proud that you continue to pursue jobs in a determined way. Hope this one is a yes. Meanwhile…keep going – the energy and momentum helps!!

    All the best to you!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  282. I have a different situation. A company pulled my resume from an Internet job site.

    The owner of the firm scheduled a phone interview with which lasted about 50 minutes. He then schedule a face to face. This all took place between Friday(phone) and Monday(face to face).

    We spoke for 2 hours and at the end he told me what the compensation in the budget and he wants to continue this dialogue and to call him Wednesday. No time was given because he was not sure of his schedule.

    All the thank you/follow up notes were sent.

    On Wednesday I send an early morning e mail with some time and a quick voice mail. Nothing.

    At the end of the day another quick voice mail.

    What’s my next step?


  283. Wait, John. Your next step is to just wait. 😉

    You’ve done all you can and clearly they will contact you if they are interested. Waiting a few days or even longer is not abnormal. They may be working things out internally or someone key to the process may be away or sick. So for now…your job is to do nothing – other than keep your job search going just in case!

    Best of luck, John!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  284. RA,

    Update: The owner called me this morning to say he was sorry he didn’t get back to on Wednesday and could we meet for breakfast on Thursday.

    New question: Should I look at a breakfast morning as a better sign than if we just met in his office?

    One piece of advice I could give is don’t give in to the frustration, anger or despair.

    I was starting to feel a bit low then I thought it may have nothing to do with me and it didn’t.

    It was a good weekend anyway I foster dogs and found a home for a 4 year Husky with one of my closest friends

    RA ,Thanks for the advice and support.


  285. Hi John!

    First…congrats on finding the Husky a great new home. Very cool. As for whether this is a good sign or not… sometimes it’s just a scheduling thing, but it’s certainly not a bad sign. 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing some key advice. And please keep us posted. I have fingers, etc. crossed for you!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  286. Ronnie Ann,

    I had a 2 1/2 hr breakfast meeting with the owner. I am having a meeting this Friday with his 2 partners. He also said that I will need to take a type of personality test for this position. Wish me luck Hope I pass

    Many thanks for the support


  287. Great news! Sounds really good John. I am wishing you luck and then some. Just be yourself. And please let us know!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  288. Ronnie Ann,

    Yesterday I had a 4 hour interview with 6 different principals of the firm. I take the personality/career assessment test this weekend then have a 2 hr call with the person who reviews the results then she communicates these result to the main owner.

    I am excited that it is going this far but come on they are not paying million.

    Thanks for the support

  289. Oh John! I hope you aced those tests and have an offer coming your way soon. They sure do put you through a lot for less than a million! 😉

    Best of luck. Fingers and everything else crossed!! Please let us know.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  290. Hi,

    Like so many others, I have a question about the horrible waiting game syndrome. I had a phone interview last Tuesday. Everything went well, the interviewer and I laughed and joked a bit and he stated he definitely looks forward to meeting me. He also stated i should hear about a second in-person interview in a week to a week and a half. The week and a half will be tomorrow and I have not heard from anyone Is it OK for me to do a follow-up call tomorrow afternoon? The interviewer sounded really positive, but after reading all of the forums, I have realized that does not mean much. Please give me some advice. I really want this job. Thanks.

  291. Hi Ronnie,
    I quit a job because there was too much micro-managing – yelling, accusing and then defending myself which just took up time. The last straw was when they accused me of something that I didn’t do and a co-worker showed me documentation that it was the companies fault…double billing. I really don’t know what to say to the next employer why I left. Can you help?

  292. Ronnie Ann,

    Ok I spent 2 hours taking the tests then about 2 hours speaking with the HR person. I owner sent me an e-mail to meet either this Thursday or Friday.

    This will be my 6th interview at this firm. There are 15 people in this firm.

    -Does it I appear to you that I may very close to getting this job

    -At what point do I just cut to the chase and ask if I am getting this position or move on.

    Many thanks

  293. I think I may have blown a third interview – I actually got nervous. The previous interviews were fine and went extremely well. I was told I was in the top two candidates for the position. During the last interview they told me that they had already presented an offer to someone else and they declined it and were in the process of trying to work it out. That’s not a good sign I’m sure. However, the third interview was a 4 hour drive and they gave me about 24 hours notice to attend? After he told me about the other candidate he proceeded to talk to me like I had the job??? I feel very mixed signals does anyone have an opinion on it. How do interviewers view a “slightly” nervous person – I could kick myself!

  294. With apologies…I just got back from almost 2 weeks away and have way too many questions to answer all over my blog. Although I wish I could help each and every reader, as you will see on this blog, I have had to start a policy of not answering every question because I get so many.

    That said…here are some quickie answers:

    Renee:Times stretch in the waiting game and there’s no way to know what it means. At this point, I think it’s safe to call politely. Good luck!

    For others:

    After an Interview: Can Weekly Follow-up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job?

    Joni: Sounds like you made a smart move. There are posts on this blog that speak to your question. Please check out Work Coach Cafe search, categories, and the Popular Posts. You’ll get the idea. I wish you much luck!

    Oh John! This really is grueling and maybe indicative of who they are as a company, but at this point I’d hang in and just see it though. You never know. I know it’s agony, but think of it as GREAT story – much better if you know the ending rather than cutting it off before it completes. It does feel close, but we’re here to listen even if it takes another…ugh..month!! 😉 Fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you!!!

    mlk:Sorry this feels like such an ordeal, but you might as well see what comes of it. Sounds like they want to keep you as an option – although I know no one wants to be second choice. If it helps…I was once second choice and did a much better job than the person they actually hired and then had to fire. I wound up having a life relationship with the boss that I treasure to this day. So go for it with all your heart and see where it leads. If they say no…you’ll know you’ve done your best. As for nerves…almost everyone has them. Don’t worry. Just be yourself.

    I wish you all much luck! Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    (OK. Clearly I still need practice NOT answering, but at least I made an effort! 😉 )

  295. Ronnie Ann,

    The saga continues. The owner has sent me 3 e-mails that he is “looking forward to speaking with me further” but has yet to set a specific time.

    Considering when we have met his time frame to fill this position was yesterday.

    Amazing how people can be successful while not being able to walk the walk of a leader

  296. I am waiting to hear back from HR about the possibility for a second co-op term at the company. HR said they would get back to me on Thursday or Friday. It is now Wednesday of the next week and I wonder if I should call in a followup.

  297. Oh John…I don’t even know what to say at this point. And I know you really don’t need us to do more than listen. I can tell you that over the years I have seen many good reasons why well-intended deadlines had to fall by the wayside.

    Good luck making sense of all this – and if you don’t mind PLEASE let us know what it all means! 😉

    Best of luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  298. Hi Marieke!

    At this point and because of your existing relationship with them, I think it would be fine to call. Hope the answer is a big “yes”, but if not, remember to ask if it would be ok to stay in touch in case anything else comes up. Remind them by your tone and positive attitude what a special asset you are! 😉 Doesn’t always work, but worth a shot.

    Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  299. Hi Ronnie Ann

    I went for a second interview which was a ‘role play’. I prepared extensively and put together a compelling presentation.
    I got to the role play, nerves took over and I didn’t present my presentation. I bombed!
    The interviewer’s feedback was ‘why did you not present your presso it is really good’.
    My question; I haven’t heard back and wonder if it’s worth me asking for another chance to present? And if so what should I say?


  300. Hi Jules!

    First…I wish I could give you a big hug. So sorry this happened. I too get nervous at times when I present to people and know all too well how nerves can do you in. 😉 Good news is…practice really helps. For future reference, some people find improv classes or Toastmasters very helpful.

    While I have no way of knowing whether they might give you a chance to continue interviewing anyway (some places would) or whether they’d be open to your offer, my question to you is: Is there anything you would lose simply by asking?

    As for what to say…just use your own words – from what I see they seem fine. Plus, if you simply present your offer (and eventually your presentation) as yourself and don’t worry about not being as “good” as someone else (we are most effective keeping it real), it’s a great start at knowing your words are as good and effective as anyone else’s! 😉

    Good luck, Jules! Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  301. thanks so much. That was my feeling also. The weird thing is that I have been in professional sales for over 10 years and have presented to groups of up to 100 people. Have also done loads of acting.

    Because of this I really feel I let myself down. Anyway will send an email today and ‘get that second chance’.

    Will keep you posted on the outcome.

    Thanks again…love this blog!!!

  302. Hi Ronnie Ann

    I sent my email asking for another shot….and 30 minutes later they started calling my references.

    What’s your take on that?


  303. No guarantees of course, Jules…but my take is very hopeful. Sometimes we come off better than we think as a whole, even if a part of us is off on the day of the interview. Also, the right polite tone in a follow-up can pique curiosity. Fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you!

    Best of luck, Jules!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  304. Jules, I can totally relate to what happened to you in your presenation – I too have over 10 years in sales and have given numerous presentations to large groups without incident. I recently went on a third interview (my post is above) and felt like I blew it!! I felt like my voice was shaking and I could catch my breathe during a part of the interview. However, good news is – I followed up with an email and focused on why they brought me back for a third time and I got a positive email back saying they think very highly of me and they will be back with me no later than next week. Although I don’t know why it takes so long and what would prevent them from calling sooner – I am hopeful, at least it wasn’t a no. I will keep you posted on what happens when they call me next week. Don’t beat yourself up over it – I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s what I did all week – apparently for nothing, it must not have been as bad as I thought! Best of luck!!

  305. Thanks mlk. It certainly feels better to know I’m not alone. And there is nothing I can do about it now. Lets hope they could see past my nerves.

    Fingers crossed for you and thanks for the support.

    Sending out the vibe to a positive outcome for us both!

  306. Hi Ronnie Ann,
    I had an interview and it went really well and I got an email asking for my availability to meet again for a second interview. I didn’t hear back so after two weeks I called to follow up and the recruiter said they are still figuring things out but I will be contacted as soon as possible for the second interview. Now two weeks have passed since the phone call and I haven’t heard anything yet. Should I email her or call again or should I just wait it out?

  307. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    For a position with a large corporation, I had a phone HR interview during the second week of January, which led to a panel interview with the hiring manager during the second week of February. And a week after the panel interview, I received a call from the hiring manager’s assistant telling me that the manager will be calling me the following week because of her busy schedule. —It’s been two weeks since that call. I had emailed the hiring manager twice saying I was looking forward to speaking with her. I haven’t received any response. What’s your take? Should I be patient and wait?

  308. Ronnie Ann,

    Update: After not hearing from the owner for 5 days, sent an e mail basically asking if I am still a viable candidate or not. He came back to me with wanting to speak via phone tonight.

    Is this a good sign or not?

    Thanks for all your support


  309. John, I don’t understand why you have to keep calling them? I am in a similar situation, it seems as though for both of us they may be trying to keep you hanging while they try to find a candidate that they feel is better qualified. What is your feeling on that?

  310. mlk,
    I am setting up a response.

    That thought has crossed my mind. The job posting came off career builder 2 days after my first interview. It was only up for a week.

    Went through 5 interviews and personality assesment tests plus a person to review them.

    So my view are the following:

    They could be stringing us along for a better candidate which may never come and we move on and serves them right.

    They could be very busy and we only make their radar when we call or email and it jump starts them.

    Business/Personal emergencies.

    Vacation or business travel.

    They need approval/buy in from other people who also maybe unavailable.

    No professionalism (some recruiters and HR types)

    And what keeps me smiling at night is when the shoe is on the other foot they will suffer like us and in the middle of the night when they cant sleep and the question of why is this happening to me—they will be hit with of rush of clarity, its because they did it to others.

    What comes around goes around, sometimes you are lucky enough to see it happen.

    Hang in there.

    Best Regards


  311. Let us know after he calls you this evening! I am not holding my breath even though I am supposed to get a call this week. Seems to me if they wanted to hire me they would be in constant contact not wait weeks in between. That has been my experience anyway! Whenever I got the job it wasn’t lengthy and I didnt have to keep calling or contacting them. Maybe we should both move on!

  312. Ronnie,

    Quick question. I was recently laid off due to company reorg/downsizing. I just went on second interview with new company last Friday and it went well!! Third in total including the intitial phone iv. The recruiter called me Monday morning and said they spoke to the person I interviewed with and confirmed it went well. The recruiter then asked if I could provide a copy of my performance evaluation from my previous employer. I was happy to provide since the evaluation was fine and there was nothing negative in it. They confirmed receipt and said they would be in touch shortly. Any clue on how I should read into this? I wouldnt think they would want to see the performance eval if they were not interested? Also, I have other offers on the table right now but really want this job! How long before I should call and what should I mention the other offers outstanding? Thank you.


  313. First…I love all my readers…but what are you doing to me! 😉 I just started a new consulting job and have even less spare time to work on my blog. That’s why I really appreciate when you support and help each other. Big smile mlk, John, & Jules for the mutual support and caring. Really makes me feel great to see this.

    And now I will try to answer. Excuse the brevity. Work deadline calls. 😉

    mlk and Jules: Just want to say again how much I appreciate your comments and that I am rooting for you both. You would think they designed the hiring process as a torture device! Please let us know what happens. Really hoping for double-header of good news!

    Hi again JohnThe comment above applies to you and then some I think. But at this point, let it go on. There may be a great explanation that maybe you’ll learn one day – or not. But in any event – as someone who once got “strung along” because there was another candidate they thought was stronger (silly them) and then I got offered the job anyway – just keep the process going at this point.

    And if I may risk being corny (I’m a hopeless cornball) – maybe a visualization of good stuff happening to the folks there and all of you together celebrating your promotion after 1 year might be worth trying instead? 😉

    Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  314. Don’t worry. More coming soon…

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  315. Hi Jeremy!

    As I like to remind people, if you are one of the top candidates and they put all this time and effort into, they haven’t forgotten you. And scheduling within a company can take longer than you can imagine. Calling the recruiter probably can’t move the company process along any faster – and believe me…the recruiter wants you in there too (unless they have another candidate ahead of you which happens some times.) But as of this point, if it would help you feel better, I think one more call to the recruiter would be ok.

    Good luck! Please let us know what happens. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  316. Hi Chris #1!

    Please see first two sentences above. 😉 At this point, I think you’ve contacted them enough. Now…hard as I know it is…just wait. Even if it;s a couple more weeks. I once waited 3 or 4 months and was the top candidate! (Not that I wish that for you.)

    In the meantime…this might be worth reading for you and others in the same situation:

    After an Interview: Can Weekly Follow Up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job?

    Good luck! Please let us know how things turn out.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  317. Hi Chris #2!

    This all sounds great. This is the time to call your recruiter and let him/her know about your other offers and ask how to best handle things. Hopefully your recruiter knows the company (you might try to assess how well s/he knows them) and will advise you well – esp. since they want you to get the offer!

    This can be a tricky situation and companies don’t like to be pushed – but they also don’t want to lose good candidates. Start with the recruiter and then let us know if that doesn’t seem to be an approach you feel good about.

    Best of luck! And please keep us posted.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  318. Thanks Ronnie Ann. What do you make of the second interviewer asking for the performance review? I am guessing that because I was laid off they just want to make sure it was not performance related? Also am hoping that going through this much trouble they are seriously considering making me an offer!

  319. No way to know for sure. At the very least, a hopeful sign. Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  320. Thanks for the response Ronnie Ann! I called the person who interviewed me yesterday and just left a short message inquiring about the position again. So hopefully something happens soon! It’s just tough playing the waiting game. Thanks for your advice!


  321. My pleasure Jeremy! You’ve done your best. And yes…now it’s the old waiting game. Good time to develop solutions to major world problems or write a lengthy novel. 😉 Fingers, legs and eyes remained crossed. Best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  322. i apply for a police dispatcher job. i received a caled back and was asked to complete a 12 page background inforation and questions, photo of my self, and to have it notarized. the background is complete. they called to interview. is it normal to do a background check before interview. does it mean i have the job, they just want to meet me.

  323. Please excuse the absence. I’ve had my own waiting game going on related to a consulting contract as well as a heater repair guy. Busy week and more to come. But, although I had to put my policy of NOT ANSWERING EVERY QUESTION OR COMMENT into practice, I have NOT forgotten any of you. 😉 It’s just that I do this in my spare time and sometimes there just isn’t any!

    That said…this week’s post was inspired by your comments. And despite the title, it is meant with love and exactly the words I tell myself!

    Don’t Let a Whiner’s Club Attitude Screw Up Your Interview AND Career Chances!

    All the best Jeremy (glad you did that), Chris (good sign), Cintheia (yes…normal for government jobs) and everyone else! PLEASE keep us posted.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  324. Oh…and John…I just want to thank you for your GREAT comment.

    Couldn’t have said it better. I mean to add “What he said” earlier, but just a hectic week. Big hugs to you and the rest of the gang!

    ~ R

  325. And yet more….

    So he tells me 2 weeks ago things may have changed at his firm(a possible strategic alliance w/ another firm. But will contact another this Friday. I sent an e mail and leave a voicemail.

    I stated that I would like some finality regarding this opportunity and if it is still available.

    Sunday he sends a an e-mail.. the opportunity is still open and he has more clarity on the role can I speak with him on Tues

    I am going to needs meds one way or another after this

  326. Hahahahaha! You crack me up John. Great attitude. Of course, I wish you all the luck and then some. We’ll have to have a huge cyber-celebration party if you get this offer. Let’s hope this isn’t how they make all decisions. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  327. Keith Moody says:

    Hey there Ronnie – boy, isn’t this a tough one…the waiting game, the ‘promises’ to call…??

    I went through 2 interviews with one company (1 by Skype; and 1 VC) with every “intention” that there would be a third…

    Eventually I then received an email from the Department Head’s PERSONAL email address, wondering if I had had an update from his colleague…guess what that meant…!!!

    What really gets me though is the sign-off (that is if people even BOTHER to respond at all) – we will keep your details on file in case of…blah! blah! blah… really???

    What I would really like and everyone really deserves is openness and honesty and some credit for having some maturity. I was informed “ONE of the reasons…” Well, if there are more reasons than just one – let us KNOW what ALL of the reasons were… Given the seniority of the position etc… I think I can “handle the truth…” and – it would certainly help for the future and making the right decisions about career direction, which jobs to apply for, level…etc…

    Who knows if some of the ‘reasons’ are actually not valid – then it would at least also provide an opportunity to let the recruiter know that they may have made a decision based on faulty or totally incorrect assumptions/ information…???

    However – this goes for all applications that promise the same – and even at a normal social level – IF you have NO INTENTION of calling – JUST SAY SO – don’t promise and then don’t…!!! I have had so many ‘promises’ to call (that never materialize) I switch off every time I hear it, read it – even sense it… I am sorry but I have a life to lead…

  328. A long long time ago in a county far, far away began an interview for a position……

    The beleaguered candidate is called yet again for another breakfast meeting with the OWNER…..

    Episode 8 A New Hope or not

  329. Hi Keith! Amen to that. I recently read an article about secrecy within organizations that may have originated for one reason and now still exists maybe for no good reason at all. Would be a huge service to so many people if we could find a way to change this – and instill some good old communication skills… starting within the company. But first, maybe we’ll find a cure for all major disease. 😉

    Sorry you had to go through this, but very much appreciate you taking the time to share so others know they are not alone. I hope you find the right job soon. Good luck, Keith! ~ Ronnie Ann

    Ah John! The saga continues. Thanks for keeping us informed. Curious minds want to know. And who knows…you may actually get breakfast AND an offer. 😉 Good luck, of course. Can’t wait to hear what happens. ~ Ronnie Ann

  330. It’s been awhile. So anyway at the breakfast meeting we talk , he asks me some technical questions easy ones. Then I ask him if he is comfortable about my technical and people skills. He says not a problem. He then says of 2 candidates I am the top one. However if we proceed I would be a consultant for a period time like and extended interview. I am good with that.

    He emails me today for a meeting tomorrow. I respond yes and also would like to discuss if this will become an eventuality for me. I also ask if there are any specific topics he wants to discuss. His answer was just ‘a company update and candidate search update’.

    If after we talk and I am no closer to a definitive answer should I just call him out on it(this started in FEB.

    All comments are welcomed and needed(for my sanity)


  331. Is this a reputable company? Do you know what the salary range is?? It sounds like he is really, really leading you on.

    Also, you have to consider that you are giving him the impression that says I am willing to wait, can’t find another job or that you can potentially be lead or taken advantage of. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is just my perception. You deserve so much better!

    No interview process should take so long without some kind of a commitment. It really does sound like they are trying to use your skills without paying you.

    Best of luck!!

  332. Oh and an update on my status – I did get the job. There were two top candidates and they created a position for both of us that is what took so long. However, they let me know that once they made a decision and put it into motion. It was a wait, but no leading on. So hang in there people and make sure to follow up and set the right expection for your limits!!

  333. mlk,

    The company is established in a niche market. We have discussed the salary and comp which is good plus its at the right level( I would be 2nd in command) plus there’s equity and its 10 miles from home.

    Could he be leading me on short answer is Yes however he did hired a #2 which worked out terribly his words.

    What I found out from his outsourced HR person is he is gun shy by nature and this has magnified it.

    He has stated he needs a #2. He also knows I have other things in the works however I go on 2nd and 3rd interviews and still wait.

    Some of my friends have gone on 7 and 8 interviews over 3-4 months.

    At this point if he told me I didnt get the job, I wouldnt love it but I wouldnt be investing any more emotional capital.

    I may politely but pointedly ask what is his intentions about hiring me. If he has concerns, communicate them to me and I will address the best I can.

    Or just not follow up with him anymore and let him reach out to me when he is ready.

    Thanks for the support

  334. mlk

    Congrats on the job

  335. Why don’t you make him an offer? I read about it in one of my many, many interviewing books – making them an offer that addresses their concerns and gives a probationary period for both? Maybe it will get him off the fence either way he’s leaning and give you a deadline and show you really want to make it work.

  336. Update; I didn’t get the job where I bombed out at the role play. They did my references etc but then the guy who interviewed me was offered a new job etc etc etc. As these things go.

    Then the next week a recruiter I know quite well called and asked if I would go for an interveiw the next day for a role. Went for the interview, went really well, offered the job the next day!

    These things always work themselves out in the end.

    My suggestion is keep applying for roles even if you are close to getting a job. Always good to have a plan B.

  337. Actually what I would like to ask is “how were you able to build this business if your decision making is so slow”.

    ps Two of folks who worked there that I spoke to said they did 7 interviews

  338. Great conversation. I saw no reason to butt in. 😉

    Good luck John! Please let us know.

    And mlk…I want to give you a big hug for caring so much! FYI…I myself have had anywhere from 5-7 separate interviews over a period of months at times, and it was all good. Depends on the company and type of job. But you ask great questions. 😉

    Best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  339. And now…congratulations to mlk and Julz. Wuhooo! What great news.

    Nice way to go, mlk. I wish everyone that kind of “human” process.

    And love the moral of your story, Julz. A great reminder for people who think they got bad news…good news may still be coming.

    Thank you for letting us know. Best of luck in your new jobs!!! It makes my day. Now for John…


    ~ Ronnie Ann


    I meet with him today and we agree that I will work as a consultant for 1 week starting next week.

    I feel good about it however it feel like getting 5 numbers in Lotto so very close but not the top prize

  341. jobhunter says:

    Ronnie Ann,

    I have recently applied to an a job with a hospital and have gone through two interviews. They all went well and I called today to find out where they were in the hiring process. The job came down to me and one other person and I felt really good about the position. However, once I called the HR rep I found out they brought a third candidate into the process for consideration and I was told I would hear something next week.

    What does this mean for me? Is it a bad omen that I did not get the position due to the third candidate. I am getting worried and I wanted this position. Any advice or answers would help


  342. Hi Jobhunter

    A similar thing happened to me last year. I thought I had the job in the bag and then without knowing a headhunter called me to see I would be interested in a job. It was the same one! I had gone through 2, 2 hour interviews.

    But the good news is…I got the job! I think this type of thing happens alot and I wouldn’t take it as a bad omen at all.

    Good luck!

  343. jobhunter says:


    Thank you for the feed back…my primary concern is the possibility of this third candidate being an internal applicant and most often then not a company usual goes for an internal than an external.

    I have been searching for months and have applied to well over 40 places by now and am starting to get discouraged. I really thought I had this one. Any thoughts

    thanks again for the input, the feedback helps with the post interview/job searching blues.

  344. Jobhunter…I have so been down that path! And as far as the internal candidate thing goes, I have been up against internal candidates before and still got the role. I think it all depends on the company. My impression is that companies are really keen to get high quality external candidates at the moment. Fresh blood!

    Last year I went through the same thing. I’m sure I applied for well over 50 jobs!

    Then ended up with 2 offers and now have been headhunted out of my current role. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I did decide to do things a bit differently though…some suggestions you may or may not find useful…

    I developed my own personal job hunting website through vistaprint. It costs around $8 per month and I put it together in 1 day. The first prospective employer that saw it, offered my a job the day after my first interview! I sent the link as part of my application.

    For jobs I really really wanted, I created a business case that I presented in the interview. How I saw their company, what I would bring to the table, fresh new ideas. I even did pre interview youtube company specific videos.

    It can be alot of work, but it has really paid off. And lifted my profile and skill set.

    As depressing as it can be, you will find a great job…it’s just around the corner! they always are!

    Hope this helps.

  345. Sorry it took me so long to get back to all of you. Lots going on here at home, but I’m back. 😉

    John: I’m thrilled to hear there’s real movement after ALL this time. Congratulations. And just think of all those tickets you can buy with the next-to-biggest prize! Quite honestly…if I am not 100% sure of a place (not sure I ever am) I prefer to start as a consultant and see if the fit is right. Hope it is. Please let us know how things go!

    JobHunter & Jules: Great conversation! Love what you said Jules and how you handled your own job hunt. Exactly the kind of one step beyond job hunters need to take nowadays. Very cool. And also very cool the way you offered support to Jules. We are all in this together.

    As for you JobHunter… hope by now you’ve heard some good news. Third candidates can be anything – no way to interpret that. I’ve seen last-minute candidates we couldn’t stand but whom, because of politics we had to interview. NOT hire – but interview. You did your best, which is all anyone can do. Please let us know what happened! Fingers, legs, and eyes crossed for you. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  346. jobhunter says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the advice/support, unfortunately the hospital has yet to contact me. On the bright side I do have a temporary gig with a well known big Pharma corp. until mid August, got this job throught a recruiting agency.

    Hopefully I can use this temp job as both experience on resume and as a way to get my foot in the door with the company.

    Still hoping to find out about the last interview…and still looking for a long term position. So far things are….OK…at least I have a job right!!!

    Thanks all

  347. Update

    I worked there for a week and accomplished a few projects and wrote some procedures.

    At week’s end , I met with the owner for feedback which was all positive. He said I am impressed with your grasp of the issues the firm faces.

    Still no contract.

    He is bringing in the other candidate for a 2 day stint. I have a breakfast meeting with him this Friday.

    I have friends who are senior HR people and executive career coaches and they are perplexed.

    The feedback I get is that I am doing very thing right and its the sign of the times. A friend of my has been speaking with the CFO of a major insurance for 10 months. He is being told they are trying to find the right spot.

    I am trying to stay as positive as I can considering I have been unemployed for a year.

    It’s not about us, our skill set or qualifications, it’s the sign of the times

  348. Oh John! You’re so right. More and more, we are leaving the world of hire first and see how it goes. I honestly have never heard of anything quite like this myself.

    I’m way behind on answering comments, but I snuck in since you’ve waited for so long; I figure you deserve a giant hug right now. And a giant SHEESH!

    Curious what your gut is telling you. Did you enjoy working with him and his staff? Is it a place you’d like to work (aside from the very real need to have a paycheck of course)? Do people who work there seem happy or befuddled? 😉

    If you like the guy and the company – apart from this drawn out mating dance – of course, see what Friday brings. But I also hope you’re shaking the networking bushes (even those you’ve shaken before) for jobs that will actually be offered! 😉 (From what we’ve seen of you here, I have no doubt you are.)

    Very curious to see what he says. I wish you MUCH luck. You sure have me stymied. Please continue to keep us posted.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  349. Keith Moody says:

    HI Ronnie…just been catching up on all the posts from John, Mlk etc…wow…sounds frustrating to say the least…

    I have been away for a while as someone eventually responded to a constant pester from me for an interview.

    On the first call to me the owner then mentioned how he was really looking for someone to replace him…anyhow, so we did the ‘dance’ John mentioned – Consultant this – project that and that was over a month ago…wants to see results fast…make quick decisions… Mentioned how he liked my style and approach, how the company lacked direction, people lacked discipline, focus and operating systems etc. Basically he was dangling carrots, playing with me to see if I would bite.

    So rather than play the game his way, I got on with my project and small team whilst really getting to know the people, their issues etc…all the time only a ‘consultant’… hearing this and that about everyone…determining what issues were needing to be tackled and in what order…

    Well, today I was appointed the Design Director…effective May 1 – initially heading up an entire team of his company, get my feet wet. I have been asked to hire people and also, sadly the reverse…do things my way, and basically begin to over time who knows what next…? Talk about dancing around the tree though… goodness…what a dance I went through…

    Just want to encourage John and everyone else. I know – it really IS tough – especially when you so desperately need work – if only for the perceived sanity it seems to bring, however shortlived that may be!! Keep me posted how it goes – who knows – I may be back in a similar situation again before too long!!!

  350. Would you believe, this close……

    So I spend last week consulting at this firm. The owner gave me very positive feedback. We set up a meeting for this morning, so yesterday I send an e mail to confirm and late in the afternoon I see his phone # as a missed called and a voice mail. So I am thinking now what.

    I listen to the voicemail and he has to cancel for this morning but can we meet Saturday which he follows up with ” I have good news”.

    Considering what I have been through with this I have guarded optimism.

    Any and all comments are welcomed and needed.


  351. I’ll get to more comments on other posts soon…really! (It’s been hectic here. 😉 ) But just had to sneak back in say two quick things:

    HUGE congratulations Keith! So happy for you. Thanks for sharing…and for offering your encouragement. Hope to see you only as a well-employed visitor for a long time to come.

    And of course we all wish you good luck John. I understand why you go in guarded mode…but oh how I hope you will have a patience-pays-off story to tell us. BEST OF LUCK!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  352. Hi jobhunter! Yes… at least you have a job. But I’m wishing much more for you soon. Hope the hospital finally comes to its senses. 😉 Please keep us posted. Meanwhile, you never know when a temp job provides opportunities for more. If you haven’t read this, you might enjoy:

    Job Morphing: 20 Career Tips to Help Improve Your Job and Career

    And Keith…I just want to thank you again for sharing your story. Very inspiring. Hardest part about job search is often it feels like nothing is happening – until something does! Good luck in the new job.

    And of course…John…we are ALL rooting for you. Best of luck.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  353. He cancels Friday breakfast and reschedules for Saturday for breakfast.

    I got the job, the salary was a little lower than he intimated.

    Anyway I accept and ask if at year end we can review my performance and possibly look at a salary adjustment. This position also includes a year end bonus and equity in the firm.

    I am waiting for the contract, start date is the 12th.

    My advice after a year and 2 months is follow every lead, look at jobs that might now match your skill set exactly(I only matched on 70% of the skills), and don’t give up.

    You will meet true professionals who even if they reject you they show respect. Learn from that.

    Also and probably more importantly, learn from the unprofessionals so that when roles are reversed you know who to act gracefully and professionally when you may be the hiring manager.

    Never say Quit

  354. Oh John!!! Great news. So happy for you – even if the salary is a bit less than you might have hoped. (I like how you handled that, btw. Exactly the thing to say.) Hope the bonus is huge and the equity grows by leaps and bounds – with your help. 😉

    Thank you so much for letting us know – and for offering us more good advice. You’re the poster person for how it’s done – no matter how long it takes. 😉

    Nice job. (Pun intended.) All my best, John!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  355. Abhishek says:


    I am new graduate and looking for a job in my field of study (Mechanical Engineering), while currently as a customer service representative.

    Now I had an interview with a good firm on March 29th. It went really well and I was quite hopeful. They called me back on April 5th asking me to come in for a trade test on April 9th. The trade test was so-so. I was able to only able to complete 2/3 of it in the time they gave me. I met two people during my interviews and promptly sent thank you notes to both of them after both interviews.

    Now! I called on April 19th and spoke to the guy who actually has to make the decesion. He remembered my name, spoke nicely, taking time and remembered receiving my mail. His exact words “you are definitely on top of our list right now”.

    After waiting two weeks I sent him an e-mail on 3rd May, expressing my continual interest,reason why I am so interested and that I am waiting for his decesion. Did not ask for updates or status or anything. That was also the day whent he position dissapeared from the company’s website.

    He replied the next day saying “thank you for your interest and we will contact you soon”

    Where do I stand with this???

    Thanks in advance

  356. Hi Abhishek!

    It sounds like you did well and they are nearing the final stages in anticipation of making an offer to someone. Unfortunately, without a crystal ball that actually works, I can’t predict whether or not you are that someone. 😉

    As I say in my post How to Tell If a Job Interview Went Well, the only way to know for sure is when/if you get the offer.

    You’ve done all you can. Now, hard as it may be, all you can do is wait. I hope the answer is “yes” but if not, please make sure you contact them anyway. Thank them and let them know you’d be very open to other positions or even some project-basis work so they can see how good you really are. Always keep your contacts warm and friendly whenever possible!

    I wish you the best of luck. Please let us know what happens. We’re rooting for you, Abhishek!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  357. Well I got the job and have been there a week and I am enjoying completely.

    First things first

    A heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Ronnie Ann, truly a wonderful person.

    Thanks to all the folks for their support, it means alot to folks who are unemployed and are struggling.

    Some advice from my personal view

    -Dont get down on yourself, you will get a job its the uncertainty that can mess with your pysche.

    -Opportunities occur when you least expect

    -Follow every lead and talk to people you be surprised how people sincerely want to help.

    -If people dont get back to you alot of the time it has nothing to do with you as a candidate. Schedules change, issues arise, decision makers are out of the office.

    -Always send a cover letter and resume of course. I had CEO of a firm personally reach out to reject me as a candidate(my skill set wasnt close but I gave it a shot) to say that because I was the only candidate to sent a cover letter, had my skill set matched, I would have been a top candidate.

    Good Luck and Warmest Regards

  358. Also

    -Always send thank you notes and follow up the person you would be amazed how a note, email or call(be careful with phones calls find out how the person likes follow up) restarts the process.

    -Be positive, being down on yourself comes across in interviews.

    -At the end of the interview ask what is their process and timeframe and when you might be able to follow up. It’s not pushy it’s professional.

    Good Luck

  359. Thanks John. Your advice is much appreciated. As I wrote you privately, it may very well show up in its own post soon. 😉 You sure can attest to the role patience, openness, and determination play in finally getting that job!

    So glad to know things are going well. I wish you continued good luck in your career and elsewhere. You’ve been a delight to get to know even a little and a real help to others – and for that I am very grateful.

    All my best!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  360. A few months ago I left a comment when I was given what I thought was an offer and then was told the position was put on hold. They asked me if I wanted to come in for the 2nd interview “anyway” and I politely declined . . .

    So, yesterday, out of the blue, the lady who interviewed me twice called and wanted to know if I was still available?!? She said the position was on longer on hold and could I come in right away to meet the team.

    I did meet them all today. They seem like very nice people and quite friendly (much more than my last job where it was a bit cutthroat). We all talked for an hour. They asked me why I hadn’t found work in the mean time. I told them the truth. I stopped looking for the time being and worked on renovating the home my hubby and I just bought.

    The interview went well. I asked when they would make a decision and was told by next Friday. They asked if I had any vacations planned for the summer (which I take to mean “are you available to work hard all summer). Also, I asked if the position was salaried or hourly – they told me salary and how much they might offer.

    Now, I want to get my hopes up but since my job search has had such high hopes and disappointment I just don’t know what to think. I have a week to simmer in my own juices waiting. My biggest fear is they will call back and tell me the position is on hold again and I will completely lose my mind.

    I feel like a teenaged girl again waiting for a boy to call and ask me to the dance! My friends and I would go over and over everything boys said trying to figure out what would happen. Will he call? Does he like me? It’s 1980 all over again . . .

    I’m just posting this for anyone else who feels like the job search is playing cruel tricks on their minds!

    Will post again either way – job offer or ??

  361. Thank you so much for posting this LW. Really well presented scenario I wish everyone waiting to hear back from a job interview would read.

    I have folks on other posts who talk about giving them one more week (or whatever) and then forgetting about the job. (If it doesn’t work as they want it to work on their job schedule concocted out of thin air.) Huh? It’s not a linear process – it’s barely understandable for those of us who have seen it many times first hand.

    Hopefully your words and real life experience will help make this point loud and clear. The job hunt is not a point in time… something that happens today can become a job in the future. If you think linear, you’ll not only be frustrated, you’ll lose opportunities you may one day wish you had.

    Best of luck LW. I do remember you and am smiling because clearly they did too. Hope this time it’s a yes. And yes…please do let us know!!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  362. LW

    You are not alone with this situation.

    Hopefully my comment will help.

    I was interviewing with a firm for always 4 months(see some of my previous posts detailing the trials and tribulations).

    I got the job and I have been there 2 weeks. Now I understand why it took so long.

    First the delays and radio silence had nothing to do with me.

    There more pressing issues that took place at the firm that required more attention than hiring me.

    I was the top candidate half way through the process however with any decision all the other candidates had to be fully interviewed to re enforce I was the correct choice.(You would do the same for example if you bought a car, you may love 1 car but you will check out other cars and dealerships same thing with a candidate.)

    Example we interviewed someone on Wednesday yet we still haven’t discussed him as a viable candidate yet and probably wont until the end of next week. Frustrating for you yes but there are other priorities. I wish it wasnt the case being there my self for 15 months as unemployed.

    Your situation creates a yo yo of emotions throw in what is happening on the economic fronts and the delays in hiring/decision making are increase exponentially.

    My best advice is follow up tactfully and forcefully with reserve. That is what helped me get this job.

    Absent my skill set, it was the fact I kept the lines of communication open but with the attitude of I understand your process and time frames and are mindful of them.

    Follow every lead and don’t give up, set daily goals for yourself whether big or small. It does my you feel better about yourself.

    Best of luck

  363. Hopefully less from me is more. 😉 So I will simply say…thank you John!!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  364. Are you ready for this???

    I got the call this morning – a job offer!

    Y’all, from sending in my resume to job offer it took almost nine months!

    So, anyone out there who is in the waiting game – please know that not waiting is in vain! Thanks much to Ronnie Ann and everyone who posted with encouraging thoughts!

  365. Oops – typo. I meant to say “please know that not ALL waiting is in vain”

  366. Congratulations, LW. WuhooOOOooooOOO!

    For everyone else out there waiting…two job offers in one day on this blog. I’m so thrilled. Hope it’s a good sign for all my readers.

    Best of luck. So glad they knew a good thing when they saw it…even if it took a while for them to get the picture right. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  367. Tiara Benson says:

    I just had an interview on Monday for a nurse residency. I am a new graduate and it is very hard to get a job right now with out RN experience. The waiting is killing me. The website says the position has been filled. But I have not recieved a “Thanks anyways” e-mail yet, and my references have not been called yet. I know that there is hope but it is still driving me nuts. My interviewer said they would make their choice by Friday(tomorrow). Guess I just have to think positive (= and find something to keep me busy.

  368. Tiara,

    Dont drive yourself crazy. Today is the start of a three weekend. I am sure the interviewer meant it sincerely however the day before a holiday can be a difficult day.

    The main decision maker may have decide to take the day off at the last minute or what happen to me. I had items I want to accomplish thinking it would be some what slow day however today was crazy.

    In my opinion wait until Wednesday(Ronnie Ann weigh in if you disagree).

    Enjoy the weekend just put the follow up with the interviewer as a Wednesday “to do” item.

    Good Luck.

  369. Thanks John for helping out. Your advice is spot on. I hope you get the offer despite what you saw, Tiara. And sometimes…well, things happen. As they say…it ain’t over until it’s over. But if not, keep looking with redoubled determination. We are here for you.

    And if you want to read some of John’s great tips for extra inspiration:

    15 Job Search Tips from a Guy Who Just Got a Job

    Good luck! Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  370. TIARA BENSON says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom! I still have not heard anything. Usually I recieve a ” Thank you but we have someone more experienced” E-mail or Phone call by now so I am still thinking positive. I sent a Thank You letter last Friday. You are right I should just give them a call. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you very much!


  371. Fingers crossed for you Tiara. Best of luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  372. Hello Ronnie Ann,

    You maintain a wonderful website and it was very enlightening to go through your website.I know this might not make much sense but just wanted to lift burden of my shoulders by sharing with someone knowledgable.

    I had an interview around 3 days ago and around 5 people interview me and it went well and then i sent in a thank you letter to recruiter and also a mail asking for interviewers mail id and then mailed all the interviewers a thank you letter within 1 day of interview.I then got a reply back yesterday from an interviewer saying thanks and he enjoyed the interview and also said good luck.

    So should i see anything into this.I am trying to stay positive thinking recruiter wouldn’t have sent me the interviewers mail id’s if they didn’t like me and also interviewer wouldn’t have sent me a reply to my thank you mail if they weren’t interested.maybe i am trying to draw inferences for everything.

    I would like to know what are your comments on above.

  373. Oh Kiran…you’re doing what almost every job seeker does…looking for meaning in each word and action. I’ve often used the words “good luck” when responding to candidates, even those I thought we might make an offer to. Rarely is one person in control of an offer. “Good luck” is just a pleasant thing to say. And I’ve also responded to those I doubted we’d hire. None of this means anything. Do your best to keep occupied and keep applying with full determination! Oh…and just one more thing Kiran…

    Good luck! 😉 Please let us know how it turns out.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  374. Hi Ronnie,

    I’ve been working at my company for nearly 2 years now but about a month ago, a recruiter about a better opportunity that was available. It’s a highly reputable company with a significant salary increase. I was very excited about the position, I sent her my resume and then didn’t hear back for a couple of weeks. Then, she said they wanted to schedule a phone interview, that went pretty well. Then a second interview followed and I thought that went great. He implied I got the job and we briefly discussed the system layout. I didn’t follow up with a thank note or email because I wasn’t given anything beyond their name and position from the recruiter. Sure, I could have been more resourceful but I left the interview with so much excitement that it slipped my mind.

    The interviewer said he’ll let me know within in a week. That was on the 17th of June. On the 24th of June I still hadn’t heard anything so I asked the recruiter for their info to send thank you notes. She said, “Please don’t send any thank you notes. Just be patient and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.” They have some arrangement with the recruiting company company where I work under contract for them 3 months and get checks through the recruiting company before they officially sign me on. Should I attempt to send notes despite the recruiter’s recommendation? I can find their email on the company’s website if I really needed to. Also, it seems a little risky for me to leave my full-time job for a contract-to-hire sort of deal although they’ve assured me that they’ve hired every candidate from the recruiter this way. On top of that, I was so ecstatic about the interview that I told my mom that it went really well. Now I wish I hadn’t because she’s more anxious than I am, I’d hate to let her down if it didn’t go as well as I thought.

    Thanks in advance,

  375. Hi Irina!

    If you had found the e-addresses before the recruiter told you not to contact them, then direct contact would be ok. But since the recruiter – who found you and at this point has ownership of the job – asks you not to, listen to them. It shows the recruiter and company whether you’re someone they would trust to work for them. I’ve worked in an IT area where we hired folks, and we worked through the recruiter, so this is pretty standard. Of course, there’s always the risk they have other candidates up against you, but no way to know. All new jobs are a risk of some sort.

    All you can do is look to what your gut tells you. Are you willing to risk it? And of course, stay in touch with your recruiter – but not too often. As for your mom…the good news is you had a shot at a good job and did really well in the interviews, no matter what happens. It also lets you know there are probably other jobs out there for you if you really want to look. With moms – and pretty much everyone else – a lot of it is how you tell the story. 😉

    Good luck Irina! Please let us know what happens and what you decide.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  376. Danielle says:

    Ughhhh, I’m in the same situation right now, trying to stay sane and busy. Way back on 5/24 I had a phone interview for this position I’m currently up for. Then I went crazy waiting for an in person interview until 6/15, when I finally got an interview request. Had my first in person interview that Friday, 6/18. Had an email in my inbox Monday at noon requesting I come back for a 2nd interview. Had my 2nd interview last Thursday, 6/24, and I haven’t heard anything back yet.

    There were lots of good signs at both interviews that I got the job. Had lots of confidence and had a good sales pitch for why I was the best candidate. My potential supervisor seems to really like me and spent most of the 2nd interview answering my questions and trying to “sell me on the job”. She even showed me all her computerized files and calendars, which I think is way more detail than normal to go into. Also she told me when I got off the elevator that they’d “talk to me soon.”

    I was told that 7 people were being interviewed for the first interview, and only 1 or 2 would get call backs for second interviews. I met with 3 people at my 2nd interview, and nothing was said to me regarding another candidate. One person even mentioned “I don’t know if I’m meeting with another person or not.”

    So like I said, lots of good signs, but until that job offer is in hand, I’m going to go crazy. I emailed the HR rep this afternoon to see if I could get a deadline, since I wasn’t able to get one last week since the last person I spoke to wasn’t in the loop about the hiring timeline. Hopefully I either get an offer or at least a better idea of when I will get an answer. This is a job at a huge hospital system, so I’m sure there are lots of levels of approval and red tape.

    This really is the perfect job for me, and I’ll really be crushed if I don’t get it. I’ve been having so much trouble finding a job as a new college grad in this economy… Nothing else out there that I really want or am qualified for like this one.

  377. Sounds like you’ve done all the right things so far, Danielle. Hope you get the offer. Tons of stuff behind the scenes that have to happen, so give it some time. Obviously, they like you – now we just need to know if it’s a match. Good to stay in touch with them even if it doesn’t come through. As for other jobs…trust me…they happen even when we can’t see them yet. But for now…may it be THIS ONE! 😉

    Good luck! Please let us know what happens. Sounds like you have a really good shot at it.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  378. I decided to listen to the recruiter then I let another week go by. Today I called the recruiter but she wasn’t responding to phone or email. Maybe she went out of town for the log weekend or something. She’s usually pretty quick to reply though. Would you advise against me calling HR just to see if they’re still considering me?

  379. Hi Irina!

    I know waiting is hard – and holiday time waiting can especially drive us bonkers. I don’t feel comfortable advising you one way or the other since I don’t know all the details and since only you can decide, but my thought is…if the recruiter asked you to go through her and you’ve only given her one day to respond on a holiday weekend, then you might wind up hurting the relationship and maybe even your job chances.

    Think about it…if you wait until Tuesday (or Wednesday to give her time to get word back from the company whose people may also be on vacation), you’ve lost nothing other than the desire to know NOW…which is about meeting your own needs after all. Yes? So what will you lose by waiting? And weigh against that what you might lose by going against the recruiter, who in this case would be your employer to begin with (or might have other jobs if this falls through). I think you know in your heart what the smart move is.

    Good luck deciding what to do. And good luck with the job!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  380. Yes, I think you’re right. Thanks for all your help, I’ll keep you posted. Happy 4th of July weekend!

  381. I’m basically in the same boat as Danielle, I just had a second interview with a company that I absolutely need to work for, it’s such a perfect fit for someone like me who’s just starting out after the Peace Corps. I have had 2 interviews for 2 different positions. For the first one, I doubt that I’m the top candidate because they’re doing another round of interviews, but the interviewers actually liked me enough to recommend me for a totally different position which actually seems to suit me better. After a bit of a mis-communication on HR’s part who told me the 1st position I interviewed for had been filled, I was crushed, I didn’t understand how that could be. That was my job! But things were cleared up, I’m still in the running for it, but also this new and better position came along so that was very unexpected. So as of this afternoon I have interviewed with this company for 2 positions with 8 different employees for 3 hours and 15 minutes. They were all incredibly positive, the manager and I had a very open and relaxed conversation, he asked me which position I’d prefer…does that mean I’ll have a choice? Ha, well…I won’t get ahead of myself, but it was very refreshing to be told I’m most interesting to him and that a lot of people here like me. I got nothing but good feelings so it’ll be really hard to take if I don’t get the job, but now for me, the waiting game continues.

  382. Danielle says:

    Still no news from my job. The only contact I have gotten back from them was last Thursday. After emailing and calling the one HR rep, I emailed the original recruiter I spoke with and she said she confirmed that I was a top candidate and that it would take another 1-2 weeks to make a final decision. Now it’s 1 week later and a full 2 weeks after my last interview with them. Wondering if I should maybe try contacting my potential supervisor to follow up with her? I did send her a thank you email right after the interview, but nothing since then. I don’t want to be bothersome checking in too much, but I can’t imagine why it’s taking so long. They originally wanted the position to start 7/12 or 7/19, so it’s getting pretty late for them to make a decision…

  383. Tiara Benson says:

    Hello again! I wanted to thank you for motivating me to call them and to have more determination. When I called the hiring manager I was told what I had been waiting to hear. “You most likely will not be getting a call” Then they proceded to tell me that I should apply for another residency that they were hiring for. I applied that day and recieved two emails that night to let me know that I was being considered. I had the most wonderful interview ever and then recieved a “congradulations” phone call right before the 4th of July weekend!! I start next month. I just wanted to let others know that sometimes if you havent gotten an answer it is a good idea to call. I am so happy!(=

  384. Gee Tiara that’s awesome! Congratulations for sure! That’s almost like what happened to me, although I still haven’t heard from them but my 2nd interview was this past Friday afternoon before a long weekend so I’m still pretty optimistic.

    Danielle, I don’t know, if the HR rep told you it could take up to 2 weeks and it’s only been a week since, I think I would wait at least another couple of days. I know it’s torture, trust me. My biggest fear is making a pest out of myself with HR and I don’t think I would contact my potential manager, just the thought of what he might think if I did that gives me the willies. But think of it this way, at least you have a time frame, if I was told it would be 2 weeks before anything gets done after my interview I’d be able to relax about it a little because I’d at least know that it’s not a problem with me or they just gave it someone else and didn’t tell me. I was surprised at how open the manager and a few other staff members were with the positive feedback at the beginning of my 2nd interview, I mean the manager told me I’m most interesting to him but he still gave me no indication as to when I’d hear back and I couldn’t ask because I didn’t think that would sound very good. Like if he didn’t offer the information there must have been a reason. But for me, if I go 2 weeks without hearing anything I’ll definitely contact HR.

  385. So, I spoke with the recruiter yesterday and she was out of town last week. She still has no update for me. She doesn’t have any feedback either. She told me she left a couple of messages and we just have to wait. So, I asked her if I could please contact them just to get a status update and she said no and that it’s not professional. Its been 3 weeks since my interview that I thought went really well and now I’m just in the dark. Although the recruiter found this position for me, at this point I wish she hadn’t because I could have spared myself a lot of stress and worrying. I can’t even explain my frustration without rambling. I was thinking positively but it’s difficult to stay positive when I haven’t heard anything. Also, I asked the recruiter if she received my emails and she said she hasn’t gone through them…maybe she hasn’t gone through emails from the company either. I want to move on with my search and hope that this happened for the best but this lingering thought is in my head that I need to know…not that it has to be tell me now but tell me something substantial. If they told me now they’re making a decision in a month, that’s fine too but I hate being kept in the dark.

  386. Ronnie Ann, do you think that companies actually check every single reference an applicant provides? How common is it that they just don’t bother? So as I’ve said a few days ago I had a 2nd interview with this company and I got some really positive feedback, but yesterday I asked one of my references if he had been contacted yet and he said no, he’s the reference at the top of my list. What do you think that means?

  387. Hi Danielle! First congratulations on being told you’re top candidate. No, it’s not the same as a job offer, but it tells you that you did really well and have a strong chance. If you’ve been told they still need a week or two, give them the full week before calling your recruiter again. Calling directly when you go through a recruiter can be awkward, so I’d wait until the middle of this coming week and call the recruiter again. This is not long at all!!

    Maybe if it drags on another week or two, you can come up with something to mention to the potential supervisor – or simply a very polite e-mail saying something like “Hope you are doing well. Just want you to know I’m still very interested in the job and hoping to hear good news.” But for now…wait. Think of the recruiting process time as dog years – one week in our time can be many weeks in their time. 😉 And no matter what they say about when they want someone to start – that’s a preferred not hard date. Many companies prefer to be sure rather than leap just to meet a projected hiring deadline. I know it’s tough, but it will take as long as it will take. Really…this is totally normal. Good luck, Danielle!! Please let us know what happens.

    Hi Tiara! This is great news. I’m so happy for you. Obviously you impressed them. Good luck with your new residency!

    You’re right…it pays to call when you’ve waited a few weeks and haven’t heard anything. But as in Danielle’s case, when there’s a recruiter involved, you have to kind of judge for yourself whether it’s ok to go what might be considered “around” him or her. In her case, I’d still wait…but stay in touch with the recruiter. And if that doesn’t work..and you’ve given it a few weeks from the last contact/information you received…then you probably have nothing to lose with a call.

    I’m so sorry Irina that the wait continues and you feel trapped behind this recruiter. The wall is especially high since the job starts as a 3-month contract through them. So all you can do is look for your own opportunities if you really do want to move on. Or do your best at your current job – maybe even surprising someone with a great solution or idea – and see what happens. Yes…the recruiter started it and it may yet have a very happy ending. But for now, you can do nothing other than let it sit as a big maybe. This really is the way it happens sometimes – as unstructured and “in the dark” as it feels. You’ll know soon enough. In the meantime, maybe try to put it on the back burner and get on with what you can control! The recruiter created this possibility…but we create our own worrying. 😉

    Mallory… reference checking can be done in various ways. If I’m given a list, I try to check at least 3 of them, but if the one at the top is not the latest employer, I try to get that first. But I don’t do any checking at all until the sign-offs from all required departments have happened, and sometimes this alone can take a week or more. Plus…in the summer, things can slow down because of vacation time. So…sorry to say…the only thing to do is still…wait. I know. But at least it’s getting closer. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  388. Ah ok..I guess I was wondering about that too, when the checking process actually happens, so it makes sense to not jump into that task until everything else is set into place. I don’t know how big the HR department is, but everything thus far has been done through it for sure. I was surprised at the beginning of my 2nd interview that the manager even gave me a glimpse into how I did the first time around with “you’re most interesting to us” and the other positive feedback. My contacts are pretty great so I know at least the one at the top, who is also my most recent supervisor, will let me know if and when he’s contacted. Ok, thanks for the info, every bit that I find out helps make things easier.

  389. Thanks Ronnie Ann, I suppose I will move on with job hunt. There’s not much else I can do. I would hope that they would at least have the decency to let me know if the position was filled but I do understand that I may not even get that. If thy do call me out of the blue one day, I hope that I’ll be in a position to make them wait and possibly even negotiate a higher salary. Best of luck to every one else. Thanks again Ronnie for all your help!

  390. Jennifer says:

    Ronnie Ann,

    I have been pouring over this website trying to find a similar situation. I am set to go on a third interview Friday morning. This is a breakfast interview. My first interview was with the vice president of the department I would be working in. The second was with the CEO, vice president from first interview and one of my potential team members. They both were pretty formal. I have already found out that they have called my references. My references let me know that the woman on the phone sounded very happy to hear about me. Anyways the third interview is with the vice president and team member present at the second interview, as well as the employee who was not present( she was not at second interview, on vacation). I also signed the necessary papers for credit, background check as well as received the employee handbook. What is your read on the situation? Are offers given in person sometimes?

  391. Mallory…fingers still crossed for you. 😉

    Irina…there’s no reason an even better job won’t come along…or at least one that’s a great fit. As for making them wait…better in the mind than in reality. 😉 Good luck! Please keep us posted.

    Jennifer: This all sounds really positive! Yes…sometimes offers are made in person. And sometimes a final interview is scheduled just so everyone can sign off on the offer that will be made at another time. No way to know at this point which it is, but all you have to do is continue as you’ve been doing. Looks like there may be a match. Please let us know, Jennifer. LOVE hearing good news!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  392. Danielle says:

    Ugh, do you think it’s still possible that I could get this job? I had my first interview 6/18. Monday morning by noon I had a request for a 2nd interview, which I had on 6/24. No word since then unless I initiated it, and all I’ve gotten was an email on 7/1 that confirmed I was a top candidate and that it would be another 1-2 weeks, and then an email on 7/9 that said that they were finalizing the recruitment and were delayed in regards to the start date. The job was supposed to start 7/12 or 7/19, and I know the current person’s last day was supposed to be 8/3, so I don’t really know how far they can push it back. At this point I’m assuming I didn’t get it, but since I had a second interview and it’s such a large and reputable company, I’d expect a formal denial at least….

  393. I just sent the HR rep a polite inquiry into my status, I figure 2 weeks after interviewing for a job THEY recommended for me is long enough to wait for an update. Although, I am a little nervous for the response. I’ll be crushed if I’m told it’s been filled, but according to the online application status I’m still in the “in process” status, which of course is better than the dreaded “not selected,” but still I need something a bit more concrete. A little information is all it takes to keep me sane.

  394. Hi Danielle! Sorry to disappoint you but you may very well still be in the running for the job. 😉 If things are delayed – for vacations, internal org shifts, last-minute project emergencies, etc. – that could add at least a few weeks. (If you’ve been reading this blog, you may remember I once waited months as the TOP candidate.)

    Even if a person is leaving, sometimes the company just has to live with the gap. If you can focus your mind on AUGUST rather than July, you might get a pleasant surprise. Please keep us posted.

    Good luck!!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  395. Mallory…I think you did exactly the right thing. You waited patiently and now are politely checking in. Just remember…even if they targeted you for this other job and you’re at the top of their list, many times a company has to interview other candidates to show they followed form. That takes time. Still very hopeful you’ll be getting good news in the near future. Will do a happy dance with you on that day. 😉

    All my best! ~ Ronnie Ann

  396. Danielle says:

    I hope you are right! Good news at least from my current employer- I found a full time job that I can transfer to starting 8/9, so that gives me enough time to get closure with this job I really want, while allowing me not to freak out about needing to have employment. So I’m going to plan on plan B, and hope for plan A…. I’ll keep ya posted 🙂

  397. Very cool. I love Plan Bs, Danielle!! If everyone could have a good Plan B, it would take away the Angst (my word of the day 😉 ).

    Either way, looks like good luck is coming for you. Can’t wait to hear what happens. Best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  398. Danielle says:

    Ahhhh… just found out that apparently the wires got WAY crossed at my last interview 3 weeks ago– they came out with the understanding that I only wanted to work there for 6 months… Imagine my surprise when I got an email today from the recruiter saying that they were still interested in me, but “concerned about my commitment to the position.” WHAT?? I’ve been emailing them like crazy asking for updates, and I’m looking for employment that will last multiple years… I don’t even know HOW they could have gotten that confused. Wondering if some other candidate might have said it and it got jumbled in someone’s mind.

    I’m so glad that I got the chance to clear this confusion up, but it scares the heck out of me that something so stupid could have lost me my dream job. On the other hand, now I’m fairly confident that I’ll get an offer, considering that if I was even an option still with that on my application that they must really want me. Hoping to get all this cleared up after a phone call tomorrow… I’ll let you know if it all works out.

  399. Jennifer says:

    Ronnie Ann, I posted on July 13th about my impending breakfast interview. Well had the interview Friday morning and got the job offer this afternoon! I consider it a huge success, especially since they offered me more than their stated firm salary when applying! Thanks so much!

  400. Hi Danielle! What a great story…with what I hope will be a very happy ending. Another reason why good communication is so important. I can only imagine your face when you read that e-mail while knowing how hard you had tried to stay in touch! PLEASE do keep us posted. BEST of luck!!

    Oh Jennifer! Another great story. (Hoping for lots more like this. 😉 ) Especially nice that you didn’t have to wait long after that breakfast interview. CONGRATULATIONS!! And of course…good luck in your new job.

    Thanks to both of you for letting us know. Fingers remain crossed for you Danielle! (And for everyone else. Hmmm…may need to borrow some extra fingers.)

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  401. Danielle says:

    So I still haven’t heard anything back yet about a decision after I sent my email clearing up the 6 month misunderstanding. I did confirm that the HR lady received it and forwarded it to the department, but that’s all. I know I will be contacted either way once the position is filled, so I still have a chance, I’m just kind of under the gun with another position and looking for some advice.

    I have an interview this afternoon for an internal transfer to a full time position at the business I am currently working part time at. I don’t want to work here, although the pay is good and the benefits are okay. I’ve been told by my current supervisor that I’m pretty much assured I’ll get the position, which is scheduled for a start date of 8/9.

    My question is, if I’m offered this job in the next couple of days, before I hear from the other position (we’ll call it job A), which I would much rather be at, should I call them and let them know that I have until such and such a date to make a decision? I know sometimes a job offer can provide leverage, but at the same time, even if job A takes until mid-month to make a decision, I’m willing to quit job B even after I’ve started at job A, so I don’t want to push them into saying no either…

  402. First…congratulations on being in this position Danielle. We should all have such enviable choices!

    It’s ok to call the about job A if you do it very politely, saying you understand they have to follow procedure but you just want to let them know the situation. Ask what they think you should do and if there is any way to know how likely you are to get the offer. If the person comes off strong about not being pushed (1) simply say you understand and was only trying to keep them informed about changes in your situation; and (2) reconsider working there because it might say something about who they are!

    Of course, don’t tell anyone you would gladly leave job B if and when job A comes through. In the meantime, look closely at the new job in your current company and see if there is something there you might indeed want after all – just in case. 😉

    Good luck, Danielle! Please let us know what happens. I will simply hope you get the job that is truly best for you!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  403. Hi Ronnie Anne,

    I wrote you back in July 2008 about battling through the waiting game. In 2008, I waited and finally received a positive outcome. Now, I’m back in the waiting game… hoping for a job offer to come out of this torture.

    I interviewed for a job just before Thanksgiving. The hiring committee said that they were interviewing about 20 people for 1 position. I felt that the interview went really well. I had a great vibe with the rest of the panel. They even used “you” instead of “the person hired” when I asked questions.

    I came prepared with letters of recommendation, writing samples, my cover letter and resume. The interview went well.

    On my drive home, I started to reflect on some of the questions I was asked and thought I could have answered them better. So, when I got home, I decided to write a thank-you email. This may have been a mistake since it was rather lengthy.

    I was supposed to hear back from them in “early December” but haven’t had a response. I know I had a lot of competition but believe I’m still in the running for this thing.

    Any thoughts? I’d love to have some of that magic pixie dust you gave me last time that helped me land the job I have now.

    Thanks for this wonderful website, Ronnie Anne! Thanks to your readers for their tremendous support.


  404. Hi Tara!

    My best advice is stop worrying about what you can’t change. Candidates often stress over things that barely phase the interviewers. We are looking for a whole package and nothing you mention would sour that for me. It’s still all about the match. Fingers crossed that this is the one! And since you asked:


    Good luck, Tara! Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  405. got a huge mind screw job here lol. anyways a year ago I had an interview with a company who told me that I was over qualified and that was the end well now I have another interview with the same company a year later should I bother going into this interview or should I just go in and give em hell?

  406. Hi D Winter!

    I totally get why you’re wondering how to handle this. Here’s my take…

    Of course, you have to do what feels right to you, but personally I’d go into it with a fresh mind. Over a year, things can change. And people involved in the process can come and go.

    But it wouldn’t hurt to make sure you have some strong answers as to why this job really is what you want and why you’re not over-qualified but instead rightly qualified! 😉 Let them see you as someone with positive energy who will dig into any role with determination and a supportive mindset.

    At the very worst, you wind up where you are already. At the best, you get an offer. But in any event, you never know who you might meet or what you might learn in the process. Worth a shot as I see it.

    Best of luck, D Winter! Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  407. If a company isn’t interested and IS NOT going to offer you a job, How long does it typically take for them to tell you?

  408. I found your blog, need some feedback! I’m playing the waiting game right now. I’m going to explain how the interview(s) went; would accept your feedback!

    I had a phone interview on Jan. 7, 2011. The interviewer asked me many question and about my expected hourly pay ( but told me the they payed will over the amount that I had asking for). After the phone interview, I felt really confident in receiving a call back…I didn’t get the call until Feb 7, 2011!

    I was scheduled for a face-to-face interview on the Feb. 11, 2011

    My first interview was with the same lady I had the phone interview with on the 7th. She told me that she didn’t have any interview questions for me, because she was happy with the way I answered the phone interview questions on the phone. So she started going over benefits and the perks of working with the company like: health care, dental, vision; retirement plans, tuition reimbursement and remission and etc…

    She lead me to a room with two more interviewers, which were the Directors of Operations. They asked a million questions, which I had a million answers too. They were laughing, side glancing and adding feedback to the answers that I had given. One of the interviewers, by accident I believe, stated that I would be working closely with the guy in the front of the office named “Shawn”. I asked all my questions; they had given their answers and a little feedback (extra). Both had given me their business cards.

    When I thought it was all done, I was put in another room…waiting for two more interviewers, the Senior Patient Coordinators. Again, a million questions were asked; a millions answers were given. They did the same as the first set of interviews: feedback, side glancing, laughing, and etc…They both apologized for not having business cards, but said it was a pleasure speaking with me; and, they would be seeing me soon.

    So I met with the first interviewer and she asked me would I be interested in a tour of their hospital, before the shuttle bus arrives. Of course, I said “YES”. Afterwards, she told me about a 4 part exam that I would have to take.

    I took the test, my scores were 92%, 82%, 4500 keystrokes( I got 6515), and a 77%.

    I’ve qualified for employment.

    I have a friend that got hired back in December 2010, who has been throw the process. She tells me that she talked to one of the ladies that I interviewed with. The lady told her “she was really impressed with me and is ready to make an offer”

    I’m in limbo. I don’t know what to do with myself! Should I believe what my friend tells me, or continue to doubt myself? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  409. These things take time, Tracey. You’ve done all you can…now it’s time to wait. 😉

    Meanwhile, you should keep looking because that’s always the smart thing to do. But it does sound hopeful. As for what to do with yourself while you wait: 12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

    Good luck! Please let us know how it goes.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  410. I read this blog about 3 weeks ago while I was waiting for some news from the job position I applied for almost two months ago. I got 2 interviews and the waiting game started… no word for almost 4 weeks after the second interview, almost gave up and then after got the good news. I just wanted to tell everyone out there not to stress out if you don’t get a call after a week or two. The economy is really bad now and employers take longer to hire someone just because they can, there are just too many good candidates… employers are like children in the candy store. Be patient and don’t give up, it may take some time to get the call back. Good luck

  411. Hi avena!

    So happy for you. Wuhooo!!

    Thank you for helping people know that waiting can pay off. Smiled at your candy store analogy. Too true.

    I wish you all the best. Good luck in your new job!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  412. This makes little sense to me. I interviewed and was offered a second interview which was on March 17, 2011. That very afternoon they contacted my references. Non of my references were able to return the call until the following Monday, March 20th, 2011. Both my references left messages but have not received a call back from the potential employer.
    I called the potential employer who informed me that the decision was to me made on Wednesday the 23rd of March. I also inquired whether a connection had been made with my references I was told “two are calling back” yet they had already called back and left messages. My references tell me the employer has not returned the call. This does not look good to me I am wondering what your thoughts are on why an employer would bother to go to the trouble to initially check references but not follow through? Any thoughts or opinions would be helpful, wish I was a mind reader.

  413. wishing for a better opportunity says:

    My husband has been offered a job provided the drug screen come back good …which it did no call back as to start the position yet …He called and asked them today and they said waiting on background check tommorow will be a week since filled out the papers and offer given.My question is what is the likely hood that a job may not take you if they offered you the job ?

  414. Dear Wishing,

    Each case is an individual circumstance. Nowadays almost everyone goes through a background check. Unfortuntely, they take time. In this case, the offer is not a final offer w/o the background check coming back good. If he has nothing in his background to worry about, then it just will take a little more time.

    I wish him and you much luck. Fingers crossed for both of you. Please let us know what happens!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  415. I had an interview at a company where a former coworker works. He pushed approval for a brand new position since he is in need of much help. I went in for two interviews and was told after the second one that I should hear last week and did not. Up until now HR has been in good correspondence with me and this silence is worrying me. I emailed HR on Friday and called this past Monday and have not received a response. Should I be worried and should I contact this former coworker? I don’t want to risk ruffling any feathers by going behind HR but I do want to know what is going on.

  416. Hello,

    I had a phone interview with a company on march 08, 2011 they called me for a formal interview everything went well on march 28th they emailed me and wanted to go for a back ground check and references everything came out good on april 4th they wanted to verify my education since it was international they asked for my degree i am in touch with HR and they said that their manager is out of the country and they cannot take such decisions without him they are not giving me any kind of (yes/ No) situation so i can move forward any help or advise will be really appreciated since its bin almost a month after my back ground check and references are made .



  417. Hi Sam!

    First let me congratulate you on doing so well. And for managing to stay sane during the process. 😉

    From what you tell me, things do look hopeful, but at this point all you can do is stay in touch. You might ask if it’s ok to call weekly or would they prefer every two weeks – although I hope it won’t be that much longer!

    Meanwhile, hard as it is to think about other jobs, please find at least one or two new ones to apply to ASAP. I’ve heard amazing stories where, while waiting, a great offer popped up. Plus, it keeps you actively looking just in case.

    Best of luck, Sam. Please let us know what happens. Fingers crossed for you.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  418. Cheryl G says:

    So I have gone through the 2nd interview and found out that I am one of two finalists. Ok, 50/50 shot at the job. That was last Friday. I was told an offer would be made by this Friday (tomorrow). I received an email today – “additional step”. They need to do a background check now.

    What are my chances? Do they background check both finalists to help them decide or just the one the offer will be made to?

    • No guarantees of course, Cheryl, but your chances are very good. Especially considering they mentioned the word offer. Background checks are standard nowadays and, while some companies do checks on more than one person they are considering, most only check the one they really want. Assuming you have a clean background, you should hear something very soon, depending on how quickly they get the results. take some deep breaths, do your best to enjoy your weekend, and hopefully next week will bring the answer. PLEASE let us know. Best of luck, Cheryl!

  419. fingers crossed says:

    I had a second interview at this company and had to give a presentation. After it was over, the next day they emailed me and said they loved it and basically it was the best they saw all day! How exciting! So Im thinking, awesome I def got it. So I asked when they were looking to make a decision and they said, we are hoping to make a decision Monday, in the mean time I had to send them my referrals and fill out a form with basic info. Monday came and went and I heard nothing. I should also point out that they asked for all the forms to be sent by Mon morning for review. It is tues and my friends are pressuring me to email or call to follow up but I don’t want to be pushy. What if they had a busy day and couldn’t review everything? I have decided to wait to hear back, but then how long should I wait? Let me know what you think, thanks!!!!!

    • Hi fingers crossed!

      You did right waiting. If you’re the top candidate, they haven’t forgotten you. If it’s been a week since they told you you would hear, it’s ok to send a polite note asking if there is anything else they need from you. Hope you’ve heard something by now, but if not…good luck. My fingers are crossed too! 😉

  420. Waiting is hard! says:

    Wish I knew what was going on behind the scene. I had my first interview April 15th which I impressed the hiring manager so much he suggested I go for a higher level position that was available at their corporate office. I was flown to their corporate office for my second face-to-face interviews with 2VP’s, 2Directors, and 2HR personnel which included the recruiter who seems to be my biggest supporter. After my interviews, the recruiter gave me a relocation packet along with their company benefits and gave me a tour of the facilities. However, I am still awaiting an offer. As of yesterday, May 12th, I was told they were working on something for me that will involve relocation. However, the position needed approval. My question is should I be concerned. I’m not sure if telling me “they are working on something for me” was a confirmation of an indirect job offer. The recruiter has been very diligent in responding to my e-mails for the last two weeks. Next week will be the 3rd week since my 2nd interviews. I’m not sure whether to start preparing to relocate or just wait until I sign the papers for an offer. I love to know what to do. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Waiting is hard!

      First…congratulations on doing so well! You must have really wowed them to get suggested for that higher-level job.

      In know waiting is really hard, but from what you tell me, everything looks good…although, of course, I have no crystal ball. Putting together a package takes time. There are people who need to be contacted for input and sign-offs at all levels. In fact, since this was a different job you applied for (at their urging) and at a higher level (even more sign-offs), it’s hardly been much time at all considering everything.

      Since they’ve been so good at keeping in touch, my guess is you may hear from them this coming week. But, if you haven’t heard by say Thursday, it would be ok to send your main contact a brief e-mail asking of there is anything else they need from you, as I suggested to fingers crossed up above. From what you say…they are most definitely working on it whether you contact them or not. 😉

      As for whether to prepare to relocate…I wouldn’t make any commitments, but if it were me, I’d be doing my research and starting to investigate housing options/prices, neighborhoods, what it’s like to live there, etc. just in case. Of course, the company may also have resources to help you, but the more you know about your future home – assuming the offer comes through – the better.

      Good luck! Please let us know if/when you get final word of the offer. Looks very good even without that crystal ball.

      • Waiting is hard! says:

        It has now been almost 4 weeks since I last heard from the company’s internal recruiter. She has not responsed to any of my e-mails or phone messages. I am now wondering if what she told me was legitimate. She started off following up with interest and now nothing. I was preparing to relocate because she made it sound like the position should be approved in a reasonably amount of time. My question is should I reach out to the VP— I interviewed with?

      • I really don’t know what to advise you, Waiting. Too much I don’t know. These things can take a long time and sometimes too many calls and e-mails can turn a company off.

        If it were me, I might send the VP an e-mail asking if there is anything else you can provide (as I suggested above) and reaffirming your strong interest. But of course, this may be considered going above the head of the HR person and wind up looking negative.

        Whom did you connect with the most during the process? A short note to that person could be a risk, but maybe at this point you have nothing to lose. 😉 I am not in a position to tell you the right thing to do – only you can decide that. Trust your gut, but keep looking elsewhere! Good luck.

  421. I really don’t know what to think.
    I interviewed with a big publishing firm on Apr 13, 2011. I heard back from the company (after contacting them twice) after a month (mid May), asking me to come for a meeting with their Managing Director. I met him and the talk went well. Apparently, the fellow I interviewed with suggested my name for this new position. The MD was quite enthusiastic and went on about how this new project would be my baby etc etc. N I could have the other position but he would like me think about the new one. I wrote back (MD and HR person) to thank them for the interview and to say that I was definitely interested. My interview with the MD was on May 24 but haven’t heard back from the company yet.
    For my part, I am getting tired of waiting to hear from them. It seems very unprofessional! I was very surprised to hear back from them a second time, considering they contacted me after five weeks. I just don’t want to be sitting around for another five weeks to hear from them again!

  422. Correction- I interviewed with the MD on May 21, 2011– nearly three weeks ago.

    • Hi SG!

      I’m so sorry you’re stuck in the waiting game, but these things have their own timing. So many possible process elements, each one with its own timing and requirements. If it helps, this is totally within the “norm” especially considering a new position is in play.

      Have you tried calling? You certainly have been patient enough and a polite call asking where things stand – and if there is anything else they need from you – is appropriate at this point.

      I wish you the best of luck. Please let us know how it goes!

  423. Hello

    I recently interview for a union position at a local Hospital. I went through 4 interviews already, starting of with a phone interview, HR interview, interview with director of department and final interview with the same director.

    The entire process began beginning of May and I was very hopeful that I actually might get this job. Especially since they already talked about compensation, days of work, showed me the hospital and introduced me to many of the staff. From what i heard from friends, those are all signs that I will get the job.

    My last interview for the position was last friday and the director said that she will give me a decision by tuesday morning. I woke up nice and early Tuesday morning but nothing….. Now its thursday and I am very worried that I actually might not get this position.

    Also I sent thank you letters everytime I was interviewed but I am thinking about calling tomorrow to see what is up. But I am nervous that maybe that isn’t the best of idea….

    What do you think?

  424. Hi Christian!

    I understand why this was worrisome, but just know when a notification date is given very often it takes longer than they thought. Of course it might mean someone else got the offer and is deciding (you are probably one of the finalists), but it can also simply mean they haven’t finished putting together the full offer package and need more time.

    Try to hang in until next week if you can. If you haven’t heard by Tuesday, a call should be ok.

    Good luck!

  425. REMINDER: Although I wish I could answer each and every question, unfortunately that isn’t always possible. I will do my best, but please understand if I can’t.

    For more on this: ABOUT WORK COACH CAFE

  426. Hello! I got to this forum because of the keyword second interview. lol. I hope you can help me out here. I’m sorry for the long intro.

    They said nursing is a wonderful career because there are so many opportunities here in America. But because I lack the experience, it’s been one hard lesson after another. My first interview was in March and after that the employer asked me to finish my missing requirements so they could continue with my application. They even gave me the address to complete my requirements and told me to inform the company it was for pre hire. After submitting my requirements, I sent thank you letters and constantly followed up.

    Last week, they finally gave me a call and said that they were finally getting around to completing my requirements. They said I might start within the week and HR would just follow up on me. Well… it’s been a week and I dont know what to do! Should I give them another follow up call? Is it too pushy? I want the job, but I dont want to come off as desperate (which, after 6 months of unemployment, is very much true). I wish people wrote a book on etiquette for job interviews! Thank you!

    • I forgot to add. During my 2nd interview, it was the Nursing Director herself who called and she told me she was using her private cell number. Is that a good sign? Should I follow up on her cell or should I call her office instead? I think it’s more polite if I use her office number.

  427. Hi ruru!

    Congratulations on getting this far. Hope you have some good news soon. 😉

    These things almost always take longer than anyone thinks they will. At this point, I would probably give them until next week before calling her in the office. (You’re right about that.)

    Good luck!

    • Dont I know it! lol! Unemployment sucks! Especially when most of your friends are ahead of you and are happily spending their first salary and you’re left out feeling really bad for yourself. I know the trick is not to loose hope, but sometimes, your emotions become unmanageable! Thanks so much for your help! I’ll update when she finally calls! More power and god bless!

      • Hello Ronnie! I came back here to tell you that I finally got the job after almost 4 months of waiting! It just goes to show you that there really are moments like this when all you have to do is keep your chin up and hope for the best! Your forum really helped calm me down for the most part!

  428. Ginger Jin says:

    Hello Ronnie,

    I hope this message find you well.

    I am from Malaysia and found your website by google on the question of “what should i do after 2nd interview”. I would like to seek your advise. I have similar situation like VL from Taiwan has.

    I was called by a headhunter company said that they found my CV on Jobstreet which matched their client’s requirement. She will give my resume to her client and let her client called me. That was a Friday. On the next following week, Monday, the HR from that company called me for an interview. And the appointment was fixed on the coming Friday9:15am.

    On the interview day, I was there at 9:15am, met up with the HR, she briefed me about the company and interviewer that I am going to meet. About half an hour later, the interviewers came in to the room. There were 4 of them, a manger and 3 team leaders. They asked me all sort of questions and about my experience. I would said that the whole interviewing process was smooth. When it is almost came to an end, the manager told me that she likes the way I presented myself and told me that if I am shortlisted, will be called for 2nd interview and sit for an English assessment. But immediately after she walked out the room, she called the Chief Operation, her boss, to meet me for an interview. The 2nd interview was conducted by the Chief Operation who came from America, we have about 10 mins conversation. I saw he smile when I talked about their company value and I told them that I like that very much and that is a company that I am looking for. I believe that is a good sign.

    After second interview, I sat for the English assessment. About an hour later, I am done and left the company at about 12pm. The HR told me that they need some time to process before they confirmed who will be the candidate. So, I asked her when would be the date that possible to notify me. Next Friday? She said no, then week after? She said maybe.

    Well, the actual date that I went for an interview was on 17-Jun-11, and I asked her if that is possible for me to know on 24-Jun-11? She said no, then I asked maybe another week? She said maybe, so I give her a call on 27-Jun-11, today, but she said the process might take longer time. She ask me to wait but she couldn’t told me until when I should wait for, probably another 2 weeks or longer. At the same time, on 24-Jun-11, I saw this company advertise on Jobstreet the job that I applied for.

    I am wondering, am I still has the chance? Why are they advertise? Does it mean that those candidates that they interviewed before the advertisement date wasn’t meet their requirement?

    I really wish that I have this job. Could you give me some advise?

    Thank you.

    Warmest regards,

  429. Ginger Jin says:

    Dear Ronnie,

    Adding to my 1st message, I would like to ask should I applied the job that the company posted on Jobstreet last Friday, 24-Jun-11? That job is in fact what they were interviewed me for.

    I just would like to let them know how I like the job.

    Oh ya, I did send them thank you after the interview too. But I am not sure it this reach to the interviewer and I don’t have their email address. So I checked it out and send them a thank you note too?

    Thank you.

    Warmest regards,

    • Hi Ginger Jin!

      I love that you are so eager and want to do everything right. Sounds like you had a very good interview.

      But I also want to tell you something that I hope will help you in the future. While a thank you note to each person is a very nice thing (a handwritten one can be well-received) and a polite follow-up about two weeks later is totally fine, it can hurt your chances to keep calling and contacting them so much. And to keep asking them for a date as to when you will hear back can actually work against you. It may make you seem too pushy and desperate. It would have been ok to ask when YOU may call to check in, but now…let that need-to-know go. 😉 Maybe this will help for next time, just in case this doesn’t work out. (I hope it still does).

      It’s not unusual for a job to be reposted. It may mean they aren’t quite sure or they may just keep running it to see what they get. Of course it may mean they didn’t find the match they want, but no way to know for sure. At this point for your sake, less is more. Maybe one polite SHORT e-mail to the interviewer saying you are still interested and asking if there is anything else you can provide would be ok. But no mention of dates or anything else. OK? These things take time and you have to show you have patience.

      Meanwhile, please keep applying for other jobs. The best way to wait is to take action for yourself that may open up an even better opportunity than you can imagine.

      I wish you MUCH luck!

      • Ginger Jin says:

        Thanks Ronnie,

        Just like you said ” The best way to wait is to take action”, I thought the same too.

        Thank you.


      • My pleasure. 😉

      • Ginger Jin says:

        Hello Ronnie,

        I hope this message find you well.

        I wrote to you weeks back. Since then, I was waiting patiently for news from this company and at the same time, I looked for others job.

        There wasn’t any news from them at all, but I just wanted so much to get this job so I sent the HR Exec (who arranged an interview with me from the company) a mail on 17-Jul-11 (which was exactly a month after my 2nd interview with them) to check out if I am shortlisted. Well, the answer from her was that I am not their shortlisted candidates. I am disappointed but I still replied her politely and said : “I am sorry to hear that. But that was my pleasure to have the interview opportunity and get to learn about your company.

        I would like to still show my interest in your company and ask for another opportunity should there be any.”

        So, I thought the vacancies were filled.

        Well, after few days, which is today 25-Jul-11, out of curiosity, I just google about this company again, and I found out they re-post the same job on 17-Jul-11. Well, what I did was that, I applied the job again online.

        I would like to seek your advise, is that alright for me to write an email to the HR Exec to find out what in fact put me down from their list. I think I was doing quite well that day, well, for them, I might be not good enough, so I would like to know what was that “not good enough”.

        And after the interview, I was all the while, following up/in contact only with the HR Exec, should I write a mail to the Manager who interviewed me on that? I don’t have the manager’s email but I think I could just find out. If that a proper way?

        I am looking forward to your reply.

        Thanking you in advance.


      • Jin,

        Wow, you have been put through a great deal. Good for you that stayed positive in your response to the company. Yes, there is nothing wrong with seeing if the position has been re-posted and you can be considered as a candidate. Stay positive and polite and hope for the best!

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  430. The Work Coach Cafe Team

  431. I applied for a position at a Private Practice Office for two psychiatrists as a receptionist/office assistant. I had my 1st interview last Friday and my my second interview was on Monday of this week. I have not heard from them at all and is worrying me because they said that they needed someone ASAP because their current receptionist was leaving. I sent a thank you letter already and now I am just nervously and anxiously waiting. How long should I wait for the call before I lose all hope? I am a college student studying psychology, this job would have been the best opportunity for me to get some experience in the field. It is so difficult to find a similar position. I have looked everywhere to see if I can find a similar position but have found nothing.

  432. Hi. I interviewed for a job two weeks ago. They were phone interviews and they went really well. Two were on July 6th and one was on July 7th. The ones on the 6th were with the hiring manager and then a direct report. The one on the 7th was with another direct report. On Friday of that same week, the 8th, I received an email from the hiring manager that it was down to me and another candidate. He asked when I would be able to start if I was offered the job and for my references. On Wednesday of last week, the 13th, two of my references contacted me to tell me they had been contacted by the hiring manager. One of my references told me that the hiring manager said that things are looking very good for me. Very encouraging. Today is July 19th and I haven’t heard anything back from either the hiring manager or HR. How long should I give it before I contact the hiring manager to make in inquiry?

  433. Valencia says:

    Hello, I had my second job interview yesterday but im still nervous because the employer told me that they still had a couple more interviews and that she would call me but she said the interview went very very well. She smiled at me the whole time. I just really need a job would it be bad to call her so soon or should I wait.

    • Valencia,

      The employer may need to go through the process of interviewing certain candidates before making a final decision. If the employer said they have more interviews and will get back to you, waiting may be the best.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  434. Hello,

    I have a question. I went on two interviews for a position. The first interview went great and she set up my second interview right on the spot. The second interview went well too with the Director. The next day (Tuesday) I received a phone call from a lady in HR that wanted to know my previous salary. She said that she had to submit to the compensation department. It has not been two days and I have heard NOTHING. I am starting to panic. I really want this job and everything has been going well up until the last days when I have heard nothing at all.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Joe,

      Try to hang in there. Though you are anxious and excited sometimes it takes a while for a company to get answers internally and to make decisions. There is not too much you can do but wait. Hope you hear real soon!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  435. Dear Ronnie Ann,

    Let me share with you my (long) story and please let me know how you see this situation–

    I had my first interview for this “job of my dream” with the hiring line manager (a Dept head) on Jun 30th. During the interview, I felt that the dynamics were really good and I was really able to make a impression with the line manager.

    After the interview, my positive feelings were quickly confirmed as I was called on the following day for a 2nd interview, which was scheduled on the next business day. That time, I was to meet with the HR manager. While the HR manager did ask me a question regarding how I would be still capable of the role, despite, in her views, not having enough direct experience for the role, I felt that she was generally happy with how I did and the experience was positive overall.

    The HR manager then told me that if I was to be shortlisted, I should expect a call within that week (on or before Jul 9th that was; and the 4th was not a holiday in where I live.) for a final interview with the Regional Head. I then send her a thank-you note in email (I did not send one to the Dept Head since the company called me back so soon–before I finish thinking about how to write it! Yet my note to the HR included my thanks to the Dept Head as well). The HR manager did not reply to my note.

    And so I waited and waited… Until the 12th, when I finally accepted that I probably did not get the job, I decided to send them (both the Dept Head and the HR manager) a very nice letter thanking them for the interviews and politely asked them for feedback on what might be the areas that I did not do well enough–just as my own reference.

    Why I send the letter: I was a young Master degree graduate looking for my first entry level job in a new industry, and I felt the Dept Head would be willing to reply–he was an alumni from my college and he had shared some points on how fresh grad/entry level candidates should behave…etc.

    Then there came the surprise: I was emailed back by the HR manager and that she “clarifies” to me that she did not mention “within that week”. Instead, they were looking to give me a reply by Jul 19, two weeks after my 2nd interview.

    I then emailed her back to thank her for her clarification and tell her that I look forward to hearing from her.

    Then on the 19th, WITHOUT following up, I received an email from the HR manager that they still don’t have a conclusion yet and that she would give me an answer either on the 25th or 26th. I then thanked her for the update and said I look forward to that.

    I waited until 5pm on the 26th and I still hadn’t heard anything. Then I thought, why not be more proactive instead? I then picked up a phone and called the HR manager (their normal business was until 6:30pm in the afternoon). She told me that the business line had not give them a reply on their decision, and she was chasing them too. The Dept Head, whom I had interviewed with, had lots of meetings and a business trips recently. She then said she aimed to reply me on the following Friday (Jul 29 that was), but I could hear that she wasn’t so sure. She also asked me if I had any concern, and I said no, other than that I really that opportunity.

    On the 28th, I sent another email to the Dept Head, said I learned from HR that he had been out of town and he hasn’t decide on the candidates yet. I then reiterated my interest in his role and briefly recapped on my ability to help his team, also on how I appreciated his talking of “career building” during the interview and I was keen to develop my career with his company.

    He quickly replied me with a short email that thanked me for following up, explained that he was in the process of reviewing with the senior management, and that he hoped to give me a reply by “next week”. (Week of Aug 4th)

    I did not reply to that email. I felt that he would probably be too busy for another empty “thank you & look forward” email.

    So I waited and waited… And until today I still had not hear back from them. I felt that since I did not answer to the last email from the Dept Head, I could maybe wait a few more days until 2 full weeks had gone to send them 1 last email: that I appreciate their kind replies throughout this period (knowing that they are busy) and I just want to remind them and I am still available if they are still looking for someone.

    Yet honestly, I think I can no longer think anymore because this wait is driving me crazy!

    Please help me by sharing your thoughts on this. Do you think I am still in the running? What course of action do you suggest?

    Thank you very much!



  436. Btw, sorry if I had made more than a few typos on the above message. I am typing on my smartphone and couldn’t edit my message very efficiently.

    In addition, I actually did NOT apply for this role. I applied to another role within that company and was called to ask if I would be interested in this role as well. There were also no official job description/job ad/public job posting for the role I interviewed for, even when I asked the HR manager on my 2nd interview.

    • Erin,

      The typos are not a problem. Your case shows how many different factors come in play for the hiring process. It is hard to land your first job with a new degree. Good for you for being flexible, working with the interviewers, sending thank you notes and requesting feedback from them. Though you have been through many hurdles, the hiring schedule at the company does not always match the your schedule. Waiting is tough, even agonizing at times….hope it all works out great for you!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • The HR manager got back to me today saying that the position has been put on hold. 🙁

        I guess it is not much of a surprise after all given what’s on the financial news today–possible credit for the French Gov and financial institutions… And I am interviewing with a French bank…

      • Credit “downgrade”… I mean.

        And to be honest, this is the 3rd time I have had a position “put on hold”…

        Btw, my parents are skeptic and think the company just doesn’t want me and want to hire someone else by saying “the position is put on hold”. I can’t understand why a company would do that though.

        Dear Ronnie Ann, what is your view on that? How often would a company/headhunter use the “position is on hold” as an excuse for not considering a candidate?

      • Erin,

        Do not take a company putting a position or req on hold as a rejection of you as a candidate. It is very common for hiring to placed on hold as markets and business fluctuate. Hang in there for good news soon.

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  437. I was silently recruited for a position, indicated my interested and then submitted the application at the appropriate time. I waited for almost 4 months for a response and then I received a phone call interview which lasted for 45 minutes and contained an apology for the delay. I was scheduled for a face to face interview with 3 folks face to face and 2 on the phone. I thought I did extremely well. At the end of the interview, the lead person apologized again for the time it took for me to get here, said there was one other candidate but if I could just hang in with them, they would get back to me by the following Wednesday or so. It is only Friday now.

    I am planning to just WAIT. I believe that these inquiries about “do you need any more information” are pretty bogus. If you’re going to write something, ask politely what is happening, although I don’t think that’s helpful either due to the information on what can happen behind the scenes after an interview. Do you want to risk nagging them or showing your anxiety? Do you believe in yourself or not? If they want you, you will hear from them. There won’t be some little piece of information that you can supply that will grease the wheels. If they don’t want you, you will either hear from them eventually or never hear from them.

    And this stuff about sending thank you’s right after after the interview. I thoroughly thanked the committee as I was leaving. I let them know how much I appreciated their time. You need to use your judgement here. Maybe a letter would nice if there was a quick revolving door between candidates and you didn’t have a chance to give that personal thank you.

    Just my thoughts, folks. I’m sitting here shivering as well. Reading these other posts is comforting. I wanted to share my perspective ’cause I’m a little tired of this standard advice. Waiting is hard and we have to find a way to survive it.

    • Debbie – Thank you for your thoughts. We must say, four months to wait for an interview, wow!?!!? We always say that every situation is different, thank you for sharing.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Thanks for having a place to share. I found out the agency is going through a reorganization which is why they were and are so slow. I still maintain that contacting them every few weeks is more to comfort oneself than to advance one’s cause. I believe if someone is going to hire you, they will. All candidates are serious, especially if they go through an interview. It’s painful, absolutely but it’s also an opportunity to evolve: how to learn patience, how to let go of the need to control, how to be comfortable with who you are and that you’re putting out your best efforts, how to handle disappointment and find what’s important in life other than the job hunt… That kind of stuff. Again, just my 2 cents!

  438. Similar scenario here, I went through an initial interview and was nervous but got a great reception from HR. Came in for a second interview and did not hear back. I waited for almost 2 weeks and noticed paperwork from the background check and such were being mailed to me (which at least let me know I was a serious contender). I called HR to follow up and she said that they had filled the position through internal and external postings but that in another week they would be sure to start contacting more candidates and I could receive a call? I’m a bit confused, but decided to just resume my job search. I hope this particular company really does call me back, and she didn’t seem bothered by the call, she said it showed I was serious.

  439. Ima make this as easy as possible. Any thoughts will help! 🙂

    On the 16th of this month I had a highly successful interview with the
    [company name] manager in Elk Grove, CA. He said that the next person to
    Interview me was coming back from vacation on the 17th. I waited a full
    Week to call the manager I had a 2nd interview with and he told me to
    Hold tight and that he’s been busy opening the new location in Lodi, CA.
    He also reassured me that he handed him all my paperwork for him to give
    Me a call back. Being that he just came from vacation and is Opening a new location,
    Guess I’m just being impatient. Plus, they are closed on Sundays. Which means
    Today is the 8th official business day. Google said to wait at least 10 business days…
    Since the person that i had a 2nd interview with is going to be my direct manager, I’m
    Still confident that I have a great chance. It’s just that like the rest of us, I wish that I would
    Just get the call!

    Once again, any thoughts Would be highly appreciated

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Wok,

      Yes, it is tough to be patient but it seems like things are moving forward for you. We suggest that before you leave an interview to ask what the next steps are and when would be proper time to follow up with a call or e-mail. In general a two weeks is reasonable time unless the employer has indicated otherwise.

      Good luck!

  440. Thank you so much! I’ll keep that in mind for
    Future interviews. But hopefully there won’t be
    Any! Thanks again Work Coach Cafe 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone

  441. Hi,
    I am facing the same situation here. I’ve gone through 2nd round of interview and to me, it went pretty well. I followed up with thank you note. However, it’s been a week since I sent the thank you note and I’ve yet to hear anything. During the 2nd interview I was told that I was one of the shortlisted candidate. I logged on to the job application website and noticed that the job status is now “No longer accepting job submission”. The job was advertised since July this year and right after my interview, it is now closed. I am really curious as to whether I will get an offer soon or they’ve already found the right candidate?

    • I have the same problem: contacted after I sent in my cv for a specific position,told that tha position was filled already but I was fitting another one still active, got phone interview and on site second interview. The interviews were simply perfect this once and I even felt the famous “click” between me and the prospective employer. I was given a clear deadline after which they should have offered me the job, but that date expired and they’re simply silent (don’t even reply to my emails). This is so rude and unprofessional, that I am starting to feel hassled.

      • Hi Jenny,

        I hate to say this to you, but I think it’s probably time to move on – after you make one more try via the phone (email can easily go astray).

        You might want to call to see what happened to the job, because email does go astray sometimes. After you tell them your name, remind them who you are – the job you applied for, when and who you interviewed with (both times), and – if possible – something memorable about you (school you attended, former employer, etc.). Then, ask for the status of this job. If it hasn’t been filled, ask about the next steps in the process.

        If the job has been filled – and you still are interested in working there – send them a thank you for considering you and for showing your around the place. Then, tell them to keep you in mind for next time. If you are available at that point, you would probably be interested.

        If you can’t get through by phone, it may be time to give up. Either their are too mired in their process to get back to you, or it has been filled, in spite of the “click” you felt.

        Good luck!

      • Hi,

        I have a question, I just had two interviews yesterday, with two different companies company A said their training will start until june and company B said their training will start april 30th … With that said, my first choice is company A, but not sure if I should email them and check if I got the job.. The last thing I want is to go with company B and then get a call from the other company…I don’t know what to do!?! Please advice..

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Isabel,

        If you interviewed with two companies, wait until you get an offer before you take yourself out of consideration for any job. If you get a job offer from your first choice company, call the second choice company to follow-up — ask what your status is, and then let them know that you have another offer and need to let them know by _______ date.

        You may want wait to see if you got that second offer before you accept the other one — sometimes the salary or benefit options can be much better at one employer than another.

        Good luck!


  442. Hi,

    I’m having a tricky time trying to work out what to do. I have had a second interview for a high level position mid way through last week and I thought the interview went very well. I have also been offered another role for which I needed to accept or decline by the end of last week. In the second interview it was understood (as HR had told the interviewer of my prospective offer) that I would need to be contacted by the close of business on Friday if they wanted to proceed with my application. The interviewer said that she was going to do her best but that there were a number of annual meetings being held over the following few days and that it may be difficult to get all those needed in the decision making process together. I was contacted by the close of the week to be told that they were unable to come back to me as they had not gotten together as yet. I put off the other job offer until this week as I would much prefer the job I am waiting to hear back on. It is now a week from the second interview and i have heard nothing. Knowing that I have another job in the wings I would have thought may have encouraged them to get back to me sooner but it would seem not. I am not sure whether to keep waiting at the risk of annoying or potentially losing out on a position or simply let it go and accept the other offer even though it is less desirable. I cannot work out whether the interview went as well as I thought it had …. on reflection perhaps it didn’t. Should I contact them again or simply leave it be ?

    • James,

      If you feel you have a good relationship with the HR contact, you may want to have a frank conversation explaining your situation and asking for direct feedback on the chances for this job coming through. If you are honest with the employer hopefully they will be honest with you. Please remember, it may be unfortunate but the timeline of the hiring process of the employer may not match the timeline you need. Good luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

    • I am an experienced professional who has spent the last 2 years interviewing. I would like to save you needless pain and heartache. You are a very lucky person. You have an actual job offer. Accept the job you were offered on the date you said you would give your decision. Call the other job and tell them exactly what you are going to do, that you understand their situation and even sympathize but you have had to move ahead on yours. If they want you, they will convene a special meeting any way they can. It is a waste of time to have a discussion with the HR contact. The HR person often has NO control over these things.

      Please take this seriously. I have recently found a job (finally!) and I truly truly feel your pain. Don’t lose the job in hand.

  443. Hi,

    I’m in sort of a similar situation and am not sure what to do. I interviewed for a job a few weeks ago, and had a second interview on Nov. 24th. The second intervew went really well, I met with everyone I would be working with, and was there for about 2.5 hours. The hiring manager told me it was between myself and one other candidate, who had come in earlier that day for her second interview. I did a test with HR, and the HR rep said it would take 3-5 business days to run a background check, so he said I should get a call by the end of the following week. Unfortunately, I never specifically asked the hiring manager when he would let me know their decision.

    I sent a thank you/follow up email that evening, just thanking them for their time, and clarifying one question they had, and now I’ve been waiting. Since my interview was on the Wednesday before thanksgiving, I figured the background check timeline may have been thrown off a bit, so I have been waiting patiently. Now it has been ten days since the interview, and I haven’t heard anything back. Is it too soon to ask about their decision? What should I say in the email? Would it be annoying to email the hiring manager and ask when they would be making their decision, since I never technically asked him?

    I am mostly concerned because I am now out of a job, and this job opportunity is in a new field for me. I really really want this job, so I am hesitant to apply for other jobs in my current field as a nanny because I know I could get one of these jobs very easily, but I’d really like the new job(it pays a lot more and is more secure).

    Any advice would be very appreciated!


    • Try to move on. You may be selected and you may not. It is very difficult to feel that such things are so outside your control. But they are. No matter what happens, try not to let it affect your belief in yourself. And don’t ever get trapped into thinking that this job is the be all and end all and your life will be ruined if you don’t get it. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that.

    • Kelly,

      Best of luck in this time anxious time looking for a job. You may want to wait a few more days to hear back from the employer. If you don;t hear within a couple days you may want to call or send a quick e-mail checking on the status. Don’t take the follow up as an opportunity to clarify answers, just express your desire for the position and check on the progress.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  444. Had first interview on Wednesday, Dec 14, 2011. The second interview was on Friday, Jan 6, 2012. I sent thank you notes for each round of interviews and telephoned on Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012 to see if they made a final decision. I was told that she had been out of the office for a few days and I would hear from her by the end of the week. Needless to say I didn’t hear anything. Should I call again or move on?

    • Hi Allie,

      If she had been out of the office for a few days, she probably has many things to catch up on, and filling this job is not her highest priority yet. If you haven’t heard by Tuesday, I’d check in again.

      I concur with Debbie and your own instinct. Maybe this will work out for you, and maybe it won’t. But, continue looking so if you don’t get an answer you won’t have lost much time.

      Good luck!

  445. Check in with them but in your mind, MOVE ON. You will only cause yourself pain by hanging on emotionally. I know. It took me almost 2 years to get hired. When they wanted me, I knew it and they knew it and it happened. Without pain. Best of luck to you. Persevere in general, you will get employed.

  446. So, here’s my issue…

    I was actually scouted by a manager from a large retail clothing store who found me working at my current job that is full time. She asked me to come in and interview, so I did…needless to say the first interview went well. They got me into a second interview within two days when the store manager was available. I interviewed with her and I asked her if I would be a good fit. She said I was a perfect candidate and she even wanted to consider me as a assistant manager if there was an opening for it. The position was not a full time position but the store manager told me she was willing to work and get me my current salary along with close to full time hours, she even said that she would try to get me the benefits…I would be leaving my current job for this one because of the many opportunities involved with it. She really liked me and said that the HR manager was off the next day but to expect a call around Thursday…well, Thursday came and went and so did today, Friday…the job listing is now removed from the website…should I give them a call? Or should I continue to just keep waiting?
    Advice please?


    • Hi Lawren,

      My guess is that it really is a part-time job, and that the store manager was unable to get you nearly full-time hours, benefits, and the other things she mentioned because it really is a part-time job..

      If you have an email address for the store manager, send her an email. Thank her for her interest and time. Tell her you enjoyed meeting her, and would be happy to talk with her again in the future. If you don’t have an email address, you could call and say the same thing.

      I would stay in touch, but definitely not give up my current job. Perhaps a genuine full-time job will develop soon at this store, or perhaps, develop at another branch of it, if it is a chain..

      Good luck!

  447. It’s hard to believe but 6+ months after I left my comments here about being “stuck in the waiting game”, I was FINALLY called back by the company for an interview yesterday. Let’s hope this time it would be smooth…

  448. Drew0819 says:

    I was interviewed 2x in this company and after 2 weeks i followed up with the status of the position, they say that the position is still under the approval of higher management, i gave a word to them i could wait for another two weeks and they sounded happy about it. I cheked again with them aftr a week of any progress but said it was still on the same status but said that after a week i should expect a call. A week have passed and havent heard of them still. Im worried Im not getting the job. I hope they should say something.

    • Hi Drew0819,

      Since it has been a week since your last contact and since this is the last week before that 2 weeks you could wait is over (yes?), I would contact them again to see what the status of the job is.

      In the future, I recommend being very careful about giving employers deadlines that aren’t real. A “real” deadline is when you have another offer that you need to accept or reject by a specific date. Wanting an offer within 2 weeks is not a real deadline because you’ll still be available after those 2 weeks are over.

      A job seeker’s deadline won’t often motivate an employer to hurry through their process (whatever it is), and the job seeker can end up with a little “egg on their face” if they are still interested and available after the deadline has passed. That may be the situation you have here, if I understood your narrative correctly.

      I hope this works out for you!

      Good luck!

  449. Hi Susan, thank you for your reply, really appreciate it!i forgot to mention that 1 week after the 2nd interview i made my first follow up call because during the 2 nd interview which was actually not an actual interview, it was seeing the workplace and introducing me to some staff i would be dealing with “if i will be hired” . He mentioned during that time that if i have questions i may just want to phone them. So last week that was the 2nd time i made the follow up call and told me to expect a call early this week. I was thinking it would be too much to made a 3rd follow up call. I really wanted the job :((

  450. I had my second interview with an out of state company about ten days ago. The first interview was about one month before the second. The company covered air fare for my trip to the second interview. I felt both interviews went well. After the second interview, They told me they would interview another candidate, and then late of same day I was asked for references. Last week, my references informed me they have been contacted by HR people. Is this a good sign or just a typical hiring procedure? Should I follow up with them if I have not heard from them after another week?



    • Hi Bob,

      I concur with Debbie, below. Checking references is a very good sign that you are one of the finalists. You might not be THE finalist (yet), but you are certainly in the running. Hope this works out for you!

      Good luck!

      • Well, after having not heard from the company for over 3 weeks after my second interview, I followed up with one of the interviewers for status. She said the core hiring team has not been able to get together and officially to take next steps in bringing me on board. They will meet next week and I should hear from them soon.
        Does this mean they have decided to offer me the job, or at least very close?



      • Hi Bob,

        It sounds like you are one of the candidates who made it past the first cut, at least. It’s hard to tell what the next steps will be. Probably more interviews and reference checks.

        Good luck!

      • A week later after my follow-up, I got a call from corporate HR director. She said she had received my information from hiring branch office and asked my salary expectation. I responded her with my past salary range. After explaining to me some company benefits, she said she would put things together and send to me the following week. To me it sounded like a formal offer package coming soon.
        I did not receive anything for almost two weeks. Then I contacted the person who interviewed me at branch office. She emailed me back with information of company benefit. She said no decision has been made because they are interviewing one additional candidate. The decision should be made before end of May (a month from now). She told me I am still in the running and thanked me for the time I have invested so far.
        At this moment, I don’t feel confident on this and hopefully she is telling me the truth. Should I continue to follow up with them for the status?

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Bob,

        I would not give up on the job; quite possible there’s an internal discussion on salary, rate of pay, etc. It does sound like they are still interested in you — and that perhaps communication isn’t always seamless between corporate HR and the branch office. I’d follow-up again in two weeks just to let them know you remain interested. As always, I recommend you continue your search in the interim as well.

        Best of luck to you and please keep us posted on your progress.

        Good luck,

      • Well, after a long wait, I followed up again with the hiring manager. She said they have finally completed reviewing all application and are close to making a decision. She wants to connect with me via phone before this weekend.

        Any idea what does this mean? Does this mean I am still under the consideration pending the outcomes of this phone conversation?

        Thanks for your input,


      • chandlee says:


        As I have no idea what the hiring manager wants to discuss, I don’t know what this means. What I can say is that it’s likely you remain under consideration — and even if you don’t — you made a strong impression.

        It’s rare that a hiring manager wants to speak with you in person if they aren’t interested or don’t like you.

        Good luck,

      • The hiring manager called me and she began the conversation with offering me the job ! I felt great and so relied after a long job searching process.

        The offered package is very much what I have expected. However, when I searched online for general industrial standard salary scale for similiar position in that area, the base salary offered is somewhere in the low 25%. Of course, I don’t know if this information aligns with this company’s payscale. So, should I negotiate for a little bit more salary without jeopardizing this job offer?


      • chandlee says:


        Often salary is very much dependent on where you live and the nature of the job where you are interviewing. I recommend you negotiate carefully as it sounds like you still want to work in the job! Here are some resources on salary recommended on our sister site,

        One way to navigate the salary is to find out whether they will give you the opportunity for an early review or evaluation — and tie that to a raise. I’ve found over the course of my career — that often it’s not the starting salary that matters but the opportunity for advancement later on.

        Good luck with your negotiation.

        All the Best,

  451. Now that is a very good sign, from a person (me) who is very skeptical. Usually checking references is the last step to making an offer. Good luck!

  452. Hi,

    I am in a similar position. I had a telephone interview on 28th February and was called back and had the 2nd interview on 6th March. The first interview I felt went very well, but the 2nd interview, although I didn’t think it went as well as the first, it did go reasonably well. I followed up with a thank you note on the same day of both interviews and after the 2nd interview I followed up after one week. The HR department advised that they had no made a decision, as they were stil inthe interview process and that they would let me know as soon as a decision was made. In the meantime, I noticed that they re-advertised the job on their website and online, as well as with agencies, and several agencies called me to put me forward for the role, one even advised that the Company had advised them that they had interviewed 3 external candidates all of whom were unsuccessful. I decided to give up on that one and continued my job search, and then I got an email from them today, apologising for the delay in any final decision, and saying that they now have internal candidates that have come forward and should have a final decision for me by Friday of this week!

    I am not sure how to take this and needless to say it’s driving me insane. I still do feel optimistic as I don’t see what they would gain by jus keeping me hanging on, although I do feel they are not saying no just yet, just in case they don’ find someone! I know i’s impossible to really know what’s going on behind the scenes, but any comment, suggestions on your take on the situation would be greatly.


    • Hi Tricia,

      The thing they have to gain is to keep you from accepting a job offer from someone else IF they decide they want to hire you at the end of the week. So, they have reached out to see if you are still available and to, they hope, keep you available. In dating (in the old days), we’d call this “stringing someone along.”

      However, they went to the effort to get back in touch and to keep you on the “string.” And, those ARE good signs!

      HOWEVER, you have NO guarantee of a job offer at the end of this process! You could be applicant # 1 (of 5) or applicant # 5 (of 5). Hard to tell.

      The fact that they re-posted the job so extensively indicates that no candidate (internal or external) “nailed it” in the first round – they didn’t find their “ideal” candidate then. Perhaps now they are deciding that the ideal candidate isn’t out there, so they will take the best candidate they can find – a rational decision.

      You are definitely under consideration, but I think you were absolutely correct to go forward in your job search looking for other jobs.

      Do as you did before – continue with your job search now, if only to keep from wasting time wondering what will happen here.

      Good luck!

  453. Is it more appropriate to send an email thank you for the second interview or one by mail?

    • Hi Cristy,

      Well, it kind of depends…

      My concern is that email does not always get through – it can be stopped by spam filters, typos, and technical issues. So, “snail mail” is more reliable.

      But snail mail may sometimes be viewed as “too old school” by hip, high tech kinds of place (like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, I suspect). On the other hand, I know some very formal businesses (think Boston law firm) where email may be considered “too informal.”

      If you got a sense of the corporate culture, follow your instinct.

      Wish I had a better answer!

      Good luck!

  454. Hi,
    I am 63 and was laid off almost two years ago. I had a sick family member I was caring for and now I need to return to work. I do get interviews, and I take good care of my attitude and appearance and I am prompt for all my interviews. I had a second interview and in total spent 5 hours at one job site, I spoke to the HR person who told me she would get back to me and I never heard from her.
    Most of the interviews I go on I also have phone interviews. To be honest, I think I sound young on the phone and I really think my age is a problem.
    I kept my latest employer on my resume to read to Present. I am afraid if I take that off my resume and put an ending date I will never get an interview.
    I just tell them I didn’t update my resume. What is your opinion on putting an ending date?
    My last interview was last week, I feel like I am being interrogated instead of interviewed, I never had this feeling before. I haven’t hear from this employer either.
    I am getting so frustrated.
    I appreciate any advise you can give me.

    • Hi Mary,

      I don’t think it’s a good idea to be untruthful on your resume. It’s easy for a potential employer to verify that you do – or do NOT – work at that previous job, and then the opportunity is probably lost for you when it turns out not to be true.

      Since you were caring for a sick family member, put that on your resume. You can still emphasize the accomplishments you had at your last employer, but your resume will have the correct dates for that job.

      Good luck!

  455. Thank you Susan for the advise. I’m happy to report I got the position!!

  456. Hi,

    I had a job interview last friday April 20th and I feel that it went very well. After discussing my qualifications and fit for the position I was told about the job, benefits, introduced to the office manager and other staff, and was asked my salary range and when I would be availale to start working. I thought this was a positve sign and I felt like I was going to be hired. At the end of the interivew I asked when they were planning to make a decision to fill the position. I was told that I will be called the following Friday to schedule a second interview becasue they have others to interview and they don’t want to make the same mistake of hiring the first person they like. They told me that the person hired for this position a few months ago isn’t working out and they hired them on the spot.

    I sent a thank you email after the interview but I’m not sure if it was received becasue the interviewing manager didn’t give me a business card. I researched online to get what I hope is the correct email address. Well, Friday has come and gone without a call from the company to schedule a second interview and i didn’t get a reply to my email.

    Should I follow up with a phone call Monday or give it a few more days. I am just so confused because I left there feeling like I was the candidate. I don’t want to appear desperate but I really do want this job.


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Cindy,

      I recommend calling on Tuesday or Wednesday and checking in. Don’t leave a voice mail, make sure you talk to a real person and find out what’s happening.

      Employers often share details of “what it’s like to work here” with all candidates as part of the process. This isn’t done to lead you on, but to help them expedite the process of hiring someone — because you get to pick where you work just as much as they get to pick who they want to work with.

      They want to know the people they hire are interested in working with them. It sounds like they know you are interested in them, they are interested in you, but they have a process to follow — and that process involves talking to multiple candidates.

      In the interim, I recommend staying positive, continuing your job search, and remembering — hiring processes often take a while inside companies. It’s not always on schedule process as people think. Meetings come up, customer deadlines change and they all have other work to do as they hire.

      Good luck on your search and keep us posted.


      • I called today to follow up but I could not get through to the manager that I interviewed with. My only opton was to leave a voice mail message. They have not returned my call as of yet. What bothers me is that they don’t have the common courtesy to respond by either calling or emaiing the status of the position. Very frustrating!

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Cindy,

        I know the process is frustrating, but keep in mind that employers have a very limited vocabulary they can use in the midst of a job search. In most companies, there are policies to communicate in a neutral tone of voice about hiring decisions until a job offer is extended and accepted.

        This is the way it works at many hiring organizations, don’t take it personally…remember, most people are working full-time in addition to hiring — they need to hire, because there is so much work.

        Good luck!


  457. I interviewed for an internship the first of March and had a second interview the last of March. In the second interview I spoke with HR and the hiring manager for the department I’d be working in. I was given the job description, salary, and relocation benefits. The next day after the second interview, HR called and wanted me to fill out a another internship application – a revised one. I did and emailed a thank you. I was told they’d be wrapping things up in about a week (not sure what that meant). A little over a week passed and I followed up with an email. I was told they were checking my references and I should hear back soon. The same week, HR requested a third reference and my official transcript. I followed up to make sure they received the transcript and was told they had received it and they should be able to make an offer on Monday, which is today and I have not heard from them as of yet . My question is does that sound like they want to offer me the job, or still considering others? I’m, confused.

    • chandlee says:


      With any search, the only time that you can be certain they will offer you a job — is when they actually do. That said, they’ve certainly followed up with you a number of times and it sounds positive.

      Employers very frequently have a day or two delay between when they intend to offer a job — and when they are actually able to. So I wouldn’t push any alarm bells yet. If you haven’t heard from them by week’s end, you can follow up again — and if you get another internship offer in the interim, let them know you have another offer that you also need to consider.

      Good luck with all of it.


  458. Hello. I interviewed last Friday (5/11/12) for a position with a non-profit. I know the director with whom I was interviewing from a different company where we both worked; it went well and she told me I was “competitive” with the other candidates. She said that she had final interview to conduct on Tuesday (yesterday) and would be calling folks with her decision that day. It’s now Wednesday at 11 a.m. and I haven’t heard anything. Is this as horrible a sign as I am making it out to be? I was considering sending a friendly follow up (I already sent a thank you email as well after the interview) and thought that following up this soon might be okay because I know the hiring manager personally. Do you think I should send this email today, or wait until tomorrow, when they have had a bit more time. Thanks… I’m super stressed because I really want this job, and I really don’t want another “thanks, but no thanks” letter in my mailbox. Job hunting can really be depressing…

    • chandlee says:


      I know it kills you, but I’d wait until Friday if you can stand it. Hiring nearly always takes longer than we think — especially as generally hiring managers and Directors still need to get approval before they can extend an offer.

      Yes, job hunting can be depressing but I recommend you keep going and don’t give up.

      Good luck to you.

      All the Best,

  459. Jessica says:

    Hi, I just had my second interview and basically, they said they were going to do a backround check and call my old job, I didn’t leave on the best of terms there and I seemed honest about that, they told me I would get a yes or a no by at least tuesday, what should I do now? How do I increase my chances of being hired?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Make sure to send them a thank you note and reiterate your interest in the job. If you have a colleague at the former position who can vouch for you and speak to the positive nature of the work that you did, ask that person if they will also serve as a reference and provide your contact information.

      Good luck.

      All the Best,

  460. Ibrahim says:

    I have completed a phone screen, 1st interview and 2nd interview with a major automotive firm for a IT Project Manager position. After each interview I immediately received a positive feedback from the HR rep saying there was strong interest.
    After the last (2nd) interview the HR rep contacted me the next day letting me know that the interest was strong and that they would begin the background check. She said it would last 1-2 days. I heard nothing for 4 days when she contacted me saying the background check had been completed and now they were ready to present an offer. She said the offer package would be written up and need approval. For this she said it would take 1-2 days. 2 days have passed since then and still no call or email.

    Q: Is the company intentionally delaying giving them time to interview other people?
    Q: What is the chance I will get an offer?
    Q: Should I call or email and ask if the offer is coming?
    Q: Should I assume that they will not contact me until or after they have found someone else?


    • chandlee says:


      Be patient. It often takes more than two days. If they have verbally extended a potential offer, you will likely get one. I recommend you sit tight — as hard as it is — and follow up end of the week if you have not heard more.

      Following up more at this point may make you look desperate. Give them more than 48 hours –as hard as it is — wait at least another 48 until you follow-up.

      Good luck, the news sounds promising.


  461. I had my first interview on wednesday may 30th and received a call that same week on friday june 1 to come in for a second interview which was on wednesday june 6th. Both interviews went well, and could tell that the HR manager really liked me and felt that I could do the job. During the second interview I was told that this position needs to be filled asap and that they would have their decision by the end of the week. I was expecting a call that friday but received nothing so on monday i decided to call to see if she made her decision, and she informed that she was out sick thursday and friday but is in the process right then on making a decision and would be making her calls the next day which would be tuesday. So hearing that I figured that I would be hearing from her on tuesdayto find out if i got it or not but i received no call. Now its wednesday and still nothing. What I want to know is, should I follow up again? and if so when?

    • chandlee says:


      You’ve followed up enough. As I’ve said before, it often takes longer than people think. Hold tight and — in the interim — distract yourself by applying for other jobs, too!

      Good luck and all the best,

  462. Deborah says:

    Getting the right job can be like finding the right partner — you both know when it’s right. Having an interview team complicates the picture and so does bureaucracy. But I have to say that I’ve found in my experience that if a hiring person or agency says they will call you Monday or whenever and they don’t, lick your wounds and move on, both in your mind and in your actions. If they want you then they will call anyway. Sometimes I wonder if the reason for this widespread lack of consideration for the job candidate occurs because we are so willing to put up with it. We are advised over and over to follow up, keep calling, accept whatever we hear. We are encouraged to go overboard with our entreaties. Anyway, my two cents is to do your best, treat yourself with dignity. The minute you feel you are getting the run around go to the next interview. I hope this helps.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for providing your perspective. I think you’re right about the job search being like finding the right partner.

      I also think that it often takes much longer for plans to be made than we think it will.

      There are a lot of initiatives that employers are now taking to treat candidates better — there’s actually now an annual award called The Candidate Experience Awards which recognizes employers who treat candidates well regardless of whether they’ve gotten the job or not.

      I agree that treating yourself with dignity and doing your best is critical to personal and professional success.

      Thanks for weighing in.


  463. Dear Work Coach,

    I have appear in 3rd Interview With Vice President and Member of Board of Directors, The Interview was Really good, we have talked about lots of things and different topics. In windup comments he has used such phrases that assures me that I have been selected for the said post. He told me that he don’t want to wait me more and he will get back to me by the evening or next day. By the evening I have sent him a thank you letter. I have waited for two days and didn’t hear from them, Then decided to followup. When I call to HR (two days back), They told me that the interviewer is on Business tour and will be back after week, I told her that I am running out of time because my Visa is going to Expire, She assure me that she will follow up the interviewer and get back to me ASAP. I have followed up two days back, What should I do, Follow up or Wait, and If follow up then by Email or Call. Please guide me.


    • chandlee says:


      I’m afraid it sounds like you’ve done all you can do in terms of following up.

      If you are a university student or recent graduate, the best thing to do would be to seek advice from your career or international student office — they may be able to help you find a temporary position that would enable you to remain in the country until an offer comes through.

      Unfortunately, most companies follow-up on their own timeline not on yours.

      Good luck and keep us posted.


  464. CocoaLady says:

    Hi! I recently interviewed for a position with a local company. I did a test on the computer and passed with flying colors. I was then invited for an in-person interview. That went great as well. So from there I was invited to participate in the 3rd phase of the hiring process, which was an all day job shadow. I toured all the different departments and was given the opportunity to excercise what I was shown. In each department, I excelled at the task at hand. All of the employees were great and interacted with me well. I followed up after that phase and was told that they were still interviewing all the way into this week. I have not followed up since last week and was told that they would keep me posted. Should I follow up again or just sit and wait. And how long do I wait before responding again?

    • chandlee says:


      I’d give it another week. It often takes companies longer to work through their own processes than you would think.

      All the Best,

  465. Love this website–I’m stuck in the waiting game after a second interview that felt good…but as time creeps on you completely second guess yourself.

    For me, my confidence is teetering on the length of second interview…she cut the allotted 30 minutes short to fifteen minutes, but not in a bored way, she was very friendly and chatty…asked no tough questions. It was also the Executive Director, and she herself began by saying “Well, obviously I know you can do the job, if we’re talking, so this is just to tell me about yourself” I did so, kept it friendly and positive…she gave me her card too, and said contact her at any time.

    I’m overthinking no doubt, but just wondering how many others would be at that stage (the first interviews were hour long with 2 interviewers) and also there was role to fit testing to even get to that stage. Is shortened talk good or bad?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Mark,

      I have no way of knowing why she shortened the interview — more than likely she had other pressing issues at the time as well.

      I recommend you follow up with the company directly, express your continued interest in the job and ask if they need any additional information regarding your application and references.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Thanks Chandlee,

        I have just done that follow-up, so I suppose I will prompt a response. Yes, all signs were pointing yes, so a delay is always worrying. My earlier interviewers (a sign they like me) even went so far as to offer general advice to me on the second interview–said don’t be intimidated etc…But second interview was completely relaxed…too relaxed!

      • chandlee says:


        Delays happen for all kind of reasons — many of which have nothing to do with candidates — and everything to do with summer vacations this time of year.

        Good luck and please let us know the outcome.


      • Still waiting, but was given thanks for “following up” and told process is on hold because not all candidates had a chance for second interview with Exec Director before she went away on business.

        As more encouragement though, I found out my lead reference had already spoken to the Exec Director BEFORE my own second interview, with the exec even telling my reference I had impressed her team, and she planned to meet me…This might explain why she was so relaxed and just had me talk about my background in a casual, short chat

        However, the wait goes on…It’s turned into a 6 week process. I suppose at the Corporate level, strict procedures have to be seen through, even if her “team” wants to just hire me…Hope I made a lasting impression though!

      • chandlee says:


        Thanks for the update and keep us posted!


  466. This website has been keeping me sane.

    I have a preliminary interview with HR for a well known company in the entertainment industry for a talent coordinator position. I nailed it! They set up the next interview while I was still on the phone.

    Then I had a first interview with my would-be boss. I nailed it again. She explained that she needed to contact a few more candidates but that she wanted to set up a follow up interview. They set it up with me via email the next day for the following week.

    I had the second interview. She explained that at this point she had cancelled her other interviews, and that she wanted two other individuals who are her boss and the technical equivalent to her, to be present to speak with me so that she could hire me. I was elated! She explained that they must be busy and that they would call me during the week, but did not specify a day or time.

    I hadn’t heard anything. I called on Thursday and left a voice mail to followup and to wish her and everyone well as the area had been flooded the day prior.

    I still have not heard anything from anyone. Should I call this Wednesday? Send an email to HR? Or let it go? I really want this job, and I am nervous that I messed something up and have now blown my chances. I am also anxious because I’d be moving my family across the county. Please let me know what you think, I believe your advice is invaluable.

    • chandlee says:


      What you have experienced is — unfortunately, a common experience. Interviewing is like a rapid fire courtship with a deadline to propose — often behind the scenes there are invisible complications to the process.

      If the area has had a flood, chances are good they are a bit behind. They have also told you that they are running behind. I recommend you give it three more business days, then call and see if you can speak with them directly. Do not leave a message or send an e-mail as it sounds like only a real sense of what is going on will bring clarity to you.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • I tried to call again today. No answer. I did leave a voice mail asking when I might hear back as to the next step and acknowledging they are busy. I am not sure I will ever get her on the phone again.

        I received a phone call yesterday asking to apply for a different job at a company that is currently a client of mine. They want to hire me on full-time. I’m not nearly as interested as I would be working for the “radio silence” company. I do not want it to seem as if I’m putting undue pressure on the hiring manager at “radio silence”, and I know that this client’s hiring process is extremely long and drawn out, but I would be hired if I were to apply. Is this something I should be mentioning to “radio silence”? At what point to I just move on?

      • In other circumstances, continued contact with “radio silence” would risk you appearing too desperate or pushy (especially if the flood was a considerable event that hit their office)…however, your new opportunity will soon warrant you cause to give another push in the form of: “I am still very much interested in the (x) opportunity…just so I can move forward to …wondering if my not hearing back is an indication that I am no longer a candidate…”

        That is my opinion. I would wait until after this weekend, and then you would have right to do that

      • chandlee says:

        It’s your call, Marnie. One thing I recommend is to pay attention to how organizations treat you during the hiring process. If they give your radio silence as an applicant you may also receive that as an employee — not an ideal situation always, from my perspective.

        Good luck,

  467. Christine says:

    Love this website! I’m in a similar situation. I interviewed with a company on Tuesday, July 24th and emailed my thank you follow ups on Wednesday. When the interview ended, the HR contact told me she would speak with the team and let me know their feedback. It is now Wednesday, August 1st and I have yet to receive a response from HR.

    What is the average amount of time that companies take to make a decision? I work in advertising (the agency side) and this interview was with a relatively large company. I’m slightly concerned because they haven