How to Answer a Question About Being Interested in Two Different Jobs

Dear Work Coach,

First, thanks a lot for your web page that I find very interesting. I have a question that is a kind of urgent because my interview will be next Monday and I have thought about it but can’t really find a proper answer.

The problem is that I already applied to a position in that company 4 months ago. The positions are in the same sector/department but the jobs are quite different, as one is in finance and the other is an IT/finance mixed position.

What can I answer if they asked me why I do I say that I am so interested in the new one when I just applied to the other one only 4 months ago?

Thanks a lot



Hi Miguel!

Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

There’s really no conflict. As someone with an MBA in Finance who has worked extensively in IT, the two interests can easily be found in the same person. In fact, it’s an asset.

if this most recent one is the mixed one, then you can simply say you have a strong interest in both areas and are especially excited that one job combines both fields. They need good people in information technology who understand and like finance – so this is only a plus for you.

And if this current one is the finance-only job, you can still say you very much want to work in finance and are open to different possibilities, including working in IT finance. But you can add that you actually prefer this more if at all possible. Truth is, there’s no finance job any more that doesn’t require computer skills, so either way your dual proficiency is an asset. And that’s how you should view it and talk about it.

Good luck. And please let us know how it turns out!

Ronnie Ann


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  1. Thanks a lot again! I like what you suggest. I will try to avoid the question but if it comes up, then I will use your answer!

  2. Great! I wish you all the best, Miguel.

    Ronnie Ann

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