Wuhoo! 4-Day Work Week in Birmingham, Alabama

Oh how I hope employers all over the country take heed! A way to conserve gas, save money, and give employees a much-needed extra day off.

The first domain I ever registered was called “4dayweek.com”. If you’ll pardon the pun, I’ve always considered this an idea just oozing with potential benefits.

Although admittedly it can’t work in every situation, it sure is something we need to think about more often. At the very least, if an actual 4-day week isn’t possible, companies can look to find creative ways to allow people to work from home one or more days a week.

The time for this idea has finally arrived. And Birmingham, Alabama is leading the way.

According to the Birmingham News:

Mayor Larry Langford on Tuesday announced a four-day work week for 4,000 Birmingham city employees, effective July 1.

Under the new schedule, employees will work 10 hours a day.

The change will save many thousands of dollars in gasoline costs for both the city and its workers, Langford said.

I hate that people are being hit so hard by the high cost of gas, but what a smart thing for that City to do. Now that’s taking lemons and making lemonade! (If only we could also make lemon-gas.)

It’s times like these that challenge us to find truly creative ideas. Who knows what we’ll come up with if we DON’T put our foot to the pedal!

To read the whole story:

Birmingham city employees to have four-day work week


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