Still Looking for a Job? GREAT Non-Profit Job Source

I just got an e-mail from Ami at telling members that they have an especially high number of new jobs right now because they waived their posting fee. Here are her words:

…we are doing something special this month: while posting a job on Idealist usually costs $60, posting a job during the whole month of June is free.

As a result, job postings on Idealist have exploded, and we now have close to 12,000 nonprofit jobs, in every field and at every level.

So – if you are looking for a job, please come back to Idealist; we have a ton of job openings for you. And if you know anyone, anywhere (friends, colleagues, students, clients, alums) who is looking for a job in the nonprofit sector, please send them to

Because I think so highly of this wonderful organization and site, I am doing just that. (FYI: I am not connected with them in any way other than having used it for myself and clients.)

So here’s my pitch to help them:

Try the Idealist Non-Profit Job Finder!

If you haven’t found that perfect job yet and might be open to non-profit work (or at least curious about their listings), run don’t walk your fingers to their site and see what they have in your area. They get listings from all kinds of cool organizations at all levels:

Good luck!

Ronnie Ann


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