STILL Waiting for the Job Offer To Be Approved!

Dear Work Coach,

It’s been nice to read all the advice you have given. Still waiting for the official job offer seems to be the worst waiting game and I am in the same boat.

I flew in for a the job interview on July 7 and it went very well. It’s seems that I am their top candidate.

The hiring manager called a week later and said that he has put something together for me that should be a good territory and it just has to be signed off on. I spoke to him the week after and he said it is now in financing to be approved. So for now it has been two weeks and still nothing official.

I spoke to him on Monday and he said that he is still waiting for it to be approved and I am still “their guy”.

Do you think that I have anything to worry about? It seems like things are going pretty slow. Especially after how quick they flew me in to interview, from when I submitted my resume. That only took 2 weeks.

Another question I had is, how often should you contact the hiring manager to inquire about the progress? One thing I don’t want to be is annoying to them.



Hi David,

As far as I can tell from what you wrote, all is on track. Internal processes can take weeks – often much longer than the whole initial interview process. Nothing’s for sure of course, but things look good. So relax, have faith and find something fun to do in the meantime!

As for how often to contact the hiring manager…there’s no hard and fast rule. Under your circumstances, you might send him an e-mail toward the end of next week just letting him know you’re still interested and asking of there’s anything more you need to do.

Truth is, at this point they know who you are, so unless you get another offer, give them some time. I once waited about 5 months to find out I was the top candidate. And I only e-mailed them every now and then. 🙂

Good luck! Please let us know what happens.

Ronnie Ann


About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. Always nice to log on and have my question already answered. Waiting is awful, but who wants to be annoying before you even start?

    It’s true, though, one of the places I interviewed just told me that it will be one week before they make an official offer… but that HR can take up to 3 months to process! (Cue dreaming about an extended vacation)

  2. So true! It recently took me 2.5 months from the time I applied for a job to actually receiving an offer (1 month from the time of the last interview). Some places take longer than others – especially during the summer months – due to different internal procedures and checks, as well as staff vacations. It’s agonizing when you’re waiting to hear back, but it’s best to only drop them a note when absolutely necessary. If they’ve told you that you’re their top guy, I would relax a bit and wait it out for another couple of weeks before contacting them. If you do need to contact them again, you might consider setting a mutually convenient date to touch base, so HR has time to check and give you a proper status when you speak with them.

    • I got the verbal offer two weeks ago saying i m hired from the manager, the HR would call me in the week and I should start working this week. But it has been two weeks, i heard nothing back. Should i be worried? it passed the starting date already and i dont have anything in writing.. does the verbal offer count? shoud I keep waiting..?

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        This is somewhat worrisome. Someone should have been in touch with you, officially, to complete the hiring process.

        I think it’s time for you to get back in touch with the hiring manager, via telephone, to find out what is going on. Be polite (not angry), but find out who will be in touch with you and when they will be contacting you.

        Meanwhile, keep looking for that next job – until you hold a written job offer in your hand for the right salary, right job title, and right start date.

        ALWAYS keep looking until you have that job offer.

  3. TEB: WUHOOO! I’m so happy to hear you’re getting an offer. And a little birdy told me you might be getting another one soon also. I’m soooo happy for you. You really pulled out all the stops on your job hunt – new resume, networking, new cover letter, and a relentless search. I am so proud of you! As for the 3 months…I had that a couple of times in my career. Weird, but I have a feeling you can make good use of that time.

    N.W.: Thanks for adding to the conversation. Good advice from someone who’s been there. And I like that last suggestion, giving the person time to prepare. Please feel free to add your thoughts any time! Hope all is going well in the new job.

    Ronnie Ann

  4. JOE STUCK I says:

    JOE // Dec 1, 2008 at 6:41 am

    Hi Ronnie,

    I think I am very fortunate to come across this site and after going through all the posts and the advices you have given to him its great. I too want to share my experience with you and want to get some advice from you. I worked for a very reputed MNC. But I have my dream company. One day I have seen job listed in naukri asking for more experience guy in the domain in which I am working. I know I am not having that much experience but I am dare enough to send my resume to HR. Fortunately HR also went through my resume and arranged the interview. It started early october with giving some application for development and totally I attended 5 rounds of interview from different places Like US , australia and India. HR told me that I got very good feed back. In first round it self the person who interviewd me told that I am spectacular. I finished the face -face round also with hiring manger next day they asked my salary slips of previous company which I sent in mail. They told it will take 10 – 15 working days to complete all the process since they need to get the special permission. After a week of face -to-face I tried to reach HR it went to voice mail. He called me back and told really we are impressed by you but its taking time to get permission and we are in process of offer letter .when I asked the sucess rate he told 98%. I called him after 10 days he told things are not getting finalized here I will keep posted within 30 to 45 days. I love this company this is my dream company where my mind has got fixed. Becuase of this I am very depressed. I came to know that company is in hiring freeze. Can I expect some thing good will happen. They removed the job listed from the job site also. Could you please give me your idea on this.


  5. Hi Joe!

    I am sooo sorry to hear your dream company is in a hiring freeze – especially when you came so close to having the offer in hand!

    No one can know for sure how long a company will keep a freeze going. Sometimes once it’s enacted, it stays for a long time. Other times, it’s just for a short time and then it opens up again. Still other times, it’s intermittent – meaning they can lift it briefly to let in one or two hires and then it may come back again.

    As I said…no way we can predict which type it is. But no matter which one, your best bet is to stay in touch with the hiring manager every few weeks so that when the freeze is lifted, you are fresh on his mind. If this is a position that is necessary, very often they find a way to get it to open up again after some time.

    Bottom line…despite the rough economy and the very real evidence of this hiring freeze, as long as you don’t hear that they are laying off tons of people, there is still hope.

    Meanwhile, please keep your job hunt going with full enthusiasm. But every once in a while, send a nice note to the company you dream of! You never know when it might pay off. 🙂

    I wish you much luck Joe. Keep the dream going. Nice thing about dreams is, if one route isn’t open, another one often comes along. Please keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  6. Ronnie Ann,

    I’m in exactly this boat right now, and I’m curious to hear to what extent you think the HR person might use this as a negotiating tactic. Initially, they were extremely aggressive with timelines and start dates, now it’s been a week since they told me to expect an offer within 2 days. I’m sure that processing does take time, but I’m also wondering if their hope is that, by making me sweat a little, I take their first offer because I’m just so glad that things worked out in the end.

    So do you think this could be all part of the negotiating game?


  7. Hi Paul!

    Sorry to also keep you waiting. 😉 (As you see, I have a new policy for answering. But let me try to help.)

    I sincerely doubt this is a negotiating technique. If it is, it’s a pretty weak one, since all you have to do is tell them how much you’d like to work with them, but you were thinking more along the lines of $_____. (And then be quiet and see how they respond.)

    Things get delayed for so many reasons – holidays, health, bureaucracy, background checking, etc. Just hang in there and remember if they make the offer it’s because they see you as a potential asset to them. So feel them out for any give on whatever they offer – but do it pleasantly as well as from a place of knowing your worth. Never hurts to try.

    Best of luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  8. I wish if I had found this site when I was in exactly the same situation. I had a recruiting agent between the firm and me so the agent kept me posted and pushed the firm a little so thankfully was not completely in the dark. I would have felt much better if I had read other people’s experience.

    With my case, the result of each interview came in the next day and the final interview was waived and they move directly to approval process. They need to get approval from local, regional and head quarter’s authority. I was informed that this approval process takes 1-2 weeks. It took a few days more and it was very very antagonizing! I saw a few people posted they waited for months. To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to wait that long without knowing my new salary….
    I suspended all job seeking activities after they verbally told me they want to hire me because I felt certain it was my best opportunity. It was quite relieving when I see the offer letter in my hands.

    I signed the letter and I am in the process of background checking. I told my current manager about my new job, agreed on the termination date and asked for his cooperation with the background check. It’s a financial institution so the check is really strict. Until this check clears, the offer is still conditional but since I don’t have any records to worry about, I think I don’t have to worry much.
    I wish everyone in similar situations a good luck and I hope it all work out for you.

  9. Hi Tabibito!

    Great story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Helps people in similar situations to see an example where patience does pay off – eventually!

    Only thing I want to add is in response to your words “I suspended all job seeking activities after they verbally told me they want to hire me because I felt certain it was my best opportunity.” While I totally get why you did what you did, in most cases it’s a good idea to keep going full steam ahead. Not only does it open up new possibilities just in case the other doesn’t come through, but for many people it helps keep them sane.

    I wish you much luck in your new job, Tabibito! Sounds like they’ve found themselves a great new employee – and a patient one. 😉

    – Ronnie Ann

  10. Hi Ronnie,

    Thank you for the message. It’s very kind of you.
    I agree with you on keep going after the verbal offer. As the matter of fact, I sort of regretted I didn’t keep looking when I realized how anxious I got. But also I thought that I wouldn’t be able to show eagerness and passion in the new interviews under such condition. Nevertheless, I think I will try to keep looking next time.

    Thanks again and I will drop by here first for consult when I have doubts.

    Best wishes,


  11. Although I’d love to hear from you any time, based on what you said, I hope it’s a long time until we do!

    – Ronnie Ann

  12. Anant Mishra says:


    I was cleared the first round of face to face interview at a $20bn MNC a month ago and after two weeks i have a got a mail from GM, who has taken my firts round of interview to meet with Mr. Sethi , the country head in my second round of interview. When I visited the company i surprised to meet with an interview pannel, instead of Mr. Sethi.The pannel mambers are posseesing the experience almost equivalent to me. Now its almsot three weeks over but i did not here anything from them. From some source i came to know that the couuntry head was in US from last two weeks and has come back in this week only. Now what you suggest is this oportunity is still open for me ???? I am sill waiting their response on my follow up mail which i have sent during last week. I am bit surprised on all these proceedings and little frustated as well b’coz it is my dream job.

  13. Hello Anant! Large companies take time to make their decisions and have lots of internal processes that can get in the way. 😉 And it is common to have peers meet with a candidate…they often offer the best feedback when assessing a candidate’s potential. From what you’ve told us, there is no reason to think you are out of the running. I wish you much luck!

    Just one thing…I hope this isn’t your real name or the country head’s real name. A simple search on the internet will reveal what you say on blogs or anywhere else! If you want me to change things, just let me know. 😉

    Good example: I just did a Google search for the terms “anant mishra” (in quotes) plus sethi and found this very comment page you are reading now on the first or second page. Check for yourself! Even after I make changes, Google caches things for a few weeks or more sometimes. More reason to be careful with what you say on the internet EVERYONE!

    Just let me know what you want me to do, Anant. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  14. Hello – I was so glad to find this page. I am waiting for an offer from a public sector company. I had my final interviews last week, and was more or less told I had the job. Now I am just waiting for the offer. I’ve been unemployed since May of 2009, which is only making the waiting harder. My experience with this company is that their interviews are very easy, but it takes for ever for them to get things scheduled or completed. It took over a month for a routine background check! They have called my references too. It’s hard to wait, but all these posts just remind me that I’m on their timetable. I do have an interview for a similar job with a similar compensation package scheduled for Monday which helps. Thanks again for your advice. I feel my patience increasing! JCNY

  15. Hi Jcny!

    Lovely to get a comment from someone who has already done such a good job of coaching herself. 😉 Looks like the good news is coming really soon – who knows, maybe even double good news. I will keep my fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you. Best of luck!! And please let us know when you accept an offer.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  16. Thanks Ronnie Ann – I actually dreamed about the job last night, so came back here and re-read the posts to help me stay calm and centered. Of course the job is on my mind a lot, but I really have done all I could and I really do have to just wait. Thanks for answering and for affirming my choice to increase my patience.

  17. My pleasure Jcny. Wishing that good news comes really soon. And hope today’s interview went well too. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  18. Well, I got the phone call yesterday that I have been selected for the job! Having said that, I have not gotten the formal offer letter. Due to re-organizations that are going on, they are having to get the salary approved by the compensation department and they expect it will take a bit of time. Now that I know I’ve been selected, I am calmer, but will feel even better when I have a signed offer letter. Nothing’s for sure till then! JCNY

  19. Oh JCNY…so happy to read this. Sorry for the delay in responding, but this way I get to be happy all over again. 😉 Understand the way you feel about the signed letter, but if I may…WUHOOoOOOOOOOOO!

    Thanks for letting us know. Makes my day. (Twice!) And feel free to give us the good news again when the letter is actually in your hands.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  20. Thanks so much Ronnie. I am excited, but now I’m reallyyyy impatientttttt!!!! I’ve made plans for tomorrow, which will help. Also, can you believe that I also have interviews for two consulting and one permanent jobs too? Interviews for two of them Monday. I REALLY want this job, but I can’t afford to stop interviewing in case of some bureaucratic snafu lets the job fall through. Thanks for the encouragement.

  21. Very smart, JCNY. Just what I would do…including making plans to help stay sane. I too await with baited breath!

  22. So, just wanted to update everyone, to make the point that patience is everything. I was notified that I was selected, waited 10 days to get an verbal offer with a salary, then had the physical a week ago, and am still waiting on the formal offer letter. I was hoping to start the job next week, but perhaps not. As of the day I got the offer with salary, I stopped interviewing. I think all will be well, but honestly, my impatience is growing. This is a public sector agency, so I’m sure there’s tons of red tape. I’m taking that as an early “orientation” to how it will be to get things done…meaning patience and determination. Thanks all. jcny

  23. Another update – I still don’t have a written offer and won’t till they have a final start date. Was told this week that my “likely” start date is mid Oct. That will be about 7 weeks from when I was told I have the job and 3 months from the time they did the background check. I had stopped interviewing about two weeks ago, but I’ve accepted an interview offer for Monday. I still think all will be well, but it’s a matter of not taking chances. I’m not complaining, just sharing how long things can take. J.

  24. Oh how I love (potential) happy endings like this, Jcny! I once worked for a New York City agency and it took me over 4 months from the day I got the offer until I finally started. One of the places I learned about patience. 😉

    I think you’re being smart in not cutting off other possibilities since things can happen. But this does look pretty close to a done deal. Fingers crossed for you. Thanks much for the update. Can’t wait to hear the end of your lovely story!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  25. How well I know your pain then, Jcny. 😉 But for me, it was more than worth the wait. Wishing you the same. Fingers still crossed despite the difficulty typing!

  26. Thanks Ronnie – On 9/21 I followed up and was told kind of “snippily” that they have no update, but promised to call me as soon as they did. I’d been following up every 5-7 days thinking I’d be starting quite soon, but aparently that was too much follow up for her, so I will back off. Lots if interesting things here as I am only allowed to have contact with the recruiter and have only had one 20 minute phone interview and a 45 min face to face with the hiring manager, and that was back in June. Bit of a black hole of info. Actually, I’m OK with the ambiguity. I have a lot of experience so I’ll just jump in and figure it out. What is strange is the way they are treating a candidate for a supposedly “senior” position. In all the conversations we’re had, I have never had the opportunity to ask the standard questions about benefits, performance review practices, etc. They sent me a benefit description via email last week (which I’d already found on line). I actually have an issue in that I have a vacation planned for Thanksgiving week that I wanted to negotiate prior to signing the offer, but at this point, I’m just going to sign and take it up with the hiring manager. I’m not going to do ANYTHING to slow this down. Funny thing is I’m just noting this all and I still want to work there! I’m posting this to just share the current weird realities and of course, because it makes me feel better! Thanks for listening.

  27. GOT THE FINAL OFFER YESTERDAY AFTERNOON! Whew! Thanks for the support . I start in two weeks!

  28. I’m thrilled for you, Jcny. It’s been great following your story, but this is the part I like best. Congratulations. Can’t wait to hear all about it – hopefully in person – after you start.

    All the best!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  29. Great page indeed! I was called on 21 September with the good news I was the successful candidate. The HR guy then said he would send me an official offer in two weeks time then – and I’m still waiting. In my few follow-ups I was told the file is in the MD’s office and she’s yet to ratify it. I’ll be at a strategic planning session for 2011 and keep asking myself if my (planning) here is a waste of time or should I give it my 100%? This is really killing me.

  30. My humble opinion is to always give 100% because we never know who we might meet or what else comes of those actions either now or in the future. Plus it’s a great habit to get into. 😉

    Best of luck, Fhatu!

  31. Worried and Confused says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    I received news from the HR of a global company that I am selected for a position with them in the middle of December. I had a couple of interviews with different managers before that.

    The HR requested for some scanned copies of my personal documents to be emailed to them, which I did on the same day. They replied they will proceed to process the offer letter. I was immensely relieved as I had a year long job hunt.

    Then come a week ago, I was informed that due to the level of the position, I will need to attend a HR Interview first. The offer letter will be processed after the interview.

    Is there a cause for concern?? Is the hiring decision still considered final since I need to attend this interview? Is the interview a formality?

    I am slightly worried and very confused. Please advise..

    Is there

  32. Hi Worried and Confused,

    So sorry this is dragging out this way. I understand why you have some concerns, but this may very well be nothing more than a necessary formality. Some HR departments – especially those in larger companies – have process requirements that have to be met.

    While I’d like to say you have the offer for sure, an offer letter is usually the sign of a firm job offer so you’ll have to wait for that to be sure. Still, their words have been nothing but positive and if they were to back out now there would have to be a very good reason. If it were me I’d go into it with the idea in my head that I will indeed be joining this firm, while still showing HR full respect.

    I wish you much luck! Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  33. Worried and Confused says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    I attended the HR Interview last week. The interview was pretty straight forward, just a walk through regarding my academic and work history etc. However the person I spoke to did not have any idea about the job or who I spoke to before. I queried about the supposedly offer letter, but did not receive any definite answer.

    I am definitely worried about the actual status of the offer? In your opinion, is there cause for concern?

  34. Your process sounds a lot like mine. (scroll up to see my posts) Hurry up and wait, change in process, etc. Likely all will be well, but it’s no offer until you have a letter in hand. Hang in there and keep busy with other interviews. That will make you feel more in control and you won’t have lost momentum should something not work out.

  35. Worried and Confused says:

    The waiting period for the final confirmation is really unsettling and I’m second guessing whether the offer and position is still solid.

  36. Thanks so much jcny for adding support from a voice of experience. 😉

    We’re all rooting for you Worried and Confused. I have no better read on this than you at the moment, but of course hope this admittedly confusing process results in a job offer. Perhaps the person really is disconnected from the main decision-makers and therefore only performing a required task. Let’s hope that’s all it is.

    Please let us know when you do get the final word. Good luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • You are most welcome Ronnie Ann. This thread “talked me down from the ledge” more than once. LOL. Now I’m three months into the job and starting to feel like I’m contributing.

      That waiting time at the very end is the worst!

  37. Worried and Confused says:

    Just to share some bummer updates. I called for some updates, and was informed I will need to attend yet another interview with local staff. However, there’s no target date to when that’s happening.

    I probably wont be pursuing actively this role any more. If the company decides to call back, then I’ll see how to proceed.

  38. Worried- Don’t lose heart. This sounds like process, process, process. I hate to say this being a HR person, but if the person who told you that you had the job “broke the HR rules”, he/she could be being punished by having to wait while you go through all these other interviews. It sound like process, not that anything is wrong with the job opening. I’d keep interviewing elsewhere and wait for this company to do their “thing”. Good luck!

  39. Oh Worried and Confused…I feel for you. At least they could explain where you are in the process so you aren’t left hanging. I like jcny’s idea of a fitting punishment. 😉 Agree with you and jcny about how to proceed.

    Good luck. Hope you wind up with two offers to choose from! ~ Ronnie Ann

  40. Phil Soares says:


    So I randomly came across this site and thought I’d ask for some insights into my situation. I’ve recently gone through the hiring process at a very competitive boutique consulting firm. I had 4 rounds of interviews (8 in total) and have met a good number of the staff. All interviews went very well and I received glowing feedback from the HR chief following my last round. She said that the staff thought I would make a great addition, that I had all of the experience/capabilities they were looking for and that I interviewed very well. Before the holidays, the HR chief said to me that they wouldn’t be able to give me an immediate start date because they over-hired in the last cycle (I was one of the last people they interviewed) but that I was “at the top of the list” to hire once they had a better idea of staffing needs in 2011. At the time, she mentioned that a start date between March – June would be a good bet. With that, we left it that we would touch base after the holidays so that she could provide me with more clarity.

    I sent out an email once around New Year’s to ask about any material they might have for me to look over in the meantime (company has significant amount of IP new hires must get familiar with). I didn’t hear anything back, so about 10 days later I sent another email asking if we could set up a time to talk about potential start dates. That last email was sent about 10 days ago and I still haven’t heard anything back.

    Should I be concerned at this point or am I reading too much into this? The opportunity in question is far and away my #1 choice, although I am still in the candidacy process with some of the larger consulting firms. Thanks much!

  41. Welcome Phil!

    Although as a consultant myself I’ve never worked for a major consulting firm, I’ve worked with and managed teams from such firms. What I get out of what they told you is they will need to meet and plan for their 2011 needs and that can take a while. They’re probably still training and incorporating the skills of those from the last 2010 cycle. So it doesn’t in any way reflect badly on you that they aren’t yet ready to get to the next round.

    They seem to be quite interested in you and I would certainly send a nice follow-up e-mail in a few weeks saying something like you are continuing to interview, but they remain your first choice. But since there are no guarantees with them and they may not be ready to hire a new cycle for many months, definitely continue pursuing the other firms. And if you do wind up taking another offer, by all means stay in touch with the firm anyway.

    I wish you much luck, Phil. Please let us know what happens!

    • Phil Soares says:


      First off, thanks for hosting this discussion! I’m glad to report that I finally got the offer yesterday, and it is VERY generous! I’m totally stoked. I think that the delay was simply a function of how busy they were after the first of the year. Economy seems to be kicking back into gear so I wish everyone luck in finding their spot!

      • Hey Phil!

        Thanks for letting us know. This is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I know I don’t really know my readers, but I can’t help rooting for all of you. Best news I glean from what I read is that the firm got their act together very quickly and nailed down a good addition to their team. Says a lot about them and you. All my best!!

        ~ Ronnie Ann

  42. Worried and Confused says:

    Hi All,

    Just a quick update. I attended the interview with local staff last week. Got a good feedback. A day later I was given a verbal offer. This time I was told of the actual offer salary and job grade. The previous time, I was just told the offer letter is being prepared. The HR told me the offer letter will be ready some time next week. Fingers crossed. Hopefully this time its not a dud again..

  43. Worried and Confused- AWESOME! Congrats.

  44. Great news. Phew. I’ve always had a gut feel things would work out for you, Worried and Confused. Can’t wait to read that you have that offer letter in your hands. 😉 Only a few more days…

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    P.S. Hi jcny! Nice to see you. Hope the new year is going strong for you.

  45. Worried and Confused says:

    I went down to sign my offer letter today. Preparing to tender my resignation tomorrow

  46. Wuhoo! I love a good story. 😉 Here’s to a very happy ending. Best of luck, NLWOC. (No Longer Worried Or Confused) Oh…and feel free to stop by now and then to let us know how you’re doing.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  47. Hi,

    Good useful info on here. I am in a similar position, but I did not halt my search when it looked likely that I was going to get a job offer. As it happens I now have two job offers on the table, and I know which one I want. Trouble is I am still waiting for the preferred first lot to make the offer formal (so far it has only been discussed over the phone) but they have to get approval and I do not know what the chances are that the job will not be approved. I have got another couple of days before I need to respond to the second offer. But I feel bad for not telling them that I’ve chosen the first offer. I don’t want to turn down the second offer until I have a secure offer, but if it takes much longer I will have to turn the second offer down. I don’t want to be in a position of turning down one offer, and having the other one fall through. The first lot know that I have another offer on the table (and it is nothing to do with salary negotiation as I do not wish to play one off against the other) but I would like to exert some pressure on the first lot… I have e-mailed and been told that they are chasing it along. It makes me feel a bit badly about the first lot that things can take this long to sort out… even though I know it is not that unusual. Any advice gratefully received…



  48. Congratulations Weebampot! You’re in a position a lot of readers would like to be in, but I know that doesn’t help when the decision feels so important – and you certainly don’t want to wind up with nothing after all that!

    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t dare offer any advice when only you can make this choice for yourself. I guess you can try again to call the company you prefer and let them know that you understand their position and are not trying to pressure them, but really want to work with them if at all possible. Ask if they can help in any way…maybe even a letter of intent to make an offer? Other than that, it’s up to you.

    I wish you much luck making the right choice for yourself. Meanwhile, here’s a post on the same topic that might help you think it through:

    Two Job Possibilities But Wrong One Offers First

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  49. Hi Ronnie,

    Similar boat, applied for a position, got a call literally within the hour of application, spoke with the recruiter, had a phone interview; She set me up with a formal face to face with the district manager of this company, everything went well, I literally spent a week redoing my resume. They tell me they would like to continue on with the next step of the interview process, the background check. Everything passes,I am then told “We had a leadership change at the Partner Resources level, which is why this is taking a little longer than usual, I confirmed that I would have a response back from them tomorrow regarding an offer.” That was Wednesday of last week, I email yesterday asking if there was any new developments with that offer(since I was told I would receive one a certain day and did not,) I am then told “Sorry! I am waiting for the district manager to get back to me re: locations. I will call you as soon as I get a response!” Now I am sitting here starting to sweat a little(I have been out work for 4 months, I am a retail manager and jobs are becoming harder to find,) am I just needlessly being paranoid?



  50. Hi JM!

    Well…being paranoid is only needless if no one is after you. 😉 But I do get your concern – especially as you watch the weeks turns into months.

    Sounds like you did really well…but of course no way to know what they’re really thinking. Positions can indeed be affected during a time of change. Still, with new leadership and related changes going on behind the scenes, there’s also a pretty good chance the delay has nothing to do with you or your chances.

    Since there’s no way to know for sure until you hear from them again (I’m so sorry…wish there were) your best bet is to decide there’s nothing more you can do right now, mark next Wednesday on the calendar as the next day to check in (or even worry), and meanwhile get yourself immersed in things you love like sports or books or volunteer work or building a new car. 😉 . You’ll know soon enough.

    Fingers crossed for you, JM. PLEASE share what I hope will be good news.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  51. Hi JM!

    Well…being paranoid is only needless if no one is after you. 😉 But I do get your concern – especially as you watch the weeks turns into months.

    Sounds like you did really well…but of course no way to know what they’re really thinking. Positions can indeed be affected during a time of change. Still, with new leadership and related changes going on behind the scenes, there’s also a pretty good chance the delay has nothing to do with you or your chances.

    Since there’s no way to know for sure until you hear from them again (I’m so sorry…wish there were) your best bet is to decide there’s nothing more you can do right now, mark next Wednesday on the calendar as the next day to check in (or even worry), and meanwhile get yourself immersed in things you love like sports or books or volunteer work or building a new car. 😉 You’ll know soon enough.

    Fingers crossed for you, JM. PLEASE share what I hope will be good news.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  52. Job offer came through today, I start Monday! What a relief! Thank you for your lightening fast response!

  53. WuhOOOooo! GREAT news JM. I had a feeling. So glad you know for sure now.

    I wish you all the best in your new job. Funny how happy I get when I get news like this. May this be the start of a wonderful new phase of your career. Thanks so much for sharing your happy ending…and happy beginning…with us.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • Dear Ronnie,

      I am very nervous now with the situation, I would like to have your advice.

      I had my phone interview on 27stJan, and we scheduled to have the face-to-face interview the next Mon. It went very well, and she even mentioned times that she would like to have me in the next interview with the VP 1 week later. Then on11FEB, i had the interview with the VP and the hiring mgr, and after the interview i was being told they felt i am suitable for the job and asked how do i feel myself with the job. Then on14JAN, they sent me an email saying they would like to proceed to reference check. It sounds everying going fast and good, i expected the offer may come very soon. But they still havent finalized the decision even untill now.

      Actuallly i emailed the hiring manager on 2MAR ask her about the status due she told me they wanted to finalize the process by the end of FEB. She replied me imm on the same day telling me she could not finalize as the VP has been out of office since a few weeks and asked me to be patient and she will def talk to me soon once decision is made.

      So, how do you feel about the situation and am i have the chance? i don’t what to do but just worry alot ..


  54. Hi Cindy!

    If it helps you to know, almost everyone is nervous about every part of the interview process.

    Unfortunately there is no way to know what is really going on. Someone could be sick or called away to handle an emergency elsewhere. Or there could be organizational changes going on that they can’t tell you about yet. These things really do happen all the time.

    You definitely still have a chance…although there is no way to know if someone else is also a finalist like you. If you know your references are good, then your chances are also very good. But you will just have to wait. I’m sorry. 😉

    In the meantime…PLEASE keep applying for jobs. I’ve heard so many stories where fate intervened and sent someone an even better job while they were waiting. At the very least, it keeps you busy!

    Please let us know what happens. I wish you MUCH luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  55. cindykawaii says:

    Dear Ronnie,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I just got a call on wed from the hiring mgr to ask me for a very last interview on thur. During the interview, she first told me there is another candidate that that r considering for this position,but they r very interested in me so they wnt to meet me again . During the interview, we dicussed the notice period,expected salary n whether i m willing to take up a course provided by them befote joining the company. Because she told me i dun hv the cert n its a main concern to them,if i had it,they could make the decision earlier. After that we talked about the job duties n she also told me wht i could learn from the job, who i can seek help from if i encounter any problems in the future…n finally before we finish the interview, she told me lets say hi to colleagues n show me around the office.

    She told me they would probably make a decision on fri n they woulf call me that day or on monday the its night time friday in my place(as i m from hong kong anyway)..i hope she will reli call me soon as promised.

    Ronnie,how do you feel abt the situatio or process? Although i feel i hv gud chance from wht she told me, but another candidate is
    much more experiencef than me…so do u think will they give me a try?I know the company with a culture n tradition of recruiting younger workforce, so do u think this will help?



  56. I’ve been away from my blog, Cindy. So sorry for the delay. 😉

    In these situations, one would have to be a mind reader to know how they are balancing all the factors. Yes…you have a good chance. But if for any reason they said no…this is a great chance to stay in touch and leave a strong, positive impression they will remember. I’ve hired people later we had to turn down!

    So what happened? Hope it’s good news.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  57. A Ne. Na says:

    Dear Ronnie,

    I am here to hear from you something to make me happy.

    On Jan 9th, 2011 a big company sent me an email for an interview on Jan 16th ,2011. I was there on time and I had a successful interview.

    On Jan 18th, they sent me a written offer not an official one, they informed that they will prepare the official job offer which needs some internal approvals.

    For 4 weeks from last date I didn’t here from them, then I decided to pay them a visit and I did, in this visit I talked to the dept. Manager and informed me that everything is ok but they need some documents and I provided that.

    Last month I sent them an email (to HR) as a follow up , and they replied that they need an other document to proceed with the hiring formalities and I provided.

    Last week I sent them another email to follow up but they did not reply.

    Sorry for this long and boring story. Please advise what shall I do.

    Many thanks,

    Ahmed N N

  58. Hi Ahmed N N!

    Not boring at all! I know these things can take time, but I think you’ve been incredibly patient and did all the right things to keep this going. Congratulations on handling it so well so far.

    Of course, if there are special circumstances or requirements that must be documented, these things can drag on for a long time. But since you’ve been so patient, if it were me, I’d try calling the hiring manager at this point and ask if there is anything else you can provide to help finalize the offer. If you can’t get through, then another e-mail saying the same thing (and asking if the offer is still on track) would be perfectly ok. And if that doesn’t work, please write again here and we’ll see what we can come up with. 😉

    I hope by the time you get this, you have good news to share. Much luck, Ahmed!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • A Ne. Na says:

      Dear Ronnie,

      Many thanks for your response.

      Actually this issue started as usual with the Resource Manager of the department who invited me to the interview, then -after my last visit- he informed that my folder became in HR hands (‘they provided the folder to HR with their approvals’, Resource Manager said).

      When the HR guy sent me an email, the HR Manager was in the CC, but I think it is not acceptable -or not professional- to send a direct email to the HR Manager, am I right?

      I need your advice to avoid putting me in non-professional situation.


      Ahmed N N

  59. The best person to contact is the person who has the answer. 😉 But you should probably start with the one you feel most comfortable with and, if he or she doesn’t know, ask if there is someone welse you can contact.

    Good luck, Ahmed!

  60. Dana Maria says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    Good to find a blog such as yours!

    I just interviewed with a company and I was wondering if you could provide your thoughts.

    Apparently they had been searching for someone for a yr.After 2 phone interviews, they flew me in cross country for an interview saying that I was not experienced enough for the position but that they want to have me in a less senior positsion.

    After 5 interviews on the same day, I get a call the next day saying that it was positive and they are also interviewing 2 other candidates that week.

    2 days later HR says that they have decided to move forward with me and ask for references. He also says they have to post the position they want to offer me for 5 days on their website( note they did not think I was experienced for the senior position). I do see the position on their site but it is an even more junior position than I thought it was.

    I wait for few days and ask about what level position this is and he replies by email saying it is the junior level position.However, he calls me in the evening and says that it is for the mid level position ( the correct one) and that he fat fingered it in the email.But- surprise,surprise, when I check their job site,the junior level posistion has disappeared, the first senior level position has disappeared and there is a new mid level position posted (the correct one).He also said they will definitely let me know about the offer end of this week.

    It has been almost 5 days since that new position has been posted.Meanwhile, they have checked my references and asked me questions related to relocation.

    He called me yesterday (Thurs) after I emailed
    and now says they can only say next week as they have to get an approval from a senior person who is travelling. (delay tactic alert!)

    I have to make some difficult decision regarding my family within two weeks that is dependent on this..This whole delay is making it very hard

    Since he hasn’t always been honest( about fat fingering) before, I now feel like something has changed.His tone was not as enthusiastic this time around as well.

    I don’t know what to think. I am considering just saying no and making my family decision.

    What does all this sound like to you?

  61. Hi Dana Maria!

    Nothing you’ve told me that they’ve said or done (including the posting requirements and changes in job description/level) are unfamiliar to me. I’ve seen things like this done to follow the letter of the rules and still get a great resource for their company.

    As for what you said “they can only say next week as they have to get an approval from a senior person who is travelling. (delay tactic alert!)”, again…I’ve seen this happen without it being a delay tactic at all. These things really do go on legitimately.

    While there is always the possibility something changed, at this point you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by just waiting. I know it gets hard at this point (especially with your personal family needs) and we want to move it along at our own pace, but give it until the end of next week before calling again, ok? You can make your decisions at that point, even if it means some extra hassle. With this past week being a holiday week in particular, processes get slowed down.

    Best of luck. If it’s right, it will happen! 😉 Please let us know when you know for sure.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • Dana Maria says:

      Hi Ronnie Ann,

      Thanks for your great reply.

      I just wanted to let you know that I did get the offer the next week. However, it wasn’t competitive enough, so I decided not to take it up.

      I just wanted to add that I had a very similar interview experience two yrs ago and the response was negative.They made me wait (saying they would move forward soon)so that they could interview a local candidate. I think I had become very pessimistic after that. That has changed to a more balanced expectation now.

      Thanks again!

      • Hi Dana Maria!

        Thanks so much for letting us know. I don’t always hear back from folks and it makes me smile to read your words. Sometimes we can only know what we know from experience. Glad yours now includes a definite example where no news is simply no news. 😉

        Your decision makes sense, but also doesn’t hurt to stay in touch with them every now and then, since they already showed you that they see you as a match for their company. Maybe something more competitive will come along one of these days.

        Best of luck in your career and elsewhere!

  62. Dear Work Coach,

    I just want to ask something about my current dilemma. I have been told by the company I applied for that they will e-mail me the offer letter that same day. However, nothing came on my e-mail and so I made a follow-up the following morning. The hiring manager told me that he will make a follow-up and will advise me afterwards. It’s been 3 days since our personal encounter, and still no offer letter sent to my e-mail. They already congratulated me on my final interview. So, I felt secured that I got the job. However, with this kind of delay, I’m thinking twice.

    Appreciate your advise on this. I am not sure if this indicates that they are still pursuing other candidates or there’s just a delay on the process.

    Thank you.


  63. Hi Mary!

    There is no way for me to know, of course, but this is not all that strange. Things do happen even with the best of plans. Plus, if you’re in the U.S. many people take vacation the week before or after Labor Day, so someone necessary to the process may be out.

    It would be fine to wait a few more days and then, if you’ve still heard nothing, call again and see if there’s been a delay of some kind. Oh…and first check your e-mail spam to make sure it’s not sitting there!

    Good luck!

    • Dear Ronnie Anne,

      Thank you so much for the immediate response.

      The company is actually in Dubai as I am currently situated here. I am only a month old to this place so I am not sure how recruitment process goes or if a verbal offer is something that I can rely on.

      Anyway, I have another offer in a school. The final interview went really well with the manager. I was asked if I had pending job offers, I told her yes so she can tell me if I got shortlisted or not because that way I’d stop pursuing other offers. However, she told me that she will either put me as assistant teacher or teacher, depends. After a long talk, I was told to come back this Saturday to start. However, no formal letter was given. I wasn’t even sure if I got the job or not because through the process, they kept on discussing in Arabic what they wanted me to do. Sorry, but I’m really confused about these verbal offers. In the country where I came from, they only offer jobs only when the contract is ready to be signed.

      Appreciate your expertise on this.

      Thank you so much 🙂

  64. Hi Mary!

    I can see why you’re wondering what’s real and what isn’t. This is tough.

    Unfortunately, I live in the U.S. and am not an expert in all practices around the world – barely for those here since in truth no one knows the answer for all situations. I know if it were me I’d want to get an official offer in writing. But I can’t pretend to know what you should do.

    Can you ask for something in writing? Also, now that you have this other offer (sort of) can you contact the other place again and explain the situation? If it were me I’d make sure I get clarity from both situations and then decide what feels right to me. But at this point, you are more of an expert on practices in Dubai than I am since at least you’re there. 😉

    Good luck making the right decision. And if anyone else has some advice, please let Mary know!

    • Dear Work Coach,

      Just to give an update about my query. I just got the offer letter yesterday. I spent almost a month with the hiring process and everyone was too busy to update me from time to time. I got skeptical so I went ahead and applied another job near our place. Fortunately, I got hired this week. I’m expecting the offer tomorrow. 🙂

      Anyway, I guess my dilemma is, how do I properly decline to the 1st offer? I felt really bad that I had to do this. The offer was okay and the boss was really nice. Working there means moving away from home. Working here means convenience and safety because I’m with my family. I really wanted the job but I had to decline because something better came up. Also, I’ve been waiting for them for almost a month. They know how excited I was and persistent about it but the feeling gradually subsided when they had to interview once again after offering me the job, which is really weird.

      Appreciate your advise on this.

      Thank you so much! You’ve been really helpful to us jobseekers. Keep it up! 🙂


      • Hi Mary!

        Congratulations!! So glad to read the great news.

        This is a chance to try to say no while leaving a good feeling behind. Best you can do is be honest. Tell them how much you wanted the job with them, but this offer near your home came along and they needed an answer right away.

        Be friendly and sincere. Whether they take it well or badly shows something about who they are. Either way, ask if you may stay in touch. Ya never know. 😉

        For future reference, a month is NOT a long wait. But agree the second interview after an offer was weird.

        Good luck in your new job, Mary!

  65. Dear Job Coach,

    I received a phone call from a recruiter who works for a large IT company at the end of July. After two more phone interviews and two weeks later, the company flew me out for a face-to-face interview.

    The following week (after the interview) I received an email from my recruiter stating that I had done really well in my interview and that she was working on approvals and would have more information for the early next week. Well Monday and Tuesday come and go. Tuesday night I emailed her asking how if she had any new information with the status of my application. She quickly replied and said that she had not yet heard anything but hopefully will have approvals by Friday or Monday.

    Today I received another email saying, “We are waiting to see if we get approvals. I should know more early next week.”

    What does all this mean? Is this a delay tactic to keep me around, but yet gives them enough time to interview other candidates? Or are they really waiting for some kind of salary approval?

  66. Hi Renee!

    This is a holiday weekend coming up and things slow down around this time as people go on vacation. Also…many things come up that can delay the hiring process that have nothing to do with the candidate. Approvals – especially if people are on vacation – can take longer than you might imagine.

    At this point, you’ve done all you can and it sounds very hopeful. Hard as it is, let it go for now. Have a good weekend and expect some word by the end of NEXT week, to give people time to get back to the office and their overflowing inboxes. 😉

    Good luck!!

  67. Dear Work Coach,

    I could use your insight to a current frustrating situation.

    At the end of July, I had two great interviews and a lunch meeting with the CEO and SVP of a small marketing firm. I received an email from both on August 1st that I was the ideal candidate and would be receiving a formal offer in 24 hours. The offer didn’t come for 4 days and it did not include a bonus structure. When I spoke with the CEO to review his offer, I informed him of my salary history, he apologized for the low offer and promised to send an amended offer with a bonus structure in 48 hours. I did not receive a new proposal for 8 days. This proposal included a bonus plan and an explanation that they were simply could not afford to match my salary history and market value for this executive position, and offered only a 4% salary increase to their original offer. When I spoke with the CEO to review, I asked if he would be flexible to meeting me in the middle from his current offer and my current salary….he agreed and said we had a deal and would have a formal offer to me by the end of the day. That was over two weeks ago and there has been no formal offer or any contact from him since. The CEO was on vacation last week, so I sent an email to the SVP touching base, explaining that the CEO and I had come to terms, had discussed a potential start date and kindly asked for any insight with the delay…the SVP did respond: “there was not yet an agreement but he (CEO) was still in the process of analyzing the financials to see if he could hit a compensation package that would be comfortable for both parties” and that he would inform the CEO that we had communicated. That was over a week ago and the CEO has been back from vacation this week, with no courtesy response or formal offer sent, since our mutual verbal agreement on August 17th.

    I’m not sure what next steps to take? I am still interested in the position and the company but their inconsistent communication seems unusual, unprofessional and could be a red-flag for poor business practices. I’d appreciate your valuable input?

  68. Note to all my readers about comments: I’ve been overwhelmed with comments lately. Unfortunately I can’t answer them all, but will try to answer as many as I can. Please try to keep them short. It will help.

    Thanks! ~ Ronnie Ann

  69. Hi Jeff!

    Back from my holiday. Sorry for the delay.

    I have to say that I agree that the way they’ve handled this – and possibly the way they communicate & work with each other – could indeed be a red flag. Unfortunately there’s no way to know for sure, although if it were me I might politely try to get at what the problem was, assuming they do come to agreement.

    Just as I did, many folks take off around Labor Day and that can mean they delay some things while making sure urgent company business is handled before the holiday. So maybe that is part of the most recent delay. Plus…they may be discussing if they really can afford you and even if there are red flags because of what you’re asking.

    Perhaps by now you’ve heard back from them and all is well. I hope so. But if not, I might call the CEO tomorrow (always good to wait at least a day after folks get back since inboxes can be sky high) and try to see where things stand, showing you understand these things can take a while, but of course also trying to clarify if an actual deal can be worked out. And of course, let them know how much you hope that it can be.

    As for your concerns…all you can do is see how they deal with you in the coming week or two. Oh…and maybe Google them the company and anything you can find about them or people who have worked for and with them. 😉

    Good luck! Would love to know how it goes.

  70. Ronnie,

    I appreciate your sound advise! I did leave a v-mail for the CEO kindly requesting clarification on what has delayed the process and re-stated my interest in working out a deal…unfortunately, I have not received any response. I have decided that it is best for me to cut my losses and move on.


    • I’m so sorry Jeff! Maybe you dodged a bullet at that.

      Of course, you never know what might be going on there, so should they get back to you, I’d suggest being cautious but open at least hearing them out. Although my guess is that’s exactly what you’d do.

      I think you’ve handled this with grace and finesse. Whoever does get you will be very lucky.

      All my best finding the right job, Jeff!

  71. Need advice please…. Interviewed for an internal position 4 weeks ago and all seemed to go well. Been following up periodically on decision making but it was one thing or the other. Yesterday the manager told me that he will hopefully get approval from his manager this week and apologized for the delay… Does this mean I got the job? If I didn’t get it, why bother telling me that? I would assume if I didn’t get it, the answer would have been sorry but we decided to go a diff route.. Good luck blabla

    Appreciate any insight on this…

    • Hi Lolipop,

      It sounds very positive, but he didn’t actually tell you that you got the job. So, personally, I wouldn’t assume that I got it. I’d keep my head down and do my current job to the best of my ability, with my fingers crossed.

      Hang in there!

      Good luck!

      • I got an official response today. I didnt get the job. :(. It wasnt meant to b. Thanks for ur quick response. Have a wonderful day!!!!

  72. I have been working for this company for 6mths now and waiting for a job offer from them for 3mths. All has been fine and I have fulfilled my end of the deal that was initially struck. When they brought me in for interview they tried to get my right away but had already signed papers to go through a staffing agency. My boss had said to me that in 3mths I may be bought out and then around christmas he told me to be expecting an offer after the first of the yr. Neither has happened yet!!!!! Now my contract hrs expire at the end of this wk and I dont know what is going on. Is this a low life tactic to get out of paying benefits and being strung along? Frustrated doesnt even cover how i feel.
    I am a person of my word and they should be also. Nothing along the way has pointed in the direction of not hiring on full time. My recruiter has been telling me that they want me. So what is the hold up? Apparently what type of work I do is hard to find around here. They were looking for 2yrs before I came along

    • Hi Mello,

      How extremely frustrating! My guess is that they are trying to avoid paying the staffing firm a big fee for hiring you permanently, particularly in this economy. I doubt that they are trying to string you along, although I understand why you could see it that way.

      I would do the best I could to control my annoyance with these people, and politely ask your boss when the job offer will be coming since this is the last week of your contract. Also contact the recruiter to see what he knows.

      Good luck!

  73. Dear Work coach,

    On October 25th 2011 I applied a job via corporate website. I’ve lost count on how many times I applied for a job at the company. There has been many rejections, after an online job application I usually get an immediate response of decline/rejection. But my last three job applications they decided to move forward and asked me to send me my resume and portfolio (which is a big news for me, because this is my dream job) although it ends on a rejection. The recent job application is on October 20th or so, They asked me to send my resume and portfolio (again), and after i sent them the requirements, i get an email from the Senior Recruiter said that he will review it with the Hiring Manager and get back to me on the next steps. But It’s already March 2012 and it has been four month. When i checked on my job application status on the corporate web is “under consideration” and the job opening for the position is still open.
    What should i do? should i be more proactive? send email to the senior recruiter? or i should wait? since the job is in The US, and I’m living in Indonesia. is the place where i live becomes one of the reason of the long respond? But I still have a positive feeling for the opportunity ^^

    thank you for your time, pardon my English


    • Hi Raka,

      No need to apologize for your English – it is fine!

      From October 20 through February 28 is a very long wait. It is definitely time to be more proactive. I would forward that message you got from the senior recruiter (when?) back to him, and ask the current status of your application. Be sure to tell him that your application, according to the corporate website, is still “under consideration.”

      It’s hard to tell whether or not your location is the problem. It could be a complication, for sure. Certainly, you would have a long and expensive trip to make to the USA for an interview. And, some sort of work visa would be required if they wanted to hire you, which would probably mean it would be more complicated to hire you. I believe the employer must initiate the request for a visa for you, completing a bunch of paperwork, which is then submitted for approval. And, perhaps your government has some paperwork requirements before you can leave. I really don’t know how this whole process works because I’ve never been through it myself. Large employers may have all the people and processes in place to handle this, but others may not.

      Good luck!

      • Dear Susan,

        Thank you for the immediate reply. Ok, I will email the senior recruiter ASAP. Any suggestions/tips on what I should write?
        About the complication on where I came from, I thought the same way.

        Thank a lot for your reply, and wish me luck ^^

        Raka Gemma

      • Hi Raka,

        I would forward his email response back to him with a note asking him the status of your application “(attached below).” Tell him how very interested you are in working for his company, and ask him what the process is for international hiring. Perhaps they have a subsidiary near you or where it is easier to to hire you? Or, some documentation they need? Or something else that would be helpful?

        Good luck!

  74. Dear Work Coach,

    What does it mean if you asked for the status of your application and the employer replied they are just waiting for an approved job offer, and will keep me posted? Does this mean I’m short listed?

    Looking forward for your immediate reply.

    Thank you

    • Hi em em,

      Since we don’t really know the person who said it, it’s hard to tell what it means. You weren’t told that you are on the “short list” – maybe this person/organization does not tell the finalists that they are finalists (so it’s not significant that they didn’t say it to you). Or maybe this person/organization does usually share that information (so not being told is significant).

      It could mean that you are short listed, or it could be what is told to everyone, the canned response to anyone who asks about the status, regardless of whether or not the person is really a contender. Did you identify yourself clearly – not just your name, but the people you interviewed with and when you were interviewed? Have they asked for – and checked – your references?

      If there is a next time, ask the follow-on question – “am I one of the finalists?” – so you don’t need to guess.

      Like you, I HOPE it means you are short-listed, but that isn’t exactly what they said.

      So, keep your fingers crossed, and keep looking for a job. Don’t lose time waiting for this one to come through for you, because it might not.

      Good luck!

  75. Hi!

    I had my second/negotiation interview about two weeks ago. At the end of the interview I’ve been told that I will get an offer “next week” (that was last week!). I e-mailed the department chair and he replied that “things are getting slow sometimes and there are necessary some signatures”. How long it can take to get such a letter? A week, two? A month? Need a feedback. I am so stressed!

    • Hi Alyson,

      It can take a long time in colleges and universities (“department chair” says university to me – correct?). Most of them are large and old and have “ways” of doing things and people who protect their turf vociferously. So, just keep checking in. It will take as long as it takes. The good news is this is not summer time when people are on vacation, etc.

      So patience and fortitude is required of job seekers. As usual.

      Good luck!

      • Dear Susan,

        Thanks for reply.

        Should I, at least, assume that all the rest is OK? …or should I worry?

      • Hi Alyson,

        I would check in periodically so they know you are interested.

        Worrying doesn’t help much, does it? Although we often obsess about things, unless there is something concrete we can do, worry is just a black cloud hanging over everything. I don’t know about you, but I’ve wasted a lot of time worrying about bad things that never happened. I try not to do that any more.

        And, of course, keep looking for a job. Your job search is not done until you have that signed offer letter in your hand, so keep at it.

        Good luck!

  76. Dear work coach

    I met the director of an advertising company 6 weeks ago and he told me that he is interested in my profile and that he would like to offer me a job at his team but the role would need to be created. Fair enough, 2 weeks later I was invited for a formal interview with him and HR.

    Later in the afternoon he called me to congratulate me for giving a good impression and told me that I have a very strong chance of getting this role.

    I called the HR department and talked to the person that interviewed me and he confirmed that I would be a great fit for the company and I am ideal for the role, but they need to apply for the role and wait for approvals, he also said that their are not considering anyone else for the position.

    3 weeks later, I received a call from the manager. He told me that the thing is moving. I called HR again and they confirmed that the process is moving but they are waiting for a final approval. They also reaffirmed me that I should reasonably get the role, a few more people will need to meet me before an official offer is made but unless something out of the ordinary happens I should get it.

    In the meantime the manager has been telling me that if I am still looking around for a job he will understand as I shouldn’t put all my hopes in one source because although his opinion matters the most you never know and that it would be unfair if I lost an opportunity because of this.

    All this sound very strange. Shall I worry?

    • Hi Jasmine,

      I’m not sure that worrying will help, but I think that continuing with your job search is a very good idea. Always!

      It feels to me like the manager may not feel so positive that this position will be created, and he doesn’t want you to keep waiting for it.

      If the job happens, I think you have a very good opportunity here, but I think that, between the lines, he’s telling you that it may not happen. Stay in touch every week or two to see what develops (or doesn’t).

      What I would consider doing is reaching out to this manager – or if it becomes clear that this opporutnity will not work out – and asking him if he knows anyone else who might need someone with your skills and experience. See if he will help you with your networking since he is obviously a fan.

      Good luck!

  77. A while back (about 3 months ago) I was offered a job, but as a condition I would have to move to the city where the job was. That is not an option for us, so I politely turned the position down and the conversation ended on a positive note, that she would keep me in mind for a future position in the city I reside in. Last week on friday, they called to tell me that they are putting in a request to move the position to the city where I live and if it is approved they will offer me the position. I asked if I should begin to look for chidcare, she she said that would be a good idea because it is likely I could start by the beginning of april. She also said they would likely have the paper work approved by tuesday and a letter of offer shortly after. Well tuesday has come and gone, its friday already and still no word. Is it reasonable for me to call and ask how things are coming along? It is a government position so I am sure it just hasn’t been approved, but I want to be sure and avoid having to sit on pins and needles all weekend worrying that something has gone wrong and the position wasn’t approved after all. Or would it seem desperate or needy to call and inquire?

    • Hi Deb,

      You’re not desperate and needy, you’re just checking up to see how things are going since you haven’t heard from them.

      You have a very good reason to call – you are making arrangements on your end to be available for the first week of April, and you need to know if that is still appropriate. Or, if the time frame has changed. Just a business-like update.

      Perhaps something has slowed down the process, as you rightfully suspect, but maybe something else happened that you should know about. In any case, it is entirely appropriate for you to find out what is going on.

      Ask when you can expect the offer letter so that you know when to schedule the childcare.

      Good luck!

  78. ashutosh says:


    4 weeks ago I have given a face to face interview for a job. Interview went very well and HR and hiring manager asked for referral which I have provided to them after 3-4 days. After reference calls hiring manager called me and told that he would like me to offer that position and asked me to wait till final offer letter comes. After one week I followed with hiring manager and he mentioned that he crossed check in HR department and HR department is waiting for some final approval to present me the offer letter and offer letter would be ready at same day. But end of day he called me and mentioned that they are still waiting for approval and asked me to keep patient and he will get back to me very soon as soon final offer letter is ready. One week has been gone after that and I haven’t heard anything back. Should I give a follow up call to hiring manager and asked how’s things going and when I expect this process to be finalize or finished? Is this usual for HR department to take more than 2 weeks to finalize final offer letter when hiring manager already confirmed you the job over phone, could you please give your thoughts to this.

    • Hi ashutosh,

      Without knowing the organization, it’s hard to tell if this is unusual or not. My guess is that someone important is on travel, vacation, home sick, or some other thing that is slowing down the process, and it’s not going to be completed until that person is back. It could even be more than one person involved.

      So, don’t give up. Be patient.

      However, just in case the approval doesn’t come through, keep looking!

      Good luck!

  79. Dear Susan,

    Please advice on this question.

    If the line manager said he is doing a report of my particulars to the head office, does it means that I am the selected candidate.

    Until now,I’m still waiting as the line manager said some of his colleagues at head office are on vacation!

    If I know I’m waiting for the offer,I can wait. But I’m now wondering if the line manager is allowed to send many candidates’ report simultaneously to the head office?

    So Susan,what do you think is my chance for the job?


    • chandlee says:

      Dear Joyce,

      Susan is out on vacation. I am answering questions in her absence. If references are being reviewed, it’s usually a very good sign. Typically, references are only reviewed for a small number of candidates — if not just the top candidate.

      Good luck!

      All the Best,

      • Dear Chandlee,

        Thanks so much for attending to my question.

        The line manager and I had corresponded via text message, and whenever I ask for updates/feedbacks, he always replied me promptly with “It will take a while longer as some of my colleagues are on leave”.
        My 2nd interview had been conducted just one day after the 1st interview,hence the waiting time now seems extremely long. I’m just thinking if I am in their pending offer stage,or still in the pool of top few candidates’ choosing stage?

        How should I ask the line manager to learn the exact stage I’m in?


      • chandlee says:

        Hi Joyce,

        It sounds to me like you’ve followed up a number of times. The employer now knows you’re interested and I don’t know that it will do anything to influence the search if you follow-up further. Unless you have another offer, I would leave it alone for now and not follow-up again. I recommend not asking the line stage manager what stage you are in — it’s clear that they are only sharing a limited amount of information. (And often that’s a policy companies have for communicating with all candidates in a search — even top ones.)

        I recommend continuing to apply for other jobs — and staying tuned to hear back in the future. Don’t give up on the job coming through, but don’t rely on it either…Good luck!


  80. What does this mean? says:

    Dear work coach,
    For weeks ago, afte a series of interviews, the HR manager of a 2000+ company told me that they have the approval for hiring me and that they would send me the offer letter shortly. But he has not sent me the letter yet after 4 weeks! Even worse, I have sent him three emails and he has not responded!
    What does this mean? What should I do?
    Please advise!

    • chandlee says:

      Check the company website. If the job’s not listed on the site anymore, it is possible that the position is closed or that they’ve decided not to hire.

      If the job is still listed, you may want to call the HR department or the hiring manager for the position — and ask someone via phone (not by voice or email)

      Hiring delays happen for all sorts of reasons — often internal processes are the reason for the delay. In any case, you should use a time-tested strategy, always keep your other options open — and continue your search — until you’ve signed the offer letter and have a start date.

      Good luck!

  81. Dear Work Coach

    I just recently graduated from college, and I found out an old family friend (one we haven’t been in contact with for over 25 years) is a big wig of a big company. I sent him an email to chat about job advice, and he offered to give me an interview at his company. It was very unexpected, and I felt I was way under qualified for any position at his company. I interviewed with him a week later, and I felt I had a great interview. It was very unorthodox, considering I wasn’t interviewing for a specific job. It seemed he asked me questions to gauge my interests so he could find a job for me. It could be considered a favor, but I believe my interview gave him ample evidence that I could handle many different positions. I felt I caught him by surprise. He called me three days later to describe a job his company wants me for, asked if I liked how it sounded, and claimed his company has a plan for me. At this point, it sounded like I had a job at the company and he told me I would be contacted soon. I didn’t hear anything for a week, so I left a message on his voice mail requesting a timeline of the hiring process. It has been another week, and he has not responded whatsoever. He is a family friend, so I feel he would let me know if I won’t be hired. But it seems his phone call after the interview implied I’d soon have a job. What do you think is going on? It has been over two weeks since he has contacted me. Thanks.

    • I want to reiterate, it’s not so much that I haven’t received an official job offer that I’m worried about (that may take awhile), but that he hasn’t responded to my voice mail asking for more information. Thanks.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jim,

      It takes a long time for hiring to happen inside companies, often even if someone is a big wig — then once other employees get the directive or suggestion to hire — many have to scramble to accommodate the request. Where is the new person going to sit? Who will they report to? Do they have a computer at the desk? All sorts of things happen inside the company.

      I can’t say what is going on as I am not privy to what’s happening at this particular company.

      I’d recommend calling him again or sending him an email. Don’t ask for a timeline of the hiring process, simply reiterate your interest in working for them — and your availability.

      Make sure not to sound desperate…just ask for an update, and express your continued interest.

      In the interim, keep applying to other places as well. It is always good to have options. No matter what.

      Good luck and all the best,

  82. Dear work coach,

    I had a job interview at a design firm with senior partner and senior designer.
    I got a job offer from them and was told that senior partner will discuss this with HR and follow up with me.
    It has been 1 week since the last email and I understand the time and process it might take for HR to get back to me.
    But I’m just wondering when my starting date will be so I can schedule/plan/and or get ready for the job.
    I don’t want to bother them since they are both designers and I know they’ll be busy with projects.. but I don’t have any other contacts..
    Would it be okay if I send them an email asking when my approximate start date will be?
    or should I just wait until I hear back from HR?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jen,

      If they’ve extended an offer to you, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to follow up with them and ask who you should be in touch with in HR — and if they could give you a sense of the optimal start date for you.

      I recommend that you call them — too important to leave this in e-mail and have it get lost in the queue.

      Good luck and please keep us posted. Congrats on the offer!


  83. Dear work coach,

    After I had a verbal offer, I had to wait about 10 days before the HR got back to me.
    A person from HR called me last friday saying that she will send the official offer letter early this week.
    We haven’t decided on the start date and she told me to think about it for few days.
    It sounded like we could set the date once I got the offer since she didn’t tell me to get back to her.
    She told me that I could start working late this week or even early next week but since I haven’t recieved any official offer, I don’t think that would be the case but I was ready to start asap.
    However, a family emergency came up in the meantime and I need to be out of country for couple of weeks and I won’t be able to answer any phone calls.
    So I called the HR this morning thinking that I should advise them with my situation and to ask if I could start working after two weeks. (even though we haven’t decided on the date, she sounded like they need me to start right away)
    However, the HR rep wasn’t available so I had to leave a voicemail but haven’t heard from her.
    Should I try to contact them to let them know about my situation? or should I wait until I got the offer letter?
    Is it unprofessional to just leave and not be available while I’m waiting for the offer letter? I’ll be checking my emails.
    I don’t know the direct email for HR personnel but I know my future boss’ (who also interviewed me) email and number.
    Should I send him an email explaining my absence and advise him that I could be reached by email?
    Is it better not to advise anything until I receive a formal letter?

    • Thank you,


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I recommend trying to reach your future boss by phone — don’t leave a message and don’t send an e-mail. This is the kind of message that — from my perspective — is best delivered in person. She needs to know you remain interested and be told of the situation. (Though I imagine HR may also tell her.)

      If you can’t speak with her, continue to monitor your email and voicemail (if you have a phone that you can access voice mail remotely, it is likely they may also use this venue to get in touch with you — though it sounds like this will not be the case.)

      Hopefully, this will all work out and you will be able to focus on your family for a while, too.

      Good luck.


  84. Melissa says:

    Hi Work Coach,

    Recently I applied for a job and two days later was interviewed for the job.It seemed like the hiring manager was very impressed and seemed to like me a lot, after an hour of my interview she called to ask if I could come back later to meet her district manager. I met with her in the afternoon and she too seemed to like me quite a bit. She informed me that because they were not working on weekends that I would hear back on Monday after they checked my references. Something went wrong so I supplied another reference on Tuesday and was offered the job that same afternoon via email. I signed the contract and sent it back to the hiring manager along with a thank you and ended with ” please contact me if you need any other paperwork filled out”. Its been 2 days and she hasn’t gotten back to me. I know two days sounds like a short amount of time, but she was very on top of getting back to her emails, keeping me updated and even once called 2 hours after to see if I had received her email. She never replied stating that she got my contract but I know the email address isn’t wrong and I don’t know when my start date is. I guess my question is should I call or email to find out whats going on? I dont want to wait till its too late and kick myself

    Thank you,

  85. Hi Work Coach:

    Last friday after two interviews at a big company, the manager who did the interview called me and told me the job was mine, then we discussed my salary and after we agreed on it i went back to the company to filled an application, after i did that, the manager told me he was going to go to HR for them to approve it, and that he was going to called me back to go and sign some paperwork and to do the drug test and the background check, its been two days and he haven’t called me back yet, my questions are, if they already offered me the job it means they already contact my previous job, or they are in the process of doing it, and should i call the manager or not?

    Best Regards,
    Mario R

  86. Hi Work Coach,

    Still waiting for the Job offer, I apply last july 3, I received an e-mail inviting me for an initial interview.
    I confirmed the attendance and the initial interview was held at July 12, I passed it. I undergo to their qualifying exam, and i did passed it again, and after that, they told me to come back at the afternoon at the same day for another set of interview.. and then i passed it again. They discussed to me the Job description, the salary and other things related to job.

    They also told me that they will call me back again for the final interview with the HR Manager.

    My Final interview held at July 29. It seems that it turns out great. They told me again for me that they call me back for the Job offer.

    but until now, August 24, they were’nt call me back. I tried to call them this morning, HR assistant answered, telling me that they were not yet still given a go signal by their HR manager.

    i asked them if the positon is still vacant and then they told me that ‘”dont worry, it is still vacant, just keep you lines open, will give you a call”

    it is almost 1 month that i am waiting
    i dont know what to do. i became depressed. i dont have job.

    hope you give me advice.


    • Raine,

      This happens a lot. Hiring is a process inside companies — and just because they have an interview doesn’t mean they have a green light to make an offer.

      I recommend you double up your job search and apply to more opportunities as you wait to hear back. In the interim, explore temporary opportunities as well. This will help you feel more in control and expand your access to opportunities.

      Good luck,

      • Hi Work Coach,

        So more or less, I really dont get the job? Can I have another questions? can you tell me an example of hiring process and how long in each steps?

        and why do HR make you believe that you have it? and all you can do is to wait for they call?

        Thank you so much! Chandlee you really make me feel at ease 🙂


      • Raine,

        I can’t tell you whether or not you got the job as I am not involved in the company. The length of hiring processes vary by company — there is no one set rule. Companies need to be able to discuss the job as if you were taking it during the interview so you have all the information you need to make a decision — if they offer it to you.

        You can do more than wait for them to call, you can also apply for additional opportunities as you wait to hear back.

        Good luck and all the best,

  87. Hi Work Coach,

    An acquaintance of mine starting talking back in June how she’d like me to come work for her. She said she’d have residential manager call me to set up an interview. It took several weeks for her to call. The interview was very informal, basically her telling me about the program and where she thought I’d fit. She sent me for fingerprints that day (a Friday). By Monday mid day they said they couldn’t get hold of one of my references and could they have another name. Later that week my friend said the fingerprints passed. The next Monday my friend said I’d been “approved” and her RM would call the next day. Nothing. That Friday (two weeks after the interview) my friend said all they had left was figuring out my hours and that her assistant would call Monday.

    I sent the RM an email (she never answers her phone) and asked if there was any updates and she sent me this

    “Hi Kristin,

    Sorry for the delay. We do want to offer you the position I’m just waiting
    for the final paperwork from our Administration office. I will hopefully be
    able to officially offer you the position today or tomorrow.

    Thank you for your patience,


    That was on Tuesday, and I’ve heard nothing. Should I call/email again? Wait it out? Would it be going over her head to talk to my friend? Or do I just assume I have the job and wait patiently.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Kristin,

      Sit tight. It often takes a while for paperwork to go through, if you haven’t heard anything by next Wednesday, e-mail the woman who wrote you back and ask if they need any additional information.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Thank you. Patience is a hard job!


      • Kristin,

        Yes, it is a hard job. But there’s another side of the coin that is rarely discussed. Accepting a job in haste that’s the wrong job, can make you repent at leisure!

        Hope you get the outcome you want and that the job is right for you.


    • Hi Kristin,
      Can you please share the outcome ? I am in a similar situation and got a pretty similar response from the hiring HR.

      Best regards


  88. Hello,

    I’ve recently been offered a job at a major global resourcing company. I’ve had the offer made verbally to me and have received an electronic copy to my email account. After I received the contract via email a representative from HR told me that they are now waiting for it to be signed off and it could take some time because most members on the team are on holiday and that I should hold of handing in my resignation with my current employer just to be on the safe side. Once this has been approved they will then send me the contract and paperwork via post.

    I found that strange because I would’ve thought the job role got approved before HR advertised it on the company website. Is this a normal procedure to go through?

    It’s been 3 working days now since I last heard from the HR rep, hopefully they will get back to me soon.


    • Also, why did they send me an electronic version of the contract when it’s still waiting to be signed off?

      Surely they would wait for the role to be signed off before sending out an employment contract.

      Either HR is super confident that it will get approved or someone made a mistake in emailing me the contract


      • Jazz,

        We can’t tell you what’s going on inside the company as we are not privy to that information. What I can tell you is that hiring can be very complicated — it takes time and multiple sign-offs and background checks. Often employers let you know early that you are the candidate they want to hire — so they can ensure you are still interested — before they jump through the final hoops to make it happen.

        I recommend patience — hand in there.

        All the Best,

    • Jazz,

      How frustrating.

      Hiring close to Holiday weekends is hard. In fact, it’s often notoriously difficult for things to move forward inside companies when so many employees are taking vacation, so I would not worry too much on that end. If you don’t hear by Wednesday, follow up with them with a phone call. Don’t leave a voicemail or email as you don’t want to play the waiting game again after you leave a message.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

      • Hi Chandlee,
        Thank for you for the advice.
        I’ll provide an update from last week. I spoke to my manager on Friday and she’s not sure what the status is because she’s just come back from a 2 week vacation but then mentioned she will follow up with HR.
        HR emailed me shortly after saying that they’re still awaiting approval and that all is positive and a delay like this is not unusual.
        So I guess I’ll just have to wait now, it’s been 2 weeks since they verbally offered me the job but I guess I just have to be patient.

      • Hi Jazz,

        Yes, be patient. It all sounds pretty positive. Keep us posted and good luck.


  89. Hello

    I got a call from the recruitment agency to tell me that there was a job opportunity at a mine, he explained it to me then i told him i was interested, he interview me and it went well cause on the 27 August 2012 i went for an interview at the head office it seemed like they liked me, on the 28 August they called me to ask for my particulars (my qualifications, pay slip etc) so i sent them, on the 29 August apparently the called my ex boss as reference and he was singing praises about me so again it went well.

    So i called the agent asking him of the outcome and he said its a 80/20 chance i got the job so then on the 5 August i called him he said that they still negotiating on the offer because the they dint agree on the offer they had so they went back to revise it, now he said they liked me, and as soon as he receive the offer he will send it to me to sign……. so i want to know did i get the job……..i am currently working but i am going out of my mind with curiosity i am so excited about changing jobs

    • Tiisetso,

      We can’t possibly tell you if you got the job since we don’t know where you’ve interviewed and aren’t in touch with the company (this also isn’t something we do.)

      But we will keep our fingers crossed and wish you the best of luck in the interim.

      Good luck,

  90. Hello,

    I just recently graduated from college so I’m not sure how the hiring process works normally. I have gone through multiple interviews with a company and I was told about one month ago verbally that they were gong to go forward with approvals and that they hoped to have an offer out about three weeks ago. They then meet with the head of HR and they were told that they wouldn’t have an offer ready until after the quarter ended. I emailed the Tuesday after the quarter ended and they hadn’t gotten the approvals from HR yet and they said they would let me know as soon as they did. I just recently saw that the position had been re-posted, it was re-posted before I received the previous email, should I be concerned?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Alyssa,

      It sounds like you are working with a big company. Often the right hand knows not what the left hand is doing as their are multiple employees involved with one hiring process. That said, I’d encourage you to seek out other opportunities as you wait to hear back…

      Good luck and all the best,

  91. My fiance has had a job interview four weeks to the day for a large company. They called him last Wednesday and said he was on a short list and deciding over the weekend. It’s Tuesday and we have not heard back. Is it possible the decision is taking longer? Would they call and say that you are on a short list if they didn’t want to hire you. The waiting is killing me. I keep praying for this wonderful op. We are both a pack of nerves wondering why they would have called.

    Any words of wisdom would be great! Trying to keep the hope alive.


    • Nathalie,

      Keep the hope alive. Always takes longer on the other side, too. Trust me, I’ve been there. But keep looking at other opportunities, too. Always good to have multiple options.

      Good luck to both of you,

      • Yes! He has been applying to everything he can. In your opinion… would all the ppl on the short list after the phone and first interviews get a call back to say they are on a short list? Or does this just happen to the candidate they are after? The call to say he was on a short list came 3 weeks after his interview. It’s now been 4 weeks and nothing yet.


      • Nathalie,

        Don’t know what to tell you as I am not in the company and don’t have access to the information. All I can tell you is that he should be the person to follow up — not you.


      • He got the offer. I was just curious because I was a little anxious with the waiting game. Not like I would call the company on his behalf. LOL


      • Natalie,

        How wonderful! Congratulations to the both of you — I know it has been a long process!

        All the Best,

  92. I have had an offer after two interviews. The offer came by email on Tuesday. I was told that she would email me her written offer the following day. By 5:00 p.m. I had not received anything and I called her office to see if I could just get a start date, so I could wrap things up with my current employer. I had to leave a message with the receptionist. She never returned my call.

    I don’t want to be pussy but I really need a start date. WHen and how should I contact her again?

    • Hi Vanessa,

      I recommend calling again on Friday; hopefully you will hear from them before then.

      All the Best,

    • i attended an interview with one of the big engineering company in JHB. Everthing went well and the hiring manager liked me. it was toward the end of december and people were already takign leaves. so i was told that the MD is going on leave so everything will be done when he comes back in january, i called again on the 14 of January and i was told that he is still on leave, he will be back a week later, i called again and he was still not back, according to the person who interviewed me, the MD is holding everything and they cant do anything without him, but they have asked me about my availability and i told them that it should be on the 1st of February and they said its fine. i have already resigned with my current empolyer and i havent signed any contract with them, they only send me the application of employment to fill in in a meantime we still waiting fro the MD. are there any chances that i cant get a job?

      • Lerato,

        Unfortunately, I can’t speak for the employer – and certainly we are not privy to what happens inside companies. As you’ve followed up a couple of times, I’d recommend you sit tight and wait to hear back. In the meantime, continue to apply for other jobs as well. In general — and in the future — we don’t recommend resigning one position until you have been offered another one in writing, and accepted it.

        Good luck and keep us posted,

  93. Work Coach:

    I found a company I was VERY interested in working for a few weeks ago, submitted my information through their website for a position I thought was PERFECT for me. Heard from the HR rep two days later, who scheduled a time for me to have a preliminary phone interview with her. That interview went well, I followed up with her three days later via email to ask additional questions and reiterate my interest. No response from her for almost a week, when I received a reply, it was not answering any of my questions, but to schedule another phone interview with the department head and hiring manager. After that interview, I thought my salary requirements might have been a bit too high for them, but was assured one of them would get back to me before the end of the week, interview was Tuesday. I heard nothing from them for two weeks, though I had sent the standard “Thank You” for the interview cards. So at the time I assumed I had not been offered the position. Then, I received an email from the the hiring manager to schedule a call with him, which we set for the next day. On this call, last Thursday, I was told they both were very impressed with me, and if I was still interested, they wanted to offer me the position, and that in a day or two they (HR person, Hiring Manager, Department Head) would formalize the offer and I’d have 5 days to accept/reject. This is now Tuesday, 6 days later (counting the weekend and Veterans Day). I’m not sure whether I should wait out the process to occur, or to contact them again, and if I contact them again, I’m not even sure what to say.

    How do you approach this situation without seeming like you are pressuring them to send you an official offer letter with the financials, but also without seeming uninterested in the position for lack of a reply. And who should the contact be addressed to?

    Thanks for any help,


    • Omar,

      I recommend giving them a call next week and asking if they need any additional information. Reiterate your interest in the position.

      Good luck and hang in there.

      All the Best,

  94. Dear Work Coach,

    I am seriously concerned. I went through this crazy interview process with a company I am very interested in. I did FOUR interviews with them and also I had to give them my input on how all of them went. That day that I had spoken to my future boss, she offered me the job. That was on October 30th. I had emailed her a week later to inquire about when orientation/training starts, and she said that I would know by the beginning of next week(That email was sent Nov 6.) It is now November 15th and I still haven’t got word. Should I be concerned? I had to resign from my last job last week due to reasons I cannot control(our apartment went through some serious flooding damage). I have had a company hire me before and then not call me in for orientation two months later(I had moved on on course), but I don’t want this to happen with this job, i’m very interested! Help would be appreciated.


    • Stacey,

      Call early next week and see if you can speak to her directly. If you can help it, don’t leave a message — speak to her directly. Be gentle, express your continued interest and offer to provide additional information if they need it.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Chandlee,

        Thank you so much. I called her today and finally got my start date. She was pleased that I was still interested in the position. Sometimes people may need a little push to remind them that you’re still around. I start December 10th and I got my official offer letter:)

      • Stacey,

        How wonderful, thanks for the update and good luck to you!

        All the best,

  95. Hi

    On Nov 4, I went in for an interview with the hiring manager. At the end of the one hour, the hiring manager stated, that I am the person they were looking for the job and that he would send me a JD and a contract in the next couple of days. I sent me a thank you note on the 7th of November. He responded on the 11th of November, stating that he was very busy and that he will proceed with crafting out the exact JD and contract for more details. Its been 8 days since that note and I am still waiting. Should I follow up with the hiring manager? I dont want to sound desperate.

    • Dear A. Ali,

      I would wait on an offer letter before you call this official. Given that this is a short week for many people; I recommend waiting it out for one more week — then see what happens!

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        I did get a response from the hiring manager and he sent me a detailed job description about the position. He did indicate a ‘negotiable’ remuneration salary number. And asked me to share my thoughts. Although I was OK with the job description, I was not OK with the salary number. I believe it was a ‘low ball’ offer. I did respond to him politely and mentioned diplomatically that the number was low. Now this was a week ago. I believe the salary number should be 50% more than what was indicated in the job description. I have not heard back and am contemplating a phone call. Should I go ahead with calling him or should I wait?

      • If you haven’t heard from him by Tuesday I recommend giving him a call and following up. In general, you want to avoid discussing salary over email — negotiation is tricky and can be better done via phone or in-person.

        Good luck, keep us posted, and all the best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        I finally got my contract today. I was able to renegotiate my salary to the level I wanted. Boy was this a game a patience! as they say, patience is a virtue

  96. hello
    i got the the job offer on 11th of jan, they said they gonna email me the paper works straight away and its been 5 days now, havent heard or receive anything, i think it may take some time but should i call them or email them. because i really want to know whats going on and all the waiting is driving me crazy.

  97. Hi Work Coach.

    I have applied for a job. I went for interview and medical check up. I passed all the test. I have received job offer letter which i have signed and sent back to company(the start date, is depend on my visa as well because I need to relocate to other country).

    The problem is, I am waiting for a job contract. and it is almost 2 weeks and it never arrives. I am start to worry that perhaps they have ruled me out or they just find another candidate.

    I keep contact my agency everyweek, but they said that: so far they haven’t received any news from company.

    I am torn and in dilema.

    Please advice.



    • Hi Justin,

      If you are working through an agency and have a job offer from a client of that agency, it might be best — if you are allowed to do so — to contact the company directly and see where things are as opposed to your offer and move date. When you do follow-up, ask if they require additional information from you. Hiring can be a tricky process, make sure you all have the information you need to move forward.

      Good luck and all the best,

  98. Hello,

    My husband and I recently relocated about 1000 miles on a verbal offer. I know that seems crazy but we have family here and wanted to get back to the area. The senior director of the firm and other staff were extremely excited to have my husband on their team and wanted us to move as soon as we could. They literally said “How soon can you get here?” So we moved. We packed up our stuff in 3 days and moved across the country. However, when we arrived, they pushed back his start date because of “pending HR documents”. It has now been two weeks since the verbal offer. Also, the senior director has not responded to an email sent on Tuesday and voicemail on Thursday. We find this very odd and are starting to get concerned. Today, the department posted a new administrative assistant position. What would you suggest we do? Should he contact the senior director’s boss to maybe see whats going on and if everything is ok? Should he keep calling? We are trying not to be annoying but feel we are being left in the dark after making some huge sacrifices by moving so far and very quickly. Should we be worried?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Shannon,

      That’s a tough one. It sounds like you are in a waiting phase, and there’s not much you can do about it. If they know you are now in the area, you will hopefully see them soon. Worse case scenario if your husband hasn’t heard from them in another week – go to the organization and ask to meet with the hiring manager or HR rep.

      (It’s not uncommon for voice mails and e-mails to get lost in a company queue so don’t give up entirely.)

      In the interim, you may want to both look for other positions as you wait to hear back. Sometimes situations beyond anyone’s control happen after an offer is extended.

      Good luck and all the best,

  99. Hi Work Coach,

    Last Thursday, I went for an interview for a large firm that specializes in town planning, development and architectural consultancy. The interview went better than I’ve expected, and the persons who interviewed me says they definately need people like me, and that I would get the job. They even explained to me the title of the position I’d get – “associate architect”. Asked me about my salary expectations, told me about their leave benefits, bonuses, etc. The interview lasted an hour. They said they would get back to me, but didn’t mention the timeline.

    As for the starting date of work, I have them two months from the date of interview, as I told them that I had commitment overseas and won’t be able to return until 2 months from the date of interview. ( I actually flew in for the interview only)

    It is exactly a week now, and I haven’t heard from them. Not that I’m desperate to start work immediately, but I’d like to know the outcome so that I could plan my trip back, etc.

    Do you think the delay of start date would cause them to rethink their verbal offer at the interview? Or are they playing the waiting game with me because I’m available only after 2 months, and they seeking to employ other applications who are available immediately?
    By the way, their website advertise this position all year round…so i think they are constantly hiring people to fill in similar positions.

    I appreciate your advice. Thank you.

    • I wouldn’t think too much into it. All things considered, a week is not a long time to wait.

      Most employers interview more than one candidate for any position. And interviews and hiring decisions are made in part because of that schedule. You need to wait for everyone who was scheduled before you came into the office to finish. To look at the situation from another perspective, how would you feel if people responded, “We are going to cancel your interview because we liked someone we met this morning and we don’t need to interview again.”

      Never take a verbal offer as a concrete offer…it’s dangerous as things often shift around in companies behind closed doors as budgets change and departments get re-organized.

      I’d recommend being patient, and also continuing to look other places in the interim.

      Good luck and all the best,

  100. Hi Work Coach,

    Good Day.

    Last week I attended an interview and the following day the HR called me to say that i passed the interview and send me a compensation and benefits declaration to be filled out for their reference of salary offer. But since then I haven’t received any update from them. What should I do? It is okay to follow up for the job offer?


    • Hi Ryan,

      You can certainly follow-up with them. I’d recommend calling them mid-to-late next week if you haven’t heard from them. Let them know of your continued interest in the position and ask whether they need additional information.

      Good luck and all the best,

  101. Work coach,\

    i applied for a job in December and the process took so long, though the hiring manager was so impressed. Early January he sent me the job application forms to fill, which i did and he was quite for a long time and i followerd up with him several time, in his respond, he said i must be patient, on monday, he asked me to send my certificates urgently so tha he can submit to HR which i did, but i havent hear anything from him, do you think i got the job or what?

    • Dear Lerato,
      I have been in a similar boat , after waiting for 6 months for closure for a senior level position in one of the multi nationals. The contact from the company has been typically once a month with an update. Only recently did I find out that I was the only finalized candidate they have in a pool of over 5000 resumes. Big firms have a slower hiring process and can take quiet some time. Also, alot of companies have their appraisal processes being executed in this period , which translates into additional work for the hiring managers. As long as, your hiring manager has not reverted back to you with a negative answer or has stopped responding altogether, don’t lose hope. It will come through. While you are waiting for it, as the general wisdom goes, keep applying as it helps to keep you sane and motivated.



  102. Hi Work coach,
    I applied for one of the oil & gas service company last year. I went to interview on August 2012. I received an offer letter on September 2012. I went to pre-employment medical check-up on December 2012 (Twice medical check-up because I have health problem, however at the end doctor declare that I am fit to work in oil & gas industry).
    The next stage is should be working visa processing for Abu Dhabi.
    It is already March 2013, but I haven’t heard anything from the company. I emailed them, on February 15th but they just keep quiet. I also asked our recruitment agency, but the agency keep told me to be “patient and wait”

    My concerns are:
    •Am I been ruled out from the company without me knowing it?
    •Can I resign based on the offer letters alone? Or do I have to wait for contract from future employeer?
    •Is it ok to resign even though you don’t have a new job?

    Adi from Timor-Leste

  103. Ashokkumar says:


    I got mail from Recruitment Consultant via LinkedIn. He said, the company just hired them and he wants test engineer position in Sweden based company(right now I live). His from US.
    After mail sharing, he sent the job description and asked few questions in the mail, like ” Do I have work permit, salary, local language & English, date on available and update CV ” so on..
    I mailed him clearly about my expectations and his answers.

    He was very happy with my answers and arranged an interview in Sweden with Test Manager.
    I performed well in that interview, manager said ” I may have next round with QA team and HR Manager”.

    I didn’t get mail from him, I mailed him and interested in the position and would like to know the process. After a day he mailed me, I have an another meeting with HR Manager. Then HR Manager mailed me and sent some personality test before meet her. I did the test and had an meeting with her nearly two hours. I got good feedback from their test and performed well in that meeting.

    He mailed me after a week, I have not selected from their final list. I just mailed him to said thanks. After a two day, he called me from US, he mailed me wrongly instead of other candidate and apologize his inconvenience.

    He said, the company still interested me and have an another final meeting(Head of Engineering, QA team) and some written test on same day at next week(Thursday).

    I was happy and concentrated the test which I have. I went to the company and performed well in the written test, and nice conversation with QA team and meeting with Head of Engineering. HR Manager asked me to provide an references to send her mail. I just mail along my references details on the same day. She mailed me to get back me on next week.

    I have contacted my references but she does not contact them yet. He mailed me on next week Friday, the HR manager is still in the process of taking references and will contact him on Monday and he asked me ” am still interested in this position” . I mailed him, yes I am very interested in this position.

    The interview process is nearly more than 40 days more, Why they are not contacted my references yet? and what they think right now? Do I have chances to get the job offer?

    Note: The current QA Engineer left the position on Friday(10th March), I just got know from the QA manager, He told me that when we had an meeting.
    In mean time, I had a another company interviews( internship) and waiting for that result too..
    I am very happy to join this QA Engineer position most because of my matched skills, salary, flexibility so on..

    Can you help me for my situation? I don’t know how do I feel now, either be happy for waiting positive result or waiting long time for the company results. I ‘m little depressed too.


    • chandlee says:


      There is much about the job search process that is inherently frustrating. Try taking a look at the situation from the company’s perspective: They have a lot going on in their daily work in addition to hiring for the job. If you know that they are still interested, give it a small amount of more time: International hiring often takes more time especially when recruiters are working in different time zones.

      Go ahead and interview for the other position. If you get an offer from them, call the company that you really want and let them know of your other offer. Either way, you can’t lose.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  104. Work Coach,
    I am going through the same thing. Manager keeps indicating that he’s working on the offer and trying to get an approval within a (4 day period) but HR keeps blocking the process and questioning my tenure, etc. He’s indicated it’s not a concern for him and he just needs to get back to them on a response. After that, my offer should come through. Well, its end of day and still no response on offer. IF there were more potential roadblocks with HR I suppose he would have brought them up to me by now, but since I haven’t heard from him I suppose all is clear. I will pray and he’s very diligent about getting in touch with me. He keeps me in the loop.
    I just hope all other people don’t get involved. The more people and more criticism.

    • Hi Carmen,

      How frustrating. Happens a lot, and based on my experience working in HR as a recruiter, I can also tell you that there may be a snag in the process as they wait to get authorization to hire. Sounds like you’ve done everything you can do, I recommend just sitting tight and waiting to hear back.

      All the Best,

  105. What does this sound like?
    I went in for a 3 person panel interview. 2 days later the program director called and told me I did we’ll and unofficially she was calling to tell me I had the job. She just needed to g approval from the CEO. Almost a week later I get a call to come in for a final interview with the CEO! Should I be worried? What is a final interview? HELP! I’m confused!

    • Hi Chris,

      Don’t panic. Just be well-prepared. Review what you were asked in the first interview.

      Then, Google the CEO and the organization to see what you can discover about them. Do you have anything in common with the CEO (live in the same town, went to the same school at some point, etc.). Know what they are telling the world about themselves.

      Go over the articles here in WorkCoachCafe about how to respond well to common job interview questions.

      Also, have your own questions about the job ready, too (not salary and benefits – ask about this job and the organization). Hopefully, your research into the organization will generate some questions for you.

      At the end of the interview, ask about the next steps and the timeframe for going ahead.

      Be prepared, be yourself, and be honest. You’ll do fine.

      Keep us posted!

      Good luck with your job search!

  106. I have a similary situation, but a little different.

    I went to the first interview, all went well, then I was asked to come in for a second interview, to meet the other employees and for a tour of their shop.

    The supervisor had said he wasn’t able to send me a job offer just yet, as I had to complete a drug and alcohol test. That same day, before I went to the test, I was emailed an offer letter, and was told to bring it in my next available time. This was on Friday, so the next day was Tuesday, as I had my drug and alcohol test on the Monday.

    I pass the test, and was told I was able to put in my two weeks noticed Tuesday Morning, before I went to their office, which I had done. When I went in later in the afternoon to hand in all the HR paperwork, he says that all his managers were in meetings, and he was told that all new hires were put on hold for a week.

    It’s been almost a week, and he hasn’t heard anything in regards to why these positions were put on hold, or what was happening. I’ve been told this company is very busy, the most they have been in prior years.

    So my question is, as I have put in my two weeks, how often is too often to follow up? I have been looking for any other opportunites, just in case. Should I be worried?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kalla,

      Well, it’s not a good situation, but very good that you have a written offer. If that email offer letter is still in your email account, I would make sure to save it, and not to delete it. I would also print off a couple of copies, just in case. In the USA, that written offer gives you the basis for a law suit, if necessary, which hopefully won’t be needed.

      If possible, see if you can rescind your notice. It’s probably not very likely but perhaps worth a try, depending on your relationship with your boss and any company policies they may have.

      Stay in touch with your contact. I think that you are justified in contacting them at least once a week – given that you will probably be out of a job in a week.

      Before you leave your current job, get written recommendations from your co-workers and managers, if possible. And, connect with them on LinkedIn. Make sure to leave on a good note. Read Chandlee’s article, “How to Leave Your Job in Good Hands (& Why You Should).”

      If you cannot continue at your current job, I would definitely launch a full-scale job search.

      Good luck with this situation! Keep us posted. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


      • Just to give you an update Susan, and hopefully some help from you. I had received a call from the company that sent me the offer letter, saying that instead of hiring new employees they had cut their staff by 10%, and the position I was offered is no longer available.

        I haven’t been working during this almost month long ordeal. Is there anything that can be done on my end?

        I have been applying anywhere I could for a new position, but my funds are running out. Thank you!


      • Hello Kaila,

        Since I don’t know all the facts, and I’m not too sure what the rules are in British Columbia, I want to state up front that my response must not to be considered legal advice. It’s best to seek your own counsel.

        Having said that, after reading your post, I had a brief discussion about your situation with one of my clients who is a senior labour relations manager in the HR department of a major company. She said it appears that the company may have breached the contract, and if they advised you to resign, they may have impacted your ability to maintain gainful employment. If you have the offer letter, it would further substantiate your case. She also said that the situation “could be reinterpreted as a version of “allurement/enticement” where you were allured from your job on a firm offer of employment with another job that was rescinded without cause.” In addition, if you signed and returned the letter, the situation could be compounded to the employer’s detriment.

        My suggestion is that you seek the advice of an employment lawyer. I don’t know if BC has an equivalent, but here in Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada has a Lawyer Referral Service where an individual can receive a free 30-minute consultation from a lawyer who specializes in the particular area of law. In your case it would be an employment lawyer. The Society’s website is Check to see if BC has a similar service.

        I wish you well.


  107. I met with the CEO last night and I’m officially approved! She said she’s made it a new goal to try and meet with new hires to see if they are a good fit! Yay! Thanks for the advice!

    • Excellent, Chris! Thank you for letting us know!

      • New update. After my meeting with the CEO, the Program Director called and said it was official but there was a problem with the original amount offered. First of all it’s not a large wage (non-profit), I have a Masters degree in Social Work. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll have a larger earning potential. I really didn’t want to settle but I was offered 45k starting plus mileage and the ability to work from home 2 to 3 days after I get used to my caseload. Anyways, she told me HR was lowering it by 5k and if I wanted to I could fight for more (she suggested splitting the difference at 42.5. I really feel compromised and don’t want to just settle but everyone has to start somewhere. That was a last Tuesday. She said it would take a bit through HR. what now? Any advice appreciated! I’m new to all of this. I’m blessed to have a husband with a good job. But his wage which is substantially more makes me not want to settle for less…Thanks in advance!

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi Chris,

        Well, that is a disappointment! Unfortunately, a common disappointment in this economy.

        You have a number of options here for negotiating some alternatives. I would suggest trying the 42.5 meet-in-the-middle number, rather than accepting the 40 number – chances are they are expecting you to do that.

        You could also consider things like requesting a 3, 6, or 9 month salary review (whatever is earlier than usual, and they could decide that 0.0% is appropriate), an extra week of vacation, tuition reimbursement. On WorkCoachCafe’s “sister” site,, there is a free ebook “Winning Negotiation Strategies for Your New Job” for more ideas.

        Have you done any online salary research to see what this job typically pays? Sites like offer that kind of information. Take it with the proverbial “grain of salt” because the numbers are self-reported by visitors to the site (who might be inclined to do a teensy bit of exaggeration). See if you can find data for the same job with similar employers to see if this offer is crazy low or average.

        Another thing you might want to consider is how badly you want to work for this employer. Speaking from painful personal experience, it can be difficult to dig out of a low salary slot. It sets the baseline for the rest of your career with this employer, and, although it shouldn’t be considered relevant, it can impact your salary with your next employer.

        So, I think a better salary could be worth fighting for in this situation. On the other hand, depending on the size and “culture” of this organization, fighting hard could also label you as aggressive or only interested in the money.

        Good luck with this one!

  108. Hello everyone,
    This is the beginning of my engineering work trip. I applied for jobs and I got an interview last week with a good big company. The interviewer was impressed and started discussing location, benefits and salary with me saying that a lot more explanations are going to be in the offer. I asked when should I expect getting an offer and he replied: “very soon.”
    until now I didn’t here back anything, So I am starting to get worried not knowing if I am still in the very soon time or maybe I am not going to be chosen. Would it happen that they will tell me that I will get an offer and discuss with me about it and then change their minds?
    It is just my first time and I don’t have experience in how hiring processes go.

    Thank you all

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Jason,

      The timeframes in your comment are not clear, so I’m not sure how long you have been waiting to hear back from this employer. If it has been at least a week since your interview (if you were interviewed last Monday, I wouldn’t contact them until Tuesday of this week), get back in touch with your contact. Politely say that you are “checking in” to see what is going on, to reiterate your continued interest in the position and working for the organization. Then, ask if your contact has any idea of what the next steps are and what the time frames are for those steps are.

      Keep looking for a new job just in case this doesn’t work out. The hiring processes often take weeks, even months, so don’t waste your time waiting for an answer on this one. The perfect job for you may be the next one you find.

      Good luck with your job search!

  109. Rameez A S says:

    Hi ,

    I had my interview process for about a month . The final email after my HR i got was a salary proposal which i acknowledged and after that i was suppose to get a formal offer letter.
    It’s been a month and for all my follow-ups , the HR says the approval is in progress. The last word I had with the manager , he said since it’s financial year end , it’s taking time.
    Could there be anything else where I am rejected or something else?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Rameez,

      Year end financial reporting can be very time and attention consuming in a corporation. Give them more time. You have an emailed offer, so it is unlikely they will back out at this point.

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Rameez A S says:

        Thanks Susan for replying,
        I had forgotten about this and the reson being I got the offer letter yesterday 🙂 . Thanks again for your confirmation and your article which proves to be very true.
        Appreciate your efforts in helping people.


      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        You are very welcome, Rameez! Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you have your offer – hope you love the job.


      • Rameez A S says:

        Your Welcome !!! Thanks for the wishes 🙂

  110. have a nice day!i had my exam for about 6 months and fortunately i passed the examination.HR told me to wait and be patient…my concern is that how long should i wait?is their any possibility to that the company hired me?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Toto,

      It’s definitely time for you to contact HR again and find out what is going on. I suspect this job was filled a few months ago, but I could be wrong.

      Call them today. When you call, don’t expect them to remember you. Ask to speak with the person handling the job you were tested for. Write down that person’s name for your records. Then, tell him or her your name, the date of the test, and when you were informed you passed it. Finally, ask for the current status of the job and the next steps.

      If the job has been filled, ask if they currently have similar jobs open – jobs which require the test you took. Ask what is the process for being considered for the new jobs, if there are any.

      Don’t wait so long next time – two weeks are probably the longest you should wait in the future.

      Good luck with your job search!

  111. Hi,

    I dont know what is going on with my situation. I got a verbal offer about a month ago and the hiring manager even told me to start looking for apartment in the work area.. He said I would get the offer by email soon, it has been a month and still no offer. I have kept in contact with him, but recently (last week) he has refused to answer my call or email. I did call the HR last week and they said the offer is still in process, but it is taking too long… Also, the fact that the hiring manager is not responding is really dampening my mood and giving me a bad vibe.. What should I do?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Mac,

      Definitely something going on there, probably having nothing to do with you or your qualifications for the job. It sounds like there may be some internal concerns about filling the job – maybe revenue is down or a re-organization is pending or a thousand other things.

      This job may work out for you, but I would ask some questions if they do finally come through with a written offer. See if you can find out what was going on. It could end up being a very bad place to work – perhaps what your “bad vibe” is telling you.

      I would stay in touch with the HR contact on a weekly basis, but re-start my job search if you put it on hold pending this offer.

      Good luck with your job search!

  112. Thapelo says:

    Work Coach,
    On 8th March, 2013 l did interviews for an IT job with a certain NGO. I was informed by phone on 21st March that l was chosen for the job and that l should be ready for it. That was on Thursday and l was told the offer would be ready the other week say from 26th March ………. However it is now 9 weeks later, and as yet l have not received an offer. Without an offer letter l cannot be sure if indeed the job is still there, and if l have indeed been chosen for it. I also have no idea of when the job starts etc.
    On several occasions l have phoned to ask when the offer letter is coming, but only to be told that the Hiring Manager has not approved it and l should keep waiting. This puts me in a difficult situation. I am not sure whether the lady who phoned me is just making an excuse, because the long period seems way past acceptable standards. Perhaps the person in charge changed their mind and offered it to another person.
    With this in mind, l am trying out for other jobs. However l would dearly love to work for that particular Non-Governmental Organisation. What do l do now? Please help.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Thapelo,

      VERY smart of you not to make any decisions (like quitting your current job, etc.) until you have an offer letter in your hand! Also very smart of you to keep looking for jobs with other employers!

      This does seem exceptionally slow, given that they seem to have made up their minds on March 21. My bet would be that – IF the offer has, in fact, evaporated on you – it has more to do with them than with you. Funding didn’t come through as expected or something else happened internally. Or the person who told you that you would be getting an offer was wrong.

      Perhaps you can use this experience to strengthen your network inside this organization? Ask to meet with them to find out what is going on, since phone calls aren’t working. See if anyone in your LinkedIn network is connected to someone inside this organization so you can start building your own network there – networking is the best way to a job offer.

      Good luck with yourj ob search!

  113. Hi.

    I was recently interview by Indian telecom company. After 2 rounds of interview I did not receive any reply from HR for 1 week even though I tried to get in touch with HR deptt. Then ultimately I asked one of my internal source to ask HR about my application status. The HR told my friend that my application status has been put on hold. HR said that my feedback was not negative still they have put it on hold. The second round of interview was by Head of products. That guy has resigned. my friend said that may be that is the reason that my offer has been put on hold. No timeframe has been given by the HR.

    What should I do in this situation? Should I consider it as no or can I use my references to push things further. Currently I am unemployed. Can references in the company help me in this situation to push things further?

    Please advise
    Thanks in advance

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi KC,

      If the head of the group has resigned, I doubt that much hiring will happen until that job is filled, unless someone becomes the “acting” group head. Typically in the USA, this would take a while, particularly if there is no one internal that management wants to promote to the position. Since it sounds like a fairly senior job, it will probably take at least a couple of months to fill. No new hiring will probably take place until the new group head is in place. So, pushing your internal contacts further might just annoy them, putting them in an awkward position and not helping you either.

      My recommendation is to back off so you don’t burn those very valuable contacts. Perhaps, if you are available later when this employer is ready to resume filling this position, you can re-affirm your interest then. But, do be aware that the new manager, whenever they are hired, may decide not to fill this position.

      Unfortunately, painful though this is, I think your best bet would be to look elsewhere for a new job now. I don’t think you can make this one happen.

      Good luck with your job search!

  114. Odigie. C says:

    Greetings! I am new here. I reside in the UK and got interviewed by a Canadian employer in January. I had interview by HR. and 2 SKYPE interviews with the hiring manager, HR and finally with the General Manager until February.
    February ending, the HR called to tell me they have decided not to further my application anymore due to the cost of hiring foreign employee.
    April 24th HR called me again, that the managers are now interested in me and that the following week, she will get back to me. I didn’t hear from her. I sent her an email last week and she was so sorry and apologised and she copied the email to HR Admin saying my offer letter is almost complete, that I’ll receive it in few days.

    On Monday this week, I called her again and she apologised that I should get it this week. Till now I haven’t hear from her. I am wondering what must be going on and how long this process could take? thanks for your assistance in anticipation.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Odigie,

      Hard to tell what is going on behind the scenes. People go on vacation, get sick, business travel, etc., employers change plans when revenue goes down, or an internal candidate is considering the job.

      Check in with them next week to see what is going on.

      Meanwhile, keep looking for another job.

      Good luck with your job search!

  115. Similar. Hiring manager for internal reloc says job is mine but blaming the waiting process on the amount of time required for job to be posted and on approvals. End of 2nd week(today): hr calls and says sit tight. Interest is high.
    My issue is that one of my colleagues also flew out of town to interview for this job and they have not told him yes or no either. 3 weeks he’s been strung along. Hiring manager flat spelled it out for me last fri that it was mine and hr was being a pain in his side. Expected offer today. Hr says sit tight. Are they stringing me along? Can I speed this process up? Only been with the co 19 mos moving from junior/mid level to mid level sales. Very large fin services co.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi John,

      I doubt that they are stringing you along, based on what the hiring manager told you. You’re already an employee, and, if they are smart, they don’t want a bad reputation inside the company for doing this kind of thing.

      So, take his advice, and chill. Don’t try to speed it up. Practice patience.

      Good luck with your job search!

  116. Thanks Susan. I will let you know how it goes. I really want this job and brought my a game with me to interviews. Will be hard to stay with the company in general if they don’t give me the job now.

  117. Konst Konst says:

    I have already sent the job offer signed back and the firm told me that they started contract preperation since May 22. Meanwhile i declined another job offer that i had. (keep in mind that we are talking about expat international job offers).
    Do you beleive that it has been a long time for the contract to be prepared?
    If in case they withdraw the job offer, do i have any legal rights against the firm?
    Thank you in advance

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Konst,

      I’m not an attorney and I’m not sure where you are located, so you would need to find a local attorney to handle this for you. Collect all the documentation, particularly the offer you accepted and the one you turned down, for the attorney.

      Good luck with this!

  118. Hello,
    I had an interview 3 weeks ago. I was verbally offered the job as long as the background check came back ok. About two weeks later, I got confirmation on the background check that all was good and that I was just waiting now on HR. I don’t remember what exactly he said, but I think something about opening or creating the position….and it would probably take a day or two. I called back three days later and he said he is still waiting. It has been a week since background check was cleared now and still haven’t heard anything. Is this normal to take so long? I’m dying with anticipation for the official word.

  119. Frooz Nagh says:

    Hi, I went for the interview 2 weeks ago and received an email saying ‘ great interview- the job is yours’. I’ve been in touch with the recruiter and he said rest assured the job in mine and that the company is putting together the offer letter. They didn’t post the position internally so they need to create a rec for the position. Not sure what that really means… It’s been 2 weeks and I’m starting to freak out. Help! Not sure what to do at this point.

  120. I have already sent the job offer signed back (from Qatar) and the firm told me that they started visa preperation since May 25 Meanwhile I resigned current job

    Do you beleive that it has been a long time for the contract to be prepared?

    If in case they withdraw the job offer, do i have any legal rights against the firm?

    Can I have a sample letter for asking about the progress?

    Thank you

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Rina,

      I have no idea how long it takes to get a visa prepared. In the USA, you would probably have legal rights against the firm assuming the job does not develop, but I am not an attorney and cannot offer you legal advice.

      Visit their offices to see what is going on. Bring a copy of your job signed job offer with you.

      Good luck with this!

  121. I had an interview for a great Diagnostics testing company and all went well . Two days later they contacted me saying they felt the interview went well and would like to move forward with me but they needed to get the official offer approved . It’s been about 2 weeks now and I did contact them and they said it’s still in the works and to hang tight . I just hope it doesn’t get denied and I been waiting all this time for nothing .. Should I continue my job search in case ?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Shanny!

      YES! Continue your job search! Don’t stop until you have accepted an offer for a new job. Worst case, you will have more than one offer to consider (nice!).

      Good luck with your job search!

  122. Jonathan Pascal says:

    Dear Work Coach,

    I am in the similar situation as Shanny and David. I went for the final interview and I thought it went well. After waiting for a week, I decided to call the HR to ask for any feedback from the hiring manager. She did ask for me and told me that my application is currently processing for hr approval. And she told me if everything is ok, I would be receiving a call from HR.

    What does HR approval mean? Are they doing back ground checks, salary approval and waiting for signatures? Or does it mean that they are still interviewing candidates?

  123. Challenged with Male Chauvism says:

    Hi – Need advice from you. I am in a executive level. I keep getting into situations where I am challenged with working with highly chauvinistic males. I am at a director level. What ends up happening is I’m usually the only woman and that creates a situation of scape goat for some of the males who at higher level and want to throw someone under the bus. The higher up one goes the harder it is to work in a entirely female exec. environment esp. with males who may be unaccepting of female authority.

    Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg talks about this issue. What can I do to prevent myself from being in this cat and mouse game in my next job with too many traditional males. It comes down to the hiring manager but they can be chauvinistic. I now have to change jobs because the one I have yells and is running his division like a garment shop and asks me to dumb down my knowledge.

    In my next job what should I look for? usually if there is at least one or two females execs. as well it works out for me…

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Challenged,

      Unfortunately, not an unusual situation. Many men just don’t work well with competent women.

      Yes, definitely look to see if there are senior women executives, preferably outside of traditional staff functions like HR and finance. If you find a woman COO or, of course, CEO, I’d call that employer a good opportunity. Many companies have been started by women, too.

      In a publicly-traded company, check the latest annual report to see if there are any women on the board of directors as well as in senior roles in the company. is a great starting point for that information.

      Good luck!

      • Challenged says:

        Hi Susan,
        Thank you. I feel better that you understand. We are in liberal CA. so demographically there are going to be more feminist types here in the terms of the candidate pool so I was surprised this companies dept. execs. behaved so backward almost like an Islamic country..

        This is a big problem in corporate America. There is a lot of emotional issues that they are experiencing which has nothing to do with the work.

        I will try to seek your advice in finding more support and appreciation for the work at a senior level in my next job. Perhaps asking questions of their understanding of the work. There is always going to be more men question is I just have to seek out the smarter more well rounded ones who are not afraid of competence esp. from a female.
        Thanks again!

  124. Challenged says:

    To add, Sheryl Sandberg in her book advises women to lean in at meetings etc. but in my case in my current role, I am leaning in and the male executives are not receptive to it because one its over there heads and I do think there is an issue with female authority. I don’t know these guys. I am in meets with VPs all male and they try to throw me under the bus when I provide my recommendations indicating “I need to prove my credibility” when they haven’t added so much input in resolving the issue themselves.

    I haven’t always been in this situation. This is unique. Some men are very receptive to new ideas and much more dynamic. I think I got a much of male chauvinists who are insecure about a younger woman offering ideas in meetings that makes them look weak.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Challenged,

      It’s a tough situation and not uncommon for women to encounter in the work place. If you can find a secure, relatively senior man or woman in the organization who can mentor you, helping you find your way through the political mine field, you will be more successful. But, in my experience, it is often hard to find those people.

      Good luck!

      • Challenged says:

        Hi Susan,
        Thanks for your support. You are right. I have to seek out a more senior person in age as well as my direct manager who isn’t going to be threatened. That has worked out in the past.

        In the past, when I have worked in large companies where there were more female executives I was twice put on special projects from 2 different female executives who were much more aged senior and noticed my talent. This has always worked out for me and also by 2 more senior males.

        Both males were dynamic and well rounded types and confident inside.

        I’ll keep looking.
        Thanks again.

  125. Hi every body and experts!
    I called for an interview they after on telephonic conversation congrats and alert me for next procedure, so i was called for next interview and after they says just have faith on may be. Then on telephonic conversation interviewer congrats me and further after a one weak a get standard offer letter which i was instructed to signed and put joing date i do the same, now i call him again the interviewer, he do not give me solid words he says if you have another job keep in touch and also keep in touch, now im in situation of deadlock, becuz simultaeously i can not do it, as i hv to do on risk, but i want to ask is it happens normally because my interviewer says it on hr department they want to get approval from thier parent company and group of holding also they will see thier budget please guide me i am in great tension…………………………………………………

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Shan,

      I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it sounds like you thought you had a job offer, but you apparently don’t yet. Since I’m unclear on what is going on, I can’t really offer you any specific advice for this situation.

      I would suggest that you continue your job search.

      Good luck with your job search!

  126. Hi everyone,
    I am in a similar situation to the post above. I have been verbally offered a job and the HR recruiter told me that my verbal acceptance is more than enough and he will be sending me the contract in 2 weeks time. However it has been more than 2 weeks and I have not yet received the contract. Is it something I should be contacting the HR about or something I should just be waiting for?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Will,

      Since it has been more than two weeks, it is appropriate for you to contact the HR rep and inquire about the status of the contract.

      When you get the contract, be sure that all of the details are correct (job title, location, salary, starting date, etc.). Then, sign it, keep a copy for yourself, and send the contract back to the recruiter via certified or registered mail (“snail mail”) so you have a receipt indicating that you mailed it back.

      Hope this works out for you!

      • Thanks for the advice Susan! I’ve contacted the HR and he was suprised that I didn’t get the contract and he is now checking it out with his colleague so it should be good.

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Excellent! Thanks for letting us know.

  127. Pootie Tang says:

    Hi there

    was trying to make another post, as this been live since 2008, either way hope any expert can ease my mind and share their thoughts on the matter.
    Im currently waiting for a job offer at the moment, but its waiting for approval, so its still a yes or no. My first interview started on the 1st of April, second in the following week, one day before i go on holiday leave for 3.5 weeks, i have advised them to contact me via email for any updates, i got no update until i got back saying i need to finalised the last stage of the process (personality test etc, medical form, and reference check) which i was excited for. Than after completing this, i was advised the decision maker is on leave for another 2 weeks, now after decision maker is back, they have given me an update of still waiting to be approved by their one up manager. my question is , as everyone have different experiences, whats the worst that could happen from here? i have experience a hiring freeze before after finishing the last stage of interviews, but this is for a bigger company, hence my anxiety of repeating the same history.
    Also i was advised for a new created role, this may need to go through finances to review budget etc, how long would you expect this last process take for a newly created role?

    thank you in advance

  128. Godsmasterpiece says:

    Hi everyone,
    I need some advice on the subject line mentioned above. I am working in a company that every one would aspire to have it in their resume. While browsing, I came across another company in the same list is having an opening which matches my candidature so applied online. Got call for interview with in a weeks time and the first round is with hiring manager, who was quite happy about the performance and same with the follow up interviews. Its been a month that I had given my last round of interview, and I haven’t heard anything from the staffing team from then. So I wrote up to them after 3 weeks and received a response saying they are sure that I am the candidate and are waiting for some process approvals, yesterday when I called up he said that the requirement is on hold and will update me further?

    what does it mean? is it a polished way of saying “not selected”??

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Don’t jump to any quick conclusions about this being a rejection! MANY things go on “behind the curtain” in the hiring process that have NOTHING to do with the candidate.

      Don’t reach out again for a couple of weeks, and the next time you talk with them, ask for an estimate on how long the wait will be.

      Good luck with your job search!

  129. Pooja Roy says:


    i recently relocated a new location and in the process of job search, I have across two good opportunities. the first company is asking me to join informally as the approval process and the offer letter may take 1-2 months. Meanwhile the second company has given me an offer which I intend to negotiate since its lower than what I was last withdrawing. Both ask for immediate joining. The first company is my dream company and I would definitely wait for the official offer letter but meanwhile I cannot just let go the other offer because what if the offer letter doesn’t come or the position is freezes.

    How do I go about it ?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Pooja,

      I really don’t know what to recommend to you. I am suspicious of an employer that wants you to “join informally” especially if that means you would be working for them for “1-2 months” for no pay and no guarantee of a job at the end of those 1 or 2 months. Seems high risk to you and no risk to them.

      If I were me, I would take the second job, and ask the people at the first job to keep you in mind the next time they really have a job open.

      Good luck with this!

      • creative2014 says:

        HI Work Coach,

        I am a college graduate. Have been looking for a job in my field since 2013 and have not yet been able to land one yet. However, I Have a family member who works at a large financial institution and is very close to their boss who is a director in the company. I was asked to forward my resume on October 6. Was asked to come in for a interview the next day. The interview went well I was told that I would be hearing back to come in again to meet with another boss as well because she was out sick the day I came to interview. After three days I sent a follow up thank u email. And the response I got was they they were reviewing their needs at the moment and once they decided what those needs are going forward they would be in touch. Being that I know someone from the inside who referred me I ask for a update and I was told I have to wait till January. I asked again and to show I’m still interested and now I was told they are waiting for approvals. What should I do being I haven’t gotten a offer but it sounds promisings.

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        KEEP LOOKING! This job may come through for you, being referred by a current employee makes an offer more likely (than if you were not referred), but an offer is NOT guaranteed!

        It doesn’t sound like they are in a hurry to fill this job, which isn’t a good sign for your bank account.

        So, rev up your job search. The holidays are a GREAT time to get hired, even though most people don’t understand that. Employers need to fill jobs before the end of the year, but many job seekers shut down their job hunting until January. Right now, you’ll have less competition the next few weeks combined with more desperate employers — take advantage of that timing!

        Good luck with your job search!

  130. pmjobseeker says:

    Hi everyone! I am in need of some advice. About three weeks ago I was contacted by a recruiter to interview for a project manager position at a small start-up company. I’ve had three phone interviews and a face-to-face interview so far. I got a call two weeks ago from the recruiter saying that I’m their top candidate but it may take up to six weeks to hear back from them because the company wants to close a few accounts before hiring. I’ve done a quick follow-up email since to let them know I’m still interested in the position but my question is, is this typical? I’m not sure if I should be wary about a small company needing to sign on more customers before hiring. The company sounds great and I’m sure I’d love the position but I’m a little hesitant. Thanks in advance for the feedback!

  131. Friends,

    I resigned from the current company at end of june for personal reasons. I attended the first round of my interview for my dream job in first week of july. 2nd round was completed in last week of july. HR Interview was waived off. During the 2nd and final interview, i was told that my current CTC is more than that of their budget and they would take the internal approval, since i am perfectly matching to their requirement. I also told them that i am flexible on CTC part. In first week of august, i was informed that offer would be released once the salary structured is approved. Its almost 3 weeks and still the reply from HR is same. I suspect they are struggling to hire me into their budget requirement. Is it advisable to tell the HR again that i am flexible on salary ?

    In the mean time, i have another offer for which i should join with in this week itself, and i have to relocate. My first and incomparable choice would be the one for which offer is yet to be released ( because it fits in my carrier goals and also it is in same locality). However its not sure, until offer comes in mail. Can i tell the HR that i have another offer..?

    I am worried that i join the company in a different location and have to resign in a very short time and also ask them relieving letter…. This may complicate the issue..

    Can you please suggest…

  132. Hi

    I got a job offer right after my interview, I was asked to submit all the necessary documents as soon as possible. I was asked also to resign from my previous work so i can start immediately. At present, I was on hold for a week now. The person who will sign my appointment paper was no where to be found. I was able to talk to the HR yesterday and assured me that they will call me within the month and according to her my future boss is asking my status also. Do i have to worry? Im getting soooo impatient.

  133. Hi,

    I was told that my contract was sent to the SVP in UK for signature on Tuesday however he/she had not looked at it yet. I was previously offered a job by the same company and it took them only 2 days to send me the contract. I don’t understand why it is taking so long this time. Do you think this is a delay tactic and that they have changed their mind?

  134. Hello

    I randomly came across this website while I was doing some job hunting. I saw that you have been giving good and helpful advices to everyone. I hope you will be able to help me as well.

    I had an interview with a company back in July and the feedback from them is that they think I am the strongest candidate, but they cannot officially offer me the job yet because they need to conduct a market intelligence test first in order to sponsor me the visa. After 28 days additional advertisement, they still think I am the strongest candidate. The HR person said she wanted to give me the good news originally but she now couldn’t. The reason is that, about a week ago, one of the members of the team I will join has decided to move internally and the whole department had to be re-structured. Therefore, this position I apply for is now on hold for 2 to 3 months.

    I feel very frustrated because there is more “waiting” to do and even the HR person cannot guarantee this position will still be in need after re-structuring. She said she would keep me updated during this time.

    How likely for a company to re-open the position after re-structuring? They want to expand the business and that’s why this position is created. I try to think positive because I really want this job, but I don’t really know what to expect.

    It would be great if you can give me some advices. Thanks!

  135. Dear All,

    A leading Media MNC has given me this word of taking me onboard, but the issue is the HEAD COUNT APPROVAL.. They expect it within twpo weeks, meanwhile they have asked me to join them as an intern with the salary package of that of a regular employee on payroll.I have said that I would wait for the approval.they have not given me any confirmation on mail nor has shared the JD with me.they have just given me the idea of the jd and has discussed the package o phone.they are ready to pay three times to me thats fixed for an intern, just because they have found be good. I am confused and dont know should I go ahead with the offer they are giving me or should I wait for the approval.Can anyone guide me Please..

  136. bertilthier says:

    Dear Susan,
    I interviewed for Job in June 2014 with the hiring manager of a large corporation of over 20000 employees.After a week or so,my recruiter contacted me to inform me that the client wanted them to proceed with my reference checks so I had to provide 5 references which I did. 2 weeks later the recruiter conducted the reference check which was around end of july.In August I contacted the recuiter and said she had not heard from the client as yet and I waited for another month,the recruiter informed that the client was still interviewing and there was a last candidate for interview and then she would contact me after the hiring manager decision.In October,i received an email from the hiring manager himself informing that he selected me for the job and he had informed my recruiter about that and he was still waiting for finale approval of the job and that he would get it soon.I waited for another month with no news from him and the last time I spoke with my recruiter which was in november,she told me they had a verbal offer that I was selected for the position and they were waiting for the written offer so that they can start the recruitment process with me and at the same time I contacted the hiring manager because I have his email and I hav been in touch with him as well (recruiter not knowing about that though) and he told me he was still waiting for a last approval which he got early December.My recruiter asked for a copy of my personal document such as Passport because I need a work visa to start that job because I need to relocate to that country and ID (driving license) which I did send a few days back. My questions are as follow:
    1) Why am I not hearing anything from my recruiter although they have received the approved offer from the client,why is it taking time?
    2) Is my recruiter actually the one recruiting me or the company? because I was confused with the following sentence from my recruiter which stated ” we had a verbal offer and we are waiting for the written offer so that we (recruiter) can start the recruitment process.

  137. paulombaya says:

    On a slightly different topic, I recently interviewed for a vice president position at a medium size company. The latest interview was with the CEO of the company, who felt highly pleased with my background. He informed that the hiring manager (EVP and CAO) would get in touch with me. That was three weeks ago and I have not heard from them. I sent a short email for any update and so far no response. Is this typical? Your response will be highly appreciated.

  138. On a slight divert from this topic, I was recently interviewed for a position in company A. Company A called and informed me to work the next day, but details were not finalised. Is it typical? She stated that she will confirm the details with me again with another call, but no response thereafter. As such is not finalised, is it right for me to accept another job offer?

    Your response is highly appreciated.

    thank you

  139. Dear Work Coach,

    It seems like my job offer is put on hold. Three weeks ago, I did phone and on-site interviews and then got a verbal offer from the HR dept. They checked my references and school degrees, which was ok. And then the HR said that it is a fiscal year (September) and they need to get approval from finance, which sounds fair to me. However, sadly, the finance office did not approve my offer because they don’t have enough budget. So, the HR said hopefully next January there would be an opening for me, and I would be able to get a written offer then. I also talked with the hiring manager who interviewed me and is the director of the team. He said, “It is outside our control and was not expected but understandable it can happen. I will keep you posted ASAP when things change.”. Also, my friend in the company gave me some positive comment on this. He thinks I will get the offer in January.

    I don’t know about this kind of situation much since this is the first verbal offer I’ve received.
    Do you think I will get the written job offer finally or not?

    Sorry for this long story and many questions. I would appreciate it if you give me any advice.
    Thank you!

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