Choosing Between Two Jobs When One Hasn’t Even Been Offered Yet!

Hi Ronnie Ann,

I just stumbled upon this gem of a website! Thank you everyone for all their work stories and insights. Really put things into perspective for me.

Well, here is my situation. I applied for two jobs. Job B, for which I am sure I have received an offer with a deadline of Oct 20, is not my first choice. I e-mailed Job A (which I interviewed Oct 1) and got a response saying that I am their top candidate thus far but they still have more job interviews to conduct (last one on Oct 27th). I am wondering if the recruiter is being genuine about my possibility or whether she is just being nice and polite to keep me on file.

I REALLY would love to get Job A. How do I respond? They know my deadline to reply to Job B but still cannot give me any firm answers (which I understand). My gut feeling is to stick with Job A and hopes it pans out but I wanted to make sure that HR is not just being polite and there is a real possibility for me. Any advice or suggestions?



Hi Penguin!

Thanks for the kind words. Glad the blog has been helpful. I do try. 😉

This is a tough one. You have a sure thing with a deadline next Monday, and one that’s a maybe you really like (as far as you know) with no deadline and no for sure job. In this economy, it’s tough to let a sure thing get away.

I have some questions for you:

(1) How good is the job you were offered? Does it have good opportunity to advance? Is it a job you could like, even if not as much as the other one?
(2) If you turn down Job B and don’t get Job A or even another job interview with them, would you be ok with your decision?
(3) If you take Job B, will you always regret what you didn’t get or just do your best to shine in the new job without regrets?
(4) Have you tried calling (not just e-mailing) Job A to more fully explain your situation and see if they can give you any more hope? (Remember…if the last interview is Oct. 27, they may still take a while to make a decision. And the fact that they won’t stop now shows that, even though you are the top choice as of the time you called, they have not decided it is you for sure. But of course…it might be.)

Honestly, without knowing every detail of your life, there’s no way I can offer you sound advice. Different people would choose differently under the same circumstances. I will tell you I once had this happen to me and I took the sure thing. It was NOT my dream job and never turned out to be. But the people I met and things I did wound up changing my life for the better – and I never for one moment looked back at what I could have had. Life is too short. 🙂

Fate is like that. The path taken and the path not taken. Just know there are good things possible from either path if we give our whole heart to whatever choice we make.

This one is for you to decide, Penguin. Please let us know what happens.

Ronnie Ann


If you’re curious…this post was taken from comments on my post:

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