Still Waiting to Hear Back After a Phone Interview

Dear Work Coach,

I am waiting patiently after a good telephone interview with an internal recruiter. At the end of the interview, I was told that I would get a call from the hiring manager if I get a second interview. That was a week ago.

My question is if it would be okay to call the hiring manager directly? Or should I only follow up with the recruiter?



Hi Lowell!

First, congratulations on a good phone interview. Hope it turns into a good job! 😉

I’ve given your question some thought. Part of me said “Why not go ahead and call him or her?” But then I remembered some places where that would have left a bad impression, despite the initiative it shows.

A week isn’t that long. Sometimes the phone interview phase takes a few weeks all on its own. And then they have to decide whom to call back, which can involve more time getting everyone to clear their schedules to do that. So the fact that you haven’t heard back yet is no indication of anything.

I think I’d wait until next week, and, if you haven’t heard anything by then, call the internal recruiter. It’s better office politics. Now if you can’t reach/ don’t hear back from the recruiter, then you could very politely and “naively” contact the hiring manager. You could say you haven’t heard back yet from the phone interview and aren’t sure if you were supposed to contact her/him but if so, want to let her/him know how interested you are in the company and to please let you know if there’s anything more you need to do right now. Might help and couldn’t hurt.

Good luck. Please let us know what happens, ok?

Ronnie Ann

In case you’re curious, you can read Lowell’s original comment and find out what happened. He wrote back November 5, 2008. Hint: It’s good news. 😉

Stuck in the Waiting Game After the 2nd Interview


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  1. Definitely start with the recruiter. Not only is this person the employment gatekeeper—he or she has the job of finding employees for the company, a job which he or she probably feels the need to justify, at least on occasion. Recruiters do not take kindly to being circumvented. Trust me, I speak from experience.

  2. Thanks for adding your personal experience, Terry. I think the best advice comes from those of us who have made all the mistakes! 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  3. In my experience, usually if they have not got back to you within one week following a phone interview (if this is a large company) then you have been unsuccessful and they’ll e-mail a generic response thanking you for your time.

    Sorry to be so negative but it is an experience i have been through many times. I hope I am wrong and good luck!

    • Large companies are notoriously slow about interview follow-ups. As a hiring manager and working closely with Recruiting this was our basic schedule.

      Week 1-2 examine resumes and select candidates
      Week 3-4 schedule and interview
      Week 4-5 select candidate
      Week 4-5 make offer (s) contingent on back-ground check
      Week 6 – Make offer to candidate (s)
      Week 6-7 Recruiting contacts candidates who didn’t make it.

      That said – I am very anxious at week 2 after a phone interview but I know one of the interviewers went on vacation immediately following.
      I sent a follow-up email next day to the interview team (hiring Director and potential co-worker Manager) and I am considering sending a follow-up to the follow-up 2 weeks later. I do have the recruiter email address as well . I think I need to communicate directly with the Director.. ? What say you?
      thank you !

      • Hi Mary,

        I’m not sure when you were a hiring manager with that basic schedule, but I’m guessing it was a while ago. Since the recession hit, the hiring process has slowed down dramatically. Employers know they have a lot of choices so they are being very choosy – if we can find this excellent candidate (80% fit), maybe an extraordinary person (100% fit plus walks on water) is out there. Lets see if we can find that person…

        I think, as a former hiring manager, you should follow your best instincts. If it feels like you should call the Director directly, go for it. What do you have to lose?

        Good luck!

  4. Hi Daniel!

    You’re right that in many cases, this is not the best news. Sory you had to learn this the hard way!

    But as someone who has waited much MUCH longer after a phone interview and gotten good news and as someone who has been on the inside many times and knows all the things that can pop up to delay getting back to people, my motto is we really don’t know for sure what this means.

    But I also believe if you don’t have an offer, no matter how things look, keep that job hunt going with full effort. Not only is this good for your momentum, but you never know what might come up.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish you much luck in your own career! 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  5. Hi, I am suffering the same pains.
    I got a phone interview last wednesday,and they told me they will inform me in one or two days, but three working days pasted, I still get nothing.
    After the phone interview, I send thank letter to the interviewer, and still nothing happens until now.
    What should I do next?
    call them tomorrow?

  6. Hi ratzip!

    The fact that three+ days have past is not a problem despite what they said since things happen. But since they mentioned such a short time span, it would be fine to call this week if you haven’t heard yet. I wish you luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann


    I’m starting a blogging break today. But couldn’t leave without letting you know how much I appreciate your visits. See you in November!

    And if you’re wondering why the break:

    Blogging Overload: Do You Give Yourself a Break?

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  8. Hey Ronnie,

    I have had a phone interview last Friday and when I asked the HR manager when I could get to know of the result, she said by wednesday, you should have something. Its Thrusday and she didnt get back to me… I am getting a little ansy. Should I email her asking her about the updates?

  9. By the way I did email her a “thank you ” letter after my interview.

  10. I did email the HR about any updates. No reply so far. Waiting game sucks…..

  11. I’m no longer answering questions on a regular basis, but I just had to sneak on and say “Yes it does, Zilka!!” These things just have their own time schedule. 😉 Best of luck.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  12. Hey Ronnie,

    I agree. I just wanted to add, its been a great relief that I found this site. This has been keeping my nerves in check. Thank you.


  13. Thank you for telling me that Zilka. I’ve decided to pull back from the blog as I explain here: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Move On? but it makes me feel good to know even if I am not here very much any more, the posts still help. All my best! ~ Ronnie Ann

  14. Oh Ronnie, we are going to miss you here for sure. My case: No updates. Why can’t the HR keep me posted??? Some information to know if I am being considered..

  15. Hi Ronnie,

    I submitted a resume online to a large company over Thanksgiving weekend. I received a call from a recruiter four days later saying they were very interested in an interview. Since the position is in New York and I live in California, I asked if an inital phone interview would be possible. One was scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 7th. I believe it went well (I spoke with two managers in the dept, 1 of whom is the hiring manager) and was asked if I would be able to come in for an in-person interview if all goes well and that they would be contacting me. Since they mentioned they want someone to start by Jan 3 (!), how long should I wait to hear back? By Friday? And should I contact the hiring manager I spoke with or the original recruiter (who only set up the phone interview)?

    Thank you!

  16. Hi Nicole,

    Hope you’ve heard something by now. Just remember…while companies set dates they would like to achieve, they will take as long as necessary to make the best decision for their needs.

    Arrangements can vary, so no hard and fast rule about whom you contact based on what you’ve told me, but I would at least have sent the thank you note to the hiring manager and touched base with the recruiter; you can then ask the recruiter if it’s ok to call the hiring manager.

    Best of luck! ~ Ronnie Ann

  17. Hi Ronnie,

    Thanks for your reply. I unfortunately did not send thank-you notes on the basis that the initial phone interview was only 15 minutes with each of the two department heads and I felt I barely broke the ice with each of them. I did call the hiring manager back a week later to follow-up, but left a voicemail since they did not answer. Yesterday (Friday), I received a call from the HR recruiter stating that the hiring manager wanted to schedule a second phone interview for next week since they felt they did not get enough time to talk with me. I’m extremely excited as I had basically written the job off – but as you said, they don’t seem to be playing hard and fast with the date they initially discussed!

    Any advice for the 2nd round? Should I overnight a thank-you note immediately after so it arrives in a timely fashion?

    Thank you!

  18. Hi Nicole!

    Sounds like you’re on their agenda, having made enough of an impression first time to merit further interview time. This is great news. You don’t need to do anything at this point. After the next interview, a thank you might be nice. But as I’ve said many times – although I recommend thank yous, they are usually not the reason you get or don’t get the job. It’s about you – and I think that’s a real plus in this case. 😉

    Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  19. Hi Ronnie,

    I recently had a phone interview with a recruiter from citi bank for a teller position.The interview went well and i was told to wait for a response from them in a week.At the end of the phone interview i asked for the recruiters contacts details so i could send a thank you email but she told me they dont give those details and also do you think i should call her back on the number she called me with to say thank you and also get an update about the interview.
    Thank you for your timely response


    • Hi Busola,

      With Citi, I think I’d wait for them to call you. They are a very large organization, probably with a very formal set of procedures for hiring someone. It doesn’t sound like they are interested in hearing from you since they “don’t give those details” like contact information you could use. A pretty clear message in that response.

      Many, many banks and credit unions, even casinos and other businesses, have teller positions. I just did a quick search on, and it found over 8,000 teller jobs open across the USA.

      I’d definitely keep looking. If Citi calls you back, great. If they don’t, you haven’t lost much time.

      Good luck!

  20. Waiting anxiously says:

    The waiting period is definitely brutal. I am going thru this right now. Based on my past experience, if you don’t get another interview after the phone interview, you will not get the next interview.
    I had a phone interview on Monday and the recruiter said she is going to get back to me but I don’t think she will. If I don’t hear from her after a week I will still follow up with her.

    • Hi Waiting anxiously,

      Yes, waiting a week before following up is an excellent idea. Don’t assume that they phone interview didn’t go well. Getting schedules coordinated for the round of face-to-face interviews is often not easy, so you might not hear from them until next week.

      Keep looking…

      Good luck!

  21. hello i had an interview with allstate as a claims service specialist on 3/1/2012- its been 3 whole weeks- called the internal recruiiter & was told im still under consideration- i did send in a follow up thank u letter & i felt the interview went well, they did say will follow up within 2-3 wks
    whats the hold up?……….being under consideration – is that good or bad?

    suspense is killing me….lol

    • Hi meme,

      It’s so hard to tell what the hold up could be, but it could be a million things, most of them having absolutely nothing to do with you.

      Someone necessary to the completion of this process may be traveling, on vacation, home sick, or involved in some kind of crisis. Or they could just be following “the process” and it takes that long.

      So, don’t give up. Stay in touch. Be patient and professional.

      And, keep looking, just in case this one doesn’t come through for you!

      Good luck!

      • thanks for responding- being under consideration, is that good or bad?

      • Hi meme,

        Yes, being “under consideration” is good. It doesn’t mean you have the job, but it does mean that you are one of the candidates who made it through the first cut.

        Good luck!

  22. so i just had a phone interview which seem to have went pretty well; it last abot 12 minutes. after the end of the call, the recruiter said she would submit my info to the hiring manager………..and if qualified would get a call back for face2face interview. is this a good sign or would they have set it up on the phone?. how long should i wait?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Meme,

      What you received is neutral feedback — there’s no way to tell if they will or won’t be putting you forward. I’d wait a week and then follow-up to ask if you’ve been moved to the next stage for the interview. Good luck with the process and — as always — continue your search until you’ve accepted a job offer.

      Good luck.

      All the Best,

      • thanx…….called the recruiter this morning just to get an idea of how long, because we got another offer from diff company,but i really want this job- she said i should hear something monday or tuesday……fingers crossed#

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Meme,

        Make sure the company knows that you have another job offer in hand — that an speed up the decision. Don’t put pressure on them, just let them know your deadline to tell the other company!

        All the Best,

      • So was it a happy ending to this thread or what? 🙂

  23. So I took Chandlee’s advice and continued to apply for different jobs to keep my options open. Well last week I received an e-mail from a potential employer. It read, “…We have received some excellent resumes and yours stood out among the group as a potentially good fit for the position and our organization….I wanted you to know that I’m meeting with fellow Board members this week to discuss potential candidates and will be following up with you next week via email after I’ve had an opportunity to consult with Board members regarding your resume.” I replied and said thanks for the consideration and that I was still interested in the position. Tomorrow will be five business days since I received the e-mail. Should I continue to wait it out or e-mail/call again later in the week? Just thought I’d ask. I’m just happy I have options now! 🙂

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Mo,

      First, congratulations. I’d give it until the end of next week — and then follow-up again. It’s still next week, and getting word back often takes a while.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Welp, I got an e-mail back from the Board of Directors and it read: “I appreciate your time and interest in the Administrative Director position. I presented your resume to the Board and due to the competitive resumes we have received, the Board narrowed it down to several candidates that more closely match the ideal qualifications for the position.”

        To say that I am disappointed would be a complete understatement. I’m thrown for a loop because the first e-mail was so enthusiastic. Now I don’t know what to think…

      • chandlee says:


        I’m sorry, it sounds like there were other resumes presented that perhaps the Board thought that were more closely aligned with their requirements. It doesn’t change the tone of the initial email you received, it’s still likely that the individual who wrote to you was a proponent of your skills — the problem is that typically a board is more than one person…

        I recommend following up with the individual who reached out to you. Let them know that while you are disappointed,

        1. You are honored to have been presented before the Board of Directors,
        2. You would be interested in other positions with the company in the future,
        3. You’d appreciate any feedback on how you could further strengthen your candidacy for future positions.

        Hang in there, and good luck. Congrats for making it to a Board review — in today’s competitive hiring landscape, that is also an accomplishment.


  24. Dear Chandlee,

    I am writing to you since I am facing a lot of different experiences in my professional life. First of all, I am a dual citizen (Brazilian – Italian) and I have a great interest in working in the aerospace industry (since I am an aerospace engineer).

    I had a phone interview last Thursday (June 21st, 2012) which left me with the impression that it was a very successful interview. The interviewer (a HR professional) explained me the next steps which consisted of:
    – She would send me an email this week
    – I should reply to that email with the contents she was requesting.

    I sent her a follow up email this past Monday (June 25th, 2012) but I haven’t either got a response back for that email nor the email she mentioned in the phone interview. The company is German so I do understand that there is a cultural perspective that I must be aware of and respect.

    So, my question is: Should I give the lady a call even after sending her a follow up email?

    Thank you very much in advance. Congratulations for your website. It has definitely helped me a lot during this phase of my life.

    Best regards,

    • chandlee says:

      Hi TP,

      I think it’s worth a call but I would wait a few days. Perhaps you should reach out to her if you have not heard from her by next Wednesday.

      All the Best,

  25. Hi!

    I recently got a phone interview from a company (small-medium sized) with a position I am really interested in. The phone interview went well, the hiring manger even said I did well and will contact me by email for an on-site interview. But it has been over a week now and I am a little anxious… How much longer should I wait before I call them?


    • chandlee says:

      Hi K,

      You could call and follow-up now but realize it is unlikely they will get back to you until an offer is extended…

      Good luck and all the best,

  26. Jessica says:

    I received a pre-screening phone interview last Thursday and it went great. The person I interviewed with said that I meet all the requirements they are looking for in a candidate and that she would be contacting me to arrange an interview this week. It is already Tuesday of “this week” and I have not heard from her.

    She did not leave any of her contact information over the phone, other than the number that I have on my caller id. Would it be “too pushy” to contact her to that number and how long should I wait?

    ~Thank you~

    • chandlee says:


      This week could mean anytime this week. Tuesday is early. Next Monday is late. Keep going with your search in the interim.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Jessica says:

        Thank you Chandlee!

        I received a call back on Tuesday afternoon for the opportunity of presenting my portfolio to four executives. The recruiter –this is a multinational technology corporation with an in-house recruitment department– explained they were only granting four interviews after reviewing over sixty applications. I was so excited to hear the news that all worries melted right there and then.

        The three-hour interview went great. I am very confident they were very pleased with my portfolio.

        Lesson learned: big corporations have very busy schedules but very responsible. For good or not so good news, they will get back to you.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Jessica,

        Congratulations, that’s great news. Keep us posted on how things go, and as always — encourage you to keep applying as you wait to hear. Getting a new job can be a competitive process — and it’s always better to have more than one opportunity when presented with an offer!

        Keep us posted and all the best,

      • Hello Chandlee,

        I was asked by their talent acquisition recruiter to contact her after the interview so we could discuss my level of interest. I tried calling her the same day after the interview and left a short message on her phone for her to call me back. The day after I wrote a brief email for us to connect again but never got a response (until this day).

        On July 30th I hand delivered custom designed ‘thank you’ notes to all who interviewed me. And on August 13 (two weeks after initial interview) I decided to email the hiring manager and briefly explained I was having difficulties contacting their recruitment rep and that I was still interested. He never responded to my email.

        This position became available since they will be expanding and creating a brand new division by October 1st.

        I have been applying to multiple job openings and going to interviews. Somehow, I am still interested in that job the most. Do you think there is still a chance even when I have not heard from them for this long?

        Thank you again ☺


      • Jessica,

        There’s always a chance that you’ve still gotten the position as the hiring process can often take a while, but — as is often the case — you’ll have more opportunities the more you keep up your search in general. Sounds like you’re already doing that, which is great.

        Good luck,

        P.S. I once got a great job offer three weeks after the notification date! So don’t give up hope altogether…

  27. Hi, my husband had a phone interview on June 28th. He received and email August 2nd saying they were in the process or discussing and choosing candidates for the onsite interview and would hopefully know more within 1-2 weeks. My husband email again on July16th and received an email stating the director of HR (person he been in contact with the whole time) was out until July 23rd so he emailed her on July 24th and received this email back “Thank you for your email. We are still reviewing our candidates and will try to get back with you in the next few days. Sorry we have taken so long, but we have several excellent candidates and a difficult choice to make.” So, how long should he wait to contact her again to follow up to see if they have reached a decision? Gosh, this job hunting process is tough! Thanks!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Kay,

      I recommend waiting another week or two before he follows up again…chances are good that they know he’s still interested and how to get in touch with them.

      In the interim — as he waits to hear back — I recommend that he also continue to apply for other positions. It’s always good to have as many options as possible…

      All the Best,

      • Okay, thank you! Yes, he has been applying so far he has applied for 140 position as a Chemist. He graduated in December with his Masters.

      • chandlee says:


        If he’s applied for 140 positions and hasn’t heard anything, I recommend he meet with a career counselor from his school and ask for some additional feedback. Chemistry is one field where there’s a high demand for new graduates…so he may want to seek out other perspectives on job strategies.

        Good luck to both of you and all the best,

      • Thank you!… One thing is Chemistry and Engineering field are in high demand but the fall back is most companies want 5 years of experiance!… Shofar that’s what we’ve been running into. We live in Springfield MO so its very slim opportunities in this area which all the jos he’s applied for have been out of state and with everyone out of jobs it makes the chemistry field even more competitor than it already is. E has an internship with Mercy Research here and the PhDs there are even looking for new jobs elsewhere and it’s been the same story for them. But I will recommend what you did to my husband and see what he says. Also, a job has come up here in Speingfield for a Chemist at a utility company which was sent to him via email yesterday because city utilities likes to hire the new grads so we will see if he has any luck there since its in this area. Very frustrating! But trying to
        Keep positive!

      • Heard back from the HR director today regarding the position. Unfortunately, they have decided to choose another candidate. I believe since he doesn’t graduate until December 14th that its also playing a huge factor in the companies decisions because they don’t want to wait for someone to start the position 4 months from now which is understandable.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Kay,

        I am so sorry. Hang in there, and keep applying. Something should turn up. Keep us posted, and stay busy in the interim.


      • I believe there will be a better opportunity for him. It is still slightly early since he doesn’t graduate until December but I am hopeful that an opportunity will arise!
        The company that turned him down didn’t even get back to him for 2.5 months and so there are still a lot of companies that he applied for since June and they might be sitting on their applicants. Thank you so much for your advice!

  28. Jobhunter says:

    Hi Chandlee,

    BTW I love your website. Started reading it late last week and have refered it to others too!!

    My love-hate journey with a company I am interested started back on June 16th. I submitted my resume online the 2nd week of June and 10 days later received an email from the HR recuriter asking to schedule a Phone talk with me. 2 days later we had our talk and I was asked to quickly go over my job description etc, salary expectations and so forth. She then went over the hiring process in details (which I appreciated ebcause alot of recrutiers lately dont do that). Then she said that the Hiring Manager had already seen my resume so that is why she (the HR Manager) was following up. When she said this, I was very happy because alot of times the Hiring managers dont always see the resumes until after candidates have been screened by HR but mine ahd already seen my resume and wanted HR to cotnact me for an interview. We ended the phone call by the HR manager telling me that one of her coordinators will contact me within the next 2 weeks for my availability for an in-person interview with the Hiring manager.

    Less than 2 weeks later (on July 9th) I received a phone call from her coordinator telling me if I could go for an interview the next week and I said yes. It was a panel interview adn it seemed to have gone very well. The position I applied for is the same position I currently doing in my current company (differetn titles) but my current company is closing soon and I love my current job so it was only natural that I would want to work there doing the same thing since it is also a great company to work for.

    Since the panel interview was scheduled at the end of the working day and I had a long drive back home, I sent all my thank you emails the next morning (and personialized each email further clarifying what each person had asked me since I remember what all 7 people on teh panel asked me- i have a pretty good memory when it comes to stuff like this). I heard back from one of the interviewers who wished me good luck and no one else.

    The HR manager called me the following week after the interview to go over Benefits etc which is part of the interview process regardless of whether you get the job of not. This was on July 24th. She then interviewed me and asked me a few of teh same questiosn that were asked during my original panel interview but more related to HR questions. She said other candidates were interviewed but I should be contacted regardless within a couple of weeks. SInce I was at work when she called I didnt have time to ask her whether her “couple of weeks” starts from the date of my panel interview which was a week before or if it starts from the date that we we talked after the panel interview.

    My question to you is: Should I email the Hiring Manager directly to fine out what is going on? I dont want too much time to pass before I do (my panel interview was 12 days ago). Or should I email her and then email the HR manager separately to see who would get back to me first with any decison makigng progress? If yes what should I say?

    So sorry this note is long but I am so anxious and although I have been applying to other palces, none of the other jobs match my preference like this one and Im scared that i would get an offer to a job I didnt really want to begin in and then get an offer from my #1 choice AFTER I have accepted anopther job offer.

    Any help would be highly appreciated and I know it would help others like me. Thank you very much!HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP

  29. Jobhunter says:

    Hi All,

    Sorry its me again 🙂

    Well I have updates from my last post. I couldnt resist and had to email tehe hiring manager to find out if a decision was made. He replied quickly and told me that they are still in the interviewing process and will contact me soon. Does it mean that they are still interviewing others? I would like to believe that they scheduled different candidates already before my interview. Therefore, they had to still interview them even if they liked me and thought I was a great candidate. Or it could be that they wanted to continue interviewing others to be sure that they make the right decision. It sucks either way! You are always at the mercy of the hiring manager. I wish I could believe that I was so good that they decided not to interview anyone else but I know that is just being unrealistic.

    I will definately keep you all posted regardless of the outcome. I think it is very important that we continue to provide feedback here wether we get the job or not so that others can know what worked and what didnt. I hate reading peoples posts and then not knowing what the outcome was since they never posted after they initially posted their problem on the message boards. Stay tuned…

  30. I went for an interview about one week ago it lasted about an hour they stated they would call back in a week or send a letter if not selected is it ok to call back to see about the status

    • Hi Nushad,

      You haven’t given the dates, but, if it hasn’t been 2 weeks, I would wait until 2 weeks have passed before contacting them.

      Good luck!

    • Jobhunter says:

      Hi Nushad,

      I waited a week and a half and then I emailed the hiring manager and she emailed me back. Read my story above.

      I am STILL waiting for the final verdict since yesterday marked the 2week anniversary since my in person interview (which bttw lasted an hour and a half and they didn’t even realize that time had gone so much until someone knocked at the door of the conference room where my interview took place to remind one of the panel interviewers of an appointment that they had. Lentgth of time during interview means nothing. I know people who have been interviewed for 15 mind and got the job and these are ery good paying jobs. It’d apparent they got lucky to have a hiring manager who knew what they wAnted and when they saw the candidate with those qualities they mAde. Quick decision. Of course I don’t have that type of luck.

      Let us know if you got the job!

  31. Hi,

    I received a first level phone interview , last Friday from one of a real good firm. The interview went well , it was supposed to be a group but one of the recruiter turned up as the other one had some imp meeting .After the interview I sent a thank you mail to the interviewer and sent a thank mail to the HR too and expressed my interest for the position . She said she havent heard from them yet and told me will get back when she gets a feedback. Should I mail the HR and check this Friday or I should wait even more . Or they have decided not to proceed with me .I am all anxious


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Su,

      I recommend following up early next week. In the interim, continue to apply for other positions. It’s always good to have as many potential opportunities as possible.

      All the best and good luck,

      • Hi Chandlee ,

        Thanks for letting me know ,I would mail the coming Monday or Tuesday .I am applying but havent got any calls so far for the position I am looking for. But anyways will do that .

        Thanks Once again !!

        You have a Great Day !!

      • Hi Su,

        You’re welcome. Thanks very much for your kindness and good luck.


  32. I had a phone interview on August 1, and the interviewers told me that they were really interested that I had some training in ESRI ArcGIS, and that they were planning on start using the program within there company. They did say that they might not would have considered me because of the distance between me and the job site, if it wasn’t for the GIS training. They did tell me that they would call me in about two weeks. I ended up calling the person that was emailing me information regarding the phone interview last week. She told me that process was still on going. I really want and need this job. When should I consider on calling them back and letting them know how much I would like to work for their company?


    • Hi Doug,

      I’d give it another two weeks and then follow up again. Remind them that you have the ESRI ArcGIS training. Good luck and keep me posted.

      All the Best,

  33. Hi Chandlee,

    I received a call from a recruiter about a resume I submitted several weeks ago. She went over the details of my current position and various areas of my resume. At the end of our conversation she requested to set up a phone interview with the director of the GSE (larger company). The director of the department I was applying for called and conducted the phone interview about 30 mins. The interview went well. The director informed me that two positions were open a junior and senior position and I was informed I would be in the running for the senior position. The call was on Friday (6 business days ago) and I know she had several other candidates to call and interview. The director mentioned that HR would contact the candidates who would be selected for an onsite interview with the three department managers. Is there a typical time period between the phone interview and the announcement of who the selected candidates are?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Don,

      As much as I would love that there is a standard follow-up time, there isn’t. It is — as you’ve experienced — wildly frustrating! You may want to follow-up around the end of the week to express your continued interest in the potential opportunity.

      Good luck and all the best,

  34. Hi,

    I had a job interview on telephone today which lasted for an hour. There were two interviewers,one from HR and otther from the concerned department. I believe the interview went fine and they even asked me to provide references. However, when at the end of interview I asked if they were comfortable moving to the next stage, the answer was that they still have to interview some other candidates prior to arriving at conclusion and that the HR representative will get back within a week’s time.

    Is this response positive or negative?

    • Waseem,

      The response is neither positive nor negative. How would you feel if you got a call before your interviewing saying “Never mind, we interviewed someone we like yesterday?” To be fair, employers have to stick to all the interviews they have committed to before they interviewed you. This is simply how the process works!

      Good luck and keep us posted.


  35. Hi!

    I had a phone interview 2 weeks ago, and after the email I sent the HR rep a than you letter. During the interview she discussed that the position will not be opening until Jan 2013, and that I would hear from them in a week (last week) regarding the status of the position. Since last week I didn’t hear anything, I called, no answer so I left a voicemail – still no call back. Today I got an email stating that I was not selected for the same position but different application from which I was phone interviewed for. So because I was not selected for the same position (different application and hours) does that mean the same thing about the position I phone interviewed for? Under the application status regarding the phone interview it still says ‘considering’ .. But who knows for how long? Should I email the recruiter again reiterating my interest, or is that too much since I called last week?

    Frustrated, I really wanted this job.


    • Tee,

      Call the HR rep to confirm that you are not under consideration for either application to the position, reiterate your interest in working for the company and let them know what happened with the letter.

      Hang in there and apply for other positions in the interim.

      All the Best,

  36. Hi!

    I had a phone interview 2 weeks ago, and after the email I sent the HR rep a thank you letter. During the interview she discussed that the position will not be opening until Jan 2013, and that I would hear from them in a week (last week) regarding the status of the position. Since last week I didn’t hear anything, I called, no answer so I left a voicemail – still no call back. Today I got an email stating that I was not selected for the same position but different application from which I was phone interviewed for. So because I was not selected for the same position (different application and hours) does that mean the same thing about the position I phone interviewed for? Under the application status regarding the phone interview it still says ‘considering’ .. But who knows for how long? Should I email the recruiter again reiterating my interest, or is that too much since I called last week?

    Frustrated, I really wanted this job.


  37. Hi chandlee,

    i have phone interview after few hours they send with my reference in this message

    Dear Mr._________________,

    Your name has been shared with us by (my name) in his C.V. as a reference to advice us on his work, character and suitability for employment with our organization.

    < > is currently under consideration for recruitment by our office in the following capacity:

    Title: ___________ Officer

    Before making a final decision, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in completing the attached form outlining your opinion of his steadiness, temperament, dependability and discretion, attitude towards his associates, and his ability. Please feel free to add comments on any notable assets or limitations on his professional background. Your feedback will, of course, be treated as strictly confidential.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
    and they didn’t inform me
    does that mean i find this job?

    • Hi,

      I’ve edited your comment to protect your privacy. (In general, I’d advise against ever copying and pasting an email online without changing the names first.)

      Based on what you’ve said it sounds to me that they are letting you know that they are checking your references. This means they are serious about potentially hiring you.

      That they are cc’ing you on this reference is a courtesy that many organizations do not provide to their applicants. I would take this as a positive. I recommend you follow-up with the person to whom the reference is being sent, make sure that they received the e-mail, too — and let them know about the position and why you are interested.

      Good luck and all the best,

  38. Abdikarim says:

    Thanks , chandlee

    I contaced both my reference and they forwarded the the referrence form they they send to my recruitment agency and both of form where same in in the check lisf for example Intellectual capacity in the area of finance. ,leadership and interpersonal communication they both wrote exceptional while,initiative, oral communication skills and ,organisational capacity they wrote both of the reference employer outstanding they only difference writing skill wich one of them wrote outstanding while other wrote good and the other one was maturity which one of them wrote exceptional while the other one wrote outstanding .
    so i am worried two things.
    the first one Intellectual capacity in the area of finance that they both wrote exceptional i didn’t work both of the work in the area of finance i worked health specially clinical as nurse what does this making sense?.
    the other one is in the check list both referrence ex-employer the referrence that they sent to my recruitment agency three of them where same by describing exceptional while other one where same also by describing outstanding they only different two one was describing maturity exceptional and writing skills outstanding, where as the other one describing maturity outstanding and writing skills good so i am worked that weather the recruitment agency think since the check list are almost the same there is relationship between the two referrence employer and the candidate or these forms since they are same they are fack/false.
    please may you help me to understand

    • It sounds positive based on what you are saying; that said — I urge you to also pay attention to your writing as you have a number of typos above. Be careful with this — your skills in presenting yourself personally can be outweighed by employer preferences if they have pet peeves regarding grammar and spelling.

      When in doubt, have a friend look over your materials.

      Good luck and all the best,

  39. Thomas G. says:


    I had an initial phone screening last Thursday that I believe went fairly well. The internal recruiter informed me that she would pass on my information to the hiring manager and that I would be contacted sometime early the next week by the hiring manager for another preliminary phone interview.

    I sent a very simple thank you email to the recruiter the next day (only thanking her for her time, not reaffirming my interest) but did not receive a response. On Monday, I requested to add her on LinkedIn as a connection (while stating my continued interest in the position & company). She approved.

    I am now going on a week from my initial phone screening and I have not heard from the hiring manager. I am considering contacting the internal recruiter again, but I am worried that my initial online actions toward her may cause me to seem too pushy. If I do call or email her, when should I do it? Should I call on Thursday evening or Friday or should I wait until next week? I was clear on asking the forward progress and she was clear in answering that she would be forwarding my information that night and I should be contacted early this week. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    – Tom

    • Thomas,

      Following up again is unlikely to make a difference in whether or not the hiring decision goes your way. I would recommend sitting tight and waiting to hear back. If you don’t hear back by the end of the week, you can follow up again — but hopefully you’ll know by then. Remember that employers almost always interview several candidates for any one position and that the decision takes time.

      Good luck!


  40. Hello,

    So I had a phone interview three days ago with a recruiter. The interview lasted 40 min. I thought it went well. It was very thorough, the recruiter asked about salary and past salaries. He also went back and dug deeper into the answers I had already given him. At the end he told me that the District Manager will be calling me to set up a face to face interview. I know it’s only been a few days but how long should I wait to expect this call? Should I follow up or just wait? Any advice is appreciated.

    P.s I could also tell he was writing down my salary information when I gave it to him.

    • Hello,

      I would wait at least a week before contacting the recruiter. Lots of things get in the way because doing their jobs well is usually a top priority for most people. If you haven’t heard from them in 10 days, I’d check back in with the recruiter to see what is going on.

      Good luck!

  41. Hi,
    I had a phone interview January 24th and at the end of the interview (which was roughly 30 minutes) the H.R. person said he needs to talk to his supervisor and will get back to me early this week. That has not happened, should I email/call him next week to see what would be the next step if any?

  42. So, I ended up landing a phone interview with a company for a store manager position. It went well and I was set up with a second phone interview but more in depth on how I would handle various situations.
    I think it went bad but could not really tell. I didn’t stumble over my words or anything but the recruiter had to reask a certain question because I didn’t explain it on a more operational front. She only asked a few questions then when it came time for me to ask questions, one of my questions she didn’t understand and that was the question of “on a more international basis how does the company function?” At the end of the phone interview she told me that she has a couple more candidates to interview for the day and that she would call me Monday and let me know the next steps…I can’t honestly tell if this is a blow off or not. Any advice? The interview lasted 45 minutes.

    • chandlee says:


      In my experience, phone interviews often feel more awkward. I don’t recommend reading too much into it. Just hold steady, wait to hear back and keep your search open in the interim.

      Good luck and all the best,

  43. I had phone interview last week Monday
    at the end of interview he said you will hear by the end of week….
    if you don’t hear from me you can call or write an email to me for follow up?

    How long should I wait???

  44. Rebecca R says:

    I had a phone interview last Wednesday (May 22) and the recruiter said I should get a call back in 7-10 days if they are interested in me. I’m getting really worried because the deadline is almost up and I really need this job. Should I just keep hoping for the call or should I forget about it? I also want to know how long it typically takes to get a second call back from HR.

    Thanks to anyone who helps me.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      It’s too soon to give up on this job. It’s also hard to tell what is going on with them employer. It often takes longer than expected for the call backs to come.

      If they don’t call you, why don’t you call them on Thursday or Friday. Tell them your name, the job you interviewed for and when you interviewed for it. Then ask what the status is, and what the next steps are in their process.

      Keep looking for a job, even while you wait to hear back from an employer – any employer.

      Good luck with your job search!

  45. Hello!
    This is a wonderful discussion board!
    I submitted my resume for a PhD level Clinical Supervisor position on May 26th and was invited for a 20 minute phone interview that took place on May 29th with the head of the clinic. It went extremely well, but she only asked 1 or 2 questions then provided information about the position. The call only lasted about 15 minutes and for the record, an in-person interview is required. The job is a grant funded position with a start date of July 1st! I sent a thank you email the day of the phone interview and assumed that since the position has to be filled in 3 weeks, I would have received some correspondence by now, whether good or unfavorable.
    Any suggestions on how I should proceed? I really want this !!!
    Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide.

  46. hi susan!
    I had a phone interview yesterday which went really well as i was offered an in-person interview for the following week
    the person that did the phone interview, was from the team that i want to work to, and he said that i should wait for a call from the HR to schedule the interview
    i still havent received any news from the HR , and since this is for a place abroad i need to arange an internation flight
    should i send an email or call the hr department?

  47. myra geluz says:

    hi I had a phone interview two days ago and it lasted for 45 mins, not really sure if i gave thebest answers to the questions. he was taking down notes and getting thru detailed info. I was ask to do online questionaire. I’m not really sure if i did good with my phone interview .

  48. I alo am waiting to hear back from a phone interview that happened almost 2 weeks ago. Let me set up the scenerio, because I feel this will help understand why I’m getting more and more anxious.

    I applied to the job on a Friday. I got an email wanting to set up an interview that following Monday. I had the phone interview that same week on the Thursday. The interview itself seemed like the interviewER was in a hurry, she seemed rushed, which made me feel rushed and scattered. She told me after only 3 questions and then a further explanation of the job and how they want someone in September, and that she’d get back to me Monday, just a few days later. Monday comes and goes. Nothing. I emailed her then Tuesday and I get an auto-reply how she’s out of the office until Thursday. OK I’ve sent an email, and I also called to leave a message so they coudl heat my voice rather than sort through emails after being away from the office.

    Ok, knowing all that, it’s almost 2 weeks since the interview, and I haven’t heard anything. How long am I supposed to wait now? Especially after being told I’d hear a few days later to set up a second interview AND with the speed of which they need someone to start coupled iwth how quickly I had an interview set up after my initial application… Do I assume I didn’t get the job?

    Please help!!

  49. I met with an internal recruiter, who setup my phone interview with the Hiring Manager. I had my phone interview with the HM, it went a half hour longer than planned, and at the end she gave me homework and told me I would be scheduled for a second interview. When the internal recruiter followed-up, he told me that they would schedule the second interview in 2-3 weeks.

    2-3 weeks came and went. I called the recruiter to see what the situation was – no response. I emailed the HM to ask her if she wanted me to forward my homework to her in advance and she said that I should hold on to it till we meet again (and she was looking forward to meeting with me). A month has gone by, and I tried to follow-up with the recruiter one last time. No luck. Did I contact the recruiter too many 2 many times? Why would there be a wait if the HM seems to be more on board than the recruiter? Would they really give me homework if they weren’t going to follow through?


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Trace,

      My bet would be that something has changed internally – hopefully something temporary – that has nothing at all (!) to do with you. The job was put on hold because profits or sales are down, or someone important to the process is out of the office or too busy handling a crisis.

      It is also possible that a current employee expressed an interest in the job and was given an internal transfer. So another job will be opening soon (hopefully) IF (big IF!) this job was filled by an employee.

      Or any of a million other things.

      It sounds like you did everything just fine. I would wait another week or two, and get back in touch with the hiring manager – very politely – to inquire about the status of the opportunity.

      Hope this turns out well for you!

      Good luck with your job search!

  50. Hi Susan,

    I had this phone interview directly from the hiring manager, I can say that it went very well as she had advised me more than I expected, like she will forward my CV to her Recruitment team for 2nd round of interview and might be another interview with her Manager as she is currently on maternity leave (she’s working from home when she interviewed me). Then last week (12-Nov) I have received the call from one of her Recruitment team for another phone interview, I felt it was also good but I wasnt able to get the recruiter’s email to send a thank you email and I also didnt get to ask the time frame.

    Now its been 6 working days and I havent receive any call for updates, if i’m moving to next round, as advised by the Hiring Manager, there will be 3rd round of interview since she is on leave.

    Should I follow up with the Recruiter by phone maybe on the 7th or 8th day?

    Thanks in advance

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Rachele,

      Sounds like following up now is appropriate, since you don’t have any idea of the timing of their processes.

      Just check in and ask about the status of your candidacy. Also ask what the next steps are for you and the timeline they expect for filling this job.

      Good luck!

  51. Hi Susan,

    I am looking for advice, I received an email from a recruiter a few days after applying online for jobs. We transferred emails for a job and she also verified my clearance. Then she asked about an interview in the next few days. I agreed and had an interview the next day, 21 November. Interview went an hour and fifteen minutes and very well. When completed he stated that the recruiter or the PM would get in touch with me and we could go over the financial stuff and what not. I sent an email to the recruiter thanking for getting my interview right after. My question is I have not heard a thing yet email or phone call and understand thanksgiving was in there and with Christmas coming next week do I send an email or call her and ft a status or what? This is hard as it’s the first time in 25 years I have had to look for a job but since retiring from the military it is what I have to do. Please advice this retired Army guy.



    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Gary,

      I would give the recruiter a call to see what is happening.

      It has been very nearly a month since your interview, and perhaps someone dropped the ball or something else is going on – a re-org, budget change, a decision maker on vacation, even job cancellation – millions of things can impact the process.

      Good luck with your job search – and GO ARMY!

  52. iris castillo says:

    Hi, need advise please! I applied for a couple of open positions for a company that I’m really interested in. The very next day, I received an email from a recruiter requesting a phone interview. The very next day (on a Friday) , I had a 15 min interview with a recruiter. He said to expect a call from the hiring manger for a second interview by Monday. I thanked him and emailed a thank you note the same day. Monday came by and I didn’t receive any email or phone call from the HM. I let a few days pass by and I asked the recruiter to clarify which position i would be interviewed for the HM (bc I applied for 2 different positions. He responded immediately. I waited a few more days to hear from the HM and still no call or email. It’s 2 weeks now after my first interview. I waited a couple more days then sent a follow up email. It’s been a few days and I have yet to get a response. Should I make a phone call to the recruiter or maybe contact the HM directly? Or should I just assume I didn’t the position? Since my first application a couple of more positions have been posted in the same area and the job title has changed for the position I was interviewed. I am so confused on what I should do! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  53. iris castillo says:

    Hi, need advise please! I applied for a couple of open positions for a company that I’m really interested in. The very next day, I received an email from a recruiter requesting a phone interview. The very next day (on a Friday) , I had a 15 min interview with a recruiter. He said to expect a call from the hiring manger for a second interview by Monday. I thanked him and emailed a thank you note the same day. Monday came by and I didn’t receive any email or phone call from the HM. I let a few days pass by and I asked the recruiter to clarify which position i would be interviewed for the HM (bc I applied for 2 different positions. He responded immediately. I waited a few more days to hear from the HM and still no call or email. It’s 2 weeks now after my first interview. I waited a couple more days then sent a follow up email. It’s been a few days and I have yet to get a response. Should I make a phone call to the recruiter or maybe contact the HM directly? Or should I just assume I didn’t get the position? Since my first application a couple of more positions have been posted in the same area and the job title has changed for the position I was interviewed. I am so confused on what I should do! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  54. I’ve got a phone screen with the hiring manager on Friday, he actually just asked me some simple information such as my qualifications, my expected salary, my knowledge about the company, nothing more. Then he told me that he would like to have an interview with me next week, maybe next Friday via Skype properly. I think the phone screen wasn’t as good as what I expected, but because he said so, I keep hope. He even gave me some tips and what I should prepare for the next interview even when I didn’t ask for. So far I still haven’t heard about the next interview. I wonder if are there anyways a hiring manager said so to please me and then just rejected me. Because he said “next week”, should I call or email him for the confirmation on next Tuesday (3 working days after the phone screen) in case I still haven’t got the response?

  55. Question!

    I am stressing. I am currently in the interview process for position that is located out of state. I had my firs interview with a recruiter by phone a little more than 6 weeks ago. Obviously they liked me because they invited me for a second interview via phone with a senior executive amd two experiences staff from that department. The phone interview went well. I received an email saying they would like to fly me out to their headquarters and meet with me in person. I gladly accepted. The interview in person lasted two days. I thought everything went great. I received a call from one of the staff (on his personal phone) assuring I enjoyed my visit and to let him know if I had questions about where to live in the area. I also received a message from another person in the department via Facebook. Asking if the senior executive member offered me a job yet and WHEN she does not IF, I should ask for 10% extra towards my salary.

    The communication I was having with the people I interviewed with was making me very optimistic. I waited a week, as they told me I would, to hear back from them. Instead of an offer, she said they were waiting on the position approval from HR and the CEO and she would for sure have a definite answer by the next week (7 days away). I am wondering…what does this mean? I am scared this is their approach of denying me??? Shouldn’t the position already be approved since they spent so much money on flying me out to visit them and boarding me? Please let me know your experiences or inputs on this situation. Thanks.

  56. purplefox says:

    I have a question. I had a phone interview a couple days ago with a nursing home named Ridgecrest and the lady I talked to said that she would give my application to the hiring manager for review and I was going to get a call if they are interested and I should hear something by the end of the week. But I’m wondering if I should follow up quicker than that because I think it’s going to be another set back and I’m already struggling to find work so what do I do follow up or wait a couple more days?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hope you waited! Never follow up sooner than they expect. By doing that, you are usually putting yourself in a penalty box as a nuisance, pain-in-the-neck person that they wouldn’t want to hire.

      Good luck with your job search!

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