Can I Contact My Future Boss About My Internship?

Dear Work Coach,

I have just been accepted for an internship, and am not due to start work for nearly 3 months. I would like to contact my future boss to ask questions about the details of the new job.

When is the best time to do this? Is there such a thing as asking too early?

Also, as I have never met the director of the Centre at which I will be working, is it appropriate to initiate contact via email, or is it better to call?

Hope you can help.

Thank you!



Hi NN!

Congratulations! Wuhoo!  I love happy questions. With all the economic doom and gloom, e-mails like yours make me glow all over. 😉

Enthusiasm is a welcome thing – as long as you aren’t e-mailing them all the time, of course.  So since every place is different, it would be fine to send a polite e-mail now to your future boss and just say you have some questions and are wondering if it’s ok to call her to ask them now or should you wait until it’s closer to your start date.  Express again how excited you are for this opportunity.  She’ll give you the answer that works for her and, in the meantime, you’ve had a chance to say hello.  It’s all good.

As for initiating contact with the Director of the Centre…since every place has it’s own politics and you wouldn’t want to inadvertently step on any toes, while you are communicating with your future boss, after she responds the first time, you can also ask if it would be ok to e-mail the Director and just let her/him know how much this opportunity means to you. Odds are she’ll say “Yes. Of course. You didn’t have to ask.” But it will still be good that you did. 🙂

Hope that helps. Wish you MUCH luck with your internship. How exciting. Please write and let us know how it’s going, ok?

Ronnie Ann


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