Do Lawyers Scream More Than Other Bosses?

I recently got a comment from “Tired of It” telling me about her almost 28 years of working for lawyers who “who scream, curse, and slam things around”: (You can find her comment here: My Boss Screams at Me – Is That OK?)

So this got me wondering. Are lawyers actually worse than other bosses? Do they have a get-out-of-screaming-for-free card just because of their presumed status?

I once had a boss (not a lawyer) who was a screamer and a bully. But he was also someone who, when confronted about his behavior afterwards (good to give someone who loses it time to cool down), he would sheepishly apologize. He knew what he was doing was NOT ok. (FYI: I wound up leaving because he couldn’t stop screaming, despite his admission it was wrong. That is simply not a work environment I’m willing to put up with. But of course everyone has his or her own level of tolerance. )

But back to Tired of It’s situation…do lawyers as a profession attract more screamers for some reason? Or is it something about the nature of the legal profession that turns even the nice ones into bullies? (I ask this knowing one or two very nice lawyers that I can’t ever imagine yelling at their staff.) Is Tired of It onto something or are these screamers equally dispersed among all professions?

And then again…are employees like Tired of It maybe less willing to stand up to and confront their lawyer bosses?  Does it help when you clearly let them know you won’t accept this treatment or is it just the nature of the beast? Are lawyers the worst bosses?

I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Curious question, how do we quantify what is more? I think the profession in and of itself, lends itself to theatrics. Theatrics is a manifestation in the law sometimes of the ego, sometimes of passion, sometimes a calling from the heart or soul, but it is loud in the field of litigation, where mannerisms pits the words upon perception. As a consequence, it is often an attack on the psyche and emotions playing itself out, day after day.

    They have said that law is a jealous mistress, if that is so, imagine the ramifications to those standing in the wake.

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