How Tweet It Isn’t!

Well…I just signed up for Twitter and already feel lost in cyberspace. After weeks of debating whether twittering was right for me – and whether maybe it was a good way to help people with work and career problems find this blog – this weekend I finally embarked on my first tweet…and immediately lost two followers in the process!

Seriously.  I tweeted. They were gone. Poof! Not that I understand how they were there in the first place since I’d never tweeted anything before that. But all I know is if I keep going at this pace, I’ll probably owe THEM followers within a few more tweets.

Twitter logo

Some things that confuse me about Twitter:

  • Should I tweet in the Everyone category or just at Home?
  • If I tweet at Home, do I also need to tweet at Everyone to reach more than just my followers or is it all one and the same?
  • Do I have to wait an hour after eating before tweeting?
  • Why can I click to read “more” at Home but not in Everyone? Shouldn’t Everyone have more than Home which is less than Everyone?
  • Why does it bother me that a 6 year old probably gets this right away?
  • How did I wind up following both John McCain and Ellen Degeneres of all possible people without even trying?
  • And is it reverse paranoia to worry about whom I’m following anyway?

With the tables turned and me needing answers this time, any and all advice appreciated by this tweeting work coach!

Thanks. 🙂

Ronnie Ann

Quick update: Decided tweeting is not for me after all.

Happy I tried it. Even happier I decided to stop. Good luck to any and all tweeters out there!

Much later update: I came. I tweeted. I got hooked. 🙂

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  1. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I just walked my cousin through this yesterday so, hopefully, you will find this useful.

    When you are on your Home page and submit your 140 characters, the tweet is for everyone to see. You can limit who sees your tweets by clicking on “Settings”, then on the Account page, click “Protect my updates” at the bottom. Then online people who you choose to follow will be able to see your posts.

    To find Followers, click “Find People”, which will prompt you to search by username, first or last name. You can also search by entering email addresses of people you may want to follow. When you are ready, you should search for other twitter applications that are out there. I use which allows you to search for topics as well and cross-post on your MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

    One rule for Following: Click on the link and check out the person, read the bio and decide if you want to follow. I’m not sure how you ended up following McCain & Degeneres but interesting!

    All in all, I think you’ll quickly start to develop a following and you can friend me on twitter to start! Good luck.

  2. This is GREAT, Taisha! Thank you. I so appreciate that you took the time to fill me in. I decided to follow all the people in the group of names Twitter offered me just to get my feet wet, but once I feel more sure of what I’m doing, I most definitely will take your advice and check out exactly who I am following!

    By the way…after adding you to those I follow, I checked out your blog JDSnub and, not only did I once live in your beautiful city of San Francisco, but I once had the honor of dropping out of law school when I realized how wrong it was for me. I’ve never regretted it! Your blog is a great resource. Good luck with your writing.

    And thanks again for taking pity on a poor struggling tweeter. 😉

    Ronnie Ann

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