12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

Some of you may recognize this from a previous longer post. Since I get so many e-mails and comments from people suffering through the agony of waiting waiting and then waiting some more after their job interviews, I thought it was worth posting again on its own.

Hope it helps!

Things to Do While Waiting to Hear Back After a Job Interview

  1. Keep looking for jobs! No matter how great this one job is, it helps to keep the energy aimed at finding work you really want. Sometimes an even better job comes along during this time.
  2. At the most basic level, try daily breathing exercises. A good one suggested by Dr. Andrew Weil is to breathe in to a count of 4, hold for a count of 7, and breathe out for a count of 8. I do it and it helps.
  3. Take up a new hobby – something you’ve always wanted to try.  Yoga. Meditation. Tai chi. Tae kwon do. Knitting. Painting. Photography. Guitar. Acting. Whatever piques your interest or moves your spirit.
  4. Rent LOTS of movies and re-direct your obsessive behavior in that direction. Not sure a therapist would suggest that, but I’m just trying to get you through the interview process. 🙂  (To keep costs down, you can always join NetFlix for a month or two and then stop.)
  5. Go to the library or local bookstore and find a bunch of books you’ve been meaning to read. Learn something new (that may be relevant to the job you want). This is the time.
  6. Volunteer somewhere. Turn your energy into something that helps others.
  7. Enlist the help of your friends and loved ones and make sure you get them to do things with you that keep your mind occupied.
  8. Also try putting your extra energy into doing extra things for people you care about. Hard to stay too obsessed about the interview when you’re obsessing about…I mean doing something wonderful for a loved one.
  9. Write about your thoughts and feelings. And let your thoughts fly. Maybe you can write a short story about a character going through what you’re going through. Maybe even give the protagonist super-powers to break through barriers and make things happen. ;-) Or you can even turn your story into a great country or blues song! “I’m waiting too long. They done me wrong.”
  10. Exercise. Even if it’s only walking 10-20 minutes a day. Movement is good for helping get you out of the obsessive thoughts. Use the time to think about something you like to do or someone you love or a place you would like to visit. (No…not the office where you interviewed. Sheesh.)
  11. Singing while exercising or even on its own helps you redirect your thoughts. For me…it’s show tunes or good ole rock ‘n roll.
  12. If all else fails, I use bad TV to get lost in. Oh sure…it’s not the optimal prescription for mental health, but we’re just talking about making it through the interview process!

Good luck! Please let us know what happens and how you get through the awful wait. 😉

Ronnie Ann

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Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. The “keep looking for jobs” advice is spot on, Ronnie Ann. First, it’s just plain smart—you can’t tell what the outcome will be on an interview, no matter how well it seemed to go. For instance, a friend who thought she had a great shot at a job recently didn’t get it because the person who’d been leaving the company changed her mind and stayed! And second, it helps psychologically. When I’ve been in the job hunting mode, I always tried to have letters and resumes circulating at multiple places. That way, if one doesn’t come through, the blow is somewhat softened by knowing you’re still in the running somewhere else.

  2. I find it helpful to remind myself of “The Four Agreements” (book by Don Miguel Ruiz) of the Toltec:

    1. Do your best.
    2. Be impeccable with your word.
    3. Make no assumptions.
    4. Take nothing personally.

    It’s all about putting yourself out there with integrity and accepting what life presents. Or as a Buddhist saying goes, “high involvement, low attachment.” That “low attachment” refers to the outcome.

    • Sue is tired and sick of superfisial things says:

      How the hell can you take nothing personally?

      In the other article they said:

      * Low energy
      * Vague answers
      * Way too talkative or way too quiet
      * Not listening well and instead answering what you feel like saying
      * Not offering strong examples of things you’ve done well
      * Arriving late
      * Dressing inappropriately
      * Acting unprofessionally and/or overly friendly
      * Poor eye contact or body language (too stiff, too shlumpy)
      * You act the way you think they’d want you to and aren’t being yourself

      that’s why you didn’t get the job. That’s personal. Sometimes you cannot help it and you’re just nervous as it’s your first time. Geez , the stupid interviewers should lighten up. They Know and can tell i’m perfect for the job yet I don’t understand why they were not able to see it. I/all these things have NOTHING to do, absolutely NOTHING to do with whether you can do the job right and well. it’s just based on things thats are stupid and you did not even get a chance to train with a “no experience necessary job”. How unfair.

      • I’ve been an interviewer many times, Sue, and I assure you it’s not about lightening up. Finding the right person is a serious job for both sides. But even the small stuff tells a story.

        My response to your other comment explains that it all matters because how a person answers (not just the mere words), how they look at you, how they take the ups and downs, how they deal in tough situations, how they dealt with prior tough situations, all help us determine if they’d be someone we could turn to in crisis as well as good times. And attitude is a huge part of it. It shows like you can’t believe!

        Oh…of course it’s not science, Sue, and plenty of mistakes are made. (That only makes employers more cautious, by the way.) But all we can ever do is our best…on both sides of the table. And all we have is our five senses to try to determine the best match.

        I wish you much luck finding a good match for your needs. 😉

  3. Terry B: You’re so right about the psychological benefits of keeping your resumes out there until you get an actual written offer in your hands! Sorry about your friend; but it’s a good reminder.

    eLiz: Nice to see you. And great advice. Low attachment is such a lovely thing to aim for – as is the ability to detach when it’s time to let something go!

    Ronnie Ann

  4. I agree with both the above posters. I am in this position right now, at the mercy of an especially long vetting process for a state job. While everyone is acting like it is a done deal, nothing is done until I get the offer letter. Travel across the country to visit them, fill out forms, take a physical, fly back, fill out more forms that someone “forgot”, send more requested info…it is enough to drive one mad! So the breathing really helps, as does looking for things to do that I might not have the time for in the future. I am re-reading some amazing books, and spending more time with my animals. My pet peeve, however: EVERYONE asking me why I have not “gotten the job yet”. Applying for a state job is like no other process I have ever been through, and it is lengthy. The entire process from first contact to the present has taken almost four months (which is only one month longer than I have been unemployed). However, I believe that the wait will be worth it.
    This blog helps tremendously.

  5. Thanks as always Matt for adding so nicely to the conversation. And I have to laugh at the extra frustration well-meaning friends and family can add to the already grueling process. So hard to explain that these things can take what seems like forever.

    My crystal ball – and a little southern birdy – tell me your patience may soon pay off and your wait may indeed be over soon. I look forward to receiving the “all clear” message. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  6. I’m in this situation now, and its killing me. Been informed that I should know ‘by the end of the week’. It’s now 13:31 on Friday afternoon, and still waiting. Crikey, the tension is unbearable.

  7. Its now 14:32. I have both phones sitting beside me, and check my email compulsively every 2 minutes. Drving myself nuts.
    Hardly slept last night.
    They must call me before 17:00, I can’t bear going through this agony over the weekend.


  8. Its 15:19. Just checked, and when they initially asked me to attend the 2nd interview, the call arrived at 15:51 on a Friday afternoon. So I’m thinking/hoping/wishing that’s it not long to wait now.
    I really hope they do call today, since I’m working from home. On Monday, I’m due in the office, and waiting for their call will be a huge distraction, not to mention agonising over this during the weekend.
    I keep remembering the end of the interview, when I was told that I ‘should hear back by the end of the week’. I even continuously read the notepad where I’ve jotted the words ‘End of week’. There are now 96 mins left in this working week, and I continue to wait.


  9. 16:38, and still no call or email. Looking very much like it’ll be next week now. Feel like I’ve just wasted a day, needlessly freting, not to mention the sleep deprived night.


  10. Thanks for sharing this with us, Derek. This is exactly what so many folks are going through. We really feel for you – and way too many of us have been there in your shoes. (Well…maybe different shoes, but you know what I mean.)

    When an interviewer speaks, we hear and remember every word – like in a relationship. And although they might mean well and be giving you their best estimate of timing, things happen. Hope you get word soon!!

    Best of luck, Derek!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  11. Thanks for your reply, Ronnie. I never did hear anything last Friday. Spent yesterday in the office, constantly refreshing my email, but nothing. Last night, while laying awake in bed at 4am, terrible thoughts of possible things I may have said wrong in the interview were running through my head. Irrational I know.
    So today, I bit the bullet and sent them an email to chase up. Was very careful with my wording, so as not to sound pushy, and now I wait.
    It’s been an hour and a half since I emailed them.
    The tension within me is stifling because I want out of my current role just as badly as I want this new role.

  12. Oh Derek…I wish I could speed up the process for you. As one of my best friends always says, no news is no news; so it means you still have a chance. (I hope.) More fun to stay in the hope than the dread, if you can manage it. 😉

    At this point, since you’ve done all you can, the best you can do is use whatever techniques relieve the most pressure and also go find another job or two to apply for. Or a person to network with. For some reason I’ve found action often helps the much-awaited pot to boil. And you never know – something even better may show up.

    Good luck getting out of the old into a MUCH better new! Fingers crossed for you, Derek.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  13. I know how all of you feel! I went in to apply for one job and the VP suggested (during our interview) I apply for a higher more exclusive position. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! All of the 6 things Ronnie says are present in a positive interview were there and more! It has been well over a month and I did get an encouraging tip from his assistant to be prepared for a positive second interview…that was 3 (more) weeks ago! I have never felt this way before. I didn’t feel this bad waiting for a boy to call when I was a teenager. This is pure torture! Some days I’m calm and other days like today (PMS) I’m wrecked.

  14. Hi again SMD!

    You write: “I didn’t feel this bad waiting for a boy to call when I was a teenager. This is pure torture! Some days I’m calm and other days like today (PMS) I’m wrecked.” Couldn’t say it better myself. 😉

    Please keep us posted. Best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  15. I applied for a credit controller position @ 10pm on friday 19 November,saturday I receive an email that they interested in me but 1st I must call them, for a telephonic interview to test my telephone manners and skills.

    Sunday the 21 I receive an email,that I should come for an interview on Tuesday 23. The interview went well and I was told of a 2nd interview with the manager on Thursday 25. Anyways they will give me a call. Wednesday I get a call around 11 A.M that I’m invited for a second interview on thursday,told me the agenda and that there’s only two of us,I’m competing against,someone older than me and very experienced,whereas I’m qualified and with only 2yrs experience but I prepared well for it.

    Thursday went for 2nd interview, it also went well and I fill out some forms for reference check, introduced to some of the colleagues and was shown where I’ll be sitting and they told me that I’ll hear from them same day or friday the latest.

    Thursday I receive an email that they still interviewing people and haven’t decided on anyone yet but will let you know one way or another. Gave me hope

    Friday a waited by the phone but never heard anything from. The person to fill this position start next week wednesday.

    I really don’t know what to do and I’m stressing

  16. Pigbitin Mad says:

    Don’t get mad. Get even. The blog below shows that employers do consider that their company reputation will suffer when angry job seekers post nasty shit about the company. Some profess to not care (because they think that people will dismiss the angry job seeker as just another incompetent). But hey! What can it hurt to try?


  17. The only thing I want to add is whatever you post online follows you forever – and can be viewed by other companies down the line. So be careful. A moment of heat can live on longer than you ever imagined. Most employers are wary of people who feel the need to get even.

    Also what one person thinks is rude may be no big deal to an experienced job seeker. But of course this is something each person has to decide for himself or herself. For me the best revenge is finding myself a great job and chalking the rest up to experience – and maybe even learning how to structure a follow up note to increase your chances of hearing back.

    But all that said…there is most definitely a lot of room for improvement on the part of employers. I hope they start to get the message!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  18. Great site. Looking forward to reading through everything. Just finished school and have been looking for a job for a few months now. Had an interview a few weeks ago that I think went really well. 1 follow up email had inquired about references. Will be trying your points here to not obsess over it and resist the urge to send lots of more emails asking about the job. Thanks!

  19. Hi and welcome S-117!

    I wish you much luck – and much-needed patience. 😉 It can indeed drive the best of us a little nuts, but worth it in the end. Meanwhile, see each and every new application – and networking contact – as potentially great for yourself. You never know what cool surprise might come your way while you wait.

    Please let us know what happens! Good luck!

  20. hello,i need your help,i recently went to an interview and the Lady who i talked to over the phone told me that the owner had to go to a meeting and if we could reschedule an interview since he was the person carrying out the interview.I gave her my resume with my contact number and waited for the call.No call so around a week later i called and i was told by the same lady that he’s busy and when he has time she will call me.Another week has gone by,do i make another call?is it different than a post interview call or do i follow the same rules?

  21. Hi g!

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this maybe-yes, maybe-no interview limbo. I’d try one more time, politely asking if it’s ok to keep checking in. After that, I’d let it go and if they do call eventually, take it as a nice surprise. This might indicate what they’d be like to work for, but then again there can always be special circumstances (like sickness or emergencies).

    In the meantime, I’d use this to motivate me to redouble my efforts at networking friends, family, former colleagues. Sometimes on this blog people even write to tell me the next opportunity was the right one. 😉

    Much luck. Please let us know how it goes.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • hello thank you for your response,i didnt call the interviewer/job after writing to you,i did visit the store after getting some info from my network but no luck.I really wanted this job but i was realistic and i kept looking around for other jobs…and i got a job!It’s not what i’m accustomed to ,career wise,but i’m blessed to get a job.Again thanks so much for your help.

  22. Congratulations g! I’ve had many jobs that didn’t line up in a linear fashion with my career. It helped me learn new skills, and eventually helped me become a well-rounded consultant AND write this blog! 😉

    Best of luck. And if I may leave you with this…do whatever you do with your full heart engaged and look for opportunity wherever you are.

  23. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing such an insightful article.

    Like many others, I’m waiting to hear back about the outcome of my interview, so it’s comforting to read this.

    Thanks for helping me keep my sanity!

  24. And thank you so much for the kind words, Helen! Glad the article helped, although I know it can’t make the frustration of waiting disappear completely. 😉

    I wish you much luck, Helen. Please let us know what happens.

  25. Good morning Ronnie,

    OMG! I am feeling so restless waiting for a call or an e-mail . it’s been 4weeks since I had an interview and was told I got the job but we still looking for clients . It’s a health care job . what do I do now …driving me crazy .

    Have a great day

  26. Hi Esther!

    I can well imagine how you must be feeling. Unfortunately, it’s not a for sure job until you get the official offer letter. So meanwhile, please keep looking just in case!

    When was the last time you spoke to them? It’s probably time to call and ask how firm this offer is and if they have a start date in mind. You might also suggest starting part-time right away (if that works for you) until they get the new clients, just so you could be there already.

    But meanwhile, use some of the ideas in this article to stay sane and keep looking!! 😉

    Best of luck. Please let us know what happens.

  27. I had an interview last Wednesday, they said they would know the outcome by the “end of the week” but no calls on Thursday or Friday. Is that a bad sign? The interview went great!

  28. Hi Jen!

    These things often take longer than expected. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure until you actually hear from them, but this is not a bad sign.

    If you’ve already sent your thank you note, then all you can do for now is wait. Considering what they told you, it would be ok to contact them by about next Wednesday to check on your status and ask if they need any more information.

    Good luck!

  29. Hi All,

    I came across this blog looking for a safe haven from the insanity inside my head.

    I had a first interview recently for an entry level job in my industry — it would be my first as a recent college graduate. I have a contact at the company, and she graciously got my resume into the right hands.

    I was super prepared, dressed appropriately, and on time. The interviewer was 15 minutes late, which I understood due to this industry being VERY fast-paced/busy.

    All seemed to go well, except for the fact that there were very few questions asked of me, and the interview was mostly the two managers telling me about the job. It was a very pleasant interaction, and I promptly sent email thank yous within hours of leaving the interview.

    Shortly after, I was asked to come in for a callback interview to meet one of the higher-level managers. I was told by my contact that it was down to me and one other candidate at this point.

    I was told ahead of time that this would be a very brief meeting — that he just wanted me to meet his boss, basically. I arrived on time, well polished like the first round. The interviewer did not arrive to greet me until 45 minutes past our meeting time. Of course, I was very calm and collected. I sat politely in the lobby, and when he finally did arrive, apologizing, I assured him it was absolutely no big deal.

    The interview with the manager itself went well, but it was more of the same. Very basic questions were asked, and a lot more of telling me about the job. A couple times, the manager mentioned, “You’ll be working…” etc., making statements that sort of insinuated I had the job, but I know sometimes these phrases come out either inadvertently or as a tactic. They asked me how soon I could start (as they had in the first interview), and was told by both men that they hoped to make a prompt decision, and I should expect to hear back either later that day or the following Monday (today).

    Needless to say, I’ve had quite an anxious weekend.

    ** What are generally the odds of getting an offer after a second interview?

    ** Have you ever heard of a company rejecting a candidate for needing to give two weeks’ notice to their current employer?

    Ah! I want this job so bad. I’ve struggled for a year now, after graduating, to find work in my industry, and this job would be perfect for me! In the interview, they kept mentioning how they like to promote from within, so the entry-level position is perfect for getting one’s foot in the door in the industry!

  30. Pigbitin Mad says:

    Employers seem to have all decided they can jerk candidates around all they want. I cannot tell you how many times it has been between me and “ONE other person” and that I would hear back by tomorrow and then heard nothing. The jerks were too rude to even respond to an email and then ANOTHER email.

    That’s why I would create a brand new disposable email address and pose as an angry customer (if possible) or just wait a while and detail how rudely you were treated on a site like Glass Door (obviously don’t give too much identifying information in the interview).

    Welcome to the world of jerks.

  31. Hi J!

    Workplaces really are unpredictable. I’ve been in companies where just squeezing in interviews required a lot of serious juggling of schedules – and no way to stop other previous meetings from taking longer or emergencies from arising.

    The fact that you saw this in their interviews tells you it is probably not a slow-paced place. Assuming there’s a fit, it could make it more interesting – and all the better if you are looking to make your mark and get ahead.

    There’s no way to predict the outcome or percentages, since each case is unique to that company and its management. But it does sound like you did well. At this point it’s about the fit, and the attitude and demeanor you conveyed during the interview and follow-ups – even small things – can make all the difference. I have a feeling you did well in that too.

    Oh…btw…sometimes when they do a lot of the talking it means they are pretty happy with what they see and are just trying to get more of a feel for you (How well do you listen? Do you seem engaged? Do you seem like someone whose energy they’d like to be around? ) and are not all that interested in pumping you for answers to boring interview questions. But of course it can also mean they are not professionals at interviewing…just in the work they do. 😉

    I have my fingers crossed for you. Hope you get some good news soon!

  32. Hey Ann,

    I really want to get one job and had an interview last week. Since then I started to learn a software that was mentioned several times during the interview and is very important to get the position. Now, I have basic knowledge of it.

    At the end of the interview, the interviewer told me that I need to wait 3 weeks until their final decision.

    My questions are, should I tell them my efforts on learning this software? and when? and how to mention it?

    I really hope you could give me some suggestions and help. Thank you very much!

  33. Hi Cathy!

    I think you asked this question elsewhere on the blog. I don’t know for sure, of course, but might be worth mentioning in a polite note to the HR manager or the person you interviewed with whom you connected with most. To me, it shows initiative and strong interest for the job.

    Good luck!

  34. I just had an interview yesterday. In fact, I had 2. I was asked a lot of tough questions.. I dont know whether to think I did good or bad… wish me luck

  35. I went on a interview 8/18/11. He kept saying to me I’d need you to do this and that, that’s if you get the job I felt very comfortable at the interview. After the interview was over he said ” don;t get upset if you don’t hear fom us right away were interviewing into next week. I sent a thank you note the very next day. It’s been 2 weeks and no word. Do you think the Don’t woory line was the kiss of death line for no we don’t want you? The wait is killing me as this would be the perfect job for me.

  36. Hi Janet!

    There’s no way to know for sure, but what he said was actually a good thing. He was letting you know these things take time – and they really do. And it shows me he’s a nice guy. Some places don’t even tell you that. Plus it’s the holidays, which delays things like interviews and hiring.

    If you haven’t heard anything by early next week, feel free to give him a call.

    Good luck, Janet!

  37. I’ve interviewed 4 times since April with the same company (a very big, worldwide fortune 500 company). They made a point to tell me that most people they interview for these positions don’t get them the first go round.

    It’s really been all one long process. Interview, waiting 2-4 weeks, response (not hired), then they request that I interview for the next position that will open in a week or two. I apply, wait 2 weeks, get an interview, wait 2-4 weeks and it goes on… rinse, repeat.

    Well, August 2nd I had my 4th interview with them, this time via webcam rather than phone. After 2 weeks, I sent an e-mail wondering what the status of the position was. Shortly after I receive a response telling me that no decisions have been made yet. Another 2 weeks go by, I e-mail again. Same e-mail response, although a little more detailed and polite.

    It’s now September 14th and I’m the 2nd week of the last e-mail which said “hopefully a decision will be made in the next week or two”. I’m going insane with it all. I work in a very specific field, so finding work has been very tough, even just jobs to apply for. I work in television and it’s my only field of expertise and experience.

    It’s pretty funny that I never get responses when I apply to smaller companies… but the largest company in the world is continually interested. Just, waiting sucks and I wish these companies had more sympathy in the hiring process toward the unemployed.

    Jason aka laid off 10 months ago.

  38. Hi Jason!

    Wow! This really sucks. It’s a twist on the waiting game I hadn’t quiet heard before. Having worked for one of the entertainment biggies myself, i guess I can’t say I’m surprised. They seem to build drama into the process. 😉

    There is nothing I can tell you that you haven’t already been doing for yourself. Since you’re in such a niche field, all you can do is keep networking and applying while waiting for these guys to make up their minds.

    Fingers crossed that this time it’s for real. PLEASE Let us know what happens. Good luck, Jason.

  39. Aggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! The waiting is so hard, especially when everything went so well, interview lasted for about an hour, very comfortable and surprisingly easy. Excited after leaving interview about how well it went department manager asked how my boss was going to take the news that I would be leaving… and when could I start… 4 days have passed and no real offer. She told me that she would call by the end of the week with hours after she met with the scheduling committee. It’s Saturday morning 7:00 am and I’m starting to loose my enthusiasm rethinking everything over and over making my self crazy…

    This job has been posted since July and is a highly sought after position, my application was filed with HR September 3 and my interview was October 11, sent a thank you on the 12th, I realize that it’s only 15 of October but I am sooo ready to change jobs.

    I left feeling so positive and now starting to feel deflated, would it be right to call and let the manager know that I am really interested, should I send a email should I wait another week?

    The waiting is the hardest part.


    • After reading more on your site I guess this is “normal” I never thought this would be such a roller coaster ride of emotions. I am looking for a transfer within the same company, I know HR handles almost everything. Just trying to stay positive.

      Department manager said she would call with hours. So i could give my manager a heads up before HR does….Hopefully will hear something soon. HR calls all the shots, but the new dept manager took my cell# so she could call me with hours 10-10 11-11 12-12 at this point this is what is holding up the process…. As far as I know.

      Hmmmmm did I say anything stupid, do I not have enough experience, please help me shut off my OCD
      Dysfunctionaly yours,

  40. Awww Shelly…how well I understand what you’re going through. And so do my readers. Unfortunately, I have no magic cure for the temporary waiting game OCD. The other articles talk about some methods that can help, but the biggest helper I know is simply to divert yourself the best you can.

    When you start thinking “did I do something wrong” or “have they decided to go with someone else” it’s just mind chatter that leads nowhere – except uncertainty since you can’t figure it out…no matter how many times you go over and over and over it! Trust me. I’ve been there. 🙂

    So when the thoughts come into your head, tell them “not now” and go watch a movie, work on some puzzles, take a walk while singing songs in your head, exercise, go volunteer somewhere, call some friends and ask about THEIR problems – whatever it takes to break the OCD cycle.

    You’ll know soon enough. Give them at least one more work day to finalize things. And if you really can’t stand it any more, a polite e-mail or call on Tuesday is totally ok.

    Hoping for good news. Best of luck, Shelly!

  41. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    This blog is a godsend for me, as I have recently started to go insane waiting for the result of an interview! I have just been notified that my position will be eliminated, and have been given 3 months to find a new role. Thankfully, I have a strong network and was able to land an interview a few days after I got the bad news.

    I started the interview process for a great position about two weeks ago. In the first interview, I met with several directors and managers, as well as potential co-workers. Everything went very well and afterwards, the Hiring Manger said they were just starting the process and would be contacting me soon. About an hour and a half later, I was called to see when I would be available for a second interview. This round would be with some executive directors as well as other groups who I would be interacting with.

    The second interview was a panel style with three Interviewers at a time, and it went just as well (if not better) than the first. At the end of the interview, I met again with the Hiring Manager, who asked some follow up questions. I let him know that I was very interested in role and asked for a time frame of a decision.

    The Hiring Manger said they are still looking passively through some resumes, but asked if I had any other interviews scheduled. I told him “yes, but these roles are not very high on my list, and the current role is the one I really want” (which was indeed the truth). The manager then said that they will be on PTO for the rest of the week and I should hear something by early next week. I was told there would most likely be a 3rd round with the President, and if selected, this would be confirmation that they are going to select me.

    One of the interviewers for the second round was an HR Director who gave me her card and asked me to contact her if I had any questions. After I sent thank you letters to all of the interviewers, I contacted the HR Director and asked for some general feedback. After 3 days, I have yet to receive a response from the HR director.

    The headhunter who helped me get this role said the Hiring Manager was very evasive about whether or not they had anyone else in mind. The headhunter also let me know that the company has been trying to fill this role for 6 months, but have had no luck because they are looking for a very specific background (which I fit very well). The lack of response is killing me, and the wait over the weekend is going to torture. I have nothing but a positive experience during the interviews and I think I hit specific traits they were looking for, but I really want this role and I can’t stop obsessing about my performance!

    P.S – During the interview, I let them know that my current availability was due to impending downsizing. Was that a smart move?

    Thanks and great blog!!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Steve. Glad we can be of help during such a tough period. Nice reminder for everyone about how important it is to keep your network strong even when you aren’t looking. Siunds liek your eally impressed them.

      Hope the weekend wasn’t too horrible. You really had no choice but to wait and do your best to stay sane. 🙂 I hope by now you’ve heard something. Unfortunately, when a company looks this long to find the right person, their sense of time and yours are very different. All you can do is wait and meanwhile look for another position as if you didn’t have this possibility.

      They may have one or two other people in mind and also it takes time to get a president into a room to discuss all this. They usually want all their facts gathered before doing that. So again, more time.

      All you can do is wait and check in occasionally – without stalking of course. And, assuming they asked why you’re looking, you were fine telling them about the downsizing. It’s the truth and it would come put anyway.

      I hope you hear some good news soon. Good luck. Meanwhile, please keep looking!

  42. Thank you so much for this! I only had my interview this morning and I’m already turning into a nervous wreck. My family is pretty sick of me jumping every time the phone rings, checking my email every 3 minutes and going over the entire interview out loud repetitively. I was given a time frame of 72 hours, well it’s been 10 and I can’t think about anything else. I will be following your advice immediately by going for a run and renting some trashy films! Thanks 🙂

  43. My pleasure, Hanna. You sound great…and exceptionally self-aware. Trashy films are terrific choice for times like this. Fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

  44. Hi Ronnie,

    Great to read this blog!!!

    Allow me to join the gang.

    I got a call from the employer and had a very brief interview over the phone about my experience. Later they sent me an assignment and I did a good job. I was called for an interview with the manager.

    I went for an interview for this really nice job i wanted on November 14 (Monday). The interview was with the Manager and it went really well. I showed him samples of my work and he made it clear to me that he would like to have me in the team. He asked me to wait for an hour so that the VP could also interview me. That also went well and the VP told me the CEO would speak to me over the phone and after that their HR team would get in touch with me.

    Both the manager and the VP asked me if I would be able to join ASAP and I said yes. They both gave me details about what I would be expected to do after joining and the work atmosphere and all that.

    On November 18 (Friday) I called the Manager to know about the status. He was very friendly and told me I’d cleared the interview round with VP. He told me that the CEO was traveling abroad and hence the delay. He also told me that the chances of CEO rejecting me after VP approval was very rare and that I can be prepared to join the company soon.

    I know that it’s still a little early to expect a response as the CEO might be caught up with plenty of other work, but I can’t help feeling frustrated and sit in front of the computer twiddling my thumbs.

    One important thing: During the interview, they informed me that they are taking me for a post different from what they’d initially advertised for. In this role i was expected to do multi-tasking for a few months until they find more people to join the team. Is it possible that it is taking time for them to decide a profile/designation suitable for me?

    Another thing – The manager sent me another assignment on November 21 (Monday) to test my skills and I got to interact with another person in the organization. After I completed it, he praised me for the quick and effective response.

    One other thing – the place where I got interviewed is located in one place, the CEO and the HR team is in another State. So, I’m assuming it’ll take time for things to work out.

    Do you think I will get this job???

    In the meantime I’m composing a list of job interviews I’ve attended in the past and the interesting incidents associated with it to pass time. It’s so terrible waiting to hear from the Employer 🙁

    Thanks so much for taking time to read through this!

  45. Oh and the job post has been removed after the interview. Does it tell something?

    Will greatly appreciate your thoughts on this!!!!! Please! 🙂

  46. Hi Rama!

    First…you have me smiling because of how you found a way to fill the time – and stay sane. Don’t forget to try some of the other ways listed above if this stops working. 🙂 Also, I know it’s hard…but keep looking for another place to apply anyway. It passes the time and, just in case the unthinkable happens, you are already moving forward.

    That said…all these signs look very good for you. I can’t know for sure, of course. Anything can still get in the way. But the way they selected you for a different position and have stayed closely in touch all are very hopeful. And yes…all the reason you list makes sense. Depending on the CEO’s schedule, this could indeed take more time than you’d wish…maybe weeks. So just be patient. And meanwhile…keep yourself busy. Perhaps volunteer or write a loong novel. 🙂

    Best of luck!

  47. Thank you so much, Ronnie. Just sharing it here has made me feel much better! 🙂

    And you’ve indeed set me thinking… Maybe I should write a novel (or a story at the very least) about a character with super powers looking for a job! (giggles) Yes that’s what I’m going to do and I’ll mail it to you if it comes out fine!!!


  48. I love it, Rama! What a great idea. I’d love to see it one day.

    In the space of waiting, new worlds can be created.

  49. Hi Ronnie,

    I got the job offer today. Yay! 🙂 Will be joining on Monday – Dec 5th.

    I sent a mail to the HR person on Friday inquiring about the status, an she got back to me on Monday after talking to the VP an sent me the offer letter today.

    My rocket winneth over! 😛

    Thank you for your encouraging words during the frustrating waiting period!

  50. summer dawson says:

    Please please edit your article and put “Keep looking for jobs” at the top! Many of MY students would read a couple and put your article down. Stopping and waiting for one job result is very common and we need to move people along; they need to continue their persistence in their job search.

  51. Interviewer said he wanted me. Had personality test send by HR and it’s been one day since I completed it. How long before reply? I emailed a thank you for interview. Should I also send a card?
    Job is very low pay/ part time and no benies, still, it’s where I want to be and want to work my way up. Also, why so much math on those personality tests?
    thank you much-

  52. I had a horrid time so far regarding the current position that I am going for. I applied on the 2nd January 2012, and knew that I would have to wait a while as it did not close until the 1st Feb 2012. On the 9th Feb I received an email saying thank you for your time and interest in the role however, you have been unsuccessful this time. we will keep your details on file. Bummer, so I kept looking for other work. On the 1st March 2012 a Manchester number called me and normally if I don’t know the number I wont answer with the exception of if i am waiting for a call, but I thought it could have been from my little sister as she was on a shopping trip in Manchester that day. I answered and it was the company that I had applied for offering me an interview.

    It was scheduled for the 9th March 2012, I attended and all seemed to go well, I was shown where I would be working, met the guy I would be replacing and spent 10 minutes with him while he showed me how the systems work and informed me that he would be training me, expect it to take around 6 months before I completely understand the systems. He was impressed with my back ground of the rail industry (this position is for within the rail industry too). The panel interview seemed to go well, and after it was completed they answered my questions and apologised for the email that I had received, it was a HR error. Out of 3872 people I was one of only 8 selected for interview. He walked with me back to the reception area and we chatted briefly on the way.

    They said that I would find out the result today, and to not worry about anything as the interview went really well.

    I would be biting my nails if I didnt love them so much. Just the worst part now, waiting for that phone call to see if I was successful or not. This has definitely been the worst part for me, and it is only 0737 on the morning that they said they will call.

    I will update later today as long as I get that call, fingers crossed for me please!

    • Hang in there, Laura! It sounds like the waiting will be over soon!

      But, do NOT be surprised (or terrified) if you don’t hear from them today. You may not hear until tomorrow or Friday, depending on how well things go for them internally today – all having NOTHING at all to do with you. Hang in there! And do not assume that no news is bad news. Contact them Friday if you don’t hear from them today.

      Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

      Good luck!

      • Thank you Susan,

        I have not heard from them as of yet today, so seems like I will not get the answer I have been waiting for (or not) today.

        If I hear nothing tomorrow I will contact them on Friday afternoon and ask for a status update. I keep checking their web site for a status update, but I think that is just wishful thinking as I am sure they will speak to me before posting it on my online account with them.

        Still keeping my fingers crossed.

      • My fingers are crossed, too.

        Good luck!

  53. Hi there,

    I applied for a position on January 7th and didn’t hear anything till Feb end where I got a call from HR stating that they would like to schedule an interview and that they would provide time and other details via email. Well I received that email March 2 and the interview was March 8th. During the interview I met the entire team and I was really optimistic about how the interview went and really felt that I would be a good fit. I was told by HR at that time that I would hear back regarding decision by the end of the next week. When I didn’t hear back I called HR and left a vm on the following Monday and HR emailed me back promptly stating that no decision had been made but to expect a decision by end of that week. Well, again I didn’t hear back at the end of the week and I decided to leave a vm for HR and again I got a similar email apologizing but no decision had been made but to expect a decision by the end of the week again. This last email from HR was dated March 26. I sent HR an email thanking them for keeping in the loop. I have not followed up after that email even though I was expecting them to tell me something at the very least by the end of that week. It been 2 weeks now since that last email from HR and more than a month since I interviewed. Does this mean that I don’t have the job and should get the “message”? I keep getting advice that perhaps I should follow up with the hiring manager who is the VP. But I don’t want to seem too aggressive or desperate. Please advice!

    • Hi TTango,

      Never expect the worst to happen. I think that the only “message” being delivered is that they don’t keep to their deadlines very well. Looking back to January 7 (!), these people have a proven track record of taking quite a bit of time to move to the next step. So my guess is that is what is continuing to happen – I wouldn’t expect any deadlines to be met by this employer.

      Contact the HR person again. After you’ve given your name, remind the person of the job you interviewed for and when and who interviewed you. Then ask the status of the job and what the next steps are. When they tell you they’ll have an answer “next week,” don’t laugh. Just say thank you, and remember to give them more time than that.

      Definitely keep pursuing this – IF you really want to work for this organization.

      God luck!

  54. Hey,

    I was so relieved to see a modern post time above 😀 I recently had an interview, not for a job, but for a three week exchange programme. I panicked so much before and I kept going over ideal answers and so on. I had previously filled out a (long) application form, and they had some questions (why are you the most suitable candidate, what motivates you). I got short listed into the final 54 candidates out of about 500, and they called us for interviews. Me, panicky as usual got flustered and literally began to breathe faster for a few days haha..

    When I reached the interview room, they informed me that they had heard about me. My friend, who is also a part of the competition, had his interview the previous day in the morning, and Mine was one of the last in the whole program. So I was shocked, and then they continued that they were interested in getting to know me and so on. They stated that I had received a full score in my application form, and they asked me a few questions. Down to the end, they asked questions like “you’re at 95%. What can you tell is that u didnt list in your form or tell us that would take you to 150%” I think I answered eloquently and so on, stating my achievements elsewhere, and my parents (yes I’m a teen) chimed in and stated how I’m self motivated and so on.

    The weirdest thing though was that afterwards they were asking me what I eat, and to make sure and make a list of things that I don’t eat for them. At that point my eyes narrowed a bit, and then the interviewer said “oh if you get through”

    To be honest, the interview was really free and informal and they seemed extremely pleased..

    What’s bothering me is that I think they were like that for everyone.. Idk, probably just me, but I’m just thinking that for a youth program, that’s how an interviewer would have to be..? I really want this, and the thing is, only 13 of the 50 will be selected..*panic mode*

    Anyway, thanks for listening 🙂 it really helped typing it out here 🙂 thanks much ^.^

    • Hi Duane,

      Glad to hear that WorkCoachCafe.com has helped you!

      It’s hard to tell if they were “like that for everyone,” or not. Ask your friend who was interviewed earlier how his interview went. It does sound promising.

      If there is someway you could follow up, I would try to do that – send an email about how nice it was to meet with them and talk with them to learn more about this wonderful opportunity. Be sure to mention when you were interviewed and who interviewed you (by name, hopefully).

      Good luck!

  55. OMG, I just discovered work coach cafe last week and I’ve been out of job for the last 6 months already. However, I’ve done most of the things that is on that list except exercise and renting tons of movies. I tried to keep myself busy but is so hard, I’m glad that this site is so comforting and reading what people are going through the same thing I am, it feels so good. I am not saying that been out of job is good but knowing that you are not by yourself is always good.

    Thanks work coach cafe, I’ll be lurking around this site for a while 🙂

  56. My experience is very similar to the other posts here.
    I have had 2 interviews and an email questionnaire to complete. All went very well. Everyone I interviewed with was very pleasant and gave me feedback such as “excellent” ” you are a good listener” ex….I feel very good about all the interviews I have had so far. I also feel that I am fully qualified. The second interview was on 6/7, on 6/12 I emailed the HR Director to get a status update. He told me that management would be making a final decision this Friday 6/15. Does that mean I’ll be called back for a 3rd interview or made an offer or declined? I looked at the company website yesterday and the job posting has been pulled down. I started to panic. I am now wondering since it’s 6/14 and Thursday do I sit patiently and wait or do I call the HR Director and tell him I see the posting was pulled down and has their been any progress on a decision?

    • chandlee says:


      Do not call the HR Director. You’ve already received a status update on where they are with the position — and told that the decision has not been made yet — and when it will be made. This is more information on a process than 90% of candidates ever get.

      The job is likely not still listed as they have completed their interviewing — and you know that you are one of the finalists for the job.

      Unfortunately, all you can do at this stage is to wait to hear if you were selected. Don’t expect to hear back Friday for certain — and give it a few days if you don’t. Often references are checked AFTER a hiring recommendation as been made, and there’s still paperwork to go through.

      Good luck with all of this.


      • Thanks Chandlee. Very good advice. Here it is Friday at noon ( EST) and I am still itching to hear something. If I don’t hear anything today I thought I would call the HR Director on Monday this way maybe he will give me more details over the phone then he would by email.

      • chandlee says:


        I don’t recommend calling the HR Director on Monday. Of all people in the company, they have the most strict guidelines on what they can and can’t say to applicants. I know the timing is hard, but I recommend being patient above all else. And the best way I know to be patient is to start (as hard as it may be) looking at — and applying to other jobs — that interest you. It’s always good to have more than one possibility on the plate.

        Good luck,

      • Hi Chandlee,
        So I did not totally listen to your advice….the anticipation was killing me so I called the HR director this past Friday. He said a decision has still not been made and that he hopes to have more information for me by this Monday or Tuesday. It’s now Wednesday morning and I have not heard anything.

        I did speak to a friend over the weekend who works for an employment agency and she said this is typical of candidates in the final running and that sometimes it can go on for 3 weeks before you are called back for a 3rd interview or made an offer.

        I have two questions for you;

        1. Should I check in with the HR Director weekly for a status update or just leave it alone, he’ll get back to me on his own accord? Does checking in make me look to anxious or does it show good follow up?

        2. If I am called back for a 3rd interview, which will most likely be with the President of the Company and the HR Manager, what type of dress is appropriate? I have read that the second interview is typically more dress down than the first.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Amanda,

        In answer to your questions.

        1. Leave it alone. You’ve expressed your continued interest. I would not follow up for at least another two weeks.

        2. Never dress down for a 2nd or 3rd interview unless they tell you to. Especially if the interview is with a senior officer of the company.

        Good luck,

      • Hi Chandlee,
        I received a very disappointing email this past Friday that another candidate was offer the position. I am very disappointed. I really thought I would fit in well given my experience, education and with the culture.

        What is the best way to ask for feedback to understand why I was not offered the position?

      • chandlee says:


        This happens sometimes, and it is always very disappointing — but remember that often finding a job is a process. Because the competition for many positions can be stiff. If you made it to the final rounds, that says to me that they thought you were qualified — and they liked you.

        I recommend that you follow up with a thank you note — saying “thanks for interviewing me for this position. While I am disappointed that I was not offered the job, I would welcome the opportunity to interview with you for the job in the future and would appreciate any constructive feedback on how I could further strengthen my application in the future.” Don’t be afraid to let them know how much you enjoyed the culture and the environment.

        I speak from experience that this approach can work: I used it myself years ago with a relatively entry-level job. They hired someone with 8 years of experience; and a year later they interviewed me again — and I was hired.

        Good luck and keep up your search in the interim. Don’t just apply for jobs, let other people know what you are looking for.

        All the Best,

  57. Hey,

    Today I found your website and I spent one and half hours now reading the posts. I must say it is a great site and I want to share my interview with you and ask for your advise.

    Three weeks ago a previous colleague of mine told me that they have a position opening in their department. I am very interested in it, then I sent my CV to him. Later their group invited me for an interview. The whole interview went well. Several days later, they discussed title and salary etc details with me and said they wanted me and were submitting some paperwork to HR, not sure if HR will need to post the position.

    My questions are:
    for this kind of (not posted) position, Is this the process they have to go through?
    Also, in order to make plans , I really need to know how long is this process (assuming they are not meant to find more candidates). Is it a good idea for me to directly ask my status HR people?

    Thank you very much!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Henry,

      Most companies have to follow a process in order to hire — and to show that they conducted a search for the position. Unfortunately, following the process can take quite a long time. This is typically nothing you can control.

      I don’t think it’s a good idea to contact HR people regarding your status — it’s often annoying for them when their colleagues say, “I want you to hire so-and-so for this unposted job.” And there are too many chances for miscommunication.

      What I would do is to follow up with your previous colleague, and find out what he may need from you in order for you to be considered a formal applicant for the job. Ask if it would help for you to submit a cover letter or statement of interest, fill out a formal job application, etc. Let your colleague know you remain very interested, and — if need be — you are happy to apply for the job in the usual way.

      Bottom line: You want to make it as easy for everyone in the company to hire you.

      Good luck,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        Thanks so much for your advice! I’ll follow your suggestions and let you know what happen.


      • I hold off myself not contacting HR. Yesterday I received an email sending from director’s secretory saying a letter of offer is being prepared to send to me. So you are right: be patient is important. Thanks for your help!

      • chandlee says:


        That’s fantastic news…Keep us posted, and good luck! Thanks for letting us know the outcome!


  58. Last week I interviewed with a company I had worked at for 5 years but left 6 years ago on good terms dur to relocation. One of the two interviewers remembered me and has a high opinion of my work; the other interviewer I did not know. The interview went well and I was told they were recommending me to the director. They said the director would make the final decision. To say I’m going crazy waiting for the call is putting it mildly. I have tried several of your tips and they are helping me keep my mind off the job. They said I should get a call this week so I plan to call on Thursday afternoon as I know during summer people often work shorter hours on Friday. Oh and I did send thank you notes to my interviewers. Thanks for letting me get this off my mind.

    • chandlee says:


      Sounds like you are doing all the right thing. Personally, I’d hold off calling until next week if you haven’t heard from anything. I know it’s hard, but I think giving the employer space is also not a bad idea. Hiring is complicated as there’s typically lots of paperwork involved. Good luck!

      All the Best,

      • Chandlee-
        Thanks for your reply. I got a job offer this morning from my 2nd choice,and don’t want to hold them off too long. Now what should I do?! I know I’m lucky, but would prefer the job I interviewed for at my previous company. Any advice would be appreciated.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Lucy,

        Let the first company know that you have another offer, but that your first preference is to return to your previous work environment. Advise them of when you need to let Company #2 know, and say that “while you don’t expect the news of the offer will expedite any decision making process since there are other candidates involved,” you will need to render your decision on whether to take the other offer by {insert date}. This should speed it along in general.

        Let us know how it turns out.

        All the Best,

  59. Chandlee-I love how you worded it. That’s just what I’ll say when I call. One more question: should I call the director who will be making the decision but did not interview me, her secretary who I spoke with on the phone and in person before and after the interview( she could hear the whole interview and afterwards said it went very well) or should I call one of the interviewers? I’m hoping it’s good news when I call! Fingers crossed.

    • Hi Chandlee-
      Well, I held out calling until this morning. I spoke to one of the interviewers and told her I had another job offer and was wondering if a decision had been made on the position. She was so happy I called as she was having trouble getting hold of my references. She asked me to contact them and ask them to call her. I did that and within a few hours I had a job offer at the company of my first choice. Tomorrow I need to call my 2nd choice and decline their offer.
      Thanks so much for your advice. I love this website!

      • chandlee says:


        How fabulous! That’s great news, and please keep us posted.

        All the Best,

  60. Hello Chandlee,

    Some updates on my interview.
    I went to on-site interview and now I am going through additional Skype calls.
    My references told me yesterday that the company has also been contacting them and setting up dates for communication. But today there was a sudden emergency (one of my references’ family member passed away and he told me that he will be unable to get into contact with the HR in the next few days).

    Since I provided my reference list (3 people) along with my resume and they did not ask me for doing that, is there a way for me to remedy this issue?

    Thank you!



    • chandlee says:


      Secure an alternate reference and send it to the company as follow-up information. Advise them of the situation your reference is having and offer to find a replacement.

      Good luck,

  61. Kristen says:

    Have been dealing with the whole process with the same company for just over a month now. Sent in an application and 2 weeks later had a phone interview with HR, from there I had an in person interview where the hiring manager told me everything went well and I even ended with asking him if he had any concerns in my ability to perform the position and he said he didn’t. From there I waited another week to have a third interview which should have been a panel but they were so busy that they had me just have the third with the hiring manager again one on one.

    Again he told me “this went really well” we talked about when I could start and salary. Then he told me that I would defiantly hear from him next week. Next week came and went… My last interview was on 6/29 and today is 7/10 and I haven’t heard anything. I called last friday to touch base and no call back.

    I have also read that this company sends out rejection emails but I haven’t gotten one of those but it seems like the interview process has not been their basic when it came to mine. Is it time to throw in the towel and move on? Or is there still hope left??

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Kristen,

      Give it another week and keep your search up in the interim. Summer time is hard for employers making hires as so many people are taking vacations…Don’t rule it out yet.

      Good luck and all the best,

  62. Hi Chandlee ( see my comments from 6/25/12),

    After learning that I was declined for the position I wrote the company a letter asking for follow- up, but received no response. I am now wondering if it’s because I mentioned I had a family and they wanted me to travel 10-20% of the time.

    The same company has now posted a similar position that I am qualified for. Should I consider applying if they declined me previously?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Sorry to hear you were declined for the position. You could certainly call and express your continued interest in the job. In general, stating your preferences NOT to travel if the job requirements — and family information — isn’t a good strategy if the job requirements are for a person who can travel. 10 to 20% is a minimal amount of travel time compared to some positions. This could be the reason you were turned down.

      If you have re-evaluated this, you should mention this when you follow-up. If it’s not a fit for you, then I would recommend you not re-apply and instead seek out positions that would be a better fit.

      Good luck and all the best,

  63. I am slooowly losing my mind waiting to hear back from a company that I’ve been in the process with for *eight* weeks. I’ve tried many of the things on this list– I’ve applied to more jobs, devoured several books, watched hours of bad reality television, and I even started running a few miles every other day. These things might help for a bit, but the anxiety is always there, in the back of my mind.

    It’s been a multi-step process with this company– phone interview, analytical writing assessment, interview with hiring manager, followed by a visit to the office that took up most of the day where I talked with 6 people, including and 1.5 hour lunch. I think the amount of time and effort I’ve expended throughout this process has made me really vested in the outcome. Not to mention the fact that this would be an amazing role, and that the other jobs I’ve interviewed for during these 8 weeks haven’t panned out. I’m driving myself crazy thinking about the various scenarios and outcomes; in short, I am losing it. It’s a good thing they can’t see me now!

    • chandlee says:

      Hang in there and keep us posted. In the interim, keep up the service. It never hurts to have another option in the hopper when an offer comes along.

      Good luck!


      • An update: I am *still* waiting to hear a definite yes or no from this company. About a week ago I wrote to the recruiter I’ve been in contact with, asking for an update. He wrote back (within the hour) and let me know that the decision was taking longer than expected, but that I should hear back early next week– now here it is, the end of ‘early next week’ and I’ve still heard nothing.

        My personal feeling is that if I was the person they were going to hire, they would have done it already– generally, companies want to secure their first choice candidates as soon as they can. Since it has been over 3 weeks since my final interview, I don’t believe I will receive an offer. However, it has been difficult to completely move on because I haven’t received an official “no”, and the company continues to respond to my emails.

        My question is, is there a good way to word an email to get a straight answer out of them? I was thinking of something along the lines of “have offers gone out for this position already?”. Or maybe I should try to get my recruiter on the phone?

      • chandlee says:

        Oh Alice,

        That’s a tough one. A phone call may be the best way to get a straight answer out of the recruiter…they clearly know you are interested.

        I think the best cure for a non-responsive employer is to keep applying for other opportunities in the interim. Ideally, this will result in more than one opportunity and offer–sometimes the phone rings from one just as you are changing your mind to look at another.

        All the Best,

    • Hi Alice,

      Did you get the job? I am in the same boat right now, and I am still waiting to hear back from an employer that I interviewed with six weeks ago. I was just wondering if you got any response from them. Right now, I have not been able to distract myself from this one position that I really want.

      • Nope, I did not get that job…although the recruiter did let me know and was very nice about it. I did however, get another job (although not right away). I’m actually really happy with the job I have now, and the company is probably a much better fit for me.
        I have been in your shoes *many* times and that agonizing waiting feeling is terrible. I tried everything (exercise, hanging out with friend, mindless TV, etc.). But Chandlee is right, the best thing you can do is to apply for other jobs while you’re waiting. Prepping for other interviews is something that can really distract you, not to mention having more than one iron in the fire makes you less dependent on that one company. Focusing on other opportunities was the only thing that kept me from obsessing over when the company was going to get back to me.

  64. How honest should you be about your current pay? I ask because I have been with the same company for 13 yrs, recently finished my bachelor’s degree and I am still paid 45% less than my counterparts. I am interviewing for a job that is will to pay me 60% more than what I make now.

    I don’t believe companies can legally ask you what you currently make?

    • Amanda,

      If you are asked about your compensation, do not accurately disclose information when asked, and that information is verified as part of the employment process for final background checks — not telling the truth could cost you the job offer.

      I recommend sites such as Glassdoor.com which share salary information by company and job title.

      If asked for expected salary on a job application, you can quote ranges which are reasonable given salary research — or say negotiable. I am not an employment attorney, so I cannot advise you on whether it is legal for employers to ask — but I can tell you that some U.S. based companies provide salary information voluntarily on reference checks.

      Good luck Amanda.


      • Thanks Chandlee. What they are offering me does meet the market expectations for my current job title. I am just currently largely underpaid. So should I say something along those lines?

      • Amanda,

        Don’t interpret any of it. Provide the facts instead. Just say, “I am currently paid __________. According to Salary.com, the median salary for this role is ____________.” This will state your case without sounding needy or greedy…

        Good luck and keep me posted.


      • This is my normal response, I don’t know if this is the best way but it seems to work.

        I researched my personal salary overview with PayScale and Salary.com and found that while I was at 123 Company I was in the median. The salary range for our area and the position of “whatever” runs from $$,000.00 to $$,000.00. Can you give me a range that you are considering for a person with my experience and education?

      • chandlee says:


        I think that’s fine but ideally — you want them to speak of salary first. I don’t recommend asking about salary until you receive a job offer…

        Good luck,

      • Thank you Chandlee, I use this response after they ask what my salary expectations are. Is there a better response to this question?

  65. I had a phone interview and then an in person interview with a potential employer. Both went very well and in the interview we talked about salary, my availability and she said she would contact me next week to start me working with some clients. This was on Wednesday last week so it has now been a week and I was considering writing some sort of e-mail to inquire about the progress. First I am not sure if I should write the e-mail and second I’m not sure how to word the e-mail to not make me seem too pushy. I am very excited about the opportunity and I want to make sure I do this right.

  66. Alexander L says:

    Dear Ronnie
    I just want to say thanks a lot.. I been going crazy on my waiting process but now I have a good understanding on what to do thank you and may God bless you!

  67. Hi there,
    Im freaking out! I applied for a job and had to sit a couple of online assessment s. The day after the recruiter called me and organised a face to face interview. I was interviewed for about an hour and felt really relaxed when I left. She called me about 10 minutes after the interview to organise a second interview with the regional manager. The following day I had the interview with the regional manager which I also felt went quite well and it went for about an hour as well. She told me I would hear from them on Monday. It’s now Monday and nothing! Im starting to get nervous as I thought I would of heard from them by now. Am I completely over reacting? There are still 3.5 business hours left today. Im trying to think positive but it’s hard!!!

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Jackie,

      You’re not over-reacting. They told you they would be in touch with you today. However, these things SO often take much longer than expected for a big variety of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with the job seekers. Schedules get changed because people necessary to the process are unexpectedly called away for a bigger emergency, are out sick, or missing for some other unanticipated reason.

      So, I would not panic, even if you don’t hear from them tomorrow. If you end up not hearing from the on Monday, check in with them politely on Tuesday to see what is going on.

      And, I strongly encourage you to keep job hunting while you wait to hear about this job. Not because I think you aren’t going to get this job but because these things so often take weeks, even months, and you could miss out on a great job while you wait for these folks to make up their minds.

      Good luck with your job search!

  68. I am waiting “not so patiently” on a reply from HR. My question is what should I do now? This is the second time I have interviewed with this company but now for a different position (obviously, I didn’t get the first). I phone interviewed and then flew up and did an in person interview (3 weeks ago today), I was told I would hear something the next week, that came and went so I sent an email and got a response within an hour from HR and said that he would update me at the latest the following Mon or Tues, that would’ve been last week. So, do I contact now or sit idle or what? Pulling my hair out!!!! I am still job hunting and interviewing. Thank you!

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Lil,

      Yes, this is so annoying and worrying, but continuing to job hunt and interview for other jobs is EXACTLY the right thing to do!

      It doesn’t sound like the process moves quickly in this organization – as with most organizations. Hiring is a tough thing to do.

      If you contact them next Monday or Tuesday, you’ll have given them 2 weeks past the time they said they would update you, and that should be reasonable. Politely remind them of the job title (and requisition number, if you have it), interview date, and the person who interviewed you. Then, ask for the current status and what the next steps are.

      Good luck with your job search!

  69. Tristan says:

    Thank you for your articles! We are currently living in NY and my husband is getting out of the army and we are moving June 17th. We will be either moving to Arizona or Colorado and our decision is based upon the results of a job interview I had on May 3. They told me I would hear back within two weeks. I did not, so I sent a follow up email last week and she replied they expected to be in contact with us the end of last week. It’s been a week later and I still have not heard from them. We need to have an answer because we need to set up a delivery address with the army for all of our furniture and other out processing paperwork! What do I do? Our whole lives are pending on an answer from the company. I know it’s not the smartest way to live but that’s how it happened.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Tristan,

      Yikes – tough spot! If you still haven’t heard, I would call them and explain the situation. It can take a long time to make a decision on who to hire, and most of the reasons for that delay have nothing to do with the job seekers or even the one selected to be hired. It’s usually administrative, finance, or logistical things that slow down the process.

      Alternatively, decide which location is best for you long-term, and choose to go there. If that’s where this job is, fine. If not, hopefully something better is waiting for you there.

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Hi,

        I am new in the group, have been looking for a job without any luck, I have been to two sets of interviews and a psychometric test reference checks were done simultaneously with the psychometric test. What does it mean do I stand a chance. I was told that I did well in the panel interview but I am still waiting for a positive response or should I say a job offer. I tried calling them last week and HR could not give me an indication she just said its not yet finalised. It is really frustrating to wait especially if one does not have a job and have bills to pay. I had an interview today with another company and I cancelled guess am also tired since February I have been going for interviews I have being to about 20 interviews with no luck. I must say its hard.

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi Nhlanhla,

        Yes, it is very frustrating to wait when you don’t know how long or what the outcome will be.

        However, my very strong recommendation is to continue your job search aggressively until you are actually holding a job offer in your hand. Don’t cancel any more interviews, particularly waiting for something that may or MAY NOT happen!

        Until you have accepted a formal job offer, you don’t have a job.

        Do you prepare well for your interviews? Do you research the employer to learn more about them? Read the posts about job interviews to see if there is something you could do to improve your outcomes. An interview is simply an invitation to “audition” for the job. It is also your best opportunity to see if you want to work for that employer.

        Keep trying! You will land a new job!

        Good luck with your job search!

  70. I have just come out of an interview for my dream job a couple of days ago. I think the interview went pretty good, but I keep playing back to the interview on how I could have answered better. Of course this is all speculation and it could have not gone as well as I thought.

    I applied for a public service job and they said to not to contact them. They would let me know either way in 2-3 weeks. I am finding it very hard, and this job is what I have been thinking about consistently and I am very tired…. I feel unproductive and don’t feel like doing anything until I hear back from them. I don’t know if I can wait it out for 2-3 more weeks of this.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Jeff,

      I know it is hard to wait to hear what happened, but, since they told you not to contact them, don’t.

      Send each of the people who interviewed you a separate (and unique) thank you note for the interview, if you haven’t done that already, and then continue to look for other opportunities.

      Don’t wait for this one to come through for you before looking for another job! It may happen – or it may NOT – and, typically, it can take several weeks, even months, for jobs to be filled.

      Keep hunting for a new job. Worst case is you will have more than one job offer to consider!

      Good luck with your job search!

  71. Hi Susan, thank you for your motivations. I do prepare for this interviews and I must say they go well but job offers are hard to come. An update on that position, they called me again for a meeting tomorrow, they say I will be meeting with 2-3 people. This is not ending, when they called me last week I thought they were giving me an offer instead another interview after two interviews, psychometric test, reference checks that include criminal checks, credit, qualifications and personal meetings with my references. I’ve never had such drama in my life when looking for a job. I now believe when they say God is in control. Wish me good luck for tomorrow hope this time an offer will follow after this meeting. They call it a meeting and not an interview.

  72. I had a job interview 2 days ago it went so well the technical interviewer told he I can do the job and if I come on board and I need any assistance he would help me .I meet with three people ( My boss) if I am hired ,and two other people. ( My boss) got back to the recruiter right away telling him how he thinks I am a great fit but he has to sit and confirm with his team the interview went well but am so stress how long should it take for him to consult with his team? ugggh!! they are in the same office and they all seem to like me am losing my mind!!!! this job would be a great fit for me. the recruiter got back to me saying they are extremely busy they would contact me…. What is your best advice?

  73. thank you

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