How Can Green and Creamy Be So Darn Good?

Blue Marble Ice Cream is a Brooklyn business with a sweet mission.  According to, the owners Jennifer Dundas and Alexis Miesen have found a way to put the green in ice cream – and still make it taste great!

Not only do they use biodegradable cups, spoons and bowls in their green business, but they also signed up to get green energy from Con Ed Solutions and choose not to sell bottled water as part of the Take Back the Tap campaign. But with all that going for them, Jennifer and Alexis are most proud of their green decision to “use all grass-fed organic dairy and organic sugar.”

And the results are truly yummy.

As if this weren’t impressive enough, next they’re planning to work with women in Rwanda to help them realize their own ice cream dreams. This is a sweet mission I can get behind all the way.

Blue Marble Ice Cream (Rwanda)

I love stories about people like Jennifer and Alexis who create businesses they’re passionate about.  And in this case, these women are putting their passion and their eco-conscious beliefs into bounteous action.

Best of all, one of the two Blue Marble stores is just a few blocks from me!

I wish them much luck. And to any of you with a sweet dream of your own, the best way to start any journey is one (baby) step at a time.


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  1. Interesting, delicious post, Ronnie Ann. Another reason to spend more time in Brooklyn. On the flip side of the “no bottled water” position, I just heard about a company, Tap’dNY, that sells bottled NYC tap water—to New Yorkers! Their take on the issue is that a certain audience is going to buy bottled water—for convenience or for whatever reason. Rather than buying water shipped from various points around the planet, why not reduce your carbon footprint by buying locally? Of course, my take is why not buy a reusable container and fill it from your tap?

  2. Love this direction Ronnie Ann. Have a great quote to share from The Monk and the Riddle: The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepeneur by Randy Komisar, “Only PASSION will get you through the tough times. It is the romance not the finance that makes business worth pursuing.” When we take the Blue Marble experience (BTW – tell them they are needed here in San Diego) and add doing good in the world – we have passion and purpose – a potent motivational mix!

  3. Another reason to visit Brooklyn! To me, green, creamy ice cream has always meant Green Tea Ice Cream—yum! However, I checked their website, and the Pistachio Almond would do just fine. I like their attitude. 🙂

  4. Thanks Terry B, Louise, and Muse! Nice of you to stop by.

    I’m with you on the tap water, Terry. NYC has some mighty fine stuff, although I do use a filter. And I remember your Chicago water tasted just fine to me.

    Love the idea of passion and purpose, Louise. A powerful mix. I’ve been thinking a lot about that for myself and for this blog. Thanks!

    Ah! Muse… Pistachio Almond sounds wonderful. I’m nuts about nuts. However my personal green fave is chocolate chip mint. Will have to see if they have any. But truthfully, I’m not sure I ever met an ice cream I didn’t like. 😉 And yes…they live and work their principles. Love that. I wish them many more stores and many copy cats who follow the same values.

    Peace out and in,
    Ronnie Ann

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