What the Heck Goes On Behind the Scenes After a Job Interview?

WorkCoachCafeYou know the drill. You get the interview. You ace the interview. In fact, it was the best job interview you ever had! You head home dreaming of the offer for the new job you’re pretty sure you just landed. And then…you wait. And you wait. And you wait some more until you just want to scream! And then maybe you do scream. And rant a little. And even think of all the things you’d like to do to that stupid company you once thought was so perfect for you.

But before you decide the company is made up of former Guantanamo guards trained to torture you in some sick waiting game, take a deep breath and let me take you behind closed doors. It’s time you learn more about the mysterious steps of the interview hiring process – what goes on inside the secret rooms – and why you aren’t getting any feedback from the company even though you send e-mails and call them hoping for even the tiniest clue.

Hard as it is to believe, sometimes there are good reasons – really! – why a company’s interview hiring process steps take so long – and why all too often you have to wait forever (or so it seems) before you hear back from an employer after a job interview.

So what does go on behind the scenes after an interview?

I was recently asked to guest post on the Pongo Resume Blog, and decided this would be a great topic since I get sooooooooooo many e-mails and comments about how painful the waiting game can be. I once even wrote a post begging Human Resources people to be more considerate. But sadly, for many reasons, the torture continues and you’re still waiting.

I hope by telling you about what goes on behind the scenes after the interview, you might be able to relax just a little more knowing one week, two weeks, even three weeks or more of waiting can be perfectly normal.

Possible reasons you’re still waiting after the interview:

Here’s an excerpt from my guest post:

  • Sometimes HR controls all communication and that means people you write to are advised not to respond to individual candidates. Why? It could be a mandate from legal to prevent any miscommunication. (A poorly worded response from the company could be construed as an offer when none exists yet.) Or it could simply be HR wanting to call all the shots. It happens.
  • Someone critical to the process (aka SCTTP) may be sick or called away. Why not work around the person? They could, but sometimes the company prefers to wait for the sake of continuity — even if that means you wait too.
  • Our SCTTP may suddenly have been put on a top-priority project that’s taking all their time. Even if they said they want to hire quickly, the hiring process can get put on the back burner. I’ve seen this many times.
  • Our SCTTP has been fired or quit and must be replaced first.
  • The department is going through a reorganization — again.
  • The job is being rethought and possibly needs to wait for HR to approve a reclassification. Why? Sometimes they find a specific candidate (maybe you) whose skills are even more suited to their needs than their original concept. Or they find two people they like and decide to split the job into two different positions.
  • Hiring may require numerous people who did not interview you to sign off on various steps of the process. Meanwhile, you wait.
  • Sometimes it simply takes weeks to find room on everyone’s calendar for the next round of interviews.

So if you’re stuck in the waiting game, try not to get caught up worrying about things you can’t control…like all the stuff behind closed doors. Instead know you’ve done your best (that’s all anyone can do), make sure you’ve sent a great thank you note and, after a couple weeks have passed, follow up with a polite e-mail and/or phone call saying you’re still interested and would love to know your status. You might even ask if they need anything else from you.

Other than that, you just wait. As long as it takes. I once waited four months and I was their top candidate!

Meanwhile, do what you can to keep yourself busy and diverted so you aren’t obsessing about the wait. Also…keep looking! Not only does the action help you stay sane, but you may actually wind up finding an even better job in the process.

Good luck finding the right job for you.

Ronnie Ann

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About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. Ms. Tere says:

    Thanks for this article, RonnieAnn. I’ve been waiting to hear from an interview I had (that went very well) back in January. I’ve exhausted the thank you e-mails and follow ups, they’ve checked my references and liked what they heard…It is now May. Most days of the week I’m too busy (volunteering) to think about it, but on the weekends I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bug me. Everyone I talk to says to keep up the good work, that I’m doing the right thing by keeping so busy, and to not lose hope. I just wish I could go back to feeling like I’m living my normal life is all. There are so many things I would love to do and cannot do because I don’t have a salary anymore. That’s the most depressing part to me. I try to not let it get to me, but it’s still there, of course.

  2. Hahahaha, I felt as if you were reading my mind, Ronnie Ann. After being recommended for a position -which I understand did not mean they were making a job offer-, I am again at the waiting game. Next Monday, I will be at the 4 weeks mark since I got word of my “recommended” status-. I heard from various sources that this organization (quasi-public fed job) really like taking their sweet time.
    This is worse that waiting for a cute guy to call you. lol!

  3. Ms. Tere: (Love that nom de plume by the way.) Uch. I feel your agony. Yes…you’re doing great, but that doesn’t keep you from feeling down-in-the-dumps sometimes. We can only move for so long until we have to stop and feel the sadness. Money, while certainly not an end in and of itself, can be very handy to have and very awful not to have.

    But I believe all that you’re doing is making it better – at least that’s how it’s been for me. And, not to make an obvious point, but if at all possible, please use that energy and determination to get yourself one or two new interviews no matter how great this job may be. For me, I’ve always found the offers come when I have several pans on the fire. Fingers crossed for you.

    Ah! Marie. Hahaha! So true about the waiting game often being worse than the dating game.

    From what you tell me, it does sound like there’s good reason to feel hopeful. I’ve had government jobs before, and the waiting period was awful. But recommendation go far and if that’s the process, then so be it. Hope you hear some positive feedback soon.

    Good luck to you both! Please let us know what happens.

    Ronnie Ann

  4. i had gone through the same experience of waiting but in my case, i was impatient and didn’t wait. i was stuck in a job i was unhappy at and i wanted to get out asap! so i took the first offer that came along (which was something i thought i wanted to do, at least) but the offer i was really waiting for came only after i’ve signed to work with that first company!

    it all worked out for the best in the end, as i decided the job that i wanted but came too late was not something i’m ready to explore yet. but it really does suck to have to wait for the job offer. after that, you have to hand in your notice and wait to quit. then you have to wait to hear when you report to your new job. it’s a whole lotta waiting!

  5. Hah! Yes. Endless waiting and then you wait to see if the new job works out!

    Thanks for stopping by, sulz. Hope you feel better soon. Poor thing. I’m sure there’s something to be gleaned from “having an itch” (as in an itch to do something or find yet another new job 😉 ), but hopefully it’s just something passing through. Even there, you’re waiting. Sheesh!

    Ronnie Ann

  6. Hi Ronnie Ann,
    It’s been now 7 weeks since I last talked to the HM; and I was hit with reason #5 as to why I haven’t received a job offer:

    “The department is going through a reorganization — again.”

    It is a shame, that was my top choice; but it seems that the position is now on a limbo. *sigh*

  7. Awww! I’m so sorry to read this, Marie. But just so you know, this is the time (over the next few months) to stay in touch. I’ve been through things like this many times, and you never know when the hiring action will start up again. Meanwhile, I would redouble my efforts to find another job – and then see what fate provides! 😉

    I wish you all the best of luck, Marie. I’ve never gone through a time like this without something else interesting (s0metimes unexpected) showing up eventually.

    Ronnie Ann

  8. Thanks, Ronnie Ann.
    As a matter of fact I received a call for another interview. Totally unexpected.

    When I spoke with the HM yesterday, I followed your advice, and -given the bad news- I sounded positive and grateful when speaking to him (as a matter of fact, I feel very proud about his recommendation). So hopefully, he’ll remember me for a long time. He’s bummed, because he had 4 positions to fill and now 4 people are left hanging because of this re-org.
    But hey, at least, the “problem” is them, not me. 😀

  9. Hi again Marie!

    Reorgs can be tough. I feel sorry for the HM and all the folks it’s affecting.

    But that said…I’m more interested in you. 😉 Very happy to hear about your unexpected opportunity. I just love those. Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  10. This is happening to me right now. 🙁

  11. Hi AJ!

    Ah yes…and so you join the many waiting game players. Hope to hear good news soon from you.

    Best of luck!!

    Ronnie Ann

  12. Thanks, Ronnie Ann, for all your wise advice. I just happened on your site when I googled “why didn’t I get the job” because I’m in a slump after waiting to hear something from my interview. The interview happened 2 weeks ago, and they said they were going to make a decision by yesterday. Silence only. After dragging through those days, waiting, I almost would have been happy to hear that I didn’t get the job—at least I’d know.
    After reading so many of your writings, I feel better about myself, ready to keep myself busy and keep looking. I’ve been actively job hunting for a year, hoping to get a permanent position in the school system where I substitute teach. That way, I can still be with my kids most of the time that they are out of school. My husband has two good jobs, but we are on the verge of bankruptsy. Staying positive, which is my nature, is becoming difficult.
    You have given me some hope and some renewed energy to get a job! God bless you for all you do for so many!


  13. Oh Shelley! Thank you for your what you said about my blog, but when I read e-mails like yours I wish I could step right out of cyber-space and give you a big hug!

    I wish there were some magical job search potion I could send you that would make that school say yes! But for now, I will simply send you my best wishes for a real job and some rosier financial days.

    BTW…is there a potion I can send your creditors too? As a former banker, I often want to give them a piece of my mind about working with folks like you and your husband who are doing all you can to stay above water. Please excuse my mini-tirade. I just want so much to hear good news for your sake.

    Good luck, Shelley!! Please feel free to stop by any time if you have news to share (I hope soon) or just need a friendly ear…er…eye. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  14. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I had a final round interview three weeks ago, and the next day after the interview, the hiring manager asked to see my transcript which I did send to him. He thanked for my quick response, but I never hear anything back from him.

    So my question is should I send him an email asking whether they have made a decision or if they have a time frame, etc.. Would that make me looked desperate? Any other advice is very much appreciated!

    Thank you,

  15. Hi KY!

    At this point, no harm in trying. You’ve waited long enough to at least send a polite inquiry. And if you never sent a thank you note, you can combine the two. 😉

    Good luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  16. Good points in your article. One you left out, probably obvious but worth mentioning, is that if you’re not Number One you won’t hear from them until Number One has been hired. If the offer to Number One doesn’t work out, they contact Number Two (now the new Number One!). All the candidates are left hanging until someone is finally hired.

    Thanks for your blog.


  17. Thanks Ed. Excellent point. Most definitely it ain’t over until it’s over.

    I was once the second choice and got the job AFTER the other person started and was obviously awful. We just can’t know what’s going on behind the curtain, so my choice is to stay open to the you-never-know scenario – and keep looking! (And always keep your contacts warm even with those who have turned you down.)

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  18. Charity says:

    I had an interview almost 4 wks ago. Went very well. Said I had and was everything they were looking for. Told me the hrs I’d work, benefits, dress code, asked if she could contact my ex boss (even gave my letter of recommendation from prev employer), asked when I could start and how much I wanted per hr!!! I thought I had the cat in the bag and landed this one. I’ve yet to get a response. Sent hand-written thank you after interview and follow up vm abt 10 days later. I haven’t contacted since cause I don’t wanna push it to an extreme. Any suggestions? Should I contact HR (the woman from HR at an office up N called me to set up the interview with potential office), or should I contact the actual interviewer??which person actually has the most say in this process? And HR would have done the reference checks, right? I’m about to pull my hair out lol.

  19. Hi Charity!

    You poor thing. You’ve been more than patient considering the positive feedback. Although nothing’s for sure until the offer comes, things do happen and it’s not unusual for folks key to the hiring decision to be on vacation or get sick or simply get caught up in a project. At this point, I’d call the interviewer first and if you get no response, then the HR person. It’s an innocent mistake if they do prefer you to go through HR if you weren’t told that. 😉 Just remember to bring your most positive good energy to the call.

    Hoping to hear some good news back. BEST of luck, Charity!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  20. Wow, I commented in the Post-Interview OCD post too, but after getting a little more perspective I can see that at this point I should still be relatively cool, calm, and collected…it’s only been 2 days since my interview. As much as I understand the logic, I still can’t help but to constantly turn the interview itself around and around in my head and fantasize about what is now going on behind the scenes. Yesterday I was miserable, today I feel a little more at ease because I worked at convincing myself that until I officially get word that I didn’t get the job, I’m still very much in the running. I’ve been spoiled though by a relatively short and quick process. I applied on May 10, got a form to fill out as it was the “next step,” got an out of the blue somewhat informal interview on the phone, then ended up with a real live hour and a half face-to-face with 6 employees on June 8th. All of that in less than a month. I just got reject emails for some gov jobs I applied to as far back as February. They did say that they’d check references, but they didn’t ask or tell me when I would start or mention salary, but I think that’s HR’s job.

  21. Hi Mallory!

    With all warmth and respect intended, I have to say I smiled when I saw “two days”. Yes…that is…ahem…a bit soon to be worrying so much. Glad this helps give some perspective.

    Trying to figure out HR and it’s processes is like trying to catch a moonbeam! I know how maddening it is, but every time a “temporary OCD” thought comes up, divert it with something else (pop in a video, take a walk, call a friend and ask about them, create a cure for global warming, etc. 😉 ) until those other thoughts lose their power. Otherwise, as a wise zen friend once taught me, you are just feeding that which you know darn well makes you totally wacky nuts. 😉

    I wish you much luck, Mallory. Please let us know what happens. Sounds good so far, but it may still take weeks, so please find your best diversion methods and don’t be afraid to use them!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  22. Thanks so much Ronnie Ann…oh trust me I know darn well 2 days is ridiculous…logically I get it totally, but that doesn’t stop the obsessing and also the mental battle it takes to convince myself to put it to rest, I’ve been through it before and told myself I wouldn’t get as emotionally involved, but I don’t know how that’s going. I think what makes it worse is the feeling that if it doesn’t pan out it’s back to square one and who knows how many months before I even make it to another interview. So that’s why finding this blog was so helpful to see others’ personal stories about basically the same thing. I’ve been at this for 6 months, I know many others have been trudging through the same drudgery for much longer so I try to be grateful I’ve had 2 interviews and that I’m still in the running for a position that I actually really want. I gets tough though, application after application, no response after no response. But I have taken a more in-depth interest in cooking. I’ve always liked it but I find that something so pleasant is exactly what I need. I’m also grateful for the weekend because it’s the only 2 days out of the week when I actually know for a fact that nothing will happen. I don’t have to be on guard for a reject email and I don’t have to will the phone to ring…it’s a nice break..

  23. You said that so well, Mallory. Six months is a long time, no matter how long others are waiting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

    Just so you know…I’ve been there many times and this is not a blog that professes to be above any of the things my readers tell me about. Lord knows…I can almost jump out of my skin when waiting to hear back about all kinds of things. So please know I do get how hard it is, no matter what your head tries to tell you! 😉 One of the reasons I keep this blog going is to share things that, after many years, have finally started to work for me. (At least some of the time.)

    Speaking of cooking and diversion…here’s a cooking/food site from one of my best buds. I love it…and you can spend hours not only browsing but trying his very practical and oh-so-yummy recipes:

    Blue Kitchen

    We’re with you all the way Mallory. Meanwhile… keep looking for more jobs with your full heart now – even before you hear back. I don’t know why, but sometimes putting that energy out sincerely – ya never know – makes stuff happen. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  24. Hey Ronnie,

    Great Blog btw! You give strength and motivation for thousands of job seekers in this sad economy.

    Like many others, I am in the waiting game. It kinda sucks because I have been getting good vibes both at the interview and the follow ups that I have done. It has been 18 days since my initial interview, wrote the thank you letter within 24hrs, followed by calling the second interviewer. Had a positive response from him and he said it is up to the big boss now. Got another call from office administrator (small size company with HR only in the London Office) said that the big boss is on vacation and will “take my application forward” after he returns during the end of June, and after which I “might” have a second interview with the MD based in London.

    The thing is that these are all positive signs but the weight for the second call is just too much!

    And what does “take the application forward” actually mean? Should I be expectingA that second interview?

    Also, if I do get that second interview with the biggest boss, what is he looking for in that interview?

    I know I am thinking too much about this and probably should be more patient, but stuck in a job you hate only makes things worst!


  25. Thanks for the kind words, Kaka. I once had to wait about 4 months until everyone was back from vacation and ready to focus – and I was the top candidate! Being asked to wait for these reasons is not out of the ordinary – even though I know it’s rough on you. I’ve been in that waiting situation a few times myself. 😉 Unfortunately, it’s out of your hands now.

    What does the big boss want? The same as the “little” boss – to know you are the right person for the job. Just be yourself and continue doing what you’ve been doing.

    I wish you much luck. Now please…don’t drive yourself crazy!

    12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  26. cafymunky says:

    Also waiting for news back from three interviews and Im doing the ocd thing bigtime. The last time I got a job offer, I got the phone call that day! Its left me with a little less normal patience when waiting to hear back from employers.
    The worst part for me right now is knowing I really wanted two out of those jobs and that they are the two I dont think I did my very best in. But like Marie who thought she screwed up Im hoping for good news.. will keep ye posted.

  27. Looking forward to some good news, cafymunky. Glad you know there really is no way to know how it really went until you get an actual offer – whether it’s the same day or a month+ later (not wishing you that of course 😉 ) Good luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  28. cafymunky says:

    thanks Ronnie Ann, spoke to the hr dept of one of the companies and they told me they were sending out a letter today to say that Im second in line for one of the jobs I went for. Depends now if the first person accepts the job etc. so will know more later next week. First time a company informed me of their process but still feels better to know something rather than nothing 🙂

  29. Well, finally today, I got a hopeful glimpse into what was going on at HR and with the hiring administrator in charge of hiring me. (hopefully) Contacted for second interview and about restructuring of the job; now the job has more responsibilities with higher salary than the one I originally was interviewed for. Today marks the 9 week mark from the moment I actually applied for the position. So, this is now the deal, apparently I am the front runner, they want to know my feelings on how the job and salary snowballed in a little over 2 months of me waiting, and if I would actually want a newly invented position. So now they would also have to get funding, approval, and God knows what else before offering me this position officially. I guess I will find out on my second face to face interview. Anyway, the end seem to be near… and it does look very hopeful that I may get the job offer. Wish me luck guys… I can’t wait anymore. ;o)

  30. Good Luck to you Johnny! 9 weeks sounds painful. I’ve been lucky with a relatively quick process with the company that I just had my second interview for today. But I also had an HR issue. My online application status has been changed several times since my initial interview with no information whatsoever. When I say changed I mean from one word or phrase to another like “in process” “closed” “not selected” and then back to “in process” then back to “not selected.” How am I supposed to know what that means? I finally contacted the HR recruiter because I couldn’t take it anymore and felt I deserved an explanation. She called and explained. Like with your position, mine was being re-evaluated. But I’m not sure if I’m the top candidate for it, I actually doubt it, but today I actually interviewed for a position that the interviewers recommended me for, so I feel I have an even greater chance with that one, but again with the HR mystery because after being told by management that I’m most interesting to him and the company I still have no idea when I will hear about this or how much longer they will be interviewing for it. I’ve spent a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes with 8 different employees interviewing for a job with this company with nothing but really positive feedback so it’ll be kind of hard to take if I don’t end up with anything…but like everything else, you just never know. But best of luck to you again!

  31. Thanks Mallory !!! Good luck to you as well. Funny enough, the job in question for me is located in DC as well.

  32. Johnny, this job is actually in Arizona, where I’m currently staying with my parents in their adult community, which is kind of against the rules, but keeping to myself has worked mostly, except for today when I got found out by one of the keepers/owners of the place while I was on the treadmill in gym all by myself..it was only a matter of time really, I can’t stay cooped up everyday for months on end so sh*t happens, but she seemed ok with my presence after a little introduction and sob story and my parents weren’t there so they won’t be burdened by the thought of me being “discovered.” Not that anyone will be at the door demanding I get out, but I just felt like a little kid being scolded is all. Ok, that was probably too much information but it’s just something else that adds to the job search stress because moving out depends entirely on the financial security that only comes with a job. But yeah Johnny I’ve kind of given up the hope of moving out to DC right now, for the longest time I had been focusing on that one city because that’s where I want to be, but absolutely nothing was happening except for 1 interview in 6 months that didn’t pan out. So I had to look elsewhere and magically I found something out here in the desert that actually fits into my field perfectly and I won’t have to get on a plane just for an interview. I hope to end up in DC at some point in the not so distant future though. However being so close to finally landing something definitely makes me feel better. Keep us posted!

  33. Nice conversation. Thanks everyone.

    Jonny: I can just imagine how the minutes are ticking away. Soon you will know. We all will. 😉 Good luck!!

    cafymunky: Fingers, legs and eyes crossed. All my best!

    Mallory: Glad you’re feeling better. So close… 😉 Wishing you much luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  34. Good grief !!! My personal torture continues. Get this… I am now called in for 3rd interview. HELP MEEEEEEE !!! Now, I am not at all sure what to expect. The administrator sounded upbeat and I felt as though she was holding something back. If this is not a job offer, I am going to go play in traffic. 10th week is here from the moment I saw that dreaded job posting… ha ha. Oh, great… 3rd interview this Friday July 9th. I can’t stand it. ;o)

  35. Oh Jonny….I hope the upbeat tone is a real good sign. Hate to think the administrator gets her kicks by luring folks into surreptitious 3rd interviews just to tell them “no”. 😉

    I know we are all rooting for you. I’ll even look for something extra to cross besides fingers, legs and eyes just in case. BEST OF LUCK! (Really hard to type with crossed arms btw.)

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  36. P.S.: If this makes you feel any better about how drawn out your interview process has been…in my last term of grad school, I had an interview with Goldman Sachs. I was in awe that I even got the interview (this was way back before all the recent stuff) since my GPA was closer to 3.0 than 4.0. After 5 – count them FIVE – separate interviews many of which were multiples, one of the VPs called me in and said something like: “We’d like you to decide whether you want to be in retail or wholesale before continuing the interview process. There was going to be MORE??? At that point I accepted another offer.

    Again…good luck, Jonny. Can’t wait to hear what happens!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  37. Thanks very much for the encouraging words. I am by nature pigheadedly optimistic so that’s not my problem… my problem is I cannot WAIT. :o) I will keep you informed after this Friday’s interview. If you don’t hear from me, assume that I ran into traffic. ;o)

  38. Dear Ronnie,

    I just wanted to let you know that they did call me for a second interview and offer me the job the following day. It was a panel interview with 5 company senior executives, it was a tough interview and I got some technical questions wrong, but at the end I showed what really mattered; confidence, enthusiasm, and honesty.

    So to all the people waiting, it will come, eventually!

    And Ronnie, I would like to thank you for being that light at the end of the tunnel.



  39. I went on an interview 7 weeks ago, and was told that while they wanted to fill the position right away it was going to take several weeks to complete the interviews with the 5 candidates (I was the first one scheduled.)
    There has been a few follow-up emails back and forth, and recently the Hiring Manager mentioned that they had added a few additional candidates which extended the interviewing process, and that they were making a decision this week.
    I was just wondering how long others have waited for a decision after an interview, and if anyone has received an offer after an extended period of time. (Besides Ronnie Ann and her 4 month wait)

  40. cafymunky says:

    Sorry JC I cant help you there myself. Unfortunately Ive had one rejection today but I was expecting it at this stage (after 10 days waiting) so Im not so disappointed. The other job I was second in line for is most likely been accepted by the first candidate. Im still waiting for word back from two other places so will have to wait and see. All this while in the final stages of completing a dissertation. I have to devote so much time to interview prep that I cant get other stuff done. I cant wait for my life to begin again 🙂 Sorry I dont mean to be looking for a pity party 🙂

  41. Johnny I also wouldn’t mind playing in traffic or climbing up the mountain that’s right outside and letting myself tumble down. Ok..ok..a little dramatic, but I get the torture feeling. The high from my great 2nd interview has worn off and now I’m just obsessing over the phone ringing and wondering what’s taking so long…again. A 3rd interview? wow, I can’t imagine being called in again for something like that, I’ve already interviewed for over 3 hours total, we’d have nothing to talk about unless the purpose was to actually offer me the job. They certainly wouldn’t call you in to tell you didn’t get the job, so it can only be a positive thing, or at least that’s what seems most logical…best of luck!

    Cafymunky, at least you have a few options on the table, it makes a rejection a little easier to handle. When I was rejected after my very first interview back in april it was difficult mostly because I had nothing else and couldn’t imagine even making it to the interview process again. I know what you mean about preping for the interview, I put in so much effort. The last time it didn’t pay off but it did with the company I’m currently interviewing with. The manager and another staff member mentioned that I was most knowledgeable about the company of all the candidates, plus the manager asked me if I had anything to say or ideas about their website…I did, and he took notes! So you never know when that extra bit of information you try absorb before the interview will help. Good luck to you.

  42. Ya, back from my 3rd interview today at the #1 choice Prime A job of my dreams. I am assuming there will be more waiting involved but I am used to it. Now entering 11th week guys… so if you have been waiting as well… don’t despair. As everyone can tell you, there have been people waiting far longer than even me. I will know sometime next week or so whether the job offer is coming my way or not. Administrator did not say or play her cards, but I have a hunch there are two people in contention for which I am one… so, rejection will come in a form of a phone call and job offer will also come in the form of a phone call. So, what else? I can only wait for the phone call to come sometime next week… hopefully it won’t go on for any longer… whatever the result is, I will let you guys know. 11th week coming up… pending job offer/rejection coming by 12th week. Cripes, that’s 3 months of waiting.

  43. Hi kaka! GREAT news. Wuhoo!! And only one day wait after the last interview. Nice. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and for reminding people it does happen – eventually. 😉 I wish you all the best in your new job. BIG smile!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  44. Hi JC!

    Since you don’t want my long wait stories (I have more 😉 ), I’ll just tell you what I think you already know…it will take as long as it will take. And people can recieve offers after many weeks or months – all depends what’s going on behind the curtain – even when they say they want to hire right away.

    Someone at the place I often consult to recently told me they learned the hard way to wait until it feels right and not jump just because it would be great to have the person now. I think in this economy more companies are trying to be sure to avoid another lengthy hiring process if this one doesn’t work out.

    So sounds like they are still looking to be sure. Have to say I like that they’re keeping you informed – a potentially nice sign about the work environment. Hope you hear soon – fingers crossed for you. And if it’s a no (really hope not) this could be a good company to try to stay in touch with.

    Best of luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  45. Hi cafymunky!

    So sorry about the “no” but glad you have more irons in the fire. (Blends in the brew?) Please don’t even think twice about sharing your feelings here of all places. That’s what it’s for. And you have a great attitude and this job hunt stuff really sucks – until it doesn’t . 😉

    We will all be so happy for you when we finally read those glorious words “I got a job!” Hope soon.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  46. Thanks Mallory as always for sharing and being so supportive of others.

    And Jonny…THREE whole months…I know. Uch. This seems so amazingly drawn out. Believe it could replace torture chambers. 😉 But looks like you’ll know really soon. We’re all biting our nails at this point!

    Good luck to you both Jonny and Mallory!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  47. cafymunky says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Its good to know I can vent a little bit here with everyone going through the same thing.
    I had another interview on Thursday for another position (the resume is doing its job!) and will hopefully hear back in the next few days. I feel lucky where I live, although there is a recession (Ireland) there seems to be alot of opportunities coming up right now. Im only sorry that I cannot give my job hunt 100% undivided attention because of the college work. Its great to get the interview, which I have been fortunately, but I find the prepping is so very time consuming because of the company research etc.
    Only 3 more weeks before the thesis is done. One thing is for sure I am learning alot from all this.

  48. I also would like to thank this voicing board and members and especially Ronnie Ann for keeping us informed, motivated, and sane through this “process”.

    Well, I just wanted to write and tell you guys that I did get an “unofficial job offer” via phone call from the administrator. She just cannot mail out an official job offer letter because the job is being created, funding being allocated, and approvals being finalized. So, from start to finish, it took 13 weeks. I am now just waiting to give my 2 weeks’ notice to my current employer. This really is my dream job at a dream location. Thanks again to everyone on this site. ;o)

  49. Gee Johny that’s awesome..congrats!…it’s also about time. It’s only been a little over a week since my 2nd interview but it feels like a month. They recommended me for this position, like what are they waiting for?? Yeah I know there’s a lot that could be going on, but this Friday will be 2 weeks and if I don’t hear anything before I’ll be sending a polite inquiry into my status. I just want to know, if they have someone more magical in mind let me know sooner rather than later. Well, anyway…congrats again Johnny!

  50. Thanks very much Mallory. And keep us updated on your situation as well.

  51. cafymunky says:

    well done Jonny, great news, wishing u the very best in the new job 🙂 I got a phonecall this evening (8pm!) from a company I interviewed with recently and didnt pick up on time. There is alot of hiring going on so im reckoning they are doing alot of ot because of it. Im hoping its a good sign there were calling so late..! Msg left was to give a call back tomorrow so im waiting patiently until that time…

  52. GREAT news Jonny! I’m so happy to read this. Lord knows you’ve always maintained your positive spirit…so glad you won’t have to keep THAT up any more. 😉 Just kidding of course. Your employer is very lucky to get you!

    Hi cafymunky! More good news I hope. Fingers and everything else crossed for you. PLEASE let us know.

    Mallory: You’re in such good company here. 😉 Hoping it will be a triple header – at least! I wish you all the best. In the meantime, thank you for all your contributions and your help on the new Career Forum. Good luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  53. Yes, I wish everyone only the best as well. Now, I can sleep. ha ha. Thanks again everyone.

  54. cafymunky says:

    Good news today, got a job offer! They want me to start asap but have hols coming up that were booked a long time ago so hoping to work around that. Im excited! Thanks everyone for the good wishes and encouragment, it certainly helped me through some of the dark times. I will be back tho to get on that career forum. I want to stay in the loop with whats going on out there. Hope theres some good news on its way to everyone else waiting, it will come! 🙂

  55. GREAT news cafymunky!! So happy to read this. Hope you can work out the vacation thing. And thanks for the kind heartfelt wishes for everyone here. Definitely would love it if you were able to pop by on occasion and add to the new forum. People who have been through it and made it out sane 😉 are great at helping encourage others.

    And Jonny…hope you got a beautiful night’s sleep.

    All my best to you both! Oh how I hope to hear more good news from the rest of the Cafe Clan 😉 soon.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  56. Hey, congratulations cafymunky !!! I can’t speak for everyone else on here but it really is personal sad state of affairs when this blog is more supportive than some of your friends and even some family members. But this is true in my case. No matter how bad the economy is, nothing justifies pessimism and pessimism about others’ pursuit of things that are clearly difficult. So thanks again to everyone and this blog.

  57. cafymunky says:

    Thanks Jonny! Its certainly been a learning experience. Hope to see you around on the forum 🙂

  58. If I may add… thanks to all of you! You add so much, not only to this blog but in reminding me why I do this at all when I could be on the beach selling t-shirts and necklaces in Tahiti. Looking forward to the day when each one of you is working in jobs you enjoy and pestering me for info like “How do I ask for a raise?” or “What’s the right way to tell my boss his hairpiece is on backwards?” 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  59. I know how all of you feel! I went in to apply for one job and the VP suggested (during our interview) I apply for a higher more exclusive position. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! All of the 6 things Ronnie says are present in a positive interview were there and more! It has been well over a month and I did get an encouraging tip from his assistant to be prepared for a positive second interview…that was 3 (more) weeks ago! I have never felt this way before. I didn’t feel this bad waiting for a boy to call when I was a teenager. This is pure torture! Some days I’m calm and other days like today (PMS) I’m wrecked.

    There has got to be a better way to hire people. I remember when I was younger and right at the interview people would always get hired on the spot. This process has been made more difficult than it is. All the work on behalf of the company could be done up front, candidates interview and within a couple of weeks or less we know who we want to hire. This seems reasonable to me or am I just the only one who feels this way?

    And what really is a hit in the gut is when you hear of someone else just waltzing right into the same company all because they “know” someone. This is the ultimate betrayal, because you always find out. This is when you realize that networking out weighs qualifications and then you feel so stupid.

    Well, thanks for listening (reading). Back to positive thinking, working out and looking for volunteer positions to ease the pain of waiting.


  60. Love your comment, SMD! I’m right there with you in spirit. 😉 Fingers, legs, and eyes crossed for you. Please let us know what happens.

    Good luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  61. Good article, least one can say about the waiting process is frustrating.
    sentences …..”I will let you know by evening”, then nothing happens…ofcourse check back…”will let you know tomorrow” 🙂 Lets see what happens

  62. Thanks for the clues. I have just come back from an interview and the interviewer told me he will get back to me within 7days time. Just 2 days now, I am very worried. I think I did well but my worry is that my qualification was too high for the job and so they might not take me. They wanted an NVQ, BTEC but i went with a Msc.

  63. Ronnie Ann ~ This is a very good article as I’m now in the waiting game after I finished a final round of interview.

    The company called me almost two week after the final interview & informed me the feedbacks are +ve but they’re still having internal processes at the corporate level. They cannot tell how long the corporate process will take but may be able to give me an offer later. I hope this is true as I’m really interested in the position.

    Gosh…I just feel so stuck and now it’s already 3 workdays after I got the call. I’ve been trying to divert my thoughts to something else. Yet, I just cannot keep thinking about this. Sometimes, I also got scared if they may halt the hiring process due to sudden downturns, etc.

    In any case, I don’t want to become a pest to call them to enquire again and to appear too desparate; despite that I’m waiting eagerly for sth to happen.

  64. Hi Ronnie,

    I need your advice in my situation.

    I had one interview two weeks ago with the controller. He liked me and promised that he will put me on the loop and will call/email me to set up the second interview when his staff (the person who is keeping the position that I have applied and will be promoted) come back from vacation on last Monday.

    Until now, I have not received any call or email from him. Therefore, I have emailed and remind him about the second interview. Unfortunately, he did not response my email, or if he did not want to keep his promise, he should email and let me know, right?….I am so upset…
    Should I call him to clarify this? I feel bad with this situation…

    I need your advice…I appreciate your help.


  65. Hi hquangy2k!

    I totally understand why you feel this way. It’s hard hearing nothing back. But sometimes no news is simply no news and nothing more.

    During the holiday season especially, things slow way down. Plus all kinds of last minute projects can come up that require urgent attention – and delay hiring processes.

    After the new year, if you still haven’t heard anything, wait until the middle of the week (to give people time to settle in and get back to their to-do lists) and then call. If you can’t get through, try e-mail again, expressing your continued strong interest and asking if you are still in the running. I had a reader recently tell me she finally heard back after a prolonged silence. It’s not unusual, even if it feels frustrating on your end.

    One very important note: PLEASE make sure there are no typos when you e-mail him. That alone can be a deal breaker. 😉

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  66. I just found this today thanks to RTing and I love this blog entry. It does a great job of reminding people of all the wacky things that go on behind the scenes.

  67. Hahaha! Thanks Ed. So true. And please feel free to follow, identify yourself, and I’ll follow back if we haven’t already connected on Twitter. Thanks for the visit and fun comment! ~ Ronnie Ann

  68. Thanks for this article Ronnie! I’m dying inside from waiting after the director told me I would be next in line for orientation. Then I just heard from a friend who works there that the orientee before me asked for an extended orientation. Since they can only orient one person at a time, that *may* have caused the delay. Still… it would be so much better if I knew for sure that was the reason. here’s hoping!

  69. I think one of the most valuable things I ever learned is that I can’t know everything…and it’s ok. You know more than most because of your contacts. And you also heard good news from the director. Now find something fun to occupy your time – read a good book, teach yourself a skill you might need on the new job, learn a language 😉 – and just let the process take the time it takes. OK?

    Best of luck in your new job, ruru. Soon enough, this will all be behind you.

  70. The Work Coach Cafe Team

  71. This was helpful. Even though I’m told I was a the top of their list, the hiring mgr still had more ppl to talk to. Told me to wait cpl weeks…ok – so his is the end of the 2nd week and I’m trying to have some sense of restaint for Monday a.m. — The internet is the job hunter worst nightmare. With rare local opportunities being sought by every competing unemployed person in the USA, it’s seems that the companies suffer from too many choices and indecision paralysis. One company keeps re-posting the same position and then promoting internally. I wonder if they’ll every hire anyone from outside.

  72. It’s late – worst time ever to type…note to self – don’t send emails to prospective employers with typos.

  73. Ha! Good advice about typos, Anita. I once made the mistake of sending a cover with two typos one late night – but I caught it, sent a short apology and luckily got the job interview anyway. But for this forum…typos are welcome.

    Interesting point about the company that hires from within. many have rules that say they have to officially post the job, but it was never really open. Good for people who work there. bad for job seekers. I feel your pain. 😉

    Hope you get some good news soon, Anita. Thanks for your great comment!

  74. Funny as I’m in the same boat. It’s been a week and no news. I think the key is to continue your job search no matter how great the interview went. It may take weeks for them to make a decision and you’re wasting valuable time waitinf for their response.

    I had a 1st interview with a bank. Thought I aced the interview but had not heard back. It had been weeks! I figured I didn’t get the job. Over a month later I got a call for a 2nd interview. So, some companies are just slower than others.

    It would be nice to be updated but it’s an employer’s market right now so don’t expect

  75. Yes, it is frustrating and there is so much PC advice. There is no right way to handle the wait except to continue looking. Even if you ask them during the interview what the next step is blah, blah anything could happen.

    I believe in follow-up, period. As such: The same day or the next send a thank you email or handwritten note (only if you really, really want the job); 2) if you were told there would be 2nd interviews and you have not heard after three business days, call (if you have a number) and politely inquire as to the status of the process (give your name only if they ask); and 3) if after the 5th business day you have not heard about the 2nd interview, mentally move-on. If they call, good, if they don’t you have prepared yourself.

    Finally tip: if you have a telephone number use it. But give them at lest three (3) days before you call…..but do call…there are too many fish in the sea.

  76. P.S. I type fast and there is no spell check, so excuse the errors 🙂

  77. Hi Cynthia!

    Thanks for your comment. I always tell job seekers to read as much as they can and then decide for themselves. But I just want to let you know that for many years I helped hire and we did NOT want people to contact us that often. Thees things take time. And often we decided not to pursue these candidates because we saw them as potential high maintenance with no patience. Not saying that;s true in all cases, but i just want you to know that is a possibility. There is no need to contact them that often, other than an immediate thank you note of course. They don’t forget the good ones. 😉

    Here’s a bit more on that topic:

    Can Weekly Follow Up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job?

    Oh…and my strong suggestion is to send a thank you note anyway. Even if you don’t want that job, you never know when you might run into the same person again. Networking is the key to long-term career success, and even small things like this may resonate with someone in a way you never can guess.

    I wish you much luck in your job search!

  78. Hello Ronnie,
    Thanks! your article was quite informative. I recently had about 4 rounds of interviews with this medium sized French company. The final interview was with the President and I was told that I would hear after a week. Well today is the 7th day. I can wait, no issues but I did a huge blunder while sending a thank you email to her. I wrote the date of the interview wrong! I noticed the error only the next day morning and thought it would be too late to send an apology.

    I feel extremely scared to a point that it might be a crucial factor to decide my recruitment! however my friends said that it was just a clerical error and the content of the email is what counts in the end.
    Please advice me here. Thanks

  79. Hi SS!

    Your friends are right. After a lengthy interview process where much thought and effort goes into narrowing down the candidates, it is indeed the content and the whole package that employers look at. If this small error – one they might not even notice themselves – were the sole reason to turn you down, then you would be lucky to have found out about them ahead of time. 🙂

    These things almost always take longer than anyone assumes. To me it sounds like you did really well. Give them at least until next week and then, perhaps, send a short polite note asking if there is any decision and reaffirming how much you’d like to work with them. On the chance they selected someone else (who actually accepted), just let them know how much you enjoyed meeting all of them and hope they keep you in mind for other positions.

    But I’m really hoping you’ll hear some good news soon. Best of luck!

  80. Reading this article and all the other posts has helped to calm my nerves a bit… I too am waiting to learn the results of three phone interviews (due to remote team members) and three in person interviews over the course of the two weeks. They were very quick in the interview process, but now it has been a week since our last meeting and I am going crazy!

    To make matters more anxious, I was laid-off due to a restructuring two days after my first interview; I have a couple of months before my current job runs out. Not only am I excited about this new opportunity, but I am having trouble staying motivated in my current job. I am ready to move on.

    I am fortunate that a close friend of mine is in the division and is in contact with the hiring manager. She has been told by the VP and Director that they are going to extend me the offer. During the interview I asked what their timing was to hire someone, and one of the managers said, “Very fast”…. so what’s taking them so long?

    It’s been a long week for me, and likely “only” a week for the hiring company. I am trying to be patient. This is my former employer and a large, international Fortune 100 company, so I know it can take a while to jump through the HR hoops. Any advice on when I should check in with the hiring manager? I am concerned we are nearing the holiday season and I don’t want to get lost in a hiring freeze or vacation schedules.

    Your advice is appreciated!

    • Vic,

      As you have read in other comments and posts, it’s difficult to wait. You know the employer and are keen to be thinking ahead about things like HR, paperwork, reqs, schedules, holidays, etc. There’s always more in the way then we would like. Even with a solid job offer, sometimes the start dates don’t align with you needs and that complicates things even more!

      After a week or two you may want to check with the manager or HR just to make sure things are on track.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  81. I’m going mad!!!! So, I had two interviews that went great. Then waited patiently ONE WEEK for the background check, and I passed with flying colors. Then I got this email:

    It looks like HR received the report and everything looks good. They’ll
    be in contact with you shortly with a formal offer that contains all the
    details. Congrats!

    I know this is Thanksgiving week, but I have NOT had an email sent from H.R. I got ballsy, and called the recruiter back. He said He will contact H.R, to see what the hold up is, NO RESPONSE.

    Should I be worried? Or am I just having a Woody Allen moment? ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Trying to be patient says:

    Like geek girl, I had two great interviews couldn’t of gone better everything was positive nothing negative at all. Got in touch with hr after they said every went really well from their end but head office wants them to interview more people, hr said they will be using me as a benchmark but need to complete the whole process, is this normal?

    It’s annoying

  83. I GOT THE OFFER!!!

    H.R. is doing a “re-org” and the holiday didn’t help.

    @Trying to be patient:

    I would keep my options open and look for other jobs while they are trying to make up their minds. It almost sounds like a date, instead of a Job Interview. “Oh gee, this person is really good, but something better might come along?” Screw them! Do you really want to work for a Company so wishy-washy. If you did excellent in the interviews, they should give you the offer. PERIOD.

    What is also annoying is when they say that, and hire their daughter n law’s friend over someone who is more qualified for the position. It’s rough out there!!!

  84. I’m also in the same predicament. I finished my last round of interviews last week (Wednesday). During my last interview, I asked when I should expect to hear back by. The business director told me I should hear back in a few days. HR called me the next day asking for 3 business references. I provided my references but they didn’t reach out to them until this Monday. On Monday night, I emailed the HR coordinator reminding her that I’ll be going away next week (everyone knew about this already…I’ll be traveling for 5 weeks). I got a call the next day (Tuesday) from the HR manager telling me that they’d like to move forward (she didn’t use the word “offer”) and would like to discuss my salary expectation. I knew all of my references got back to the company on that same day. So it has been 4 days since I last spoke with the company. I’m getting a little antsy since I’m leaving the country mid next week. I’m tempted to give them quick call on Monday to request a status… should I???

    • Cangirl- if they are getting back to you as soon as they are, that is a very good sign you might have this gig slammed dunked. You have to remember this is the holiday season so HR is definately going to move slower than usual. I would call them Monday and request a status. Just don’t go overboard and call them once a week. That might turn them off.

      Human Resources means well, but they are so detached from the realities of a job seeker’s desperation for a yes or no answer. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, while they are “trying to decide who is the best fit and what’s for lunch?” Frustrating!

  85. PatientlySearching says:

    I recently had a phone interview then in person interview….they seemed to really like me and said they were getting back to people by Monday. Monday came and she sent an email saying they need more time because of all the great candidates. I’m so nervous. I want this position very bad. This is my first “real” job position besides minimum wage.

  86. I’ve been waiting a week and can’t stand it. It’s rude when a company says they’ll call you ‘soon’ and don’t.

  87. Hi Ronnie Ann!

    First off, thank you for all the great advice!

    Secondly, I had an interview about a month ago and today I received a request for a pre-employment drug test. How good of a sign is this?

    Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!

  88. Greg,

    It’s a real good sign!!! 🙂

  89. Hello. I need some advice from you to assess my situation.

    I’m waiting to hear back from a company I interviewed with late last year. What was promising when I applied for the job was that I know one of the two hiring managers in charge of filing the position, and he said he would recommend me. But the other hiring manager had been set on an internal candidate, and apparently I didn’t impress him enough during my interview to change his mind. All candidates also took tests to assess their ability to perform the job, and I was told by the person I know that my test was the strongest and he would use it to push for me.

    Last week, the manager I’m connected with said they almost made a decision, but when I asked him where I stand, he wouldn’t tell me anything by email and told me that he’d call me. But he didn’t call me, so I decided to call him and emailed him next day to ask him what time he’d be free to take my call only to get an automated email saying he’s away. So I emailed the other hiring manager with little casual new year’s greetings and asked him for an update. He said they’re down to a few finalists including me, and they’ll get back to me once they make a decision.

    I haven’t talked to the person I know since he came back, and I’m a little hesitant to call him to ask because I’m worried it might annoy him after all those emails lately and I’m afraid he may tell me what I don’t want to hear.

    Based on what I’m saying here, what do you think is going on there and what do you think my prospects are?

    • Hi James,

      I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t “feel” like they are going to hire you. It is very difficult to beat an internal candidate. That person often has many allies in the organization, they know the organization better than an external hire does, and they are a “known quantity” (rather than a stranger, even one who tests and interviews well).

      Given that the hiring manager you know didn’t want to put anything in writing, I’m also feeling like he is in somewhat difficult political position inside the organization. And, even if he is your brother or best friend, he’s got to protect his own job.

      So, I would back off. I’d drop him an email, and thank him – very sincerely – for his support. Reiterate your interest in working for him and your hope that you will be hired for this job, but ask him to to stay in touch in case someone else is hired this time. That way you are letting him off the hook, and – hopefully! – maintaining a good relationship with him for next time. Assuming you’re still available, then…

      Good luck!

  90. Hi everyone, I need your help figuring out this…

    I’ve been back and forth with a recruiter for a few weeks and I finally had an interview last week. It went well and they sent me some material to do a test and find out if I was right for the job. I completed the test and I sent all the material to the recruiter who then forwarded to the manager at that company. Next day I get a call from the recruiter telling me that I have the job and I could start in February first, and since I told her that I was set for another interview the next day, she told me to cancel it (which I didn’t… thank God!!).

    I email her couple of days later and told her that I needed a written job offer so I can go ahead and resign from my actual job and give the two weeks notice. She email me back saying that HR is “catching up on paperwork and will have everything ready soon”… well… the recruiter called me the next day to tell me that they’re still working on it and Monday will wrap it up!… today is Monday… and I have not received anything… not even a call…. What is going on???
    I can’t quit my job for something uncertain…. Any ideas???

    • Hi Marga,

      How terribly frustrating!

      You were very wise not to cancel your other interview, or quit your job, once you were offered this new one. You should absolutely wait until you have this in writing.

      Several things could be happening here:

      * It’s just taking HR a little longer than expected to do the paperwork.
      * There’s some kind of shift within the company and the position they offered you no longer exists, or is no longer open.
      * The company decided to go with someone else.
      * The company is facing sudden internal turmoil and isn’t taking on new hires now after all.
      * There is miscommunication between the recruiter and hiring company.
      * The recruiter is disreputable or not very good at her job, and she made you an invalid job offer.
      * Any number of other confusing possibilities.

      You should have been called on Monday. I would definitely get back in touch with the recruiter. I think you are owed an explanation, especially since she actually offered you the job. But you may never find out what really happened, so try not to fret about it too much. It probably has nothing to do with you. Continue looking elsewhere for other opportunities.

      Good luck with this dilemma!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member of the WorkCoachCafe Team

      • Hi Meg,
        Thank you so much for your answer! The last time I spoke with the recruiter, she told me that “I was in” and that HR was swamped with work and they didn’t have the paperwork done, that was on Friday. She also said we will have everything done by Monday.

        Since I didn’t have an answer on Monday, I sent her a short email asking about the status of the paperwork and I didn’t get an answer from the recruiter. Should I call her today (Tuesday) and find out? or should I send and email directly to the manager of the company I’m applying for?

        I feel very frustrated and also angry, because is unfair that someone offers me a job that doesn’t exist and also suggest me to resign my actual job and cancel an interview.

        Thank you so much for your help!

      • Hi Marga,

        You have every right to be plenty angry.

        Because the recruiter told you you were “in”, you have even more cause to call her and get some kind of answer, than if you were just given a “maybe” or “it looks good”.

        But, before you call her, calm yourself. You don’t know what happened yet. You can’t assume she’s to blame, so you don’t want to unload on her. After all, she’s your ally here, or should be. And you don’t want to blow your chances by coming off as a hothead.

        If you need to, write down what you want to ask her and rehearse it a little so you’ll be calm when you talk to her.

        If you can’t get her by phone, I think you should send her a brief email simply asking what’s happened.

        By all means, don’t quit your job or cancel any other interviews.

        Good luck, and let us know what happens.

        Meg Guiseppi

      • Hi Meg,
        Again, thank you for your answer! So far this week has been an emotional wreck for me, but it was great to find this blog and feel that I’m not alone on this.

        I waited a couple of hours to calm myself down because yes, when I’m frustrated or angry I’m a hothead! I did a couple of hypothetical emails, writing down what I felt and it helped a lot. I called the recruiter and she told me that HR is still doing the paperwork and that she may get an answer by the end of the day, she said that hey’ve been very busy hence the delay.

        I’m hoping to get an answer tomorrow, but if I don’t hear from the recruiter by next week, I’ll send an email directly to the manager. In the mean time, I’m not going to worry any more with this job. I’m moving on with my job search and hopefully I may get a real offer.

        I really appreciate your help and your time. I’ll keep you posted if something happens.

        Thank you!

      • Hi Marga,

        Well, that sounds like good news to me! I think that, if you were no longer in the running, the recruiter would have told you so.

        You have a good plan. Wait until next week to act again, if you don’t hear anything this week — but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the job does come through very soon! Meantime, put this job opportunity aside and continue with your job search plan.

        Oh, and I’m so glad you took the time to write down some thoughts and calm yourself before calling the recruiter. Communicating (with anyone, really) when you’re in a state of intense anger is never productive and rarely has a satisfying outcome for anyone.


        Meg Guiseppi

  91. Hi,

    I interviewed for a position on Dec. 22. (Horrible timing with the holiday!) I thought my interview went great. The position wasn’t even publicly posted (still isn’t), nor did I apply for it—they approached me. They asked me when I could start and I told them right away. Because of the holiday, they said they’d be in touch after the New Year.

    I e-mailed on January 10, just to check in as I hadn’t heard anything. I received a reply on January 18 saying that they hadn’t made a decision yet and apologizing for the delay, as things has been crazy. They asked for my references, which I sent immediately, and was told “We’ll be in touch soon.” One of my references called me that evening and said she had given me a stellar reference and my other two references followed suit, so I know that they were all checked.

    Now what? Am I being impatient by wanting to check in one week later or is that okay? FWIW, this is a big company so there is likely HR rep tape.

    • Hi LO –

      The 18th was only last Wednesday, and, yes big companies often do take a while – all the various minions in all the various locations following the official processes can really slow things down, particularly if someone somewhere is sick, off-site, or otherwise unavailable to add their contribution in a timely manner.

      IF you can – waiting another day or so is probably a very good idea. Friday morning can be both an excellent and a horrible time to call. They might be mellow, contemplating the weekend ahead, or they might be frantic to get things done before the weekend starts. But, Friday is almost always better than Monday morning. Thursday afternoon could be the perfect time.

      The signs look very positive! Just be patient with the big-company processes.

      Good luck!


      • I just wanted to give an update! Luckily, I didn’t even need to contact them. I just got an e-mail asking I’m available to meet tomorrow!!!

        Thanks for your advice. Your site has been invaluable to me throughout the hunt and the waiting game.

      • Excellent, LO! GOOD LUCK!

  92. Oops, *If I’m available tomorrow.

  93. Hi everyone!
    After holding my breath for a couple of days and trying to distract my mind in other things, I finally got a call from the recruiter today! She explained to me that the company has changed their policies and they have a new system for new employees, so next Wednesday I have to go directly to HR and do all the paperwork with them, and they will also introduce me to the team! Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have a new job 🙂

    Meg, thank you so much for your advice, your words were so kind and helpful. This blog definitely helped me to keep my mind sane, I felt that I was not alone in this. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

    Marga 🙂

    • Hi Marga,

      YIPPEE! I’m so happy to see all your smiley faces — that means you’re feeling good about what’s happened. Sounds like things are progressing nicely, and you should be in your new job soon.

      I guess we both jumped to a negative conclusion too quickly. Just goes to show, you never know what’s going on behind the scenes with hiring.

      It was my pleasure to offer my two cents and some advice.

      Congratulations on getting the job offer and I hope things go well next week with the paperwork and meeting the team.

      Meg Guiseppi

      • Hi Meg,
        I’m feeling that I’m on square one again… Today I went to my prospective job and the manager was waiting for me along with other ten members of the team at the conference room, each one with a copy of my resume… It really took me by surprise since I was expecting a more friendly reunion. Even thought it was scary at first, I was able to handle it and I had the chance to meet everyone and talk about my future responsibilities. I was excited at the end until I ask the manager when will I start, she said that she will let my recruiter know about that, and then she left me at the HR office to fill the employment application. Once i finished filling out the paperwork, the lady from HR who apparently was clueless about the position told me that “they’re still interviewing other candidates and they will call me if they’re interested..” WHAT???? I was very confused and FURIOUS! I immediately called the recruiter about this situation and she told me that what she said was kind of a “standard” wording in HR and that she will finalized the details with the manager today. :-/ I’m still waiting for her call and may be I’m pessimistic, but I have a bad feeling… 🙁 should I call the recruiter tomorrow if I don’t hear anything?
        Thanks for your help again… I was hoping to bring good news…

      • Hi Marga,

        You must be pulling your hair out in handfuls with this latest development! So sorry you’ve been hit with this.

        I agree. This doesn’t sound good. But who knows what’s actually going on. Could be that one hand (or one department) doesn’t know what the other is doing. Maybe the group that interviewed you didn’t communicate (or didn’t communicate well) with the lady from HR. So many things can happen from day to day. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the job.

        But, unless you have the firm offer in writing, it doesn’t mean you DO have the job either. Whatever you do, don’t assume the job is yours — don’t quit your current job and don’t quit your job search.

        Give the recruiter today to get back to you. Call her tomorrow morning (Friday). Maybe wait until late morning, to give her a little more time to hear from and process whatever the company tells her.

        Meantime, try not to jump to conclusions until you know for sure what’s going on. Try to distract your thoughts from this, as much as you can. Try to stop that incessant loop running through your head that’s making you crazy.

        We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the best outcome!

        Meg Guiseppi

      • Hi Meg,
        Thank you so much for your advise, it really helps at this moment since I’m very upset for what happened yesterday. Even though the recruiter literally told me “Congratulations you’re in”, it is clear that I was not. I’m grateful that I listened to my gut feeling and I went to this interview and I still have a job.

        I was thinking to call her today, but I’m so mad that I need some time to cool down. I also want to send a thank you note to the manager, but my mind doesn’t let me think. I’m trying to relax and be positive, may be I’m overreacting… I don’t know. I’ll definitely keep you posted and see what would be the outcome for this. Is not the end of the world and I’m sure that if a door closes another will open.

        For all job seekers out there, keep trying and don’t loose your faith. Just remember that if you’re working with recruiters, they will not treat you like a person but more like a commission. It is all about business.

        Best of luck!


  94. Hi
    I completed my final or 4th interview. i think the interview was very good .and lastly he told me hr will get you .now one week over they didnt contact me yet. I have contact number of hr ,did any thing wrong to call or email them? Howlong will i wait for ?am so despair .actually howlong will take their interview procedures after the final interview?

    • Hi Shafi –

      If it’s been at least a week since the last interview, it would be OK to call to find out what is happening.

      Be polite and calm.
      * Tell them your name, the name of the person who told you that HR would contact you, the date of your last interview, and the title of the job.
      * Ask them what happens next and when it will happen.
      * Ask them who you should contact in the future if you have any questions and the preferred contact method (phone or email).

      Then, thank them for their time and assistance.

      Good luck!

  95. I am from Hong Kong and glad to reach this website for its positive messages and useful advices.

    I had an interview with a Fortune 500 for a middle level position before Christmas. The hiring manager was nice and asked in details about my previous working experience. She always referred to what I’ve done before when she talked about the direction of her team in the coming year, which I believe was a good sign as I appeared to be a good match. She also mentioned that the current person would be leaving by mid-Jan and asked whether I would be available by then. I said yes and She said she would asked HR to contact me if I was shortlisted.

    I called HR to follow up in early Jan. She was clueless and needed to check with the hiring manager before getting back to me. I waited for another 2 weeks and called the HR again, as I don’t have the contact number of the hiring manager. She was away from office and mailbox full. As I wanted a result so much, I tried calling the general line and surprisingly, I reached the hiring manager! LUCKY. I reminded her about myself and asked if the position is still available, or any decision has been made. She said she was busy for year-end since meeting me and she has no time to interview others. I stressed that I am still very interested in this position and my experience and skill are good match to the position. She marked my phone number and said she would get back to me after Chinese New Year holidays (Jan 23 – 25) on status update.

    Do you think this is promising? Should I do further follow up if I don’t hear back next week?

    Thanks and Have a Fruitful Year of Dragon!


    • Hi CYLo,

      Yes, I think this is promising, and your follow-up was excellent. Since the Chinese New Year was this week, I would wait until next week or the week after to contact the hiring manager. With all the holidays plus apparently a lot of year-end tasks to complete, being patient is good. For a while, at least.

      Just keep yourself on her “radar screen” without being annoying. Easier to write than to do, but you’re off to a very good start, I think.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks Susan!

        As an update, the hiring manager called this morning with a proposal of turning the position from permanent into a 3-month contract. The reason is that it is hard to convince her boss for making a decision when she had interviewed only one candidate. But she needs someone asap to take care of the back log as the current person had left already. She will keep interviewing other candidates; at the same time I can have the “trial version” of working in this company to see if I am still happy with this role when actually working on it.

        I can still get the permanent contract if 1) I have a good performance in the contract period and/or, 2) she can’t find someone more suitable in further interviews, which she said that is somehow for “convincing her boss.”

        She will call me again to confirm further details after talking to her boss.

        How does this arrangement sound to you? I would like to seek more advices before talking to her.

        Thank you very much!


      • Hi CY –

        This is a good option, given the circumstances, and the 3-month contract will give you both an opportunity to decide if this will work. And, worst case, it will fill a gap on your resume for you.

        Ask her for some guidance on what “good performance” is, and how you will be measured and judged during these 3 months. If it feels reasonable and do-able to you, accept it. If it doesn’t feel reasonable to you, see if she can be flexible about some of the measurements or terms that you don’t like. That’s a good test of the long-term working relationship, too.

        Good luck!

      • Yes this arrangement seems fair to both parties. The hiring manager called today saying contract’s ready and I will start working next Monday! Yippeee~~~~!

        Thanks again and your advices has been a great help and support to me!


      • Yippeee~~~~! Indeed!!!

        Excellent news, and nicely done. It looks like the lucky Year of the Dragon WILL be lucky for you!

        Thank you for letting me know how things turned out. Hope it turns into a permanent job very soon!


  96. Hello! I’m so glad I found this site. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one having problems out there in the job-hunting world. I keep hearing on the news and reading in the paper about how the economy is doing “better” and things are “good” and businesses are “hiring” but I feel like I’m going around and around in circles with these phone interviews, then a face-to-face interview and then hearing nothing but static. I’ve had five different recruiters contact me for the same job in one day–both on the phone and through email–and I still don’t hear back from anyone. Short of drinking myself in a bloody haze every night, I’m not sure what else to do about trying to find a job. I know I have to hang in there and keep trying but it’s hard when you leave every interview feeling hopeful only to have it slip through your fingers. Wow, this has really turned into a woe-is-me comment, hasn’t it? lol

    • Hi Melissa! Yes, it’s easy to fall into woe-is-me mode. Been there; done that.

      A few years ago – in another tough job market, an outplacement counselor once told me to keep a running list of “No’s” (and not hearing back) after interviews.

      Write them down on a list. No. No. No. No. etc. And before I got to 50 of them, I’d have a job. Sounds very negative and scary, but it became kind of an “upper” strangely because I kept hearing him say, “Every ‘No’ gets you a little closer to the ‘Yes’ you’re waiting for.” As in, “chalk up another one,” and keep plugging.

      For many people, volunteering helps keep up the spirits and also expands the network. Unpaid volunteering. Any political campaigns have your attention? Any illness or other special cause mean something to you? Rather than contribute cash, contribute some time every week. It will get you out of the house and away from your computer. Get your mind off your own troubles for a while, too, maybe?

      And, a really big help for getting rid of what I call “the job search blues” is joining a job search support group. Not a pitty party! A support group, hopefully led by a career professional. You can often find them through your local Career OneStop Centers in the USA, many places of worship run or host them too (and often without a required religious affiliation). You may also find local job search or professional MeetUps (MeetUp.com) that can be great for your morale as well as expanding your network. Even some LinkedIn Groups meet in real life, too.

      It’s a hard slog, and it’s not fair! But, you’ll get through it! Hang in there!

      Good luck!

  97. Hi! I had an in-person interview on Jan. 17th, I met with HR and the person I would report to. During the interview the would-be boss asked if we could continue past the time he had scheduled for the interview. 2 hours later I left. About an hour later the HR mgr. called me asking to clarify a question about my bonus on my application. I sent both people thank you emails the next day and the HR manager responded saying Thank You. I sent a follow-up email yesterday (2 weeks post interview) and didn’t hear back. I’ve read a couple reviews about the company online and supposedly there is a lot of red tape involved as the parent company is based oversees.

    • Hi Margaret,

      Since they didn’t indicate when you would hear from them again (correct?), I would wait until next week – 3 weeks post-interview – and give them a call to see what is going on. It’s too easy for email to go astray or be discarded, but a phone call is often more effective.

      Be polite and confident. Don’t expect them to remember you, the job you interviewed for, who interviewed you, and when the interviews happened. Tell them all of that information at the beginning of the call. Ask them the status of the job, what the next steps are, and what the best way for you to stay in touch is (don’t ask for permission to stay in touch, ask HOW to stay in touch). Then, follow up.

      If there is a lot of red tape involved, this could be a long drawn-out process, so prepare yourself to be patient. And keep job hunting! Maybe a better job at an employer with less red tape may appear before this employer has gotten all their paperwork done.

      Good luck!

  98. I am starting to worry – I had an interview last week (Wed. January, 25). I was told about this position months before from the director of the department. She saw my CV and was impressed and told me she was hiring. I felt the interview went well and they were impressed with some of the ideas I had for the position. They said they would get back to me on Monday. That same day, I sent everyone who interviewed me a thank you email. It’s now Wednesday (a week later), almost Thursday. I am concerned since they said they needed someone right away because this would be coverage for someone going on maternity leave. My friends keep saying to be patient. Should I follow-up? Is there an appropriate timeline for this?

    • Hi Jen,

      It’s so hard to tell with these situations. Sometimes, employers think that if a job seeker is REALLY interested about the job, they will reach out and ask about it. Others (the majority, it seems) complain about being contacted too often, finding it annoying. Which leaves job seekers in the middle, wondering.

      Since Thursday will technically be “more than a week” since you spoke with them and since they indicated that you would be hearing from them on Monday, I think that you are safe in making a follow-up phone call to see what is going on.

      Be polite, not annoyed and not worried.

      Don’t expect them to remember the details or even your name. Remind them of who you are, when you interviewed with them, the job you interviewed for, and the people you spoke with. Then, ask about the status of the job since someone (name the person if possible) told you that you would be hearing from them on Monday, and you are very curious to know what is happening.

      If they are still interviewing people, ask them what the next steps are, when you can expect to hear from them, and what the best way to contact them is. Then, follow up, as appropriate.

      Good luck!

  99. I need advice!

    I had an interview that went VERY well, they told me the process was that once they decide on the candidate they have to get signatures from higher ups, then get approval from HR before they can make an official offer. I sent a professional follow up letter and waited two weeks. Nothing. Sent email and received response apologizing for the delay, thanking me for my letter and my patience and “we are currently awaiting approval and you should be hearing back from us soon”. Approval to me sounds like they’ve chosen someone- does this sound promising that it’s me? I’m going crazy!

  100. Hi Meg, (and everyone…)
    Great News!
    Yesterday I got the call from the recruiter along with an email with a new contract! 🙂 Now I can officially say that I have a new job!… yippee!!!

    It seems like there was some type of miss-communication between the department I’ll work for and HR. I confess I was a bit insecure about the outcome of this process and I did overreact a little bit, but I’m very glad that my waiting game is over and I look forward to a new job, new perspective and hopefully a better future.

    Meg, again thank you so much for your support, it was so refreshing to read your advise. I wish the best luck to everyone in this blog, and I hope soon your waiting game is over.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  101. Hi,

    So I interviewed one week ago for the perfect job at a large corporation. It was an entry level engineering position and everything went great. I interviewed with three different people and my.last.interviewer, who would be my direct supervisor/mentor, even told me he hopes to see me again soon. He was happy with my background knowledge of the products. After the interview I sent thank you emails to the people that interviewed me. Then three business days I emailed the HR admin who originally contacted me with a follow up email. These were her words “Have heard positive feedback. I’m waiting to hear back from the VP. I will call you as soon as I have something solid.” Should I expect good news or is it too vague?


    • Hi Ed –

      Well, it sounds very positive, so far, but I wouldn’t “count my chickens before they are hatched” as the old saying goes. This is usually just step one, and you made it through that quite well, if seems. I would expect that there may be follow-up, possibly more interviews, reference checks, etc. before you actully land the job.

      So, don’t stop job hunting yet. In fact, don’t stop job hunting until you get that written offer in your hand.

      Good luck!

    • “Your enthusiasm for the area and your professional background make you an excellent candidate for the position. We would like to move forward in the hiring process, so I’ve outlined the steps for proceeding below.” (the email continued but I will not post those details)

      So the problem is I know they are about $12,000 low on the offer. The position is in an area that does not have a big draw for what I do (Cost Accountant with 10+ years) and I would be leaving a metro area. Should I tell them my concern now or wait till the offer comes on paper then bring it up?

      I also have suggestions for how they could make up that difference. I live within my means and cannot go backwards, but would move in a heart beat, the position and location is desirable for me !

      • Hi Matthew,

        Congratulations on the pending offer! Excellent! A very strong pre-offer message!

        Hmmm… And a very interesting situation! Not sure what “the answer” might be in this case.

        Unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will come in $12k too low, I think I’d wait until I had the offer in my hand. Yes, sometimes “positions” become “set in concrete” once they have been put in writing, and that’s definitely a risk in this situation. The flip side of that is the fact that you will have an offer in your hand – that’s a written commitment from the employer. And, I’m thinking that if they want you badly enough to put together a formal offer and hand it to you, you will have more leverage to get the salary increased.

        On the other hand, if you are open with them that the offer you think they are preparing is way too low, you may offend them. You may scare them off and not have any offer. OR, they may make some effort to increase the offer to please you because they are convinced you are exactly the person they need to hire.

        The fact that cost accountants are scarce in that location is good news, to be sure. If they have been looking for a good cost accountant for quite a while, they may be flexible (aka “desperate”).

        Some things to consider:

        * The first question that popped into my head was whether or not you would need that extra $12k if you are moving to the new location with a lower cost of living that your current metro area? Have you explored that?

        * The issue of “internal equity” comes into play – paying someone new dramatically more than everyone else is not a good idea for a number of reasons.

        * Could you negotiate something else to replace the $12k in salary? What alternatives would be acceptable to you: paying for relocation for you to move to the new area, including covering closing costs on new home and paying your rent until you move permanently, a company car for x number of years (replaced every 2 years), extra paid vacation, tuition payments for your kids, stock options, opportunities for bonuses, or ????

        Barbara Safani wrote an ebook thatmay give you some ideas for alternatives to $12k in your paycheck. It’s available for free on Job-Hunt.org – Winning Negotiation Strategies for Your New Job

        Keep us posted!

        Good luck!


  102. Hi,

    This is an absolutely wonderful write up about post interview blues. One gets really frustrated if one applies for a job, gives the interview n then finally hears nothing from them!! Guess I’m going through one of those phases. Gave an interview last week with an MNC. And I suppose all went well, and they said they would get back in week or so. Close to 9 days now, and I’m worried 🙁 But yeah all the possible reasons for a delayed call mentioned in this write up seem sensible and I guess about 3-4 of those apply to this particular MNC as well. I just hope all goes well and I get a call from them this week.

    I was …..ummm… kind of down on confidence..been like this lately (owing to a REAL bad phase in my life – professionally & personally). This post has boosted my confidence and happiness quotient to quite an extent. Thanx a ton 🙂

    • Hi Poornima,

      We’re so glad the blog post was helpful, and boosted your spirits so much!

      Sorry you’re having a bad time these days. Unfortunately, professional and personal problems often hit at the same time. Do what you can to make yourself feel better. Have you read Susan’s recent post, Handling Those Job Search Blues? She offers some great tips.

      Meantime, why not get in touch with the company to restate your interest in the job, ask if they’ve made a decision, and stay top of mind with them. It’s been more than a week, and they said they’d get in touch in a week or so. Knowing something about where you stand would probably help.

      Good luck with this one!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member, WorkCoachCafe Team

      • Hi Meg,

        Thanx for the reply. Went through Susan’s post. As expected, it was very encouraging. Will make sure I try out those ideas.

        As for the company, before I could call them, they got in touch with me and told me that I have been shortlisted for the 2nd round. But the dates for the 2nd round haven’t been finalized. Sounded strange to me because why would a company get in touch with a candidate without finalizing things from their end!
        Anyways, I’m happy at least I heard from them. And that too just a day after I posted on this site. Guess it’s got to do with the positive vibes associated with Work Coach Cafe 🙂
        I’m glad I chanced upon this site 🙂


      • Hi Poornima,

        Thanks for checking back in and congratulations! How nice that they contacted you before you had to do it.

        You’ll probably never know why the company hasn’t finalized things for the second round, so I hope you won’t dwell on it. All kinds of things could be going on internally that have nothing to do with you. Be prepared for perhaps a longer wait than you might have wanted for them to get things together and reach back out to you. That way, you may be less disappointed by delays.

        And I hope you’ll let yourself “feel” this good news. To move into round 2 is a wonderful accomplishment!

        Funny you should mention the positive vibes here at Work Coach Cafe. There have been other good karma stories from this community about posting a comment here for the first time and then landing that dream job they’ve been working on. Hey, you never know. Even if that doesn’t happen, being able to vent and maybe get a little support always helps, right?

        Good luck!
        Meg Guiseppi

      • Absolutely. Being able to vent always helps, especially if there are great listeners like you around, who are always willing to understand, support, advise and share.

        Yes maybe I should prepare myself for a long wait. Expectation is the root of all heartache. So, in expecting an early call from them, I might end up getting disappointed.

        Just to tell you a little more about myself – I have often googled about positivity n optimism but haven’t come across many encouraging posts. This site has ended my search. I guess I share a very strange connect, at a very different, unexplainable level (at least beyond my comprehension!)

        I don’t know if this is merely psychological (though I wouldn’t like to believe so) but now, with so much positivity around, things are actually looking brighter.
        Irrespective of whether I land up with the job or not, I hope to emerge as a better human being with a more optimistic outlook towrads life. I will definitely continue to contribute to this site for as long as I can. Chancing upon this website is definitely one of the major turning points of my life. I’m evolving into a better person already. I don’t know if I’m sounding like an emotional fool, but I’m writing all that is running through my head right now.

        Thank you soo much Meg.

      • You do NOT sound like “an emotional fool” to me, Poornima. You sound very wise – “Expectation is the root of all heartache” is so true! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and connecting with us here at WorkCoachCafe.com!

        If this job does not turn out for you, something better is waiting for you. Stay in touch.

        Good luck!

      • Hi Poornima,

        What a lovely, beautifully written comment! I hope you get to use your considerable writing talent for work, as well as pleasure.

        I echo what Susan said. No way you’re an emotional fool. You’re speaking from your heart, which is very appropriate, and appreciated, in this forum. I’m sure your words have hit home with and comforted others here in the WCC community.

        Having the goal to become a more optimistic person is an enviable one. Another site that may help you immediately came to mind — Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits. Check out his archive of past posts — http://zenhabits.net/archives/ — including, most recently:

        — The Habits That Crush Us
        — Learning to Sit Alone, in a Quiet Empty Room
        — Life as a Conscious Practice
        — Clearing Your Life for a New Year
        — How to Have the Best Year of Your Life (without Setting a Single Goal)

        I hope you find his posts enlightening.

        You made my day by saying this site has been a turning point for you! Please do keep us informed of your job search progress.

        Meg Guiseppi

      • Hi Meg

        I’ve still not heard from them. Guess I’m not getting this one. A little upset – maybe something else is kept in store. Hope it’s something better :).


      • Hi Poornima,

        Congratulations on having a positive attitude about this! Yes, if this one doesn’t come through, that could well mean there is something better in store for you.

        Thanks for checking in!

        Meg Guiseppi

      • Hey Meg

        I was dying to get back here. I have finally received an offer letter from the company !! and I’m THRILLED !!!!!!! It’s been almost a month since my 1st interview there and I got the offer letter today!
        And I tell you it’s definitely got to do with the vibes associated with the team here @ Work Coach Cafe !!

        All those who are still waiting – please don’t be disappointed. I have got this job after a string of rejections (by about 5-6 companies – I’ve lost count now) – and I can assure you it’s got nothing to do with my potential. For some strange reason things were just not working out.
        After each rejection, I would wonder what went wrong, and what to work on! And the only answer I could come up with was that something better is in store for me. I now realize how true that was !!

        And now that I’ve got this offer from this MNC that I’ve been dying to work for, I’m actually happy I didn’t get through anywhere else. It’s definitely worth the wait.

      • Hi Poornima,

        What fabulous news! Your patience paid off and you have the letter in hand! I’m very excited for you.

        How kind of you to credit the vibes here at Work Coach Cafe for landing this opportunity. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m glad if this community at least helped you feel better about your agonizing wait.

        Thanks for reinforcing to others out there in a similar situation that they shouldn’t despair, or blame themselves or their interview performance. I believe things happen for a reason. We can’t always figure it out at first, but it all seems to work out for the best in the end.

        Having a positive attitude can smooth out a lot of the bumps in job search. Sounds like you made a turnaround a week or so ago and, what do you know!, the job came through. I hear about these things happening all the time.

        Congratulations! And thanks again for giving hope to others here.

        Meg Guiseppi

  103. Thanks Susan. Will definitely keep you posted.

    • Thank you Meg. I’m flattered by your comments. I read some of the posts given in the link that you provided. They sure are enlightening.
      Will keep you updated about my job.

  104. Hello,

    I recently had an interview at a company. Interview went great lasted about an hr, they asked what I am looking for in salary and how long of notice I would need to give current employer, and 2nd lady I spoke with in interview said she ya soon after it ended. A friend of mine works there are asked her boss what he thought of me he said we liked me alot and I would fit in well there, they also called my references a half hr later. It has been a week since interview and I heard nothing yet, I am getting worried, girl I know who works there said they are making 2 offers to people but the big boss has to do get some codes or something first before they hire someone, When I spoke to woman who interviewed me 2nd time they said a decision would be made by this friday, am I worrying to much, I thought I nailed the interview

    • Hi Jeff,

      This is how almost everyone feels – we all worry and try to figure out what’s going on. But, the reality is that it’s out of your control at this point. The best thing to do is to try to stop fretting about it, and to continue with your job search because this job might not work out this time.

      The signs are very good for you, I think. They called your references immediately, and you have a friend who already works there. All very good!

      But, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from them on Friday. It could take a while – longer than anyone expects – for the big boss to get whatever he needs so that he can go ahead with adding 2 new people. Let your friend keep snooping around to see what is going on, if she can do that without putting her own job at risk.

      If you don’t hear by Monday, call them Monday afternoon or Tuesday to see what is going on. Don’t be angry or annoyed, and don’t be demanding. Just politely ask what is going on and when you can expect to hear from them about whether or not you got the job.

      And, just keep looking for a job in case this one doesn’t work out.

      Good luck!

  105. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the advice, I will follow up with them early next week If I dont hear from them.

  106. Hi,

    I’m in a waiting pattern as well….but it’s not for a job offer, it’s for a repsonse from a counter offer. I’ve interviewed with a company over the last several weeks. I got a job offer a few days later. The offer was not exactly what I had hoped for, so I proposed a counter offer to the company.

    Communication with the company had been good / quick from the beginning. They would respond to any questions I had on the same day. I recvd the offer on Wed, had some back and forth dialogue on Thurs, and then sent the counter offer on Friday. I did not hear back from them on Fri, nor today (Mon).

    Should I be concerned that they have decided to go a different direction……or am I being impatient?

    • Hi Chris,

      Congratulations on getting an offer!

      It’s hard to tell what is going on. Your counter offer could have put you out of consideration because it caused “internal equity” problems with existing employees or they think you are being unreasonable.

      Or, they could be running your offer up the chain of command to see if it will fly and/or get the appropriate approvals, assuming your offer is an exception to what they normally do.

      They could also be testing your nerve to see how committed you are to your counter offer.

      If you haven’t heard anything today (Tuesday), I’d check in on Wednesday, preferably in the afternoon, to see what the status is.

      But, before you check in, consider how firmly you feel about your counter offer. Is it this offer or nothing? Or, is there some middle ground you might consider if they are unable to get this to fly?

      When you contact them, just ask for the status, but be prepared to either walk away or modify your offer in some way based on what you have decided. Your decision depends on how much you want this job. Do NOT begin the call offering to reduce your counter offer’s value, though. Keep that in your “back pocket” to pull out if you need to – if you are considering it.

      To give an idea of some options you might not have considered, read Barbara Safani’s free ebook, “Winning Negotiation Strategies for Your New Job.” It’s full of good negotiating ideas. And it really is free – http://www.job-hunt.org/guides/Job-Hunt-Salary-Negotiations.pdf

      Good luck!

  107. Hi,

    I applied for a dream job position at a prestigious organization in which I not only hit all the required qualifications, I also hit the preferred! It’s in international development, and I’ve been living the past 3 years abroad, and this just seems like the perfect opportunity to come back to the US. Since I’m well-connected in the field, and know this organization would get a huge number of applicants, I had four different contacts forward my application to someone they knew there! And it worked! I had a great interview with the Assistant, and then one with the Executive Director, in which she asked me to join a work call and to meet her in Nairobi next Monday (I live in Africa). Then after the interview, HR called and asked 1. Eligibility to work in US 2. Start date and 3. Salary requirements. He said I would hear back by the end of the week, whereas the Director said next week. They want someone to start soon, by the end of the month, and I told them that was fine as long as I can give my current work 2 weeks notice.

    And then radio silence. This last interview happened 1 week ago, and I’m getting really nervous! I thought all the signs pointed to me getting an offer, but now I haven’t heard back yet about the logistics on meeting the Director in Nairobi, let alone any hint of when I’d be hearing from them concerning an offer. I sent two follow-up emails today (one to HR and one to the Assistant), so I hope they don’t find that pushy. Also, I realized they didn’t ask for my references either. Should I assume I didn’t get the job? Or how should I proceed?


    • Hi AP,

      Hmmm… This does feel a bit strange, particularly if you need to meet the Executive Director in Nairobi next week, and you need to travel to get there for the meeting.

      However, that meeting gives you the perfect excuse to be a bit pushy since next Monday is only a few days away. So, I’d reach out to that assistant, and press gently to get the logistics of that meeting set up.

      If your contacts inside the organization are in a position to find out what is going on and if you are comfortable asking for help, I’d reach out to them, too. Maybe they can find out something about your situation or what is going on with the Executive Director.

      It could be that thing are just very busy or that someone dropped a ball somewhere in keeping in touch with you.

      Good luck!

      • Hi Susan,

        Thanks so much for the response! So I took your advice and contacted the Assistant and HR to ask about Nairobi. The response was, “Oh the Executive Director didn’t call you? She said she will call you to discuss everything. Let me check on her now.” HR said the same and then asked for my references, which I take as a good sign. However, she never called! I followed up again today (Friday) to find out about Nairobi, but no response. So its clear that I’m not going to Nairobi now, but does that indicate my current status with the job offer?


      • Hi AP,

        Hmmm… Interesting! It’s hard to know what this means. It could mean that the Executive Director is a total ditz (so working there might not be good), that she had too many things to do before leaving to have time to set this up, that the Nairobi trip has too much packed into it already, that momentum built up too quickly and the ED is not as comfortable as she would like to be before meeting with you, or that any of a dozen other things happened.

        It could have nothing to do with you, or it could be more complex and potentially negative. Difficult to know.

        Since the ED is clearly on travel the early part of this next week (from the US?), she may be there for more than 1 day and the meeting could still happen, just not on Monday.

        I might check in with the Assistant on Monday, to see what the explanation might be and whether you could meet with the ED on Tuesday or later in the week. Or, I might wait for them to get in touch with me. It depends on how you feel about them and the job now, the “vibes” you’ve picked up from them so far, and how much you want this job.

        Good luck!

      • Hi Susan,

        I just wanted to update you that they did finally get in touch over the weekend and asked if I could fly over there between Tues-Thurs! So I went last Wednesday, and spent a really great day with the ED at this conference, and I really felt like she spent the time to get to know me and that it went well. At the end she told me it was between me and one other person, and that I would hear back on Friday.

        Well, now it’s Tuesday. Should I call or email? Also, my current job is a 1-year contract, and they have offered me a permanent position. I don’t really like where I currently work, hence I’d really love to move to this new job, but I also don’t want to be out of job at all. They want a decision asap, so is it smart to tell the place I’m interviewing this? Or will it not really affect how long it takes for them to get back to me?


      • Hi AP,

        Good that you finally met the ED. I would think that hearing from them by last Friday would be very optimistic (unrealistic?) given that the ED wasn’t heading back until late Thursday at the earliest, so I’m not surprised you haven’t heard anything, yet.

        And, now it’s Wednesday. I think I would contact them this coming Friday, probably by email. If they are going to make you an offer, best to have it “in writing” via email from the employer’s domain name than in a conversation over the phone.

        The reality is that unless the employment “rules” where you are differ from the USA, you are an employee “at will” and can quit your job any time – as an employee. That’s one of the good things about a “permanent” job vs. a contract job. So you could accept the job today, and quit next week – at least in theory! It would probably permanently “burn that bridge” with your current employer, but perhaps that is acceptable.

        I’m not sure what I would do with the existing offer from your current employer. Try to postpone your decision if you can by telling them you have a lot of things to consider and need to discuss things with your family (true, hopefully) before you accept the offer, which I’m assuming requires you to remain in Africa. One year in Africa vs. a semi-permanent move to Africa is a BIG deal for almost anyone (just as the reverse would be). Do they have offices in the USA? Are there questions you could ask which would help prolong the discussion through the end of this week? Or accept this week with the possibility of quitting next week?

        In any case, I would not turn quit or down the current employer without a written offer from the other employer.

        Good luck!

      • Hi,

        I just wanted to say that after applying for the position on December 5th, I finally received an actual job offer on March 13th! Some organizations really do take ages. I luckily am coming from another job, but its a terrible position to put someone unemployed in. Reading the mind of an employer is really tough, but perseverance does help!

        Thanks Susan!


      • CONGRATULATIONS, AP! That’s excellent news – thank you for sharing it!

        You are very welcome for any help WorkCoachCafe provided!

        Good luck in your new job!

  108. Just want to tell everyone not to lose hope… After over a month since the interview and relative silence after nailing the first phone interview and second in person one, I got the job officially! They said their silence was really due to HR policies, so don’t feel discouraged. I did however send a thank you email, follow up letter, then another follow up email within this one month time… They didn’t seem put off by this at all. So just don’t lose hope!

    • Congratulations on your new job! Thanks for letting us know!

      So often, we fear the worst when we don’t hear from an employer, and it turns out they are just taking their time processing the paperwork.

      Good luck!

  109. Hi There

    I had an interview on thurs the 9th with a large company that I have wanted to work for, for a long time. The interview seemed to go well, I dont think there is anything I would change, I was so happy I got the interview in the first place! I know that they were still interviewing for a few days after my interview on thurs. Its now been a week since I had my interview… should I be worried? I sent a nice thank you letter… and the interview ended with them telling me they still had interviews, and to maybe think of some references. I have a friend who works at the company… and she said maybe that person would be a reference…. They seemed to like me…

    Please help calm my nerves… I really want this one.

    Thank you

    • Hey fennek

      I’m being made to play the waiting game as well. So I know how it feels..to be almost there but still waiting for ‘it’ to happen. Since you have no other option but to wait, I would suggest you do that with a smile on your face. It somehow manages to soothe all anxieties.
      There are many organizations that take more than a week (close to 2-3 weeks) to get things done on their end before getting in touch with the candidate again.
      Remember to be positive. It actually helps. As they say, hope for the best, but also be prepared to face the worst (just in case…..)

      Meanwhile why don’t you check this link out.

      Good Luck

      • Thank you for the advice…

        I am confused if i should send a follow up email yet or not? I had my interview on thurs last week, and I do know she said they were still interview within the nexy few days.. which could have led to monday/tues considering it was friday the next day… its now been 8 days since my interview… should I send a follow up?


      • Thank you for your advice… its been 8 days since my interview and I know they were doing a few more days of them…. should I send my follow up email today?

      • Hey

        I don’t know how qualified am I to advice you – because I still haven’t got a job 😉
        Anyway if I’m not wrong you already have sent a thank you mail.
        So I would suggest maybe wait till the coming Monday or Tuesday to followup. Things at times take a little extra time. Plus you wouldn’t want to seem desperate to them! So being patient is the key.

        Also, my personal opinion (and past experience) says try as much as possible to not think about the interview, or the ‘delay’. Indulge in your favorite pastimes – and trust me, you would receive their call when you least expect it 🙂

  110. UPDATE. ok so I just realized that for us (in Canada) it is a long weekend and I am not sure if people would be in the office today, since a lot of people book the Friday off cause monday is a holiday…. so I am not sure if I sent the follow up today or wait till tues morning so that my email doesnt get lost in the many she will have when she gets back to the office if she isnt in today! What do you think? could someone help me ASAP?

    Thank you

    • Poornima gave you great advice, Fennek. Exactly what I would have said. Since this is a holiday weekend, probably best to wait until after the holiday to respond, and I’m betting Tuesday afternoon would be better than Tuesday morning.

      Good luck!

  111. So I didnt get the job… they just called… im feeling really discouraged about the whole job thing

    • Hi Fennek,

      Sorry you didn’t get the job, THIS time! And, don’t give up on this employer.

      NOW, send them a “thank you” for the time and effort they went to to interview you. A thank you for being told that you weren’t hired is fairly rare, these days, and it was good of them to let you know, rather than letting you wonder forever. So, send that thank you. Tell them it was nice to meet them, and you still hope, one day, to work for them. Seriously! IF you are still interested in working for this very large company,

      I wrote this post about what to write in your thank you. Check it out for ideas –
      Rejection into Oportunity

      I remember when I really, REALLY wanted to work for a large employer here. I used every avenue to get into the company that I could. I interviewed in a half-dozen different departments. And, the day I received my offer letter from the department that hired me, I also received a rejection letter from a different department in the same company (and it wasn’t the first rejection I received from the company)! That happens all the time.

      So, if you really want to work for this employer, don’t give up now. Send that thank-you-for-not-hiring-me note, and stand out from the crowd!

      Look at other employers, too, of course, but don’t give up on this one.

      Hang in there. A better job is waiting for you!

      Good luck!

      • Thank you for that advice Susan, I just sent the thank you, I think that is a great idea and shows you are a good sport… even though inside I am very upset… it wont stop me from applying to other positions within the company… its just so hard these days, I spent a lot on school… but without a Masters these days, it seems really hard to get a job…I have been trying a long time… but everything is apply online and I just feel its so impersonal and hard to stand out.

      • Excellent, Fennek! 🙂 That’s shows great attitude and spirit, and excellent determination.

        A career counselor told me after my 2nd layoff that I should consider every “rejection” as another step closer to the YES! that would mean I’d finally landed a job. It’s a good way to look at these things (or to TRY to look at them).

        I predict that you will find a much better job at this company. Keep plugging!

        [And keep us posted.]

        Good luck!

  112. Hi guys!
    I had an interview on Thurs 9th Feb 2012 for a large investment bank. It was my first ever interview and I felt I impressed the four interviewers, especially the head boss. I have been waiting patiently for a response since a job offer would mean i would have to relocate and that takes time.
    So i decided to search for some more information on the processes behind the scenes to ease my concerns regarding possible reasons for no correspondence, and i found this insightful post.

    I have read a few comments which have been posted and it seems potential employers do waist time conveying information to candidates.

    I have been told many times “No news is good news.”

    • Hi Nik

      It’s good to be patient, but since it’s been more that 2 weeks now, why don’t you follow up with them on your status . This way, you would stay top of mind with them. And they would know you are still interested.

  113. Hi,

    So happy I came across your site!

    Heres my story-It all happens in the same week

    Tuesday AM-Applied for an Executive Assitant postion via email on company web site. Found the job on Craigslist but decided to go the company site direct and sent it right into HR. Pretty clever I thought.

    Wednesday PM- Got a phone call from Director of HR. Had an onthe spot 45 minute phone interview. Asked me to come in the next day at 2PM.

    Thursday 2PM- Spend an hour and a half with HR Director. This job is a perfect fit for me in so many ways. I could be a real asset to this company. I believe she feels the same way, as she asks me to return the next day at 2PM to meet with the GM.

    Friday 2PM-Meet with GM and spend time talking and touring the premises. We have great chemistry. i would be working for him the HR Director and support the owner. After tw hand shakes a BIG smile, he brings me back to HR, the Director tells me she will be bringing me in Thurs or Fri next week to meet with the owner. I am so happy. I feel really good!

    Friday PM- I send a thank you email to GM and Director.

    Saturday and Sunday- Happy Happy, Joy Joy…my dream job is coming soon. Go shopping for new suits. Confident this is the one!



    Wednesday AM- Send Follow-up email, short and sweet to see if she has scheduled a time for me to come in Thurs or Fri. NO RESPONCE! Im looking at my phone, checking my email. Nothing….I get a sinking feeling, wondering and worrying. Totally bummed out. Now what do I do? What happened? What did I do wrong?

    Thursday- No Call

    Friday- (Today, 2/24/2012)- Still no call.

    Is there anything at all I can do without stalking them. Should i contact them again?
    The postion was to be filled immediately. And I know I can do this job really well!

    Thank you,


    • I had the same experience like that before. Once I applied for the position Purchasing executive, i have both great interview with the Pur manager and CFO. i came home with high happy feeling. The HR supervisor said that she will call back to me later. The thankful email had been sent but i wait and wait for more than 2 weeks but nothing happen, no call, no email. i wonder what’s happened, did they find another candidate who accept the lower salary than me ? why they didn’t tell anything about this. The time for waiting is terrible. i’s so angry with them but i don’t know what i need to do at this time. So bad experience

      • TC and everyone –

        ALWAYS reach out by phone at some point! Email is NOT a perfect medium of communications because not every email message gets through to the recipient. Things like spam filters and firewalls and people being too busy can easily get in the way.

        So, if you’ve sent email and not gotten a response, place a phone call. Be polite and professional. Do not expect them to remember you, and don’t be insulted if they don’t remember you.

        When you call (and when you email!), tell them your name and give them these details:

        * The job you interviewed for,
        * When you interviewed, and
        * Who interviewed you.

        Leave a voicemail message with those details if you can’t speak with a live person.

        Good luck!

    • Hi Kim,

      I would try reconnecting via phone with the HR Director later today (not Monday morning!) to see what is going on. Email is not 100% reliable! They might not have gotten your thank you emails, or the one you sent Wednesday.

      Or they might have had some major distraction come up, the owner had already decided to offer the job to his niece or 4th cousin, or something else moved this from the front burner to a back burner.

      Time to get back to your job search to look for other options until you hear back from these folks.

      Good luck!

      • Susan.

        I still never heard anything, but I am getting over these things more quickly now. The new suit came in handy on another interview this week. I keep telling myself, the good news is, you are getting interviews, for good jobs. …and the right one will come along.

        I dont put all my eggs in one basket…. I stay positve and keep looking.

        It is very hard and emotional and I take it personally at times….but it is not in my control.

        Thank you for giving me a forum to vent!


      • Hi Kim,

        Your attitude and approach sound excellent! Yes – the right job WILL come along, and the fact that you are getting interviews is a very good sign.

        I’ve been laid off twice, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if those hadn’t happened. They were painful, but beneficial, in the end.

        Yes, it is very hard not to take this personally, but, wrongly, we all tend to do that. So keep on doing what you are doing. I expect to hear from you soon that you have landed that new job, and it’s what you’ve been waiting for!

        Stay in touch!

        Good luck!

  114. So, here’s how my whole job fiasco started…I was actually scouted by a manager from a clothing store while I was working my current (and low paying crap job that I really, really want out of) this girl told me to call the large retail chain store to set up an interview and I did. Within the week, I had an interview with this girl and another manager, who then passed me onto a second interview with the store manager who said she saw me as the perfect candidate, and she was even willing to try to get me benefits, she also said to expect a call from HR manager around Thursday…well, Thursday passed and now it’s going on Sunday. Should I call? Or keep waiting for a call? A really want this job because it will actually pay me a living wage as oppose to my current job that is BARELY keeping me afloat…advice please!

    • Hi Lawren,

      My guess is that it really is a part-time job, and that the store manager was unable to get you nearly full-time hours, benefits, and the other things she mentioned because it really is a part-time job..

      If you have an email address for the store manager, send her an email. Thank her for her interest and time. Tell her you enjoyed meeting her, and would be happy to talk with her again in the future.

      Next Thursday or Friday, give them a call to see what is happening. Do NOT sound desperate for this job! Tell them that you liked everyone you met, it feels like a good fit and a good organization with opportunities for you to grow professionally. That’s why you want to work for them – not because you are currently in a “low paying crap job.”

      I would stay in touch, but definitely not give up my current job. Perhaps a genuine full-time job will develop soon at this store, or perhaps, develop at another branch of it, if it is a chain..

      Good luck!

      • Susan,

        So the good news is I found out about what is going on. They called me back and said they wanted to “extend the offer” and pay me the wage I was asking, the only thing is they want me to meet with the DM to approve that…is this a good sign? What should I do for this meeting? Any advice? Thanks so much! This is a retail position…


  115. Hi Susan,

    I went for an interview last Thursday that lasted about 45 minutes. I interviewed with two women. They were very impressed with my knowledge and professionalism. Asked me what my current rate was at my current job. Told me that they send their top people through a personality test, which I did get invited to take and I completed it. So the very next morning I sent a thank you letter to one of the ladies and stated that it would be great if she could let the other interviewer know I said thank you. I got a response from both ladies saying how impressed they were with my experience and professionalism and how it was nice to meet me too, and at that time got invited to take the test. It’s only been 3 business days. I am freaking out. This job would be perfect. I am worried because I want out of my current job like yesterday. The interview was great, and they stated how great it was to finally see a legit candidate apply for the position, all the other were like hair dressers applying for this medical position. Any advice? They said they would let people know either way in two weeks. But why make people wait?

    • Hi LT,

      You need to find a way to chill out. It can take MONTHS to go through the whole hiring process! So, find a way to stop thinking about it.

      Don’t let this potential employer know how impatient you are to leave your current job and don’t bad mouth your current employer or job.

      I would check in with them AFTER those 2 weeks are over. So if the 2 weeks are over on 2/9, I would reconnect with them on 2/13 at the earliest.

      Good luck!

  116. It is so great to find this article! I just had my second f2f interview yesterday with a company, so now I plan to be waiting just like many here.

    I had my phone interview 2 weeks ago, then my firs f2f interview last week (with 3 people, one after another), then a really long interview yesterday (5 hours, with many people – one right after the other).

    I think it went extremely well and I think it is an exciting opportunity. I hope it all gets wrapped up soon, but I expect a wait. The hiring manager is going on vacation, so I expect that I won’t hear at least for a week or two?

    Thanks to all of you for posting. It is comforting to hear from others who are “in limbo” too.

    • Hi Kerri,

      Yes, unfortunately, “limbo” is an all-too-common phase in a job search. So, it’s always a very good idea to keep looking, even when you are in limbo.

      I would expect that you won’t hear from anyone for at least a week after the vacation is over. But, I hope you sent thank you’s to the people you had interviews with yesterday. Thank them for their time, and remind them who you are and (carefully!) how wonderful you are.

      Good luck!

      • Hi! Thanks so much, Susan. Nice of you to respond. Yes, I sent thank you’s. I received a phone call this morning! They wanted to double check that it is OK to call my references today. I heard back from one of my references later that they called. So, it’s moving so fast. Honestly, I thought this whole process would take months and its flying by. This is good, but I’m not 100% used to the idea of leaving where I’m at, so my emotions are a bit unsettled. But, as a (wise) friend of mine says, there is no decision to make until an offer is made. I’m trying not to spend too much time worrying about how my boss will take the news should Ieave. I know it will be a substantial blow to her if it happens.

        Thanks again, Kerri

      • Sounds very positive, but you never know.

        Good luck!

      • I was just presented an offer – that is much less than I expected. I am feeling so deflated right now! They offerred me a base salary + 5% annual bonus. With the bonus, they are at $4,000 less than my minumum. I’m about to get a raise at my current job that will bring me to the minumum they offered for the base salary. If I can get them up $4,000, with the bonus it will bring me to the minumum I was willing to accept.

        What should I do? If I say I want $6,000 more, I fear they will tell me to forget the whole thing. If I say $5,000, I’m afraid they will only come up to 3. I really cannot take less than $4,000 over their base – it would simply not be worth it.

        I am willing to walk away from the offer if needed, but I was very excited about this job. I don’t want it to come to that.

        I appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks!


      • Hi Kerri –

        Yes, congratulations!

        Victoria’s advice is excellent!

        Be sure you are ready to walk away – don’t bluff. It is usually best in these situations not to play with the numbers, trying to anticipate a negotiating position. Just tell them your minimum. I hope they meet it!

        Good luck!

    • Victoria says:


      Congrats on your job offer! Getting an offer is great news… now you just need to tweak the details!

      If your minimum acceptable offer is $4K more than what they are offering and you are prepared to walk away if they don’t meet your minimum, then you have your answer.

      I think the key to this is approach. Let them know that you are excited by the prospect of working for them and that you are close on compensation but their salary is below your requirement. Remind them of the asset you would be to their team (be specific) and that you are the right person for the position.

      The worst thing that can happen is that they say they can’t increase $4K and/or rescind their offer… since you weren’t prepared to accept it, then you’ve lost nothing.

      I have been in the same situation and they came back with a counter offer that was lower than my stated requirement – I held firm and they came back with an offer that met my requirement. I would only recommend this tactic if you REALLY require that number and are prepared to lose the offer completely.

      Good luck with what ever you decide!


      • Hi Victoria & Susan,

        Thank you very much for your advice – it was so nice to see your responses this morning! Yes, I am prepared to walk away from the offer. I am so disappointed with the knowledge that it will likely come to that.

        I told the gentleman from HR that I would call him around 9 this morning. I appreciate the advice to simply give him my minimum number and not try to play the numbers game. I have an absolute minumum that I am willing to take. Unfortunately for this company, I do not hate my current job. But, when this opportunity came knocking at my door, I thought it would be a fabulous growth opportunity. I am so sad that it may not end up being that.

        Victoria, it’s reassuring to hear that you had this happen before and you were able to get your required after a low offer.

        Thanks again to you both. I will let you know how it goes.


      • Excellent comment, Victoria. Thank you for joining the discussion!


      • I almost cannot believe it – but they countered and came up over $5,000! So, I am actually $250 over my happy place. They didn’t bother to try to get me to accept my minumim. I accepted and will be giving my notice today.

        This morning, I truly did not forsee this happening. I was honest with him, though. I thanked him, told him how wonderful it had been to meet him and his team & how highly I thought of the company. I explained that my salary at my current job was being raised to X this month, though. Therefore, I simply could not take lower than X. He called me within half an hour to counter.

        Thanks so much for your help and support! This has been a great place to come to while I was going through my emotional ups and downs.

        Now I have to give my notice and I am so nervous. This all happened so fast, I have not had a chance to get used to the idea yet!!


      • Victoria says:

        Congrats Kerri!

        Before you give your notice, make sure you have the offer in writing. 😉

        Glad everything worked out for you… best of luck!


      • Hi Victoria –

        GREAT comment again! Feels like we’ve both been through the same “wars” and have the same scars to prove it.

        Thank you VERY much for your contributions!


      • Hi Kerri!

        Excellent news! SO glad it worked out for you!

        CAUTION!!! Do not give notice to your current employer until you have a written offer in your hands for that job at that salary!


  117. Hi Susan,

    I am in a very similar situation of “limbo” as most people here and have been trying to relieve my tension and frustration by reading such articles. I must say I am very much happy to have found this article and such positive comments here.
    I gave a phone interview for a MNC I applied for on 20th Jan which was perfect and very positive. After a much long wait on 6th Feb i got a call from the head who had interviewed me, and as he was in my town for some meeting he wanted to meet me personally. I met him on 6th Feb personally and we had great conversation. He discussed everything from company work, projects, company culture, my salary expectation and date of joining etc and said will get back to me. As there was no reply i called him back on 14th Feb and he said they will be having a presentation with higher management on 20th Feb and they were planning to take 2 candidates instead one.He sounded positive and at the end of call he mentioned that I am very much in consideration . But since then there has been no reply or feedback from them. What should I do ?? I am really looking forward for this job ..


    • Hi MK,

      Well, it has been over 2 weeks since you contacted them and nearly 2 weeks since the meeting on Feb. 20, so reaching out again this coming week should not be viewed as inappropriate. The meeting on the 20th could have gone well (so 2 jobs available) or not. Hard to know.

      Don’t expect them to know who you are. Do provide the details necessary to identify you – your name, the job title, the dates of your interviews, and who you interviewed with. Then, ask for the current status.

      Hopefully, you will get good news, but you may not. And you may also learn that more waiting is needed. But at least you will know.

      Meanwhile, keep job hunting because this job might not come through for you, and you don’t want to have wasted a lot of time.

      Good luck!

      • Hi Susan,

        Thank you so much for your reply. I shall definitely reconnect with them in the coming week. Meanwhile i already am job hunting. Lets hope for the best.

        Thanks again !! 🙂

      • Hi Susan,

        So I contacted the head again and he said that its taking long due to some budget issues at their end as the job offered to me is in another state and hence different location of the MNC. He also mentioned that it has nothing to do with the candidate. On asking by when the process was expected to be completed he told me that he would connect with me maybe by next week. My fingers are still crossed .. I am really hoping to get it now and also hoping they offer me salary as per expected.


      • Hi MK,

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed, too, in hopes that this works out for you!

        Be prepared with some alternatives if the salary doesn’t turn out the way you want it to – vacation time, parking or public transportation fees, etc. Know what your “walk-away” number is before you get started, and don’t bluff.

        Good luck!

      • Hey Susan,

        Hope you are doing great.
        So its been a week now since I called them up last time. 🙁 .. I think calling them up again wouldn’t be a good idea as I myself would feel awkward to call up now after doing it twice before. Should I wait for some more time .. as I suppose budget issues do take some time to get resolved. This wait is really irritating me now, especially when i know I am almost there . Please suggest what do I do.


      • Hey MK,

        Doing fine, so far, thank you! Wish things were going better for you and your job search!

        Also wish I had a good answer for you on this one. It started in January, so we’re through 2+ months in this process so far.

        Yes, budget issues can take a long time to resolve, sometimes months, particularly in an MNC. And, sometimes, hours. It depends on the size of the organization, current profitability, “power” of the budget controllers, etc. Many unknowns and variables are involved, unfortunately.

        If you could push yourself to make one last call, you could ask whether or not you should stay in touch. But, only make that call if you are ready to hear him say “no.”

        If you’re not comfortable calling them up again, then I guess your options are email and snail mail. Email isn’t always reliable, so the risk is that they won’t receive your message, but you might feel better and it might show them that you are still interested and available. Snail mail will be unexpected, I think. And sometimes, it’s very effective for that reason. On the other hand, sometimes snail mail is ignored as “old fashioned.” It depends on the organization, the organization’s “culture,” and the job.

        Whether you do email or snail mail, be sure to remind them of who you are, the job you interviewed for, who and when you interviewed, who and when you called, and any other relevant details (think marketing!) that you can fit into about 3 lines of text. Then, again ask for the current status and what the next steps are.

        And, definitely move on in your job search. If they are really going to hire you, it probably won’t happen any time soon.

        Good luck!

      • Hey Susan,

        Thanks a lot for your detailed reply and the options suggested by you.

        However fortunately, I got a call from the head yesterday. He wanted to confirm my current CTC and said he shall talk to me soon. While this looks positive, I am still unclear on whats happening at their end. Hope they have moved past the budget issues and wont drag this for another 2 weeks. I wish they connect to me soon.

        Will let you know whatever comes up next.

        Thanks a lot again!!

      • Hi MK,

        Thank you for the update. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! Keep us posted.

        Good luck!

      • Hey Susan ! Hope you are doing good.

        So here it goes. I called up the head(hiring manager) yesterday again (after he inquired about my present CTC almost 2 weeks ago.) He says that just after they were almost ready with the offer letters, the position has again gone under budget discussion and it can take additional one week or more time as he also needs to get almost 3 approvals.He cited one of the reasons for the process being late as change of a senior manager associated with this process at the concerned location.

        Further he mentioned that they are still keen for me to join and that I am a suitable candidate for the position.I replied positively restating my interest in the position and that I am still willing to wait.

        Now, I am a little nervous again about these ups and downs.Is there any possiblity that they would scrap the whole position now due to any issues,( especially after me waiting for 3.5 months with them through this ??).I suppose in that case the head would have mentioned it to me directly.

        Please let me know how you percieve the situation.

        Thanks & Regards,

      • Hi MK,

        What an ordeal you’ve been through! And not over yet!

        It sounds like they are very interested in having you work for them (excellent!), but they are as administratively complex and disconnected as most MNC’s (maybe more). Remember that if you decide to accept the job. Nothing will happen quickly in this organization!

        Yes, the budget issue could blow the whole thing away – see my post about why people aren’t hired that they have no control over. Budget issues are #1.

        But, the hiring manager really wants to hire you, so I would not assume that this opportunity is dead. It looks like you’ve made it through all the “hoops” – including your current CTC.

        So, I think it looks very promising. And, I’ll keep my fingers crossed about their budget!

        Good luck!

      • Hi Susan,

        Thanks a lot for your positive words.Your help and feedback has been really helpful for me.
        I am hoping for the best. Shall let you know whatever comes next.


      • Thank you, MK! Looking forward to getting good news from you!

        Fingers still crossed for you and that pesky budget!

        Good luck!

      • Hi,

        It been little over a month now since I spoke last time with the hiring manager. 🙁
        Would it be a good idea to call again? He did mentioned last time that he needs to get 3 approvals and he will get back to me. I don’t know how long should I wait for his response or should I connect with him .Or should I call him by May end ? Please suggest .

      • chandlee says:

        Hi MK,

        You might want to give him a call and just check in. Calls can be better than email as they are harder to ignore.

        Good luck and as I always suggest — keep your job search going until you have been offered — and accepted a new job.

        All the Best,

      • Hi Susan/Chandlee

        I think I have been through the worst ordeal in this job hunt. On 23 May the hiring manager finally called me and told me that the budget issue will get closed soon and it looks very positive . He even checked if I was available and told me that he would call me and talk how to take things ahead.
        Now today June 25th I called him to follow up and he says that there has been slight change in the requirement and they are interviewing some experienced candidates now. They would evaluate me against them. He also said if positive he will call me or else if its not goin to work he will drop me a mail in another couple weeks.
        I am really dissapointed and broken as i have waited for 6 months with them through thier budget issues. I was also selected long back for the position. Even the call on May 23 was extremely positive. How could they suddenly change everything??. Is the interviewing of experienced candidates another excuse and the real reason is their budget issues are still not resolved ??. I am really confused and disheartened. Please tell me what should I do ? Should I mail him a positive note that I am still interested and willing to wait?? What do you think of this ?? Please suggest.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi MK,

        The reality of job search is that things change inside companies all the time, and many times while a position is listed something that happens inside the company forces hiring managers to re-evaluate the position itself.

        (Often this is a senior employee leaving, or the decision is made to combine the job with something else.)

        It likely isn’t personal. And while it may not seem fair especially in light of your patience and loyalty, it happens. It isn’t about you.

        Hang tight and continue your search with other organizations in the interim. In my experience, it may come back around — and they may offer you another position in the future. But you deserve to have as many options in the future, too — so keep applying for opportunities.

        All the Best,

      • Thanks Chandlee for reply. Yes I would have to start applying for other opportunities now.
        But it really hurts when one is very close and some external factors blow the whole thing away. It seems there is no point in keeping any hopes for this opportunity now.
        Thanks a lot again.


      • Hi

        It has been almost a month now since the hiring manager said that they will be interviewing some experienced candidates for the position and they will evaluate me against them. He also had mentioned if positive he will call me or else if its not goin to work he will drop me a line in another couple weeks.
        But still there is no positive nor negative reply from him even after a month. I am already applying for other companies now. Do you think he will at least drop a line if its negative or he will never communicate it to me.


      • chandlee says:


        If this is making you preoccupied, I recommend contacting them by phone to follow-up — either way it will be nice to where you stand.

        People don’t always think about what needs to be done in terms of follow-up, it’s uncomfortable if a decision has not been rendered or you are not the candidate of choice but it happens!

        I recommend you keep up your search in the interim… always good to have more than one opportunity.

        Good luck,

  118. Outstanding article!
    I interviewed 2 weeks ago, got a call back a few days after the interview. HR tells me they really liked me and they thought the interview went really well. And she asked me for references. I was thrilled!
    So I got her my references and none of them have been called.
    EXCEPT for one of them, my potential boss, who interviewed me, knew one of my references and had actually worked with him previously. So also good news here.
    After the phone conversation, my reference told me that my potential boss raved about me, went on and on about how much they liked me.
    Still heard nothing from HR.
    Found out that recruiter went on vacation for a week and gets back later this week, but definitely worried obviously, because I have heard NOTHING.
    Why can’t someone else in HR handle this? I just want an email regardless of the outcome so I can move on…..

    Another interesting twist: A friend got me the interview. I would be working alongside him if I were to get the job. He was quick to respond to any texts I sent him until a week ago. Now he’s not responding to my texts. Perhaps my potential boss told him to not communicate with me?

    Obviously I’m overthinking every little thing. lol


    • Hi MD,

      Of course you’re overthinking and ready to climb the walls. Everything seems to have gone so well in the interview, your references were spot-on, and you have an inside advantage with your friend. I wonder what the heck is going on too!

      Whether or not you get the job, you may never know what the delay is about. Ronnie Ann covered so many possibilities in this post, but there could be others.

      It’s easy for me, or others not going through this, to hope you’ll try to stop fretting about it. That’s nearly impossible, isn’t it?

      Check out another of Ronnie Ann’s posts for help in trying to distract yourself from this agony, “I Got the Post-Interview Temporary OCD Blues” —

      I’m concerned that you said “I just want an email regardless of the outcome so I can move on…..”. I hope you’re continuing with your job search plan, and not putting all your eggs in this basket. Working on uncovering other job opportunities is a great distraction in itself, and (sorry to be negative) at this point, you really can’t be sure you have this job.

      But we’ll keep our fingers crossed that you have landed this one!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member of the Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Thanks Meg!
        I’m definitely still looking around for other opportunities. I’m actually just wanting to schedule a vacation soon and I can’t really until I hear about this. haha =)

        Keeping my fingers crossed. Recruiter gets back to the office on Thursday, but now I’m thinking she’s going to be super backed up, so I’m assuming I won’t hear anything until next week now. Ugghhhhhh

        Question, why couldn’t this recruiter give someone else in HR all of the information so that they could work on it? This is a big corporation, so I’m sure their HR team is rather large.

      • Hi MD,

        You may never know why the recruiter didn’t pass off the info to HR. Maybe they did, but HR hasn’t gotten to it. The company may have a lot of hiring going on right now (typical for early in any year) and, even if HR is a super large department, they could be swamped. Your guess is as good as mine.

        This is one of the many things that are out of your control in job search. See if you can try to put it out of your head.

        Sounds like you’ll have to wait a bit longer to schedule your vacation. Maybe things will work out perfectly, and you can celebrate your new job while on vacation! Wouldn’t that be nice!


  119. Susan,

    So the good news is I found out about what is going on. They called me back and said they wanted to “extend the offer” and pay me the wage I was asking, the only thing is they want me to meet with the District Manager to approve that he wants to meet me first…is this a good sign? What should I do for this meeting? Any advice? Thanks so much! This is a retail position…


    • Hi Lawren,

      Yes! This is a great sign!

      Now this meeting the final hurdle in the process.

      It could be just a quick meet-and-greet, since the others have approved you as a new team member, or he could have his own set of questions for you. Try to come up with what you think the DM would want to know about you – if you were him, what questions would you have?

      Be your professional and confident (but not over-confident) when you meet him. Answer his questions honestly, if he has any. Then, tell him you appreciate the time he’s taking out of his busy schedule to me you, and that greatly look forward to joining his team.

      Good luck!

  120. Nice article.

    I was interviewed by several people last Wednesday, the 7th. The interviews went better than i expected b/c few interviewers said they didn’t see any potential weaknesses in me and am exactly what they look for. Got an email from the HR within two hours after the interview requesting for an authorization of background check (which he said it should be sent to me before interview). I also got a reply from one of the interviewers who said he very much enjoyed our conversation and look forward to an opportunity to speak with me again.

    It has been almost a week, and I haven’t heard anything from the hiring manager nor the HR. I wonder am I still in the run? I know am over analyzing, but can’t help it. 🙂


    • Hi Amy,

      Yes, everyone over analyzes and second guesses themselves in these situations.

      I would check in with them to see what is going on and to make sure everything was OK in the background check. Ask if he has any questions and what the next steps are – AFTER you remind him of the job you interviewed for, when you interviewed, and who interviewed you (so he doesn’t confuse you with another interviewee).

      Good luck!

      • Susan:
        Thanks for the reply and advice. I have sent email to couple hiring managers and HR which I haven’t heard anything back (got an auto reply from one of the hiring manager that she is out of the office until the 26th). It’s frustrating I don’t know where we stand with the process. I doubt the company has started its background check because none of my references were contacted. I guess it’s probably best for me to be patient and follow-up again in couple weeks.


      • Hi Amy,

        Yes, gigantic quantities of patience are needed for this whole process, unfortunately. Filling a job opening is an “additional duty” for everyone but HR and recruiting, so it takes a back seat to just about everything. Jobs get filled, but very slowly, often.

        Hang in there!

        Good luck!

      • Thanks Susan. None of the interviewers reply my follow-up email. I always have a feeling that if one doesn’t hear anything within a week, most likely he/she is not the #1 candidate.

      • Hi Amy,

        That may be a valid assumption, but it may not. If you read the post about email, you know it doesn’t always get through or always get read. AND, in organizations which do not have a good HR staff (or any), not getting back is more a sign of people being too busy than not interested.

        In better economies, employers worried about good people getting grabbed by competitors. Since the economy went south on us in 2009, employers have gotten much pickier. Drives recruiters and job seekers crazy! Where an 80% “fit” (#1 candidate meeting 80% of the specs) was fine in 2007, they look for a 100% fit now. Takes longer to fill a job now because employers keep wondering if someone “better” isn’t out there somewhere, if only they could reach them.

        So, particularly in this economy, don’t give up too soon.

        Good luck!

  121. I was wondering why some employer’s don’t call back to inform you that you didn’t get the job after an interview, I would imagine that a company may interview 8-10 people for one position and sometimes its frustrating that they tell you “You will hear from us one way or another” and then thats it. Maybe I am being selfish and hoping to know one way or another and should just relax but its hard. Once I had an interview in the morning and by that afternoon they had emailed me that they were moving on to other people. It was a bit painful but I appreciated the quick response and any response.

    This site has informed me so much and helped me in a lot of ways.
    Thank You,


    • Hi Scott,

      I agree that it would be much better to know than to guess and fret and waste time waiting for a call or an email that will never come.

      However, having been on “that side” a couple of times, I can tell you that delivering the “thanks-but” message is NOT fun! Some people are crushed, and you feel very bad for them. Other people get angry and yell and threaten lawsuits. And others try to change the decision and then get really annoyed when that doesn’t work.

      Most organizations and people intend to do the “right thing” and let everyone know, but management worries about lawsuits if someone says the wrong thing when they deliver the message and no one enjoys delivering the bad news.

      Good luck!

      • Hi Susan,

        Thanks for the reply what you said makes perfect sense and really helps me see their perspective. Sometimes as an interviewee I take what they say too literally and that they don’t always mean they will get back to me. It helps to know what the company’s rationale is and how that plays out.
        Once I had a guy tell me in a real emphatic way when I was walking out that they I would be hearing from them, I thought that they knew I was the guy they wanted to hire, but the first thing I thought to myself is what if the next guy they interview is better than me and sure enough thats what happened and when he told me I didn’t get the job he almost sounded apologetic for it.


      • Thanks, Scott! It’s a tough situation for everyone, but tougher on the job seeker, I think.

        Good luck!

    • Hey Scott

      I know how tough and frustrating it is when we don’t hear anything after an interview! All we want is a call from them – even if it is about being rejected – atleast we know that we now need to move ahead and look elsewhere.
      But unfortunately most companies don’t really bother to inform us. So if you don’t hear anything from them for more than 15-16 days, then you probably haven’t made it here. Or they could be busy with some internal projects, or maybe the people involved are traveling.

      If it’s been more than a week after your last meeting with them, get in touch with them (preferably over the phone) and follow up on your status. That way you remain top of their mind also.

      My suggestion – whenever you feel low, browse through this site – it somehow soothes your nerves 😉 and you end up being positive. You never know, you might land up with this job soon!!

      All the best


  122. Ichbinmarc says:

    This is what is exactly happening to me now. So four days after acing the one day interview, I was told the HR is working on finalizing contract. That was three months ago…Now all I know is they are creating a new position according to what I heard from the hiring manager. HR has been kept me in the dark and doesn’t reply to my phone calls. This is truly a torture since time is of essence in my case.

    • Ichbinmarc says:

      Correction, three weeks ago…

      • I’m in a very similar situation as u right now.
        I was told almost 2 weeks ago that an offer was going to come “next week”, which was LAST week. I spoke to recruiter on Monday and she explained to me the reason it’s taking so long is because it is a new position and it takes a little time to go through hoops or whatever. This is BRUTAL….

      • Hi MD,

        Yes – brutal is a good description. Patience, my friend, patience!

        And, PLEASE do NOT stop job hunting while one of these very promising opportunities is pending! Keep the “pipeline” full so the loss of one opportunity doesn’t get too discouraging.

        If this one doesn’t work out, a better one is waiting for you. Soon!

        Good luck!

  123. Ichbinmarc says:

    Well, I was simply asking when I would expect a written offer, and they couldn’t even take a guess. At least yours told you a “little” time.

    • Haha…yeah i guess. Still sounds like we’re in the exact same position. Not a good one at that. Trying incredibly hard to be patient. Also trying to NOT think about the bliss of putting in my notice. =)

  124. So, here is an update and I need advice…

    As you know, I had 3 interviews for a retail position. I had my final interview with the District manager about a week ago. I think it went but I honestly couldn’t read the guy but he really liked me and we hit it off. He stated that he was just a “consultant” that the girls who originally liked me were the ones who were going to do the hiring. After waiting for a while, I decided to call the original girl who scouted me and asked her what the next steps were and if she knew what was going on. She said that she was as anxious as I was and that the district manager ran out of the store as soon as my interview was over. She said that he was supposed to talk to the store manager, who also liked me but that didn’t happen yet. I told her that I am excited for the opportunity, and she said she would let them know that. She also said that they had a conference scheduled for this week. I called this girl on Monday and have yet to hear any news. At this point, I feel like I haven’t gotten the job. But it would make no sense for them to go through all the trouble for a position that really didn’t exist to begin with and do a background check for…nothing? I don’t know if I should call back tomorrow and ask for the store manger or what to do at this point… any advice would be great…
    Thanks, Lauren

    • Hi Lawren,

      Yes, it would be crazy for them to go to all this effort and expense, and then not hire you, but it could happen. If they are opening 2 new stores, I would think they would be in a hurry to hire you, but many other things could be going on in the background that make things more complex than they look.

      Stay in touch with the person who originally scouted you, but try to prepare yourself for this not job not working out. Since you couldn’t “read” the DM, in the long run, it might be good for you if you don’t get this job. I prefer working with people I can understand, and I think most of us work better in those situations.

      I think the best thing for you to do is to try to move on. This job may well work out for you, but it doesn’t seem like it will work out quickly. So, change your focus, and see what else is out there for you. Perhaps a competitor of this company would be a good prospect for you?

      If this job doesn’t happen, a better one is waiting for you!

      Good luck!

  125. Hi,

    I’m quite desperately looking to switch jobs to relocate overseas for family issues, and I’d your opinion on what my chances of getting this job look like.

    It all started after I sent this company my resume randomly asking if they have any opening, and they got back to me in several weeks out of the blue, saying they have a position they’d like to discuss with me. So I flew there and met with them. They seemed to like me, and in fact they seemed to think I’m a bit overqualified for the job as the company’s reputation isn’t as good as my current employer. They told me to think about it, and said if I was still interested, they’d set up a test for me as the next step.

    The meeting was on Friday, and I thought about it over the weekend, and sent them a thank-you email on Monday, also saying I would like to pursue it further and take the test. So I took the test and a week later, I followed up with them and asked where I stood in the process. I also told them they wouldn’t have to worry about my visa as, long story short, I took care of it. They said I did well on the test, which was relieving to hear, but then went on to say they can’t give me a firmer answer at this point as they’re reviewing other candidates. Up until that point, I had been under the impression that they hadn’t advertised the opening and I was the only one being considered for the job. And in fact, I couldn’t find any job ad for the post on the Internet.

    Does this “we’re looking at other candidates” comment mean anything other than what it literally says, you think? Or am I reading too much into it? They didn’t give me a specific time frame — when do you think is a good time to follow up again?

    • Hi Warren,

      They could well have posted the job internally and are interviewing current employees who are interested in the job. Most employers do that because they want their employees to see opportunities for growth, and also a current employee is a “known quantity” and they know how well the person works. Someone from the “outside” is completely unknown to them.

      The fact that they flew you there (assuming that they paid your travel expenses) is a very good sign. Overall, this sounds promising. (But do NOT stop job hunting waiting for this to offer to happen!)

      Wait at least a week – 2 weeks if possible – before you contact them again. Then – remind them which job you interviewed for, when and who interviewed you, when you took the test, and any other relevant details (like your current employer). Ask them the status of the job and what the next steps are.

      Good luck!

      • Hi Susan,

        There’s been a little bit of update on that job – the hiring manager said he wants to show my test result to his boss, and I found out they’ve been asking people about how good I am. I’m not sure these are good signs or not – hope they are!

        I’m also talking to another company, and it’s been quite frustrating as well and I would like your opinion on this too. It’s basically the same deal – I flew over there (out of my own expense for this one), met with them and took a presentation test. They seemed to be interested in me the whole time, but they kept asking me about my salary expectations to the point where I couldn’t just dodge the question any more. So I gave a ballpark figure of my current salary, though stressing that my expectations are flexible. At the end of the interview and the test, the hiring manager said my current salary might be out of their budget and asked me to consider taking a pay cut. And they said the decision is likely to take more than a month, as they haven’t interviewed many people yet and the hiring manager has to travel at lot.

        I sent thank-you emails to the hiring manager, as well as people who sat on my presentation test. To the hiring manager, I said I’m keen on the job itself, and I’m open to considering making an adjustment to my salary if needed. One of the people who was there said my presentation was impressive, but the hiring manager didn’t respond to my thank-you email. And a few weeks later, I sent the hiring manager an email again to see if they have made a decision or if they’re close to making one. A few days passed, but still no response. How should I take this? I’m honestly split between these two jobs, and ready to take whoever makes an offer first, but of course, I may not get either of them, and the thought of it is driving me crazy! Any realistic assessment of my situation would be greatly appreciated like the last time. Thanks!

      • Hi Warren,

        I think that asking people about how good you are is probably a good sign. You are in good, but probably not ideal, situations with both of these opportunities, and either of them – maybe both! – could work out for you.

        The second company doesn’t sound too positive. I suspect they are very interested in you, but also very concerned about the salary issue. You certainly proved your level of interest by flying there at your own expense.

        Salary issues are tough, though. They may be afraid that, even if you accepted their job at a lower salary, you would be looking for better-paying opportunities and leave soon.

        I wonder if the new location has a lower cost of living so that a lower salary wouldn’t really be painful or dissatisfying to you. People working in NYC are generally paid higher than the rest of us to enable people to afford to live there.

        Many other options could be considered that would increase the “value” of the job to you without costing them a lot more money, depending on what is of value to you. The options could include telecommuting (working a day or more from home, after getting established in the organization), flex time so you wouldn’t be commuting during the heaviest hours, additional vacation days, subsidized parking or subsidized commuting, a company car, an performance review with salary increase sooner than their normal timeframe (with aggressive – but achievable – goals to be met), etc.

        We have an ebook on Job-Hunt, Winning Negotiation Strategies for Your New Job that offers advice and a bunch of additional options.

        Meanwhile, keep job hunting! A better job, that is easier to get, may be waiting for you right around the corner.

        Good luck!

  126. This is my tale…. on February 8th I applied to a job within one of the largest corporations in the world. This job would be a cross country move. They had two open positions with two different job numbers, so I applied for both. My parents work for this company and wrote to the hiring manager, who also happens to be the VP of this segment. Within 2 days of applying the hiring manager emailed me and basically flat out asked “why should I hire you’? I answer that email and the next day got another email saying the hiring manager happend to be in the same town as me that week and would love a in person interview.
    I went to that and it was an hour long and she asked everything from what I learned at school to what I do now to what my girlfriend would do if I moved. At the end of the interview she said contact this person( Who is the Senior position of this roll) and do a phone interview with him. I set that interview up and it lasted 45minutes and we cover personal taste as well as philosophies about what the job entails. After that interview was over I sent both interviewe’s email thank you’s. A week goes by and I then send a snail mail thank you and restating how I was good for the job.
    A week after I sent my snail mail thank you’s I receive an email from an HR representative stating that the hiring manager told her to conduct and interview with me. This interview was over the phone. it was different from the first two interviews. She basically just asked what I learned in school. What I do at my job. she also stressed that this positon offers no relocation assistants. She also mentioned that she knows of my first two interviews. At the end of the interview I asked what she thought the time frame of the next step was and she said “there has been some reorganization and I will talk tot he new manager”. Well 10 days go by and I email the HR lady that I had the interview with and I stated thank you for interviewing me I am still interested in the position. I got an immediate response and she once again stated “That the department is going through some reporting structures, and I’ve spoken with the manager and he will be getting back to me and I will let you know as soon as I hear something.” It has been 12 days since that email and one of the two open positions has been reposted. What should I think of all this situation. Sorry for the long story, it was just quite the tale.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Yes, quite a tale! Since both of your parents already work for this company, you might have them make some inquiries about what is going on in that group, as appropriate and comfortable for them. Reorganizations can be quite dramatic, and, as you know, it is entirely possible that everyone you interviewed with is in a different job by now.

      And, large organizations are famous for the level of complexity of the policies and procedures. Wrong person out of the country on business travel or working on some hot crisis, and everything is “on hold” until that person is available again. Many, many things can slow down the process.

      The new posting may be a sign that they are starting over or that the reorg has changed the requirements or a million other things.

      You do have a big advantage in having “internal advocates” – next to hiring from within, most organizations like to hire based on employee referrals. So, if these opportunities don’t work out, keep watching and applying, and you’ll make the right connection eventually. Maybe it will even be something that doesn’t require a cross-country move.

      Good luck!

  127. i went for an interview this Monday and was told they will get back to by this week when I asked soon they will get back to me. I also told them please do inform me despite whether I get the job or not as if I get the job, that would be really great news for me and if not, at least I would be informed about it. They told me since the co is a small co they wont take a long time to get back to me and explained that maybe most companies didnt give immediate feedback looking into the size of company. The reason why I’m being so antsy is coz I have not been lucky with job hunting lately as I have been made to wait or KIVed in the last 5 jobs that I’ve been interviewed. And all the telltale signs? It is all unreliable as in my interviews, it has always been a good feedback but still not hired. I was wondering why wont they tell us the real timeline. I mean if you can’t call within a week then say it.

    • Hi jaja,

      I think that, most of the time, employers really do intend to call back when they tell you they will. But, other stuff happens, so filling the job, or simply making the decision about which candidates move on to the next phase, often takes longer than they anticipate.

      Then, if the news is bad news (applicant didn’t get the job), no one particularly likes delivering bad news.

      And, sometimes, the situation gets very messy. Perhaps the person offered the job doesn’t accept it, or they accept it and then don’t actually show up for work, or they start the job and then quit very soon, etc. If the employer has turned down everyone who didn’t get the job, they are in an awkward position having to recontact the #2 applicant to offer them a job which has already obviously not worked out well for someone else.

      So, to avoid all of those issues and to keep their options open in case something doesn’t work out, they don’t contact anyone.

      I do definitely agree that people shouldn’t be left wondering, but a recent survey by the Talent Board showed that 30% to 40% of job candidates don’t receive any status updates on their applications. So, it is, unfortunately, very common.

      Good luck!

  128. Hello! I would really appreciate some advice about a situation I am in. I will try to keep it simple.

    I was offered a job two days ago. I was pleased to hear the good news (because I have had a few interviews in the past and have been turned down) but asked for some time to think about accepting. I am to make a decision by April 10th 2012. One (of many) issue with this offer is that I didnt actually apply for this job. My C.V was kindly forwarded but after doing the interview I made my mind up that this was not the sort of job I would like to do. I had my sights elsewhere.

    The main dilemma is that I had a job interview (for another job/role which I prefer) yesterday which went very well, well …according to me. However, I was reassured when i got a phone call (i missed it so they left a voice message) shortly after the interview..approx 2hours after the interview, saying that they were really pleased with me (much to my surprise). They also mentioned/stressed that they will be making their decision in 2weeks time as explained to me in the interview because the last interview date is in 2weeks (so they basically cannot decide sooner as it would be unfair). They stressed they will let me know the outcome the day after/a couple days after the last interview. Lastly it was mentioned that if i had any other job offers I am interested in taking, I should please let them know before acception it.

    I thought this was rather interesting as I didnt expect to get such feedback straight away. I found the bit about me ‘having another job offer’ quite interesting as I am infact in the situation where I do have another offer.

    I want to know whether to tell them about the first offer, or to tell them that I have no other offer and will wait for them to decide in 2weeks. I am conscious of the fact that they cannot speed up the process any more.

    Finally, I will let you know a few vital things. I have already decided to turn down the first job offer simply because I will get better job satifcation from this pending one. The pending job also pays x2 of the pending job!!
    The pending job are going to recruit 2-4 people. So I am hoping I have a pretty good chance!!

    Is it normal for such feedback to be given so soon after???Are they indirectly telling me I’ve got the job?? I’m not sure what to say to them when I call back. Do I tell them I have a job offer (to ‘scare them’ even though I have no intention of accepting the offer)?? Or do I simply say, ‘ I have no other offers and I am happy to wait for 2weeks because I am keen on this job!!’

    Sorry if it was long…I desperately need some advice!!

    ps: This is my first ‘graduate job’. I graduated last June and have been looking for a job since!!!

    • Hi Alison,

      Well, what an interesting situation! It sounds like a great “problem” to have, in a way.

      The second employer told you to let them know if you have any other job offers, correct? That tells me that they have more flexibility than you think they have. They may be able to make one offer now, to you, and hold off on the other 3 offers until they are done with the interviews. Or, perhaps have something else in mind. Hard to tell, but I doubt that they would have asked you to let them know if you have any offers if there was nothing they could do about it.

      If I were in your shoes, I would let them know about the first offer, and that you would prefer to work for them, if there is a good possibility that you might get an offer from them. Tell them you will be giving the other employer a “no” on the 10th, and are hoping that you will have an offer from them, in a couple of weeks. Be prepared for them to ask you who the other employer is and what the position is if you do that. And, you’ll need to share that information or look like you are not being honest with them. I would not share any other details like the names of the individuals or salary information.

      I also would definitely NOT tell them that you have NO other offers! First, because it’s not true, and, secondly, because you don’t sound as successful in your job search as you are. They will probably be pleased to know that another employer is interested in you but that you are more interested in them.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you so much for your response Susan.

        You are absolutely right, they won’t have told me to inform them of any other offers if there was nothing they could do about it. I will take your advice and inform them about the other offer I have. I plan to call them before I turn down the other offer. The response I get from them will hopefully give me more strength to call the other company and turn them down.

        One other thing I actually forgot to mention was the fact that this other company is not in my home town, whereas the other one is (the one I’m turning down). During the interview I was asked about my plans to relocate and I said it is something that I am ready to do and have already started looking at apartments online (though that may be abit premature). They had a little giggle when I said this but I completed it by saying, ‘ it is always good to be prepared.. just incase’. They seemed impressed and proceeded to ask me how long I think i’ll need to move and I said 2-3weeks.

        I just hope they don’t pick another candidate over me because of the fact that I am not in their town. I made it clear I was ready to relocate, plus the fact that I travelled 3.5hrs for the interview should count for something.

        I will let you know the outcome, I really appreciate your help.


      • Sounds like a plan, Alison. Keep us posted.

        Fingers crossed!

        Good luck!

  129. thanks so much susan. susan, i just received feedback from the interviewer from d job last Monday. they said that management approved and hiring and they are preparing for documentation ie the letter of offer. can i breathe the sigh of relieve or dont put too much hope?

    • Hi jaja,

      Excellent news! An offer letter is exactly what you want.

      You can probably relax – the only potential issues I see is the salary that will be in the letter. If they discussed the salary with you and it’s what you want (or, at least, OK), then you are probably fine. Hope that is what happened.

      Good luck!

  130. I love this article (and “I Got the Post-Interview Temporary OCD Blues”)! I believe it can be applied to a variety of situations related to the limbo we experience while waiting to hear back from employers – even after you’ve been hired. This article is definitely enlightening; I never realized how extensive the hiring process truly is.

    I have a bit of a different situation with “the waiting game”. I recently went on 4+ interviews. In 99% of interviews, I technically have the job – it’s whether or not I’M interested in accepting the job position available. I turned down several potential employers with great difficulty, and accepted the one I believe is best for my future and my career.

    I sent both an e-mail and a phone message stating that I accepted the offer of employment. I did receive an e-mail two days later saying something along the lines of… “Welcome aboard! Call me when you’re ready to start”. I have a confirmation of my employment, so that’s step one. My problem is the excruciating wait of knowing when I’m supposed to start. I noticed that my soon-to-be employer and I are beginning the cycle of “e-mail and phone tag”. I e-mail them with little luck – I’m never sure if my e-mails ever make it through. I leave phone messages if I hear nothing back, just as a follow-up. They’ll message me back with an e-mail sometime later, but not as a reply to my previous e-mail, and never by phone. I am becoming nervous, because we cannot establish a real-time connection and get all the details worked out in one session.

    I fear that I come off as pushy or impatient instead of eager and excited. I’m used to fast correspondence so this is driving me crazy. It’s not their fault; I’m sure they’re busy and interviewing and hiring other people. I just wish I had an approximate date to look forward to. In response to “when are you available to start?” in the interview, I did say a specific date. My mother told me that my availability ≠ my start date. I totally thought it did, which makes me worry since I really do like to show up for work and on time. I don’t want that “available to start” day to come, and have no clue whether or not I need to be there.

    I guess I just have to sit tight and wait patiently to hear back. I’m just really excited and want to start working my best as soon as possible!

    • Hi TJ,

      This is a bit odd. They should be as anxious for you to start as you are to get to work. You could leave them a message that you will show up for work on the date you gave them in answer to “when are you available to start” unless you hear other wise from them. Your mother could be wrong, since she wasn’t part of that conversation, and they could be making the same assumption that you did about your start date.

      Is there a chance you could stop by and see them? Or, just show up, ready for work? If “all the details” include discussion about salary and benefits, completing IRS forms (in the USA), etc., then stopping by may get this ball rolling and finalize things.

      I would worry less about coming off as “pushy or impatient” than about missing your start date. You are eager to get to work, and they should be happy about that. So, my recommendation is to go for it.

      Good luck!

  131. Hi Susan,

    I’m happy to share with you that I will be picking my letter offer this evening.

    I would like to seek your advise actually. I have been with my current employer for 3 months and it was actually a job I rejected but after the HR asked me to give it a try, I went ahead with the job. It was not something I intend to do in a long run and prior to accepting this current job, I have tried so many times to find a job that would provide growth for me but was very unlucky. After working on the third month with my current employer, I was recommended to a company by a friend of mine who knew I have been searching for that particular position. I figured this opportunity rarely happens to me and I went for the interview and hence, the letter offer I’m picking up this evening.

    Is there any advise how I can resign gracefully without burning any bridges? I know that this needs to be done and I wanted to elaborate when I resign that this opportunity is something I could not refuse as I have been looking into entering that field for quite sometime and it is definitely something that could provide me more professional growth. Do you think it is wise for me to say so?

    I’m sorry if my question is not that relevant to the above article topic. You are free to move my comment in a different column which is relevant.

    Thank you.


      Excellent news! Hope that the new job is everything you wanted and hoped for!

      VERY good question about leaving on good terms. It is an important thing to do.

      One thing that will help a lot is giving an appropriate amount of notice before you leave. So walking in today and telling them that Friday will be your last day is not good (and I hope not what you are planning!). These people will hopefully be in your network for a long time, and you may help them find other jobs some day as they may help you. This is why burning bridges is not a good idea.

      In the USA, many states have regulations requiring 2 weeks notice. Leaving in less than 2 weeks is usually considered unfriendly.

      Depending on your job, many employers would like more notice. On the other hand, some employers will want at least 2 weeks notice, but will, in fact, show you to the door the day you give your notice. It’s probably because they have had departing employees take important things with them, like customer lists, internal reports, even patent applications and other highly-sensitive information. So, as soon as you’ve indicated you are leaving, they want you OUT. If you’ve been a good solid employee, and aren’t taking anything with you but your own personal stuff, your knowledge, skills, and experiences, you should be OK.

      My suggestions:

      1. Before you give your notice, see if you can find any HR or other official policies or guidelines on how to give notice, and then follow them as closely as you can (if you find any).

      2. See if you can get access to your personnel/HR folder to get copies of your reviews, if you need them, and any other important relevant material.

      3. Clear all your personal information off your employer’s computer system, network, cell phone, etc.

      4. If you have a LinkedIn account, be sure to add a non-work email address to the account so you can still access it when you are no longer working for this employer.

      5. Write up your letter of resignation and print it out at home on your own paper – definitely not on your employer’s letterhead stock (if any). In the letter, stick to the facts:
      * You have accepted another opportunity and will be leaving their employment.
      * The date that will be your last day of work (hopefully more than 2 weeks from the date of your letter).
      * Your mailing address for that last paycheck if they still use paper and don’t do an automatic deposit.
      * Thank them for the opportunity to work for them.
      * Say that you enjoyed working there and look forward to staying in touch with many of the people.

      6. Make an appointment to speak with your boss, and then tell your boss in person. Then, hand your boss a printed – and signed (!) – copy of your resignation letter. You can follow up (after the meeting) with an email version, but the printed version is more formal and official. Ask your boss if an emailed version is needed.

      When you tell your boss you are leaving, have a letter of resignation ready, and try very hard not to smile as you tell him or her you are leaving – I was too happy leaving a job once, and it was a mistake!

      About.com has an impressive collection of sample resignation letters for you to read. That will help you get started.


      Good luck!


  132. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the superb advice! I was wondering, since my notice is one month however i would like to request for a three weeks notice since the company requested me to enter early, I’m not certain which date should I put as it is all subject to my immediate superior’s permission.

    Can you please help?

    • Hi jaja,

      Since you need your immediate superior’s permission to leave on a certain date, ask your superior if 3 week’s notice vs. 4 weeks would be OK. If your superior says it’s OK, then you are fine.

      If your superior doesn’t approve the shortened notice period, tell your new employer that you are unable to leave your current job for 4 weeks. You will be happy to start as soon as you can, but you are unable to start until (the date 4 weeks away).

      Good luck!

  133. I have been interviewing for a position as fitness manager and a famous health resort for at least 4 months now. I live in Germany and have had two extensive skype interviews, have made a 45 mintues fitness video, and most recently flew out to the resort for a 9 day long interview process. I arrive with itinerary in hand ready to leave the competition in the dust. First day went well, I got in at 10 pm after 24 hours of travel in which i did not sleep, neither did I the night before ( I started reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” and couldn’t put it down). I did not sleep the night I got there either because of the time change. Ok, 3 days no sleep and a meeting with my potential boss at 9 am. It went great! She was very nice. We went over my itinerary and she said it was very flexible, we can switch around a few meetings if we needed to. I was supposed to teach a class that day at 2 pm, which I asked if we could reschedule because after several unreturned emails asking what kind of equipment they had needed to assess what was availabkle to me to teach a class. She said that was totally fine to reschedule. Also, I had a meeting with one of the other fitness managers at 1 pm who also told me 1 or 130 was fine with him. After lunch I realized if I didn’t lay to for at least half an hour I was going to be a complete zombie so I called and asked if 130 was ok to meet in which he replied yes. Well unfortunately my body completely shut down after 3 days of no sleep and I woke up 10 minutes late for the meeting after I had set two alarms that I did not hear go off. I rushed over as soon as I awoke and apologized over and over. My body really had completely shut down. He said it was no big deal, but the next day the director asked me if I had a time management problem. I was completely horrified and explained to him what happend. He seemed to be totally fine with it and understood that jet lag and no sleep took over. But I also realized that in each interview, the person interviewing kept me passed the time they were supposed to, which made me late for the next interview. Which I then realized after the fact might be why he thought I had a time management problem. They were not communicating with each other letting the next interviewer know that they were keeping me longer. They also changed my interviews around and failed to let me know. Thank goodness I ran in to one of the interviewers that got switched around and I went directly with her to interview at the time that was rescheduled. This all happened at the beginning of the week. I was very confused and put off by the lack of communication, but wonder because they weren’t communicating with each other, did it make me look at though I was late to meetings. Everything else went fantastic! I got along with everyone very well, the guests loved me! My boss had even told her soon in front of me that my son would be in his class at school. They said they would contact me by Friday and I have yet to hear back. What is your take on this? I know that I was a top candidate before I got there and there were a few applications that came in after me. I’m driving myself crazy! Do you have any suggestions on why they haven’t called back yet?

    • Hi Felicia,

      Wow – what a marathon interview process with 9-days of interviewing at the end. Sounds to me like everyone was having both time management and communications problems throught this final in-person interview 9-day marathon.

      My guess is that this is another instance of an employer not getting back to the prospective employees on time. It is the rule rather than the exception – for employers to miss their own self-imposed deadline. So, probably it is taking them more time to come to a conclusions and make a decision than they thought it would, and that usually happens. If they are paying for your move from Germany, this will be a big investment for them, so perhaps they are being as thorough about the decision-making process as they were about the 4-month interview process.

      Be patient, but reach out to them by this next Friday if they haven’t contacted you yet.

      Keep us posted.

      Good luck!

      So, don’t assume that

  134. Hello Susan,

    Thanks so much for your help. I found out on Thursday the 19th April that I got the job! I’m ecstatic and very grateful for your advice!


  135. Jessica G says:

    Hi there ,

    First, thanks for all the advice, and second I have a question.

    I applied for an exec assist job last week. I aced the phone interview , and the director whom I would be working for LOVED me in our first real interview. She even had me meet the HR person and showed me where my office would be. Also, she even said “I think I found my new assistant!” . This week she had me have my second meeting with the owner of the facility.

    Here it where it gets frustrating and weird. He starts shooting questions at me about my family life (if I have any kids, husband, what my husband does) and not in a warm “chit chat” kinda way.. Then he throws a curveball at me and asks about my HIT experience that I listed in my resume. He tells me that on top of my exec assisting job, he wants someone to head up the medical records part too (change their system from paper to digital). Although I CAN do this, this kinda floored me because this is a HUGE responsibility , and to ask to do something THAT huge along with being the directors assistant is really too much to ask one single person to do imo. So I kinda stammered through that part because at first I didn’t really know what he was wanting so I downplayed my medical records experience. He did discuss salary somewhat, and he told me that he wanted ME to think about the position and that they would be calling me back.

    It has been a week and I didn’t hear anything.. I called the director up today but I just got ahold of her receptionist who said the director said that they hadn’t made a decision today and they are deciding which direction they want to go and will get back with me. My question is, if I contact her back next week, what do I ask? Also, given this new turn of events is it possible for me to still have the position which I pretty much thought was mine?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jessica,

      You are in an interesting position — and one which happens a lot — and is widely misunderstood.

      What is going on inside the company has nothing to do with you — or your candidacy. The company is figuring out what they need in this position — and it sounds like the two people you have interviewed have different perspectives on that. The company needs to figure it out before they hire so that the person who is hired will have a good experience! If not, it will be a rough job to take and anyone who takes it will likely be unhappy.

      Give them the time to figure out what the job is — and whether it is suited towards your qualifications. If not, don’t take it personally — the first person who interviewed you clearly thinks you’d be a good fit for the company culture and you should stay in touch with her even if not selected for this initial position.

      Good luck and keep us posted,

      • Jessica says:

        Since it has been about a week and a half since I heard from them, I called them up this morning to touch base and see if anything has changed. The receptionist said “Ohhh, I thought I called you. They said the decision is still ‘on-hold’ right now.”

        Now.. I’ve kinda moved on , and I am supposedly having another interview with another company this week. However, I was wondering, since I can NEVER get ahold of the actual person who I initially interviewed with ( the receptionist never transfers me over, and won’t get the lady on the phone for me even though she said if I had any questions or concerns to call her ) , since I live like 5 minutes away from this company if I don’t hear anything more within the next couple of weeks would it be alright if I just stopped by in person and see if I could talk with the lady in person instead of getting 3rd party info from the receptionist?

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Jessica,

        I don’t recommend doing anything else to follow-up beyond what you have already done. They know you are interested — and you have followed up accordingly. Don’t stop by — it only places the employer in an awkward position if the search is still on hold.

        Most employers have a policy of treating all applicants neutrally until a hire is made — they can’t say “you are our top choice” until the offer is extended.

        Good luck!


  136. Farrukh says:

    Hi Susan,

    I have read all the above and it’s great that you have been helping people with your experiece,

    Right let me explain my problem as i’m very frustrated with the situation.

    I recently applied for a IT Support position in one of the biggest company in the world. I have had two interviews and i’m quite confident that i did a very well during the interviews however after my second interview there has been a complete silence and i haven’t heard anything back from them.. Mind you i went through an agent and during my interviews there was two weeks of gap as well.. I initally applied for the position on 15 of March, got a call from recruiter on 16th and he forwarded my cv straight away. Then he contacted me on 29th of March to inform me that they would like to see me on 2nd of April, i went for the interview, did well but didn’t hear anything back from them until 12th of April then i was invited for 2nd interview on 17th of April and i met senior managers and believe i did quite well, they in fact talked abou company benefits towards the end of the interview. Since then it’s exactly been 2 weeks and i’m so anxisiously waiting for their response. I have been in touch with my recruiter but he hasn’t heard anything from them either. I got so frustrated today that i sent a follow up email directly to their HR department this afternoon but no reply!
    I’m jus wondering what’s going on? I know it’s a very big organisation and it may take a long time and it’s a new position as well… Do you think i shouldn’t think about the job anymore since it’s been two weeks?

    Any help would be more appreicated Susan.

    Many thanks,

    • chandlee says:


      Behind closed doors it takes employers a great deal of time to get through paperwork in order to hire. Bigger companies often have more procedures and processes to jump through. So I don’t think two weeks means you didn’t get the job.

      As always, keep applying for opportunities until you are offered — and accept — a new position. But it’s also too early to give up on the possibility altogether.

      Good luck and keep us posted,

      • Farrukh says:

        Thanks Chandlee for your feedback.

        Still waiting!! Hope i get the offer soon….

  137. Farrukh says:

    Also i noticed the job is still advertised on their website and the closing date is 8th of may 2012, they didn’t post the job again it’s been there since a long time.. so i take it even if they like a candidate before the closing date they will not offer you the position? I was told in my last interview that it was the last interview before they will make a decision…


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Farrukh,

      If they’ve got a closing date posted on the site, they will likely need to evaluate applications received until that closing date has passed. So be prepared to wait another week — then follow-up after that.

      It’s quite possible the team you met with wasn’t the same team that posted the job and close date for the job. This happens often behind the scenes.

      Good luck,

  138. Hi Susan,
    I visited this forum for the very first time and read some really good answers but unfortunately, non eof them matched with my story so here you go:

    I had applied for a job in a fortune 500 company via a consultant. Initially, they took a week to zero in on my CV and finally i got a call for telephonic interview. I cleared the round and the very next day i got a call that there 1st level boss would like to have a tele con with me. I said that i am not a very big fan of tele cons and would rather fly down to there office. They agreed instantaneously and sent me down the flight and cab details in an hours time. At the organization, i had three rounds of interview- one with BU head, second with HR and last with the reporting manager for the vacant post. honestly, it was not one of the days when i can say that i rocked the interview. The first two din go well however i pulled up my socks in the last round and did well. I was given an assignment at the end of the 3rd interview for which i had to make a ppt and send it back to them in 24 hours flat-this was 23rd April. I completed the assignment and send it on 24th to which i got a reply on 25th saying that they are still in process of evaluating other candidates and hr will get back to me with next stage of evaluation. On 25th i got a call from them to appear for a test online which i did the same day but ever since that i have not heard from them. I communicated and sent a thank you note via linkedin to each of them but havent even got a response. I have been in touch with consultant who told me that results would be given by 01 may , then told 4th may and today told in sometime next week. I donot know what is the actua;l position in teh company??

    How long should i wait before calling them?? what do you think of the interview? should i wait or let it go now?


    • chandlee says:


      If you’ve been told next week, I’d wait ten days before you follow-up. It sounds like you are still in the game, but as always you should continue to pursue other opportunities as well — until you have accepted a written offer for work or employment.

      Good luck,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        Thanks for the reply. I had at alk with consultant in the morning and she tells me that the company has to evaluate one more candidate on Friday and then they shall let us know the results by next monday or tuesday. I personally feel, that as per the scenario here in my industry no one waits for a period of one month to get offer from the company. I have a feeling that may be i am there second choice and they are waiting for a response from the other candidate before informing me anything.Also, i texted the hiring manager on friday to ask for the feedback of interview but i din get to hear anything from him.

        ANy comments?


      • chandlee says:


        Companies have processes they need to follow in order to hire. Part of that process often involves giving due consideration to all finalists.

        I’d recommend you take the company at its word, and wait to hear back from them without following up further. In the interim, continue your job search. (I advise that all the candidates do this — it’s no reflection on where you may be in the applicant pool, I certainly have no way of knowing your status as I am not working internally at the company.) Good luck!


  139. Ichbinmarc says:

    Hi Susan and Chandlee,

    This is my last update. The bank’s HR told me that the contract will be ready next week, probably on Monday. It was an uneasy six months yet worth waiting. This job is a start of a new chapter of my life. I have worked hard for the past 20 years just for an opportunity in NYC. A life changing event.

    Thank you for your support and help. Good luck to everyone.

    Ichbinmarc from Canada

    • chandlee says:


      How wonderful. Congratulations — and good luck in the new job. If you put as much energy and thought into your new work as you have in the job search, I would anticipate that you will be wildly successful.

      As New York city can be a challenging city to navigate, make sure you find a great place to live. Speaking from my own past experience, you may want to consider paying the fee to hire a broker to find a place to live if the bank is not providing assistance with finding housing. It’s not cheap, but brokers often have access to great apartments not available in the general market.

      Good luck,

      • Ichbinmarc says:

        Thanks, Chandlee.

        I live in Williamsburg now and might move to Astoria. These two areas are nice, affordable and convenient to go to midtown Manhattan.

        All the best!


      • chandlee says:


        That’s great. If you’re already in the greater NY area you are all set. I shared information on finding an apartment in New York for those of our readers who may have to make a move to the Big Apple for a job — finding housing in NYC can get pretty complicated!

        All the Best,

  140. Hello,
    I would love if you can offer me some advice. I have had 3 phone interviews, the first 2 were with the recruiter the 3rd was with the department head. I thought the interview went great and I was told that I should hear something next week, also he said if i had not heard anything within the next 10 days I should call him directly.

    He mentioned that he thought I was a great candidate for the position. However they have a few more interviews to go through. I reaaaaallly like this job but I don’t wish to put all my hopes into it. I have filled out a few other applications immediately following the interview. Should I have just waited until next week…..Also this entire process has been going on for almost a month since I was first contacted by the recruiter.

    • chandlee says:


      Sounds like you’ve received a strong amount of interest for this position; that’s always a good sign. I recommend you follow-up exactly 10 to 14 days following your interview. In the interim, make sure you send a thank you note and emphasize your interest in the job.

      Good luck with the process, and keep up the good work of seeking out other opportunities as you wait for the results.

      All the Best,

      • Hello Chandlee,

        Thanks for the encouraging words. I will definitely call sometime nex week if I have not heard anything. I also sent a thankyou know the following day after the interview thanking the hiring manager for the time.

        Hopefully I will get this one I really like the company.


      • Update: So yesterday I gave the hiring manager a call per his request. After the last interview he told me, if I had not heard from him in 10 days I should give him a call. Here is how it went: Once he answered the phone I informed him as to whom I was, he remembered right away. He stated that he has about 3 more interviews to do “due diligence”. He asked that I be a little patient with him, and once he gets through with the interviews I would hear from him.

        I really will not put too much stock in this at all…..but since I realllllly want this job I will not totally give up. I am still job searching and I will keep doing this until I have an offer letter in hand. Stay positive everyone!!!!

      • Good Luck Amya,

        Well I waited for 2 months and that guys turned me down by saying that he is no longer with the company but never give up hope. Now I’m still waiting for this pharmaceutical company to get back to me and in the meantime I am going to contact this way less pay job and see if I can get into that one too.

        It’s difficult but I believe we can get through it. I feel kind of stupid for resigning my job 6 months ago, now I kind of regret it. Anyway I can’t turn back time hopefully those people get back to me sooner.

  141. Hi,

    So here’s my story I got interviewed at the beginning of March with a promising opportunity. We kept in contact every 4 to 5 days because the company is new and they are relocating and doing all these new paper works. The company is originally from London so the benefits and compensation sounds great. However, once the guy told me on April that he is going to make an offer to me the next day, he never respond so I called him and emailed him but he never responded. So, I texted him and he replied to me that he is no longer with the company. I was so mad because I kept waiting for this position. I don’t know why people make you have all this expectation when at the end they are just going to turn you down.

    Now, I’m depending on this other job that I was interviewed on March too. We had lunch and he really like me and he is very interested in the skills and experience I had. We kept in contact every 2 weeks and recently every 3 to 5 days. Once he told me that he is going to have all the paper for me to sign up he told me at the last minute that he had an emergency and can’t show up. So, I kept emailing him every 2 to 3 days for the last 2 weeks and I just texted him an hour ago and no response. So, I guess this one is worst than the other guy. He couldn’t make up a lie to turn me down.

    I feel very tire and frustrated that people play with you like that.

    • chandlee says:


      How frustrating. I hope something will turn up. If you can get in touch with others from the either company, it may help you stay top of mind in the mind of others who are hiring — and you could still ultimately get an offer.

      That said, pay attention to the kind of company that you’d like to work for…and how they make you feel. Sounds like you haven’t found quite the right dynamic yet, so it may be a good idea to keep looking for additional opportunities — even if one of these comes through.

      Good luck,

      • Thank you very much Chandlee,

        I think I’m getting use to it. The thing is that both of them are the CEO’s of the company and they make all decisions for the hiring. So, I cannot do anything about it. However, I am not giving up hope and I’ll accept this low paying job if they want to hire me, which I believe I got it. I just need to wait for them to call me back next week.

        Thanks again, this is a really helpful site. I didn’t look up for advises or anything in the last 5 months. I wanted somewhere to vent and luckily I found a lot of people who are in the same situation that I am.

  142. Hi,

    There’s been some new development in my job search, which was supposed to be all good news, but then my situation got even more complicated.

    Basically, I’m looking to move to a different country, and I’ve been looking for a job for almost six months now while asking my current employer, which has massive global operations, to transfer me to the country. I’m finally getting close to getting an offer from Company A, but then a position opened up at my current company. I’m a little under-qualified for that internal job, but I nevertheless applied and had a rather casual chat with the hiring manager who didn’t rule me out, yet didn’t promise anything.

    The thing is my current employer pays way above the industry standard, so I’m hoping to stay there. I’ve been getting good reviews from my bosses, and they’re supportive of me, but it’s just been difficult to find a position in the country I’m trying to go to because most jobs there require skill sets I don’t have. So I really want to get that internal job, but I’m afraid I won’t get it and will be left without any options, if I turn down the offer from Company A with hopes to get that internal job.

    Is there any good way to use the offer from Company A to push my employer? I have pretty good relationships with some of senior people but my employer is known to not take threats well, so I’m afraid it’ll backfire on me.

    Or, what can happen if I accept the offer and later turn it down if I get the internal job?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Warren,

      Wow! That’s complicated. The key thing that I am seeing here is that you have not been offered the job from Company A yet. Wait until that happens and see what the offer is. See how you like the culture and the people at Company A, and ask to meet with them again if you think you’d like working there and money isn’t the ultimate determinant for you in terms of what you want.

      Then — my personal perspective — is to find out how long you can have to accept the offer from Company A if you get it. Once you have the offer in hand, ask for an update from your current company on the status of the position — and let them know you have another opportunity to work in the country you’d like to move to — but would prefer to stay with your current company. Tell them that you aim to make a decision by ___ deadline, and then let them know that you don’t expect your own decision process to speed up their hiring timeline/transfer process.

      This way you aren’t threatening, but you are being assertive. Make sense?

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Thanks Chandlee.

        So, how bad an idea is it to accept the offer and retract it later when something better comes up?

      • chandlee says:


        I’ve heard of very few situations where it’s a good idea to actually accept an offer and retract it later. Always better to delay giving the company a final decision.

        Good luck to you.


  143. Hey guys so I have been invited for an in person interview at the property. My interview lineup includes three different sit downs with Department heads that I will work with. It about 2 hrs in total. I am set to also meet with the hiring manager again. Excited and a ittle nervous at the same time.

    • chandlee says:


      Good luck. Check out the interviewing resources on Job-Hunt.org: http://www.job-hunt.org/job_interviews/job-interviewing.shtml

      All the Best,

      • Great article and discussion! I have an interview tomorrow that I am thrilled about. My main concern is taking time off my current job to interview with other employers. As the HR Manager, I’ve often have been advised to term employees that we suspect are actively seeking other employment. This makes me nervous. Since interview opportunities are typically last minute, I can’t schedule a day off in advance. I am taking my chances however, in order to find better employment opportunities.

        To add what the author noted, we have several chains of command that the hiring process must go through. It isn’t uncommon for us to contact an employee a couple of weeks after their interview. I think its common courtesy for the employer to notify the candidate even if they did not get selected. Also, receiving a Thank You note from the interviewee goes a long way with me.

        I wish everyone the best of luck in your job search. Don’t get discouraged. The job that’s best suited for you is out there. Thanks again for the great read =)

      • Thanks! I got a verbal offer today and have been invited to start pre-hire paper work. They said an official offer would be another week.

      • chandlee says:


        That’s terrific — congratulation. We’re doing a blog post featuring advice from HIRED members of the Work Coach Cafe community. If you’d like to be featured, let me know and I will send you the information.

        All the Best,

  144. So, my question is regarding a promotional interview. I have been told by my store manager, my direct manager, and assistant manager, that I pretty much don’t have to “cross my fingers” and I am first on the list…anyway, I had my final 3rd interview today…This interview was with a current overseeing manager who is not a district manager, but playing the part until there is a permanent DM. Anyway, I had a really positive interview with him, the interview lasted about an hour and then, towards the end of the interview he says: “I can see that you have a lot of fire and energy and see the opportunities that come your way, even if you don’t get this one (as in the opportunity) , you have such a positive outlook to maybe be able to get those that come your way in the future and I think you’d be a good asset to that store and the district.” Now TO ME, this sounds like I didn’t get it. Saying that “if I don’t get this opportunity” sounds negative to me. However, my management team at my store pretty much, in so many words, told me I have the job…I don’t know what to think…any advice? And, any advice if I DONT get it…I think it would make the management team look like asses…

    • chandlee says:


      Hiring is competitive tricky and often has NOTHING to do with you. If you don’t get the opportunity there are hundreds of reasons for that: Perhaps someone else has a skill that you don’t have, perhaps the position changed to be a better fit for that, perhaps the overseeing manager knows that the company will actually be laying off employees instead of growing…

      It’s easy to linger on any small tip employers say in an interview and to think that you did not get the job because of it. Try not to think of a blue elephant instead. (Now are you seeing blue elephants?)

      What you can do at this juncture — is to make sure that you send a follow-up thank you to all of your interviewers…And if you don’t get it, don’t think it “makes the management team look like —– because you’re not privy to the internal conversation and don’t know what’s going on inside the company. For example, sometimes employers transfer employees between departments when one position is eliminated so that the other person does not have to leave their job.

      Good luck and all the best,

  145. I just finished my final interview last Friday. It was a group interview and I thought it went well and I saw some good reactions from them. Senior manager, told me I would hear back from them by next Monday.
    So I emailed interviewers as to follow up and senior manager replied me saying she would get back to me soon. I want to believe getting a response from follow up email immediately is a good sign.
    That will calm me down a little.

    Hopefully they won’t wait till the last day and let me know. It’s an internship position and I have to know very soon because of my personal travel plan and all kinds of problem being an international student and having complicated immigration issues that need to be taken care of once I get the offer.
    Day by day I am going crazier… its hard to stay sane.

    • chandlee says:


      Sounds like you’ve reason to be optimistic, but as an international student you should make sure to continue to explore other internship opportunities with different employers — until you get that offer.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  146. I’ve been working at a non-profit organization as a temp for 7 months. The manager has told me over the months that I’ve done a great job.

    The company opened a permanent position which is what I’ve been doing the whole time there. I applied and had to wait for the job listing to close, which was May 4th. I was told to apply for it and I did. I was interviewed and tested on Tues. May 29th. I was told that I would be treated no differently than anyone else. I was then told that the decision would be made Friday, June 1st. Before leaving for the day that Friday, I asked the manager if I would know anything before I went home and her reply was that all the paperwork hadn’t been signed. She told me this with a smile on her face. Today is the 7th and they still haven’t told me anything. I’m wondering, what kind of paperwork this could be? Is this normal, or if they found someone else in the application process they want them to hire? Why can’t they just give me a heads up or a heads down?

    • chandlee says:

      Oh Grace,

      Be patient. I once waited three weeks for the paperwork to go through on a job — it did, and I was hired.

      I know it’s really hard, but there’s a lot on the back-end of the hiring process that job applicants don’t typically see. Hiring someone full-time is much more complicated than hiring someone part-time, especially if the job comes with benefits. It’s much more of a commitment for the company and one that requires budgeting, planning, and structure — after all, they don’t want to hire for a full-time job only to discover that there’s no need for the job in three months.

      Hang in there and good luck! In the interim, feel free to look at other opportunities outside of the organization. Having more options feels good — and is often a good way to go in the process.

      All the Best,

      • Thank you Chandlee for your response and I hope you’re right. It is hard to be patient. I’m looking for other jobs but they are not that easy to find in my field….the employers are very specific about the kind of experience they require. Also, I’m over 55.

        I will keep you posted.

      • chandlee says:


        Keep up the faith! If you are over 55 and live in the U.S., check out unemployment resources from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). They provide solid advice and employment resources. If you live elsewhere, seek out similar organizations and resources. You are not the only person ever to go through this process and it is quite possible that you will be able to find work. Good luck!

        All the Best,

  147. I know I really ought to be patient but it is hard!! Had a final
    Interview on Wednesday and was told decision would be made by Friday as they needed someone to start ASAP……kept looking at my inbox and expecting a call all day but nada! They also know I have another offer that I need to make a decision on

    They were very prompt in all their previous correspondence with me, so I’m quite worried that I haven’t heard anything from them today…hr did say they would let me know the outcome by today positive or not so why did I not hear back from them today??

    Arrrggghhhh!!!! My whole weekend will be spent taking the interview apart and wishing I’d done or said things differently….

    • chandlee says:


      Hiring decisions and candidate notifications almost always take longer — and don’t forget that there are multiple candidates involved. Having a decision doesn’t mean they are ready to make an offer!

      If you don’t hear from them by Tuesday, follow up again and let them know your hard deadline to accept the other offer or not — while making it clear that you are most interested in THEIR position. Let them know that you also don’t expect them to speed up their hiring process because of your own timeline. (If they can — and they want you — they may be able to move forward.)

      In the interim, do not ruminate. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. These things always take time. Good luck!


  148. Kimberly says:

    After reading your post, I do feel a little better. It’s been over two months since I first interviewed with this particular company. I’ve since had four more interviews which included a lunch meeting with senior staff. I sent thank you notes to each and every person who interviewed me after each interview, including HR – almost 15 thank you notes total! I waited patiently. Two weeks after our lunch, I received an email asking me one more question and letting me know that HR would follow up with next steps. This is a new position to the company, so I do understand that paperwork has to be generated and completed on their end before a person can be hired.

    I waited a few more weeks then emailed to check on the status. HR let me know that key decision makers were out of the office at different times on vacation and they are very sorry for the delay but greatly appreciate my patience. I can understand, it was the week before and after Memorial Day, which are great weeks to take vacations! So I waited …

    Another week has went by and no emails or phone calls. I am losing faith. I don’t want to keep emailing them and calling them but I really want (and need!) this job. There aren’t a lot of opportunities in my town in my particular field right now. I guess I am concerned that – with the time that has passed – they may be losing that excitement they seemed to have had when they last interviewed me. I have since interviewed for other jobs and have liked two other opportunities a lot. We’ll see what happens. I am really trying to stay positive; however, my unemployment is running out, my savings is dwindling and I am a tad bit stressed. I have a family to support – as I am sure everyone here does – so I’m sure many of you can empathize.

    I am just not used to this new interview process! Years ago when I interviewed for my last two jobs, it was a simple one interview for each company and a “when can you start?”. Boy, how times have changed. Each job interview I have had recently has been at least two or three interviews per company. One place kept me there for four hours! Is everyone experiencing this?

    • chandlee says:


      The hiring process certainly has gotten longer for many companies — when economic times are tight, it’s harder to make a transition. Many people are filling this gap through consulting or temporary work. If you haven’t worked as a consultant in the past, it may be a useful strategy as you wait to hear back. Many people find work to make ends meet while they are in transition this way.

      Good luck and all the best,

  149. Hello,
    I’m a newly graduate and still unaware of these thing.
    I applied on a Chinese owned company, I passed the test and so I think with the interview last May 19,2012.
    The interviewer says that I’m hired but can’t let me start because the office will have their Feng Shui Consultation and will reorganize the office, she also tells me things that I’ll be doing when I enter the company. She said that they’ll call me this June and probably will start my job, since it’s my first time I grew impatient waiting for the call though I know that the month has just started. With my situation I am clueless if I’m hired or not, should I wait for their call till the end of the month before applying for other company?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Mimi,

      You should always keep your options open and apply for other opportunities — until you have received and accepted an official offer letter, you have not been hired.

      I recommend following up with the company now — let them know you are ready and able to get started as soon as possible.

      Good luck!


  150. Devlina says:


    I have been reading through your post and all the subsequent comments and feel a little positive based on others’ questions as well.
    I have been through 2 rounds with one of the Big 4 firms in London and the 2 round of interview was deemed as the final round. The interviewer was a senior manager in the firm, and at the end of a very very positive interview, he categorically told me that he would love me to join his team, and that internal processes would take some time, and that I would need to wait. This interview was 2 weeks ago, and I have still not heard back anything from HR. I have called them and emailed them, but they too said that they have no feedback.
    I am really tired of this waiting as I have a final round scheduled next week with another company, and would have loved to know the results before I took that interview.
    Can you please provide your feedback on situations like this: when the final interviewer has given you the sign off in the interview itself, but there is absolutely no communication since then? Thanks.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Devlina,

      It so often takes such a long time for offers to get through HR and search committees.

      Hold tight — and if you get the offer from the other company — don’t accept it UNTIL you’ve had a chance to tell the employer you want about the other offer (and see what they say). This can speed up the process, letting them know you have another interview isn’t as effective because it isn’t an offer!

      Good luck!


  151. Hi Ronnie,

    I recently went through the usual interviewing process at a company that I am very interested in. I had to take a 2 and 1/2 hour aptitude test. After making the cut, I went through a screening phone interview with HR, and then a 1 hour long phone interview with the director of the department that I would be working with. Then, I came in on-site to take another 1 hour version of the aptitude test, and then met with 4 different people, culminating with a wrap-up interview with the director again. When I asked about next steps, the director told me that HR would be in contact with me next week since it was a Friday afternoon. This past Monday, I sent out the requisite “thank you” emails to those interviewers who offered contact information, and asked their junior HR recruiter in regards to next steps (whether I made the cut or not).

    I received no response, which was odd because all their HR people had been very quick (within a few hours) in responding to my emails beforehand. What’s more, I noticed that they reposted 2 of their 6 positions–including the position that I interviewed for–on their career website JUST two days after my interview .

    Because today is exactly one week since the on-site interview and I haven’t received any word, I emailed the senior head HR recruiter. She is apparently out-of-office on vacation since yesterday and returning next week.

    From your experience, Is it safe to say I’m out of the running? I really want this job, and invested so much time in the process…

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jay,

      Wow, that’s a lot to think about. It’s not unusual for communication to go “dark” between your final interview and the offer stage. Inside the organization, there is typically a healthy amount of paperwork and signatures that must be tackled before an offer can be extended — and all employees involved with the hiring process are generally instructed NOT to follow up with the candidate to avoid any challenges if they decide not to make an offer or not. In the summer, offers frequently take longer because so many people take vacation.

      In the future, I would advise you never to ask casually “if I made the cut” to anyone on the staff, especially not to a recruiter. Whether you did or didn’t, there is almost always a hiring protocol to be followed when offers are extended, and — in my opinion — it’s always better to go with the traditional — “thanks, I remain interested in the position and I look forward to hearing from you soon.” I think you’ve followed up enough at this juncture, though I don’t think you should feel uncomfortable with that.

      Jobs are sometimes reposted for small reasons — if so much as a word changes in the job description or the company decides to hire two people — so I would not read too much into it.

      My advice is to sit tight and continue applying to other positions in the interim. Always good to have as many options as possible.

      Good luck and all the very best,
      Chandlee (on behalf of Ronnie Ann)

      • Hi Chandlee,

        Thanks so much for your reply. I have yet to receive any word, but noticed on the career website that 14 new positions had been added, renewed, and/or removed today. In fact, one of the two positions relisted last week has been removed, except – of course – the position for which I interviewed…

        Seeing as how the job description has changed and that they are only looking for one person to fill the position, I think it’s safe to say my future does not lie at this company.

        The senior HR recruiter returns tomorrow, so I guess I should expect to receive my rejection email by the week’s end (if they are kind enough to send me one).

        Once again, thanks Chandlee!

      • chandlee says:


        It’s quite possible that none of this has anything to do with you — and that you may even still get the offer. In many companies, the right hand knows not what the left hand is doing. Keep us posted, and good luck!


      • Hi Chandlee,

        I thought I’d update you. I am 90% sure that they passed me; they just did not have the courtesy of sending me a rejection email… Besides the renewed job listings online, I noticed that their job offer/hiring process is very quick. (Thank you, glassdoor!)

        In any case, thanks for your time.
        \I hope I find a new job soon!

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Jay,

        Sorry to hear your news — the best way to tell if the job has been filled is if the position has disappeared from the list of available positions on the company’s website.

        You could always confirm that they’ve passed on your application through HR.

        Good luck and all the best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        I did as you suggested, sending a third email and finally received this email two hours later. I am officially rejected!

        Dear Jay,

        Thank you for completing your application for Company A’s XXXX position. We appreciate your interest in Company A and your participation in our candidate process.

        As promised, I am following up with you on your candidate status.

        The Recruiting Team carefully reviewed your full candidate profile. At this time, we will not be moving forward with you as a candidate for the XXXX role. Certainly, we’d be happy to reach out to you if anything changes on our end, but in the short term please accept our sincere thanks.”


      • chandlee says:

        Hi Jay,

        Sorry to hear that. Keep your chin up and keep looking — you’ve got all the persistent qualities that make someone a good employee!


  152. Hi there,

    This is an awesome post and is indeed very helpful. I am in desperate need of advice and have been going crazy this past weekend.

    I applied to two jobs and received an offer from company 1. Before I received the official contract from company 1, I had an amazing interview with another company (let’s call it company 2) that I really liked. I even did a test with them that went well.

    On the same day that I received the official letter of offer from company 1, I received a request for an interview with the HR lady of company 2. At the interview, everything sounded very positive and it seemed like I had the job though the lady didn’t say it explicitly. She talked about a start date and then went on to salary. She looked at my stated salary and asked if company 1 was meeting my expectations. I told her it was close although it was a 300 dollar difference! She said she needed to get management approval for the salary.

    After that, she took me to meet my potential boss who had interviewed me during round 1 and he offered me the job which I accepted. He said he would get HR to start the paper work.

    So here are my questions:

    1.    Would company 2 reject me since I asked for a high salary and they think I am receiving an offer close to that amount from company 1? Or would they tell me if it’s not possible and ask me if I would accept a lower offer?

    2.    Since my potential boss offered me the job verbally, does it mean I 90% have the job?

    3.    The HR lady said she would expedite the process since I have to sign the papers with company 1 a few days before she could get back to me. But I met her on a Thursday and she would be on leave for the first half of the week so she said probably in a week’s time she would get back to me. Is the fact that the process was not expedited a bad sign?

    4.    Lastly, do you think company 2 is going to make me an offer? It’s only been 3 days but I’m going nuts.

    Thanks for your help :).

    • chandlee says:


      This is tricky: I recommend you try to extend the deadline with Company 1 by another few days. I would not disclose the other offer just yet, and I would remain positive in your interactions with them — and let them know when you will be able to communicate with them.

      I’d let your potential boss at Company 2 know of the dilemma — and of your deadline for giving Company 1 a decision.

      Personally, I’d recommend letting the $300 difference in salary go. It’s not a significant amount over a year if it is an annual salary — and if not needing special approval for that salary will speed the process along, let it drop. It shows that you are a team player — and how much you really want to work for Company 2 if that is your choice.

      Good luck,

  153. Hi Chandlee,

    Thank you for your advice. I managed to get an extension from company 1. So that’s good for now. As for company 2, they know of my dilemma and are said they would try and speed things up. The thing is the HR person from company 2 is on leave until Wednesday and can only give me an answer by the end of the week. So I can’t get in touch with her till then. The salary difference is 300 per month so that’s 3600 annually I guess. I don’t mind lowering my expectations since I really do want to work with them.

    My main concern is whether I’m actually going to get an Offical offer from company 2. Based on what I’ve told you, what do you think? Thanks 🙂

    • chandlee says:


      I wish I had a crystal ball, but I don’t — so have no way of knowing whether you will get the offer from Company 2. Now that you provide the additional information, it makes sense to me why you are asking for more of a salary. If they offer less to you, or say that they can’t do it — perhaps you should meet in the middle?

      Good luck and keep us posted, it speaks well for Company 1 that they are willing to give you the extra time.

      All the Best,

  154. So I have been unemployed quite awhile due to an illness in my family and I have really been hungry to get back in the job market! In Feb I met a company at my school’s (I am an 09 alum) career fair. I made a really positive impression on them but at the time there were only looking for engineers and software people. I actually have a bio degree and a background in sales. They even sent me a follow up email telling me what a pleasure it was meeting someone like me and that they would keep me in mind if something that I would be a good fit in came up.

    Long story short, the company called me about three weeks ago and said that there was a position that they have in mind for me. The next day I had a very positive 20 minute phone interview with the VP and we scheduled an interview for the next week. The VP told me that I typically wouldn’t be someone they were interested in based on my resume but everyone at the career fair had amazing response for me.

    My interview was five an a half hours long, with four different portions! They even took me to lunch. I felt like the entire interview was great except there was one lady (a paralegal) that asked me a lot of questions specific to the job that kind of were beyond me. Besides that, everything was very positive. They said they want someone by the beginning of July and I haven’t heard anything back. I really need the job. I noticed that they haven’t advertised this job on the website so I even thought I may be there guy already but now I am worried because it has been about 2 weeks! Please someone give me some input!!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Andrew,

      At this point, I think you should follow-up, reiterate your interest, and inquire as to whether the position has been filled. If not, let them know that you are willing to provide any additional information at their request.

      In the interim, continue to apply for other positions as you see them as well…Never hurts to have as many options as possible.


  155. Hi,

    Looking for a little advice regarding my current situation….

    I had an onsite interview with a company last week, and was told that I could expect a hiring decision within 5 business days. I received a call from the recruiter, and she said that the team was inclined to offer, but already had another candidate(s) scheduled for this week. A decision won’t be made until next week, two weeks after my onsite loop! Is there anything I can do to stay relevant and fresh in the team’s mind? I don’t want my positive impression to fade!

    Thanks for you feedback!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Chris,

      Make sure you send a thank you note — if you’ve already done that, you should be all set. You should also stay tuned to news mentions and press releases issued by the organization. If anything relevant comes up, you can always follow up with that information — and say congratulations…and reiterate your interest. Otherwise, I think you’re good. That you know that they are interested in hiring you is a very good sign.


  156. Hi,
    I am looking for some advice on the following situation. I had a 3rd round senior executive interview three weeks ago with a company which I felt went very well and received positive signs towards the end of the interview. I was told I would hear back within a week on the decision. When I didnt hear back after more than a week I got in touch with HR and was informed I would receive feedback the following week. By late last week I received an email from HR apologizing for the delay and that there are some internal conversations happening due which they are not able to come back with a decision, but hoped to get back to me in a couple of days. Now nearly a week later I havent heard back on a decision. Please advise as to what this might mean. As I’mlooking to relocate to another country, I am hoping for the best but don’t quite know what to make of it. Thanks.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi KNI,

      As tough as it may sound, I really would advise you to stand by for a few more days and see what happens. It sounds like there are internal issues inside the company — this is very common and likely has nothing to do with you. Keep me posted.

      All the Best,

  157. Hi there, I’m wondering if you can shed a little light.

    A week and a half ago, i was brought into a company for an interview and it went well. In fact, they called the next day and offered the job. We went through some salary negotiations and when it was all finally agree upon I was told the HR manager just had to get the director to sign off.

    The next day, I receive an email stating that at this time I have to wait for an official offer because supervision is not soldified yet (in the therapist world, supervision is imperative to proper organizational functioning). I was understanding but sent an email stating I was a little confused and wanted to make sure the offer still stood. I received an email back stating that once supervision was found I would get an official offer.

    Fast forward one week. I receive a phone call yesterday with an official offer. “Supervision has been found and we are sending you the contract in the mail. We will need you to do some preliminary id checking, etc. It will all be in the packet we send you” Wonderful, I look forward to following through and working with you and your team.

    24 hours pass and at 4:15pm I receive a call from the program director (of whom I have not met with yet) and he states, “COngratulations, the director has asked that yu come in for a final interview.” I explain to him very nicely that I am happy to come in and meet with him and whomever else on the team but I am a bit confused. The official offer went out yesterday, now suddenly I have to interview again..? He explains that things can be confusing when working with the director, but i need to come in one more time and meet with him.. I agree and make an appointment for early next week.

    This potential employer has now TWICE offered me a job and then called back the next day explaining that there is more to the process and that an official offer is not being sent. What is going on?!!? I am losing my patience and feel as though the rug is being pulled from my feet every time. Is this an organization I want to work for? Is this a mistake on HR’s part? I am so lost here… help..


    • chandlee says:


      Behind the scenes, there are a lot of things employers need to get done to hire. When I was a recruiter, these things included: identifying a supervisor, office space/desk, getting a computer, etc.

      They’ve indicated that they’d like to hire you. Unfortunately, you need to come in and follow their processes to hire — and this is how they work. You need to show patience during this process. I don’t recommend asking, “do I have an offer or do I not?” I recently spoke with a job seeker who had her offer rescinded this way.

      Consider the situation from their perspective: If they hire you, they are paying you for your work and efforts. It’s a serious commitment from all sides and you also want to make sure that you like them — and feel good about the team and supervisor you will be working with.

      Too often — interviewing is like speed dating. Ever notice how short marriages are after a whirlwind, fast courtship? I recommend being patient and following through with the process. If you can’t do this, it may be a sign that this isn’t the optimal environment for you. Based on the process you are seeing, I’d estimate that this organization may well be looking for employees who stay in their jobs (or with the organization), is that a bad thing?

      Good luck and keep us posted.


      • Chandlee,

        Thank you for your response. I am going to respectfully disagree with you. This is a case of an organization rout with problems. I have been lead to believe that the job was mine TWICE. There is something wrong in their offices, and I had this sense from the first day I walked in. I am stepping away from this precarious opportunity. A night of sleep makes all the difference.

        If an organization can’t get their HR to function in a respectful manner to outside candidates, I can’t imagine what the atmosphere is like within company walls.

      • chandlee says:


        It’s all your call. And if your intuition tells you step away, then you should do that.

        Good luck and all the best,

  158. Well , after 2 months I finally got a good paid internship with a company who is training me for an admin overseer position over the whole region, and here is MY two cents to us job seekers about HR after having interview with a over dozen companies.

    Don’t get discouraged , it’s not YOU. It’s THEM (the companies). It is VERY hard to get your foot in the door anywhere anymore because of the economy , so companies have their pick of talent and can basically make their applicants put up with nonsense they come up with that would’ve been unheard of a decade ago.

    When I told a family friend who is a retired HR director from what was a huge banking company in the Southeast about the trouble I have been having, she couldn’t believe that HR have become so robotic and impersonal towards potential employees. In the past she told me, it was only common courtesy for HR to contact interviewees afterward to let them know either way. Heh.. you know the ONLY people who had the manners to contact me after an interview? Companies that DIDN’T have an HR department. Now, I know there are unspoken rules apparently, and that alot of stuff goes on behind the scenes. But if you (anyone in HR) are THAT uncomfortable calling or emailing people and letting them know results either way even if it is bad news, perhaps you shouldn’t be in a position that is mainly dealing with PEOPLE. 🙂 Also, I know some company policies apparently have made it where you can’t contact people for litigation purposes, (although I have never heard of applicants suing companies because of this) but it seems kind of redundant if the position isn’t even a managerial position and is basically an entry lvl position.

    So to all my fellow job applicants my advice is to keep on keeping on. It is VERY rough, especially with company policies that have seemed to change to make us applicants basically into a disposable commodity with no feelings or relevence.. You just have to be diligent , keep applying/interviewing and NEVER get your hopes up about ANY job until you get a definate answer regarding it. Follow up but don’t be stalker-eque. If you haven’t heard from them either way after two attempts to fish information out move on to the next job application/interview. This will save you unnessary stress. No corporation is worth your sanity. 🙂

    • chandlee says:


      Thank you for sharing your perspective and encouragement with other users of this site.

      Good luck to you in your new job!

      All the Best,

  159. Well my interview was held on May 23rd and lasted about 2 hours long. I think it went very well. In the end the Sr. HR manager who conducted the interview told me that her boss was on vacation and that she would get back with me for a follow up in 2 weeks. Well the 2 weeks past and I could not take the waiting game anymore so I emailed the person who interviewd me and asked to know if the position had been filled, or if they needed additional information that i was still interested in the position. She responded a day later stating that the position has not been filled yet and that she appreciates my continue interest in employment with them and that she should get back to me by the next week. That week is coming to an end now (06-22-2012) with no contact from her all week long. Should i just call it quits and move on or can there be other issues here? Please can someone shed some light on this for me. Thank you.

    • chandlee says:


      Give it another week. Be patient, the hiring process can sometimes take a long time. That’s just the way it is.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Chandlee,

        Thanks for the advice, I will wait one more week and hope for the best meanwhile I already submitted two more applications somewhere else. But I’m still hoping I get a response fromt the first job I really think it’s a good fit for my degree. Thank you once again for understanding.

  160. So I just graduated from university and the first job I applied for I got an email 3 weeks later to do a phone screen. The phone screen went well, I think, and the hr rep I spoke with said that she will email the hiring manager so he can do a phone interview with me before they decide to do an on campus interview. Everything sounded great and when she asked me how soon I could start I told her I just needed two weeks to give my current work place and I could move ASAP. The hiring manager was supposed to contact me 2 weeks ago and so last Wednesday I emailed the hr rep and let her know that I’m still interested, but haven’t heard from the hiring manager. She email back immediately and said they were still in the initial interview phase and she would have more info soon.

    Sorry to ramble, I am just so nervous that they have moved on and I’m new to the whole corporate interview process. Is this normal? Should I do another follow and email, if so then when? Btw, this website has been such a great resource, thanks!

  161. First and foremost great article and follow up posts. I’m feeling the waitng game pain as we speak!! I went for the biggest opportunity I have had in a longtime on Friday and had to present a formal case study of a recent project I was managing. It was a daunting interview and one that I believe I aced. Rapport with the panel felt good and the interviewers at the conclusion, did a lot of referral to me being in post. They even said that here a number of opportunities. As the interview was Friday I had an agonising wait through the weekend believing that a call would follow early this week. I headed all advice (stupid of me) and contacted yesterday, where I was told it would next week until they would inform me of he decision.

    In short I’m now beginning to doubt whether I aced the interview and that they have decided to hire a more seasoned PM. The one thing I have in my information search so far, is that they would have told me yesterday if they thought I was unsuitable. The waiting game sucks and the demons in my head are beginning to slowly drive me insane. If you asked me after the interview what my confidence level was, I would have said 90%, now in down to 30% and it’s only technically 3 working days WTF!!!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Paul,

      Don’t doubt yourself. There are internal processes at work here — that have nothing to do with you. As much as we’d like decisions to be made immediately after an interview, it typically takes time for the org to get decision makers together — especially in the summer months.

      I once got an offer three weeks after I was told a decision would be rendered. When I got the offer, they said I was the unanimous choice. You just never know.

      Hang in, and good luck!


  162. I’m also feeling the pain of waiting to haer if I was successful for the job interview that I attended on Thursday 29th June 2012.
    I went along for the interview and it really went well I knew one of the interviewer very well and she was so nice and kind she gave me a lovely cuddle and told me not to be nervous and made me feel at ease.
    I felt that the interview went very well I answered all the question’s that was asked in a clear confident manner I was in the the interview for around 30mins. At the end of the interview I was told that they were going to be still interviewing for the next couple of days and that I would hear if I had been successful or not with in a few days but I still haven’t heard anything.I hate the waiting game I wish they could just tell you yes or no as soon as possible.

    • I went on an interview 21/2 weeks ago. Ther interview went very very well, I thought so. My only worry was the lack of experience that I have for this position, but was confident that my work history and knowledge of the job would take me thorugh. The interview lasted about 1 hour and it was a 2 panel interview, very difficult questions and I nailed it. When the interview was over one of the interviewer walked me out and was very happy that I did so well in the interview. So a week past by and I didn’t hear anything, so I gave her a call to ask about the status and she said that she was in the progress of checking my references. Another week past by and I sent her an email regarding the status after checking my references and she said that everything went well and that she would be contacting me shortly. I sent another email this week and ask was I still under consideration for the job and she said that they hadn’t made a decision yet. I will not send another email or call her because I read that this would annoy her, so at this point I guess I will just have to wait and see. Should I just give up hope? Does anyone have encouraging advice for me?

      • Hi Donna,

        I don’t think you should give up hope but I think you should continue looking too. I had this interview 3 months ago, we had the interview on a lunch which was pretty cool because we talked a little more than 2 hours. I knew the CEO liked me and he promised me to contact me for all the detail but he never did. So I emailed him again after 3 weeks and he told me that the position still open. The weird thing is that he never rejected me and I kept emailing him every week and he does responded me from time to time but still didn’t reject me. Guess, he is trying to get me tire and leave on my own? I don’t know. I know it’s kind of annoying but it might work. I am not giving up but I am also looking and having some side jobs in the meantime. You need to do something to pay off the bills right?
        Sometimes you never know what are they going through internally, so be patience and you might find something along the way.
        Don’t get discourage because of it. The economy and the market tough so just hang in there.

        Hope everything works out for you soon. Good luck!

      • chandlee says:


        It can simply take a long time — or there could be a snag. Either way, recommend you continue to apply for other jobs as well. It’s always good to have as many options as possible.

        Good luck,

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Diane,

      Sorry you are playing the waiting game. But it would also feel unfair to you if your interview was cancelled before you had a chance to interview — because they had interviewed a candidate the day before right?

      Be patient and hopefully you will get the answer you seek. In the interim, I encourage you to continue to apply to other opportunities as well.

      Good luck.


  163. Antoinette says:

    I went in for a job interview at subway on Monday the manager said she would call me and that she had more interviews after. I waited until the week after now its Thursday I’m starting to worry if she not going to call should I give up and look for another job or continue to wait another week?

    • chandlee says:


      You should always keep up your job search after an interview as there are no guarantees in life; that said it probably wouldn’t hurt to follow-up with the manager and let her know you remain interested in the job.

      Good luck and all the best,

  164. Hey, everyone…

    Just wanted to share my thoughts in this spot. I’ve recently re-joined the looking for work crowd…I spent seven-ish years at a big media company (we’ll call them company A), but was one of about 20 unfortunates who were let go about a month ago because of budget cuts. I have a decent severance, but in this job market, I’m going to hoard it as long as I can. It’s surprising how you realize what you don’t really need in your life when your back is against the wall.

    Anyway, I was able to land an interview with another company (company B) in the same industry a week after getting let go (could turn out to be perfect timing). The interview setup process was very efficient. Got an e-mail, had a phone interview that went well, completed a test they sent me after the phone interview, then got set up for an in-person interview a few days later. I met with more people than I was supposed to (good sign), stayed longer than I was supposed to (good sign), was shown around the office at the end of the interview and had people describe it to me as “where you’d be working” (good sign). Then at the very end of the interview as the hiring manager shook my hand when I stepped on the elevator to the parking garage, he said “we still need to talk to a few other people, but we’ll be in touch by the end of next week (yikes). That was three weeks ago, and all I’ve heard since is silence…despite sending one follow-up e-mail to both HR and the hiring manager. Reading some of your posts on here have kept me sane, and I think the best measure of “revenge” you can take on someone for not getting back to you is to use it as determination fuel to keep looking and find an even better position. A few things to keep in mind as I slowly give up on Company B…bear with me as this is kind of a catharsis for me to write all this out…

    1. The process can be drawn out for a number of reasons beyond your control. Budgets take longer than expected to get approved, key people go out of town at different times, everyone you interviewed with has to get their crap together, etc. But that still doesn’t excuse a company for not taking the time to send you a very brief status update. I spent my first year at Company A as a temp, and they expressed interest about hiring me on six months into my tenure. In other words, it took them six freaking months to get everything sorted out…all while I was working inside the building. I’d have long forgotten about them when if I had interviewed and not heard anything for six months. Oh, and ever since the layoffs, I’ve heard the department I worked for in Company A has turned into a total trainwreck. They are way understaffed, but when your only goal is to “cut the budget”…well, you get what you pay for.

    2. One time back in the day, my dad interviewed for an engineering job…and received an offer three YEARS after his initial interview. You read that right. The company he was interviewing with was out of state, and they continued to ask him to come back to meet this VP, that VP, etc. They picked up his plane fare every time, so he went back and forth about a half a dozen times. He ultimately said no to them after finding a better paying job between the final interview and offer, which is kind of comical to think back on. Three years certainly isn’t the norm, but things can take a lot longer than planned.

    3. I know so many people are dying for any kind of job they can get nowadays, but don’t forget you are also interviewing the company when you speak to them. It isn’t a one-way street, and if they totally ignore you after the interview, you may want to think twice about working for a boss who can’t be bothered to simply take 30 seconds out of his day to follow up with a courtesy e-mail. One question I like to ask everyone who interviews me is “why did you join the company, and what is it that keeps you here?” It gives interviewers a chance to talk about themselves (which they love to do), and also gives you a break from answering questions for a bit so you can collect your own thoughts. The answers you hear can give you some insight into what it’d be like to work for that person.

    4. Always, always, always ask everyone you interview with if they mind if you would request to add them as a LinkedIn contact. You may see another job you’re qualified for a few months down the line, and sending a direct e-mail to your new contact will probably put you ahead of 99% of the people who just apply online.

    That’s all for me. Everyone here will be in my prayers…I know how hard it is out there, and I never once forgot how agonizing it can be to hear nothing but silence after you think you nailed an interview. Believe me, you will find something if you keep making forward progress.

    • Oh, one more thing. Until you hear a firm ‘no’ from a company, there is no reason to believe you are out of the running for a position. The last thing you want to do is develop a chip on your shoulder, because a negative attitude will come through in an interview. Just keep applying everywhere you can until you hear a yes from someone.

      • chandlee says:


        Thanks very much for weighing in. Your insight and observations are spot-on: I wish you luck in the process of finding your next opportunity, you clearly have a great attitude and practical approach to the process. I particularly appreciate your careful delineation of the difference between what happens on the other side and how it feels in the interim!

        Good luck and keep us posted,

    • Hey Jason, thanks for sharing with us. You seem a great guy and I believe good people would be rewarded. Let’s all hope for the best, including for me.

  165. OUTSTANDING article !! Gives me a small piece of mind. I have sent the “nice” follow-ups with the interviewers and with the recruitment firm.. NOTHING,, not even a reply that the process is continuing.
    Common courtesy seems to take a back seat when employment is the issue.

    But, MOVING ON is the only attitude to have. Companies will continue to treat employees & potential employees as chattel.

  166. Hi There again,

    Could someone please advise me, I am very stumped.

    So I did a series of interviews for a company, it was not an open position… but they are expanding and hiring for a position that already exsists but the current employee was going to be moved to another position. I got the job, and they wanted to start me part time into full time, I said that was great and will help with the transition. She said she would send over the contract ect… it never came so I followed up and she apologized then said she would send it by end of week, Again I never got it so I followed up yet again and she said she was sorry and it has just been taking more time then expected to “get their ducks in a row”. I am a very understanding person… however at this point i have not signed anything and I am worried if I still have a job or not…… I was supposed to start part mid june… it is not August and I have yet to sign anything. I dont know if I should call this time and find out or>???? as I have put my job search on hold considering i thought I had a job. PLEASE HELP….
    Thank you!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Fennek,

      That’s frustrating. Recommend you continue your job search as you wait for this to come through. I’d see if you can set up an in-person meeting time with her for next week — let her know that you very much want to work for them but if they are not ready to move forward within the next three weeks, you plan to begin focusing your job search on other opportunities.

      Good luck and all the best,

  167. I had a phone interview Monday. At the end of the interview I was told my resume would be sent to the hiring manager. The interview went well but the wait is killing me. I was told it could take a week before hiring manager gives any feedback. Being unemployed,applying for job, and waiting for any response is killing me.

    • Hi Mcfly,

      Yes, the waiting can be excruciating, but you need to wait AT LEAST a week before you re-contact them – not before Wednesday or Thursday.

      If you didn’t follow up with a thank you, send that thank you now, ASAP.

      Keep looking! Don’t wait for a decision on this one because the answer may be “no” or you may never hear another word out of them. So, there aren’t any other options EXCEPT to keep looking.

      Good luck!

  168. Hi

    I wonder can anyone give me an advice? I am on a similar boat as Fennek! I had my interview almost 4wks ago and have filled in all the application paperwork.

    The manager came back to me and confirmed reference and clearance are good but need to wait for her director to sign off the paperwork then she can let me know when I can start my training.

    Now it’s another week I’m waiting for her call and email to confirm.

    I’m getting very frustrated and need to work asap.

    Just wonder why it’s all gone quiet? The manager seems keen and serious about offering me the job when I last spoke to her on the phone aboutr 2 wks ago.

    Shall I email her again? I don’t know what should I do now?

    Please help!


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Mollie,

      Recommend you give her a call and follow-up. Don’t leave a voice mail or email — see if you can speak to her in person. Be polite and express your continued interest in the job. Good luck and let us know what happens!

      All the Best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        Really appreciated for your prompt advice.

        The manager seems very busy all the time, Shall I email her first rather than calling her? I find it a little strange that at the beginning she reply to my email straight away, but not recently when I chase her for update she didn’t reply then I gave her a call on her mobile which she answer and told me about paperwork need to sign off by a director.

        Do I really have the job or not? I feel very confuse… How should I start on my email requesting for an update by not too pestering her?

        Any advice would be much appreciated.

        Thank you so much.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Mollie,

        As I’m not in the organization, I can’t say whether you have the job or not. I can say that most companies do go dark in between the time they decide who to hire and an offer is an approved. Typically most companies don’t allow employees to make offers UNTIL the hiring decision is approved by a senior executive. Sounds like this may be happening here.

        Hang in there and good luck.

        All the Best,

      • Hi Chandlee

        I have sent an email to the manager asking for an update and she hasn’t reply to me at all.

        So…what should I do now? Shall I send her a last email saying if she don’t reply this final email; This mean I am not successful?

        I feel so frustrated that I have been waiting and stopped looking for job for a month, because I thought I will start my training soon as was told by the manager, which is not happening.

        Many thanks.



      • Mollie.

        That is frustrating. I’d give it another week, than follow-up with the company’s HR office to let them know of your continued interest in the job. When you follow-up, reiterate your interest in the job — and let them know that you are ready and willing to provide any additional information they need (such as contact information for references).

        Don’t send a follow-up email to your contact — you don’t want to hound them.

        I know this feels awful and not fair — it is likely the manager wanted/wants to hire you but doesn’t have official approval. Many companies have policies of not communicating with candidates until they have the former offer letter so that candidates don’t have to experience what you are currently going through.

        Continue your job search in the interim.

        Good luck and all the best,

  169. Hello WorkCoach,

    I stumbled onto your website while doing wild searches like “chances of being called up for 2nd interview”, and now, “chances of being selected after 2nd interview”.

    I am a fresh graduate and have recently been to several interviews, some of which I had no interest, but merely went because talking to people was obviously better than staying home!

    Then, there come this position in a company that I really really wanted to work for and I was so happy when I got called up for interview. I was always unfazed by interview because I have utmost confident in myself. Well, and so I thought…. So I went for the 1st interview and I think I did ok, not as good as I would have liked to have done or not as good as my previous interviews. Nevertheless, I thought both the interviewers were extremely nice bosses and I really liked them. Nevertheless, I went home nerve wrecked! I guess its because I really wanted the job isn’t it? So, I sent a thank you email once I got home and patiently waited.

    On Wednesday, 08-August-2012 11am, I got a call asking if I could make it for the 2nd interview and obviously, I SAID YES and I was so over the moon and I think if I were to jump, my head would hit the ceiling! And so I went for the 2nd interview. The 2nd interview was with the Manager’s Manager and I was prepared for some tough drilling or so, but surprisingly, it was short but pretty in-depth. I was basically on the receiving end and I paid 101% attention to what she was saying. She was, or would be a fantastic Boss I would say. She was nice. I asked her how many interviewees she would still be seeing vying for my job and she said about 2-3 more. She also said that she would try to wrap things up by Friday, 10-August-2012. Well, I’m from Singapore and 09-August was a National Day and it was a Public Holiday.

    So this is now Friday, 10-August-2012 and I had been beside my phone the entire day, not to mention I haven’t been sleeping well over the course of the waiting days since the first interview. I really want this job so much and this is the first time ever I’m feeling like this, with myself every so optimistic and positive. I know its out of my control and should not fret about this. But well, when it means too much to you, it would mean so so much. AH! So I’m still waiting.. I wonder if they are still interviewing people or are wrapping things up as she said, or that she had gone on leave today to make a longer weekend. I sent another Thank-You note this afternoon at lunch time because I really wanted to let them know how much it means to me, how much I want to be part of the corporation.

    Still troubled/wondering what could happen… AH!

    • TBW,

      Good luck but do yourself a favor and step away for the phone for a few hours. A watched phone rarely rings, and hiring searches almost always extend longer than the date by which they hope to make the offer. Give yourself some time off from the anxiety. Get some exercise. Apply for other opportunities. Spend time with friends. Because the reality is — once you get and start a job, you’ll have less free time.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Thanks Chandlee. Your reply is ever so prompt. I just hope you’d be all our interviewers of a company.

        Its someone comforting (in a consoling way) that many people in the world experience such interviewing issues too. I was feeling all the anxiety there is to feel until I came here and see many people encountering these problems and of course, the advise you have provided. I mean, it is comforting.

        Well, I just hope that when my interviewer said she’d wrap things up by Friday, it actually means they will conclude the whole selection process by that day and then leave it until the following Monday before working out with the HRs, and ultimately to notify us. What do you think? Could this be possible? Maybe to them, its much better to start all the communicating again on a fresh new week? Hmm…

        Again, thanks Chandlee. This site is fantastic.

      • TBW,

        It’s not unusual for a week to ten days to pass between the time a candidate is selected and the time that an offer is extended.

        All the Best,

  170. I am currently waiting on a response from a government agency. I had 3 phone interviews and one in person interview and they all went very well. The whole process started May 25 2012. Now they are checking my references. I got an email saying that they heard from one of my three references and that once all three were contacted they would be “moving forward” (which I think means an offer). This was 4 days ago. My question is this: should I contact my references (who are very high powered, busy people) to remind them to get back with the hiring manager, or should I bite my nails some more?


    • Hi James,

      Call your references, if they pick up and it is a good time — tell them that you anticipate that they will be contacted. Ask them if they need any updated information from you.

      If you don’t reach them and don’t hear from the employer by week’s end, follow-up beginning of next week with HR and ask if they need additional information from you. Good luck!

      All the Best,

  171. YoungSally says:

    Oh how wonderful it is to know I am not alone in my insane rumination! I had an interview a month ago — full day at the Company, which I thought went well and was told it would probably be three weeks before I heard back….well three weeks was last week…..then the Company announced an acquisition this week….which actually made me feel more optimistic…..but now I am back in the UGH mode (but only as a result of my own efforts).

    It is important to keep in search mode. I had an offer earlier this year. The offer came two months after my final round….and ultimately we couldn’t come to terms. I was okay with letting that offer go because I had started some consulting work which looked like it could ultimately more than match my old salary – if I was able to get up the learning curve. Got up the learning curve just in time to find out that they are limiting hours….so while I have income….I have to seek out more.

    I’m not sure that there is a real point to my rambling. Simply point out that it is really important to keep up the search, expect that there are delays, and try to ride the rollercoaster of emotions as best you can.

    • YoungSally,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree with you, “it is really important to keep up the search, expect that there are delays, and try to ride the rollercoaster of emotions as best you can.” I’d also add, “surround yourself with people who care about you and accept and appreciate you just as you are…”


  172. Help me read between the lines. Im so tired and frustrated with job hunting already and this seems to be my last hope and with a company i really like

    “dear kat, you passed the final interview however we are waiting for the GO signal of the hiring manager
    if we would proceed with the offer”

    • YoungSally says:

      Gosh — how frustrating. Assuming that you met the hiring manager in the process, it would seem all is well….and it may simply be a matter of paperwork/budget type approvals….Just my sense. Good Luck!

    • Kat,

      This is not your last hope. It sounds like the company is still in the process of making a decision, and it’s possible you could be offered the job. The message that you received indicates that you are not out of the running.

      I recommend you stand by and wait to hear — and that you continue to look at other opportunities in the interim as well.

      All the Best,

  173. thanks chandlee,
    i got so tired after numerous interviews, i guess i
    should wait for a while and rest.. while waiting for their decision.. will not stop searching for other opportunities

    • Good luck, Kat. Please keep us posted.

      All the Best,

      • No word from them yet. I was wondering if I could call and ask for an update, or this would be too soon as I called them about a week ago

      • Kat,

        Too soon in my opinion. Calling and asking for them to give you an update now is unlikely to influence them towards hiring. I do think you could follow up again and ask if they need additional information in a week.

        Good luck and all the best,

      • Hi Everyone,
        Im currently depressed. I got a word from them that even if I passed the interview, they would not proceed with the offer because the team is full already. I really dont understand why go all through the fuss of interviewing me only not to pursue at the end, isnt it a waste of time for both parties?

        They told me they would endorse me to another team, but I am very disappointed with what they did.

        I still have pending interviews with other companies, but this experience is really heartbreaking.

      • Kat,

        If the team is full, then they likely can’t hire. Sometimes things happen inside companies that are beyond the control of the hiring team and the interviewee. Like another pre-existing team could have been moved onto the team AFTER interviews had taken place. That they are endorsing you to another team is still a very good sign.

        Keep your chin up — it’s possible that the interviews you still have may work out to be great opportunities for you.


      • YoungSally says:

        Bummer Kat —

        Been there…and it never gets easier. I would defer to Chandlee, but it sounds like they had budget to hire another person and something recently changed…..all of a sudden the funds aren’t there (maybe they didn’t land a particular new piece of business or maybe it’s been a firmwide mandate to cut budgets). It certainly sounds like it is everything but a negative reflection on you.

  174. I am experiencing an odd PRE-interview situation for an internal job I had applied for shortly past the deadline. I was told by the hiring manager that she already made an offer to another candidate but they are unsure if they will accept as they potentially have a promotional opportunity. So if the person does not accept, she would like to interview me for the position.

    Two weeks later, I followed up on the status of this, and the hiring manager tells me the candidate STILL has not responded to the offer. Is it typical and/or acceptable to not respond to a job offer for potentially 3 weeks? Delaying this long would make me think the candidate is not enthusiastic about the position, and I am not sure why they’re hanging on to this person. Should I just give up on the hope that I will get an interview?

    • Hi Gina,

      Often companies extend the courtesy of an extended hiring decision timeline to potential hires. It sounds to me that it is quite likely that you will be offered the opportunity to interview if the other person doesn’t accept.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

  175. About three months ago, a former colleague of mine contacted a mutual friend of mine asking if I was still looking for a job in our somewhat niche industry. I have been working, but in a job that touches on my preferred industry very lightly – and has turned out to be not at all what it was advertised to be. So I passed my updated resume along.

    A few weeks later, she emailed me about a position that was open in a department that she is not a part of and asked if she could forward my resume to the head of that department. I did not hear anything for two months or so after that. Then, two weeks ago I received a phone call from my former colleague. She has been put in charge of a different department and asked if I’d be interested in a position with her directly. I was enthusiastic about the opportunity and told her yes – unfortunately I was on vacation and wouldn’t be available for an interview until the following week. She sent me a predictive index survey and a iq like test designed to determine how well you learn.

    The Friday after, I finally was asked in for an interview. This was last Tuesday (6 days ago). I interviewed with three people including my former colleague. They first addressed my test scores – much higher than average but not “so high that we will think you’re strange”. (I had to chuckle at that.). And the predictive index put me directly in line with the personality type they would like to see in this role. In fact, the person who would be my direct supervisor compared our PIs and said they are nearly verbatim exact. The interview seemed to have gone well – it lasted an hour. Then when I left, I was immediately called because they had forgotten to show me around the building. I went back in and was introduced to a fair amount of the staff, the majority of people I would in theory be working with and shown where “my desk” would be.

    The next day I sent out thank you emails – which I also received a positive response to. And not a peep since. I happen to know that the owner of the company will be out until next Tuesday – so when is it appropriate for me to follow up again? Is it appropriate at all? I would love to work with their company and feel after the interview that I would also be a great culture fit – I want them to know I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity, but I don’t want to seem overly pushy or annoying.

    • Hi Barbara,

      It’s pretty normal for there to be a delay between an interview and before an actual offer and hiring decision is extended! If you’ve already sent the thank you note, follow up next week — after the company owner is back in the office. Then ask if they need additional information.

      All the Best,

  176. YoungSally says:

    So I am adding to my own ruminations….less than one week later. The good news is that I reached out to a former colleague (after keeping only tangental contact for the past eight or nine years) and he not only gave me some insight on an opportunity I am looking at (as well as a direct connection to the hiring manager…or part of the committee). So that’s one new opportunity potentially in the hopper.

    In the interim, still waiting to hear from my previous interview (it’s five weeks now was expecting three weeks..but there has been an acquisition in the interim). I am playing phone tag with another colleague who is connected to someone I interviewed with last month and separately, there was some big news (a surprise CEO resignation) at one of the Company’s primary competitors. Does it make sense to use either as a reason to just touch base with a “still interested” and “what do you think?” email to the people I interviewed with…..(unlike most roles I’ve interviewed for, HR has coordinated the process)….or is it borderline stalking and/or the musings of a crazy person?

    • YoungSally,

      Sounds like you’ve got a promising lead, and one that’s getting more frustrating…I think you could follow up one more time in a week or so. Acquisitions can wreak havoc on hiring plans — you may want to follow up with a phone call rather than a phone call so you can get the unedited version of the follow up when you are ready for it.

      Keep up the good work sourcing opportunities from different directions.

      Good luck and all the best,

  177. I’m kind of in a predicament, as well. Reading this article calmed me down a bit, but I’m still kind of letting my mind wonder.

    I currently work for a grocery retailer and I applied for an admin position at the regional office. This is my 2nd attempt, as my last attempt, I didn’t make it past the first interview. This time, fortunately, I made it past the phone interview and then she passed me down to an interview with 2 experienced workers from the office. All in all, the interview went pretty great, at least in my opinion. I answered EVERY question with confidence and I know I have a bit of a work history to back me up.

    Anyway, it will be exactly 1 week today and I don’t know whether to call or not. I haven’t heard anything back yet. I made the mistake of not asking about their timeline when it came to contacting interviewees. Usually, they take about 2 weeks to contact people if they indeed got the position. (I applied for an internship last summer and I’m going off of that). And the same thing goes for their management positions, 2 weeks is how long the process took according to a co-worker of mine who made it into management. So, I’m currently going by the motto that “no news is good news”.

    My last attempt at this position, I was e-mailed a few days after giving me the rejection. Again, 1 week and still nothing. I don’t know how I should take that just yet.

    So my question is, should I make a call already or just hope that patience will get me through? Again, the company I work for has had a track record of notifying applicants regardless of positive or negative news. Usually, negative news comes sooner. Hmm… I believe I’m answer my own question. Hahah. Still, I’d like to know if calling 1 week after the interview in my case would be annoying or unnecessary. Or is patience the key?

    • Mark,

      Patience is certainly a virtue. Based on where you are in the process — and the fact that you know that it is usually two weeks — I would recommend giving it the full two weeks before you follow-up.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

      • Thanks! I actually let my curiosity get the better of me and I phoned in earlier this afternoon. First off, I embarrassed myself and ended up calling the wrong department so they transferred me and then the secretary told me she will check and put me on hold. I was on hold for what seemed like forever and then she came back and said that the recruiting manager was actually going to contact me today with details on the position so to expect a call before 5pm.

        Literally, 5 minutes later I received a call (fortunately, I wasn’t in class, yet) and the recruiting manager gave me the good news! I was ecstatic! I don’t know whether or not my call was necessary, but I’m sure it picked up the pace on her delivering the news to me personally. She had spent time letting my original department managers know of my new position and asking for my release to a new department.

        So, all in all, in worked in my favor. But patience really is a virtue. I probably could’ve waited a couple of more hours or even another day or 2, but I got impatient. I was only planning on calling once, either way. That’s all that I would have allowed myself to do so I wouldn’t feel like I was being an annoying guy. I start my new position on the 10th!

      • Congratulations, Mark! So happy to hear that it all worked out. Good luck in your new position.

        All the Best,

  178. Hi Chandlee, It’s me Kat
    I just had that interview from that different team they endorsed with me the other day. I still went with my chin up and did my best and with a smile on my face (even if i went there with a broken foot)

    I finally got the job offer the following day! On the company I really want to work for, only in a different team as they promised!!!!

    I am so happy things worked out… I was so depressed and felt hopeless already!

    Your website helped my application a lot!!

  179. Reading this article has put a lot into prospective but I to agree that hiring managers should take a few seconds to update you on your status. I applied for my dream job on July 10, 2012, was contacted and did and unexpected phone interview on Aigust 6, 2012. I really wasn’t given the opportunity to ask questions but she did say that they are not focused on time but more concerned with finding the right person. So I said thank you, sent a thank you letter, then 2 weeks later, sent a flow up letter and of course no response. I haven’t sent any correspondence in the last 2 weeks or so. All I have to go on is the fact that my application status on their website states ” under review by department”. So now I just wait and it’s very painful especially since this job is so perfect for me. Well, I just needed to add my two cents and maybe even vent a little. 🙂

    • Hi Lakisha,

      Yes, it is and can be very frustrating. Can you get involved with networking groups and perhaps do an informational interview with someone who works for the company? If yes, you may be able to get a referral inside the company — something that often strengthens your chances of getting recommended for a job. Good luck!

      All the Best,

  180. I am so glad I found this article. I was recently laid off from my job. Very soon after I interviewed for a job I am extremely excited about. I was at the interview for nearly 2 hours. It was extremely casual and at the end of the interview, the hiring manager told me I was an excellent fit and they would be in touch next week, the interview was on a Friday.

    Come Tuesday, I received an e-mail indicating I was the top candidate for the position and was asked to provide three references. I know for a fact they called at least one of my references the following day.

    It’s now the following Monday and I haven’t heard anything. Should I forget about it?

    • Hi Chelz,

      It’s too soon to forget about it; I would not rule out an offer. The hiring process often takes a while. What I would do is contact them later this week and ask if they need any additional information from you. Reiterate your interest in the job. If you don’t want to seem pushy, you could send this via e-mail but it might not bring you the rapid “yes or no” that you may want.

      Hopefully, you’ll hear from them tomorrow!

      All the Best and Good Luck,

  181. Hi, I attented a job interview almost two weeks ago. The interview was on the monday and by friday I received an email from their HR manager which stated ‘that the Company maintains an active interest in your application and hopes to be in touch with more information in the very near future’. I havent heard anything since then and am wondering what to do, should I email them again or leave it another couple of days. They are clearly in no rush to get back to me, but I just want an answer now. The job is for a graduate position, so they dont urgently need someone to fill a void, so this could be why they are taking their time, but its killing me! Any advice would be really appreciated.

    • Hi Lorna,

      There is nothing you can do to make them speed up their hiring process. Following up too much could take you out of consideration. My best advice: apply for other jobs as you wait to hear back!

      Good luck and all the very best,

  182. hi there,

    thanks for the great post, very helpfulf given what i am going through right now! i interviewed for a job i am so hoping i get a week and a half ago. the first round was on a wednesday and it was with the hiring manager and an hr manager and it went so well they called me straight away to come in on friday to inteview with the head of the company and another director. this interview in my opinion also went so well. i got an email on monday morning from hr asking what how i felt about the interviews and is it something i would like to pursue? i responded by saying that i was very interested and believe given my past experience that i am the perfect fit for the role. they then said they will get back to me with an update asap! during the interviews they did ask me about my salary expectations and what i am earning now, my current salary is the top of the range they have set for this job so i am not sure if that is the reason they are hesitating although they seem to really like me as i currently do an identical job. i know there is another candidate they were also speaking to but the last time i heard from them was friday when i spoke to hr who told me they havent made a decision yet! they came across as very slow even whilst they were setting the first interview and a friend of mine who is head hunter told me that they have been speaking to people for a while and havent hired anyone! i am not sure whats going on? have they offered the job to the other candidate and if so why arent they telling me i am no longer being considered? or maybe they are not in a rush! what do you advice me to do? shall i contact hr again and try to get feedback or just forget about this?

    • Sarah,

      If you have sent a thank you note, I recommend you don’t follow-up again until next week. In my experience, it takes employers a while to put together offer letters — even for the best of candidates. It’s very rare that an employer interviews on a Monday and is able to hire by Wednesday — approval takes time.

      Good luck and all the best,

    • Hi Sarah,

      It may seem like an eternity, but you haven’t been waiting all that long. Recommend you wait until Monday or Tuesday next week, then follow up with a phone call. If you didn’t send a thank you note, you can do that — but make sure spelling and punctuation is perfect.

      Good luck and all the best,

  183. Hi,

    I recently had a very positive interview for a position I really want and I even got the call back the day after saying my interview committee had unanimously given the green light to bringing me in ASAP. However, the caveat being that the person I’d been dealing with this whole time, is no longer in charge of signing off on new hires (he was a few months ago, but isn’t any more).

    Now I’m sort of stuck in limbo waiting for this new manager, whom I met briefly on the day of the interview, to sign off on my offer. The person I had been dealing with says he expects action within the next month (he is actively trying to speed up the process, as I made a very good impression), but is he’s ultimately unsure of when this other manager will be making his hiring decisions. The wait is driving me crazy and it’s only been a handful of days. I’m glad I found this article as it’s definitely frustrating knowing that you are wanted at the company, but your fate rests in the hands of someone who was not an integral part of your interview panel. I feel like I got a “yes” for the job, but there is a big asterisk attached onto it.

    Do you have any advice on how I should proceed in this situation? It would be greatly appreciated!

    • Will,

      Give it a week, then follow-up with one of the two hiring managers (or previous/current). If a decision has not yet been made, offer to come in and spend some time getting to know the new manager — giving him a chance to fully participate in the evaluation, etc.

      Good luck and all the best,

  184. Hi,

    I recently had a very good interview. Last week I interview for a position I been wanting for a long time. The interviews went amazingly well. I had the phone interview on Tuesday after the phone interview I got a call about two hours later to come in for an interview on Wednesday. So I did that, the first half was the hiring manger the second half was with the 3 other managers.That lasted for about almost 2 hours that same day 3 hours later I get a call to come in the next day which was Thursday to interview with the Director. That interview went great to, he told me that he had another interview on Frida. I sent thank you emails on both the first and second interview in fact after I sent it the director responded which is rare an. Surprising because I never had that happen. I was never givena timeframe as to when a decision would be made. I didn’t get a call today so it ok if I email them tomorrow and see when the final decision would be made?

    • Alex,

      In my opinion it is way to early to follow up. I’d wait at least a week. Hiring takes time. Be patient. They are unlikely to speed up their process just because you are eager and interested in getting hired.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

  185. Thank goodness for this post!! I am going out of my mind waiting to hear back about a position I interviewed for two weeks ago this Thursday. On the advice of a friend who is in HR for a large company, I have not called or written since I sent my thank you notes but it really is stomach churning waiting to hear anything. But I will hold onto hope and maybe on Thursday (since it will have been two weeks) I will just follow up with a simple email to HR and the hiring manager. But it’s so nice to read the reasons why and to know that I am not the only one. Thanks!!!


    • Hi Heather,

      Recommend you follow-up on Thursday. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. If you can take time off from worrying, I recommend finding a new obsession — either devote some time to a hobby or explore some new opportunities in terms of work. Always easier when you know there is more than one possibility.


  186. I interviewed for a job on Friday, Oct. 12th. I met with the CFO, HR Director, and the Accounting person – all of whom I would be working with. They seemed to really like me. In fact, the CEO told me after the interview and again in writing in response to my thank you letter that he would liaise with the HR Director and hoped to have an offer extended to me in the next couple of days.

    On Monday, I emailed the HR Director my 3 references. Apparently, he contacted one of my references on Tuesday. It is now Monday, Oct 22 – a week since I emailed my references. I’ve emailed him today asking about a timeline, but I am receiving no reply despite the fact that he had responded almost immediately in our previous correspondences.

    Is it time to worry? Or am I letting my neuroses get to me?

    • Jess,

      Hiring takes time — especially at the end of the process. I wouldn’t let it worry you, but I’d also keep looking for other jobs in the interim. Good luck to you!

      All the Best,

      • Thanks, Chandlee. I actually emailed the HR person to see if he had had any trouble contacting my references; I discovered that he had called my references at random without scheduling a time to speak with them in advance. Needless to say, he got into contact with only one of them prior to my check-in email. I suggested scheduling an available time to chat since at least one of my references is extremely busy; her secretary screens all her calls and correspondence. I also provided him with another reference just in case; he contacted this alternative reference yesterday.

        I guess all there is to do is wait!

      • I just got an update from the HR person. They are putting the position on hold for 3-4 weeks until an organizational issue is resolved. He said that otherwise, he would be asking me to “join us,” and if I’m still available in 3-4 weeks, he will ask me then.

        Is this normal?

      • Jess,

        This is normal. Companies can’t hire until they know where the position reports, where the person will sit, and how they can pay you. Good news is that they want you, and it sounds like they anticipate making an offer.

        I’d recommend you sit tight and continue applying for other jobs as you wait to hear back.

        Good luck,

  187. Hi .. me and one of my friend were in the same earlier company and we both quit in Aug. In Sept we both applied for a new company. We both got calls and gave 2 telephonic interviews. Following that, we both were called for face 2 face interviews and HR interviews on Oct 8 for which we traveled together by air on company’s expense. On Oct 12 we both received email from the company that we had cleared the final f2f and HR interviews. The company mentioned that they would now move to post interview stages of selection and requested a personal details form (educational, work experience, family and reference details and other info) to be filled and sent back which we did.
    Finally after 1 week my friend received the offer letter. I called the concerned HR to inquire about my application to which the HR replied that they had put me on hold ie neither selected nor rejected. The HR also stated that there are approval processes involved and background and reference checks and will let me know by month end. I checked with my references and found that they had not been contacted. I have heard that the company needs multiple people wrt to the area we applied in. In this case is there a waiting list involved or are they dealing with us one after the other? Is there any hope here for me ?? I have cleared all the stages of interviews .. can they just not consider me at the end ?? Have they even started with my post interview stage ??.. Personally I have no hope .. but still I would like to know your views.. Thanks ..

  188. Hi,
    I had an interview about a month ago and I was told that I would hear something in the next couple of weeks. I never heard anything so I sent a followup email to the director that I interviewed with and she never responded. About a week ago, she called me and asked if I was still interested in the position, I said yes and she asked me to send her an email to update my work history because HR would ask her about it (I’d been unemployed for a few months and recently took a part time job). I haven’t heard anything else so I called her to check on the status and she hasn’t returned my call. Do you have any idea what is going on? I can’t figure out why she would have called me if I wasn’t in the running. Thanks!

    • Morgan,

      I can’t tell you what is going on since I don’t work inside the company and would have no way of having that information.

      Did you send her an email that summarized your current work situation as she requested? If not, that could be the reason. Make sure that she knows about the current part-time job. You could potentially send an e-mail to confirm that she received the information.

      Good luck and all the best,

  189. hey! had an interview on 16th October which went well ( i think so)…to follow up i called the HR on 25th..she said that the head is on paternity leave and he really liked my profile and has been thinking to consider me for a project…since then there has been no update…i called them today n got the same response!!…should i wait??

    • Hi Hope,

      Yes, I recommend waiting and applying for other positions in the interim. I don’t recommend following up again as you don’t want to look desperate, but if it is paternity leave — don’t expect immediate follow-up. Parenthood is a big lifestyle change and can put work projects on hold for a bit! Good luck…

      All the Best,

  190. Hi,
    I applied for a part-time Sales Associate role a few weeks ago.
    My application was accepted, so I had a phone-interview with a HR. During the interview I was told I passed it and got through to the next stage which was a group interview. I got contacted a few hours later saying I passed it and was through to the next stage – a interview with a recruiter and a business manager. I was contacted a few hours, again, saying I got through to the next stage – a 2 hour trial on the shop floor. I’m not sure how I did on the trial. The supervisor gave me her business-card and said she’d contact me the next couple of days. This was 3 days ago (trial was on Tuesday – it’s Friday today), and I still haven’t heard anything. Does that mean I probably didn’t pass & won’t get the job?…

    When should I call the supervisor asking for an update?


    • Jennifer,

      If you haven’t sent a thank you note already, then you should do so. If you haven’t heard from her by Tuesday, follow-up with an email but in U.S. understand she may not get back to you until after Thanksgiving.

      Hiring often takes longer than we think it will.

      Good luck and all the very best,

      • Oh, no, I sent her a thank you email later the same day!
        I live in the UK so Tthanksgiving shouldn’t be a problem.
        Do you think even though she said she’d contact me in a couple days (seeing as it’s been more now) that she might just be running a bit late…? I hope so, at least!


      • Jennifer,

        I think it’s okay to call or follow-up by email once and reiterate your interest in the position. It can take longer than you think, but it’s also not unheard of for employers to make another offer and delay notifying other candidates — or to take their time getting back to a candidate.

        Hang in there and good luck!

        All the Best,

  191. Hi,
    I took an on site interview on Nov9th. And they replied on 14th. It says congratulations. Next step is applying another req Id( the same job responsibility with the first applying position). We are happy to have you in consideration. Is this a very possible offer? I guess they need more time to finish the hiring process but very desperate to know the final offer

    • Hi Wen,

      I would not assume that this is the same thing as an offer…the question I believe they are asking is “will you continue you your application?” I recommend you follow up to see what additional information you can provide. If you a university student, and you are applying for this position through your career services office, you may want to check in with them also.

      All the Best,

  192. This is a great post and I can pretty much relate to most of it.
    I interviewed with a company late October for an associate position, I had a a brief interview with HR in the first stage, he scheduled another phone interview with a director for the next week and again an on-site interview with 4 more people. Overall, I felt great about the interview. I had sent each of them a thank note the same day stating how much I appreciated their time to interview me and how I am interested in the position. Two of the people that I interviewed with even sent a reply to my thank you note (which boosted my confidence even more). A week later HR person followed up saying that they are still in the interview stage and it will take a little longer to make a final decision. I was elated that they had actually sent a follow up email. Overall, I felt good about the position and I have been waiting for the final decision ever since. I sent a follow-up email in mid-november and the HR person responded by thanking me for my continued interest and they will make the decision end of November. Since I was so desperate, I followed up again few days ago and HR was very kind enough to respond and said end of this week. Do you think I still have a chance with this company? I have waited more than a month to hear back from them and this position is all I can think about. This is my dream job – and I am not sure what I am going to do if I don’t get this position. Although I kept applying to other job opportunities- I feel like I have been waiting for this one company to hire me. I think I am going nuts and desperate each day. Any advise or suggestions would mean a lot. SAVE ME!

    • Hi oshna,
      I am no expert about post interview process, however I have been through exact same phase like u so I would like to suggest a few things…
      First of all even though this is your dream job and you have given your best and expect a positive reply.. DON’T GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to the job or company…be practical & keep a plan B ready in case things don’t work out… so keep on applying …as from my personal experience even though a candidate is selected, any internal issue in company (like budget or some senior person resigning) can screw or prolong the whole selection process… so keep applying… Hope you get this job .. All the Best !!


      • Dear CM,

        Thank you so much for your advise. I really appreciate it. I will try my best to keep my mind out of this one position and focus my energy and time looking for other positions.


      • CM,

        Thanks for providing advice and support to fellow members of the Work Coach Community. It is much appreciated.

        Good luck to you in your endeavors, too — and all the very best,

    • Osh Na,

      It sounds as though you’ve done a great job as an applicant. Now I recommend you sit tight, apply for other jobs and avoid following up again for as long as you can. I know that’s hard to do but you do want to avoid looking desperate.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  193. Hello,

    I had passed several steps on my job application to p&g several tests and meetings, I had my last interview at about 7 weeks ago. While I was having my final interview, I asked the director how long will it take for me to get a positive or negative feedback, he told me that it would take maximum 2 weeks, and the hiring process is urgent. Some how I haven’t heard anything. I called one of my interviewers (not from HR) she told me that she doesn’t want to missguide me and the process may take 1-2 more weeks. She also told me that the company has not send any notifications to anyone. I called back again after two weeks and this time she told me that the HR Director was abroad, and she doesn’t know when she will be back. So she told me to wait more. Strangely in my last interview I learned that I was not interviewed for the position that I applied, because the locations and job’s descriptions were different. In the mean time the position that I applied was closed and reopened, but I know that they don’t consider me for it.

    Can you please guide me according to your past experiences. Do you think that I still have chance to get an offer? Waiting 7 weeks and getting no response seems to be a negative sign. All of my interviews took at about 1.5 – 2 hours. And I got my next meeting appointments on the same days that I had my interviews. Everything seemed to go very well but some how I haven’t got any feedbacks. I had my meetings in octorber, and last meeting in the beginning of november. What should I think?

    One of my friends told me that companies does not hire anyone on december, and HR is busy with other tasks such as performace evalutions and related things. And he also added that job offers and feedbacks might be more likely to be sent in january. And he told me not to call the company agan until mid-january. What do you suggest me?

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards

  194. Hi chandlee,

    I went for an interview with a big real estate company last wednesday and it went pretty well. The interviewer was the principal of the company and he gave me quite a few compliments during the interview (like the company really needs someone who is good at numbers like you, you seem to be an enthusiastic person, blah blah) and when I said I wanna do some further studies related to my field he was like “the company is willing to sponsor you for that” then he asked me for the details of the course as well as the fee. He also asked me what my expectation for the salary is.

    The company wasnt recruiting but I sent them email to express my interest and I got called 2 days after becoz they were interested after having a look at my CV. Before the interview ended, the principal said he needs to discuss with his partners before making final decision and will call me the next day.

    I waited and didnt receive anything from the company 2 days after that so i sent the principal a thank you note (in a way i just wanna remind him of my existence…). He didnt reply and now it has been a week so should I call them or continue waiting? A bit worried though and waiting is quite tedious so I just wonder whether you can give me some advice…


    • Jasmine,

      How frustrating! I’d recommend you wait another few days and then follow up again with a well written email or phone call. In the interim, continue to look at other job opportunities as well — a company’s ability to hire often changes depending on changing business needs.

      Good luck and all the best,

  195. I am in the EXACT situation stated above in this article. I just had an interview with a major credit union earlier this week. I’m 21 years old and in college and already have two and a half years of banking experience under my belt. RIght now I work 30 hours a week and am unhappy with my current employer because when you get hired they don’t tell you anything about how sales driven the position is. I’ve stuck it out for over 2 years but recently I have been pushed to the edge. So I applied for a full time position at a credit union because credit unions operate differently than banks.

    I got a call for an interview only a few days after I submitted the application online. I had my interview earlier this week. In my honest opinion I don’t think I could have done better. I kept eye contact with the interviewer for most of the time every question that I thought I was gonna get asked I already had written down answers for in a notebook. I didn’t stutter or use sentence fillers and best of all I tried very hard not to show my nervousness. Well then it didn’t seem like an interview anymore after she asked me the first couple questions very soon she started talking about when training starts, what the dress code is, what my schedule would be, what my pay would be (which if you combine the higher hourly rate the credit union pays and more hours per week it is MUCH more than I’m making now.) If I got this job I would most likely be able to move out of my parents house and into an apartment either by myself or with a friend.

    Well after she was done talking she asked me to stay right away and meet 2 managers who worked at the credit union’s corporate office and after waiting there in the interview room by myself for about 10 mins they walked in and asked me a few questions. They said they were very impressed that im 21 and that I’ve only had 2 jobs over the last five years. (used to be cashier at a store). Then these 2 managers sent me directly to the branch I was applying to and I ended up having a 3rd interview with the branch manager and assistant manager (who would be my two bosses.) I was certainly not expecting to have 3 interviews back to back to back. What could all this mean? Some say “oh well that means you’re definitely in” but I don’t want to think this way and then be disappointed if I don’t get the job. And now it’s agony waiting for a call back/job offer. Words can not describe what this job would do for my life! Any advice?

    • Jonathan,

      Overall it sounds like they are very interested in you. I don’t read any disinterest in how they responded to you – and the third interview is likely a positive sign. Good luck and – if you get nervous – use your time by applying to other positions as well. It is always good to have a back-up plan.


  196. Hi Chandlee,
    I went for a on-site interview in early December for an Engineer position in a mid-sized company. The interview took a full day and personally I think it went well. I sent each interviewer thank you notes immediately after the interview. The hiring manager replied to me really fast and politely told me he would get back to me next week.
    Then the wait starts: I heard nothing in the followed week so I sent the hiring manager a follow-up email. It has no reply and it turned out the company is already on Christmas vacation.
    I re-emailed the hiring manager after the vacation but still got no reply. Two weeks later, I followed up with one of the senior engineer who interviewed me but there is no reply.
    I am not afraid of being rejected but I am really wondering what might be going on. Does this mean kind of silent rejections? Thank you for your advice!

  197. Hi Work Coach,

    Please help me. I had an intial phone interview followed by a skype interview with Company A. Meanwhile, I had another job offer with Company B so i called the HR lady of Company A to inform her the situation and that I am keen about working with Company A, but I dont have too long to reply to Company B about their offer (accept/decline). So the HR lady from Company A said they really like me and that they will be able to provide me with a verbal offer in the skype interivew the following day, which they did. During the skype interview the manager mentioned that they are giving me a verbal offer and they will confirm this by email.

    The HR lady later called and said if she cant get the Letter of offer in by the next day she will call me and let me know. The next day i didnt receive any phone calls so i called her. I asked her if she can atleast provide me with an email confirmation if she cant send me the offer letter and she said she cant confirm via email before she receives any paperwork approved from the manager (this is different to what the manager said in the skype interview). She also said dont give notice in you current job unless you have something in writing from us. This got me very worried as i declined my other offer with Company B because of verbal offer from Company A and now Company A HR is not sounding confident at all about the offer. The HR lady also said she will be away for a long weekend and IF she receives any paperwork from the management the next week she will get in touch with me.

    I am very worried. Do you think I should contact the manager who said that he will proivde an email confirmation or should I wait for the HR lady to get back to me? Also I dont want to sound desperate and im worried if I pushed the HR lady into thinking that I am desperate (with all my phone calls and emails).Please help me.

    Thank you.

  198. Hi There,

    I am wondering if someone can give me some insight. I applied for a position at a large company, they called me and asked a few questions (I was surprised I got a call in the first place but very excited) The lady said she was not the hiring manager and that she would be in touch with me this week. What does that mean? Do companies really call people then decide to bring them in or not and may not call back? Or do I have a good chance I will be set up with an interview.

    I feel companies get your hopes up 🙁 PLS help!

    Thank you

    • They may be in touch, and they may not. Yes, companies do speak with people, tell them they will bring them in, and then not call back. Sometimes that is accidental, and sometimes not. It’s hard to know what will happen in this case.

      Keep job hunting. Don’t wait for this call or interview to happen because it may not happen, or it may happen much later than they think it will happen because so many things can get in the way.

      This may help you understand what is going on –

      Keep looking, and don’t take this personally!

      Good luck!

      • Thank you for responding !

        It’s odd because I didn’t have a phone interview she sort of just asked a few questions and said she would be in touch the next week ( last week, no call) so I am still hoping they call this week. I have just never had a company call me like that in the first place then not callback even. Now I have myself wondering if I said something wrong….. I just don’t know what.

      • It’s natural to think about what happened and wonder if you did something “wrong” – unfortunately, you’ll never know. Plus, MANY things are going on “behind the curtain” on the employer’s side that have NOTHING to do with you – people being available to interview applicants, the budget dollars to fund the job, etc. (Read the 10 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job that Are Beyond Your Control, for a sampling.)

        Think about the questions they asked and ways you might have improved your “performance” in the phone interview, for next time, and put this experience behind you. If they call you back, great. If they don’t, no big deal.

        Good luck!

  199. This almost sounds like what I am going through. Last Tuesday, I interviewed for a staff accountant position at a large company. I met with the assistant controller, who the position reports to. He spent over an hour and a half with me. Closer to an hour and forty minutes. I have never spent that much time with one hiring manager on any job interview ever. When I got my current job, I met with the CFO and the controller on the first interview and on the second interview I met with the President of the company and HR. I may have spent an hour and forty minutes with them all of them combined. The assistant controller told me, “Your background is spot on what I am looking for.” I asked him how I stack up compared to the other candidates. He replied, “In all honesty, I think you are at the top. You are the fourth candidate. Of the first three candidates, I can already rule out two of them, and I have a couple more to go. I want to wrap this up in the next couple of weeks. There is a definate need.” I left, and the headhunter that this was through emailed me that the feedback was very positive. When I am on my own, I like to follow up with another email or phone call. Is it ok to do this if I am working with a recruiter? I don’t mean bug him with, “Have you decided anything?” I mean just say, “I just want you to know I am still very interested.” That way he’ll keep me in mind. He did give me his card and said, “If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.” Like I said, I have never spent an hour and forty minutes with one hiring manager. I have never had a hiring manager tell me straight out, “I think you are at the top,” or “Your background fits what I am looking for spot on.”

    • Hi Robert,

      You can certainly follow-up with the fellow who gave you his card. Just keep it professional and don’t offer to take the job without going through the recruiter.

      Simply say “I remain interested in the job and enjoyed meeting you and your colleagues. Let me know if you need any additional information.”

      Good luck and all the very best,

  200. Hello, i am just going through a similar experience. I am at the end of the process for a job that i really want. Went through phone interview and 2 in person interviews with the executive director. A the second interview i was told its down to me and another candidate. We talked for at least half an hour longer than scheduled and was introduced to another person that i would be working with and shown around the office. Left feeling very good about my prospects and sent all my thank you notes right away. Its now been 3 weeks. They have been good at keeping me updated and the last i heard was yesterday. They said the ED has a meeting with a few board members to discuss the candidates and it is really between me and another person, and that thy will let us both know the decision by friday. All good, however I am now dying from anxiety as i wait to find out. Is there anything i can do at this point to either increase my chances or t least find out more about which way they re leaning?

    • chandlee says:


      As hard as it is to wait around, the only thing you can do is wait to hear back and consider looking at other opportunities now as well.

      Good luck and all the best,

  201. I am wondering about my situation..of course, it is for a job I am dying for!

    I had an initial phone interview, and it went well–the call ended with the corporate recruiter telling me that the branch manager would contact me by the end of the day. He did–to tell me he was going out of town for a week, but because they are looking to fill the position soon, he set me up for an interview with his assistant branch manager, to take place while he was out of town. That interview also went well, and I received a call the day after that interview inviting me in for a panel interview with the branch manager and regional vp–this was to be the last step before hiring. I attended that interview, and i think it went well, although the vp asked some very tricky questions and i’m not so sure i answered them exactly as he wanted…he was hard to read. if a company says numerous times they are looking to move quickly, should i assume i will get an answer this week? (panel was on monday) the vp mentioned that he wanted to check to see if the corpoarte recruiter had any other candidates for them to interviw–is this normal???

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Shelley,

      I’d make sure you send a nice thoughtful thank you if you haven’t done so already. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that you will get an offer but I’d also continue to look until you get a firm written offer.

      Stay patient and good luck,

  202. I went for a job interview on the 25th March they said after the interview they would get back to me within a week and said they might have to call people back for further interviewing as they might not be able to decide still… its been 3weeks now i called up the company and a lady said “they have not sent out them letters lett and i would get mine soon” . From my knowledge letters are bad and normally rejections letters and what you normally want is a phone call! However my mother said when she got her job she recieved a email!. I wanted to get others opinions on this..?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Sophie,

      Hard to tell what’s in the letter. It might be bad news or it could be many other things. So, don’t assume that it will be bad new.

      But, also, don’t stop your job search waiting for the letter. Keep looking.

      Good luck with your job search!

  203. I interviewed for a position on the 15th of March, and was told I was going to the next round of interviews and they wanted to hire someone in the beginning to mid April. I was also told that the hiring recruiter would contact me at the end of the month. After much waiting, (April 12th) I received an email from the recruiter saying the team had decided to modify the job description, and were still screening candidates. She will contact be when she has a more definitive answer. I wanted to know if it is normal to modify a job description, and in doing so, do they have to re-list the job? I’m just starting to get antsy for this position. Thanks for your time.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi J.Eth,

      Modifying the description happens frequently, and typically, the new job will be re-posted to attract people who meet the new requirements of the job. See this post, After the Job Interview, What Is Taking SO Long? for some insight into what may be happening.

      I understand that “antsy” feeling, but the best thing for you to do is to continue you job search. You might find a better job for you is waiting for you to find it.

      Good luck with your job search!

  204. I had a phone interview for a job I really want by the HR. It was arranged after a long follow up process for an “on going hiring position”. It was on Apr 26th 2013, the HR said that she would get back by Wed, May 1st, 2013. But when she didn’t I sent her a follow up email, asking my status and reconfirming my interest in the position. The typical hiring process is one phone interview, followed by a F2F interview. I am very interested in this job which is a good fit for my education and career path. Should I call her or should I wait at least a week, until Fri?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Ana,

      I’m with Emily (below) in recommending that you give them some time before you reach out again, at least a week. I’m sure they understand your interest in the job, so now is time for you to back off and give them some breathing room.

      They have a lot of schedules to juggle and administrative things to do to move on to the next step in the process, probably involving several people, coordinating schedules, etc. And I seriously doubt you are the only applicant they interviewed.

      So, back off and practice being patient for at least a week. Keep looking for other jobs.

      Good luck with your job search!

  205. Hmm… personally I would have waited to send that follow-up e-mail. Did you send it today, or yesterday? April 26 to May 1 is fairly quick turn-around time (5 days, including a weekend), and it seems that when you followed up, she’d only missed the deadline by less than a day. Considering today is May 2 and you just e-mailed, I would NOT call! Wait a week.

    I am in the middle of a hiring process and everything has taken longer than anticipated, but so far I have not gotten any bad news and everyone has eventually followed up. I submitted my resume to a major company, then 12 days later someone followed up to see if I was still interested (because an aspect of the job description had changed.) I responded that day to say that I was still interested… and then nothing. 10 days later, I got a call to set up a phone interview with the hiring manager. I set up the phone interview for 4 days after that. Then, it took another 10 days (longer than they had said…) to hear anything, even though the hiring manager had explicitly said she thought she would be asking me to fly in for a site interview. So 10 days later, I was invited for the site interview… which took place 10 days after THAT. It’s now been 16 days since the interview (multiple interviews and a presentation), and almost a week since I was supposed to hear something. I just sent an e-mail, and wondered if it was too SOON to follow-up, since the deadline was only 6 days ago. I am NOT going to follow-up with a phone call. If I don’t hear anything in another week, then I will follow-up.

    You can see from my story that so far the hiring process has taken just over two MONTHS. With luck I will have a job offer (or maybe a rejection…) within a few days.

    The thing that might concern me about your situation is the “ongoing hiring position” aspect. What does that mean? Is there a real job available?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Emily,

      Thank you for sharing your experience and advice! Very helpful for everyone, I think.

      Hope after all this waiting that this job comes through for you!


  206. Hello Susan, Emily,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I had applied for the position about a month ago through their website, and I had called on Fri, Apr 26th just to ask the status of that position, if they had shortlisted candidates, and I just wanted to make sure so that I could close my books. Then they said that “its one of their more popular position and they keep on hiring for that position all through the year”. When I said that I am interested they scheduled a “formal” phone interview with the HR. After a 20 min interview, the HR said that she would get to me by Wed, May 1st and that’s why I sent the follow up email on May 1st. I too had thought about the scheduling etc. and hoping that no news turns out to be a good news. So keeping my fingers crossed. Also, I do have an internal contact in the company, wonder if I should ask him to follow up internally? Although, he has no role in the hiring as he is from a completely different department.

  207. Hi, these are great follow-up questions and advice. I have a similar situation with a bad recruiter and wanted some advice.

    I applied for a government job (we’ll call it the XYZ Division) and received a phone call from the recruiter less then a week later. The recruiter represented himself as the hiring manager and said I was exactly what XYZ Division was looking for he. He scheduled a phone interview with me for a few days later. During that phone interview with the same recruiter, he told me I’d be perfect, what the salary was, and when I would start. He also told me that I couldn’t own any bank stocks and to be ready to sell them. He said interviews were during two days and he ended it with “I’m telling you that, because I want you to be available.” He also said that he was going to “cast a wide net to try to find other people to apply.” My only red flag was that he told me I was a lot older then the other people that would be in training and he wanted to know how I would handle working with younger people (there were three openings). He called back a week later and made a point of telling me I was the first one he called for formal interviews. He then called me a couple of days before the interviews and said the team was really excited to meet me.

    Everything went downhill after that. The interviews were 3 different groups and one was the recruiter by himself. The recruiter tore me apart and tried to stop my interview after 10 minutes instead of the 45 minutes I was told I would have. The recruiter started out with, “I see you’ve been out of college awhile, but don’t have an MBA. Why didn’t you go back and get one?” On the other questions he would ask, he would always rebutt my examples by stating “that’s impossible” or “that “doesn’t happen”. I really felt the recruiter’s attitude was centered around my age even though I knew this was an entry level position that didn’t require an MBA.. (note: I’m not quite 40, so I’m not in a protected class and to advance with XYZ Division you have to start in this entry level position.) It was also weird that they introduced another person as the hiring manager instead of the recruiter who portrayed himself as the hiring manager.

    The other two groups were really great and complimentary. They told me they had hired other people that worked where I had and they were doing great. They also told me I was very strong in the kind of skill sets they look for.

    The interviews were over a wed-thurs. Friday was a federal holiday so XYZ Division was closed. The recruiter called me the next Wednesday (less then a week after the interviews) to tell me that I was not being hired. I was completely floored because I feel like the recruiter had verbally offered me the position by telling me when I would start w/pay, to be ready to sell certain stocks, making a point of telling me I’m the first he contacted every time, and that he was having to dig around for other interviewees. I also don’t see how 2 business days later the recruiter would be calling people that weren’t hired. How is that enough time to do background checks, reference checks, drug tests, and acceptance offers on the ones they want? When I asked the recruiter for feedback on why I wasn’t selected his exact words were, “We found other people that were more closely aligned to the posting and you intereviewed poorly.” I was again floored because everybody, except for the recruiter, was really complimentary of me at the interview. I did call one of the other interviewers for real feedback and he thought I interviewed great, but couldn’t come up with a specific reason why I wasn’t hired.

    So after this long post, my questions/thoughts are what next? Thank god I didn’t quit my current job despite the recruiter telling me to ready to move quickly. I’m still looking, but have always wanted to work for XYZ Division. The recruiter is new and I really believe he is an ageist and wanted to put me through the meat grinder so he could show to his coworkers how great he is. I think XYZ Division would be horrified at his actions and have thought about letting the HR group know, but I also know I would be blacklisted and it would be my word against his. However, if the only way to advance at XYZ Division is by starting at this entry level role and I’m too old (as eluded to by the recruiter), then I don’t really have much to lose.

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Wow Rick,

      Yes, very good that you didn’t quit your job! It certainly appears that there was “bad chemistry” between you and the recruiter, but I’m not sure I would blame it on ageism. You might have reminded him of someone he had worked for or with in his past whom he really disliked. Very likely that you’ll never know. The good news is that he didn’t leave you waiting a long time for the outcome.

      I think that your instinct is correct about reporting the recruiter for ageism. That would definitely burn bridges and position you as something of a whiner. Being in your 30’s, even late 30’s, makes the ageism accusation problematic.

      Since you really want to work at XYZ Division, you now have contacts within the organization who might prove to be useful to you over time. I would reach out to them, carefully. Send them email thanking them for their time and the opportunity to interview for the job, expressing your disappointment at the outcome. Tell them that a job at XYZ is one of your goals, and you hope they will keep you in mind for the next opportunity that opens. Perhaps connect with one or two who seemed most encouraging via LinkedIn (if it won’t put your current job at risk).

      Meanwhile, if you are determined to work at XYZ, determine what you might be able to do to make yourself a more attractive candidate next time. Perhaps take a class, join a professional organization, etc.

      Also consider changing your target employer to a similar one or even a competitor.

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Thanks, Susan. I kept looking at other jobs – hoping for the perfect job- during the process. I’m happy to report that I just accepted a nearly identical job in the private sector, but it pays over $30,000 more a year. I’m obviously happy and thinking about sending the “jerk recruiter” a big Thank You. haha…j/k, but seriously I want to make a comment about how important it is to keep looking at all opportunties and keep all balls in the air while you are looking for a new opportunity.



      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi Rick,

        Excellent! Good for you!

        Thank you for sharing both your good news and your advice.


  208. Hello everyone,

    I have just had the first two job interviews of my life within one week (nothing else on the horizon yet), and I am eager to get a reply soon from either of the companies! I’m in a difficult situation as the second job is in a different country! (luckily, at least both are in EU, so there are not many administrative issues to solve in case I need to move). I had the first interview on the 30th of April, and I was told to receive the answer this week. However, the rest of this week is working holiday here, which means that the chance that I get the reply now is close to zero. I had the interview for the other position on the 7th of May, and they are planning to give an answer next week and hire the person immediately the week after.

    It is difficult for me to plan anything right now. The room I rent is available for me for one more week, and I am unable to tell my landlord whether I will need it longer or not – he might have already found someone else for the room…

    My other concern is that I did not get the chance to send a thank you message to the interviewers in the case of my first interview (this is the job I really really want, I consider the other as a ‘backup’ option) as everything was organized by a recruitment agency. After asking, the agency refused to give me the contact details of the interviewers (and I did not manage to find them online either), so I don’t think I can do anything more about it. However, I am a bit worried that it might influence my chances.

    Do you think it is a big mistake not to send such a message? Does it influence my chances? Do you have any suggestions what I should do in this situation?

    Thanks for your answers in advance 🙂

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Niki,

      Tough spot with the landlord! Hope this works out for you next week so you’ll know whether or not you can continue.

      Congratulations on your first 2 interviews!

      Hard to tell about the missing thank you emails. In the USA, thank you notes are still somewhat rare, so it might not be that big a deal here if you didn’t send them. In the EU, I’m not sure about the etiquette involved. Perhaps it’s not too late to send the thank you notes in the “snail mail” rather than email? Or perhaps drop them off at the location if the postal service isn’t operating over the holiday. Here, many employers say that a thank you note does not make a difference in whether or not someone is hired – that they hire the person who is best qualified.

      Too bad the recruiter was so uncooperative. Often, recruiters earn commissions when someone they recommend is hired, so I hope that this recruiter operated with your best interests in mind since you both benefit if you land this job.

      (If you work with this recruiter again, I’d be sure to collect the contact information directly from the interviewer at the end of each interview so you aren’t in the same position next time.)

      Hope that you get a job offer this week! Keep looking and keep trying, anyway, just in case neither of these opportunities work out for you. Perhaps the best job for you is waiting for you to apply.

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Dear Susan,

        Thank you very much for your nice words 🙂

        Of course nothing can be perfect, but at least one can learn from their mistakes 🙂 I was given the opportunity to ask questions from them, and I ended up asking not-that-relevant ones. On the other hand, there could have been a lot of others which could help me now, and would not leave me with doubts. After these interviews I concluded that:
        – if I don’t have the contact details of the interviewers, indeed the simplest and easiest way is to ask them directly during the interview.
        – next time I would definitely ask how many candidates they are interviewing in total. It does not really influence anything during the interview, but now I have no clue whether I am one among 5 or among 30 candidates. It is better to know, in my opinion.
        – do not give up, but continue looking for other opportunities. I fell into this trap that now I base all my hopes on these two interviews. Now I need to learn that an interview does not guarantee immediate success – it only means that I took the next step of the job search process (the first is sending applications).

        Thank you for your help again, and I’ll inform you about the result when I receive a reply!


      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Important lessons to have learned, Niki, and great take-aways from the experience. You’ll do much better in your next interviews, obviously.

        Stay in touch.

        Good luck with your job search!

  209. Shannon says:

    I had an interview that I felt went very well. It has been 3 weeks now so I sent a polite follow-up e-mail. Human Resources responded that they are still in the process of interviewing. Does it mean since they are still interviewing 3 weeks later that I should forget getting this job?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Shannon,

      Without knowing how many people they planned to interview, it’s hard to tell what is going on. You could have been the first person interviewed and then someone important to the process got sick or called off to handle a more urgent situation. MANY things can happen that slows down the interview process.

      I would not give up on this opportunity, but I would certainly continue looking, just in case something better is out there waiting for you.

      Reach out to them in another couple of weeks to see what the status is. The phone is more reliable than email. When you call, don’t expect the them to remember you – tell him or her your name, the job you interviewed for, who interviewed you, and when you were interviewed. Then, ask for the current status of the job and the next steps in their process. Leave this as a message if you get voice mail and not a live person.

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Shannon says:

        I contacted them via telephone today and was told they are beginning 2nd interviews. She did not ask my name and said if I am chosen for a 2nd interview I will be contacted. Since she said they are just beginning the 2nd round, I am hoping that means I am still in the running, but maybe I am wrong? Would they have called me already?

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi Shannon,

        Yes, unfortunately, IF they have started contacting the 2nd round people for THIS job (and they may not have), they probably (!) would have called you already if you were one of the people chosen for the next round of interviews.

        Keep looking. They may call you, or they may not, but you don’t want to have “all your eggs in one basket” if they don’t call. Regardless of the employer or how interested you are in the job, don’t stop your job search until you have a writter job offer in your hand.

        Good luck with your job search!

  210. Melissa says:

    I went through a round of interviews at a big tech company (4 in total) plus a presentation for a position i didn’t originally apply for. I contacted a recruiter because
    I saw another ad for the same company and she pointed me out to that one saying they had an opening and it would be more suited to my profile. This one wasn’t advertised anywhere.
    Everything made me think I was successful and I was very excited to start asap. Recruiter said
    she will get back to me in 2 days top because after that, the whole team would be out of the office for the full week. After I do not hear from her for 3 days I kindly email her asking to call me.
    She tells the feedback from the hiring manager was positive
    and that they liked me, my answers, my examples etc.. she highlighted the fact that I’m a fast learner. However they felt like I didn’t have enough experience and they want me to do one more interview.
    She told me she’d be contacting me in a day to schedule the next interview and give me some materials to prepare on. She hasn’t called me yet, obviously but in the meantime she went ahead posting the job opening on both the career site and on linkedin.

    Besides the obvious fact that they knew what my experience was way before the interviews, what do you think I should do in order to exceed their expectations? Also, if they noticed I learn fast, why point out that the experience could be a problem?
    Also, is it a bad sign that they just posted the ad after they interviewed me?

    And if I fail, should I inquire about the previous position I applied for?

    Thank you!

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Your narrative is a little confusing so I’m not completely sure what has happened so far. My guess is that they either misinterpreted some of the information on your resume or you said something that made them think you aren’t as experienced as they originally thought, in spite of the “fast learner” observation.

      Posting the job could mean only that they are meeting a requirement that all jobs be posted (government regulation, internal policy, or both), or it could mean that they want to see if a better-qualified candidate is available. With so many people looking for jobs, employers are taking longer than usual to see if they are really hiring the best person available.

      Don’t give up on this opportunity, but do inquire about the position you originally applied for to see if it is still available, and ask the recruiter if anything else that is appropriate is available.

      Good luck with your job search!

  211. Hi Susan

    I live in NYC but I’m applying for jobs in SF. I went over last week at COMPANY A expenses because they wanted to interview me in person. They’re my first choice but I’m still waiting to hear back. in the meantime COMPANY B has contacted me and they want me to fly over possibly next week. These 2 companies are major competitors in their industries. I wanted to tell COMPANY A that they’re my first choice and that I would want to hear sooner from them before wasting time and money flying back for other interviews.

    What do you say?


    • YoungSally says:

      John —

      Personally I would say nothing until you have an offer from one or the other…even more so because they are competitors. If asked, you can say that you are still exploring other opportunities but there is no need to provide details (and not really any benefit either). In the unlikely event that you are in SFO for Company A and Company B meetings at the same time, my guess is that you split the expenses when you submit for reimbursement – but I defer to others on that.

      Good luck.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi John,

      I say this is a great situation for you! I concur with YoungSally about not mentioning either to the other at this point.

      It is very unlikely that letting COMPANY A know of your visit with their competitor will speed up their hiring process sufficiently to avoid this next trip (unless the next trip is 60 days from now). Assuming that COMPANY B is paying your travel expenses, I see no disadvantage for you at this point, other than the time and inconvenience of the travel.

      Check them out – nice to have two offers to consider rather than one! So, go for it!

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Thank you so much, both of you!

        I ended up calling COMPANY A saying that I wanted to know beforehand bc I was in touch with other companies (I specifically said you know what ads are up for the same position in your area…) and she replied “OUR COMPETITORS!”

        She told me she’d let me know pretty quickly when I would have my final interview.

        In the meantime, I got invited from COMPANY B for a face to face round of interviews. I accepted.
        They’re paying and like you said, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t consider both. I’m flying out next wednesday but I really hope the process with company A will be done by then


      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Excellent! Good luck, John!

        Be wary of letting COMPANY B know you have interviewed with COMPANY A – they may spend too much time trying to pick your brain about COMPANY A than really interviewing you. And, vice versa…

        Safe travels!

      • Thanks Susan! I won’t tell anything to company B… but I thought I should send an email with a relevant article to the hiring manager (so far I’ve only been in contact with the recruiter) what do you think?


      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi John,

        Assuming that you mean company B hiring manager, I would wait until after the interviw and send it as part of your thank you or as a follow-up to your thank you. Sending something to someone you haven’t met is a risky move – it could be seen as aggressive (which could be good or bad, depending on the person and the corporate culture) or it could be caught in a spam filter and be rendered irrelevant or awkward to discuss.

        I’d wait unless you are positive it would be specifically relevant to the interview.

        Good luck!

      • I meant company A 🙂 Should I alert them that I will be in town so we could perhaps arrange another interview?



  212. Hello!

    I had an amazing interview last thursday. The person with the final hiring decision even went as far as to say ” you should come back everyday”. (i would love too of course) and that i was “awesome”. Newayz, after sending out my thank yous I got a note from the recuriter stating that she’d be in contact early next week with the next steps in the process…its wednesday at 12:00 and I still haven’t heard anything. Any suggestions??

  213. Hi everyone, so I had a face to face interview for a job last Thursday, the interviewers seemed quite positive at the end and told that the HR should get back within a week, and when she didn’t I contacted the HR. The reply was that they are still in the decision making process and she told an internal contact that they are still considering my application? Please tell me what could it mean? I am almost in tears here.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Ana,

      Calm down! Take a deep breath, and give this process time!

      It is VERY likely that you are not the only person being interviewed and that interviewing the other candidates will take time (scheduling, rescheduling, and the actual interviewing). Then, after every candidate is interviewed, there will probably be meetings to discuss the candidates and pick out the best to hire or the top 2 or 3 for another round of interviewing.

      So, my recommendation is that you continue with your job search, both so you won’t lose any momentum in your job search (people too often stop and wait for the offer – which can take weeks or months) and also so you will have other things to think about for your career.

      Don’t contact them again for another week – at least! And keep job hunting!

      Good luck with your job search!

  214. Hello Everyone,

    So this the end phase of my interview that was held on the 9th of May, it was a great interview and the interviewers saids that they would get back to my HR contact within a week, I had been following up at regular intervals every week and was told last week that the hiring manager is on a vacation, and they would get back to me today, May 29th. Yesterday, evening at 7pm, the HR called me and “apologised” for the delay and said that a meeting is scheduled with the hiring manager is due today, and she would definitely get back to me today whatever decision is made….so far no updates….what do I make up of all these, I am positive although she said she has no idea, which way the decision is leaning. Any insights, please?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Ana,

      It sounds like the typical things causing a delay in coming to a decision – getting back to work after a vacation can often be complicated. The good news is that they are staying in pretty good contact with you, and that is promising.

      If you didn’t hear from them last week, contact them this week and politely ask for an update.

      Good luck with your job search!

  215. Dear Susan,

    Thanks for the reply. I did hear and they have set up a third interview with the VP this time on June 4th. I am hoping this is the final round. I would give my left arm to work here, say Company A. However, I have another interview with Company B on June 3rd. They make quick decisions. Is it okay to ask them to let me know the verdict of Company A letting them know that I(might) have another offer? They are however, not a competition to each other, Com A and Com B.

    Many thanks.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Ana,

      Congratulations on the 3rd interview with Compan A!

      If Company B makes you an offer on June 3rd, tell them you need to think over the offer. Ask for a week or until Friday, if possible. Don’t mention the possible offer from Company A.

      If you do get an offer from Company B, you MAY be able to tell Company A about it to get them to move a little more quickly. Up to you.

      Good luck!

  216. Stephanie says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been interviewing with this company for the past month. Routinely, they circle back with one another every Tuesday to discuss candidates and next steps. I have been receiving emails or callbacks the last four Tuesday’s, and last Thursday was the final round. The interviews have gone extremely well, and I was sure I landed the role. As we know, when we are waiting for that one call, it seems like a thousand years have passed by. My concern is that it is now Wednesday (I thought yesterdat would’ve been the day), and I have not heard anything. when I was already somewhat used to the every Tuesday update. Should I be concerned? and if not, when should follow up?


  217. Hi Everyone,

    I had a final interview on May 31st and after a week I got a call from HR stating that everything is going great and she is getting a positive feedback from everyone. Then she want to negotiate the salary and said this is the time that we should settle for the salary. I followed with HR person after 2 days and I have been told that she didn’t hear any decision from Hiring Manager. I am not sure what does that mean and what should be my next step.


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Neelu,

      If I understand your timeline correctly, you should probably wait at least a week from your last follow-up with HR to contact them again. I would call so that you can ask questions and get more information than an email.

      You may or may not get a job offer. It’s hard to tell what is going on.

      Keep job hunting until you accept a job offer, regardless of how promising this opportunity feels to you. Many things on the employer’s side having nothing to do with you can derail a job offer – jobs get cancelled or modified.

      Good luck with your job search!

  218. Hi,
    I applied for a faculty position at a junior college this past February, and didn’t hear back from them until the end of April. I actually didn’t think I was really going to hear after such a long time, but was glad I finally heard from them. I had a scheduled interview for the third week of May. The interview consisted of presenting a class on the search committees choice of topic and answering a multitude of questions. I think I did pretty well. The search committee consisted of 6 people from different disciplines and areas of the college. At the end of the interview, I was told enthusiastically that I did an great job. I was told that they were interviewing for the first round until June 1st and then they would be contacting finalists for the second round of interviews. It is now been over 3 weeks since my interview and I have not been contacted by the college. I had sent a thank you note, and a follow up email this past week, but still have gotten no response. Do you think I have more than likely not made the cut for the second round of interviews, or is a college a place that typically takes their time in responding and I could possibly be in the running? It took so long to be initially contacted by the school, they could just be slow on their responses. I have a job now, and would love to change to this college job if given the opportunity. It’s so frustrating. Any thoughts on this?

  219. Thank you for your words really.

  220. Hello Everyone,
    I had was called in for an interview exactly a week ago and I felt it went pretty well for the most part. Right after the interview, I sent thank you emails to each of the interviewers the same day when I got home. One of them replied that night thanking me and mentioned that I should expect to hear from their recruiting team soon. However, this person isn’t the “hiring manager”, it was one of the interviewers.

    I took this as positive feedback and have high hopes simply because of this response. But now it’s been a week and I still haven’t heard anything? Does this person’s feedback mean anything? Should I reach out to this person and their HR department to see where they are in the process?


  221. Hi,

    Firstly, I think the article is great. It touched on the age old question of what exactly happens behind closed doors in the hiring process.

    I recently had a second interview for a position with a big company this week. Previous to this week, I interviewed with the same company which went really well and I was called back for a second interview. This time, I was going to be talking to 5 people back to back. So total a 2 and a half hours long sitting. I think they went really really well where I seem to get along with all 5 people and I answered to their questions relevantly. However, some of my math was tested where I made a few mistakes due to me not working with a calculator. That really got to me as I am scared it might hurt my chances completely at this crucial stage of the hiring process where margins are extremely tight.

    I sent individual thank you letters to all 5 and three of them responded as an acknowledgement. However, I couldn’t help but require some behavioral analysis on two sentences which they used and which have been bothering me ever since. The first, one of them said in their replies was

    “You are one of our top candidates for the position. Competition for the position is high so you should be proud that you made it this far”.

    My concern is that is this sugar coating disappointment? Am I good but not good enough?

    Second sentence which bothered me was when one of them responded with “Best of Luck”. Again, is this what you say to someone who lost the race?

    I hope I am not over-analyzing this hiring process too much in a negative way. I REALLY want this position simply because I have become acquainted with the nice people I met there in a short time period during the process and also considering that I spent 3 and half hours in total just interviewing for this position. The job is great and a big boost to my career. Now the wait is on. The interview happened two days ago and not an hour goes by when I regret making those mathematical errors which wouldve not been an issue had I had a calculator on me AND which I would have either ways when I’m performing the actual job if I am hired!!

    Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Mobi,

      The problem with email is that you can’t see the face or hear the tone of voice. Yes, you are probably over-analyzing the situation, which is a natural thing to do in these circumstances. You did your best, sent your thank you notes, and there’s nothing left you can do.

      Now, keep hunting for a job until you are holding a written job offer for the right job in your hands.

      Hope this works out for you!

      Good luck with your job search!
      (I wish everyone good luck, BTW)

  222. I had a second interview for a job at a medium-sized non-profit last Monday. The hiring process seemed to be moving very quickly. I was told that the hiring process would happen pretty fast. A day after my second interview, my references were called, and by the end of last week, all of my references had been spoken to. All of them gave positive feedback. Monday came and went, and I heard nothing. I called HR on Tuesday, and was told the hiring manager had yet to make a final decision. HR said the hiring manager would be the one calling me if I got an offer, and I would hear from HR if I didn’t get it. So I spoke with the hiring manager as well. She said that she hoped to make a decision within a couple of days and would get back to me very quickly. Now it’s Thursday and still nothing. I’m confused as to why my references were contacted by HR if the hiring manager hadn’t made a decision yet? What the heck is taking so long? This whole waiting process is driving me crazy, and I’m honestly very confused. I was under the impression that once my references were called, the hiring process was being wrapped up and I’d have known for sure by now. Any insight?

  223. Thank you for writing this article and providing information pertaining to ‘SCTTP’. The current job that I have took about nine (9) months for me to get. I had taken another job in this time period which they were working out a restructuring plan on their end.

    My question may be related to over-analysis like Mobi. I recently went on an interview the second week of February. There was two phone interviews (Senior Recruiter and VP-PM) and four in-person interviews. Interviews process on this day was 3hrs. Each Interview talked to me for no more than 30mins. They all had extremely busy schedules. Each person thought I had a terrific skill set and I thought interviews went well with each member.

    One Executive Director thought we should keep in touch in case something comes up in the near future and replied back to my email saying:

    ‘It was a pleasure to meet with you Jay. Keep in touch and wishing you the best of luck with this position’.

    Another Executive Director first question was So have you decided which team do you want to work for?’ with a smile on her face. During the interview, there was six different compliance teams mentioned that I would be VP for. I didn’t want to single out specifically which team I would like to work for b/c I didn’t want to eliminate her group. I simply stated that based on description of each team and my skill set, I can do well on any team that would want me as a potential candidate. If I need to be a PM on all team projects, I can do so as well.

    But at the very end of the meeting, she smiled, was glad to meet me and went to her next meeting?

    My question to you: I know you weren’t in the interview process, but based on ED’s phrase ‘So have you decided which team you want to work for?’ means that I got the position?

    Could you please give me your opinion?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Jay,

      As the old saying goes, “It ain’t over until it’s over.” And, while that comment was certainly encouraging, most hiring decisions involve more than one person. So, you may have a big fan, but unless that fan is THE sole decision maker, it’s hard to know what the final result will be.

      This sounds promising, but I would keep looking. Just in case…

      Good luck with your job search!

  224. cindybun says:

    So, I need some help in figuring something out.

    I have been on a massive job search and have gone to several interviews within the past 3 weeks. Out of all of the jobs I interviewed for or even applied to, there is only one in particular that I am truly head over heels for. I had a great first screening via phone. Then, I had an amazing interview in person. The interviewer (also my potential new boss) was very happy with me and said she would phone HR right away to get me to the next step. As I was leaving the building, I received an email for references and an assessment test from the HR person. That was quick! I completed the assessment and submitted my references by that evening and followed up with my interviewer with a very nice thank you email also including a recap of why I was perfect for the position. Then, the wait happened. My interviewer said they should make a decision by the end of the next week because she was going to be out of town the week after. However, I never received any status updates nor did my references receive any calls or emails. I started to give up, but I did send a follow-up email to the HR person. I then just let it ride and kept looking for other jobs. Today, one of my references let me know that they were contacted in which they gave them a very good reference. So, I checked in with 2 of my other references today and asked if they had received a call from a certain area code. They both said yes and both did not answer because they were busy at work or in a meeting. Unfortunately, the HR person did not leave a voicemail for either of them. They could not even call the HR person back because they had to know who she was and what her extension was.

    My question is: What does it mean if they do not leave a voicemail when they call references?

    I’ve scoured the web to find any existing information on this topic with no luck.

    Please help! Thank you

  225. I have interviewed in a big company when i applied the hiring manager responded after 3 weeks for a phone screen, on the phone screen he said whether i would like to join his team but took another 3 weeks to get the interview scheduled. My in person interview with all 5 people went extremely well, all said this is a kind of a person we want. HR told before the interview that he will get back to me in 4-5 days. When i contacted him after 4-5 days he said i did really well but he don’t have all the feedback and the team is onsite for this week. when i contacted after a week the hiring manger is on leave for a week. I don’t know ..is it a No this wait is killing me.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hang in there, Debra, and keep looking. It almost always takes longer to fill a job than the employer expects because of things like emergencies, vacations, meetings, and so on.

      Distract yourself by continuing to look for a job elsewhere. You might end up with a better opportunity.

      Good luck with your job search!

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