After an Interview: Can Weekly Follow Up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job?

Short answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

People wonder what to do after the job interview. I just read a recent comment from one of my readers who said “I still haven’t heard back from them after my job interview and they stopped answering my weekly follow up calls and emails so I just assume they don’t want me. I think that’s rude not to respond to me, but oh well. I will continue applying for more things!”

Of course my heart goes out to her, but I almost jumped out of my skin when I read how often she was following up with both phone calls AND emails after the job interview. I get she was just eager to know “Did I get the job?”, but there’s good reason not to do what she was doing. What you do after an interview can count as much as before or during!

While I well understand the agony of waiting to hear back after the interview – and do love her positive attitude about moving on to look for the right job – I worry some of you, including this reader, may actually hurt yourself badly with an overly zealous approach. Bugging a potential employer week after week – no matter how wonderful a hire you might be – is not going to get you the job. In fact, too many phone calls or e-mails can totally turn off the very people in the company you want to impress.

Avoid weekly follow-up calls and emails after an interview

Sending all those e-mails and making all those phone calls does not help your case with the company – and in fact only irritates HR folks and other hiring managers, many of whom have inboxes full of e-mails all demanding immediate attention. An occasional polite post-interview e-mail or phone call can be a good thing…but after that, believe me…if they are interested, they’ll remember you!

Unless you have something you absolutely need to tell them or maybe a new Pulitzer Prize you just won and want them to know about…less is more is a pretty good rule to follow when it comes to contact after the interview. And if they aren’t getting back to you – as annoying as that can be – just assume they have a good reason and do your best to focus on other things…like continuing to look for a great job!

(If you are waiting to hear back, you might find some helpful hints here: 12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview)

What about phone calls or email before an interview?

Speaking of following up…here’s a post from Kerry over at Clue Wagon that generated some great discussion. Basically, she tells us be wary of online experts who advise us to call or email after sending a resume (before any interview):

Calling to Follow Up? Hand Me a Fork.

(Kerry, a former HR person, is not one to mince words you’ll notice.)

Seriously…unless you have a contact there or a very good reason to call or are in an industry where this is ok (as Kerry also advises in 3 (Possible) Exceptions to the Do-Not-Call Rule), you are probably not helping yourself one bit by calling before an interview to follow up on your resume. Employers sometimes get a hundred or more resumes for one job posting. Believe me…they do not want a hundred or more calls or e-mails for each job they post! (Hmmm…maybe we should call anyone who suggests you do that?)

Of course, for every rule there are exceptions. And I will admit I may have helped myself get to a couple of interviews by using the send-resume-then-make-polite-follow-up-call technique – but then again, it may have been my particular circumstance. And I also might have gotten there anyway based solely on my resume and strong cover letter. (That’s what a good cover letter is for.) So please…if you do try this, just tread gently.

Nuff said.

So what’s your take on how often to follow up AFTER an interview? How have you handled your own post-interview follow-ups?

Waiting to hear back after a job interview?

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About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. Wendy Robertson says:

    A true blow for most!

    The reality is just that people are over anxious and forget how many people are out there interviewing for the same position.

    yes 100 phone calls for one position can be annoying.

    In my experiences if you sense a good connection and are conversant,
    you should leave your interview with ” can I give you a call next Wednesday to talk more and follow up on the status of the position, most hiring managers will say sure that would be great” you have then put the message in their minds and they will welcome your call without hesitations.

    Stand out…be conversant and ask for what you want.

    best of luck to all

  2. When you are interviewing your primary focus to succeed you need to create a conversational tone, in short a conversation with the interviewer. You sense when you have achieved this level of connection because there is a easy flow to the discussion. As the interview winds down, you need to only ask, ” If I have any other questions, would you mind if I call you?”
    Invariably the answer is no, please feel free to call.

    At this point you have the permission to make that follow up call. Do it, not just for the particular job, but to maintain a your connection with this hiring professional. If you don’t get the position, always thank the person and ask what else they may know of similar positions, or any industry information that can assist you in your job search.


  3. Excellent advice Wendy and Greg! It really can be the beginning of an ongoing conversation…and maybe so much more! Thanks much to both of you for stopping by.

    Ronnie Ann

    • Hi!
      I just went it for an interview for a retail job on Wednesday and The interview went great, at the end of the interview the lady said that she thought after training I would be a great fit for them and if it were up to her she would hire me on the spot, but she was the assistant manager so she had to run it by the hiring manager first and told me i should expect a call by the end of the week…well Sunday I still hand’t heard anything so I called the store and asked to speak to the hiring manager, I politely asked if a decision had been made and told him who I had interviewed with, he told me he had not spoken with her yet but they will speak on Tuesday and figure out which candidates they want to select and the move forward from there. It is now Wednesday and I haven’t heard anything. I really really want this job, so should I call back the store tomorrow (Thursday) and ask to speak with the lady who interviewed me and ask if a decision has been made? What should i do! I simply want to know if I got the job or not so I know whether to move on.

      Thank you!

  4. Back in the day, I always sent a thank-you note after an interview, but never picked up the phone. As Kerry points out in the linked article (and Miss Manners reminds us), the phone is an inherently rude object. So I never did it. In more modern times, I always send and thank-you e-mail, and stop there.

    Besides career counselors mistakenly advising applicants to be persistent with their phone follow-ups, I think they also give bad advice when they suggest applicants who didn’t get the job follow up to find out why. I tried that when I was younger, and never got a response back. If they want to tell you why you weren’t hired, they will. In three cases where the job came down to me and one other person, and I lost each time, the hirer called me to tell me why. And I was satisfied with the answers. If any of you have comments on phone calls or e-mails from rejectees, I’d be interested to hear/read those.


  5. I am waiting for a phone call too. They told me that they will get back to me soon. That was two weeks ago. They checked my references a week ago, I still haven’t heard back.

    I don’t want to seem like I am stalking them, but I am very anxious to find out what they decided. I want to follow up with a call, but you advise it’s not a good thing….so I will wait.

    Thanks for the great site!

  6. Thanks Robin. Good addition to the topic!

  7. Hi Gloria!

    First…congratulations on getting this far. Fingers crossed for you. And thanks for the kind words.

    The hardest thing about having a blog like this, is you have to try to give advice that fits the most needs. But there are always exceptions. I think waiting a little longer is probably a good idea. But if you haven’t heard anything by around Tuesday, maybe a polite e-mail would be best – or if you feel a good rapport with the contact person, a polite phone call asking for a status update and whether there’s anything else they need from you. But more than that…it’s in their hands now. 😉

    Best of luck! Please let us know.

    Ronnie Ann

  8. Kind of off topic but it reminded me of an interview that I went to a year ago. I never heard a peep from them for about 7 months. So in my mind I crossed that place of my list. It’s 7 months past already, cmon.

    I get this surprising phone call from them 7 months later telling me that the position has been filled blah blah blah. We no sh*t Sherlock. 🙂

  9. Thanks, Ronnie Ann, I will let you know next week!

  10. Hah! Great story Mr. X. Sad as their response time was, at least you were one of the lucky ones to hear back. 😉

    Once again…good luck Gloria. We’re rooting for you!

  11. I just got THE call….I GOT THE JOB!!!!!

    Thank you Ronnie Ann for keeping me sane these last few weeks reading your site! Keep up the great work!

  12. Oh Gloria! This is GREAT news!!! Thanks for letting us know. Wuhoo!

    Good luck in your new job. 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  13. This was a very helpful post. I had no idea that follow-up phone calls/emails can hurt the application process. It’s often frustrating when you don’t know the result of your interview and you want to know the outcome – be it good or bad. I’ve actually heard the opposite advice from coworkers about it showing the employer how interested you are if you go beyond the thank you letter. I guess people have different opinions, but I see the point in what you’re saying.

  14. Hi Polina!

    Thanks for the kind words. For the most part when it comes to job interview advice there’s no single right answer and but there are most certainly LOTS of opinions. Best I think to take what we say with a grain of salt and then do what feels right to you.

    A well-timed e-mail or call can be a great thing. But from the employer’s POV, just imagine if I call in about 5-7 people (or more) for the initial interview for one job and also have another job or two I’m hiring for at the same time. And then imagine that each one decides to stay in touch to show me how interested they are. Believe me, after a point it just becomes annoying.

    But that said, when I get a respectful follow up note or call from a person who understands it’s not about quantity but quality…then everyone’s happy. Still…when it comes to thank you notes and follow-ups, less is definitely more! 😉

  15. I have never called, e-mailed or sent thank you cards as I knew my credentials and interview would sell them or they wouldn’t. I have never heard of someone getting the job because they sent a thank you card but maybe I’m just too logical of a person to think that could push someone over another.
    In an interview I was conducting last month, one of the candidates was woman who had great skills but just didn’t have the skills we were looking for. She also didn’t have the best interview skills (asking if she answered the question correctly, akward comments, fastidiously annoying drive to get out of the interview and at the desk she knew would be hers), which didn’t help her case. We told her we would get back to her sometime next week (this was a Tuesday) because we were still conducting other interviews.

    The woman called on Friday of the same week to check on the status (which told us she was not listening). She called again on Monday and I hadthe receptionist take a message with the intention of returning her call when a decision had been made … And Tuesday, she had the gaul to march up the stairs in our office to our receptionist and ask to speak to me. I was in a meeting and when I got back, the secretary told me “a very rude woman was here to see you.”

    At this point and no matter how qualified she was, that desk would never be hers in my mind.

    Futhermore, the way you act in an interview is a tell tale sign of what kind of employee you will be. Her pervasiveness came of as rude and neurotic, two qualities not suitable for any office environment.

    I called her late Friday to tell her the bad news. She was astonished and had 30 minutes of questions, which I am more than happy to answer. These are “teachable moments” and as and educator and father, they are more important to eventually getting that job than the gray vs. blue suit that you might fuss over the morning of.

    Thank you Ronnie Ann for putting this information together! I forwarded it on to my mentees and co-workers on what NOT to do in an interview.

  16. Thanks, JC!

    Really appreciate this comment. Wonderful story so many people can learn from. Also gotta give you a lot of credit for taking the time to help this woman learn first-hand. Wish more folks would reach out and create those “teachable moments”. Also love your words “the way you act in an interview is a tell tale sign of what kind of employee you will be”. Amen!

    Thanks again, JC. I wish you all the best!

  17. Two weeks ago I had an interview for an internship at a vintage boutique. Phone calls were the main form of communication and I prepared very hard for this interview and thought I did really well. The woman I talked to seemed to like me and everything and said that while she did have two other interviews to do, she thought I would be a good fit.

    I had the interview on Friday Oct. 2 and she said she would get back to me on Wednesday. I haven’t heard from her yet!

    I tried to call on Wednesday, no answer, then I called last Monday, nothing! I wish employers would at least call you and tell you if you got the job or not, to me this is rude.

    I checked with my references to see if anyone had followed up with them, and they had not been contacted. What’s going on here, should I just move on?!

    I don’t want to come off as a pest so I’m not going to do anything else. Can you please give me some advice as to what might be going on.

    About the thank you letters, I send a thank you email to her a couple of days after the interview, and my teacher who is a human resources manager said that a thank you letter or card can really make a different, and many people in my class shared experiences of how a thank you letter helped them get a job.

    So who’s right? I don’t know?

    I’ve been unemployed for two years and all this stuff about cover letters, thank you letters, follow ups, etc. just gets so annoying, I just want a job and an internship to get my career going.


  18. Hi Mya!

    I got this same comment from you on another post too. Here’s what I wrote in case you check back here:

    I know how frustrating all this is. Since I try not to repeat myself all over the blog, you will find most of what you want to know in this post as well as in the over 450 comments!

    How to Tell If a Job Interview Went Well

    As for thank-you letters, there is a difference of opinion in the world of HR professionals as to how much of a difference a thank-you letter actually makes, but most of us agree it’s a good idea to send one. Honestly…if a person isn’t right for the job, no thank-you letter will get them an offer. And if a person gets one after sending a thank-you letter and thinks that’s what got them the job, they’re probably mistaken. But there are always exceptions, so might as well be on the side of sending one!

    Don’t give up. It takes a while, but persistence – like the kind you showed in getting me to answer 😉 – will pay off. Also, make sure your resume and cover letter are really doing you justice. I have some posts on that too and maybe they can help.

    Best of luck, Mya! Please let us know what happens.

    – Ronnie Ann

  19. Aleksandra says:

    I had an Interview on October 12th, and it went very well, they said that i left a very good impression. I had to follow up with a writing example, which i did 2 days later, with a thank you later, to which i attached my writing example. I got an email back saying, that they think that i left favorable impression, and they will let me know what the next steps are. I haven’t heard anything for almost 2 weeks, so i send the interviewing manager an email….i know him from networking, and he told me that i can contact him… In email i gave him an update about me becoming student of the year, and i kind of asked him what is the status of position. I got an email congratulation me, and saying that we will keep in touch, That was 7 days ago. What does this mean? Is he busy? I really want to call tomorrow so that i can resolve this! Waiting is driving me crazy. Should i call?

  20. Hi Aleksandra!

    Sounds like you’ve done everything right up to now – even using new information about yourself when you contacted them. Nice going. I know how hard it is, but there’s a fine line between pleasantly aggressive and annoying. I think if you can find a way to ease the crazies, you’d be better off just waiting now. They remember who you are.

    BUT in the meantime keep applying for jobs (you never know) and also do things to help stay sane. 😉

    I Got the Post-Interview Temporary OCD Blues

    I wish you much luck, Aleksandra. Please let us know what happens.

    – Ronnie Ann

  21. Aleksandra says:

    Thank you so much for finding time to answer my question. I will do my best to stay sane while i wait for a replay.
    I will let you know what happens

  22. I look forward to the news. Good news I hope. 😉

  23. Aleksandra says:

    I got an email today from the Manager i interviewed with. He informed me that he will be leaving the company, and that his last day is this Friday. He said that he is sorry about this, and he told me to contact their HR person. He is the only person at that office working on stuff that i applied for. I had to give him a call since i really didn’t know what to do regarding this job, that i am very interested in. When we talked he said that i should contact the other person that i interview with from the office in different city, and also the HR person. Also, he said that company he is going to work with may need to hire someone like me soon, but not right now.
    I have contacted both HR person, and the second guy i interviewed with. HR said that until they find replacement for manager they can’t hire me. I am still waiting for email from the other manager.
    I am so mad that this happened, as it was almost a 100% chance of me getting job there. Now i have to wait……
    But i am still currently looking and contacting all the networking contacts that i have. I really need a job soon, so i really hope that some good luck comes my way.

    • treasury101 says:

      This is why interviewing can be tricky. This manager is on his way out and the mgt still let him intrrview you. Bad mgt practice. I had that experience before. Also, after the interview don’t invest in them. One or two follow ups is fine but after that keep looking like they don’t exist. Thee companies sometimes will not even have the courtesy to contact you back. Anything more than a few weeks is a sign to move on because they are risking losing you as a candidate. Good luck

  24. Uch! I feel for you Aleksandra. I know you don’t need maybes…you need a job ASAP! I’m glad you’re moving ahead full force.

    I do see a glimmer of good news here since you now have two companies that may be interested. Hang in as best you can. If money is really tight, maybe you can do temp work (I did it even when I already had an MBA and mgt experience) or maybe there’s somewhere you can think of to suggest a short contract position for yourself while you wait for these prospects to yield an actual job.

    Both places sound promising, so please don’t let the uncontrollable get to you. An old saying I love is “Man plans; God laughs.” But in the end, you may wind up with something better than you ever imagined! Sometimes luck arrives in plain brown paper.

    Wishing you lots of luck, Aleksandra. We’re all rooting for you. Stay in touch, please. It may take longer than I’d wish for you, but I think the good luck is coming. Keep those contacts in both places warm!

    Ronnie Ann

  25. Hi Ronnie Ann,
    I have a question about the phone call. I interviewed for a job within my company on Monday. I think I did very well. I sent my thank you email, then also a Thank You to the 4 search committee members that were in the interview. The main director told me that they will be making their decision for second interview canidates by the end of the week. Today is Thursday and I am wondering should I call her to say, Hi I just wanted to do a follow up because I know I’m the perfect fit.? I know this director likes the thank you’s and I do want to show how enthusiastic I am for this position but..?? Please help. Thanks kindly.

  26. Hi Stacey,

    My first reaction is that it’s only been a few days, you say you did well, and you sent thank you notes. You covered all the bases and I’m pretty sure they get that you’re interested. Personally, I wouldn’t call. But if you’d be kicking yourself afterward for NOT calling on the slim chance they decide not to bring you to the next round, then by all means do it.

    No one can tell you what’s right for you. And it is the company you work for. It’s in your hands. Just think about it and see what your gut tells you. I know you’ll make the right decision. And please keep us posted, Stacey.

    Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  27. is it a good practice to send a thanks giving email to the HR after the interview and will it be good to include comments like it was a nice experience , hope to hear from u soon or just thanking him for the interview is enough…..

  28. Hello Ankit,

    A polite thank you is a good thing to do, and you can definitely include any such phrases as the ones you mention. There’s no one way to write it or perfect thing to say. Just keep it short and sweet. And check carefully for typos and grammar. It won’t in and of itself get you the job, but you certainly want to make sure you don’t in any way undo a good interview by not being careful. 😉

    Good luck!

    – Ronnie Ann

  29. The engineer says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I interviewed with a company 3 times and finally got their HR manager told me about 10 days ago , that they are interrested in hiring me but they need to get an approval from the company headquarter in finland, since it is new position.

    Before that 3 weeks ago I talked to the field and Service Manager who was the first to interview me and who told me that it should take about 3 weeks before they get the approval from the HQ.

    It has been over 3 weeks now and I’m wondering if I should contact them again or just wait until they contact me back???

    Please Help. Thanks kindly

  30. Hi Engineer!

    First…congratulations on what seems to be an exciting job coming your way. I hope.

    Overseas companies – in fact most larger companies – have all kinds of bureaucratic hoops to jump through just to get approval. So the fact that it’s taking longer is not a surprise to me – although I’m sure you’ve had enough dramatic suspense already. 😉

    While anything is still possible, since the company expressed strong interest in you and since you have a contact whom I think you feel comfortable with, I see no reason not to send a polite inquiry.

    Hope you get good news soon. Good luck! Please let us know what happens. I love happy news.

    – Ronnie Ann

  31. I interviewed one week ago and during the interview they said they would make a decision by today. However, on Monday they emailed to say they would decide “this week”. As I have been out of work for a while I’m also working with temp agencies and one of them just offered me a temp position that would last 2 months. I really need a job so I will take the temp position if this one isn’t offered to me. My problem is this: the temp position starts Monday so I have to tell them by Friday if I’m going to take it or I lose the opportunity and the two months income, but I would much rather the other job. So, given the time constraint, is it okay to call the other job and at least ask if I’m still being considered? How would you approach needing to know about the job I really want, while still trying to cover my bases and not let the temp job slip away, as I’ll need it if this job isn’t offered to me.

    Thanks so much for any advice!!!

  32. Hi Confused!

    I totally get how important this is to you. Something like this actually happened to me once. And I made the call and told the truth. Although the woman seemed a little miffed – like I was pressuring her – I got the offer. But by the time it came, I had already accepted the other job and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. Life’s funny like that.

    Considering the circumstances, by all means make a polite call explaining what happened. Worst thing that can happen is they say no. And since you have a backup, you really have nothing to lose. AND…if they do say no…take the temp job and stay in touch anyway. You never know.

    Hope it’s a yes. Please let us know. Good luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  33. Confused!!

    I went on a interview on Oct. 22. The interview seemed to have went very well. The interviewer advised that she would check reference and get back to me soon after that. She also advised that if I didn’t hear from her within 2 weeks that means she didn’t choose me. I waited 7 days after that and placed a follow up call. Her assistant advised me that she had been out sick and just returned that day and she was trying to get caught up and that I should hear something by that following Tuesday. After 5 days I called back again since it was close to the 2 week mark and she said she had been off and she was still trying to verify references and she also to me to disregard that 2 week statement that she mentioned in the interview. It has been 5 days since that conversation and still haven’t heard back. I checked with my current boss and he has advised that he hasn’t received any calls from anyone trying to verify my reference. What should I do? She said she wanted to have everyone started by this time so they wouldn’t be at lost when the Christmas rush starts and tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since the interview. Not sure what to do at this point??? Please help??? I really want this job

  34. You’ve done pretty much all you can, Ashley. So many things could be going on behind the scenes right now. Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to know what they’re thinking and why they’re doing what they’re doing! Oh how I wish we could! 😉

    Hard as it is, I think your best bet at this point is to just keep waiting. If you really want to do something that won’t make you seem like you’re stalking them, you could try sending a very polite little handwritten note on a tasteful note card and just say something like “Just want you to know I’m still very interested. I look forward to working with you.” And leave it at that. You don’t want to get to the annoying stage. 😉

    Good luck!

  35. I called today (waited until after 3 just in case they were calling today) and the hiring manager is out until Monday – ugh! So I’m faced with taking the temp position knowing I may have to leave it early if this other job is offered next week or later. Although, my gut says I didn’t get it as the posting is down off their web site and my assumption is that they wouldn’t have taken it down if they didn’t have someone either hired or at least in mind – and since they haven’t called, I’m banking that isn’t me :(. But, I am grateful for the temp. opportunity so I will just do my best there and hope that they have a more permanent opening.

  36. Thanks Ronnie! The only thing is I sent a Thank You letter via mail the day after I had the interview stating the same thing you said. I’m just really confused on how to move forward with this one. She makes it seem very assuring whenever I call to follow up but it’s always something when I do. It’s very frustrating. I guess I will just keep looking in hopes of something else. Thanks again for your help.

  37. Strung Along says:

    I’m so happy I found this website! I interviewed with an advertising agency on Oct. 11. The interview went really well and I seemed to really be a fit for the position. The Director I interviewed with said that she’d know in about two weeks. So I sent a thank-you letter the very next day and waited two weeks. Then I followed up with the HR Recruiter. She said that the Director is “very interested” in me, but there are some budget issues to work out. So I thanked her, waited another week and followed up again. I got basically the same exact response, “She’s very interested in you for the position but some more things need to be worked out first. Please know that we will contact you directly when we have more information.”

    I assume you’d advise to just let it be and not email to follow up anymore. It’s been over a month now, and I just want an answer. Either way! I feel like I’m being strung along. I can’t fully move on until I have a definite answer. Any kind of advice would help.

  38. Hi Strung Along!

    Yes…your intuition is spot on – at least about my response. I know it’s been a month, but it’s only been about a week since you last reminded them of your interest. Believe me…they remember you. And more contact this soon would be pushing it, I think. And please know you are not being strung along. Internal processes can take a long time for many good reasons. This is VERY common. No one initiates a job search and does interviews just to drive you crazy – even if it feels like that. 😉

    Good luck! Please keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  39. Hi Confused!

    I think you’re playing it smart. And I’ve actually had offers from temp jobs. So ya never know.

    Best of luck! May you no longer be confused. 😉

    – Ronnie Ann

  40. Hello again Ashley,

    I wish I could give you a big hug. I know just how frustrating these things can be. But I think at this point, moving ahead and being open to whatever happens is your best bet.

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens!

    – Ronnie Ann

  41. I hope you can help me!

    This past summer, I went for a management position at a company, was one of the 2 finalists for the position, but didn’t get it…however, the HR manager did tell me that I made a great impression with the team, so he was sure they would think of me when something else came up…

    So, last month, I noticed that the same position (in a different division in the company) opened, and I emailed the same HR manager to inquire about it…he emailed me back and said he had already beat me to it and sent my resume to the hiring manager and that I should be hearing from HR shortly about a phone interview…in addition, the Sr. Director and VP that I had interviewed with for the first job both put in a good word for me…

    So, I had the phone interview, it went well, and then I had another interview with a different director and VP…I felt like it went well…way better than the first time I went for this job…at the end of the interview, the director told me that I would be hearing back in a week and a half to two weeks…

    I sent thank you cards to both of them in the mail the same day, so they should have received them 24-48 hrs later…

    I let two weeks pass by and I sent a follow-up e-mail to the HR manager on Nov. 6…she responded right away and told me that they would be making a decision by the end of next week, which was this past Friday, Nov. 13, and that she would keep me updated on the process….I haven’t heard anything since the 6th…I want to send another follow-up e-mail but have been holding off and trying to be patient…when do you think is a good time to send another one, if at all? People have been telling me that it’s actually a good thing that I haven’t heard anything, because if they didn’t choose me, they would have let me know pretty quickly…they wouldn’t keep me hanging all this time just to tell me no…

    Oh, and last time when I didn’t get the job, they let me know with an e-mail within 3 weeks…so I know they would let me know if I didn’t get it this time…

    Any help is appreciated…thanks so much!!!

  42. Hi Christian!

    First, congratulations on hanging in there and doing so well. In the world of careers, “no” can indeed be the beginning of “yes” if we keep at it – without stalking, of course. 😉

    As for what it means to not have heard…I love how supportive your friends are. A good friend of mine says something a little different about struggling to interpret these things: “No news is no news.”

    I know how hard this is, but you’ve been shown that you are indeed remembered and bugging them again is more about relieving your uncertainty than helping them in any way. Yes? And it’s only a few days past the date by which she said she’s notify you. There are oh so many factors at play that in no way have to do with your chances.

    So…if you can…wait until next week, ok? At that point, maybe a short polite note saying you’re still interested or whatever. I am of course hoping you’ll be hearing good news soon!

    Best of luck, Christian!

    Ronnie Ann

  43. Thanks, Ronnie Ann! I’ll wait…also, for what it’s worth, that director I met with knows an old boss of mine really well…so, my old boss called the director to say some good things about me…and after I interviewed with her, my old boss told me that the director e-mailed her to tell her that “she liked me a lot.”

    So, that’s gotta be good too…

    I will be patient and not send a follow-up until next week…Monday, I guess…even though it’s so difficult! LOL

    Thanks so much for your advice and I will keep you posted!

  44. Ah! Appreciate the extra info. Love hearing feedback like that. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you, Christian. Yes…please let us know!

    Ronnie Ann

  45. Hi Ronnie Ann,
    I wanted to thank you for your help on 11/5/09. My gut actually told me to not call, but I did send an email. In the email I quickly stated my interest, and perfect qualifications and wanted to know if I was still a canidate for a second interview. I did get a reply that at least told me they had already completed the second interview process. (which was in 3 days after I had my first) So at least I knew. The following week I got a phone call from the assistant director telling me that I did a great job, and one outside applicant was offered the position. I may have jumped the gun in sending the email to see “if” I was getting a second interview. But, I don’t think I left in bad terms if they took the time to actually call me and tell me that I did a great job and I was supberb but..
    Thanks for your quick help. I’m sure I’ll be back again.!

  46. Strung Along says:

    Thank you so much for your response. I still haven’t heard anything and it’s now been over two weeks since I last followed up. At what point do you think I can reach out to them again…if ever? It is so stressful to be kept waiting this long. I just don’t know if they told me that they were “very interested” in me and will “be in contact” just to get me to back off, or if it’s really true. grrrr!

  47. I interviewed face to face with the hiring manager 10/26 and then had the 2nd interview with the head manager 11/12. I received a follow-up e-mail from the HR/Recruiting Manager stating that he’d get back in touch with me either Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Also that the manager that I had the phone interview with last week had nice things to say about me. It’s past when I was supposed to hear something what should I do or not do in your opinion? I do need a job this is what my ideal position would be so I don’t want to blow anything at the same time I want to let them know that I’m still very interested in the position. Please let me know what you think I should do.

  48. Hey Ronnie Ann!

    I decided to send a follow-up notice today, since Thanksgiving is next week, just in case the HR person I’ve been in contact with may be out that week or something…she responded back, and you’re right…no news, is indeed, no news…

    Here’s what she said:

    Hi Christian,

    We still have not made a final decision yet. I should have more info by next week. Sorry for the delay but I’ll keep you posted.

    I’m glad I know that the position hasn’t been filled yet and that I still have a chance…I probably won’t follow up anymore…now, I’ll just wait to hear something…I’ll let you know!

  49. I have a similar problem. I interviewed on Monday and they said they would make a decision this week. I know they called my references on Tuesday, and both references said the talks went very well.

    Now it is mid-Friday, and I have heard nothing. Should I assume I am out of the running?

  50. Ronnie Ann,

    I spoke with the HR/Recruiter this morning. I’m still in the running and apparently there is one other candidate that hadn’t interviewed yet which they want to get done first. I was told that I’m in a good position and all signs are apparently good for me right now. I’ve just e-mailed a thank you to the person whom I had the second interview with on the phone last week. I hope that all goes well and I get that call as the HR/Recruiter told me he wanted to place to me prior to the Holiday extending me an offer we’ll see what happens. I’m very hopeful and I’ll keep you posted thanks again. Any words of advice please share with me, Thanks!

  51. Just a reminder to all my wonderful readers:

    I do this in my spare time and actually had to make it a policy a while back (posted elsewhere) that I just can’t answer all my comments and e-mails if I want to also stay sane! 😉 (Short comments have a much better chance.) I do welcome your thoughts and stories since they help others know they aren’t alone.

    That said, I will try to respond to each of you waiting patiently above – but apologize that my response will be necessarily brief. Thanks for understanding!

    Ronnie Ann

  52. Hi Stacey!

    I think you handled things just fine. I like the way your company responded to you and see this as a “maybe not now but maybe in the future”. Congratulations on leaving a good impression.

    Here’s a post about that for others:

    10 Impressions You Leave Behind After an Interview

    Best of luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  53. Hi again Strung Along!

    Honestly…I’ve waited months to hear back and it was positive. There’s no way to interpret what’s going on based on what we know at this point. Personally, I think you should just wait. They haven’t forgotten you and at this point pushing them won’t help – and might hurt.

    Things slow down this time of year – especially internal processes. I understand how hard this is, but you might as well take that frustrated energy and put it into looking for other jobs. You’ve done all you can for now. Maybe in December send a nice note wishing them happy holidays. But other than that, let them do what they have to do. OK?

    Good luck, SA!

    – Ronnie Ann

  54. Hello Red!

    Thanks for the follow up. This is very good news. Nothing else you need to do. Good reminder to others that sometimes waiting is simply about the hiring process needing to move along at its own pace with no reflection on your chances.

    Best of luck. We eagerly await more good news…I hope! 😉

    Ronnie Ann

  55. Hi again Christian!

    Uch. At least you know there is still hope! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and may you soon have a little more reason to be giving thanks!

    Yes…please let us know what happens. Best of luck!

    Ronnie Ann

  56. Hi Cindy!

    I can understand what you must be feeling, but if you read comments all the way back on this post and on others, you’ll know there are many reasons why a stated date isn’t always the date you get the news – even if it’s an actual offer. And you’ll also knwo no news is no news. 😉

    For now, you just need to focus on other things as best you can and hope for that good news to come!

    Best of luck. Please keep us posted.

    Ronnie Ann

  57. Hi. I recently interviewed at a library. I thought the interview went well, and they said they would review the applications the next day, and contact references of those they wished to pursue, but that I should here back, hopefully next week. So my employer pulls me into her office, saying she’s got a reference request (this is 3 days after: luckily she knows i’m thinking of leaving) and my other referee was contacted as well. I later realised I hadn’t clarified my work permit/visa status, so rang them, and emailed the information as requested. A week went by, and I heard nothing, so I checked with my employer, and they couldn’t respond to the request (no address included) so I emailed the same person asking for them to re-send it, to which I got a thank you email (with lots of thanks :P) saying she would do that right away. I replied when I knew the reference had been sent, saying thanks and it should be with her shortly. It’s now been a couple of days since I know the references have been sent (both sent at the same time) and have heard nothing. I know you said not to call, and I have already contacted them quite a bit in regards to other things, but it’s so frustrating! When should I give the same girl an email, asking about the status, and as she’s obviously in administration, would she really know? Any help would be great.

  58. I think you know the answer already Isabella. 😉 This is a good time to focus on other things – including other job possibilities.

    12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview

    But since I know how hard waiting is, I’d give it a couple of weeks since there are some details to work out. Plus it’s the holiday season when things slow down.

    Good luck. Please let us know what happens!

    – Ronnie Ann

  59. Still Waiting says:

    After a big 2 year gap, I was employed for a year and half and Iam back in the market looking for about 7 months now. Now, Iam waiting for 2 weeks after the second round of interview. I sent a followup email stating my interest in the position and the HR replied that Iam definitely under consideration and that he would contact me about the next step. And like everyone else this waiting is really trying. After going through your website yesterday, I decided not to followup again. However for the past week, I have been contacted about a similar position in another department in the same company by third party vendors. I am confused as to whether apply for this position so I dont miss out on this opportunity or just email the HR Iam in contact with and enquire about this position. Will it hurt my case if I ask about this new position? Any help to clear up my confusion is greatly appreciated.

  60. Hi Still Waiting!

    I understand your confusion. I assume the third party vendor position has you working directly for them but as a consultant to the company? If so, I don’t think there’s a problem going after both at the same time and then getting the pleasure of having a choice.

    In this particular case (where you actually have a new situation that gives you a reason for following up), I’d contact the HR person (call if you feel comfortable) and explain your situation in general – letting them know you would prefer working directly for the company if that is at all possible. And then you’ll have a better idea of what to do by their response.

    Also, from my experience, when the companies I’ve worked with use third party vendors, we sometimes like the folks enough to work out a way to hire them eventually. So looks like you could have some possibilities that may all lead to the same – or almost same – place!

    Best of luck. Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  61. Still Waiting says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    Thanks for your reply. I sent an email following up about the interview and the new position. I will keep you posted. Appreciate your help.

    It’s been my pleasure, SW. And I’m still waiting to hear good news from you. Yes…do please keep us posted. Sometimes it just helps to have a place to unload so you can recharge! 😉

  62. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t get the job…again…for the second time in a row…

    I really thought I had a better chance, since this was the second time around, but…I guess not…

    Thanks for your advice during the whole process…


  63. Hello,

    Your post is very well written and helpful. I have had 4 interview over the past 3 months or so. In all my interviews, I have gotten great response during the interview, however I did not get any of the jobs. I did send thank you letters after all the interviews.

    I just had another interview about 3 weeks ago with the HR professional at the company who was basically checking to make sure I was a good cultural fit. I was qualified for the second round with the hiring manager. That interview took place within the same week. The hiring manager’s feedback was also positive, she had told me that she will get back to me within 2 weeks. Then there was a test involved which checked me knowledge of a certain software. I scored close to a perfect on that test. The HR professional emailed me immediately after the test results were posted at a very late time in the evening. She said she call me tomorrow to try to arrange the final interview for me (with an executive) within that week. I did not hear from her the next day, so I emailed her after 2 days asking as to what is going on. She said she is still waiting to hear back from the hiring manager. I had to leave for a business trip, although I told the HR person/hiring manager to contact me via email if anything is required. Now I am back from the trip and have no heard anything. What should I do? Please advise.

  64. Hi Christian!

    I’m so sorry you didn’t get this one. I was really hoping this was the one. I’ve had readers who are extremely qualified get turned down again and again – but then the right job does come along. Please use this to ramp up your determination. Your job is out there – sometimes it just frustratingly takes it’s own sweet time!

    Best of luck! And please keep in touch.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  65. Hi John D!

    Thanks for the kind words. 😉

    With feedback like that and so many positive cues – although nothing is for sure until you have an accepted offer – I’d definitely try calling – or e-mailing again if that feels better to you. The trip is an excellent reason since you can say you were out of town and want to make sure you didn’t miss anything. And then…just ask where things stand.

    I hope you have some good news to share with us soon! Best of luck, John.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  66. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    Thanks for the feedback. I consider my situation sort of open because they bothered to interview me twice and then closed off. I assume the executive might be busy, I will definitely call the HR person on Monday (or should I call the hiring manager??? I have only been in touch with the HR person) and politely ask as to what the status update is. Another thing I just noticed, their job webpage JUST removed the job posting. It was on there until last week. I asked the HR person two weeks ago about the competition, apparently after the second round it was just me and another person. Will keep you posted.

    Thanks again,


  67. Again, I’ve been told to wait as they are really busy. I was informed I will be told something today. Did I hear back though…NO… 🙁

  68. Wow, i am really impressed with your advice and would love to hear your thoughts on this:

    I recently had a phone interview and in-person interview with a company that is looking for a sales person. While I have a little bit of outside sales experience, I have a ton of knowledge of the industry they are in.

    In the interview, I asked what their hesitations would be with hiring me and I was told that they worry a little about my lack of sales experience. I followed up with information that I learned from the interview, etc.

    I followed up with a thank you email, and was told that I was “seriously being considered but we have other interviews to conduct” and that I should know something by the end of next week. Well, now it’s the end of next week, and I called and they are still interviewing other people and was told I would know something as soon as possible.

    My question is, based on the fact that they are worried about my sales experience, should I try to send another email to overcome this objection, or continue to wait?


  69. I applied for a job across the country and on Nov 24th I received a call from an HR Recruiter, who did a brief phone interview with me. We had an amazing conversation & she was excited to have me interview w/the HR Director after the holiday. So, on Dec 2 I had a phone interview and it went great! We were on the phone for an hour and half, and salary expectations were touched upon, as well as relocation packages.

    She said to send her my references, which I emailed that night and on Dec 3 she sent me an email thanking me and said she wanted to set up an “in person” meeting with the staff and CEO of the company! At the end she said she would get back to me in a few days. Well, it’s Dec 11 and there has not been any word from her. However, I did hear from a Reference that she called on Dec 7th.

    Should I call or send an email? I am dying to know the outcome and their decision!

    Thanks so much

  70. Hi John D!

    Oh…so sorry to hear this. This is the stuff that drives even the strongest of us bonkers! Hope something good comes your way soon!

    Please let us know what happens. Meanwhile, we’re rooting for you. Best of luck, John!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  71. Hi Sarah M!

    Thanks for the kind words. I try to do my best. 😉

    Hmmm…your question actually falls into the category of how to best market yourself – a sales question. Do you wait and hope? Do you try once more? Add to this their interviewing schedule which could go on for weeks – some do.

    I’m debating and of course the decision is yours. But I might be tempted to send a very personable short and sharp snail mail letter giving a bulleted list of how your industry knowledge and determined sales approach is an unbeatable package. Use your own words of course!

    Up to you. But it might be worth a shot.

    Good luck, Sarah M! Please let us know what happens!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  72. Hi Sybil!

    Hard as it may be, this is the time to show patience and let them get back to you. They haven’t forgotten you 😉 and at this point wanting to know is about your needs not theirs. So let them continue at least until the middle of next week. At that point, a polite e-mail would be fine.

    Meanwhile, do what you can to divert yourself and have fun dreaming about the job. You may get some good news very soon!

    Bets of luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  73. Lynn Parker says:

    I had an interview on January 14, 2010, I sent a thank you email. I just called the interviewer today January 15, to find out how long will it take to hear something either way. He ask me if I had other offers I told him no, I did say I have other interviews setup for next week. However, I am very insterested in his positions and I will keep my fingers cross. He said, well we have a alot of good candicates that applied to the positions and I said oh. Then the interviewer said, your interview went find but, there were alot of good candidates. He did say well, I can’t promise you anything. He said they will be conducting a second interview. I told the interviewer thanks for the update and hung the phone. Do you think I shouln’t have told him about the other interviews I am going on next week. I wish I can take that part back now….

  74. Don’t worry, Lynn! If a company wants you, knowing others are interested can’t hurt. If they don’t think you’re right for the position, then it doesn’t matter what you said! 😉

    The real thing to take away from this is that calling one day after an interview is waaay too soon. Imagine if everyone did that. They’d be getting calls all the time and unable to do their other work – including moving the process along.

    Again…don’t worry. You didn’t hurt your chances by making this one call. But that’s probably the reason the person asked you if you have other actual offers – he was assuming that’s why you were pushing things a bit faster than is normal.

    Here’s an article that should help:

    After an Interview: Can Weekly Follow-up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job?

    But PLEASE don’t kick yourself. What you did won’t change your chances. Just DON’T keep calling, ok? 😉

    I wish you the best of luck!! Meanwhile…keep the search going full force. This way you increase your chances.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  75. Hello-I had an interview January 7, with the hiring manager and a brief meeting with the HR manager. I sent thank you notes to each person, and have just left a voicemail to follow up with the hiring manager. Do I also contact the HR manager? Thanks.

  76. Hi Kelly!

    Every situation is different, but it sounds like you’re in touch with the right person. From what you tell me, following up with multiple people at this point won’t help. Thank you notes have already been sent. You’ve followed up. Now step back and let them do what they need to do. More will be less at this point. 😉

    Good luck, Kelly!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  77. stupid mistake says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,
    I interviewed with a company about 3.5 months ago. The interview went well and I followed up afterward to which I was told they were very interested but had some things to work out on their end. I remained patient (well, as patient as possible!) and then heard last week that they were checking my references. I figured that was a good sign.

    Well…here’s my problem. Today, I meant to send an email to a friend and accidentally sent it to the recruiter for this position. The email said nothing of any significance. Nothing bad at all. It was just a stupid mistake. When I realized I sent the email to the wrong person I immediately responded and apologized and said the email was not intended for her and was very sorry.

    I haven’t heard anything back but I’m just beating myself up over here. I feel like this stupid mistake might cost me this job that I’ve worked so hard for. Please help.

  78. Dear NOT a stupid mistake! 😉 We all have a story to tell like that. It happens to the best of us. In this case, you did exactly the right thing to recover.

    While I can’t absolutely positively guarantee that it had no dire consequence, here’s the most logical way to look at it: If they waited that long to get to the hiring stage, they aren’t going to let something like this stop them. Lord knows they don’t want to go back through ALL that!

    I will keep my fingers, legs and eyes crossed for you. Please let us know how things turn out – hopefully with an offer. Oh…and by the way…I have to bestow the DWD (Distinguished Waiting Medal) to you. Nicely done. 😉

    Good luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  79. Hi,
    Great website. I enjoyed reading about everyones situtation. Here is mine.. I received a phone call about a week after sending in my resume asking me to do a phone interview. We set one up for the next day and all was good, spent nearly 4o minutes on the phone with her and was told I will get a call for an in house interview or a rejection letter and that I was one of the first they were reaching out to . The end on the next week, right on Que I got the we would like to meet you call. Well things got delayed on my end do to a snow storm so we ended up meeting the first week of January. I was told if we like you from here, you will be called back, then a test and possibly a third time back here. So I interviewed for this newly created position with a few dept heads who I will directly be working with and another newly created position was mentioned. The interview was on a tuesday. I received a phone call back that Thursday morning and the in house recruiter said they liked you for this alternate position but are not sure if you are interested. I expressed that I most defintely am and that I was just confused by what the role of this position will be. She laughed and said yes, the title of the new position is one that they made up and not industry standard. Well she said her assistant will call back and set up the interviews. That Monday I finally got the call and an apology that the interview will not be for 9 days because one of the dept heads will be out of state. I went last Wednesday and met with one dept head who I will have a working relationship with and think it went fairly well. I then met with a VP and think that went as well before meeting a third dept head who knew very little about my job details. I left with no commitments from anybody as the last guy seemed to know nothing about my position or role or atleast could not answer any of my questions. I left in the dark, no commitments as to when I will hear. Now the first dept manager did tell me there is internal conflict on what the role of this position will be so I know they have things to work out. Well needless to say I sent thank you letters to all three I met on Thursday so I am sure they received them by Monday. I called the recruiter on Monday saying I came in for round two of the interviews but have no commitment, can she let me know where they are at. I have not heard back. If they were interested, a polite “hang in there” call would of been in order? I am considering emailing her tomorrow and asking for a a status update as to where things are. In the meantime I do have a less desireable interview tomorrow with a VP of another company. I am truly interested in the first job though. Do you think I can send an email to the recruiter letting her know I left a vmail Monday and if she can please let me know where things are and what the next step is? Are they interviewing others? Am I in the running? when a decision should be expected?

    Thanks for having this blog! It is truly an awesome place for the job seeker to get some tips!

  80. Hi,

    I just had an interview last week that I felt went pretty good. Both the lady I spoke with over the phone and the guy that interviewed me told me that when they got my resume it went straight to the top of the pile, but i’m sure they say that to a lot of people. Anyways, I was told they would make a decision and let me know in two weeks about setting up for a 2nd interview.

    My question is this, since he told me he would call in two weeks, is it alright to call him a week after the interview to follow up anyways, or should I wait two weeks and call?


  81. Hi Mike!

    Thank you for the very kind words…even if they were accompanied by a very loooong comment. 😉 (Please folks have pity and keep them short if at all possible. It helps me be able to answer more comments.)

    That said…wow…what a good story, Mike. Luckily you seem to be doing all the right things. Possibly by now you already made the call – but if not, you could wait until next week. The recruiter is doing all she can to make this happen – and sometimes that means knowing when to wait. It sounds like the company needs time to get their act together – not uncommon with newly created positions. The fact that they came back to you with this other position says you made a terrific impression – and believe me, they haven’t forgotten you. 😉

    Good luck. Nice that you have a backup, but hope you get the one you want. Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  82. Hello Matt!

    Since he gave you a specific time, I’d wait. You aren’t helping yourself by calling early and it might make you seem a bit desperate. They may have other interviews to still complete and then need to meet and discuss next steps internally. Believe me…they are very aware of the good ones as they go along.

    If you’ve sent your thank you(s) and have nothing to add – like a new Nobel Prize or some interesting thing about the company you noticed that you might send a note about – then just wait. You’ve done all you can.

    Good luck, Matt. Hope you get that 2nd interview – and the job. And no…interviewers don’t say that to everyone. No reason to. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  83. I Have applied for a job and the VP of Human Resources told me they get back to me soon with an update, how often can I e-mail to follow up or should I follow up?

    Please comment

  84. If someone tells you they will get back to you, give them at least a week or two before the first polite follow up. After that…maybe every two weeks. But honestly…they know who their candidates are and, although it feels good on your side to nudge them a little, less is definitely more. 😉

    Good luck, Raul!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  85. One way to keep in touch is to forward industry /position related articles to the hiring manager with a note like ‘thought you’d be interested in this’. If nothing else you get a response to let you know that you are still in the running but please be patient and wait.

  86. Hi Vijaya!

    Yes. I love that approach and have recommended it or something similar on my blog before – although I like the way you explain it so clearly. A great way to touch base and show you are on top of things in the industry/company – just not too often of course. 😉

    Thank you!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  87. Anxiously Waiting says:

    I came across your post and found it refreshing. I’ve been driving myself crazy for the past two weeks. I hate playing this waiting game. I went on a 1st interview on a friday and was called back that same friday afternoon for a second inteview on the following tuesday. The lady told me that I should hear for her or HR by the first part of next week, which is this week but now we are on Thursday. I believe the second interview was a success, the company called me and asked me to provide references the next day. I made sure to mail in thank you notes to each one of my interviewers. All of my references were contacted and finalized as of Monday. But now I am worried because it’s Thursday and I have yet to hear from them. I know that my references were a success one was from my VP which I know knocked it out of the ballpark. So now I sit here with a huge knot in my stomach wondering if I should follow up with them now, or just wait till Monday? The company has a website where you can check application status but all I see mine saying is “Application under review” I am going crazy!!!

  88. Hi Anxiously Waiting! I hope by now you’ve heard something. These things really do take time and even if they expect to call you back by X date, things just seem to happen.

    By this point I think it would be fine to follow up. We are around the Labor Day weekend, and sometimes things slow down even more around holidays. So if they take a while to answer your call (even into next week), please know that’s normal. It does not mean you are out of the running.

    Please let us know how it goes. And if for any chance you did not get it, remember when you’ve done well, try to stay in touch with people you connected with. Anything can happen. I once was the runner-up and got the job a month later when the “top” candidate screwed up badly.

    Good luck AW!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  89. Hi all,
    I had an interview with a large company at the beginning of August. First, a day after the interview they called me to say that the feedback from interview was very positive but they have a few more candidates to see so they will get back to me within a week. After a two weeks I emailed them asking about further feedback but I was told that due to the holiday season the whole process its taking longer than expected. Few days after that I was told that within a week they will come back to me with a final decision.
    Last week I was informed that I got the job but the offer has to be approved. They did not specify how long it would take.
    I don’t know what to do? Shall I still look for something else?
    Anna, London

  90. First and foremost…congratulations Anna on doing so well! Hopefully you will have a real offer in your hands soon.

    In the meantime, I’d keep looking. It’s the greatest spot to be in…interviewing and maybe even negotiating when you have the comfort of an actual job offer most likely on its way. 😉

    Best of luck. Please let us know how it turns out!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  91. Hi there. Great blog!!

    I recently applied for a year-round accounting internship with a large energy company in my area. I was called in for an interview on Fri the 24th of Sep. and interviewed with the HR rep and three different hiring managers. It went great! That night I sent thank you emails to all three managers and the HR rep. I got a call back from the rep Monday afternoon (Sep. 27th) and she informed me that she had gotten great feed back from the managers and that I was their top candidate. She continued to tell me what the pay would be and so on, and said that she would like to proceed with the hiring process by conduct a background check. She also said that she needed a copy of my military documents (DD-214) and I asked that I email it to her. The next day I sent her my documents and she quickly responded saying thanks. She did say that the BG check may take a little longer than usuall because I have lived in so many places. I followed up with a phone call eight days later (Oct. 6) and had to leave a message b/c she was out from the 4th t0 the 6th. I have not gotten a call back and I’m wondering if I am still being considered? I have a clean criminal record and disclosed other related info on my application. What do I do now?


  92. Hi Chase!

    These are all good signs. Unless there is a problem with your credit or something else that you aren’t aware of (errors also can occur) you should be hearing soon. She may also still be waiting to hear back about the background check. And then again, when a person returns from vacation their desk and inbox may be piled high. A polite call this week (maybe Wed or Thurs) would be fine.

    Really hope you get this. Good luck!!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • Hey Ronnie Ann,

      Great news! They made me an offer for the position on Thursday, and I accepted! I never got to follow up again, before they called me. I will say that after reading your blog the other day, I was less anxious about it. Thanks for your help!


  93. Hi,
    A friend referred my resume in his company…i got interviewed (interview went really well…they discussed the shift timings…and all details…the project manager said he could see everything going fine) and they sent me the salary structure in the evening(before the final client round )…to be reviewed and discuss any changes if i wanted.i told them i wanted a bit of more money cos i already have anthr offer with the same package that they are offereing, they said that was k with them but did not call up after that.
    i called and they discussed the structure and said they will get back soon.
    but they did not….i emailed them…tehy said they would get back by monday…..
    i called them on tuesday so the HR told me that the position has some issues….or probly smthin like its gone oon hold….so she wld let me know in a couple of days….but i still havent heard from them….its been almost a month now that i gave the interview…….what does this mean?
    my friend asked and he came to know that currently prbblt they r lokin for a junior person so things r on hold…
    what should i do…i really loove the job , company and the profile and the inetrviuew went so well..they even gave me the salary structure by email though the offer letter wld come after the round with the client they said……the interviewer even told me its more of an introduction withe client and evrythin s set…:(


    I’m on a BLOGGING BREAK. But couldn’t leave without letting you know how much I appreciate your visits. See you in November!

    And if you’re wondering why the break:

    Blogging Overload: Do You Give Yourself a Break?

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  95. Hi,

    I went for the interview about 3 weeks ago. The interviewer told me that she’ll get back to me in a week’s time. She finally emailed me after more than a week later to inform me that they have not had time to convene to discuss my application. I would have to wait for another week. Now, more than a week later I still haven’t heard anything from them. Should I write the interviewer with a follow-up email to check on the status of my application? Please advice.



    • I really hope you’ve had some good news by now John. Sometimes things just take waaay more time than anyone on either side would prefer.

      But in your case, because of the stated interest, there was no doubt they did not forget you so following up again would have been fine but not necessary. With drawn-out decisions like this, every 2 weeks is still about right.

      Good luck!!

      ~ Ronnie Ann

  96. Hi John,

    I really hope you got that call back. I think unfortunately this is a new method of avoid the dreaded questions about feedback. We want feedback since it will help our job search. By giving a semi-positive note, it keeps you away. You fear anything can be the make-or-break whether or not you’re getting hired. Hence, it keeps you at bay.

    I, myself, had a phone interview on Oct. 28. Followed by an in-person interview on Nov. 2. They seem really interested. I sent a thank you letter. I ask how long show it take to hear from them and they said 10-14 days. I waited two weeks and I got no replies so I called to follow-up on my candidacy. I left a message (which I already wrote down prior to the call to not screw up). They called the next day on November 16 (last Tuesday). And he noted that financials have to be settled although I have no idea what that means. It is so vague that the call was merely a waste of his time and my time because it communicated nothing.

    The job posting was pull from their website on Nov. 18. I told them that is where I saw it. They then reposted it in a local newspaper in another city on Nov. 11 (which is 4 days before my follow-up call). If they reposted and are not interested in me, should they have at least tell me about it when they called me back?

    I also found a blog about a girl who has worked at the same company for the exact same job, which she describes as well, which sounds fun and great. She started working immediately. She left her position in December 2008. (Yes, everything is online. Haha.)

    I decided not to do a second follow-up. It just seems odd that they would waste time playing this game. If you can’t tell a candidate that they are not well-suited for the position, they shouldn’t be hired as a recruiter in the first place. It’s part of the job.

    And yes, I continued to apply to other jobs. I was given another part-time job the Friday of the same week of the interview.

    Note: No references have been contacted. I have given 5. 3 of the references are employers that have rehired me at different locations and companies.


  97. Hi Jason!

    Thanks so much for responding to John. I hope both he and you have heard something by now.

    Just so you know for the future…if an interviewer or company representative is vague it is perfectly fine…in fact it is smart…to ask for clarification. Do it respectfully, of course, but by all means do it. It doesn’t make you look weaker. In fact, I like when people show me they are listening by asking good questions. (It also shows me they would ask good questions on behalf of the company if they had the job.)

    Best of luck. May the right job come your way soon. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  98. i send an email private company after they interviewd,and requesting to tell thier decitoin. so their reply was”We will contact you soon”
    so that contact is realy?

  99. Hello m. faratoon,

    Although I wish I knew what they’re thinking, there’s no way to know at this point what their words mean exactly. All we do know is you are still a possible candidate. And all you can do now is wait. I know it’s hard, but you’ve done your best. Now it’s their turn.

    In the meantime, keep applying to jobs that seem like a good match! You never know what good things might happen while waiting. 😉

    I wish you much luck. Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  100. Hi Rossie Ann,

    Thank you for the wonderful comments. The website is very helpful. Here’s my story-

    I had a phone interview with HR. I was told after the interview that the hiring manager would be calling me. Instead, I got an invitation to visit their office for a day long interview next week. I was flown in; I interviewed with 8 people which included writing test, a presentation and telephonic case interview with a executive VP. In one of the interviews, a very senior guy asked me when I would be able to start. I know they were very impressed with me (they said things like ” we need these skills” or “you will have a good time here”). I was told that I would hear back next week. then the slicence. I followed up 2 weeks later. I was told that they are interviewing other people and would take another two weeks. I know that they are inetrviewing for 3 positions. I have been following up with them every two weeks. Is it a good idea to call/email every two weeks. I mean I am not doing it every week. Some insight will be appreciated.


    • I should probably add that its been more than 5 weeks since my interview. Every time, I email/call I get the ” we are still interviewing” reply. I don’t know if I should just let go. I am totally confused.


  101. pinkpillo says:

    It was exactly the same thing happened to me. I know how the interviewer impressed during our interview. He told me, since he really likes my skills and my profile very well they will call for a second interview by the CEO which will happen the next week after the interview. Unfortunately, till this date no one is calling me. Almost two weeks have already passed. I’m about to send them a follow up email now, after having a serious follow up by calling them. I dont really know where to stand. 🙁

  102. Hi MG!

    I’m really sorry that this is dragging on for you, but it’s really not that long in interview time – kind of like dog years. Clearly you are one of the top candidates for the position and I congratulate you for getting that far.

    In all honesty, there comes a point where it doesn’t really help to keep calling every two weeks – they haven’t forgotten their top candidates. Mostly it helps you get through the long wait when you feel like there is at least something you can do. What I would do at this point is wait the two weeks again and then ask if it’s ok if you keep checking in. That way you have their advice…much better than mine! 😉

    I wish you much luck, MG. Hope it’s simply internal delays (these things happen ALL the time) and that you are still in the running. Please let us know what happens. Fingers crossed for you.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  103. Hi pinkpillo!

    As I explained to MG in the above response, these things take much longer than job seekers would want them to. Since it’s only been a couple of weeks, it’s ok to send a short, polite e-mail. Ask if there’s anything else they need from you and let them know again how much you are looking forward to a second interview.

    Good luck! Please let us know how it goes.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • I probably should have posted the email here first for comment but I didn’t so here goes what I did :)…
      I had an interview that I thought went really well. It was unexpected that they even called me especially since I was really feeling that I would have to relocate in order to get a competitive salary in my field. I did my research and went on the interview. I thought it went well. Came back home, sent my thank yous, and waited the time that they said it would take to reach a decision + a day. I called to follow up, they apologized and said that its taking longer than anticipated but I was still being considered. ok so two weeks since the call is today. I sent the recruiter that I spoke with the following email. I don’t know if its going to work (despite my honesty maybe I was too direct)…
      Hello Mr. X
      I really do not want to make a nuisance of myself but when we spoke two weeks ago you said that a decision had not been made with regard to the XXXX position. I am hoping to get an update on the position due to the fact that as a contractual/temporary employee through an agency (xxxx) I do not want to accept a long-term assignment from xxx out of necessity. I am eager to utilize my talents in a full time permanent position and excited about the prospect of joining xxx team.

      I hope that I am still being considered but if not I understand and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to interview. I simply do not want to miss out on a dream job with a top company (CityBusiness Best Place To Work 2010) because I did not follow up before accepting a contract assignment (3-6 month commitment).

      Thank you in advance for your response and I hope that my email was not too direct. I know that you are extremely busy thus I appreciate the time you have devoted to my recruiting and interviewing process thus far.

      Have a wonderful day!

      • Update: Nikki has left several comments on other articles and I’ve responded elsewhere. She did not get the job, BUT the company likes her and they are considering her for something else. Best of luck, Nikki!

        ~ Ronnie Ann

  104. I had an interview and the manager had stated it would be about two weeks until decision was made. It has been a week. Should I wait until the two weeks to make a call or call before then to say I am interested. I have sent a thank you letter. Thanks.

    • Since you already sent a thank you note…wait another week and then just let them know you’re still very interested and looking forward to next steps. You might also ask if there’s anything else they need from you at this point.

      Good luck, Neil!

      ~ Ronnie Ann

  105. Well, I had an iterview. Arrived 15 minutes early, shaved, perfect business attire, greeted everyone, made eye contact, shake hands… Everything as recommended. There were four people in the panel. They all had papers and were taking notes as I answered. They took turns, each asked abour five questions. I answered all of their questions and provided some examples. I made them laugh twice when I was describing my work experince from Russia. When I mentioned few examples about corruption and the way business is ran, they were all laughing. I dont know if it is good or not. Then as I was answering, I referred to regulations that govern that industry, I would state the regulation number and said-that is the one right? And they were not sure. So, it appeared that I knew little more then I was suppose to. I think this is bad. They asked me how soon could I start. Then they showed me some pictures that had situations related to my occupation and I answered what I though is wrong with those situations. The interview lasted little over an hour. They validated my parking. Then the manager took me to their operations center and showed me around. I was asking many questions which were industry related. He said that I have done an extensive research. Also, there was an emloyee working there and the manager said that him and I would have alot to talkabout. I spent about an hour in the ops center and the manager did not speakmuch as he was busy handling a situation. I think this is also bad. I was just standing there as he was working. They said that they need to discuss something with hr department and i should hear within few weeks. I sent priority mail thank you note same day. So, i dont know whether I did good or bad. Also, i have an accent and I told them that fluency in four languages really useful in my pr skills. The interview was march 8. I did not hear anything yet…..

    I did move on and continue my search each and every day. However, today, after sending an email twice I received a response from the hiring manager:

    Thank you for your patience. I apologize for the delay. The City of Irving has a thorough hiring process that I must submit to. We are still evaluating all of the interview candidates to narrow it down to the top candidates. I hope to have the final decision within the next week or two.

    Well, the interview took place on 3/8 and they said it will be two weeks.

    Also, I made a mistake by sending too many follow up messages to hiring manager and few members of City HR depart management. I guess I am just not patient. Then another email from hiring manage came through:

    One last thing. Please limit any future communication regarding the position to only myself. Thanks and have a good weekend.

    What do you think? Do I have a chance? Should I do anything?

  106. Also, I brough a folder with resume, cover letter, recommendations, references, diplomas, transcripts, previus employment verifications, copies of licenses. All copies notarized and on expensive paper. They said it would save them time and thanked me.

    • Well, Dmytro…it’s hard for me to tell what THEY are thinking of course. It’s true, you probably went a little overboard in wowing them with what you know and all the things you brought, but you sure showed them how thorough and knowledgeable you are!

      I think in the balance, you did well and hopefully all this turns into a plus for you – although if you do get the job they may tease you just a little later. 😉

      And yes…if they have to tell you to limit correspondence, you definitely overdid it. But you aren’t the first to do that. Just so you know… it might raise a flag in their minds that you would be like this on the job, so be prepared to assure them by your actions (louder than words) that you fully understand and respect company culture and policies.

      At least they got to see the real you…which is better than someone who keeps all parts hidden. From now on, just show them a little more patience and respect for the hiring process.

      Oh…and I’ve worked for government, and the hiring process for me took months. So the good news is you get a chance to practice patience some more. You’ll definitely need it working for the government. 😉

      Seriously…you did well, Dmytro. No guarantee you’ll be a finalist, but you gave it your absolutely best and no one can do more. (Maybe next time…if you need a next time…a little less, ok?)

      Best of luck! Please let us know how it turns out.

      ~ Ronnie Ann

      • Oh…and for future interviews (not that I hope you need any) probably best not to entertain them with too many corruption stories from back in Russia. Those are best saved AFTER you have the job. Your interview is best used to listen carefully to them, ask good questions, and show them how well you fit with the job they have open. The past is best used to show how you overcame problems and/or found good solutions. Again putting into their minds how you would be in the future working for them.

  107. What to do says:

    Although I haven’t yet received an interview, I could still use some advice on what to do…In January, I applied for a pretty competitive internship in NYC, and was required to send in a cover letter, application, resume, and several writing samples. I followed up in early February, and the hiring manager told me they had received my resume, and were considering me for an interview, also saying that they would begin to review applications in-depth in March. He said they would let me know EITHER WAY (i.e., whether I got the interview, or I didn’t) by the end of March. I e-mailed him again about a week ago, following up again, and have not yet received a response…the last day of March is tomorrow.

    I have no idea what to do…maybe they are just taking longer than anticipated, or maybe they’re just not going to e-mail me back. I think that if I landed an interview, I could definitely get the job, but I just don’t want to bug the hiring manager, especially since he didn’t answer my last e-mail. Like you said, if they’re really interested in me as a candidate, they will remember me, but it’s just strange, because they said they would let me know either way, and they haven’t yet.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide me.

    • Sigh. Not sure I have any other advice to offer than what you already mentioned. These things do take more time than you ever think they will – on both sides of the hiring desk. In the case of this internship, there could be any number of things like program retooling, budget decisions that haven’t been finalized, key personnel changes, etc.

      I think you’ve done your best. Unless you know someone connected to the company who can nose around for you, all you can do is wait at this point. Meanwhile, if you want to send a handwritten card just letting them know how much you’d love the opportunity to work with them, there’s no harm in that and it might be a nice extra.

      I hope you get some answer soon. In the meantime, keep looking/networking for an internship. Sometimes last minute ones pop up in the most unexpected places.

      Good luck! Please let us know what happens.

      ~ Ronnie Ann

  108. Thank you Ronnie Ann!
    I am just waiting for the rejection letter each and every day. Although, I moved on and searching for the jobs, I cant get this interview for my dream job out of my mind. I had to travel 1200 miles, buy airfare, rent car, hotel at my own expense and now I am 99.9% sure I am not their pick as it has been 4 weeks and the manager does not respond to my emails efficiently and timely. I am 100% sure they send rejection to all of their candidates who were selected for the interview and I hope to receive one soon or I will drive myself insane. Why are they taking so long?

  109. Here is some info on their process:
    The hiring process for the department is as follows:
    1. HR reviews and places on eligible list or declines.
    2. The eligible list is sent to hiring manager.
    3. The hiring manager chooses and invites qualified candidates.
    4. Interview with hiring department.
    5. Background check.
    6. Drug test.
    7. Hired.

    My timeline:

    12/11/10 Applied
    12/25/10 Applications close date
    01/16/11 Receive email that HR reviewed and passed my app to Hiring Dept
    02/22/11 Invited for the interview with hiring department
    03/08/11 Interview
    03/09/11 overheard that last candidate was interviews on this date

    I originally was told that it will be 1-2 weeks before they make final decision. They said that they will discuss everything with HR and it is a thorough process. Then I receive another email on
    03/18/11: Thank you for your patience. I apologize for the delay. The City of ___ has a thorough hiring process that I must submit to. We are still evaluating all of the interview candidates to narrow it down to the top candidates. I hope to have the final decision within the next week or two.

  110. Exactly 4 weeks after interview for civil service city position. Emailed hiring manager. Received this:

    Mr. ,
    Good Day to you. The City’s HR department and Mr. are working on the applicant selection. The possess is taking longer than expected due to budgets concerns within the City. Please be assured that you will be notified as soon as decision is made.

    Should I take this as no?

  111. Hi Dmytro!

    This is exactly what it says it is. They are letting you know that the final decision – and maybe even the ability to fund the position at all right now – is still under consideration. Unfortunately in these tough budget times, it is not unusual.

    This is not a no. And it is not a yes. Compared to many job seekers who write me here, at least they responded with something. But I know that doesn’t help you.

    My only advice is to look elsewhere with full determination. Should this position still be available and should you be the final candidate, great. But if not, you will have made a strong effort toward finding something even better I hope.

    Sorry I can’t help more. All you can do now on this one is wait. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  112. Christopher Flynn says:

    I am running into the same issue, but what has ended up happening was I called a hotel Monday to do a follow up call and I got put on hold and then got disconnected so I waited 10 minutes and call back and got voicemail and I figure I will try again the next day which is what I did. The GM remember me and she apologize to me for putting me on hold yesterday and she didn’t seem very irritated like other interviewer. Now all I can do is wait to see if I get the call or not.

    • So sorry to take so long to respond, Christopher! Please excuse the delay. I don’t always get the e-mail notifications now that the blog has new management. 😉

      What happened? I hope there’s good news to share.

  113. I applied for a management position with a major corporation that is currently open and they need filled. I took 3 online assessments and was told the results were that I was highly recommended. 2 phone interviews with HR went great and I was then set up with a phone interview with the Regional President (they tried to arrange for me to drive 3 hours and meet with her but I had a meeting I couldn’t miss that day). That interview went great and she said that she’d get back with me in a couple of weeks. The final step would be an in person interview because she wouldn’t offer a job to someone she hadn’t met. She said I was “delightful” and she enjoyed speaking with me.

    Four days later the HR rep called me and told me the President was very impressed with me but couldn’t make it to where I live so she wanted me to sit down for an interview with the VP who is in my city. I went in the next day (4/6). The interview was almost 2 hours long and I felt that it went fantastic. The VP said that she didn’t know when a decision would be made. All she knew was that she was asked to interview me and that I was the only one she’d been asked to interview. She said that either way I would hear back from the HR rep. I sent her a thank you email (she specifically said to email her) and she responded immediately thanking me for my time and saying she enjoyed speaking with me.

    On 4/12 the job was reposted on the company’s website. As of 4/19 I have had no further communication. So far I have invested 6 weeks and hours of assessment/interview time with this company. Since I already sent the thank you and they know I want the job, should I just assume I’m not going to get it or should I contact the HR rep again?

    • Once again, my apologies for my delayed response, Joy. As I wrote above, I don’t always get the e-mail notifications now that the blog has new management.

      I hope by now you’ve heard from them. These hold ups can have so many unforeseen reasons that have nothing to do with you. I once contacted a company after almost 2 months of hearing nothing, and it turned out I was their top choice. took them another month to set up the next interview.

      Please let us know what happened. Fingers crossed that you’ve gotten good news by now.

  114. I personally felt this advice is horrible.

    While I agree that over doing it can be detrimental, I believe firmly that accessibility, networking and following up are all very important.

    I’m currently job hunting to relocate, which can be a little more difficult than job hunting in your current area. The only interviews I’ve received so far in my search (I’ve been searching for about two months) have been a result of my submitting a resume and then networking, and following up.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You always have to do what feels right for you, Megan. I’m totally for following up (and networking is key!!), but too much – like once or twice a week – can send up red flags…unless they say it’s ok. In fact, I’ve hired many folks who never even followed up after their initial thank you – you don’t forget the good ones. 😉

      And not everyone knows that, so I wrote the article. But of course, no one person’s opinion can fit all situations. As I said, trust your own instincts. Good luck with your move and with finding a great job!

  115. I applied for a position in a company where i was recommended for the job by a friend. I went and did the interview and also sent a thank you note two days after the interview. The hiring manager had said that she had a timeline and that she would be done interviewing by the end of that week. I didn’t hear back from her the following week either. I emailed her to give her an update on my education status and at the same time asked for an update on the position. She emailed back saying that she was well impressed with my past experience and credentials to recommend me for a second interview with her boss. It has been two weeks now and I still haven’t heard back. Is it time to send another follow up email? What do I do in this situation?

  116. First Raj, congratulations on the way you’ve handled things so far. Smart to mention a new thing in your follow-up. Yes…while many things can get in the way of setting up the next round of interviews, you’ve waited long enough. A polite 2nd follow-up is fine. Best of luck!!

  117. Amanda Lee says:

    I too am currently in the frustrating after-interview waiting game. After two phone screens and an in-person interview, HR wrapped up my interview by saying everyone I met (4 people total) had great things to say and if I had any other offers before they made a decision, to let her know to speed things up. I sent thank you notes to everyone, and waited two days past the date they gave as when they would make a decision. HR responded (on a Saturday!) saying that they are currently going through an acquisition and once it’s finalized (this past Monday) they’ll make a decision on the position. She went on to say they thought I was a great fit and saw growth potential in me- so “stay tuned”. and nothing, at all! Should I follow up at the end of the week one last time or just let it be?

    • Hi Amanda Lee!

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you before the end of the week. Hope you’ve heard something by now. But if not, I would suggest waiting until Wednesday or Thursday this coming week. Acquisitions throw unforeseen work and glitches into plans, so the delay is totally understandable. Hope you hear something positive soon!

      Best of luck, Amanda lee. Please let us know what happens.

  118. I had a face-to-face interview with an awesome company on May 4th. Interview went great (2 interviewers) and had a 2nd interview (Phone) with HR the following day. I did send the thank you letters after both interviews. The interview with HR went great as well. HR said they would call me early this week (Monday, May 9th or Tuesday May 10th). I still have yet to receive a call. I made a follow up call to both HR and the initial interviewers on Wednesday. I did not get in contact with them but did leave a short friendly message. It is now going on Friday (May 13th) and still no call.

    My friend referred me and has a little inside knowledge from other co-workers in recruiting and knows the 2 initial face-to-face interviewers. They told my friend that he should have referred me to them a long time ago. They told him that I did great and recommended to HR that I be hired. I went out with my friend the other night (Tuesday) and was hanging out with his boss who said congratulations on the interviews as I walked in the door. He also stated that I was the top choice out of all the people that had been interviewed for the position and not to worry.

    Though it may seem all great and dandy, I still have yet to receive a call from anyone in regards to the position. So the frustrations and concerns are beginning to clutter my mind. Am I looking too much into this and getting worried over the waiting game? Any advice?


  119. Hi BW!

    This sounds great! With feedback like that (congratulations) I would bask in the glow of interview success and use that energy to keep looking while waiting. Why? Good for the spirit and you never know.

    But as far as the amount of time you’ve waited so far…it’s well within very normal range. I waited four months once for a second interview for a job where I was the top candidate. Now it doesn’t sound like that will happen to you, but hope it gives you perspective.

    Best of luck! Please keep us posted.

    • Ronnie,

      Just wanted to let you know that I finally received a call on Tuesday, May 24th, and they offered me the position. To make it better, I was on my honeymoon sitting on the beach with a cocktail in hand when they called. It was a great day!

      • What a wonderful picture…and story. Congratulations BW!! I wish you great happiness in both career and marriage. Thanks so much for letting us know.

  120. I am currently employed but looking for another job closer to home. I had an interview with a perspective company on on 5/5. The interview went well I believe. I took with me a copy of my porfolio which showed what kind of worker they will be aquiring if they hired me. (A sample of what I was caplable of doing.) In the middle of my interview I informed the interviewer that i was preganant, he said that he had not noticed and we continued with the inerview. Then he explained to me about the benefits the company offered and asked me if i would have to give a 2 weeks notice to my employer if he hired me. ” i said of course’; then he proceded in stating that he thought he would of finished with the interviews that week, but that was not the case, he had a couple of candidates the following week to interview and then he was going to call 2-3 people for the second interview a week after that.
    The day after the interview I send him a thank you email for the interview and i have not followed up ever since. My question is should i make a call or wait till i receive a response? I know that i problalbly blew the interview once i informed him i was pregnant.
    What do you think?

    • Hi BA!

      Since he told you he has a few more people to interview next week, I’d wait until about Thursday to call and refresh his memory as to what an outstanding candidate you are. 😉

      As for your mentioning that you are pregnant, I did some research and found cases where it didn’t matter at all and some where it did. To me, it tells you something about the employer and their attitude toward such things. Then again, if there are deadlines or conditions specific to the job that this would make impossible for you to meet, then they do need to know up front and it probably isn’t the right job under the circumstances.

      I think in general you don’t need to mention it in the first or even second interview – unless you’re showing of course. Although it’s illegal for interviewers to ask if you are pregnant, there may be a point later on in the interview process where you would need to tell them anyway. Allison Doyle has an article on this topic you might find helpful: Pregnancy and Employment

      I wish you the best of luck in your job search and your pregnancy. 😉 Please let us know what happens.

  121. Yay! Finally someone who might be able to help me out.

    Just like many others who have commented, I interviewed with an agency about two weeks ago. After the interview I was asked for a writing sample, using something that the HR sent me to analyze. I sent it in and received an email saying that she would get back to me soon. 5 days passed and I didn’t hear anything. I emailed her a short letter reinstating that I was very excited/interested in the position and has there been any change to my application status. I received an auto-reply saying that she was out of the office and that she would get back to me asap (you know one of *those* messages). It’s been another 5 days since then and I’m not sure what to do now. I haven’t received any dates as to when I’m supposed to hear from her. The one thing that I’m hanging onto is that there is a committee that is supposed to get together to discuss weather or not I get a second interview and that’s what’s holding everything up.

    Anyways, should I call her since she was out of the office last week or should I wait or should I just give up? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!!

    • Hi Nic!

      Never give up until you see the whites of their rejection letter. 😉 I know how hard this must be for you and hope you get some good news soon. And you’re right about how long it can take a committee to make such decisions. And also, you don’t know how long she is out of the office or for what reason.

      I’d wait a few more days (maybe Wednesday or Thursday) and then try again with a polite “still very interested” call, also asking if there is anything else she needs from you. Just know when a person has been out for a while (assuming she’s even back) they may feel overwhelmed by all the things they have to catch up on, so if she doesn’t answer your call, send a polite note (snail mail might be a nice touch) expressing your continued interest and asking if there is anything else they need from you.

      Good luck!

  122. Ok so I currently have a job in retail that I love but can’t stand the hours so decided to look for another job. I had a friend who had a job opening at her office that sounded perfect so I emailed my resume that day, Thursday 4/14. I received a phone call that same day leaving a message to schedule a interview however because they were closed Fridays didn’t get to call back til Monday 4/18. Once I called we scheduled my interview for the next day Tuesday 4/19. In the interview I was told from my previous job experience, not only retail but customer service, I was ideal for the job and they would like to do a on-job interview and would be in touch about this. I would also like to put out there that the job I interviewed for has been open for 3 years because last girl went out on maternity leave and never came back and they decided not to hire because was not sure how the economy would effect them. So moving on I received a call the next day, Wednesday 4/20, scheduling my on-job interview for that Monday 4/25. The on-job interview went well but I really didn’t get to do anything, my interviewer just showed me what the job was about. After the interview she informed me she had another on-job interview later that week and would be doing a few more interviews before they decide. I have to be honest I felt that if I or the other individual was what they were looking for why would they need to do other interviews.?.?. Ok but back to my situation, because I knew she had another interview that week I sent a thank you email the same day as the interview. Two weeks later, Monday 5/9, I did a follow up phone call however the lady I interviewed was not available letting her know I was just following up about the position. I received a phone call leaving a message saying they had not made a decision yet and that with their office it does take some time but as soon as they know something they’ll let me know. It has been now a little over 4 weeks since my last interview and 2 weeks since my follow up interview, what is my next step?

  123. Correction on follow up phone call: The lady I interviewed with was not available so I left message letting her know I was just following up on position.
    *Sorry trying to do this all from my phone*

    • Hi Lyn!

      I know so well how frustrating all this must be. It’s true…you can be right for a job and still not get it because someone else is “righter” or simply connects in different way for whatever reason. For the most part, the hiring process just isn’t logical or predictable.

      That said…nothing you told us makes me think you don’t still have a chance. These things can take months sometimes and wind up with an offer despite the waiting. I wish I had a crystal ball that actually worked, but at this point you’ve done pretty much all you can. Maybe a nice short, handwritten note saying you’re still interested and hoping to hear some good news plus something like “Please let me know if I can do anything else to help your decision.”

      I have my fingers crossed for you. Please let us know what happens! Good luck, Lyn.

  124. Hi again,

    First of all, I’d like to say THANK YOU. Somehow the HR seem to have read you and contacted me today. She said she hasn’t graded my writing sample and that she’ll “get back to me soon.” Should I respond to her thanking her and asking her if I can expect a date to hear from her or should I let it be for now?

    Thank you again for your help. It’s a relief to have someone to talk to and get advice from!

    • Hi again Nic!

      My pleasure. Congrats on the nice response. A brief thank you reply after that would be just dandy… don’t push for a date at this time. (That can be your next pleasant “touching base” e-mail.)

      Good luck! Hope to hear good news. 😉

  125. Hi there,

    A while ago, I first got a phone call from someone (call him A) in the company and he invited me to go on an on-site interview with someone who I might potentially work for (call him B). It turns out person A is person B’s boss. Anyway, I thought the interview with person B went well. At the end, he (person B) didn’t specify when the decision will be made and I forgot to ask him but he did say he had four candidates to see.

    I emailed him a thank you letter later that day along with some questions which I would address in a followup email. He emailed me two business days later, interested in my questions so I posed my questions. He responded clearly to my questions in a timely fashion but he never really hinted me at what my status is. I also thanked person A in an email for the short “phone interview” and setting me up to interview with person B but he never responded back.

    I am wondering if I should ask him directly in another followup email (now that it’s been a week exactly) or should I call him or should I wait? He did mention that “the decision process continues” in one of his response to my followup email.

    Any advice on what I should do next or what I should expect would be great. This is a job which I am truly interested in but I am also looking for other jobs as well. Thanks.

    • Hi ek!

      Hard for me to offer advice since I only know part of the picture. I prefer to offer what I might do in this circumstance and let you decide if that feels right for you. I’d probably wait until next week (say Tuesday or Wednesday) so they’ve had a chance to discuss where things stand; and then I’d call to express your strong interest and ask if there’s anything else you could provide to help in their decision. BTW…I’d stay away from more questions at this point since it can on one level be seen as a good thing, but on another level be views as an imposition. At this stage of the game, less is more. 😉

      Best of luck, ek! Please let us know what happens.

      • Ronnie, thanks for the advice. I did not get the job but I now run into a more unique situation. I just found out I got a job offer for company A but they want me to reply by Wednesday. Yet I have an interview with company B on Thursday. Company B seems to be a more attractive job. Should I take the offer first and wait till how it plays out on Thursday? Company A wants me to start next Monday. Thanks.

      • ek,

        Congratulations! Glad to hear you have an offer in hand. We can’t advise you directly… we trust you will handle the situation properly.

        Good Luck!
        – The Work Coach Team

  126. Jennifer says:

    I interviewed for a job 6 days ago. The employer called me and wanted to interview me the same day. I had the interview a couple of hours later, and at the interview, I politely asked him when he was planning on filling the position and he told me that honestly, I had the experience, had already been to the area, and he said he like how I was very flexible. He said the next step would be to check my references, then go through human resources. He didn’t tell me when he’d get back with me. Three days after the interview, I left a message on his voicemail telling him how much I’d love to work for him, and thanked him for the interview. That same day, a couple hours after that, I checked the website, and the position was no longer posted! Does this mean they chose someone else or are they still checking on my references and wanting to hire me!!! I’ve been looking for full time employment for the past 3 years, and I want this job really bad!! He sounded highly invested in me, but now I’m second guessing myself! Any advice?

  127. Thank you so much Ronnie Ann for your response! I decided not to do any further follow up for fear of them feeling like I need the job rather than want it. I decided to continue applying for jobs and now have another job interview tommorow with a similar position. The only thing is this company is a further out and the hours are different which make the first company just a little more appealing. I’m not saying I have this job yet but should I be offered a position before I hear back from the first job, do I follow up with them and if so how?

    • Great dilemma, Lyn. Should you get the offer for your second choice job (assuming it’s still second choice), it’s ok to call and, in a non-pressuring way, let them know you got this other offer but would prefer them. See how they respond. You can’t push them…but if they can, they may be able to speed things up. Worth trying.

      Good luck! Would love to know how it turns out. 😉

  128. Confused says:

    I went in for a position thursday june 2. Every went great when i was interviewing with the hiring manager. Its a new business that will open about next month. He asked me weird questions and told me because my job experiences wasn’t current, he would want to train me for a couple of weeks at another location of his. He asked me weird questions like do i have medical insurance. I said yes through my husband. On my resume, i saw him put a star on it and asked for my email address. And if i have any questions to email. All n all, he said he had to discuss my training and to conduct a second interview. He said he might have to conduct a second interview with me, with the other manager in charge. After the interview, he showed me around the office and asked me. Then he thanked me for coming. I asked him questions too. Then i walked outside and he walked outside too and said he needs to go to his car or call his partner or something. So he walked me out the valet area and told me next time i can park at free parking for 2 hours. So off i thanked him and left. He had mentioned that he would like to conduct a second interview with me and the other owner i guess on monday. Now it’s monday night, and i don’t know if i should wait. I sent him a thank you note the morning after the interview. I don’t know what i should do next…… Soo confused.. Every seem good at the time.. Now im left with confusion..

    • Hi Confused!

      I’m not sure what the problem is. 😉 These things often don’t happen the day they say it will. It’s more of a hope than an actual written-in-stone date. Schedules change. Emergencies pop up. Things need to be discussed. Give them until next week and if you haven’t heard yet, call him!

      Meanwhile, know you did your best and keep looking. It’s great momentum and you never know what else pops up.

      Good luck. Please let us know how it turns out.

  129. I was recently offered a job and I accepted the job. The following week I went in for the paperwork and I filled it out and we decided on the day after Memorial day to start. On memorial day I received a call saying “He was still working on approval from their executive team and they were concerned about profitability in the region and hiring another year round employee” He said I should plan on starting the following Monday. The next day I was in the area so I stopped by and dropped off the direct deposit info he needed and he was glad I did. Since then we have spoken a couple times and here it is the week I should have started and no answer. I’m not sure what to do? The times we have talked have been brief with me following up to know what I should do. I get the same answer that he’s still trying to work with the executive team on a permanent hire. Isnt it a bit odd he “hired” me but still has to get corporate approval?

  130. Hi Jesse!

    Yup…it’s a bit odd, but not unheard of. On occasion, these things can drag on even after the offer is made…but it does take away the air of absolute certainty – unless you can get him to assure you the offer stands even if timing is unknown. Have you asked him that? Could be budget discussions going on simultaneously. If he says it could be longer than a week or two, can you offer to come on as a free-lancer until the position solidifies? While I hope that you get the go ahead SOON, keep looking…just in case.

    Good luck!

  131. Hi Ronnie Ann!

    I don’t know where to ask this question, but this post kind of relates to it.

    Last summer, I interned for a company that I really loved and now that I have graduated, I am trying to get a position there. I applied exactly one week ago.

    In my exit interview, the HR manager asked me if I would consider working for the company after I graduated. I told her I definitely would love to and asked if that was a possibility. She said they encourage and hope that all of their interns will come back to work for them.

    So my question: I applied through the company website exactly one week ago. Should I try to call and speak to the HR manager I had my exit interview with? If so, what should I say? I really want this job and our conversation lead me to believe it is very plausible I could get it… but I want to take every course of action to assure I do!


  132. My shortest comment answer ever…

    Call her, Cait! 😉

    Would love to hear how it goes. Good luck!!

  133. Really Confused says:

    I had an interview on Wednesday and everything went well. She took my picture, we even shared a brief discussion about our interest, and she seemed like she had an interest in me. Said she would call me for the second part of the interview. I e-mailed her back thanking her for taking the time in interviewing me. I heard nothing on Thursday. I call her this morning (Friday) for a follow up to see if I qualified for the second interview because I have not heard from them. When I called them she said I dressed kind of provocatively, not appropriate attire, and she was giving me tips on how to dress. She said I was very persistent and that is was a good thing. She wanted me to call back next week to see how things go from there. I apologized and said have a great weekend. Should I call back next week? I really want to work there, but I don’t believe I dressed unprofessional in any way. I had dress pants, a buttoned up shirt, and even had heels on. I feel my high hopes has fallen drastically. I don’t want to argue over who’s right and who’s wrong. I believe first impression has a great deal in landing the job. I guess mine was a big fail in first impression. What should I do now? I’m still applying for other places too keeping my options open in the meantime.

  134. Hi Really Confused!

    I’m not sure what to say. Basically, if you’re told you dressed provocatively, to me that means either (1) you did so it would help you to reevaluate your understanding of professional dress; or (2) this is the wrong place for you.

    If you still want the job, definitely call her next week (she liked your persistence), thank her for the tips, and say you’d like a chance to show her that you can learn quickly and be a great addition to the company. First impressions matter, but so does learning and showing you can be a team player.

    Would love to hear what happens. Good luck!

    • Oh…and absolutely keep applying! You may find a better fit. But then again, as a woman who has been in business for many years, I can tell you that her reaction and advice may turn out to extremely valuable to the rest of your career. 😉

  135. Hi Ronnie Ann,

    In the beginning of May I applied for a job at a major corporation via their website. A week later, after doing some research, I sent an email to the head of the dept of the position I was applying for outlining my skills and interest in the company and position. About a week later I got an email from HR and had a HR phone screening. That went well and the HR person said she would forward my resume and information to the HM and it would be up to them to see if I was a match and if they wanted to interview me.

    I really want this job so after about a week after speaking with HR, I followed up and expressed that I was still interested and would like to schedule time to meet with the HM. I never heard back from HR but about a week after that I heard from the HM who wanted to schedule an interview.

    On 6/9 I interviewed with the HM and then the manager I would directly report to. Both interviews went well; there were smiles, chuckles and intelligent Q&A on both ends. When I asked how long they thought the hiring process would take, the HM then explained to me that because of their recent acquisition of another large company, HR was completely backed up and she had actually taken over the most of the hiring process herself. All that said, they are eager to get the positions (they are hiring 2 people in the same position) filled asap but, just in case she gave me her card and said if things take too long do reach out to her to check up on the process. She was hoping to have things settled prior to the 4th of July holiday.

    The next step would be for me to interview with their boss, who was in fact the head of the department I had emailed earlier. The next day I sent both interviewers thank you emails emphasizing my passion for the work, interest in the company, the highlights of our conversations the day before and how I would help them individually and as company especially during their time of expansion. I also expressed that I wanted to move on to the next round and meet with the head of the dept.

    I haven’t heard anything back yet, it’s only been about a week. But I want to know should I now follow up with HM to follow up by phone on the status of the second round and remind her that I am still interested? This is my dream job and I’m currently in a job that is literally sickening so I want to do everything I can to land this position.

    Thanks a lot,


    • Hi LK!

      So far you’ve done a great job. I should come to you for advice. 😉

      You really don’t have to worry about them forgetting you. But if you haven’t heard from them yet (these things really do take time), wait until later this week (or early next week if you can stand it) to call. Too many follow-ups can backfire, but that should be fine as long as you show you respect their process.

      Good luck! Please let us know how it goes.

      • Thank you Ronnie Ann! Sorry for the long post!

      • No problem. You seem great, LK. I just try to remind folks every once in a while that I’m a real person who only does this in my spare time! (And right now I’m actually on vacation.)

        Fingers crossed for you!

      • Thanks for the well wishes. I did call the hiring manager last week to follow up. Unfortunately, she emailed me to say that they filled both of the positions last week. I’m so bummed, I really felt I was a great fit for the position and company.

  136. Advice Needed says:

    Hello Ronnie Ann,

    I started with a phone interview (May 11) with an HR person. I sent a ‘thank you’ email directly after our phone interview. On May 26 I thought I would follow up with her with a short email asking where they were in their search. I got a reply the next morning telling me they were still looking at candidates and I would hear back from her the next week with the next steps. (this was the Friday before Memorial Day weekend) On Saturday May 28th around 7:30pm at night I got an email from her telling me that the Director of the department wanted to meet with me the following week.
    I’m thinking this was a direct result of my short email the previous day>…

    On June 2 I met with the Director for a short interview to which she commented that my work was very similar to her own work. (I’m in the creative field & hopefully that’s a good thing) She also mentioned something about the HR dept. taking a long time during the hiring process. On my way out she told me that I would hear back from them the next week. I sent a ‘thank you’ note to the Director and have not heard anything back yet.

    I’m toying with sending the HR person another follow up email. I do not have the email of the person I interviewed with because I didn’t get a business card. ( I gave her mine).

    To me it sounds like they’re interested. I don’t think I’ve ever heard from an Hiring person during a long holiday weekend.

    What should I do?

  137. Hello Ronnie Anne,

    Reading all these posts by people who are in the same situation as I is helpful. Makes me understand that people are in the same boat and that the hiring process as simple as the hiring committee try to make it sound after and interview, is anything but simple.
    I had an interview last week for a dream job that would easily pave the path for my future, so needless to say am anxious and hanging by the phone for a call back. They had mentioned that they would get in touch with me early this week about next steps, and still nothing. The woman that did the interview with me seemed to like me and all seemed promising but I have yet to get at least an email telling me that they have picked another candidate to fill the position or anything…. I only ask that they notify me that I am either in the running or not… It drives me crazy that they know how stressful this situation is and yet they dont act on notifying those that they are not really considering to back down.
    Anyways, I have already sent a thank you note, no should I send a follow up email. or would I call by the end of the week- tomorrow be considered a nuisance?

    • Hi Brenda,

      You are so right about it being anything but simple! (At least in most cases.) And yes…the process is maddening! 😉

      I hope you’ve heard by now, but if not it would be fine to contact them by now. Last week was a bit early since these things usually take longer than they think, but since they gave you a general time by which to expect some feedback, a polite contact is most certainly ok.

      Good luck! Would love to know what happens.

  138. morenaone says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,

    First of ali, I’m glad that I came across this blog, such a wealth of information and we all appreciate you giving us your advice/opinion.

    I wanted some quick advice about my situation.. I applied for a job via the companies website and it’s a huge company.. one week after I applied I got an email from a recruiter asking me if I still wanted to be considered for this position as the job title had changed and therefore some duties were added etc. so I replied back thanking them for informing me of the job title change and that I was still interested, this was may 31st.. I kid you not, the very next day I looked at their website and that position was no longer taking applications.. so one week later I emailed the recruiter asking if she had a timeline for the position and that I was excited etc.. didn’t get a reply back this was june 7th.. ok so the following week 1 week later I sent another email making sure I included my name and job number etc.. asking about my status and they they contacted me on this date and was following up, this was on June 15th and still no reply.. so I decided to just leave it alone for the moment because things do take time and she is only the recruiter and it’s ultimately up to the hiring manager and she maybe waiting to hear back from them etc. But what I was wondering since it is such a huge company and in the past I’ve always gotten the thank you for your interest rejection letter even before the position had closed. since I actually got a recruiter and not an automated email reply does this mean that I could be in the running for the position and I haven’t heard anything back from them as they are still making decision who they want to interview etc.? either way I’m still continuing with my job search but I just never have gotten an email from a recruiter from this company as it’s huge and I’m sure that they can’t reply to every applicant as it maybe hundreds.. any thought?. the waiting game does sucks and honestly I prefer it when I get that thank you for your interest email at least you know you can move on from that job..

  139. Reminder: Please everyone…short comments are much appreciated. I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the comments, but do my best to get back to you at some point if possible. Thanks!

  140. Confused says:

    Hi ronnie ann,

    Thanks for the advice. My interview was june 2nd and now its june 20th. As mentioned i thought my interview went really well, but i guess i was wrong. I called for a follow up with the owner an week after the interview, the owner didn’t pick up. I left a voicemail box and still no call back after a week. It’s already two weeks so i already gave up on that company. I’m looking for other jobs right now. And going to go back to school and finish up my classes to get accepted into the program of my dreams. Thanks:)

    • Hi (no longer) Confused!

      I love this “And going to go back to school and finish up my classes to get accepted into the program of my dreams”!

      That’s what I did years ago when too many doors were closed to me. Sometimes you just gotta shake things up for yourself!

      I wish you much luck finding an interim job and a wonderful new career when the time is right. Not sure if the school has a job board or placement office, but I got a great job that way when I had just barely started school. Go git ’em!

  141. Advice Needed says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann,

    I apologize for the long winded note before.
    It’s very generous of you to read through all these questions and help so many people. It’s very appreciated.

    I noticed the job I interviewed for was online again recently. Needless to say I’m not feeling as hopeful as I once was before. Still wondering if I should bug them or just leave it alone. Going on almost 3 weeks now since the actual ‘in person’ interview.

    • Hi Advice Needed!

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s my pleasure to help during such a confusing and grueling time. It was just a lot easier to respond to everyone when the blog was smaller, so short comments help me get to more of them. 😉

      Since the Director told you the process can take a long time, there’s a chance you may still hear from them. These things can take what feels like forever sometimes, so three weeks isn’t really that long. And if they admit to it…then it may take even longer!

      Do you remember the Director’s name? Can you find it? Sometimes the company website has e-mail addresses. You might also check LinkedIn or even do a search using the Director’s name plus “contact”. You might luck out and find her direct e-mail address. Then again, a short polite handwritten note to her might be good at this point.

      If not, I think calling the HR person would be fine. Let her know you are still very interested and ask if there’s anything else they need from you.

      Good luck! Would love to know how it goes.

      • Advice Needed says:

        Would it be overkill to email the director and carbon copy the HR person I’ve corresponded with before? I’m nervous my email to the Director may end up in a junk folder since I’ve never emailed her before.

      • In your case, I would do one and not the other. If you hear nothing from the Director, then a short, polite e-mail to the HR person would be ok. Just know they both may have inboxes that fill up quickly. Since the job has been re-posted, maybe snail mail is a good way to go. You could send each a short note. ~ Ronnie Ann

      • Advice Needed says:

        Ronnie Ann,

        I almost thought I messed everything up because I emailed both the HR person and the Director as you said NOT to do. Before I heard back from you—And Whew! I just got a request to set up a phone interview with the VP of Marketing this week. So I guess I’m still in the running…

  142. Freaking out! says:

    Good afternoon Ronnie Ann,

    My interview was on the 8th of June and I received an e-mail from HR on the 14th, which stated, “we would like to generate and offer.. etc.” I filled out all the paperwork and sent it on the same day. The HR personnel informed me that they will be in contact with me within the next few days. My background check started on the 15th of June. How long should I wait until I follow up with them? It is now the 21st and the wait is killing me..

    • Hi Freaking out!

      First, let me congratulate you on getting to this point. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer. Background checks can take a week or even more depending on the service they use. Believe me, they have’t forgotten you. Unless there is something in your background that might raise a red flag (usually not), you are still on track.

      Besides the background check, they will need to put together an offer package (and perhaps sign-offs from various people), before contacting you again, so that can also take time.

      Try setting your mind to next week for a response. If you haven’t heard anything by then, feel free to check in. I know it’s hard waiting, but soon enough you should have some good news to tell us about. 😉

      Good luck!

      • Advice Needed says:

        Ronnie Ann-
        I’ve always wondered….if companies usually do the background check after the offer is made? or do some do it before they make an offer?

      • I’ve never made a final offer until the background check was done, but I have seen offers made contingent on the check. Anyone else have experience with this?

      • I’ve had companies make me the offer then send the paperwork for the background check. My last employer sent the offer letter and background check papers via overnight mail in the same package AFTER offering me the position via email. My current employer called to offer me the position, then sent me the paperwork for the background check and drug testing. I guess it depends on the company.

      • Yes…not every company is the same for sure. But to me an offer w/o the background check is on;y a contingent offer, not “final” offer, since a bad result can mean the offer will most likely be withdrawn. Still appreciate hearing how others do it. Thanks, jaz!

  143. morenaone says:

    Hi Ronnie Ann I’m guilty of posting a long post and apologize for that 🙂 you give great advice and what you say usually is spot on and works.. just send me over that magic dust and luck.. I’ll keep this board updated on my job quest..

    • Hi morenaone!

      Thanks for the kind words. I was just about to respond to your other comment and saw this. You made me smile. Great note.

      Your words speak for so many: “honestly I prefer it when I get that thank you for your interest email at least you know you can move on from that job.” I agree 100%.

      Have even written about that begging HR folks to become more user-friendly. 😉 But alas, there will always be employers who either don’t even think about it, don’t feel it’s necessary, or who have lawyer-designed processes making extra contact of any kind hard to achieve. And of course, as you so wisely suggested, many places get hundreds of resumes now (especially large companies), and so way too many talented people get stuck in the waiting game with nary a clue.

      Ooops. Sorry for the rant. My short response is…yup…it sure does suck. 😉

      Would love to hear back from you. Oh…and since you asked, it’s been a while but here’s an extra helping:


      Good luck!!

  144. Ronnie,
    I had been for an interview on June 2 in company I would be very interested to work with. Everything went alright and I was told that I am selected on June 6. But afterwards I received no response from the company. Since it has been more than 3 weeks, Please advise me whether I should follow up to know of any updates. Thanks in advance for advice.

    • Hi MITH!

      It would be fine to contact them. That’s a long time AFTER telling you that you have the job. Or were you simply selected for another interview, which can take time? Either way, a polite contact is certainly ok. Good luck!

  145. Hi Ronnie:

    I can’t begin to tell you how timely AND helpful this site has been. Close to a month ago, I interviewed for a position for which the day after I posted my resume, I was contacted by HR and the hiring manager. They appeared very eager to get me in for an interview after my telephone interviews. The hiring manager offered to drive do me and interview me over lunch (about a 45 min. drive).

    After scheduling efforts fell through, I suggested that I simply interview on my off day. They preseneted me with a test (uuuuugh!!!!). I’m good at my job, but haven’t taken a test since college. The interviewer stated that the test was simply to gage everyone’s skillsets and that if I didn’t know the answer to a question to just skip it. Needless to say, I didn’t do so well on the test and knew in my heart of hearts that somebody else was able to answer the questions I couldn’t and would be considered for the job quicker than I would be. I felt the actual interview went well, but now the waiting has dragged on. I followed up after 3 weeks and was told the process was put on hold until the HR person returned to work this week. I almost sent a follow up email until I read what you had to say. HR assured me that I’d be notified whether I was chosen for the job or not, so I’ll simply wait to hear from them. I had no idea that following up too frequently could actually hurt my chances. Thank you so much!

    • I wish you much luck, jaz. Agree with your feelings about the test. Just to add a little encouragement…a great in-person interview can sometimes get past a bad test result, assuming the great test-taker isn’t someone they’d enjoy working with as much as you. But yes…since you’ve already followed up and learned the HR person was away, give them time to catch up with this and other stuff. Actually, a nice handwritten note might be just the thing – not intrusive but perhaps enough to convey “could be great to work with.” No guarantee of course…but ya never know!

      Good luck!

  146. I know that some may not get this but I like to share any tips or advice that help and/or encourage me when I am in that “after the interview” limbo waiting game. Here lately I have been playing the following song over and over. Found it YouTube so that I could post a link. Hope it inspires and calms your nerves like it does mine…

    Ronnie I hope this is ok 🙂

    • Thanks, Nikki P! If it helps just one person, than it was well worth sharing. And if not, I enjoyed it. Like her take on people being negative. If that’s who’s around you bringing you down, move on for sure! 😉

  147. Hi Ronnie,

    I was wondering what the general rule is when it comes to follow up calls. You’ve already said not to send one too many email weekly. If so, once every two weeks or three? Also, when it comes to follow up calls, should you just speak to the answering machine or call until you speak to a REAL person? I am really confused here. Thank you!

    • I’m sorry ruru. Unfortunately there’s no general rule other than not to keep bugging them. 😉 Every company has its own preferences. And honestly…if they don’t remember you unless you call again and again, than you don’t really have a chance anyway. And you may wind up turning them off in the process.

      Less is more here. Although again, no rule that fits all…after a thank-you note and a follow up contact in about 2 weeks, for me it’s time to wait. Then you have to use your own instincts depending on how they’ve responded to you. But lots of calls can work against you., Seriously.

      As for waiting to get to a real person…again there’s no rule book they all follow. I would try to get a real person, but in many cases, because of internal policies, they are not even allowed to answer. And also remember that many places have Caller ID, so if you keep calling and hanging up when a machine answers, you look desperate.

      Best to put this energy into action…looking for more interviews elsewhere! Good luck.

  148. Hi Ronnie Ann!

    I send a thank you email after my interview, but a girl I know who works at the company said that I should send also send a hand written thank you. Another candidate did this and they thought it was really thoughtful and made her stand out.

    My question: Should it say the same thing as my thank-you email or slightly different? I sent an email to each person I interviewed with individually but should I send one card to all 3 people? They work in the same office space.

    • I would try to vary the notes even a little. And I think it’s a good idea to send to all of them – hard to leave anyone out now – especially since you know it went well last time.

      Good luck!

  149. Hi, I have had two interviews with a company that I am really keen on. Although only 20 or so minutes long the two people I interviewed with made comments on how well the interview went and that they can definitely see that I would be good for the company. He said there was a lot of preparation work to go into it before any decisions were made and should be getting back to me the following week. I chose not to send a thank you email following the second interview. It has been over a week (week and 1 business working day to be exact) and I’m not sure if it would be too eager to follow up now or maybe wait a few more days. I thought maybe a thank you email (since I didn’t originally send one) could be a good reminder that I am waiting to hear back about the position? Or is it best to perhaps wait until the end of the week and follow up?

  150. Believe me, Hannah…they know you are waiting to hear back! And if you did well, they certainly haven’t forgotten you. 😉

    Maybe at this point I’d send a nice handwritten note thanking them, letting them know you are still very excited about the position and asking if there’s anything else they need from you at this point. Other than that, you already were told that it takes time and when they tell you that, it usually takes longer than they think!

    Best of luck! Please let us know what happens.

    • Thanks Ronnie,

      Decided to hold off any notes for one more day and they phoned me that afternoon to say that I was still at the forefront of their thoughts and they have some internal work going on and will phone me Wednesday (today NZ time). So hears hoping its news I will like!

      Feeling a little bad that I haven’t sent any thank you note or email – but then thinking about less being more that may be a good thing – In this case I’ve done nothing though so I’m hoping this doesn’t backfire on me somehow.

      • Got the Job! now its just resigning from my current job?! =l

      • Wuhoo! So happy for you, Hannah. I wish you MUCH luck in your new job. Have fun resigning. 😉

      • morenaone says:

        congrata Hannah and like Ronnie Ann said have fun with resigning.. now just send that good luck and magic dust over to me 🙂

      • Fear not. If they’re still thinking about you, you’ve done well. Good luck, Hannah!

        OH…I see you got the job after all. YAY!!!

  151. The one thing I know for sure, Advice Needed, is that there is no one right way to do any of this! Every place has its own rules.

    While in general less is probably more, when they like you – clearly they do – a small polite note here or there just won’t matter. From the employer’s perspective, it’s hard finding the right match and when there’s a good candidate, they don’t forget. 😉

    Whatever you did worked in your case. I’m so glad. PLEASE let us know how it goes.

    Best of luck!

    • Advice Needed says:

      Hello Ronnie Ann:

      I’ve spoken with the VP heading up the department currently and she told me over the phone that they want me to come and and meet her in person as well as some other folks. Then they’d like to ‘try me out’ on a freelance basis for a few months before they hire!
      She also has me working on a small project (test) now before I come in to meet her in person.

      Waiting on HR to get back to me as they’re supposed to schedule this meeting (it’s been over a week now)

      I’m still a little concerned as the girl who interviewed me in person resigned and her superior is gone as well.

      What do you think?

      • Hi Advice Needed,

        Sometimes it can be helpful for bot you and the employer to test if there is a fit by working on small projects before joining full time. Hope everything works for you, sounds like it is moving in the right direction.

        – The Work Coach Team

  152. I’m so sorry LK! I guess it’s good to know one way or the other, but was really hoping it would be a yes.

    Wouldn’t hurt to send a nice snail mail letter expressing how much you enjoyed meeting everyone and saying that you hope they consider you for any openings in the future. Little effort on your part now, but may help them remember you later on.

    So now you can put all your energy into finding an even better position. 😉 I wish you much luck finding a great match, LK!

  153. Perfect! 😉

  154. morenaone says:

    Sorry to hear that LK but you’ll get a job and at least you still have job even though you may not be happy there, just know a job will come. I tell myself this all the time and mediation does help to keep you calm and at peace.. also the laws of attraction stay positve and upbeat and it’ll happen.. Ronnie Ann has sent me some magic dust so I know my job is on the way 🙂 patience is a virtue not that it is easy

    • Nice of you to add your support, morenaone. Good luck with your own search. And of course, all that works best with a great cover letter & resume that matches THEIR needs, aggressively looking for new openings, and networking anywhere and everywhere! 😉

      • morenaone says:

        Thanks Ronnie Ann if anything I’ve learned a lot about myself during my job search and even though you may get some no’s, as one door closes another one opens. try not to get too down on yourself and keep looking and practicing your interview questions and like you say have that great cover letter and resume and that job will come. It’ll happen for me and the others on here searching for a job just believe and know it will happen 🙂

      • *~*~*~*~


  155. Ronnie,
    Taking your advice I just called the hr contact person at the company. I didn’t receive any clear information as to whether I am through or rejected. They told that they will check and let me know about the status. I am waiting to hear from them.

    • You’ve done all you can, MITH. I hope you get good news from them considering they told you you’re selected (still not sure exactly what that means.)

      But meanwhile, I hope you keep looking and maybe find an even better job as back-up…just in case!

  156. AAAAHHHH! Help!

    I had an interview two weeks ago. At the 10 day mark, I called the company and followed up. The hiring manager said, ” I haven’t been trained in offering jobs yet, so I am waiting for another supervisor to assist me in calling back the candidates we want to offer the position to, but I do know that you were one of them.” She then said she would let the supervisor know that I called, and that I should be expecting a call soon. It has been 4 days and nothing. Am I being impatient? Should I call back? Please help!!!!

    • Hi jtdc!

      I know how maddening it must be for you, but these things take time. If she said she knows you’re one of the candidates, that’s a cue to leave the ball in their court for now. Calling again could work against you. Just wait. And meanwhile, keep applying to other jobs!

      Good luck!

      • Oh…and remember that this is a holiday weekend. People take vacations around that time (the week before and after) and this slows things down even more.

  157. President of company (big company, private, $1B in sales) called me after seeing my resume. Interviewed me 2 weeks ago. Interview went well, he said he would “put something together.” Said he would call the following Tuesday, no call. I left him a message on Tuesday and a message on Thursday. Earlier this week, I dropped off some info pertinent to the job at his office. Today has been two weeks since the interview. I know his HR guy is on vaca this week (holiday week). Lastly, this is a new position, no other candidates that I know of.

    Should I just wait at this point ? What else can I do ? I think the holiday has something to do with it. Why would he say he would “put something together” if he had no intention of doing so ? At end of interview, he gave me his business card – I did not ask for it. Also, his son stepped into the office while we were interviewing and he introduced me to him. Help !

    • Hi Ken!

      Only problem I see is that they are moving at a normal business pace and you are waiting at a normal job-seeker pace. 😉

      You’re right about the holiday having a possible effect – especially if the HR guy is on vacation. In a company that size “putting something together” can take weeks; and the HR guy is needed to shepherd a lot of it. With all the contacts you’ve made already, you’re on the line between goes-after-what-he-wants and over-eager (possibly cutting into your brand).

      At this point, your best bet is probably to just wait. If you haven’t heard by the middle of NEXT week, I think it would be fine to call him.

      Good luck!

  158. The Work Coach Cafe Team

  159. Follow up guidance says:

    I had an interview a month ago which was good, so I was directed to the next step of taking a written test. I do not have the email of the employer/HR, so I had made one thank you call and one follow up call later. I had to leave the third follow up call as a voice mail. Its been 3 days since the voice message I left, but I have not received any communication from them yet 🙁 The main company website is still showing my application status as “INTERVIEW”…. I have to decide between other offers ( this one being the best)!!!!!! What should I do now? Please advice!!!

    • Follow up guidance,

      We are happy to hear you have multiple options on your job quest. There are many reasons HR reps don’t or can’t get back to you with information as the decision and hiring process take time. Our suggestion for you would be to give a follow up call the HR rep and tell them you do have other offers and must make a decision soon. This is being honest and giving them a chance to get back to you soon.

      Hope it goes well!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  160. Confused says:

    I interviewed for a position on June 10th, the interview went great I was there for almost 2 hours. After the interview they stated they would be conducting initials interviews for at least another week and would be in contact. I sent a follow-up e-mail about 2 weeks after the initial interview. They e-mail me back the very next day stating “It was a pleasure meeting me, and they still in the initial interview phase at least through the end of this week. We will let you know when we begin the second interviews.”
    This is a very small private company with only a few employees.

    I don’t want to be to pushy, but am thinking I should follow-up again. The followup e-mail was on 6/22 and they haven’t contacted me for a 2nd interview. Based on the e-mail it sounded like they were interested in bringing me back for a 2nd interview. Trying not to be to pushy, but want closure. I am also thinking they are taking their time because it is such a small company. I am confused and need guidance.

    • Dear Confused,

      We are confused too! Sending a polite, carefully worded follow up may get the process rolling again. As you say, you don’t want to be pushy but a gentle nudge may help.

      Best of luck!

      – The Work Coach Team

      • Confused says:

        I decided to go ahead and e-mail that “gentle nudge” received a very pleasant reply that they had put the interviews on hold because of vacations. They hadn’t started conducing 2nd interviews yet, and would be in contact. Still sounds promising, keeping my fingers crossed.

  161. I went on a job interview on June 15. I feel it went very, very well. I am well-qualified for the position, and got positive feedback (both verbal and non-verbal/body language) throughout the interview. I sent a handwritten thank you note to each of the four people I interviewed in front of and mailed it the following day.

    Two weeks later I left a voice mail for the individual who had been my point of contact for scheduling the interview. I never got a call back.

    It is now nearly a month later. On their website the job status still says “In Review.” Is it appropriate to send a follow-up email? If so, how should it be worded.

    This is a large company and I know that their process will include at least one if not two more interviews. Like “confused” poster above me, I’m mainly looking for some closure. This is probably the best job I have ever interviewed for, and I find myself comparing all other potential jobs to this one.

    • Jordan,

      After this amount has passes we feel you should feel comfortable sending a follow up note stating you are interested in the role, asking if the position is still open and if you are still considered a candidate.

      Best of luck!

      – The Work Coach Team

  162. Kristin says:

    I went on a job interview on Monday June 27th it went very well and the two people I interviewed with said I had all the qualifications for that position. This job is ideal for me and it would be a great start just getting out of college. I was the first person they interviewed and they told me they would be doing interviews all week and would contact me the following monday. I sent a thank you note to my interviewers the next day. I hadnt realized at the time that the following monday was the 4th of July so of course I dint hear back andd I didnt want to contact them again prematurely so I didnt call all last week. Now I am into the third week not sure whether to contact them or just come to terms that I did not get the job and move on.

    • Kristin,

      Lack of an answer does not mean they have passed you. This time of year is the summer holiday time and even in the best cases the process slows from holidays and vacations. No reason not to follow up with them after three weeks.

      Good luck,
      – The Work Coach Team

  163. This website is very helpful. Thanks for the honest advice. I have a situation: After sending a cover letter and resume to a company (large private practice) they responded immediately asking when I could come in for an interview. I let them know my schedule was flexible, and I could come by anytime. I sent the email over a week ago and I still haven’t heard back. Question 1: Was my response too vague? Should I have requested a specific time/date? Question 2: Is it too soon to send a polite email letting them know I am still interested? Or is it too pushy? Thanks for your help.

    • KG,

      You ask good questions! Don’t over think your response to them, you did what you felt was appropriate for the situation. You may want to read some of the other readers comments to get ideas on how best to proceed.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  164. Hi,

    I had an interview on the 28th June for a Global Media company. I know the interview went well and I really had a good feeling, so the following morning I wrote a thank you email.

    5 days later I emailed them to understand what was the progress on chosing the right candidate (I was told by the interviewer that a second interview was going to take place,which btw, is the VP and the position was working as a PA for him); I was told that the guy was away for a business trip and that they still didn’t know what was the outcome of his decision.
    A week later I contacted them again and I was told that I qualified for the second interview, and that they would let me know the following day what day the new interviewer was available.
    3 days later, stil no news, so I sent a polite email asking for updates, but I did not receive an answer.

    What do I do? I really want that job, I don’t want to do something wrong by pestering them too much, but at the same time I ‘m expecting them to treat me with a little bit of respect.

    • Manu,

      You have made great process and kept them and yourself informed during the process. Sometimes people are on vacation or there are business distractions that can slow a hiring process. Hope you get this job.

      – The Work Coach Team

  165. They wrote me yesterday to tell me that the line manager has not gone back to HR yet, so they will follow up and let me know. Is it me, or it looks like the HR dep is not really doing its job the way it is supposed to?
    Now, I think I will have to wait for them to get back to me, right? I think I’ve done enough, but still…

    • Manu,

      The fact that the HR rep got back to you shows they are trying. Sounds like in this case, the HR rep does not make the hiring decision and acts more as a liaison to you. This is common in many companies. Don’t be upset at HR, they are doing what they can for you.

      – The Work Coach Team

  166. I went on a job interview several weeks ago. It went very well. I followed up and I was told they were very interested in me. My present boss was called for a reference. My boss asked my possible new employer if she could give her a little more time so she can find my replacement. The possible new employer emailed me and told me that everything would work out. My concern is that this is a government job and you can only transfer to a different position/department within a certain posted time frame. At the end of this month if my new employer does not put in the paper work for my transfer I will not be able to leave my present job. Last year my present employer pulled the same number but did not make an effort to hire a replacement and I was not able to leave for a new position. I am anxious that if the new employer does not put in the paper work I will be in the same position as last year. I have followed up once and the possible new employer was on vacation. I do not want to be too pushy but should I follow up again?

  167. confused says:

    I had a working interview last week . I have a really good feeling it went well.The hiring manager said she has a couple more interview and will contact me back in two weeks . I’ve already sent a thank you email the day after the working interview but i want to send another email to see if she has made a decision .Is that to pushy or should I wait until its been a full two weeks ?

    • confused,

      Happy to hear the interview went well. The hiring process takes a while and they may have other interviews to complete that may get delayed. We know it can be frustrating to wait, you may want to read some of the other comments and posts on Work Coach Cafe to get an idea of how others have handled the waiting game .

      Good Luck,
      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  168. Hi There! I had a 2nd interview over two weeks ago and I felt it went very well. I emailed the internal recruiter last week, and was told that they should be making a decision that week and would get back to me asap. I never did hear anything last week, and I noticed that the job posting is currently inactive and no longer taking submissions. I am trying to be patient, but I am wondering if maybe they already selected someone because the posting isn’t active?

    • Bella,

      We’re glad to hear you made it in for a second interview. The fact that the job posting has inactivated is not a good indication of the status for the job, may simply mean they have enough candidates to select from. Patience is tough when you’re waiting to hear, you need to use your best judgement on if you want to follow up with a call or e-mail to see how the process is going.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  169. They emailed me on Thursday to let me know my interview is scheduled for the 2nd august!
    Time to get ready for the second interview then!
    Wish me luck.

  170. southern belle says:

    I am currently employed as a state government employee and have been trying to transfer to another agency. I had what seemed to be a great job interview this week and was given a time frame of about three weeks to hear back from them (state gov. moves pretty slow). I haven’t been following up after state interviews because a coworker said it wasn’t necessary and might annoy the employer. Any thoughts on the subject? I really do believe I am a great fit for this job and want to do as much as possible to increase my liklihood of getting an offer.

    • Southern Belle,

      No matter if the employer is a private company or government our opinion remains the same. A simple polite thank you note to the interviewer is not intrusive and shows you are interested and appreciative of their time.

      Good Luck,
      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • southern belle says:

        I’ve just been contacted by a close friend who informed me that the company has called her as a reference. That leaves only two more references, one is on vacation. Does the reference check typically indicate a decision has been made?

      • Southern Belle,

        Checking references is a sign the employer is interested in you as a candidate. Though some companies may check references for only the final candidate, it would be common to check references on multiple top candidates to make the best possible choice. It is a great sign!

        – The Work Coach Team

  171. ccsmith says:

    I recently did a job interview three days ago. I just finished college and this is the first job interview that I had that requires a degree, so this job opportunity would be a big career step for me. I went in for the interview for 8am and was there until 1030am. It took so long because my interviewer wanted me to do my second interview the same day, which I thought was a very good sign. The position is at a hospital and you can check the status of the position, which hasn’t change since I had the interview. I am contemplating whether to call or not since I had the interview on Wednesday and today is Saturday. Should I do a follow-up call on Monday to see if they made a decision or should I just wait it out.

    • CC,

      Being new to the interview process you may want to spend time reading some of the comments and other posts on Work Coach Cafe. The hiring process inside an employer can take a long time even though you are excited. A follow up note, handwritten is best though email is fine, is a great way to reinforce your interest in the position. In general you need to be patient, stay positive and understand it’s a process.

      – The Work Coach Team

  172. Christina M says:

    Don’t want to be Rude,

    I am glad I am not the only one in this boat. Here is my story/delima.

    I filled out my resume late on Monday night.
    Got a call back at 8am for an interview and was there by 11am. Actually a little early.

    On Tuesday July 19th I went to an interview. Things went really well and the guy I talked to sent me down the road to talk to the guy I would be working with to see if we are a good fit. He called this guy and said in front of me that “you know I have not sent anyone down to you.”( has been interviewing for over a month. ) I went down and spoke with the guy who I would be working with and I think things went well. He showed me around the shop and even where he puts his lunch.

    I had been told by the first guy I spoke with to give him a call on his cell ( I had both business cards) So after I got out of the second interview I called Mike and told him that I thought that I would like working with them. He told me that he would get back with me in a couple hours.
    Hooray I thought!

    So I went home and prepared my Thank you letter and sent that late on Wednesday evening.

    No call, no email, nothing. So of course I wonder if I dropped the ball with the second guy? What did I do wrong? Plus my phone was being silly and had little to no reception so if he called and didn’t leave a message I would not know. Another reason I sent the Thank you out. Plus it is just good manners.

    I checked the site and they still have it posted. the posting says they wil be doing interviews from 07-18 to 07-22 so I figured they had more interviews to do and thats why no call yet.

    However here it is Monday 07-25 and I wonder if I should call or not. That and who to ask? I am leaning towards the first guy that gave me his cell phone number. I wonder if I should use the cell number or business line?

    I do not want to seem desperate or rude. Honestly though I am getting desperate. If I dont get a job soon I will lose my place. I am getting really frusterated and down on myself.

    Please help. So many new rules and I am trying to follow all of them.

    • Christina,

      It seems you had a great interview and that you’re not doing anything wrong. As we’ve said before, the employer’s timetable is not always matching your needs and what is posted on a website is not always updated and accurate. Hopefully you’ll hear back real soon!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  173. I have found information on this site to be very helpful. What I am looking for right now is some advice. I sent my resume to a small independent insurance company on June 24 and got a call on July 6 for a phone interview and then to schedule the first interview, which was scheduled for that Friday. I met with the individual that called me as well as the person who would be my supervisor. Let me inform you that this company is made up of 27 employees and they do not have an hr department. The interviews went very well and I got a call the following Monday to schedule a second interview with the owners, who make all the hiring decisions. My interview was scheduled for that Wednesday and it lasted almost 2 hours. I then got a call the next day from my contact there letting me know that the owners felt my interview went very well and they wanted me to come in and meet with more people as well as job shadow. This happened on July 20 and I want this job more than before. At the end of the shadowing process they did let me know that they sometimes drag these things on for a while due to budgets, etc. But they would have not brought me into shadow if thy were not interested. We established the fact that if I got the position I would start September first and that they would be in touch with me soon. What I forgot to find out is when they will be making the hiring decision. I am driving myself nuts. When would be a good time to call and ask that question?

    Thank you!

  174. I have an interesting situation. Over the last 2-3 weeks, I have interviewed with a company on five separate occasions (3 in person, 2 phone), spending a total of about 8 hours in the process. I was told directly by the hiring manager that I am one of two finalists for the job and that the decision would have been made last week. However I have yet to hear back on the position. While I realize it’s only Monday, how long should I wait to contact the hiring manager about the status of the process? I do not want to close myself off to other potential opportunities, but I would also really like having this job.

    Thank you for your time and thoughts!

    • Brad, You have been busy with this company. Patience is a virtue and while you are excited to hear sometimes hiring decisions take longer than we hope for. Hopefully you’ll hear from them this week!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  175. I interviewed with HR (a screening questionnaire) a few weeks ago, then with my (hopefully) future direct-report, then with the two VPs of the department, and finally a 4th interview with HR again (this time much longer). It’s been a week since the last interview – my question is, who should I follow up with to see if a hiring decision has been made? The last HR person I spoke to? Everyone?

    • E,

      You can look at some of the readers comments on the website to get more ideas on what has worked for others. When interviewing it’s a good idea to ask about the company’s hiring process, when a decision might be made and when a good time to follow up. You should ask these questions before you leave the interview. Appears in this case, HR would be the best point of contact for follow up unless the employer indicated otherwise during your interviews. Good luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  176. NS_SAHM says:

    I went for an interview last week (7/20) for a paralegal position. The current paralegal (law student who works in the office during the summers) called me for the interview, but she mainly sat in the room and the principal/owner of the firm did the interview. I sent a thank you note (email) to both of them in the afternoon of the interview. I gathered from the interview that they will be doing interviews until this week. While I feel I should wait until next week to follow up, I’m wondering who I should send the follow up letter/email to? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
    * By the way, I am learning so much from your insights! Thanks!

    • NS,

      Thanks for the kind words about our site! Good for you for having a positive interview and following up with notes. If you do not hear from the employer in the specified time you may want to contact them to see how the decision process is progressing. Since this would be a timely matter either an e-mail or even a telephone call would work. You know what is best for you.

      The Work Coach Cafe Team,

  177. Anxious says:

    I am in the process of relocating from Chicago to Columbus. I am a graphic designer and was recommended by a friend for a job in the marketing department at a retail company in Columbus. A day after she sent my resume and website to HR, I got a call to set up an interview. They were very excited about my portfolio and said the Director was thrilled with my work. I was very excited because the position would be a great opportunity. I had my first interview over the phone with HR and it went well. Then she called me about 2 days later to set up a second interview. She wanted me to come for an in-person interview, but unfortunately I had some scheduling conflicts because I had a few major deadlines at work that week and a week long vacation planned for the following week. Therefore, they agreed to so a Skype interview and seemed very understanding about my conflicts. I met with four different people during the Skype interview and it took about 3 hours. They even had IT set up a large screen and projector for the interview. I thought this interview went really well too. The Director was even talking about how they would love to have another Ohio University alumni working there and spent most of her time talking to me about my job responsibilities, and less time actually quizzing me. After the interviews, the HR woman said they would be in touch within two weeks and asked if I would be available to talk, if they needed to contact me during my vacation. I said I would be, and I also let them know that I could come in for an in-person meeting after I got back from vacation, because my deadlines and schedule would be much calmer. I sent thank you emails to all four people that I spoke with before leaving for vacation, and I never got a response back. Now I have been anxiously awaiting to hear back from them, and it’s been a week a half. I sent a follow up email to HR yesterday (very short, just saying I was still very interested and would still be available to come in and meet the team in person), and she hasn’t responded either. I am now getting really worried because I thought it went so well, and I was recommended for the job by someone who works there. What should I do if the HR recruiter never responds? Is it a bad sign if no one responded to my thank you emails? And is a week and half a long time to wait after a second interview? The HR recruiter did mention during my interview that they are still talking to other candidates and are hoping to fill the position soon.

    • Anxious,

      Lack of a response might not be a bad sign, may simply mean the HR person has had little time to focus on filling the position. Sounds like you’re on top of things, stay in touch with the HR rep and hopefully you will hear real soon!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  178. I had an interview on 6th July 2011, the interview went well all was nice and the interviewers informed that they will let me know the result on the 20th July 2011.

    I was waiting and waiting, but they did not contact me, so I took the initiative and wrote them follow email on 21st July 2011. the HR nicely answered that the main decision maker is still out of town and they will inform the soonest.

    However up til today I have not received any information, should I email them again?please …please let me know what should I do?

    • Tita,

      Waiting to hear back can be agonizing! We can’t provide details on specific situations to any one person on the site, only you know what is proper. Hopefully you will hear soon!

      – The work Coach Cafe Team

  179. NS_SAHM says:

    Thank you, just a follow up question. Can I follow up with the paralegal or should I go directly to the principal?

  180. I was flown in for an interview with a company on July 19, 2011. The interview went really well with all three supervisors that I met with (roughly an hour each) and even (unexpectedly) met with the director of the department for over an hour, in which she gave me a tour of the facility. All the interviewers said I answered the questions well and the latter portion of the interview felt more like recruitment than intense interviewing. I followed up the interviews with emails and snail-mail thank you’s to all the individuals I met with. One of the interviewers even added me on Linkedin.

    I was told, due to their industry, that they must run extensive background checks and their HR is painfully slow. A few days after the interview the background check company requested permission to access to my info.

    The company I interviewed with said I would hear back in 2-3 weeks as they still had one more interview to conduct. It’s been a little over two weeks, I am curious if I should send a simple follow-up email affirming my interest in the position? I’ve read a few things online that suggest emailing too soon can seem pushy. Advice?

    • B.L. – We are happy to hear your interview went well, the company is following up with your background and that you asked for a time to expect to hear back from them. A follow up is proper after the time period the company has indicated has past.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  181. Hello,

    They cancelled my interview on Tuesday 2 hours before it due to an emergency. Knowing that it took them so long to organise the second interview, I warned them I will be on holiday from the 19th for 2 weeks. What do I do now?
    Shall I wait for them to come back to me, or shall I follow up tomorrow?



    • Manu,

      Sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation with this employer. We are not able to give individual advice on this site. Stay positive, we hope it all works out within your time frame.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  182. Hi

    I had a telephonic interview with the HR of a company.The HR said that i could expect a call for the technical round in the next two days.She even sent me a mail stating that she will get back.The call didn’t happen.I called her after 4 days .She said that all the technical staff are busy and so they couldn’t conduct the interview and that lot of people are waiting for the process to start. She said it will take a few more days for them to call back for the next round of interview.It has been a week now.. how do I follow up on this ? Should I call back or send them a mail .Should I stop waiting around and look for another opportunity?When should I followup next?

    Looking forward to hear from you


    • Lalitha – We can’t provide specific or individual help via this website. You may want to read some of the older comments and posts to see how others have handled follow up contact when in a similar situation. In general , keep all your options open.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  183. I had an interview and sent a thank you email, and I received a response the next day, stating they will keep in touch after they evaluate all of the candidates. Should I respond to that email as well, or would that be too pushy? I really want this job!

  184. I really want to get this job and have already interviewed. There is a software that was mentioned several times during the interview. It’s very important for the position. However, I don’t have knowledge about it. As the interviewer told me that I need to wait 3 weeks until their final decision. I am planing to start to learn this software. I believe that after 3 weeks I could achieve the requirement by them.

    My questions are, should I tell them my efforts on learning this software? and how to mention it?
    Tell them 3 weeks later or just after registration of the courses?
    or maybe I don’t need to learn it at all because probably after the interview they have already made a decision.

    I hope you give me some suggestions. Thank you very much!

  185. I called the person on thurs, that there is someone infront of me being offer then job but have not accept it. Should i give them a call again to see whether the person had accept the job?

    • Minty, Sorry that you were not number one on the list. Did the employer give you an idea of the time they expected to have an answer? In general, if you have not heard within two weeks a gentle follow call or e-mail to check the status would be acceptable.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team.

  186. Interviewed for a position last month. Two phone interviews that both went exceptionally well (so I thought and still do). I was told I would hear back from them by the end of the following week at the latest and not to worry, because they would definitely be getting back to me, job or no job.

    That week goes by with no call/email. Then I receive the obligatory “thanks for trying” email, BUT it’s for a different position that I applied for and not for the one I interviewed for. I emailed one of the interviewers to see if this email was accurate or if it was intended to reference the position I interviewed for. No response. A week later I email the other interviewer with the same question. No response. Another week later, I call the first interviewer. No answer and no return call. It has now been a month since the original interviews with two emails and a phone call (total between the two interviewers) that have not been returned. These were not “hounding” emails asking if I got the job; they were only asking that they clear up the confusion that I have over the “thanks for trying” email I received.

    I feel I should also say that this is not for a food, retail, sales, etc position. The interview was for an engineering position with a well-known global company.

    I would normally just brush this off as a failed interview and move on, but the total lack of response on their part seems so far beyond the boundaries of professionalism that it almost gives me hope that a decision still has not been made and I’m not out of the race. Like they don’t want to respond either way because they are unable to or unsure at this time. I built a great rapport with both interviewers during my conversations with them, and at least one of them was very fast to respond to my emails prior to the interview. I just don’t see them totally dodging my communications as if this is some kind of high school break up or something. I feel that they would at least send me a return email at the very least letting me know they went with another candidate if this were the case.

    Am I wrong for thinking that this is almost TOO unprofessional to be true? Is this kind of non-responsiveness common practice in today’s hiring world? I’m going out of my mind thinking about this right now, so any comments would be appreciated.

    • Dave, Unfortunately there are times that the employer may not know the answer on the current status and rather than just come out and state this they avoid communication. Obviously, we cannot say in this case or what is happening inside the company but, as other comments mention, lack of communication does not necessarily mean no. It would appear you have been patient and done handled things the best you can. Hopefully you will hear soon.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  187. Christina M says:

    Dave Unfortunatly they dont have to give you the time of day. For whatever excuse they have for rudeness. While you jump through hoops. I was raised better than that. But anyways I have now banned these places for goods and services as this is a relection of customer service. I know its a bummer but I have gained the attitude of thier loss and I have lucked out on not working for people who have lost common courtesy.

  188. This post really makes excuses for HR personnel, which I happen to be by the way.

    Here is a fact (completely backing you up on this Christina) every SINGLE person in a company is a reflection of the company as a whole. Therefore, when you ignore potential applicants, it sends a horrible message about your company. HR Personnel from the top down need to remember that the people they interview, may turn out (or are right now) a customer or client of theirs. Refusing to respond, even with a simple, “I’m not sure what the status of your application is but I’ll look into it,” or “At this time, we have shifted our focus,” can and more than likely WILL result in bitter feelings about the company. Nobody likes to be blown off, and I consistantly coach my HR team to be respectful. Some people will get annoying, yes. That is why if you are not considering this individual for the position, a polite TIMELY letter letting them know is ESSENTIAL. There is NO EXCUSE for HR laziness because in the long run, it hurts the company and send the impression that the company doesn’t care.

    If you don’t care about someone as an applicant, will you care about them when they are a customer? Chances are….they won’t even stick around to find out.

    • BMN, Thank you for your thoughts and input from a true HR professional. We do not try to make excuses for HR personnel in fact we agree with your comments on how easy it


      be for employers to get back to prospective employees with a status. The truth is, that while this seem logical, many HR folks and hiring managers tend to want to wait until there is an answer. It is a reflection on the employer as a company.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  189. Do you have an example follow up email after a second interview?

    • Amy,

      The answer is no. We don’t believe in following template formats since they come off sounding unnatural and often boring. A real note in the person’s own words is always the best.

      – The Work Coach Cafe team.

  190. I had a phone interview with an organization a month ago at which time the recruiter who happened to be the recruiting manager told me he would recommend me as a candidate at a meeting with the managers for the second interview and I should hear back in a week.

    I then sent a thank you email. I did not hear back from him so after two weeks I sent him a follow up email which I received no response to. After an additional week I decided to call. He said that he was glad to hear from me and that they had recently started considering experienced applicants for the position rather than hiring recent graduates which used to be the norm for the positions in question. However, after the interviews of the experienced candidates have concluded of which there are about 7 and there are still openings then they will consider the remaining 5 new graduates. And that I should hear back from him in a week letting me know the outcome.

    It has now been a week and a half. The positions are still posted on the companies website but I have yet to hear anything from the recruiter.

    How would you suggest I approach this situation from here on out? Should I call again or send another email inquiring about the outcome? Should I just wait it out and take my chances? Should I attempt to make further inquiries about the company and position with others in the company such as the department head I would be working for?

    Also, I recently began doing some basic temp work for an employment agency. Should I update the recruiter and let him know that I am now employed even though it is in an extremely limited capacity? And would you suggest letting the recruiter know that I am entertaining interviews with other companies though his company would be my preferred employer?

    Sorry for all the questions but I’m getting a little antsy about this job and don’t want to push the recruiter in to rejecting me.

    • Ken,

      If this company is an employer you would like to work for and you appear to have good communication with the recruiting manager it is smart to keep the relationship moving forward. Whether phone calls or e-mail is best is an individual choice, but occasionally checking on the status of an open position you have interviewed for is proper. Ideally you can ask the recruiter when and how he/she would like you follow up.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  191. Hi Ken,

    I am a recent graduate too. In your case, making a call is appropriate to know the situation whether is on consideration list or rejection list or they have employed someone. This help you to decide on your next move eg. to consider other position in other companies or other offers that come by.

    Personally I feel you need not need to tell the recruiter where you are temping/where have you applied to unless they asked. Or, if you know when they will like the new employee to start work eg 2 month later then it will be appropriate to tell them you are temping and are able to start work at the required date. And, also if you are willing to wait.

    Telling the employer that you are going for interviews elsewhere may backfire esp big companies as they have many candidates. If you do not send the message across that you want this job and they are your first choice, they may just skip you. Keep in mind, the company have the right to choose and keep interviewing until they find the right person. One recruitment process can take 3 months or more!

  192. Hello,

    I had my first interview with an organization, and then a couple weeks later they called me back for the second interview. It took them about 3 weeks to finish my reference check, but when i called them last week to see how the process was going, she simply told me, ” we finished your reference checks, but we still have other interviews and we need to work out the schedules for everyone.” I don’t know whether to believe her or not. It’s been a month since my first interview and now I’m worried I’m not going to get the job. Would she tell me on the phone if I got it or not or just lead me on like that? HeLp!

    • Britt,

      Two interviews and then checking references is a good sign that the organization is interested in hiring you. You have to be patient, since they told you they have other interviews the process may take some time. Good Luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  193. Hi,

    I just want to know who is the proper follow-up person after the second interview with the Hiring Manager (first being the recruiter). Should I contact the recruiter or the hiring manager for follow up or both?! Thanks

  194. I received a verbal offer for a long term temp/contract position contingent on passing their background check. I have credit issues that am working to resolve and was upfront about when the recruiter made the offer . The recruiter said they will run the credit first to see where I am and what I should do to improve it prior to the full check being done. I have not heard back from the recruiter and don’t know what is going on . I left a message but she never returned my call. If my credit wasn’t passable or I couldn’t fix it in time by paying off some of the outstanding debt (rapid rescore) why couldn’t I have been informed?

    • NL, Background checks are the normal for hiring today. You were good to be upfront about what might show up during a check. The employer may or may not consider any information found during the check to be important for hiring a candidate. We suggest trying to reach the recruiter again to find out the status on the position.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  195. I recently left a job due to a pending move, unfortunatly after I left the job my move didnt work out. I left on good terms with my old boss and even gave a month’s notice and trained my replacement.
    I am trying to get a position there again and have been in contact with my old supervisor letting her know I am very interested in being rehired, and will not be moving again. She’s being very discreet in her answers and I cant tell if she’s willing to hire me back or not.

    I am wondering how often I should email her, or leave her a voice mail letting her know I am still very interested in gaining employment there again?

    I am still in contact with my old coworkers, and I was told that last week she was asking the morning staff if they thought she should hire me back, and they all said that they thought she should so I know she’s considering it.

    I dont want to seem pushy, but I also dont want to seem uninterested.

    • Jesse,

      This is an interesting situation. Readers should take note that it is always best to leave on good terms and this is good example. You never know when your paths will cross with past co-workers in the future or your needs may change. The fact that your old boss is making internal inquiries about rehiring you is a sign they are considering you. Since you know your former supervisor well, you are the best to judge how often and via what method you should check on the status.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  196. I had an interview for the same dept. i work at, just another branch of it with a different supervisor. and after what seemed like a pleasant interview, she told if I had not heard back from her to please call back the following friday. I ended up emailing her because i hadnt heard anything and just simply said I was checking on the status of my application. she said she was still interviewing applicants and would let me know when she had made her decision. it’s been almost 2 weeks now and I wonder if I should email her again. it’s a job I’m genuinely interested in and I know the position is still open, I just don’t know if it’s appropriate or not to message her again.

    • Jen,

      You have a good perspective on this position and it appears the supervisor is communicating honestly. Many times the lack of an answer is just an indication the process is still ongoing. After a couple weeks a simple e-mail asking about the status is proper.

      Good Luck, The Work Coach Cafe Team

  197. HI- I love your blog, thank you! I was hoping to ask your advice. I had several phone interviews with one company and the HR contact let me know they wanted to move to the next step of the interview process and that he was going to try to get a hold of another contact who was the next step and let me know hopefully the next day. This was a wk and a half ago and I haven’t heard back. I know the company is going through a reorg and fiscal year is at end of the month but I can’t help worrying that I am out of the running . Do you think I should wait until it is exactly 2 weeks and follow up with a polite email? Or sooner? I would appeciate your insight!

    • Hi Kim,

      Sounds like the employer has lots going on. No need to worry but you might want to drop a quick e-mail to see how things are going. It’s easy for the employer to get caught up in the “now” of their business with pending issues. While this may not match your desired timeline you have to be understanding. Best of luck!
      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  198. Hi! I love your blog and everything you wrote so much!
    I had an final interview with a bank on last Thursday, but I forgot to send them a thank you letter and I still haven’t heard back from them. Then, I made a phone call to the HR person on this Thursday and ask her about the position status. She said everything is still on the process & I might have to wait longer time. And then she asked me how my job seeking is going and we have talked about 2mins.
    Do you think that my action is appropriate or it will ruin my image? And what should I do next? Thanks!

  199. I’ve recently had an interview with a recruiting agency, and was told the position they originally thought would be a fit for me might be too far of a drive. I was told they would like to find something closer, and I would hear back from them the next week. If I didn’t, I was to call. I didn’t hear, so I called and was told that “Your interview was perfect, and you don’t have to worry. We’re waiting for something to open that’s closer”, but this was almost two weeks ago. I was going to wait until the two week mark to call back and check if there is any news, but after reading some things here, I am not sure if that is a good idea. My only worry is that among all other applicants, but name and resume will get lost in the bunch.. Any advice?

    • Al,

      Have they provided any specifics for you? Do you know have far the open position is from your home and would you be willing to drive? Maybe you speak with them to the details of when a closer position may open up and make a decision on if you rather drive a distance. Good luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • The Work Coach Cafe Team,

        The distance was about a 40 minute drive, and I was willing to do it because the opportunity was fantastic, as well as with a company that is growing and thriving.. The person I had the interview with said he was hesitant to put me in the position, because during the winter months, driving can be a bit hectic. He then said that he liked me, and wanted to get me all set up and ready to go for when an opportunity presented itself that was closer. After I called the first time (a week later like I was instructed to), I was told the same thing and not to worry, but I still haven’t heard back from him. I just don’t know if I am to call again, or let it be. While I understand positions take time to open, I also worry that they will forget about me considering how many people they deal with on a daily basis.

        Thanks for your help!

  200. I had a phone interview for a position out of state. The interview lasted around 60 minutes.
    I sent a Thank you note the next day. The interviewer replied thanking me for my letter and emailed me a job application and told me he would set up a second interview ‘Shortly”.

    That was a week ago. I have not heard anything since and had sent back the completed application by overnight mail. As far as I know, none of my references were contacted.

    • NL,

      In this case a week seems to be within the range of shortly. We would expect is would take a few days to receive your application and arrange next steps internally before responding back to you. You may want to follow up with a polite e-mail or phone call to check on the process.

      When interviewing try to get a date or a time frame from the interviewer. You can ask questions like “when would be it be appropriate for me to check with you”. You might also want to ask the best method, telephone or e-mail.

      Hope this helps!
      -The Work Coach Cafe Team

  201. I had an interview last week with the company that laid me off almost 2 years ago I believe the interview went well. I followed up with a Thank You letter/email and I’ve called one of the hiring supervisors twice. Should I continue to call or should I just wait for them/HR to contact me?

    • Hi Yolanda –
      Typically we suggest sending a thank you note immediately after you meet with an employer and a follow up call or e-mail after a week or two if you have not heard from them. Since you have worked at the company you may know best how to much contact you should have with them.

      Hope this helps,
      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

    • Anonymous says:

      Not everyone that is interviewing necessarily has to go through HR. If you’re good – you network or find a way to talk to the play makers of the company. There aren’t hard and fast rules on what to do and what not to do. Following up with HR after an interview – of course – is ridiculous. The person you need to get in touch with are the decision makers. AKA the people that are truly making the hiring decisions.

      So much of interviewing can’t be made into text book one size fits all. It’s dynamic. What gets you a job at one place – might not at the next. Oh, and following up after an interview. I am not quite sure why you think this is bad? To get jobs I’ve wanted I’ve had to sometimes volley and follow up for more than 4 months before a job materialized. If you’re applying via job boards – then yes, you’re likely at HR’s mercy.

      If you actually landed an interview by searching out the place you want to be at, did your homework – and know who to talk to – then yes – you’re damn right you’ll need to follow up! Especially, if they’re creating the position for you.

      • Anonymous,

        Thanks for your addition. Networking is the best way to find a career, employer and a job. Many times HR is not the way in the door but HR typically does have input in the process. It’s important for candidates to understand that the HR person may have little decision power in the hiring process, just provides support for the hiring manager and the candidate.

        Here’s a resource to try:
        Network on Facebook with CareerFriend

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  202. Networking has really been my lifesaver! I have done so many freelance jobs via networking and it has been benificial financially and professionally (My portfolio is looking great these days!!). One thing to remember…networking can happen anywhere. Church, the salon, little league games, even a craft show has gotten me in front of key decision makers. I even have a huge opportunity in the works all because an elected official and I share the same hair dresser.
    Another good resource is LinkedIn. When I see who the HR Rep or Hiring Manager is I check to see if we share any connections. I also see if I have any connections that have connections at the company. I got a reality check that just sending out resumes and making follow up calls are like shooting into the dark. Don’t get me wrong God’s favor is still God’s favor so if its yours you will get it. After all, those that tell you “no” or “You can’t do it.” are not on His advisory board thus they don’t have a say what He has for you 🙂 Good luck to everybody

  203. I had 2 interviews for the mid mangement post . They promised to let me know if meeting the president would be essential within a week . 2 weeks after still no answer . I left a message and a phone call to the GM and the HR . Finally the Gm responded indicating how busy she was and will try and be in touch within a week or 2 . Should I send another e-mail asking about the status?

    • Harry,

      We suggest waiting the full time the GM said. Based upon what you have outlined, at least two weeks be before sending the next follow up. While you are anxious and focused on the GM may have other priorities that get in the way.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  204. I am running my own investment company and presented my strategy to a senior executive at a large investment firm over a month ago. He told me he thought my strategy is interesting and hinted that it could fit nicely at his firm (he hinted they may want to hire me and have me build out the strategy for his firm). About 3 weeks ago, we had a short follow-up phone call and he told me he was going to have a conversation with the CEO of his firm about the strategy. He told me to call him in a week to follow up.

    I called him one week later and he told me he was busy and hasn’t had a chance to speak to the CEO, so he asked me to give him another week and call again. I did so and left a message. I tried again one week later and left another message. So far I have not heard back from him.

    I still would like to speak with him to see if there is any follow up from his talk with the CEO, but don’t want to be too much of a pest. What would you suggest?

  205. Hi,

    I need some advise. I had an interview last Monday for a Senior Financial Analyst position, and I thought it went okay. I was a bit nervous, stumbled on a few questions, but I seemed like a good fit. We are all alumni of the same business school, and my classmate who just got a job there even came in with one of the interviewers to say hi. Problem is I have social anxiety and could be pretty awkward. I don’t know if I’m just being hard on myself, or if they saw the same thing. Anyway, I followed up with the HR contact this Tuesday (a week after the interview), and asked him the status. He said something along these lines.. “They are still working on the offer”… “Should be done in the next 24 hours”… “by then you will know the decision”. Now I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it was along these lines, and he was very nice and made it seem like I was still in the running, though I don’t know how close he is to the actual managers who will be making the decision. When I heard the word “offer” I couldn’t help but get a little excited, but now that it’s been past 24 hours, maybe this means I didn’t get the job. In the next 24 hours you will know the decision, and it’s been 24 hours and they haven’t called, does this mean I didn’t get it for sure? Why would he say offer to get my hopes up, instead of just saying something like, “They are still interviewing other candidates”? Please help give me some peace of mind. I am wanting to call again (would that be a good idea), but I am occupying myself by inquiring to you. Thanks for everything.


    • Selene,

      Hiring managers – even HR professionals can be very insensitve at times. When we’re in the job finding process we put so much pressure on every word we utter during the interview. Second guessing the interview or the meaning of comments from interviewers can be maddening! We say it others, you need to do your best relax. Hopefully you will hear soon!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  206. Hello, I was in the mist of searching how to write a followup email to a second interview. A few days after the second interview and was about to do my weekly followup email and thanks to writers block I ended up here, and I have to say thank you guys very much for this post. I have been that guy that calls every week, no wonder, Iknow now I lost at least two jobs for being consistent haha and my college career center director told me to be persistent.. wow.. well here we go, onward with the hunt, and good luck to those like me looking for work.

  207. I am interviewing for an executive director position and I have already had two phone interviews, one with the recruiter and one with the area director. I was told that the next step would be to speak with the regional director and that I would hear from her soon. I already know who the regional director is and how to get in touch with her. Would it be appropriate to contact the regional director at this point?

    • Kirby,

      Our opinion is that you should not contact the regional director until they reach out to you. If you feel very close to the regional direct as an acquaintance and your call would not surprise him or her then perhaps. We feel it may come as being too forward to go past recruiter and the other person you interviewed with. Best of luck!
      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  208. I had a very good interview with a company two weeks ago. They told me that it will take 2 weeks for them to reach a decision. When I contacted the hiring manager, he told me that he has no authority to tell me one way or another if I am selected. He has given his choice to HR and I should wait for a message from HR……how to interpret this? Did I get the job or did not?

  209. Had my interview on Monday for a Management position at a hotel that is rebranding in late January. Towards the end of the interview the interviewer (GM) said “I have a couple more interviews to do” then at the end he said, “let me give you my business card”. Now, what do I read into this?

    • Bret,

      It sounds like you had a good interview and you have an idea of the process involved in filling the position. Since the GM gave you a business card you have the contact information to follow up in a couple weeks if you have not heard from them. Good luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Ok, followed up today with an e-mail asking the status of the position along with a statement that I know I would be a great asset to the company. Got a reply in like an hour from the GM stating “We are still in the interviewing process and have not gotten down to the final candidates”. Ok, what to think.. now I have to have the phone very close to me some more…. going crazy here 🙁

      • Bret,

        As hard as it is you have to hang on and wait. While you’re nervous and excited, the employer needs to to go through their process and the timing may not match your expectations. Patience…

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  210. I’m in this situation where the HR office has told me they are still considering my application AND that the follow-up calls are very helpful. Still, it feels obnoxious. I’m keen to follow your advice except for them saying “feel free to stay in touch and follow up”…thoughts?

    • Chelsea,

      You have to do what feels right for you. Of course you know the situation better than we do. Wow you handle the follow up is how you are as an individual feel is appropriate. As with the interview, the way you handle the follow up is an indication to the employer of how you would handle situations working for them.

      – The work Coach Cafe Team

  211. Hello,
    I had a second interview for a position in a company im looking at on Nov 2 2011
    I got a response 2weeks after that the interview was successful and that I would be contacted for the next level of the recruitment process.
    I sent a follow up e-mail last week asking for the timing of the 3rd and final interview and was told I would be informed as soon as possible.
    Im wondering – Should I send another follow up e-mail or I should just hold on???

    • Olbee,

      Since it took a couple weeks for the first round and this is a holiday period you may want to wait. In the future be sure to ask how and when the employer will contact you and when you should check with them if you have not heard.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  212. Well, it’s been awhile since the last time I posted here. I just wanted to follow up with some (sorta) good news. I started a float pool position at a local university and I have been applying to regular, full time positions there. Within the last four days I have received two emails from positions I have applied to. The first one said that they would like to interview me within the next two to three weeks. The other said that the would like to interview me tomorrow. Of course I responded to both emails and I have an interview tomorrow.

    My concern, if it actually happens, is if I get offered this position I’m being interviewed for. I am more interested in other job. If this happens, how should I handle the situation? It seems like nothing is set in stone for the other position. I don’t want to risk not having a job but I would also like to have a job that interests me more…

  213. I had an interview for a position one week ago. The interview went well but the hiring manager said it will depend on what the other candidates bring and that she hoped to have a decision in the next few weeks. I sent a thank you email the next day. Question: should I send a second thank you/follow-up note now that it’s been a week. I believe HR is going to let me know either way but I think may have been one of the beginning interviews and don’t want them to forget about me!

    • Lisa,

      The hiring manager said the process may take a few weeks and you already sent a follow up. One thank you note is enough. While we understand your excitement, you may want to wait longer before following up again as they told you it will take a while to complete the process. Hope you hear real soon!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  214. About 5 weeks ago, I had an interview for a job from a company in another city, after a phone interview. I felt good about the interview. After the interview, I sent a Thank-you email to the hiring director, then after another two weeks, I wrote him again to follow up my job application. So far, I have not heard any words back from him. I wonder if I should contact him again for the status? By the way, this company has reimbursed my flight expenses for interview trip.

    • Bob,

      It does not seem you have been too intrusive with e-mail or phone calls. You should stay in contact with the director you interviewed with. Hopefully you will hear soon! BTW, glad to hear they reimbursed you quickly.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  215. I had an interview last friday. Everything was great, he asked about when I could start and introduced me around to everyone and kept saying things like “you will be doing….” and “you’ll get ….” blah blah blah. It all felt great. As we left, he said that I should hear back over the weekend hopefully. But I heard nothing. I emailed him Friday afternoon thanking him for the interview and such. What should be my next step? Thanks!

  216. I had an interview last week, where I did my internship a year ago. The manager told me by next week (which is yesterday) she will have to make a decision for sure and will get back to me. It has been 8 days now and I haven’t hear from her.
    Should I write her an email to find out if I am still a candidate for this position? If so, what are the key points you think I should state in the email to reiterate my interest and her to consider me? do u have a sample of such letter?

    Thanks! I appreciate your reply soon

    • Zara,

      While we can’t provide direct wording for you, yes you should follow up with a call or an e-mail checking on the status of the position. Keep the call or e-mail short and pleasant to show you still are excited for the job and want an update on how the process is proceeding. We hope you get the job!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  217. Hi
    I had a wonderfull interview a month ago with one of the company for a managerial position and they told me that they will get back to me within a week regarding recruitment status but its been more than a month now i havent heard from them though I have given couple of calls to the HR manager who scheduled my first interview and he previusly said that the decision making authority is on leave and through my resources I have confirmations that he was on leave its been a week now I have given the call to HR manager again as the decision making authority is back. The HR manager asked me to call back on Friday so please advise should I call him or should I wait as I am thinking if they want me they will give me call themselves as I have shown them my interest by calling them 03 times. Please also note that the recruiting company is in process of expansion.

    Please advise

  218. I had a phone interview with HR then with 2 days had a phone interview with the hiring manager. The hiring manager said the interview went very well and would tell HR to schedule a third interview with a small panel. I know one of the next interviewers was in china at the time of the second interview. This was last Thursday late afternoon. I have not heard from HR yet. Should I send a follow-up email? If so what should I say to not sound too anxious?

    • Heather,

      You may know the best way to interact with this company. We typical recommend asking during an interview what the next steps are and when and how to follow up. In general, checking in once every couple weeks if you have not heard from the employer is reasonable. A simple note stating your desire for the job and that you want to check on the decision process would be fine.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  219. Confused Fan says:

    Hi, I’m looking for some encouragement (haha).

    Several weeks ago, I had a job interview (phone) that went really, really, really well. I was surprised at how well it went even though it was all situational interview and was technical/engineering based. Two weeks later, I was asked to come for a site walk-through. That went pretty well as well. I thought it was going to be a second interview but I mostly just met the entire team and spent less than two minutes talking to the boss’ boss.

    Two weeks later, I followed up with the person I interviewed with via email. He replied back a few minutes later that he was thinking of me while thinking about how his department was low on resources. And so I should give him a call.

    And I called maybe 20-25 minutes later. He was hedging on the phone call, and we were talking about things that we had already talked about several times before, and so I told him (professionally of course) that I was still very interested in the job despite certain drawbacks (amount of work, # of weekly hours, etc) and was interested despite having another offer from another group within the same company as this guy’s…………


    I really DO have a job offer from that other group, btw. (Let’s call this other group Group B.) My problem now is, at the time when I made that statement, I was seriously considering the offer from Group B even though I really would prefer to have a job with Group A for various reasons. But over the weekend, my husband and I sat down and weighed the pros and cons of the offer from Group B, and I’ve decided to reject the offer. Earlier during the phone call, I had asked the boss of Group A to give me a timeframe within which he will make a decision. He told me Friday. Since I didn’t hear from him, I contacted him this morning (Monday) via phone and left a message asking for an update.

    I’m confused as to what to do in the future if I don’t hear back today. Do I continue to follow up? If I do, will he think I bluffed on the offer and was just trying to get a positive response? How do I do damage control? Is any damage control needed?

    Totally confused!!!

    • Confused Fan says:

      To clarify (my super-giant post), my “despite certain drawbacks” statement was in reference to what the hiring manager was talking about himself. He was reminding me that the job would require a lot of grunt work and a lot of hours to be put in. I was only responding back in the positive.

      • Confused Fan,

        Congratulations for being in such a good position withe multiple options! There are many questions we can come up for this situation like:

        Can you have a frank talk with Group A about your dilemma?
        Is the Group A job real, e.g. is there an open requisition?
        Can Group B become flexible with their position to make it more palatable for you?
        If you accepted a job with Group B could you transfer at a later date to Group A?

        Since you are being genuine with the employer, do not feel you are playing one offer against another. Please let us know how it goes!

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Confused Fan says:

        Thank you so much, Work Coach Cafe Team!!!

        I really appreciate your prompt and sincere responses! 🙂 And I apologize for the crazy Group A / Group B mess I have going on in my posts!

        In regards to your questions:

        Though the same company, Group B is actually in a whole ‘nother state and in a whole ‘nother sector of the company! 🙂 While the job itself sounds really interesting (and would be new for me), there are many factors due to which I have decided to reject the offer.

        You can guess that this is a giant, multi-state corporation that I’m dealing with — which means, the Group A manager may not much information, if any, regarding the other group’s offer. (From my understanding) To him it’s as if I have a job offer from another company.

        And yes, the Group A job is an open requisition, and their website still shows that my application is being reviewed for the job (which is meaningless because the manager has to tick a little box saying they’re not interested, and this guy has way too little time on his hands anyway).

        As to whether or not I can talk to the Group A manager frankly or not, I think I was pretty upfront with him about my situation during my call with him earlier last week asking for a status. But now that I will be declining the other offer, even if I wanted to be frank with this manager, I’m not sure how I could even approach the matter.

        Can you give me some advice as to how I follow up with this guy now? And how I can broach the subject of having declined the other offer due to personal circumstances?

      • Confused Fan,

        Glad out questions prompted you to think differently. At this point we need to leave it up to you to come up with the best method to deal with the individual, we just don’t know the people involved to provide good advice 🙂

        – the Work Coach cafe Team

  220. I completed three rounds of interviews with the recuiter, HR and supervisor and senior managers. I thought it went well. I liked them and I felt they liked me. I spoke to the recruiter who said they like me but felt they were not getting their money’s worth from him (the recruiter) because he only presented one candidate. The recruiter said although he felt he presented the best candidate, he gave them a few more resumes to review.

    My interview with senior management was on December 2. It is now December 12 and I have not heard from the recruiter. I also saw where the recruiter advertised the position a couple of days after I last interviewed.

    I don’t want to annoy the recruiter but I am anxious to know what are my prospects with the company. I am not sure if the recruiter is being honest with me and I should sit tight. Maybe they did not like me after all and I should get the hint to move on.

    What should I do? Should I contact the recruiter one last time or treat this as a lost cause and move on? Thanks.

  221. Hi,

    I had a second interview with a company a month ago but I didn’t get the job as they hired somebody else who was more qualified for the position. Last week the same company had another job opening and my skills match up perfectly for this position. I have applied for this position but I haven’t heard back from them yet. It has been a week and a half since I have applied, should I call or email to see if they have received my resume/application, or should I just wait another week to respond?

    This company responded to my first application the day after I sent my resume and we set up an interview for later in the week. I don’t know if this has anything to do with second job posting or if they are just not interested.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Chad,

      Even though it’s a company you have spoken with before, this may be a different group, hiring manager or simply early in the process. Yes, you can follow up to HR to make sure they have your application and to see if there is any other information you can provide. Some companies may not provide feedback on receiving applications as they get so many for a posting. Hope you hear soon.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  222. I had an interview on the morning of December 15. I mentioned I would be traveling out of state for the holidays and asked when the decision would be made. I was informed the position would start January 2 and the decision of who would fill the position would be made before the Christmas break. I called to check in at the end of the day on December 22. I was told the week had been busy and the decision would be made when the manager returned from his vacation after New Years.

    I am being advised that calling in to check on the progress of the decision is a good thing and that I should do so as soon as possible. I believe, however, that calling too soon can be pushy and I thnk I should wait.

    I would appreciate any advice on this. I have been out of work for a year and this part of the process seems to bring the most confusion & stress.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jennifer! We are in the EXACT same situation. The only difference was my interview was on December 21st. The company wanted someone to start right after the first of the year. I was traveling out of state for the holidays as well (but would be back in plenty of time to start after the New Year if they chose to hire me). I havent heard anything. I called to follow up last Friday & was told the person I interviewed with had stepped out of the office. I have gone back & forth about calling again. My husband thinks I should send a follow up email. I figure at this point I have nothing to lose but my problem is I have no clue what to say in my email. Please let me know what you decide to do or any advice from anyone else will be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks so much!

      • I think you’re absolutely right, Kasa. At this point you have nothing to lose. Call again, or sent an email, whatever feels most comfortable for you. And ask, politely, about the status of the opportunity.

        Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

    • Jennifer and Kasa –
      People often have personal deadlines to finish something, like adding a new person to the staff, before the holidays so that the new person can start immediately in the New Year. Then, “life happens.” And the deadline is missed, particularly common around the holidays, but definitely NOT limited to the holidays.

      So, get back in touch, in what ever method feels comfortable for you. Don’t sound angry or be confrontational. Say/write that you hope they had a happy holiday season, and would like to hear soon about the job you discussed with them which they had anticipated filling before Christmas. Hopefully you’ll get good news!

      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

  223. HI! I got called for an interview last week, and I felt like it went fairly well. I was told that Monday was a holiday and they had some deadlines to meet Tues. and Wed. and it would be atleast Thursday or Friday before I heard anything. When I didn’t hear from them by Friday, I called to follow up and she said a decision had not been made because they had been so busy. I sent an email to the manager and his response was ” No one has been hired yet. They are still interviewing” He will have the final say in the job so I don’t know why he just didn’t say anything. Do you think that if they had already narrowed it down to the two he was gonna interview..he would have told me? This is driving me crazy!

    • Chill, Jessica. Yes, this is the most important thing in your world right now. But not in their world! They still have their jobs to do every day, probably too much to do (which is why there is a job open).

      So, don’t ruin your chances at the job by bugging them. Wait at least a week before contacting them again.

      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

  224. I can identify with everyone on this post. In this current job market, is it acceptable for employers to be rude (broken promises to effectively follow-up)? If job seekers displayed the same behavior (arrive late to an interview), the consequences would be irreparable. Why isn’t everyone held to the same professional standard?

    • Hi Renee – I hear your frustration, and I agree with you! Being rude to job seekers really is NOT acceptable. But, it’s also not uncommon, unfortunately.

      Many HR staffs are stretched very thin, because HR people are laid off too. And smart employers know that this kind of treatment hurts their “brand.” But it keeps happening. The process needs accountability built into it, and it’s not there yet.

      I think it will change some day, when employers feel the heat from NOT treating job seekers and job candidates better. I’m hoping that will happen with the economy turns and the job market improves to the point where employers really are in that “war for talent” they talk about. They will have to be more professional, then, or face the consequences.


      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

  225. Bobbie Brown says:

    My husband has been waiting to hear from 2 companies. He interviewed with one in November and the other in December. He was told by one that they don’t like to keep candidates waiting so he would hear back from them either way. The other one was for a supervisor position. They talked about money and what his budget would be. They did a phone interview and then he was called in for a face to face interview. He was told his background was the most experienced that they have had from all the resumes they received. He was told he would definatly hear from them. Both companies still have the positions up on the website. He has called and emailed and still has not heard as of yet.

    If companies are not interested they should at least tell candidates. I think they are rude and inconsiderate. I have been in management and hired as well. I would never have done that to candidates.

    • Absolutely agree, Bobbie. Very rude! And also very common. Today.

      With all of the excellent people looking for jobs right now, employers are holding out for the absolute “best fit” they can find. In better economies, they would jump to offer the top candidate a job so that the top candidate didn’t accept a job with someone else (like the competition). They are as worried about that now, unfortunately.

      The best solution is to keep slogging – keep looking without waiting for an offer from that employer who was so encouraging and enthusiastic last week (or yesterday). And, don’t stop looking until receipt of an offer – something from them in writing or (less preferable, but acceptable) in email.

      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

  226. OK, I need some advice, and this seems to be the place to get it. I am in the Safety Industry, and I am assigned a Risk Management Consultant through our W/C carrier. This consultant was impressed with my job performance, and when another of his clients said they were looking for someone in my field, he gave them my name. I sent them my resume, I had a phone interview in a few days, and an onsite interview 3 days later (On December 14th). The interview lasted 3 1/2 hours (we were there an hour and a half after they closed) and she mentioned the possibility of coming back for a second interview, but she didn’t say when. I thought the interview went VERY well.

    I already help others in my community develop certain programs, and I told them that even if they decided to go another way when filling the position I would still work with them because I am good at it and I enjoy it. On December 27th I emailed an invitation to the event (Safety Professionals from around the community were also invited, and for the same reason as her) and on December 30 she replied and said she would make it if she could. I did not see her there, but she could have been there because there were over 200 people there and I missed many of them.

    The consultant who gave them my name said they told him I was still a “strong candidate” but he did not know when I should expect to hear something. It has now been almost a month since my first interview, and I am extremely anxious to something (ANYTHING, for that matter). I know I already contacted her by inviting her to my event, but should I try to contact her again to let her know that I am still interested in the position? I don’t want to be annoying, but I really want to know something!! ARGH!!!

    I should mention that they have had the position open since August and they are being very selective. Apparently they have hired a few people who didn’t work out, and they want to make sure they pick the right one this time. I know this message is long, and I appreciate your time!

    • Sorry for the grammar/typos… it is 2:17 in the morning and I am off to bed! Again, thanks.

    • I think I’d wait until Monday afternoon (the 16th, so, technically “over a month” since you interviewed) or Tuesday to contact her.

      Then, I’d call. Mention that it has been over a month since you interviewed, and you don’t want to be a nuisance but you were wondering how the process was going and when she expects to fill the job. Since it was the holiday season, you understand that schedules can slip, but you are still very interested in working for the company. Does she have any questions for you or anything else she would like to discuss?

      Since the position has been open since August (!), either it’s not an urgent need for them, or they’re being very picky. It would be good to know which is happening – perhaps your consultant friend can give you some insight.

      Depending on how friendly and encouraging she sounds, you could ask if she would like help with any projects. It would give all of you a chance to see how good the working relationships could be. This could potentially be a deadend for you (they hire you for the project and decide they don’t need you full-time), unless you are considering building a consulting business of your own.

      Meanwhile, I’d keep looking for another job and keep my public profile high.

      Good luck with your job search!
      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

      • Thank you very much for the advice. The individual I spoke with is extremely busy because she has been performing all functions of the position I have applied for in addition to her primary duties as HR Manager (she says she has so much work that she pretty much lives there). With as busy as she is, would emailing her be less effective than a phone call? I’d like to convey my interest in the position without interrupting her too much. Again, thank you for your help!

      • Hi John,

        Hmmm… It’s been open for 4 months, and the HR manager is doing the job along with her own job. Yet, she hasn’t set up the second interview for you. Doesn’t feel promising to me.

        I’m feeling like this isn’t going to be filled any time soon, sorry to say. Perhaps they are waiting for the “perfect candidate” to appear – that is happening a lot lately. Perhaps she’s contemplating a career change, and this is good for her resume. Or, perhaps her part-time efforts are sufficient so there is no urgency to fill the job. Hard to know.

        A phone call is an interruption, but if she has voice mail, she can ignore it, particularly voice mail with caller id. When you speak with her, ask for permission to call her once a month. If she says no, don’t call back, but do send an email every couple of weeks reiterating your interest (if you are still interested).

        And, I’d move on to other opportunities, no matter how much I wanted this one.

        Good luck with your job search!


      • Again, great advice! Thanks!

        This is beginning to feel less than promising to me as well, but I do have a feeling that it could work out. When we spoke I asked her why the position had been open for so long, and she said that they actually had hired for this position twice and that each person didn’t work out. This brought up a red flag, and when I asked her why the others didnt work out she said that many safety professionals have no accountability (this is definitely an accurate statement), and because of this they were unable to handle the accountability in place at her company. She wants the third time she fills the position to be the last.

        She also said that she has been performing the functions of this position, albeit not very well. Their incident and severity ratings have been rising for several years and she does not have time to address the issues; the only thing she has been doing is the bare minimum in order to remain compliant.

        Considering all of this, does it seem even a little more promising? I do still have high hopes for this position, but I have also taken your advice and I have applied for several more positions. Again, thanks!

      • Hi John,

        Yes, it does seem a bit more promising – they are being very deliberate hoping for a “good hire” this time. Perhaps they feel they rushed the last two times, although clearly they didn’t waste a lot of time once it appeared the people were not working out.

        It also seems a little more worrisome. As you suggest, definitely a red flag for hiring and then letting 2 people go so quickly. Excellent that you asked why they were let go! I hope she was specific on what kind of “accountability” they were expecting, and it’s the kind of accountability you are comfortable doing.

        It would be very interesting to know who either or both of those people were so you could talk with them to get their side of the story. I wonder if you could track them down through LinkedIn doing a company search for former employees? Perhaps the duration was so short that there is no mention on the profiles, but if there is and they would talk with you, it could be very enlightening!

        I think I’d also check to see what is being said there about this employer – if anything.

        If you do land this job, I would be sure to ask for frequent feed back, and some documentation on the specific process they want the person in this job to follow. You want to know if they are getting unhappy with your work, too, so you can do a course correction to keep the job.

        So, keep plugging on those other jobs. Hope this one works out for you, but if it doesn’t, something else will!

        Good luck with your job search!

  227. I last posted on January 3rd. I ended up calling HR on the 4th only to be told that there were a couple interviews that could not be conducted due to the holidays. The interviews were conducted on the 5th and I was told I should hear something by the 13th.

    At the end of business on the 12th, I was applying for jobs on an online site when I noticed this same position was reposted that morning. So, I called the hiring manager instead of HR. He told me that the decision was being put off due to year end processing and that I was one of the top contenders for the position. I was also told to feel free to call at any time if I had other questions, but a decision would likely not be made until the end of the month.

    I am now confused. Though I like hearing that I am a top contender, why the job reposting? Could it be that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing? I do not have all my eggs in this basket, but it is a position that suits my needs and would like to have. In the meantime, still searching.

    Any advice/opinions on this?
    Thank you

    • Hi Jennifer,

      How frustrating! Things were moving along so nicely, and now everything seems to have shut down for a bit.

      You may never know why this happened — it could be any number of things — so try not to fret too much over it, and please don’t blame your interview performance. The delay probably has absolutely nothing to do with you or your fit for the job.

      I’m glad you’re not focusing solely on this job. Other opportunities may present themselves but, also, keeping busy with your job search plan may lessen the sting of this annoying development.

      Since the hiring manager left the door open for you to call at any time, why not call him in a week or so to see if you’re still in the running.

      Good luck landing this one!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member of the WorkCoachCafe Team

  228. I have a dilemma where I was interviewed just this past Friday for a job that I really want. It is within my field of expertise, I’ve wanted to work for the company for a while, and I thought the interview went well. However, they’re still interviewing few more people. Few hours later, I had another interview for a job I don’t care much for but am capable of doing, already know that it pays pretty well, benefits, and I was offered the job. I asked to give a few days for an answer.

    So even though it’s Monday, would it be pushy to contact the first company to check on my status and let them know that I was offered a job somewhere else but I really want to work for them? I’m really pulling my hair on this one all weekend long!

    • Hi Tia,

      Yes, you have a legitimate reason to contact the employer you want. Explain the situation carefully, without mentioning the name of the other employer. Ask the status of their process and when they are going to be making offers. Maybe there will be enough time.

      Good luck!

      • Susan, thanks for the feedback. I contacted the company I really want to work for explaining my situation, and they were still considering me for the open position. The company owner said he is still interviewing few more people before making a decision, but would like to take me in as a contractor to work on couple projects to get a sense of the process between me and the company.

        Then, this week I was invited for a second interview to meet with the co-owner… That second interview was today. 🙂 It went really well, I thought. The co-owner said I had the qualifications and personality that the company is seeking. However, they’re still interviewing few more people, but was informed that because I was given contract work, and none of the other candidates did, it was a positive sign.

        So here’s to more waiting, but I am feeling positive about it. 🙂

      • EXCELLENT! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  229. Hello All,

    I am reading all of these comments and I can totaly relate..

    I was laid off from my employer almost 3 years ago. I have since relocated to another state because the market was so bad. In my search I have found nothing that measured up to what I was going before, (responsibility, benefits, pay, ie). I finally came across a job relative to my last position. I had a phone screening December 20th. They called me in for a face to face interview with the VP on January 7th, which I thought went very well. I sent a thank you letter to the person I interviewed and sent a follow up email to the HR Rep on January 11th. I was also informed that the VP will select his final 3 to do a final interview with the Owner. I was also told the training starts January 23rd. It is now Tuesday. Should I follow up again?

    I am getting a bit eager because I have other interviews going on this week and don’t want that to interfere if they call me back for a final interview. I would at least think they would take care of this as soon as possible so that the candidate/potential employee can prepare to start work on Monday. Why is it so hard to say “Yes” or “No” you have/don’t have the job?

    This is frustrating and I really want this job and am willing to put everything on hold until I hear something. What should I do?

    • Hi Genny,

      I’d keep working at the new opportunities and interviews. Don’t put it all on hold for this one opportunity.

      I would definitely contact them today since it is now less than a week from when the training is supposed to start, and I think I would call. If you can’t speak with someone, then send the HR Rep an email and ask for an update on the status because of the trianing deadline. Expecting you to have you processed in as an employee and ready for the trianing in less than one week could be a challenge for them – and for you.

      Good luck with this one and the rest of your job search!


  230. Hi, I’m in the middle of a job search, and I have some questions.

    I’ve sending out resumes, and a company was pretty keen on me. A senior manager emailed me back almost immediately after he saw my resume, and we talked on the phone that day. But ever since then, it’s become extremely difficult to get hold of him. When we talked on the phone, he said he needs to get apporval from his boss to fill a position he thinks I’m a good fit for, so I emailed him about a week later to get an update, but no response. I emailed him again in about a week, but still no response. After a couple more emails, I called him one day, which is about a month after our initial contact. He remembered me and said he was going to talk to his boss later that day and suggested we talk on the phone next day. But he didn’t call, so I called him only to hear he couldn’t reach his boss the other day and he was going to talk to him later that week. So I emailed him about a week later, but still no response. I’ve heard he’s a good manager from people who’ve worked with him, and I want to believe he’s been just busy. Should I just call him again, or would it annoy him and backfire? I’m thinking maybe I should follow up with a phone call about a week after the last email I sent. What do you think? Or do you think they just lost interest in me?

    Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Mike,

      This isn’t feeling really promising to me. If you really liked them, I would stay in touch via email once or twice a month, but I’d definitely move on with my job search. In your email, indicated your strong interest but also that you don’t want to be a nuisance.

      Unless this is a sales job you are seeking, and they are testing your follow-up process and selling skills, my bet is that they either are not really ready to hire right now, or they aren’t really interested in you at the moment.

      Good luck with your job search!

  231. I get the posts from everybody wondering “whats next??” after what they felt were promising interviews and I get sad then I get angry. I rejoice at the success stories but I am still hurt for the people that are waiting for calls but the only time the phone rings is when I bill collector is calling. Ok so I was and plan to be in the position of a hiring manager again. When I was interviewing I was always prompt with my feedback and kept others on the team on task when it came to this. The reality is that this thread should not even have to exsist OR it shouldn’t be still getting this much traffic for this long. HR people and all others in charge of hiring have to be better. Its not right and its not fair to keep people on hold and in limbo. They need to be mindful and I do not accept the excuse that they are so busy. Hire a temp! Go through those resumes, send emails, make a call. Don’t ignore people that only want a simple yes or no. Time out for all the games!

    Ronnie, I’m sorry for venting but these posts were just really making me feel sad for the job seekers. I look forward to more of your upbeat and socially relevant career topics in 2012!

  232. Hi,

    I’m hoping you can assist me. I had a phone interview last week on January 10 and was informed by the hiring manager that he would like to bring me in a face-to-face interview. He stated I was exactly what he was looking for and will be in touch with me in a week or so to set up the interview because he needs to get permission from his boss to fly into the location that is close to where I’m located. I followed up the next day with an email and have not heard back.

    Should I contact him by phone today or should I wait until next week Tuesday? Would it seem too pushy?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Waiting patiently

  233. I had an interview on the fifth of this month I think it went welll they but they told me to wait two weeks for a call but I didnt get a call yet an its driving me crazy I really want this job please help what should do ? Should I call or just wait?

    • Strangely, Zellena, sometimes this is a test – how interested are you in the job and how well do you follow directions?

      So, since the 2 weeks they wanted you to wait are over, it’s time to make that call – or you might be demonstrating both a lack of interest and an inability to follow directions.

      First thing Monday morning is probably not the best time for a call back if you want someone to be able to spend some time with you on the phone, but Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning should be better.
      * Tell them who you are and the position for which you have already interviewed. Be prepared with the date, time, and name of the person(s) you spoke with.
      * Explain that you were waiting for a good time to call back, and are still very interested in working with for this company and with the people you have spoken with so far.
      * Ask what the next steps are and when those next steps will begin.
      * Ask how and when you can stay in touch with them about this position – or other positions. Get permission to call on a weekly or monthly basis, and/or get an email address of someone to stay in touch with.

      Before you hang up, clarify the name and title of the person you are speaking with, so you will have that for your notes (and for your thank you card/email writing).

      If they are vague in their responses, press – gently! – for as much specific information as you can get. Politely thank them for their time and attention.

      Then, hope that the next steps happen, but also move on with your other job search activities. Don’t wait for this opportunity to work out – or not to work out. Keep rolling.

      Good luck!

  234. I applied for a job in Oct 2011. I received a call in Nov that this job was to replace a person who resigned. However, the employee withdrew her resignation and the position was no longer available but that their company was growing and said she would like to keep me in mind for future opportunities. I got a call in Dec and set up a phone interview on Dec 15th which lasted about one hour – phase 1. Then with expressed interest on my part I was asked to complete a Career History Form as phase 2 of the interview process. I heard back about 3 days after I submitted the completed form and was asked to be patient. Then I got a call for a face to face interview which took place Dec 28th – phase 3, which also took about one hour. I met with HR and the supervisor of the position I was being interviewed for. However, the supervisor could only spend about 15 minutes in the interview as she was called away on an ugent matter. So I finished up with HR. It took another 3 to 5 days before I heard back and was asked to take the Kolbe Index – phase 4. After completion I got an email asking me again to be patient and that it would take 5 to 7 business days before they could follow-up. HR did follow-up as promised and asked If I could come back for a 2nd interview with the supervisor since we did not have much time to speak on Dec 28th. I was scheduled for Friday, Jan 13th. This ended up not being an interview but more with the supervisor showing me the day to day operations of the job and reviewing how their database program works. I had a few questions afterward, one being are there any additional phases before a hiring decision is made. The answer was no. The supervisor asked me if HR had asked me for references yet. I said no but did have them with me so I gave them to her. She said HR would follow-up with me the week following Jan 13th. To date, my references have not been contacted and HR has not contacted me. What should I say in my followup call?

    • Well, Ashley… An interesting narrative stretched out over several months, and it appears that yet another hold up has occurred.

      I would just check in with HR to see how things are going, patiently and politely. Ask what the next step is, and if they need any more information from you. It may be that the supervisor was misinformed about the process, didn’t effectively pass on your references, or some other crisis – from a cold to a firing – has intervened to interrupt the reference checking or whatever the next step is.

      It still feels very promising, but I wouldn’t discontinue any of my other job search activities until I had a written offer in my hands.

      Good luck!

  235. Here’s my question:
    I applied for a position as an Executive Administrative Assistant with a large organization in my area. I received a call a couple weeks later for an interview. The interview went great! I was told by the Executive Director that 175 people applied for the position and only 10 were called back. I was called later that week for a second interview. It didn’t go as well as the first, as she hardly asked any questions. She did most of the talking and I thought that was a good sign. The following day, I sent an email to each of the 4 individuals that I interviewed with, simply thanking them for their time and consideration. The HR manager wrote me back, stating that they were going to meet later that day, and make a decision. This was 6 days ago. Has it been long enough for me to call (or email) and request the status of my application? Or should I give it more time?

    • Hi Carrie,

      I’d drop the HR manager a quick note tomorrow to ask about the status of this job. If you don’t get a reply by Monday, I’d give the HR manager a call. Just checking to see what the status is. Not angry. Not frustrated. Just checking…

      Good luck!

      • Thanks, Susan! I didn’t see your reply until after I’d already called the HR director. I was very polite, and told him that I just wanted to know whether or not they’d made a decision. He was really nice, stated that he’d been out of the office for 3 days sick, and apologized for not contacting me sooner. Now I kind of feel bad for calling, but he did say that he would definitely follow up with me either way, hopefully sometime today! I really need this!… will keep you posted 🙂
        ((Say a Prayer))

      • This is what happens – as job seekers, our job search is the center of our Universe. And when something doesn’t happen as expected, we always assume the worst when, in fact, usually what has happened has nothing at all to do with us. Like this situation. Hopefully he’s feeling much better!

        Do keep us posted! Saying a prayer and crossing my fingers!

        Good luck!

  236. Hi,

    I had a first in-person interview (2 hrs) with a small firm I’m extremely interested in, everything went well, and had a second interview (2.5 hrs) the following week on a Wednesday. The director of HR said she’d get back to me on Thursday or Friday in regards to next steps – however, I didn’t end up hearing back from her for 10 days. She didn’t provide an explanation, but stated that she’d like to have a phone call discussing the position at a set time the following day. I accepted, but she never called at the designated time that she gave. I left a voicemail and sent a follow up email after the fact, but have not gotten a response in the last 3 days. What should my next step be? Wait patiently for her to contact me? Follow up via email by the end of the week if I haven’t heard back? Really frustrated & stumped here (but I’d love to have the job!), I haven’t encountered a situation like this before. Thanks!

    • Hi Sam,

      How odd that she set up the appointment but didn’t call or respond. I’d reach out again next week, but I’d assume that the answer was no and go ahead with my job search.

      Everything might be fine – possibly an unrelated crisis interrupted things – and she may call you again as though nothing had happened.

      This doesn’t “feel” right, but it’s hard to tell what is really going on, and you may never find out. So, keep looking!

      Good luck!

  237. Hi,

    I have a little bit of a dilemma with this consulting job that I really want. So before Christmas, the HR manager called me saying that they will call after the Christmas break to schedule an interview. Christmas passed, and then new years… So I called the HR manager back on January 3 and she told me that the recruitment for my city was delegated to another person and she was surprised that she has not called me to schedule an interview. She said to wait a few days and she was sure that she will call. I waited until January 11 with no call, so I called the HR manager back and asked about the status of my application. She was clueless and I asked for the contact info of the other HR person but she said it would be better to contact her instead by phone. She told me to call her back the next day so that she could tell me about the status of my application. I called her the next day and I got her voicemail, I left a voicemail stating who I was and what I was calling about and to call me back (approximately 10-15 second voicemail). She didn’t call me back. I called again on January 24 and got her voicemail again, and again I left a voicemail (practically identical to the one before).

    So my question is… is this a lost cause? and how often should I be calling her back if she told me to call back and still has yet to contact me. It is extremely frustrating how they initiated the conversation and then left me hanging.

    • Any advice?

    • Hi Roy,

      I’d cool it on the calls for at least another week, and move on to focus on other opportunities now. It’s not clear that this is a lost cause, but it could be – at least this time around. It sounds to me that they are a bit disorganized. Or, the HR manager could just be disorganized. Or, she could be trying to put you off “nicely” (if slightly dishonestly).

      February 1 is only a week away. I’d wait until then to leave her another polite message reminding her (nicely!) of the history you have with her, and reiterating your interest in working with them. Just reconnecting briefly as in your last 2 voicemails, if you end up with her voicemail. If possible, I’d try calling from a different phone – just in case there is any call screening going on.

      Good luck!

  238. Hi,
    I had an interview on 7th November 2011 and the hiring manager told me they were looking to hire people for December 2011 and May 2012. I sent him a thank you email and he didn’t respond. He said we’ll get back to you by the end of month. So I contacted him in December and he said they are still in process and will get back to me as soon as they decide something. But I haven’t heard from him till now. Is it ok to send a follow up email again?

    • Hi Rency,

      It’s been at least 3 weeks, so you should be safe following-up, and I’d start with a phone call rather than email.

      Don’t expect him to remember you from your name. Remind him who you are, when you interviewed, and the position you interviewed for. Then, just ask for the current status, and their plans going forward.

      I like to get permission to stay in touch, and the best way to do that is to ask them which method of contact they prefer – phone or email? And which phone number or account should you use? Don’t ask for permission – ask for HOW to stay in touch. It can make a big difference in the response you get.

      Keep at it. Polite persistence pays off!

      Good luck!

  239. Hi there,

    I am so glad I came across this site! I first interviewed with this world wide company via phone in mid November for a regional sales position. I was then invited for a face to face panel interview (President, VP, CFO and HR Manager) in early December. I thought it went pretty well. I was even given a tour of the facility by the president. I was told they were looking to fill the position by the first week of January. A couple of days later I was asked to submit information for a background check (which I did) . A week before Christmas I received a follow-up email from the VP stating she wanted me to speak via phone to a Regional Business Development Manager. I spoke with him for about an hour. I thought the conversation went pretty well. With the holidays approaching I just assumed I would not hear anything anyway until the first of the year. A couple of days into the new year I received a follow up email from the President stating she was wanted to touch bases with me and was still interested in speaking further with me. She apologized for the delay and mentioned things had been pretty hectic with the holidays. In the meantime she asked another Regional Business Development Manager to give me a call. That person called me later that day and we spoke for about 30 minutes. The person mentioned hearing great things about me and they were equally impressed with my background. The person ended the call be stating that they would definitely pass on their seal of approval and looked forward to working with me. I had not heard anything since. I sent a non intrusive follow-up email to the President after not hearing anything else for 2 weeks. I sent this email last week. I mentioned in the email that I was still interested in the position and that if she had any additional questions for me during the decision making process to please feel free to contact me. I have not heard anything. I’m truly stumped on this one. I have an interview with another company early next week and will focus on that but I really wanted this particular job. Should I follow up in another week or so or just let it go and let the chips fall…..

    • Hi Nancy,

      Keep following up, periodically. Next week would be a good time. It sounds like a big job, so it’s a big decision for them to make, and they may be taking their time making it. It is interesting that you didn’t get a response to last week’s message, but it could mean nothing more than that the President didn’t have anything she could share at that time.

      Moving on with your job search is exactly what you should be doing, but I’d let them know you are still interested and available – at least for a while. Polit persistence pays often pays great dividends. And, as usual, you never know what’s going on “behind the curtain” at this employer.

      Good luck!

  240. I am so glad I came across this site. Thank you for what you are doing.
    I am obsessing about a situation while waiting on the phone to ring… For a while now…
    What should I do next? Here is a timeline of events:
    Nov7-applied for job, recd Notice of app recd a day later.
    Nov 27- second email received back from hr gal stating she was having trouble getting her managers in the same state, but she was excited to have me interested. I had been highly reccomended by her staff.
    Jan 6- call to set up interview.
    1/10 interview went well. She discussed benefits with me and I asked at end of interview if there was any reason they would be reluctant to hire me. Answe was absolutely not knowing what you have done in the community. Said they would know by weekend or first of next week.
    No word- so I called 5 days after interview and was told her brother had passed and she would be out for a week and reschedule the remaining two interviews and would definitely get ahold of me by last week. I did send a sympathy card because we knew her family… It had been 8 biz days and I followed up with a vm asking her to please call me either way and that I hope I wasn’t to the point of pest and still very interested. Still no call back or email from her or administrator. The position is for a resource director for a non profit nursing home at two nearby locations. I am still in my current job but am physically sick everyday from stress and anxiety from this job. Cannot quit until I get another position. I am still applying for other jobs, but none of them resonate with me like this one.
    What do I do?

    • Hi Bea,

      Wow, tough situation!

      I think I would back off for a while. Losing a close family member is very tough, and it sounds like it is taking longer for her to bounce back than she probably expected. I would leave her alone for a couple of weeks. No more voice mail messages and no email messages until at least 2/10 – wait until the week after that if you can.

      Keep applying for other positions, and do it with full intention.

      This one may work out for you, but it could take an extra month or so longer than it would have without this family death. Or, it could be put on hold for a longer time. It’s hard to tell what is going on.

      Good luck!

  241. I didn’t see a reply after your last response to me, but there have been interesting developments and I wanted to let you know. As you suggested, I called after it had been just over a month. She said she had been meaning to call me, and that she was not going to be able to offer what I was asking. She didn’t come back with a counter-offer, but rather she said she didn’t think she would be able to offer me enough to come work for her and I said “You never know until you try”. She then said that before making an offer, she would like me to come take a tour of their facility and talk to some of their people.

    When I arrived, the person I was supposed to meet had some personal issues so I met with their Production VP for the tour, and the CFO and Chief Talent Officer for the second part of the visit. When I left they said that I was who they have been waiting for and they would be making an offer after they had a chance to talk amongst themselves. They came back with an offer today, and it was just under what I was asking. In all, I will be making 8k more than I currently do, which is only 2K less that what I was asking for. I received the formal offer letter tonight.

    One of the things that impressed them was that I took the initiative to contact them, which is EXACTLY what you told me to do! Thanks!

    • Oh, John, that’s WONDERFUL news!

      Thank you for sharing “the rest of the story” – continuing the narrative of what happened when you reconnected. Excellent work – congratulations on a great recovery from her initially negative position! So, your instincts that this was THE job for you were right all along. GREAT!

      You are very welcome for any assistance I provided! You just made my day – probably the whole week!


      • No, thank YOU! This event is life-changing for me in so many ways (I’ll not elaborate, because I know that I have a tendency to ramble), and without your advice it would likely not have ended this way. You have made my year! YOU ROCK! THANK YOU!

      • You are VERY welcome! My pleasure! 🙂


  242. Hello,

    I went for an interview a week ago,and it seemed to go well (in fact I answered “yes” to all the questions in the “How To Tell if a Job Interview Went Well” article). But I have not heard back. I know a week is not long, but the employer mentioned that they need someone immediately since they were short staff members. So I was wondering if I should send a follow up email or not? (I did send thank yous after the interview). Thank you.

    • HI Michelle,

      While they may certainly have meant that they wanted someone to start “immediately” – “immediately” means after they’ve made up their minds, gotten all the approvals (particularly in a big company), and completed all the paperwork. So not hearing for a week is not necessarily a bad sign.

      So, if you can, wait until the end of this week to check in with them and see what is going on. Be polite, confident, and friendly, not anxious or angry. Ask them what will happen next, if they need anything more from you (references or ?), and when you can expect to hear from them again. Then, ask who to stay in touch with for the status, assuming you are still under consideration.

      Good luck!

  243. Hi. Thank you for what you do here it’s very helpful. Okay so here’s what has been driving me crazy. I interviewd for a job on the 3rd and was told that I would be informed by the 10th whether I’d been selected for 2nd round interviews. After I hadn’t heard back I sent a follow up email kindly asking about the status of the opportunity. She responded Monday evening that “they’re currently contacting ppl for 2nd round interviews and someone should be contacting you to set that up shortly.” I’ve heard nothing yet am I just getting the run around? Thanks!

    • Hi Kim,

      You could be “getting the run around,” but my guess would be that you are not. You are probably under consideration and will be contacted by early next week. If you haven’t heard from them by next Wednesday, I’d reach out again to see what’s happening..

      It seems that the hiring process, particularly when an organization has more than 50 people in it, always takes more time than anyone thinks it will or should. The the whole process – approvals, signatures, schedules coordinated, calls made, and so on – all takes time and attention and a certain amount of luck.

      So, keep looking for other opportunities, just in case this one doesn’t work out. But, I bet you hear from them soon.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks for your response. I guess I ultimately have no choice but to be patient but I just thought that it was strange considering that up until that point they’d been responsive eg. I applied Friday evening they responded the following Monday morning. Also, they interviewed me quickly. So I got a little perplexed why I hadn’t been contacted for a 2nd interview even though she said I’d be contacted “shortly” to set it up. And let me just say I hate the ambiguity in the word shortly.

      • Hi Kim,

        Yes, being patient is usually the most appropriate option. The early part of the hiring process, particularly for the first few people interviewed can go very quickly. Then, for the second round, things can get bogged down. As more “important” people become involved in the process and the number of people involved may increase, coordinating calendars internally can become a nightmare or at least a major project. And that can slow everything down, even if it’s only one person who is the one with the tightest schedule.

        There is so much ambiguity tied into so much of this process, unfortunately. I think it’s fear of hurting feelings and also fear of legal issues. Hiring anyone, particularly in a large organization, is not a simple thing to do.

        Keep working on your job search so you have other things in your pipeline, in case this one doesn’t work out.

        Good luck!

      • Hi Susan. I’m glad you recommended being patient. I woke up this morning to an email extending me the opportunity to come in for an in person interview! I guess it really does just takes more time than the average job seeker would like to get things together! Thank you and take care! Kim

      • Thank you for the update, Kim!

        Yes – time flies when you’re on the hiring side of the equation because you’ve got so many other things to do, but it drags an inexorably long time when you are the job seeker.

        Good luck!

  244. I had an interview on 2/17 thru networking. It seemed to go ok. I asked about the next steps and when they look to make a hiring decision. The said they had two more individuals to interview. One scheduled for the week of Feb 20th and another the week of Feb 27th. Does it seem a little odd that they would be spaced out like that? Do employers say things like that if they don’t feel you are a contender?

    • Hi Ashley,

      They might make a statement like that if they don’t feel you are a “contender.” They might also make it because it is the truth. Employers also have work that needs to be done, in addition to finding someone good to fill a job, and it could be that this employer is so busy that things got stretched out. People travel on business, have vacation time scheduled, and other things impact scheduling.

      So, don’t take it personally. Your networking contact may help you understand what is going on.

      Get back in touch with the employer the 2nd week in March – after that 3rd person is interviewed. If you haven’t already, send a thank you to each person you interviewed with on the 17th.

      And, keep looking – it doesn’t feel like this job will be filled very soon.

      Good luck!

  245. I interviewed for a position on February 13, 2012. I sent my thank you notes early on the morning of February 14, 2012. Interviews for the position were scheduled for February 13-14, 2012. I am pretty certain that I am the only candidate who was flown in for the interview. The other candidates were local. It was a panel interview with four individuals, and I did well during the interview. However, I walked out not knowing when the company anticipates making a decision and also not knowing the point person in terms of future contact (the interview was set up by a HR representative located in a different geographic region). While I understand that it takes some time to make a decision about which candidate to hire, I also do not want to appear disinterested by letting several weeks go by without following up. I have read some articles that say that a candidate who does not follow up runs the risk of appearing disinterested, and that can cost them the job. When do you suggest that I follow up? Do you recommend that I follow up with the individual who scheduled my interview or the HR representative at the location where I interviewed? Finally, do you recommend that I follow up via email or via telephone? Thank you.

  246. I had a interview on Feb 3rd and all went very well. The Vice President that was interviewing me did explained that she could not make a job offer due to the job being open, and Interneal canidates can still apply. She states please allow until after Feb.13th after the job closes. I called and left a message on Feb 20th. I have not got any response back. What should I do? If I should do anything? Thank You.

    • Hi Nikkia,

      Vice presidents can be very busy people who are often well protected from “distractions” like job seekers. Was there anyone else you spoke to – an HR person or a recruiter? Or the VP’s assistant? It would probably be more productive to try to reach one of them, since you haven’t heard from the VP. Tell them who you are, when you spoke with the VP, and the job you discussed with the VP.

      Be sure to be business-like, polite, and confident in your conversations. Ask for the current status of the job and what the next steps in the process will be, assuming that the job is still open and you are under consideration.

      If you get no response from the staff the next few days, you could reach out to the VP, perhaps via email this time, to see what is happening with that position. Don’t expect that the VP will remember who you are or the job you interviewed for. Simply state the facts: the job title, the date of the interview, and that she recommended to you get back in touch later in the month. Then ask the status of the job, as above.

      If you still get no response, I’d give up and move on.

      Good luck!

  247. Its been just 3 days after my interview .i noticed that they ate not looking for that position.but they did not convey me anything.on the other hand person who interviewed me hinted that I would their tem member in the conversation.don’t exactly know what to do.

    • Hi Swetha,

      The short answer is “it depends.” There are many variables – the level (entry level vs. management) and “sensitivity” of the job, how much time they have to make the hire, the size of the staff, and the number of people they need to check references for.

      Typically at least two or three references are checked; more are checked for jobs involving handling money or confidential information; fewer may be checked for jobs that have high turnover.

      Good luck!

    • It’s hard to tell what is going on with so little information, but I would wait until next week to contact them to see what is going on.

      And, I would keep job hunting, just in case…

      Good luck!

  248. Good afternoon!

    I had submitted my resume for an IT Specialist position on the 6th of Feb 2012 with a company that has nearly doubled in size since Nov of 2011. After not hearing anything, I stopped by the office on 9th of Feb, just as a polite “Checking on the status of my resume” which turned into an somewhat an on the spot interview with the HR Manager. That went very well and she advised me the CEO was on travel and not due back until the following Monday the 13th of Feb 2012. I received a phone call the day after I met with the HR Manager requesting an interview for Tues Feb 14 2012 with the CEO, Controller and HR Manager. The interview went very well, I answered all of their questions in a concise, confident manner and we even exchanged several laughs together. I decided to wait a few extra days and hand delivered 3 separate interview thank you letters addressed and enveloped to each of the interviewing managers on Friday the 17th of Feb 2012. I was told during the interview that I should hear something back by the 7th day and it has been 8 now and so far no word. My first thought was to continue the trend of personally paying the office a visit but thought it might seem desperate and overly anxious. I am leaning towards sending an e-mail thanking them once again and asking politely for an update on the position.

    At present I have not reached out to them for a status update and I am rather uncertain as to the best to do so. Again, I do not want to seem over zealous but this position would be a life changer for me. I am currently working, but it is a 192 mile round trip 4 days a week which has put a strain on my relationship with my three daughters (I am a single father) and ever so difficult to get them to all of their sporting/school events. The position I am hoping to gain is roughly a 20 mile round trip with an increase in pay!

    Any advise you could afford me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Joe,

      This sounds like a big improvement for you – I hope it works out for you!

      These things always take longer than anyone expects or hopes, particularly the job seeker. I bet that something got in the way of a timely decision – travel, illness, or some other crisis typical with a company growing so quickly.

      You’ve done the up-close-and-personal several times now, and you don’t want them to think you’re a stalker. So, I would follow up via phone or email with the HR person on Friday of this week.

      Note – if you don’t get this job, don’t give up on this employer! Send (don’t drop off) a thank you for taking the time to interview you, to each of those very busy people. Tell them it was nice to meet them all, and you look forward to speaking with them about another job in the future.

      Good luck!

  249. Hi Susan!

    I had my 3rd interview (a technical interview) on Feb 3rd where I was told I did a great job and that they were looking to make a decision within two weeks. I had not heard anything back so I reached via voicemail out last Thursday and asked if she could share an update. She responded that afternoon via email and thanked me for my follow up and that they are still looking into a few things and she is sorry to keep me waiting so long. She hopes that she will be able to get back with me early this week. I have not heard back yet and Its been a week since our last conversation. Should I just move on or reach out to her again?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Michelle,

      The hiring process always takes longer than job seekers want or need it to take. I hope that you have heard from them by now. If you haven’t, I’d try another email, since she emailed you in response to your voice mail the last time you reached out.

      I would definitely keep looking. SO many things go on inside an employer before an offer is made, and so many things can slow down the process (people out sick, on vacation, traveling, etc.), and they may not finish that process in time for you.

      Good luck!

  250. Here’s something I;ve never encountered before, so I wonder if anyone else heard of this practice, or if it’s a “new standard” nowadays…I have been interviewing with a small, but well-known well-established non-profit company for a director-level position. First phone interview with HR went well, I am invited to meet the hiring manager and his peer. This meeting goes well too, I am invited (that same day!) to meet with the company’s CEO, EVP and other senior level folks, as well as a second meeting with hiring manager. I go into this meeting, everything is great, even discuss a department’s 12 month strategy with the hiring manager…3 days later I get a call from HR. I am thinking they are calling to make me an offer, as she starts the converation with, “so how did you like the team?” and “are you still interested in working for us?”, that sort of thing. I reassure her that I loved everyone I’ve met with and consider this job the best fit for me, etc. etc. Then she drops the bomb on me, saying they identified several (!) top candidates and cannot decide on a single one to chose for the job, so they want everyone who made it to the top of their list to come over to the office and deliver a presentation (with deck and everything) on the topic of their choice to the hiring manager and his team….and would I be interested in doing this, or would I prefer to drop out? I said I would, and she stated that she will e-mail the presentation topics & guidelines sometime in the next week, and schedule the presenation shortly thereafter (no dates were given, just some very vague timelines). What do I make of this???? My HR contact there never once mentioned this before, when she and I were discussing the interviewing process and timelines.

    • Hi Alina,

      It’s not exactly standard, but it is definitely not uncommon. I do know people who have been through this and “won” the job.

      It does feel a bit like bait-and-switch, or (in my more paranoid moments) a way to pick the brains of some very good people without paying for it. But it is one way for an employer to get an idea whether or not the potential employee is as good as they seem, see how candidates react under pressure, and also see how high the level of trust is. So many people do a fabulous job in the interview process, but are disappointing after they’ve been hired. This sounds like a variation on the “fishbowl” interview method explained in this Job-Hunt article – Handling Case Method/Fishbowl Interviews.

      Interesting that they had so many good candidates at the director level that this is the only way they can pick out the “winner.”

      I would say go for it!

      Good luck!

  251. I had an interview on 2/8 and then a second face-to-face on 2/10. Both interviews went really well, they said they wanted to make an offer by 2/24 but have not heard anything. I sent my thank you notes after each interview and on 2/19 I just dropped the hiring mgr (who had been directing the interviews) an email saying hope he had a nice weekend and look forward to hearing from him soon. Now he didn’t respond and still have heard nothing – you think this is a bad sign? Should I send him an email since i didn’t hear anything on 2/24?

  252. I did write a follow up email after 1 week of the onsite interview, which in my opinion went perfect. The HR replied to me that they are deciding up on final steps of the feedback and added that team members really enjoyed interacting with me. What exactly does that mean? Can I be hopeful of something good to happen?

    • Hi Sstaggers,

      This is a good sign that you are still being considered. So, probably more steps to go through, but this is a good sign.

      Good luck!

      • SStraggers says:

        Hello Susan!
        As you said probably more steps to go, do you think should I follow up her every week still? She did say that she will contact me after final feedback.

      • Hi SStaggers,

        I would ask her if it’s OK to check in every couple of weeks. If she says OK, that’s what I would do. If she says no, ask her what time frame would be better.

        Good luck!

  253. Susan,

    Sorry it’s taken a few weeks to update you. I received the job offer this morning!!! Let me back up, I did take your advice and followed up via email on Sunday night January 29. I heard back from HR on 1/31 again apologizing for the delay and that they were glad to hear from me. I actually received a call from the VP on 2/6 apologizing again for the delay and she asked if I would be available to come into the office and meet on 2/7. She apologized for the short notice. Well I assumed that I would receive the offer on 2/7. I did not. She brought me in to meet with her and the HR manager for an update regarding some leadership changes and to ask additional questions. The meeting ended with her stating that she will follow up with me in a few days with an update on the decision making process. I was disappointed and decided at that point that I would not focus on this particular position and would focus on my other available job opportunities. I actually had an interview on 2/9 with another company and proceeded with that interview. It went well and I had a 2nd interview the following week. Well I was offered the position with the second company last week and proceeded with the background check and drug testing. I was contacted this past Friday confirming that I was cleared to start in 2 weeks. I accepted the offer…. Well this morning I get the offer from the other company I’ve been waiting on since mid November!!! The second position is more of an entry level type sales position (not in my field so I would need to learn the business) with the potential for growth but the first position is a senior management position – I’m just concerned about the amount of time it took for the offer. I’m somewhat concerned about the leadership changes as well. However, I would still like to accept the offer but have already accepted the other job offer — I’ve never been in this situation – I’m very grateful that the job offers are finally coming – I’ve been unemployed for 6 months– I’m nervous because of what I had gone through with the layoff — do you I play it safe and take the entry level sales position or take a chance and move forward and accept the Regional Business Development Manager position. And if I take the position how on earth do I tell the other company after I’ve accepted their offer? Thanks again for your input!

    • Hi Nancy,

      I assume you have written offers from both employers. I wouldn’t make any major decisions, accepting or rejecting either offer unless it is in writing.

      Assuming you have the written offers, I would probably stick with the job I had already accepted, personally. But I know that people successfully back out of acceptances often.

      I’ve worked in companies with “new leadership” and things are crazy for a while. Sometimes the corporate culture changes, too, and the company becomes a much less appealing place to work.

      On the other hand starting at the bottom in a new field is risky, too, although I would think that “business development” and sales are fairly closely related fields.

      If you decide to go ahead with your acceptance of job # 2, I would send employer # 1 a very nice rejection letter thanking them for their interest and the offer and reiterating your interest in working in their organization some day.

      Regarding backing out on job # 2, I would tell them the truth – that a job you wanted, and had interviewed for before you applied for their job, came through unexpectedly, and you are rescinding your acceptance. I would be very surprised if they didn’t have other people qualified for that entry-level job who are readily available to fill the slot, but, if they get cranky, you might need legal counsel.

      I have always been somewhat fatalistic about this kind of situation. If job # 1 was really meant for you, that offer would have come in first. But, it didn’t – maybe a sign from “the Universe” or maybe just bad luck.

      Good luck!

  254. Hello,

    I interviewed with this one company about three weeks ago. The interview went well. The HR person does mention that it will take at least two weeks before I can hear anything back from them.

    About a week ago, I got an email from the HR person who told me that the management have not made any decision yet and they are still interviewing.

    From the internal sources, I got the news that they (the people I had the interview with) do like me and recommended me for the position.

    Still, I do not yet hear anything from the company.

    Should I call the interviewers? What should I ask? Also if I do not get them on the phone, is it a good idea to leave a message? Some people are not very good answering the messages on the phone.

    Should I also follow up with an email after leaving a message on the phone? How soon should I do it after leaving a message on the phone.

    • Hi Bob,

      The great news is that you have “internal sources.” Excellent! And the news they have for you is positive. Also excellent!

      If your internal sources are correct, it sounds like there is some sort of hold up somewhere else in the organization. MANY things, most having nothing at all to do with you, can cause delays – approvals or sign-offs from people traveling for business, sick at home, on vacation, or too busy with some other crisis.

      I would follow up with a phone call late this week or early next week to check the status. Remind them, politely, of who you are and the job you are waiting for a decision about. Give them a couple of days to respond to the phone message, and send an email. Also check with your internal sources to see if they can get an idea of what the hold up might be.

      Good luck!

  255. Hi,
    I had an interview on 17th feb. it goes well. after my thank you letter they asked for reference letter in the last week.

    now i have sent all the required info since Friday and till now i don’t have any update.

    Should i ask for update now if so what should be the contents of this mail???

    • Hi KS,

      I would wait at least a week before I contacted the employer again. They have a lot to do on that end of the transaction and it always takes more time than job seekers think it should.

      Have you heard from your references that this employer contacted them? If they haven’t been contacted yet, I would add another week to the delay before contacting this employer.

      If your references were contacted, ask how they thought the discussion went. Who called them? When? What did they ask about you? Did they share anything about you – that they liked you a lot and were hoping to hire you soon or that they had some concerns about something in your experience or background?

      The best advice I can give you is to be patient. This is not a fast process!

      Good luck!

      • Thanks.

        Yea They contacted to my references on the same day and get a for filled. They also ask me to send them my pay slip which i send along with other documents on the same day.

        In simple they have gathered everything about me since last weekend.

        Ok I am waiting as per your advice.


      • Hi KS,

        Sounds like they do have all the documentation they need. Next week would probably be a good time to “touch base” with them to see what the next steps are. There may be additional interviewing with higher management to get “buy in” from those higher up the organization. But it could be almost over.

        Keep job hunting, just in case…

        Good luck!

  256. Hi,

    I interviewed for an engineering position out of town one week ago today. It seemed to go very well and they stated that they would be in contact, but did not give an exact range of time. They did state that they wanted the chosen applicant to begin work by April 1, which does not leave a lot of time. I sent a thank you email the day after the interview and have not heard anything. Would it be appropriate to inquire about the status of my application, or do I need to wait until 10+ days have passed? If offered the position I will need to provide my current employer with 2 weeks notice, and will also need to make moving arrangements for my family, so I am anxious to find out.

    • Hi K,

      Yes, waiting the 10 days is what you should do before contacting this employer again.

      I wouldn’t stress a lot over the April 1 starting date. For the right candidate, they will wait an extra week or two. I would definitely not cut down on the notice to my existing employer.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks Susan. Without contacting them, I received an email from them today that the head engineer is on a business trip and they will be making their decision early next week. They also asked about whether I own or rent my home (I assume that this is a question that relates to the relocation assistance that they offer.) Should I take this question, and the fact that they took the time to contact me, as a good indication?

      • Hi K,

        Yes, very good indications! But, keep looking in case something happens (job cancelled, business closed, etc.).

        Good luck!

      • I just received a call from their secretary to set up a conference call for tomorrow with the HR manager and head engineer- should I be prepared to negotiate an offer and details of relocation assistance at this time??

      • Hi K,

        It always pays to be prepared for those discussions, but don’t assume that’s what the call will be about. View it as another interview, and prepare for that, too.

        It does sound very promising though!

        Good luck!

  257. Hope I can get your opinion on this. I had an interview on 2/10 and it went very well. I was told a decision would be made on or before 2/17. I sent a thank you not immediately after the interview. I waited until 2/21 and sent an email. I got an auto response from the director (my interviewer) saying she would be out of the office until 3/1! I called on 2/22 and was told by the receptionist that a decision had not been made but assured me that I would hear shorty. So tomorrow is the day when the director comes back. Do you think I should call tomorrow of I haven’t hear by 3:00 or so or wait till Friday. Is that unreasonable based on what they told me earlier? This is a small place with no HR department or large bureaucracy . Thanks for any help you can give me to ease mind.

    • Hi Chris,

      These things always seem to take much longer than anyone expects. So, even though they have missed their own deadline, I would back off. If the director is just getting back into her office today, she has a lot to catch up on, and I’m betting that filling this job is not her highest priority right at this moment, particularly in a small place without a lot of employees to help her.

      So, let the woman get things under control in her office before you contact her. I would recommend waiting until Monday, March 5, before you contact her again.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks so much for the quick response. I’ve read all of your blogs and trust your judgement. Even though the waiting is excruciating, I’ll keep sending out resumes and finding ways to pass the time till Monday! My biggest fear is that I didn’t get the job and they didn’t feel the need to inform me, I would hate to know I was going through all this stress for nothing but I’m hoping that they simply haven’t decided yet.

      • Hi Chris,

        That’s exactly the problem. Employers are very bad at letting people know bad news, so people end up wasting time waiting for offers that never happen.

        Hopefully that won’t happen to you, but I’m happy to read that you are continuing to work on your job search – just in case.

        Good luck!

  258. Caydence says:


    I would like your opion on my situation. I relocated to a new area and was blessed to interview for a postion much like the one i held for the past three years in my home town. I had applied three times prior too with the same agency and for other postions but I came to understand later that they hired internally for each of these and it was not a reflection of my qualifations ( I called to inqurie and that was the response) During that phone call the ED of the agency had me to email her my resume and she then infomred me that another positon would open soon and I should apply. That brings us back to now…I applied for that positon and was interviwed for it on 2/10. After the interview which went great I was taken on a tour of some of the agency, introduced to other staff that worked on the floor, and infomred on how to work the elevators!!

    I asked during the interview when a desicion would be made and I was told two weeks but hopefully sooner. Tomorrow will be three weeks. I have heared from the person that interviewd me once. A week after my interview I emailed my thank you letter. She responed with the salary offer of the position asking what my expecations were and inquired if I had left references. My response to the salary offer was that it was somewhat lower than I expected the hiring salary to be however that does not deter me from wanting the position I also offerend to send offer refferences. She replied that she would check with HR to see if they recived my list of refferences but it would help her out alot if I just emailed another copy–which I did. To date none of my refferences have been contacted. Do you think the salary answer hurt my chances of the job. I thought her responses were still pleasent afterwards but you just never know. I have only called once this week and left a message wihch has not been returned at this point.

    • Hi Caydence,

      A good sign that you were asked for your references, but not a good sign that they haven’t been contacted.

      It’s hard to tell how they took your response to the salary offer, but it sounds like you gave them a good, honest response, and indicated that you were still interested in the position.

      Since it has been a couple of weeks since your last contact with them (right?), I think it’s appropriate for you to reach out to her again to see what is going on now. Remind her of the job you interviewed for (with job requisition number or whatever their internal identifier is, if you know it), who you interviewed with, and when you interviewed. Then politely ask for the status or when you can expect to hear from them again.

      If I were a betting person, I would bet that this was another internal hire, but I could easily be wrong (that’s why I don’t place bets), and it would be good to know for sure.

      Good luck!

      • Caydence says:

        Thank you. I appreciate your response! It has actually been a week since my last contact with them. That was via email in regard to salary and refferences, but a total of three weeks has passed since interview. I called once this week and left a voicemail which has not been returned! I am not sure what this all means I really had the impression they were very interested and wanted to hire soon. In fact when they walked me to the elevator I was told that i WOULD be hearing from them followed by a very assertive handshake!!

      • Hi Caydence,

        They may very well be interested in hiring you. But “work” can get in the way of doing things as quickly as they think they will be done. People go on business trips, get sick, go on vacation, etc. MANY things can hold up the hiring process, and most of them have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the candidate or the need to fill the job. It’s one of the things that drive HR people crazy.

        Since you didn’t get a response to your voice mail this week, I would definitely wait until late next week to try again.

        Meanwhile, stay in touch with the people you gave as references, without driving them crazy. Ask them to let you know when they hear from this employer. That will be a very good sign that things are moving forward.

        Meanwhile, keep looking! I’m sure that handshake was well-intended, but…

        Good luck!

  259. debierio says:

    Hi Susan

    I had an interview at a very small company with the owner two weeks ago and went very well. I sent a thank you letter, next day to him and to his assistant. During the interview he mentioned that he will contact me. I have not heard back from him, and I really would like to take that job, since I think that I have all the skills and experience that he is looking for. Should I email him?

    Thank you


    • Hi Deb,

      If it has been more than two weeks ago, I think you are safe to contact him. Be sure to remind him of when you spoke and the position you spoke with him about. Don’t expect him to remember you. If there was a particular point that seemed to resonate with him during the interview, you should probably mention that as well.

      Good luck!

  260. Hi Susan,

    I had a job interview for a great company back in November 2011. A friend of mine that works in the company passed along my resume. I followed up via email about 2 weeks later and received a response that the position was on hold until after the new year, and to keep in touch because I was still in the running as a candidate. I sent an email follow up mid January, and did not receive a response. All of the contact has been with the recruiter. So my question is should I contact the hiring manager instead of the recruiter to check on the status of the position? Or should I move on?


    • Hi Sarah,

      Can you do both – follow up, and move on?

      Since you have a friend who works there (and who may receive a cash reward for referring someone who is hired), ask your friend if he or she can figure out what is going on. Perhaps your friend can contact the hiring manager.

      My gut instinct says if they were going to hire someone, they would have posted the job by now.

      So, have your friend check to see what’s going on, but definitely move on.

      Good luck!

  261. Hi Susan,

    I had an interview for one big company few months back and I am still in touch with them through email. I got an email on Feb-20-2012 from the manager stating that he will call me to discuss further about the position. But I have not received any call or email yet.
    In the mean time, I got a job offer from another company (small company on Feb-28-2012) which I should decide in a week or two. However, I love to work in the big company and would like to know if they can offer me a job before I have to decide for the small company. Could you please help me how to call or email the hiring manager of the big company and get the information about the update and ask him if it is possible to get offer in a week or two.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Neil,

      I would Reply to the most recent email you received from the manager at the big company, and explain the situation. If you have a phone number for the big company, you could call them to tell them the situation and reference the email you sent. Do NOT name the small company.

      Frankly, I doubt that the big company can go through a big-company hiring process in time for you, and I would NOT recommend turning down the small company’s offer while you wait for the big company to go through their processes – which could take a long time and still leave you without a job.

      Stay in touch with the big company for the future. I’d be very surprised if it works out for you now, but it might work out at a later date.

      Good luck!

  262. I applied for a job about a week ago and got called in for an initial interview this week. It went great, the interviewer said that it was one of the best she’s had, and that there will be a second round in a few weeks. I sent her a thank you email saying how much I wanted to be the program manger of STEP. She emailed me back a few days later saying:

    “It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Thank you so much for this email. I will keep you posted on the STAR program. Take care.”

    I immediately emailed her back apologizing for calling it the STEP program, explaining that it was a force of habit from previous work, and that I’m still interested in the STAR program.

    Will this oversight affect my chances of a second interview?

  263. Hi!

    Great feedback and blog!! I have a question.

    S, I seem to be in a bit of a pickle, I have had two great interviews for a management position for a store I am VERY interested in working at. Following the second interview I was invited to do a trial shift with a woman who would be my assistant store manager, the owner of the company wanted to see how we got along and get some more feedback. I did the trial shift yesterday, (March 1st) and it went well. The assistant manager told me that I was the only person doing the trial shifts, that I am the front runner, and kept referring to instances as if I was the manager already! A gal even came in on my trial shift and asked if they were hiring but she said no!

    Well, now I am waiting for feedback from the owner on whether or not I am getting the job! Is it poor taste and too pushy to send a follow-up e-mail this early after a third interview-trial shift. I obviously really want the job, but I do not want to come off as pushy or desperate!

    Any feed back and/or advice would be awesome!

    • Hi Anne,

      I’m not that familiar with “trial shifts,” but assuming that they have checked your references, done the drug test, and all the other “administrivia” I would think that an offer would be very close.

      If this store is very busy on weekends, I would not contact them now, but I would reach out when you are sure that they are not swamped with customers. Perhaps Monday would be better?

      Good luck!

  264. I had an interview recently where the hiring manager suggested that I might get a verbal offer that day. That didn’t happen, but he emailed me that night saying he “should be able to call me” the next day, but that also didn’t happen. Now I assume there are probably good reasons for the delay, but at this point I’m wondering how long I should let this go before politely inquiring about a new time frame.

    Also, I worked with this company several years ago, so I know the hiring manager fairly well. Would this affect how soon I should call back?

    • Hi Lea,

      If you know the hiring manager fairly well, you should have a good idea of how tolerant and patient he will be with you. It sounds like he made some strong statements to you about hiring you, and then followed up with an email.

      I would definitely replay to his email and ask him how it is going, and I would do it soon. It could be that he is waiting for a sign that you are really interested in the job.

      Good luck!

  265. I recently came across XYZ Company that I worked for a many years back. A gentleman, who is now the VP worked there under a different capacity when I was there. He mentioned a job would be opening up in a couple of months. I stopped in one day to say hi and catch up. He told me to complete an on-line application and submit my resume to HR. He told me as I was leaving not to be afraid to follow-up with HR so I am fresh in his mind when the job opens up. How often should I email HR? What should I say? I don’t know much about the job except that it is working in office administrative capacity and well a couple of months could play out for awhile. XYZ Company was one of the best jobs I had and the VP worked with me and knows that I am capable of good things, and luckily we got along well when I worked there. Again, I just need to know how often and what to say exactly to HR. Thank you.

    • Hi Ashley,

      This sounds like a good lead for you!

      I would send HR an email, referencing your discussion with him (include his name and title), and that he suggested that you establish contact with them. If you know his email address, copy him on the message openly (NOT bcc). Ask them to will let you know when the job is posted,

      Options if they don’t want to let you know when the job is posted:

      1. I’d have a bunch of questions for HR related to their job posting process:

      * Are jobs posted “internally” for a while before being made public? Large employers often do this to help existing employees find new opportunities for advancement and to encourage employees to refer friends or colleagues for the jobs.

      * Do they post their jobs on external job boards? All their jobs or only some of them? Where would this one fit?

      * Do they post their jobs on the corporate website?

      * What is the schedule for posting jobs? Perhaps they schedule posting their new jobs by noon every Monday on the corporate website, for example.

      * Do they have a way for you to be automatically emailed with a job is posted?

      2. I’d also do a search on for jobs from this employer. Indeed “aggregates” jobs from thousands of sources, like Monster and CareerBuilder, and also from employers, associations, and many other job sources. If you find jobs from this employer listed there, set up an account on Indeed and set up an “Alert” so you are notified when new jobs for this employer are published.

      3. Then, I would check out, another “job aggregator” which collects jobs only from employers. See if this employer’s jobs are included in LinkUp. If they are, set up a “Job Alert” on LinkUp, too.

      If none of these options work for you, then I would just check in with HR every couple of weeks.

      Good luck!

  266. HI there,

    I had an interview with an organization for an internship at the end of January. The interview went extremely well, ending with a mini-tour of part of the office, and an introduction to the senior VP of the department. They told me that they would inform me of their decision by the end of February. It’s now March 5th… and I haven’t heard anything. I do have a friend who got the call for one of the spots in the same position, though (they are hiring several people).

    My question is: how do I go about with follow-up? At this point, I’m going to assume that I was not chosen to be a part of the program, but I’d like to send a follow-up regardless. Do I wait a few more days? And what exactly would I even say??


    • Hi Jenna,

      Don’t assume the worst. Call the HR person, on the 6th. Identify yourself, the internship position, and the date of your interview. Ask for the current status. Be business-like and professional.

      It could be that they are making the offers in phases, and they haven’t hit your phase yet. Or, the answer could be “not now.” If you get the not-now answer but you would still like to work for them at some point in the future (maybe not an internship), send a thank you for the time and opportunity and tell them you would love to work there at some point in the future.

      Good luck!

      Good luck!

      • Hi Susan,

        At the interview, I did not yet fill out an “application” or anything like that. Would that effect HR’s knowledge of my status? Also, will HR inform the person I interviewed with that I called them?


      • Do you know if your friend completed an application? It may not be something they ask everyone to do – it might be what the people who are hired do.

        Chances are good that the HR person will inform the person that you called. If you haven’t already called HR, you could ask them to do that. Or, depending on what HR says about whether or not a decision has been made, you could contact that person yourself.

        Good luck!

  267. Hi Susan,

    I had an interview at a retail store 2 weeks ago, and it seemed to go pretty well. When the interviewer was saying goodbye to me at the end of the interview, she said that they would start calling candidates for their cashier positions (the positions I interviewed for) in 2 weeks to tell them whether they were hired or not. She also mentioned that they would rather not receive call backs… she was quite adamant about them calling me, not the other way around.

    If they do not call me back by the end of the day next Monday (this Wednesday will be the official 2 week mark), would it be a bad idea to call them back anyway? In my past experiences with job interviews, the interviewers have said pretty much the same thing, and have never called me back… even though they said they would call whether I was hired or not. So you can see why I’d be a bit paranoid that I’ve been listening TOO well or something. I know I won’t know anything until after Wednesday, but I’m just worried. Any advice would be VERY much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Shantelle,

      Yes, you see/hear “no calling!” often, mostly, I suspect because too many people call too often so work doesn’t get done. And, employers are often bad about calling back the people who weren’t hired. I suspect no one wants to deliver bad news, so it gets postponed indefinitely.

      Why not stop by next Monday, rather than calling? If you didn’t get the job, ask in a very professional and non-threatening manner for feedback about why you didn’t get the job so you can improve. No “attitude” or hurt feelings showing – just a professional inquiry for feedback. It could be very helpful for future interviews or it could simply help you understand what happened with this opportunity.

      If you don’t feel like stopping by on Monday or if it is apt to be a busy time for them, then calling (or stopping by) at a less busy time is a very good idea, if you can.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you Susan! I will definitely be trying out the in-person method of contact in this case. Somehow that is less intimidating to me than calling anyway, haha. Thanks again, and have a great evening!


      • Good luck, Shantelle! Hope it works!

  268. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for this great post – very insightful and stopped me from sending a follow up email. I have had around six interviews with this company – the last one being on Wednesday last week. Soon after the interview, I sent a Thank you note to both HR and the interviewer. They both replied instantly and interviewer said he was sure that I would succeed in this role if hired as I had very relevant background. HR reply was more like ‘you are welcome’ one liner.

    Last interview was with a senior manager and he seemed happy. He did mention other people being interviewed so there might be one or two other candidates in the process.

    Should I send an email to HR asking for an update after 5 days? She has been getting back to me in 1-2 days for earlier rounds and they are normally very quick at getting back to candidates. Their website says that they will get back to you within 48 hours if you are unsuccessful and may take 1-2 weeks in making an offer if you are successful. Now it seems like they are either waiting for an candidate to finish interviewing or getting the offer ready. In both cases, HR person should have some sense of what’s going on.

    Do you think I should send a brief follow up email or continue to wait to hear from them? Thanks in advance for your feedback.


    • Hi John,

      Everything sounds like it went so well for you, and you’ve advanced through several interview rounds. Congratulate yourself on your wonderful achievement. You should feel great about this!

      Until you get the offer, though, you can’t be sure you’ve gotten the job. And the last thing you want to do is jeopardize your chances, now that you’ve gotten so far and made such a good impression.

      Your last interview with the senior manager seems to hold the key to why you haven’t heard . . . they’re still interviewing others. You may be neck-and-neck with one or two other candidates. That can slow down the process. They may need some time to assess and decide. Maybe, as you say, they’re getting the offer ready. But HR may or may NOT have a definitive decision yet on who to hire.

      I’d be very careful about reaching out to them too often and too soon. Remember what Ronnie said in this post, “Less is more” and “If they are interested, they’ll remember you!”

      Why not sit tight for another week, and then email after it’s been 2 weeks since you last communicated. You’ll avoid coming off as pushy and too anxious.

      Meantime, try to distract yourself by reading Ronnie Ann’s other post noted here, 12 Ways to Stay Sane After a Job Interview —

      Congratulations again! We’ll all hold positive thoughts that you land this one!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member of the Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Thanks for your quick reply,great advice and positive advice. Their HR lady called me today to give an update. She said that she didn’t have any feedback yet and will get back to me soon. She also mentioned that hiring manager asked her to bring back another candidate for a final interview. They had interview this candidate before and didn’t like him/her and hence I was being interviewed. It seems strange that after rejecting that candidate, he/she is being brought back. I know I may still have a chance but I am not too hopeful now. Is there another way to read this situation?

      • Hi John,

        I’m glad that HR somewhat put you out of your misery and got back to you. At least they’ve made contact, so you can assume they’re still interested.

        It will just make you crazy to try to read the situation . . . sounds like there’s no definitive answer floating around in the cosmos yet. Unfortunately, it can still go either way for you. Just sit tight and let things unfold, knowing you did a stellar job of presenting your credentials and unique value for the job. You’ll be that much better at mastering interviews, should you have to go through it again soon.

        Good luck!

  269. Sstagers says:

    Hi Susan
    On jan 15,20 I spoke to them on phone.On feb 17th I had personal interview.It went extremely well.The person said I would be their junior team member.After 1 week I followed up an the HR said the team was happy interacting with me.Now it is more than 2 weeks.I did follow up again and there is no reply.Whenever I call her it goes to voicemail .what should I do now ?

    • Hi Sstagers,

      Right now, you back off so you don’t become annoying.

      Notice the timing on this. They seem to take about a month between steps – Jan 15. and Feb 17. So I wouldn’t reach out to them again until the week of March 18.

      If they reach out to you before then, great. If they don’t, you can reach out to them that week.

      Meanwhile, keep looking for other opportunities.

      Good luck!

  270. cBernard says:

    Hi Susan

    Just wondering if it’s okay to send an employer an emailing requesting that they contacting me even if I didn’t get the job? I’ve had 2 interviews, but I have a job offer with another company coming my way this week (which they are aware of). I just don’t want to sound pushy/annoying asking, and have no idea how to word it! Any advice??

    • Hi cBernard,

      Caution: Until you have a written job offer in hand (or email from the employer’s domain name), you do NOT have an offer, so be VERY CAREFUL! Do NOT close ANY doors to any other jobs until you have that offer in your hand!

      I think you indicated that the employer you want to email knows you have an offer coming from this other company, right? Just not too sure who “they” are in your comment above.

      Since you have another job offer waiting (hopefully!) and since I believe you have told this company about that other offer, you have taken yourself out of consideration, and it is unlikely they will waste the time and energy to let you know you didn’t get the job unless they have an system that will do that automatically. They will fill the job with someone else. Asking for confirmation of that would be annoying, I think, to most employers.

      However, if you liked that employer, I would send them an email that is a “thank you for taking the time to interview me” message. IF these statements are true, indicate that you would have been very happy to work there, enjoyed meeting the people, and having the chance to learn more about them. Do NOT close this door forever!

      Good luck,

      • cBernard says:

        Hi Susan

        Thanks for the reply.. sorry that I didn’t explain my situation very well! During my 1st interview, when I was asked where I was working I explained that I’m currently doing temp/contract work for a company and they were hinting that they want me to stay on as a full time/permanent position…. BUT I also told the interviewer that it wasn’t something I’m interested in and explained why and how I would much rather work her for company (etc.. etc)…. that interview got me a 2nd interview with her assistant which happened last week (Thursday) and again I think it went well. The company I am temping with right now has asked me for a sit down meeting end of this week and even tho I could be wrong I believe it will be to discuss me staying on full time. I don’t want to mention this to the place I interviewed with BUT I was wondering if there is a professional way I can email this new company and request if I can find out if I got the job or not when they make a decision? or is that a interview no no?? I don’t plan on using this “job offer” as leverage, just as you said… it will wreck my chances…. basically I’m wanting to send a follow up emailing saying thank you… also asking if or when they will be making a decision. What are your thoughts?? Thanks!

      • Hi cBernard,

        Ahhh… This makes more sense. Thank you for clarifying.

        Since company #2 (where you interviewed and want to work) knows about the temp/contract situation and since you don’t really yet (!) know what company #1 (where you are currently temping) will be saying in Friday’s meeting, you have two thing to consider:

        1.) You probably don’t need to accept the offer Friday, assuming that you get one.

        Perhaps the salary isn’t right, perhaps the benefits aren’t good, etc. You need time to think about it. Anyone would! If they make it a take-it-or-leave-it-NOW offer, I’d probably leave it, if I could afford to do that. If it’s a fabulous offer, you might decide to accept and learn what you can in that job.

        2.) You really want to know if company #2 has made an offer to someone else or if that opportunity might still be available to you.

        If you haven’t already sent a thank you to the assistant, do it now – you need all the allies you can have.

        If you did send a thank you to the assistant already, then – no earlier than this coming Thursday (a week after that 2nd interview) – you could contact company #2, and ask about the status of the job you interviewed for. Be business-like and professional. Remind them of who you are, the job you interviewed for, and when you interviewed for it.

        A phone call is probably quickest and most reliable (unless they’ve told you not to call), but you could send an email, too, if you are more comfortable with that, and if you know you email messages get through to them.

        Good luck!

  271. Last week I had an interview for a seasonal cashier position at the home depot. Tomorrow will be a week since my interview and I still have not heard anything, although there were no time limits laid out for when I would hear back about this job. I’m just wondering how and when I should follow up about this job. Should I call or email? Which is more appropriate? Any advice would be great!

    • Hi jae,

      If it’s convenient for you, why don’t you stop by and see what is going on. Perhaps you can talk with the hiring manager to find out when you could expect to hear from them about this job and what other steps in the process there might be (drug testing, reference checking, etc.).

      If you aren’t comfortable stopping by, you could call or email. My fear, however, is that – unless they gave you a number to call that isn’t a general Home Depot phone number – your call will get lost in voice mail jail. The same thing could happen to an email, unless you have someone’s personal email address.

      Good luck!

  272. Hello Susan. I’m debating whether it would be helpful to follow up after a promising phone interview I had exactly two weeks ago. The organization I interviewed with is a small non-profit in a rather remote location. I interviewed with the director (the only full-time employee along with 4 or 5 part-timers), and she said she had a large number of applicants, but she also told me at the end of the interview that based on our conversation she would consider me as a finalist. I was hoping things might move relatively quickly given the small size of the organization. The day after the phone interview, I sent a nice follow-up thank you letter (as an email attachment). What do you think about following up again now that it’s been two weeks?

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m sorry to say that your email attachment probably didn’t get opened and read. People and software (like anti-virus and spam filter software) are very cautious about opening attachments, particularly Word documents. Bad things (malware, computer viruses, etc.) can be included in those attachments, so they often block them or delete them automatically.

      Best practice for next time, just type your thank you into the body of your email message. If the message gets through (not 100% guaranty!), it is more likely to get read. If you want to be more formal, you will be more successful doing a hand-written thank you using the regular “snail mail” postal service with a street address and postage stamp.

      See my post about email for job search for more information.

      I would reach out, probably via phone, to this organization. Give them your name, the date of your interview, and the job you were interviewing for. Tell them when you sent your email thank you, and ask if they received it. Then, tell them you are still very interested in the job and wonder what the status is. Will there be more interviews in person (vs. phone), is there any other information or documentation they might need, and what is the best way to stay in touch.

      Good luck!

  273. Hi Susan,

    I had an interview with a law firm 7 weeks ago, and it went really well. After one month the managing partner (MP) called me, asked me a few questions to confirm my commitment to the firm (such as, flexibility to relocate if needed). I told the MP that once I commit, I commit! He then told me that I should expect an offer to be emailed to me in two days time, and explained that I would have 10 to 15 days from then to accept/decline. It’s been two weeks now but I haven’t received the written offer. I understand they are extremely busy as the MP actually apologised for the delay in getting back to me about the interview (he travels a lot).

    I would like to follow up with the firm, but I’m not sure how best to word an email to the MP.

    • Hi Jo,

      Just be completely professional and business-like in your email. Re-introduce yourself by referencing the day and time you spoke with him, and the job you discussed. Indicate that you have not yet received the offer letter he mentioned, so you are curious about the status of the position and if there is anything else he needs to know.

      Perhaps the offer letter was sent to the wrong address or something else happened logistically that caused the delay. I would ask about that possibility, too, since he seemed so firmly (not a pun) to indicate that you would receive an offer.

      I’d be surprised to receive a job offer from a law firm without having to provide references and other documentation about you and your work. So, if they haven’t asked for references, I would expect that. Quickly Google your name, if you haven’t already, to see if something is out there that might have derailed this offer. The “problem” (a.k.a. “digital dirt”) could be about someone else with the same name, of course, messing up your online reputation. Be on the lookout for that situation, too.

      Good luck!

  274. Kimberly says:

    I had an interview for a purchasing position last Wednesday. I felt the interview went well. It was pouring rain and the interviewer walked me to the car with his umbrella, saying to me, “I think the interview went well, don’t you”? I replied yes and asked when he would be making a decision. He said he had to interview a few more people and that he should know Monday or Tuesday.

    Well, it’s the end of day Tuesday and nothing. Is it too early to send him an e-mail to inquire about a decision being made yet? I really want this job but feel that maybe one of the interviews he had after me was a better fit for him and the company! Yikes! I’m driving myself crazy…. Any advice?

    • Hi Kimberly,

      These things hardly ever go as quickly as everyone hopes. My bet is that they haven’t finished yet, so I would wait a few days before contacting him again. Maybe next Monday, if you can wait that long? You don’t want to be annoying, but you do want them to know how interested you are. Calling today could be annoying.

      Good luck!

  275. Hi Susan,

    I interviewed a few weeks back for a position and the HR manager has been in contact with me letting me know where they are in the decision making process and asking questions in relation to relocation assistance. I got a call today from their secretary wanting to set up a conference call for tomorrow with myself, the HR manager, and head engineer. Does this mean that I should be prepared to negotiate an offer?

  276. Hello Susan,
    I have had 6 interviews over the last 4 weeks for a IT BSC position at a manufacturing company. The last interview was seven days ago. All interviews were great and follow up/thank you notes to everyone sent. Feedback from everyone that I interviewed with, including the hiring manager, was very positive. My last conversation with the hiring manager was one week ago and he said everyone was really impressed with me, he is excited to bring me on board and thought I would be an excellent fit. He was waiting for feedback from my references. As of last Friday, all references have provided feedback and now I am just waiting to hear. I do know (from an inside source) the hiring manager wants to hire me and is waiting for final approval from management; however, management is out of the country. I am torn about emailing the hiring manager for an update…what is appropriate here without being annoying?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Cindy,

      Take a deep breath, and chill out! Fortunately, you know what is going on thanks to your inside source – excellent! So, what would you be accomplishing by emailing the hiring manager for an update, particularly if the hiring manager knows you have an inside source?

      So, wait for management to get back into the country and have the time to approve this hire. You could put the whole thing at risk by being too pushy now.

      Find something else to do with your time – I know it’s hard not to think about this, but give it your best shot! Right now, continue your job search, take up knitting, train for a marathon, paint your bathroom, write a novel, whatever you need to do to distract yourself.

      Given that you do not YET have an offer, it’s not a bad idea to keep looking, just in case…

      Good luck!

  277. Kimberly says:

    Dear Susan,

    I sent a follow up e-mail to a job I’m very interested in getting this morning. It has been a week today since my interview. The Hiring Manager walked me to my car and even said he thought the interview went well. I haven’t heard any response from my e-mail and I know that they finished up on Monday with interviews. Should I assume no response is my answer. Like everyone else on here, the waiting is horrific. One minute I’m sure I will get an offer and the next I’m convinced I did not.

    The worst part is, many times they never contact you to let you know that you haven’t been chosen. I am still searching and have an interview next week, but this particular job is just stuck in my mind.

    Should I follow up again next week or just forget about it?


    • Hi Kimberly,

      Don’t assume that no response is your answer! There are SO many reasons email messages aren’t answered immediately – think about all the times you haven’t responding to an email message the moment you received it! Stuff happens! And, I know you know that.

      For now, just chill out. The hiring process involves a lot of people and, often, a lot of paperwork. All that takes time – more time than anyone wants or expects on either side of the process. And, email is not 100% trustworthy, either – sometimes messages don’t get through, or they get through and don’t get read.

      [Here’s a link to my post Don’t Trust Your Job Search and Career to Email.]

      Wait until this Friday or next week, and call the HR person, preferably, or the hiring manager to find out what the status of the job is. Be professional, polite, and confident. Just checking up, like any good business person would.

      Smart to keep looking at other opportunities, though! Keep doing that, too.

      Good luck!

  278. Melissa says:

    Hi Susan,

    First I would like to thank you for this discussion.

    I went to a career fair on February 16, 2012 and met with a potential employer. This gentleman(Mr. X) said that he was highly impressed with me and that he was confident that I would be teaching people at his company within 30 days. Mr. X said that I should keep in contact with him via email/phone (be persistent) since his schedule is very hectic and the HR department is overworked. He said that he would act as my advocate for a position within the company.

    The first time I sent him an email he sent me a response that he would circulate my resume. I waited a week and gave him another call and email (Feb. 24, 2012). I did tell him in the voice mail that I was also sending an email (so that he didn’t feel like he needed to call me back). He responded that he would circulate my resume again. Today (March 8, 2012 (two weeks later) I sent an email to Mr. X and the HR (with Mr. X cc) department at this company asking about the status of this position.

    I would normally say that this was being to pushy but Mr. X did tell me that I should be persistent. Is this being to pushy?

    • Hi Melissa,

      They seem to respond positively each time you contact them, so it must be what they want. Or they are very poor communicators if they aren’t happy about it.

      I would normally think that this is being fairly pushy and recommend that you back off for a while now to see what happens.

      However, some employers WANT and need persistent/pushy employees, and if a job seeker isn’t pushy enough, they don’t get hired. The question is whether or not being this pushy is outside of your personal “comfort zone” to the point that you wouldn’t be happy working in this kind of environment.

      Hard to tell what exactly is going on. See if you can pick up any hints online (,, Google, etc.) or from any friends or contacts you might have inside this organization.

      Good luck!

  279. This blog and your responses are so helpful during this infuriating process!! Ok so yesterday I had a call saying that a company would like to do a phone interview with me. I got the call at about 2:50pm but didn’t hear the voice mail until about 3:05pm. The voicemail said to call back and leave a message with a good time to call and they would get back that day. I called and left a message saying I would be free the rest of the day. I didn’t get a call back. Should I call back today if I haven’t heard from them by mid-afternoon? I have an interview with another company today at 3 and am afraid of missing the call again. Thanks.

    • Hi David,

      Yes, by all means, call them back and give them your schedule for today, and for next week, too. And ask them to set up an appointment for the call. You don’t need to go into ANY details about what is happening today or next week. Just indicate the times that you are “unavailable” to speak with them.

      Good luck!

  280. Heather says:

    Thank you very much for this comforting blog! It is incredibly frustrating to go through this process, and is somewhat a relief to see I am not the only one going though the same thing So I have a couple questions!!! I submitted my resume to a XYZ Insurance company for an Executive Assistant Position for the Vice President team. I filled out an online interview thinking that it was probably a long shot. Then amazingly about a week later I got a call and had an over the phone interview, so excited (there were about 300 applicants)!! The guy told me that he wanted to talk to the hiring staff about setting up an in person interview (yay!). I got the in person interview!! It went amazing, at least I thought so! I sent a thank you letter (typed and mailed same day not emailed) immediately!!

    The lady I interviewed with in person said that she thought the interview went well and that this position was created because the current Executive Assistant for the Vice President team needed help, so there would be 2 of us. There were 8 people that interviewed in person. She said the next step would be to have a second interview with someone higher in the management and said she would get back to me by the end of the following week (the interview was on a Friday).

    No word . . . I called the guy that I had the phone interview with (1 week later)as she said either herself or he would be in touch. I asked him if he knew what was going on or if they were interested in giving me the second interview, because I have other offers which I do. He said they were very interested in giving me the second interview, but the lady that was supposed to interview me is out of town and they are trying to find someone else and they are having scheduling issues. I said great!!! It has now been two weeks since I had the first in person interview . . . . . . . . I don’t know what to think now??? Should I call her or him on Monday and ask for a new timeline? He said they were just having trouble finding someone to interview me . . . are they just pulling my chain? When I met with her she said the projected start date is March 12th well that is Monday??? Do you think that because this was a created position that it will take more time than usual. Because this was a position where no one was fired or left?? Should I follow up on Monday . . . I don’t want to keep bugging them if they are already having difficulty. . they said it was now between 2 or 3 people me being one of them????? Any suggestions would be amazing, I really want this job! Thanks for any possible outside insight 🙂

    • Hi Heather,

      To be one of 2 or 3 finalists is very good! Projected start dates are often wishful thinking, so I wouldn’t get too concerned about the March 12th date. The process usually takes more time than anyone, on either side of the situation, want it to take.

      More than two weeks between the first and second round of interviews is not surprising, given that a key person was out of town and others are having “scheduling” issues. This sounds like a very large organization with a lot of policies and procedures, so it wouldn’t be surprising for them to move slowly. In my experience, insurance companies are very by-the-books kind of places.

      If I understand the timeline in your narrative, you had the in-person interview 2 weeks ago. You contacted them after the first week, and now you are wondering about contacting them on Monday – basically your second call in 2 weeks.

      I think you may have taken yourself somewhat out of the running by telling them about “other offers” you mentioned in the call a week ago. They may expect you that you have accepted one of those offers by now and no longer be available.

      Since you are still interested in this job but not employed, check in with them next week to let them know you are still available and interested in this position. Do your best not to let any of your frustration show. Focus on being business-like and professional.

      Good luck!

      • Heather says:

        Thank you Susan for your sound advice!!! It does make me feel better. The guy I spoke with on the phone the one that did the phone interview was actually a recruiter and doesn’t work for the company itself, he works for accolo if you ever heard of it and he is in an entirely different state. So I just explained to him that I had a couple pending interviews and that I wanted to know where I stood with the company. I also told him that I was super excited to work for the XYZ Company and that I just wanted to make sure that there was interest in setting up the second interview. Which he then told me there was. I have technically not contacted anyone from the actual insurance company itself since the interview (2 weeks) just the recruiter that called me in the first place.

        So I will call the lady that I met with in person on Monday (haven’t talked to her since the interview aside from the thank you letter), to see if she has a new timeline for me and to re-express my interest, even though I am frustrated I will not show it of course!!!!!! I consider myself very professional even when I don’t want to be. They are a huge insurance company one of the biggest, I have personally never worked in the insurance industry or for such a giant company either, so thank you for shedding some light on that for me about their technicalities! I just love your site and it really helps calm my nerves, I was so happy when I stumbled upon it. So a big thank you to you and your team who keep this site alive and thank you for not leaving me hanging as much as the interview process has 🙂 I really appreciate the quick response and your wisdom. If I hear any good news I will post.

      • Heather says:

        Oh also forgot to mention I am currently employed by a wonderful company and the insurance company knows my reasons for leaving my current company and what I am looking for. So they know I am looking for the right position and that I am not looking out of desperation but for the right fit for the both of us. It’s just the waiting is killing me!!

      • Hi Heather,

        Good that you currently have a job. That should reduce your stress.

        And, very good that you have an advocate – an external recruiter. Be sure to stay in touch with him!

        When you contact the lady you interviewed with, don’t expect her to remember you. After you introduce yourself, tell her the title of the job you interviewed for, who you interviewed with (include the recruiter), and when you interviewed. Then, ask for the status of the job and what the next steps are in their process.

        Good luck!

  281. hi Susan,
    I was hoping if you could give me some advice…
    i applied for job and i received a call for interview after 1 week, i attended my first interview with hr mgr and it was a very good interview .. then 2 days later she called me for interview with the branch manager and it was an excellent interview. he told me to wait a call for last interview with the owner cuz the owner likes to see all the candidates that will be hired … i attended my last interview and i felt so comfortable when i noticed that the hr mgr and branch mgr made a very good report and they attached 4 papers to my profile …. the owner said he’s so happy and he want me to be part of the team ….. i waited 2 weeks and no reply…. i’m now in bad mood toward that work and i don’t know if it’s good choice if i send an email to figure out if my last interview wasn’t successful.
    I don’t know what should i write to them and if it’s good choice to contact them
    can you help plzz

    • Same here, after all 4 rounds of interview, talked with HR about my salary for 20 mins, then they told me that they need to talk to other interviewers for more information and give me his card and wait for contact. 8 days has past now and still nothing, the reason this waiting is killing my last nerve is without an official offer, I cannot start to negotiate my visa sponsorship, and the date to submit application is April 1st. Even if I got the offer today, I will still have to give my current employer 2 weeks notice, and it will be April by the time I work for them. If no visa this year, then I have no choice but going back to my country. I just hate all the rules you need to follow and times you need to waste. Cuz they never know the whole future of the candidate depends on it and most of the time he just can’t wait! I was so gonna send a email today to check in, but since you waited for two weeks already, I will wait one more day!

      • Hi Nan,

        Unless they told you not to contact them, I think it would be appropriate for you to send them and email to ask what the current status of this job is. If they don’t already know about your April 1st deadline, I would share that with them because – if I understand correctly – if you don’t have a visa by April 1, you must leave the country. So, then they would have no opportunity to hire you after April 1.

        Meanwhile, I would certainly be looking for other positions, in case this one does not come through for you.

        Good luck!

    • Hi Hasan,

      Well, if you haven’t already reached out to them (very sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier!), I would certainly reach out now. It sounds very promising.

      Often for reasons that have nothing to do with the job seeker, it just takes a long time to get through the formal process to be able to make an offer – people are on travel, on vacation, out sick, etc. and aren’t available when needed for the process to run smoothly and quickly.

      Keep your message positive and professional. Remind them of the job you interviewed for, when and with whom you interviewed, and some important detail about you that they seemed to feel was very important (a former employer, an accomplishment, whatever seemed to stand out to them). Then ask them the status of the job and the next steps in their process.

      Of course, keep looking, just in case this doesn’t work out.

      Good luck!

  282. SStraggers says:

    Hello !
    Let me give you recap of my story.I am a software guy. I spoke to the people of a particular company on Jan 15th and 20th. And then I had personal interview on Feb 17th. The interview was perfect. After 10 days they called me and said due to some business reasons they had to close that position and as the people who had interviewed me have a given a strong recommendation they asked me to apply for another position in another department. At first I felt so sad when she said this on phone and my mind was blank for couple of seconds.But then said O.K. and we hung up (The job position is totally different than the position I applied previously, for which I had interview.But I checked the website, they don’t have requirement for the position that they asked me to apply).

    So next day, director from different dept called me and asked some casual questions and after interview the same evening I got a call and was scheduled for the personal interview in the next week. Everything looks fine till now, apart from my mental agony that I am going through. I know that it is not appropriate to ask the responsibilities of the job at this point. I know that I cannot ask that question to Director of dept when he is asking technical questions. So I am worried what would be the questions about? Now different people are going to interview me. I am little nervous what they would ask? At the end of the phone interview the director said , you have my email, you can contact me with whatever questions I have. So what should I do? What should be my mindset?

    • Hi SStraggers,

      Ask for a job description for the new job, if you don’t have that, and some information about this department – what it does and where it fits into the overall organization so you are sure that it is appropriate for you. Tell them you’d like more details on the new position. Explain that you are happy to be discussing a position with them, but the switch from Job A for Department A to Job B for Department B has been somewhat disconnected. You want to understand the organization as a while, and also how this department and it’s products or services fit into the big picture.

      Then, can you do some research online to learn more about what the department does, the products or service, etc.? If it’s not clear, you should probably ask them because it could make the interview process more challenging than it needs to be.

      The director told you to contact him with whatever questions you have, so I would do that.

      I think that your mindset is that you want to do your best, and you don’t have enough information right now to do that.

      Good luck!

  283. Hi Susan,

    Would just like to consult with you on the proper action to take to know the status of my application.
    HR had already told me that I passed all the interviews and have asked me for my references for background checking. HR has also asked me of my current compensation package as well as my expected salary. After that conversation though, I haven’t heard of them for a week now.

    I would like to know the status of my job application but is unsure what to do. Is it ok if I call or send e-mail to follow up? Appreciate your advice on this. Thank you.


    • Hi CK,

      Things sound promising. To figure out what is going on now, I would stay in touch with your references to see when they are contacted and what was said. Checking references is a good sign that you are a “finalist” for this job.

      I’m not sure how long ago you had the interview, but, if it has been a couple of weeks, I think it’s safe for you to reach out to HR to see what is going on.

      If you are comfortable calling them, reach out via phone. Don’t expect them to remember you (and don’t be surprised or hurt if they don’t). Tell them your name, the job you interviewed for, and who and when you interviewed. Then, ask them for the status of this job and the next steps.

      If you don’t feel comfortable calling, send an email with the same information.

      Good luck!

  284. retailgirl87 says:

    I am an 18 year old high school graduate and I work at a retail store. I have been working there for 6 months. I recently applied for a Teller I position at a bank on March 4th, 2012. The human resources manager called me two days after I applied. I did a phone interview with her and she set up an interview with the branch manager of the bank last thursday. I showed up 15 minutes early. I dressed professional (nice career blouse, black dress pants, pearls, light makeup, and wore my hair in a bun.) I brought a copy of my resume, shook her hand firmly and made eye contact. She asked me a series of question, I answered and she told me I gave great answers. She also told me I had a very nice resume. The interview lasted about 30 minutes. I shook her hand firmly and thanked her very much. The next morning I sent a thank you email to her. Five days later, I called her and asked her if they had made any decisions yet based on the position. She apolgized and said they have been very busy but that they would contact me when they made a decision. I told her I understood completely and thanked her. About an hour later, she emailed me and thanked me for the thank you email and told me they would be making a descion soon. So do you think I have a good chance of getting the job?

    • Hi retailgirl187,

      Yes, it sounds very promising! But NO guarantee, of course. I would wait at least another week before I contacted her again. You want to show how interested you are in the position without being annoying. The process always takes longer than the job seekers want it to take, but employers, particularly banks, have their formal processes and procedures that must be followed.

      Meanwhile, keep looking. If this one comes through in time, excellent. If it doesn’t, you won’t have wasted any time waiting for it.

      Good luck!

  285. I hope you can give me some advice on how to proceed. I was offered a job last week. However, I still had interviews scheduled and wanted to follow through with those so the hiring manager told me just to let him know by this Wednesday but that I definitely have that job. I interviewed for another job on Friday that I would much prefer. I had 2 interviews with different people at the organization and was then asked to submit a writing sample which I did at 3pm on Friday along with a thank-you email. I didn’t say anything to them about already having an offer.
    I don’t know what to do now. I’m afraid that if I accept the offer I won’t be able to schedule additional interviews with this new place. I’m also afraid to tell the new place that I already have an offer because this comes off as kind of pushy. The job I’m still interviewing for offers much better pay and room for advancement but if I don’t get I absolutely can’t miss out on the other offer. AHH!!
    Any tips or ideas on how you would proceed?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi David,

      You do have a bit of a dilemma, but one that other readers here will probably tell you happens sometimes. This is a tough one because the time lines are so close together for both jobs.

      First, it’s not clear whether you have a firm job offer in hand for the first one. I’d hate to think you’re assuming it’s in your back pocket, when the company hasn’t actually extended you a definite offer.

      Second, it sounds like the second job is the one that’s the best fit for you . . . the one you really want. You’re right not to tell them that you have another offer. Think about it. If they know about it, they may not continue to consider and interview you. The interview process costs them money, and unless you’re a candidate they really, really want, they may not want to invest more time and money in someone who’s not a sure thing.

      Since you don’t have to let the first company know until Wednesday, that gives you 2 more days to play with. See how far you get in those 2 days with the second company.

      I can’t tell how strongly you feel about the first job. Would you be happy with it? Maybe you should sit down and weigh out the pros and cons. Would you be willing to let it go to play out the interview process with the second one, knowing you may lose out on that one, too?

      I think it comes down to how much of a risk you’re willing to take in playing for time. If the second job is your dream job, you may decide it’s worth giving up the first opportunity . . . unless you can figure out a way to get some more time, beyond Wednesday, to either accept or reject the first job. Any chance of that?

      Don’t know if this helps you, but I’ve given you a few things to consider.

      Good luck!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member, WorkCoachCafe Team

  286. HI Susan

    I was hoping if you could give me some advices. I have an interview with a hiring manager and two technical leads last week. The interview came out pretty good. Even the two technical leads gave me a good feedback that I could solve all of their technical question. The manager told me that the hiring process take at least one week and he has 2 positions open. He told me after they select the two qualified candidates they will set up with an interview with the VP for the final round before submit to HR. It takes about one month. It’s been over a week and I didn’t heard anything from the hiring manager. I even send him a thank you letter. Is this mean that I didn’t get selected for the qualified candidate so I didn’t get any feedback from him ?

    thank you

    • Hi Will,

      I hope you don’t mind me stepping in for Susan today.

      There are many legitimate reasons why you haven’t heard anything, even though it seems you should have heard by now.

      It’s great that you sent a thank you letter. That could be the deciding factor for you. You’re probably still in the running for one of the 2 slots. It sounds like you did a great job in the interview. Let yourself feel good about that.

      Sit tight and give them some more time. Remember, the manager said it would take “at least” one week. That’s pretty vague and could actually mean several weeks. If they’re interested, they won’t forget about you.

      If you haven’t already, check out Ronnie Ann’s very helpful post, What the Heck Goes On Behind the Scenes After a Job Interview? —

      Any of her points could explain why you still haven’t heard anything. Here’s one in particular to note:

      “Someone critical to the process may suddenly have been put on a top-priority project that’s taking all their time. Even if they said they want to hire quickly, the hiring process can get put on the back burner.”

      Sorry I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on at the company, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that you find out soon if you landed this job!

      Meg Guiseppi

  287. Here’s my question: do some companies deliberately refuse to provide an answer to “what is the status of my candidacy” question for fear of some potential lawsuits if a candidate was not selected for a job? Is this a part of HR policy to interview candidates and then leave their inquiries unanswered so as to protect the company? Or are they just being completely unprofessinal and ignore candidates’ inquiries thinking that those who did not get chosen are just complete garbage and not worth a 30-second reply (e.g., “sorry, we’ve decided to move forward with other candidates at this time, but will keep your resume on file…”).

    Example: I have had four interviews at a federal agency, two phone and two face-to-face, including one with an EVP. The HR person who set up and facilitated these interviews was very communicative and responsive, up until my last interview almost two weeks ago. She told me right after the interview that I’d be hearing from her in a few days, and after that – silence. My two e-mails and a phone call went unanswered. I’ve been nothing but very professional throughout the course of interview process, and thought I’d at least get the courtesy of SOME response. Which I did not…

    • Hi Alina,

      Sorry it took me a while to get you an answer for this. Federal Government job search is not my field. So I contacted Camille Carboneau Roberts,’s expert in Federal Government Job Search, and this is what Camille said –

      I don’t have an answer to why she hasn’t been contacted, but I have some guesses:

      1. A decision has not yet been made.
      2. A decision has been made, and they are negotiating with another candidate, and that candidate may be taking some time and going through the negotiating process so the employer doesn’t want to notify others until the ink is dry.
      3. There are continual budgeting issues. I would need to know more about what agency.
      4. The HR people are just absolutely buried with work. It’s best to be patient, while continuing the job search…although an interview, especially 4, is a really good sign. Nudge them ever so gently and be patient, patient, patient…yet persistent.
      5. Someone in HR or the hiring official could have had an emergency, even health related. (life happens.)
      6. I can “almost” guarantee that they will be notified one way or another. I would also suggest she check the application status in her USAJobs account.

      Advice from an expert! You can reach Camille directly through her website,

      Good luck!

  288. After two weeks I send an follow up email to the hiring manager for asking the update status. It’s been couple day and he has not reply back to my mail. Is this mean that he think I’m not a qualified candidate so he would not bother to contact me.thanks

    • Hi Will,

      No, it may not mean that at all. It could mean he’s out of the office, very busy, or ignores emails from applicants.

      I would wait another week to contact him again, and I might try the phone the second time.

      Be polite and professional. Don’t expect a rejection that hasn’t happened. Don’t be angry or upset (or the rejection could happen).

      Tell them your name, the job you interviewed for, and who and when you interviewed. Then, ask them for the status of this job and the next steps in their process.

      And, of course, keep looking! Maybe a better job is waiting for you if this one doesn’t work out.

      Good luck!

  289. Ichbinmarc says:

    Hi Susan,

    I loved your posts on post interview strategies. Here is my complex situation. Would you mind to take a look?

    The firm:
    A big financial institute has been working on a very specialized compliance project across the firm and across all the states it operates in. The project started in fall 2011 and will last for many years. Most senior members were thus new to the firm. The position I was interviewed for is a mid level manager.

    I am a recent graduate with multiple years experience in the exact capacity with another financial institute. So I am currently not working and under tremendous pressure. My skill set is attractive to this employer.

    External headhunter and HR:
    The headhunter hooked me up with the project and acted as liaison among the hiring manager, HR, and me. He set up all the phone interviews. HR took over for scheduling the super day. It seems to me that HR has certain protocols to follow since they only get to me through my external headhunter. In addition, HR discourage me to contact hiring manager directly and they never directly respond to my request for information after final interview.

    Hiring manager:
    The hiring manager and other professionals from the project all liked me. Since I know the business inside and out and I adopt a consulting style work approach, I was able to summarize my observations and to make detailed recommendations. In other words, I was there. After the interview, I got contact from my headhunter and put all my suggestions and thoughts into a memo as my follow up email.

    Four days after the super day, HR told my headhunter that they are very interested in me and working on comp and contractual issues at their end. That was 3 weeks ago. Two weeks after knowing the result (I assume at that time, they have made up their mind of hiring me), that was last week, I sent HR an email asking for status. After two days, the hiring manager sent me an email and asked me to sit tight. HR also sent me an email through my headhunter reassuring their interest.

    Now here is the issue. It seems to me they are opening a manager position for me and it is one level below the original position (which I totally understand because I had been in school full time for more than a year and the manager position is still one level above my previous job). The fact that creating a new job would require sign-offs from many groups might make the whole process unpredictable and extremely lengthy. I need a job before the end of April for visa issues because I am a Canadian not an American. (I know that they know I am a Canadian, but I don’t know if they know what they need to be aware of in hiring a Canadian.) So I have a deadline to meet, a lengthy process, an unfriendly HR protocol, a busy hiring manager who is also new to the firm, a headhunter who is pretty much useless in the communication, what alternatives do I have to make things happen?

    I am also working on other opportunities and hope one gets through.

    Thank you for listening to my craps.

    A pan fried brain

    • Hi Ichbinmarc!

      What an ordeal job search is these days, even without any complications like an April 1 visa deadline!

      If this is not a multinational company, they may be intimidated by the visa process. If they are a multinational company (as many large financial institutions are), they may jump into action, once they know.

      I see 2 options:

      1. Tell the recruiter about the deadline, if he or she doesn’t already know, and ask them to share it with the client ASAP. That visa stands between the recruiter and the commission they will get when you land the job – which should motivate anyone with a pulse. If the recruiter doesn’t seem to “get it” about the importance or urgency, ask them if they have an associate who is familiar with the process and could lend assistance in this situation – a split fee is better than no fee!

      2. If the recruiter really is a lost cause or totally inept, it sounds like contacting the hiring manager may be your best option. ASAP.

      Good luck with this one!

      • Ichbinmarc says:

        Thanks, Susan, for taking your valuable time out to share my burden.

        Isn’t it funny when you see many Americans went to Canadian banking industry after the crisis and now you see Canadians come down here for banking jobs.

        It is a multinational one. Public record shows that they do sponsor. However, the fact that I am a Canadian citizen makes things more complicated.

        Based on North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadians with certain professions qualify for TN visa. TN visa does not require corporate sponsorship and can be relatively easier obtained at the boarder. It is possible to categorize the job I applied for under “management consulting” depending on how they write the employment letter.

        The fact that I just finished my full time graduate degree in the US also qualifies me for one year OPT. OPT does not require corporate sponsorship either. But there is a three month grace period. If one couldn’t land a job in three months starting from the beginning of OPT, one has to leave the country. The end of my grace period is the end of April.

        The original position the headhunter submit my resume for was a quant position. The job description clearly showed “H1B sponsorship available”. So I didn’t think too much. Then the firm decided that I fit another position in the same team and interviewed me in person for the position I don’t know if they would sponsor or not.

        Before the super day, my recruiter asked me for my status. I was thinking of using the OPT then switch to TN to boost up my chance. So naturally I said I don’t need corporate sponsorship. My OPT + TN solution should work if the contract can be finalized before the end of April. Now I am not sure. If I was other nationalities, then I would just say “only H1B”, in which case might well speed up the process if they sponsor. What an irony!

        In my case, I don’t think I would make the H1B April 1st deadline. Because normally firms should wait after the candidate sighs the written contract then submit H1B filing. If I can make the H1B deadline then I definitely can make OPT grace period deadline at the end of April. But still I will have to write the hiring manager about my situation and cc to my headhunter. Now it all depends on how much the hiring manager likes me.

        Sometimes I think it would be a miracle if I can pull this one out…

        Thank you again.
        A deep fried brain. (Maybe I just need to get married to a New Yorker LOL)

      • Ichbinmarc says:

        I apologize for turning this thread into an immigration one…Dealing with governments now becomes my hobby, not to mention the tax treaties between Canada and the US I need to be aware of in filing two countries’ tax return….so my stock trading through my Toronto broker would be an economic event occurred in the US and subject to both countries tax ruling….(just kidding)……deep deep pan fried brain…

      • Ichbinmarc says:

        Dear Susan,

        I have an update now. The hiring manager called me on Friday and said that the HR has cleared the process of creating the new position. He will contact me for details of the responsibility of the position.

        I decide to keep playing my “no corporate sponsorship required” card. The only problem is the position is a permanent one while I need a contract one for TN visa. Do you think it is possible to convince a multinational financial institute to make such change. It should be much easier than sponsoring me for H1B. TN visa has no quota and only costs me 75 dollars and also good for 3 years. I kinda feel socially irresponsible to compete with other nationalities for the limited number of H1B while I can simply get TN.

        I plan to bring TN visa issue up when I start the process of negotiating contractual details, such as comp and benefit, with HR/hiring manager. What’s your suggestion? If the HR can be more candidate friendly and adopts a protocol with better communication strategy, then I would have already told them about my status.

        I hope you have a great Sunday.



      • Hi Lance,

        I applaud your social responsibility in not applying for an H1B if you don’t need it. I hope your altruism is rewarded!

        I’m not sure how rigid this employer will be about “permanent” vs. “contract” jobs. As you know, financial institutions have many formal procedures (although, looking back a few years, sometimes not the always right ones), and they may have a justification process for contract positions involving headcounts and budgets and other “administrivia.”

        Can you get any more information about this employer and process from another source, like LinkedIn maybe? How powerful is HR in this organization? I’ve worked in HR, and it always felt like we were “underdogs” with no respect from the rest of the organization – although, when I left HR in that organization, HR was viewed as all-powerful.

        Is this something that the recruiter could give you any insight into? Not asking this person for help, just for information. If they are a contingency-based recruiter, they have a stake in your success. No job for you; no commission for them.

        I think/hope you are correct to wait until you have the offer or, at least, strong support from the hiring manager, before you broach this subject, but the delay could backfire, too, if the paperwork aspect of it is too arduous.

        Hope you have a great Sunday, too, thank you!

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

        Good luck!

      • Ichbinmarc says:

        Hey Susan,

        Sorry for the delay in my update. Apparently the employer prefers spending more money on H1B to the easy and simple TN. So I am not going to insist on saving their money.

        In addition, after 8 rounds interview, I will have to fly to their headquarter to do more tests……I am trying very hard to keep my spirit high…



      • Hi Ichbinmarc,

        So, doing things the hard way, are they, and no contract. I suspect it was the contract that was the issue for them. They may have viewed it as limiting their options too much – if you are a “regular employee” they can fire you any time they want.

        Hope this works out for you – hang in there!

        Good luck!

      • Ichbinmarc says:

        Update. So I finally flew to their headquarter this week and met four more guys there. So in total from October last year when I submitted my resume, I talked to 11 guys from that company in total, all in interview setting. For those four guys, three went well, one I am not sure what words he will put forward. Two interviews were very intense. I was told that they will let me know the next step by the end of today.

        I guess no candidate can make sure to get everyone’s favor if one was asked to see everyone in the company. I am tired, and don’t care anymore.


      • chandlee says:

        Hiring can be a long process — for both applicants and current employees. On the employee you met with who you felt like was unsure: try not to read too much into it. (He could have had a bad day or generally have a poker face when he meets candidates — this is not uncommon.) Don’t write off the job just yet. You’ve put too much time and energy into it. And if they are flying you to their headquarters, it means they are serious about you!

        It sounds like you’ve put months into this hiring process, so make sure you follow-up with thank you notes as well. If the “one guy” interview wasn’t perfect, address any potential concerns in an individual follow-up note to him if appropriate.

        Good luck,

  290. Hi,
    I had a phone interview last Thursday. The HR person interviewing me told me that they were going to take the information to the relevant managers, and come back to me at the beginning or middle of the next week (hence this week). I hadn’t heard anything by the middle of the week so I sent a quick email enquiring about the status of my application. No reply yet (2 days later). What should I do next – call? Email again? I am keen on this position, but I also would like to know what I’ve done wrong if I don’t proceed, as this was my first phone interview ever.

    • Hi Kb,

      Congratulations on getting through your first phone interview! Good to have that experience.

      I think that I would call them, probably Monday afternoon or, better, Tuesday (because Mondays are often crazy busy days). Identify the job you were interviewing for, and when and who interviewed you. Then ask for the status and the next steps. If there are no “next steps” for you this time, thank them for their time and consideration and ask for feedback.

      Since you are keen on this job, if you get bad news, send them a thank you any way. Reiterate that you enjoyed speaking with them and are very interested in working for them, perhaps describing why you are so interested in working there.

      Hope you get good news!

      Good luck!

  291. Hello Susan-
    I applied for a job on February 16 and finally had a phone interview on March 9th. They were hiring for 2 job positions, and I was being considered for both, but they were hiring for one before the other. After my phone interview, she said that they would be conducting second round interviews at the beginning of the next week. At the end of that week, (March 16) I hadn’t heard from her, so I followed up with a quick email. She then told me that I was no longer being considered for the initial job I interviewed for, but that she was closely considering me for the other job and that they would hope to do second round interviews for THAT job at the end of last week. Well, I haven’t heard anything again (which seems to be the trend), Should I drop another quick line? I don’t want to be a pest, but I need to play process of elimination as soon as I can!

    • Hi Feleceia,

      Yes, I would connect with her again to see what is going on now. Perhaps they weren’t able to get to the interviews for the second job yet – these things seem to always take more time than anyone plans to have them take.

      Hope you get some good news.

      Good luck!

  292. HI,

    I recently check the company web page for the position that I have interview 3 weeks ago. The position no longer posted, Is this mean the position already been filled?

    • Hi Dave,

      It’s very hard to tell what that means.

      Removing the job posting doesn’t automatically mean that the job has been filled, but it may have been. It does mean that they are not currently looking for applicants.

      They may be still figuring out who to invite in for another round of interviews. They may be checking references. OR, they may be doing something entirely different because something unrelated must be handled before they can turn their attention back to filling the job opening.

      Since it has been 3 weeks, it would b appropriate to check in with them to find out what is going on. Tell them the job you interviewed for, and when and who interviewed you. Then, ask for the status of the job and the next steps in the process.

      Good luck!

  293. Hi Susan, I wrote you on March 9th, a couple weeks back just to refresh your memory its the EA position with a BIG insurance company(its a couple posts ago in this section)! Just updating some news! Well after exactly a month of waiting for the 2nd interview, I finally got it last Friday! I went really well, I really seemed to click with the girl that interviewed me. She said that my external recruiter would contact me next week (the 2nd interview was last Friday March 23rd) regarding next steps . . . so its now Thursday and no word to speak of from anyone 🙁 I definitely have that whole OCD thing going on right now, luckily I was able to keep myself busy for the first half of the week but now I am really getting depressed and second guessing everything. I really wish this process wasn’t soooo hard! I mean really! She said projected starting date would be some time mid April ish . . . . what????? The people seem to travel a lot in this company and there always seems to be someone missing from the equation so I have a bad feeling this is just going to drag out. How soon should I contact them to see what the next steps are . . . do I contact the external recruiter? do I contact the person I last interviewed with? or do I contact the first person I interviewed with? or if I contact the external recruiter and he is not responding, who should I then contact? It will be exactly a week tomorrow, and she told me they would try to have a decision by this week. So how soon should I contact these people? I have sent thank you notes to everyone I have ever interviewed with! The recruiter told me its between me and 1 or 2 other people . . . sheesh! Any advice would be appreciated in my OCD glazed over eyes! Wish I could just crawl into a hole until they call 🙁

    • Hi Heather,

      Hang in there! Sounds like things are going well. Things seldom go quickly in large companies, and I think large insurance companies have the most processes, procedures, and hoops to jump through (banks and government are worse, if that’s any consolation). Start date in mid-March or mid-April (or early May) is all the same to them.

      The external recruiter should have a good idea of what is going on inside the labyrinth, so I would contact him first, probably tomorrow or Monday. As you now know too well, it takes them a long time to do anything. Meanwhile, time to paint the bathroom, take up knitting, learn a new language, write a book, or anything else that will keep your mind too busy to fret about this.

      Good luck!

  294. I’m a little bummed out. I went on a interview last Thursday I thought the interview went great. I received a call for a 2nd interview for that Friday. While on the interview the manager than stated that the director I interviewed with stated, ” I left a good impression”. With that said I thought the 2nd interview went well also, I was told I should be receiving a call by Wednesday and as of today I still haven’t heard back from anyone.
    I did send thank you emails to both interviewers and I’m wondering whether I should actually give them a call or should I just give it more time.
    I really want this job and if I don’t get it I just want to know what went wrong.

    • Hi arelean,

      Sorry you’re having this agony. The waiting can be a killer, can’t it?

      First, congratulate yourself on 2 good interviews. That’s a wonderful accomplishment. Sounds like they’re definitely interested.

      There are so many possible reasons why you haven’t heard, that could have nothing to do with you. No news could just mean they’ve hit a snag in the hiring process. Or maybe a critical decision maker was off last week. Some people take vacation a few weeks before or after Easter. They may have told you they’d call last Wednesday not realizing that person (or persons) would be away.

      As hard as it is to keep from calling or contacting them, I think you should hold off until maybe Wednesday or Thursday, when it will have been a week. Friday is a holiday for some (Good Friday), so I wouldn’t contact them then.

      If you haven’t already, it may help to read Ronnie Ann’s post here, Stuck in the Waiting Game After 2nd Interview. —

      In response to a job seeker who was fretting over not hearing anything after the second interview, she said:

      “Sometimes, after a second interview, companies need to run your application through a variety of processes before they can even consider an offer, and those processes can take a long time.”

      I hope this helps. Good luck in landing this one!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member, WorkCoachCafe Team

  295. Hi, Susan.

    I applied for a position in finance in one company here in Doha. I had an interview in Feb 2012 with the Finance Manager. Just last week, I had another interview with the Recruitment Specialist. Today, I called her and asked for the status of my application and she told me that the hiring manager (finance manager) has not given her the final decision. Is it okay to send a follow up letter to the finance manager?

    • Hi Mila,

      Well, here in the USA, contacting someone who interviewed you in February would be OK now. In fact, it might be a very good idea. I assume that things are similar in Doha.

      Good luck!

  296. Hi Susan.

    I have been in the interview process with a large Insurance company for a Training position for the past several weeks. Began with a phone IV from HR, then an in-person IV with the direct reporting manager the following week, and finally a phone interview with the department head two Thursdays ago (March 22), she works out of state.

    After the final interview on the 22nd, she said that they were planning to make their decision towards the end of the following week (around the time of this past Thursday or Friday), as I was within the top three she was interviewing. I have yet to hear back, and I feel that all of the interviews went pretty well, including my appropriate follow up letters and such.

    I am now getting antsy about when I am going to hear back, and when (if I should) send a follow-up letter to check on the status of my candidacy. Any advice?

    • Hi Jason,

      I can understand the “antsy” feeling about this. It has been nearly a week now since their self-imposed deadline, which is very often too aggressive for what needs to happen. So, I think it would be appropriate for you to reach out to the direct reporting manager this week.

      Because this coming weekend is Easter, you might run into people being out of the office, which has probably impacted their decision-making process. I think I would call the direct reporting manager, who is local, to see what is going on, but a more formal letter is also a good idea.

      If you call, after you introduce yourself, remind the direct reporting manager of the job you interviewed for, when and with whom you talked, and maybe something significant about yourself that seemed to resonate with this manager during the interview (school, employer, achievement). Just to help them remember you clearly. Then, ask for the current status of the job and the next steps in the process, if it hasn’t been filled yet.

      You can do a variation of this in the letter, too, of course.

      IF the position has been filled with someone else, send another letter (assuming you want to work for this company) thanking them for the opportunity to meet them and to learn more about them.

      Hope this works out for you!