How Often Should I Call an Employer After My Interview?

In a recent exchange of comments on How to Tell If a Job Interview Went Well, the subject of how soon and how often to call an employer after the interview came up. One of my wonderful readers, CE (who recently got a job herself), was helping comfort someone anxiously waiting to hear whether she got the job.

Speaking specifically to the question of how often to call, CE wrote:

I once got a job because the hiring manager said they would hire me if I quit calling them all the time. They said I was persistent, and they hired me! While I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone, I would recommend that you call the prospective employer back to check on the status. Anyone else agree with this or do you have another opinion?

Glad you asked, CE. I covered this a while back in After an Interview: Can Weekly Follow Up Calls and Emails Help Get You the Job? But since this question comes up so often, I figured it was worth discussing post-interview follow-ups again in a new post.

What You Need to Know about Post-Interview Follow Ups

Here’s a quick summary of salient points I hope will help ease at least some of the waiting pain:

  • Thank you notes are a great first follow-up step. While I have hired folks who never sent one, it is a good positive initial follow-up contact and leaves a nice impression.  (Although there was one time when it didn’t.)
  • Show you have patience and professionalism by waiting at least a week – or better yet two (depending on the type of job) – before you follow-up after the thank you note.
  • When you do follow up, make it short and sweet unless you have something new and relevant to add – and keep that short too.
  • Some of the very folks you are waiting to hear back from get over a hundred e-mails a day – many requiring immediate action – so if they don’t respond right away (or at all)…it’s NOT about you.
  • Some companies take weeks just to interview the first round of candidates – plus there are internal decision-making processes that take lots of time.
  • Some companies have policies about not responding at all to follow-up contacts (there are legal implications such as when responses are misconstrued by the candidate), and so these companies wait instead until an offer was made and accepted. Again this is not about YOU.
  • After the thank you and additional follow-up, wait at least 2 weeks before checking your status again – unless they tell you to call on a specific date or to just wait until they get back to you.
  • If there is even a chance you might get the job, the employer remembers you – really! If there’s no chance…no amount of calling will help, and it may hurt your chances next time there’s an opening. So please resist trying to remind them every few days. There’s a fine line between persistence and stalking!

Hope that helps. Feel free to add your own thoughts about follow-up frequency.  And thanks again CE and all my other readers who so kindly pitch in to help those with the post-interview OCD blues.

And last but definitely not least…congratulations on your new job CE!  I’m happy to report she’s not the only reader who has recently gotten a job. There is indeed light at the end of the long interview tunnel! 😉

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About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. I like your bullet points Ronnie! A week to two weeks is a reasonable length of time to follow up. Just be sure that you don’t communicate a whiff of desperation in your tone if you communicate by phone.

  2. You should never leave an interview without setting a date on which you are going to call to follow up. Let the interviewer guide you on that follow up date, a/c what they tell you about the next steps in the process, but then say you will follow up on X to check on the status.

    This way you get the opportunity to show that you do exactly what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. That’s a good quality to be demonstrating to any prospective employer.

    Then in each contact after that, do the same thing. Tell them when you will next follow up, and again do exactly what you say you will, when you way you will.

    Naturally, if at any stage in the process, they say not to call, don’t. But until they say that, be professionally persistent.

    • I was told after three grueling but very positive interviews (one mentioned he couldn’t give a verbal offer for legal reasons but said it looked very favorable for me) that I would probably hear something in a week. A day after that week passed I made a phone call to my contact that got me the interview. Didn’t hear back from him since yesterday. I then sent a follow-up thank you e-mail to him (a week late). I then called again today to speak to the hiring manager who was present in the first interview with me (and with my company friend or contact) and was asked by his secretary who was calling. She put me on hold, then said he was not in his office. She offered for me to call back then changed her mind and said to give her my number then she would give it to him. I forgot to ask her something so I called back from the same phone, but this time I got hung up on (fast busy signal). I know though that their phone system there is squirrely.

      The bottom line is that I don’t want to pester them to a point whereby I am annoying them or they may deem it unprofessional. One of the guys in one of the interviews said HR takes there sweet time, but it the HR guy who said I should hear in a week.

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi JP,

        I know it is VERY hard when you are waiting for an answer in this kind of situation! But it would be a mistake to contact them again, until at least one week has passed (and two weeks would be better). Wait to hear back from your contact, but don’t pester that person either.

        Continue your job search, pursuing other opportunities. If this one works out, great, and if it doesn’t, you won’t have wasted your time waiting to hear from them. SO much can happen between the job interview and the job offer — and much of it can have nothing to do with you!

        You can’t control the process, and you’ll only come across as a desperate person if you try to contact them again this week. Even if you are desperate, don’t let it show. No one wants to hire a desperate person.

        Good luck with your job search!

  3. I have heard quite a few people recently extol the virtues of weekly call-backs after an interview. As long as it’s not overbearing, I can’t see how it wouldn’t help.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Rick! As always, your pithy-but-jam-packed comments are much appreciated. 😉 So true about the “whiff of desperation.” If you’re really stressed, worth doing some deep breathing exercises and practicing a smile before picking up the phone. But better yet…don’t pick up the phone at all until you’re feeling more relaxed!

    Thanks for sharing that tip John! I always suggest people do what feels right for them, but certainly a pleasantly worded suggestion for follow-up is definitely worth considering.

    Hello DC Jobs! While weekly calls seem innocent enough, multiply that by all the folks who might have been interviewed that week and you’ll have a very annoyed interviewer(s). Add to that the truth that follow-up calls really serve the caller and not the employer (always something to avoid tactically), and you may not be helping yourself.

    An occasional call is ok, but weekly? Probably not. I have never needed to be reminded of whom I am considering. And the others whom I’m not considering (and for whatever internal reasons may not be able to say anything to) will just make the person answering the phone or reading the e-mail squirm. Again, not helping them for future openings.

    So I still suggest, in most cases, less is more. 😉 Of course, as always, situation, job type, and industry may call for different tactics.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • says:

      Dear Ronnie,

      Can you send me some of that magic luck my way please, I have applied for over hundred of jobs after being at a company that is a month behind on paying me my payroll! I have been laid off three times.

      Thank you for your time !



      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi Renee!

        The best “magic” I know is Dr. Cuddy’s “power poses.” Do them at the start of the day, or the start of your job search activities, and they will help you feel better (so you will do better).

        I hope you aren’t sitting at your computer and submitting resumes over and over, because that’s not usually the best answer. Polish up your LinkedIn Profile (which most employers compare to the resume or job application submitted), reconnect with your network — people you worked with in the past, people you went to school with, and others you know or have known. Being referred by a current employee is the best way to land a new job. It beats submitting applications (without a referral) hands down!

        Good luck with your job search!

  5. Waiting!

    Seven weeks ago after some phone interviews I was asked to fly over for three interviews .
    I was told they would contact me around the 20th of September.
    It’s now the 23rd do I call them or go on to wait?
    Thank you for any and all help,

    • Sure, I’d call to not only get a status check, but to reiterate your interest in the job. Maintaining an upbeat tone in your voice might work in your favor.

      Good luck!

      • Hi Forest!

        Great advice from one of my favorite career advisers, Rick. I couldn’t have said it better.

        Hope you got some encouraging news when you called. Please let us know what happens. Good luck!!

        ~ Ronnie Ann

  6. Thanks Rick & Ronnie,

    I did call on the 24th and spoke with the Director .
    It seems they forgot to let me know the position had been filled.
    OK not very nice but I’m OK .

    Thanks for the support,

    • That stinks, Forest. Hard enough not to get the job, but yes…they could at least take the time to let you know. At least now you have the answer. And maybe not a company you want to work for after all. But I like your attitude and hope the next one has “Forest” written all over it. 😉

      Thanks for letting us know. Please feel free to check in once in a while and tell us how it’s going. It only takes one.

      Best of luck!

      ~ Ronnie Ann

  7. I wondered about a position that is timelined. I interviewed for a position (the interviewer was the program manager, but not the decision maker) that should have began in July, but they had just began to interview. How often should I call back if they need to hire ASAP, but are slow in interviewing. Is the policy the same as perm?

  8. P.S. The position is for a 15-month assignment.

  9. Hi JustHire!

    Each place has its own policy and ASAP – especially for contract hires – can often take months regardless of their preferred hire date. All you can do is stay in touch every couple of weeks and notice by the way they respond (ok to ask if you may check in again in a week or two) how this works for them. If you’re going through a recruiter…best to stay in contact with them weekly through a polite call or e-mail and make sure direct calls to the company are ok.

    Good luck!

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  10. Hello,

    I interviewed for a federal government attorney position in the beginning of August. I checked in with a thank you e-mail a couple weeks later and the prospective employer said he didn’t have an answer but I should feel free to inquire, so I checked in again a couple weeks after that. In response to my second check-in I received a nice e-mail that explained that I did not get the job I interviewed for, but I may be offered a different more entry-level position (which is appropriate since I’m a new attorney). Since I responded with a couple questions about the other position, the prospective employer said we should chat by phone and we had a nice conversation. On that date, he indicated there was a good chance that he would be able to offer me a job, but couldn’t say for sure. He said he expected to know by the 30th of September. A couple more weeks went by, and I e-mailed with one quick follow-up question, which he quickly answered. Then, on the week of the 30th, I heard from my references that they’d been contacted. Since then, nothing. A couple weeks have gone by, and I’m dying to know what’s going on. Of course, if I’m no longer in the running for any reason it would be really helpful to know that, so I can move on. As you can see, however, there’s been quite a bit of contact already. If I call or e-mail one more time, will I cross the line? Thank you!

    • I think a phone call would be in order at this point since two weeks have passed, plus the fact that your references were called and the hiring manager indicated there was a good chance they would extend you an offer. You obviously need some sort of closure on this, but keep on pursuing other opportunities until you have an actual offer in hand.

      It’s anyone’s guess about the job. Maybe the hiring manager has other pressing matters? Maybe, with the start of the new federal fiscal cycle on Oct. 1, they needed to make some budgetary adjustments that affected the position?

      Keep the faith!

  11. Hi Ronni,

    Fantastic article! I currently am waiting to hear about an interview I just had on October 7th. I sent over a thank you card, and they had the next day. I just followed up 2 days ago, but got voice mail, so I left a message.
    So does your follow up skills include, if you get voicemail on your follow up call, and don’t actually speak to anybody, and haven’t heard back?



    I’m on a BLOGGING BREAK. But couldn’t leave without letting you know how much I appreciate your visits. I hope in the meantime you will help each other where possible.

    And if you’re wondering why the break:

    Blogging Overload: Do You Give Yourself a Break?

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  13. I’m in a similar situation to Ryan in that I applied for an attorney position with the federal government, and I have not yet received an offer. I had my interview the first week of September, and it went very well. The interview lasted two hours, as the selecting official and I lost track of time because we had such an enjoyable conversation. I was told during the interview that they were interviewing for two positions, but the interviews for the second position were not completed. I was also told to contact the selecting official should I receive another offer before the agency got back to me. I was futher told that the selecting official would get back to me in two weeks to let me know either way. On the way out, I was called back to the interview room and asked if they could contact my current supervisor. The answer was yes.

    Two weeks went by, but I did not hear anything from the agency. However, I was informed by two of my three references (current employer and previous employer) that they were contacted and the conversation with the selecting official went very well.

    It wasn’t until the last week in September that the selecting official made contact with my third reference. The selecting offical apologized to my third reference for the delay and said that the selecting official had been swamped with work and had just finished interviews for the other position that was being filled. The selecting official told my third reference that my interview was very impressive. They spoke for nearly 45 minutes.

    Fast forward to the second full week of October. I called the agency to say that I was still very much interested in the position and wanted to check on the status (voicemail). I received an immediate email, saying that references were still being checked. (I assumed this was for the second position because my references had already been checked for the first position). I was thanked my for my continued interest and told that the agency would be back in contact with me.

    To date, I still have not received word on whether I got the job. Should I make another phone call, or should I just sit back and wait? I don’t want to annoy the selecting official, as I know the person is overworked. It took a month alone to check my references, so I would imagine it would take a month to check the references of the candidate for the other position, which would be the end of October.

  14. @ Fed — My suggestion: Send an e-mail to indicate your continued interest. Keep it upbeat and say that you look forward to hearing from them. It may not be as personal as a phone call but it at least keeps your name in their thoughts.

    Hang in there!

  15. Hi, I have something urgent to ask, hoping to get a quick response.

    I got an interview with a very good company through a friend of mine. It’s like that dream job, I never thought I would have a shot at. I am professionally qualified (Like a CPA), but I have hopped a few jobs over the last 3 years (3 jobs) just in search to find the right job.

    My friend asked the hiring manager what they were looking for, as I didnt have the necessary experience for the post, but I was willing to start over and start at the bottom. They said they were fine with that, and just awareness about the area, and some workex was all they wanted.

    So, I went in and met the hiring manager, and was candid about a few mistakes that I had made over the last 3 years in my job switches, and how I was sincerely looking forward to this one. She seemed ok then. But I didnt get a call back for like 2 weeks. So, I decide to email the hiring manager, cos she seemed approachable. I wrote to her about how I was keenly interested in the job, and her being a CPA as well, could probably guide me, if they were going to reject me, what I could do to land a job in that area of work. She was nice enough to reply and asked me to call her back.

    We spoke for quite a while, and she was honest enough to say that though she was ok with me, but she wasnt the only one taking the decision, and people had a problem with my job hops, and me being 3 years experienced, starting all over, meaning my juniors being my bosses, could make me feel bad 6 months down the line, and I could quit. So they werent convinced about how I would cope with that. Not with the learning or work part. She did offer to help me out with her friends in other companies if something was open there.

    But I told her I would have the same problem there, and how could I convince them. So, I asked her if I do anything to convince her or the partners, that I wouldnt quit my job after 6 months or an year, and I really mean to stay there for long. She didnt really have an answer, just said that they had a few bad experiences like mine in the past, and just couldnt say how genuine I was.

    I really dont know how to convince her now. Could anyone suggest something. Cos I think she has trust in me, but just not enough to stick her neck out for me. I did offer to sign an employment bond for like 2 years, where if I leave before that I would be liable to pay damages. Could I do anythign else?

  16. Sorry for the delay, Sgcray. I was battling a virus.

    This is a tough one. In the future, when discussing weaknesses, have a strong positive outcome to the story about how you learned from it, etc. Even if people feel for you and like you, they don’t always feel comfortable recommending a hire under those circumstances.

    FYI…I have tons of gaps and false-starts in my career and have always found a way. Sometimes it’s all about how you tell the story.

    Here are some articles here that can help:

    Career Changers

    20 Things You Can Do To Open Up New Possibilities

    Meanwhile…there is one thing you can try. Offer to work for them as a freelancer for a set period and promise to give it your all. Then show them!

    I wish you much luck. Please let us know what happens.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

    • Thanks for your reply Ronnie…

      I was actually thinking about what to do, when I got a call from the hiring manager. She had actually offered to look up with a couple of her friends about possible openings in other companies. So she was just updating regarding that, and asking me if it was ok that she shared my resume with them.

      That was like really super nice of her. I havent seen anyone do that. I had the exact thing in mind what you suggested. I offered to work as an intern for nothing or a very low salary for 3 to 6 months, for them to judge my attitude and work ethics. Also offered to get testimonials from senior people I had worked with just as an assurance (I think I could get a few). She told me, she would check with her bosses and let me know. No promises, just said that quite bluntly.

      So, I am really confused. If you are trying to help me get a job, and recommending me to your friends, then why not simply convince your bosses about me?

  17. Melissa says:

    I only follow-up one time: I send a thank-you note indicating my interest after my interview. After that, it’s up to the employer. Trust me, if they’re interested they will call you, and weekly phone calls or emails won’t make them so if they’re not.

    Interviewing is a lot like dating.

  18. Hi again Sgcray. I can understand why you’re confused. Only thing I can think of is that she really is trying to help but internally there may be more roadblocks than she can explain to you. I do hope someone there goes for your offer…but if not, keep her as an ally. You never know what’s really happening there and where SHE might wind up one day. 😉

    Melissa: You have me laughing. It’s so true. When I was hired as a consultant to recruit and interview people, I never forgot a viable candidate for one moment – even if it took MONTHS for us to get to an actual offer.

    But I do get comments from job seekers saying a well-timed follow-up call gave them a chance to connect again in a way that was a plus. So it happens.

    And in one case in my own work history where I hadn’t heard back, I found out I was the top candidate and my call got them to move things along since I had other job possibilities I was juggling.

    And yes…it is a lot like dating. But even there, things happen and a call after a month or two can totally fizzle or can spark a flame. But whether it’s a job hunt or dating, a weekly call (unless you get asked to do so) just won’t get you any further – and may make you seem like a pest.

    Best of luck in your own career – and elsewhere. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  19. htownaggiengineer says:

    I went on an interview 4 weeks ago and I was told by my interviewers (two of them) that I interviewed very well, and that if they were in charge of hiring, they would give me the job. FYI, one of them was the department head engineer for the local branch and the other was the division engineer who needed my particular skill set in his division. I called back 2 weeks later asking about the status and the department head informs me that he remembers me and that no decision has been made. My question is, how long should I wait to contact them again (it has been 4 weeks since the interview)? Further, I dont want to give them the impression that I dont have other prospects by contacting them too frequently and potentially lose this opportunity, and at the same token, not contact them enough and seem disinterested. I am not sure of what to do further, if anyone can suggest a course of action, it would be much appreciated. Thank you

    • About once every 2 weeks or so is not too much, htownaggien. That doesn’t mean you don’t have other jobs you’re applying for (and I hope you do!); it just means you are very interested in this particular job and you should tell them that when you inquire about the status of your application. Good luck!

  20. Jawfish says:

    Hello : )

    I had an interview this past Monday. I send a thank you note on Wednesday. Which was followed by a request of my transcripts. I was told that she was going to make a decision by the end of the week. Should I send another thank you note via mail ? Call to check the status of her decision ?

    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Jawfish!

      At this point, take some deep breaths and let them do what they need to do. Even when companies state a specific date, things can get in the way and delays happen. If you haven’t heard anything by next Thursday, feel free to send another note. But at this point…believe me…they remember you. 😉 Good luck!

      • Jawfish says:

        Thank you Ronnie Ann : )

        I just want to make sure I am being proactive .. Its a small company…. Would you recommend calling on Monday.

        Jawfish : )

      • I’m so sorry Jawfish! Sometimes I don’t get notified when I have comments. I just saw this. So…did you get the job? I hope so.

        By the way…patience can be as attractive a quality as being proactive. Job hunters do best when they balance the two. 😉 And truth is…when I interviewed people, all I thought about was finding the right one. Even if they didn’t call, I had the best ones in my “next step” pile. Not that an occasional call isn’t useful, but too much is not a good thing…really.

  21. I’m applying for a small retail job at a local thrift store. Will the same follow-up rules apply? A week seems like a long time to me.

    • Hi Talie!

      You’re right. With that kind of job, a one-week follow-up might be ok. But the first follow-up is your thank you note right after the interview…so you’re pretty fresh in their minds at that point. And don’t forget a handwritten note via snail mail can make a lasting impression! Good luck.

  22. Hi, this Tuesday will make two weeks after I had an interview where the interviewer stated that I did well after the interview was over with. I spoke with the receptionist and got the correct spelling and email address and sent the interviewer a thank you note and he addressed me by my first name and stated “It was my pleasure to meet you and I will look forward to talking to you soon sir.” and followed up with thanks as the closing message. I would like to know if it is okay to follow up with a call or another email since I haven’t heard from him in two weeks or should I just wait for him to contact me. I am really interested in this job, its in property management and the property has to be revitalized and at the interview he did state that he did not have a unit available for me yet, but I was the first to interview that day. Where should I go from here, and if I am to contact him, how should I address the situation?

    Thank you for your assistance 🙂

    • Hi DJ!

      Sorry for the delay. I assume by now you’ve had a response from them. Hope it was a good one. 😉

      In your situation, if you haven’t called yet I would definitely call ASAP to express your continued interest, ask about your status and also ask if there’s anything more you can provide them with. I’m not exactly sure what a “unit” is, but assume that is a good reason for delay.

      Wish you much luck! Would love to know what happens.

  23. Sumanth says:


    I had an interview on Monday and the interview went well, and the interviewer said they shall call in two days or you could only call to know the status. I dunno what to do? Will it sound desperate if I call them? Pls help me I’m confused..

    • Hi Sumanth! If the turnaround is that quick, no need to call unless you don’t hear by Friday. It won’t sound desperate even if you already called since they said it was ok. 😉 Good luck!

  24. As a hiring manager, completely agree with these points – especially the last paragraph. A single thank you note is always noticed [although doesn’t influence the decision], but persistent calling, emails, etc. often may disqualify you even if we’re leaning towards hiring you, and will definitely take you off the “contact in the future” list!

    In my experience in Fortune 500 companies, we are not allowed to ever respond to emails, voice mails, or thank you notes – to your point HR/Legal have strict guidelines on this….

    Great set of articles and advice.

    Russell Tuckerton

    • Good insider tips. Really appreciate the words of someone who can tell it from the front lines. Thanks for all your great comments, Russell!

    • morenaone says:

      Hi Russell.,

      Thanks for sharing this information.. I did not realize that there were legal reasons and that recruiters aren’t allowed to respond to emails, voice mails etc.. personally I thought it was quite rude and unprofessional to not reply to an email or send out an email to all potential candidates informing them of the status of position etc..

      so normally at a fortune 500 company how does the hirng process works? I do like the automatic rejection letters because it does let you know they aren’t interested.. but if you have a candidate that MAYBE is being considered and once that decison has been made will an automatic rejection letter be sent? Also when a job on the compnaies website is no longer accepting applications does that mean that have a list of potential candidates or that the job has been filled? For example a recruiter contacted me and asked me if I was still interested in a position as the job title had changed and some of the duties that you will be required to perform. So I did reply back and said I was still interested and the next day the job wa sno longer accepting applications.. then I followed up 1 week later asking her about a timeline and that I was avaliable to interview at her convenience, then 1 week later I followed up and wanted to know my status and made sure I stated the job number etx.. and still nothing.. so almost 3 weeks and nothing not even the rejection email.. now I’m just going to sit back and see what happens and continue with my job search but if by legal reasond that can’t reply etc.. it does ease me a bit.. sorry to bombard you with all these questions but since I have the opporunity to get answers from someone on the inside it does help and make you understand things from the recruiter/interviewer point of view 🙂

      • Just know that there is no absolute rule for any of this. You do your best to leave a great impression, you follow up politely and only occasionally, you know that every company has its own process, and you wait and see. That’s when you learn what their rules are. 😉

        I really wish it were different, but maybe knowing helps a little. Thanks again to Russell for helping to clue us in!

        Good luck, morenaone! As I said in response to your other comments, please keep us posted!

  25. I haven’t called yet, I was going to wait til this Tuesday and it will be a month now. When I was speaking of unit, I was meaning he was saying that they didn’t have an apartment ready for me. They still have not had anybody fill the position yet. Do you think that I need to call
    Friday instead of waiting til Tuesday? I felt a Friday is a bad day for people, but he did say at the interview “You have my cell number if you have any questions or need to reach me, call me. What do you think? Thank you for your time and response 🙂

  26. I decided to send an email instead of call since when I tried to retrieve his information to send a Thank You letter he never returned my call and I had to get the information from the receptionist, and he responded promptly.

    This morning I sent him an email inquiring about the position, and selling myself for the job once again, and he responded in a matter of minutes and called me by my first name and his response was “I am still looking for a property manager, we have not started the construction project yet, but should soon. I will be getting back in to touch with you soon!

    Thanks for the follow up!”

    How should I take this response because I interviewed with him over a month ago and stated he would talk to me soon, and it seems as though the property will not be ready until may another three or four months.

    Do my chances seem good by his responses or it is unclear?

    Thanks for your time and response

  27. I want to THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, I got the job 🙂

  28. This is GREAT news DJ. Wuhoo! Thank you so much for letting us know.

    I wish you all the best in your new job! (Oh…how I love those words. 😉 )

  29. I had an interview in the May 2011 and it went vey well. The hiring manager told me that they are going to make the decision by the middle of next week. I sent a thank you note and followed-up by email after one week reiterating my interest in the position. I didn’t hear back anything.

    After two weeks, I also followed up with the recruiter and she replied back and stated “we are still completing interviews.” I am really interested in this job but I haven’t heard from her yet. What should be the next step?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi JB!

      Unfortunately, these things can take waaay longer than anyone on both sides of the interview desk ever imagines (or wants). When was the last time you contacted the recruiter? If it’s been at least 10 days (considering your particular situation) I’d call and ask where things stand and if there is anything else you could provide them with or do to help them decide in your favor.

      Would love to hear how it goes. Good luck!

      • Thanks Ronnie!

        It’s been a week now. What’s the best way to contact, an email or phone call? I prefer to write an email so that they have time to respond back to me because phone call will put them right at the spot to give me an answer.

        I am not sure what else I can provide them. Any suggestions?

      • I would have no idea what if anything they might want. It’s just a good thing to ask. A phone call (after waiting an appropriate amount of time, of course) can in some cases get you a better response.

        But yes…in other cases it may not be appreciated This is for you to decide. One size does not fit all here, no matter what you might read online. 😉

        Trust your instincts. Wish you all the best, JB!

      • Thanks for your time and advise.

        I will follow-up with a phone call on Monday.

        In your opinion what’s the best route to follow-up, HR or hiring manager? I was interviewed with 3 other team members and everyone gave me the direct number to call if I have any other question. I sent thank you note to each one of them. Is it advisable to follow-up with them as well?

        Thanks again for your time.

  30. Hi,
    I would love your advise on my chances since I can’t stay sane anymore.
    The job I interviewed for was great, I genuinely wanted to work there. I went through 3 interviews in total, one with my main contact and one of her colleagues, the second one also with her and another colleague, this time I got a little hands-on and was told I did very well for the hands-on. And I was told the are considering me. My third interview was with the managing director. It was mainly general chat and she said she’s gonna talk to her boss ( the chief executive ) about the job offer this week. I t was 11 days ago. I sent a thank-you note to her, and also a follow-up email to my main contact exactly 1 week after that. Still nothing.
    1/ The managing director took me to the lift and pressed the buttons for me. Is that a bad sign that she wants me to go off ? I’m a fresh graduate and my grades are not great since I do a lot of other jobs during school time. I’m afraid it’s hurting my chances badly.
    2/ When do you think my next follow-up call/email should be ?
    3/ They said this position needs to be filled in before end of June. I saw they continue to post the job in the job site 1 day after my interview with the managing director. Is that a bad sign ? I saw they posted it again 1 week after that. I’m not sure what’s going on anymore. Any insider tips ?
    Thanks a lot for your help !

  31. Hi LHN!

    I can’t for sure tell you that anything is a bad sign of not. Sometimes the job is reposted because it was already contracted to post that day, regardless of whom they saw. Sometimes it’s because they just want to see more candidates – although you could still be considered.

    Definitely keep applying for more jobs no matter what. And network as much as possible – think of at least one new person each week. And if you run out, go meet some! 😉

    If your grades are low, your contacts will help you get past that. And make sure you don’t get all apologetic about your grades, but instead emphasize successes from your jobs or anything else. The way you feel about it can make all the difference. I believe some very successful people have had only so-so grades.

    BTW…at this point, you probably have nothing to lose from a phone call. While I caution against flooding them with calls and e-mails, sometimes a well-placed call (polite and asking what else you can do to help them see you’re the right candidate) can leave a favorable impression.

    And in the meantime: 12 Ways To Stay Sane After an Interview

    Good luck!

  32. REMINDER: Although I wish I could answer each and every question, unfortunately that isn’t always possible. I will do my best, but please understand if I can’t.

    For more on this: ABOUT WORK COACH CAFE

  33. HI JB!

    Please know I normally try to take the weekend off, but I’ll answer once more for good luck. 😉

    I’d probably follow up with the one person I connected with the most or whom you think has the most central view of what’s going on. I have no way to know this for your situation. As I said…use your instincts. Best of luck!

    • Thanks Ronnie!

      I really appreciate your advice.

      I did follow-up with hiring manager and left a voicemail as he/she didn’t pick up the phone at that time. I got a response back by an email stating that they have not made the hiring decision yet as they are still interviewing and I will hear back from HR regarding any next steps.

      I am interviewing at other places as well but this was at the top of my list.

  34. Hi,

    I had an interview for a job about a week ago and I have not heard anything back yet. So, today I gave my interviewer a follow-up call, but she did not pick up the phone so i left a voicemail message. My question is how long do you think I should wait before I call back? With voicemail, I’m always afraid the person did not get it.
    Also, I have a question concerning reference checks. One of my references told me she gave me a good reference this past Monday. Is the fact they did a reference check on me a good sign? Or do you think it could be just standard protocol for this company to actually check every one’s references before hiring?

    Thanks for any help you can give me on these issues 🙂

  35. Hi Maggie!

    Reference checking usually means you are at least one of the top candidates. Too much trouble to check everyone’s references, plus it’s just rude to bother references of folks you probably won’t hire.

    Give them a chance. This is not a long time! Would love to hear what happens.

    Good luck!

  36. Lourdes says:


    I’m a nurse and applied for a position over a weekend and received a call that following Tuesday. They wanted to get me in for an interview as soon as my schedule would permit so I met for the interview the following Wednesday. Interview went well. Director said as she walked me out that they would contact me “very soon”. I emailed the hiring coordinator the Friday after the interview just to get a better time frame of when I could expect a decision. She responded very quickly to my email by saying she “should” have a decision by the end of Monday once she got with the managers to discuss all the position openings. Haven’t heard anything yet. When would be a good time to follow-up again? I have applications out to other employers in which the hiring coordinator joked about me “pulling all of those applications back” since she felt strongly that I was the person for the job. Of course, I didn’t. I want something in writing first. This job is my first choice, and I am starting to receive other offers. Is this something I should mention to my first choice when I follow up with them???


    • Hi Lourdes!

      Congratulations. Sounds like you’re doing great. I think you should in some way mention it, but it’s a very tricky thing since you don’t want to sound like you’re trying to push them…even if you are. 😉 If you have actual offers, it’s ok to bring it up. I’d try approaching the hiring coordinator in an I-need-your-advice kind of way, saying you’re getting other offers but this is your first choice. Does she have any suggestions or at least an idea when you might know for sure? Something like that.

      Good luck! Please let us know which offer you take. 😉

  37. I had a great interview approximately three weeks ago for a job I really wanted. I did the usual thank you note after the interview, etc. After this time I called the HR Vice President (who also interviewed me) for the status of the position. She called me back and said they still had not made a decision. Is this just a usual response when an employer is trying to let you down or could it still be possible that no decision has been made (I find that hard to believe).

    Also just to let you know that this is a new position (has not been filled since 2005) so it is possible they are dragging their feet with it. Any chances of me still being in the running?

    • Debbie,

      Hang in there, it is not “no” until they tell you no. You have to assume they have not made a decision. If the job has not been filled since 2005, they are not in a hurry.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  38. The Work Coach Cafe Team

  39. morenaone says:

    Not sure f this post should go here but wanted to get an opinion on this.. I sent my resume to a recruiting agency and the director emailed me back and it was late lik1 11 p.m. when she sent the email so I got it the next day and she ask if we could go over my resume the followign afternoon which would of been Wednesday. I replied back to her email on Wednesday around 11 a.m. and told her that she could call me anytime she wanted in the afternoon.. well it was almost 6 pm. and no call so I sent another email letting her know that if she wanted to please feel free to contact me after business hours as she is a bust woman and things happen through out the day where you are busy.. so now it’s thursday and still nothing from the recruiter.. I’m not going to send another email and I hope sending that 2nd email wasn’t a bad thing which I feel it wasn’t.. she say in her email that my resume/career looks very interesting.. what do you guys think? I think she’ll call me why suggest it then change your mind or not call and plus all she has to do is send an email.. I do feel she will call and just got busy.. patience is a virtue my friends patience and I’m trying 🙂

  40. morenaone says:

    Thanks for the reply, recruiters days do get filled and the fact she sent me an email at 11 p.m. was a good sign at least she was thinking about me and to be honest I hope she does contact me after office hours at least it would be quiter for her and few interruptions.. sorry for the typos in the first post 🙂

  41. Hi,
    I did an interview last Tuesday, July 05 . The interview went very well, the hiring manager told me my resume stood out above than the 10 he received. He liked my expericences and liked my personality. He also liked the fact that I received my BS and MBA while working a fulltime job. He told me he will place a gold sticker on my resume because he was so impressed. (lol)
    At the end of the interview he ask me if I would want to work for them after learning about the role and the company and of course I say yes.. It is a great opportunity with a great company.
    He told me they are still interviewing but would like the selected candidate to start at the end of August. I sent thank you letters the same day. When should I do a follow up and should I use emailing or phone call?
    P.s He gave me his card and told me I could call him if I have any additional questions..

  42. Update form yesterdays post. I received an email yesterday from the hiring manger ( 7 days after the interview) I would be working with so I did not have to call the company. He says he just wanted to follow up with me as to where they are in the hiring process.
    I thanked him and restated my interest.

    Is this a good or bad sign?

    • Nicky,

      While it’s tough to say, each company has their own internal speed in the hiring process and may not always match what we as candidates have for timelines for our lives. A response is always a good sign.

      – The Work Coach Team

  43. Hi,
    It has been 1 1/2 weeks since I received an email from the hiring manger giving me an update, in the email he mentions that “he will keep me informed if a second interview will be needed”.
    Do you think it would be appropriate to do a follow-up or wait? As previously posted he really liked my skills and the fact that he initiated the follow- up 1 week after the interview kind of show that he did not forget about me.

    P.s the new employee would start at the end of next month.
    What should I do ? I am anxious but do not want to be pushy.

    • Nicky,

      It’s good to see they are keeping in touch with you and letting you know the status. We know it can be frustrating, you may want to read through some of the other comments and posts to get an idea of how others have handled the waiting game .

      Best of Luck,
      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  44. Hello. I stumbled across this site while having some pre-interview jitters. These articles have been very informative and helpful and I sincerely thank you for that. I have a question about a follow up call and when I should place it..but first, some background.

    I applied for a job that was recruiting a number of trainees and had a phone interview in early July. I was contacted for an in-person interview three days later. I interviewed, with two hiring managers separately, in mid-July and was told by the second interviewer that they were hoping to make their decision within the next two weeks.

    Both interviews lasted approximately 30 minutes each and I felt good after both interviews (despite arriving to my interview 20 minutes late). My first interviewer was pulled from a different department and knew very little about the position and the second interviewer was actually from human resources and she recruited people for a similar position in a different location.

    I forgot to get a card from the first interviewer because she rushed the ending of the interview in order to take me to the second scheduled interview because our session went on longer than she thought, but I did get a card from the second interviewer and sent her a thank you e-mail later that evening.

    I am now entering the third week since the in-person interviews (My interview was on the last day they were conducting interviews). When should I follow up about the status of the vacancies? Should I call or send an e-mail? Also, since there were many hiring managers conducting interviews, should I contact the last person I met with or the person from HR responsible for scheduling and coordinating the interviews?

    P.S. Will the lateness severely hurt my chances of landing the job despite the fact that it seemed like I was given legitimate and quite lengthy interviews?

    I apologize for the length of the post and number of questions and I would like to thank you in advance for any advice you can provide on this matter.

    • Vinny,

      Thanks for finding our site. We hope the resources and comments from others in your situation have helped. Whether you follow up with a call or e-mail to see how the process moving is up to you. Only you know who the best contact from those you met with and you should have a feeling of what the he or she would prefer, a call or e-mail. Hope it you get the job!

      – Work Coach Cafe Team

  45. Hi All,

    I recently did two interviews:

    I) The first one was one month ago with an Asset Manager for Analyst Investment Risk position , I had a phone interview with a panel member of 3 people (Chief risk officer, Assistant VP, and the VP of the department) , on Friday July 8 th 2011 and it went very well. At the end of the interview the hiring manager told me that it will contact me at the end of the next week. I sent a thank you letter on sunday July 10 th 2011, thanking him for his time and restating my interest for the position.

    On the next monday the hiring manager reply to me and said he ”really apreciate the interview and will be in touch soon with me”.

    I waited a call/email from them the next Friday July 15th as they told me but nothing.
    I gave them another week and then I sent a folling up letter to the Hiring manager on July 21 th 2011, I got an automated reply that said he’s away from his office till Monday August 8 th 2011 , so I decide to send a follow up to the HR, thanking her and asked an update about my application, she replied to me and said ”We will soon let you know the feedback”.Since then nothing from them and I have been waiting for another two weeks.

    So my question is: Should I keep waiting till they come back to me or call/email them again and check the status of my application?

    II) The second one is with one of the Canadian big Banks for an Analyst Trading Credit Risk position in Toronto.

    I had a face to face interview with two people (the hiring manager and one of his employee) on Friday July 29 th 2011 and it went well.

    The hiring manager told me that The human ressource will come back to me during the next week. On Monday August 02 th 2011, I sent a thank you letter to the hiring manager, thanking him for his time and restate my interest for the position, I did the same thing to the Human ressource.After that, I did not receive a reply from both of them. So on Monday August 08 th I called the Human ressource and I finded out that she’s out of the office till Monday August 15th 2011 , I did not left a message.

    Today I had the hiring manager on the phone, he told that he got my thank you letter and he really appreciate my follow up and my application is still under consideration. I thank him again and restate my interest for the position, he told me that he’s going to see some candidates this week and somebody will contact me next week.

    My questions: How longtime should I wait before following up again?
    Do you think I have a chance on both of this interviews?
    Thanks in advance for your advices.

    • Mamadou, Good for you for being flexible, working with the interviewers, sending thank you notes and requesting feedback! We suggest you ask during the interview what the decision process time frame is and when it would be appropriate to follow up. Though you have been through many hurdles, the hiring schedule at the company does not always match the your schedule. Every company has different internal requirements and time it will take to make a decision. You may want to review some of the other comments on this site to get an idea of what other may have done in similar situations.

      Best of luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  46. Hi,

    Thank you for your help and advices.

    I will let you know the outcome of my job serach.


  47. I too am having after interview jitters. After the “final” interview, the hiring manager told me that they will call back early “next week” which is technically yesterday (which marks exact one week of the “final” interview). Since I have not heard from them, I will call tomorrow….the articles and post responses helps me prepare for tomorrow…I will let you know how it goes. thanks for this post…good outlet of anxiety =D

  48. This is exactly what I needed to read/hear. I had two interviews last week and have been stressing ever since because I have not heard back from either organization. In both instances I was told that I would hear back from the company and have heard nothing as of yet. And in both instances I felt that I gave a strong interview. I’m almost ready to give up because I felt that I didn’t get either job since I didn’t hear from either company. Yesterday I sent follow-up e-mails to both companies letting them know again how much I enjoyed the interview and how much I looked forward to hearing from them regarding my interview status and that I was -indeed – interested in the position. According to your article, it has only been a week. Maybe there are mitigating circumstances as to why I haven’t heard back from either company. I will give it another week – after which if I’ve not heard from either company I will consider that I did not get the job and that both companies are flakes and consider myself lucky and move on.

  49. Hi All,

    I recently went for a job interview at a Car dealership for a salesperson (to sell cars) position.
    24 hours after the interview I sent a follow up email, this is what I wrote,

    Dear {name},

    It was very enjoyable to talk to you yesterday about the sales cadet position at {company name}. The Job seems to be a challenging, stimulating but excellent match for my skills and interests.

    In addition to my enthusiasm and ambition, I will bring to the position strong communication skills, great computer skills and the ability to deliver excellent customer service.

    I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I am very interested in working with you and the {company name} Team

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding this position.

    • Wouldn’t let me finish it so the rest was
      sincerely {name}

      I haven’t heard from the since sending email do I call them its been a week and 1/2 ? Thanks in advance

      • Renee,

        Did the company indicate when they might make a hiring decision? You may want to give the company a call and see if they filled the position or if they have any further information you can provide them. Good Luck!

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  50. I interviewed for a job 3 months ago. I was given the verbal go ahead and completed a background check a month later. Since then, they have delayed my start and I am in a waiting game. I check in with the Manager every 2 weeks and he keeps ensuring me that we are moving ahead, but it will be a little while longer. I am losing hope though. 3 months is a long time to wait.

  51. I had a telephone interview with a doctor and at the end of the interview I was asked to have a second interview in person. I did the in person interview. I feel it went well this was on the 26th of August.
    I was told there was lots of people to be interviewed and that I would hear from them soon.
    I sent a thank you email and the doctor emailed back the same day.
    It is now day five and I am going crazy waiting do I just wait some more or contact the Doctor again?

  52. The email Irecieved back said
    ” Thank you for your kind words and for coming in for your interview.
    We will be in touch in the near future.
    Best regards
    Doctor __________

  53. I have heard from some people if you don’t hear back this means you didn’t get the job I am trying to stay postive and just keep telling myself I have the job is this wrong?

    • Waiting, One of our favorite sayings is “lack of an answer is not a no”. Until you hear back from the employer or give them a follow up call or e-mail, assume the position is pending. You can read stories of many others in your situation on this site. Spend some time to read through some of the posts, hope ti helps!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  54. I had an interview 3 weeks ago it went great. He told me they would go over their notes and give me a call for a second interview with the district manager. I gave a followup call last Wednesday to check the status and to thank them for giving me an opportunity. The manager told me he hasn’t forgot about me the district manager was on vacation but he’ll give me a call Friday. Friday came no call so I called again to make sure everything was ok but didn’t want to sound too pushy. He apologized told me that they were in and out of meetings because of the hurricane. He said he would call on Monday and give me a time and date. It’s now Thursday and still haven’t heard from him. I haven’t called because I realize the Hurricane was pretty stressful to a lot of businesses. I’m wondering should I call tomorrow, wait after Labor day or just wait for them to call?

    • Anxious, Congrats! Sounds like things are moving along quite well for you. You need to patient, sometimes things take longer than we want for interview and meeting times to be arranged. Hope you hear real soon!
      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • I hear you. Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m going to try my best and be patient. Thanks again!

  55. i have finished my interview with the owner and after 2 weeks i sent him a thank you note and then the response is this:

    Hi Chris,
    I need your date of birth> I would like to inform you that we would like to start the process of hiring you and bringing you to canada to work. First step is applying for an LMO>

    I am a foreign applicant in Canada and i really don’t get this letter from the owner.Hope you can enlighten me about this..thanks

  56. what i mean to say is i don’t understand what is the letter all about?is it a good news?

  57. Hello Work Coach,

    I seem to be driving myself (and others around me)crazy on a daily basis since I can’t stop wondering when I will hear back on a position that I interviewed for almost a month ago. My wife used to work for the company and said they move very slowly when hiring anyone. I originally attended a career fair in March and interviewed with the recruiter (who she liked me and hoped I would get the job) and a department manager. A few days later I had a voice mail saying they were going to begin hiring for the position in the fall. In mid August I received a call from them stating they wanted to talk with me again about the very same position and scheduled and interview for the next week. Once again met with the original recruiter (who said again that she liked me and hoped I got it) and interviewed with two department mangers and everything went well and they told me the expected start date is 9/22/11. They requested references which I promptly provided and about a week and a half later received a call from the recruiter saying they wanted to schedule a quick phone interview with the new supervisor. There was some difficulty getting this scheduled with the supervisor and she said she would call me back. Since then I have not heard anything from anyone. I left a voice mail for the recruiter a few days after the failed phone interview attempt but still have not had any response. This has been my only attempt to follow up with the recruiter and I am wondering if I should reach out to her again? My wife keeps telling me not to but I can’t help thinking maybe I should. What should I do?

    • Jason,

      Our general feeling in situations like these is that the lack of a response from a recruiter is that the recruiter does not have an answer for you. Maybe they are waiting to hear back from the new supervisor or maybe things are on hold for a while longer. No reason not to stay in touch with the recruiter every few weeks until you hear a final disposition of the position.

      – The Work Coach Team

  58. I’ve got an interesting scenario to post here, and I would really appreciate some help.

    This is going back to the first week of August. After the recruiter qualified me, I had come in for an interview. It went very well, and was called immediately back for a third interview. This would be the second in person. Also went very well. One week later, the recruiter called me telling me that they wanted me to come in for a fourth interview. This was shortly before labor day long weekend. The recruiter told me that it would be early in the next week after the long weekend. That following week went by, I decided to take the initiative and contact the recruiter. The recruiter told me that it was going to be on the following week, because the directors they want me to meet with are on vacation. That call took place on Sept 9th. We are now up to date, and I have yet to hear back from them.

    What can possibly be the delay? Also, on a side note. After the 2nd interview, I was up against one other candidate only. Could they have gone with the other candidate and dismissed my final interview completely? I know these big organization can do whatever they want….but where is the professionalism here?

    Once again, sorry for the long rant. But I’m a little nervous about what is going on.

    Thank You


  59. Every company has certain procedures for hiring the employees.They maintain database of the candidates and analyse their skills according to the requirements of the company.Also there are thousands of applicants for the same posts.So we have to wait for some days and then we can call the company placement authorities for your application status.

  60. Good morning,
    I had an interview where I did not leave my portfolio. Is it appropiate to send it with a thank you letter?
    Thanks in advance

  61. Hi everyone, I had an interview last week Sat Sept 17,11 and she said, she loves me and would want me for the company. Otherwise she said bare with her for the long process. I should be getting a call from the distric manager but didn’t say when. It’s been a week now and nobody called me yet. Should I follow-up by calling her? The store is not open yet, and it will be open in the middle of Oct. I’m anxious to know, [company name] already told me about the pay and benefits.

    • Lynn,

      Sounds like you had a great interview. Waiting is a anxious time for anyone in your situation. A simple follow up call to check on the progress and see if they have a time a decision might be made would be fine after a week or two. Be patient and respectful of the manager’s time. We hope you get the job!

      – The Work Coach cafe Team

  62. Hi,I called her on monday sept 26,2011 left a message and didnt get a call back, now its tues 27,2011 is that mean She’s not interested anymore? I really like the company, and she made me feel welcome to the company.what should i do?

    • Hi Lynn,
      It does not mean they are interest.Maybe they are still running a couple of interviews with other cadidate. My advice would be waiting 2-3 days and then call the company again.

      Good luck,

      • Hi Mamadou,

        i want your suggestion, last week i attend one phone call interview and one skype call interview. As i did my first interview well, they scheduled second interview in skype. I hope that i did my second interview also well, as the interviewer interested in my answers. I waited for another two days to get the another disucussion or interviews. But no mails from them. I also contacted the hr and the technical person who interviewd me via email and phone calls. But no responds from their side. Actually what should i do in this situations.

  63. Hi Mamadou, should i still call her back in 2-3 days eventhough,the store aint open yet? The store wont open til the middle of oct.

  64. I had an interview for a job last week however found out Monday I did not get the job as I was not a good fit. I contacted the company yesterday about another opening and they responded stating that there were 2 openings, 1 in the city I live in and another in another city and that the recruiters focus in on that one first. Does this mean they are not interested…read about the stalking comment; as I saw another posting today that fits me even better. I figured at this point, if they were interested, they may reach out themselves.

  65. Unemployed says:

    Dear Work Coach Cafe,

    Why do you give generic answers that don’t say anything to posters with very specific questions? Is it really a good sign when someone keeps you waiting for three months for a decision with no end in sight? Sometimes lack of a response is not a good sign. Sometimes lack of response means no.

    • Unemployed,

      When you’re unemployed everything seems to take on extra pressure. We cannot provide individual advice on this site, it’s just not practical in a forum like this. We aim to provide answers and advice that will appeal to and help a broad audience. Hope you understand and spend the time to read through many of the posts, comments from reader and special topics here on our site. Maybe this post can help you to provide a perspective – Being Out of Work is Just Plain Scary.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  66. texasaggie says:

    Good morning!

    I am looking for a little advice on how to handle the “following up” process. I had a final interview a couple Fridays ago that went really well. I received positive feedback from both the hiring manager and his boss. They informed me of the next step in the process and that I should “definitely hear back within a week.” I sent an immediate thank you note to bother interviewers, briefly restating my qualifications, and I waited until their initial time line passed to give a follow up call to the hiring manager. He told me that my follow up was timely, and that they were currently in a standstill in the process, but that he was going to call me on Monday (this was a Friday when I called). I asked if there was anything else I could provide to him in order to ensure that I move on to the next step, but he said that he has everything he needed and that he would definitely give me a call on Monday (yesterday). Well he didn’t call, and I am assuming they are still in a standstill in the process, because not much can happen over the weekend, especially if HR is involved. I am also assuming, that if I was not even being considered, he would have just told me on that initial follow up call, instead of saying he would call me on Monday, because, after having several conversations with him, he is very direct. I agree with the above post, but I am wondering should I continue to follow up now, as he stated he was going to call me yesterday, or should I just wait and be confident? I should point out that the position is in medical sales, a highly competitive field. My challenge is to show assertiveness, but to not come across as annoying and desperate. What do you think? Thanks so much for the advice!

    • Texas Aggie,

      Your wording on the fine line between showing “assertiveness, but to not come across as annoying and desperate” is the line you need to tread. Since your followup was timely and the hiring manager has told you things are at a standstill, we suggest waiting up to a week to hear back from them as a next step. Continue to follow up but give them space to work on their internal issues.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  67. Texas Aggie says:

    Thank you for the advice. I have to remember that by me calling and following up, isn’t going to necessarily sway their decision. I have already shown assertiveness in my inital follow up and I did well in my interviews. I will remain confident while they work out their internal issues. I will keep you posted.

  68. I had a 2nd interview at a local well known company, which I am positive about. This was Oct 12, I did a thank you email the next day and a follow-up call Oct 19 (the following Wed). I did get a chance to speak to the person I interviewed with and she said that no decision has been made. She did not say when either. Should I try again, its been another 7 days?

    • Dee,

      You have done the proper things so far and the employer must interest in you to have repeated interviews. A this point we suggest you may wan to touch base after two weeks but do stay in touch to make sure you know how the processing moving along. Good luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • OK, I did call Oct 26 and left a message but still haven’t heard anything. Now it is Nov. 1; should I assume the company I interviewed chose someone else?

      • Dee,

        Why would you assume they chose someone else when you have not been to that from the employer? There are many possible reasons for them not to get back to you. Be patient and follow up with a call or e-mail if you have no reply from them. Let’s hope you hear soon!!

        – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  69. I had an interview on Oct 12 that lasted 2 hrs with the HR Rep, hiring Manager and VP of the department. Overall I walked out of the interview with a good feeling. The next day I sent a thank you email to the HR Rep. A week later on Oct 19 I sent a follow up email indicating my interest in the position. So far I haven’t received a response. Now that it’s been two weeks since my interview should I call or email the HR Rep to find out the status of the position?

  70. I was right, they chose someone else.

  71. Hey guys, I had an interview last week , they said they would get back to me early the following week. I sent a thank you , follow up letter. I did not hear anything back the next week so I sent an email inquiring. They responded promptly that they are still interviewing and to email them back on Tuesday.

    It is good they have me a specific day to call back, I was just wondering if anyone had any more insight to what this could mean. Good or bad. Thanks !!

    • John,

      The good news is that you asked direct questions and get direct answers. We have no idea what this means for your chances of landing this position but if does give you an opening to follow up again. Good luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  72. just had an interview over the phone 4 days ago regarding a graphic marketing position that seemed to go over well along with friendly email communication prior. They informed me that today they would be calling with an update/ decision. while waiting the anticipation builds, you start looking into things that may have gone wrong, and the only think I am kicking myself for was stating in the phone interview with disappointment that its going to take a week to process, I understand it takes time,.. I hope that did not kill my chances. Other then that it went well.

    I guess in keeping confident minus an ego is difficult considering all the anticipation and despair of the FUN insanity that goes with the application process, like a silent jungle slaps to the face.

  73. Hello

    I sent a thank you letter to my interviewer today.
    Promptly he replied that he will update me by 13th Novermber?. Is it a good sign?

    Let me know

  74. Mocha Babe says:

    Need advice asap,

    So I had a interview on October 25th 2011 it went very well the person who interviewed me also said she can see me working for the company. Since then I’ve sent an immediate thank you email and have followed up twice but still she has not made a decision. Should I just wait for her to call me now? Thats what I’m thinking I should do because I dont want to come off as a pest, lol.

    • Dear Mocah Babe,

      You may want to ask the employer when or how often they would like you contact them to see how progress is moving on the hiring process. This way, they have told you what they expect from candidates and you don’t need to worry about becoming a pest. In general, without a specific time, we suggest waiting a week or two befor following up to get a status.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  75. Some interviews last for 30 min to 1 hr and some 2 hr.

    Whats the difference in time? , I heard that those interviews which last for 30 min have less probability of success than one that last for 2 hrs.

    Just give me your valuable input

    • Ali,

      There is no perfect interview length, some people are hired off a application or a quick phone call. In other cases you may be called in to spend a day meeting with dozens of people at the employer, there are just so many factors that may affect the interview process. What you should take away from the interview is how well you engaged with the interviewer. Make the interview interactive, ask a question or two about the company ask for details about the job,ask what the next steps are in the process. All these things should help you gauge how the inteview went.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  76. christina strachan says:

    I have been for interviews and then waited at least a week, sometimes longer until I have heard back. While sending a follow up note or email may help for some people, I have started to believe that if an interview goes well and the prospective employer likes you, they will hire you. On many occasions, I have lost jobs through phoning them constantly, every few days, thanks to my parents telling me to phone and find out. I now do not phone an employer as I believe and recently found out that they find it annoying and aggressive. Unless you were applying for a sales position but I apply for office jobs. If an employer wants to hire you, they will phone and hire you when they are ready to do so. I believe this is the right tactic, what do you think? Please advise, it would really help me.

  77. Hi I had an interview Monday 11-7-2011 at 1pm- The interview seemed to go well in my opinion and at the end of the meeting the hiring manager says to me “Okay Im looking for someone to start right away so I will contact you tonight or tomorrow morning” that evening around 6pm I sent him a “thank you” email but didnt hear from him the next morning (11-8-11) like he had told me, so today 11-9-2011 I sent a follow up email requesting the status and if he made a decision because I knew he was looking to fill the position quickly and wanted to start traning but no response yet. What do you guys think?

    If he does not respond that will really tick me but I’ll be happy that I didnt end up working for someone so unprofessional.

    • Mona,

      We can’t tell what is going on. Maybe the employer thought they were ready to make a decision but then got distracted by another business issue or simply decided to wait. Hope you hear from them real soon!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Update**** so finally at 4:51pm 11/10/11 the employer emails me and tells me he went with another candidate but it didnt work out he then goes on to say “please let me know if you will accept the position, if so I need you to come in tomorrow morning”

        I refused the position because he knows I am currently employeed and wanted to give the current company I work for at least 1 weeks notice (I usually give two weeks notice). I cant just not show up or email HR (my current employer) and say “hey this is my last day”

        In my email I explained to him that my work ethics would not allow me to walk out on my current job and only give them 10min notice and if he wanted to wait a week then I would accept the position. I also offered to go in this weekend so that both him and I could get a feel if I would be the right fit within his company.

        Waiting to hear back from him.

        What do you think of this employer?

  78. Hi,
    I got an interviewed with a company on Nov 1st, and they say normally the process takes 4-5 weeks. Which would be a little too long, I worry they will forget about me.
    Should I do the follow-up on the 14th next week to just kind of remind them I am still interested in the company?
    Thank you.

    • KF – Many times the employer timeframe is longer than we would like. At large companies the process can take a long time. Sure, it would be proper to stay in touch with the hiring manager ot the HR rep you have a good relationship with. If they said four to five weeks, maybe check in the four week mark to say you understand they may not have made a decision but want to express your desire for the job and ask them if they have a new decision date.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  79. Dear Work Coach Cafe:

    My situation is most similar to the one Texas Aggie encountered, but I was hoping I could get some advice regarding a twist on the follow-up.

    The situation: Interviewed with a large corporate (20,000+ employees worldwide) company on Wednesday, November 2nd for a position that starts next summer. All went well with the 6 back-to-back interviews.

    Action: Following day (on Thursday November 3rd), I emailed thank you letters to each interviewer including the in-house recruiter who I interviewed first (that person is supposedly coordinating most of the hiring process). I received a thank you note back from the recruiter, and from another of the 6 interviewers who is not as high on the hierarchy but who also attended the same university and high school as I had. He asked whether I would be interested in another position and left it at that. I replied same day to let him know that I’d be interested in finding out more about the other position, but was still interested in the one I was applying for.

    Did not get a reply from him or the recruiter regarding the new position proposed, or the current position I was applying to. So on the following Wednesday (November 9th, or a week from my interview date), I shot a follow-up email to the recruiter and the alumni connection asking politely for a consideration timeline along with more info on the other position. The following day (Thursday, November 10th), the recruiter writes me that I will be hearing no later than Friday, November 11th (yesterday) from the most prestigious hiring manager with whom I had coincidentally interviewed with last regarding the status of the position I am applying to and that I can ask him during that time about the other position. The recruiter also CC’d that prestigious hiring manager on the email.

    But, as you can guess, the guy who was suppose to contact me with the status never got a hold of me as indicated by the recruiter. So…

    Question: What do you think the best way to follow-up on this would be? Contact the recruiter on Monday November 14th, and inform them I was not contacted by the hiring manager (and if so by email and/or by phone)? Or perhaps wait it out?

    I really don’t like the latter because 1) they didn’t contact me as they said they would and 2) I’d rather be proactive in this down economy, and waiting seems too passive especially since they didn’t follow through as indicated.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!


    • Timo,

      We see no reason not to follow up with the recruiter to get a status and update them. Whether by e-mail or phone is up to you, you probably know the preferred method for the recruiter. Best of luck, this sounds like a great opportunity!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  80. EastCoast heading West says:

    I recently applied for a new position at a company in the MidWest. I currently live on the east coast and am trying to find work back “home”. I submitted a resume and recieved am email from the owner stating I would hear from his HR person soon. I did, and we had a phone interview; things went great! I sent a thank you email and then another a week or two later to the HR person and the owner since I didn’t hear from HR. I recieved an email from the owner again stating he’d like to set up a phone interview which i gladly accepted. When I sent him a response via email i also mentioned that I’d be in the Chicago area for a wedding and would be unavailable on a specific date, he responded saying that since i’m “close” (within 3 hours), if I would be able to come meet him in person. I absolutely accepted and changed plans quickly to accommodate his request. The interview went great. I sent another thank you/follow up email the following week. He and HR requested references and the relation to me and my previous positions. I responded immediately. Its been a week and none of my references have been contacted. Should i send another email asking for a status of the progression of the hiring process or if they’ve been unable to contact my references? They both did not state a specific timeline of the hire, but did mention that they’d like someone trained before the new year. Since I’m moving across country pending on the hire, the more i know the better. What should I do?

    • EastCoast,

      Sounds like things are moving nicely. Since we don’t know the time frame or process for filling the position no need to panic. You may want to follow up after a week or two to see how the employer is proceeding and if they have any other information you could provide. Good Luck!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  81. Hi,
    I was interviewed on 15th of nov, it went well, the Director said that they want to fill the position by 15th dec. Its 21st Nov today and i haven’t yet heard back. I had sent a thank you email on 16th Nov. What should i do?

  82. Funny question, I interview on October the 5th, and still haven’t heard anything, I called HR 3 times and left a message on the recruiters voicemail with no return phone call, also I have email her twice, today I called the Manager who is actually making the decision and left her a message, but haven’t heard back, the job is still posted and my status reads “reference check in progress” so I don’t know what to tell you, nothing has worked for me.

  83. Call them back and re-introduce yourself and tell them your problem. Maybe the supervising manager has lost your number (that’s what happened to mine. They couldn’t contact me after a few weeks b/c they lost my contact info), or they were too busy to call you back (that’s what just happened 2day!). Do call back and let me know how it went. Always have a backup plan in case your first job is not going well, you might fall back on a second one!

    BUT, do remember! Don’t “sound” desperate. Always be professional at all times.

  84. Mocha Babe says:

    How crazy does this sound? And please give me you feed back guys,

    So yeah I had an interview for a receptionist position in october on the 25th. The interview went well and I also sent a thank you letter afterwards. So since then I’ve followed up twice with the person who interviewed me. So I called back last week and the receptionist answered and I decided to ask her if the recptionist position has been filled. She sound so lost like she didnt know the company was interviewing for the position. When I asked her she began to ask me questions like where did you see this add? Are your sure its for this company? Are you sure its for this address? She sound real spooked lol. So after that call I’ve called back twice to get in contact with the person who intervied me to follow up with her but receptionist gives me all types of excuses now like ” o her line is busy, shes in a meeting, she’s not in the office”. So I had my boyfriend call and ask for the women who interviewed me and with no hesitation or excuses the receptionist transfered him lol. I’ve decided not to call back anymore because its just not worth it and if that women who interviewed me wanted me to have the job she would have called me back already.

  85. Hi, Just a query really, I recent applied for a job via a recruitment agency and they only needed two references so I put two previous employers down, however, on the CV i put down a couple of other prior employers, I was wandering if they could go to any of the others firms for a referee despite me never putting them down as references?

    • Joseph,

      The employer may perform a variety reference and background checks. Your entire work and even your personal background may be viewed by the employer as part of the decision making process. How much checking any one company does depends on many factors. You can imagine getting hired for a job with top secret clearance would be very thorough. Other jobs, maybe on so much. Employers may call none, one or all of your listed references, you never know. They may also ask other sources about you or check social sites like Linked-in or Facebook.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  86. I had a job interview last Monday November 21st. It went very well. I called the lady last Wednesday to follow up and thank her and she said she still had to check references and because of the holiday I would hear from her the beginning of this week. I have yet to hear anything and I recently lost my job so I need this job. I don’t know what to do. Should I call today, tomorrow? What shoul I say since I already followed up once… HELP!!!

    Thank you!!

    • Nicole,

      Sounds promising, let’s hope so! While it’s tough to wait, it does take time for employers to do a background check and contact references. There are many reasons for it to take longer than expected. If it goes past this week you want to give a polite call or e-mail to see how the process is going.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  87. I had an interview on Monday Nov. 28, 2011, It went well and it looked promising. They are calling my references, but unfortunately one that I had put on the application is not answering the phone. What do I do, should I call to update the reference? should I ignore it?

    • Samantha,

      We suggest you call the employer and let them know one of the references you provided is not available and provide another reference. The employer may not require this but it would best to be proactive.

      – The Work Coach cafe Team.

  88. Hello, I had a second interview on Nov. 29th for a job that I am well qualified for. The VP I interviewed with said that the CAO was very impressed with my first interview. After our interview he said he was equally impressed. I stated my interest in the position and he gave me a sort of wink that I was a top candidate. I feel it went very well. I have not sent a thank you note or email, it’s been 48 hours, and my question is did I miss the window? Or should I send one, or wait till next week and call? I see different opinions, just want to make the right choice. Thank you!!!

    • John,

      No, it is not too late to send a polite thank you note to the employer. We recommend sending the follow up note by the next day but sometimes that is not possible. Two or three days later is still acceptable in our book! We wish the best!!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  89. Hi,

    I recently interviewed at a larger company for an experienced position. Both interviews went really well, and at the end the hiring manager left it with, “1-2 weeks, if you don’t hear from me by then get in-touch with me.”

    I sent a thank you note the next day, and a follow up call/email about 10 days later. it is now over 2 weeks and I still haven’t herd from them, should I be regularly trying to get in-touch with them? There is still another round of interviews I would have to get through, but I am up in the air as to where I stand (which I was lead to believe is definitely in the running). Is it professionally OK to call until you get SOME sort of direction? What do you think???


  90. Hi,

    On November 8, I interviewed with four people at a company for an entry level position. I got a call from HR about a second interview two days later. I went for the second interview November 23, which was the day before Thanksgiving, and interviewed with four more people. I didn’t ask when I should expect to hear back or who I should follow up with.

    Now, because of the holiday I’m not sure when I should follow up because I don’t know how long some of my interviewers were out of the office. Also, since I interviewed with so many people I don’t know who is making the hiring decision, therefore, I don’t know who to follow up with. So, should I just follow up with HR and when would you suggest following up based on the holiday???

    Thank you!

    • Nicole,

      There is no fixed rule here but we would discount holidays when counting the days between the interview and any follow up contact with potential employers.

      Hopefully during the interview you got a sense of if it would be best to contact HR or the hiring manger. Different companies handle the hiring process in different ways. In this case since you spoke with so many people, HR might be your best contact.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  91. Hello,

    Please I was interviewed on Thursday last week and was told they will call me by the end of the week which was Friday. But they also said that they will have to pass there report to the hiring manager and that at times it may delay depending on the availability of the manager. Please advice me, should I send a thank you email or what?

    Thank you

  92. Good morning.
    I just wanted to say Thank you, this is a great website! I found your articles and all the reader’s questions and answers very helpful in my ability to stay sane during my search for a job! The interviewing, follow up and waiting game are definately a challenge, especially when you haven’t had to interview for many years. I really appreciate the resource!

  93. Hello,

    It is a long story in my case, and I am now completely lost.
    I got an email in my second year of study from a VP of a company inviting me to apply for a position in their company. I am graduating this year so I wrote him another Email. He is still very interested in me but saying the manager of the group is away but would like to see me to discuss my career objectives. I went to his office on Nov. 21 and we talked. It went on well, and I was told to expect an interview as soon as the manager got back, which was Nov. 28. I met him on company Christmas dinner (Nov. 25) as my husband works in this company, in a different department. He was friendly and told others I was the person the company wants to hire.

    I had my degree defense on Dec. 2, so I wrote him an email saying I was not available on that day for an interview, this time, no response. When I came back from my defense, I wrote him another letter on Dec. 5, saying my defense went on well and looked forward to seeing him and the manager, still no response. I checked the receptionist and learned he was away Dec. 5-11.

    The problem is he is retiring this year and their company will close from Dec. 23 to Jan. 2, 2012. Now what should I do?

    Sorry for being voluble.


    • I called the receptionist today, and she told me she hadn’t seen him back to work yet though his schedule showed he was back on Monday. Has he be retired already? Should I go ahead to contact the manager myself?

    • Hi Nancy,

      In your case we think it’s best to wait and see what happens. If the manager is retiring, he might not have been able to complete the process and passed it on to someone else? We just cannot tell. Maybe your husband has some contacts that can provide some assistance?

      – The Work Coach cafe Team

  94. I applied for a position online and was called for a phone interview with the hiring manager on December 1st. The phone interview went absolutely great and he said they would be contacting me for an in person interview. I sent a thank you email later that day, which was promptly followed by an email from an HR rep giving me the choice of 4 dates for an in-person interview. (Dec. 7th, 16th, 20, or 21st) I chose the 7th and got an email the next day saying that the 7th would not work for everyone schedules. The HR rep said he would email me when he had an available date for me. Since I hadn’t heard anything back since Dec 2nd, I sent a follow up email to him on Dec. 8th reiterating my interest in the position. I still haven’t heard back since Dec. 2nd.

    I am very interested in the position. I’m not sure if I should just wait it out or if I should make a phone call at some point to try and set up an interview.


    – Jenny

    • PS. I noticed today that the job posting has been taken down from the website through which I applied. I’m not sure if this is a good sign or not.

      • Jenny,

        First, We can’t tell you if the removal of the posting means anything. As for the interview, this time of year can make it difficult to schedule meetings with many people. Hopefully the lack of response is because they are trying to arrange a date that works for everyone. Best of luck!

        – The Work Coach cafe Team

  95. Is this just crazy?
    I had 4 job interviews back in October for a job I really wanted, they offered it to me, and then I couldn’t make it work financially, so at the time I counter offered, and they refused. I know right now that they may still be looking for a second person, because they are breaking ground on a new building. So, is it crazy for me to call the hiring manager back and tell her I can now work for them, because I have had some financial changes?

    • Paige,

      We think it would be a great idea to reach out to the hiring manager and have that conversation. Since you know about the company, the position and the manager it should be easy for you to talk with them. Hope it goes well!

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  96. I was called on Tuesday, December 13th to interview on Wednesday, December 14th. They need this position to be filled by mid January. During my interview on Wednesday, December 14th with the recruitment manager, she asked if I could come back that same day interview with two individuals whom I would be working with. I agreed and my current job is flexible. She later called me to reschedule for a different time the same day and I agreed again. I wrote thank you notes to each interviewer and now I am wondering how long should I wait before contacting the recruitment manager again since this position needs to be filled ASAP.

    • Kimberly,

      We typically suggest waiting a week or two before a follow up to give the company time to complete other interviews and gather the information from the interviewers. You could follow up with the recruitment manager sooner to make sure they have all the information they need from you and to ask when a decision could be made.

      – The Work Coach Cafe Team

  97. Last week I got an application for the job I’m seeking and filled it out and returned it right away. Well the following day after turning in the application I had an interview with the shop manager and all seemed to go well. We were talking about what I would be doing and asking basic questions like if I have transportation and if i will be able to have a good attendance. I know a few of the people that work at this company already and my brother works there also. I was told I would hear back from them after the manager had talked to the owners about hiring me at the end of the week. well Friday came by and no call during the morning or afternoon. I decided to call them and the receptionist was going to patch me through to the interviewer ” aka shop manager” and she apparently just talked to him and he said he still didn’t talk to the owners yet and that he would let me know on Monday and to call back. Well today is Monday i called back and the shop manager was on a phone call and the receptionist said that he would have him call me back but i haven’t recieved a phone call. What should i do?

  98. Hi,

    I am currently interning at a company which I like, but they don’t have the budget to hire me for a full-time, entry level position. Recently, I applied to a similar, somewhat rival company for their entry level position. 2 days after submitting my application, I got an eager call from the HR director saying that he wants me to come in for an interview as soon as I can. I said that I could come in the next day, and he was happy about it and said that though he (the HR guy) wasn’t going to be in the office, he will set up a few people for me to meet and then he was going to call me the following day (monday) to see how it went and schedule an interview with him directly. That Friday, I went to the interview and met with 5 people, a director, a superviser and 3 people in the position I am applying for. They were very casual, wore jeans, we talked a lot about my experience. Everyone said that my experience really qualifies me for this position, and I think the whole interview went well. After the 4 hour interview, I went home and wrote everyone a quick thank-you email. I also wrote a thank-you email to the HR director thanking him for setting up my interview and said something like “im excited to continue with the app process, please let me know what the next step is”.
    It has been a week since he said he would call me to talk about how the interview went, so I called and left him a quick voicemail checking the status of my application, and still he hasn’t gotten back to me. I know that they need to staff the position asap.
    What should I do?

    Not a single person from the company has responded to my thank-you note, and the HR who seemed so eager to bring me in has not called me.

    Thank you

    • Hi Julia,

      I would wait another week before I contact them again, and then I would contact the HR director to see what is going on. If anyone else seemed particularly approachable, I would also reach out to them – but next week, not this week. Ask them for a copy of the job description, if you don’t already have it.

      Given the time of year, it’s very possible that everyone is busy, and a response is coming soon, just not in the expected timeframe when you interviewed.

      Think back to the interview. Did they ask you a lot about what you were doing, who the clients or customers are, how projects are going, any new projects or proposals being developed, who is doing what? In other words, did they seem to be focused on “data collection ” about your current employer, or were they trying to understand about the work that you did personally and your achievements in your internship.

      Unfortunately, one of the hazards of interviewing with a current, or even a former, employer’s competitor is gauging whether or not their interest is genuine or if they are doing competitive research. Do they really want to hire you, or are they just trying to learn all they can about where you work now? It’s often hard to tell, and you may never know.

      Working for a company in the same business is very logical – you come to the job with more background and understanding that an average new hire, and you can often succeed more quickly than if you were starting over in a new field or industry. So, it makes sense to target competitor companies as your next place to work.

      But, if their questions were more about where you work than what you did, and they did not show you a job description, then I would probably not expect an offer. But, I would wait contact the HR director next week to ask for a status update.

      Parmelee Eastman, one of’s Company Research Experts, wrote an article about interviewing with a competitor – 5 Landmines to Avoid When Interviewing with a Competitor .

      Hope this turns out well for you! But, don’t be discouraged if it’s a dead end. Just learn from it, and be more cautious in your next interview with a competitor.

      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

  99. Just a quick question. A day after my interview the job description on the company’s website was updated. I have not heard anything regarding the position. Should I follow-up, or give the recommended one week before doing so?

    Thankks in advance.

    • If you have something to add – perhaps meeting a new requirement that is in the updated version of the job description – I would drop them an email to describe how you meet that new requirement. Otherwise, I would just wait that week before contacting them. And keep watching that job description.

      Good luck!
      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

  100. hi, i call yesterday and ask for my application status but then the HR said that she will check and call me back, but until now, i haven get any reply? Should i call again or email her to ask for the status? or should i wait for them to call me?


    • If you called late in the day, Jo, I’d give her more time. Call again next Tuesday, or, if you can’t wait, drop her a polite email later today if you still haven’t heard from her.

      Good luck with your job search!

      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain

  101. I heard back from HR saying “we’d like to invite you for a second interview this week” – so i replied “great, when?” and never heard back! It’s already Wednesday and I have another job so I’d need to take time off in advance. I tried calling, no one is picking up. What’s going on?

    • Hi Julia!

      There’s a very high probability that whatever is going on has nothing to do with your or their interest in you. Someone got sick, or someon on-high decided that something else was a higher priority than filling this job, or any one of a thousand other things.

      If you have an email address, you might drop them a polite note that you need to a day or two (or however long) to schedule the time to be available, so you’d appreciate as much notice as they can provide you. And, you look forward to the opportunity to speak with them again.

      Polite persistence is very powerful.

      Good luck!
      Work Coach Cafe Team Captain.

  102. I interviewed with a company last week. I met with four individuals including the person who would be my direct supervisor. In ending the conversation, he stated that they were looking to fill the position by the end of this week.

    I have several questions as I have not heard from the company and I have not tried to contact them. Should I try to follow-up based on what I was told about the job being filled this week? If so, should I follow-up with the gentleman I interviewed with, or the HR person who made the initial contact? If I do follow-up, should it be via email or phone?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  103. help!!!

    so i have been cooresponding with HR since my interview in november. i know they are interested because i have had fingerprints done and a background check. HR has been consistent with keeping me up to date. the last email she sent it said they would make a decision “early in 2012” this is very vague and that was december 23…now it is january 13. almost a month!!! when i got this email i thanked her for keeping me up to date and hoped she had a nice holiday. i really really want this job!!! i don’t know what to do..send an email or what??? i don’t want to look OCD as it has been described here!!!! can anyone help me i am going crazy over here on what to do!!!????

    thank you

    • Hi MJ,

      Well, “early in 2012” could extend through the end of February or March, technically, I think. But, I understand where you are coming from. On December 23, they seemed to be saying very soon. And that’s probably what they meant at the time, but a lot of “stuff” can happen at the beginning of a new year, that postpones “less important” things like hiring new people.

      Sounds like you’ve already been in touch with them once this month when you replied that you hoped she had a nice holiday, so I’d cool it for at least a week after you sent the last email before I’d approach her again. Wait longer, if you can.

      I know it’s hard, but a very good thing to do until you receive good news – and an offer (in writing!) – is to continue your job search.

      I know several times I put my job search “on hold” waiting for a job offer after promising discussions, and most of the time, I was wasting my time. Not good. So, keep looking. This job may not come through, or it may come through in a couple of months. Unless you can afford to go that long without a salary (or the guarantee of a new salary), I’d keep looking. It’s not easy, but it is the smart thing to do.

      This doesn’t mean you are giving up on this job. It just means you are protecting yourself by continuing to search until you get an offer. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to choose from two nice offers? It could happen!

      Good luck with your job search!

  104. Elizabeth says:

    I am from Canada and glad that I have found this blog. I am in a career transition and so far since November, I had gone to a few interviews. I was contacted for all of them and since I am starting my career search, I thought some of them were good places to explore. One in particular was an interesting one, even though the company was smaller and the base salary much lower than what I earned on average 6 years in a row. I went through 2 phone interviews, including a check background online, then 3 separate 1:1 face to face interviews with HR(1), Team(1), Panel (2), VP(1) and finally CMO(1). Throughout all the phases, the feedback via the recruiter was positive. Each thank you note sent was acknowledged by the hiring leader and Sr. Exec. I was even told after my last meeting with the CMO to stand by my phone as I would probably get the offer same night. I spent a lot of time, even the VP and CMO meetings lasted over 1 hour each as I felt there was such a great dialogue. The interview questions were very thorough and I liked it – even though they made me sweat after so many years that I have not gone through such a rigid process. I took it on the positive side as they really want the right fit and it felt good. However, the call did not come same night and since it was almost Christmas, the headhunter told me that he was asked to put forward two more candidates as the company felt that it was not right to hire me w/o a comparison- however everyone “loved me”. The only main concern I rec’d during my interview with the VP is that he told me that the job was “not big enough for me” based on my experience and qualifications. I believed that I was able to convey that I saw opportunity to further develop in the organization and I was not just looking for a job but rather my next career move and was ready to accept a role that was probably not big as before but I was interested in helping this organization into their next phase.
    With Christmas over, I had to go to NJ for a potential consulting job and then had a minor surgery so did not have any feedback after New Years. I sent a note to the recruiter as he continued to tell me that I was in the running what the update was. I wanted to have a chat but rather he sent me an email and told me that one of the candidates he sent over was very strong and he was going for the final interview this Monday and while nothing has been decided most likely he would receive the offer.
    I would like to know if it is still appropirate to send a follow up to the hiring leader whom I have not contacted since my thank you note – as most of the contact has been w/ the recruiter – and emphasized my interest. The job has lots of cons as not sure if they would be willing to pay me what I make as their salary base was much lower, but I like the people I met and felt that this would be a place that I will be proud to work for.
    After my last meeting with the CMO, she indicated that the job could evolve and I could make it bigger than what it really was. There is definetely something that made them changed their minds. But after all these interviews I might have some optimism that I could still make it work.
    What would you suggest? I dont want to call them but maybe a follow up with some collateral I had created as part of my career campaign to refresh their minds of the value that I could bring. They would not need to teach me but definetely they are the ones with the job and hiring decision and not me.
    What would be the most appropriate approach for this type of situation? Can you help me as this person goes to meet the company this Monday? Am I too optomistic?

    • Wow! Since you were presented to them by a headhunter, I’d do my best to get that headhunter on the phone to find out what he recommends as a good next step, and any alternatives he might have developing with other employers.

      If you can’t get any information from the headhunter by early afternoon on Monday, then you could follow up with your collateral later on Monday and reiterate this statement in your correspondence with them – “I like the people I met, and felt that this would be a place that I will be proud to work for.” That’s a strong statement, considering the drop in salary involved.

      Do consider that the headhunter may have other, better leads for you in the future. That could be a relationship worth careful management in this situation.

      I have a feeling this will “work out for the best.” If you don’t get this one, I have a feeling that something else – a better fit with a higher salary – is waiting for you.

      Good luck!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks Susan for your prompt reply and advice. I have tried to reach out to the headhunter but since he is also connecting with the other candidate, he might be waiting for the bank’s decision on which of the candidates would receive the job and got the feeling that he might also have a conflict of interest if he tells me what’s going on behind the scenes.

        I have already received an acknowledgement reply from the hiring manager once I met him so I would definetely send a follow up note with the collateral as it would not hurt and it might also remind him since interviews were during Nov and December (too long ago)….
        Regardless of their decision, it is always to keep these contacts in good terms even if this does not translate into a real opportunity.

        There is definetely a long road ahead of me as I am on my 2nd month of career transition but definetely don’t want to miss any opportunities as time flies and I would not like to be in a difficult situtuation in a year from now b/c I have not been able to secure a comparable career opportunity.

        I will keep you posted of the outcome as it is important to share these experiences as we are all in the same position – some with more room to wait than others – but still all these tangible experiences would help someone who is going through a similar situation or can take a different approach the next time to avoid the same mistakes.

        Regards, Elizabeth

      • Hi Elizabeth,

        Sounds like you’ve got it under control. And you are SO RIGHT about keeping on good terms with these contacts. For many years, I have seen thank-you-for-not-hiring-me notes go a long way in building relationships and in building careers. Not snarky notes that slam the employer, but positive notes about enjoying meeting the people and learning more about the employer.

        SO often, that “first choice” does not work out – they accept another job offer, turn out to be better at interviewing than at working, etc. – and the thank you in response to a rejection often puts someone at the top of the list for “next time.”

        Thank you for sharing your experiences with us here!

        Good luck!

  105. I was interviews on the Friday and after the interview, they said that I would hear from them ‘if selected’ on Tuesday(Today). I did write a follow up email on Saturday. So I am waiting for their call. Would it be appropriate if I called em later during the day or tomorrow, to know the status of the job?

    • Hi Raj,

      Since today is Wednesday, I would give them a call to see what the status of the job is.

      If it turns out that you are not being considered now, don’t just say good bye and hang up!

      * Thank them for their time and the opportunity to learn more about the company and to meet some of the employees.
      * Ask them to keep you in mind if another job like this one opens.

      Then, send them a follow up email reiterating those same points (assuming that you would like to work there some day).

      Good luck with this!


  106. Dear Susan:

    I would appreciate some advice on my situation.

    This company (public policy analysis) found my resume online, and someone who worked for them contacted me to invite me to apply for the position. I submitted my resume and application on November 14th. The very next day, I was contacted for a phone interview, which was held on November 22

    The very next day, the “Manager of Educational Programs and Admissions” contacted me for a second phone interview, which was set for December 1. The interview went well, and on December 9 I got contacted (all these contacts, btw, through email) again for a third interview; for this third one, the company flew me up (their expense!) to Washington, DC, for two in-person interviews with two different pairs of interviewers. One of the interviewers was the aforementioned Manager.

    This set of in-person interviews was on January 3. They told me I would hear back within two weeks. Well, January 17th came and went, and I’ve heard nothing from them.

    Throughout this whole process I’ve always emailed thank-you noted, but never received a reply to them.

    Today being the 18th, I wanted to follow up, but since I interviewed with a total of five different people, I wasn’t sure who to write, so I wrote the aforementioned Manager a brief note. That was just this morning.

    I don’t know where to go from here. My tentative plans are to wait 24 hours, and if I still haven’t heard back, email the man from the company who contacted me about the position to begin with, and ask him who I should contact for the status of my application. If I *still* hear nothing back, within 24 hours, my plan is to then *call* the aforementioned Manager.

    Does this plan sound good to you? What’s your advice? Have I done well so far?


    • Hi Earnest,

      Sounds like you’re doing everything right to me, and you have a solid plan.

      I might contact the external guy this afternoon (WDC time), by phone, to see if he has any insight he can share and to ask him your question about the best person to contact. He should have a good idea what is going on, but he might also be in the dark, too.

      I think they’ve invested enough in you to keep you in the loop, but I could, unfortunately, be wrong about that.

      Solid plan. Good luck!


  107. In case it wasn’t clear, the man who contacted me at the beginning of this process was not an employee who knew me; he contacted me on behalf of the company, after coming across my resume.

  108. Venkatesh says:


    This is venkatesh, i recently attended an interview(on 9/1/2012) in which openings were for 5 posts.After the second round of interview,they said i was shortlisted for the next round(felt vvery happy then) and told me that the wud give me an intimation as to wen to come for the next round of interviews,but its been 10 days ,but havent got any call or mail regarding it.
    My question is should i call them or still wait? (whic i dont think is a good idea).If i were to mail them wat is the actual etequity that i should follow……??


    • Hi Venkatesh,

      I think a phone call is the best bet for you, and since it’s been more than 10 days, that’s appropriate. Ask them when the next round of interviews will start and when you will be hearing from them about the next round – if they don’t tell you immediately. Then, ask for permission to continue to stay in touch via phone, or, if not by phone, the preferred method and appropriate contact information.

      If your job interviews are in the USA, Canada, or the UK, I’d have a friend, who speaks English as a native, review your emails for you before you send them. You have some inconsistencies in your use of English that would hurt you in a competitive job search situation.

      Good luck with your job search!


  109. Aradhna P says:

    I had a second face-to-face interview on tuesday 17/Jan/2012 (this with the CEO and last week with the line manager). The line manager one went well and the CEO gave me feedback at the interview saying I was the strongest candidate but they are not sure whether I would fit in the culture or not. CEO interview went ok. I didn’t impress I think but was well enough. (Tiny company – 10 people).

    Should I send a Thank You note? I don’t have CEO’s email – only line managers email. So, how do I send it and to whom?? And then do I follow up with line manager next week maybe? (There is no HR.)

    They want the new person to start by end of this month and if I am starting I need to organise fulltime childcare.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Aradhna,

      Hmmm… Don’t underestimate the importance of “cultural fit” particularly in a small company. But, small companies can also be very flexible, too – it depends on the culture.

      As the strongest candidate, I would definitely send a thank you to the CEO since you had time with her or him. If you can’t guess the email address (e.g. firstname.lastname@ or first initial-lastname@), call the receptionist and ask for the CEO’s email address.

      The start date can probably (!) be negotiated, even though starting on the first of the month is probably ideal for everyone. I would be sure to send the CEO a thank you today, and then follow up next Tuesday to see what the status is.

      Good luck with your job search!

  110. Hi, some really good advice here, so thanks for that! I’ve had three interviews and all of them received positive feedback. HR reached out to me after the 3rd and we discussed compensation/benefits/availability etc. She told me she had to discuss with some people, but assured me she would be in touch the following week. It has been 3 weeks since that conversation and I have not heard from her. I emailed her the week she said I should hear, and then called and left a voicemail this week, the 3rd week since the interview. Have I followed up too much at this point? I’m getting mixed messages from friends and family; some are telling me to hold tight and not to annoy HR, others tell me to call and ask for a timeline. I feel like if she didn’t tell me she would keep me in the loop, I wouldn’t be so worked up about waiting this long. What do you think?

    • Hi Grace,

      If you were in charge of this process, asking for a timeline could work. But, as you know, you aren’t in charge. I think that the people who are telling you not to annoy HR are right.

      Many, many things can happen between the time you are talking with someone on the phone and the time the company is ready to put their money where their mouth is and make an official offer.

      Hiring someone is a scary thing to do, actually. Some “empty suits” interview extremely well and then are useless on the job. Sometimes, a current employee will finally raise their hand and say they want the job – usually the safest kind of hire to make. And sometimes jobs are cancelled or the person who spoke with you is not the person in charge (HR is seldom in charge) and is, perhaps, not well-informed about what the decision-maker(s) are thinking. It could be a million things.

      The sad truth is they may have hired someone else already, and you may never hear from them again. OR, you may get a job offer today! It’s hard to tell.

      Stay in touch every couple of weeks. Politely remind them of who you are and the job you have interviewed for 3 times (if there is a job requisition number, include it), and what was told you in your last conversation with them. If you haven’t gotten an answer by the end of February, I’d give up.

      Meanwhile, I’d keep looking for another job! There may be a much better job out there with your name on it – you just have to go find it.

      Good luck!

  111. Thanks for your advice. I guess my question is whether one email and one voicemail is too much already? I’m not going to make contact anymore, but I’d like to know for the future if I’ve already follow up too much. Thanks.

    • No, Grace, one email and one voicemail are not too much, particularly spread out over three or four weeks. Don’t stop now. Stay in touch with that promising opportunity.

      Good luck!

  112. I’m so thankful that I just found out this blog, and it kept me from e-mailing HR and looking unprofessional! Though I had an interview on 19th considering it was a big holiday(Chinese new year) from 21st to 24th here in S. Korea, I guess I could hang on a bit longer.

    One thing worries me though I heard that usually in the consulting industry, they let you know immediately if you get a position. (If don’t, usually no phone call) Even if the interviewer told me at the end of the interview that it’d take a bit longer than usual since they had some internal decisions to make about this position. I do hope he was telling me the truth. 🙁
    (why would he tell me something he didn’t mean to but you know when you are waiting anxiously, so many things come across your mind.)

    Like other people who wrote here, I do want this position so badly. I think I’m getting an anxiety attack staring at the phone all day long!!!! I’m usually very positive and energetic person but this waiting makes me just so miserable now. 🙁

    But again, thank you very much for your advice here. It definitely made me feel calm.

    • Hi HJ,

      The waiting is the worst part, isn’t it? . . . especially if you’ve had particularly good interviews with the company.

      So many things can be at play here, and all of them are out of your control. Whatever you do, don’t assume you have the job. Continue pursuing other opportunities. An even better one may come along.

      To reassure you a little more that you’re doing the right thing by trying to be patient (as hard as it is!), take a look at the latest post by our own Susan P. Joyce over at her excellent Job Search News blog, Did I Get the Job??? Here’s some of what she said:

      Why does it take SO LONG?

      Hiring someone is a secondary responsibility for most of the people involved. They still have their jobs to do, typically without the help of the person who normally does the job being filled. So, time and attention can be scarce, and the process goes “on hold” frequently so that daily emergencies are managed.

      Particularly with large organizations, the process of hiring someone is very formal. Different levels in the organization must “buy in” to the hire, and approve it before it goes further up the organizational chain. If anyone in the chain, from the hiring manager’s admin assistant to the VP of the hiring division, is missing for whatever reason (vacation, business trip, sick, funeral, etc.), the process stalls. Until the missing person returns or the situation is noticed and an administrative segue is made, the job opening is unfilled.

      We all hope you hear soon, and that it’s good news!


      Meg Guiseppi
      Member of the WorkCoachCafe Team

  113. Hello everyone I Have a question had the 2nd interview 1/18/12 pretty much got a verbal pending background check H.R told me 5 to 7 business dayes going crazy in texas

    • Hi Terry,

      First, do your best to become un-crazed.

      Since we’re coming up on 2 weeks from 1/18/12, I’m thinking it’s appropriate for you to reach out to HR and ask how things are going. No matter how good someone’s intentions are (NEVER doubt good intentions in these situations), something often gets in the way of responding when they thought they could/would.

      So, get back in touch. Be polite. Don’t expect them to remember you or the exact situation!

      Remind them of
      * your name
      * the job you are under consideratioin for – the job title at least and, if you know the requisition or posting number, tell them that, too.
      * when you interviewed and with whom
      * when they (by name if possible) said you could expect to hear from them.

      Then, ask them for the current status, and if there is anything more they need from you.

      If they don’t know what the status is on the background check (don’t be surprised if they don’t), ask them when they think they will know, and what the next steps are.

      Then, ask when is the best time for you to call and who is the best person for you to contact.

      Good luck!

  114. I’ve been communicating with a company in a difference state since November. I was referred to the position by a friend at another company, and I have since exchanged a few email. I had a phone interview that went great, then within a few days I was invited for a face to face.

    My interviewer was quite understanding in needing some time to gather questions, research company changes, etc and asked that I contact him with my other questions and when I’m ready to “discuss the next steps.” I followed up with a thank you message, and did mention I would be in touch with any additional questions to which he thanked me and looked forward to them.

    Apprx a week later, I emailed him my questions and he was very quick to reply to schedule a follow up. He missed the 2 scheduled calls, however followed up after each missed appointment to reschedule. This morning, he asked if we could speak this evening to which I agreed and he said he would call. Unfortunately, he did not called. This is the 3rd call in a row he has missed.

    I have been understanding because I know there is a difference in time zones, and things come up but I am not sure what to do at this point. I hope we will have a call at some point, but it is difficult to adjust my schedule for these meetings he cannot keep. I feel it is a good sign that he is following up with me via email after missed calls, and to keep me updated of his schedule (traveling, visitors, etc) but I am just a little lost.

    Where do I go from here!

    • Well, Cari, it’s obvious this guy needs help!

      Yes, it is a good sign that he keeps following up, but missing 3 calls is not promising. He might be terminally disorganized and horrible to work with…

      I’d reach out again, and ask him if he can send you the questions so you can answer them via email. Then, try to reschedule the call to go over the answers to his questions.

      If he misses a 4th call, I think I’d give up on him and this employer.

      Good luck!

  115. Hi everyone,

    I had an interview on November 25th after the interview the person told me that he is putting me through for second round and within two days the hr called me and updated the same and told me she is processing my cv for second round.Then after two weeks also I didn’t get any call from them so I called the hr she told me I have to submit my deputation letter as a proof that I am working I did the same and I asked her whether she got it not.She told me she got it and she didn’t get any interview slot as of now that’s why she didn’t call me once she got it she will call me and she told whatever will happen start from January only.This thing happened end of December.This is end of Jan till now no calls nothing.Usually this is a very slow company,as in processing.My first round happen after 1& half month of processing my cv,till then the hr was not getting any time from panel to take my interview.I am a positive person and trying other things also but I eagerly want to join this company because this is a good company.

    Seek your advice.

    • Hi Supi –

      If this company has a history of not being very responsive, I guess this isn’t surprising. Even in responsive companies, a couple of months between CV receipt and job offer is not unusual. And, the December – January timeframe is certainly crazy in a lot of companies.

      But, tomorrow is Feb. 1, and I would certainly reach out to your HR contact to see what is going on since you haven’t heard from them during January. Don’t be angry or frustrated. Be polite.

      Remind the HR person who you are, the job you want, and the history so far (interview on 11/25, deputation letter in December, etc.). Then, ask her what is happening now.

      Don’t give up you search for employment elsewhere, but keep in touch with this company too, particularly since it is a “good” but “slow” company.

      Good luck!

  116. Hi there,

    I had my interview on Tues, Jan 24, 2011. In my opinion the interview went well as I prepared for it the night before and the panel of interviewers (three to be exact, all whom were middle aged women) seemed to be very pleased with my answers. They said they were aiming or most likely making call backs on Tuesday. It is Tuesday and still have not heard anything. The start date is February 26th. Also, when I gave them my personal history package she noticed that some things were incomplete and asked that when/if they call me back to offer me the job to provide it then. I am getting a bit anxious now and feel that maybe I should have provided it that day in stead of waiting. What should I do at this point? If I don’t hear from them today should I call or email tomorrow? Should I send the package via email now or is it too late?

  117. I have a question, 2 weeks ago on January 17th I had an interview with a company that I really want to work with. Sixdays later (about January 23nd) I sent a brief follow up note to find out the status of the position (to which he thanked me vehemently for following up on him) but he said we were still in the first phase of the hiring process for the available position and that he’d get back to me at a later date. He didn’t specify the date, he just said a “later date.” It’s now February 1st and I still haven’t heard anything. Should I send another very brief follow up? OR should I wait for him to reach out? I’m getting other interviews (thankfully) but I sorta want to find out whats going on with the first interview. I feel foolish not reaching out and getting very impatient. Should I reach out or wait?

    • Hi VL,

      I know it’s hard, but you need to “chill out” right now. Don’t let your impatience show!

      If they were still in the first phase of the hiring process last week, I’d wait until next week before I followed up again. I wouldn’t wait for him to reach out in case he doesn’t, but, as Ronnie Ann recommended, I wouldn’t follow up every week. It’s too easy to be labeled P-I-T-A (as in Pain in the A**).

      Be polite, confident, and patient. Remember, they really don’t owe you anything, and you aren’t the only job seeker who has contacted them with interest in this job.

      But the next time you speak with this fellow, I’d ask for permission to stay in touch every couple of weeks, and then do that.

      Good luck!

  118. I had an interview on Monday, I did a fallow up email that night. It’s the 3rd day now (Thursday) after the interview. The company did state that they will be doing interviews this week. Is it inappropriate to do a fallow up call today (the 3rd day), or should I wait till Friday or the 5th day? I’ve heard many different suggestions and I’m still uncertain which is right?
    My interview went very well, it seemed more personable and connected regardless of a couple of nervous reply’s on my behalf.

    • When I say, “Fallow up email” I meant an “Appreciation letter.” FYI

    • Hi Rick –

      I understand where you are coming from, but I would NOT call this week. Really, the earliest I would call is the middle of next week, and the end of next week would be better.

      If they are interviewing people this week, they are probably very busy, and another contact from you, particularly a phone call, would probably be viewed as annoying since you were told they are interviewing people this week.

      So, chill out for at least a few more days. And, continue with you job search. Don’t wait for a yes that might not be coming, or might not be coming soon. Keep looking and keep interviewing. The more interviewing you do, the better you will be at it.

      When you do call them, don’t expect them to remember you. Tell them your name, the job you interviewed for, the date of the interview, and who interviewed you. THEN, ask for a status update, if they have one yet (they may not).

      Good luck!

  119. Hello
    I had an interview about a week and a half ago and it went very well. I was told they usually do 3 interviews jut soo everyone can get to know the candidate and then decide where they best fit in. I had my second interview this past Monday the 30th and after my interview I was told they were going to reschedule me for a 3rd one. Well when my interviewer went and asked the 3rd interviewer their availability to see when they were able interview me they both came up to me and told me that they were going to just “forget” the 3rd interview and that they were going ahead with submitting my paperwork for a background check. They said they would contact me by the time the info. gets back to them which is about a week or so. It is now The end of the week Friday and I’m not sure if I should follow up and check up on the status of the background check. I’m sort of confused as to if I have the job or not. Should I call and check up???

    • Hi Chezza,

      It sounds promising. But they might have discovered that they can’t “forget” that 3rd interview for some reason. Perhaps the background check is taking longer than expected. Or someone who is a necessary part of the process is on vaction or out sick or a million other things can delay the process.

      I’d wait until Tuesday at the earliest, before I contacted them about the current status.

      And, I would be very polite and positive. Don’t assume anything has gone wrong, and don’t act as if they “owe” you this job.

      Do tell them your name, remind them of the job you interviewed for, when you interviewed and who you interviewed with, and what you are waiting to hear.

      Good luck!

  120. Nora Restenburg says:

    What about after I apply for jobs? I’ve been placed on many “reviewing applications” lists or “eligible” list but should i call and check on these? Thanks!


    • Hi Nora,

      I would stay in touch periodically to see what is happening. Look for new job postings or updates to the “eligible” list. Probably every couple of weeks or once a month. And I would keep looking.

      Good luck!

  121. Christopher says:


    I interviewed with a company on Jan 23. The interview seemed to go well. Followed up with a thank you not on thursday so they would get it that friday. I emailed them on Jan 31 to see where they were in the hiring process.

    I got a response the same day saying:

    The feedback that I heard on your interview was that it went really well and that you are very smart and they did like you but their only concern was that you may not have as much experience as they are looking for in filling this particular position.

    The job was asking for a 4 year degree and I am about to finish my masters. I dont want to push to much on this and am not sure of a proper time frame to reconnect with my hr contact.

    Any advice?

    • Hi Christopher,

      Hmmm… Interesting situation. The good news is that they like you and think you are smart. Smart people catch on to things quickly, making the lack of experience not such a big deal, unless we are talking many years of experience (5 or more).

      I think that tomorrow, the 8th, could be a good time to try reconnecting, since it will officially be “over a week” since your last contact with them. If possible, connect by phone with your HR contact to see what is going on.

      If they haven’t hired someone else but are still hesitating about hiring you, ask about alternatives they might offer or consider. The conversation could be quite interesting and informative.

      Before you call, think about options you could offer if they don’t have any alternatives, like:
      * Early performance reviews, like every month or every 3 months, with specific and achievable goals for you to accomplish. These will keep you on course, and show them you can do the job.
      * A 6-month (or 3-month or ??) contract to see if your perceived “lack of experience” is really an issue. Not ideal, but income for you and no gap in your resume.
      * Perhaps a lower-level job and/or lower salary with a 3-month (or 6-month) mandatory review with a promotion and salary increase based upon hitting specific (achievable!) goals. Maybe make the promotion and/or salary increase retro-active, if all went well? Kind of a high-risk strategy, but…
      * Some sort of paid – NOT free! – qualification test (bring in a new client or complete a sub-set of a larger project or whatever is relevant).
      * Additional references who could attest to your qualifications.
      * Any paper or other research you have done during the course of your schooling which could demonstrate your depth of knowledge.
      * Anything else you can think of.

      Or, hold your ground, and see if they will decide you are worth the risk.

      It could mean that this employer would be a stepping stone to the next employer where the job would be at the right level and salary, after you finish your master’s degree. Which, unfortunately, means another job search in a year or two.

      I’m not sure what the best idea is in this situation, frankly. Keep looking to see if there is a better fit for you out there.

      Good luck!

  122. Hi there-

    Like many of the viewers here, I am stuck in the treacherous “waiting game” post-interview. I have had two interviews so far. Job #1 interview was January 12th. It went well, very well. I was told I fit what they wanted. One of the two guys interviewing me said I would probably be their candidate. However, I was the first person to be interviewed for the position. I live nearby, so not bad of a commute (which was made aware to them). The other guy was someone I’d be working with and he happened to be a graduate of the same college as myself. I felt there were those good connections made, but I still have not heard (after sending their HR a forward-along TY email and follow-up email a week after that). I know I was the first candidate to be interviewed, so it will take a bit of time, but I’d love some feedback, especially after such a promising interview.

    Job #2 interview was January 17th. It also went very well. I was interviewed by 3 people, at the same time. They are a smaller company than job #1. The position is for a job I feel I fit the qualifications for, but they are working on developing a solid idea for the project they need this candidate to work on. Not to mention I live five minutes away (which they were made aware of). I was made aware that they had already been interviewing other people, but same as job #1, not sure when they were going to have a decision made by and when they would finish their interviewing process. I was not given a timeline. I was given a tour of the factory inside the building/office and was given the low-down on everything. I piped in with ideas and relevant comments to build convo and to show I had the familiarity and knowledge. After the interview was over, one of the three guys who was interviewing me stopped to talk with me more at the door, and we spoke back and forth for what felt like a solid 5-8 minutes, before actually parting ways. The main guy said he would email me some questions after the interview, but didn’t say when. I still have heard not a peep from the company, even after sending a TY email and a follow-up email expressing my continued interest a week after sending that. I felt such a great connection with this job but I have heard nothing whatsoever from them since the interview.

    I am trying my hardest to fight off the feelings of hopelessness and telling myself that the hiring process can take time and patience. I have recently graduated from graduate school, moved back to my home state (NY) and am looking for my first professional job venture. I have a lot of talent and enthusiasm and I can’t wait to start putting my talents to work. These jobs I’ve interviewed for are looking for someone “entry level,” so I’m not running out of my league, but I understand someone with no professional experience yet can be scary. But I am always “myself” in my interviews and they understand I have to begin somewhere.

    What I don’t understand is why, after such a positive experience, I feel like I get the silent treatment. I hope they haven’t forgotten about me, and are still considering me.

    I am headed to an interview at job #3 today, we’ll see how it goes. Overall, though, I am gunning for job #2. It is close to home, and would be the best use of my talents and had a great atmosphere.

    This site has been a great resource to help calm myself down. I realize this sort of thing happens more often than we might like, and I am not alone in this fight!

    • Hi Diana,

      You are definitely NOT alone in this fight! Everyone goes through it!

      It sounds like you are doing everything you should be doing in interviews. The positive experiences you are having are VERY good signs, and the fact that you have interviewed for 3 different jobs in less than 1 month is excellent. That’s a great “batting average” that many would be very pleased to have! So, you are really doing very well, even if it might not feel that way.

      On the other side of this experience, hiring someone is a scary thing to do, so it always takes more time than most job seekers feel is necessary. People need to do their jobs every day in addition to interviewing, discussing, and trying to figure out who would be the best person for the job. Then, people get sick, go on vacation, get tasked with some sort of “emergency” job, and many more things. It all takes far too long, and none of it has anything to do with you, personally, or your qualifications!

      My recommendation would be, if you can, to call the HR people or your other main contact at each job. Sometimes emails do not get through, and sometimes they do get through, but get “lost” in inboxes too full of urgent messages. So try reaching out with a phone call and ask what is going on.

      Don’t sound too discouraged. Don’t sound angry. Do remind them of your name, the job you interviewed for, the date you interviewed, and who spoke with you.

      Then, politely ask them the status of that job. If the job is still open, ask them when they think they will call people in for a second round of interviews, and what will be next after that in their process. See if you can get information about how you stand in the competition. Ask for permission to call again in a week (or whatever seems appropriate giving what they’ve already shared with you).

      Don’t give up, and don’t lose hope. You are doing VERY well, and you will land a job soon!

      Good luck!

      • Hi Susan:

        A few days later after my original post, I got an interview request from a company I applied to. I did so well during the interview, less than two hours after, I got a job offer via email. I started on the 15th. It’s been going great so far, and lots to learn as it’s my first professional job venture post-college.

        Thank you for your helpful words and blog and good luck to others out there job hunting. Just keep Arty out, something will give!

      • EXCELLENT, Diana! Thank you for letting us know!

        Hope that you love the job and work there happily for many years!


      • Er, not a few days after my original post. The interview was actually the same day as that original part.

  123. Hi there,

    I had an interview last week that lasted two hours with a CEO of a company. He was impressed by my CV to the point I was told to select which job would I like the most from the two vacancies they are currently having and match my experiences. At the end of the interview he requested some supplementary documents from me, and told he will be sending me an offer for the position I’ve selected and will wait for my reply. I went home, prepared all the documents and send them via email the following day with a well formulated thank you letter. He told me he will be sending me the offer two days after the interview.

    6 days have already passed and I haven’t received an email for the offer or a reply email to the one I’ve sent. I’m really lost here, and don’t know if I should call him to follow-up, ask if everything is okay with the documents I’ve sent or should I just wait and be patient.

    • Hi Jamal,

      It sounds very promising, but I wouldn’t wait much longer to call them.

      First I would check to be sure that they actually received the documents you sent (share the date and time you sent them).

      Then, I would ask if they have everything they need.

      Finally, I would ask what the next steps are and when you will be hearing from them.

      At the start of the call:
      * Tell them your name.
      * Tell them the job you interviewed for.
      * Tell them the date you interviewed.
      * Tell them who you interviewed with (CEO)

      Be polite, businesslike, and confident.

      Good luck!

  124. Hi, I had a job interview today. I felt it went well. She stated that I was “just what they were looking for” and that she needed to speak to the regional manager. She stated that she would get back to me shortly after doing so. I am really excited about this opportunity, but I felt a little nervous during the interview. Would it be a good idea to send a thank you email a few days after interviewing? Thank you!

  125. Hi all,

    I had a phone interview in the middle of January for my dream job. The phone interview went well and I was called in for a panel interview. Before the panel interview, the phone interviewer (who would be my direct supervisor if I got the job) emailed me a few times to provide info on the panel interview, the company etc. – in other words, we established a bit of a rapport. However, she did also tell me that they were at beginning of their interview process. The panel interview surprisingly went well. I say surprisingly because I thought I was bombing it. However, at the end of the interview, they asked me for references. The same day after the interview, I emailed them my references and a thank you email. My prospective direct supervisor responded to my thank you email saying it was nice to meet me and that she had emailed the references.

    The next day, i got an email from one of the references saying he had a lengthly conversation with the supervisor and that he spoke highly of me. he also said, the company seemed very impressed by me. But then I did not hear anything from the employer for a week so followed up. I sent an email to the supervisor asking whether she had been able to contact the other references and re-expressed my interest in the position. She responded with an email later that day saying that she has now contacted the second reference andjust had a conversation with her. She also said they expect to make a decisision on a candidate by the end of February — that things are moving a little slowly since some of the decision makers are travelling. The second reference also emailed me to advise that she has spoken with the supervisor and that they seem impressed by me.

    It is now 9 days since my follow up email and I have heard nothing. SHould I follow up again? wait until the end of February? Send an email to ask whether they had contacted the third Please help! I am so anxious – I feel good knowing that they have contacted my references…but the wait is driving me crazy!

    Also, I told them in the interview that I have only begun to seriously think about switching careers and make a concerted effort to find another job…which is true. However, I did sporadically apply to jobs in the past, including with this company (which is a huge company) but in a different department. I forgot about it until just recently and I am now worried that if they find out they will think I lied to them. The previous job application totally escaped my mind…should I do anything about this??

    • Hi Ambrea,

      I wouldn’t worry about that application to a different department a while back. I doubt that anyone would connect those dots, and I don’t see how it would adversely impact you if they did – unless it was a seriously unpleasant situation with personal accusations and law suits mentioned or implied.

      They have already told you that things are “moving a little slowly” since some of the decision makers are travelling. All the signs so far are very positive, so I would back off. They also said they’d make a decision “by the end of February,” which is more than a week away. In my experience, that’s usually an optimistic guess, particularly since it was made 10 days or so ago. And, it could take longer!

      So, if it were me, I wouldn’t contact anybody until the end of next week (24th), at the earliest, or even the 27th or 28th, if you can possibly wait that long. The process can get messed up by travel and people not being available at the “right” time for things to move ahead smoothly and quickly, the travel schedules may be conflicting, people get sick, and so on. All kinds of things, mostly having nothing to do with the candidate, get in the way.

      So, my recommendation is to back off. Keep job hunting, and try not to obsess about this one. I bet you get the offer. Keep us posted.

      Good luck!

  126. Hi there,

    I interviewed w/ a Fortune 500 company last week. My first interview w/ the direct manager was two weeks ago, and the 2nd interview w/ last Thursday w/ the GM. GM told me that he is the “tie breaker” breaker. Currently, the position I interviewed for is being considered by one other candidate. The direct manager (1) interviewed me, so he’s “rooting” for me, while the other direct manager (2) interviewed the other candidate, so she’s “rooting” for him. GM stated that he really does not want to decide since he won’t be the direct supervisor; so he’ll list to the managers pros and cons in hope that they will decide. I asked the GM when they’d made a decision by and he stated most likely tomorrow, Friday. I have yet to hear from them and I don’t know what is the proper way to follow up. I was advised by my friend to send an email to the direct manager (2) to let this manager know the following things: 1) enthusiasm for the position, 2) that I gladly welcome the opportunity to be interviewed by her.

    Today is Monday. Would it be too soon to follow up w/ the manager that interviewed me by email? Would be too soon? Although the GM said a decision will be made by tomorrow. Lastly, What are your thoughts about me sending an email to the other manager (2)?

    If you ask me, the smart thing they could’ve done was to have both managers interview the candidates. I don’t know why they didn’t do that because it led me and this other candidate to come back for a 2nd interview w/ the GM to be the “tie breaker”.


    • By the way, thank you letters were emailed to interviewers w/in 24 hrs of my interview w/ them.

    • Hi Adriana,

      Frankly, this is a very odd way to fill a job. As you mentioned, why not have everyone interview everyone? That makes much more sense!

      This feels to me like a very strange way to run department, and I’m not sure I’d want to work there, in all honesty. Sounds either dumb, poorly managed, or an extremely political group. Perhaps there are more rational parts of this company to work in?

      If you want to be pro-active (perhaps what they are looking for), I would contact the GM or, perhaps, the manager you interviewed with to do what your friend suggested – ask if you could interview with the “other” manager. I don’t think it would be a good idea to go directly to that other manager – you don’t want to offend your ally. I would let the GM decide if it’s appropriate for you to speak with the other manager.

      Tough (and strange) situation, though.

      Good luck!

      • Adriana says:

        Hi Susan,

        I took my friends advice and emailed the “other” manager w/o thinking that it could offend my other ally. The “other” manager never replied. However what you said makes sense and I will definitely keep that in mind for the future.

        They ended up giving me an offer. I sought to negotiate my offer by telling them my research. I took their offer (which I’ve read online, most employers give you the low-ball w/ the expectation that the prospective employee will negotiate) and told them that the range was between their offer (i.e. at $0) and $20K more. I told them that I aspire to be at that higher range, which is at 20K rather than their initial offer. They came back to me and gave me an offer at 4K more from, and I took it. I tried to negotiate other non-monetary benefits, but they were firm on their offer. I was already happy w/ they initial offer because I’m essentially “crossing over” from a boutique not-for-profit company to a Fortune 500, so anything above what I’m getting now is great! So here’s my dilemma:

        *Did I set myself up too high? They’re going to know me as the person that aspired at the 20K mark, but ended up at the 4K mark.

        *Any tips for having a male manager? All of my managers have been females

        *Any tips for those “crossing over” from not-for-profit to for-profit? (ie. what to expect, what’s similar, what’s different, etc)

      • Hi Adriana,

        CONGRATULATIONS on the offer and the acceptance! Good for you! 🙂 Enjoy it for a few minutes!

        Don’t worry about the “20K mark” – I’m sure they expected you to negotiate a higher rate, and probably would have been a bit disappointed if you hadn’t. I doubt you could have gotten $20K more. That sounds like a different level job.

        In my experience, there’s not that much difference between male and female managers. I’ve had managers of both sexes who were excellent and who were also terrible.

        I’ve worked in higher education (Harvard University), but not in non-profit, so I’m not sure exactly what the “cross over” from non-profit to F500 will involve. I think your biggest shock will be in going from “boutique” to Fortune 500 company. Big companies do most things in a BIG way – big budgets and big organizations. Jobs tend toward specialization and specialists as opposed to smaller organizations where people act more as “generalists.”

        I worked in a Fortune 30 company for over 10 years, and it was both fun and crazy. You should see much more focus on the bottom line, and probably a lot of attention on the current price of the stock. I remember that the end of fiscal quarters and, particularly, the end of the fiscal year, as somewhat crazy times.

        I also remember that most of us focused on expanding our internal networks inside the company in order to do our jobs better. That was a handicap when the layoffs happened because we didn’t have good external networks. Hopefully, with LinkedIn, etc. it will be easier to retain and grow your external network.

        Check to see if other employees, like your boss, are on LinkedIn, and then act accordingly. Do NOT openly job search when you are ready to leave, and don’t write nasty things about the company in social media (as your Mother told you, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”). If no other employees are on LI, see if there is a social media policy banning it. Doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. F500 companies know how useful LI is for recruiting…

        Look for an employee handbook, social media policy, and some sort of internal job posting distribution for everyone.

        Don’t make the mistake so many people make in assuming that covering “costs” is enough. Covering costs pays the bills for a company. Particularly in a Fortune 500 company, profits are what make stockholders and, thus, management happy. It’s also where the budget for raises and promotions comes from. And, most F500 companies are managed to keep the stock holders happy.

        The F500 experience will probably always look good on your resume, will be valuable experience, and will give you a nice big network, so enjoy!

        Good luck in your new job!

  127. Hello,

    I had an an interview on February the 10th, with four different hiring mangers, in groups of twos. The feedback I received during the interview was very positive, as I was told I had done an excellent job on answering the questions and that my previous work experience was directly in line with what they were looking for.

    At the end of the interview one of the mangers told me I would be hearing from the company by the middle of next week. Well, the middle of last week passed and I did not hear from them, so I phoned one of my HR contacts for the company that Friday the 17th and left him a message, however he has yet to return my call. I was planning on following up with my other HR contact via email explaining what has taken place and if they could tell whether or not I am still being considered for the position.

    I’m looking for some feed back as I am not sure if I am contacting them to soon. I really want this position, more than any I have interviewed for and don’t want to be forgotten. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Akemi,

      So, you waited exactly 1 week after the interviews before you called them. Now, I would back off and not contact them this week at all.

      If you can’t stand it, send that email on Friday. Reference the comment made about hearing back from by the 16th, and ask – politely – when you can expect to hear from them. Do indicate that you enjoyed speaking with all of them, have heard good things about this company, and look forward to the opportunity to continue the interview process because you really want to work in their organization.

      Wait until Monday to send that message if you can manage to be that patient.

      The interview and hiring process always takes longer than people on the hiring side expect – and always longer than the job seeker feels is appropriate. I’m guessing that the person who told you “middle of next week” was an optimist or trying to be encouraging, and I bet something got in the way – a crisis of some sort or just regular work.

      Good luck!

  128. Hi Susan,
    I interviewed for a job on February 13th. The interview went extremely well. They even went so far as to explain the desk/cubicle situation where I would be sitting to me and what their benefits were etc. The next day I sent my follow up Thank You email to my HR contact since I had been interviewed by a board. Later that afternoon, I got two calls from two of my references letting me know that they had been contacted. The company did express in the interview that the director with the final say on hiring would be out of the office until February 17th. I was wondering how long I needed to wait to make a follow up call on the position status? Would calling tomorrow be too soon since the director hasn’t even been back in the office a full week yet?
    I was really pumped when I heard they contacted my references but now I’m fighting the discouraging emotions that come with the waiting game. I just want to make sure I don’t come across too aggressive.
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Don’t be discouraged! This does sound promising, but I do think you are right to follow your instincts and wait a full week before getting back in touch.

      The directory probably had much to catching up to do once back in the office, and, most likely, filling this position is not at the top of the agenda. That’s the sad reality – it is very seldom as urgent on the hiring side as it is on the job seeker side of this process.

      When you get back in touch, don’t expect them to remember you or the exact situation, particularly if it is a large organization. Tell them your name, the job your interviewed for and the date of the interview, and who you interviewed with. Then, ask if the Directory has had a chance to review things and make a decision? If not yet, when do they think the decision will be made? Thank them for their time, and ask when (not if) would be the best time to touch base again.

      Good luck!

  129. I applied for a particularly attractive job through my university careers service. I sent my CV through with a well-written cover letter. I was quite suited to this role as I had a relevant degree and good internships. I got an email from the company saying they were very interested in my background and asking whether I could come down to meet them. Because I was currently living in a different city and traveling was expensive, I asked if it was possible to do a phone interview. They didn’t respond even after I sent two emails. Then I finally got a message saying they didn’t do phone interviews and they were not interested in pursuing my application.

    I then replied saying if that was the issue I was happy to come down to their office and meet in person if they were willing to reconsider. They haven’t responded despite me calling up their office and leaving a message and sending a follow-up email. I know they’re still looking for people as they’ve reposted their initial advertisement. Is there any point to pursuing this or should I just give up?

    • Hi Victor,

      I think at this point I would give up on this opportunity and back off for a while. You might find another opportunity at this company that may be a good fit for you in the future, and you don’t want to create a “bad name” for yourself with them now, when they’ve made their lack of interest pretty clear.

      Now, look for other employers in the same industry, even competitors of this company. If this company needed someone with your skills and degree, probably other similar companies do, too. Figure out who they are, and then see if there is a way to find an “insider” you can connect with – someone already working in a target company. LinkedIn is excellent for this – the company profiles have a phenomenal amount of information attached to them. And, of course, you can leverage your LinkedIn network to connect with people inside your target companies.

      Good luck!

  130. Hi,
    I applied for a particular legal position in a company. I had an interview with them on Wednesday, 22 February 2012. The interview went well, and I was apparently the only candidate for the position. I was interviewed with senior legal counsels (no HR involved at all). They gave me the offer on the spot, however, it has to wait for the approval from the HR people.

    One of the Senior counsel said to me that someone from HR will e-mail me by Friday at the latest, but she hasn’t sent anything to me. I had sent a thank you letter, etc. What should I do? Should I wait over the weekend and call the HR person on Monday or should I call her ASAP?
    Thanks for the help

    • Hi Jessica,

      This process always takes more time than a job seeker thinks it should because so much is happening “behind the curtain.” And 99.9% of what is happening has nothing to do with the job seeker.

      So, no, do not contact the HR person today. Don’t even call on Monday. The earliest I would do it is March 1st – a week after your interview.

      If I were guessing (!) what is happening inside this company, I would guess that:

      1. – These people have many other things going on!

      They have their jobs to do AND take the time out of their schedule to discuss and evaluate a new hire. Or…

      2. – Having only one applicant is not good. They would rather have interviewed and considered more than one person, particularly in today’s job market.

      So, they might be pondering the expense and practicality of trying to find more applicants. Or they may have found them and are in the process of evaluating them and setting up interviews. Or somewhere else in the middle of that process. Or…

      3. – The senior counsel who gave that “deadline” to you could have been offering only his or her opinion, based on incomplete information.

      It may have been what the counsel hoped would happen, but perhaps not really practical given workloads, travel, sick days, vacations, etc.

      So, assuming you have sent your thank you notes, continue your job search, take up knitting, train for a marathon, paint your bathroom, write a short book, or whatever you need to do to get your mind off this situation – not easy, I know!

      If you haven’t sent your thank you notes, do that now. Here’s some help – Did I Screw-up My Job Interview Thank You Letter? which has excellent advice on writing good thank you notes.

      And, just “chill” for a few more days. I know you can do it.

      Good luck!

  131. Dear Susan,

    Thanks for you tips :). I should elaborate a little bit of my situation. I am currently employed with other company. The Legal Counsel that interviewed me last time asked me when could I start work with the new company on the interview. This should not be a problem for me, as I could give a 2 week notice at any time.

    The issue is, I don’t want to give my notice without an offficial offer given by this new company. In the other hand, I don’t want to leave my current employee in bad term, by giving a sudden notice without helping them to find a new person who are going to fill in my position. So what should I do, shall I wait to call after 1 March? The Legal Counsel wants me to start on mid-March, but advertisement provided by the HR stated that the vacancy will start on mid-May.

    So I’m a bit worried and confussed at the same time. It would be good if you could help me.
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Jessica,

      Great instincts! You definitely do NOT want to give notice without an official offer LETTER from the new company. Your new job title, starting date, and salary – in writing on letterhead of the new employer – must be in your hands before you give notice.

      I think I would reach out to the Legal Counsel indicating your time-crunch issue with giving notice in order to start by mid-March, and let her or him handle the issue with HR. The Legal Counsel should not expect you to hand in notice without the official offer in your hands, and s/he should respect your need to give your current employer the standard 2-week notice.

      There’s always a chance your current employer could respond that you don’t need to stay the whole 2 weeks. In fact, they may show you to the door the day you give notice.

      BTW, if you are shown the door the day you give notice AND you can afford a couple of weeks without pay, take the time off to relax and recharge before you start that new job. I was only able to do that once between jobs, and it was wonderful!

      Good luck!

  132. Hi,

    I applied a job earlier this month which has been my dream job for many years, but did not hear from them till last Tuesday. So, i decided to find the contact details of their MD on there website and wrote him a letter and asked is this role still available. 20 mins later, he replied and told me it is open and he has forwarded my email onto someone in charge of recruitment. So again, I found this manager’s email and wrote him a long email to express how much I want this job and Why I think I am perfectly suitable. 5 mins later, he replied and asked me to join a interview second day. Really Happy!

    The interview was going well. I met the manager and also informally met the MD. All standard interview questions and at the end the manager said he still need to finished the first round of interview and give us candidates a fair opportunity, but will talk to me soon for second interview. I see this as a good sign. This was last Wed. And I wrote him and MD a thank you note and said I like the company culture and believe I am a good fit. No one reply…

    Yesterday (Monday), I added the manager into my linkedin contact and he verified from another side after 15 mins. Then, I wrote him a message (not email) through linkedin to make it less formal about my status and also tried to discussed a political question with him as I know he has a interest, but did not hear anything from him.

    I know it’s still less than a week, so do not want to push him to hard. Also, he told me in the interview, if I have any question or any comment, i can write him a email which he preferred as he is normally in meetings.

    I think I did everything I can. I think I have a look impression on the MD and also the manager. what do you guys think ? is there anything else I can do? or did I do anything inappropriate? Really want that job

    Thanks for any comments.


  133. Cann’t help asking, is it a good idea to contact the manager directly? I have submitted quite a few applications with no responses at all. Very Depressed.

    • Hi Nancy,

      I’m not sure how you are submitting your applications – through a job board like CareerBuilder or Monster, or through the employer’s website. Sitting at a computer and applying for jobs over and over IS depressing.

      Try getting away from your computer and looking for jobs by going to the business and asking if you can complete an application. Big employers may send you to the web to apply, but smaller employers may be very happy to have you complete an application in person. Dress well, and ask if you can speak to HR or who ever does the hiring. Bring along a few copies of your resume, too, to hand to the HR or hiring person.

      If you are applying through one of the big job boards, you can try calling the hiring manager or the HR rep. If you are applying through the employer’s website, I think you’ll have more luck calling someone directly.

      Good luck!

  134. Dear Susan,

    I went on an interview on Friday, Feb. 24th. the interview went very well. I met with a man and a woman. I did not get a business card or any follow-up information. I received an email from HR recruiter to schedule my interview. Is it okay or appropriate to call the HR person to ask for names and email address so I can state my interest and find out status. I was told that other candidates were being interviewed and give it a week or so to hear back. I want to call so bad. thank you

    • Hi PBG,

      It would be very appropriate and a good personal marketing move for you to send thank you notes to the people who interviewed you. However, it’s awkward to ask for their names and contact information now.

      If you can remember their first names and the department or office they were from, call the main number for the company to see if you can verify the spellings of their whole names and to get the address to send the notes to (via “snail mail” not email).

      If you really can’t remember their names, I’m not sure I’d try to follow up with them. You are not going to impress the HR person by asking for the names of the people who interviewed you.

      In this case, I don’t recommending contacting the HR person until the middle of next week.

      In the future, remember that it is your job to get their names. Addressing people by name is an important part of “connecting” with them during an interview. I would even ask for business cards at the start of the interview when people are being introduced or when you hand the interviewers copies of your resume. Then, repeating the name out loud – “Nice to meet you, Mary” – helps you remember it.

      Don’t stop your job hunt waiting to hear from this employer. Keep looking. You’ll get better at job hunting and interviewing the more you do it. “Practice makes perfect” as they say.

      Good luck!

  135. Hi,

    I have a similar situation that I thought I’d share. I applied for a job, with a very large company, in the beginning of December through an internal referral. My contact at the company told me that due to the holidays and personal vacations, they would not be conducting interviews till mid-January. I got the call, and went for my panel interview on January 20th. It went well, the hiring manager said that they’d hope to have this wrapped up in a couple of weeks. They did not want to bring people back for multiple rounds of interviews. I sent a thank-you note the next day and waited to hear back. About 1.5 weeks later, I received a follow-up call from HR. They wanted to ask about my background some more, and see if I was still interested. I once again said that I was very interested in the position and that I thought it was a great fit for my skills and background. The HR person said that they hoped to chat with the hiring manager in the next few days and make a decision. I also sent her a thank you email after our call and waited to hear back. I heard nothing and then about 1.5 weeks later, noticed that the position had been reposted on their website. I followed up with the HR person to check and see what was happening with the decision making process. She thanked me for the follow up and said they hoped to have a decision by the end of that week. It’s now been an additional 2.5 weeks since that follow-up and I am unsure as to what to do. I have been told by my internal contact that the fact i was contacted by HR meant that I had been shortlisted and they can’t figure out why the process is this slow. I should add that this company has a notoriously slow hiring process, but this seems to be excessive. As for the repost, he can’t figure it out. He thinks it may be a system generated auto-repost but is not sure. Any advice on my next steps? I don’t know why they just don’t cut me loose if they don’t want me….so frustrating.

    • Hi nkj,

      Yes, very frustrating not to hear, and particularly to see the job posted again, but not uncommon. The good news is that you have an internal contact!

      The bad news is that they already have a reputation for an extended hiring process. And, oddly, in this bad economy, data seems to show that many employers are taking longer to fill positions, being pickier about “fit” and “chemistry” with the company. They seem to feel that the job market has so many good people in it that it doesn’t matter if one good one gets away because there are so many more.

      I would try to reconnect with HR and reiterate your interest in the position. Ask about the current status of the opportunity.

      Frankly, I would keep job hunting, looking for other opportunities with employers who hire more quickly. Don’t give up on this one, but do move on. Whether intentional or not, the re-posting of this opportunity will probably re-start the process of bringing in people, interviewing, etc.

      Good luck!

      • Checked in with their HR. Apparently the hiring manager has been on a lengthy business trip and just got back. HR is going to try to connect with him soon. It’s pretty vague but at least a partial explanation.


      • Hi nkj,

        And, most likely, the person who just returned from a business trip will have a lot of catching up to do before s/he will turn their focus to hiring someone, so prepare to do more waiting.

        In another week or 10 days, check back in to see what the status is.

        And, DO keep looking!

        Good luck!

      • So I checked back 2.5 weeks later. The HR manager got back to me a few days after that – the hiring manager is moving forward with another candidate. It’s sad but at least I can close the book on them and move forward.

        Thanks for your insights!

      • There’s a better job waiting for you!

        Good luck!

      • I went on a job interview the 14th of March for a major hospital, I thought the interview went well the HR manager said I was a very good candidate, I even met some of the other employees for what they call a peer session and that seemed to go well also. After I was finished the secretary of the department that I had interviewed for said they would call me they were still interviewing. I asked how long it would before I hear back from them she replied about a week, but seemed unsure . I was just wondering do I call them and follow-up or do I wait a little bit longer and see, would it hurt my chances of getting hired if I call? The suspense is killing me, like my husband says anticipation. Usually when something happens(either good or bad) I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach, not sure what it means in this case. What should I do?

      • Hi bsp,

        These things often take much more time than anyone anticipates, certainly much more than the job seeker wants them to take. Most of the time the reason things take so long has nothing to do with the job seeker. So, “chill” if you can. Keep yourself busy looking for other opportunities for yourself.

        On the 28th, it will have been 2 weeks since your interview and peer session, so I think it’s appropriate for you to reach out to them. Calling is the surest way to connect, usually, so go for it..

        Remind them of who you are, the job you interviewed for, when you interviewed, and who interviewed you. Then ask them the status and next steps.

        Good luck!

  136. Hi.

    An interesting role was presented to me by a headhunter.
    I had an interview yesterday and for the most part, I think it went well. I met with the company’s HR manager followed by meeting with two personnel from the actual department I applied to. The entire interview lasted about for an hour (4:00pm – 5:00pm). The overall atmosphere during the interview was smooth and I definitely felt connection while speaking with the interviewers. When asked “what is the next steps in the interview process?”, the director told me that they are still interviewing other candidates and expecting to finalize and let me know in 2 weeks. Anyway, I sent thank you notes via e-mail to 2 of the 3 people I interviewed with. While I should have sent all three emails, I didn’t send to the third person simply because he was more of a junior employee and not a major decision maker in the department. What I’m curious is, when a prospect tell you “2 weeks”, does that really mean as a promise or a nice way of gesturing “We’re not interested in you”? It’s only been a day and I am patiently waiting for a feedback from the headhunter.

    • Hi Terry,

      “Two weeks” is probably nothing more that a hope that they will be through this process by then. It is not a nice way of saying they are not interested. I’m sure that in 2 weeks (probably more), there will be another round of interviews.

      DO follow up with a thank you to the “junior employee.” EVERYONE can have input into the hiring decision, and you need all the allies you can get.

      That headhunter is your “secret weapon.” They can get more information from the employer and HR that you can. Stay in touch with the headhunter.

      And, KEEP LOOKING! Don’t wait for this one to work out (or not).

      Good luck!

  137. Hello!

    I just had a question for you Susan that I thought you could give me some insight about. I applied for a position recently with a company and made it through the initial recruiter interview. I got a call from the hiring manager who just so happened to be the person I would be riding along with on my ride along interview. I was the first of three to do a ride along interview and there was a serious of problems he had to attend to(he still is conducting business) and I kind of felt like I was chasing him all over. I tried to be as willing to be involved as possible. He said there would be 2 more candidates applying for the job, one last week and one this week. He also said he wanted to have his position filled by the first week in March and I haven’t heard from him. He said all the candidates would get a final interview with his bosses and a decision would be made. I haven’t heard back from him and he didn’t return my call today. Could being told that all 3 candidates would get a final interview be a ploy to “get rid of me”? or do you think it is just taking time to get back to me and move forward in the process? This is a position I would love and I want to make sure they know I am interested and this job is for me. Thank You!

    • Hello Paul,

      That sounds like a very aggressive schedule, and, frankly, an unrealistic one unless the interviews with “the bosses” were 10 minute phone calls. Interesting that the person hired was expected to begin work immediately. Everyone interviewed must have been unemployed or expected to have no loyalty to the employer they were leaving.

      Don’t assume a rejection that hasn’t happened. Assume being very busy with end-of-month and start-of-month activities.

      I would contact the recruiter. Don’t expect them to remember you or the job you interviewed for. Explain it all – the job title, when you interviewed with them, the person in the ride-along interview, the dates of both interviews, and what the manager told you about the schedule. Then, ask for the current status.

      And, keep looking for other opportunities, just in case…

      Good luck!

  138. Hi Susan (I believe),

    I had an interview for an internship that I REALLY want for the summer last week on Friday. The interview was supposed to be from about an hour, but I took around forty minutes, is that bad 🙁
    I sent thank you letters to them the next morning, within 24 hours, and the interviewers sent my a reply saying thank you and that they would follow up with me once they had reviewed and interviewed other candidates as well. Is that bad? HOW LONG will this take? I am very nervous…
    I really want the job! What can I do next? Wait it out or send another followup email soon? Or call maybe? 🙁

    • Hi Donald,

      Everything sounds perfectly fine, so far. What you need to do now is “chill” so you don’t blow this opportunity for yourself.

      Depending on how many applicants they had and how much time they can devote to interviewing, it could be weeks before you hear from them – even if they want to hire you.

      Please understand that the people who do the interviewing and have input into the hiring decision also have their daily jobs to do. Hiring someone is in addition to their regular work , so it’s not often their top priority. Nor it is easy. If they recommend hiring the wrong person, that can have a negative impact on their career and also make their own jobs harder. SO, IT TAKES TIME!

      Now, you need to put this opportunity on your mental and emotional “back burner” and look for other opportunities, in case this one doesn’t turn out. Because, no matter how much you want this job and how perfect you feel it is for you, it might not work out.

      So, keep looking!

      Good luck!

  139. Hi Susan,

    I’ve enjoy reading your responses to all these “anxious” job seekers out there. I am actually an “anxious” job seeker’s spouse and been waiting with my husband in his job seeking journey.

    He recently had an interview on 2/14 and thought he did well in it. The job interview lasted the whole day til 5:30pm, so I took that as a good sign. He came home feeling well but did mention that there’s about 7-8 people interviewed for the job. After the interview he followup with a thank you email to the perspective managers and then waited a week. After that week, he then follow up with an email hoping to hear about their decision.

    On 2/26, he called HR corporate recruiter hoping to get some kind of response from them. The HR lady was nice and apologized for making him wait and said she is going to follow up with the hiring manager. My husband also mention the HR lady seem to know who he is when he called, which he took it as a good sign?

    Finally on 2/27, he received a call from HR telling him that they want to proceed to the next part of the hiring process and want to check his references. (We took that as a good sign?) The big company now use online reference checks like Checkster; where you would send emails to your references and ask them to fill it out and email it back to the employer. HR lady mention that she hopes to finish the references in 1-2 days and if references check out well, then ask for funding and then extend offer. She did explain that process to him.

    So, my husband asked for four references and on the same day all four references completed their questionaire form and emailed it back. He then email HR to let her know he completed that part and HR replied to let him that she closed the reference check and sent the report to the hiring manager.

    My antsy husband then called HR the next day to ask for progress and skirted around the question that if he was the only canadiate they check references and she didn’t answer. (I know that was probably a bad move on his part, but I can’t blame him since this is the 2nd time he’s unemployed due to workforce reduction) She did however told him, he’s still in the running.

    So, Susan, what can we take from this development? Do they really have more then one canadites they are looking at? If that’s the case, why do HR personally call him and told him the whole hiring procedure? Are we getting excited over nothing and jump to the gun too fast?
    I work in helathcare and in my field, when they employer is checking references, usually job offer will come after. What about this situation?

    I’ve been trying to coach him to calm down (eventhough I’m a nervous rack too!), just trying to keep some sanity through out this roller coaster ride, hoping for some of your insights. Thank you in advanced for your time.

    A concerning wife.

    • Hi Cindy,

      Yes, it sounds like all is going very well. The issue is probably getting “funding” so they can extend the offer. Depending on the employer, the size of the employer, their processes, and the size of their bank account (and budget), the process may be a long one. So, the wait for an offer will be a long one.

      I hope you can convince your husband to “chill” for at least a week before he checks back in with HR. I understand how anxious job seekers are, having been one many times, but the process always takes longer than the job seeker wants it to take. It should be hard for him to derail it by being a pain-in-the-*** for HR, at this point, but it is probably possible. So he needs to back off and give them time to go through their processes.

      Meanwhile, I hope your husband is keeping himself busy looking for other jobs, just in case funding is not approved for this one.

      Keep us posted.

      Good luck!

      • Susan,

        Thanks for your reply. The question about funding was asked by my husband when he first got the call from HR about references check. HR lady told him everything look good so far but she can’t guarantee or forsee the future. So, yes “funding” may be of an issue but it’s not presented as an issue first. But, I think my husband is more concern about the possiblity that there’s still 2-3 top canadidates for them to select from. Then, that would mean, the race is not over.

        When he called HR yesterday, the HR lady gave him some insight by saying the hiring manager usually is fast in responding but he has been nonresponsive for the last 2 days. I have however, kept my husband sane today by not calling her, so hopefully I can keep him posted for another 2-3 days before he bugs her again. One good thing is that he has another interview next week, so hopefully that could turn into something. Thanks again for your time!

      • Hope it turns out well!

  140. Kimberly says:

    I’ve been interviewing for a position I am really interested at a nonprofit but there is already a temp in the position who is also interviewing. My interviewees wanted to make the process fair and so that’s why they are reaching out and interviewing candidates. What can I do or say to convince them that I am the right candidate and not the temp or the other candidates interviewing?

    • Hi Kimberly,

      Unless the temp is doing a very poor job OR the employer doesn’t want to pay a fee to the temp agency to do a permanent hire, the temp probably has “the inside track” for this job.

      However, often employers do not want to pay the temp agency’s fee to permanently hire the person the agency sent them. My guess is that’s the reason they are interviewing other candidates.

      To stand out, be as professional as possible.

      I hope that you very promptly sent thank you notes to all of the interviewers (you are the “interviewee”). If you didn’t send the thank yous, do it ASAP – a separate, unique one for each person who interviewed you.

      * Be sure to remind them of the job you interviewed for and when you were interviewed by them.
      * Thank them for their time and attention.
      * Tell them how much you enjoyed meeting them.
      * Try to remember something you said in the interview that they seemed to like or something you wish you had said differently, and make a reference to what they liked or offer a “clarification” of what ever you wish you had said differently. Or, add something that you forgot to tell them that is relevant to the job or to that person.

      Then, demonstrate your interest in their “cause” and your skills in doing this job, if you can. Do some online research or something else someone doing this job would be expected to do, creating your own “work sample.” Be sure it is NOT critical of what they currently do, but adds to their knowledge or helps them in some other positive way.

      If the job is answering the telephone, you might be stuck for a work sample, but if it is something you might be able to demonstrate now, give it a try. If it is writing reports, write a report for them, or, perhaps, show them a report you have already written for a class.

      Worst case, you’ll be making a “donation” of your time and effort to a cause you hopefully believe in already. Best case, you’ll be more impressive than the temp and the other candidates.

      If you are looking for jobs like this one, you may be able to show your work sample to other potential employers, in case this job doesn’t come through.

      And, keep on job hunting. Don’t stop to wait for this one to come through, because it might not, and you’ll have lost a lot of time.

      Good luck!

  141. HI! Susan,

    I had an interview with a college almost 3 weeks ago and it went really well. One of the board members who interviewed me walked me out of the room after the interview and told me that my background is really impressive and she hopes we will have the opportunity to communicate in the future. However, she did mention to me the hiring process will take about 4 weeks because HR needs time to prepare paperwork and the job was not closed until a week ago. I already sent thank you emails and thank you handwritten cards to each person who interviewed me right after the interview. Should I send any follow up email to express my interest in the position again now? If I were to calculate the time frame of the progress now, they should already submit the name of the person they want to hire to HR by now. I am currently working but this is my dream job. Please help.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kim,

      I think it’s appropriate timing for you to reach out to them again. I would first try to connect with the board member who gave you so much encouragement. If she doesn’t respond, I would contact HR.

      Be sure to include your name, the title of the job, the date you interviewed, and who interviewed you. Then ask for the current status of the search. Hopefully, you will get good news about the next steps in the process.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you! Susan
        I just sent the email. Hopefully I will be able to share the good news soon.

      • hi! Susan,

        I sent a follow up email to one of the board members and she got back to me last Monday which was a week after my follow up email was sent. She said she appreciated my follow up but HR will be my main contact in terms of the status and process. So I contacted HR last Tuesday and they told me they had not heard any decision from the department yet. So another week passed, I still did not hear anything. I know they will send an anouncement even if the person did not get hte job but I am still just waiting…it has been five weeks since my interview…

      • Hi Kim!

        So, no quick decision is coming. Sadly, I don’t think that 5 weeks is an unusually long time to wait for a job offer. The process moves slowly right now.

        The best thing for you to do is to keep looking. It will help you stay busy, keep your mind off this situation, and perhaps you’ll find that a much better job is waiting for you somewhere else!

        Good luck!

  142. I had a phone interview last Thursday morning and thought it went well as I was told by the interviewer that she would like to set up a second phone interview with the hiring manager. She said she believed the hiring manager would have some time the following day (Friday). I was told that she would get a time confirmed and give me a call back, but in the meantime she would e-mail me a PowerPoint with a more detailed description of the position along with an outline of the benefits package. I e-mailed her a thank-you following the interview and waited for a call back and e-mail.

    It is now Monday afternoon and I haven’t received a call back or an e-mail. Should I call to follow up or wait a few more days??? I noticed that the job posting has been removed from their website, but I’m not sure if that means the position has been filled or they took it down because they are now in the interview phase.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Jake,

      So many things could be going on that have nothing to do with you. The manager was out sick, the presentation wasn’t ready, etc.

      I would wait a week, until Thursday or Friday, before contact them. Perhaps a phone call to hiring manager would be appropriate just in case your thank you email did not get through to her.

      Good luck!

  143. I’ve shared my story somewhere in this comment thread few weeks ago about having two great interviews within a company, and then was rejected. Of course, I was heartbroken because I REALLY wanted the job. I am still doing contract work with them, which means I may have a chance with them down the line and maybe they’re still trying to “feel me out.” However, I was very upset when 2 weeks after turning me down, they reposted the same job ad. This meant that they still haven’t hired anyone. I was more upset upon this discovery because I felt I was more than qualified for the position (don’t we all feel that way??!).

    My mistake was that I didn’t ask for feedback, ’cause now I’m growing more and more curious as to why I was not hired. So since I’m still a contractor for them and have direct contact with the owner of the company, is it too late to ask for a feedback? And if not, how can I ask for one without sounding desperate or psycho?

    • Hi Tia,

      I doubt that it is too late to ask for feedback, so go for it.

      If you are contracting through an agency, there is a possibility that their contract with the agency is a problem. Often these contracts have clauses that cost the employer a chunk of money if they “steal” the contractor to turn them into a full-time employee.

      If you are an independent contractor, that feedback could be very useful. Be sure to be polite and business-like, no “attitude” or frustration showing. Just looking for feedback.

      Good luck!

  144. Susan,

    I really appreciate the article. I interviewed three weeks ago at a company that is across the state. I am currently employed, but looking to relocate. At the close of the interview, I received encouragement from the hiring manager, indicating that he would be talking to me soon, but was not sure if I would have any more interviews. I sent a thank you note, and followed a week after the interview with a follow up phone call to the HR representative, which was short and sweet.

    This Friday, I have an interview with another company in the same town. The first job appears to be a better fit for my qualifications. Would it be reasonable to send a follow up email mentioning that I will be in town for a meeting? I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but I do want to make it known that I am still interested, but closing in on other opportunities.

    I appreciate your advise.

    • Hi Renee,

      If “across the state” is more than an hour drive, then I would certainly consider reaching out to the first company to see if they would like to talk with you again. “Since [you] are in the area” and it is quite a drive for you to get there, you are contacting them simply because it would be convenient to drop by if they have any more questions.

      I would NOT mention the reason you will be there. Telling them you’re in town for another interview might sound like a threat, at worst, or a hard sell, at best. They may figure it out by themselves.

      Simply state that you’ll be nearby and available if they would like to talk with you again. Be sure to let them know the job you interviewed for and when you interviewed. Don’t assume you are memorable (although hopefully they will remember you). Be professional and business-like.

      Worst case, this company could be your next employer in your new location.

      Good luck!

  145. Dear Susan, I got a letter on Jan. 7 from a manager of a company saying “We are still considering your interest in joining ***. However, at this time our decision is pending on some restructuring within the *** group. I cannot promise that we will have a position open in the *** group for you, but whenever it does we will definitely consider you.”

    Can I contact him again since two months have passed? If I do, what should I say? Thanks Susan.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Absolutely, reach out to that manager to see what is going on. You’re not being a pest after having waiting for 2 months. If they are “restructuring” waiting until the dust settles is an excellent idea.

      Good luck!

  146. Dear Susan:

    Thank you for posting this great article. I had a successful first interview in January, and I waited 3 weeks for the second interview. However, because I was sick, I had to have my second interview rearranged and I became the last person for the second round of interviews. The hiring manager told me I would be informed of the result in 1-2 business days, and I have left a message inquiring about the results after 5 business days, but as of now, I still haven’t heard back at all. I am planning to send an email today but I don’t know what to write. I feel that they might have hired someone else already and that’s why they didn’t get back to me. What do you think I should do and what should I say in my email?

    I greatly appreciate your advise.


    • Hi Beth,

      It sounds like a good plan. It would be nice if you could wait an extra day or two to contact them again.

      Be completely business like and professional. Remind them who you are, the job you interviewed for, the dates of the interviews, and who interviewed you on those dates. Then, explain that you were told to expect an answer over a week ago (right?), and you are checking on the status since you didn’t receive a response when you called (right?) a few days ago. If the job has been filled, you would like to thank them for their time and the opportunity to learn more about the company, and you hope to stay in touch about future opportunities. If the job hasn’t been filled, you would like to know what the next steps are (references, etc.).

      Good luck!

      • Dear Susan:

        Thank you so much for your reply. I have actually waited for 2 whole weeks since my second interview. I contacted them twice (email/telephone message) and I haven’t gotten any response at all. Initially I thought I might be the second best candidate and they might be waiting for an acceptance from the best candidate before deciding to reject me. However, even if they haven’t made a decision, they could simply tell me so. Do you think the company has already filled the position and is ignoring my inquiries because they simply don’t feel like sending a rejection email?

        P.S. I sent a follow-up email based on your suggestion. It was very helpful. I hope you enjoy an awesome weekend.


      • Hi Beth,

        Glad to hear my advice was helpful! Thank you!

        Now, don’t assume that the job is filled and that you are being ignored because they don’t want to send a rejection. That could be the case, of course, but it also possible that they are still working through their hiring process.

        So, if possible, put this opportunity “on the back burner” and move on to others. It may turn out, and it may not. And you may never know what happened. That’s just how it works some time. Not nice, but not unusual, either, unfortunately.

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, just in case.

        Good luck!

        P.S. Hope you enjoy an awesome weekend, too!

  147. Damaris says:

    Dear Susan:
    I went to an interview this past Thursday and everything went well.. my interviewer told me that he would call me that same day or if not I could give him a call on Friday morning. So I gave him a call on Friday and he told me that he still had more interviews to do and I should check back with him by Monday and that for sure he would have an answer for me regardless if I got the job or not. So then I called him this Monday and again he told me that he had another interview to do but he would for sure call me that Monday afternoon regardless.. and he also let me know that not to worry, I was still in the running for the position and one of his top choice… and now we are on Wednesday and I have not heard nothing from him not even a call.. I know your advice is to wait and show them that I am patient and I am but right now I am in a really rough spot income wise and to be honest I am pretty anxious and eager to start working, what should I do?

    • Hi Damaris,

      Since he has been in close contact with you, I would go ahead and reach out to him to see what is going on. It sounds a bit like he might be new to this process, so he might be making “new-kid” mistakes in estimating how much time things will take. I suspect that he has gotten bogged down in the whole interviewing and follow-up process and doesn’t have an answer for you, yet. So, be patient and business-like with him – avoid “attitude” at all costs!

      Given that you are “one of his top choices,” it sounds like there will be more steps to go through before an offer is finally made to anyone. So, ask him what the next steps are, assuming he’s ready to move forward. If he’s not ready to move forward, ask him when would be a good time for you to contact him again about this position.

      Meanwhile, I hope you are still looking for a job elsewhere, in case this falls through! It’s not that I think it will fall through – I just hate to see people put all their eggs in one basket, and then not get the job. Waste of time when income is short.

      Good luck!

  148. Dear Susan, I had an interview on Feb 29 and at the end of the interview, I asked the interviewer (who I will work for if got hired) whether I could give him a call some time this week to check on my status and he said yes. I got an email this Monday from the secretary inviting me for a second interview. Now, do I still need to call my interviewer? If I do, what should I say? BTW, it is a position in an investment bank so I assume he could be very busy. He didn’t reply to my thank you note. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Nancy,

      I would assume that he is not expecting a call from you since you have heard from his secretary inviting you in for another interview. He must know that will be happening.

      Good luck with the 2nd interview!

  149. Hi! I recently had an interview, Friday March 2nd, and I thought the interview went well. The employer told me she had a hectic weekend, but that she would try and send me an e-mail by Monday the 5th, possibly with a work schedule. It’s now Thursday the 8th (I know it hasn’t been that long) but since she mentioned Monday, I’m starting to get anxious. It’s not a busy company, so I can’t imagined she’s piled with work. I would like to send her an e-mail to touch base with her about the job, but I’m not sure how to send it without sounding like ‘hey did i get the job or not’. What should I do? Thanks!

    • Hi Amanda,

      So many things could be going on that have nothing to do with you. There’s something about the hiring process that can make people on both “sides” too optimistic about how quickly the hiring process will move. She probably expected to be able to contact you on Monday, assuming some things would happen that didn’t. Or she got sick. Or someone else got sick. Or a million other things could have happened.

      So, I would not reach out before Friday afternoon, and I think that next Monday would be better.

      Don’t expect her to remember all the details – tell her who you are, when you interviewed, and what you interviewed for. Ask her what the status of the job is now, and what the next steps will be – second round of interviews, references checking, etc. Try not to sound anxious or have an “attitude.” Be polite, business-like, and confident – even if you don’t feel that way.

      Good luck!

  150. Alexander says:

    Dear Susan:

    I had a phone interview(2/24/12) with a local company, he(the son of the owner) was very impress by my experience, so invited me in for a in-person interview(2/29/12) i was there on time and everything went well, I interviewed with 4 different person on different offices, from engineer(who gave me a math test which i know i got hundred cuz im good on math) Vice-President, plant manager & Manager of Operations(who is the son of the owner). they seemed to like me, and they said they’ll contact me. I haven’t heard from them, i call his secretary(2/7/12) and ask if he was available but he wasn’t so i asked her to past a message to him, “Thank you for the interview and i still very interested on the role” I dont know what to do i want to work for them so bad, maybe i feel so anxious cuz i havent work for 3 years already. What should i do, like when you think i should contact him again.
    BTW i didn’t sent a thank you note.
    Looking forward to heard from you.
    Thank You.

    • Hi Alexander,

      I’d wait another week, and reach out again. They might have interviewed several people, so don’t expect them to remember you. Be business-like and confident, no anger and no “attitude.” Remind them of the details – your name, the job you interviewed for, who you interviewed with, and when the interviews happened. Then, ask for the current status of the job and what the next steps in the process are.

      It’s a good idea to send a brief thank you to everyone you interviewed with. It’s not always necessary, but it can be very helpful. See the Interview Thank You Notes and Letters page for more information about writing them. For next time, maybe? IF this opportunity doesn’t work out…

      Good luck!

  151. Hi Susan,

    I had an interview on 3/1/12 and it was the one job I really wanted and I think I messed up bad as I gave wrong answer on the most common question, tell me about yourself. Now this is where you are suppose to sell yourself explaining why they should hire me and although I did give a couple good reasons, I mainly focused on anwering him by telling what I do in my spare time. I left the interview kicking myself in the teeth. Other than that it was a nice interview, the interviewer was very laid back and nice.
    The position was to be filled immedialtly so I think I may have messed up even more because I that night emailed a thank you letter. Being that emails sometimes go into spam, I mailed a hard copy and followed up with a phone call that lead to voicemail the Monday afterwards. In the thank you letter, I aplogized for being nervous and telling him more on what I do in my spare time.
    Im sure I know the answer but asking anway, how bad did I mess up on this? Do you think I have a chance and/or should I keep calling about the position?

    Thank you

    • Hi Paul,

      The impression you left may not be as bad as you think it was. Your thank you follow-up was very thorough. So, why not continue to follow up, since this was “the one job” that you “really wanted”? At this point, you may not have anything to lose, and you may increase your chance of getting this job or of being hired the next time they have an opening.

      No more apologies, though. Move on as though it never happened. Get back in touch with the interviewer, and ask about the status of the job. Memorable as you are, don’t expect the interviewer to remember you. After you have introduced yourself, give the job title of the job you interviewed for and when you interviewed. Ask him the status of the position and what the next steps are.

      IF it has been filled, send them a letter – thank you for not hiring me. Make it short. Indicate that you appreciated the opportunity to interview for this position and to learn more about the company, and you hope they will keep you in mind for any future similar opportunities. You might slip in a short paragraph about something you wish you had said in your tell-me-about-yourself answer. This kind of thank you is relatively rare and often effective.

      Good luck!

  152. Hi Susan! Thanks for the other reply…

    It has been 2 weeks since I last followed up, which was right after the interview… should I follow up now? What should I say? Do I email just my interviewers or the HR person and the interviewers? Please help 🙁 I would really appreciate it! How should I follow up? Phone or email? I am more comfortable email but if phone is more necessary may you tell me what to do?

    My older post:

    Donald says:
    March 2, 2012 at 6:35 am
    Hi Susan (I believe),

    I had an interview for an internship that I REALLY want for the summer last week on Friday. The interview was supposed to be from about an hour, but I took around forty minutes, is that bad
    I sent thank you letters to them the next morning, within 24 hours, and the interviewers sent my a reply saying thank you and that they would follow up with me once they had reviewed and interviewed other candidates as well. Is that bad? HOW LONG will this take? I am very nervous…
    I really want the job! What can I do next? Wait it out or send another followup email soon? Or call maybe?

    • Hi Donald,

      Yes, it’s appropriate to follow up now, and I would do it in a phone call because you will know for sure whether or not you got through (sometimes email just evaporates without a trail). And you will have an opportunity to ask follow-up questions. Nothing will be in writing, but it can provide the opportunity to learn more and to better understand what is being conveyed, in comparison with email.

      Be business-like, professional, confident, and calm (or do your best to fake it). In these kind of situations, I always ask myself, “What would a real grown-up do?” and then I try to do that.

      Don’t expect them to remember you or any details, even if you are one of the successful candidates. Give them your name, and the internship you were seeking. Tell them who you spoke with and when you spoke to them. Ask them the status of the internship and what the next steps are.

      If they say that they are still in process, thank them and ask them when and who to contact next time to find out what is going on.

      If they say that they have made the offers and you didn’t get one, ask them for feedback on why so you can learn from this experience. If you are talking with the person who interviewed you, you may get some good information instantly. If you aren’t, ask if it is possible to speak with that person to understand what you did well and not-so-well. If you can’t speak with them, try following up by email.

      Remember that you are being your professional self, so – IF the news is not good – don’t be angry or crushed or anything other than professional.

      If you get the internship, do your best to get feedback on your performance and approach to the job, as well as the way you interviewed and worked to land this opportunity.

      You can’t improve without knowing what you did well and what you might have done not-so-well. They might not have the time or inclination to share that information with you, but they may be willing to help you out. And, you won’t know unless you ask.

      However this turns out, use it as a learning experience.

      And, meanwhile, keep looking for an internship. This one may not work out for you, and a better one might be just around the corner – but you won’t find it if you stop looking now.

      Good luck!

  153. Hi

    I had an interview on February 14. Wedndesay will be a month since I had that interview. I called 2 weeks ago an talked to the person who had the interview with. He told me that they had not make any decision and he will contact me in either way (getting or not getting the job). Unfortunately, I did not get any call or email. What should I do? Should I call him again. Or just wait, because I heard that sometimes it takes a month to get a call back.

    • Hi Alix,

      I would send an email this week to the person who interviewed you. Ask him the status of the job and what the next steps are in their process. Also ask him the best way to stay in touch with him about it.

      Don’t expect him to remember you, though, because he has probably interviewed a lot of people in a month.

      So, after you tell him your name, tell him:
      * The job title of the job you interviewed for.
      * The date you interviewed with him for this job
      * A very quick summary of your resume – “I have worked for xxx and xxx, doing yyy and yyy, which is the background that you need for the person you hire for this position.”

      And, keep on job hunting! If you don’t get this job, a better one is waiting for you.

      Good luck!

  154. Hello, my name is Camara and I have an interview tommorow after school and I was nervous , but I think I am ready for it. I filled out an applcation last year in october and they called me last week and told me that I have an interview. I was shocked, but excited. I am looking for great tips ,but I think I am going to really do great.
    Pray For Me,
    Sincerely Camara

  155. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Susan
    First of all let me tell you that the comments and posts of your website are very useful and your tips/suggestions very useful for most of us – actively engaged job seekers.

    This is my 3rd month since I started my career transition and still have not been able to secure anything concrete. I have a particular request and is related to how to balance persistance and interest in a job vs. too much follow ups.

    I had a meeting over just a month ago (last week) with the hiring Director for a new role. She was very gracious and invited me for breakfast to get introductions. At that time, the position was just recently being drafted and was unclear the location. I got the referral via a former colleague who after I approached him for another role I was interested, he passed my resume along to her for this new country role.

    Breakfast was great and felt good chemistry with excellent conversation on the strategic direction the company is trying to make and the landscape here in Canada. At that time, the hiring Director told me that I would expect a phone call within two (2) weeks as the process has to go through the HR – she and HR are based in the US.

    Since she got my resume forwarded by this internal employee, she was going to talk to HR to tell them that I should be considered. The role could be located in U.S. or Canada but most likely Canada.

    I felt positive and sent the thank you email letter and also followed up via a phone call before month end but could not reach her so I left her a voice mail with a short “sell story” that I am very interested to hear back on how the process was going for the new role.

    It has been a month and I had received NIL contact from the human resources. Would it be prudent to send a formal follow up via email after having sent her a thank you note plus a voice mail asking for the status of this job?

    Would it be considered that I am so “desperate” which I am or is still a prudent and persistent way to follow up on a job opportunity.

    I have not followed up with this former colleague as he gave me the impression that after introductions, he wished me luck …so I don’t want to be dragging onto him….

    Can you comment on what the best course of action could be folowed in this particular situation?

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      In the US, it’s considered prudent to follow up, even smart. I have heard more than one recruiter say that lack of follow-up by a job seeker indicated a lack of interest, and if the job seeker wasn’t interested in the job, they company wasn’t interested in hiring them. Following up was not a guarantee that a job offer would result, but lack of follow up did guarantee NO job offer.

      I think your best course of action would be to try sending another email with a phone call afterwards, assuming it has been at least a week since your last contact attempt.

      Don’t expect her to remember you, though, because she has probably interviewed a lot of people in a month.

      So, be sure to tell her (both in the email and in the phone message, if you have to leave a message again):
      * The job title of the job you interviewed for.
      * The date you interviewed with her for this job
      * A very quick summary of your resume – “I have worked for xxx and xxx, doing yyy and yyy, which is the background that you need for the person you hire for this position.”
      * Where you are located.

      Ask about the current status of the position, and what the next steps are. You could also ask if they have determined the location since the last time you spoke, it was not clear.

      Good luck!

  156. Hi Susan,

    Great advice. Let me share my scenario. Last week I interview with two companies. I’m pretty confident both interviews went well. At the end of the first interview with company X – they asked if I had any pending offers or other opportunities on the table – I told them about the second interview with company Y and possibly a third with company Z.

    I had to pass a phone interview with this company Y first to be able to qualify for a face-to-face. The face to face went well. They asked if I were the much time do I need to give employer. I said I’d like to know by this Friday – 3/16.

    My question is, besides the follow up e-mail (already sent to X, Y did not provide business cards) should I call them to inquire or patiently wait? Thank you so much in advance!

    • Hi Matt,

      In general, I recommend doing a combination of inquiring and patiently waiting. Contact the employer, usually HR, every couple of weeks unless the employer is motivated to make a decision quickly (e.g. retail staffing up for the holidays, schools getting ready for the school year to start, etc.). It’s best to avoid being annoying (which more frequent contact can be).

      However, that said (don’t contact too often), it’s good to stay in touch so they know you are still interested. There’s a fair amount of over-thinking and worrying going on in the employer’s offices too. “We should hire quickly so that the good people don’t get away.” “Great candidate, has someone else snapped them up?” “If they don’t stay in touch, they aren’t really that interested.” etc.

      In a very real sense, it’s a lot like dating, on BOTH sides: Do they like me? Will they call? Do they want to see me again? Will they say “yes”?

      So, it’s a good idea to be careful of setting deadlines for employers. You could exclude yourself from consideration if they know (or suspect) that they won’t have a decision by your deadline (like the 16th). You could also come across as arrogant and entitled, which would probably also exclude you from consideration. They are the “buyers” in this marketplace, and, right now, it’s a buyer-controlled market. Hopefully that will change in the future, but we’re not there yet.

      Good luck!

  157. Hi Susan,

    I had an interview at a company last Friday and they sounded like they were happy with me and said they would reach out to me on the same day, by the end of the business day. After the interview, I sent out a thank you note to the HR and waited to hear from them. I did not hear from them so I wrote a follow-up mail to the HR on Monday(yesterday) and still haven’t heard from them.
    Before the interview, the HR was very quick in responding to any queries I had, but now, does not seem to respond to any mail. Should I consider their silence as “no” and just move on? although I was hoping to get this job 🙁


    • Hi Naina,

      Don’t consider the silence a “no” until it has lasted at least a few weeks longer, unless it’s the kind of a opportunity where the employer has a real deadline to get work started.

      The hiring process always takes more time than anyone, on either side, thinks it will. Employers are usually too optimistic because they want it done and the new person at work so they can get on with their jobs. But, people who are involved in the approval process can be tied up with some sort of crisis, on travel or vacation, out sick, etc. So the process usually does NOT go as planned.

      And, unfortunately, email is not always reliable, so your message may not have gotten through. (See my Don’t Trust Your Job Search or Career to Email post.). So, get back in touch in another week, with the phone this time, and then another week after that, perhaps via email.

      I’d recommend that – if you want this job – you stay in touch for at least a month before you give up. And, then don’t be surprised if you hear from them later.

      Good luck!

  158. Hi Susan,

    I really learnt a lot of your comments, thanks to you.
    I would like to share with you my experience and take your advise,
    I had an interview over the phone exactly one month ago, i felt that it went well then the next day i did send a thank you letter to the HR Manager which was the only contact by e-mail i know.
    during the interview i had been informed that i will be contacted within a week for the final decision however i waited actually for two weeks with no answer then i contacted the HR again to ask about the job status and after one hour of my e-mail i was contacted by the HR Manager telling me she though of me as a strong candidate however she still need time to meet other little number of people and she will contact me as soon as possible.
    After this last contact which it was from two weeks, everything is silent and i don’t know if i should contact her again or preferred to be wait a little
    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Mohamed,

      It’s a tough situation. The process can take SO long because, on the employer side, many other things have a higher priority than spending the time it takes to hire someone – interviews, reference checking, etc. All take time, usually extra time in addition to the regular job, and if the wrong person is hired, it can negatively impact a career or the daily job becomes more difficult or both. So, not fun and can be high risk!

      The job seeker doesn’t want to be a nuisance, but the waiting and not knowing is terrible. Sometimes, the employers are looking for a sign that the job seeker is really interested in the job. And, sometimes the job seeker didn’t make the “first cut” and no one wants to deliver the bad news. Hard to tell, unfortunately.

      Perhaps it is time to reach out with a phone call. Don’t expect the HR manager to remember you – tell her the job you interviewed for and when you interviewed. Then ask her the status and the next steps. Be very polite and professional, even if you get bad news.

      IF they have moved on without you, thank them for their time and consideration. Tell them you are still interested in working for them (if true), and will stay in touch for future opportunities in your field (name it for them). You might also slip in a 30 second commercial on what you think your main selling point is (experience, skills, education – whatever seemed to interest them the most in the call).

      Good luck!

  159. Stefanie says:

    Hi Susan,

    I have been reading through this post and I had an interview on March 5. I sent a thank you that day. The person I have been in contact then contacted me March 7 to do their company’s next step which was a computer test. She then contacted me again on March 9 and asked if she could contact my current supervision and to verify my references. I of course said yes to both.

    What I was wondering is what would be the appropriate amount of time before I follow up again.

    • Hi Stefanie,

      Do you know if she has spoken with your supervisor or your references yet? See if you can find that out.

      She seems to be interested in filling this job quickly, and it looks like you are one of the candidates being considered. Excellent!

      I would give her a week AFTER she has spoken with your supervisor and/or references, and then I would check in with her again.

      Don’t expect her to remember you (although hopefully she will). After you give her your name, tell her the title of the job you interviewed for and the chronology (interviews, tests, calls). Then, ask her the status and what the next steps are.

      Good luck!

  160. Hi Susan,

    I was recently interviewed for a position and was told that it would take two to three days to hear back from the company. After a week I called the company asked about the position and if it had been filled. I was again told that the position had not been filled but that it now was pending on another position being filled and I was asked to call back in another two to three days for an update. Since this time I have had three offers from diffrent companies wanting to hire me, but I have turned them down out of fear that I will recive a call back from this job which is my dream job on all levels. So I have a couple of questions. 1) How long should I wait before presueing other jobs that are willing to hire me? and 2) Should I call the company back after the time period they have given me or wait longer just to be sure? Any help or advice that you can give me would be greatly welcomed, I have been so stressed over this since the interview because of not knowing what steps to take next.Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Definitely check in when they have told you to call back. See if you can find out what the new job is about and how it relates to the job you want. Would “your” job report to the person in that new job or would your job change as a consequence of that new job being filled?

      You might not be as interested in this job – or as interesting to them – when that new job is filled.

      My guess is that you might need to go through another round of interviews after this other new position is filled, since the jobs are clearly related in some way. Those interviews probably wouldn’t happen until the new person is in their job for a few weeks. So that looks like filling this job may be delayed a few weeks, maybe longer.

      I would NOT wait to begin pursuing other jobs. I would start right now! So I would very carefully consider my options before I turned down any other job offers. Maybe this employer and this job will happen for you after this next job or maybe something better is waiting for you.

      Thank you for the good wishes – hope you have a wonderful day, too! 🙂

      Good luck!

  161. Dear susan, I have a serious question! I have been interviewing internally for several months. Everytime there is a job offer, I apply, get the interview, and get denied! This has happened approximately over 12 times. Every interview goes well!! Some goes so well that we get off the subject! I always send thank you emails, and always follow up! They never respond to them, which is ok! My question is do you think i could possibly be getting a bad reference? If so how to find out and what to do about it? Thank you so much for this article!!!

    • Hi Queena,

      Hmmm… Interesting situation! Most employers encourage employees to look for other jobs internally so they can keep the good people (and not have to train new people).

      Notice what is going on with other employees. Do other employees in your department move on inside the company or do they leave the company? Are jobs posted internally and people encouraged to apply for those postings?

      See if you can get your boss to help you out with this. Would you feel comfortable asking your boss about the situation? Does your boss support you going after other jobs in the company? Does you boss have any departments or sections of the company that s/he feels might be good “next moves” for you?

      Do some asking around to see what you can find out.

      Good luck!

      • I would ask a friend to call your reference and see what they say…..It would be interesting to find out.
        Same thing happened to me… The xboss that I really liked said she would give me good reference and come to find out she was the one who was sabotaging my search to find a another job. I hope this helps. Good Luck

  162. I had a great job interview, sent a thank you note, but have a few questions (two) I would like to ask the two individuals who did the interview. Would it be ok to email them and ask if I can call or email with those questions? Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Ellie,

      It would probably be best to speak with them directly so you can ask the follow-up questions, so try calling to see if you can get through. If you can’t get through within a reasonable period of time, then send the email messages.

      Good luck!

  163. Hope you can help, Susan. I had a phone interview with a company last week. On Friday I had back-to-back interviews with 2 people in the department including the hiring manager. They then asked me to submit a writing sample which I did Friday afternoon along with a thank you email. I noticed today that the position was reposted on Craigslist. When do you think it would be appropriate to follow up again? Thanks!

    • Hi Chris,

      Hmmm… Re-posting the job is not a good sign, usually. Read Ronnie Ann’s post, “They Re-Posted the Job. Should I Kiss It Good-Bye?” for her insight and advice on this exact topic.

      Then, a couple of other things to keep in mind:

      1.) Employers are in “shopping” mode these days.
      Employers know that many very good people are looking for jobs right now. It’s a perfect “buyers’ market” for them, so they are being more picky and continuing to look for a “perfect” candidate even when they have a very good one – searching for someone who is a 100% “fit” with the job requirements now vs. 80% “fit” in 2008. And, craigslist is SO inexpensive for employers (free in most locations) that it costs them nothing but a few minutes of staff time to re-post a job.

      2.) Something may have changed since you spoke with them last week.
      Check out the new posting carefully. Was exactly the same job posted or did they change it a bit? IF they changed it, did they change anything significant and are you still a good “fit” with the job as described now?

      At this point, I don’t think you have anything to lose by contacting them next week to see what is going on.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks Susan. This is an entry level job for a company that is rapidly expanding. I think they have several of the same position open to fill.

        Do you think tomorrow would be appropriate for a follow-up? It is one week from when I sent the writing sample.

      • Ahhh…

        Very different situation! The re-posting is not necessarily a bad sign if they have a lot of similar positions to fill.

        If you could wait until Tuesday, you might have a better response.

        Friday is often either a very busy day – so people can leave for the weekend without taking “home work” home with them – or a very light day with some people leaving just a few hours early to have a bit longer weekend.

        And, Monday is often crazy getting caught up with weekend email and emergencies.

        Good luck!

  164. Hey susan, great advice in your article! I had an interview with a company last Friday, and the interview went really well. So well that we actually ended up getting a little off topic. She said she would call very soon, and said she was very happy I applied. She told me she just wanted to check my references before actually offering the job. She also said ” you are going to enjoy working here”. Today is Wednesday, and still no word from her or my references saying they got a call. Should I wait some more, or can I go ahead and call. The wait is killing me! Thank you I’m advance!

    • Hi Ashley,

      I hope you sent a thank you note. If you didn’t, why don’t you send one now. It will help you stay busy.

      It’s hard to tell what she meant by “very soon.” She could have meant within a week. She could have meant this month. Hiring new employees is often an “additional duty” for most of the people involved, something they fit in around their “real” job. So, it often takes a back seat to whatever work needs to be completed plus people get sick, go on vacation, travel on business, need to handle other more urgent issues.

      So, try to stay cool until late next week (except for sending a thank you note). When you do get back in touch, remind her who you are, when you interviewed, the job you interviewed for, and anything about you that seemed to stand out for her (a former employer, an accomplishment, etc.). Ask her about the status of the job, and what the next steps are.

      Stay in touch with your references so you know when they’ve been contacted.

      Meanwhile, don’t stop job hunting! Something better could be just around the corner.

      Good luck!

  165. Hi,
    New to the site and really enjoy reading the posts as well as the comments. I may be suffering from ‘Post Interview OCD Blues’ here. I had a phone interview with a hiring manager (Not H.R.) a couple of weeks ago and last Thursday had in-person interviews with the same hiring manager, and a divisional manager (they interviewed me separately). The interviews went well, each lasting about one hour. At the end of the interview the hiring manager told me that they want to make a quick decision, probably by the end of this week or maybe next week. He said they may call me in for additional talks, and said if I have any queries to let him know as he gave me his business card. I wrote each manager follow-up thank you emails, addressing concerns I thought they had, and reiterating my interest in the position. Is it appropriate to call or email asking for status? How long should I wait before contacting him? Thanks in advance

  166. Caroline says:

    I had an interview on Tuesday with a company. I think it went well, and they said they had a few other people to interview this week and would be making a decision either end of this week or start of next week. I sent thank you notes out immediately (and even made sure I had one of their names right by emailing their HR person).
    They said they wanted to fill the position quickly, so would TODAY be too soon to follow up? Or would it be appropriate? Who do I contact? I know one of the Interviewers was going to be out of town today (which is why I couldn’t be interviewed today). How do I go about it? Casual email to HR? Phone call to the other Interviewer?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Caroline,

      It’s good to remember that these processes almost always take more time than the people on the employer’s side think they will take. So, it’s best not to respond too soon, or you risk looking like a nuisance.

      Since you have sent your thank you notes (excellent!), it would be MUCH better to wait until the middle of next week before you contact them again.

      Warning: don’t do anything “casual” in this process, particularly not an email. Always make your best effort to be business-like and professional.

      Usually, the most effective way to reach someone is via telephone. You may get voice mail, but hopefully you will reach a person “live.”

      Don’t expect them to remember who you are or why you are calling, particularly if they are interviewing several people for different jobs.

      After you tell them your name, tell them the job you interviewed for, when and who interviewed you, and when you were told a decision was expected. Then, ask for the current status of the job and the next steps in the process.

      If you end up leaving a voice mail, follow up with an email that contains the same information, referencing your voice mail.

      Good luck!

  167. Susan,

    I’ve been offered a job both verbally and through email. The hiring manager confirmed that I was able to start on Monday last week and told me he would send an email this week with more details. So far, I haven’t received this e-mail. Do you think it’s appropriate to reach out at this point or just show up Monday?

    Thank you so much for this blog. Looking for a job and the whole interview process is so stressful and its nice to see someone empathize with us!

    • Hi David,

      Well, if you don’t have anything better to do Monday morning, you could just show up since you do have a written offer (mostly), assuming that the salary is acceptable to you (and was hopefully included in the email).

      I do think it would be best to contact him Friday to make sure about any rules regarding what you might be expected to wear, perhaps where to park your car if you drive there, and other logistical and administrative details. If it were me, that’s what I would want to know.

      If the salary has not been agreed upon, I would definitely call Friday.

      Good luck!

  168. I had a potential employer say he’d get back to me in a week. Early the following week he emailed me said he had a family emergence and would get back to me by the end of the week. He never called. It is now two weeks after the interview and 3 days after I expected him to call me, should I call him it continue waiting since he said he would call me?

  169. Hi Susan!

    I absolutely love this site! I am new to the working world and I don’t know how I’d navigate it without WCC!

    In mid-March, I interviewed for an entry-level attorney position. I felt as though the interview went well, and apparently my intuition was correct; one of the senior litigators called me afterwards to tell me how much the panel enjoyed speaking with me, how much they liked me, etc. The hiring attorney said she was looking to make her decision within the next two weeks. It’s been 15 days since the interview process ended and 17 since my interview.

    I’ve been trying to manage the post-interview jitters as best I can, but now I’m wondering whether I should contact the hiring attorney to find out whether they have made a decision. Is it too soon to contact the hiring attorney to find out whether a decision has been made?

    • Hi Marie!

      Well, you have lasted two weeks past the decision-making deadline, which I am sure was not easy. So, congratulations on that accomplishment!

      Depending on the size of the law firm and the calendars of the litigators (which are often crazy given that judges are in charge of most of the processes), they may not have been able to make a decision yet.

      At this point, however, it’s appropriate to check back in with the hiring attorney to see what is going on. After you’ve given her your name, reminder her of the position, when you interviewed, and who interviewed you. If there was anything in the interviews that seemed to stand out to them, I would mention it so you are sure that she knows who you are (in case she has interviewed dozens of people recently). Then, ask the status of the opportunity, and the next steps in the process.

      If they have made a decision, but didn’t choose you, I would follow up with a thank you note – nice to meet them, enjoyed learning more about the firm and the members, and look forward to seeing them again in the future. And, if you are still interested in working there, tell them to keep you in mind for the next entry-level attorney position they open.

      Glad that you love the site! Most of it was created by a very talented lady named Ronnie Ann who has moved on in her career (but who is welcome back ANY time!!). Very happy to know that WCC is helping you!

      Good luck!

  170. Hello,

    I left a comment on February 17th about an interview I had gone on in January and how my references were checked and I was asking when to follow up with the interviewer. Well, this particualr interview process is lengthy — i did hear from the employer and was asked to come in for the final leg of the interview at the end of March. I just had the final interview on the 28th of March – a panel interview with 8 interviewers. I believe the interview went very well and had two of the interviewers come to me afterwards and tell me they really enjoyed meeting me. I wa also told by one of the interviewers, as she was walking me out, that the decision on who to hire would be made this week. The lady who told me this has been my contact during this process and has been very helpful about keeping me informed and in the loop throughout this lengthy process. However, she is out of town this week, when the decision is supposedly going to be made. I know that I was not the only candidate asked back for the final interview, although I know that I was the first to be asked back.

    As you can imagine, I am really nervous and have had my cell phone glued to me since yesterday hoping for a call. I realize it is only Tuesday this week, but my question is this: Is it appropriate to follow up now with the employer to check on whether a decision has been made or try to get a better idea when the decision will be made this week? Secondly, if it is appropriate to follow up, should I follow up with one of the other interviewers on the panel since my contact is out of the office this week? I have not really had any contact with the other interviewers besides at the interviews and my sending of thank you letters. One of the other interviewers did respond to my thank you letter on the 29th and said that I should contact him if I had any questions about the position. Should I take him up on the offer and contact him to ask when a decision is going to be made?

    Thank you so much for providing this site — it is such a valuable resource!

  171. Hi Susan… things are great! About 2 weeks ago I got a call from the employer about how I got the job. They said they would need some reference checks so they sent me an email about it and I filled out the reference forms immediately. However, I did NOT receive the job offer contract yet… my job is supposed to start in May. Do they usually do the job offer contract when the time is nearing? Or is it because they are not done reference checks yet… does this take several weeks?

    What do I do now?

  172. Hi susan, I wanted to get your advise on my situation, I got a interview through a friend that works for the company, she called me and ask if i could interview with the hiring manager on this pass Monday
    I did the interview this pass Monday with the hiring manager, the customer service manager and also set down with an employee in the office in the office to observe how they work in the call center environment. The hiring manger said I will hear back from her at the end of the week or next week, the customer service manager walked me to the front she told me that the hiring will contact me and I also sent a thank you letter vs. Email, she didn’t respond back too it . The lady that referred me was also interviewing for a transfer position there, she said she is going to get a position there and assured me that I will get hired also. My question is should I call today which is Friday or wait to next week to see if they will call me back?

    • Hi Deedy,

      I hope you didn’t call Friday. This weekend is a holiday for many people, and it’s a bit soon to call, any way.

      Wait until mid-week or the end of the week to contact them again. Hopefully, you will hear from them before then, but don’t be too impatient with the people and the process. It just takes time.

      Good luck!

  173. Hi there

    I have been succesful for a position, Was just wondering as a manager interviewed me, a HR Officer called me 2 weeks later to offer me the position. Should I call the manager and thank him, or wait until i start in a months time?

    • Hi Emma,

      Congratulations on landing the job!

      Particularly if you didn’t send a thank you note after the interview with the manager, I would send a well-written note now, thanking him or her for the opportunity and saying you are looking forward to starting work. If the organization felt informal and you felt you have a good rapport with the manager, then you could call.

      Good luck!

  174. Hi Susan.

    I just got interviewed on April 11 2012 at Dome Cafe, Australia. The manager said he would call me back this week and he said to me that “work in here is tidious task, you have to tidy up the cafe when the cafe closed and in here a lot of employees from diffrent nationalities”. Because i put my work personalities in my resume as: Self-Motivated, Easy get along with new people and hardworker. Is this the good indicate that i will be accepted as new employee then?

    Hope the best response from you Susan.

  175. Hello,

    I’ve interviewed twice for a position that I really want. It is in the right place and feels like the right time. I actually met the person who I would be under outside of the application process (that’s good networking), and he asked for my resume. After I sent it, we kept in contact and about a month later he asked me in for an interview. The interview went well, but I’ve thought that before, and they said they thought I was a good fit. I then interviewed with the HR department, and he seemed to like me as well, he even followed up with a follow up call I gave him. They all have kept in touch, and I’m sure they’re busy, but they had to interview other people for the position, by policy. I’ve heard that they’re in the final stages and I should be hearing back soon, with an addendum to let them know if I don’t. I’m going crazy wishing I knew something more, and I’m worried they might’ve found someone they liked better in their process. I was told that I was at the top of the list, but this was only a few days after my interview (in response to my Thank you note). Since, all I’ve heard is the “official” stance, once by phone, and once by email, two separate people responding to their individual follow up calls. I don’t want to press them, but I want to keep the impression they started with.

    I have one blip in my background, a few years ago, I was a kid then, and the offense wasn’t major, but I worry that is still haunting me too. Not to mention my family thinks there’s something wrong with me. (Rephrase, they KNOW there’s GOT to be something I’M failing at that’s keeping me unhired) I’ve been passed over by several companies for a better fit, one, I was particularly familiar with, as we have been through the process before (reinterviews are great) said that I did nothing wrong and it’s a tight market. Am I really that unlucky?

    Sorry this is long winded,

    • Hi Hal,

      As you know, all you can do at this point is to keep job hunting. This will probably work out for you, once they have “dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.” But, you won’t know for sure until you have that offer letter in your hand.

      To keep yourself sane, keep up your job search! That way IF (!) this doesn’t work out, you won’t have lost a lot of time.

      Regarding that “blip in your background a few years ago,” I hope you have Googled yourself to see if it is still “haunting” you. Just Google your name and see if it pops up on the first 5 pages. Hopefully it won’t, but if it is part of an official “public record” somewhere, it might. So, have an explanation ready in case it does. If you feel that you know the hiring manager well enough (careful!!!), you might approach him about it. But very VERY carefully!

      IF the “few years ago” were more than 5 AND you haven’t mentioned the incident in social media or some other online venue since then, I think you’re probably safe.

      Yes, families, like most of the employed world, seem to assume that the job seeker is wrong somehow. Not the process or the job market – the job seeker. Sometimes that’s true, but it is more often the job market and employers being somewhat crazy. That attitude is bad, but it’s very common unfortunately.

      Keep staying in touch with this employer and keep job hunting!

      Good luck!

  176. Hi Susan,

    I had an interview with a company and was interviewed by two people in the department that I was applying for. If I want to follow up, should I call them or try the HR department? I sent a thank you email to my interviewers(?) about 3 weeks ago so I think I’m overdue for a follow up.


    • Hi Bob,

      I think probably your best bet is to call the HR department to see what is happening. Tell them your name, and then remind them of the job you interviewed for, who interviewed you, and when they interviewed you. Then, ask for the status of this job and the next steps.

      Meanwhile, keep job hunting.

      Good luck!

  177. Thanks for the great information on this site!

    I really need some advice. I interviewed for a position 3 times – two phone interviews and an in-person interview two weeks ago today. Everything seemed to go well and I was told that I would hear back by the following Thursday. First problem: I sent thank you emails to the 2 HR people I dealt with as well as the interviewer but discovered a few days ago the latter email was rejected and ended up in my spam folder (obviously I have the wrong email address). It’s 2 weeks later so I think it’s a bit late to be asking the HR team for his email address. Should I do so anyway?

    Second issue is that I was told I’d hear back by the following Thursday. I didn’t, so I gave a call to HR on Friday; I was told I was still in the running and they would let me know the next day. The next day I received a bulk email stating they were behind in the process and still didn’t have feedback, and that they’d let everyone know on Monday (there were several of us there on interview day, and there are several spots available). I heard nothing on Monday, and waited till Wednesday morning before sending a brief email asking if they could update me on the status of my application; I haven’t heard anything back.

    What would you do In this situation? I am in such dire need of a job, any job, that I am having a hard time seeing this clearly. I would be grateful for any advice. Thank you!

    • Hi Aly,

      I know it is very tough to be waiting, particularly when you are in “dire” need of a job. Very stressful! But, you will be OK!

      Double-check the email addresses you have – were there typos in all 3 of the address? Can you forward your original messages or just resend to the correct addresses? It could also be that your messages didn’t go through because you are not on their system’s list of “friends.”

      At this point, if the email addresses seem to be OK, what do you have to lose by asking for the HR email addresses, again? Or, you could do snail mail instead of email, assuming that you have the snail mail addresses. Mention that your earlier emailed thank you messages were rejected.

      I suspect that, as usual, it is taking much longer to fill the opportunities than the employer expected (or wanted). So, I would also reach out, via phone, no earlier than this coming Wednesday (a week since your last call, correct?) to check on the status of the opportunity. After you identify yourself, tell them the job you interviewed for, and when and who interviewed you. Then, ask for the status of the job and the next steps.

      Stay very positive, business-like, and confident in the conversation.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Aly,

      Sorry you’re going through the agony of the waiting game. It can really get to you, can’t it?

      Although it’s been 2 weeks or more since your email landed in the HR person’s spam folder, why not send a fresh thank you email anyway. I don’t think it will hurt, and it may actually help to keep you top of mind. Briefly mention the fact that you just realized your first email to him/her never reached its destination, and stress again your interest in the position. Or, if you can find your original email, forward that to him/her with an updated message included.

      On the second issue, since you did get in touch last Wednesday (if I’m reading your comment correctly), I think you should wait until maybe the end of this week. They’ve already given you an update. All kinds of things could be going on internally that are out of your control and may have nothing to do with you as a candidate for that job. The last thing you want to do is blow your chances by coming across as a pest.

      As frustrating as all this is, and as much as you need to get into a job fast, please try to keep from fretting too much over this. Find ways to distract yourself. And always keep looking for other job opportunities. You never know when you’ll uncover something . . . maybe even better than this one.

      But I’ll be keeping positive thoughts for you to land this one!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member, Work Coach Cafe Team

      • Thabks for the replies! What about using LinkedIn to send my interviewer a Thank You? I can send him a snail mail letter but while he was here for my interview I believe his office is actually located in another state – but I’m not clear on that. I wonder if LinkedIn would be a good way to thank him, since he’d see my picture and immediately remember who it is that’s contacting him.

        Also – if I don’t feel it was my best interview, can I mention that in my note? I just don’t interview well due to nerves, and never feel I have given the interviewer the best view of who I am…

      • Hi Aly,

        The photo with the message is a great way to remind the recruiter who you are. Using LinkedIn to connect with someone you don’t know well is difficult (one of the benefits of LinkedIn!).

        You can easily send an InMail to the recruiter if you are “connected” to the recruiter in LinkedIn. If you aren’t connected, then you’d need to upgrade your account to send an InMail, and it could get rejected if he doesn’t recognize your name. In the past, there were repercussions from having your InMail rejected (have a certain number of I-Don’t-Know rejections, and the account would be blocked – eek!). I’m not sure if they’ve done away with those or not. If you already have a paid LinkedIn account, then you could probably do it.

        Don’t mention that it was not your best interview in your note! Experienced interviewers know people get nervous, and an inexperienced interviewer might not have noticed. If there was a question or two that you think could be clarified or improved in a short sentence or two, you could do that. But don’t apologize.

        Good luck!

  178. Hi Susan,

    I had an inter last friday with the manager of the department that will hire me. She and her co-manager interviewed me for 1+ hr, then they told me about the perks and benefits of the job. They then ask for the references and the following tuesday, they contacted them (references). My question is, when is the next good time to follow up with them? Im thinking of sending them an email following up my application but I dont want to be too strong or too eager. Thanks.

    • Hi Chris,

      Those are all good signs, particularly the fact that they contacted your references so quickly. Amazing!

      I would follow up on Monday. As much as many recruiters complain about too much contact from hopeful candidates, almost as many view follow up as a sign of the job seeker’s interest in the job. So, if you are interested, I would follow up since they seem to be moving so quickly.

      After you tell them your name, remind them of when you were interviewed and who interviewed you. Then, mention the references being requested, and ask the current status of the job. Be sure to let them know that you are very interested. Be calm, business-like, and confident (but not TOO confident).

      Good luck!

    • Hi Chris,

      You’re right to want to wait a little before following up. One of the worst things you can do is appear to be a pest. That can kill your chance to land the job.

      As Ronnie Ann pointed out, it would probably be best to wait about 2 weeks. So send an email at the end of this week. Maybe you’ll hear something before that.

      Remember, the fact that the process is dragging on may not have anything to do with you and your candidacy. All kinds of things could be happening internally, and you can’t do anything but be patient and wait, as difficult as that is.

      Meantime, keep working on your job search and uncovering other opportunities. Something better may come your way, and the job search work will distract you from the frustration of the waiting game.

      Good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you land this one!

      Meg Guiseppi
      Member, Work Coach Cafe Team

  179. I went in for an interview at Ralphs on April 2. I was interviewed by Kevin who was the manager. Everuthing went great and he hired me on the spot. I took a saliva drug test the same day and he told me to call back the following Monday at 10:30am and ask to speak with a woman by the name of Maryann. When I called all she said to me was “im really busy, I cant speak to you now call back on Friday” and hung up in my face. she didnt ask for my name or anything. When i called back on Friday I was on hold for 15 minutes and when she finally got on the phone and asked for my name she said she couldnt find my application. then she said it didnt matter anyway because they already hired alot of people so I should just call back in 2 Months. …Yes 2 Months…. I asked why call back in 2 months when I was hired last week. with an attitude she said Did I hire you. I said no the manager Kevin did. she told me to hold on and when she returned she said “well he didnt even run the background check”. She began to sigh loudly and talk to herself about all the applications she had to deal with and then told me to call back on Monday (which is tomorrow) after 11am and hung up the phone in my face AGAIN. I dont even know her position in the store because to be honest her sttitude scares me to much to even ask. Who should I talk to about her?

    • Hi Laneer,

      I think it’s a good idea for you to stop by Ralphs, and speak with Kevin. Tell him there seem to be some open issues (the background check, for example), and Maryann told you to return in two months. So, you are confused about when to start.

      Don’t dump on Maryann. Stick to the facts. Be business-like and professional. And ask him to help clear up the confusion because you are looking forward to working for him.

      Good luck!

  180. I’m a little confused.

    Almost exactly a year ago I applied for my perfect job. I managed to get to a second interview and I felt that although the first interview went a little better, both interviews were pretty successful (or least I thought so). I didn’t get the job though and they sent a very lovely, reasuring email stating it was literally between myself and one other person. Very frustrating situation, but It was that I lacked the experience is all (I know this will always be a negative in my applying for a new career interest it’s true but I hope that one day my passion will allow me to get my foot in the door and show what I can do).

    Well, I thanked them non-the-less and asked if they can keep me in mind for any future posts.

    It’s now a year later and I forgot about it all (having a rest from job searching). I suddenly get an unexpected email from them (just out of nowhere) saying the job I applied for is again available due to the newly emplyed person leaving. It has been advertised online but this time they have altered the job a little and that it is still well suited to myself despite this… ”would I like another interview with them as they would like to see me”. Of course I said ”Yes please thank you so much for keeping me in mind!”

    …The interview went well in my mind, I over prepped and did my absolute best. One of my best. It was all good during the interview too, getting along with both the managers. Afterwards though, rather than advising when they will contact me, I was just left with ”if you don’t get this one then really keep trying for others because you are clearly passionate and knowledgable in this field” …bit of a negative end to a near perfect interview? I can only assume they already have somebody better in mind but why not let me know if I’m a definate no?

    It’s now the 3rd working day, not very a long time yet I know but I’ve heard nothing (and they always do go out of their way to contact quickly).

    So I’m now left in the dark after my THIRD interview with them. I haven’t emailed them or called them since the interview yet but am tempted to email today. Should I?

    Maybe I’m being too hasty and should wait longer?

    Thank you

    • Hi Sienna,

      I would definitely follow-up with a thank you note today, if you haven’t already: how happy you were that they contacted you about this opportunity and invited you in to interview (a little guilt trip might not hurt them!). And how much you enjoyed seeing them again. Yes, as they noted, you are passionate and knowledgeable about this field, and you are also a quick learner on the job, and you look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate that to them (a little sales pitch at the end won’t hurt either!).

      Meanwhile, is there anyway you could get some related experience that would help you “close the sale” with them – or with employers like them – if this is the field you want? If it’s marketing experience you are missing, for example, work on the marketing committee for the local branch of a national charity, for example.

      Good luck!

  181. Losing hope... says:

    Hi Susan –
    First off, this website rocks! Its great to know there is a community to reach out to with these questions other than the 15-year-olds at Yahoo answers.

    So here is my situation:
    I had my 2nd interview exactly 9 business days ago. This is the job of my dreams. It went down like this:
    Phone interview, thank you note.
    1st interview – thank you notes to 4 people I met with.
    2nd interview – thank you notes to 6 people I met with the day after.
    My “future boss” responded with this email (April 12th)

    Hi XXXXX,
    It was nice to meet with you again. I have a handful of interviews scheduled for next week, but it’s my hope to make a hiring decision and wrap-up this process in the next 2 weeks.

    It will be 2 weeks tomorrow. Should I
    a) call her directly and politely ask how the process is going or if she needs additional references.
    b) call the HR person I met with both times and ask the same question
    c) email the Recruiter who found me that I also met with and ask if they have made a decision?

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance!

    • chandlee says:


      Hiring always takes a fair amount of time on the back-end. Since you’ve followed up once, I recommend waiting until the end of the week to follow-up again. Before you call and ask for a status update (and I think it would be fine if you call either contact), check the company’s website. If the site is no longer advertised, it may be filled. (But ask about status even if it’s gone — different companies have different practices for when they take down positions.)

      If you don’t get the job — follow-up with a second thank you note expressing your appreciation with being considered — and say that you’d appreciate it if the company would continue to keep your file active should similar opportunities in the future. I’ve seen this action alone, turn into future offers.


  182. Hi,

    I had a phone interview with HR in early April for a position that I am extremely qualified for and extremely interested in. It went very well, and I thought I would hear back soon. I sent a thank you email a few days later and then waited. A week and a half after the initial phone interview, I got an email from HR saying that the editors want to see some samples of my work to assess whether my experience is what they are looking for.

    I sent the samples the next day (8 days ago), and am now waiting again. I have yet to have an actual interview. My husband says I should sit tight, that they are interested, and taking their time finding the people they want to interview in person.

    It is so hard not to send an email–I really want this position, but don’t want to stalk. When will a follow-up email be appropriate? Or should I just stay quiet?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Gale,

      I think it would be fine to call and just confirm that they’ve received samples of your work — if you haven’t done that already. Let them know you remain interested in the position.

      Make sure your email hasn’t been overlooked.

      And in the interim, keep looking at other positions as well.

      Good luck and all the best,

  183. I had my Interview, with the HR lady, I thought to myself it went well, Two of the other supervisior werent there for the interview because they where in the middle of doing an audit. I did send a thank you E-mail soon after. Then I called to check up , I talked to the HR lady again, She told me some, personal information about a vacation she was going on, I made a little small talk, then asked her how the hiring process was going and the reason i was calling, and she was surprise the two supervisiors hadnt call.. and they still havent. Its been a full week of the “Waiting game” now what should I do? I just feel like I am begging.. and in a way I am, I have pleanty experience in this field of work. it is a great job. Dont wanna sound like a begger.. please help !!

    • chandlee says:

      If you’ve followed up once I’d let it go for another week and then follow up directly with one of the supervisors. I know it’s hard, but keep up your job search — and keep applying for other jobs as you wait. This will help expand your options, and — if and when you do get an offer — you may find you even have the additional room to negotiate…

      Good luck!


  184. Thank you for this website. I would like your advice. I had an interview with a panel of people recently. At the end of the day I sent thank-you emails to each person and on Monday (the interview was on a Friday) received a response from the manager asking for references as the panel had narrowed down their list. I provided him with all of my references after I briefed each person about the position and confirmed that they would be available to vouch for me. It’s since been a week and I have not heard anything from the manager and my references have not been contacted. Should I let it be or follow-up with the hiring manager?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I think it’s fine to follow-up at this point to ensure that he received your list of references and tell him that they are “on standby” should they wish to contact them.

      I’d express continued interest in the job, and let him know that you’d appreciate an update if the position has already been filled.

      Don’t read too much into the delay — often it takes employers much longer than you would think to follow-up with references and to come to a final decision.

      Good luck,

  185. Hi,

    I recently interviewed for a job that I had been contracting for the last 2 years and got brought in house. It is almost literally my old job and they created 3 positions out of it. I have letters of recommendation from everybody I had been working with for the last 2 years. In the interview, I was told that whoever they chose for the positions would receive an email about taking an assessment then that would be evaluated and compared with the interview and the previous assessments. Then, a week to 10 days later, you would be contacted about the job. The morning after the interview, I got the email and did the assessment and the HR woman said she’d be in touch the middle of next week (this past week). Today is 10 days later and I’m about to lose my mind! I did hear from somebody else that she was out of town doing interviews in another state last week. Should I email her to see where the process stands? Thanks for your advice!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Darcy,

      I think it’s appropriate now to follow-up and ask where the process stands…that said, if she was out of state interviewing — it’s likely she was interviewing candidates for another position and that the job in process is still up in the air. Large employers often hire for 25+ positions at one time so it’s not unusual for a search to lag behind.

      I recommend that you keep an on-going lookout for other jobs as well during the process of looking for work. If they’ve combined what you did into three jobs, they may have been giving you more work than you could possibly handle. Maybe the new job is a dream job, maybe not. Either way, until you have an offer letter that you’ve decided to accept — remember you also have the power to look elsewhere and give yourself potential access to more opportunities.

      Good luck.


  186. Just a quick question. I applied to a retail position and said they would get back to me by today. If they haven’t by afternoon, should I give a call to inquire on my status? Thanks in regard.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Hal,

      I recommend you follow-up with the employer in 48 hours. It may seem like an eternity but often it takes longer to hire than employers initially anticipated.

      All the Best,

      • Thanks for the reply! It is in retail, so I’m sure they will fill the position quickly, so would it not be better to act fast?

      • chandlee says:

        Hal, you should certainly follow up. But don’t overlook the fact that they also already have your information and — if still in the interview process — likely have a hiring timeline.

        That you follow-up to say thank you is the most important part of the process. After that, I don’t know that following up repeatedly and aggressively influences someone to hire you. The key is to look interested but not desperate, either.

        Good luck,

  187. Nikki P says:

    I may regret it later but I feel good now. I stood up to an unprofessional hiring manager that gave me a waste of time interview have a piece of my mind. I called to follow up since she never acknowledged my email containing the info she requested or my thank you. “Oh a sorry I meant to call you! We’re sorry but we had so many qualified candidates that we’re unable to offer you a position but I’ll keep your resume.” Me: “were they as qualified as you? Let’s see, you called me 30min late, you asked me questions at the start of an interview that should have been asked at the end. You also asked if I had experience and samples of skills not listed in the job description AND to your shock and amazement I had it AND I packaged and sent it to you within an hour. STILL you the qualified COO couldn’t take 1 min to acknowledge that you received them. Ms. —- I hope you’re never seeking a job and end up dealing with a hiring manager as QUALIFIED as you” she said “I’m sorry and I hope you find something soon” I just hung up. I feel good though! I struck a blow for all frustrated job seekers 🙂

    • chandlee says:


      Wow! What an experience you’ve had. While the experience you’ve had as an applicant is — unfortunately — not uncommon, I’d encourage you not to provide feedback to employers in this way in the future.

      While it may feel good at the time, your comments likely earned you a place in the company’s “do not hire” file. It sounds as though this is okay with you — so that’s all right.

      What you should also consider is that companies talk — and many big companies have networks of recruiters and hiring managers who regularly meet to discuss how they hire and what they should pay candidates. I knew a candidate (a college senior) interested in working on Wall Street in New York who wrote a “you’ll be sorry e-mail” to one company who rejected him. He was essentially black listed and could not find a job with any firm or in the city.

      COOs typically don’t participate in this kind of network, but it is something you may want to keep in mind for the future. Better to write a letter that doesn’t get sent and tear it up. And to perhaps respond to similar challenges in the future with, “I’m disappointed to hear that I wasn’t selected. What’s the best way to remain active in your applicant pool? Should I also be in touch with someone in your applicant pool?” Keep in mind that Chief Operating Officers often have many fires to put out on a daily basis — it’s not unusual for senior executives to run behind in time for interviews.

      I wish you good luck with the rest of your search.


  188. I recently applied for a position back in late March. I was contacted and asked to come in and do skills testing. I did so and happily moved onto the group interview. After the group interview I was invited for a second one on one interview. Interview went well and I followed up with a thank you card. I was one of the final 3 candidates. A week after the final interview I emailed HR and inquired as to whether a decision had been made. As of May 9, it will be exactly 4 weeks since the final interview and I have still heard nothing. HR did say they would let me know either way. At this point, do forget it or make another inquiry? Thanks. This is a city position and I expect a lot more courtesy as to lettting a candidate know the outcome.

    • chandlee says:


      Hiring processes often take quite a lot of time. I don’t think it makes a difference as to whether the job is in the city or the country — many employers still don’t follow-up on time.

      As four weeks is a long time, I recommend that you make another inquiry to follow-up. But don’t follow-up by e-mail or leave a voicemail — follow up with a phone call so you can get a direct response.

      Good luck!

      All the Best,

  189. HI Chandlee,

    I had an interview last Wednesday. I was scheduled to meet three interviewers but a fourth interviewer showed up and mentioned about a position in his group in the company. I got a call from HR in the afternoon saying the interview went on well and asked about my opinion on position in the fourth interviewer’s group which I was very interested in. He also asked about my reference information and salary expectation and said we would talk on Monday. I didn’t hear from him and I called him on Tuesday afternoon. He was on his way to a meeting and told me all references’ feedbacks were positive and he would call me this morning. It’s 1:30 pm and he hasn’t called. Should I call him again or just keep waiting? Should I continue looking for other jobs or I should be ok to get this job? Cann’t stop worrying.
    Thank you for your advice!


  190. Hi,

    I had a phone interview last week and one hour later I was called to come in for an official interview. I interviewed last Thursday and I think it went well. One hour after my interview, I received a call from the HR dept. requesting I submit a background check. He said they did not have time to put together an offer yet. I sent a thank you e-mail on Monday, but received no response. It will be a week tomorrow, should I follow up with a phone call?


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, I think you can follow up with a phone call. If you have not submitted a thank you note that says you are still interested in the job, you could also do that as well.

      Good luck.


  191. Digvijay says:

    I am from india, I found ur website in google. I am in television programming industry.
    I applied in a multi-national production house in Dec’11. On 27th Dec my first interview held by HR. They told me “you have to meet our Vice President in few days.” After 4 month long wait I receive a call frm there VP by 25 april’12. She ask me to come & meet her in next two days . My meeting with her was very good. She already done so much research about my past & shown gr8 interest in me, end of interview she told me “I will send a mail to you and let you know, I will try to make this fast but don’t depend on me because there is one more level above me”. I receive a e mail from here that evening, in this mail she ask my expected CTC & date of joining, she also told me that “ in next 10 days you have to meet our CEO”. I sent my reply and thank you note. Then by 4th may I receive a mail from her. In this mail she ask me to come and meet his COO by Monday evening.
    I met her and company COO by Monday (7th may’12). Again meeting was gr8. Even COO looks impressed with me. He told me what should I do after my joining. They also request that “ please don’t change your self just because we are a multinational company. Be your self” end of interview COO told me that “ till Friday we decide how can we forward all this thing.” Vice President come to see off me (till Life). After 2nd interview I sent thank you note to both of them. That time I thought they will call me in next 2 day.
    But, today is Thursday evening and I am still waiting for there call. Please guide me what I do? Should I wait or follow up. And if follow up how?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi DJ,

      I recommend waiting another three business days and then following up with them with a phone call. Based on what you have shared, the hiring process inside the company is an extended process. Don’t get too discouraged, and don’t stop applying for and evaluating other opportunities, either until you have an offer in hand.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Digvijay says:

        thanks for more thing do u think my interview went well and there is any chance for me?

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Digvijay,

        I have no idea how well your interview went as I wasn’t there. I do know this: If you were invited in for the interview, it typically means that you are — at the very least — one of the top candidates for the job since most employers don’t interview every candidate who applies. You can always strengthen your application by sending a thank you note that is well written and expresses your continued interest in the position.

        Good luck to you.


      • Digvijay says:

        i jsut got a SMS from company’s vice this SMS she write “Digvijay- we’ll get back for sure. don’t worry.”
        is it positive sign or not?
        sorry i am bother you again and again.

      • hi,
        i jsut got a SMS from company’s vice this SMS she write “Digvijay- we’ll get back for sure. don’t worry.”
        is it positive sign or not?
        sorry i am bother you again and again.

      • chandlee says:

        Hi DJ,

        As I see it, you will get a response from the company one way or another. This doesn’t mean you are out of the running. Recommend you continue your search in the meantime (I give this advice to everyone), and stay tuned. They should follow-up with you soon and following up with them again won’t likely get you hired.

        All the Best,

  192. I would first like to say that I love this blog. I used the “where do you see yourself in 5 years” suggestions almost word for word and it works!! In saying that, I have been actively interviewing for about a month. After my last officially scheduled interview something told me to continue looking so I applied to a few more positions online. This lead to a few calls and an interview from a really well know prestigious company. I am now in the final round which is a face to face competing only against one other person and was told that I was the lead candidate and that they were very excited about me. Now this job has a salary at almost six figures. The other day I had gotten a call from another job and received an offer ( salary begins at mid 30’s plus commission). Knowing that I had yet to receive an offer from my dream job I accepted. I have rejected other offers so now it is just down to company A and B. Here is where I run into an issue. I leave for training in about a week. I have since mentioned to my dream job that I received an offer and have a week deadline before I make a final decision. I also told her that I see her company as a better fit and is preferred; in addition I am willing to try to risk asking for additional time if that is what they need and that they just needed to let me know. She advised that she will see how she can speed things up since I am at the “top of the pile”. I have not heard word in two days and am very nervous since I would like to reject the offer by next Friday before I actually officially begin work out of respect for the other company. I am not sure if I should call and follow up. So far I have always allowed them to call me but the clock is ticking. I am so stressed out and would love this job- it is literally the opportunity of a lifetime! Should I just wait it out, or follow up after the weekend (which would be 5 days or three business days) since I am on a time crunch. I am trying to make sure that I give the other company enough time to go to the next candidate and have already decided to reimburse them for the plane ticket to try to “mend the bridge” so to speak if it comes down to having to choose. I feel like this dream job is one worth fighting for but I don’t want to be pushy either. What should I do?

  193. Melissa says:

    Hi Chandlee,

    Thanks so much for this article. I hope that you might give me some advise. I recently (8 days ago) had an interview with a recruiter for a contract position that I am really interested in. I wrote and mailed the thank you card to the recruiter and the receptionist right after the interview. The recruiter told me that he was going to submit me to the hiring manager. My question is, how long does it take for the recruiter to submit me to the hiring manager and hear back? Since it has been over a week I am wondering if I should call the recruiter and ask the status or does it normally take this long? I am okay waiting another week before contacting the recruiter.

    Thanks in advance,

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Melissa,

      There is no hard and fast rule as to how long it takes a recruiter and hiring manager to make a decision on a candidate — in many ways, it depends on how much else they have on their desk in terms of work at present — not on their need to make a new hire.

      Based on the information you have shared with me, I don’t think you are necessarily out of the running yet. That said, I think you can call and ask for follow-up this week — recommend you try to reach someone by phone as opposed to email.

      Good luck with the process!


  194. Good Morning!

    First, I’d also like to compliment you guys on this site! It’s so unseful and helpful to see other job-seekers with the same questions as I do.

    Here’s my dilema…We’re moving from MI to NY. I FINALLY got a call at the end of April for a job I applied to on April 10th. On the 27th, I had a 45 minute phone interview which I felt went extremely well. At the end of the interview, I asked about the “next step” and was told that they were “hoping” to finish up first round interview by the end of the following week (of May 4th) and wanted to have it narrowed down to two to three candidates to do in-person interviews with “mid-May”. I mailed my “thank you” note to the interviewer around the 9th (better late than never) and I’m debating about calling to see how things are going.

    The job is a new position at a hospital and the position was just created in the last year and I was told they’re still working out the kinks of what the job would formally entail but they gave me a pretty good idea.

    The interviewer is aware that I’m just “sitting on go” and able to give my two weeks notice at the drop of a hat. They are also aware that I can make myself available for an in-person interview at any time.

    I’m debating about calling the interviewer this week or if I should wait until next week because they did say “mid-May” (I suppose that could be any time this current week). Any thoughts you might be able to share? Like everyone else, I don’t want to be pushy and I did make another statement about my extreme interest in the position…


    • chandlee says:


      I recommend you follow-up. If the position is in New York and plans are progressing for your move — I recommend you reiterate your interest, let them know you are available to travel for an interview — and that you hope to hear from them soon.

      Good luck and all the best,

  195. Hi Chandlee,

    Last week, I sent an e-mail with a couple questions about a position I interviewed for to the VP that interviewed me, as he requested if any further questions popped up. I have not gotten a reply yet, but this week will be two weeks since my interview with the VP. Because it’ll be two weeks since my interview, I want to call the VP for an update on the hiring process, but I’m a little wary of doing so because of my e-mail hasn’t been responded to, and him to think I’m inundating him.

    Would you recommend me being patient and waiting until next week to call the VP about the hiring status (two weeks since I sent my e-mail)? Or should I go ahead and call him this week anyway (two weeks after my interview)?

    Thanks for the time.

  196. Hi Chandlee,

    This is a great website! It helped to calm down. I’ve been having many sleepless nights since my first and second interview with a pharmaceutical company. I really want this job, and I am freaking out because it has been almost 2 weeks and I haven’t heard back from the company! (I already sent my thank you letters).

    Okay, so after my second interview, which was more of job shadowing than an interview, the manager said a decision would be made in the beginning of next week. Because I didn’t receive a phone call/email, I decided to call HR the day after Tuesday. HR didn’t know what was going on with the hiring process and said she would contact me as soon as she finds out. 2 hours later, I receive an email from the manager about the update on the hiring process. He said that they are still looking over the candidates and will make a decision the next following week. Aggggh, so I had more sleepless nights!
    Now, this week finally arrives, and it’s already past Monday. I still haven’t heard anything. I could be panicking. But if I don’t hear from the manager by today (Tuesday) and/or tomorrow, Wednesday, should I call him on Thursday??? If I do call this time, should I call him directly, instead of HR??
    I really want to work with this company, but I don’t want to annoy the manager. Please advice :). I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so much!!!


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Nely,

      Since you’ve already inquired once with the hiring manager — I recommend that you simply sit tight. I know that’s likely not the answer you wanted — but it’s the one that I have for you. If you don’t hear back in two weeks, follow up again. Until then, you’ve let them know you are interested — and you’ve let them know how to contact you. That’s really all you can do. Frustrating, I know. But there’s the rub.

      I once got a job offer 3.5 weeks after I was told I’d hear about it.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

  197. Good afternoon,
    I had an interview this morning with a company I really want to work for. I thought the interview went well and they informed me they would be emailing me a personality type test to do tonight. The ladies who interviewed me advised me they would be interviewing people all week and would get back to me on Friday. Would it be better to sent a thank you email tonight with the test results, or should I leave them alone until Friday?

  198. Anonymous says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I am a recent college graduate and went on my 3rd professional interview since graduation. Before this I worked only one job in my life for over seven years as an asst manager and completed one internship while in school. Anyways, last Monday (May 7) I went on an interview and she told me that if I did not hear back from someone by Friday that I could call and check on the status on Monday. She did not specify if I should call her directly or HR. So I called this past Monday and the receptionist asked if I would like to speak with the interviewer directly or HR, so I chose HR because I was unsure if she could give me the answer herself. I left a message on the mans voicemail and have not had a call back yet. Should I give the interviewer a call?!?! I am very nervous and trying not to sound desperate, but i really want this job and at the end of the interview she asked which population I would like to work with as it is a job working with at-risk youth. Why would she ask me if I wasn’t going to get hired?!?! I really hope I get it and this site has been super helpful to me as a person who is new to the professional workforce 🙂

    • chandlee says:


      First, I am glad the site has been helpful to you. As for the job, I recommend that you sit tight and wait to hear back. If you haven’t heard by next Monday, I recommend you follow up with the interviewer. If a company hasn’t finished the hiring process, HR often doesn’t get back to candidates. (Unfun but true.)

      Good luck and please let us know what happens.

      All the Best,

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you so much for the helpful advice!!! I will definitely let you know what happens 🙂

  199. Anonymous says:

    Oh and I also sent a thank you note immediately after leaving the interview 🙂

  200. Unsure of next move says:

    Hi Chandlee,

    Great website!

    So I had a really good phone interview with the HR recruiter on Monday 04/23 which lead to a face to face interview with the hiring manager on 04/24. Both were good interviews, at the end of the face to face interview the hiring manager told me what the next step would be and that they would be in contact. I sent my thank you emails, no response. I waited a week then sent a follow up email on 05/04 to the HR recruiter and hiring manager. The HR recruiter responded she would get back to me the next week, I let the whole week go and no response from her yet. I sent a follow up to my follow up 05/15 along with an attached article on the department that I applied for that was featured online, but have not heard anything back as of yet.

    Here’s the background:
    1) I know the position has been open for about 2 months (they need bilingual candidates)
    2) The HR recruiter is always on top of answering my emails, but I do know she’s the main company recruiter so she’s working on 20 other positions she’s trying to fill

    Here’s my dilemna:
    1) Should I call the HR recruiter to make sure she got my email? I don’t want to stalk if she already got the email, but what if the email went into spam because of the attached article and she never saw it?

    2) Through out this wait time, I’ve been applying to other positions and have interviewed with other companies, but this job is still on my mind…I know the hiring processes takes a long time but this is going on 4 weeks, should I just call it a day?

    Looking forward to your advise!

    • chandlee says:

      Sounds to me like you’ve done all that you can do. Frustrating I know but you’ve done exactly what I recommend candidates do in general. (Sending an article is one of my favorite techniques.)

      I recommend that you sit tight and follow up again in TWO weeks…jobs can take a while to fill inside companies. Often it has nothing to do with candidates — it has to do with the company figuring out what they need, getting approval to hire, etc. — and with hiring for 20 positions simultaneously.

      In the interim, if you want to make sure you have a full update — I also encourage you to stay tuned to the company’s website. If the position disappears, they may have filled it — or they may be ready to extend an offer. Either way, that’s the perfect time to follow up one last time with the recruiter!

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

  201. Hi,

    Great website!

    I went on my second interview for a position last week Wednesday. Everything went well the interviewer told me I should here something by the end of this week. I was contacted by HR on Friday requesting that I send over my references for them to contact. I sent that over first thing Monday morning. My references were contacted on Tuesday afternoon. Per their conversations everything seemed to have gone well. Now it’s Friday I haven’t heard anything from either the interviewer or HR repreaentative. I know it’s only been three business days but it’s been nerve wracking. There are two other possible candidates as well for the position.

    My question is:

    My phone has been acting up all week and I was wondering if it would be acceptable to reach out to the HR representative to see what the status is or if any attempt had been made to contact me while my phone was out of commission. I don’t want to seem pushy or like a stalker but I really want this position and the wait is really getting to me.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Maggie,

      I recommend you contact the HR Representative by email on Monday and let them know you remain interested in the position and hope to hear from them soon. Let them know that you have had some technical difficulties with your phone line over the past week, and so the best way to get in touch with you to ensure you get the message is via e-mail right now. (Though your phone is working again.)

      Reiterate your continued interest in working for the company and say thanks again for the opportunity to interview.

      Stay patient, sometimes it takes a couple of days for an offer to be made even if you are the candidate of choice.

      Good luck,

  202. Hi, I would like your input on my situation:

    I had an interview last Thursday (5/17/12) with the Owner of the company. He has 2 other partners. It is a small Tour and Transportation company which is the ground floor opportunity that would suit me in my pursuit of this Industry. During the interview, I thought it went very well and emphasized my skills. I really listened to him say what they’re looking for and tailored my answers to his company’s needs. He was impressed enough to want 1 partner who was in the office next door to interview me on the spot. However, that partner suggested they schedule a day that all 3 could interview me (since the other partner was out of the office). So I thanked the Owner for his time and left. I then sent a thank you email the same day as I had asked for his business card.

    My question is: I was going to follow up this Friday, 5/25/12, with the Owner to express a strong interest and to see if there would be an opportunity to meet him and his partners. I was thinking of calling him. I still look for other jobs and apply and tonight I came across the same position with this exact company on Ebay classifieds posted yesterday!! I feel like perhaps they are not satisfied with the interviewees and are still looking. I do lack the experience in the Industry but I didn’t feel that was a hindrance with this Owner. He was more concerned with someone who is very organized and customer service oriented. What should I do because I do want this job/career?

    Thank you!


    • chandlee says:


      I think it’s fine to follow up again and express your interest. It shows initiative and drive.

      Don’t assume they aren’t interested in you because they are still advertising. Typically a company owner doesn’t advertise jobs him or herself if they have multiple employees. Typically, there’s a list of many places to advertise any given position — that way the company feels confident they’ve extended an offer for the person that most closely fits their needs.

      You may well still be top of the list.

      When you write and follow-up, you will show that you are organized and customer focused — all important as you mention.

      Good luck and keep up the good work and continued initiative for this and other opportunities.


      • Chandlee,

        I should write and follow-up instead of calling the Owner directly and following up? I’ve already sent a written thank you email the same day of the interview. I feel like a call would be better. Please let me know your professional observation! Thank you so much for your response! Really uplifting and encouraging!


      • chandlee says:


        If your gut tells you a call would be better, than call!

        Good luck and keep us posted.


  203. Hello Everyone!

    Here’s my dilemma, I went on my second interview on May 10 and was told by the interviewer that I would here from her by the end of the following week. Because she wanted to give whoever she hired at least two weeks to give a notice so they can start orientation on June 4. I didn’t get a call so I started to panic and decided to do a follow-up call on Monday. She apologized for not contacting me last week and said I would from her later on that day. She didn’t call me that day, but she called me early Tuesday morning from her personal cell phone on her way out of town to apologize and to tell me she would call me the next day with a definite answer. She didn’t me call me back again. So this morning I called her and she said the same thing as before she apologized and said she still hasn’t made a decision and is still in limbo? I”m just very confused,I know I should be happy that there’s still a chance, but why does she keep telling she’s going to call me and she doesn’t? Should I just give up? I just feel like maybe she’s made her decision and is stringing me along unitl she gets an answer from whomever she offered the job to. It just doesn’t make any sense to me???? Can anyone shed some light on the situation. What should I do?

    • chandlee says:


      The hiring process almost always takes longer than even hiring managers think. They need to get approval to hire and dates get pushed back more frequently than they don’t. They area also working on other aspects of their current jobs as they go through the process.

      I recommend sitting tight. You’ve followed up twice. I don’t recommend following up again. Keep your options open by pursuing other job leads. (This is the advice I give to everyone as it’s always good to have a choice…even if you do have the option.”)

      It’s still quite likely you will get the offer.

      All the Best,

      • Thank you for your response Chandlee. I’ve taken your advice and do not plan on contacting this employer anymore. I realize now that I got anxious because I held on to every word she said in the interviews and from our phone conversations. I’m very confident that I gave my best and did all the right things during and after my interviews (thank you letter etc;) She’ll call if I’m the candidate for the job. Until then I’m moving on to other oppurtunties. This website is very therapeutic! I’m so glad I found it. I’ll be sure to recommand it to any suffering from post-interview anxiety. : )

      • chandlee says:


        Thanks for your note and good luck! Keep us posted.

        All the Best,

  204. Ali Aurangzeb says:


    I been Interviewed yeterday. It went quite well, but there are few questions I want to ask.

    1. Interviewer havent asked me any SALARY question, instead he said that we cant give that much SALARY and said what was your last SALARY. As I said those figures, he switched to next question

    2. There were two question…firstly they ask ‘If we dont hire you what will you do?”, then in the end they ask ‘ If we hire you, why you want to be part of us’

    3. They willingly gave me their email address in the end and when asked about questions?. I asked two question on same line. Whats learning and development progranmmes you have and whats the growth structure in Organization i.e promotion etc

    In the end he havnt said. We will call you for next phase ??….I am curious why?. What should I assume


    • chandlee says:


      This all sounds like a fairly stand interview process were there specific questions you have about how you can answer them? If yes, let me know and i can help you with that.

      All the Best,

  205. Hello,

    I just had a phone interview yesterday during which the two interviewers on the line asked me what attracts me to the industry I’m applying for and referenced a possible client I might be working with also.

    I feel like my answers at the time might not have seemed as enthusiastic as they could have been and really want to communicate how excited I am about working for this employer. I’ve already responded with a brief email thanking them for the opportunity to interview, but is there a good way to make another connection to reiterate my interest in the position? I don’t want to overload them with emails, but I do want to get my point across.

    Any thoughts?


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Josh,

      One way to stand out — research their particular client and send them any research that is relevant to the type of work you’d be doing — and that demonstrates your interest in the job. Keep it short, simple, and to the point — reiterate your interest in the job while showing your knowledge and expertise.

      Good luck.


  206. I would like some input:

    I had a interview last week (May 18) with Regal Entertainment Group in San Bernadino, CA. Sure its new and still in construction.

    Anyway I had the interview and I answered all questions with a positive attitude and showed interest in the company. I answered some questions getting tongue tied in my answers but that didnt stop me. The employed didnt give me I contact because I assumed he was trying to write down everything I said. After the interview we shook hands and he said he would contact me in 30 days if anything would turn up.

    I shook hands with all employers and said “Take care. It was a pleasure to spend time with you and your company.” to each employer. I got down the assistant managers name and number but I didnt get enough info for a thank you letter or an email. So the only thing I can do is wait or call.

    What do you think I should do, wait or call? If I call what do I say?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Andrew,

      I don’t think it would hurt to call, follow-up, say thank you — and simply reiterate your interest in working for them. Ask for the assistant manager and just let him know you are ready to go if they need you — and give them your phone number or e-mail if they ask.

      Good luck,

  207. Anonymous says:

    Good Evening,
    So I wrote on this site about a week or week and a half ago asking for your advice. A synopsis was that I had went on an interview and the lady told me if I had not heard Anything by the end of the week that I could call and check on the status. So I called that following Monday, which was one week from the interview and left a message for the gentleman in HR. he never got back to me and you said to wait until the following week to call the interviewer. So I called her that next Monday and told her that I had left him a message and he hadnt gotten back to me yet. I expressed my continued interest in the position and asked if the position was filled and if I was still being considered. At this point I was a little discouraged because I had noticed that they put up on there website two positions for which I had interviewed for 🙁 So she expressed to me that she did submit all of my information (app,resume, and interview info) to him and that she told him to consider me for a position. She offered to connect me to him so that I could leave another message and quickly said that she would call him and then call me back because it would be much easier ( greatly appreciated that). So she calls me back the next day and says that they are still considering a pool of people and still interviewing/ accepting applications for the two positions they had just put on their website, but I am in that pool of those being considered and that I should be hearing something in the near future. Also during the interview she said that they train their new employees the first week of every month, so my question is should I call again or just assume that if they do not call me by what is their “training week” that I didn’t get the position? I dont want to seem to pushy or needy but this is a position I would love!!

    • chandlee says:


      Sounds to me like you’ve done all you can do from your end. Hiring processes are rarely made on the basis of an interview with one great candidate — most large companies (or those big enough to hire employees to start at the first of every month for training) have a standardized process they use to hire.

      This has NOTHING to do with you, and the amount of time the decision will take also has nothing to do with you.

      At this point, you’ve done yourself a huge favor by letting the company know how interested you are in the job. So my advice for next steps would be to not follow up again, assume they have your contact information and go ahead and continue applying to additional jobs in the interim. (This is advice that I typically give to all candidates — as it never hurts to have additional opportunities.)

      Good luck,

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you very much Chandlee! Your advice is always very helpful and so is this site! I am continuing to apply and actually have another interview this week, I would just really love this particular job. Thank you so much again for your advice!! If I can just ask one more question.. The day I went on the interview they had taken down the position I had interviewed for later on that day. Last week they put up and overnight position and a part time position which is the one I applied and interviewed for? Why would they do this? I feel as if the lady may be stringing me along by telling me that I am still in the pool of those being considered. If I good enough to be in a considered pool of candidates why not hire one of us?

      • chandlee says:


        Here’s my guess about what has happened — especially if it happened the day of the interview: the job has likely been changed into one overnight position and a part-time position. (They are likely hiring two candidates.)

        Organizational needs change all the time as employers are hiring — it has nothing to do with candidates, but rather the needs of the actual business.

        If they said you are still in the pool of applicants being considered, my advice is to take them at their word — and also continue your job search at the same time. (After all, you want to have as many choices and options as to where you want to work, too — right?)

        Good luck,

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you so much. You are completely correct. I continue to apply and will let you know what happens if I hear anything from them. Your advice is greatly appreciated!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Good Evening Chandlee,
        I just got the phone call about an hour ago that I was offered the position!!! I’m soo excited and so grateful for your advice! Thank you so much. And for all those waiting for a phone call, mine was three weeks to the day so sit tight.. It may just be taking a little longer than expected!!! 🙂

        Peace and Love 🙂

      • chandlee says:

        How wonderful. Thanks for your good news… All the Best, Chandlee

  208. Hi,

    I had an interview on the phone with the owner of the company last week. The interview lasted for about 25 minutes and it went well ( I guess). Before ending the conversation, the owner asked me about my availability for the following week so he could arrange for the face to face interview and I said to him that I would make myself available at his convenience. He said he would call me back earlier the following week, so I assumed it should be either Monday or Tuesday and today is Tuesday already, and havent heard from him yet. Should I give him a call to follow up tomorrow? or when is the best time to do a follow up call? Thank you.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Poppy,

      I recommend waiting until the end of this week or beginning of next to follow up. In my experience as a recruiter and in working with hundreds of job seekers, hiring almost always takes longer than you think in the office.

      The owner of the company is working with more right now than just hiring a new person — it likely has nothing to do with you that you haven’t heard from him yet.

      If you haven’t done so already, what you can do is e-mail a thank you note — say what you like about the position and emphasize your continued interest in the position.

      Good luck and all the best,

  209. TAM_TAM says:


    • chandlee says:

      I recommend you follow up one more time — call them and ask if they are still interested in having you join their team.

      Good luck.

      All the Best,

  210. Hi Chandlee
    I had a phone interview May 19. All went well the interviewer did back ground check and I after invited me in for a face to face on May 23. I thought the interview went well she said that by May 25 she woulda email me an offer letter. I followed up by email and she said that the position hasn’t been filled and as soon as she makes a decision she will contact me. Why would the story change now?

  211. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chandlee,
    Does this same advice apply to internal job interviews?

    I work for a rather large, well-known company. I had an internal job interview about 2 weeks ago, which I felt went fairly well. The interviewers specified they were intending to make a decision by last Friday. I sent all my thank-yous and even provided internal references. I know the person who is leaving this position and she has confided in me that there were 5 other applicants for this job and that on Friday, they did huddle but supposedly did not make a decision.

    While I trust the co-worker, I am wondering if she just said this so as to not be the bearer of bad news. But, on the other hand, maybe it is the truth they have not decided. The typical company procedure, however, is to inform all the candidates on their status even if they have not been chosen. So no call might mean they are in still in limbo. In this case, is it in bad form to follow up with the hiring managers?

  212. Hello,
    I had an 2 interviews with a company that seemed interested. I was told that I would either found out that same afternoon or next morning if I had the position or not. I did not get that phone call. Do you recommend calling to see if the position have been field? If not what do you recommend?
    Thank you

    • chandlee says:

      How long has it been? If it’s been over a week and the job has been removed from the website, then it is quite possible that the position has been filled.

      If it is still listed, you may want to call HR and reiterate your interest in the hiring process — and ask whether you are still under consideration.

      All the Best,

  213. Hello,

    I had my second interview via Skype last Thursday, followed up with a brief thank-you email (and also sent out a thank you card) the next day. The person who will be the direct supervisor of the position replied on the same day that they are considering to invite me to an in-person interview either by the last or less likely the first week of June, provided that there will be no problems with my employment authorization (I will be on OPT status for the 1st year)

    I reassured them that I will be able to travel to their place on all the dates they suggested but did not hear back from them since then. It has been less than one week but I think I am starting to panick. When would it be wise to follow up with another call or email since it is already June 1st and I am not sure whether it is their schedule or my OPT that may be prolonging the process.

    Thank you.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Nagisa,

      Yes I would follow-up with a phone call or an e-mail inquiring about the status of the position.

      As you would be working under OPT — and even if you weren’t — it’s important to keep applying for opportunities so you will have access to as many potential jobs as possible.

      Good luck, and please keep me posted.

      All the Best,

      • Hello Chandlee,

        I followed your advise and emailed them. They replied real quick with their schedule.
        Could it be that they were actually expecting me to contact them as it is tied with the position (fundraising, outreach)?

        Anyways, thank you so much! I hope you wouldn’t mind my continuing posting here.



      • chandlee says:


        What great news. Continue to keep me posted and good luck!

        All the Best,

  214. Hello,

    I had an interview on May 7th and I think it went very well. The interviewer said he would call me back after he finished interviewing the other candidates.
    After over a week I called him to ask about the status of the position. He said it was still not filled, he was still interviewing, he would give me a call when a decision was made and that I was “still on the list”. I took this as a positive sign and was awaiting his call.

    Yesterday I noticed that the position was re-posted under a different title even though the description, responsibilities and the department were all the same. Even the job requisition number was the same. The title changed: “Administrative Clerk” instead of “Shipping and Receiving Clerk”.

    Should I consider that I am still in the running for this position? Obviously by changing the job title, he will get more candidates but should I even expect a call from him now? Your advice would really be welcome…

    Thank you very much.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Susan,

      It is quite possible that the scope of the position has been expanded to include more than responsibilities initially set forth under the position of an Administrative clerk.

      I recommend following up with the gentleman you spoke with again. Let him know that you remain interested in the position and that you are happy to reapply if that is what you need to do for continued consideration.

      Also, if you are willing — you might even say something like “as the position has been re-posted, I would anticipate that it is possible that you have not yet found what you are looking for in a candidate.” I would be happy to start work for you on a temporary, trial basis if you would like to assess my skills in action as I am confident I could do the job well on a permanent basis.”

      Good luck Susan!

      All the Best,

  215. Hi Chandlee

    Thank you for your helpful tips. It is much appreciated when you spent your time answering my question. The employer did call me back on Thursday and I had a face to face interview yesterday morning. He spent about 90 minutes with me, I don’t know if it is a good or bad sign. He told me he would call me back next week either to inform me if I was accepted to go for work trial or I was not the right candidate. Since I am not a native speaker, and I would like to send him a thank you email. Is it possible if you or anyone else in this forum to help me edit the letter so it will be nice and correct when he gets it? Thanks a lot.

    1 June 2012
    Dear Mr ….
    I would like to thank you for taking the time to interview me for the position of Hospitality Trainee. I enjoyed our meeting.
    I appreciate the time that you spent discussing the responsibilities and all the other valuable information regarding the position. I hope that you have also got to know me a bit more after the interview.
    As I mentioned our interview; in spite of the fact that I do not have much experience, I believe I am determined enough and with a can do attitude, I am positive that I will soon learn how to handle the work. Being afforded an opportunity to work as a Trainee at your place would be a great start and an exciting journey in Australia.
    I welcome your feedback and look forward to the next step of the recruiting process.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours Sincerely

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Poppy,

      It is a good sign that they spent 90 minutes with you. Unfortunately, we can’t provide copy editing on Work Coach Cafe as a service, but I think any English speaking friend who is a good writer would be able to help you with this…

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

  216. Hi Chandlee

    Thanks a lot for your time and all great advice. I will keep you informed.

  217. Hi,

    Almost two weeks ago (May 23), I went to a job interview for a radio station. It is part of the promotions team. There was at least ten other people being interviewed that day, as well as more the prievious day. They told me that if I am considered for employment, HR will do a background check. I have received two emails requesting background information, one on May 25th and another on May 31st. The last e-mail I got was May 31st saying all this information would be sent to the appropriate person. I then called Friday june 1st to see if the positions have been filled and they said they were still working on it. He said that my background information was still processing. I’m so nervous about this. I really want the job and can’t stop thinking about it. Is it normal for background info to take this long? Or do you think he is just saying it to me? During the interview he asked if I was available to work at this major event they do on June 8th, which is Friday. Is this normal for an employer to take this long, especially when they need someone at the end of the week?

    • chandlee says:


      This all sounds pretty standard and normal to me — it happens all the time for employers to be delayed when they are deciding to hire — and it likely has nothing to do with you. I think it’s a great sign that you’ve been asked for background check information (that can take sometime depending on where you apply.)

      Good luck, and keep your search open in the meantime.

      All the Best,

  218. My husband interviewed for a position with our city. He sent a good thank you right away (I know it was good because I wrote it myself to make sure) and he got an email back from the person who interviewed him stating that she thought he would be great for the job and that she would suggest him to HR as a person to fill one of the 4 spots. She made sure to say she doesn’t have the final say, but that she hoped to be contacting him soon about the job. That was two weeks ago today. Still haven’t heard anything. After seeing all these comments I am wondering if it would be ok for him to send a short email to the woman saying hey, thanks again, and has this spot been filled. Obviously it will be worded in better terms but that’s the basic idea. I’ve worked at the same company forever so I don’t do a lot of interviews.

    • chandlee says:


      I’d give it another three business days, and then have him follow up again to reiterate his interest in the job. Hiring in the government sector is notorious for taking a long time.

      Ideally, it may be best to have him follow-up not only with his interviewer but also with HR.

      Government positions generally require a lot of paperwork from applicants, one thing he could do is to check in with their HR office to make sure they have all the information they need — references, completed application, etc.

      Good luck to both of you,

  219. Krystal says:

    Hi There,

    I had a second interview two weeks ago, (May 23) for a position that I am very interested in. At the end of the interview one of the women responsible for hiring said that they hoped to get everything wrapped up with the candidates they liked by the end of the following week and that they would contact me to let me know my status. I sent a thank you email the following day and got a response the following Monday. The email thanked me for my kind works and stated (again) that they hoped to have everything squared away by the end of the week and I should hear from her about my status.

    My last correspondence was a week and a half and I have not heard anything. I understand that hiring is a process and sometimes takes longer than expected. My question is, should I follow-up in the next couple of day? Or should I just wait it out?

    Thanks for you time,

    P.S. Great website, btw! It had been helpful to me in my job search.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Krystal,

      Oh, that’s so frustrating. The challenge is that we just never know what happens behind closed doors — or if a process is delayed. I’d check the company’s website to make sure that the job is still listed. If not, it may have been filled.

      Given that you’ve followed up once already, I’d wait another week before you check in again. In the interim, keep up your job search — I want you to have as many great options as possible to choose from. Just like employers get to pick who they work with, you should get to pick who you want to work with, too!

  220. HI
    I had a great interview and sent writing samples and references when requested – including a specific person I have worked with in the community that the hiring manager wished to speak with. Three of my references have told me that they were contacted and had great conversations with the hiring manager on Monday. I have not heard anything and it is Thursday. I know they want to get everything in place soon as they would like the position to start first week of July so I (or whomever) can hire an assistant for an August start. My question is this – should I call to check in and confirm my interest? I did send thank you notes.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Joan,

      First congrats on your interview. If they’ve checked with the hiring manager, that is a very good sign. Hiring almost always takes longer inside a company than you would think.

      If you’ve already followed up with a thank you note, at this juncture, I’d give it until early next week — then follow up with HR to reiterate your continued interest and see if they require any additional information from you.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

      All the Best,

  221. David C. says:

    I had an interview with the Sous Chef of my dream location 2 weeks ago, which went great. He gave my information to the Executive Chef, whom I had an Interview with exactly one week later. I feel this interview also went well. At the end of this interview the chef told me he was speaking to a couple of other candidates and would get back to me in about a week. The one week timeline has come and gone, and I’ve started to worry. I waited til the next day and left a cordial message on the machine of the Executive Chef, but 2 days have passed with no reply.

    I’m wondering, is the Sous Chef my contact? Am I still in this?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi David,

      Based on what I know of your profession, Sous Chefs and Executive Chefs are very busy on the job…I’d give it another week and then follow up with both chefs again — requesting feedback if you were not hired and the candidate of choice for right now.

      Be patient — the hiring process almost always takes longer than one would expect — and often even if you don’t get a job the first time around, you will stay top of mind and be offered the same position at a later date. I once got my dream job after coming in second for the job a year before — and the wait was worth it.

      In the interim, explore other opportunities in the same area — never hurts to have as many options as possible.

      Good luck and all the best,

  222. Hi, I did an interveiw for Clinque beauty advisor. I had 3 interviews at the store and 1 talent plus interview over the phone yesterday and I haven’t recieved a call yet. When should I call to check on it and do you think I have the job?:)

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Christina,

      I can’t possibly tell you if you have the job as I am not involved in the process. I recommend you send a thank you note now (if you haven’t done so already) and follow up in a week to “reiterate your interest in the position.” Make sure you say what you like about the potential job.

      Good luck!


  223. Hello. I recieved a phone call for an interview three weeks before the closing date for a cook job at a nursery. Although my interview was great and everything went well, the closing date for the job is at the 14th and I just found out the advert had been removed early yesterday. I cant help but feel a bit concerned now as I havent been contacted. I looked up on situations like mine and saw that some of the school recruiters get people in for an interview before closing date but nothing about them removing the adverts early. Should I feel worried? I understand sometimes people can get chosen asap but if someone actually is chosen then are they usually to find out at the actual closing date or earlier? I’m sorry it’s such a silly question but I’m really confused.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Sheryl,

      If enough candidates are received before the closing date, the advertisement may be removed early. I recommend that you follow up on Monday — to give yourself peace of mind. Call them, let them know you are still interested — and ask if they need references or additional information. If they have filled the job, they will likely let you know.

      In the interim, keep up your search!

      All the Best,

  224. Hello,

    I have had an interview for a clinical research coordinator position three weeks ago. At the end of the interview, the manager said she would contact me within a week- but she didn’t. I sent them a thank you note, and waited 2 weeks to give them a call to check on the status. I left her a voicemail last week but she hasn’t contacted me yet. Should I send her an email inquiring the status of my application? Or should I wait another week to do so?

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Ester,

      Recommend you wait a while longer since you just followed up, and keep applying for other positions in the interim. If you haven’t worked in this capacity before, you may want to do informational interviews with other clinical research coordinators to find out what you need to know most about the job — and what you should stress in interviews.

      Hiring takes a long time, but I would not “stand by to stand by” to wait to hear more about this job. Keep up your search — and if you don’t hear back the next time you follow up — move on.

      Good luck.


      • I unfortunately did not hear back from them, so I decided to move on. I want to thank you for your help and advice. I truly enjoy reading your comments, and insights regarding the hiring process. I have learned a lot.

        Thank you again!


      • chandlee says:

        Thanks, Ester. And good luck. Don’t be afraid to follow-up one last time if you just want closure. I literally recently talked to a job seeker who found out he got the offer THREE MONTHS LATER.

        All the Best,

  225. Hello everyone! I had an interview at a hospital for the position of a mental health assistant, which is an entry level position. I think the interview went very well because I answered all questions smoothly and I had prepared greatly. The Manager and the staff were friendly and the gave off a good vibe. It will be a week on Wednesday since the interview. I can hardly wait for the call back, if I receive a call back for the job offer. Any advice/Tips? Anyone know about this position and or how long hospitals usually take to call back? Anything would help ease my waiting pain! Thanks! =)

    • chandlee says:


      The hiring process isn’t just about your interview, it’s also about seeing through a process which likely involves several candidates and internal colleagues.

      It typically takes time. I recommend you follow up at the beginning of next week just to reiterate your interest. If you haven’t sent a thank you note already, you should do that as well.

      Good luck,

  226. Hi Chandlee

    I got the job offer this afternoon. I just feel awesome. Thank you for all your helpful tips and advice n this website is a great place for employees.

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Poppy,

      Delighted to hear that — congratulations on your new job. We are currently putting together a blog post with advice from newly hired Work Coach Cafe members with advice on how to apply for positions. Would you be willing to share? If yes, let me know and I will send you an email about it.

      All the Best,

  227. Hi,
    I had an interview last just over a week ago on a Friday — today is Tuesday of the second week, and I’ve not heard back from them regarding the second portion of the interview, which I felt like I was sure to get a shot at. It’s a customer service position, basically in a call center, and I pretty much felt like it would be ideal; one little problem I have with doing the thank you note, is that, sad as it sounds, I don’t remember the persons name who interviewed me for some reason. So I don’t know about sending a “To whom it may concern” addressed letter, and how it might look (or am I overthinking this?). …during the interview she even had her phone go off while I was answering a question, and (politely, sort of) cut me off to step out and take the call for about 3 or 4 minutes before coming back and finishing asking questions….anyways, I was told that the person who would make the decision would call me to set up the second part of the interview, and havent heard from them. I was thinking I’ll try a phone call but I’m not sure? Sorry for the lengthy comment, any pointers? Thanks

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jamie,

      That’s a tough spot to be in — I recommend calling the person who set up the phone interview — thanking the company for inviting you in, and reiterating your interest in the job.

      If you don’t remember the name of your interviewer, don’t draw attention to the problem — sounds to me like your interviewer wasn’t as attentive as she should be — and that is a shame, too.

      I recommend you hold tight if you don’t have any name or phone number — and keep your search open as well…keep looking for ideal jobs and pay attention for local announcements of employers who are moving into your area and adding jobs.

      Good luck and all the best,

  228. Hi,
    I had an interview last just over a week ago on a Friday — today is Tuesday of the second week, and I’ve not heard back from them regarding the second portion of the interview, which I felt like I was sure to get a shot at. It’s a customer service position, basically in a call center, and I pretty much felt like it would be ideal; one little problem I have with doing the thank you note, is that, sad as it sounds, I don’t remember the persons name who interviewed me for some reason. So I don’t know about sending a “To whom it may concern” addressed letter, and how it might look (or am I overthinking this?). …..anyways, I was told that the person who would make the decision would call me to set up the second part of the interview, and havent heard from them. I was thinking I’ll try a phone call but I’m not sure? Sorry for the lengthy comment, any pointers? Thanks

  229. A friend of mine works at a company and told me to apply. I sent in my resume and received a acknowledgement that they received it and will review. I waited a week to inquire about the status of my application. I received a email back saying that we will set up a interview over the next week. 3 weeks later I received a email to set up a interview which we had a few days later. The interview went well. The employer stated they will make a decision in a week or a week and a half. It is now been 2 and a half weeks and still no response.

    I’m wondering what to do. I’m sure a follow up email is the answer but I am really hoping for this job and I don’t want to be a pest which might end up hurting my chances.
    The company was going through a transition phase when I first sent in my resume so it may be a reason for the long period than but not sure now.

    Thanks in advance

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Joe,

      Given your experience to date with the company, I think it’s a safe bet that things are in progress and that it likely would not hurt to simply follow-up and re-iterate your interest in the opportunity.

      All the Best,

  230. Hi,
    I had an interview for a position of Dept Admin Assistant on last Wednesday, the interviewer said that they will come to a decision within 1-2 weeks, and they will contact all the candidates about the hiring result. After interview I did send a thank you note to them but no respond.

    Till today I still haven’t receive any call or email from the employer and i wonder i should send a follow up email now or wait until exactly 2 weeks?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Sophie,

      I recommend waiting until 2.5 weeks to follow-up. If they invited you in for an interview, chances are good that they would be interested in having you there for a follow-up.

      All the Best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        I did follow up on last week and got the feed back by this morning. They choose someone else for the position. I am disappointed and sad while i get their email, but i stay positive and optimistic in my job hunting. Good luck to everyone here and thanks for the advice, I’m really appreciate it.

        best regards

      • chandlee says:


        Sorry you didn’t get the job, but thanks for writing and giving us an update. Follow-up like that is a good habit, and makes a positive impression. And positive impressions often lead to job offers. I recommend you write to them and let them know you appreciate their consideration.

        All the Best,

  231. I recently completed my second interview for an ideal job opportunity for a Corporate Trainer position. The initial process seemed to go very fast. I was referred by an employee, within a day I was emailed by the recruiter (Monday), within 3 days (Thursday) I had my first phone interview, he called the next day(Friday) to schedule my second interview, and I had my second interview (Monday). Of course I felt the interview went great, however, after an intial speedy interaction, it’s been 3 days and no response. I sent an immediate Thank You letter and I left a message for the recruiter on yesterday.

    Ultimately, I know that I have to be patient. But I must say it just feels really good to vent my frustration and anixety with individuals who are experiencing the same thing!

    I will let you know when I get my new job:-)

    • chandlee says:


      I know it’s frustrating — but on the employer’s side — the getting approval and paperwork for the formal offer is always the hardest part. Good luck and let us know what happens.


      • Hi Chandlee,

        Well I got the news via email today ” I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your interest in our opportunity. Although your experience and qualifications are impressive, we have made the difficult decision to narrow the selection pool to a limited number of candidates and unfortunately, you were not within the segment we selected.

        We appreciate your interest in this position and our family at —– and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

        Now I have to say that my initial reaction was disappointment and I wanted to go in a corner and cry. However, 6 hours later I am again back optimistic and excited about what’s to come. I’m going to continue to pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors as an Independent Corporate Trainer.

        Thanks again for having this awesome blog…it really helped me!

        With sincere regards,

      • chandlee says:


        Ack! So sorry to hear your news…But sounds like — true to your name — you are bringing fresh energy to whatever comes your way. And I’m glad they had the courtesy to let you know. Good luck and keep us posted.


  232. Hi Chandlee,
    You give great advise and I appreciate all of your feedback. I interviewed for an intake position with a company. I got an email a week later saying they hired someone else with more experience. I then got a call from another manager in the agency stating I was referred by the manager that interviewed me last. She said she had a assistant program manager position open and was curious if I would interview for it. I was very interested and interviewed for the position. I was asked to do a background check and personality assessment, which I passed. I was then invited for a second interview with all of the program managers. I think it went well. At the end of the interview I was told two people had gotten through to this point. She told me they hoped to decide next week and would call me. It has been a week and two days since the interview. I was wondering if I should contact HR or the hiring manager next week if I don’t hear anything by the end of the week. Could you give me tips on proper etiquette? Thank you!
    Oh I should mention, this job has been posted for a year and a half. I asked about this and they said they’ve had a hard time finding viable candidates.

  233. RN New Grad says:

    Dear Work Coach,

    My panel interview took place nearly 4 weeks ago. I followed up, the next day, with thank you notes for each nurse manager I interviewed with. I called two weeks later; left a voice mail and email message for one manager, I spoke with one of the managers and she told me she sent her information over to the recruiter the previous day. I have not heard back from the other managers, but I did contact the recruiter three days after speaking with the nurse manager.

    The recruiter returned my call to explain to me that the units are undergoing restructuring; nurses are being moved around, and she has not received all the hiring decisions from the nurse managers yet. The recruiter told me to call her in the middle of next week to see if a hiring decision has been made. She also explained that with a restructuring, a hiring process can take a little longer than usual.

    Should I call back, wait, or just accept the recruiters statement as a polite brush-off?


    • chandlee says:

      RN New Grad,

      Take the recruiter at her word. In my experience, this happens all the time — and is not a brush-off. Remember in most cases while an organization is hiring, they are also working — and tackling current problems and issues. Organizations are like living organisms — they evolve, they change, when things don’t work well — they get sick and they try new remedies to get better!

      The hiring process takes a while — there are multiple steps to follow as well as a timeline for getting required signatures and sign-offs. This is standard, and you should expect it now and in years to come.

      Be patient and call back at the appointed time.

      Good luck,

  234. It has been seven agonizing business days since my interview. I sent a follow up email on Monday and even included more writing samples and continued to express my genuine interest in the position. And yet and still I have not heard anything. I’m thinking about calling tomorrow to ask when the decision would be made. Is that a good idea? Any advice, comments or tips would be most appreciated.

    • chandlee says:


      It would be better if you could wait another few days. Your follow-up isn’t likely to speed up their decision making process — and I don’t think you want to look too eager.

      Hang in there and continue to explore other options in the interim: It never hurts to have as many options as possible. Good luck!

      All the Best,

      • I don’t think I can do that… I am MISERABLE at my current job and I REALLY want this one! I AM EAGER! Eager to work, eager to do new things, show what I can do. Eager and enthusiastic, yes! I just want an answer. Yes or no so I can move on and stop worrying about whether the job is mine or not.

      • chandlee says:


        Follow up again quickly and you run the risk of looking desperate. You don’t want to do this — and in most cases you cannot rush the hiring process. It’s important to remember that you aren’t the only candidate in the pool — and employers almost always need to follow company protocol and interview all candidates before an offer can be extended.

        I’d recommend at least another 3 business days.

        Good luck,

      • The interviewing process ended last week. I followed up the first time after the interview in an an e-mail. She said I should know something this week, which is why I followed up on Monday. Now, I’m literally just biting my nails and tapping my foot… Desperate no. Anxious and hungry for a new opportunity, YES!

      • Chandlee,

        I waited until yesterday to call back. I left a voicemail for the interviewer and later she called me back stating they were still interviewing but they would know something further by Friday. She also said they would let everyone know either way by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

  235. I had an interview a week ago for an accounting job, at the end the manager said that he would contact me with a decision at the end of the day and didn’t. The next day I phoned back and he said that he is yet to make a decision, and will let me know for sure by Wednesday at the latest, and will let me know either way, even if I don’t get the job.

    Again he didn’t call me last night and its Thursday, so I’m wondering if its ok to call in and see if he made a decision, or is it too much to call in twice in one week ( since I called right after my interview)


    • chandlee says:


      I think it’s too much to call twice in one week. I’d wait until at least Monday or Tuesday to follow-up. It almost always takes employers longer than they would initially anticipate.

      All the Best,

  236. I interviewed for my dream job (just graduated college- yay!) with the city last week. It’s an entry level position, and I think my background is exactly what they are looking for. I think the interview went well- I was a bit nervous at first but then later felt a lot more confident and even had the interviewers laughing. Toward the end I asked a few questions and they went as far as telling me the future of the position (they’re moving across the street sometime in the near future) and went into detail about that. I sent out a follow up thank you e-mail the very next day to both interviewers. The interview was last Wednesday, so it’s been about a week and a day today. They did mention that I was the first to be interviewed and that it might take a couple weeks. When should I do the follow up call? I thought a week, but my mom (works in HR) says 2 because they did say “couple” of weeks. Plus, it is the City so I figure it might take longer. I applied at the end of February and just got the interview call about 2 weeks ago. Please help! 🙂

    • My husband just got a city job and from interview to start date it will be 6 weeks. They are slow in every government agency. He waited two weeks after his thank you for a follow up and it was appropriate. Good luck!

  237. Thank you Joy! That makes me feel a bit better that I haven’t heard anything before I call. I’m definitely going to do the follow up call by Wednesday. Thanks again!

  238. this was a great article. igoogled it when I was sitting here thinking about should I contact the employer I had an interview with myself. I decided not to and send a card instead. my favorite part of this article was the last part that said if you have any chance of getting the job trust me the employer remembers you. that put me a peace although I want the job I may not get it its not up to me the only thing that I can do is try as hard as I can with my resume and in the interview the rest is up in the air that’s life.

    • chandlee says:


      Good luck to you and let us know what happens. I have a very good friend who got her first job when she was the only person who sent a card. So you just never know.

      All the Best,

  239. Reading this article and comments have made me a little less anxious. I was interviewed for a bank teller position last Thursday. The interview was quite short ( but it was the day before a relocation supposed to take place), but I thought it went well (I hope the hiring manager feels the same). I haven’t heard back from him so I sent a follow up email yesterday and he said he got a few more candidates to meet and he will keep me posted. When is a good time to follow up with him again? I really want this job, the location works perfectly for me.

    • chandlee says:


      Unfortunately, there is not a direct correlation between following up again and improving your chance of getting hired. At this point, I would recommend not following up again for at least two weeks — the bank clearly has a process they need to follow before they can make an offer.

      In the interim, suggest you perhaps apply for teller positions at a minimum of two other banks. Having as many options as possible is a good strategy for getting hired, as well.

      Good luck,

      • Thank you Chandlee! I guess all I can do now is wait. Even with a bachelors degree in science, finding jobs these days is difficult…

  240. I interviewed a company for a designer position at the first week of June. After the interview they have told me the result will come in 1or 2 weeks. They have gave me there HR(The HR was in the interview together) phone number to call after or before if I would like to know about anything.

    After the interview I have sent a short thank you email and waited. At the 3 week (Thursday) I have called as a follow up during the morning. The HR had picked up(She knew my name before i told- I don’t know if this a good thing or nothing) and I told my interested in the company and the process of the interview. The HR responded very kindly and told she is on a phone call and she will call me right back.
    I had no call back.

    Currently I am thinking to call her back today(Monday) during the or should I still wait? If I call and if she does not pick up should I leave the HR a email? It would be great to have some advise and feedback’s from my current situation.

    (And I have just known there has been a interview starting June 1st, 8th, 15th every Friday. not sure if the was last week and mine was on the 1st)

    Thank you

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jack,

      If the last interview was on the 15th, then it is quite likely that they do not have a decision made yet — or are still in the process of making their decision.

      HR can’t say much beyond “we are still in the process of making our decision” to any candidates — until they are ready to extend an offer.

      I recommend following up with HR again in a few days.

      All the Best,

  241. Well, I had two interviews one with a panel and another with the director. The director told me she was going to give me the job on Monday and that a person from HR would contact me the next day. She even walked me to an apartment where she thought would be good for me to live once I moved there. No one from HR called. So, on Friday I called the lady from human resources as a follow up call and got her voice mail and I left a voice mail. Now I’m wondering if I should contact the director or if that would be to much.

    • chandlee says:


      I recommend giving it a few days and then following up again. Getting approval to hire can be challenging for hiring managers in the summer months, as many people are out of town. Good luck and please keep me posted.

      All the Best,

      • Two days ago I got a response from an email saying I will get a call back after the results of my background check comes back. How long should I wait to call them if they don’t call me?

      • chandlee says:

        Hi Antoine,

        I recommend waiting three more business days. Better to call then leave a message if you want the immediate results.

        Good luck,

      • ANTOINE says:

        Got the job! Thanks for the helpful advice! They called before those business days were up. Now here is my last question: During the interview the manager of the department (who interviewed me) asked me was I looking to leave my current job and come on as a full time patient escort or am I looking for part time because he saw that I applied for part time. I told him full time. He wrote this on the application he printed out that I submitted online. My question is: because I said I want to work full time is it more than likely that this is what I was hired for?

      • chandlee says:

        Congratulations, Antoine. As many candidates were likely willing to work full-time, I doubt very much that this is why you were hired. Keep us posted and share Work Coach Cafe with your friends!

        All the Best,

      • ANTOINE says:

        So does that mean I won’t get full time work, even though I told the manager I’m looking to leave my current job?

      • chandlee says:


        Please clarify your question: In your last comment, I believe you said that you had been offered the job already?

        Thanks and all the best,

      • ANTOINE says:

        Yes I got the job already. The question was originally if I was going to get fulltime after telling the manager that is what I was looking for. Seeing as I went to get my physical yesterday I now know it is definitely a full time position. Thanks for all your help. I definitely will let people know how helpful your advice is. You definitely helped with my impatience.

  242. Hi,
    So I’m the same person who posted about interviewing for the city job. I followed up after the 2 week mark (since they said I was the first to be interviewed and it would take a couple weeks) and one of the hiring managers didn’t answer so I left a voice mail. That was on Tuesday morning, it is now Thursday and still no call back. Two people interviewed me so I was wondering if it’s okay to maybe e- mail the other hiring manager? Or is that too much?

    Thanks in advanced!

    • chandlee says:


      Two follow-ups in one week is too much. I’d advise you sit tight until you hear back. Most employers will not follow-up with you until they have a decision. Sit tight. They have your contact information.

      All the Best,

      • Hey Chandlee!

        Okay, now that the holiday week is over and I still have not received a call back, is it okay to e-mail the other hiring manager that interviewed me? It’s been a little over 3 weeks, and while they themselves said it would take a couple weeks, I wonder if I should still contact them after the initial call I made about a week and a half ago (left a voicemail)? Thanks!

  243. Hi there I am a Commercial pilot who just finished my program and looking for jobs all the time ! Recently I sent my resume to a company and received a very encouraging response :

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sending over your resume. We are still working on trying
    to add a 182 to our fleet for this season. If we can get that
    together, we may need to add to our roster, and we’ll be back in


    That was on the 27th of June and as you can imagine I am very ready to start flying and get my career in aviation going. When do you think would be a good time to make another approach to the company if so would another email be best or an actual phone call?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I’d imagine that adding a plane takes a while to decide — and not the sort of thing that comes up every week. Recommend you let them know of your continued interest, but that you start to explore other options as well.

      Good luck and all the best,

  244. Along with my last message they still have the posting online for the job is that a good sign :S

  245. Hello,

    I came upon this website and absolutely love it!

    I applied for a job a month ago and they contacted me three weeks later. In between I had applied for another job, interviewed, and gotten an offer. I am scheduled to start at this other job on Monday, July 9th. However, the hiring manager on this potential job e-mailed me asking for an interview. I did let her know I had accepted another offer. She thanked me for letting her know but suggested I come in anyway because they are very interested in me. So, I had an initial interview last Friday and had my second interview this past Monday. I think both interviews went very well. After the second interview the hiring manager said she would be in touch with me on Tuesday. I waited all day Tuesday but no call came. She did happen to call one of my references immediately after my interview on Monday. I sent a thank you letter on Tuesday but did not get a response. Should I call the hiring manager today to ask the status as I am scheduled to start the other job on Monday? This job is my first choice and I would take it over the one I already have accepted. Let me know what your thoughts are.


    • chandlee says:


      You are in a tough spot since you’ve already started. I’d recommend you not renege on the offer you accepted, especially as there is no guarantee you will get the job you want.

      Given your timeline and the holiday calendar, earlier this week would have likely been a better time to disclose with others that you have an offer for a job starting on July 9.

      Call the employer, don’t communicate this via email.

      Good luck,

  246. Britney says:

    Hi everyone!! So I definitely am having a hard time trying to read when to check my status again, after the initial thank you note and follow up! Here’s my situation. I interviewed with a top talent management agency in Los Angeles June 15th, Friday. HR said that he would speak with the Agent that I would be working under and get back to me as soon as the following Monday/Tuesday or at the latest Friday June 22nd. I sent a Thank you email on Tuesday the 19th, and received no call on Friday. I called inquiring about my application status Monday the 25th. He said that we were still waiting on the Agent and not to worry, that everything will go through. So we left on that note, now I dont know what everything is going to go through means, and I have not received a phone call since Monday June 25th. I understand that it is a holiday week and I do not want to call during this week, but when should I reach out again? Next Wednesday the 11th of July? Thanks so much!!



    • chandlee says:


      While it’s not unusual for an employer to take a while with the offer, I’d also advise you at this juncture to continue actively applying for jobs and other opportunities.

      Holidays and summer months are always a tricky time as so many hiring decision makers are out of the office. I can’t say whether you are out of the running — naturally — but do encourage you to check and ensure the job posting is still advertised. Otherwise, they may have filled the job — and not given you the courtesy of follow-up.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Britney says:

        Hi Chandlee,

        Thank you so much for the prompt response. The position is still advertised, and I guess I forgot to mention that I was referred to this position from a Sr. HR Director at Time Warner, so I never actually applied for this position, rather, my resume was sent out into the entertainment industry as a referral and the HR Recruiter from this company thought that this job would be a good fit and then set up the interview. When I interviewed with him everything seemed amazing, we had chemistry and that’s when he said he would get in contact with the Sr. Executive Agent and get back with me, so since then the whole ordeal above has happened, and it will be two weeks this Monday since we left our conversation with him telling me everything is going to go through and not to worry… ahhhh… yeah so I’m just confused on what to do at this point. You think I should follow back with him this coming Tuesday? I do have other applications pending, but I really know that this job is perfect for me!! Thank you again so much for your advice, as it truly has helped me go through this interview process with as much ease as possible!!



      • chandlee says:


        Thanks for the clarification. If you haven’t actually applied for the job — then you should do that NOW if it is listed on their website. It gets very complicated for HR Managers to hire someone who hasn’t formally applied because they need to show you’ve applied in order to comply with Federal hiring guidelines. This could be a sticking point for you at present.

        Good luck and all the best,

  247. I had my interviews for a company a month ago (6/13). I sent my thank you emails to the interviewers and to HR. HR replied saying she heard good things about me from the interviewers and said she would let me know of the result early next week. The week past and I didn’t hear from her so I followed up on monday (6/25). She said they hoped to get things sorted out by the end of the week and on thursday (6/28), she sent me an email saying they are interested in me but are trying to work things out with their finance team and would keep me updated.
    Then on monday (7/2), I received an offer from a different company that I am less interested in. I quickly sent an email to the company that I am interested in to ask when I can expect to hear back since I received an offer elsewhere. I didn’t get a reply. (She usually replies instantly.) I ended up turning down the offer after learning more about the position. It just wasn’t the right fit. I wished I had learned more about the position before sending that email, but what’s done is done.
    I’m just not sure what to do moving forward. HR had said she will contact all the candidates whether they get the job or not. It has been nearly 2 weeks since she last contacted me. Do I follow up? Keep waiting? Take it as they’re not interested anymore?
    Thanks for all the advice!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Tracey,

      That’s a tough spot to be in. My recommendation is to wait five additional business days and then write her again to follow up. Let her know that you decided to turn down the other job at that time.

      Hiring often takes longer than company’s and applicants anticipate. Distract yourself by applying for other jobs so you have as many options as possible.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        So it’s been nearly 2 months since I followed up with the HR. She never replied. But she emailed me on Thursday (8/23): Hope all is going well. I just wanted to check in & see if you had settled into a position yet. Please let me know & I hope you are having a great summer.

        I replied saying I was still looking. But I haven’t heard anything from her since. I don’t understand why she asked. Does it mean I’m still being considered for the position? Should I email and ask?

        Thanks for the advice!

      • Hi Tracey,

        Wow, that’s a difficult situation. If you don’t hear from her by the end of next week, perhaps you should call her — and express your continued interest in job opportunities at her company.

        Keep me posted on this; I’d like to hear what happens. Let us know if you have additional questions.

        Good luck and all the best,

  248. I have a quick question to this! I had an interview for a company I really want to work for last monday (7/2). I really feel the interview went well, she even showed me where I would be working if I got the job. This really encouraged me because I thought why would they show me that side of the office and my potential desk if I was not in consideration? Anyways she said I impressed her and the other lady that interviewed me and that they would get back to me shortly to let me know either way. I sent a very short but sweet thank you email letting her know I appreciated the time they took to interview me, that I was very interested and that I look forward to hearing from them soon. So then on the following monday 7/9 I called them to check the status of the interview. She seemed very surprised and delighted to hear from me, told me she was sorry it had been a crazy week with it being the holiday and then her co partner was out of the office. Then she told me that they were going to be making a decision that day and that they would get back to me either way. I have heard nothing since and I am developing major post interview ocd!!!!! Should I follow up again?? I really feel like I got this position, and I really hope I did but I don’t want to let myself down either! Any advice?? Thanks!

    • chandlee says:


      Give it another 7 business days before you follow-up again — and distract yourself by seeking out and applying for other opportunities in the interim.

      Even if a hiring manager wants to make a hiring decision by the end of the day, they often can’t make the offer until they receive approval from HR and a senior level officer — and often so many people are out of the office in the summer.

      Hang in there and good luck!

      All the Best,

  249. Shantanu says:

    Hi, I need a suggestion. I had a telephonic interview last week and i felt the interview went quite well. The HR manager mentioned that they will shortlist the candidates early this week, however I havent’ heard anything from them till thrusday. I have dropped a email to the HR but haven’t received any reply. Do you think I hold a chance? or I should ring up the HR and aske them politely about the decesion?

    best regards


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Shan,

      I think you have followed up enough for now. I recommend you hang tight and continue your search in the interim. Just because a company creates their short list doesn’t mean that they communicate that short list right away — in most companies, hiring is a process in and of itself.

      All the best to you,

  250. Hello
    I have been in 3 interviews one on phone and the second by the vice president and the 3ed by the manufacturing manager ( oil and gas company). They all liked me as they mentioned. They said they will call me within a week either good or bad. But it’s been two weeks now and never heared from them. So should I call or send an email or what should I do.
    Thank you

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Allen,

      The hiring process often takes longer than companies expect it to — especially in the summer. I recommend following up early next week with the person who scheduled the most recent interview — let them know of your continued interest in the job and ask for an update.

      Good luck,

  251. Christine says:

    Hi there, I am getting anxious as any one who is waiting for a call from an employer would be. The employer mentioned that they would get back by Friday (today), but the latest by Monday of the following week. I also sent a thank you/ follow up email the same day I had my interview (which was on Monday). Is it best that I call them today (Friday) or wait until Monday to contact the employer?

    Thank you and best regards,

    • chandlee says:


      You are unlikely to influence the hiring process no matter when you call. If and when you call, you are doing that most for your own piece of mind.

      Good luck and all the best,

  252. Christine says:

    I also forgot to mention that the employer is looking for someone they can hire and work immediately.

  253. Michael says:

    Hey there,

    I have been applying for jobs since the end/begginning of June/July and got an email response July 5. All of the postions I have applied for have been out of my state, Illinois, and in the Memphis, Tennesse area. We had promptly sent emails back and forth up until July 9th. Within the emails was an email interview questionaire which I immediatly filled out and sent back. In response I was asked if I had plans to move to the Memphis area, which I gladly said yes to. Since the 9th I haven’t had a follow up email, nor was I given a timeline for the process. So, I sent a follow up email the 13th of July once again confirming my planning to move to the Memphis area. How long should I wait before following up again, and should I call the individual I was emailing or stick with one means of communication?

    Also, could the fact that I would be relocating be a deterant to my possible employer? Should I state in the next follow up, if there is one, that I am willing to move on my own expense?

    Thank you for your time,


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Michael,

      You could certainly follow-up once more but I recommend doing it in advance of a trip to Memphis — and let them know when you will be there.

      That said, there are a lot of great companies with offices in Memphis — including Federal Express, AutoZone and International Paper. I recommend you seek those out and look there, too.

      All the Best,

  254. steffan says:

    i applied for a clothing store just an entry job, and i called, followed when they asked, and about a month later got a call for an interview. the problem was the store that called was a different location than id been communicating with, and i went to the wrong store. wen i found out later, i called the store, but the manager wouldnt be in until morning. i couldnt wait so i got in contact with the manager over facebook and told her what happened., and asked if the job was still available. her exact words were

    “There we could still have positions. I haven’t been to work since the interview. But we’ll let you know.”

    i dont even know how to interpret that honestly, if its just a dismissal or theyll actually call me again. this was on the 12th ive been after this job since june 13th

    • chandlee says:


      Sorry to hear of the challenges you have been having. I recommend you go visit both stores in person — dressed as if you were one of their sales people (i.e. similar clothes to what they wear, but perhaps a bit nicer for a first impression). Ask for the manager at each site, express your interest in working for the store — and the company in general. And let them know that your application has already been submitted.

      While you are at it, apply for a job with some of the other companies as well.

      Good luck and all the best,

  255. christie says:

    I had a phone interview with this company probably a month ago. I had my 2nd interview with two parties about 2.5 weeks ago. They said there were 3 people being interviewed, one of which was me. They would probably make their decision in 2 weeks. I sent a follow up thank you email to both parties immediately after the 2nd interview. Question is should I follow up again at this point being it has been a a little over two weeks and if so how should I follow up?
    Thank you for your help…love this site 🙂

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Christie,

      I’d follow-up and simply let them know you remain interested in the position and that you’d be happy to supply additional references if they have need of it.

      If they’ve moved on, they may let you know. If they are having trouble contacting references due to summer vacation plans, this will help them out.

      Good luck and keep us posted,

  256. I stumbled across this site after doing a quick internet search and love it. So glad I found it! Here’s my situation:

    I had a phone interview on June 12 with the HR manager for a job I am both qualified for and interested in (you can’t always get both in today’s job market). The job would be a promotion from my current position with a significant pay increase. The only catch is the position would require me to relocate to Chicago (I currently live on the West Coast). The phone interview went extremely well (the HR manager even said he was very impressed with my resume and had shown it to the hiring manager who insisted I be contacted for an interview).

    The HR manager asked me when I could fly to Chicago for an in-person interview with the hiring manager. I told him I was flexible and asked him when he would want me to come. He suggested June 25 and when I looked at the calendar and saw it was only 2 weeks away, I said I would try to make something work. He then said he would be out of the office for the rest of the week and that we should touch base on June 15 to come up with some other dates for me to fly out in case June 25 wasn’t the best. For the next couple of days, I checked airfare and the cheapest rate I found to travel within a 2-week timeframe was nearly $700 (if I pushed it out to 4 weeks, the rates dropped to around $300). When we talked, the HR manager never explicitly said they would reimburse me for traveling to Chicago so I was unsure of their protocol. I didn’t want to spend that kind of money for a one or two-day trip and I didn’t want to book a ticket assuming the company would pay for it.

    When I didn’t hear from him by the end of the day on June 15, I e-mailed him to follow-up, saying I was excited about the opportunity and looked forward to meeting him and the hiring manager in person, etc. etc. I also mentioned that should I need to cover the cost of airfare, I would like to adjust my travel dates in order to find the best priced airfare, but that, ultimately, I was flexible and would fly out on the dates he found acceptable. I didn’t hear from him. So on June 21, I sent another follow-up e-mail (because he originally said he wanted me to fly out June 25, so I figured he would want to finalize something). I still haven’t heard from him and I haven’t followed up since June 21. I checked the company’s website and the job is still available. Did I ruin my chances by subtly asking if I would have to pay for my own airfare? Am I out of the running because I’m out of state (obviously, if two candidates both have the qualifications they’re looking for, all things being equal, they would hire the person who lives locally, right)? It’s been 5 weeks since my first and only phone interview. Should I follow-up again? If I’m out of the running, I’d rather know now so I can move on. Sorry for the long post. Any input you can offer is appreciated. Thanks!

    • chandlee says:


      Tough situation. I cannot guess what happened from their perspective. I recommend you call him directly, express your continued interest in interviewing — and in traveling to do so if they remain interested.

      That said, pay attention to the signs here — if you are hired by this organization, you may also experience a lack of assistance in re-locating — and may need to push hard to negotiate arrangements. Think about whether you are willing to do so, it may be easier to simply look for additional work opportunities where you are.

      Good luck,

  257. Mr. John says:

    I applied for my “dream job” with an airline that is based in the southeast. About 2 months after applying, I received notification that bases on my resume, they would like to have me come out for a face-to-face interview. So, I took a personal day and flew across the country (I live out west) and my interview went fairly well. It lasted nearly 1.5 hours and I was then allowed to observe operations and mingle with some of the employees and observe them on-the-job. I sent brief thank you emails to the 2 Managers, 1 Supervisor, and 1 Senior employee that interviewed me. I really felt a connection with those that interviewed me and that I met with. The main Manager even emailed me back (nice to meet you too, best of luck etc etc…). I was told they had a goal to have a decision made around the 4th of July.

    I waited 2 weeks and then followed up. I was then contacted by the HR/Recruiter (this company actually owns their own recruiting agency that hires specifically for them) and was asked for my professional references. I emailed them the document that contained contact info for my references and how I was affiliated with each. It has now been 2 1/2 weeks since this information was requested and nothing has happened. My references have not been contacted, I have not received an offer, nor have I been notified that another candidate was hired. I did attempt to call the supervisor last week and I left a message (no call back). This morning I emailed a nice follow-up just asking for an update, asking if I’m still in the running or if another candidate was chosen. I said I’m starting to sense that the position has already been filled. They have not emailed me back today.

    Do you have any suggestions, or any input specific to this situation? (Anyone!?) Not quite sure what to think anymore or how to proceed. Thank you!!

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Mr. John,

      Hiring delays happen all the time. I once waited three weeks after the specified date — and then got the offer. As you’ve followed up already, I recommend you keep searching and applying for other opportunities — it never hurts to have as many potential options as possible. Keep up your search and let us know what happens.

      All the Best,

    • chandlee says:

      Mr. John,

      It takes a lot of time to hire people — sign-offs, background check and approvals can take a while — and in the summer many people are out of town, work slows down, and things can feel less urgent inside of a company.

      That said, it isn’t great that you’ve been waiting for two weeks. The good news is that practically no one asks for references if they are not interested — so it’s a good sign overall.

      If you haven’t heard back by the end of the week, check the website and see if the position is still posted. If not, that is often a sign that the job has been filled.

      I hope you get good news and encourage you to continue to apply for other opportunities.

      Good luck,

      • Mr. John says:

        Thank you for the reply Chandlee! I found this blog a while back and have really gained some valuable insight. You do a great job!

        They called and asked for my references 2 weeks after my interview. As I mentioned, they still have not been checked. Also, the job was listed back in late March, and was listed for about a week. Since then, it has not been re-listed. Openings in this particular department are quite rare. It’s a technical position in Flight Operations. I’m just puzzled that they wouldn’t take 2 seconds and reply to an email-Even if that email is simply, “We went with another candidate, good luck!”. I have tried to put this opportunity out of my mind, but I am unable to convince myself that I am out of the running. Maybe there’s some substance to that, or maybe it’s just because it’s my dream job, haha.

      • chandlee says:

        Mr. John,

        I recommend calling and asking for a follow-up. You need clarity of mind — to know where you stand and where hiring stands with the job itself. Often the hiring process has nothing to do with the candidates involved — and much more to do with uncertainty and bureaucratic processes that must be followed inside an organization.

        Good luck,

      • Mr. John says:

        Well, I have emailed with no response. I have called the hiring manager that interviewed me 2x (10 days apart and left VM) and did the same thing with the HR/Recruiter. No response. I guess that’s my sign to move on. Can’t believe after all that I went through they won’t call me back and just update me. Part of me is still optimistic that maybe there was just a hold up, but I will not call or email again. Funny thing is, I’m not only an applicant to this large southeast based airline, I’m also a customer! LOL.
        Final Timeline: Applied March 30
        Flew across country for face to face: June 19
        Asked for professional references: July 5
        Nothing since……

      • chandlee says:

        Mr. John,

        So sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, your experience is not uncommon. That said, background checks and internal hiring processes have been known to go on for quite sometime.

        Recommend you continue applying with other airlines or companies you admire. Also, you should know that there are employers who recognize how not fun this process is. Many companies submit information about how they treat candidates across the hiring process for a program called the “Candidate Experience” awards. These companies recognize that you can’t treat customers badly!

        Good luck and keep us posted.


  258. Goutham says:

    Hi There,

    I had an personal interview with the Chemical company for a SAP Consultant post, It was almost 1 month back…The interview went for 2 hours, The interviewer told me after the finishing that he will contact me in 2 weeks… but till now there is no reply from him….I am afraid to write follow up email, could you please help me out to write and Email… how to follow up the Interviewer convincingly …

    Thanks in advance


    • chandlee says:


      Most frequently a follow-up to an employer is not the tipping point when they decide to hire you, but it never hurts — and can provide presence of mind and clarity for you — to follow up and inquire as to where an employer is in the process.

      I recommend you call the hiring manager instead of email him; it’s easier to get a live update. Even if it feels scary, clarity on where you stand may feel better.

      All the Best,

  259. Hi guys,

    My question is pretty simple. I applied for a big promotion with the company I currently work for back in February. I interviewed and it went perfectly. It seems the team I’m working for (and would continue to work with) has vetted me with some duties outside of my regular job, and befitting of the position I am applying for. The team leader told me I “Nailed” the task I was given, so obviously I’ve shown I am capable of doing the job.

    I asked my manager when they expect a decision to be made. His reply was they’d likely have a decision early last week — July 16/17. It’s been over a week and I haven’t heard anything. The job has not been filled, I’ve been checking my candidate status on it, and it says I’m still a candidate.

    Question: Should I ask my manager again since it’s been a week since he said they’d have a decision, or is it too soon? My concern is they will think I”m focusing on the job I’m after rather than the one I’m currently doing. They shouldn’t, I’ve gotten my work done, but it’s still something I’m worried about.



  260. Hey Chandle

    I gave interview in a big company for a temporary job some three weeks ago. To be honest I am very much desperate to take on that job. My interview went very well. I had two interviews , first with HR and second with department manager. At the end of the interview the HR manager told me that they will keep me updated about the result. After two weeks I called HR to know about their decision. She told me they are still in the process of decision making and will let me know. Now its again one week but have not got any answer. So what do you think when should I contact them again ?


    • chandlee says:


      Give it another week and then follow up again. In the meantime, keep applying for other opportunities. It’s good to have as many choices as you can. Good luck!


  261. Hey there!

    Love the site and all the great feedback!!!

    Wanted to ask about my situation with a Government position I’ve interviewwd for. Applied back in June, got the call for an interview early July, interviewed on the 16th, sent the follow up letter the next day (email and hard copy) and have not heard back from anyone yet. I’m totally fine with waiting as I know that Goverment agencies sometimes take a while to process everything, but I’m wondering when I should follow up again?

    The hiring manager did casually tell me that I should come and take a tour of the facility and check out the processes they use to manage the building’s guests. I’m sure that he was suggesting it because I mentioned I had not been to the property in years. Either way, I took his suggestion and completed an interior and exterior tour. Should I send a quick note letting him know that I’ve toured the facility and am even more interested in the position than before? I has not been exactly two weeks yet, is it too soon to follow up again?


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Chanel,

      Your strategy of following up with the manager to let him know that you completed the tour and remain very interested in the job is an appropriate — and good one! I recommend sending it on Tuesday as –traditionally, it is most people’s most productive (and attentive) day of the week.

      Good luck and all the best,

  262. Hello: I had my second interview on July 9. I followed up with HR last week requesting an update.
    They advised they’re still interviewing candidates and will get back to me as of last week. I never got a call back. I called again last Thursday, thinking at this point, I’d probably just leave a nice message of thanks and leave it alone. I received a call back only 15 minutes later indicating they’re still in process of decision and I should hear from them early this week. This is a lot of back and forth. Part of me feels if they weren’t interested, I wouldn’t have reviewed a call back, but the other thought is of the possibility they’re just being nice and trying not to burn a bridge. It’s all just very confusing and draining. I really want this job! The thing that gets me is I actually got a call BACK after my voicemail follow up. I would think that bodes well? What do you think?

    • chandlee says:

      Hi Jenn,

      That you received a call back bodes well, though I encourage you to keep up your search for other opportunities as well. The more options you have, the less time you have to ruminate when something doesn’t go your way — and the greater the possibility that you will find something you like!

      Good luck!


  263. Hello, looking for some feedback. 🙂
    I got an interview through an agency.
    I interviewed on 7/24 at the company, they told me the interview went great at the end of it, but that it would be a week before they made a decision. Sent a thank you letter a few days later and got a reply, letting me know they would make the decision soon. I’ve been following up with the agency, but haven’t heard anything back from them this week. The agency told me someone from the company had been out of the office for a few days, and that they were waiting to hear back. (that was friday of last week)
    Should I send a follow up email or phone call to the company now after 2 weeks and if so what should it say?
    Thank you,

    • Teri,

      Give it one more week and then follow-up with a phone call to check on the status of the search for the position and let them know you are happy to provide more additional information if it would be helpful to them. It is too easy for employers to ignore email.

      Good luck and all the best,

  264. Got an interview for a job and went in on 7.30. At interview potential employers told me 67 people applied and that they narrowed it to 8 and 16 to start. They were hoping to find a candidate within the 8 or 16. I interviewed on the first day within the group of 8. I dropped off a handwritten thank you two days later.

    They told me I would know either way on 8.10. No word. Is it too early to worry that I didn’t get it? When could I call to check-in on status? I really want this job.

    Thanks and great site!

  265. I chanced upon an opening in a company in the beginning of July.
    On the company website, the closing date for application is listed
    as 3rd Aug.

    Anyway, i send in my resume immediately and got a call on the next day to go for
    an interview.

    A week after the interview, i got a call again to go for the 2nd & final
    interview which was on the 18th July.

    The day after that, the HR called and asked me to provide them
    with details of 2 referees, which I did.

    I thought i must have a good chance of landing the job (or else why
    would the HR called and asked for referees ?)

    I waited for 2 weeks with no news. Therefore i send an email to the HR
    on 2nd Aug to politely ask if the hiring decision has been made.

    The reply was that the decision has not been finalized yet and they will keep
    me informed.

    Now, another 2 weeks has passed and i am getting really nervous.

    I know that the application period was till 3rd Aug so there
    might still be some interviews ongoing.

    What is your opinion on this?
    Do you think I should email to the HR to check again ?


    • Mark,

      I think you can check one more time. I’d recommend giving it one more week and then calling to check on the job. Don’t leave a message as it’s easy (unfortunately) for e-mails and voice mails to be ignored.

      Good luck and all the best,

  266. Hi chandlee,

    I like all the advice you have given people on here. I probably have some same questions other people have had. I had a phone interview about two weeks ago and it went really good. The employer told me that he wants to send me in for an interview but he doesnlt know exactly when that is going to be. Should i follow up with an email since it has been two weeks?

    Thanks for your help.


    • Hi,

      I had panel interview about two and half weeks ago for professional role at University. I think I did well in the interview. Next day, the convenor checked two of my three referees. I spoke to my both referees and came to know that both of them provided good reference. Last Friday I sent an email to the convenor asking updates on my application. She replied Monday i.e. August 13 ( interview was on July 31) saying recommendation paper is Dean for approval and HR will contact me after it has been finalised. I was expecting call from HR as of today but I haven’t heard back from HR. I’m little bit worries now. Shall I call the convenor on Monday or wait until next Friday?

      Thank you