Chantey’s Story: How Perseverance and Determination Can Get You a Job You Want

I so appreciate when readers write to tell us about their hard-won interview experiences – from surviving the horrible interview itself to the seemingly endless post-interview wait to the sweet taste of an actual job offer.  Chantey wrote us earlier to tell of some truly awful interview experiences. She made it clear that learning to deal with reality and getting on with interviews in a positive way is important. But she also added:

“Sometimes, you just need to hate the world and maybe throw a chair (alone in your own home of course.)”

I so get that, Chantey. Anger is real and sites like this can be a great safe place to express that anger. But of course anger won’t get you the job. Perseverance and determination will. Even when you can’t see it, Chantey reminds us hope (and a job offer) can come whistling around the corner at any time. The toughest part is that it feels like nothing until it’s something.

With Chantey’s permission, here in her own inspirational words are what she wants you to know about interviews and hope:

Chantey’s Story

Update! I thought I’d share an update with everyone here in hopes that it will inspire someone. If you scroll up to my previous comments (see links below), you can see my story about my horrible experience with searching for a job for two years. Everything has changed for the better.

First, I got into graduate school and I’m now double majoring in finance; the very thing I wanted to do upon graduating from undergrad. Then, I finally got the bank job I wanted with the company that I wanted. It’s amazing how perseverance and determination can make things happen. It took a very long time but I finally got where I wanted.

Those of you still looking for employment, or anything else to happen for you in life… DO. NOT. GIVE. UP.

Plenty of days I felt like I was just sinking into darkness no matter how hard I tried to swim. Then out of nowhere, a lifeline! Please know that there is a break out there for you somewhere. It’s not always visible, but it happens with determination and persistence. Of course, I still have to pass my 90 days on the job, so I’m still on eggshells, but this time, I think everything is going to work out for me.

Websites like this are golden because the day I wrote my previous post, I was upset, frustrated, and sooooooooooo angry. I needed this place to vent because I felt like no one else quite understood my pain. Sharing my success story is my way of saying thank you all for the outlet. Thank you all so very much for listening and responding.

Congratulations Chantey!! Not only did you get the job, but you used this opportunity (yes…times of limbo like this can be an opportunity) to take a strong self-affirming step like going back to school. Actions like this can shift your personal energy as well as move your career forward.

When we feel stuck in our job search…it shows. When we take control and move things forward…that shows too.

I wish you all the best Chantey. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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About the author…

Ronnie Ann, founder of Work Coach Cafe, bases her real-world advice on her many years as an organizational consultant where she helped interview and hire people, added to a certificate from NYU in Career Planning & Development and her own adventures as a serial job seeker. She can also be found on her new blog, and on Google+.


  1. tiredjobseeker says:

    Hello Chantey,

    Hearty congratulations on the positive things happening in your life right now! Truly happy for you 🙂 I am in a similar boat – been hunting for close to 18 months now. But a forum like this and posts like your’s keep me going! Kudos to you..

  2. Truly an inspiration…Hi RA!! Long time no see!

  3. I would like to hear more details on the actions you took and how you handled various situations.

  4. Why am I not surprised that you are still out here positively helping others?



  5. Hi Ronnie Ann and Chantey,

    Ronnie Ann, thank you for sharing Chantey’s experience–and your own words of encouragement–with the Work Coach Cafe community. Chantey, thanks for allowing us to hear your story, and congratulations on your new job!

  6. tiredjobseeker: Thanks for your comment. Glad posts like this help. I’m grateful that Chantey gave me permission to share her good news story. I really hope your happy news story is coming soon!

    Hi Mr. X! Nice to see you. Yes…you’ve definitely been missed and I will get back to your other message soon. 😉

    KJS: I’m not sure Chantey will be adding anything more here, so I can’t provide details. But what worked for her is not necessarily what will work for you. Everyone is different. Every job search success story is different.

    The main points are to keep going after a job with full determination and, if you can, shake things up a bit now and then to keep yourself fresh – like by going back to school (even one class) or volunteering or taking a small assignment and doing your best on it – which both adds to your resume and to your references and contacts. And definitely aim yourself toward connecting with at least 1 new person every week – not asking them directly for a job but for their help getting to a job. Friends. Former teachers. Former colleagues. People whose names you find in newspaper articles and online. I know some days are really hard KJS, but just continue to believe in yourself and know you will get there!! That’s what gets you to the finish line. And please feel free to share your thoughts here if you think it might help: Job Search Forum

    Hello surfaceearth! How nice to see my dear old friend – and the honorable namer of this blog – drop by. I see you too are still adding your passionate voice to the blogosphere. Thank you for your visit.

    Shahrzad: A pleasure to see you here as always. You have one of the most positive and caring voices in the world of careers. Thanks for stopping by.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

  7. Hey everyone! Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond; my life has been quite busy with school and work (work; ha! I love the way that sounds). Plus, I gave Ronnie an email address that I only check once a month (lol my bad).

    Anyway, thanks so much for all the kudos; I am also grateful that some of you found my story so inspirational. Sometimes, I re-read what I posted and its like I still can’t use words to describe the hopelessness I felt. Day after day it kept getting harder and I kept trying to deny that this thing was really REALLY happening to me. In my mind, I had done EVERYTHING right and some invisible force just kept snatching every opportunity away from me. I’m so glad those days have passed. This is not to say that I won’t have had times in the future, but man! That was a hurdle lol.

    Someone here asked what specifically I did to get through certain situations; well, I shall tell you:

    Living arrangements: I lived on my grandmother’s couch (mind you, she didn’t want me there because I had no money to give her. Can you say, not a good feeling?)

    School: I applied until somebody let me in! Thank God I had decent grades to go on, but I had no real work experience (corporate, that is) that was relevant. I was scared, but I got into a really good graduate program at a really good school (and I LOVE it!)

    The Job: I applied and cried! I don’t know what it is about us Capricorns, but we REFUSE to give up on our dreams. It’s simply an impossibility even when we feel hopeless. I would apply to jobs online (which I thought was such a joke), at the mall, through people who worked at different businesses….pretty much any and everywhere. I went on alot of pointless interviews and suffered great disappointments. I LITERALLY applied and then when I got rejected, I’d go home and cry. It was just that bad.

    The Opportunity: I prepared like Jesus was coming back the next day (lol)! I made sure I went over interview questions, I dressed to impressed, and I showed what I call a “tired confidence” during the interview. A “tired confidence” is the confidence and the firm authority you speak with when you’ve been knocked down so much that the interviews nor the interviewers no longer intimidate you (VERY surprisingly, this worked!) I made sure I knew my stuff before that interview.

    The Breakthrough: When I got the job, I thanked the Lord above and praised him like I never had before (I understand everyone is not religious, so please don’t take offense). For those who are religious, being appreciative, humble, and thankful to God for his blessings, I believe, just puts a big ole’ smile on his face and makes him want to bless you some more! (I’ll take that!)

    The Follow-up: Now that I have the job, I do what it takes to KEEP the job. I come to work on time, I learn everything I possibly can, I give great service to the customers, and when I get frustrated, I work it out internally, NOT at co-workers or managers.

    I read a quote on twitter one day, it said “The key to life is appearing to live by “the” rules, when really you’re living by your own” (something like that). Using this in a positive way will solve most of your problems on the job and in other areas of life. Your boss wants you to come in early, you come in early. They ask you to stay late, you stay late. They ask you to take on extra duties, by all means, volunteer for it! And you stay happy and keep a smile on your face even when you want to throw a chair (lol).

    You do what it takes to make it and keep that check coming in biweekly (living by “the” rules) because in reality it is an opportunity to advance to the next level until you get to that ultimate level where you want to be (living by your own rules)!

    I hope this helps anyone going through what I went through. You WILL get through it! If I did; anyone can!


    …and always keep your eye on the REAL prize (a future of success).

    Best wishes,


  8. Thanks for adding this GREAT comment Chantey!! For me, it’s the stories, advice and support from other job seekers that make all the difference. Love your inspirational words “You WILL get through it! If I did; anyone can!” That’s the underlying theme of my blog! 😉

    I wish you the best of everything, Chantey! Thanks again.

    ~ Ronnie Ann

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