What the Zohan Taught Me About Dream Killers

The Zohan had a dream. He wanted to cut hair. Unfortunately, he was also a renowned commando who could decimate the enemy without spilling an extra drop of blood (or hummus) and this skill kept him from his real dream – until he figured out a way to escape from his increasingly unsatisfying job. I think quite a few of us can relate.  😉

Of course, the Zohan, played to the hilt by Adam Sandler, is just a fictional character in a goofy comedy flick. After the Zohan makes it to America, he finds out just wanting something is not enough. One salon door after another shuts in his face. This warrior, who to the outside world seems afraid of nothing, has been rejected so many times he is now afraid to try for his true dream again – and so he decides to ask a friend for a job in an electronics store instead.

But the friend looks him in eyes and says “no” telling the Zohan once you get into electronics (generalized to any “safe” career) it grabs hold of you and you never get out. And you give up on your dream.

Does that seem familiar to any of you?

My last post talks about not letting the dogged pursuit of  “do what you love” keep us from a balanced life and maybe a career that makes us happier in the end – even if it isn’t exactly love. There are many more things to love in life than just our jobs.

Then again…if we give up too soon on our passion and just take a safety job without even giving paths that call a chance, settling for less could lead to a lifetime pattern of dream-killer choices. Maybe simply trying to the best of our ability is in and of itself a good thing – even if detours along the way lead us elsewhere. (Being good at one thing can actually open doors to something else down the road.)

And if you do decide to follow a dream with all your heart…how do you know when to stop?

Would love to hear your thoughts about dreams, settling and how to find the balance.

Disclaimer: You Don’t Mess With the Zohan may not be a film buff’s first, second or even third choice for a night of cinematic brilliance. But stuff like that rarely stops me from enjoying a silly flick and sometimes even finding meaning within. 😉


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  1. Balance in all things, of course. But never give up on the dream! Pursue a small piece of it; or it in increments, just don’t become obsessed beyond all else. 🙂

  2. Ah! Muse. How nice to see you. You know as well as anyone inspiration can come from the darnedest places. Thanks for the lovely summary. Yes…incremental steps can indeed leap great canyons. 😉

    ~ Ronnie Ann

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