After the Interview, What Is Taking Them SO Long?

WorkCoachCafeThis blog has over 10,000 comments, mostly from job seekers wondering why they haven’t heard anything from an employer they interviewed with, and wondering what they should do next, while they wait for that job offer that may be coming very soon.

You had job interviews at a place you’d like to work. The interviews seemed to go well. Maybe one of the interviewers said they looked forward to working with you. But, not a word from them since then.

The recruiter/HR person/hiring manager said they’d make a decision before the end of last week. Or by the middle of last week. Or before the end of last month. Or some other time in the past. Their own deadline has passed — maybe days or weeks (even months) ago. But, you haven’t heard from them. And, you may never hear from them. Or, you may hear from them tomorrow…

Don’t “pause” your job search while you wait for an answer.

Do NOT put your job search on hold while you wait to hear the news on any job! Keep your job search momentum rolling. Until you hold a job offer (with the right job title, salary, and start date) in your hand, you don’t have a new job.

But, don’t assume that no news is bad news for your job search!

You will probably not be told what happened, but don’t give up on an opportunity too soon. Employers almost always need more time to fill a job than they believe they will. Particularly if it has only been few days or a couple of weeks past the date the employer said they’d get back to you, don’t give up on the job. Yet!

10 Things that Could Be Happening While You Wait

Job seekers always seem to assume that the process works perfectly and smoothly on the employer’s side. But, speaking as someone who has been on the “other side” of the process, that assumption is often totally wrong. The reason you haven’t heard from them probably has little to do with you. Or it could have everything to do with you.

Without intending, the employer’s plans for the timing of the next step in the hiring process are almost always too optimistic. Many things can disrupt the schedule, particularly in large organizations.

At the start of the process –

1. Someone necessary to the process is missing.

Hiring someone usually involves more than one person, and someone necessary to the process might be missing — out of the office (vacation, illness, death in the family, business travel, fired or quit, etc.) or handling an emergency. Until that person is available, the process waits.

2. The other interviews are taking more time than expected.

Whether or not you were the first candidate interviewed, it may be a long wait. Interviews with other candidates are scheduled and re-scheduled as necessary people become available and unavailable (see #1).

3. They are getting ready for the next round.

Then, they may be scheduling a second (or third or fourth) round of interviews for the people who did well on the early round(s), after they determine who made it to the next round. And, figuring out who gets invited back is often a very complicated process involving meetings, discussions, email, and more meetings and discussions.

After a round (or two) of interviews –

If you’ve been through one or more rounds of interviews and are still waiting to hear, other things can get in the way:

4. They are working their process, tying up all the loose ends, checking off all the to-dos.

They are checking references and running background checks on all the finalists, and waiting for results before they make their decision.

5. Someone is missing, again.

Again, someone critical to the process may be unavailable, and nothing goes forward until they rejoin the process.

6. They may be restructuring the job.

Someone(s) is holding out for the “perfect candidate” (who didn’t apply), so they may be discussing re-posting the job or re-structuring it to fit the best candidate they have.

When it is finally time to make an offer –

They told you the interview process is complete — all drug tests, background checks, and everything else is done, and a decision will be made by last week (or even last month). But, it may still take longer because:

7. More missing decision-makers, higher up the chain.

Yet again, someone important in the decision-making may be out of the office or unavailable for some reason. The right people need to approve new hires, often in very specific order up the organization’s management chain, and decisions wait until the appropriate approval is received so the paperwork can passed on up to the next level.

8. Business has changed unexpectedly, and they are waiting for the dust to settle or adjusting to a new reality.

Perhaps budgets are being juggled because of an unexpected drop in business and/or profits, and they won’t contact anyone until they know they can afford to fill the job. Maybe, the job will be changed to something that will be cheaper to fill.

Or, perhaps, business has improved, and them may be able to make multiple offers. Or, possibly, they are considering restructuring the job to a higher level now that they can afford it.

9. Definitely restructuring that job. Probably… Maybe… Or, maybe NOT!

Again, they haven’t found the perfect candidate or there’s been a change in profits, so they are reconsidering the structure of the job. When they are done, it may be a perfect fit for you, or not. They won’t know until they’re done making the changes, and, of course, you won’t know until after they do.

Maybe they will decide, in the end, that it’s too time-consuming and expensive to re-post and go through the whole interviewing process again, so they’ll go with the best candidate they’ve got. Which could be you, IF you are still available (don’t wait, though!).

10. Waiting for a decision from candidate #1. You are candidate #2.

They could have offered the job to someone else and are waiting for that person to accept (or not). Or are in the process of negotiating the job offer with the person. It isn’t over until the person starts the job (sometimes not then, either). If that person doesn’t accept the job — or doesn’t stay very long — you might well be next in line for the job!

Or, you may be completely out of the running, and they don’t contact you because they don’t have the time, technology, or manners required. Or they are afraid of getting sued.

Try not to assume the worst — or the best — until you know for sure, or until several months have passed with no word and no responses to your efforts to get an answer from them.

If it doesn’t work out this time…

Perhaps you felt a “connection” with one or more of the people there and would be interested in that employer if another opportunity developed, ask those folks to connect on LinkedIn (what do you have to lose?), and stay in touch. Perhaps, send them a thank note for the opportunity to meet them and to learn more about the organization. It can work!

If you worked with a recruiter, send the recruiter an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Most recruiters welcome all connections, and connecting with them makes you more visible to them and to the recruiters and employers they are connected to as well.

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  1. A good technique for reminding them about your talent is to call the company and indicate you have been thinking more about the position and have some additional questions.

    Do NOT call to ask how the decision process is going but take this opportunity to showcase your skille and build rapport with the proper people.

    Note too that if they do not call you back, then you are probably not a contender.

    • Hi Don,

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. You make a good point on interpreting silence as potential disinterest from the employer, though I think sometimes HR and the interviewing/approval process can also result in delays. I often recommend that people always apply more than one place to ensure as many options as possible.

      Thanks again for sharing your input.


    • great article, thank you for sharing!

      I got the first interview on Monday couple weeks ago, it went well and I got call back on Tuesday and went to the second interview on Wednesday. It went very well and the interviewer said I am better than the other candidates and she would call me on Friday.
      I was waiting all day for her call, but she did not. She called the following Monday told me that I was hired and the HR will contact me for signing paper in the week and I should be able to start working next following week.
      Now I have been waiting for more than two weeks. I did not hear anything from them. I called her and she told me she would call me back in the afternoon but it never happened.

      Can I ask what that means?? I really want to work for this company and got the verbal offer, but I do not know how long I should wait for that. It passed the start date and she seems like always telling me she would call me back (three times…)

  2. Hello Chandlee. I was contacted by an Executive Recruiter for a position out of state. We had our initial phone interview which i assumed went well because after that he asked for my updated Resume, previous employers and past salaries for the last 4 jobs, references (and they told me that they were already called) and also took a Predictive Index Survey directly from the company. It has been almost a week and have not heard back. I know from your advice that you say one week is nothing…no indication and short. However just anxious because the process went quickly with alsmot hearing back quickly, requirements here and there, boom boom boom…then all of a sudden silence. I did call back to make sure he received everything and if he needed anything else. He said all was good. Should I be worried? That “good” sounds “bad” to me.

    • Greg,

      Remember that an executive recruiter typically works outside the hiring company — after he submits your information there is often a delay as the company reviews the material — and evaluates it against other candidates that have applied for the position. I wouldn’t worry until it’s been at least two weeks, may be worth a follow up call to the end of this week.

      In the interim, continue to look at other positions as they are posted. It’s never a bad idea to have multiple potential options…

      Good luck,

    • Greg,

      I don’t want to break bad news to you, but when dealing with a recruiter, they will always tell you that things are going “good” because they want you to feel that their services are putting you in touch with employers in a more efficient way than you could do on your own. I’ve been in that same boat before – interviewed, provided documentation of all sorts, was invited to do the company’s skills assessment. . .told everything looked great and should hear something soon, then: nothing. I guess the thing to keep in mind is that there are dozens of other candidates who get “good” news about their progress but there is only one spot that can be filled. Hope you get better news from this interview, and best of luck in your search.

  3. I know there can be things going on within the company and sometimes it is not me BUT… if the HR Director says you should hear something by Friday or Monday and you don’t hear anything back is it a good idea to assume you didn’t get chosen for the second round interview? This recently happened to me and I called yesterday to check the status of my application (the HR Director said I could do this) and the lady who makes the second round interview candidate selection was not available yesterday. Today is Tuesday and I still haven’t heard anything. Should I be worried?

    • Mo,

      Give it till Thursday and continue to apply for other positions in the interim. It often takes a considerable amount of time behind closed doors. Just because they have decided who to bring into the office, doesn’t mean that they have made the phone calls.

      All the Best,

  4. Chandlee, I had emailed you before for another job interview months ago and you gave excellent advice! Obviously I did not get hired but have been interviewing more since I implemented a targeted job search (rather than random). Currently, I interviewed for a Sales position in the Travel/Hospitality Industry which I have been trying to transition into. It is not exactly my dream job but it is a close runner up. I initially did not look for Sales positions but internal office jobs that require Planning/Travel skills. Anyway, I had a phone interview with one of the Co-founders on 11/12/12 (there are 3 Co-founders , all from New Zealand but do not actually work on the premises. Been in business since 2003 in NZ but only in L.A. since 2009 and successful).

    He arranged for a face-to-face interview on 11/14 with the CEO who does work on the premises. That interview went very well and I was told I would be contacted after the Thanksgiving holidays. Then on 11/20, another Co-founder interviewed me on the phone as he was in NZ for the holidays. I think that interview went well..he told me I was on the short list and it was a very skill based Q & A interview as I know he was trying to see if I could do the job(s)…there are a few hats to wear in this position, not just Sales. He ended it by saying I will be contacted after the Holidays.

    It is now Wed. 11/28 and I am thinking of emailing a follow-up letter to the CEO who I’d be working with…or maybe to the 2 Co-founders. I am half-expecting the 3rd Co-founder to call me..but I have a sinking feeling that I have not been selected. The CEO did mention that my competition are all males and there are at least 3 of them. I have mixed feelings because I have been networking with other hiring managers whose companies are closer to my ideal, dream job. I even went on another interview yesterday for a temporary position and even that company is closer to what I want.

    Please advise on what you think I should do at this point. Thank you!

    • Hi Janice,

      Communication during post-holidays are always tough — especially since hiring managers often have a lot of other work to wade through in addition to working on a search. I recommend following up with a phone call or email next on Monday — a full week after the holiday.

      In the interim, pay attention to those feelings you are having about the job not being a fit. It sounds like you should figure out what you want and how to go after those areas of a position is important. Good luck and all the best!


  5. This is all so true, and I’ve only just learned this lesson. Some people might wonder, “yeah, but what are the chances any of this is going on? Probably slim. They probably just didn’t like me.” I have learned that having at least one of these things going on is probably more the rule than the exception.

    In my previous jobs, though they were professional, I haven’t done much hiring of new staff. But, my husband is in a high level management position and frequently hires (and fires) staff. For years I have been hearing about the frustrations involved with trying to hire people, especially when he wants to do it quickly. Now, I’m in the position of the job applicant. I recently interviewed for an important position in his company (a company for which, I should point out, I used to work before I knew my husband, and in which I developed a good reputation.) While my husband is not privy to the specifics of the decision-making as it regards my application, he knows generally what is going on at the company. He knows if the hiring manager or anyone else involved in interviewing or decision-making is away (and they are often away, not just on vacation but at conferences and the like.) He knows if a vendor or someone from another company location is visiting and monopolizing meeting time. He knows if there is a big corporate initiative which will take up all of the time of the hiring manager or some other important party for the next few days. And, he knows if HR is overloaded and has a tendency to move very slowly.

    The only benefit to me, of course, is reassurance. I don’t have an “edge,” but it helps to have some sense of what’s going on because it keeps me calm. And I already know, just from the set-up of my first interview, that HR is slow and the hiring manager is busy. It took several days from when the hiring manager said he’d asked HR to schedule an interview to being called for that interview. Then, they took three tries to get a time which would work for both of the people with whom I needed to interview. They even called me back the day before the interview to move the appointment time by several hours. I may not in fact end up being the selected candidate, but I’m not yet freaking out from the wait the way I usually would be.

    • Just to add… I also have learned just how difficult the whole process of getting a position approved to begin with can be. And, the postings can expire and require new approval. Approval can be subject to exactly what is going on, financially, at the company right THEN. The company doesn’t have to be failing for positions not to be re-approved. It can be generally profitable but have come in under forecast for the last month, so they’re freezing hiring or only approving the most essential positions. Approval for a position for which you’ve already interviewed can go away, and they won’t often tell you that that’s what’s happened. When this happens it can be just as frustrating for the hiring manager as it is for the job applicant.

    • Thank you for sharing, Emily! Great points.

  6. Hi Chandlee, I came across your site and was hoping you could please give me some advice.

    I am slooowly going out of my mind waiting for the call back. I had an interview that went really well with a director for a great company in my area. She is a mutual connection of a previous co-worker of mine that I found on LinkedIn. The conversation seemed like it went really well, it seemed like I would be a great fit, and she said she wanted me to come in for the next rounds of interviews. I sent a thank you email the next day. When I didn’t hear back after a few days, I emailed to follow up. She emailed back saying that the key people for the next round of interviews were out of the office for the balance of last week. She also said she’s going to be posting another similar position based out of the home office and that if I was interested in that position, she’d definitely consider me and I’d get an advantage in the recruiting process since I’d already met with her. Fast fwd to this week, no word, and when I looked online, I noticed the position I interviewed for was no longer posted on their website. Not sure what that means. I’m just holding tight, but not holding my breath. Do you have any insight into what this could possibly mean? Should I call or email to follow up? Any advice you could give would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Flea,

      Hard to tell what is going on. So many things happen, like people being out of the office, emergencies happening, and on and on. Often, these things have absolutely nothing to do with the job seeker.

      It’s not clear how long it has been since your last interaction with her, but if it has been at least a week (preferably 2 weeks), I would reach out again, probably by phone, to see what is happening.

      Meanwhile, continue to job hunt elsewhere! Don’t wait until you find out about this job before you look for another one, because it may take months for this job to be filled.

      Good luck!

  7. Hi, Chandlee!
    First off, I love your site. It’s really helpful!

    I was called (out of the blue) by a MAJOR company I applied for a job with to have a quick phone interview. She then asked me if I could come in for an in-person interview (very short notice…one day!).

    I came in and felt the interview went very well. When I got home, I mailed her a thank you card, reiterating that I’m very interested in working for their company and the position sounds amazing.

    The interview was the last time I heard from her.

    During the interview, she stated it was a brand new position that would start in early 2013 (no specific date). She didn’t mention when she’d be getting back to me, but I figured since we had Christmas and New Years back to back, I’d hear from her sometime in January. It’s now about 1.5 months after my interview, the position has been off their site for about a month, and according to my applicant profile, the job requistion number is still up next to my name, and it says “Under Review”.However, this has not been updated since the telephone interview.

    Now that it’s pushing 2 months, I’ve been debating if I should email her about my status. She did tell me if I had any questions, to email or call her (Am I still in the running is a good question!). People tell me following up tends to annoy employers, doesn’t help and can actually hinder. Others tell me it shows that you’re really interested in the position.

    Considering there was no concrete start date, the position is brand new, etc., would it be a good/bad idea to follow up via email? Thanks!

    • Hi KM,

      Yes, following up too often (like weekly) can be annoying and can hurt your chances at a job, but following up appropriately does show interest. Since it has been close to 2 months, contacting the recruiter is defnitely appropriate now.

      I would call her because that will give you a chance to see what is going on, and also will remind her about you and your qualifications.

      Don’t expect her to remember you. Tell her your name, your current employer and job title, the title of the job you interviewed for, when she called you to come in for an interview (a gentle reminder that SHE initiated contact), and the date of that interview.

      Then, ask her the status of the job, what next steps you might expect, and when those next steps will be happening – a subtle way of asking her if you are still in the running without actually saying it, and also giving you a time line for what will happen next. If the job is close to being filled, oh, well. If it is still open, you’ll be better informed and, hopefully, in the running for it.

      Thank you for the kind words about WorkCoachCafe!

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Hi Susan,

        Thanks for your input!
        I decided to follow up, and I sent her an email earlier this week. I reminded her who I was, that she interviewed me for the position, and reiterated that I was interested in the position and company.

        I didn’t receive a response, which I actually didn’t expect (though it would have been nice to hear yay or nay!), but my application profile still hasn’t changed. So it’s still a guessing game.

      • Hi KM,

        Good going! Yes, these are so often guessing games, unfortunately.

        Since you’ve laid the ground work with your email, why don’t you call next week, and see if you can speak with the recruiter about the position. Again, help her know who you are and the job they invited you to interview for, and then ask about the status of the job and your candidacy for it. If it is still open and you are still under consideration, ask about the next steps and timeline. All very nicely and politely, of course.

        Goood luck!

      • Again, thanks for your advice. Just wanted to follow up:

        So…I didn’t get the job.

        I’m not disappointed in the fact that I didn’t get it, I’m disappointed on the way I found out.

        I’ve been checking my application status on their website everyday since the interviews (starting on December 16th), and it was ‘Under Review” the whole time. I happened to do my usual check on March 5th and it said “Not Selected”

        I feel a bit hurt and disrespected in a sense because I had to go through two rounds of interviews (at the last minute), take my time and money to travel there to be interviewed, and they didn’t have the decency to even send one of those generic “Sorry you weren’t selected” emails. If I didn’t check my profile that day, I would still be waiting to hear from them and would never have known.

        I can understand if you don’t hear anything if you haven’t even gotten a chance to interview. But two interviews and 3 months later, and then not even being told you weren’t hired? Not even an automated email? Nothing. I can’t quite wrap my head around that. Also, this is the first job I’ve ever interviewed that I wasn’t hired for, which I think makes this sting hurt a bit more.

      • chandlee says:


        So sorry that you had to find out this way. Unfortunately, this happens way more often than one would think — and it isn’t fun or respectful. What I do recommend, however, is following up back with the employer. Let them know that you found out that you had not been selected for the job by checking their website. Feel free to say that you were disappointed because you really enjoyed getting to know them — and were excited about the potential opportunity to join their team.

        Ask for feedback and express interest in their continued consideration down the road. It may not feel great. But, it shows your professionalism, your good attitude, and often this opens the door and paves the way for a future professional opportunity. I certainly would not rule it out.

        Good luck,

  8. A quick question, if during the interview, (this was for an Internship with the DOE). They said they should have a reply within a week and so far, they have not (I had the interview last Monday) ? Do I try to contact them again to ask about the situation?

    I sent thank you emails after the interview, got a “standard” form rejection letter, but the weird part was, 2hrs later, I get an email from the internship coordinator saying that I’m still in the running and she’ll be in contact after they finish interviewing the others?

    Should I just tell my current employer I didn’t get the internship then?

    • I think it’s too early to tell what is going on with this internship. Certainly there is some confusion, but it sounds like you are definitely still under consideration.

      I would wait before telling your employer what’s going on until you know more definitively that you are not under consideration.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you very much for your analysis. Do you think it would be advisable to email the coordinator or should I wait one more week?


      • A Ch*n,

        I’d recommend following up once more in a week or so, but understand that often following up does not speed up the hiring process — or influence the decision one way or another.

        Good luck and all the very best to you.


  9. Hi Chandlee,

    I came across this website and found it very useful and interesting.

    I have been in contact with a company for the past 2 months for an Engineer position. It started off with a phone screen, followed by an onsite interview. 3 weeks later, I had another phone interview. That was followed by another onsite interview, with HR and Senior Director. 3 days later, the hiring manager told me that they are interested to get me into the team. Then, a face to face meeting with VP was setup a week later.

    It has been 2 weeks after the interview with the VP. I did send “thank you” note after each interview. I am wandering whether I should do a follow up. Thank you for your advice.


    • HK,

      Follow-up directly with HR. Let them know of your continued interest in the position and ask if they require additional information. That’s really all you can do.

      In the meantime, keep your search active with other companies in case this doesn’t work out.

      Good luck and all the best,

  10. hello Guys

    I have a query too. Hope any of guys could help me. I had an job Interview on Skype , the interview went well and the recruiter told me that I have been selected and we finalized the joining date as well. He told me that the HR would contact me.

    My interview happened 2 weeks ago and I heard nothing from HR. I sent an email too but he did not reply. What should I assume in such situation? Would they call me for second interview as well or the HR is taking time to decide?

    • Tarun,

      I’d recommend following up with HR directly by calling them. Let them know who you interviewed with, that they said you would be hearing from HR, and ask if they require additional information from you.

      I can’t speak to the company’s hiring process. Recommend you continue to keep your job search active with other companies as you wait to hear back.

      But do follow-up.

      Good luck and all the best,

  11. Any help would be highly appreciated? I am getting nervous day by day. Could you also please let me know that what are the chances of being hired during skype interview?

    Thanking You
    Kind Regards
    Tarun Dahiya

  12. Michael in TX says:

    Hi Chandlee,

    Excellent post and blog and I really appreciate that you take the time to respond to individual comments, as a blog owner I know that can be very time consuming! Now, to impose on your wisdom once again…

    I was contacted by an internal recruiter for a position that is a dead-on match for my experience, expertise and career goals.

    Following 4 rounds of interviews in which I met with the recruiter, the hiring manager and 4 potential co-workers, I finished the final interview on Monday 2/11. In my mind I absolutely nailed the interviews and, after speaking with them, am convinced I’m an excellent fit for the role.

    I followed up with thank you emails to all parties on 2/11 and heard back from the hiring manager the same day that he heard the conversations all went well and that he had another candidate coming in a little bit later in the week, but that they should have a firm decision by Friday 2/15 at the latest.

    I then heard from the recruiter early in the morning on Friday 2/15 that he would be OOTO all this week and that his boss would be covering for him (he gave me his boss’ name), but that the feedback he received was extremely positive with great alignment between skills/background/cultural fit and that “hopefully we should be moving forward which will be great news!”

    Lo and behold, I didn’t hear back from the recruiter by EOD Friday so now he’s OOTO until Mon 2/25. Given the hiring manager said they’d make a decision by Friday, I’m now thinking that they made an offer to another candidate.

    I don’t want to come across as desperate by following up too soon, but I am indeed very excited/anxious to hear back. The thought of waiting in limbo for another week is quite stressful.

    What’s the best action to take here? Should I email the hiring manager (who said they would make a decision by “Friday 2/15 at the latest”) and check in? Should I email the recruiter’s boss (the recruiter gave me his name) to check in on the status? Or should I just exercise some patience and wait until the recruiter comes back from vacation?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Michael,

      Do something else to take your mind off this. Out of the office often creates delays in hiring process and as it is the recruiters job to handle this — it’s quite likely his boss didn’t do the work over break.

      Sit tight, look for other jobs and do something fun with your friends. When and how the hiring decision is made is beyond your control and you do not want to look desperate!

      Good luck and all the very best,

  13. Hello Chandlee,

    I had a phone interview on 2/15. Everything seemed to have gone very well and the lady i spoke with wanted to have me come in for another interview and check out the office setting. I send a thank you email the same day. She said i would hear from her or the HR early this week. It’s almost the end of the week and i haven’t heard anything. Should i follow up? Or should i give it some more time?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Julie,

      Follow-up middle of the week with a phone call to HR. Reiterate your interest and availability for coming in for that second interview.

      Good luck and all the best,

  14. Hello Chandlee,

    I really need your comment on my interview with an international bank.
    I had three interviews, in order with the team head, other team head and finally with all 5 members of the team. The interviews were getting more and more relax, which was a pretty nice as it usually gets harder and harder.

    I had the final interview two days ago and I thought it went okay. After the interview I rang the HR to check if I would be expecting more interviews (as the whole process had taken one month already and I quited my job two months ago). She kindly replied that I had finished all the interviews and she would check with the team head about when he would make the final decision.

    Later that day she sent me an email saying that the feedback form the team was positive, however the team was busy with some urgent priorities for the next 2 weeks, thus they wont be in a position to progress quickly on the hiring at the moment.

    I was really worried when I received the email. Was she implying that I may not be the targeted candidate? Since the hiring manager only need to say Yes for a verbal offer.


    from HK

    • Simon,

      You’ve followed up appropriately — I am assuming that you also sent thank you notes after your last interview.

      It is unrealistic to expect immediate action to hiring after ANY interview. Processing paperwork required takes time, so does finishing previously scheduled interviews with any other candidates. How would you feel if someone called you and said, “There’s no need to come in today for your interview. We met with a candidate this morning who we like just fine and we are tired of interviewing?”

      There are almost always more than one candidate for any given position, and often decisions are made on factors beyond your control — from a decision not to hire because of budgets to a candidate with a unique and highly desirable skills set that they didn’t think they’d get for this particular job.

      You need to also be looking. Here’s the bottom line: If you quit your job, you need to be applying for as many jobs for which your skills match — and that suit your interests — as you can. This should help you reduce your anxiety as you wait to hear back — it will also give you more options.

      Good luck and all the very best,

      • Thanks Chandlee for the comment

        You are right, there is nothing I can control apart from being positive and keep looking for suitable opportunities elsewhere.

        I have now working for another company as a contract staff so that I wont just sit at my home and wait.

        Unfortunately they did not bring their name cards so that I could not send them thank you note, and the HR ignored me when I asked her for the contacts.

  15. Kimberly N says:

    Dear Chandlee:

    I had a second interview and final interview on Friday of last week 2/15/2013. They told me I was naturally selected with another 2 candidates for final interview. At the end of interview I did ask the interviewer the timeline, and he told me that I would know something by Wednesday 2/20/2013 because Monday 2/18 is Holiday company will be close. On Wednesday, I send out the emails to hiring manager, HR for a follow-up, and today is Thursday I haven’t heard any feedback from them. Is that mean the position already filled or they already selected the best candidate. Or it is still early to tell. Waiting process is kind of stressful. Please advice!!!!

    Thank you,

    Kimberly N

    • Hi Kim,

      In my experience as a recruiter and working with job seekers, I can tell you that hiring almost always takes longer than you think it will. This is because people inside companies have other work to do as they are getting back to you, too! Don’t take this personally…

      If you’ve already sent a thank you note, give it a full week before you follow up again!

      Good luck and all the very best,

  16. Dear Chandlee,

    I went on an interview 3 wks ago at a hospital. A letter of recommendation was sent to the manager i was interviewing with from another manager in the hospital( he’s an old family friend). The interview went really well i sent thank you letters and emailed inquiring the status of the position and no answer. I checked the position is no longer posted but it is still open. I thought the letter would carry some weight or am I just being overly anxious. Can you give me some advice!!!!


    • Sue,

      I recommend calling up with the person you interviewed expressing your continued interest in the job. If you talk to them live, they will likely give you an update. If a position is no longer posted, it generally means that they’ve completed the interviews for the job.

      The recommendation letter sounds great, but don’t rely on that to tip the balance in your favor — employers make the decision based on what they think they need most. And sometimes other candidates may have more experience in an area of importance to the employer than you do. Or sometimes there are other factors completely beyond the job seeker’s control — like budgets or a company’s decision to reorganize. Either way, hang in there, keep applying for other jobs in the interim, and follow-up if you feel that would be helpful to you.

      All the Best,

  17. I had an interview at a position three weeks ago. The position was recommended to me by my boss, S, at my current job, and he asked for my resume to forward to the hiring manager, F. It took me nearly three weeks just to get the interview, as F loved to say he would “contact me within the week,” and I would have to follow-up for him – which is fine, as far as I knew, the job was not even internally posted anywhere, and my boss S did me a large favor (the job would be a promotion).

    Well, I finally get in for the interview with F and it goes very well. I was there for two hours, met with the GM, another manager in the department, and we hit it off well. The structure, goals, and objectives we discussed were fantastic. The interview felt more like a friendly discussion. F told me he was very excited to have interviewed with me, and that it spoke volumes that my resume was the only one S forwarded, as he had specifically asked S for likely candidates, and F used to be S’s mentor in his early career days. (this is a smallish community full of BIG businesses).

    When we parted, F stated again how excited he was to meet with me and said he felt I possessed a lot of talent, and that I would hear from him the following Monday. However, during the interview he stated that he was very slow and cautious with his hires. I sent a thank-you email the Sunday after the interview, and called and left a voicemail for him last Wednesday.

    Between the 6 weeks that S asked for my resume and now, S had also been interviewing for a new job and has since accepted and moved to it. He told me he wanted me to move on from our current organization because he felt I had more to offer, and so when he heard about his new opportunity, he felt it was good timing for me to move on and work with F, and simultaneously take on a person that F had to let go – the person I would be replacing.

    He was so sure about this position for me that he did not include me in a training necessary for my current job (which I still have because I have not yet heard a peep from F), and now that S is gone and there’s a new boss, I’m being systematically demoted.

    It’s been hard to keep my patience and positive attitude. My impatience and stress lelve make me want to withdraw from F because at this point I feel they were all blowing smoke (There is a lot of sexism here, S and F are both prominent males in the community, and I am female) and that there really was no job opportunity, but I feel this is also stress from the entire situation. All the while I am struggling at my current job where I used to thrive, because I am no longer allowed to do my former duties for no other reason than that S was banking on me getting a new opportunity.

    Should I send a letter of withdrawal or simply assume the job was never really available to begin with? There have since been other opportunities I have applied for that I am far more excited about. Part of me feels torn and embarrassed – S and I are close but I am confused by this turnout – that even after all of these “pluses” towards the position, I still couldn’t land the job. I don’t want to give up, but I also have high expectations of an employer, and I feel that F just might be too unreliable for me. Yet I am barely making ends meet in my current position, so of course advancement is something I have a hard time turning down.

  18. hi Chandlee, I had an interview on 25/2, on 28/2 hr called and advised I was preferred candidate and asked if they were to make a formal offer, would I accept and if so when could I start. I said yes and advised I could commence within two weeks (job requires relocation) she advised she needed to speak with one further reference, and I provided these details. she said she would hopefullt get back to me later that day with formal offer.
    On 1/3 I receieved an interview request for another job which I stupidly turned down.
    I also did not hear from preferred job hr.
    On 4/3 as I had not heard from preferred job, I called and left a voice mail. I also emailed the interview request job and advised I am in a position to interview.

    I’ve not heard back from either job now. Have I blown them both?

    • chandlee says:


      I would not count anything out just yet. Give it a few more days on the job offer. It’s been less than a week. But keep looking in the interim as well.

      Good luck and all the very best,

  19. Hi Chandlee,

    Quick question for you. I interviewed with the hiring manager on 2/11 and she mentioned that they would likely do an HR interview shortly afterwards but suggested a decision would be a few weeks out (no specific dates) as they were in the midst of the quarterly earnings season.

    On 2/12, the HR recruiter contacted me to do an HR screen on 2/13. During the HR screen, I was asked for my previous supervisors as this was a company that I had worked for previously. On 2/14, my previous supervisor reached out to me and let me know that HR had called him for a reference. He mentioned that he was due to meet with HR the following week (2/18-2/22), but did not let me know specific dates.

    I reached out to the HR recruiter on 2/22 and she replied to me right away that the hiring manager was busy and would reach out to me for next steps. On 2/25, the hiring manager sent me an email asking whether I was available to meet with her boss, the SVP on 3/1. She also noted that she was away for vacation from 3/1-3/18.

    I have since met with the SVP on 3/1 and it went very well. He let me know that I was on their shortlist of candidates but they would need to wait for the hiring manager to return from vacation first. Noted that I likely wouldn’t hear from them until the week of 3/18.

    Any ideas whether the “two-week” vacation is just to give them time to try to settle with another candidate that they are offering to? Or is it likely that she really is on vacation and the SVP wants to talk with her first? Is it strange that they reached out to my references so soon? or is it likely that they did it because the reference was in-house already?

    Hope to hear from you shortly.

    Best Regards,


    • chandlee says:

      Hi Ryan,

      I’d recommend taking them at their word. It doesn’t sound like a bad thing that they have reached out to your references. Keep your eye out for other opportunities as you wait to hear back and keep us posted.

      Good luck and all the very best,

      • Chandlee,

        Thanks for the reply!
        Just one last question. I had spoke to HR and they said I could follow-up with the hiring manager returns (as opposed to following up with the HR recruiter). The hiring manager returns to work a week from now. Should I wait till the Tuesday/Wednesday and send her a follow-up email to show my continuing interest in the role? Or is it best to email her right a way (ie the day she comes back from vacation)?

        The jist of my email would be:

        Hope you had a great vacation. Thanks again for setting up the interview with the SVP. It was great to learn more about his vision for the team (etc….). Just wanted to let you know that I am very interested in the role and definitely hope to get the opportunity to work with you in the future. etc…

        Would calling be too much? Or should I just wait for their response and neither send an email nor call?



      • chandlee says:


        I’d recommend calling or emailing the hiring manager on Tuesday or Wednesday — a day after they return from their vacation. Give them the time and space they need to come up for air. Statistics show that in general — Tuesday is the best time overall to reach anyone as it is the most productive day of the week.

        Good luck and keep us posted!

        All the Best,

      • Hi Chandlee,

        Thanks for the advise. I reached out to the hiring manager shortly after she returned from vacation and she mentioned that it would take another week as the VP was now on vacation. Anyway, a week passed and she called me saying that they both liked me for the role ….however…the hiring manager was taking a new position in the company. She said that they were now hiring for her replacement and wanted that person to get a chance to speak with me first (before proceeding). Her timelines were around late April-Mid May (for hiring her replacement).

        Have you seen this happen before? Should I follow up with them every once in a while? Or wait until the end of April? Is there a strong likelihood that the new manager will still proceed to hire me? The current hiring manager mentioned that they would not be re posting this role, but that the new manager could suggest someone that they knew for the role.

        Hope to hear from you soon!



      • Hi Ryan,

        This absolutely happens – all the time! They have a business/organization to run and the employees, including the hiring manager, have their own careers to manage.

        Definitely stay in touch, contacting them every couple of weeks just to see how things are going and to confirm that you are still interested in the job.

        Keep us posted.

        Good luck with your job search!

  20. Pheonixgirl says:

    I interviewed with a company (my dream job fyi) recently and had two very promising results. It took a four days longer to hear a reply but HR kept me in the loop. All the information was always readily available about my status and the last step was the head of HR I made it past the local and regional HR and the then unit manger for North America. So today while waiting on the last approval I was floored with in short “we are reorganizing and at this time cannot add to the dispite interest it will take a few months to complete, but would love to offer at that time if you are still interested”. Is this a nice no “thank you” after almost a month of interviewing? I did express interest while on the phone and sent an email to everyone I interviewed with and expressed my interest again. Should I have done that?

    • chandlee says:


      It sounds like you did exactly right…

      You need to take the company at their word, chances are good that the situation inside the company HAS changed and that they will be able to take you on in a few months. Stay in touch with them, stay positive and keep your search open in case anything opens up in the meantime.

      Good luck and all the best,

      • Pheonixgirl says:

        Thanks you for the response and of course the reassurance I’m not becoming one of the stalker candidates.

  21. I am a recruiter interviewing for an internal corporate recruiting position with a soild corporation. I am interviewing with a consulting compnay that is embedded into the corporation. Both are large compnaies. I interviewed a week ago. The person I interviewed with told me things that would be hints of a future interview e.g.: “When you meet with HR director-give me a call to prep”

    It has been a week. Should I send out an email?

    • chandlee says:


      If you haven’t sent out a thank you note email yet, then you definitely should now…I think you could safely follow-up this week and express your continued interest. But remember that hiring takes time — especially at big companies…

      Good luck,

      • I really don’t get this obsession, which seems more prevalent in the USA than in the UK where I’m based, for sending thank you notes. Are you that bad a candidate that they were actually doing you a favour by interviewing you? Or were you participating in a bilateral exchange of skills and professionalism for defined pay and benefits?

        When I hear about people sending thank you notes, it always reminds me of the raging insincerity of a fast food worker telling you to “have a nice day”, and how that sentiment compares with the professional and polite but more sincere and less obsequious way diners are treated when they visit an upmarket restaurant. If you want to be the burger flipper rather than the Michelin chef or maître d’ in this analogy, go right ahead. But any candidate I’d interviewed that sent me a thank you note would leave me wondering what exactly they had to be thankful for, when I had thought I’d been interviewing them for their professional skills and personal qualities rather than merely their gratitude.

        As for your question, Dude, this being some months later I guess you’ll have your answer by now. But if it were me I’d have waited until the second interview was arranged before calling to talk prep.

  22. Hello,

    I am writing here because I mainly need support, please. Waiting is so difficult. Especially when the job I’ve been interviewed for is not just a job, it’s a career and also so much depends on me getting it. I’m sure it’s the same for many people, of course. Well, I sent my CV to this company and then I asked to meet with the main person there and he agreed, and said he was actually really looking forward to meeting me. At the meeting, he showed that he really studied my CV, knew a lot about me already. Then he said I’d most probably be invited for a proper interview, and 3 weeks or so later, I was. Or rather, I was asked to come by “for a chat” but it turned out to be a proper interview, with him and another person. I was prepared and I think I did quite well, I don’t know. I was told that they had other candidates to interview during the next 2 weeks. I then write a thank-you note where I also mentioned a couple of extra points that I’d forgotten to mention during the interview. Got polite replies from both of them the same day. I guess it doesn’t mean anything, but still. Then I left for a week on a work trip and as I came back, yesterday, I emailed them again, with some extra info and re-iterated my interest in the position. One of them got back in the end of the day and said that they were still interviewing other people but that it was “nice to know” that I was still interested. Don’t know what this means – maybe just him being polite and nothing more.

    So I’m going crazy waiting for a reply… If they really wanted to hire me, I guess I would’ve heard by now?.. I don’t know. I really hope this works out. I need your support. Please keep fingers crossed for me… I’ll do the same for everyone on this forum in a similar situation.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Liska,

      Yes, waiting is VERY difficult, but that’s really the only option you have right now. You ARE receiving responses from them, so far, which is a good sign either about their interest or about the way the run their organization.

      Stay calm. These processes almost always take longer than anyone – on either side – expects them to take. I wouldn’t reach out to them again for at least another week, longer than a week, if you can manage. You don’t want to seem too needy or too aggressive by being a nuisance to them.

      Keep looking for a job. Don’t wait for this one to happen for you, because it might not happen at all.

      Will definitely keep our fingers crossed for you! Let us know what happens.

      Good luck!!

      • Dear Susan,

        Thank you for your reply. This is indeed driving me crazy, but I would imagine the wait won’t be much longer. It’s been 2 months now. Two interviews, one informal and one a proper one, then a couple of weeks ago they asked me to do a written test. The deadline for it was Tue. I submitted it way before though, last week. I was told that only shortlisted candidates were asked to do the written test, and it’s 3 of us. Have sent an additional info email on Monday. Tuesday comes – nothing. Then yesterday a brief email, saying they have received the additional info, thank you, and will be in touch shortly.

        So that was yesterday. I guess they are just polite and that doesn’t mean a thing. And I guess I will hear a yes or no today or tomorrow. This wait is killing me!

        What are your thoughts?

        Thank you!


  23. AmazingAsh711 says:

    I have a question. I had an interview with a company on 2/6. I was the first interview, the Hiring manager said they bring in typically 3 people for the interviw. During the interview, he asked me to send him references and more samples of my work. I did all of this. So on 2/20 I contacted the HR person to get the status of the position and she said the hiring manager was still interiewing people, Okay I called the HR lady again on March 11, and her voicemail said that she was out of the office until March 21.

    My status on the company website still says “under review” from my interview date. The position is still listed on their website.

    I guess my question is it has has been 6 weeks, did I not getthe job? I heard it is usually a good sign when hiring managers ask for your references, and the inteview lasted 45 minutes longer than originallly scheduled. This waiting is draining me. I just want to know if I’m still a candidate..does it look like I still have a chance at getting this job?

    • Hi AmazingAsh!

      Yes it is very draining and discouraging, but it is also VERY common, particularly since it sounds like you’ve done everything right when it comes to staying in touch! It could also be that someone involved in the process is out sick, working on a crisis, or otherwise unavailable for a while… Hard to know.

      Have your references been contacted? If yes, when? That would be good information to know because it could give you some clues on what is going on. If they have contacted your references, that’s usually a good sign.

      Since you were the first person interviewed, I might reach out with a letter or an email following up on some point that you could have covered better in the interview, an additional reference, or something else to remind them of how good you are.

      And, I would keep looking. This may work out, and it may not. Best not to be counting on this one until you get that offer letter.

      Good luck with your job search!

  24. fennek17 says:

    Hi There,

    So I had 3 interviews with a company, and the process was fast, after my last interview i was told ” i cant say for 100% but if your references checkout then you know… we really like you” then the person who did my reference checks told my references (including my current employer) that they were most likely offering me the job… my last reference check was on friday… and it is now thurs and friday of this week is a holiday and I still have heard nothing… I understand 5 days does not seem like a long time, but the process has been quick up until now… its come to a halt, I did expect with what they had said to my references that I was going to be getting an offer on monday or tuesday. I want the posotion and was confident I would have an offer by now. The lady who did my checks even called me and left a messege saying my references were all good and she was calling to ease my mind. When should I follow up? I get anxiety over these things as the last 3 jobs have given me the run around… even being verbally hired by one company then never sent the contract and never returned my emails. Then a few said they would set up interviews or second ones but then never did… hence it has been very difficult on me and my selfesteem.

    Am I just letting the waiting game get to me?

    Thoughts please!

    • Hi Fenek17,

      You are not alone in finding this a tough process to handle! It is VERY hard for job seekers to wait and wait with no information.

      Sounds like you still haven’t heard from them, so it’s probably appropriate to reach out to the contact who did the checks and called you to “ease your mind” to see what is happening.

      My bet is that someone necessary to the process took time off over the holiday that wasn’t expected by the HR people. Or, when it comes to actually making the offer, things can slow down because they usually want to make sure everyhing is in order, all the appropriate paperwork and approvlas have been made, and the rest of the administrivia is complete before they issue the offer.

      So, since it has been more than a week since your last discussion with them, reach out. Don’t be angry or upset or frustrated. You are just “checking in” to see how things are progressing because you have things you need to do on your end as well.

      Good luck!

  25. Hello,

    I’ve recently completed two rounds of interviews at a hospital located 4 hours from my current place. The first interview went well; ended with the P.I. saying that she was very interested in hiring me as a tech in her lab. I have also had my 3 references send out the letter of recommendation to her in less than 5 days. She has repeatedly told me that she is very interested in hiring me. The second interview went really well; I gave a 30 minute presentation on my undergraduate thesis and had some coffee with the lab members afterwards. She told me she was very impressed with the presentation. Also stated that she does not see a problem with giving me the job offer and that she would get back to me in a weeks time. It has been exactly a week and I have not heard anything back from her yet. This will be my first job offer out of college so I have no experience with this. Any suggestions on what I can do at this point?

    • Jack,

      If you’ve sent her a thank you note, all you can do is wait. Recommend you sit tight and see what happens. In the interim, make sure you also keep an eye out on other positions as well. Good luck!

      All the Best,

      • Thanks Chandlee.
        I actually sent another letter yesterday (7 days after the 2nd thank you letter) to touch base with her and to ask about when she would be finalizing her hiring decision. I hope that I wasn’t being too intrusive.

  26. I have just had an interview on 3/19 and I thought everything went really well. I figured that being that it was an engineering interview that I should bring in a work sample (prototype) relevant to the product the company manufactures as this would give me an edge. The entire interview process lasted about 1.5-2 hours (most of my interviews go on for 4-7 hours). I asked the director of engineering how long would it be before I should know something; he replied that it should take about a week or two. The HR rep gave me the usual “we have some other candidates to interview” response. I thought I was a shoe-in for this position because I demonstrated I was fully capable of doing the job by bringing in an example of my work (despite the risk of having it confiscated by TSA for mistaking it for something else…).

    Anyway, I sent the obligatory “thank you” email to all of the interviewers the very next morning. The director did state that I could contact him if I had any further questions, so I cracked this past Wednesday and left a voicemail asking a pertinent question about the position but using the opportunity to express my continued interest in the position as well as offering my phone number in case he had any additional questions. I’m beginning to regret having made that phone call because it may have indicated desperation. I have not gotten any response whatsoever-I usually get an offer no more than 1-3 days after the interview. There’s a lot of anxiety because this position is a perfect match and everything has to be perfect or else you’re immediately taken out of the running.

    What could this possibly mean?

    • I should also mention that they called one of my references two days after the interview and asked him a lot of basic questions (nothing about my job performance or skills) and ended the call. They only called one reference. I have no clue what that is all about.

    • Jeffrey,

      Normally, employers never cancel other previously scheduled interviews AFTER they’ve had a good interview. That they called a reference is a good sign. I recommend that you sit tight and wait to hear back. If you don’t hear back and haven’t done so already — and are in engineering — I recommend you get involved with a professional society in a relevant area of interest to you. They can provide you with good access to jobs.

      All the Best,

      • Jeffrey says:

        I’ve heard that sometimes companies say they are interviewing other candidates in order to make you believe the position is competitive-even if you are the preferred candidate. I simply do not think they’re going to find someone else more qualified but like you said, they could have other interviews they have to get out of the way (there’s no way for me to know how many others have applied as they obviously will not tell me).

        I’ve already done the networking/specialty recruiter route (I’m uneasy contacting complete strangers on Linked In for purposes of “networking”) but I get better results applying directly to the company and following up my resume submission with a phone call.

        Also, why would a company only call one reference and not the other two?

      • Hi Jeffrey,

        A company may call only one reference because that’s all they have time for, or they got such a great recommendation that they don’t need the others. It’s hard to tell – varies from person or person and employer to employer.

        Unfortunately, being “perfectly qualified” does not guarantee you the job offer. Someone else may also be well-qualified but might have been referred by an employee. Or a current employee may have applied for the job, too. So, be careful of “counting chickens” etc.

        Keep looking!

        Good luck with our job search!

      • Jeffrey says:

        I called HR one day last week and she indicated they were still interviewing others. I may be a traditionalist (old school) but I think that if a company were really interested in you they would make you an offer in a matter of days so that you do not write them off as being indecisive (even if they are still “interviewing others”). If you have a good match it makes better economic sense to make him an offer right now and place other interviewees on hold instead of letting the good match potentially get away while you pursue the golden goose. I had a colleague that was once offered a position almost six months after he interviewed for it! What kind of nonsense is that? He could have been gainfully employed somewhere else before this company decided to quit hemming and hawing over making him an offer.

      • Hi Jeffrey,

        Well, these days employers have many more applicants than in the past, and they want to choose the best one to hire. You would want to do that, too, if you were in their shoes. Business is very competitive right now, so hiring “the best” is important for long-term survival.

        They also understand the risk that you might find another opportunity, but, for them, that risk is balanced by the probability that someone as well – or better – qualified will still be in the pool of applicants available to them.

        If you want a very quick decision about being hired, focus on very small employers (10 or fewer employees), who often have a more urgent need to fill their openings. If you are applying at larger employers, learn to be more patient.

        Taking time to fill jobs is just a fact of life right now.

        Good luck with your job search!

      • Jeffrey says:

        I called one of the employees that interviewed me back today in an attempt to get more information about the job only to be told that they hired someone else. All this time (a month and a half) I had been waiting for them to contact me; the HR rep would tell me they were “still interviewing candidates” and lead me on. Why can’t companies just be honest and tell people the truth? I would have been less upset a month ago. I wonder if they had already made a decision and were just going through the motions for my interview (no wonder it was only 1.5 hours; my interviews are usually 4-6 hours).

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi Jeffrey,

        Sorry to hear this news!

        I think that often the HR reps make “generic” answers to candidate questions because they are often not completely sure what is going on with the decision-making process. So, telling you they were “still interviewing candidates” was an easy way out for them.

        A better job is waiting for you! Keep looking until you are holding a written job offer in your hand.

        Good luck with your job search!

      • Jeffrey says:

        I called that company back after I was told by the news by the employee: the HR rep still indicated that they were in the selection process. The position has been removed from their list of “open” positions at the company. Meanwhile I had to take a temporary/contract position, which is a lot better than nothing. The contract lasts about 12 months but I will still be looking for a permanent position while on contract. The fact that I am working somewhere in a position related to my field will magically make me more qualified for those positions that would have been impossible to attain when I was not working.

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        Hi Jeffrey,

        Yes, having a “current” job, even if it is a contract position, improves your market value. The assumptions employers make is that you are keeping your skills up-to-date and that you work is valuable enough that someone else is willing to invest in you.

        Hope that this contract assignment provides you with a good stepping stone to that next, better job.

        Good luck with your job search!

  27. Chasity M says:

    I interviewed 12 days ago for a job with the state department and I called yesterday to see if the position has been filled yet. I was asked by the interviewer if I had received a letter in the mail yet and I said no and she said she couldn’t tell me anything until I receive the letter. What does this mean? I’m assuming I didn’t get the job because I was told everyone that applied will be notified when the position has been filled. So far I have been getting emails to notify me of each stage in the hiring process and I haven’t received a rejection email yet. Is there any chance it could be a good letter?

    • Hi Chasity,

      It’s the Government, so they have their regulations and procedures to follow. You may be fine, or you may be out-of-luck. It’s hard for me to tell. But you should find out soon.

      Continue to look for a job – don’t stop your search waiting for this one to come through for you.

      Good luck with your job search!

  28. Dear Susan,

    Thank you for your reply. This is indeed driving me crazy, but I would imagine the wait won’t be much longer. It’s been 2 months now. Two interviews, one informal and one a proper one, then a couple of weeks ago they asked me to do a written test. The deadline for it was Tue. I submitted it way before though, last week. I was told that only shortlisted candidates were asked to do the written test, and it’s 3 of us. Have sent an additional info email on Monday. Tuesday comes – nothing. Then yesterday a brief email, saying they have received the additional info, thank you, and will be in touch shortly.

    So that was yesterday. I guess they are just polite and that doesn’t mean a thing. And I guess I will hear a yes or no today or tomorrow. This wait is killing me!

    What are your thoughts?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Liska,

      At least they are staying in touch with you. That’s the sign of good people (or organization) and, hopefully, also good sign for your chances with this opportunity.

      Don’t be surprised if it takes until next week to hear from them. If you haven’t heard by next Friday, reach out again to see what is going on.

      And, of course, keep looking for a new job!

      Good luck with your job search!

  29. Hi Susan, or anyone..

    My situation is not that complext..yet. Anyways about 2 weeks ago I interviewed for a position with the manager there, everything went well and he said he would let me know how the hiring process proceeds and there would be a second round if I am still in the running I guess he would let me know. Well I subsequently left a Thank you email right after that interview, but haven’t received a reply since. I tried to call him but got his voicemail so I just left a message. This is so nerve wracking, because in the meantime I’ve also managed to get 2 other interviews one is next week, and one is this week, but so far it seems like my favorite position would be the first one! I don’t know what to do…shouldn’t he at least give me a reply acknowledging my voicemail or email? Should I try to call him and get a hold of him on the phone? I’m so afraid this may come off as pushy and desperate.

    Any advice is great!

    • Hi AC,

      Since you’ve received no responses to two queries so far, I would back off on contacting your preferred employer for at least a week. Filling jobs usually takes more time than anyone expects.

      Meanwhile, focus your attention on these interviews coming up. Getting the opportunity to interview for jobs is an achievement that should be appreciated and maximized. One of these jobs might end up being your new preferred job.

      So, put this other job in the back of your mind, and prepare well for these interviews. Then, keep looking until you are holding a written job offer in your hand.

      Good luck with your job search!

      • Theresa says:

        The thing to do would be to try to nail the next interviews, and use any resulting job offers as leverage to the first interview.

  30. I have this interview last february and I guess it goes well.The employer tells me all about the job and I really like it..They told me they will come back in may for final interview and they wiil tell us the result.But this week I got surprized email from them telling they were pleased meeting me and they look forward for meeting me on may.Im confused,is this a good sign that I was the one choosen,please give me some points of psitive outcome of interview.thank you

    • Hi Alle,

      If I understand what you wrote, they told you in the interview that they would be back in touch with you in May for the final interview. Then, they just sent you an email indicating that they look forward to meeting you in May.

      If that’s the case, you appear to be a finalist for the job because they are inviting you back in May for the second interview. But, no, you don’t have the job yet. You may get a job offer if you do well in the second interview. Or, there may be more interviews, tests, references to be checked, and other things to go through before you receive the job offer.

      But, this is definitely good progress!

      Good luck with your job search!

  31. Hi Susan,

    Wanted to get your thoughts on the process I’m currently in. I work as a recruiter in the social work field and currently have a job I love but it is not in the city I want to be in. So, occasionally I look for job postings that meet my current position because they are typically hard to come by. This last week I saw a notice for a position in my preferred city. The position was something I am highly qualified for and very excited to do. I received a call the very next morning after applying that afternoon. When I was able to get back in contact with the woman who called, she asked to set up an interview over phone the same day. So we did and had an interview that was not long but not short a couple of hours later. She also pulled in the director of the department on the interview. They stated that they had been looking to fill the position for a while and were actually supposed to have already filled it but the “right” candidate had not yet been found. The director told me I seemed “perfect” for the position and they referred me for an interview by skype with the executive director of the company the next day. That interview was a bit short but she was very friendly and I was asked multiple times when I could start. Salary was also discussed in that interview and we agreed on a number. They stated they wanted to make a decision by the end of the week and that they were going to send me for a drug test, etc. That same day I recieved paperwork for typical background checks, a form to be notarized, and drug test and TB test referral (they even set it up so I could do it in my current city). I was told to keep the original copies of these forms. I had the tests done that same day and scanned and emailed the results to the admin assistant. She was very kind and polite and always replied to my emails stating what they were waiting on and that she would be in touch soon. I then found out that they had called four of my six references and all four of the references got back to her by today (not sure why she didn’t call the other two). However, friday came and went and no word. I suppose I need to be more patient, which I am trying to be, but my real question is, to someone who knows a lot about hiring, does this seem like a pretty good bet that I will get an offer? I don’t believe they were interviewing other people and it seems like a lot of work to go through for nothing…just wanted your thoughts! Thanks!

  32. Good Morning,

    I interviewed for a position in the beginning of March with a Phone Interview at first, then I had an in person interview that lasted over 2 hours, with a tour, etc. At that point, I was one of 3 candidates. The organization did the Reference Checks and the Background checks and then stated that I was one of the last two candidates, with a writing exercise on deck to complete. I completed the exercise, submitted ahead of time and didn’t hear back until 2 days after the deadline (On a Wednesday). The Hiring person stated that would get back to me by COB that Friday and Its now Tuesday and no word.

    I think its important to keep your deadlines and if you can’t, let the other party know that you can’t keep it. What is going on behind closed doors here? Thanks!

    • Hi Tamara,

      Hard to say what “is going on behind closed doors” in this instance. My guess (!) is that – if they were able to keep to their internal deadline (a big “IF” often) – your were came in second for this opportunity. Or, possibly something happened that blew away their schedule, but they haven’t kept the candidates informed. Not unusual!

      You could reach out to them to ask what is going on, or you could wait to see what happens. If you haven’t heard by this Friday, I would ask them next week.

      Honoring deadlines and keeping people informed are excellent business practices, and I wish more of it was happening.

      Hope this turns out well for you!


  33. Hi Susun, and everyone,

    I really don’t know what to think, it’s so frustrating. After 2 interviews and a written test, it’s still no news. I was contacted to do the written test about 3 weeks ago, and given till last Tue do submit it. I submitted it several days before the deadline, and got an instant reply that they got it and I’d have more news soon. Then the deadline on Tue came and went, I presume other shortlisted candidates submitted their stuff, and on Wed I got an email saying, again, that soon I’d hear more. On Fri, I called them in the end of the day, said I was going away on holiday for a week, and said that I’d be available on the phone. They apologised that it was taking so long and said they’d be in touch “very soon”.

    So here we are, it’s late Tue, still no news! I really don’t get it. It’s more than 2 months now in total. Have they made an offer to someone else and waiting to hear back, and keeping me on the hook as a backup? Or what? Why aren’t they telling me what’s going on?

    Any opinion much appreciated.

    thank you!


    • Hi Liska,

      Yes, it is possible that they have made an offer to someone else and you are the backup.

      It is also very possible that the whole process is just taking longer than they expected. As this post describes, it often takes longer than expected on either side.

      If you are interested in the job, give them a longer leash. I recommend waiting until next Tuesday before contacting them again.

      Good luck with your job search!

  34. Hi, I stumbled upon your sight and found it quite helpful! I have a question for my fiance, not me (although when we move and I have to look for jobs again, I will be asking PLENTY of questions!!)

    My fiance is graduating from Architecture school next month.He is one of three people who were selected to interview at a certain firm.Anyways I am biased but it did seem they were very interested in him and they even emailed him asking for a second interview. We know for a fact that atleast one of the other interviewees did not get asked back…so our assumption is that they were only offering a second interview to him or to him and the other candidate. The email discussed how impressed they were with him and said that he still needed to meet a few other people at the office (a couple partners were out when he came for his first visit). He received this email last monday.

    He emailed the employer back, giving them some available dates (like they asked for) and one of the options he gave them was the next monday. When he hadn’t heard back in a few days, he contacted them again to try to nail down a date — and to know if he needed to drive 3 hours for an interview Monday. He received no response and has still not heard from them

    What does this mean? What should he do? I understand an employer not returning emails/calls if they aren’t interested, but after asking him for a second interview?

    My fiance is more optimistic…he seems to think that they are trying to work out details — IE, when would be best for him to visit, when people will be there, if they will hire 1 or 2 people (there was a possibility of hiring more than one), etc. I am more negative. My assumption is that they left the door open with him, but had a second interview with the other candidate first because she was their top choice…. and therefore, they are waiting to see if she accepts an offer before closing other doors.

    What is your opinion? Has life just gotten busy and we shouldn’t assume the worst yet? Or should we accept that this job isn’t an option? And why ask him back for a second interview?

    • Hi KCB,

      It’s way too early to assume “the worst” about this opportunity. I think your fiancé is most likely correct that they are working out the details.

      Scheduling candidates to come in for a series of interviews is often a struggle because of logistical issues – all of the people who must be involved may not be available on the same dates and times that your fiancé is available. If more than one candidate is being interviewed, which is likely, that makes the whole process much more complex because everyone should see each candidate. So schedules get juggled and things get rearranged to make the interviews possible. It all takes time.

      Don’t “assume the worst” yet. The good news is that they asked him for the dates and times he is available.


  35. Hi Susan,

    thank you for the reply. Just a crazy thought – as an expert, do you think it is at all possible that they are not contacting me this week precisely because I’ve told them I was going away on holiday? So even though I did tell them that they can get in touch over the phone, maybe if it’s bad news, they don’t want to inform me not to ruin my holiday or something? Would that be possible at all?

    many thanks!


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Liska,

      I doubt that they are concerned about ruining your holiday. It is more likely that they haven’t made a decision, have other things to do before they contact you, or a million other things that impact you, but – really – have nothing to do with you at all.

      Hang in there!

    • Hello Susan,
      I am a new grad with a registered nurse licence. I applied for a job and I had an interview with the HR then she gave be another appointment to have an interview with the nursing recruiter, the interview iwent well with the recruiter/ hiring manager. The hiring manager was a little skeptical about hiring me the fact that I am a new grad, but also said she was impressed that I was trying to work in a rehab center that is 15:1 ratiou(nurs to patient ration)… then she said she would like to let the administrator know and she would call me to meet with ADministrator which was the next day. I met with the a unite manager and other manager which they asked me questions and they told me the hiring manager is giving you a chance to work…. The two people I met on my last interview gave positive feedback the HR and the HR asked me to do a drug test and background test. I had it done and it has been a week, but I did not heard. Any thing .. Also the HR asked for me to Emil her 3 references.. Why is it taking time?

  36. Hello,
    Not sure if this is something that happens often. I applied for a job at a big corporation a month ago, interview went really well, 2 days later I got a call from HR that the hiring manager’s boss would like to talk to me. He told me that my interview was outstanding and they thought I was more suitable for a higher position that just became vacant, however the job would need to be posted and I would hear back from them. A week passed, I heard nothing. Then the hiring manager called to say that the job I initially applied for has been filled internally and told me to officially apply for the higher position they just posted on their site. HR told me they had to put it up for a week. It has been 10 days now, I have not heard anything back. How likely do you think that something goes wrong during this lapse? I emailed HR today to follow up and they have not replied. When should I follow up again? I have to think that we have come too far to just drop off the process without a word even if it is not good news….
    Many thanks,

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Colleen,

      I would call the hiring manager to see what is going on. It would be surprising to have this opportunity go to someone else, but anything is possible these days.

      Good luck with your job search!

  37. I am worried says:

    I went to this interview on April 11th and I thought the interview went great since I had been interviewed by the HR manager and department head on the same day. After the interview, the HR manager asked me to go to a local doctor for body check and she said the company would pay for the check-up. But the HR-manager did say that this was not a job offering, but it’s simply a procedure given to the potential candidates. She also said that because they are hiring in almost every department, I might not get a call back as soon as I hope, it may take awhile for them to go through all the candidates. After the body check, I haven’t heard from them, so I called the HR manager two weeks later and she said they are still going through the candidates’ applications and they will give them a call should the person is hired in the process. So it’s now been almost 4 weeks and I have not yet heard from them, is it safe to assume that I didn’t get the job? Should I give the manager a call again? Or should I just give up all together and assume that I didn’t get the job and move on?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Worried,

      Well, I would certainly keep looking for a job, but I would also give the manager a call again. It can take a long time to fill a job, and it sounds like they are doing a lot of hiring, so that can stretch everything out, if they are trying to be carefully in their hiring.

      When you call, don’t expect the manager to remember you – tell him or her your name, the job you interviewed for, who interviewed you, and when you were interviewed. Then, ask for the current status of the job.

      Good luck with your job search!

  38. I had an experience that just proves how prejudice and biased Management can be to try to get THE BEST CANDIDATE for a position regardless of character, professional reputation and personal connections inside the company.

    Prior to staying home to raise 3 children over 10 years ago, I used to be a professional, corporate Insurance Underwriter. I even obtained an additional certification in addition to my Business Management degree. I kept in touch with some friends who still work there. Over the years, I’ve been working for an Internet/E-Commerce company on a part-time basis. In fact, I do not have a gap on my resume as I found this part-time, flexibile, remote-based job the year I resigned.

    I recently applied for a Field Underwriter position based near my house for my old company. I contacted my ex-colleagues who are now Managers. One of them spoke on my behalf to the 2 hiring Managers and I actually got a call from HR. This took about 2 weeks as I was patient. I had to take an assessment test which was a Personality Test. Mind you, these tests were not around when I was an Underwriter for 10 years. The HR lady said just answer honestly..which I did. It was 100 questions, multiple choice and tool 1 1/2 hours. Had I known that I should of answered as a perfect model employee..I would of passed. Also, a lot of these questions were for Supervisors and Managers and I had to select the answer I thought fit that position. I wasn’t even applying for that level!!

    The HR lady felt bad as she knew I was a former Underwriter and said that was the test they give to Underrwriters!! I was just stunned that I was being rejected by a computer test when I worked in that very Department for 10 years!!! My reputation was excellent when I resigned and there are still a lot of people there who would vouch for me in a heartbeat!

    Needless to say, I called the HR lady again after 3 days and she was supportive when I asked her if I should email the hiring manager. So I did and asked the hiring manager to reconsider me and the test result and base the decision on my work performance, reputation, integrity and company references. Mind you, this Field position is below in rank and salary as a normal Underwriter position. I did not know this hiring manager and she said since I did not pass the HR test, she could not consider my candidacy. This was the biggest let down for me yet. This company was known for nepotism and inside connections in the past. Now these HR tests dictate who is a viable and competent candidate in their eyes.

    My ex-colleagues were all disgusted and I now know I am better off. I think I will stay clear of large companies who would administer these types of tests anyway. Small and medium size would hopefully look at the whole person’s potential value to the company.

    Ugh. Thanks for listening.


  39. hello @ll,

    I have applied for a job to which I was selected for the 1 and 2nd interview. On the day before of the 2nd interview it got canceled because the boss of the hiring manager quit. The hiring manager told me I was the only one who got invited to the 2nd and final interview and that he was impressed with my cv. We have agreed that as soon the hiring freeze would have be lifted he would contact me. And he did 2 weeks ago the hiring manager told me the a new cio has just began working for the company and that he would keep me informed. And since then I have not heard anything.
    Do i still have a chance?

  40. Hello,
    I had an interview a week ago yesterday and I think it went very well. I was told by the interviewer that I would hear from either him or the recruiter in a couple days to set up a second interview. The next day I sent a thank you e-mail and received a reply that same day stating that I would hear from one of them soon. I still have not heard from them should I send another e-mail or sit tight?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Rick,

      I know it’s hard to do, but my recommendation is to sit tight. SO many things can be happening (or not happening) that it’s good to just assume that everything will take twice as long as anyone estimates.

      If you haven’t heard from them by next Monday, reach out again on Tuesday (after Monday madness is over).

      And, keep looking! Don’t wait for this one to happen for you.

      Good luck with your job search!

  41. I’m definitely sitting in the situation described. I applied almost three months ago for a position. I have a phone interview then an In person interview about a month later. The interview went well and I was told there would be a follow up call the following day. I never heard back. I sent an email, as she told me if I had any follow up questions not to hesitate, I got a reply about a week later. She stated things had been very busy as the company had just been purchased and corporate was all over them. She told me she would call the following week and again nothing. Over all it’s going on about 3 months but I am still optimistic. Any thoughts? Perhaps I should move on, I am still applying at other places, but this job really seemed to fit.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Michael,

      When an organization has been purchased, for a while, everything will probably come to a halt. The job may or may not still be open when they are done with the decisions they need to make about what the role of the (former) company will be in the new organization. It should have been thought through before the purchase, but often the details – like which jobs will be open and which ones will disappear – are not determined in advance.

      Definitely keep looking. ALWAYS keep looking! Until you are holding a written job offer in your hand for the right job at the right salary, don’t even pause in your job search. No matter how encouraging an employer is, don’t stop your job search to wait for any of them to give you an offer because the offer you’re waiting for might not happen and then you will have lost time and opportunities.

      So, stay in touch with them, but keep looking.

      Good luck with your job search!

  42. I interviewed for a position back in May. The interview seemed very promising but I heard on the news that the corporation was going through job cuts(not in the area that I interviewed for). Anyways I sent a thank you email the day of the interview, two weeks later I followed up and have steadily followed up by email every three weeks. Is that too much? It is just a quick email that says I am still interested, I see the job is still open, do you have an updated timeline, and thank you for your time. When I log on to the company website to see where I have applied the job is still open but is not listed for people to apply to it so I am thinking I still have a chance. Maybe there was a hold up because of the lay-offs that occurred over the summer.

  43. I applied for a job in may after one week i got the call and then after 2 weeks i got a call to do an assessment online. they told me i will know the results after one week … it took 3 weeks … and then they told me there is another assessment i hate to take and the same thing i was done with a great results but it took more than a month which is really odd because they told me in 2 days we will let you know …. and then i find out they want me to do another assessment and the same story i did really good until finally i got the call for the interview … i nailed it and i thought i will get the offer but after one week they told me you need to meet someone else … sure why not … and then everything went pretty well again and i was waiting forever to get a response and when i get the call i find out they want me to meet up with another different person … ohh well i went there for the third time and everything was really good … by the end of the interview i asked just one single question .. when i will be able to find out what is the final decision … the HR told me that it will be by the end of the week … so i called and left a voice mail twice and sent an email and no one answered me …. 3 months for a hiring process and i did what i need to do … after all that im worry and waiting and don’t know what else will happen plus i will be so disappointed if i didn’t get the job … please advice me what i should do … it’s hard after all that they ignoring your messages and they don’t give you any hope

  44. A word of advice (also looking) says:

    To Amen and the other candidates,

    I know it’s hard to be patient and wait and I myself am going through the same situation as many of you. I am about to tell you what to do and it is something you already know to do but most likely do not want to hear nor do you want to believe and feel there is this magical way of getting you the job. And that is to move on, keep the company in your thoughts just in case and to keep hope but to keep looking for other opportunities. There really is not much else you can do beyond that and let me tell you why and what I have learned through many google searches and many times applying. If you decide to follow up, only do it with a thank email or note and that is it. The more you invest, the more you’ll get your feelings hurt and furthermore, the more you invest the more you become a pest. The company has not forgotten you and the company knows you are interested. Do not insult them through mini emails and phones calls stating this because although they might lack professional manners, they still have the common sense to know you are interested in work and therefore your emails and phone calls will not make any difference but shows your desperation and probably shows that you don’t know how to be patient in letting the people on the other end do their part. Imagine your kid or loved one rushing you to make dinner when they know dinner is cooking, and they know you are doing your best to make it and make it right, but them rushing you only causes agitation and further, does not move the process along any faster; just some added nonsense you have to deal with and is unnecessary. If anything, let others who are applying for the same position do all that nonsense and allow yourself to stand out by being patient and hiring managers will surely appreciate this and in return this might work better in your favor and most likely, but rarely, change their mind about you and give you a second look. When you think about it, even if you did follow up 3 times, or even just that one time, it won’t make a difference if they have already made their decision as to whom they want back for a second interview or whom they want to hire. Put yourself in their position, if you had an ideal candidate in mind and others sent in emails and phones calls seeing where they stand in the interviewing process or even to display their interest, will that make any difference in the decision you make on the person you plan to hire? I promise you the answer is NO. HR knows already whom they want to come back and regardless how long they took to make that decision, they still stick to the plan regardless of what you or other candidates do; they put you out of sight and out of mind especially if they have decided they didn’t want you in the first place. So really save your energy and put it toward other prospects that fit and wait it out.

    I agree not getting a call either way hurts, it sucks and shows lack in manners, but don’t let that bullshit rub off on you where you become that desperate date that keeps saying “please baby baby please take me back” lol not a good look and that will probably hurt your chances rather than help them. And imagine if they were considering you and then you screw up by constantly checking your status, you sabotaged yourself and have nobody else to blame. BE PATIENT for your own sanity. Before you know it, you’ll have them all calling you at the same time to make an offer then you’ll have the problem of, “who do I want to work with, and how will I let them down gentle from my wonderful talents”. Good luck y’all, pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

    Patients is the key I have learned in this process. Only follow up when asked and ONLY when necessary. I promise you that it is the best way and helps you to move on faster.

  45. A word of advice (also looking) says:

    I also wanted to add that sometimes you can do everything right, and still things manage to go wrong. Just move on and try not to dwell. I say this for myself as well…it’s what you gotta do.

  46. I’ve undergo on a final interview last October 17, the interview goes well, after the interview the department head ask me if I still have questions, and I ask him on what I am expecting after the interview and then he said that my experiences is okay, and he will talk to the HR as well as the project manager regarding on that matter, he also said that there are 2 other applicants that has undergone in an interview. It’s been almost 3 weeks and I haven’t heard anything from them. The last time I checked was their job is still posted on the net. Do I still have a chance of getting this job? thanks!

  47. A word of advice (also looking) says:


    Although I am not a hiring manager nor am I the Cafe Coach, I suggest you follow what I have said in my very long post above. You might still have a chance but there is no way of knowing for sure if you are in or if you are out. Only God, and the people making the decision know this answer. All you can do is wait patiently and as Susan says, there might be other things and processes holding up their communication with you. Think about what you said, there were three other candidates along with you who have interviewed. That means even though a small number of candidates (and possibly more), you might have some tough competition for this position and just like a card game, the odds are stacked against you. Now this doesn’t mean you are necessarily out, but at the same time don’t get your hopes up and keep in mind that if you did well, that’s all you can do and make sure you keep this experience in mind for when you might get that phone call from them, or for your next prospective employers. The experience and learning process is the key in all this and plays a major part in being patient when looking for employment. I mean when you think about it, there is not much else you can do and really no way to tell how things might end up. All you can do is take what you have learn and apply it for next time, this is why you have to keep your hopes up and remember. Treat is as a puzzle game and think about that you are finally realizing what you want and need besides a job and money. I for one am in dire need of financial gain and very soon, but the more I learn the better I boost my chances of actually nailing a job and bettering my intellect through the whole process. This is how I have to see it because being sad and other shit doesn’t work so might as well try try try until I’m dead and let God do the rest.

    I have heard of people getting calls back after waiting a month or two while already have accepted another position, I have also heard of people not getting calls back at all (which would be plenty of my cases), but either way does it matter to ask what the outcome is? No because you will know when you will know. But I do understand for piece of mind and for hope’s sake that you want to hear some encouraging and positive words that there might be a chance, and want somebody to tell you from experience that they got a call back after 4 months! lol But for now that’s all you’re going to know at this time until you actually get a call, or wait until it’s obviously way past a time for communicating that you might have a job (which would be like 6 months) lol this obviously means you should have moved on and possibly picked up new prospects. Good luck jelly and keep searching like the rest of us. God is helping get what you need.

    • Thank you for your great response, it really helps a lot, I also want to ask, is it advisable to contact the company you applied for, just to follow up your application? thanks in advance! 🙂

  48. you have a good point there, that’s the thing the holds me back in following up my application, for it could result of annoyance for them, the thing that pushes me to ask that question is that i’ve read some other blogs that says once you’ve followed up in a professional way could let them think that your really interested for that position as well as working with their company, on the other hand if I am really fitted for that position they will contact me whether I followed up them or not.. 🙂

  49. A word of advice (also looking) says:


    So God blessed me with a second interview with the company I mentioned before through referral. After the first interview, I was actually surprised to receive a response from one of two interviewers to my thank you emails a few days later; this happened a week before I got called by the recruiter for a second interview. I took it as courtesy and nothing more. Then last week Thursday I was called by the recruiter letting me know that they wanted me to come in for a second interview and that it would be a panel interview with a few more team members, and it happened this past Monday; one interviewer (the director) was unable to make it due to being on vacation in Hong Kong. Had the second interview and I felt it went well. I wasn’t given a tour of the company because I was already given a tour after the first interview. I took notes during my second interview even though I really didn’t need to; I didn’t bother asking if I could but monitored my engagement to it. I just jotted down key words to refer back to in my thank you emails to each of the interviewers. The interviewers didn’t take any notes this time, but the third interviewer had a note pad out; the interview lasted 45 mins while the first interview lasted an hour and fifteen mins. Got the third interviewer’s contact info, and this was a first that I have received a phone number included in the contact info from an interviewer that wasn’t on a business card. Wrote the thank you emails to all three interviewers and sent them the day before Thanksgiving; a little past noon to be exact. I was again surprised to have received a response back to my thank you email from the second interviewer who hadn’t responded before, a few hours later that same day. During the interview when I asked when I should be expecting a hiring decision, they told me that they had planned to wrap up the interviews before the Thanksgiving holiday and that they were supposed to be interviewing one other person, but they couldn’t get a hold of them and was trying to reach them; I don’t know how true this is but I just took it at face value. My friend told me that she didn’t hear them interviewing anybody else because she is in an area where she can hear what goes on. Finally they said I should be hearing something by next week, first week of December if things go according to plan.

    So yes, this is what happened and I feel I have a good chance, but only time will tell. This also shows that even though I was referred, the process was still not a complete “in the bag” piece of cake process like some would believe. I just happened to be good enough to get called back from having a fit resume, patience and good rapport from the first encounter. Right now I will be waiting and hopefully will be giving you an update on some awesome news! Keep strong everyone out there looking, and pray. It gets hard and sometimes all you need is the inspiration of others’ stories to keep hope. Please post here when you have good news to tell.

  50. I WON THE LOTTO! Ok, it sure feels like it. Here is my story: I must of had lady luck on my side. I first saw the job posting @ 10pm at night. It had posted an hour prior on I applied right away because I knew that was the type of job I needed to get my foot in the door to change into an industry I highly desired. I think that helped a lot being one of the first applications because I got an email the next day asking if I could be available for a phone interview tomorrow (THE NEXT DAY). The phone interview went well as I had prepared in advance to have a quiet place, all my ‘cheat’ sheets in front of me. I listened well. She asked me to COME IN in 2 days. Mind you, she told me they are interviewing a lot of people. Ugh. I met with the 2 Sales Executives who I would be working with. No HR. I had a really good interview with them and even connected with the older man because he transferred from the city that my sister currently lives in. We talked about how his accomplishments there as I asked and even other events going on there. I left feeling good and wanted that job even more. Again, they told me they are still interviewing people and will let me know after the man’s 2 week trip! I not only sent a thank you email within 2 hours…but 2 days later, I decided to send a hand-written note to the both of them with samples of my online work that I failed to show them during the interview (yes, I brought them in a folder and lost that opporunity!) I thought, what is going to make me stand out? Despite the fear of appearing desperate, I mailed them a packet. The woman acknowledged it in an email and thanked me. I honestly thought I would not hear from either one of them again. I waited about 2 weeks before I was asked to come in for the final interview. They told me it was down to me and another candidate. They asked me to bring professional references too. Prior to the final interview, I prepared a 30/60/90 day Plan on what I think I would do in that position based on the job duties in the original ad. I got the idea from this career coach,Peggy McKee. Google her. This is not a Sales position but she said the 30/60/90 Day Plan is the tool to close the deal. Here is what happened: that Plan had them going over it with me and I think it made them see me as someone who can be on their team. It did close the deal because I got their call THE NEXT DAY saying that I am hired!! Unbelievable as I have been job hunting on and off for about 2 years! Don’t give up and use a 30/60/90 Day Plan in a first interview..even if it is a phone it to the interviewer ahead of time if you can! He/she will not forget you! Good luck!

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Congratulations! Thank you for sharing, Janice. It’s always great to hear about job search success. Hope the job turns out very well for you!

  51. Kimberly says:


    I have a full time job, but the salary is quite low. My co-worker told me she does editing work on the side for extra money. She has been working with this company steadily for four years, so they have proved very reliable. She sent a nice email to them, suggesting me for editing work and they sent back a very enthusiastic response, saying they would contact me soon.

    After several days of hearing nothing, I wrote a follow up email to them myself, just saying that I had heard good things about them from my co-worker and I was looking forward to working with them in the near future.

    I got back an email later that day that I thought was a little bit terse, but it’s also true you can’t tell tone over email, so it’s better not to try.

    The editor said that I had not slipped her mind and she would contact me over the weekend to send me the test (they test candidates prior to bringing them on board, which is fine since I have been proofing and editing for more years than I care to remember).

    She also said they were “putting out fires” where they were and that’s why she had not emailed me before.

    After that response, I felt I shouldn’t risk irritating anyone by writing again, but the weekend has come and gone and it’s now Tuesday.

    I’m biting my fingers. I really need the extra money. How long should I wait to say something again? I know they have work available because my friend is doing assignments from them. I don’t want to burn any bridges and come across as pushy, though.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      I hope you aren’t chewing your fingers off, and I hope you have waited to check back in. I would give them at least another week (if not two), in case that “a little bit terse” sense you got from the response to your follow up was correct. It may be taking them a while to put out those fires she referenced.

      Hope this works out for you!

  52. Hello,
    My name is Manan. I recently moved from India to Australia on a Permanent Resident visa. I am a pharmaceutical sales rep by profession. Since I moved to Australia I have given 1 face to face interview with a MNC and I recently received a call from National Sales Recruiter Merck. She took my phone interview and asked me to work a little bit more on my STAR questions but she said she is gonna put me to the second round and before that I had to do an online quiz as per their company rules. I finished the quiz the same day and i sent her an email the next day updating her that the quiz was done and she replied saying they will get back to me in 2 days. Its been 5 days now and I sent her a follow up email saying if she needed any further documents from my end I would be happy to provide them, but NO Reply yet from her.
    I didn’t do too well on the math questions in the quiz but the Sales job doesnt have much to do with Math so i am hoping they would still give me a chance.

    Can you give me your expert advice.

    Thank You

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Manan,

      I don’t know anything about the Merck process, the test that you took, or how important the test is to filling that job.

      Many things could have delayed her response to you, but my guess is that either something has come up which has put the job on hold or killed it. Or you didn’t do well enough in the test.

      I tend to disagree with you about the importance of math for a sales job, however. Sales people often need to be able to provide numbers to clients and potential clients about costs, quantities, and other financial aspects of quoting the cost of products, timing of delivery, and (for the boss) profit margins on sales.

      Try brushing up on your math skills, particularly any section of the math test that you felt you did not do well, and ask if you can re-take the test.

      Good luck with your job search!

  53. Dear Susan, pls I want to know how long it takes a firm, (oil and gas sector) to get back to a job seeker? I recently filled an employment accceptance form from an oil company, buh its almost a week now, I’m yet to get a feedback from them to know when to start work. Does it really take time after accepting a job offer? Pls enlighten me. Thanks, Desire

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Dear Desire,

      There is not any set time limit for employers in any sector to get back to job seekers that I am aware of.

      My strong recommendation to you is to wait at least one week before trying to contact the employer again or risk being seen as an annoying person.

      Good luck with your job search!

  54. Elle L. says:

    Hi there,

    My second interview for a position went extremely well was last month. I sent a thank you note the following day and the next week my references were requested. After not hearing any news (and my references were not contacted) I sent a follow up letter. The response was a thank you for my continued interest and that they were contacting and reviewing references and would be in touch when they were done. Last week I received call from the director of the department asking if I was still interested and that my references would be contacted that day. I was told that I’m still being considered as a finalist. One of my former colleagues sent me a message to let me know they’d been called for a references, but not the other people I listed. It’s been a week since I got that call. Should I reach out again?

  55. lavidadulce says:

    Hi–thank you very much for taking my question. It’s kind of generic. In your experience, do employers usually contact the references of only the strongest candidates who actually have a shot at getting the job, or do they contact the references of all candidates then weigh the feedback they get with the interview/other information submitted (i.e. cover letter, resume, etc.)?

    I had a really big interview I feel went pretty well a little over a week ago, and just found out from one of my references that they emailed her a questionairre, due in 4 days. I’m dying to know what’s likely going through their minds, so any insight you can provide would be helpful!!

    Thanks so much for your time and assistance!!

  56. Hi there,

    Reading all the comments on this blog has been very helpful. I also have a question which I hope someone can help me with. I applied for this position with a large organization on the same day that it was posted, May 1/2014. On May 16/2014, I got an email from the internal recruiter asking me for a date and time that I would be available for a phone interview. On May 21/2014, I had my phone interview and it went really, really well. At the end of the conversation, the recruiter said that he had received 294 applications for this position but he had narrowed it down to 10 candidates and I was in his top 10 now as well. I was really happy to hear that. He also said that I would hear back from him regarding the next steps (i.e. setting up a face-to-face interview) in 2 days, by May 23/2014. I did not hear back from him, so on May 26/2014, I decided to send him an email to follow up. He replied within a couple of hours saying that they have come across an unexpected delay (whatever that means), but that he would inform me of my application status by May 28/2014. Again, I did not hear back from him. It has now been about 8 days and still nothing. The posting is still up on their website. What can I do at this point? I was thinking perhaps I would wait another week and then send him another follow up email? I am definitely entertaining other job opportunities but this position with this organization is exactly what I have been waiting for a long time. I wish they could just give me some kind of information rather than leave me hanging like this. I would appreciate any kind of advice right now! Thanks!

  57. Godsmasterpiece says:

    Hi everyone,
    I need some advice on the subject line mentioned above. I am working in a company that every one would aspire to have it in their resume. While browsing, I came across another company in the same list is having an opening which matches my candidature so applied online. Got call for interview with in a weeks time and the first round is with hiring manager, who was quite happy about the performance and same with the follow up interviews. Its been a month that I had given my last round of interview, and I haven’t heard anything from the staffing team from then. So I wrote up to them after 3 weeks and received a response saying they are sure that I am the candidate and are waiting for some process approvals, yesterday when I called up he said that the requirement is on hold and will update me further?

    what does it mean? and when should i call them up again?

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Don’t jump to any quick conclusions about this being a rejection! MANY things go on “behind the curtain” in the hiring process that have NOTHING to do with the candidate.

      Don’t reach out again for a couple of weeks, and the next time you talk with them, ask for an estimate on how long the wait will be.

      Good luck with your job search!

  58. Debbey18 says:

    I interviewed for a job last week, interview went well. The person hiring emailed me over the weekend saying she would like me to come in for a second interview as “the team has more questions” and when am I available this week.

    I emailed right back with days and times available, but have not heard back either by phone or email.

    I am nervous about what “the team has more questions” means. My interview was 40 minutes long.

    I know this is good news that they want me for a second interview, but the waiting is painful!

  59. treasury101 says:

    HI Susan,
    Thank you so much for all the sound advice. I had a big company/small company fit issue. I was not a fit at a small company in a director role. the problem now with getting hired is why I left and because of the short stint employers are not hiring me.. I get interviews every week and dozens of itnerviews. I am looking for contracts as well. In the contract temp roles they indicate – you are too senior – are you going to stay but its like – “I’m a temp”…. that would be the purpose of a temp is to stay “Temporarially”. I think the hiring managers get scared 1) I may be more senior than them and could cause issues to make them look like not knowing their stuff 2) For mgt. positions I get called in the interview and then everything is great until they ask why did you leave this job and this job … They know this before calling me into the face to face from the HR screen, the phone interview.

    I am getting really frustrated and desperate because I am running out of savings. It’s so tough with these employers. They know I have the skills to do the job. I am high profile background so temporary work is like – she is too senior and then perm roles is like is she going to stay.

    My best bet is to get back into consulting again where the organizational problems are avoid until I get my feet back on the ground.

    I am really confused. The employment market is harsh and again I get dozens of interviews but no offers. I am courteous, I speak well, I answer the questions right.

    I noticed in small companies the interviewers can be more junior than me and sometimes do not undersand what I am talking about on solutons. They then report to HR she is not a fit. I realized this was a fit issue with the organizational undersanding of my background and skills. I started to document the interview with the employer in temrs of the what was asked and how I answered and sent it to HR to prove that whatever they asked I answered. The HR rep. replied that she thinks the companies interviewers need some help as well.

    I am mentally exhausted. What has the U.S. job economy come to? I have to document my interviews so I can prove this was not a candidate not knowing his/her stuff issue. It’s on the interviwers as well. I felt like I needed a tape recorder to show HR. That pissed me off when the interviewers said I did not know anything.

    I am feeling the employers bring in employees for Equal Opportunity metrics with no real interest of hiring to show HR that they considering a diversity of people…

    I also apply to big companies online (like big 4) and sometimes get called for a screen interview. That process is tough too.

    Interviewing is just not the same anymore. I am exhausted. Please help!

    • treasury101 says:

      Also, I read online that to protect oneself before accepting a job ask the employer for his/her referrals on the employee that worked for him/her and left. When they ask for a candidate’s references ask for their references as well. At least one would be fine. It goes both ways.

      Would you recommend this?

      • Susan P. Joyce says:

        I’d be very careful with that one! Yes, you want to know about that manager and the company as a whole, but I think it’s better to have some questions prepared to ask the manager, like about their management style and what they would do in a given situation, than ask them for references. I think you’d learn more about them asking them questions than you would speaking with anyone they supplied as a reference.

        And, asking an employer for a reference, while a good idea in theory, would probably not go over well at all with most employers. Maybe after the job market changes to make employers the ones on the defensive, that idea would work, but not yet.

        Good luck with your job search!

  60. sylvialiu says:


    Thank you for such a helpful website. I have a situation during my job search and any advise will be welcomed and appreciated.

    I applied for a intern position at a major brand hotel and did not know I had to interviewed for two different department until I got there two weeks ago. I am very interested in both of the department I interviewed for and when one of the department managers and HR asked me which position do I prefer, I said I am interested in both and no matter which I can get, I will be very happy. I also said that if there is possibility that I can work for both of the departments, it will be perfect. I interviewed with 2 department managers and one HR manager. The interview went very well and the HR said they will have a decision by the end of the week or earlier next week. I waited for a week but did not hear from them, so I sent a short email to the HR last Wednesday and she replied me after 10 minutes said they are interested in having me join them for a intern position and she will touch base with me to discuss more details over the week. I though i might got the position since she replied me so quickly and kept waiting. However, it is already been almost a week and I still haven’t hear from them yet, what should I do next, should I contact her again or just keep waiting until they contact me.

    Any ideas about what take them so long to contact me, because from what she said in the email, I was pretty sure I got that position. I really want this opportunity but do not want to be annoying. Any advise on my next step?

  61. Hello,

    I had an interview on August 22, 2014 and it went really well I believe. The woman I interviewed with said to give it about a week and a half and if I didn’t hear anything to contact her so she could follow up with HR. This particular company gave me three forms to fill out reference information the day of my interview. The week and a half went by and I contacted the woman I interviewed with and she informed me she would contact HR. That was on September 3rd. I received word from my references that they were contacted on September 9th around 10AM. I am aware that the contact of references does not always result in a job offer but was hoping I would hear back. Is three days going by without word necessarily a no? Also, would it be wise to follow up again at this point? I really want the job and am getting very worried and discouraged!

  62. byronicasian says:

    So, here’s a doozy. I applied for a compliance position at a foreign bank and went through the first 2 rounds with no problem. HR people seemed to have liked me enough as did the department manager. Both intimated a moderate knowledge of Chinese might be needed for this job to which I thought was not a problem since I spoke it at home and used it to an extent in another banking position.

    In comes the 3rd interview with the head of the Bank, an older gentleman in this huge austere office. Unlike the other interviewers, he was very stern and very formal. My previous interviews were all in English with a very traditional feel to the questions and tone. This man asked me to introduce myself in Chinese and I blanked. Like I knew the words I needed to say, but I never practiced pitching myself in Chinese before. And with this guy, I was overly conscious not to speak to colloquially and that made things worse. 2 minutes into the interview, he started questioning my Chinese speaking capabilities. He also said, looks like you don’t have any formal AML compliance education(which is true, but through me off guard since if I went past the first two rounds without that being that much of an issue) so I was again thrown off by the somewhat more hostile tone of the interview. A few more questions later, he asked about my hobbies and after that was done, he said thank you and showed me the door. I doubt I was in there for more than ten minutes….

    The same day, while I was moping about my terrible interview (approx 4 hrs after it ended), I apparently received a call from HR and they left a very short message asking me to call them back. My phone was on silent (from the interview) and I was busy drowning out my disappointment with copious amounts of video games so i didn’t realize they called until midnight. The following morning, I left them a message on voice mail. It has now been two days and the lady has not returned my call. Should I write this position off? Should I follow up on Monday or since I left a message, I should just wait for them to return the call?

    Thanks in advance.


  63. pramod2014 says:

    First Interview on 21-OCT, Interview went well, however this is a case of Visa Sponsorship, company would be processing my H1B

    Same Day Heard Good News from Recruiter

    After 1 week Recruiter said, my case has gone for approval

    After 2 Week Recruiter said, my case has been approved

    After 3 Week Recruiter said, I am in meeting with HR, and my job offer is next in Line

    Then did not hear from recruiter for another 1 week

    After 5 Week Recruiter said, it has gone for Visa Attorney review

    Then did not hear from recruiter for another 1 week

    After 7 Week Recruiter said, there was mistake in job writeup hence doing it again

    Now its been 2 weeks, no news

    Now I am not sure I should follow up anymore?

    I am curious to know , under what circumstance company would keep it hanging, usually company can say “job is on hold” or some other thing

  64. RRusso1982 says:

    Susan, I’d like to ask your advice about interview follow up.

    Last Wednesday morning, I interviewed for a Staff Accountant position at a growing company. I have several years of prior accounting experience. I met with the assistant controller. The first thing she said to me when we sat down was, “You have a terrific background.” We spent almost an hour together, maybe about 50 minutes. One of the questions I asked her how I stacked up compared to other candidates, she said, “You are the second person. We interviewed the first on Monday and it wasn’t a fit, so already told him he isn’t being considered. We have 2 more candidates. One on Friday, the other hasn’t been scheduled yet. Ideally, I would like to have this process wrapped up by next Friday.” I asked if there would be a second interview, and she said she’d see if the controller was available, then it would be a one shot deal. I asked her if she had any concerns about me, and she said, “My only concern is that the rest of the team might be worried if someone comes on board with a lot more experience than they have. But, honestly, that is a very small concern.” She also said it was good that I had more experience because I could help her more with the high level work. At the end, when we realized we’d talking for almost an hour, she said, “You did most of the talking. On most interviews, I do.” Then I met with the senior accountant for about 15 minutes. She was pretty quiet. The controller wasn’t available.

    That night, I sent the assistant controller a nice thank you email and I wanted to send one to the senior accountant too, but didn’t have her email address, so I emailed the corporate recruiter and asked for her email. She didn’t respond until Friday, and said she wasn’t sure the senior accountant wanted her email address shared during the process, but I could send her the note and she would forward it to her, which I did Friday night. On Friday, the corporate recruiter said they’d probably have an answer within the next week or 2.

    My question is, when is it the right time to follow up? I know from reading interview advice that the hiring process often takes longer than the hiring manager expects, so I shouldn’t read too much into her saying she wanted to have the process wrapped up by this Friday. It seems like a really great opportunity. I don’t think she would have spent almost an hour with me if it wasn’t going well. And she told me that the first candidate had already been told he wasn’t being considered. I never got that email, so obviously I am in the running. I was thinking of sending a second email just letting her know that I am still very interested. It will show initiative.

    Anyway, sorry for the length.


    • Susan P. Joyce says:


      This is NOT the time — or the way — to “show initiative.” Instead, you will be showing that your are a potential P-I-T-A (Pain – in – …) or desperate. Neither will make you the top candidate.

      BACK OFF and let their process continue. Since they didn’t have that last candidate scheduled when you spoke with the assistant controller, more time could elapse. Wait until the Monday or Tuesday AFTER that next Friday (whenever the 2 weeks the recruiter mentioned are up) before you contact the assistant controller or anyone else there!

      Seriously! Don’t contact them again until AFTER those 2 weeks are up. Contacting them too soon may kill this opportunity for you.

      Continue looking for a job somewhere else to keep busy while these next two weeks go by.

      Good luck with your job search!

  65. Hi, Susan,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I won’t do anything now. My only contact so far was my thank you email to the assistant controller Wednesday night and my contacts with the corporate recruiter. I first emailed her Wednesday night and she didn’t respond till Friday afternoon. I know she is very busy. She recruits for all the roles. Then I sent the thank you not for her to forward to the senior accountant. I have another question for you, just for future reference. Do you think it is bad to ask in an interview, “Do you have any concerns about me,” or “How do you think I stack up compared to other candidates you are considering?” I always ask about concerns because I think it is better to address any concerns the hiring manager has than not address them and she decides it’s not a good fit.

  66. The thing I always worry about if I interview early in the process is that by the time they finish interviewing, now matter how well I did, I won’t be as fresh in their mind as the later candidates.

  67. RRusso1982 says:


    I am thinking about following up tomorrow. I interviewed on Wednesday, the 18th, and the hiring manager said she’d like to have the process wrapped up by next Friday. That would be the 27th. I didn’t get an email from the corporate recruiter that said they went with someone else. The job is still posted on the corporate website, and I checked my status on the applicant tracking system and it said, “You are currently being considered for this position.” I plan on sending the hiring manager an email. It’s less pushy than a phone call. I plan to keep it short and sweet. I will just reiterate that I am still very excited about the opportunity and am very interested in the prospect of joining her team. That shouldn’t seem desperate or anything.


  68. Hi Susan,

    I met a recruiter at this growing public consulting firm last year at a career fair and connected with him via Linkedin. Earlier this January, I went into a mock interview with him (at my school’s career center’s Mock Interview Day). It went great, and he told me he was very impressed with me, and wanted me to come in for a Shadow Day at their local office on February 16th, so I did. There were 18 other students just like me at that event, but I was feeling very positive about my performance, and the team also told me they would talk to the manager in my field about me.

    The next day, the recruiter sent me an email, asking for my updated resume. He told me that I did a very good job making a strong impression with their team, and that there had been buzz about me and talk about next steps in an interview process. He also told me he would connect the next day to discuss some logistics. Of course I was very happy!

    However, it’s now March 4, and he never contacted me. On that same 1st week after the Shadow Day, the manager that they mentioned who managed my area checked me out on Linkedin, but that’s it. At the end of that week, I emailed the recruiter to check back and express my interested again. He never replied.

    I don’t know what to do. Does this mean I don’t stand any chance? Maybe the manager didn’t like me? It’s very upsetting that the recruiter doesn’t bother to give me any confirmation of any sort. Should I email him again? Or call? And should I add the manager on Linkedin and express my interest directly?

    I would love to hear some of your insights and advice. Thank you!


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Linh,

      If you have the phone number of the recruiter, why not give him a call to find out what happened. I would not attempt to add him on LinkedIn until I had a better idea of what happened.

      Perhaps someone found something negative or had a bad impression of you, or it may have nothing to do with you. Perhaps they got caught up in some emergency situation and were unable to follow up in a timely manner. But, if there was something negative, it would be good for you to know so you can address it.

      Good luck with your job search!

  69. JackCline says:

    Hi Susan,

    So I have been interviewing with a fairly large company since the beginning of February. Initially I started interviews with two departments for two positions. I moved forward with one but was later informed that they were looking for someone with a bit more experienced for the position. The good news is the VP for that department liked me a lot and recommend me for two other positions in the company. So I was then brought in to interview with those two new departments. Overall I’ve probably interviewed with about 12 people over 3 departments.
    It seemed to go well and I was informed a week later via email that the company did indeed want to move forward with me. I was contacted by e-mail informing me that the President for the department that wanted to move forward with me but was out of the country and I would hear back from them when they had more news for me. It has been over two weeks since my last interview with the company and over a week since I’ve heard from them regarding any news. I sent brief e-mail a week after the email I received asking if they had a chance to connect with the President who had been out of the country. I don’t want to be too pushy with the company, but was given a very vague time frame and was nervous. I have been interviewing with this company for close to two months now, and frankly have been drowning in anticipation. Unfortunately, I have not heard back from the company yet. Do you think I’m being too pushy?
    Any advice would be much appreciated. Mostly I just am nervous due to finances, and the fact that this has been the longest interview process/experience I’ve ever dealt with. What is a good time frame to expect to hear back from this company? Thanks for reading Susan.

  70. RRusso1982 says:

    Do you think I am effectively following up in this case? Last Tuesday afternoon, I interviewed for a Staff Accountant position at a company near my home. I met the accounting manager and the controller, and then the HR manager. The HR Manager said I was the first candidate and there were 2 or 3 more to go, and they hoped to have a decision early this week, or at least who they were going to perform reference checks on. I sent them each a thank you email last Tuesday night, and yesterday afternoon, I called the hiring manager. He didn’t seem at all put off by my call. He was like, “Hey, how are you?” I asked him about the status of the position and he said, “We’re evaluating all the candidates now.” I reiterated that I was still very interested in the position and I apologized for bothering him because I knew he was busy. He was like, “No problem.” That night I sent him an email that it was nice talking to him again and I knew they were currently evaluating candidates and if they had any other questions about me or my background, not to hesitate to ask. I finished the email by saying, “I very much hope to get the chance to join your team and prove myself.” Do you think I am crossing the lime at all between effectively following up and being a pest? I’m not going to email or call them again.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      I think you are coming VERY close to crossing the line. These things ALWAYS take longer than expected.

      You may be coming across as a real P-I-T-A to work with.

      My strong recommendation — DO NOT CONTACT THEM AGAIN until April 7. Unless you hear from them before then.

      Good luck with your job search!

  71. RRusso1982 says:

    I’m not going to contact them again. Like I said, the hiring manager didn’t seem at all put off by my call. When I said “I’m sorry to bother you. I know you are busy,” he said, “No problem. Thanks for the follow up.” All I said in my email last night was that if they had any other questions while they were evaluating, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, and I hope to get the chance to join his team.

  72. RRusso1982 says:

    You can tell a lot from his tone of voice. He didn’t sound at all annoyed or put off.

  73. NewGrad97 says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I interviewed with a company, larger company, and have had 3 phone interviews and 1 face-to-face interview. I spoke with multiple people and did my proper follow-up emails. I was supposed to hear back last Friday, but never received any form of contact. I heard back on Monday that the office location, different then my main point of contact, is still discussing the matter by I should hopefully hear by the end of the week.

    I am starting to get nervous because this job would require to move to a new city, and I need the proper time to make all the moving requirements and search for an apartment.

    Would there be a proper to time to contact them again? I am going through an Internal Recruiter, but am wondering if I should contact one of the people I interviewed with at the specific location? What would be the best route of action for me at this time. I do not want to seem desperate, but I also really love this job and the company as well as need to time to begin preparations if I am going to be moving to a new state.


  74. Vexation says:

    Impatiently, Patiently Waiting

    Currently I am stuck in the waiting game. My situation is like this:

    March 5th – Phone screen with HR
    March 6th – I wrote interview thank you note
    March 11th – 1st face to face Interview with Hiring Manager
    March 12th – I wrote interview thank you note
    ***Waiting Patiently***
    March 23rd – HR called to setup 2nd Interview
    March 25th – 2nd phone interview with Director of Analytic (Out of State office)
    March 26th – I wrote interview thank you note
    March 30th – sent email to HR for hiring decision followup
    March 31st – HR email response: that the would like to setup an additional face to face interview with Director of Analytic and Owner of company (HR working on scheduling availability, asked my availability for following week)
    ****Waiting Patiently***
    Apr 8th – sent email to HR checking on scheduling status (Received auto out of office till Monday)
    Apr 15th – HR email response that she is having difficulty getting tentative dates on when they will be in State and Let her follow up with them again and I will let me know.
    ***Still Waiting Patiently***
    Apr 30th – sent email to HR checking on status of scheduling
    May 1st – HR email response “Thank you for the follow up. At this time, I do not have any updates to share. Should that change or Director of Analytic and Owner give me direction to schedule the next step, I will let you know.”
    *** My status = VEXATION***

    Is there still hope to get this job? Has the hiring decision changed? When is the process taking too long?

    I have been unemployed for 8 months now and I am very desperate for this job, and it is with a company I really want to work with. Could you give me some opinions?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Vexation,

      Yes, there is still hope! However, clearly, things move slowly in that organization — as in most organizations — so keep your job search focused on other opportunities while they grind slowly through their process.

      Unless they told you otherwise, it was very unlikely for you to receive a job offer based only on telephone interviews. You should be invited to at least one in-person interview at their location before making you a job offer is seriously considered. And, I’m sure you’d want to see their location and meet the people in person before accepting the job, too.

      So, assuming you haven’t accepted a job elsewhere, try to cultivate patience. Unfortunately, patience is a requirement in the hiring process. And, do keep looking! Don’t wait for this job to be offered.

      Good luck with your job search!

  75. Hello!

    Just came across this website and by reading through the comments I saw how great and amazing the comments and feedbacks really are. Therefore, I decided to reach out and ask for some advice regarding my “finding work” dilemma.

    I use to work for a non-profit for 11 months and this past January I was laid off from our region’s office. The main reasons why I was laid off was because 1) our region and national office is going through a financial crisis 2) we are over staffed because we have recently promoted one of our employees to office staff thinking we would bring in enough revenue 3) I am the “youngest” (recent college grad from the time of hire) working in the office. Bottom line when I was laid off I was devastated from the news and cried so much because I worked hard getting this “real time job” and worked hard doing my job. It’s now May and I still don’t have a job, which concerns me.

    However, 3 weeks ago I was called in for a job that I applied from near my area. When I went for the interview the Executive Director interviewed me and really liked my personal experience/background and how honest and real I was with her from the beginning. That day I went for the interview she had mentioned that she was going to give me a call the next day letting me if I would be brought in again for a second interview. And so she did call me the next day and mentioned that she had placed in the first slot for the 2nd interview position with the region director and they were going to interview me for 2 positions to see which would be my best fit within the organization. I believe the 2nd interview went well and she had asked for more details on my background and salary requirement. Because I was so nervous and one major thing that I did not bring up was a deadline when to hear back from them. It’s been over two weeks and I still have not heard back from them. I did send the executive director a thank you email and I did not receive anything back and this past Friday I called the office and asked to speak to her (the secretary did not what I was calling for initially) but she was in a meeting. I did leave my name and phone number and told the secretary I called to follow-up from the interview, and I did not get any call backs later that day. I get major leaders in the company get busy and tied up but I am very nervous that I did not get the job and I have being searching and praying to get something good to come my way.

    Work Coach Cafe I would greatly appreciate any piece of advice or input. At least to put my mind and anxiety at ease.


    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi Emmy,

      It’s hard to say what is going on. Things could be fine — perhaps a crisis interrupted the flow of the process — or they could have decided to move on.

      Calling your contact was the right thing to do, but I wouldn’t call her again for a few weeks. If you haven’t heard from her by the end of this week, send her an email next Monday afternoon. If you don’t receive a response to either your phone call or the email, I’d give up on this opportunity. It might still work out for you, but best not to wait for that job offer.

      Keep looking, and stay positive! Something will work out for you.

      Good luck with your job search!

  76. cclark0864 says:

    I have a questions about 2 weeks ago I finally had an interview at this company I have been waiting to get an opportunity with. So I interviewed and then followed up about a week later needless to say her email said they are still in the interview process it could take about 2-3 weeks. This coming week will be 2-3 weeks and I have to leave out of state on a family emergency Sunday and I will be gone all next week to take care of all there personal belongings etc. Should I email this employer and let her know?

  77. silverlining says:

    I’m new to this site, but I absolutely love it already!!
    I’ve done my research and tried to locate a situation similar to my own. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, but still feel I need to post (I hope someone out there has been through, or is currently going through, something similar).
    Back story:
    I’ve been with my current company for a little over two years. When I accepted the position it was a step down, job requirements and pay, but came with a wonderful benefits package and the work environment is beyond anything else I’ve experienced in the last 12 years. Promotion potential is just one of many attributes that truly make the company a great place to work!!
    We are surveyed by all of our clients, some of our pay is directly tied to the results, and in the last 2 years I’ve never received a bad response. Some have made me extremely proud of how hard I work and justify the reason I began this professional journey over a decade ago. From what I am told I have a good reputation, especially when it comes to how passionate I am about our mission and philosophy.
    4 months ago I had to step down from my current position and take on a contractor role due to my mother receiving a devastating medical diagnosis. Management understood and helped so much with the transition, I left with the plan that I would go back to a permanent position towards the end of this year.
    I’ve excelled in my current role but I’m ready and eager to go back.
    Current situation:
    I interviewed 3 weeks ago for 3 different positions, actually two, but one of my upper managers pulled me to the side a couple days later during a training, told me they had discussed another position and all felt I would be perfect for it. I was excited. I made sure to follow through with a thank you note to all and treated the experience as if I had not been working there for 2 years already. It didn’t go unnoticed.
    During my initial interview I was told they would be making a decision by the end of that same week.
    I’ve done my follow ups, each time my manager apologized for the delay and said they would be contacting canidates that week, it is now 3 weeks since my interview.
    There was another candidate that I knew who applied, who has been with the company for two months and has about 6 months experience total. This person has asked me for advice on many different topics in the past and we do have a good working relationship. I received an email from him last week that he got the job, one of the 2 that we all applied for. I congratulated him, and expressed joy over his excitement, and never let him or anyone else know how crushed I was to hear this news.
    I know there is 1 other position available, correction…I believe there is one still not filled, as well as the other position management told me about (explained above).
    My emotions are all over the place as you can imagine, but what is bothering me above all others, is the fear I won’t get notified regardless if I get promoted or not. I would hope management respects me enough to let me know I wasn’t chosen, to give me the opportunity to find out why, and to allow me to change whatever trait caused me not to get the job.
    I’m confused, and to be honest hurt at the moment. At what point do I just accept and believe the positions were filled? Please note: we work from home, so office time is spent training and in meetings, and I haven’t had to go back in yet. I also don’t think I would use that time to question management either, really I don’t know, I feel stuck right now.
    Any and all comments and advice are very welcome and appreciated!!!
    Happy job hunting all!

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hello Silverlining!

      Having been a successful employee for this employer, currently in a contractor status, I think your chances of regaining employee status are probably very good.

      Not sure what happened in the current situation, and don’t know any of the personalities involved, but it feels like they may be going for “cheaper” people right now. Perhaps revenue isn’t great or the manager feels the need to keep costs low right now.

      People with less experience, like your friend with only six months of experience, probably cost less than they know they will need to pay you as a permanent employee. As a contractor, they can pay you well without the additional expense of benefits, etc.

      Being a contractor may actually be better for you, if you can convert your contract from part-time to full-time, although you need to be setting aside money to pay your taxes, pay 100% of your health insurance costs, etc.

      Would any other business hire you on a contract basis to do what this company is paying you to do? Could you turn this to your advantage, creating your own freelancing business?

      I recommend that you look around to see what other employment options are available for you with this employer and with other employers. If they suspect that they have competition for your services, this employer may be more interested in hiring you sooner rather than later. Conversely, depending on the personalities involved, they may decide that you are disloyal and lose interest in you completely. It depends on how easy it is for them to find people who can do what you did for them as well as you did it.

      Good luck with your job search!

  78. Hi,

    I was called by one MNC and the hiring manager said that they have shortlisted me and will hire you and you have to start within a month. also she asked me if I resigned on Monday when I would be able to join. The same day she asked for salary slips which I gave her early morning the next day. She emailed back with thanks and said that she’ll contact shortly. This was on Friday. I waited whole day on Friday she didn’t contact. Then after weekend came the Monday but still no information. Today is Tuesday and half day has passed but no information as yet. I am becoming more impatient because the day when I had to resign has passed and I haven’t got job offer in writing. This time of trial is excruciating. I am burdened with over thinking and lots of negative thoughts have surrounded me. Its my dream company and dream job. Should I contact the hiring manager or should I wait for few more days? I am trying really hard to distract myself but unable to do so.

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Hi jmca,

      I can understand how stressful this must be, but take a deep breath, and calm down. You need to focus and stay positive. Large organizations, like MNC’s usually are, can take time (often several days) to finish their hiring processes.

      Contact the hiring manager, this time using email. Indicate that you are “writing to confirm and get the details of the job offer.” Tell him or her that you resigned your job, as they requested, so that you could start working for them soon. Ask when they want you to start, what the salary, hours, etc. will be.

      Stay positive, but indicate that you are looking forward to starting your new job as soon as possible. At the end, add “Please respond with the start date, time, job title, and salary, at your earliest convenience. I am looking forward to starting my job very soon.”

      Then, follow up (an hour or two later) with a phone call, again to “confirm and get the details of their job offer.” Again, stay as positive as you can.

      In the future, avoid quitting your existing job before you have received and accepted a written job offer. It was very irresponsible for them to request you to do that before they had made you a formal offer which you had accepted.

      Good luck with your job search!

  79. Hi!

    Thank you for the great tips, this site is great!
    I’m a recent grad and last week (Friday) I had an interview with my dream company. The recruiter seemed to really like me and even asked me to send her my dissertation, as it is a very interesting topic for her company. Since I have little work experience (only six months), in the end of the interview she also asked me to send her my opinions and recommendations for their company, so she could find out where in the department I would best fit (it was not a specific job interview, since it’s an unsolicited application). I think I did a great job with that and sent her an email with my recommendations and dissertation on Sunday.
    Today is Friday and she hasn’t replied to me yet. It’s confusing because I really think what I wrote will impress her and show that I’m really interested in being part of their team and help the company succeed. Also, if she didn’t like me, I think I deserve at least a rejection email for sending her what she asked…that’s why I really don’t know why she hasn’t replied yet.
    Should I call or send another e-mail? Today or wait for Monday?

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

    • Susan P. Joyce says:

      Thank you for the kind words about Work Coach Cafe!

      I hope that by now you have received a response from the recruiter. In general, it’s best not to be impatient or make negative assumptions about what an employer is thinking or doing. They could simply be very busy or waiting for a response from different parts of the organization regarding your fit into their groups. Particularly with large organizations (and especially with international ones), the wait for response can take a long time — too long for impatient job candidates.

      If you haven’t heard from the recruiter, reach out now, but don’t be offended if you don’t hear from her until after Christmas or even after the New Year.

      It sounds like you are off to a great start with this employer, since interviewing someone to see where they might fit into the organization rather than for a specific opportunity is relatively unusual, but becoming more common.

      Be patient, but keep looking. Don’t stop your job search until you have a written job offer in your hand.

      Good luck with your job search!

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