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Work Coach Cafe is dedicated to the world of work – something that has driven me crazy more times than I care to admit…and yet also never failed to fascinate. All too often workplaces I saw reminded me of beehives that get shaken on a whim. And I found myself looking for chances to help people make sense of the madness. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog.

The advice you find here is almost entirely based on things I’ve learned first hand. (While I do have some formal training in career planning and development, I try not to let that get in the way.) I’ve been in your shoes – and I remember what it felt like. And I’ve been in “their” shoes.  I’ve applied for jobs – lots and lots of jobs.  And I’ve helped hire people.

Hopefully, I can use what I’ve learned in the trenches to help my readers. While I don’t in any way claim to be an expert – lord knows! – I think I’ve come up with some useful tips and a work philosophy that people (including me) find helpful.

Please feel free to start browsing and add to the conversation. Your stories and ideas help make this blog a resource for others.

About Experts

Just a word or two about experts. I mention above that I don’t consider myself an “expert”. That’s because I don’t believe anyone knows everything – even about their chosen field, so the term itself can be misleading. I have met many talented, knowledgeable people in the career field and value their opinions highly. But…there are also those who claim to have every answer – or worse yet provide “you must do it my way” advice that can hurt your chances; if you meet someone like that, my suggestion is avoid that “expert” like the plague!

Anyone who claims to have all the answers while making little room for you to come up with your own ideas or make your own decisions is probably not someone you want to follow. Good coaches guide and support – they don’t take control of your decisions or your  life. Even if we’re offered advice, we still need to use our powers of reasoning to decide if the advice makes sense for us. We always have choice.

Job search advice is opinion only. Please use your own discretion when making decisions that affect your career! While we attempt to answer comments in a timely manner, volume and content may not allow the Work Coach Cafe Team to respond to all comments. Shorter comments have a better chance of getting answered.

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