Job Hiring Process – Behind the Scenes After a Job Interview

Who the Heck is Screening Your Resume?
From what you tell me, some of you spend a lot of time working on your resumes. Others (sorry to say) not so much. And then there are those of you who prefer to simply pay a professional to create the perfect resume “hire me” card. All in the hope of getting yourself to that often elusive job interview. …[Read more ]

What Goes On Behind the Scenes After a Job Interview?
You know the drill. You get the interview. You ace the interview. In fact, it was the best job interview you ever had! You head home dreaming of the offer for the new job you’re pretty sure you just landed. And then…you wait. And you wait. And you wait some more until you just want to scream! And then maybe you do scream. And rant a little. And even think of all the things you’d like to do to that stupid company you once thought was so perfect for you. …[Read more ]

10 Impressions You Leave Behind After a Job Interview
You work so hard preparing for your job interview – if you’re lucky enough to even get an interview in the first place. Then finally the big interview day arrives – you do your best to make a good impression and before you know it, your job interview is over! And there you are… stuck in the old waiting game wondering what are your chances of getting a second interview and no idea what kind of impression you left behind. …[Read more ]

18 Ways Employers Can Interview People for a Job (and Still Stay Human)
Most people who come to this blog are looking for a job and therefore at the mercy of employers and anyone employers choose to do screening and interviews for them. (Including computers programmed to screen in ways that often miss a lot of good candidates.) But some of you may one day at one point in your career also have the honor of being an interviewer or playing a role in the hiring process. …[Read more ]

What Does It Mean If a Job You Interviewed for Is Checking Your References?  
Does it mean you got the job? Not necessarily. Does it mean you are the only one they are considering? No. Although you might be. Does it mean they are close to making an offer? Maybe.[Read more ]

How to Ask for Feedback from a Job You Didn’t Get
I just got a comment from Jenny asking how she can get job interview feedback about a couple of job interviews she felt went really well. …[Read more ]

They Re-Posted the Job. Should I Kiss It Good-Bye?
In many cases the answer is a resounding “yes”.  If they re-post the job, odds are it’s time to kiss it good-bye! But there are also exceptions …[Read more ]