Job Search Tips

Bad Job Search Habits That Are Making You Fail
Too many of us are continuing to use old strategies for our job search that don’t work well now. Continuing to use those habits are making our job searching more difficult, but those habits can be replaced with better habits for the future. [Read more.]

Before You Apply: Answer 4 Important Questions
In this very competitive job market, job seekers need to stay focused and bring their “A Game” to every opportunity they pursue.  If you are in spray-and-pray job application mode, applying for every job you see, you are bringing your “C Game” to each opportunity.  [Read more]

Is Your Job Search Old Fashioned?
Many things have changed for effective job search in the last year or two with the rise in social media and the increase in employer use of Google for checking out job seekers.  Have you adjusted to this new job search environment?  Here’s how to do it…  [Read more]

9 Steps to a Shorter Job Search
The average job hunt these days is at least 4 months long. And over one million have been unemployed for one year or more. Following these 9 steps should make your job search shorter.  [Read more]

How to Knock Their Socks Off in a Job Interview
One message has come through very clearly from my recent series of recruiter interviews –  job seekers are not bringing their A-Games to job interviews.  They work very hard to get those interviews, and then they show up appearing unprepared and uninterested.  Here’s how to impress them… [Read more

7 Ways to Rev Up Your Recession Job Search
One of the most frustrating things about looking for a job in a recession is when people start saying our economic engine is improving and yet job after job continues to be lost – maybe even your own.  “Improving? Sez who? Do your statistics tell me where to find MY new job? Will statistics do my job search for me?” …[Read more ]

Why Making Your Job Hunt a Daily Job Really Pays Off!
This is a tough job market and if you want to give yourself the best chance of finding a job, you need to get some real momentum going…and that means making your job hunt into a job in and of itself. …[Read more ]

Job Search: The Simplest Job Networking Tip of All
A simple effective networking tip to help with your job search even if you’re shy? What could this golden gem be? Is there a magical trick? Some secret sauce only the most savvy networking pros know about? …[Read more ]

7 Career Pros Give Great Advice and Tips for Job Search 2.0
I asked 7 career pros “What one thing do you want job seekers to know about Job Search 2.0 to help boost their competitive edge in this tough job market?” Here are their answers. …[Read more ]

How Joe’s HR Friend Got His Job Search Going Again
Joe got some great advice from a friend in HR about how to handle the job interview process. It changed his entire job hunt. Here’s what he told me: …[Read more ]

15 Job Search Tips from a Guy Who Just Got a Job
John had been interviewing for this particular job for about FOUR MONTHS! Now he would like to offer some hard-won advice to job seekers everywhere running their own job search obstacle courses. …[Read more ]

12 Ways to Jump Start that Impossible Job Search
After going through health and life issues that turned her world upside down – and after many interviews that led nowhere – CS asks what she can do to get back into the job market and finally land a job. …[Read more ]

Don’t Trust Your Job Search and Career to Email
I’ve read so many comments from job seekers recently about how they sent an email – often more than once – to a potential employer or HR person and never gotten a response. So, they assumed that the employer was not interested in them. BAD ASSUMPTION!” …[Read more ]

More Support for Your Job Search

When You Can’t Find a Job…Do You Forget How Good You Are?
No matter how talented you are, when you can’t find a job and that continues far longer than you ever imagined, you start to edit your own memories of how good you are. [Read more ]

How To Beat the Job Search Baby Boomer Blues
Do Baby Boomers really have a steeper job search climb? If so, what can they do? …[Read more ]

8 Ways Job Search Advice Messes With Your Head
So. Here I am with a job search and interview advice blog. Am I really going to say don’t trust everything you read on career and job search sites? Well…yes. …[Read more ]

How to Find the Almost Perfect Job in 10 (Agonizing) Steps
She came to me with a bad resume, a bad cover letter, and a dream. All TEB really wanted was a new job to love.  Is that asking so much? Hint: She gets a job and loves being least for now…[Read more ]

Is This Your Brain on Job Search?
Intense focus on the job search process may actually be hurting your job search. That’s right. Overload can be hurting your efforts. In other words, too much stress can lead to less. So how do you get your focus back to where it belongs? …[Read more ]