Answers to the Most Common Interview Questions

Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?
A friend of mine has an interesting take on what he calls “annoying interview questions” – and that includes questions about where you see yourself five years from now. (Others are about your greatest strength or weakness .)  [Read more ]

What’s Your Greatest Weakness?
A typical job interview all too often includes those annoying interview questions like “ What’s your greatest weakness? ” or “ What’s your greatest strength ? ” Odds are some form of the greatest weakness question will be aimed your way as you sit in the interview Q & A hot seat, trying your best not to sweat your greatest weakness answer as much as Albert Brooks sweat in the film Broadcast News … [Read more ]

What’s Your Greatest Strength?
Most interviewers like to hit you with one of those annoying little job interview questions like “What’s your greatest strength?” or “What’s your greatest weakness ?” OK. I admit I use them too when I do an interview… [Read more ]

What’s Your Greatest Accomplishment?
The good news is that this question is an invitation to brag about something you have done, maybe several things. They want to hear how great you are, and how hiring you might benefit them. They also want to understand what you view as an accomplishment… [Read more.]

How to Answer — Tell Me About Yourself
It’s an all-time favorite interview question (although many people hate it) and can be asked in various forms including “What would you like me to know about you?” “Describe yourself” or even “Tell me who you are”… [Read more ]

Do You Have Any Questions?
This is usually the last question an employer asks in an interview (but not always).  Not having good questions can be the kiss-of-death for an opportunity. Being prepared demonstrates your interest in the position and the employer.  It also gives you the opportunity to learn some things that are important to you (like is this job a good one for you). [Read more]

So What Do You Know About Us?
I’ve had several job seekers share that this was the first question they were asked when they sat down in the chair or at the beginning of a phone interview.  And when you don’t have a good answer … [Read more ]

Why Should We Hire You?
When an employer asks you this question, they are giving you an opening to launch a sales pitch about why you are a great candidate for this job and why they should hire you.  And they are expecting to receive a sales pitch, so don’t disappoint them.  Show them what a great fit you are for the job.  [Read more ]

Why Do You Want to Work Here?
“Why do you want this job” is another version of this question.  When a recruiter or potential employer asks either of these questions, they want to know – are you really interested in this job, or was their job just another job posting you stumbled over on a job board?  You can prove you are different with 30 minutes of pre-interview preparation…. [Read more ]

Why Do You Want to Change Jobs?
If you are employed, prospective employers are naturally curious about you and why you want to leave your current job. Are you a “problem” employee, or are you simply managing your career? Be sure your answer reassures them of your maturity, competence, and quality. [Read more ]

How Do People Describe You?
This question seems simple, but it most definitely is not. Don’t underestimate it! They may ask, “How does your boss (or supervisor) describe you?” or “How would your co-workers (or colleagues) describe you?” This question may also be framed as “How would you describe your work style?”[Read more ]

When Can You Start?
Being asked this question does NOT mean that the employer is making you a job offer. For many employers, this question is asked of most – if not all – job candidates, just in case… [Read more ]

What Salary Are You Looking for?
This can be a very scary question for most job seekers. You don’t want to give too high a number, in case that disqualifies you or makes you look greedy, and you don’t want to give too low a number because you work for a living and need the best pay check you can get. Obviously, this is a question which requires a very careful response. [Read more ]

How to Answer the Top 10 Job Interview Questions
Some job interview questions are obvious and are always asked.  It’s best to be prepared, so you can ace them.  Practice your answers, preferably with an audience, so you are comfortable answering them… [Read more.]

How NOT to Handle the Biggest Weakness Question
I was just watching a show called Million Dollar Listing on Bravo TV. (Do I judge you?) And it had the perfect example of what NOT to say in an interview when asked “What’s your greatest weakness?”… [Read more ]

Questions About Leaving Your Last Job

Job Interviews: Why Do You Want to Change Jobs?
If you are employed, prospective employers are naturally curious about you and why you want to leave your current job.  Are you a “problem” employee, or are you simply managing your career?  Be sure your answer reassures them of your maturity, competence, and quality. [Read more ]

How to Answer Why You Left Your Last Job When You Actually Quit
My friend needs your advice. Recently she quit her job. One of the difficulties she is facing is answering the interview question “Why did you leave your job?” …[Read more ]

How Do I Talk About Being Fired When I Interview
How can I put all of that into a positive nature and not sound like I’m bad mouthing the company? I work long and hard for this company and I don’t want three years of managerial experience to go to waste. I need any help so I can have a great interview. …[Read more ]

Explaining Why You Left The Last Job So Soon
I left after working for only 7 months and I do not know how to answer the dreaded “Why did you leave your previous job?”. I have an interview next week for my dream job and I really need help! …[Read more ]

Reason for Leaving Your Job After 15 Years
After over 15 years of service my employer decided to accept my resignation or terminate my employment. Now I’m having a hard time deciding the right words to use as a reason for leaving a company after 15 years. …[Read more ]

Answering Why You Left When You Were Laid Off
This can be a scary question for a job seeker.  However, if you answer smoothly in a matter-of-fact tone, with assurance, most interviewers move on to their next question…[Read more]

How Do I Explain Dropping Out of Law School?
I recently interviewed for a position in the company where I am an intern. My interviewer asked me why I left law school after one year, and I couldn’t give him a satisfactory answer. He later suggested that I should come up with a good answer for this question …[Read more ]

Interviewer Asked Me Why I Left My Last Job, But I Said Too Much!
I made an error by talking about my personal life…will I only dig myself deeper still by sending an email to talk MORE about my personal life? I am one of their two final candidates, and would hate to lose this job from a nervous talking thing. …[Read more ]