Tips for Handling Job Interview Questions

10 Steps From Job Interview to Job Offer
Many employers view a job interview as something akin to an audition. So, dazzle them!  This opportunity calls for your “A Game” and nothing less!  Here’s how… [Read more ]

Avoid Costly Talking-Too-Much Mistakes in Your Job Interview
Do not “spill your guts” about personal problems.  It is not expected, required, or appropriate. Don’t disclose anything not relevant to the job you are interviewing for.  Stay focused and on-topic.  This is not an investigation… [Read more.]

Answer the Question. Then Shut Up
Carefully listen to the questions you are asked. When you are sure that you understand the question, demonstrating your excellent listening skills, answer that question. Then, stop talking… [Read more.]

15 Things I Look for When I Interview People
I thought it might be helpful to provide a handy-dandy guide to what I actually look for when I sit down and interview candidates for a job. …[Read more ]

18 Practical Tips to Help You Ace Your Job Interview
A lot of “experts” will look you in the eye and assure you there are guaranteed ways to ace your job interview by giving the right interview answer to job interview questions. Well there are no absolutely guaranteed right answers. But luckily there are some practical job interview tips that can help a lot: …[Read more ]

The Single Most Important Thing in Any Job Interview
In the film The Graduate, Benjamin Braddock is advised by a family friend that the one-word key to success is “plastics.” And what does it take to create plastics? Chemistry. And that’s also what it takes to get the job in most cases. …[Read more ]

7 Things NOT To Do in an Interview (I Didn’t Think I Had to Tell You)
Other than to say I did NOT make this stuff up, my lips are sealed as to how I came up with this list of things you shouldn’t do in an interview (both to protect the innocent and me). But seriously…when it comes to interviews, did I have to tell you not to do any of this? …[Read more ]

Why the First Five Minutes of Your Job Interview Matter So Much
No matter what you know or how great your job skills are, getting yourself to an actual job offer relies heavily on the total impression you make from first contact throughout the entire interview/hiring process.  …[Read more ]

What Should I Be Thinking During a Job Interview?
I just found the words “What should I be thinking during interview” among my search engine terms. And without even pausing an extra beat, I heard myself answer the question out loud. …[Read more ]

Help! I Get Nervous When I Interview for a Job
Today I had an phone interview which I think it went well, but the interviewer told me he will contact the agency about the decision. I feel really frustrated about this process. …[Read more ]

Phone Interview Tips

How Do I Ace My Phone Interview?
I am looking for a new job and was wondering if you could provide me with hints on how to handle a phone interview. …[Read more ]

Very Short Phone Interview – Ouch!
From your experience, after only three questions should I expect a call, or should I assume that’s it which is what I am feeling even though the questions and answers were flowing pretty nicely? …[Read more ]

Video Interview Tips

How Do I Ace My Video Interview?
Unfortunately, video interviews are very easy to under-estimate and, consequently, to fail. …[Read more ]

More Job Interviews Tips & Techniques

3 Assumptions You Should Never Make About Job Interviews
We all make assumptions in social situations. Often we are correct. But, if you are new to job hunting and job interviews, you may be making some assumptions that can backfire. Here are 3 important ones to avoid (and what do do instead)… [Read more.]

How to Knock Their Socks Off in a Job Interview
One message has come through very clearly from my recent series of recruiter interviews –  job seekers are not bringing their A-Games to job interviews.  They work very hard to get those interviews, and then they show up appearing unprepared and uninterested.  Here’s how to impress them… [Read more]

Ending Job Interviews Successfully
The end of a job interview can be awkward. You want to leave the interviewer with a very good impression of you, and you also want to know how you did – how you rank among the other “contenders” for the job…. [Read more]

After the Job Interview, 4 or 5 Useful Things to Do
What you should do while you wait after the job interview…. [Read more]

Job Interviews: Are YOU Listening? 
Dallas Recruiter Jeff Lipschultz, President of A-List Solutions and’s Working With Recruiters Expert, shares tips on how to be a good listener in your interviews. …[Read more ]

10 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job
Interview doldrums got you down? Didn’t get the job offer you wanted? Got the bad interview blues? Does “I didn’t get the job” feel like your new mantra? …[Read more ]

25 Exceptions to the “Be Yourself” Rule in Interviews
Last week I wrote about a reader who got the job (yay!) and also got feedback from her interviewer telling her one of the things that won them over was how real and natural she was in her interview. So I devoted THAT post to the idea of just being yourself in an interview. …[Read more ]

10 Impressions You Leave Behind After an Interview
You work so hard preparing for your job interview – if you’re lucky enough to even get an interview in the first place. Then finally the big interview day arrives – you do your best to make a good impression and before you know it, your job interview is over! And there you are… stuck in the old waiting game wondering what are your chances of getting a second interview and no idea what kind of impression you left behind. …[Read more ]

Why Great Interview Answers Won’t Always Get You the Job
It’s a mad scramble out there on the internet, with hordes of job seekers all desperately trying to find THE perfect answer for any interview question. But… you could answer every single question with what seems like a home run – and still not get the offer. Are you shocked? It’s true. Here’s why……[Read more ]

Why Are Employers Using Behavioral Job Interviews Now?
Seems to be one of the hot new trends  – not that the idea is all that new. In many ways, behavioral interviews (and behavioral interview questions) have been the way of the world for many many moons. …[Read more ]

Job Interview: Questions to Ask the Interviewer
Asking questions can help you connect and also show that you’re an active participant in the interview process and not just someone who responds only when asked and has nothing original to add to the mix. …[Read more ]