Resume Tips

5 Resume Rules You MUST Ignore
What works and doesn’t work for job search today has changed substantially in the last few years – technology and the economy have changed most of the basic “resume rules.” …[Read more]

Resume Customization Cheat Sheet
Customizing your resume for each opportunity is not optional these days. Customization will help your resume escape the dreaded “black hole” where resumes disappear. Customization also demonstrates your interest in the opportunity, which will impress the employer.  …[Read more]

Unemployed for More Than 6 Months? How to Fill That Gap on Your Resume
If you have been unemployed for more than 6 months, you have a gap to fill on your resume.  Do it with activity that supports you and your job search.  …[Read more]

10 Things I Look for When I Screen Resumes & Cover Letters
Confessions of a serial resume screener: I really enjoy helping companies find good candidates to interview. It’s fun meeting each person in an initial interview and trying to figure out if they might be a good match for the company and job. But before I bring anyone in, first I have to screen dozens and dozens of resumes and cover letters  …[Read more ]

10 Steps To Match Your Resume to the Job
Your resume is o of your strongest job search marketing tools and its job can continue even AFTER a screener sees it. So it pays to match it to the job you’re applying for. Here’s how:  [Read more ] 

How a New Resume Got Her the Job Interview!
She came to me a few weeks ago with an ok resume and so-so cover letter – and seemed doubtful that merely changing either of them could make a major difference to her stalled job search. It can and it did. Luckily, she was open and that’s all anyone can ask. …[Read more ]

How to Handle Annoying Red Flags in Your Resume
I need your help! I should be interviewing for a couple of positions in the next week or so (yay!). So how do I address my resume “red flags” from my past? (I have gaps in my resume as well as the layoffs.) [Read more ] 

Will These 10 Resume-Killer Phrases Really Destroy Your Resume?
While admittedly, these resume phrases run the gamut from boring to over-used to downright antiquated, will using just one or even a few of them fast-track your resume to the reject pile? Probably not. BUT…  [Read more ] 

7 Resume Landmines That Can Blow Up AFTER an Interview
Just because a resume gets you in the door doesn’t mean it’s finished with its job. Resumes can have a life well beyond that first interview.  …[Read more ]

How Do I Include Temp Work in My Resume?
I have almost four years of experience with several companies, but I don’t know how to attractively convey that on my resume. Do you know how I can incorporate my temp experience without seeming totally disjointed?  ...[Read more ]

Cover Letter Tips

My Number 1 Cover Letter Tip
A while back I was asked to come up with my best cover letter tip as part of a Pongo Resume blog post about cover letters. Various experts (their word not mine ) offered their own top cover letter tips.  Since Pongo only included a sample of each person’s response, here in full is my answer for my best cover letter tip to help you get past the wary resume screener and get that all-important first job interview: …[Read more ]

How to Fix Your Way Too Long Cover Letter
Dear Work Coach, I am having a tremendously difficult time editing my cover letter. I am attempting to beef up my candidacy by specifically detailing my job skills. Now I am facing a one and a half page long resume.  …[Read more ]

The Great Cover Letter Myth: Why Your Cover Letter Can’t Always Save You
While talking about resumes, one of the people in my class asked “Do resumes really matter? It’s all in the cover letter.” Yes and no. Great cover letters can indeed help a so-so resume, but there are times when you need more.  [Read more ]

More About Resumes and Cover Letters

Who the Heck is Screening Your Resume?
Resume screeners come in all sizes and shapes. You can’t order them from Amazon. You can’t spot them in a crowd. But they’re out there. (I’ve been one too.)  …[Read more ] 

Are You Getting Screwed By Your Professional Resume Writer?
I am writing this while still a bit ticked off, so please bear with me. I know there are many great resume writers out there – some of them I know personally. But I just heard something a few days ago that left me steaming.  [Read more ] 

Job Search: Does Resume Blasting Get You a Job?
I see companies that offer to blast your resume for you, by faxing or perhaps e-mailing it to all the best companies.  And you pay them to do this for you. Here’s why that’s a bad idea. [Read more ] 

Branding Your Resume: How Your Lead-off Batters Make or Break Your Resume Brand
When someone reads your resume, you immediately create a brand – but is it really the brand you want to create? Is it YOUR brand? And what does a resume screener remember most?  [Read more ] 

What are Key Words and Key Phrases on Resumes?
When it comes to key words for resumes, certain words / phrases (often found in the job description) have to be on the resume or an automated resume screener won’t find your resume. [Read more ]    

Resume Help & Advice from Work Coach Cafe
Your resume has a critically important job. To help you get a good job – especially in a tight job market – your resume has to shine above all other resumes from all other applicants, with each resume proclaiming to be from the very best candidate with the very best skills: [Read more ]