Zen at Work: Some Thoughts About Mindfulness
This past weekend, I was listening to Speaking of Faith on public radio, and heard some of host Krista Tippett’s 2003 interview with Thích Nhất Hạnh , Vietnamese Zen monk, poet, and peacemaker. While I’m not a Buddhist (lord knows), a lot of what “brother T hầy” says rings true for me. (T hầy is Vietnamese for teacher and they call him that affectionately.) …[Read more ]

Now and Zen at Work
It’s not that we didn’t get something – like a job or a raise or a promotion – that drives us crazy. It’s the wanting. …[Read more ]

Hate Your Job? Write Yourself a Letter
I just got a GREAT comment from jmatt , who, in the process of writing to Work Coach, solved his own problem. In effect, when he was telling me about his situation, the truth popped out right in front of his eyes. …[Read more ]

Back Pain, Job Stress, and the Universe
Three days ago my back went out and I’ve been stuck inside my apartment since then. Now I know that’s not a tragic story – many people are stuck inside for far longer than that with a lot worse pain. But still it’s not fun feeling trapped and it’s certainly not fun when you can barely sleep or even find a comfortable position to sit. So when I finally went out to simply mail a letter today, I felt like I’d been released from prison! …[Read more ]