Emotional Intelligence at Work: The Art of Peace Not War
I never thought I’d be writing about the intersection of emotional intelligence and Twitter but…I just checked out a Guy Kawasaki tweet about an article he wrote called The Art of Mea Culpa . Let’s see if I can set this up in a way that makes sense to tweet-savvy and non-tweet-savvy folks alike. …[Read more ]

Your Attitude at Work: Know Your Own Triggers
A woman I know can’t stand her boss. In fact, bosses of any kind drive her buggy. She’s been working for over 30 years and feels she knows her job as well as anyone. Every time her boss tells her to do something, she feels her temper rise up and wants to bite someone – preferably her boss. …[Read more ]

Is It Your Job or YOU That’s Driving You Crazy?
I just had a wonderful e-mail from one of my readers who had been looking for a job for many MANY months with no success. At least not the type of success he thought he was looking for! …[Read more ]

We’re Responsible for Our Own Work Relationships
In the 1970s, for the first time that I know of, women were taught to be responsible for our own orgasms. It’s a good philosophy. If you depend on someone else to meet your expectations, how are they ever going to know exactly what you’re waiting for them to do? The more you participate, the better the results. …[Read more ]

7 Ways You Can Put Emotional Intelligence to Work for Your Career
I first heard the term emotional intelligence linked to work in a coaching class. The teacher assigned us Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ “. Quite honestly, I thought it sounded like so many other “I have the answer for you” type books – none of which ever seem to really have THE answer. Emotional intelligence in the workplace? It seemed like an oxymoron – especially considering the workplaces I had seen! What exactly did the academic-sounding phrase emotional intelligence have to do with the very real world of work? …[Read more ]

Carrie Bradshaw Gives Great Job Advice!
As a long-time Sex and the City fan and in honor of the new film opening this week, I just have to post some of Carrie’s quintessential wisdom. Not every celebrity has advice that will help our careers, but Carrie Bradshaw does! Not only does Carrie know shoes, but she really gets one of the most basic laws of workplace survival: …[Read more ]

Zen and the Art of Being a Receptionist (and Other Under-Appreciated Jobs)
As far as I know there are no colleges or college majors preparing soon-to-be graduates for hot reception jobs. And yet many of us have held that honorable and often under-appreciated title of receptionist. I’ve done it – even after I had my MBA – when I was between jobs and needed extra money. I actually enjoyed it. It’s important work that makes a real difference to almost everyone we come in contact with. And there are many many more similarly important and likewise undervalued jobs. …[Read more ]

Some Great Film Segments About Work We Hate!
To the chagrin of most of my friends, I absolutely adore Joe Versus the Volcano . There…I said it. And the ground hasn’t caved in under me nor have  stars ceased to shine. …[Read more ]

20 Things You Can Do To Open Up New Possibilities at Work and Beyond
Sometimes I like to go back and look at what I’ve written over these past 3+ years (eeek!) since I’ve been blogging about work and careers. One of my favorite posts – although admittedly not my biggest traffic-getter – is about something I call job morphing.  Job morphing is a way of taking a work situation – any work situation – and not just making the best of it, but finding those tiny bits of straw you can spin into something much better – occasionally full-blown career gold. In effect, it’s a self-steered path toward career change from the inside. …[Read more ]

The 10-Minute MBA
We’ve all worked with folks who love to strut their degrees, like the good old MBA. While I admit I learned some cool things while getting my own MBA, I can honestly say the MBA degree alone, while useful, just can’t give you the street smarts or plain old common sense you’ll need to get ahead in business. Working does that. And so does life. …[Read more ]