Getting Yourself To That Dream Job

How Baby Steps Can Get You Out of the Trenches and Into a Career You Love
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How Can I Find a Job that Makes Me Happy?
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Thinking of Changing Careers for that Dream Job? Be Creative!
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20 Simple Tips to Help Move Your Career Ahead
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5 Important Things To Know About Career Change
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What Is a Career Story (and How Can It Help You Find Your New Job)?
We see advice about having a good career story all over social media nowadays…but not everyone knows what that means. So I figured I’d give you an example of a career story from my own work life… [Read more ] 

Why Volunteer If It Doesn’t Lead Directly to a Job?
Whether you’re already in the middle of a job search or just looking to change your career, volunteering can help in ways you might not at first think about.  …[Read more ] 

5 Scary Things I Learned About Fear of Success
I think everyone has had first-hand experience with fear of failure at one time or other. Lord knows I face it every time I sit down with a blank page.  But there’s a fear that’s even scarier and more potentially damaging to your career – it’s the fear of success. …[Read more ]

What Are Transferable Skills?
When you’re going through career change or career transition – or simply just trying to find a new job that’s not quite the old one – sometimes your history of job skills doesn’t match the skills you’ll need for the new job. That’s where transferable skills come in.[Read more ] 

Some Networking Info and Tips

What Is Networking?
Networking is one of your greatest tools for job search as well as career change. Here’s a quick overview of what it is and why you need it. [Read more ]

The Simplest Networking Tip of All
A simple yet effective networking tip to help with your job search even if you’re shy? What could this golden gem be? Is there a magical trick? [Read more ]

How Do You Connect On LinkedIn?
When you’re changing careers, using social media can be a great way to explore the fields your considering and connect to people who may help later on.  But there is an art to connecting.[Read more ]  

Are You Guilty of Hit-and-Run Networking?
I’ve been thinking a lot about networking lately. I’ve even had spontaneous conversations with friends about it. Now more than ever networking is an essential job search too.[Read more ]