Career Changers

This is the Work Coach Cafe section for career changers or those looking for new jobs.  We have pulled together a wide range of resources to help as you consider and research new opportunities.

Learn More About the Career Change Process

 5 Important Things To Know About Career Change
If you are thinking about a major career change, there are five very important things I want you to know:…[Read more ]

What Is a Career Story (and How Can It Help You Find Your New Job)?
What is a career story? Basically, it’s a story you use to weave together the pieces of different jobs or career moves so that, rather than looking flaky or blown about randomly by winds of career fate…[Read more ]

How Transferable Skills Can Help You Change Jobs
So when it comes to job search, career change or new jobs it’s important that YOU really have a firm grasp of what transferable skills are and how you can creatively turn them to your advantage. Just remember…[Read more ]

Stuck in the Slow Career Lane
Here are some possible places for you to focus:
Do you have a college degree?
Is there a particular industry or type of job you’d like to work in?
Do you need to go back to school?
Networking is a great way to help you find new jobs.
Get some other experience.
You need a good resume and cover letter that emphasize your skills…[Read more ]

Do You Let Rules Stop You?

As part of my career transition, I volunteered for a non-profit that provided housing and services for homeless people. I did this not only because it felt good working with an organization I cared about, but also because it helped bridge the gap and show potential employers my commitment to a new direction….[Read more ]

Resume Help

How a New Resume and Cover Letter Got Her the Job Interview!
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