How Do You Connect on LinkedIn?

Want to connect on someone on LinkedIn? To connect to a person on LinkedIn all you technically have to do is invite them and wait to see if they accept your invitation.  Now…as wonderful as you are, please understand they may decline. Or, if you’re the one being invited to connect, you may of course choose to decline them. It’s not personal. Usually. 😉

There are different philosophies about whether to accept invitations from everyone (open networking) or connect to people you know well or whom you would want others to see as part of your trusted online community. Since people may see LinkedIn connections as an extension of your professional network, some feel they only want to connect with folks they feel good about recommending to others to connect with, help, or do business with.

To learn about the person (if you don’t already know them), review their public LinkedIn profile. (Make sure you have one too so people can decide if they want to connect with you.) You can then decide if you want to accept (or invite them to connect to you.)

When extending an invitation, it helps to be polite and offer a good reason they might be interested – such as a mutual connection or group(s). You can also message them to explain more about yourself. But again…if they say no or don’t even respond, it’s not about you.  I have a dear friend who took ages to notice my invitation-to-connect message and then he wouldn’t even connect!  It’s about how he uses LinkedIn, not about me. Or so he tells me. 😉

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