What Is a Resume Screener?

When it comes to your job search, resume screeners are the first lines of defense you have to break through on the way to your first interview and hopefully that all important job offer.

There are three basic types of screeners:  human resume screeners, automated resume screeners and phone screeners. (As opposed to phone screamers, which you hope not to get.) Since employers need to screen resumes before they can even decide whom to screen on the phone before bringing them in, whatever you present as your resume has to be strong enough to make it through the first gauntlet as well as the ones that follow.

The human resume screener may only have a few resumes to screen, but more often than not (especially nowadays) they receive hundreds of resumes and often scan those resumes in 8 seconds or less to make the all-critical decision (especially to you) of which candidates to consider for the job. The easiest way to screen is to just look for specific requirements and not try to think about how the skills presented could fit nicely. So your best line of offense is to make what you have to offer them specifically for THIS job and who you are as a person as clear as possible at first glance, loading the best stuff at the top and maybe some at the bottom where eyes usually linger longest.

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