What is an Automated Resume Screener?

When it comes to your job search, screeners are the first lines of defense you have to get through on the way to your first interview and hopefully a job offer. There are three basic types of screeners:  human resume screeners, automated resume screeners and phone screeners.

Automated resume screeners are computers of course. Resumes are submitted online and then stored in a database, where searches occur to match resumes to job openings – sometimes even beyond the current opening. But the part that people often don’t realize (even those receiving the pre-screened resumes in the hiring company) is that someone has to program keywords and key phrases into the computer so it can do a search and perform the resume screening.

As much as they can do, computers just can’t figure this out without human help – at least not yet. And as you can imagine, not every good candidate gets found if the person selecting the keywords makes the criteria too narrow or limited – or misses the mark completely. Unfortunately, they are going by SOTP (seat of the pants) methodology, and some people are better at it than others.

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