What Is Career Transition?

Basically career transition (see also career change) is the process of finding and moving into a new career. There is no set period of time for career transition – and no limit to the number of times you might decide to change. (Although I’m sure mathematically there is some actual limit. I’m still working on testing that.)

Interestingly, the transition period may start years before you consciously decide to make any change (maybe even the first day you began your current career!) It can include daydreaming about something you’d love to do, meeting people in careers that spark an interest, reading books or seeing films about things you enjoy, etc.  as well as actually trying things on for size. And it may continue all the way up to and even after starting your new career, when insecurities and self-doubts can still creep in.

For some, it’s a fairly easy process and for others it can be painful on every level. But if the voice inside tells you the result is worth it, you just keep going. (Kind of like giving birth, I guess.)

It’s a time when you may doubt yourself and your vision, and when those around you may offer “practical” advice like “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” (You will find some of the people in your life prefer you not to change. That’s why you support yourself by finding people who understand and can share your new adventure.)

Of course, maybe for some the advice not to change (and maybe see if you can make something better out of what you have) can be helpful. But also remember what even the most practical bird in the hand can leave you with! 😉 Sometimes there’s no way to know for sure, except to begin the process. And that includes giving yourself permission to explore as much as you have to – and also permission to fail and try again if need be. Without that, it’s like you’re tying your own hands behind your back – especially tough if your new career choice is playing the piano.

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