What Is Networking or Social Networking?

Networking or social networking (I guess as opposed to anti-social networking 😉 ) can pretty much include almost anything we do or say to someone who might be able to help us in our career – or who might know someone who leads us to someone who has a brother who knows a person who has heard of an opening for a job we might want.

This includes connecting to online communities or professional networks as well as to people we find through our existing connections and even articles we read in the newspaper or online.

When undertaking career change, networking is one of our best allies. This also includes informational interviews with people who may offer more information about a career field we’re considering as well as suggestions and more people to contact.

One of your strongest networking tools is listening sincerely to the other person and not just being all about yourself. Networking goes both ways of course. The other great tool is finding the right time to ask for yet another person to contact for information or advice.

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