What Is Open Networking or an Open Networker?

In simplest terms, when it comes to social media, open networking (done by open networkers) is a philosophy whereby people open up and expand their online networks to include pretty much anyone, without setting rules or barriers for who they choose to include in their networks.

This is part of a larger philosophy of sharing and trust (not a bad philosophy) and is the heart of the way the Internet as well as things like open source software were/are developed, but seriously…you only really need to know about any of that if you’re interested in that field or simply curious. (One of my favorite pastimes.)  So if any of that applies, I leave you to find out more and report back. 😉

Not all people are proponents of open networking, preferring to be more selective – or should say otherwise selective? That doesn’t necessarily make them ungenerous or untrusting – it just may mean they may have a different purpose for their online networking. Personally, I see a good case to be made for both sides. (I’d just hate to have to throw a real-life party for EVERYONE in an open network. Then again…that could be pretty cool.)

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