Online Reputation and Your Job Search

Fact: Most Employers Do Research Job Applicants
Not every employer researches the applicants for every job, but enough of them do the research to make being careful in your online postings the smart thing to do. At least, for now… These employers are not necessarily digging through your Facebook posts to find the photos of you drunk at a party or pole dancing in your spare time. But, they are looking for indications of how you present yourself, your personality, your ability to communicate effectively, and a general idea of your “fit” into their organization. [Read more.]

Reputation Management (or Recovery)

The old Las Vegas marketing line, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” has morphed into “What happens in Vegas, stays in Google (and Bing, et al.).”  Leading a “perfect” life – very low-profile, never breaking any laws, never participating in any form of social media, never doing anything that might draw negative attention, does not ensure a clean personal reputation in 2015 or beyond, unfortunately. [Read more.]

You Are Being Watched! And Judged!

Yes, you ARE being watched!  What you write (or say) online “can be used against you” in the court of public opinion or in the privacy of an employer’s or a recruiter’s office.  Yet, it appears that too many people are not aware that what they do online, in the “privacy” of their social media accounts, is often very widely visible. [Read more.]

Don’t Blow Your Job Auditions

Even if you have lived a perfect, blameless life, you need to know what Google (Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) show the world associated with your name… Because it might not always be about YOU! [Read more.]

Ego Surfing or Smart Self-Defense

View your LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Group participation, and ALL of your other online activities as auditions for a new job, even if you are not job hunting, because you are being watched — and judged — by what you do. [Read more.]

Why Submitting a Resume Isn’t Enough (and What You Can Do About It)

Many job seekers have described to me that submitting a resume in today’s job market is mostly a banging-their-head-against-a-wall, extremely frustrating waste of time. You want that resume to get you into an interview, but it doesn’t.  I think this could be why: [Read more.]