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Your resume has a critically important job. To help you get a good job – especially in a tight job market – your resume has to shine above all other resumes from all other applicants, with each resume proclaiming to be from the very best candidate with the very best skills. And with each resume trying to squeeze YOU out.

Now I’m sure most job applicants think their resumes are good enough exactly as they are. But good enough just isn’t good enough for a resume any more. I can tell you first-hand… employers get a lot of so-so resumes.  A great stand-out resume – especially one that matches the needs of the specific job – can make a huge difference to your interview chances.

And conversely, with competition as fierce it is now, if you don’t take the time to create the strongest resume possible – making sure a screener can quickly see why you are precisely what the company needs (and not the reverse) – in many cases you might just as well send a blank page!

Your resume has to say “HIRE ME! I’m special.You need me.” Does it?

A great resume and cover letter has to get you through the first hurdle – the dreaded resume screener. And that’s why a really special resume matters. Well-organized, visually appealing resumes that clearly highlight your strengths are able to stand out from the crowd. And without question they can get you into a lot more job interviews.

Take a good look at your current resume. Do you think it’s as good as it could be or is it just limping along at “good enough”? Please be honest with yourself and don’t settle for less than great. You don’t have to. And luckily, there is more than one way to help make your resume sizzle.


Great! Roll your sleeves up and go to it.

For some resume tips to help you create a better resume and cover letter, check out the links to Work Coach Cafe articles below. The one article How a New Resume Got Her the Job Interview! is a real story about a truly talented woman who didn’t realize just how much her fairly ok resume was under-serving her. But when she redid her resume and cover letter, she got lots of interviews…and the job!

For excellent free resume samples and cover letter samples to help guide you, check out Susan Ireland’s resume website. She offers good examples of different types of resumes as well as sample formatting within each type.  Hint: Sample resumes and cover letters are best as general guides and NOT to be copied if you want to stand out from the crowd.


If you don’t want to do it all yourself, there are online services that are very easy to use. I can’t tell you which ones are best or even if they are the right choice for you. Many have a free trial option and you might want to try that to see if it gives you what you need.

If you prefer an old-fashioned resume service with a real live resume writer who can hold your hand through the process (and hopefully get you a great resume YOU can customize yourself to each job you apply for), there are many resume services listed on the Internet. But please do your research first and shop around to make sure you find a good one. (One size does NOT fit all.)

Please check the legitimacy of any company before you pay them anything. You want one that is good, gets results and is not going to cost you $2000. On the other hand, not sure I’d go for a $25 service either. (Check my articles below – and others – to arm yourself with knowledge, since you don’t want to trust something this important to anyone without having some idea of what a good resume is. It’s not just about the font!)

The main thing is to give yourself the very best calling card you can create – a resume that shines, focuses the reader’s eyes on your strengths, and clearly meets the employer’s needs. Please don’t let an average resume be the reason you didn’t get the interview.—-

Good luck!

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